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File: dfcc4607fe01939⋯.jpg (153.78 KB, 1135x600, 227:120, image0.jpg)

f18eb5  No.12080527

Hitler rose from the sentiments of the Germans that lost their monarchy because of the communists doing civil war. Terms of the peace with the (((rebels))) included the dissolution of the German Monarchy. With all this in mind, Hitler instituted a Third Reich, but neither recalled the German royal family, nor crowned himself "Kaiser".

All this being said, and how socialism was born from the French Revolution, which killed the french royal family to institute a (((puppet))), Napoleon, which was bought and controlled by kikes and only was exiled after the entire world was tired of his shenanigans. Normies are aversed to nazism because of (((propaganda))), but can't completely dispel hundreds of years of monarchies being successfully ran governments. English monarchy sold itself to (((them))), and is a huge exception. Royal family inbreeding was also a problem, but even then, they managed to be quite successful until it started to completely destroy their gene pools. What do you think of pushing pro-monarchy and join together the message that (((they))) killed your kings to rule you?

4d0530  No.12080533


f18eb5  No.12080538


Wasn't my intention to use derogatory terms. The intention is to spark a debate towards both.

a5db84  No.12080547


>reddit spacing


>shit history

lurk for two years before posting again

335212  No.12080550


any nation ruled by man and not god is doomed to corruption in the long. Theocracy is the only correct and true path.

752335  No.12080552

Hitler was a monarch in the old Aryan sense. Not an autocrat but a fair ruler who ruled with right of blood not false divinity. The only reason he did not use the title king was because the concept had been corrupted by semitic despotism.

f18eb5  No.12080553


I used two fucking paragraphs. If you don't have any opinions then don't post, faggot.

f18eb5  No.12080555


How? If semites were the communists behind the civil war after WW I, and they only stopped rebelling after dissolving the monarchy, what was corrupted here?

04cd53  No.12080557


The Third Reich still lives and will return to help instate the Kaiser

8002ca  No.12080564


Monarchies were garbage. Literally some inbred fuck could rape your daughter if he wanted and the losers here justify it based on edginess alone.

e37ea7  No.12080565


I'm pretty sure he vastly preferred the term Fuhrer either way. That's fucking stupid, what you said.

4952c7  No.12080570


But God isn't real.

f18eb5  No.12080574


Well, the third reich instated a Fuhrer. Maximilian wasn't instated, Ernst was sent to a concentration camp. Both were arrested by the Weimar assembly, which Hitler himself also opposed.

Berthold was completely ignored. All other monarch families were kept out of the Hitler government. It's kind of nonsensical to call your government a "Reich", but have no traces of old monarchy abolished because of the commies.

335212  No.12080585


It doesnt even matter, in the context of society it can just represent absolute indisputable authority to athiests like you. Without god we are left with moral relativism and essentially all modern social problems stem from a weakening of religious institutes. Whether you believe in god or not, if christianity was supreme society would not be collapsing because all degeneracy is against god, and the muslims and jews could be removed without protest.

a5db84  No.12080605


>obvious newfag getting mad after he's called out

two (2) years.

8efb3b  No.12080616



We should have a theocracy but with (((God))) replaced by a sufficiently based and redpilled machine intelligence.

8efb3b  No.12080618


I guess such a system would be a botnetocracy?

8c8070  No.12080621


What idiocy. A nation is always ruled my man.

f18eb5  No.12080624




<two fucking paragraphs

Is the monarchy triggering you, shill? Do another commie revolution and shoot another royal family then. Wouldn't be new shit, kikes killing royals.

30e4a5  No.12080625

I think this thread is ment to ask things like “what if Hitler and the Reich were jews (See Miles Mathis on this); afterall the NS gov was modern in many ways as though they thought it best to become the jew in order to beat him at best and at worst were jews themselves?” and “If there is no way to wield (genuine) moral force against the oligarchy/ies as racial realists or chaos magicians, what at all is wrong with restoring traditional culture and government when the kernel of Christianity has been worked on for 2k+ years and all that remains is to retake our religious institutions and make them more Catholic in the sense that the Fathers intended”? Too bad this question is intractable due to incompleteness in the historical record.

e0857b  No.12080627


I think you're playing too much Deus Ex. Besides, such a machine could turn on all humanity too easily. This is essentially why globalism wouldn't be conducive to good rule, power is too centralized.


I'm sure there was an old king or emperor that passed his kingdom to an animal.

f18eb5  No.12080630


No, it's not meant to ask any of those questions, but the discussion of the second can have some merit. What if pro-monarchy movements could archieve the same results?

335212  No.12080635


I think we just need to wait for the second (third) coming of hitler (jesus) so that we can finally reaffirm our position in the world.


f1de05  No.12080638


The age of throne and altar is dead, while this may be lamentable in some respects; the bourgeois democratic revolutions and abolition or restriction of absolute monarchical power, the rise of communism, and the necessary mobilization required for total war made it inevitably so. The only real option was the kind of "ethical socialism" Spengler talked about; "We are all Socialists, wittingly or unwittingly, willingly or unwillingly." If the old reactionary monarchists were in charge, Germany would have fallen to the reds, it took the NSDAP to take the fight directly against the Bolsheviks.

15ce40  No.12080640

File: 9bec6df36d891e0⋯.png (1.49 MB, 681x922, 681:922, deusexmachina.png)


God Machine?

8efb3b  No.12080646


You just create a formal proof that it could never turn on us, and have everything formally proven to be correct down to the hardware level.

We could have a chip installed in the brain that causes tremendous pain when it receives the signal to do so by satellite, requiring a cryptographic key of course.

This would be used to augment behavior in naughty individuals.

f18eb5  No.12080648


It sounds a lot like "leftism is the only way, goy".

8efb3b  No.12080650


Yes, the Mormons have the right idea. Each man gets his own planet and wife, becoming a new Adam and Eve, and starting his own race.

4f27ae  No.12080655


Two words:

British Crown.

The British royal family is still VERY powerful and wealthy. They have ENORMOUS wealth and exert substantial power and influence over the British people, even if their direct role in government is limited. Have they used their wealth and power to protect the British people from kikes and shitholer invasion? No. They have been COMPLICIT in kike control and invasion.

>>But muh not REAL monarchy.

blah, blah, blah.

I will NEVER bow to any monarchikery

American Constitutional Republic.

NOT "democracy" NOT "diversity" NOT kikery

Reestablish the USA as a White Nationalist state, as was the Founders CLEAR intention.

Merit based LIMITED electorate.

National Socialist economics.

Volkish White Nationalism as the underlying philosophy of the Nation.



To hell with that shit.


Morality exists COMPLETELY SEPARATELY from any concept of "god."

How else could the Ancient Greeks have written sophisticated philosophical works about morality hundreds of years before "Jesus" given that they did not believe in an "all powerful god?" (They had gods, but their gods displayed very "human like" qualities and imperfections, as well as limited "powers")

Also, christians have PROTECTED JEWS THROUGHOUT THEIR HISTORY. This SAME FUCKING DEBATE. The occasional expulsion of jews from one White Christian country/ city/ duchy/ whatever into THE ONE NEXT DOOR did VERY LITTLE to harm the kikes. Popes and kings throughout CHRISTIAN Europe issued bulls and laws declaring the jews a PROTECTED CLASS.


Then this shit. Everything to keep the Volk oppressed and servile, right schlomo?


To hell with monarchikery


NatSoc Germany WERE NOT JEWS.

They did not act like jews and they did not think like jews.

Volkism is VERY DIFFERENT from talmudism.

Also, christianity only "worked" because of WHITE GENETICS. The cult itself meant little. Tell me again of the glories of Ethiopia and their almost 2000 year history as a Christian nation?

Oh, right. You can't because they're a shithole. Almost like being christian made no difference……..



All abrahamic religions are jewish.

All abrahamic religions are semitic death cults.

All abrahamic religions are poison.

To hell with that jewish min virus plantation.


A machine can never be of the Volk.


8c8070  No.12080657

"The people needs a point upon which everybody's thoughts

converge, an idol. A people that possesses a sovereign of the

stature of Frederick the Great can think itself happy; but if

he's just an average monarch, it's better to have a republic.

Notice that when the institution of monarchy has been

abolished in a country—see France and Yugoslavia to-day!—

thenceforward the institution is given over to ridicule, and can

never again assert itself.

I am tempted to believe that the same thing will happen with

the Church. Both are institutions that naturally developed in

the direction of ceremonial and solemnity. But all that

apparatus no longer means anything when the power that lay

beneath it has disappeared."

"Monarchy is an out-of-date form. It has a raison d'être only

where the monarch is the personification of the constitution, a

symbol, and where the effective power is exercised by a Prime

Minister or some other responsible chief.

The last support of an inadequate monarch is the Army.

With a monarchy, therefore, there is always a danger that the

Army may be able to imperil the country's interests."

8efb3b  No.12080663


>A machine can never be of the Volk

It doesn't need to be, since it can be from the Volk.

I'm already working on writing a script for node.js that can get this thing going.

a5db84  No.12080665


>he called me a newfag so he must be a shill!1!!!11!!

no, I just don't like shitty posts that will inevitably encourage a circlejerk in pseudo philosophy made by people who browse reddit daily.


>not a newfag

pick one. now back to cuckchan or reddit (but I'm repeating myself)

f1de05  No.12080669


I know right-wingers are practically allergic to the word "socialism", particularly Americans who are typically from a conservative or libertarian background; but I refuse to believe that national-socialism is "leftist" because it doesn't allow finance capitalists to run roughshod.

7b744e  No.12080673



>thinks that sort of technology will never be used for nefarious purposes.

Real stupid idea. There will always be traitors in every government, and if that sort of technology falls into the wrong hands, it will end very badly.

335212  No.12080676

File: b2648107fb57b05⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 720x628, 180:157, 1uplbv.jpg)


morality might be seperate from god, but god provides the authority to enforce it. Look at the modern legal system and you see it revolves primarily around economics and not morality as the laws of old, as there is no justifiable reason to enforce morality in a godless state.

>christians have a history of protecting jews

I think youll notice christians have a long history of expelling jews

>christianity is Abrahamic

theres nothing inheritantly wrong with this, christianity is anti-semetic on a fundamental level anyway, it seems to have sprung into existance as a protest to the jewery, or at least to the jews as they came to exist in the time if jesus. Look at christian societies from a thousand years ago before the church was subverted and honestly tell me theres anything wrong with them. It was a golden era in european history.

30e4a5  No.12080677


I can’t see the situation improving when many so-called rightwingers can’t tell the difference between reference to a monolithic argument and making and argument for oneself, although it sure does speak to a deficit in creativity on the political battlefield.

f18eb5  No.12080678


NatSoc is the only socialist theory which puts tradition on a pedestal of imperatives. It is an exception, not a rule, of socialist theories.

f18eb5  No.12080681


The problem with christianity is its increasingly growing passivity, not their core ideas. It is why protestantism and other alternative christian theories were brought up, when before any christianity other than catholicism was deemed an heresy and should be destroyed.

8efb3b  No.12080683


Early Christians weren't even European, it was just another sect within Judaism among many.

It was also very communistic and had "free-love" type shit going on.

Very very degenerate.

30e4a5  No.12080687


Are you OP?

f18eb5  No.12080688


How was it communistic when it was against fucking usury, the source of all communism?

335212  No.12080696


It is broken and subverted, alongside all other aspects of european culture. This is why we need a theocratic dictatorship to repair it. Deus vult could solve all of europes problems.



f18eb5  No.12080702


So, because it is subverted it should be destroyed? By this rationale, lots and lots of natsoc groups are subverted by gov't agencies. Should the idea also be destroyed?

c079dd  No.12080704

Pic is a false dichotemy. Both rejected the Holy See. Napoleon crowned himself. Catholic Monarchy by consent of the governed pre-Vatican II was best for Europe. That was the height of Germany, France, Spain and Poland. Catholic Monarchies blessed and crowned by Pope with consent of the governed (outlined by Nicholas of Cusa).

Constitutional Republic by consent of the governed is currently the best option available.

8efb3b  No.12080707

File: 9306fa58cf47e19⋯.jpg (81.35 KB, 444x399, 148:133, embarassing.jpg)


>usury, the source of all communism

8efb3b  No.12080708


>How was it communistic


30e4a5  No.12080710

Meh, gnostic christianity, jewish gnosticism, zoroastrianism, astrotheology, sumerian swindle. We have this dogged meme that christianity is jewish but there are faiths that predate christianity and judaism, along with plenty of arguments stating they are syncretic/gov psyops, etc. Still, culture warriors imply something like the following when they make this argument: “physics became jewish in the 20th, therefore all of physics, before and after, are trash.” Kike on a stick and proto-Bolshevism rather than scofield bibles and slave moralities being shorn. Seems a disgrace to our ancestors, but no one’s asking me.

335212  No.12080716


you have misread something. I merely want it to rise from its ashes like a pheonix under the leadership of the second coming of hitler.

1819b6  No.12080717


The reason is that the old noble families were corrupted by bourgeois subhuman taint of the blood. Feudalism was quite meritocratic and kept the merit in the good genes. Then around 1400 they started giving noble titles to those that were bean counting faggots like the (((Rothschilds))) that only lent money for wars.

When you let peasants into the bloodline, don’t be surprised if they begin acting like peasants.

f18eb5  No.12080726


Yes, and I brought up a question:

If the second coming was from a monarchy, would it be okay?

335212  No.12080728


why can people never just look at christian european societies and not modern interpretations of randomly selected shit. You are rewriting history to suit your agenda. Daily reminder that one of the explicit goals of communism is the removal of religion.

c079dd  No.12080731

File: 97a99df5847b040⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 250x343, 250:343, 183[1].jpg)


false dichotomy

f18eb5  No.12080734


Really gets the noggin' joggin'.



335212  No.12080738


What monarchy? These things dont exist anymore.

8efb3b  No.12080744


I said communistic, as in communal socialism.

Obviously it wouldn't have the materialist ideas of post-Marx/Engels thought.

But there is no denying that it started out as a Jewish sect, referred to non-Christians as gentiles, and only spread to Europe much later.

Many parts of Europe didn't become Christian until the 800s or later, hundreds and hundreds of years after the death of Jesus, and in no way, shape or form could this be considered "early" Christianity.

Early Christianity is a communal, revolutionary sect of Judaism. They lost to the Pharisees and decided to infect the goyim.

e8b712  No.12080745


Hitler already gave you the answer and very good reasons for it. Monarchy inevitably give you incompetent rulers (usually with the first male heir).

335212  No.12080759


If extremely early desert christianity is jewish communism, then later european christianity is european christianity and the christianity advocated by anyone who ever talks about it. It makes no difference how they act way the fuck over there.

c079dd  No.12080760

File: e8ef5df3eb42dc9⋯.jpg (12.36 KB, 250x166, 125:83, 250px-Statue_of_Louis_IX,_….jpg)


Napoleon famously crowned himself and rejected the Pope. "He who strikes the Pope dies". Everything fell apart for Napoleon.

There are numerous Catholic Saints that were kings in Europe. Great examples pre-Vatican II masonic takeover.

King Louis the 9th was also an amazing king for France unlike Napoleon who really was a self appointed emperor type.

133fa8  No.12080761


That’s because you only ever hear about either the really good rulers or the really bad ones. Most of the time things ran smoothly, but were uneventful. Don’t be a nigger.

30e4a5  No.12080762


This is a redundant loop of commentary unless you’re going to post sauce.

133fa8  No.12080766


Then there is the pagan king of the Saxons Widukind. He’s also a saint. lel

8efb3b  No.12080771



7bb6ef  No.12080776


You mean like the vatican with all it's homos and pedophiles? Or is that not real christianity which has never been tried?

2d88e5  No.12080778

File: 7aeff2a4c1b06be⋯.jpg (295.58 KB, 1532x947, 1532:947, Leon-Degrelle-MinisterioG-….jpg)

8efb3b  No.12080783



30e4a5  No.12080784



Not sure if you’re trying to insult me, but I’ll have to dig more than this if I want a satisfactory answer.

c079dd  No.12080786

File: 3d88268f0bf41e2⋯.jpg (836.63 KB, 2276x1934, 1138:967, Charlemagne_742_814_receiv….jpg)



Legend is that he converted.

f18eb5  No.12080788


Exactly. If natsoc autists instead focused their energy in researching the causes of the fall of monarchies, and how much monarchies in most of their existance never actually caused any problems to their people, they'd figure out that one of the ways to their goals is to simply push for the return of the royal family as a fourth power. Again, the British crown is taken as the bad example, and we all know why. It's an exception.

335212  No.12080791


No I am saying that real christianity was tried for over a thousand years and it was beautiful. subversion of the churches is a recent development no matter how you look at it.

c079dd  No.12080792


That's Vatican II taken over in the 60s by masons.

30e4a5  No.12080796


But it doesn’t answer the republican counterargument that a civilization goes bellyup with the birth of one bad son under monarchy.

f18eb5  No.12080800


Elective monarchies are a thing.

c079dd  No.12080802


Catholic Monarchy, the king's are blessed by the Pope, not simply bloodline Egyptian style birth rights. It's also consent of the governed. Look up Nicholas of Cusa. Both US and Catholic Monarchy's share his values about consent of the governed.

30e4a5  No.12080806


Charismatic leadership < Divine Right unless the overall cultural context is solid. Know of a system besides Catholic Christianity?

c079dd  No.12080808


Pre-Vatican II, Traditional Pope actually sided with the South during the Civil war, based on consent of the governed and subsidiarity principles.

7362b1  No.12080809

File: d18c420742c87d2⋯.jpg (24.24 KB, 249x328, 249:328, socrates-1-sized.jpg)


>Germany is a monarchy and it's a good country

Monarchy falls and shit happens. Germany gets split, they start killing each, and jews because fuck jews. 4.8 germans die.

>Russia is monarchy and it's a good country

Monarchy falls and shit happens. 8 million people die and the country explodes to tens of shit countries most of them you forgot they even existed. Russia turns into a poor shithole that sustains its economy on cp and guns that were designed 71 years ago.

>Iran is monarchy and it's a good country

Monarchy falls and shit happens. Everyone escapes to LA and Canada etc. The country turns into an islamic shithole with it's currency falling faster than Kevin Spacey's career. And Afghanistan gets buttraped cause why not.

Socrates was right. Democracy is shit.

4f27ae  No.12080813


The old testament is literally 100% jewish.

Most of the characters in the new testament are jewish.

There are not-jewish-related religions.

Christianity is not one of them.


Slave mentality.

Do you intend to be a peasant?

This is literally the same shit as the marxist useful idiots who think that they will be "card carrying party members" and thus will not have to go work in a labor camp.

Marxism has many close parallels with "feudalism."

Proletariat = peasants. They are kept ignorant and compliant via party propaganda rather than via christianity.

Likewise, the "party apparatus" parallels the "nobles" and "royalty" since they have ALL the power and rule over the effectively-enslaved "proles."



The whole "jewish prophecies" concept is PANTS ON HEAD RETARDED.

The fact that people with power believe that shit is truly disturbing.


Cherry-picking works both ways.

I have studied "christian european societies" and their history quite a bit. Most people were ignorant, illiterate, peasants who had to work like dogs their whole lives under crushing poverty so that a few nobles and royals could live in luxury and plot wars and intrigue. Then the peasants would sometimes be forced to go die on some battlefield over stupid shit.

Again, do your intend to be a peasant?



Volkism, remove all non-Volk and ban all foreign influence, limited merit based electorate, Constitutional Republicanism.


Cherry picking works both ways.

Again, do you, personally, intend to be a peasant?


Pretty much this.

The whole idea of "the pope" is that he is the "Conduit between God and human beings" or something like that.

Well, the shittyness of the kike jesuit pope and the child rapers in the church implies that something is horribly wrong with that concept.

As in, it is bullshit.


What an idiot.

"muh not real monarchy, despite centuries of history and rule"

Again, most people under "kings" before the last couple hundred years were ILLITERATE IMPOVERISHED PEASANTS.




"Real Christianity" was simply WHITE PAGAN EUROPE that occasionally went to church.

Pre-reformation christianity was less "the bible" and more "what White Europeans were doing anyway, just make sure to cross yourself occasionally."

"Real christianity" my ass.


The same pope who washes muslum nigger feet?

30e4a5  No.12080814


I like the first part of this, but consent is manufactured by culture; in other words, by media.

c079dd  No.12080815


You guys need to look up Nicholas of Cusa. That's all I can say. Do some research.

30e4a5  No.12080818


What about scientific technocracy under apriori mathemagics? “Civil religion,” or ecumenism.

9ca636  No.12080820


It does answer the question raised in republican governments about what to do with ambitious men. Most good monarchs delegate their important duties to merited men.


Please stop shilling your we're-the-real-catholics appeals to divine right here. Your cult is moribund and your claims cannot be falsified. Secular, rational solutions to political problems are welcome here.

c079dd  No.12080822


Yeah that's a real problem. The nuclear family is the first line of defense against that. That's the principle of subsidirity. It's the parents that are sending their kids off to public schools and putting them in front of the boob tubes.

c079dd  No.12080823


Again look up Nicholas of Cusa. La Rouche Institute is a good resource on the subject.

30e4a5  No.12080825


Yes, those ambitious men who seek money, not power. Lesser men.

f1de05  No.12080829


I get that monarchies were often stable in the past, but we're living in unprecedented times. How are royal families going to rid us of muds? Look at Spain after Franco.

133fa8  No.12080834


>peasants are kept ignorant

Yes, they are kept ignorant by their own biology.

30e4a5  No.12080836


Not owning a television or radio myself, I often wonder where I got infected with the lyrics to pop songs and lines from movies on the Talmudvision. Man as social animal.

9fdf60  No.12080840

File: f03df88ab4da62f⋯.png (75.26 KB, 725x821, 725:821, f03df88ab4da62f67b7bc420d2….png)


Why not combine the two into a Kaiser-Fuhrer? That way the jews can't divide us into subcultures that hate each other? I don't know.

831666  No.12080841


>I think youll notice christians have a long history of expelling jews

So in other words, a long history of playing kick the can instead of actually dealing with the Jewish problem.

>christianity is anti-semetic on a fundamental level anyway,

I think you meant "philosemetic".

>it seems to have sprung into existance as a protest to the jewery, or at least to the jews as they came to exist in the time if jesus.

Jesus was a Jewish schismatic, nothing more and nothing less. It wasn't exactly uncommon in those days.

>Look at christian societies from a thousand years ago before the church was subverted and honestly tell me theres anything wrong with them.

So Sicut Judaeis was the result of an unpozzed church at its zenith? Fucking wew.

>It was a golden era in european history.

If protecting Jews and ignoring Muslim aggression while persecuting Europeans for their traditions is a "golden era" then I think we're better off without it.

c079dd  No.12080845


That's called saudi arabia.

9ca636  No.12080847


It doesn't matter what you think of them, what matters is that they turn republics belly-up just as often as bad heirs turn monarchies belly-up. LBJ was an ambitious men that participated in a quiet coup d'etat against JFK. One cannot simply kill the king without taking his place, which requires the public's knowledge and consent that your dynasty has replaced his. One can weasel their way through the bureaucracy and influence their son, or wife like Rasputin, but the king has much more power to sniff out and remove ambitious men than an electorate has to remove them in a republic.

30e4a5  No.12080848


Can a distinction be made between historical eras in christianity and “fundamental axioms of christianity,” or “just the words of christ and no other”? Or are we stuck playing Originalism vs Living Document games?

8c8070  No.12080849




c079dd  No.12080851



…sorry that's called Saudi Arabia

30e4a5  No.12080856


I agree. I have always considered the firewalling problem of utmost import in which system is superior, finding monarchy better for this.

f18eb5  No.12080857


Well, if you're a Kaiser, it is redundant to call yourself "Fuhrer", since every king is the guidance, leader of their nations.

8c8070  No.12080859


1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values. —Joseph Walsh


The purpose of this book is to give an idea of what happened

to the Ancient World; of how Europe fell into the Middle Ages and,

especially, to what extent what happened in Rome 1,600 years ago is

exactly what is happening in our days throughout the West: but

magnified a thousand times by globalization, technology and, above

all, the deputation of psycho-sociological and propagandistic

knowledge by the System.

What is dealt with in this book is the story of a tragedy, of a

n apocalypse. It is the end not only of the Roman Empire and all its

achievements but also of the survival of the Egyptian, Persian and

Greek teachings in Europe in a bloodthirsty process: a premonition

of the future destruction of Celtic, Germanic, Baltic and Slavic heritages,

always accompanied by their respective genocides

133fa8  No.12080862


It’s not just the monarch that kept things stable. In fact, kings and emperors were often hands off, letting the lords handle much of the daily happenings. You see, feudal society was very modular. Whatever you saw at the royal level was repeated and scaled down the further you went down the hierarchy.

These days if a cancer affects a nation, it affects the whole nation with this nation-state thing. In the old feudal days, if a cancer affected the nation, you simply replaced the lord. And it was often easier to contain social and political problems due to the modular nature of feudal society.

The benefit of a monarchy isn’t necessarily the monarch, but mostly the lords and the federalism, and the reliance on tradition rather than written law.

30e4a5  No.12080868


Modularity good, decentralization good, consent bad.

335212  No.12080871


Religion is a rational solution to politics, it held civilization together for thousands of years. What does a solution to politics look like to you? Every empire in history appealed to divine right in order to maintain their authority, and religion always forms the foundation of the moral doctrines which keep a society healthy. You should not have to rationalize everything or convince every single person of every little thing, it should be enough to tell them dont fuck each other in the ass or youll go to hell.


of course, early christians didnt actually kill every single jew so they must not be legit. my mistake.

133fa8  No.12080876


What do you mean by “consent” in this context?

30e4a5  No.12080882


Consent can be manufactured, and consent can pit a multitude of mobs and their brute force against an authority. We do not have philosophical Truth sufficient to reliably overwhelm public discourse, identitarian movements, etc. Moreover, we have this experience of oligarchy playing the force of property against governmental authority.

6f1a9f  No.12080883

Kill yourself OP, you're a faggot.

9ca636  No.12080895

File: 7f00122c8c69410⋯.jpg (102.63 KB, 746x789, 746:789, 7f00122c8c694107f39d651f76….jpg)


>Every empire in history appealed to divine right in order to maintain their authority, and religion always forms the foundation of the moral doctrines which keep a society healthy.

Those are unsubstantiated claims, but I do agree that religion is a sort of cement for society. That is why Hitler, through Himmler and Rosenberg, started the Kirchenkampf. They intended to subvert the Christian church in Germany, fed them things like 'Jesus was an Aryan' in the attempts to wean them off the Old Testament, and then the New Testament, and finally to plug them into the new pagan culture they were building. I understand your love for tradition, but sometimes we must choose to leave old traditions when they hurt us, and to pick up new ones. All apostates have acknowledged that their forefathers were Christians and they have rejected that traditional faith in favor of a new one. It is not merely a matter of whether you call the December holiday Christmas or Yule, it's a matter of core principles that are in opposition.

c270cc  No.12080899


>monarchy triggers the kike shills

Duly noted. No wonder the Tsar had his family, dogs and servants murdered and ditched in a latrine by (((them))).

30e4a5  No.12080903


Not very contextual, I know. But philosophy is fundamentally involved here if you consider the postmodern character of le current year—i.e. that claims of truth, fact, and priority are the prerogative of political entities who compete for earthly treasures rather than objectivity, spirituality, heaven, whatever.

133fa8  No.12080905


It’s more difficult to kike up governments based on bloodline than governments based on voted in by feefees.

It took the kikes nearly two thousand years to kike up our governments

831666  No.12080907


>of course, early christians didnt actually kill every single jew so they must not be legit. my mistake.

Funny how they didn't extend that protection to European non-Christians.

41aabb  No.12080924


while we’re at it, why not cryptographically lock all weapons and institute a rule by fnargl?


41aabb  No.12080931


no one wants your catholic tyranny

30e4a5  No.12080933

File: bd91984379b9cee⋯.png (347.87 KB, 497x2107, 71:301, 2498FDDE-054E-4C4D-ADBE-89….png)

The older I get, or the more I get into “just how bad things are” I start to consider the framework laid out by Quigley and discussed in pic-related. I ask myself whether these are questions of history and philosophy rather than the JQ. If this is an era in history and the tensions we’re under are matters of human knowledge rather than the monocausal jew “scapegoat,” then we may unwittingly be feeding into an enemy agenda by promoting identitarianism, political power, memetic warfare, and so on. I learned from the Trump election, and my naive participation in the republican victory, that antisemitism is in a sense Zionism, or can be shaped into it fairly easily. This gave me pause. It still does.

e36d48  No.12080934

Watching Jud Suss actually were well explained by two criticism I have with monarchies

1. Being that they didn't rid the world of the jew even knowing how they behave

2. Corruption due to blood lines making future Lords/Barrons slothful and uncaring for their people.

335212  No.12080936


before the monarchies fell, religion was attacked. The old authorities were brought into question and it no longer seemed reasonable for the masses to submit to what became an arbitrary overlord. The introduction of christianity is oftentimes brought up as a factor in the collapse in rome, but it should rather be viewed as an undermining of the roman paganism which formed the foundation of authority until that point. Japans emperor was descendent from god, chinas had the mandate of heaven, the aztec rulers maintained regular human sacrifice for their gods, there was nowhere in the world where either divine right, or conquest was not the authority looked at when determining the right to rule,and the only difference there might as well be a generation gap. We have no religion now and we also have no overt rulers. Who would accept the authority of man and not god? This was the reason behind the enlightenment of course, it claimed to put power into the hands of the people, but it wasnt taking it from dictators or monarchs, it was taking it directly from god.

65bc69  No.12080951

It literally doesn't matter. It could be a monarchy, it could be a constitutional republic, it could be national socialism, etc. It doesn't matter.

As long as the government centers around the people and the idea of blood defining nation is engrained into its core it will be successful.

99c943  No.12080952

File: 065235ebdbaa742⋯.png (122.85 KB, 612x563, 612:563, 555.png)



Cuckchan is 4 blocks down.

30e4a5  No.12080955


But please don’t misunderstand me. The alternative I saw was globohomo capital. I halfheartedly chose objectivity, or God, over relativism, but in doing so I elected continued support for continuing petrodollar war and Greater Israel in addition to global usury/Rothschild banking. It is unfortunate that this equated to a tacit support of Unit 8200 as well, though I at least opted not to support globohomo.

4f27ae  No.12080956


>>Germany is a monarchy and a good country

Monarchy gets into retarded WWI over interlocking alliance networks and dick-waving. Royal families WANT the war. The only one sort of opposed is the German king (irony), but his generals move without his OK. War happens. Millions die.

THIS causes the monarchy to fall.

Also, WWI was not WW2. The "holocaust" did not happen. You are ignorant.

>>Russia is monarchy and it's a good country

No it wasn't. It was a backwards shithole.

Interlocking alliances and dick-waving lead to same war as above (WWI) which causes millions of deaths, famine, and a general shitstorm. This causes the already weak Russian monarchy to fall to republican, then marxist rebels.

Again, the actions of the monarchy led to their fall.

Also, the Russian monarchy and the soviet union are totally different things. Learn some history.

>>Iran is monarchy and it's a good country

The shah was a puppet of foreign interests. The islamic government may also be a puppet, or maybe not. Regardless, islum is shit and creates shit societies.

If your goal was to support monarchy, those are bad examples.



The Volk are a people united by common blood (race/ breed/ genetic ethnicity) and heritage (culture, history, language, ethics, etc).

Once the Volk is united and secured in a sovereign homeland under a Volkist government of the people, by the people, and for the people, then cultivate greatness in the Volk via Nationalist education, Nationalist media, and similar.

Likewise, develop practical, humane, and effective techniques of eugenics to improve the health, strength, intelligence, "spirit of resistance," and overall "ability" of the future generations of the Volk.

As thinking beings we are both the artist and the sculpture. Likewise for our people. Things can be so much better than this.


Then that biology should be improved. Your "caste system" bullshit is exactly that. Bullshit.

What we need is to be working towards a better Volk. What we need is better people. Instead, people like you would work towards India.


In other words, both have the same problem but under a Republic at least the people can theoretically do something about it.


Hence Volkism. When the "spirit of resistance" and a "commitment to one's Volk" is cultivated at EVERY level, then it becomes much harder for traitors and assholes to get power.

Also, a people must viscerally recognize that "good is not always nice" and that "nice is not always good." The modern "guilt complexes" pushed onto Whites are semitic mind virus control techniques.

Add in massive transparency measures and harsh penalties for bad behavior by people in government and a constant pushback against corruption can be achieved.

Of course, this requires that a country be one VOLK united by common blood AND heritage first.

Also, ban all secret societies and foreign influence.

Would any of this be easy? Not at first. But if every generation is a bit more honest and upright via sensible eugenics and embryo screening, then it could absolutely become self perpetuating, I think.


"What is your solution to politics"

Better genetics and Volkism.




That is one of the great TRUE dichotomies of our time.

(((they))) say that truth and facts are subjective.

We say that truth and facts are objective.

We are correct, but (((they))) keep pushing the big lies through their megamedia control webs.

Hence the rising tide of "uncoordinated dissatisfaction and opposition" that, among other things, got Trump elected.

(((they))) call us "goyim" or "man shaped animal slave." They think that we are stupid meat robots.

Are White men lions, or sheep?

That is one of the great questions of our time.

We'll see, I suppose.


Clearly there have been no other major changes between illiterate dark ages Europe and today. Just that whole no monarchies thing. That was it. Pretty much the same, otherwise.

Yeah, no.



The pagans had to convert or die, yet the kikes kept on banking and murdering all over "christian Europe."



Of course their are multiple factors.

However, the kikes are a HUGE one.

Look at what the talmud says, look at who owns the banks, media, and numerous other things.

If a man is being crushed by twenty rocks and one boulder, which do you remove first?

e36d48  No.12080962


An influx of retarded newfags. Might be worse than 4chan as those Q fags are inviting brain dead normalfags.

30e4a5  No.12080965


And as the empire starts to expand, which it surely must, volkism becomes the annexation of the entire planet or world government and totalitarian control of scientifically defined populations. Or am I wrong?

9fe3f7  No.12080976


The problem with Langan's assessment is his #2 and #3 are also jews and it's even laid out in the Protocols, and Kalergi was promoted by the Rothschilds who are the linchpins of the whole thing no matter where you look yet he doesn't even mention them once. Also using "Nazi" means he isn't well read on National Socialism or he'd realize it's a slur.

30e4a5  No.12080979


Jews are definitely at the forefront. But if this goes deeper than oligarchic power, supplanting them could disarm us enough to mistake winning a battle for having won the war. This has happened before. As for volkism, it seems favorable to a ruling class yet still more of the same in theological and philosophic terms to me.

335212  No.12080980


Is not volkism mutually exclusive with imperialism? It does not seem rational to want to dominate other ethic groups when your philosophy centers on common blood.

8a036b  No.12080986

Monarchism is shit because of all the political marriages of other families who are not of the people. Also the succession rules can mean a totally alien family can be put in rulership of the country which is an absolute anathema.

0dedad  No.12080988


I suspect the pedophile cult in the church goes back to the some old Apollo temples or other.

They probably saw their secret pedo ring disguised as a religion was coming to an end with Chistianity's rise, and so infected it and instituted things like 'priests can't marry" so as to cover their gay/pedo nature, and to bring in the choir boys.

Imagine, a pedophile ring stretching back over 2000 years…

30e4a5  No.12080993


This could be right, but I have no way of being certain from what I can read. And while I don’t want to cower from facts about the public face of oligarchy and sociopolitical revolution I hope there is some possibility of beating them on a more abstract level because there are glaring weaknesses in their system. Experiments don’t confirm the math, science falls short of science journalism, protected classes still live as though trapped on an economic plantation, they are caught in lies on a daily basis. I might be too meta for my own good, but my way of thinking would strip theshabbos goy also of his power.

30e4a5  No.12080997


Was lebensraum policy or postwar propaganda?

4df839  No.12081000

The argument of monarchy vs. nazism is pointless. Every government is an oligarchy. Every. Single. One. The details may differ but it's a small group of elites ruling over the masses. Worrying about the features of that oligarchy is moot right now. The real question is who rules.

706a03  No.12081004

File: aa11960195b4d27⋯.jpg (353.96 KB, 988x1500, 247:375, 1.jpg)


>Hitler rose from the sentiments of the Germans that lost their monarchy because of the communists doing civil war.

wrong. Hitler rose from opposition against jewish evil, including the kosher abomination that was the versailles treaty and the weimar republic.


By 1925, Deutsche Republik was used by most Germans, but for the anti-democratic right the word "Republik" was, along with the relocation of the seat of power to Weimar, a painful reminder of a government structure that had been imposed by foreign statesmen, along with the expulsion of Kaiser Wilhelm in the wake of massive national humiliation.[10] The first recorded mention of the term Republik von Weimar ("Republic of Weimar") came during a speech delivered by Adolf Hitler at a National Socialist German Worker's Party rally in Munich on 24 February 1929—it was a few weeks later that the term Weimarer Republik was first used (again by Hitler) in a newspaper article.[9] Only during the 1930s did the term become mainstream, both within and outside Germany.

From Mein Kampf:

I learned something that was important at that time, namely, to snatch from the hands of the enemy the weapons which he was using in his reply.

I soon noticed that our adversaries, especially in the persons of those who led the discussion against us, were furnished with a definite repertoire of arguments out of which they took points against our claims which they were constantly repeating.

The uniform character of this mode of procedure pointed to a systematic and uniform training and so we were able to recognise the incredible way in which the enemy's propagandists had been disciplined and I am proud today that I discovered a means not only of making this propaganda ineffective, but of beating the authors of it at their own game.

Two years later I was master of this art.

That is the reason why, after my first lecture on 'The Peace Treaty of Versailles,' which I delivered to the troops while I was still a political instructor in my regiment, I made an alteration in the title and subject and henceforth spoke on, 'The Treaties of Brest-Litovsk and Versailles.' I did so because, during the discussion which followed my first lecture, I quickly ascertained that in reality people knew nothing about the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and that able party propaganda had succeeded in presenting that treaty as one of the most scandalous acts of violence in the history of the world.

As a result of the persistency with which this falsehood was repeated again and again to the masses of the people, millions of Germans saw in the Treaty of Versailles a just retribution for the crime we had committed at Brest-Litovsk.

Thus they considered all opposition to Versailles as unjust and in many cases there was an honest moral dislike of such a proceeding.

This was also the reason why the shameless and monstrous word 'reparations' came into common use in Germany. This hypocritical falsehood appeared to millions of our exasperated fellow-countrymen as the merit of a higher justice.

I initiated against Versailles by explaining the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. I compared the two treaties, point by point, and showed how in truth the one treaty was immensely humane, in contradiction to the inhuman barbarity of the other.

The effect was very striking. When I used to speak on this theme before an assembly of two thousand persons, I often saw three thousand six hundred hostile eyes fixed on me, yet three hours later I had in front of me a crowd swayed by righteous indignation and fury.

A great lie had been uprooted from the hearts and brains of thousands of individuals and a truth had been implanted in its place.

The two lectures that 'On the Causes of the World War' and the other on 'The Peace Treaties of Brest-Litovsk and Versailles', I then considered as the most important, of all.

Therefore, I repeated them dozens of times, always giving them a new intonation, until, on those points at least, there reigned a definitely clear and unanimous opinion among those from whom our Movement recruited its first members.

b9cdf7  No.12081015

File: 11cb0fe661e99d3⋯.jpg (44.76 KB, 601x900, 601:900, ox-skull-hung-fence-popula….jpg)

monarchy is still the system theyre trying to impose it on a global scale.

335212  No.12081019


as far as I can tell, all hitler wanted was to reestablish german territory and unite the german people. There is no evidence of any attempted expansion beyond rightful German territory.

30e4a5  No.12081022


I get confused by images of other races wearing NS uniforms, although I’ve only seen this signal coming from Weronika Clark who looks very much like a loon.

1d5fc9  No.12081028


This isn't reddit spacing you fucking newfag.


Which god is this? Not the jewish tribal god I hope.


Why? The Keiser did not stop the kikes from exercizing power over Europeans.

And monarchs across Europe failed to defend their people from jewish exploitation. I fail to see how reinstating a monarchy would solve our crisis. Remember, the only real monarchs of Europe are collaborating with the (((enemy))). What makes you suspect that a new monarch wouldn't collaborate as well?


Okay, that's not entirely true.

This myth is based on the Droit du seigneur myth and there is no real evidence that this happened. Maybe it did and wasn't recorded. But it was very rare if it ever happened.


>Without god we are left with moral relativism

Saying "wouldn't it be nice if there was a god?" is not an argument. There is no god so your "it'd be nice if X were real" is an irrelevant statement.

It'd be cool if dragons killed all the jews. But since dragons don't exist and don't kill jews, any morality based on the existance of anti-semitic dragons is bullshit.

> if christianity was supreme society would not be collapsing because all degeneracy is against god

Also wrong. Christians are more pro-IsraHell than any other demographic other than jews. They are the shocktroops of the enemy and they WILL shoot you if commanded.

Christianity is bullshit because it is based on judaism.

We don't need to live in fear of a jewish tribal war god. We are men, not kikes. We make our own morality.

And if you really need a religion in order to feel safe, adopt William Pierce's religion of "universe" worship. That is a reasonable religion.

Or better yet, worship Dr. William Pierce as I do.

30e4a5  No.12081031


Yeah, the left often complains about financial/industrial power retarding their influence over social policy, but usually just when that power is white, or if ashkenazi jewish still is called “white”.

335212  No.12081041


all I know is that I hear all the time about how the evil nazis wanted to exterminate anyone who didnt have blonde hair and blue eyes, when hitler himself did not meet these standards.

4cb92c  No.12081049


>doesn't know what reddit spacing is

Boy oh boy.

e8b712  No.12081056


Yeah, that's how Jews and other filth got access to our lands, by feeble kings who used their autocratic power to please some kike maneuvering in the shadows. Basically it's just a matter of time before your enemies gets the drop on you with a monarchic system.

30e4a5  No.12081057


I read this one a lot, too. But what I also know is this board was used like a whore during Trump’s election, is owned reportedly by a freemason, and supplies approved readings on WWII and jewish history. It is literally a one-stop-shop for a particular narrative, and time and again I have found that it is as much made of swiss cheese as the rest. Still, there is merit to staring as much into the abyss as possible, at least for me, even if I still don’t have eyes to see the truth. My preference would be to get an answer and move on, think of better things.

c40d61  No.12081059


They are imposing an oligarchy cloaked in democracy currently.

1819b6  No.12081063


>Then that biology should be improved. Your "caste system" bullshit is exactly that. Bullshit.

>What we need is to be working towards a better Volk.

Sounds like egalitarian faggotry to me. You assume all white people are of the same quality. You and I both know that this is false.

1819b6  No.12081073


Monarchic autocracy came later, after the Enlightenment. Prior monarchs were hardly autocrats.

30e4a5  No.12081081


Quality or qualities?

1d5fc9  No.12081082

This argument that Hitler was a King and "Fuhrer" is equivalent to king is stupid.

A king is an absolute leader who inherits his position from his father. Hitler EARNED his position.

A king derives his power from the fact that he was born into his position and justifies this by claiming that some mystical deity wants it this way.

Adolf Hitler derived his power from the Volksgemeinschaft, literally "the People's Community"

This is actually quite a profound difference. Kings don't need to be loved by the people. They don't even need the people. They don't even need to be from the same country as the people they rule and often aren't. They don't even need to speak the same language as the people they rule over.

And hatred of democracy memes aside, Adolf Hitler based almost all of his major policy decisions upon the concept of popular support for the policies. For instance, not only was Adolf Hitler elected by popular vote, but he based his annexation of Austria and Danzig into Germany on the premise that "the people's Community" wanted this. The annexation of Austria was preceded by a popular referendum, and a very positively received one at that.

Kings don't do this. Kings don't care what the people's community think because their power comes from the fact that their father held this power and because "God says so"

So regardless whether or not monarchy is a good system by which White people should live under, Adolf Hitler was not a monarch in any way.

e8b712  No.12081083


Enough power to enable Jews to infest our societies.

706a03  No.12081087


>hundreds of years of monarchies being successfully ran governments.

>Royal family inbreeding was also a problem, but even then, they managed to be quite successful until it started to completely destroy their gene pools.

>What do you think of pushing pro-monarchy

From Mein Kampf:

I was convinced that the Habsburg State would baulk and hinder every German who might show signs of real greatness, while at the same time it would aid and abet every non-German activity.

This conglomerate spectacle of heterogeneous races which the capital of the Dual Monarchy presented, this motley of Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Ruthenians, Serbs and Croats, etc., and always that bacillus which is the solvent of human society, the Jew, here and there and everywhere - the whole spectacle was repugnant to me. The gigantic city seemed to be the incarnation of racial adulteration.

The longer I lived in that city, the stronger became my hatred of the promiscuous swarm of foreign peoples which had begun to batten on that old nursery-ground of German culture. The idea that this State could maintain its further existence for any considerable time was quite absurd.

Austria was then like an ancient mosaic in which the cohesive cement had dried up and become old and friable. As long as such a work of art remains untouched it may hold together and continue to exist, but the moment a blow falls on it, it breaks up into thousands of fragments.

It was, therefore, now only a question of when the blow would come. Because my heart was always with the German Reich and not with the Austrian Monarchy, the hour of Austria's dissolution as a State appeared to me only as the first step towards the emancipation of the German nation.

1819b6  No.12081101


The infestation started later, Post-Enlightenment when monarchs started taking out loans from (((bankers))) and were forced to make them part of the aristocracy

1d5fc9  No.12081103


This anon gets it.

30e4a5  No.12081111


But success is something apart from survival, no?

706a03  No.12081121


>As long as the government centers around the people and the idea of blood defining nation is engrained into its core it will be successful.

kind of like the american federal government amirite? :^)

30e4a5  No.12081135


It is no coincidence that Eugenics policies are a part of this thinking. Lacking a concept of God which all must adhere to an order is forced to resort to materialist means, including having the best fitted, strongest, most competitive race of people. Not that this wasn’t a thing for ancient Sparta, for example, but many balk at the idea of the state euthanizing their children over treatable genetic diseases which are the result of chance mutations. In any case it is not clear what “best people” means, other than best-fitted to star-faring technocratic civilization, although I know best does not mean brownest, or queerest, or most imaginative.

335212  No.12081152


do you believe that hitler was the genocidal maniac be is made out to be then? Or do you think he was a puppet set up to accelerate the globalist agenda? Whatever he was he has become a symbol, the perception various people have of him is more important than the truth at this point, as with religion. Hitler is clearly Jesus. You need only accept him into your heart.

9ca636  No.12081160


The solution isn't to back up and revert to servanthood under the old masters. The solution is to embrace new authorities, ones like the Fuhrer, who placed national interests over personal ones.


>In other words, at least under a Monarch the people can theoretically do something about it.

Fixed that for you. You have a very narrow view of what monarchy is and what it has done throughout history. You are falling for democratic propaganda hook line and sinker. You also don't understand feudalism, or you wouldn't be referring to peasants so scornfully.


And once again, more judenpropaganda regarding monarchs and their place in the world. The idea that meritocracy and monarchy are mutually exclusive is ridiculous. Who would Socrates have take over after the Philosopher-king dies? Perhaps an associate, but wouldn't it be better if he had groomed his son for the position, over time molding him into the top man for the job?

706a03  No.12081166


>the perception various people have of him is more important than the truth at this point

jew detected

4f27ae  No.12081175



Why would the "empire" "need to expand?" Eugenics programs would already mean managing population growth. Also, "empire" is the wrong word since traditionally "empire" means a government ruling over multiple nations. A Volk is ONE nation.

Furthermore, if expansion is warranted, why not expand towards the stars?

Also, no. A Volkist government rules over IT'S OWN PEOPLE and no one else.


Any "second class citizens" or "slaves" or "conquered people" or whatever is the OPPOSITE of Volkism. That shit is TALMUDISM.

Likewise, Volkism means not being ruled or influenced by any other group.

Volkism means "The Volk" SEPARATE from the rest of the world in the homeland of that Volk working towards building up and improving their Volk and the well-being of their Volk in myriad ways.

Mutually beneficial trade and cordial relations are great, but those not of the Volk have to STAY OUT.

The only way a "Volkist government" could be "international" was as a sort of loose coalition of allied peoples each with their own governments.

Furthermore, Volkism does not mean totalitarianism.

Indeed, a White Volkist country would have numerous and extensive freedoms and liberties.

How so? Partly because once the blacks, browns, yellows and jews are removed, 90+% of crime would disappear.

Indeed, White America used to be FAR MORE FREE than we are today. Kikes, "diversity," and oligarchic despotism are to blame for that.


Genetics is not theological or philosophical.

Genetics is what we are.

Better genetics = better everything.

Better genetics, better people, Papa H.




The "Nazis" didn't want to exterminate anyone. The "holocaust" is a lie. There were holding camps, but no death camps. There were under 300,000 jewish deaths, mostly due to typhus or natural causes. The "final solution" was deportation. The jews had committed TERRIBLE crimes against the Germans people and had declared war on Germany in 1933. They deserved to be put in prison and deported. Also, they were not of the Volk, thus they had to GTFO. Hitler wanted ALL jews out of ALL of Europe because of THEIR INNUMERABLE CRIMES AGAINST WHITES. IE, the exact same sort of shit that they are pulling right now.

They did value the "blonde, blue eyed" genetics and encouraged people with that phenotype to have more children.


What bullshit are you on about?

"Stop White genocide" is not a "narrative."

The FACT that jews are MASSIVELY over represented in banking, the media, universities, the government, the courts, law, and so forth is not a "narrative."

The horror that is what the talmud says is not a "narrative."

The truth is not a "narrative."

Gas yourself.


Again, "then that biology should be improved."

AKA, sensible, humane, and effective eugenics.

"Elitism" via oligarchs and megarich (many of whom are jews) is essentially the source of the "political will" to genocide White people. Indeed, talmudism itself is "caste system elitism, the cult."

To hell with that.


They let in kikes. That was a mistake. We must learn from the mistakes of the past.

Furthermore, that is part of the reason why a Volk is blood AND heritage. Both.

Some kikes are essentially indistinguishable from Whites genetically due to centuries of gene stealing. However, no follower of any form of talmudism can ever be part of any Volk other than "jewish."

They have jewish heritage. They are jews and nothing else.

Volkism. Blood and Heritage.


Right there. "Euthanize" Who said anything about "euthanize?"

If they are of the Volk, then they are protected. Now, if they are genetically defective then they must not pass on those defects, but their life is sacred as a member of the Volk.

Sensible, human, and effective eugenics.

No "euthanizing."


I will never support a crown. Ever. I am an American.

30e4a5  No.12081185


My problem is not that I’ve bought into fearmongering. Even if Hitler and his government were not who the books say they were the German soldiers had a right to self-defense against the predations of the money power/ruling class. My issue is rather that I cannot get beyond the many inconsistencies in the pro-NS narrative surrounding WWII. Things like genealogies and philosophical commitments matter, and I dare say Mein Kampf is no remedy to the question of inconsistency overall.

5c10db  No.12081187

False equivalency

A monarchy is a style of governing.

Nazi is a political ideal party.

ff7bad  No.12081192

I'm American and I think outlawing heredity titles is mistake and that some form of titles and its associated virtues should return.

335212  No.12081199


no, it is true. what is the dominant narrative surrounding hitler and nsdap germany? Is it the truth? It is a series of lies. Hitler is better understood as a bastardized abstraction of himself at this point than the man he really was. He is an incredibly important historical figure nonetheless and represents a defining element of modern culture. His myth, not his truth. Understanding the myth is just as important as understanding the man, and the individuals perception on him can be a valuable barometer,and can vary wildly according to the various propaganda exposed to. Hitler is not a man, he is already a legend.

ff7bad  No.12081201

Nazism is trash. All you have are skinhead drug dealer gangs and white power orgs that are the definition of dysfunction. That cause is over, move on to something that is actually productive that can bring about the values you want to achieve.

30e4a5  No.12081204


I agree that we can make something good out of whatever gets left lying around once the dust settles. Afterall, history is a lie agreed upon, is written by the victors, is a product of lens-making, cherry-picking, and bad to good philosophical prowess. But reducing the whole thing to a cult of personality is worse bait than the university education meme. They literally teach this view themselves.

706a03  No.12081211


>Judaism is trash. All you have are jewish drug dealer gangs and jewish power orgs that are the definition of dysfunction.


000000  No.12081214



>It's kind of nonsensical to call your government a "Reich", but have no traces of old monarchy abolished because of the commies.

The Weimar Repuplic official name was Deutsches Reich, same as Hitler's and Kaiser Bill's.

706a03  No.12081218


>lies are more important than the truth

>that is why holocaustianity is more important than historical truth

begone, yid

e8b712  No.12081220


>Move on to something other than National Socialism to achieve National Socialism

That sounds like a dumb idea, Moishe.

30e4a5  No.12081226


What is historical truth? Historians triangulate available evidence, not hoover up truth for display.

335212  No.12081227


If the details dont add up just focus on the big picture. The source of all heresy in religion is fixation on individual passages or misinterpretations (deliberate or otherwise) of simple phrases or metaphors. a failure to take into account the larger picture. The same is true of revisionist history. Im sure a lot of people in Germany had a different idea of what it meant to be nsdap and im sure many people have interpreted various things differently since then. It is irrelevent.

1d5fc9  No.12081244


>Who would Socrates have take over after the Philosopher-king dies?


Lets assume you found a Philosopher-king and put him on the thrown. Why wouldn't he make his entitled son the heir?

Marcus Aurelias was a Philosopher-king. But like all fathers, he loved his son so much that he failed to see his flaws.

How do you prevent this in your hypothetical monarchy?

You say that meritocracy and monarchy are not mutually exclusive and you know, I can accept that.

But we need to examine how things will work in the real world, not just in theory. And I think that you know as well as I do that basing a government on being ruled by philosopher-kings is pie in the sky utopianism.

In our real world, there are many factors that encounrage bad behavior in kings. In fact, I'd say that there are many reasons why a king might import foreigners to subvert his population.

For instance, like the jews, a king finds it beneficial if the public is divided into warring communities at each other's throats because that means that the king can play "peacemaker"

In addition, the issues arising from sole rule encourage rulers to rely on middlemen to collect taxes and loan money and… well, I'm sure we know where this leads.

This is why jews were tolerated by European monarchs. It was only when the people were so enraged by jewish exploitation and child murder/pedophilia that the kings were forced to heed the will of the people and kick them out.

But they always invited them back in because the kikes always were willing to act as middlemen and money lenders.

335212  No.12081246


>the rightous nsdap government and hitlers kindness are the backbone of modern culture

30e4a5  No.12081247


The big picture, as seen through a curated set of documents? The big picture, as probability judgment derived from a swamp of assertions based on a patchwork of primary sources stripped of epistemological considerations? Whose big picture? What big picture? We are limited by our subjectivities.

0582ac  No.12081254


Bullshit. He only wanted a homeland for his people and wanted other races homelands for themselves. Which is the general idea of /pol/ this whole time.

5f8789  No.12081255

Monarchs were too busy making sure their dynasty survives to ever care about the nation and its well-being. None of the kings and queens of the XX century had the guts to confront the kikes. They all buried their head in the sand. When he came to power Hitler didn't reestablish the monarchy for a good reason. Franco and Salazar didn't do it as well. Mussolini got backstabbed by his king when shit hit the fan and the Romanian monarch was a huge cuck. The age of monarchy is over. If we really need a monarch then he or she should have a ceremonial role only. At most the king should be the head of the church but all decision making should be left to the fuhrer.

1d5fc9  No.12081256


>I am an American.

Let's be rational here. Just because you're an American is not an argument against monarchism as an idea.

I think a better argument would be that Americans in general would never accept a monarchy, which I think is fair.

ff7bad  No.12081261


keep on with your Tad Workers Party and Aryan Brotherhood moron.

f0333c  No.12081268


>jewish clergy: you cannot live if you are not pure

<jesus: I could make pure people out of rock if I wanted to, not saying keeping your nation is wrong, but this is worship of creation instead of creator

Really makes you think… Isn't Baal also known as god of Thunder? How many peoples worshipped a god of thunder? How many did animals like insects or cows? Isn't all man made religion based on animism? You know, man is an animal as well, Zeus is the god of thunder but also turned into a bull, the "semitic/abrahamic" God doesn't have the form of Man but Man does looks like him (and Women look like us), God doesn't have an actual name but His name is "anonymous/nameless", he isn't the king of the seas but God of Everything, Lord of Lords and etc, all 5 needed principles to the existence of the universe are contained in Genesis 1:1-2…

e8b712  No.12081274


I think I will stick with National Socialism. The only succesful political ideology to show proper resistance to the Jew.

846fd0  No.12081276

File: 794a79cdae67f4c⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 540x393, 180:131, 9145d324ffbd3617e7d0de1925….jpg)


>any nation ruled by man and not god is doomed to corruption

"God" speaking threw man forms the greatest kind of corruption, institutionalized religion

335212  No.12081287


This is my point. This is an obvious lie, nonetheless I believed this as a child and it is common sense to lots of people. It seems that hitler had a very clear set of goals and genocide fits in exactly nowhere. I have come to see the blonde hair blue eyes meme as a means to establish unreasonable exclusivity, to turn as many people as possible against the idea of 'nazism'.

f0333c  No.12081295


>early Christians weren't even europeans

Yeah, Romans, Greeks and Germans aren't europeans apparently.

>Centurion Cornelius

>Dionysius the Areopagite

>Saint Boniface

e8b712  No.12081306


Those are much later Christians. The early Christians were described by the Romans as "the foulest race on Earth". We know who that is.

f0333c  No.12081316


>Karl Marx: Religion is the Opium of the people

>Karl Marx: Jesus was a heretic to the religion of our people, he is not a semite but a halfling, he's a bastard, born out of a whore jewess and a roman soldier, even had I continued being a critic of Judaism and not converted back to the religion of my people I'd still agree with the orthodox sect over how he is a bastard to our cause.

335212  No.12081317


There is a broad big picture people have of hitler that differs whether you have a positive or negative perception of him. The common sense people come to have with regards to the topic. There are things which are typically implicitely understood among people here and this consensus could be viewed as the foundation of many of the lesser interpretations of individual details. I do nit know how to explain it better than this. It is common sense for me that hitler could not have wanted to genocide eastern europe for example.

f0333c  No.12081318


Much later? Are you fucking brain dead? Centurion was converted by Peter, Dionysius followed Paul and Saint Boniface is just one of the known German Saints and the only actual counter argument since his life is in the medieval era.

846fd0  No.12081321


>There are things which are typically implicitely understood among people here and this consensus could be viewed as the foundation of many of the lesser interpretations of individual details

Exactly. All straight white men are Nazis get with the times gramps

f0333c  No.12081331


Also interesting for you to say that when Nero and Caligula created exemptions to the jews from normal taxation instead creating Jewish Taxation and special laws for them, also forgetting Josephus the Jewish-Roman Historian who's responsible for having the jews look good and innocent.

30e4a5  No.12081332


This is called historiography and can differ by the decade. And if it isn’t historiography you’re basing this claim on it is propaganda. That does not suggest your big picture is anything but Holohoaxianity. Indeed, the factual anomalies, which are only supposed facts in the first place, are the kinds of things truthseekers should be focused on, not believe in ignorance of.

f0333c  No.12081350


Richard Heyndrich created the Kitty Salon and a Jewish Banker helped Göring when he was shot by the police in the Beer Hall Putsch. While I agree Jews are most of the time disgusting you have to remember that not only they can be disgusting. The Inflatable Whore sex toy was created because German Soldiers were getting AIDS and other sexual sickness because of using French Prostitutes. You also forgot the jews killed by the Einsatzgruppen (although they were partisans and communists). You again also forgot the Polish-German babies killed while the polish women were at least half of the time raped by their german overseers.



fuck off burger, your nation was started through Freemasons, not Warrior Kings, plebeians like you should be shot for being partigiani, Viva Il Duce, Viva Il Re.

4f27ae  No.12081351


I reject the entire concept of caste system dynamics, including monarchism and feudalism.

That is what I mean by "I am an American."

I have heard many arguments for "monarchy" and I find them sorely lacking.

Everything that can go wrong in a republic can go wrong in a monarchy. Indeed, in a monarchy there are fewer people to bribe, coerce, subvert, and supplant.

"All men are created equal" is and was a DIRECT rejection of talmudic "caste system of souls" as well as the very idea of royalty or "nobility." It does not mean that "all men are equal." Obviously. It means that men should be judged by their deeds and personal accomplishments, rather than on "noble title."

And yes, I am also a Volkist and I do not see any meaningful conflict. For one, "caste system" is about having groups ruling over other groups. "Volkism" is about having ONE group rule over themselves in a homeland of their people.


Do you even oppose the ongoing genocide of White people and the jews that are behind it?


Is this a bot?


What jews like or don't like is largely irrelevant. Stop hanging on their words.

Remove them all from White homelands.

My, and others here, criticisms of christianity are based on what christianity itself preaches, has done, and is doing. "You don't like this semite religion, so you must like this other sort-of opposed semite religion" is not a meaningful argument.


When simply being a White man makes you a "Nazi," then being a "Nazi" is normal.






Are these bots?

f0333c  No.12081356


inb4 Yeah the King betrayed LVI but a kingdom wouldn't be as bad, also it wasn't just the King but the Grand Council so whatever, we must not commit the mistakes of the past and focus on what was done correctly and improve not only that but everything else.

30e4a5  No.12081362


>anyone I disagree with is a botshillkikeglownigger

335212  No.12081364


most people dont see the truth regardless, they determine the truth based on their fundamental perception, and yes it is based in propaganda. Thats why it is so easy to perpetuate obvious lies as percieved from either side. My way of seeing things is that either for as long as NSDAP was in power in germany, they were secretly the most evil group of people ever and this was hidden from the german people until after the war, or it was all made up to make them look like the most evil people ever after the war.

f0333c  No.12081372


>what jews like or don't like is irrelevant.

>is this a bot?

Nice projection, JIDF. As Christ said, he came to bring war, not peace, you and your friends will be actually gassed, the Holocaust should have happened, at least we wouldn't hear such bullshit. I want a Fascist King and a National Socialist Kaiser, a National Fascist Czar as well. Codreanu would have shot you in the head as soon as he heard you speaking such bullshit.

f0333c  No.12081375


Seems like projection of the amerimutt.

f0333c  No.12081383



Gotta confess I fucking lose to these JIDFbots when they bot this hard.

30e4a5  No.12081397


Fundamental perception being limited knowledge, experience, and/or intellect? I am aware of the demonization tactic, but also how antisemitism is something they purposely foment and something that works in their favor. The category itself is suspect as it is mere wishfull thinking that they are shemites. And on that note, why is academic history called historiography when opinion shifts but independent scholarship on WWII is proudly referred to as historical revision? They’re running the opposition, perhaps all of it. And being most of the publishers, why would they not have written the pro-Reich histories on a foundation of lies by ommision? That facts cannot be taken as indubitable is key.

9ca636  No.12081437


>But we need to examine how things will work in the real world, not just in theory.

Which is precisely why I admire the Founding Fathers in spite of my ideological differences with them. They were experimenting with democracy and didn't know where it would lead. Now, after two centuries, we do know where it leads. Rule by the Many (the Electorate, esp. with broadened franchise) allows financiers to rule as plutocrats. The financiers desire to have all the politicians in their pockets, and they control the opposition so they have a 100% chance of getting their man in office. They desire to control the media to influence the political and cultural future of the people, and it doesn't stop there. They also desire to meddle in education…the list goes on. Democracy is so insidious because it hides the real masters of society, because it gives the illusion of rule by the people.

Seeing the failures of British monarchy since the time of Cromwell does not provide a comprehensive view of monarchy. The ancient Germans had chieftains, earls, kings, that led their people rather than ruled over them. In no way am I apologising for the dismal track record of Christian monarchs in Europe, because you're correct, they did side with the Jews over their own people in general. Nevertheless, even in republics, there is a tendency to dynastic rule, as with the Assads, or the Bushes, or Clintons. Hereditary monarchy is the rule, not the exception, of human political life.

1d5fc9  No.12081439


>Everything that can go wrong in a republic can go wrong in a monarchy

This is a fair critique of monarchism. I also am an American and I personally agree with you.

I have a hard time seeing the benefits of monarchy after all the fuckups of the first world war. Nevermind the toleration of kikes in the legal system by the allegedly "based Keiser"

3e2e75  No.12081440

File: 47f7ba90490f0b9⋯.jpg (50.54 KB, 600x338, 300:169, fukken saved.jpg)



Amazing website, can't wait to buy the book.

30e4a5  No.12081453


This was an important revelation for me when I was looking into bioethics policy and human experimentation in the united states. Not only is scientific experimentation of all forms done on the people to this day, but consent, which is the foundation of democracy itself in our culture, is secondary to national security. National security, of course, is defined by the ruling class, subject to revision, and this entirely nullifies democracy. It was huge for me that not only are economic and foreign policy off limits to the citizens, but by and large so are the social policies.

0582ac  No.12081470


>get confused

are you implying that you didnt like other races siding with hitler or that you were surprised that hitler wasn't a bad man?

a22850  No.12081481



You misspelled "natural order".

335212  No.12081484


>limited intellect

There is nothing limited about it at all, there are many intelligent people who adamantly defend their myths and even manage to make a part of accepted history. There is no difference between an imaginary idea and the truth when it comes to history, everything has been reimagined to fit whatever the dominant narrative is. Its about ideas, they have a life of their own and once they take root they use their host to become a part of reality. At this

point there is an idea of the evil nazi that transcends truth due to its universality. Every year we see history change to fit the evolving perception of what happened. This is very clear when you look at the evolution of the holocaust. Intellectuals are the first victim of this kind of fuckery. It is only a matter of judgement whether you reject this narrative.

1d5fc9  No.12081494


>Seeing the failures of British monarchy since the time of Cromwell does not provide a comprehensive view of monarchy

I can accept that critique. You're right.

And you're correct that dynastic succession is common in "democracies"

However, to play devil's advocate; The Germanic tribes were ruled by chieftains or "kings". But there was a lot of electing and selecting as well. And there was a strong aversion to a true kingship. Armenius, the man who came close to uniting Germany against the Romans was assassinated by his own kinsmen because he was accused of being a tyrant.

And later in the Holy Roman Empire, there were periods that lasted close to 80 years where no king ruled at all. Not at the top, anyhow.

I think that monarchy works best when the king has accountability to the people. You're absolutely right that the Germanic chieftains ruled like kings and they ruled well. But they also ruled as representatives of the public will or as Hitler would have put it, Volksgemeinschaft.

I think that if we could devise a system where rulers were held accountable to the people's community, maybe it could work. But I'm very wary of codifying dynastic succession. There are just so many ways that that can go wrong.

a22850  No.12081495

File: 83cf076eff92663⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 558x528, 93:88, darth vlader.jpg)


The last European Monarch I recognize as legitimate was Vlad of Wallachia.

30e4a5  No.12081497


I was unsure how this story fit together with that about eugenic enhancement and lebensraum. What were the limits of German expansion? Was this a mere coalition or perhaps a put-on? An NS cabbie with brown skin is funny and all, but same as with a crippled Irishman it’s hard to see where such a person or type of person fits over the long term. Passionate eugenics? Sterilization?

0582ac  No.12081509

File: 73b587d7b4c92be⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 222x255, 74:85, daleshadesoff.jpg)


Okay now I understand why you're confused.

Now I'm confused.

30e4a5  No.12081527


We’re all limited unless we’re gods. As a discipline history may lack even the air of scientistic objectivity enjoyed by the social sciences, but there is a difference between fallibilistic truth and “it was real in my mind” charlatanry or the concentration camp autobiographies would remain cogent to this day and there would have been no need at Nuremberg to forego the traditional rules of evidence in favor of “eyewitness” testimony. Yes, propaganda and memetics are real, and yes it is better to fight fire with fire than to lose the war. But I would like to think we can do better, and that we should if we ever hope to break the cycle of infiltration, subversion, and collapse.

9ca636  No.12081539


>Everything that can go wrong in a republic can go wrong in a monarchy

No, there are different problems the two systems face. I am also an American, btw, I just don't treat the ideas of the Freemasonic elite that founded the country as divine revelation.

May I remind you all that many of these arguments against the idea of a monarch are the same ones used agains the idea of a dictator. The idea that one strongman convinces the people to give him power as the sole ruler in order to btfo the corrupt elite is one that I very much support, clearly Hitler did too. In practice the only substantive difference between hereditary monarchy and elective autocracy is the issue of continuity of govt. In a dictatorship, the reins of power must be transferred through election (by the people, or the ruling party) or through selection (tapped by the former leader). In monarchy the principle is, 'The King is dead, long live the new King' which means that immediately upon the death of the old leader, the new leader is already known and, hopefully, groomed for the role.


There are also elective monarchies, that tend to evolve into hereditary ones after the tradition becomes to elect the son of the old king. Look at William of Orange. He is chosen as Stateholder of the Netherlands, and his descendants follow him. By the time of Napoleon, his great-great-great…grandson William I is crowned king. Same with Poland.

Machiavelli makes some erudite comments about the nature of republics and principalities (i.e. monarchies). One of them is that there are three main groups in a society—the people, who want to be left alone; the elite, who want to rule over and exploit them; the leader, who mediates. Normally, huge political changes are simply oscillations of power between the elites and the leader; in effect, the people don't actually rule, not in a monarchy, but also not in a republic or democracy. As I said, democracies are the best at hiding the real powers behind the curtain, which is why the NWO shills for democracy in the schools, press, politics etc.

As it happens, the royals and nobles of Hitler's day had sides with the bourgeois moneylenders against their own people. Thus the time was ripe for a true leader (a mythic king) to side with the people against the elite. And that happened. Hitler only got 12 years, so who knows how the Third Reich would have evolved regarding succession.

30e4a5  No.12081542


Could be a result of academic manipulation because at university they harp on the notion that the Reich was about Race and Space. If you have those parameters defined you can inject all manner of monstrosity about conquering the world and enslaving its own people. More puzzling still is these academics accuse the Germans of what this government is absolutely guilty of. Fits the pattern.

335212  No.12081554


Well the truth is there and it is apparent, but the propaganda is necessary to acclimate people to the point where they will be willing to accept it. That is just the state of things. This is a society built in faith as all societies are and to pretend that doing away with god somehow made the entire population rational, unbiased and receptive is to ignore all of history. I guess this is why I think society should be based in religion. it is all myth right now, there is just none of the morality.

9ca636  No.12081572


Sidestepping the whole issue of hereditary monarchy, my main point is that the elites will rule in society, whether they have titles and fancy castles or not. There was a time in Europe when noblemen did their best to represent the interests of the men they warded over, like a military commander would—even though he has a higher rank, that doesn't mean he puts the interests of his class above the rabble's. Of course there were also titled nobles and royals that betrayed their people, and in a righteous world they would face the sword for doing so.

HOWEVER, in today's America, we also have an elite, more rich and powerful than any duke or count ever was in the Old World. Our elite, though they don't formally have hereditary succession, have an ephemeral power, but unlike the noblemen, they rotate 'meritocratically'. That means that they are not ever tied to the interests of the people, and can be replaced at any time by a more ruthless, sociopathic bunch. Formalising rule by the elites in a 'House of Lords' so to speak would allow us to see our masters, whereas today we have little idea who are the most powerful shareholders in the military industrial complex, the banking world, Silicon Valley etc. Many of such 'elites' are actually Chinese, where they are out of the political control of the people whether democratically or autocratically.

30e4a5  No.12081595


I don’t want to misspeak or be intellectually lazy when I reveal my biases, but I agree that collective myths, memeplexes, religions are necessary to organize and maintain civilizations. The Elightenment project, or that part of it that says we should rely on our own judgment and pursue truth in all matters, does not seem altogether bad. But instead of God or Yahweh we have Gallileo, Newton, Einstein despite having the best known philosophic tools for individual judgment laid at our feet. So my question becomes whether we need to trash this postmodern epistemology and double down on positivism, which ends in material godlessness and us treading the line between analytic reductionism and mathemagics, or rework an earlier faith/s in syncretic terms and blow the lid off civilization itself as ultimately a failed project. In both cases “they” are working an angle to keep the planetary resources for themselves and I’ve yet to imagine a possible alternative.

4f27ae  No.12081599








These two sound strange to me.

And they are pushing the idea that history is subjective. The PERCEPTION of history is subjective, but the TRUTH of history is objective. That said, it can be difficult or impossible to define the TRUTH of history, but it, nonetheless, EXISTS.


The point about what jews "like or don't like" being irrelevant is that they should be PHYSICALLY REMOVED from White countries.

Not argued with or about.

Also, gas yourself monarchike.


And rather than FIX representative republicanism by removing kikes, foreign influence, and non-Whites from the country and return to a merit based electorate, lets give the country over to "totes not corruptible by kikes" ROYALTY.

Yeah, no.

Many of the royal families ARE NOT GONE and the vast majority of them are KIKED AF. Indeed, they are COMPLICIT in the ongoing genocide of White people.


If they are not White then they cannot ever be a part of a White Volk. Thus they must be deported from White countries.

If they are crippled due to genetic defect, then they must either not have children or have those children "embryo screened" as part of an enhanced in-vitro fertilization process to select AWAY from the genetic defects.


TRUTHFUL propaganda spreads the TRUTH.

TRUTHFUL memetics spreads the TRUTH.

They are TOOLS.


"Democracy" (ie universal suffrage) and "Representative Republicanism" (ie limited suffrage, traditionally land owning White men) are VERY DIFFERENT SYSTEMS.

Also, the removal and banning of secret societies, the "trustbusting" of megacorporations, the removal and banning of international banks and companies, and, among other things, the HEAVY taxation of excess wealth (100 or so million or more. AKA soros, rothschild, rockefeller, clinton, bush, etc. the oligarchs) will greatly help to PREVENT the EXISTENCE of a "ruling elite."

I believe that that should be part of the goal.

Middle class, not wealth class.

Bubble up economics.

An economy that serves the VOLK, not the "elite."


That is why you remove the "elites."


Middle class, not wealth class.

Furthermore, if they are not of the Volk then they should neither be present in the country, nor involved in the running of any part of the country ever.

0582ac  No.12081618


>Reich was about Race and Space

That is true. If immigration was never manifested, the whites would have made new invention and tried to go to space. So the academics were technically not wrong. But Hitler being a genocidal maniac was not true, obviously.

30e4a5  No.12081638


Not saying it’s subjective. I’m saying primary sources are curated and lost to time in addition to being disappeared, and that this says to me that there is no truth in history due to the record’s incompleteness. The way around this is to declare that the facts are easily gleaned from corrupted sources, and apparently the same is true with the leugenpresse. But that is naive because interpretations of facts are value-laden and it isn’t at all convincing to see someone retort that “no, facts are just facts, plain and simple.”

3f0a25  No.12081642

File: 302fc045d8807b8⋯.jpeg (73.92 KB, 564x818, 282:409, natsoc-armor.jpeg)


Decadent incompetence vs Stoic perfectionism.

55ef78  No.12081649

monarchism is ideal, as it is the traditional European form of government, but all the old European royal families are pozzed and I don't see any way you could create new ones that could be trusted and would be considered legitimate

30e4a5  No.12081654


I understand that is the dogma. Outgroupers are targeted for some sort of annihilation and the boundaries are drawn clearly. But NS will ever meet with resistance over that particular commitmen as parents have compassion for their innocent offspring. Humans understand allegience to family better than to a state, also to a race. As for TRUTH, you seem to think I’m taking this one for granted when instead my entire presence in this thread has communicated that while I think truth exists it is adhered to by no one in culture war, including NS.

335212  No.12081660


It can exist all it wants entirely forgotten and revised by intellectuals.


I believe that civilization is a product of religion and philosophy, not science. Individualism is the antithesis of society. The further we move towards materialism the further we move from the natural order and towards our own destruction. I think that ultimately everything will collapsed under its own meaninglessness and that a culture that considers itself significant will take over, because apathy and nihilism can not beat fanaticism. It is the people who care who will inherit the planet. Unless (((they))) really have a handle on things, but i cannot imagine how terrible living in a reductionist society controlled by sociopaths might be. It is worse knowing that nobody will care or know any better. It is just my opinion that science should compliment society and not define it.

30e4a5  No.12081669


Agree to a point. I’d say I cannot speculate to Hitler’s personal motivations but that the Reich was obviously not genocidal because what motivated them to action was self-defense not revenge. They built a nation and did their best to protect it.

7b744e  No.12081672


>muh einsatzgruppen

>muh jews

>muh merimutts

30e4a5  No.12081691


I keep wanting to go back and take another look at German Idealism and the Conservative Revolution for forks in the road. I’ve been chewing on reductionism in science and vitalism in biology in particular thinking there was something therein that spoke to the religiosity of the German race as opposed to godless britkikes. No headway though.

9ca636  No.12081693


>That is why you remove the "elites."

Reread my post. You can't. It's impossible. That is why communism has failed every time it's been tried. Humans are inegalitarian and there will always be those that want power. The best we can do is devise ways of managing them. Madison and Adams got this, read the Federalist Papers for more.

If universal franchise democracy and democratic republicanism are so different, why did the latter morph into the former in America? Ever since the 1790 election, the ideal of rule by the people was taken to its logical conclusion. Now, they want the youth, and criminals, and foreigners to be able to vote too. It's not a bug, it's a feature of 'rule by the people'.

>And rather than FIX representative republicanism by removing kikes, foreign influence, and non-Whites from the country and return to a merit based electorate

How are you going to do that with the US Constitution in the way?

d2c00b  No.12081736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>definition of Liberalism

>>"I don't need a King because I know the King of Kings"

We as a race have had Kings for many 1000s of years, its just that a few hundred years ago the right of the King was dismissed and society was rested from the folk into secret parliamentary societies which became international and far from the roots in the land. A ship must have a captain.

335212  No.12081745


The germans believed they and their culture should continue to exist. That is idealism enough for me, that attitude could fix a lot of problems today.

335212  No.12081747


>theocracy is liberalism

You know nothing of the 11th century catholic church.

4f27ae  No.12081762


"this says to me there is no truth in history due to the record's incompleteness"

"No truth in history"



Many things are not recorded or poorly recorded, but many other things are well recorded.

The historical record is not uniform across time and human societies. Some events and peoples are much better recorded than others.

Also, quality archaeology work can discover a great deal of information from ruins and so forth.

While there is SOME truth to what you are saying, there seems to me to be something of the talmudic to your allusions.

After all, it is the kikes and their sword, islam, that are blowing up and bulldozing White history wherever they can.

One of the stated goals of the "NWO" kikes is to destroy White history as part of their plans to create the "cultureless, raceless, identityless" mass of brown globalist slaves.


"monarchism is ideal"

"all the old European royal families are pozzed"

Pick one.

If monarchism is the ideal, then how did all the royal families get pozzed?


Again, Volkism.

There is your philosophy. There is your higher purpose.

Also, materialism is self defeating so long as reproduction is still carried out via human women and men.

How so?

Hedonists rarely have children, especially among White people.

They are too selfish to devote the time, effort, and money towards raising children. Also, the women are too vain to get pregnant, so even if they want a child they tend to adopt some niglet or chink spawn.

The Whites having the most children tend to be more resistant to hedonistic excess.

Thus, over time, the urge to self destructive lifestyles dies out on its own.


Communism was NEVER about removing elites.

Communism was, is, and always will be about enslaving the "proletariat" under communist party rule. (IE, the "new elite." IE, kikes. The bolshevics in Russian were KIKES)

Communism is SHIT.

Besides, I never said "no advancement." I said that "excess wealth" must be taxed, trusts must be busted, and foreign shit must be kept OUT.

100 million dollars (or something like that) is hardly "no room for advancement." Every megacorporation busted means MORE room for small and medium corporation growth, competition, and innovation. But excess wealth MUST be taxed, otherwise you get oligarchic despotism. Always.

"Why did republicanism morph into democracy?"

KIKES and a lack of CLEARLY DEFINED AND ENFORCED Volkism. AKA "White American Nationalism." Plus, we have SO MUCH material to use as future "teachable moments from history" recorded in many media from movies, tv, radio, books, and so on if we manage to save our people from this shithole.

"How are you going to do that with the Constitution?"

Firstly, it will be a lot easier than implementing monarchy, since what I propose is very much in consonance with the Constitution.

The Constitution was written FOR merit based elections, it was written FOR Whites-only America, and the Founders spoke extensively in advocacy of rejecting all foreign influence (working for foreign powers while in the US government is what TREASON is about after all).

Most of what I am describing IS the Constitution.

As for how to do it?

Who knows.

It seems unlikely that voting is going to stop White genocide is America.


LARPing bullshit.

30e4a5  No.12081778


Yes but these new proposals laid out by the NS government were a culture shock given that they’d been puppeteered by jews. Hitler’s rule brought great conflict, and that cuts into the cult of personality somewhat. There were good principles in NS ideology as well as some that made the Germans less effective and their apologists to this day are forced to rest on their laurels. Why Americans would be thinking not of borrowing from NS but literally resurrecting it I cannot fathom for any other reason than deference to the desireability of an antisemitism psy-op. And the fact I can’t be sure who Hitler and the high command were in the first place, whether because of incompleteness of my knowledge or manipulation of the record, only calcifies those doubts. Obnoxious pedants who go about raving that it’s all so simple look oblivious not principled.

d2c00b  No.12081785


The King must be above the priest or he is not a King and shouldn't be treated as one.


>>LARPing bullshit.

Then you will have the disease of secret societies in your parliament. The Kunec literally translates to representative of the race, if you don't have one then one will be pushed onto you and you will not be able to represent your race.

335212  No.12081796


youre right, he isnt a king, his position is as a servant to his people. The only problem with monarchism is when royalty occasionally forgot their place.

30e4a5  No.12081801


Again, this is not convincing because you’re moving the goalpost. Truth must meet several criteria, and “resonates with me” is not a privileged criterion. Your timely implication that I’m talmudic is you literally throwing the argument by resorting to fallacy. I said earlier in the thread that triangulation of evidence is the best we can do, and some do this much better than others. Unfortunately, representation not only is necessarily incomplete whether in language or artifact but it is able to be faked, swamped out, ommitted, reinterpreted to purpose, or misunderstood. Therefore, it is not truth but probability, and probability is derivative, again, of source, not of objective reality. Then you sit there and say “Volkism, it’s all you need”. Yeah, right. Maybe if I’m joining a cult.

93e9e0  No.12081807


>can't run a balanced budget

>constantly raising taxes

>waging wars against other European states

No, OP, I don't monarchies have ever been successful. Maybe they go through periods of "less suck" but they're nonfunctional without massive bodies of underlings with underlings with underlings, all of whom benefit from creating more layers of beauracracy, handing out positions like Sheriff to unqualified people etc. there's just no point to them.

1d5fc9  No.12081823


What you say is true. The lords and barons of today are the alien elite who control banking, finances, and the corporate media institutions.

I don't know which form of government is best. My best guess would be a blend of the different wordisms that anons seem willing to die for.

The German chieftains who ruled their societies were not concerned with republic-ism or fasc-ism or commun-ism or monarch-ism or capital-ism or social-ism or anarch-ism or syndical-ism or elit-ism or egalitarian-ism or class-ism or any other wordism the elites and their court philosophers concocted to justify their power.

They ruled based on what worked and left it at that. Power was organic and flowed naturally. And while I'm not saying that I think we should all go back to being tribal Germanic chiefdoms fighting for our section of the forest, I do believe that we need to get over wordism and build societies that conform to the organic community of people being represented.

Maybe I'm biased, but I like many aspects of elective government. It seems like a good check on abuses of power. Yet it can be abused by alien elites if a race loses its touch with reality.

And I accept the inevitability of hereditary rule, even in "democracies"

Too, I can appreciate the stability that hereditary rulers can provide. Though I'm more than a little suspicious of this after the utter fuckups that they allowed in the early 20th century. If hereditary rule is a desirable thing for a government, then the rulers must be bound to the blood (people) and soil (nation) that they rule.

And I'm not sure how this could be accomplished in the modern world.

000000  No.12081855



>The reason is that the old noble families were corrupted by bourgeois subhuman taint of the blood.

>When you let peasants into the bloodline, don’t be surprised if they begin acting like peasants.

The old noble families were total degenerate inbreed retards. That was true for Trastámara, Habsburg, Bourbon, Hohenzollern, Guelfen, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Romanov etc.

The only time they were able to produce some viable, virile offspring was if the cohabited with commoners



>how much monarchies in most of their existance never actually caused any problems to their people,

Except when they did. Like Louis XIV ruining France so much his disinterested and incompetent Grand-Grandnephew was decapitated. Or when the last Habsburgian on the Spanish throne thought it a good idea to choose a Bourbon as successor, triggering the seven years war. The Romanovs starting the first world war…



>Germany monarchy falls and shit happens.

>Russia is monarchy falls and shit happens.

Yeah surprise, maybe the monarch shouldn’t have started shit?

The fate of the Russian monarchs is entirely self inflicted, no pity.


>Watching Jud Süss

Is a good idea, because that is true story.



>The Keiser did not stop the kikes from exercizing power over Europeans.

He regretted later in his biography to have trusted the jews. He was a good, well intended person but ultimately not up to the machinations of (((international politics))). All of his family missed the cunning, perception and oversight a man like Bismark had. The Habsburgians, he, Germany helped after the heir was assassinated and Austrian under Russian threat, the Habsburgians tried at the end of the war to change sides and stab him in the back.


>This argument that Hitler was a King and "Fuhrer" is equivalent to king is stupid. A king is an absolute leader who inherits his position from his father.

German kings were elected.



>more judenpropaganda regarding monarchs and their place in the world

The jews, the Habsburg monarchs and Ceudehooven-Kalergi collaborated quite nicely, to enslave and render the European, White people into a brown mass of subhumans over those the “natural nobility” of the jews should rule.



>And as the empire starts to expand, which it surely must, volkism becomes the annexation of the entire planet

What backward logic is that?

Volkism, proper nationalism, is exactly limited to one people, not to the population of earth.

That was is sold as “nationalism” today like in France is not nationalism but imperialism, because it is not based on the French people, the “French people” the French state reefers to is no people, no nation, no blood. The “French people” the French state reefers to is a population, who ever is ruled under the French ruler, Nigger, Spic, Chink or Gaul. They call it “brotherhood” but they are not brothers or family.



>Sounds like egalitarian faggotry to me.

Then Hitler was egalitarian faggot, because he worked to remove and destroy class differences.



>It is no coincidence that Eugenics policies are a part of this thinking. Lacking a concept of God which all must adhere to an order is forced to resort to materialist means,

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we are materialist things and an inseparable part of it is reproduction.

>but many balk at the idea of the state euthanizing their children

Euthanasia and Eugenics are two total different things.

People don’t balk in throwing their children into the blender to the millions IT’S A RIGHT!

Euthanasia is promoted now for the most trivial shit, and courts force it, kill children without need. Just look at England.

The Nazis promoted euthanasia for incurable, suffering people. The Nazis questioned also to spend scarce resources on totally demented retards, resources that healthy poor families could use better. If you think this is cruel, heartless and amoral, resources are in fact limited and giving it to one is denying it to the other. Such decisions have to be made every day, not just by Nazis, but by Christian clinics and charities as well.

1d5fc9  No.12081856


I like how libshits idolize the Roundheads. They prance around pretending to be for secularism and equality yet the Roundheads were a puritanical group of religious zealots who executed a king and installed a repressive dictatorship that far exceeded any abuses of power that Charles I did. And the very first thing that Cromwell did was wage a genocidal campaign against the Irish because they had the wrong religion. Anyone like massacres? Cromwell made it part of his military strategy to ethnically cleanse entire villages.

And the entire justification for the civil war was because the king was evil for dissolving parliament. But the moment parliament didn;t do what Cromwell wanted, he marched soldiers into the building and dissolved it.

Oliver Cromwell would have had every single one of those fag loving, race mixing, degenerates hung or shot.

In fact, almost ALL of libshit idols would have had modern libshits executed for their degeneracy.

e1fc4b  No.12081860

File: 4a9233012c7aa5f⋯.gif (156.99 KB, 591x694, 591:694, 4a9233012c7aa5ff5b7353279c….gif)

It is important to remember that the government of Hitler was always intended to be temporary.

They saw themselves as a restoration government. One whose purpose was to rebuild Germany and secure its future. Since no democratic government could accomplish this in the current climate.

The moment those two goals were accomplished they were no longer needed and a return to some manner of democratic rule was intended.

The failures of democracy are where the SS came in.

They were intended as a new nobility. To be living examples of all that German society held to be good. Physically fit, of impeccable German heritage, well read, sophisticated, cultured, decent, honourable, honest, etc.

They were meant to be people you would see and seek to emulate. Imagine if all celebrities in the modern era were hard working, virtuous and decent. Imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger spent his time making motivational exercise videos or encouraging children to read more books, that's the sort of thing the SS were expected to do. To inspire their fellow Germans to be better people.

But another facet was that they were intended as guardians of the ideals of the revolution. To ensure that time didn't damage the new social paradigm that had been so carefully built. That it wasn't slowly worn down by jewish media and well meaning but misguided leaders.

The expectations, duties and obligations of the SS were quite considerable. Making an SS member was no simple task either.

9aa2da  No.12081867

File: be480be4edf5719⋯.jpg (96.56 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, be480be4edf5719a1e4e073a0a….jpg)



You anons are making me want to read Mein Kampf again.

1d5fc9  No.12081869


>All of his family missed the cunning, perception and oversight a man like Bismark had

The fool fired Bismark.

>German kings were elected

Some. Not Prussian ones, as far as I am aware.

eefba9  No.12081886


Depends of the case I guess? Some countries have more republican sorts of fascism and some countries have more of a tradition for monarchy.

4f27ae  No.12081902


It appears to me that you are arguing that history is an unknowable quantity.

I disagree. Much of history is well defined. Though, much is not.

Can we know with absolute certainty this or that historical thing is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH?


Can we know ANYTHING with ABSOLUTE certainty?


Can we know FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAIN that we are not living in a computer simulation, or the dreams of a space whale, or some other "can't trust the senses" type bullshit?


Is there an element of doubt? Sure. But there must also be a balance between certainty and doubt.


When the choice is between "our best knowledge and results of extensive study is that this is true and thus it is true" vs "our best knowledge and results of extensive study is that this is true and thus we know nothing" I think that the former is the only sensible choice.

As for having a healthy skepticism? That is part of what scientific thinking is. To always have a degree of skepticism in all things.

But that degree must be tempered and not allowed to exceed it's purpose of promoting further enquiry and discouraging hubris.

Volkism is not a "cult." It is simply wanting a future for your people. It is wanting a government of your people, by your people, and for your people. It is wanting to be in a homeland of your people with your people and only your people. It is wanting your people to be free of any substantial foreign influence. It is wanting an economy tailored to the needs and towards the prosperity of your people. It is wanting your people to be strong, upright, proud, healthy, well, and good. It is wanting a future worth having for the children of your people. It is wanting all of these things and more for your people.

The Founders were something close to Volkists. Not quite, or they would have banned slavery and DEPORTED all the slaves back to Africa. Or sterilized them all. But the USA was founded as a WHITE Nation for WHITE CITIZENS only. The 1790 naturalization law which stated that only "free Whites of good character" could become citizens makes this very clear. For context, the Constitution was ratified in 1787 and the Bill of Rights was added in 1791 (yes, after the WHITES ONLY immigration law drafted by the Founders, who were very much still in power).

"But muh freemasons"

The freemasons of 250 years ago was apparently a very different organization than the freemasons of today.

The Founders were White Nationalist heroes and no one is going to convince me otherwise.

000000  No.12081903



>German kings were elected

>Not Prussian ones, as far as I am aware.

German kings, not Prussians

7d0018  No.12081920


Indeed they were not. The Kings ran their fiefdoms and they elected an Overman as Archduke. The families were all related. Kings were never in complete control of the Germanic system, and they were not elected. They inherited or were selected by the previous Patriarch. It was not uncommon for a King to nominate a successor if he were to step down or pass away.

87af0f  No.12082007


>I think youll notice christians have a long history of expelling jews

How is it possible for jews to be expelled from countries they aren't native to? They have to first be let in. Who and/or what institution(s) have been most prominent in the spread of jewry throughout Europe?

879997  No.12082025

an ignorant thread so-called intellectual

30e4a5  No.12082134


You missed a bit of the reply. Pasting the rest might help you see that backwardness is mostly you.

30e4a5  No.12082162


Btw, you misrepresent or misapprehend my eugenics argument as though you have me dead to rights. But of course you do so by ignoring a strong tendancy among NS pedants to conflate eugenics and euthanasia. You also have not mentioned if the narratives regarding space and race are propaganda that I know of. Generally, I’m unmoved by people who grab for low hanging fruit just to get their preconceived notion across, predictably sans evidence.

30e4a5  No.12082182


I’ve already said it goes deeper, that we’re not talking about merely history but representation in language. And you’re not likely to understand the point without a background in epistemology. I personally find it tedious to see someone say “if you want the truth, read out shitposts not theirs.” That’s a borderline retarded position.

30e4a5  No.12082197


Moreover the only way I can understand disagreement on the claim that we have a tentative fallibility rather than objective truth in history and elsewhere is to take into account that people don’t know much philosophy. But rest assured your enemy does.

1f8fa1  No.12082227

Whichever side is more likely to use cryptocurrency for trade is the right one.

30e4a5  No.12082230


As for volkism being wholesome, not a cult, forgive me if I note a distinction between the spirit and the letter. In terms of truth, anacronism aside, its structure looks religious or mythical not objectivity-respecting.

30e4a5  No.12082238

Apologies for sloppiness as I have to do this while traveling.

db04a8  No.12082267


Dasein is historical through and through, and this idea of "objective truth" in history relies upon an illusory understanding of past events as somehow distinct from the very being who determines, writes, and understands history: man. that is to say, living, breathing man. not the dead ones: they are of no help to us and they will not answer inquiries about their history. we don't go out to find history, it finds us, and finds us as we are in our own time and facticity. asserting there is an objective history – viz., history can be apprehended as an object – is as foolish as asserting we understand time apart from time itself. it is form without content. we fill in the content, and perhaps can even will it.

30e4a5  No.12082288


I should have stopped somewhere before replying so you did not get these piecemeal but what I said about volkism is mostly motivated by an assumption on my part that no one really knows whether the primary source writings salvaged from WWII are authentic/unadulterated/written by racially German writers, etc, or why there is a foregone conclusion on this board that people can, nay should, appropriate these writings and source documents as something akin to scientistic gospel. For the most part none of us were there and our knowledge, if we have it at all, is one of the available literature rather than what actually happened. The way I connect this to the supposed wn nature of the US’ wasp founders is to again point out the debate in philosophy of law that hopes to decide whether we can know something about the Founders intentions or if we had Framers who created the Constitution and then stepped away so crypto-deists on the supreme court could legislate progress (genocide) from the bench. I am dissatisfied in both cases and lean toward looking forward, outsmarting them at their own game, creating something new even if it’s in the style of the old, and so on. I do not dogmatically defer or defend to any text’s authority even if that text shows the folly and criminality of my enemies. Written things present intractable problems, and worse we are in actuality ruled over by mathematicians, not scientists and definitely not priestly men of letters.

714533  No.12082351


This, or Codreanu.

30e4a5  No.12082373


I guess that I should be impressed that someone is making reference to Heiddeger instead of lopping all philosophy off at Nietzsche or larping Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, but I took a class once where Heiddeger figured heavily into postmodern thought, in things like Object Oriented Ontology and Uxkuell. Also, NRx used him along with Lovecraft to shill corporatocracy.

4f27ae  No.12082516


Do jews exist?


What is a jew?

A follower of the talmud. There is a hereditary component, but the talmud is the core.

What is the talmud?

It is the "scripture" of the jews. It is akin to a collection of laws and rules that the jews are supposed to live by and structure their lives around. It is NOT the old testament. That is referred to as the torah. The "talmud" is primary to jews.

What does the talmud say?

Many, many things. Most of which are boring and inconsequential to non-jews. A few are of particular interest, however.

Such as:

* “If a ‘goy’ (Gentile) hits a Jew he must be killed.” (Sanhedrin 58b)

* “If a Jew finds an object lost by a ‘goy’ it does not have to be returned.” (Baba Mezia 24a)

* “If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

* What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

* “Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy.’” (Baba Kamma 113a)

* “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)

* “Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)

* “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

* “If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

* “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

* “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

* “When it comes to a Gentile in peace times, one may harm him indirectly, for instance, by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice.” (Shulkan Arukh, Yoreh De ‘ah, 158, Hebrew Edition only)

* “‘Yashu’ (derogatory for ‘Jesus’) is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)

[’Yashu’ is an acronym for the Jewish curse, ‘May his (Jesus) name be wiped out forevermore.’]

These are only a few. There are many such passages.

This is from the "sacred text" of the jews. The same people who control the media believe that “Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy'." (IE using lies, distortions, half-truths, and other such dishonesty to further jewish interests while hurting White people)

The same people who control the banks believe that "What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.”

The same people who control numerous groups that have many millions of dollars in funding and that push SJW, "diversity," "multicult," and other related nation-destroying policies believe that “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.”

The same people that have been THE MAIN DRIVING FORCE behind feminism and the destruction of traditional family structure believe that “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” and that “Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ from birth.”

Can you see how this is a problem?

Their entire worldview and value system is based upon trying to build themselves up BY tearing everyone else down. They believe that they are "god's chosen" and that everyone else is a "goyim" or "soulless man shaped animal slave whose only purpose is to serve jews." They are a hostile, alien cult that infects societies and rots them from within.

They must be removed from power and removed from White countries.

Furthermore, do White people exist?


Race is genetic. It is not merely cosmetic, and it is certainly not a "social construct." Race is not "skin color." Indeed, the genetic differences that affect physical appearance are among the SMALLEST between genetic groups ("races"). The genetic differences that affect brain and neuron development are far larger. Racial genetic difference affects EVERYTHING. HUGELY.

Should Whites continue to exist?

I certainly think so.

Are they under threat?


By non-White immigration into White countries, endless propaganda encouraging White guilt, racemixing, and childlessness among Whites. Also by hostile government policies and an increasingly poor economic landscape for Whites. AKA White genocide.

What can be done?

Cultivate White Nationalism and the "spirit of resistance" among White people. Reject all "White guilt" and embrace pride in White history, culture, and heritage. Rekindle the spirit of Nation among White populations.

Then remove the jews and shabbos (willing servants of jews) who have infected the governments and reestablish White homelands for Whites only under Volkish White Nationalist governments.

As part of this, deport all jews of any race and all non-Whites from White homelands.


Nonetheless, what OBJECTIVELY happened is what OBJECTIVELY happened. It is fixed, even if no one will ever know the details.


So many words, words, words by so many writers, writers, writers.

Stop White genocide.

Remove ZOG in all it's forms.

Reestablish White homelands.

Have a future worth having again.

As for the rest of the world? Good luck. Stay out.

77f16b  No.12082537

Napoleon is no puppet, you nigger jew.

51a1b5  No.12082584


You’re not making a counterargument; you’re venting. I know that jews exist and haven’t questioned it. It’s only that I prefer to define my efforts against jewishness as being against an obedience control system rather than against a race, a religion, or parts of a religion that belong to other races in name only. Besides, racial supremacy appears first in judaism, so what’s it doing in Hitlerite NS? Curious. As for so many books, I think memes are a pissfuckingpoor substitute for scholarship even if memes are an ontologically verifiable lifeform that uses living persons as transmission vectors. Finally, for the moment, you’ve drawn my attention to rabbinical culture or this notion that yheee is an oral order among rabbis that governs talmudic interpretation. For you to sit there and say we should trade in memes rather than fighting fire as does the enemy lends more grounding to my suspicions. There is good merit to the possibility that genealogies tell a story the printed word has not, and that practically anyone in a position of influence or power is a gatekeeping spook. I won’t default on some weak, not to mention temporrally and contextually irrelevant, principles because the warrior-brain in you insists that all we have to do is kill the jews.

db04a8  No.12082620


So what? Pomos can make anything out of any work. And what's their political persuasion, deep down? Ask Paul de Man. Heidegger isn't responsible for people misreading his words. Martha Nussbaum leans on Aristotle to inform her early work. I've read articles where feminists argue that Aquinas would've permitted legal abortion. I can use a hammer to open a doorknob if I want. Not a reflection upon the hammer.

db04a8  No.12082632


just read his books instead of relying upon what others say, especially any postmodern classes you once enrolled in>>12082516

>Nonetheless, what OBJECTIVELY happened is what OBJECTIVELY happened. It is fixed, even if no one will ever know the details.

Where? Where is this realm of objectivity? Where is it "fixed?" Only in your brain, my man. Only there.

51a1b5  No.12082651


My thinking is that Heiddeger can be made to fit nicely with neoplatonic strains and this is being used to chop away at the subject-verb relationship that is part of our communicative logos. I’m away from my notes and wish I could do better for you, but offhand a red flag for me certainly is that Kant’s categories give way to creative instrumentalism, neoplatonism, hermeticism, magick, memes, and with that things like mathemagics in physics, fake nukes, ufology, transhumanism, and more. This is to me evident from the starting point of Heiddeger, and though I cannot defend the position iI have a sense of foreboding.

77f16b  No.12082669


Prove racial supremacy firstly appears in judaism?

51a1b5  No.12082677


Definitely stepping out on a plank to suggest all that being possible, but researchers have been looking for a metaphysics to replace the failed positivism. I have noted him being singled out, and I don’t know if it is because the plan is to merge mysticism and scientism under a defensible veneer of science as cultural authority starts to slip, but I have a problem with endless creative exercise when it is neither borne out by experimentation nor by coherence with what are taken to be the reliable mundane facts of ordinary existence.

51a1b5  No.12082680


Kikes are the master race par excellence according to kikes.

77f16b  No.12082693


But that is present in other mythology too, particularly the japanese, german, roman who think they are direct descendants of gods.

4f27ae  No.12082712


I never said to kill anyone.

Secondly, "venting?" Ad hominem, much?

Third, Volkism is not "racial supremacy." As I have already stated several times, Volkism is about SEPARATION into Volk homelands and self-rule. "Supremacy" is about ruling OVER other people, aka "imperialism."

Very different.

Fourth, judaism IS a religion as well as a psuedo-racial group. By "defining your efforts" as being "not about race or religion" then you are simply not talking about the root of the problem at all.

Fifth, "scholarship" sounds an awful lot like "making things complicated for no reason" and "concealing foundational facts behind obscurantism."

Sixth, as I said earlier truthful memes spread the TRUTH. The TRUTH is what matters. Not all memes are truthful, of course. Someone who thinks that "history is subjective" is likely to think that other critical things are "subjective" too. To be clear, the truth is objective, not subjective. An individuals INTERPRETATION of the truth may be subjective, but not truth itself. Seeking the objective truth via our subjective perception is the tricky part.

Seventh, what I care about is stopping White genocide, removing ZOG, and reestablishing White homelands. None of those things are "temporally and contextually irrelevant." They are the most relevant of all.


The mind and it's interpretation of reality is subjective.

Reality is OBJECTIVE.

You have it backwards.

Such hubris.

People like you are a HUGE part of why the world is going to shit. You can rationalize anything since you believe everything is subjective.


Navigating our subjective inner world and seeking the objective outer truths is a core part of being something with higher intelligence.


blah, blah, blah.

Why don't you think for yourself for a change?


The talmud. Although "racial" is not the right word, exactly.

see >>12082516



Productivity with environmental preservation.

Cultivate human greatness.

Raise the next generation well.

Reach for the stars.

The rest is just self important naval gazing.


Kikes want to enslave everyone else.

They are monsters.

51a1b5  No.12082713


I wouldn’t mind if you said the master race thing was simply a component of racial or cultural self-defense rather than a reaction to jews shitting all over Germany. I’m a burger steeped in internet antisemitism so I’m slightly inclined to see politics as something born of resentment as opposed to gestalt shifts in spirituality.

77f16b  No.12082726



So where exactly is the proof that the talmud is the oldest mythology that has racial supremacy?

Do note that the egyptain already has pharaoh (God king) and slaves in 4000BC.

51a1b5  No.12082728


Emoting is not thinking, and neither is repeating the White Rabbit Radio mantra. To me you look like the unthinking type because it doesn’t even occur to you that colonizing space will require an extraordinary amount of naval gazing.

51a1b5  No.12082735


I’m not required to prove it’s the oldest, only that it came before NS racial preservation philosophy.

77f16b  No.12082745


But you just said it firstly appears in that, thus it is a problem.

If even the german has it in their mythology then you got no argument.

51a1b5  No.12082760


Ok, Stefan. I have no argument although I’ve powered most of this thread with some sort of inanity or other. But since we’re sharing, I should admit that your priorities strike me as comepletely unimportant. Of all the things, what you care about is demonstrating that Germans have no racialism in their mythology as a people. Who cares, unless you’re defending jews against the claim that jews were the real racists in WWII (as well as now).

77f16b  No.12082771


But what I care is demontrasting racialism also exists in other mythologies, including german, so to say racial preservation only starts due to jews is ahistorical and wrong.

If anything, it has always existed and the jews want you to forget it.

51a1b5  No.12082782


I think you misunderstood me earlier, and you can show a quote demonstrating that I misspoke if you can find it. The original claim was that jewish racial supremacy predates supposed German racial supremacy. Of course, I say supposed because earlier in this thread I remarked that I’m not sure whether German racial supremacy is a meme manufactured and propagated by the whores of Western academia. Then you come back insisting I prove some claims about both sides, neither of which I personally made and have no reason to defend. Either read the thread before you countersignal or just fuck the fuck off.

77f16b  No.12082799


So you have no argument nor proof of anything, ok.

Please know that german mythology hax a racialism component and it is as old or older than jewish fan fiction.

51a1b5  No.12082807


What your little shoehorn brain cares about is of no interest to me, and it is considered rude to treat perfect strangers as your history professor, and especially if what you’re interested is ancillary to the topic: that being the primacy of monarchy over other forms of government losely, and more explicitly the futility of political discourse under a manufactured media context.

51a1b5  No.12082810


Gag on that spoon you so strongly desire me to feed you with.

77f16b  No.12082813


Enough talk, you do not know shit and should accept as such.

f8ebd2  No.12082818

National Socialism is incoherent and idiotic. Monarchism is antiquated and nostalgic. Winner: Monarchism, for not being nearly as retarded. The prize: if you're a monarchist, people find your naivety endearing. If you're a Nazi, people rightfully think you're a stupid piece of shit.

51a1b5  No.12082821


This is known as a pyrrhic victory. You can have it since you’ve nothing to offer the discussion.

87b2ba  No.12082823


Psssssst Newfag/shill, "Nazi" is a slur against national socialists that was created by a jewish communist named Konrad Heiden in the 20s. Don't use it here.

4f27ae  No.12082831


I never said it was the "oldest."

What I said is that it is highly "supremacist" and that jews TODAY are actively seeking to enslave non-jews.


I don't even know what "White Rabbit Radio" is.

I actually think for myself. I don't need to parrot others.

Regardless: subjective "inner world" and perception, objective outer world, truth, and history. Though, again, our understanding and knowledge of objective reality is always limited.

Furthermore, scientific advancement in engineering and technology is not "naval gazing." It is scientific thought, skilled man-hours, and experimentation.

"Naval gazing" implies merely contemplation, often without a fixed purpose.



The present crimes of the jews lie upon THEIR heads and no one else.

Whatever ancient peoples did or did not do is not relevant to what the jews are doing NOW.




The way I see it there is no need for a "defense" either way. As in, it doesn't matter.

White people do not need some "reason" to oppose the ongoing genocide of Whites, anymore than a man needs a reason to stop a murderer trying to kill him.

There is nothing to justify.

Opposing White genocide is the only moral choice for Whites.


Again, so?

Race is real. Race is biological and genetic fact.

"Racialism" is simply recognition of biological reality.


Gas yourself after lurking 2 more years.



77f16b  No.12082853


I do not care about the argument here, but the claim is that racism is somehow jewish and thus bad is wrong.

Every worthwhile culture cares about racial preservation, its stock.

77f16b  No.12082861


And the other poster is right, monarchism >>> any kind of socialism.

51a1b5  No.12082863


And science implies experimental verification, but right now the American taxpayer is breaking his and her ass to pay the interest on fiat so cern can publish about god particles and Stephen Hawking’s bodydouble can affirm philosophy is dead because it’s been replaced with mathematical physics. So Token Tyson can link scientism to politics and Bill Nye the Actor can link it to sex. Language does not achieve a 1:1 correspondence with reality and mathematics needn’t even describe it. Inner vs outer is an oversimplification. In other words, so-called objectivity seeking activities can also be unproductive and simultaneously purposeful—can have an objective, the wrong kind.

77f16b  No.12082874


Philosophy is the musing of the mind, and work of the lazy and untalented.

Less philosophy, more mythology, thank you.

87b2ba  No.12082881


>monarchism >>> any kind of socialism.

National Socialism has nothing to do with actual leftie socialism. Hitler hated socialists and communists Lurk before posting.

77f16b  No.12082885


And? It is still inferior to monarchism.

Lurking will in fact reveal this.

51a1b5  No.12082887


We are in agreement on this latter part. We need not have a justification to build a nation or identity group. However, that said I think we aren’t doing each other any favors by rehashing the past as seen on tv, so to speak. They are outcompeting and outcreating us and we are going down in a genocide while emoting on the news cycle. This has to be according to plan.

51a1b5  No.12082890


What a load of shit.

77f16b  No.12082895


Alas, that is philosophy!

4afcfd  No.12082901


Theocracy cannot work until a deity descends (or ascends, depending on where they're from) and rules over us directly in some way.

4f27ae  No.12082924


My claim is that jews pretend to be White while actively subverting White nations via talmudic bullshit and simultaneously exerting ENORMOUS pressure to prevent White people from organizing and defending ourselves.

Jews function as parasites in host nations.

I did not say that "racism is jewish and thus wrong" nor that "jews are bad because of racism." What I said was that what jews are DOING is bad.

IE, parasitizing White nations while ACTIVELY working to flood White countries with non-Whites and pushing endless propaganda towards racemixing, childlessness (for Whites), degeneracy, multicultism, and so forth.

"The claim is that" jews are actively trying to bring about the genocide of MY PEOPLE. WHITE PEOPLE.


Many of those things are retarded and would not be allowed in a White Volkish homeland.

Bad/ wasteful/ non-productive science very much exists and the "scientific community" has been infected with the same SJW, marxist, globalist, jewish, etc bullshit as so many other things.




White genocide has been the running goal of the jewish oligarchs and the "NWO" "secret society" types for at least 100 years. (apparently. The kalergi plan is about that old)

EVERYTHING that they have done post WW2 has been about accelerating their plans to racemix Whites out of existence and kill off the hold-outs. They fear another Hitler/ Third Reich type event.

The best hope, I think, is to redpill as many Whites as possible and present a CLEAR and UNCOMPROMISING TRUE DICHOTOMY between White Nationalism and White genocide.

White Nationalism vs White genocide.

Pick one, White man.

51a1b5  No.12082929

The people who argue all humanism is materialist kikery are the same who harp on Christianity being judaic and all NS being saintly. It’s an embarrassing deficiency, or should be considered as such because it might as well be extensible to such claims as “language stifles thought” and X is incontrovertibly true because it is supported by statistical measurement.”

77f16b  No.12082933


Ok, no problem with that then.

51a1b5  No.12082949


Peoples’ of Europe ought to organize, and quickly, under some banner and put a stop to the flourishing of jews and boomers who are genociding them. But we are not ultimately white if ashkenazis are part of that. From what I know, we have these terms like angloamericanism and wasp that support a white culture as something judeochristian. I think it better to be German, French, Irish, etc.

dc117f  No.12082974

Op is another brainwashed liberal nazi. Stopped people keep trying the same things over and over. You have no ability to adapt or create… What is needed and what will come is nothing you have seen before and definitely wont be failed nazism or failed socialist, same same and they failed never worked never won. You kids are too stupid to be thinking about this, when you are stupid you dont matter. find a leader and fallow him is the best you can do, Trump is a good choice.

7c6da1  No.12083016


>All abrahamic religions are jewish.

>All abrahamic religions are semitic death cults.

>All abrahamic religions are poison.

>To hell with that jewish mind virus plantation.



5f7cd2  No.12083067


t. boomer

Get off the internet and die old man.

ba2b60  No.12083275

File: e37ecf61e44ddcd⋯.jpg (186.23 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, friends und panzer.jpg)



It's called Nationalism, or National Socialism in Hitler's case, Fascism is Mussolini's version as well as the original form. Using derogatory disinfo to describe actual history without kike revisionism is a bit like one step forward and two jumps backwards in a single turn

Before you make your OP next time make sure you don't subconsiously use kike word manipulation bullshit semantics next time

316b23  No.12083283


this. our enemies call is "nazis"

we are national socialists

b9c115  No.12083945


>Pick one.

>If monarchism is the ideal, then how did all the royal families get pozzed?

Because it's not real monarchy since the 18th century.

Natural supra-tribal organization of Indo-Europeans, if not all humans in the wide sense, has been almost always monarchical unless forced by elaborate philosophies and/or abnormal social conditions.

b9c115  No.12083950

File: 38b711eb4c3057d⋯.jpg (62.16 KB, 780x336, 65:28, dirty bloody hippies.jpg)



>Again, Volkism.

>without the natural order of monarchic rule

Does your "volkism" also includes marijuana and flowery dresses?

b9c115  No.12083961

File: 5611151d4a7fd10⋯.jpg (34.19 KB, 526x526, 1:1, miss u hitler.jpg)


Underrated comment.

4d3434  No.12083987


No he did not you fucking retard. If your read mein kampf, you would know from the first chapter that austrians hated the monarchy they had. Hitler's rise to power came from hatred towards the rampant degeneracy after the great war, the pan-germanism sentiment and hatred towards the (((elite))) that put them in this situation (which the monarchy was part of).



13c0e4  No.12084009

File: 372a26c5fc7b331⋯.jpg (216.46 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 815zgCyWauL._SL1500_.jpg)

File: fe9018531f0c491⋯.jpg (57.6 KB, 1040x602, 520:301, sp-adams-533x300.jpg)

File: 196498ba7feefed⋯.jpg (331.47 KB, 819x1024, 819:1024, 24533354441_8d876480e0_b.jpg)

File: c8ad4401d96daed⋯.jpg (6.28 KB, 190x266, 5:7, download (1).jpg)

File: 793f48c2deb0ef1⋯.png (11.67 KB, 800x421, 800:421, 800px-Flag_of_the_United_S….png)


257996  No.12084015


>Napoleon, which was bought and controlled by kikes and only was exiled after the entire world was tired of his shenanigans.

He also freed the jews in every country he defeated. Russia survived, and was the next target of jewish vengeance.

257996  No.12084025



Drugs aren't evil. No more than mountains with their views and climbs.

If addiction is the problem it is so wherever you meet it, be if video games, masturbation, sex, loud music, Internet, emotional states, parties, food, alcohol… Drugs, like the other ones, are power when used properly. To see a viewpoint you hadn't considered before, to go through mental barriers holding you down, or just to have a good time.

1ab03b  No.12084029


Democracy is fucking gay

13c0e4  No.12084040

File: 30aa410698abc8f⋯.jpg (217.33 KB, 1300x1073, 1300:1073, events-second-world-war-ww….jpg)

File: 0ed71af6fa22050⋯.jpg (98.02 KB, 926x774, 463:387, image-20170209-28716-6qsol….jpg)

File: 1f4f1299d143450⋯.jpg (212.37 KB, 990x771, 330:257, 3f9e621dc147809aa0edf9bdba….jpg)


Democracy is non negotiable, faggot. Those who do not support it suck cock by choice.

13c0e4  No.12084043


>drugs aren't evil

And the favorite drug of the Nazi party was crystal meth. Oh, how the mistakes they made become clear in the sunshine.

5f7cd2  No.12084084

File: c8ff28a60685b91⋯.png (1.42 MB, 3150x1488, 525:248, Hitler on Democracy.png)


Democracy is rule by the media, "which is ruled by people who can pay the media to say what they want" enjoy being ruled by CNN and Fox news faggot!

3f72e2  No.12084088


Wow, an idiot who gets their beliefs from Liberty Prime quotes and cartoon characters.

Gonna take those commies up for LE HELICOPTER RIDE XDDDDD champ?

d533bc  No.12084128


They still rape your daughter. Faggot

13c0e4  No.12084145

File: 352f32be52ce731⋯.jpg (234.74 KB, 990x723, 330:241, 9eb34c082bdf187ce436c56471….jpg)

File: cd068cb37d5f67a⋯.jpg (499.6 KB, 1220x1706, 610:853, 1260580592967.jpg)

File: d0e13a50fe1cef1⋯.jpg (216.76 KB, 1109x1381, 1109:1381, 1360542891402.jpg)


And yet it presents a system that has thus far generated only success especially over the systems you seem to cherish. His words are meaningless if, in the end, he was beaten by his own incompetence.

Capitalism and democracy have given the American people a history of unparalleled excellence, glory and prosperity over all others.

Nazism has given the German people defeat, tragedy and a legacy of shame that is still used by their enemies to destroy them.

37c61b  No.12084151


How fucking new are you

Or are you another kike that tries to change the discussion although it's too late for that?

>Capitalism and democracy have given the American people a history of unparalleled excellence, glory and prosperity over all others.

In every place I have been Americans are seen as animals and peasants compared to anyone else you are literally seen as the most retarded europeans I have ever seen and It's the truth democracy not only made you weaker but destroyed you on the inside I cannot talk with a normal American for more than 10 minutes without thinking that I am talking to someone with special needs.

2e5b6d  No.12084154


The republic is a stalwart system, but it does represents as much as it obscures.

There is no winning in a democracy with disparate peoples though, since the inevitable violence between them is stifled and deferred through politics. What this means ultimately is the democracy's own demise, but in such a way that it creates arbitrary lines in the sand rather than binary revolution.

In other words democracy is communism, you're arbitrating power to the proles and hoping they don't eat each other alive once they run out of bread.

37c61b  No.12084156


Please be joking your country is literally a joke (At least with the kikes controlling it). Also consider this nobody is hiring Americans in Europe.

3f72e2  No.12084158

File: 66da8fb7a08e911⋯.png (16.55 KB, 547x626, 547:626, 8e5.png)


>Capitalism and democracy have given the American people a history of unparalleled excellence, glory and prosperity over all others.

a4e3c2  No.12084160


>Democracy is non negotiable

By definition, it's the opposite.

51a1b5  No.12084166


State sponsered usury > Industrialization. Uh huh.

049353  No.12084168

Well this sucks. I've thread through several threads today after having some time away, and it seems the level of debate has dropped ever further. Look at the first few posts.


">reddit spacing, nazism, shit history"

">religious d&c - although possibly an interesting angle, but it did unsurprisingly start arguments"

Single line arguments continue for essentially the entire thread. The only bigger posts are full of /pol/ack fracture points and disinformation.

There is no debate here anymore. It has become tumblr level. I thank you OP and the 2 or 3 others who attempted to actually discuss stuff, but I think this place just has too much scum now. I read through the Phoenician thread as well and the whole thing was just one-liners mischaracterising the OP's post. If we want to bring some vague quality back, people need to start addressing arguments, or simply ignoring them if its bait or a shill-post. There is nothing to be gained from reading through this - all it does make our side, which is rooted in the truth, appear like emotional children who do not want to all any debate regarding anything to do with jews, jewish history, fascism or national socialism. If we cannot debate and discuss those things which are central to our truth then we will never get anywhere. Instead we become a bunch of emotional reactionaries; just like the progressives that we detest.

You should all be ashamed.

51a1b5  No.12084176


This post also accompanies every similar thread. Finger wagging from on high, but absent anything that would patch those little fracture points. Big surprise.

049353  No.12084179


I'm considering writing out a big post detailing all the points we used to have as the sticky. I'm not sure why it was deleted. False equivalencies, strawmans, appeals to authority, refutation due solely to association (that one is huge in the Phoenician thread). It's exhausting.

37c61b  No.12084184


Mate it's supposed to be like this. Have you not seen how the world works shills shill /pol/ fights back in the same way until they leave it's simple you cannot change this you can just wait until they have more important things to do. And they will probably leave this site.

51a1b5  No.12084191



>COINTEL articles

>linking to a WP

There have been things like this in the sticky in years past but it’s called shitposting for a reason. Rule-based achtchins wouldn’t be much different from plebbitgojimbooktwatterjoogle and we’d have to hire JF to run it.

049353  No.12084210


I'm just not convinced they are shills anymore. I do hope you're right. The thing is in the past you could generally tell what threads would be nothing but shitposts and which would have some interesting posts in; and the amount of interesting posts has dropped to near zero, whereas shitposting spreads everywhere. Hell I'm pretty sure there's shit about Trump in this very thread.

77b1c0  No.12084213



04e67f  No.12084218


It's a fair point but keep in mind that monarchism only kept a status quo of subversion. They accomplished this before mass media.

A degree of popular support is necessary to rule in the modern age. The masses will always be malleable, to fight what is destroying our nations we need consent and do not want have the capacity to manufacture consent. We have to earn it, as was intended. All we have is truth.

I don't care if it's a king, a dictator, a president, or a bishop that is telling the truth. Ideology is a smoke screen, the only wrong ideas are ones that do not work (communism/left-socialism) because they're literally incorrect (as in: wrong) in their assumptions.

51a1b5  No.12084219


What is the alternative to “these people” not being shills? That they’re/we’re lazy minded dullards? Summerfags? That the board is not crawling with narrative enforcement, that debasement of the information isn’t a containment strategy actively pursued? What are you suggesting if not that you wish you could spend your free time with a higher quality of people?

049353  No.12084229


I guess we just reached critical mass. There have always been idiots, and there have always been people having a bad day, and there have always been australians - and a little bit of shitposting is harmless and actually can be quite refreshing. It's just reached that point where its very little OTHER than what should be considered shitposts, except in a lot of cases I don't think they are.

The way people talk about Hitler, National Socialism, historical Germany and various subhumans allows for no actual discussion. You cannot criticise any of those thing without being attacked by a dozen posters calling you out for saying 'nazi' instead of 'national socialism'; they purposefully ignore any argument and use the laziest approach to dismiss everything. In the other thread people were talking about the ideas of the Phoenicians being Semites, and people were dismissing the idea because "jews cannot do anything for themselves, they can only be parasites upon others". I mean maybe that's true but it completely shuts down the debate with some bullshit idea that is essentially the same as a 'blasphemy law' - WE BELIEVE X, SO WE CANNOT TOLERATE ANY DISCUSSION ABOUT Y - WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHERE'S OUR PROOF? HERETIC!

I think that's what is getting to me. Whether it is shills using our heroes and biases to manipulate us or genuine /pol/acks, it hits closer to home because I can imagine a lot of /pol/acks will accept those things. Too many people want to go with the consensus here - and that stifles debate and growth. I'm not saying that those people are wrong by the way, but we need to be able to criticise our heroes and nations where appropriate, we need to be able to contemplate the idea that subhumans could achieve some things for ourselves - afterall didn't every great general ever say to never underestimate your opponents?

049353  No.12084234


>that subhumans could achieve some things for ourselves

for themselves. Probably the best typo I've ever made. No doubt will be taken as proof that I'm outting myself, haha.

9edcfd  No.12084237


> Most people were ignorant, illiterate, peasants who had to work like dogs their whole lives under crushing poverty so that a few nobles and royals could live in luxury and plot wars and intrigue.

Sounds like a jewish projection of what we have now, except with higher taxes.


Based, that way retards of your caliber wouldn't shit up imageboards or any other form of public discourse


Tsar had his family, dogs and servants murdered and ditched in a latrine by (((them))).

Actually all of them were dissolved in acid to ensure no trace is left.


>having your perception of reality and politics controlled by jews is unparalleled excellence and glory

>being browned into oblivion for the last 50 years is prosperity

d178e2  No.12084243



000000  No.12084247



>Democracy is rule by the media, "which is ruled by people who can pay the media to say what they want" enjoy being ruled by CNN and Fox news faggot!

Neither fox nor CNN rule. (((Those))) who order the owner of Fox and CNN do rule.

Democracy is the illusion that the people rule, at least that is true for post WWII western world.

The morons think they have influence and choice by voting for a candidate of the two parties, a rigged game were always a puppet is elect.



>Capitalism and democracy have given the American people a history of unparalleled excellence, glory and prosperity over all others.

Hugh yourself while you cower in fear to be killed by a nigger or fear to have offend a nigger, your existence is denied if you are white.

>Nazism has given the German people defeat, tragedy and a legacy of shame that is still used by their enemies to destroy them.

Oy vey, we came down on the Germans with the combined world wide force of subhumanity, what losers!

You are a jew, so you celebrate the victory of vice over virtue, but that doesn’t make them less virtuous.

1d5fc9  No.12084271


Do you support White genocide?

e272f5  No.12084272

File: 50706618d0cca94⋯.png (407.79 KB, 620x434, 10:7, Two Weiners.png)


>democracy is not democratic it's controlled by a (((them)))

<ignore that I believe in, at best an oligarchy and at worse the direct dictatorship of a small and insular group of entirely unaccountable individuals

>you have to live in fear of niggers

>you don't have guns

>you're not allowed to defend yourself

>I'm a cucked-out German who's been beaten over the head with the mantra that if the government doesn't do it I can't do it for myself so I don't know what self-defense is.

>declares war on entire world

>gets shit pushed in

<DA JOOS DID DIS! Why won't anyone just let us win?!

>I don't like you so you're a jew now.

Cry more, Hans.

e272f5  No.12084275


I'm not even going to grace that dishonest, fallacious cockbaggery with a straight answer.

1d5fc9  No.12084285


First of all, I wasn't talking to you.

Why are you throwing a little temper tantrum over a question I asked someone else?

Second of all, opposition to racial extermination of White people is the single most important issue of today's political era.

Do you deny the right of White children to exist on the planet?

caf221  No.12084297


Take your meds

e272f5  No.12084309


>I wasn't talking to you

Yes you were. What are IDs?

>do you deny the right of White children to exist?

Of course not, but to even imply this means one can't be a democratic capitalist is retarded at best and completely dishonest at the worst.

Granted, this is /pol/ and it, primarily, deals in both, so let's see which one you are.

caf221  No.12084333


Sorry man, using the democratic argument here doesn't work. You're the one that has the burden of proof here, so far you sound like another democratic idealist. Rights, justice and equal rights don't just stop for white folks only; present society proves that it extends to the lowest type of man and he is allowed to become a part of such a leveled society.

>but to even imply this means one can't be a democratic capitalist is retarded at best and completely dishonest at the worst.

tl;dr maybe in a different universe faggot

000000  No.12084335



>you have to live in fear of niggers

Is that what the jews call projecting?

>you don't have guns

>you're not allowed to defend yourself

The irony is, that Germany has the most radical stand your ground right. Well, common sense, radical in contrast to the travesty the US has in self-defense law “run, run away”.

>declares war on entire world

Your colonies and puppets, you are forced into the war, the last one was Turkey in February 1945, are not the “world”.

>DA JOOS DID DIS! Why won't anyone just let us win?!

>I don't like you so you're a jew now.

You are a jew, aren’t you?

b2b429  No.12084349


I share the frustration. I ask myself why I’ve come here for so long when the whole affair could be, and often looks like, a data-mining and/or somewhat sophisticated social engineering project. I tend to think that whatever the case, it’s a severe training ground and I can credit many shifts in perception to what I read in this place. I don’t know that it’s a virtue to double down on a set of beliefs and defend one ideology to the best of one’s (sometimes very limited) ability, but those people do serve a purpose. Sometimes they even bring you back to their camp for a short while, so you get to live with the experience of ambivalence about everything you read, which eats into every facet of your life like cancer, and you pass through several stages of fighting, acceptance, overwhelming worry, renunciation of your values, your community, maybe your family, more acceptance, redefinitions of self, more forfeiture. Maybe then you will be free for a second or two, but I don’t know yet. The world is so much worse than I ever imagined, but I still can’t be sure this is a fact that exists outside me for you also to enjoy. Not to worry, death is coming. For someone.

b2b429  No.12084368

Excruciatingly long periods of too much Club, not enough Fight.

e272f5  No.12084431


>rights don't just stop for white folks

I fail to see how this is a problem likewise how it facilitates white genocide.

>I'm not going to argue because I can't so I'm just going to assume thing that don't follow under any context

read:but Nazism is edgier, don't you want to be edgy anon?

1d5fc9  No.12084470


>What are IDs?

I will explain this to you

Your ID is e272f5. You have made 4 posts. ALL of your posts were made after 09:59:08

>>12084040 has an ID too. It is 13c0e4.

13c0e4 promotes blacks and hates "Nazis"

Do you promote blacks killing Europeans? I take it you're the same person with different IDs.

>to even imply this means one can't be a democratic capitalist

You threw a temper tantrum because I asked whether you support exterminating Europeans because you promote blacks shooting artillary at Europeans trying to defend their way of life. And you defend jews using America to commit the worst genocide in human history against the defeated people in that war; Europeans.

You are not making very good arguments in favor of democracy if you support America bombing everyone that kikes want her to.

e272f5  No.12084481

File: 330e4aeaede5ba9⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 217x217, 1:1, 330e4aeaede5ba9857b46cb328….gif)


>cannot into greentext

>you can defend yourself with nothing to defend yourself with

>cannot into US law


>u a joo

The absolute state of you cucks. Someone give me the old NatSocs, they could argue, they weren't this fucking inbred.

e272f5  No.12084599


>one picture of black artillery man

>you support white genocide

>you love blacks more than whites

>the Nazis were defending the European way of life


>not being a race-obsessed spaz is a bad argument for democracy

So…what it's it like…crystal meth. I see it has degenerative properties on the brain. But then again you had the poor fortune of being born a sausage sucking Kraut so I sympathize with your need to drug yourself senseless.

000000  No.12084606


>I take it you're the same person with different IDs.

I guess it is a nigger, not a jew, a not so bright one.

b45e82  No.12084630

File: 0cadfae003f9e6c⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 2433x3801, 811:1267, 24324.jpg)

b45e82  No.12084632

File: 09133bae6db604f⋯.jpg (41.96 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 16356345.jpg)


Deity did this many times. He did all wonders man can image. How many proves do you need?

257996  No.12084674


I myself am a monarchist. National socialism is a decent banner to unite a nation with, and monarchy is far superior option to continue it with than, say, democracy.

You see, monarchy is a representation of our souls and societies. The royal family represents the family, which is the smallest and oldest institution in our societies, and from which all life in our societies is sanctified, reproduced, stratified, inherited and defended. Foreign monarchs do not break apart families.

The monarch him/herself represents the archetypal father, law and God. The monarch's function is to unite a nation and to be the protector of the people from aristocrats and merchants, foreign and domestic.

257996  No.12084677


>Morality exists COMPLETELY SEPARATELY from any concept of "god."

In many forms, which are impossible to unite. At best you'd get an artificial social construct and human programming. Intuition and impulses drive us in vastly different directions, and once certain barriers are passed, others disappear.

0264a6  No.12084681

There's a good reason monarchism died off. In the middle ages, most real, practical power was held by feudal lords. They were relatively close to the people they ruled over, and were therefore in a good position to a) account for their serfs' needs and whatnot, b) react swiftly to the situation and c) get blamed if things didn't go right. The king was more of a unifier and figurehead with special privileges, more disconnected from his people. With hubris, the kings of France began grabbing more and more of the lords' power for themselves. It was only a matter of time before something bad happened (i.e. famine), and when it did, the king was unable to properly react to it, got personally blamed for it and you know the rest.

tl;dr absolute monarchism is inherently unstable.

257996  No.12084689


>With hubris, the kings of France began grabbing more and more of the lords' power for themselves. It was only a matter of time before something bad happened (i.e. famine), and when it did, the king was unable to properly react to it, got personally blamed for it and you know the rest.

>tl;dr absolute monarchism is inherently unstable.

Nonsense. Plebeians need to be properly educated so that they won't trust every single (((rumor))) they hear. I recall there being a massive hysteria over political prisoners, who didn't exist.

The following "Rule of Reason" was far more detached from the people. It survived better because it was ruthless and violent, whereas the king was far too benevolent towards his kin.

706a03  No.12084757


>jew calling others inbred when jews are literally the most inbred people on the entire planet

706a03  No.12084765


>you had the poor fortune of being born a sausage sucking Kraut

>types a jew whose first sexual experience was homosexual pedophilia when a jewish rabbi sucked his baby dick

f35dfe  No.12084799

Monarchy seems like it was nice, but Ron Paulberg hooked me with Minarchy way back when. Whenever I’m forced to reckon with a banker or fascistic language-policing turd who wants to genocide the more unsightly members of his own racial kin in order to “better the race,” that quaint older notion of freedom merits a second look. For a group of people who hate the Hegelian dialectic, this board sure does trend toward a paltry set of well worn dichotomies. Why are Monarchy and NS the only options for a new European nation? Is it that you’re uncritically deifying the dead ketters of our ancestors? Death before dishonor? Have you noticed how a man like Brendon O’Connell, who isn’t an eceleb but a martyr to this very cause of defeating jewish power, wants nothing to do with racialists? Do you really cast a bigger shadow than him? Step it up, people, I demand to be entertained.

257996  No.12084830


>Why are Monarchy and NS the only options for a new European nation?

Well, the fourth political theory is under development and it doesn't seem to go anywhere, and I don't want to put my kin into the social experiment, democracy is oligarchy and as such futile, technocracies are dystopian with no exception and I would rather die than allow communism to fester among my people.

f35dfe  No.12084849


>what is barbarism?

We can morally “purity spiral” into all manner of species of fascism and regard the human bean as the glue that holds together scientific research, with a view toward the solar system. We can wind civilization back beyond agriculture and return to sustainable nomadic tribalism where the soil grants or takes life. Every political and social philosophy I’m aware of turns on either becoming post-endomorphic by chance or through central direction. All this discussion of the character of it, or who has their name up in neon lights in addition to being responsible for the pace at which it moves or does not, is practically mere addendum. What if polfags can’t overthrow the jew? Got any ideas for flourishing when his short little chopped tinker toy is balls deep in your civilization forevermore? I fear this is about creating new life where there is none, not deciding who appears to win and lose at losing.

e42b23  No.12084862

File: 4e5ebbcbb33b9f7⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 374x543, 374:543, GermanWorkers.jpg)

I only acknowledge one nobility that of labour. - Adolf Hitler as quoted in the Nazi Party official newspaper Völkischer Beobachter (Nov. 21, 1936)

e36d48  No.12084884


Your point of view of a never ending journey to "progress" in terms of human governments is moronic at best as the Roman republic which was the basis of the US republic became an Empire before it collapsed and saved it from fractionalization.

f35dfe  No.12084890


Become a rootless, criminal tribe, a street gang, a mafia. Move to the desert and shart out ten toeheads. Develop a secret language to communicate in. Select Terry Davis as your king and seriously pursue his prescriptions. Entertain God so your ass will follow. Make the national forest the biggest tent city the world has ever seen. Overwhelm the welfare system. Steal big things. Kill your enemies rather than debate them. Do nothing, at all. Abandon desire, hope, family. Larp as atheists, get into gay-for-pay. Get a set of grills and diss Talcum X for not being spiritually black. Delete this and all my other posts. I simply find nothing interesting anymore. This is death.

f35dfe  No.12084899


You didn’t even bother to conceal the ad hominem that was the core of your post, faggot. Even the NS falsely believed work will make things better. Dumbfucks fell for the civilization meme. Let’s elect a new government so tens of millions of us can die, for vanity, so others will know we withdrew our consent. What tech was von Braun working on when he came to the US? Progress is a notion everywhere you find science and everywhere you find modern governance. Fuck off and die.

000000  No.12085496



>With hubris, the kings of France began grabbing more and more of the lords' power for themselves.

>Nonsense. Plebeians need to be properly educated so that they won't trust every single (((rumor))) they hear. I recall there being a massive hysteria over political prisoners, who didn't exist.

The French King wasn’t too interested into ruling, he inherited a country that was still recovering from the havoc his Grand Granduncle brought over it with his wasteful warmongering.

Monarchies always start with an exceptional person that takes power and consolidate it. His successor might defend that, some improve and enlarge on it, but how long is that working with one family in charge? How many capable successors might there in line?

Not many. The reason it did work sometimes for centuries is the monarchy wasn’t the royal family alone, but an assembly of nobles whose status depended on the royal family, so they supported and propped them up, often much like you would an invalid, handicapped person.

In France the system did break down because many of the nobility were in the conspiracy against the monarchy.

The reason it did not in Briton it did since Charles II they had no proper monarch was the monarchy became puppets to the real rulers, much like the Teno under the Shoguns.

The reason why the monarchy in Germany survived until 1918 was the incorporation of bourgeois climbers into nobility, so the new center of power, industry not land, was incorporated into the power structure. Anyway, after Napoleon nearly all monarchies in Germany became constitutional monarchies. That was just a reflection of the shifting of power with industrializing, not unlike the merchant republics of the medieval age.

049353  No.12085558


There is some disinformation here, common stuff from jews so I don't blame ya. Most monarchs were good - if you didn't hear much about them, they did a good job. Remember they are raised from birth to rule, and as you said they have advisors. Their goal is to keep the nation stable and prosperous. If they manage that they have done their duty.

Of course there's a few failures out there, but how many failures do we have as presidents, prime-ministers or general politicians? Being bred and raised for it seems to work, and the fact that they are monarch for life means they do not try to waste their limited time 'making a name for themself' - which should be understood as risking the well-being of others for unnecessary potential glory that usually backfires.

In the eyes of near everybody - a good leader need not innovate, achieve or perform great deeds. A good leader just keeps everything functioning, stable and healthy. Sure it's nice when you get a Hitler or an Alfred the Great - but hinging your bets on always having someone amazing is quite frankly unrealistic. Stability is what monarchs should be judged upon - and if we go by that, the current queen of England is one of the worst monarchs ever.

4d2e3d  No.12085591


Reddit spacing is when you do it on every line.

Like this.

Not the normal use of paragraphs.

You fucking newfag nigger.

000000  No.12085596



>You didn’t even bother to conceal the ad hominem that was the core of your post, faggot. Even the NS falsely believed work will make things better.

That are two total different ideas of progress. One is just better things, the other thing is “human progress” the believe in a kind of redemption, salvation like process were at the end human weaknesses and failure are overcome.

Yeah, one can improve living conditions. To create the right conditions is politics. The believe that one just has to sprinkle some “democracy” or “socialism” over a polis and soon some “laws” come into motion that lead automatically to heaven on earth is magical thinking.

ee0bc8  No.12085620

File: 9f0f7386e04fe11⋯.gif (311.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, burning sun.gif)

000000  No.12085654



>Their goal is to keep the nation stable and prosperous. If they manage that they have done their duty.

Louis XIV did destabilize his country and Europe, brought Europe’s strongest economy to bankruptcy. The long term effect was the French revolution. His gains are insignificant in relation to the damage he created.

049353  No.12085666


>>Their goal is to keep the nation stable and prosperous. If they manage that they have done their duty.


>Louis XIV did destabilize his country and Europe, brought Europe’s strongest economy to bankruptcy. The long term effect was the French revolution. His gains are insignificant in relation to the damage he created.

I was referring to this bit as being wrong:

>Monarchies always start with an exceptional person that takes power and consolidate it. His successor might defend that, some improve and enlarge on it, but how long is that working with one family in charge? How many capable successors might there in line?


>Not many.

The vast majority of Kings, those who went by largely unnoticed, were good. There were a fair few who did great things to strengthen their nations as well. I agree with the rest of what you're saying.

9ab4b8  No.12085693

File: 8d651b80e9565e7⋯.webm (1.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, duterte merry christmas.webm)

File: 331e2e7d30d0e5d⋯.jpg (51.79 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Rodrigo Duterte 2d.jpg)

File: cad506e126bebec⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 539x312, 539:312, Duterte-for-president-2016….jpg)


>Drugs aren't evil.

Their users are.

31ff0e  No.12085731


This. Deus Vult. Inshallah.

c04954  No.12085734

File: b598aff83ccc469⋯.gif (48.04 KB, 339x338, 339:338, 263DE13A-6CAA-48F0-AF0C-1B….gif)

c04954  No.12085782


>just better things

You don’t have a foundation for making this conceptual distinction because you conflate technology with social systems. One is based on deductive reasoning from experimental verification, and the other is based on probability calculations from limited datasets involving a extraneous evaluative judgments. You, like so many others, are guilty of oversimplification. You are not taking seriously the insight that we are not ruled over by priestly men of letters or by experimental scientists. Our rulers are mathematicians who rely on computer systems and financial algorithms to enslave greater expanses under a financial system (usury) and gradualize political and social revolution as a means to harness human activity/misery/change/life into shekels wherever Talpiot can find it. All this nonsense about progress being a religion is a circlejerk. You might not even understand what ecumenism and civil religion are because they are never discussed here, and they are the old con, the basis of civic nationalism and angloamerican hegemony.

c04954  No.12085811


If the neocohens are the MIC/Bankers and silicon valley is the digital panopticon, your support of either party, as the better of two evils or as having social policies you prefer, whether this is because you’re a social media culture warrior, college student, newsie, or talmudvision addict programmed to favor one ‘plex over another, or you uncritically inherited these preferences from meatspace associates like family or friends, because you’re ignorant or lack capacity for understanding, your use of technology, or your involvement in economic activity of any kind, is a tacit support of the mathematicians who designed an open air prison just for you, wherever you are and whatever you believe. Religion need not ever enter into the equation. It is there as bread and circus to keep you doing the work that the computer assigns to you.

c04954  No.12085863


One last little point I want to shit out is that politics is to religion what football is to combat. Rest assured you would not be allowed to engage in politics, even of the mainstream, if it did not serve the purpose of aiding in monitoring the population as well as synthesizing coherable faiths and encoding them into neutral political language, then into the structures and rules of digital sandboxes where you can play from birth til death with the other niggercattle. Fringe political groups like this are no more dangerous than the rest or they’d be snuffed out in short order. If it is allowed to exist, it’s because they deem it to have some purposeful utility like, I don’t know, driving up antisemitism so legislation can be passed safeguarding chosenites and dismantling American civil rights established a couple hundred years ago. Remember the JFK speech about monolithic and ruthless blah blah that infiltrates and subverts? Well, they’ve been in power longer than you’ve been alive, and your ancestors gave them the best weapons tax dollars and printing presses could buy. But somehow you think this is still a left versus right, global versus national, Euros versus jews, thing. Holy fuck, how laughable.

9bf2c9  No.12085887

File: e4971f8285c2cb3⋯.jpg (101.48 KB, 736x855, 736:855, 999123123.jpg)

File: 133fe79976eb733⋯.jpg (167.63 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, Jose Antonio Primo Rivera ….jpg)


These arguments wouldn't matter. A monarchy is not a government of popular support and shouldn't rely on popular consent. There are no monarchist partisans. Never were a successful movement. In the past, there was Action Française and Charles Maurras. They were a very prominent royalist movement that was Orleanist. While it is the most ideal form of government, a monarchy should grow out of other means than popular support. Go ahead and idealize it and argue for it. What is counter-revolutionary, as a monarchist ought to understand it, would be the opposite of revolutionary. Everything that stood for revolution and revolutionary values, such as liberty, equality, and fraternity, should be the opposite; no making of revolutions, but brave actions; no foolish banter and demagogue antics; no anarchism, but steadfast authoritarian resolve. Counter-revolution isn't a counter-protest or counter revolution against another. It is a change from revolutionary values to actual virtues.

>lost the monarchy

Before WW2, the greatest achievement of the 2nd German Reich was the coronation in Versailles. This is why the Treaty of Versailles was such an embarrassment: the moment of the highest German glory in the Hall of Mirrors turned to shatter within the brutal outcome of WW1. The National Socialist takeover is in response to the Weimar Republic. It was no takeover for or against the monarchy, but another separate attempt to fix post-war Germany from the degenerate (((Weimar Republic))).


If you want to appreciate what a monarchy is, appreciate its hereditary structure rather than thinking about it from the pov of a republic. The structure itself provides for itself. The outgrowth of a family and ancestral line for generations, just like people grow and expand through generations, as a traditional foundation for national sovereignty and justice to all men and woman through the hereditary right of kings. Such is the constitution of monarchies, that they wear a crown and inherit the future. There should be no conflict between the national socialist ideal and the monarchist ideal. They both coincide to uplift blood relations and the country. They both stand against the antics of a univeralist republican order. They both care for traditional structure and inherently possess customs that survive Europe since the pre-Medieval period, as seen from pagan Europe to Christendom. If you faggots really want to talk about monarchies, preeminent Europe, and so on – go to >>>/monarchy/

9bf2c9  No.12085955


Another note: purplepill monarchism should stay as banter and not become this pozzed internationalist activism. Loyalty to imaginary crowns is out of this world.

40a204  No.12087448


The greatest wonder would be to kill all non-whites, and evidently that has not happened

000000  No.12087735


>There are no monarchist partisans.

At the moment don’t know, earlier for sure. There were a number of such groups in the past.

>While it is the most ideal form of government, a monarchy should grow out of other means than popular support.

Yeah, monarchs often pissed on the heads of their supporter, didn’t want to be, become ruler from the grace of the pleb.

That didn’t prevented them to be total sell out to others so they could be king. Ultimate, most prominent example Otto von Habsburg, president of the Europe movement since before the second world war. He probably thought of compensating for his lost empire by becoming Europe’s emperor by the grace of the jews.

>What is counter-revolutionary, as a monarchist ought to understand it, would be the opposite of revolutionary. Everything that stood for revolution and revolutionary values, such as liberty, equality, and fraternity, should be the opposite; no making of revolutions, but brave actions; no foolish banter and demagogue antics; no anarchism, but steadfast authoritarian resolve. Counter-revolution isn't a counter-protest or counter revolution against another. It is a change from revolutionary values to actual virtues.

Speaking of virtue, John Zápolya pledged allegiance to the Turk if he would make him king of Hungary.

475d3c  No.12088277


>monarchs often pissed on the heads of their supporter, didn't want to be, become ruler from the grace of the pleb

Because random assemblies don't resemble a lineage or heritage. The German Empire drew itself from a distinct Prussian heritage, while the other kingdoms formed around it. The German Emperor of the 2nd German Empire had been King of Prussia also. That is their homeland. A prominent example is thinking of King Frederick William IV who didn't accept the assembled "Crown of Germany". This is a baseless crown from nowhere, like I said – an imaginary crown. The Prussian kings were proud of their heritage and their line going back to Frederick the Great; to abandon that lineage meant abandoning the name of Frederick the Great and their connection with that history.

>Ultimate, most prominent example Otto von Hapsburg, president of the Europe movement

The Hapsburg royal wouldn't ask Hitler for their crown back. Go figure. I wouldn't support it either, tbh.

>traitor rhetoric

History is a book of shame and glory. To possess real power is to face consequences for actions you had done. To hold any kind of authority means to become beholden to the best and the worst. Popular sovereignty and the ideal that a people couldn't betray themselves is a fallacy. Look at the present day and you will see prominent examples of leaders taking these reigns of power as popular leaders and failing. Where power falls is where victory and defeat also fall. It doesn't discriminate between a monarchy or a republic as forms of government.

f2e9ef  No.12088290


So is that faggot.

f2e9ef  No.12088296


>Louis XIV did destabilize his country and Europe, brought Europe’s strongest economy to bankruptcy.

No. His reforms and machines simply put a lot of trash outside of the society.

>The long term effect was the French revolution.

No, this is merely stupid people dropping out of society and having their way with it with the help of Jews, merchant class and a chunk of nobility.

475d3c  No.12088322


Loyalty to your race and country matters first and foremost. While dynastic patriotism carries a lot of zeal and resembles a generational wisdom, nobody ought to choose between there country and a dynasty; the same goes for a monarchy. It resembles a system of justice and leadership between people and their sovereignty. Different dynasties come and go. Different powers come and go. Different governments come and go. The nature of power is sudden and falls between men when time is crucial. Elective power is the power of influence. Authoritative power is divine and mighty (and monarchy's ideal authority is paternal). But power comes to those who receive it despite all odds.

If you believe Hungary's monarchy is a history of shame only, that's you are beholden to that history. I wouldn't judge you for wanting a different government. I'm a pragmatist.

475d3c  No.12088330


And that doesn't go against dynastic patriotism either, imo. But a country can have multiple dynasties.

3ace22  No.12109428


what nation has god personally ruled over?

1d5fc9  No.12109439


>Celebrates the destruction of Germany and the rape of Europe by niggers.

>"I'm not being anti-White"

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