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File: 22f98a8447c4697⋯.jpg (182.76 KB, 1000x926, 500:463, e85bdebdd2f84e72f7e32c4832….jpg)

d97efb  No.12081615

Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves.

<OLD THREAD >>11959768

Go to the gym. Or start a body weight routine fat ass. Lift weights. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night. Become a morning person, get up early.


Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink, not white or yellow. Its not an ancient forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health, it’s just as important as lifting.

Take a cold shower. Stop consuming excessive amounts of carbs and fast food. Have a glass of good wine, no cheap shit. Eat fruit. Eat fish. Eat lots of meat and animal fat. Don't eat feminized products. Don't breed with roasties or THOTs, have some respect for yourself. Find a wholesome waifu. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality.


Stockpile food to survive the coming ice age. Don't do ignorant nigger things like stealing.

Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degenerate feminism.

Stop consuming pornography and try the NoFap challenge.



Get off the internet, go outside and get some sun. Stop smoking cigs. Don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books.

Save 10% of your income for a rainy day. Invest money. Even a little will go a long way.

This is your life now.

Welcome to /SIG/ 2018.

28d181  No.12081637

thanks reddit

e66696  No.12081728

File: 9b7f9b99e1e1cc2⋯.png (573.83 KB, 701x509, 701:509, 1533642893169.png)

File: 43cabd0cd87a5dc⋯.jpg (3.44 MB, 2392x3348, 598:837, bookstoread1.jpg)

File: 96523bb8a6c0c9e⋯.jpg (3.29 MB, 2248x3442, 1124:1721, bookstoread2.jpg)

File: 61e65eb90b389c1⋯.png (476.15 KB, 1871x1288, 1871:1288, Children.png)

File: 7b2e13c55fd39a6⋯.png (195.95 KB, 1218x649, 1218:649, howtowife.png)


Just gonna drop some files

f431e0  No.12081838

File: bdb9ef640f84fc7⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1489x2935, 1489:2935, Bosnian Warning.jpg)


Hey thanks for the second part of the books, couldn't find it for awhile.

0dbaa2  No.12082355

File: 46182fddf65c8cc⋯.png (142.05 KB, 460x482, 230:241, ningen.png)

What's the best line of work to get into if I want to make a legitimate difference in the world? I was thinking either federal politics or intelligence since I come from the right sort of background for it, but I'm 21 with no proper work experience so I feel like that works against me.

Where should I start? I'm in Australia if that changes anything

364e68  No.12082364

Been eating oatmeal for breakfast recently, it's a game-changer. Keeps you full, is lower calorie, and gives you energy. I eat it for snacks throughout the day, too.

b547b2  No.12082454

I'm on the daily sauna, nofap, nofastfood, one meal a day, standing work desk, and weightlifting lifestyle. Never been happier

ef08ef  No.12083273


>Break-fast is the most important meal of the day.

That was made up by the grain-jews to sell cereal.

t.paleo OMAD construction worker

(((Who))) built the food pyramid?

14e343  No.12083279

Semen retention is god-tier, but what methods do you guys use to maintain focus, without being distracted by primal thoughts of lust?

3172a5  No.12083288

File: d46fed2f937ba55⋯.pdf (185.71 KB, ScienceOfBreath.pdf)

File: e9251065c2daf0b⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 400x400, 1:1, e9251065c2daf0bee5ba8d607f….jpg)

a15e88  No.12083358


/trannypol/ BO pls

d97efb  No.12084038

File: dfd5e4398ec2b64⋯.png (32.53 KB, 1123x1204, 1123:1204, SIG Guide.png)

File: 36403b63052b9b8⋯.jpg (933.49 KB, 1562x4158, 71:189, Start Body Weight Training.jpg)

File: 0e3bc97420634a0⋯.jpg (70.5 KB, 410x1024, 205:512, Cleaning Rota.jpg)

File: 3c07d074c248de3⋯.jpg (125.32 KB, 824x1024, 103:128, Couch to 10K.jpg)

Dropping the usual guides

8b2f00  No.12084042

File: fd12327e916843b⋯.png (228.24 KB, 667x680, 667:680, Peterson-Clean-Your-Room.png)

5a48d9  No.12084101


First, maintain a strong aversion to all porn. Imagine Jews and their porn whores laughing at you for falling for their succubi psyop, because they are. Let the ensuing anger and disgust push you into doing something productive. In general you should be setting weekly goals that contribute to long term goals and create a list of to do items each week. Have this list with you at all times and immediately do something on the list when the urge to watch porn or wank arises.

91657b  No.12084148


I always wondered what kind of state of mind someone has to have in order to produce such nonsense.

Did this moron not understand that the reason why most children don't listen to their parents is because they are ordering them or forcing them instead of convincing?

Is it really that hard to understand that you can‘t treat a teenager like a child?

What most parents do is, they get stuck in the early childhood phase when it comes to parenting.

They don‘t understand that they have to move along with the development of a child.

You can order a 6 year old to do what you want, but you can‘t do that with a 14 year old, that will only lead to conflict and the child will use this conflict do build his own identity.

As a child grows up there needs to be a natural process of separation and building of a individual identity, and that is often times done in contrast to your parents.

When these parents try to order their teenage children around they are giving them the perfect projection screen for that process.

Now this is not done in regards to general rules of the household, which can be given and have to be uphold because (hopefully) the father is the man of the house.

This is done in regards to the personal space of the child, his or her room, and therefore invades the space of private decision.

Actually you can argue that because of this ordering around many children will grow up to be messy adults.

The reason why Peterson’s advice works, is because he gives reasons to do the right thing, he doesn‘t force anybody to do what he wants, and in that way it becomes the decision of the listener to follow or not.

They key point here is that, when you explain and argue in order to make your point, you are way more likely to convince someone to do what you think is right. If you force people then they will only do what you want as long as you can force them to, the moment you loose your power it‘s over.

In short, when you explain and argue, you are acting and treating others like an adult,

which is exactly the kind of behavior you want your child to show.

And yes, i also now about there are many fishy points about Peterson, but the point here is that he knows how to convince people and gives the, seemingly, good advice that many would love to have gotten from their parents when they were younger.

Thats where his attraction came from!

946065  No.12084180

File: 1cf0b8f5ad52c08⋯.jpeg (127.33 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 55e72f1f17000043015694c2.jpeg)


>You can order a 6 year old to do what you want

Then why do parents and the expecting call it the terrible twos, threes, fours ect?

b547b2  No.12084186

If your workstation doesn't have a standing desk, you're a cuck

8d8afa  No.12084197


shit people have shit kids

its basic genetics

6d9f98  No.12084216

File: 3cfea7543f7f032⋯.jpg (39.74 KB, 720x702, 40:39, children.jpg)


Because they are shit parents. We can't leave the house without hearing about how well-behaved our children are about a dozen times an hour. Waitresses are our biggest fans.

26fc6d  No.12084620

blablablabla ITT: fat, ugly, underachieving, disgusting, stupid, uneducated and impotent non whites looking for internet-validation for things they wish to do and wish to be, to have an ego boost. intelligent, in good shape and white people do not need advices (especially not from the likes of you) to improve themselves, because every non retarded person can infer all of this on their own. this thread is a social parade and if you idiots don't even realize it or actually need advices on how to not be an useless piece of shit (provided you are white to begin with) then you're full of useless and weak genes. the only good thing you can do is not breed.

44a8f0  No.12084795

File: 039c35a5448571c⋯.png (58.53 KB, 638x359, 638:359, Action.png)

File: 1e079439e238ec8⋯.png (9.79 KB, 236x229, 236:229, Beaten.png)

File: d4d8a76635db63b⋯.png (159.5 KB, 590x2500, 59:250, Beauty.png)

File: a735c6d86fe08bb⋯.png (165 KB, 1366x767, 1366:767, Beauty&Strength.png)

44a8f0  No.12084797

File: 98a37de47fe1bee⋯.png (129.66 KB, 1200x1179, 400:393, Children.png)

File: 1b95c3b968922f6⋯.png (98.36 KB, 468x714, 78:119, Control.png)

File: d313b8b242a6fe7⋯.png (160.67 KB, 765x994, 765:994, Create.png)

File: 53d59fc33f489a9⋯.png (160.1 KB, 715x720, 143:144, Do.png)

44a8f0  No.12084800

File: 603f139b4f9a19f⋯.png (169.06 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Exceed.png)

File: 6db2744814cb23e⋯.png (624.06 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, Fast.png)

File: a9f8b10193da5c3⋯.png (404.02 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Girlfriend.png)

File: 9de0e635d58fd4d⋯.png (36.99 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Grind.png)

44a8f0  No.12084803

File: fb9d1f69827ca8e⋯.png (28.66 KB, 326x451, 326:451, Hero.png)

File: bd2bd97dddc53b7⋯.png (42.29 KB, 500x459, 500:459, Ideal.png)

File: 81982ef22d3b3d9⋯.png (141.07 KB, 1242x1234, 621:617, Life.png)

File: 3bc0f4482f1a6f3⋯.png (187.92 KB, 1024x925, 1024:925, MakeFriends.png)

44a8f0  No.12084806

File: e2f6f4556175359⋯.png (110.8 KB, 736x981, 736:981, Manhood.png)

File: 518ca4db05c88db⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ManUp.png)

File: 11e4c158c02eb47⋯.png (804.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pleasures.png)

File: 426147f4fe7760f⋯.png (61.69 KB, 310x400, 31:40, Remake.png)

44a8f0  No.12084811

File: b0e223e6745971b⋯.png (55.38 KB, 400x500, 4:5, Scolarly Warrior.png)

File: 77340cd6440f648⋯.png (1.39 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Sea.png)

File: e9ed14fb4a4c455⋯.png (273.02 KB, 1000x1202, 500:601, Self.png)

File: cea46c54e7953ef⋯.png (116.46 KB, 1012x1032, 253:258, SelfTalk.png)

44a8f0  No.12084837

File: 91694882affa2a0⋯.png (450.08 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Always Remember.png)

File: 9f8705f33775ab8⋯.png (41.09 KB, 1125x559, 1125:559, Chains.png)

File: 2ffbb3590ac3693⋯.png (66.92 KB, 468x487, 468:487, Dedication.png)

File: becf75eb28b4907⋯.png (36.4 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Happening.png)

44a8f0  No.12084838

File: ef3549e29e0bcd0⋯.png (122.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Not Your Job.png)

File: 5d7a3c4ce5c0ffd⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, Reclaim Civiliazation.png)

File: b84bc00f30adfaa⋯.png (28.66 KB, 350x500, 7:10, Smart.png)

File: ce463ba9a02786a⋯.png (264.33 KB, 650x1710, 65:171, Stone.png)

44a8f0  No.12084857

File: 6014da5a018b718⋯.png (396.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Burdens.png)

File: c91f2f279fcf740⋯.png (17.04 KB, 352x239, 352:239, Scoiety.png)

File: ea3b6b44fe61e20⋯.png (2.81 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Worker Bees.png)

File: 7f3b2858661bb6e⋯.png (211.48 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Your Life.png)

3cd19b  No.12084878



oh god it's retarded

and it has double dubs


26de14  No.12084887



>calling other people retarded

4174a8  No.12084892


It's degenerate as fuck. Vampires, in Europe, is the mythical representation of a jew.

>distinctly old European aesthetics

That is a kike influence to tie Christianity to evil

>distinctly European racial aesthetic

That is also kike influence

>focus on blood

That is a relatively new concept and also kiked

>focus on physical fitness etc.

Sure, they are all dead, they don't have to do shit they have super powers blablabla. Kikery.

>appeals to something primal and untamed

Yeah it's perverse as fuck

>generally values that which is old, traditional

Hollywood concept - tying these things to evil.

>Connection with European nationalism

That's a stretch

>rich European folklore literary background

And with all of this you ought to know that vampires are degenerate, bad, and the epitome of what a jew is.

>appeals to youth

Anything Hollywood does appeals to the youth, and it does so because it sexualizes everything.

>appeals to those looking "outside of the mainstream"

Degenerates and absolute spergs

>yet generally has good optics with the mainstream

It is humoured and tolerated due to the culture of "tolerance of everything stupid and different" but not accepted or respected.

>sex appeal

That can be put on anything

>a dark aesthetic to go with dark days

This is a recipe for making angsty teenage loners, fedora 2.0 trve kvlt

3cd19b  No.12084895


It was sarcastic and only because he got dubs twice in a row and I'd poke fun at Kuckites. Of course Kuck bullshit is retarded.

44a8f0  No.12084905

File: 305cd9d7b654a90⋯.png (571.27 KB, 1200x1140, 20:19, Depression.png)

File: ac7898b813d3c3f⋯.png (280.45 KB, 2118x1352, 1059:676, Feel Good.png)

File: ea5d06b4db763b1⋯.png (304.55 KB, 1200x1581, 400:527, React.png)

File: ddbb2b15c800e4b⋯.png (954.93 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Starter.png)

File: 4ed89a503bd2f2b⋯.png (270.6 KB, 809x1011, 809:1011, Success.png)

44a8f0  No.12084911

File: e052a4eb3a64050⋯.png (84.78 KB, 1000x408, 125:51, Concious.png)

File: 90c673a80673827⋯.png (62.4 KB, 640x637, 640:637, Energy.png)

File: b9d9e3f612df189⋯.png (72.95 KB, 564x703, 564:703, Gulp.png)

File: 23ac4e53320d98e⋯.png (627.61 KB, 1856x887, 1856:887, Spectrum.png)

4174a8  No.12084913


>modern imagery

The kike imagery, the mockery of Vlad.

44a8f0  No.12084916

File: a9eb749cec460a3⋯.png (86.29 KB, 481x380, 481:380, Party.png)

4174a8  No.12084920



We are the GOOD, not the BAD or the EVIL. So let's not pick something that historically, in our own heritage is EVIL and ABOMINABLE, as our inspiration.

Yes a lot of our good thngs have been tied to these vile, evil and degenerate things, but let's reclaim those, without embodying evil. We are righteous and good.

44a8f0  No.12084921

File: 82c92874d60dd54⋯.png (411.98 KB, 800x3411, 800:3411, AirFiltering.png)

File: 1e4c24f80fcd56c⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2481x6600, 827:2200, BodyWeight Guide.png)

File: fe54fbb63b0a5f3⋯.png (64.09 KB, 410x1024, 205:512, Clean.png)

File: 696e4e389b5c356⋯.png (633.52 KB, 620x5797, 20:187, Garden - II.png)

File: 0214cabfe444d8c⋯.png (710.49 KB, 900x2793, 300:931, Garden.png)

008b0d  No.12084925












Do you think, instead of spamming useless images that have little to do with self improvement, you could actually post stuff that is about self improvement, like exercise routines, or GMO awareness, or mental clarity, etc?

44a8f0  No.12084926

File: c9dcbd8468897bb⋯.png (96.46 KB, 1080x498, 180:83, Gift.png)

File: 8e794e765e7ec30⋯.png (746.6 KB, 2784x1446, 464:241, NoFap - II.png)

File: 462fba8230d18d6⋯.png (217.02 KB, 1204x606, 602:303, NoFap - III.png)

File: 43297be38410e27⋯.png (367.11 KB, 778x1198, 389:599, NoFap.png)

44a8f0  No.12084927

File: 4edc5258d7cd02b⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1852x1144, 463:286, Onions.png)

File: 3d0cc86dc1e8ec0⋯.png (383.27 KB, 612x3279, 204:1093, Porn - II.png)

File: 0c7c26043c29368⋯.png (161.92 KB, 800x5265, 160:1053, Porn.png)

File: ae24609aafdfdbf⋯.png (116.73 KB, 900x750, 6:5, Sex.png)

File: da47c2bca5cd35c⋯.png (753.96 KB, 2734x1749, 2734:1749, Test.png)

7bbf5f  No.12084929


Get your own life and future figured out before trying to change everyone else's. If you can't make a difference in yourself first, you won't for anyone else.

008b0d  No.12084931



>he's not stopping

okay, reported

44a8f0  No.12084945



Maybe that's how you define self-improvement, maybe those are areas that you need help with.

Others could use motivation or a mindset shift

How about you actually read some of these?



relates to no-fap


relates to science, spirituality, and government


basic guides

& the rest are just supposed to motivate people. How about you shift your attitude and try to uplift people instead just reeeing to the mods?

56127f  No.12084968

File: 591f4f68a9cc6b9⋯.png (344 KB, 530x503, 530:503, 001_3.png)

I have adhd so I can't read or exercise unless i'm outdoors but today is going to rain outside. wat do?

I don't want to procrastinate or stagnate

4d68b2  No.12084986

File: 0d8738b5d18c289⋯.jpg (108.44 KB, 470x599, 470:599, mother and child.jpg)






If there is an archetype to pic, white nationalists should choose to become werewolves over bloodsucking vampires instead. The wolf is the Aryan of the animal kingdom and has behaviors very similar to humans, such as monogamous mating for life and child raising, teamwork, and intelligence.

4d68b2  No.12084993

File: a8c94c774a84486⋯.jpg (386.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, resistance_logo_by_tuiridh.jpg)

File: 6da5774263ede64⋯.png (92.92 KB, 1533x534, 511:178, wolf nazis.png)


lel, his faggot shit was deleted

391950  No.12084997


Go outside and do it anyway. You're trying to make yourself strong right? Why should a strong person be afraid of water? If you get soaking wet, so what? That's just a free shower.

Quit making excuses and just do it.

4174a8  No.12085009


I'm saying that vampires are inherently an evil, a bad; negative, in our peoples consciousness. And to deliberately putting yourself in the shoes of the "evil" the "bad guy" or "enemy" you're not really helping yourself.

The imagery you keep posting is spergy as fuck.

If you like the churches and the pale skin, the elegance and what not. Then remember that churches are christian, the pale skin is in our genetics and elegance is something that doesn't require "vampires."

Just be as you should be; as your people ought to be. Your people aren't vampires kek.

4174a8  No.12085053

File: dca05eda21e35ec⋯.png (329.02 KB, 407x554, 407:554, UUUH WOOUUAAA.png)


What the fuck is this borderline furry sperg fedora mlp tier shitshow. Just be human for fucks sake.

4cea67  No.12085148

Some of the posts in this thread. You'd think (((someone))) doesn't want people to improve, but instead waste time reading about what (((fantasy))) creature relates closer to whites. FUCK OFF.

SIG has easily been one of my favorite threads, but the last couple weeks have been shit.

I'll share a personal update to keep my fellow anons motivated;

haven't had an orgasm in over a month

quit smoking weed entirely

getting absolutely shredded by working out multiple times a week

learning full stack development in free time

did 0 carb for a week, felt amazing, however, the keto flu fatigue got to me and had to eat carbs do to active lifestyle. Will try again when I have some downtime.


f2f9f7  No.12085186


>quit smoking weed entirely

That’s great.


Trying to kick my internet addiction by only browsing 8chan (and a few other select websites) for an hour a day.

4cea67  No.12085215


Cheers brother! You are gonna make it. Web addiction is next for me. Too much time reading, not enough time acting.

If I can offer any advice to those looking to quit a substance, do it and try 0 carb at the same time. You won't even think of the substance after a few days because your mind will be so fucking desperate to get sugar and carbs inside of your body that it will be all you think about. I have 0 urge to smoke weed now after and I would smoke upwards of $80 of that garbage a day.

e0f352  No.12085276

File: ae2b322afa71418⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 4681x4500, 4681:4500, Critiques of Judaism.JPG)

File: df4245851aed570⋯.jpg (899.39 KB, 1500x984, 125:82, e88c38cc43561f69d8620965db….jpg)

File: 64fd55afc68048c⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1020x6345, 68:423, c3ef248f17be0dc27e3873731e….jpg)

File: bc82c85e508eb80⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 2641x5802, 2641:5802, 1d494d113f6df096e0fcb0590f….jpg)

File: 48b2081cc4e1d84⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 4063x6657, 4063:6657, afaf8b72e54ed8ce73346a740c….jpg)

Couple of book infographs I've saved over the years

6a3ed5  No.12085850


Join the military stupid. Get a education dumb ass. Dont do anything stupid dumb dumb.

Good luck

b4c826  No.12086242


Die for Yidsrael, goy. Take out a 7% mortgage on a scarlet letter.

0dbaa2  No.12086626


That's what I'm trying to plan out now. I graduate university with a bachelor of IR majoring in international security in 3 months, so the logical options are federal jobs but I have no idea where to start

3172a5  No.12086774

File: 37b0a0153c7c9cc⋯.jpg (69.06 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1293ed2265a27d7b58b2596c45….jpg)


>Join the military

>Participate in tertiary education

This is a self improvement thread. We discourage masturbatory pursuits here.

d5ab7e  No.12086809


>The reason why Peterson’s advice works, is because he gives reasons to do the right thing, he doesn‘t force anybody to do what he wants, and in that way it becomes the decision of the listener to follow or not.

Also check out Peterson's daughter on Rogan recently. Beautiful girl, spent most of her life suffering with intense pain from health complications, yet is still very well-adjusted. Speaks volumes.

a542b1  No.12086901

I have a few questions for my anon brothers on the journey to being a better man. Recently I've been really curious about intermittent fasting. There seem to be a lot of good benefits to it. That being said, I am sure some anons here practice intermittent fasting.

>any recommended books to learn more?

>any good videos?

>how does supplement ingestion work with intermittent fasting?

>how hard was it to begin practicing?

1e9d1b  No.12087031

File: 1e357febeeb138a⋯.jpg (820.19 KB, 2100x750, 14:5, Hitler thoughts on sociali….jpg)

d97efb  No.12087435

File: c7aad4969f9ab46⋯.jpg (167.11 KB, 765x994, 765:994, Whatever I Like.jpg)

7d3ad0  No.12087995


>Maybe that's how you define self-improvement, maybe those are areas that you need help with.Others could use motivation or a mindset shiftHow about you actually read some of these?

Fucking stop shitting the threads up cunt.

ec3fca  No.12088028


>Because they are shit parents.

Exactly. True kids are born with different personalities, but a parents behavior ultimately dictates the behavior of the child. People need to form strong bonds with their kids, but most treat them like inconvenience instead of the centerpiece of their life.

9ecf8c  No.12088034


>>>/pdfs/, and also inclib.i2p or http://inclibuql666c5c4.onion and share it with the library site owner

53df59  No.12088052

5 things you can do to start Improving yourself

1. Read a book. You can go to >>>/pdfs/ for some suggestions

If you want to get knee deep, inclib.i2p or http://inclibuql666c5c4.onion

2. Work out. Go to >>>/fit/ for some suggestions.

Those 7-minute workouts are the bare minimum

3. Learn to cook and clean. Shower, shave, brush teeth.

Clean up your bed, desk/battle-station, toilet and closet

4. Learn 2 program. Read SICP and go to codecademy for training.

>>>/tech/ and >>>/cyber/ has tips on Opsec.


53df59  No.12088055


5. Learn a trade (needs to be edited)

a65bd4  No.12088812

File: 735fed39dd64a04⋯.jpg (151.97 KB, 640x631, 640:631, PicsArt_08-25-05.18.36.jpg)

Been lifting for about a month now and I just have one question, you lads are the only ones I trust with it. This protein sheit be saying drank tf out of it! I've only been drinking it before and after workouts and in the morning on rest days. Should I follow the directions or are they just jewry to get me to burn through my supply and buy more product? Please advise

de40fc  No.12088858


4chan/fit is pretty good. that said:

when you drink protein doesn't matter much at all. the primary thing is to make sure you're hitting your macros. hit the proper amount of (in decreasing importance) calories protein carbs and fat every day. find a nutrition plan that suits you.

44a8f0  No.12088925


Not a shill, but try this:


1 serving is 25g of protein. There's 138 servings.

Vanilla and Chocolate are good choices, I haven;t tried any others.

881a8f  No.12088984


Don't know why'd you'd drink it before your workout unless you aren't eating actual food.

Just make sure you down that shit right after your workout for maxgains. No more than 30min whenever possible. Like you chased down the animal, killed it, and ate it on the spot.

I also don't know why you'd drink it on rest days.

f089b5  No.12090084

File: 882072e1b71c914⋯.png (211.79 KB, 1307x1797, 1307:1797, Calisthenics running.png)

File: 90f84a26e7dc96a⋯.png (451.63 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, Supermen.png)

File: 4b9910ac129f102⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 627x444, 209:148, Germanisch Stärke.jpg)

Here's a pretty interesting read. Common knowledge just says "just lift" but the philosophy behind this text makes sense if you think about what the human body was designed for. Calisthenics worked pretty good for me. I'm not a bodybuilder but I don't intend to be. I'm very well-defined, fast, and strong. I would add that I do High Intensity Interval Training for running by doing sprints. (if you have a park or preferably a soccer/football field nearby this is perfect) I can sprint 100-200 m then jog or walk back and do it again.

Agility and Strength > Size and "how much can you bench bro"

Also note that whenever you run you never run on your heels. always on the toes and ball of your foot. It's hard at first but is the proper way to run. Also Intermittent fasting.

3172a5  No.12090090

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I cannot hear Emi Evans' voice without the immediate urge to fuck or lift. As I do not have a wife yet, and I disregard thots, please excuse me while I go absolutely fucking nutso at the gym.

6d3eaa  No.12090103


You're clearly delusional, alcohol is bad for you, no matter the quantity, meditation is demonic, go to an orthodox christian church instead you ignorant heathen

3172a5  No.12090117

File: c6b5a13a84c44c2⋯.jpg (157.61 KB, 600x836, 150:209, f8d3aca3575b040570815e2f59….jpg)


>meditation is demonic

I don't think you know what meditation is. And I don't think you'd know God if he cast a bolt of fucking lighting onto your head. Get behind me, Satan.

2fe00b  No.12090141


when every man is chad hypergamy cannot compete

e841be  No.12092698

Pain is power.

If you have not felt pain you have not faced the eternal struggle.

Power is pain.

cd5a32  No.12092962

File: e04b827230360ff⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 1210x6307, 1210:6307, its all 100% true.jpg)

Hey SIG, I'm a fractionchan refugee. The mods there like to shoa SIG a lot but today I have a 3 day week end and wanted to go so far as to even come see if you guys where welcoming here like the threads I'm used to, since I want to use this time productively. Do you guys welcome dykes or will I be met with walls of pls go? Sorry if this is autistic, but I was genuinely blindsided by how welcoming my SIG is and I didn't really want to make any assumptions.

Shit has been happening to set me back, but if I am an awful sack of dyke shit I have at least mastered the art of the recovery. Had to replace a phone, but I managed to return some shit I don't need for a refund as well, the extra work I did was about 800 more lucrative. not bad for an awful minimum wage drone.

I figure I'll put some applications out this week end, I think I need to get serious about excercize though. This week end I'm also taking driving lessons for the first time. not blowing money on it thankfully, and of course I would be too ashamed to report back if I had not scoured my room clean of all the filth last night. Room mate still filthy, and I haven't found the right fit for a new option sadly, but with one meal a day I can piggy back off a friends kitchen after work, and they don't mind so much.

Thinking a lot about my complexes as well, they honestly terrify me to some extent, but I recently had some small improvement. It's strange because I don't really see why it would make me feel more at ease other than it eliminating some manufactured confusion from all the competing opinions on pol. /pol/ in general has people who swear by the idea that women where not property and any insinuations of inequality and direct criticism of women counts as feminist delusions. I'm not going to argue the point to convince anyone here who thinks like this, but it always personally bothered me. Being a woman I absorb pretty much whatever I'm told though, and I think there in lies the problem. Gratefully, I came up with my own firm evidence to contradict that narrative. Pretty much every positive affectionate thing women do when mate hunting is abjectly submissive. not just like, passive, but outright "here are my vitals please don't murder me" Given the way other animals pair, I don't think its unreasonable to consider that evolutionary evidence of our servitude. Call it a VtM touchstone but it's cathartic to have external proof that I can sort of rely on. I was raised in a very science respecting manner.

anyway the takeaway is that I feel like I can devote less time and resources to thinking about this shit and focus on stuff that truly matters. Given the submission to ideas we have to contend with I don't know how much of this shit is relate-able to the guys ITT but It's been something of a roadblock for me on my way to recovery. A lot of the effects of redpilling are about twice as blackpilling for my case. The relief is basically unquantifiable.

Anyway, With excersize, work, and driving lessons on my mind, I don't have too much left to overfill my plate on. I have to ask here for advice though;

Kratom. My friend uses it pretty frequently because they are in a lot of pain, and we are both SIGing. They recommended it to me and I wanted to know other peoples experiences with it. Given how it helped them I would never think that it doesn't have it's uses and considering the application of drugs in survival shtf scenarios it might be indispensable for survival, but everyone reacts to things differently as well. What worked for them doesn't mean its going to work for me. What are /pol/s experiences with moderate usage of substances to accomplish and focus on goals? Despite being a dumb thot I've been very fortunate to avoid almost every (((drug))) people experiment with, only exception being that one time when the (((medical industry))) started giving meth to kids

Any general advice on how to be more efficient in defending my mind from groundless cancer would also be welcome.

f20d30  No.12093095


Nofap is the mating cry of fat losers, tho.

Porn is not why they have bad genetics (no, it is not low T levels, it is 56% levels) and no self-control. Pigeonshitspeak and Robert Peterstein tier.

> Howtowife

> "Listen about my IRL life…"



See? Deranged.


On this at least, peterstein is not wrong.


> Sniper fire only during the day.

No night vision. That's how that US soldier killed those Afghans civilians a few years ago, he had night vision camera and shot them during the night. -D


Which is why abortion and the pile are good things. Otherwise they would just keep on shitting and shitting their awfull spawns.

f20d30  No.12093134


- Lots of texts.

- All of it unbacked.

Some anon claims are not enough. OP must have back up for his/her claims if possible.


Look newfags, typical shill post.

f089b5  No.12093249


Backing up medical/biological claims is pretty useless nowadays. You can find hundreds of studies and sources claiming something works and just as many claiming the opposite. A study could be anything from some mom-trepeneur health site article to an Ivy League Ph. D's thesis on each side and they're always conflicting.

First principles and common sense you can always trust. You don't need sources to prove an apple falls if you drop it. But hundreds of studies will be made regardless, and conflicting because of technicalities researchers are trying to exploit to compete to be the one with "New found evidence"

b49de9  No.12093688

File: c633563e26ddf43⋯.jpg (222.25 KB, 1000x1154, 500:577, 1535817918196[1].jpg)


SIG is a lot more quiet here

3aca08  No.12093729


Stockpiling food will not be enough for the coming ice age, every anon should be working their way to building a homestead with the use of permaculture.

f8d7e3  No.12093790

3172a5  No.12093845

File: 97a55fca04fc5c0⋯.jpg (160.01 KB, 503x443, 503:443, 97a55fca04fc5c0e9f34a37120….jpg)


checked and saved

4cea67  No.12094009


>Nofap is the mating cry of fat losers, tho.

Ignore this faggot. Abstaining from orgasms isn't some new wave trend and last I checked almost everyone and their dog beats off, not just fat losers.

I've stayed away from busting my nut via masturbation and sex for the last month. The learnt discipline and added focus it brings is real. Forget these semen demons, forget the porn, I'm in control. Dissuading people from trying nofap is nigger-tier shilling.KILL YOURSELF.

4cea67  No.12094068


Your wall of text reads like you're bipolar and ends with you asking if taking drugs to focus is a good idea. Where the fuck do you think you are? If you smoke, drink, chase orgasms (like most whores), eat like shit and/or sleep like shit then focus on changing those habits first. These miracle drugs are a band-aid for your own lack of self discipline.

Given that you're a woman, the likelihood of you doing anything but responding to your emotions in the moment and then backwards rationalizing them later is truly one in a million.

Tits or gtfo.

Sorry for the double post.

b49de9  No.12094219

File: 8d4afc5e83af022⋯.jpg (133.26 KB, 1064x812, 38:29, 1534563178471.jpg)


>you're a lost cause

why bother responding if that's what you really think

>be a degenerate

where do you think we are?

4cea67  No.12095183


> why bother responding if that's what you really think

For any anons who read that dribble and thinks trying Kratom will benefit them as opposed to getting their lives together.

>where do you think we are?

We? This is /SIG/ and I'll gladly call out backwards rationalizing whores who offer zero benefit to society. Go white knight somewhere else.

bc3cd6  No.12096481


>For any anons who read that dribble and thinks trying Kratom will benefit them as opposed to getting their lives together.

It's a question asking if it's a good idea, not a recommendation of it.

>We? This is /SIG/

yes, and yet you want me to fill it with disgusting photos of my body.

Are you retarded? if you have nothing constructive to say, then find something constructive to say. You have basically no self awareness, this is a thread for improvement. Attacking people who are asking questions goes a against that purpose, if you think someone doesn't belong here, feeding them yous only keeps them around longer.

Your behavior doesn't match your goals.

4018ed  No.12096495


Someone commented on the porn/dopamine chart being incorrect, the amounts being retarded, asking for source. I tried to find it back and got to some stupid blog that is already archived. Not sure if its a good chart.

bc3cd6  No.12096533


we really ought to standardize these charts, 3-4 archived sources to direct sources.

4018ed  No.12096644


Yea, the direct research sources, not the fucking blog would be nice. The dopamine chart especially I feel like it could be very helpful

it goes very well with


and the above related link helped ME to quit porn, and go outside a bit…could be very potent stuff to help make reason to others who are on porn, as to the how and the why.

bc3cd6  No.12096667


really agree. its a problem with most of our sources. take the jewgle and other jews run media stuff. half the sources are broken becuase (((of course they don't work, you never had any sources |>,, )))

really bugs me when my superiors don't think of this kind of shit as important.

4018ed  No.12096762


well we are lucky that roughly about half of everyone reading these charts never even bothers beyond a couple of paragraphs, virtue signalling even exists here. But for longer term use links are indeed needed, my own lone chart that I created about test survived quite a long time under the scrutiny of the critics/highIQ scientists because I made sure to include many sources (which were not broken)

sometimes if research is lacking…obviously one can try to still just to post a chart if it LOOKS genuine enough…rate of criticism is about 2% at best…but…well I cant usually just genuinely do this out of principle. If it does get shared, and goes down the content line, and its false…eventually the collective/site as a whole loses credibility…not very good.

We can also try to do the standard archive of the blogs through a better service (than the default site did in this case) but its all so tedious. Its always hard to find out what is rewarded with effort and what is not. Quite a bungled up mess it always is…

3172a5  No.12096807

File: a3fb320f26f2975⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2969x2692, 2969:2692, pol U.jpg)





>/pol/ standardized educational curricula

I remember back in the doompaul days we would have /pol/ university shitpost threads. And today I unironically trust this place more then I would and university. Life is funny that way

9d644e  No.12096812


Always use a soft bristled brush, anything else will scrub away your enamel faster than you can say nigger.

508d60  No.12096840

File: 88b8c149d19537b⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 1000x1600, 5:8, ckgeneralguide.jpg)

Heil, /SIG/. Could any wise anons point me in the direction of some valuable homesteading/permaculture resources/literature? I didn't see any relevant info other than some infographics (many of which i have already saved). Any additional information specific to southeastern US is appreciated. Pic unrelated

4018ed  No.12096849


there is nothing quite like society being garbage, us lacking proper intellectuals, and us also having a huge audience which we can affect. Lately I have been trying to read more crap so that whatever effects I have on the…whole frigging world are not terrible…there are these fucking points, opportunities that I see everywhere, needs of the people of sorts that if they are to be addressed. They generate huge amounts of interests. I managed to receive quite a lot of self guilt already by seeing some of my after affects affecting reality in weird ways. I am sure that many other anons here too are hesitant in posting some things that they are unsure around, knowing that premature posting could be hazardous to "humanity in general" kek.

I am pretty sure that our cumulative effects of this whole community…on this world, already have made piles and piles of bodies as an end effect. So for that reason I am trying to do a speed run on "how not to be a retard in regards to political/cultural/historical" things lol

9f9ef8  No.12096871


Is semen retention necessary if I'm engaged? I like having sex

8d8afa  No.12096888


impregnate her

4cea67  No.12096995

File: 9eb740c15f2a996⋯.jpg (128.17 KB, 496x579, 496:579, crying_laughter_statue_van….jpg)


>yes, and yet you want me to fill it with disgusting photos of my body.

What the actual fuck are you talking about? Go to university if you want a safe space faggot.

>Are you retarded?

No nigger. I don't get triggered by text.

>Your behavior doesn't match your goals.

My goal is to help anons looking to rise above and, if given the opportunity, tell dike degenerates to an hero.

9e971c  No.12097351

File: a8321bb403135d1⋯.png (185.94 KB, 480x513, 160:171, 1530249088400.png)

File: 6d9fbfefeabeaf3⋯.gif (9.78 KB, 400x267, 400:267, soil-erosion-usa[1].gif)


>heuehue go to safe space this degenerate posting porn central

>No nigger I don't get triggered by text

Nice strawman, as for your words describing what you think you are doing, here is what you are actually doing

>my goal is to tell anons to rise above, by filling this thread with more posts from people I don't like by giving them attention, and having them flood this thread with pictures of their body.

could you be any more transparently a kike's onahole?

You already have been practically spoon fed a way to btfo me yet you refuse to because of your own personal weaknesses and desire not to fix them


I think it really is worth it, Anything the kikes attack is worth it. That's why they ruthlessly move and delete SIG threads on halfpol. Yes the average IDIOT here doesn't read sourced anything, but you can't spread this information to others in a reasonable format without it. The pay off will always be in relation to image and the serviceability of the topic. Take for example, circumcision. The wide spread appeal of athiest fags like me is that religious convictions should be discarded where-ever they broadly conflict with western moralities. Sucking on the half severed stump of a babys dick, penis mutilation in general of small children because of a specific religious instance, is exactly the kind of thing that christfag hating REEEThiests would be aghast and furious to learn. It would turn attention also on the religion rather than the race of jews, which further has utility, and with the near child pornographic nature of the information, would be very easy to sell. Especially if we had sourced information on who participates in these ceremonies, are there any higher level buisness or political figures?

The applications are endless for every scenario. Female inferiority has been a pet issue for me for a long time. Over all I bristle against it, but I always considered the the evidence to be fair, since the criticism of equality was given the appearance of being a position you where allowed to have and maintain. It was only in feminism vs science that enough time and attention was payed to using information to combat these falsehoods that I could be convinced. The retarded pol images shilling female inferiority? they all sourced to the cherry picked lynn studies. IE studies that where already represented by the (((accepted consensus))). They offered no new information I hadn't been made aware of, presented no arguements that weren't already in evidence in some way. provided no answers to common counterarguements. In short, the redpills on female neurological inferiority fucking blow, (now behavior otoh is basically knocked out of the park, infidelity, political leaning, social hysteria, just not actual IQ and G factor).

It's clear that there is a lot to be gained by fixing this shit. People complain about mansplaining and controlling the narrative precisely because the left knows white men are woke on these issues to whatever extent and understands the threat this information poses. We can't submit to any idea that increasing our credibility on these images won't do us any good.


at the risk of you murdering me for being gay, move northwest where we don't have shit soil.

9e971c  No.12097363


Do not get legally married would be my advice, but if you plan to get a woman pregnant you are basically held by the balls anyway in many situations. In any case maybe try saving up for weekend sex? see how that goes for you for at least a month.

ba1745  No.12097585

I’ve been fapping at least once a day for the past 3 months, though I’m starting nofap. I’m noticing that I’m getting less boners and less morning wood. Is this what happens after fapping for that long? Will it be cured with nofap?

9518bb  No.12097596


What would you advice?


c906e1  No.12097601


We both have a high sex drive

9518bb  No.12097650


Read "metaphysics of sex" from Julius Evola.

Sex is nowhere close to what is self pleasure.

Sex is actually getting together with your opposite part in unity. Unity being one of the main characteristic of god (whatever your definition of god).

The existence of man, separate from woman, is a direct consequence of dualism, which emerged from the unity (from 1, we have 1+1=2, and each number correspond to a level of stats of being). You're therefore going as close as you can from unity, by unifying with a woman during sex. That's one metaphysical explanation of sex.

So comparing fapping with sex, as it's the same in term of physiology, is absolute retardation. The reality is that we mostly don't understand shit about what is going on, so the relaxation that you're actually experiencing during sex is actually far far greater than basing yourself on a picture in your mind.

I'm sorry if I sound idiotic, english not main language.

Anyway, never ever our ancestor, or the best of men were fapping, so we must not do it too. I'm not from this kind of people who say that you should have sex only for procreation; that's as retarded as saying that we all should eat bread without salt and water, because eating is just a matter of nutrition. But you SHOULD want to procreate and then having sex with that in mind, else than regular sex with contraception.

508d60  No.12097820

File: 900fa18d2884bf3⋯.png (395.39 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, uswindwatererosion1997rev2….png)


>move northwest where we don't have shit soil.

I've definitely given the northwest (particularly Montana) some thought, especially considering the more nordic climates they have to offer. I'm hoping that I'll get a chance to spend some time in the mid/northwest in the next couple of years so that I can get an idea of what it's like up there. I don't know what drove my forebears to stay in such a jungle-like climate, but I can't help but sometimes feel that the jungle-like climate so close to the coast down here has had (or could eventually have) a negative impact on brain development over time

here's another more recent erosion chart for consideration

9e971c  No.12097851

File: d391614b230c304⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 474x613, 474:613, e6fa7ffdd18fbfc737ebf4adb6….jpg)


the south was the first place posed by the kikes and their slave trading and aristocratic life style. It makes one wonder. I too have an innate part of me that cries out for nordic environments. green, cold, gray to appreciate the blues all the more, and coastal.

It's one of the main reasons I see myself taking up arms against the right. the more hardline elements in the happening will want to rope me, but I wouldn't be willing to relocate. the NW has wonderful green landscapes that can be found even in the more citied suburbs that you can only come to appreciate once you've left it for some shithole in northern cali.

As for evolutionary development rather than just environment induced stupidity, I doubt it. the main reasons non temperate and other jungle cultures ended up so shit is because the winters don't kill anyone off there and don't min max social cohesion. ergo, our decadent life style removes this advantage of the north anyway. the replacement to a more volentary system wouldn't be a bad thing for our evolutionary hygene if we didn't have open borders imho

Over all though the environment is a big impact. my friend as i mentioned way earlier, the guy on kratom? he lives in the south and basically can't function in the heat. We want to have him move, basically anywhere, though I am of course biased towards wanting closer than further, that is cold and not so humid. Sadly we're both fledgeling sigfags so we're not ready to just go out and buy land somewhere.

1327ac  No.12097920

It's so fucking disgusting how literally every place I look is brainwashing.

> Become a girl

> Stop being racist

> White women are ruined, you must race mix

> You need your booze, go back on the bottle

There really are people who are directly expending effort trying to keep us (and by extension, themselves) down. Fucking pathetic.

bd8bf1  No.12097977

File: 3575e0ac8139042⋯.jpg (5.19 KB, 461x583, 461:583, 1534155160514.jpg)


It's a feedback loop that includes bringing others in with each iteration since humans express their depression in different forms, of which include but are not limited to bragging about it through social media, garnering likes/retweets that further reinforces the learned helplessness in those who see it.

9ce48b  No.12098048

File: 8515859cca6c52e⋯.png (307.05 KB, 700x645, 140:129, 8515859cca6c52e59792794392….png)

Any protips on finding under the table work? I don't have a social network/friends to help, I refuse to slave away for the IRS having in excess of 50% of my labor stolen and missapproated.


>stand with the spics

Ironically I'm looked on with suspicion cus I'm "too white" to be legit.

I've tried all I can think of, for years, and tbh the most helpful thing is begging…

470873  No.12098061

File: 8ec2c37a8730db8⋯.jpg (77.57 KB, 350x600, 7:12, maj09.jpg)

File: 73ac1e86dc1798b⋯.jpg (49.91 KB, 500x729, 500:729, 4cf5a60eb3c66e764c76238530….jpg)

File: f41480f31388d85⋯.jpg (149.22 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 800px-Thoreaus_quote_near_….jpg)

File: eb86373779ca8a2⋯.jpg (140.17 KB, 1088x816, 4:3, caskie-5.jpg)

File: 7ac83e81ce966ab⋯.jpg (160.09 KB, 736x1143, 736:1143, 6d2433ca67d130b0d8cd51aac7….jpg)

How unhealthy is the Hermit life? I get fatigued just by talking to people, because it feels like I'm talking to a bunch of drones with no goals in life other than what society has laid out for them.

bd8bf1  No.12098069


Get paid in cash for freelance work and ask for unemployment/food stamps/medicaid so that you don't raise any suspicions. Also live in a shitty place and have "roommates" that help you pay the rent. Also take public transportation.

ebf0fc  No.12098078


mechanical, electrical, programming. In that order. Look for a starter job in those fields and work your way up and out of the city. Get working the land and support a local farmers market.

470873  No.12098112


You wont make a difference in anything by climbing the ladder, because the only way to do that is increase profits not benefit people. And right now the best way to benefit society via a trade is to take silicon valley down a peg. More FOSS programmers making corporate monopolies products obsolete would go further, than engineers who can't put out anything due to overbearing regulations and lack of resources.

9ce48b  No.12098187


The problem is that if I used any kind of SSN/TID that would put me into federal jurisiction and because I've been a very bad debt slave I'm almost certainly going to be kidnapped again and put into a "public saftey center" (a private corprate detention center) due to universal criminality and the usage of the unlawful "14th ammendment" which makes one a de facto subject of the corporation of the United States again, where I was previously held on an indeterminate sentence. I had to go to great lengths to prove to the courts that I am indeed a state national and freeborn natural inhabitant and not a (((federal citizen/subject))).

Without someform of federalized aquiesence though it's nearly impossible to even get housing muchless gibs. I did actually try in two different states (which where both 8+ months of litigating) to get basic grubstubs but regardless of citing the bible or my ancestoral honor code (both of which condemn precitipation in userious systems) a secret administrative hearing determined that 1st admendment freedom of religion did not apply and that the equality-nondescriminion clause didn't protect me. Furthermore the ACLU even turned down my case.

I've been homeless on/off for the last 5 years, usually in excess of 6 months a year. Mostly I've survived off dumpster scraps and human kindness. My blood family tried to kill me, many times, starting when I was 6 and continueing to when I was 22. I don't go around them any more.

And you still didn't give me any leads on how to find work, freelance or not. My biggest problem seems no be I don't know the right people, but to even get your foot into a stranger's door you need federal documentation. The internet is absolute garbage for finding work, I've probably made less than $1000 worth of (mostly) work-trade in the last 5 years despite investing 100s of hours trying.

ebf0fc  No.12098328


wew lads this is the sign of a faggot glued to social media and its instant gratification, never pausing to unplug and connect with the inner self.

ebf0fc  No.12098363


carrots, broccoli, beans, meat, potatoes. focus on your diet and if you succeed with consistent healthy habits you inner resonance will align with future goals. Set 3 month, 6 month 1 year goals. go from there and never waver. Develop strong convictions based on your longevity and health.

Also, talk to your self by writing in a journal. One of the most powerful things you can do is talk to yourself in the form of a Journal. You conscience thoughts lead your subconscious.

ebf0fc  No.12098402

wouldn't it be nice if you can grow money on trees. The anon I replayed to asked for advice on what to study and field to work in. Statistically those fields yield the most bang for buck. If you have an alternative we are all ears. Don't be ashamed for being part of the system. You have to be it to understand how to destroy it.

827838  No.12098424


Correct, too much exposure to sexual material or activity will dull the senses. Nofap can fix 90% of it, in my Just keep in mind that once you've fapped to things like "big titty tentacle bukkake" you can't go back to vanilla quite so easily, but you can recover most of normality.

3172a5  No.12098426

File: 6e1a2adcb91a238⋯.png (446.38 KB, 390x720, 13:24, 44f2bf8dbf15e58d15b5def0aa….png)


The body is the temple. Your physical health is the foundation from which all your other virtues are built upon. You would know how drastically being in good shape will improve every single aspect of your life if you weren't a skinny nerdlinger with a chip on his shoulder.

>learn a skill

Why don't you contribute and talk about the skills you're learning. You are walking your talk and learning a new skill right now, aren't you anon?

3478a9  No.12098434

Chew mastic gum. I can see the muscles in my face and jaw growing over the months of mostly daily chewing.

Not only that, but chewing is a signal to your body that you're ramping up the processes for digestion. Most of the foods we eat today are super soft, so no effort is put into chewing it. If you chew mastic gum, or anything for an extended time, you'll notice all the saliva you're producing. The higher production of saliva has so many benefits to your mouth and stomach, like limiting bacterial growth and aiding in digestion. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dry-mouth/symptoms-causes/syc-20356048

9e784e  No.12099065


I saw more than dots. What has pol done to me?

4cea67  No.12099301


>at the risk of you murdering me for being gay

Ah, you are the dike. Got it. That explains why your replies make zero fucking sense.

>my goal is to tell anons to rise above, by filling this thread with more posts from people I don't like by giving them attention, and having them flood this thread with pictures of their body.

Bipolar confirmed. Nothing you have posted is happening in this thread. Do our society a favor and just an hero already. This is the only self improvement you can truly accomplish.

450d3c  No.12099385


>Bipolar confirmed. Nothing you have posted is happening in this thread.

you are so stupid you don't even know what encouraging an activity is, nor what bipolar actually means, and to top it off, you think you aren't encouraging replies by filling this thread with shitty b8.

4cea67  No.12100216

File: d4387bd62689da8⋯.jpg (34.61 KB, 680x452, 170:113, thisisntevent.jpg)


>Changing IDs, pretending to be more than 1 person, talking about killing the people who post in this thread for being right, self admitted degenerate unwilling to change, thinks /SIG/ is her safe space

I'll reply to who I want faggot. Filter me if you don't like it.

3172a5  No.12100227

File: 0ca6d9bb1797f6b⋯.png (1.41 KB, 100x100, 1:1, 1415343103020.png)

File: 900c13417904fa0⋯.jpg (20.39 KB, 413x310, 413:310, 1413664637782.jpg)


>I saw more than dots. What has pol done to me?

We've initiated you. Understanding opaque symbolism that you could never possibly explain to normalfags is a party of your daily life now. Look at me. We the Illuminati now.

450d3c  No.12100251


>changing ID's

tends to happen automatically without my input you contorting nog

>REEEE lay down and die for me


a16ea2  No.12100256

File: 33c7913e2a1d809⋯.jpeg (104.82 KB, 398x417, 398:417, 5C222132-A7F5-4FF6-922D-8….jpeg)


Are you feeling okay, anon? You look pale…

Have a (((snack)))

bd49d2  No.12100265


If you wanted to make a difference you could try and infiltrate the intelligence community if you were really smart.

a7069b  No.12100281

I need to stop drinking but it's very difficult, I'm taking Kratom but it's not working anymore

Any advice?

bd49d2  No.12100287


Stop drinking.

4cea67  No.12100318



So brave.

Way to ignore everything else I posted about you, you fucking dike. Go to leftypol if you want people to bask in the fact you are a fucking degenerate with no willpower. Otherwise, I'm going to keep telling you to KILL YOURSELF, not for me, but for our society. You offer no value beside that moist gaping hole between your legs and seeing as how you aren't even using that to provide white offspring, you are literally useless. I'd have filtered your cancer already, but you keep changing ID's and shitting up /SIG/ with your fucking bipolar nonsensical rants.

26fc6d  No.12100351

ITT: porn addicted lowlifes with shit genetics can't even find out how to stop being subhuman and need a reddit tier for it. you want to help and "improve" the white civilisation (even though you are not white) ? simple! kill yourself and remove yourself from the gene pool. you'll do us a big favor this way. fuck you all

e59a31  No.12100353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this guy is legally blind but he has a black belt in karate and is the best card mechanic in the world.

Get inspired, turn off your computer. Defeat laziness and procrastination, they are disabilities of the weak. A white man molds himself to survive, a fool lives only to die.

e59a31  No.12100359


I don't know your situation, but start by strictly limiting yourself to only the weekends.

Then limit yourself to only one night (in the weekend).

Then limit yourself to only special occasions.

d97efb  No.12100372


Only a certain sub section of humans can survive alone for long periods of time. We are social creatures, eventually you'll need a community.

450d3c  No.12100378


>come to a thread to ask advice

>be polite

>some retard gets triggered and REEES

>expects to be listened to

It's a testiment to how based SIG is that I'm the only idiot that's been replying to you.


I think I should start doing that yeah. at least starting with healthy forms of self communication. It's easy to get lost in loops of rage or self hatred.

I'm probably going to avoid most carbs if I can though. I'm not perfect on diet by any means but I'm above the eating plastic garbage from a box tier.


The real issue is trying to put together some kind of regiment that isn't pozzed to hell in back by glow in the dark. Arresting some faggots is just a bonus for the CIA and other alphabetniggers. The real harvest is our isolation.

8d8afa  No.12100424


i highly recomend that first pic

I've been doing it and its great

thank you to the original poster

ba1745  No.12100436


I’ve never fapped to weird shit like. And plus I’ve pretty much stopped with the porn. It’s just the fapping and social media thots that get to me

f348da  No.12100440


can you not post nude females, even if it is art?

im really trying my best here.


bd49d2  No.12100469


I don't understand alcoholics. I really don't. Literally what else can be said? Do three spins, then boom? No. Just quit drinking. Quit buying it. If you're around it, just say no. Limit yourself to getting drunk once every year or two. That's what I do, if I even do that.

3cbc1f  No.12100811


Why have you included Adorno’s ‘Dialectic of Enlightenment’?

3172a5  No.12100843

File: 2c1a72cc1faaa2d⋯.jpg (65.5 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 1436483449243.jpg)


Of course, being genetically predisposed to be disgusted by beauty and symmetry, I would expect a kike like you to post something like this in a /sig/ thread. Not even mad tbh.

470873  No.12100851

File: 65eae06f9bf0ee9⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 6000x3274, 3000:1637, c0fe8a1b62cc2c64d995d1b3c6….jpg)


That's what they say.

266c72  No.12101013

File: 0f657357f2abc59⋯.jpg (366.59 KB, 750x500, 3:2, speedbump.jpg)


I posted this in the old thread and got no responses, reposting again here: I currently have no ability to recover from even the smallest bump in the road.

I can do nopmo and work out and do all these things, but it takes about three weeks, and then something happens, either I relapse nopmo or have to spend too much money on lunch (hate spending money) and I completely fall off and I’m back to square one. It can be something tiny too, like getting a flat tire on my bike. I need to become *impact resistant*.

8d8afa  No.12101051


>How unhealthy is the Hermit life?

if you desire it, it would be unhealthy not to do it

eventually you can chill out and recover from the oversocialization, hear yourself think

and then you can always go back and seek out some company

a healthy environment is best but really it can be done even in a city


>this guy is legally blind but he has a black belt in karate

i have the strangest suspicion that i could take him in a fight

c87b47  No.12101053


Read about stoicism

stoicism is all about Impacts and resisting to them

8d8afa  No.12101075


you again?

just quit being a fag dude its not that hard

someone puts a hard dick in your face, just slap that dick away

> I currently have no ability to recover from even the smallest bump in the road.

>I can do nopmo and work out and do all these things, but it takes about three weeks, and then something happens, either I relapse nopmo

are these related?

>hate spending money

do you rub your hands together often?

>I need to become *impact resistant*.

how much does a suit of armor cost these days anyway?

470873  No.12101539


I don't desire it. I've always regretted not going out and socializing. Except when I start trying to socialize it is mentally and physically draining. It's like everyone who has moderate success in life is a complete normalfag, and anyone with a bit of edge is a degenerate throwing their life away.

ba1745  No.12101571


>It's like everyone who has moderate success in life is a complete normalfag, and anyone with a bit of edge is a degenerate throwing their life away.

You’re not completely wrong, kek

08237c  No.12101662


You need to do small steps until they become habits. What is probably happening is that you are trying to change too many things at once and it causes you stress. That stress isn't a lot, but it builds up over a few weeks and breaks down your willpower. Focus on just one thing at a time and don't think that just because you aren't doing everything perfectly right away that it isn't helping.

Wait until the new change has become a habit and then move to the next. A good place to start is with sleep. If you have an irregular sleep pattern, then that will completely fuck your willpower and leave you unable to make any other changes, so focus on that first. Make sure you wake up at the same time every day, even on your days off work, and get 8 hours of sleep. After that, focus on diet. Don't try to get too complicated with it. Just ditch processed food first with "balanced" macros (something like the zone diet) and then adjust from there until you find what foods/macros work best with your own physiology. Then, after you finish those, you can try giving up masturbating.

4cea67  No.12102037


No shit, because you are the "polite" dike who fucking posted the question in the first place, shit for brains. Everyone else ignored you. KILL YOURSELF.

>It's easy to get lost in loops of rage or self hatred

Embrace the self hatred and an hero. Anons will thank you.

>Contantly saying reee

Go back to reddit.

44664a  No.12102082

File: a6d9bb7fabadea1⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 340x395, 68:79, 1472740736671.jpg)


>everyone else ignored you


>anons will thankyou

I think I would have to be a nigger to make my fellow white family and friends that sad just to please some kike on the internet


go back to neppit

4cea67  No.12102100


>Dike calls Aryan a kike after he tells dike to kill self for not contributing to society.

I must be the worst JDL shill on the planet. You'd think I'd be celebrating and encouraging your degeneracy, but here I am telling you to kill yourself.

>I think I would have to be a nigger to make my fellow white family and friends that sad

Nah, I'm pretty sure they are depressed as fuck knowing their little princess spends her time muff diving, dying inside that she will never bear children and pass down their lineage. Your death would be a relief for them.

000000  No.12102193


>If that were true what about muh retarded jewish anti-children memes

Really, faggot?

44664a  No.12102212

File: a1ac27ed0ca0631⋯.jpg (22.91 KB, 440x259, 440:259, 1491151697307.jpg)


No, as I reitterated some 10 times I think if you where genuine you wouldn't be feeding this shitty spat and working on encouraging people rather than dragging the thread down.

>I sure am psychic and know your friends better than you do

and yet here you are, withholding your magical superpowers from sniffing out kikery in all its forms by posting on a fedora wrangling amish forum.

8215dc  No.12102464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>permaculture info


>homestead thread


Plyometrics(jumping variations) for fast gains, rainy days, and apartmentfags. Explosive fast twitch muscle is oft overlooked.


They will come back.


It’s fine for some. I basically only talk to my wife and our dogs. You should probably get one if you go inawoods tbh.



>homestead thread



A link to a pdf on brain/gut parasites(bacterial) that can alter your behavior, moods, and hormonal loops. Bulletproof your microbiom and you won’t be so reactionary.


>NW permaculture lesbanon.

I’m outside pozedlandia homesteading, where are you? I promise not to neck you if we figure a secure way to meet.

>inb4 degenerate mentality ill

Some of my most mentally stable warfighters were lesbians, as compared with millennials.




Here’s a good 15 minute video of fresh autism on learning languages more efficiently for those who can’t immerse yourselves. Good news for weebs, watching shit in the target language helps, but only without subs or subs in the target language.

44664a  No.12102530



jesus fucking christ I knew there where people who didn't get a SSN but I didn't realize how jewed they got for jumping the kike train

7913c0  No.12102608


Aversion. Aversion. Aversion. Get vivid disgust for the porn whores and kike producers. All you need to know is that they literally hate you and think its funny they have convinced you to become a pathetic wanker. If you can clearly visualize their hate for you, you'll be instantly cured of your wank addiction and should be able to go cold turkey without much effort.

470873  No.12102618

File: 5ae7d8df337ea18⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 380x550, 38:55, e6f85c214c3ea2161e54aaaaa4….jpg)


>You should probably get one if you go inawoods tbh.

That's what I figured. It just feels like there aren't any women. Just girls who either chase that quick dopamine high or are proto-cat ladies.

44664a  No.12102686


Gonna come along and second this. I dont have an original thot in my brain, heh, but I can confirm I am able to instantly disengage with just about anything if I know it hates me and wants me dead.

4cea67  No.12102825


>No, as I reitterated some 10 times I think if you where genuine you wouldn't be feeding this shitty spat and working on encouraging people rather than dragging the thread down.

I'm here to help white men who are aware of what's happening around them and looking to change their situation in preparation of what's to come. I'll do what I please.



>same person replying to themselves

You are cancer.

08237c  No.12102840


Switch to hentai. It's healthier

44664a  No.12102872


>I'm here to help white men who are aware of what's happening around them and looking to change their situation in preparation of what's to come.

And all I'm telling you is to do that thing instead of filling up this thread stuffing me full of your salty (you)s

4cea67  No.12102887


>Be a good goy and ignore the lesbian shitting up this thread, talking about killing us come the day of the rope


44664a  No.12102906

File: b2427cfc02d9b48⋯.jpg (551.89 KB, 849x899, 849:899, 1531852404110.jpg)


>y-you mean I have to focus on important shit instead of some thot ?

Yes, thats generally what you do when a dumb roastie says some shit that you think is retarded. Chimping out like you have for almost 80 replies is what a lower life form would do. trust me, I'd know.

d97efb  No.12103631


Once you fall into alcoholism, its really hard to stop. The worst part is that it creeps up on you, one day you're just having a drink after work to relax, the next your hooked.

The only way to stop is sheer willpower during the first 2 weeks and then replace drinking with good habits. That's how I got off the liquid jew.

My next target, the herbal jew.

e59a31  No.12105210



good tip.

What may help are these redpills:



and always remember: when you fap to porn, the jew faps with you. Visually imagine this next time you give in to porn.


do not listen to this jew

44a8f0  No.12105408


So true. Don't fall for the electric toothbrush meme.

t. I fucked up my enamel

44a8f0  No.12105433

44a8f0  No.12105441


It's not hard to get in….

44a8f0  No.12105474


>Get constantly brainwashed from birth

>Go to school to destroy creative thinking and imagination for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

>Nothing but brainwashing music (written mostly by the same people for decades) playing on the radio

>Movies with underlying brainwashing themes

>TV shows with brainwashing themes

>College ruined, colleges are Communism cults full of hedonism, people encouraged to sexually experiment with all sexes

Yeah, it's just because of porn and our genetics…

9ce48b  No.12105687

>>12105433 checked


e59a31  No.12105722

File: 610cbe0b4c2d6d8⋯.png (94.58 KB, 500x442, 250:221, always do opposite.png)

File: 54be4aecf64c13f⋯.jpg (4.56 KB, 250x250, 1:1, it's a smiling dog.jpg)



Jesus, thanks for sharing, I had never heard or considered this before but I believe it.

All these fucking (expensive) products marketed at us as if they're essential for our hygiene, meanwhile after we shell out our hard earned cash for these snake oils they're actually fucking detrimental to our health.

>Shampoo dries out your hair

<only to get you to buy their moisturizer

>skin care products

<what is the fucking point, just drink lots of water, eat natural and sleep reasonable hours


<I don't know if it's me but I experimented with stopping to use it, and I don't notice any fucking difference. Certainly not smelling any worse.


please redpill me on dental/mouth hygiene

and of course the same goes for food

>eat more healthy wheat/grains (bread) goy

<made from modern, genetically manipulated wheat that comes with a whole lot of problems, with gliadin (opiate protein) with affecting your appetite making you basically addicted to eating more of jewed wheat

>eat more and smaller meals a day, goy/breakfast is the most important meal of the day, goy

<which keeps your insulin high and glucagon low, keeps you more hungry than you need to be, leading to overeating and weight gain

>cut down on all that unhealthy salt goy!

<increasing insulin resistance and uric acid levels, stimulating oxidative stress in the mitochondria leading to weight gain. You need to balance your salt in take with your potassium intake, and drink enough water.

>stop eating meat!

<because processed soy would be so much healthier, right chaim?

even the "cappuccino" from the machine at work contains soy now, it's everywhere now.

They can't keep getting away with this.

e59a31  No.12105727


<only to get you to buy their moisturizer

I meant conditioner.


025cc6  No.12106817


I have been dealing with the same issue in the past year. Essentially you are at the precipice between who you were before and who you are becoming. You're stuck in a pattern of regression most likely due to either some unresolved emotional issue or subconscious conditioning.

I recommend that you practice mindfulness meditation and incorporate it into your daily life. Mindfulness has become the victim of a lot of new-age type shills but essentially it is the skill of paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgemental friendly way. Stoicism, as far as I can tell from reading Meditations and Epictetus, is a form of mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically taking a big torch and shining a light on everything that exists in your mind and in reality, methodically and patiently.

What does this mean in practice? You pay attention to your bodily reactions, emotions, thought patterns, the world and people around you as much as you can every moment of every day. You train this skill through meditation. As you continue to do this you will start to recognize patterns in your behavior that lead you to falling backwards. You'll see patterns in your thoughts and emotions that you never knew were there, like subconscious repetitive negative thought patterns that take you out of your day for extended periods of time or subconscious bodily reactions to certain situations. You'll even start to see that you have been causing some problems in a roundabout unconscious way that repeatedly lead you to the same unwanted result. The beauty of mindfulness is that just by becoming mindful of yourself you will change easily and automatically. I recommend Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepola Gunarantana for an explanation of the meditation practice that is mostly divested from the religious and esoteric side of it. Eckharte Tolle's Practicing the Power of Now is an even more secular explanation of it (although he illustrates that it is a teaching present in many religions and philosophies). Other benefits of mindfulness include: increased willpower, focus, mental clarity, sense of peace. Great for anxiety and depression too. Oh there are studies showing it actually lengthens your DNA's telomeres… Yeah that's right: it increases your natural healthy lifespan. These are some of the scientifically proven benefits of it. I won't even get into how it can fundamentally alter your perception of life. Be warned though, mindfulness will eventually bring you face to face with every aspect of yourself, good or bad. You will find endless excuses not to do it once it brings you to a part of yourself that makes you uncomfortable. This is when you most need to continue it as a daily habit.

Apart from that it sounds to me like you are changing a lot at once. The fact that it all falls apart like a house of cards means they weren't ingrained in you as habits yet. It takes a while for new behaviors to change into habits. I would recommend picking one thing and focusing completely on changing that one thing until it feels like it's not even a question anymore, it's just part of your day. Then move onto the next thing.

Don't beat yourself up if you're failing nofap. It's quite tough to do especially if you started early and fapped regularly. It's a hell of a dopamine craving. Just work on setting everything else in stone then try tackling it again. Any time you fail just observe the process of how you got there, where in your day did it start, what decision could you have made differently to change the outcome. It's a process of examining your brain's wiring and then rewiring it essentially. It can take some time to figure out. Having something to replace it with helps too, find some creative outlets for your pent-up energy. Do some activities that naturally release dopamine such as exercise. Ultimately though, you will have to accept some discomfort for a while while you're going through dopamine cravings, which mindfulness is very useful for.

e4a4e0  No.12106917

tfw I took ur advice on mewing

tfw I now have a beautiful jawline but my teeth are utter dogshit and they were straight before

470873  No.12106982


I didn't even know that was a thing, but I have done it my entire life. My teeth are fucked to

4cea67  No.12107214


>Pretending not to be that lesbian in pathetic attempt to belittle someone for calling out said lesbians bullshit

You're fucking retarded

44a8f0  No.12109481


I still don't get it

ba1745  No.12109589

Lads, I'm starting to stutter a lot. I've had stutters in the past that were short-lived, but it's pretty bad this year. Any way to overcome this?

8244bf  No.12109615


Stop smoking meth

84fb70  No.12109634


We need a Reddit that's impossible to censor. Voat aint' it. It's just a new set of overlords, more bullshit promises, already doubtless broken. We need this new Reddit, for a wide array of topics. All the topics. Interests, beliefs, views, ideas. Because here's what happens:

Fascism wins.

Unless, of course, it's censored. Then there's the illusion that whatever the censor prefers wins. 8^)

Of course, boomer neocons don't want to get rid of censorship. They want to be the censor, and are merely jealous of the power of the left.

This is actually a good thing, because what they want they cannot have. That is, soon as they create a site (such as gab) they guarantee that it will be a circle jerk, and failure, because people who are prospective customers have been once. People learn the first time. This "twice bitten" crap is horseshit.

So, the site that replaces 8chan and 4chan and Twitter and Reddit, and is 100% impossible to block, to censor, and when I say "site" i know full well it can't be a site. But I say "site" to emphasize how web 1.0 all of these are, infrastructurally. Sure, they have fancy scripts on the back end and on the client. But in the end they are not anything more than Gopher. So they are shit, outmoded, over and done.

Let us light the fire in our hearts, let us spread the word: freedom, not the censorship of neocons or the commies, is coming!


8d8afa  No.12109684



how is this relevant?

but ok dude you wanna make a reddit platform to redpill normies

you can basically just take all the content off reddit and just re-organize it without the kikery

ba1745  No.12109776


I don’t take any drugs

84fb70  No.12109867


No, an alternative to Reddit is for the purpose of op's mission: self-improvement.

Self-improvement, if you are familiar with any of the self-improvement tzars, implies community, a group of the like-minded. If it's running, runners. If it's music, musicians. If it's metal-working, metal workers.

So, from self-improvement, community. From community, leveraging the promise of the web - Reddit. But Reddit being blocked, an alternative.

84fb70  No.12109876


Oh, and the reason why this alternative to Reddit, which shall be impossible to censor, will prevail, is that even members of the communist party won't be banned. Nobody will be. So all benefits shall be acquired to every field.

7c850e  No.12110471


>everyone but me is a dyke reeeee

Anon I… You have some paranoia creeping in. Fixing your microbiom and diet will help because of the gut-brain axis. Unless it’s (((genetic))).

4cea67  No.12111132



Why the fuck are you still here? I'll keep calling you out until you fuck off. So deal with it or filter me faggot. Paranoia assumes I'm afraid of something and, believe me, I'm certainly not afraid of some mentally ill lesbian trying to hop on /pol/ because they think they are special and different. I bet you only have male friends too? KILL YOURSELF.

77d93f  No.12111135


>members of the communist party won't be banned. Nobody will be


d33aea  No.12111228

File: 49ba3b7786d21cc⋯.jpg (198.68 KB, 704x676, 176:169, 1534390851123.jpg)


>pretending not to be that lesbian

what part of my ID's change without my input did you not remember?

eat your (you)s and grow big and degenerate.


while I appreciate the sentiment, they would be better off eating some olive oil sardines to improve memory flow to the brain. they also seem to have the same if not worse level of unhealthy magnatism for arguementation I do. Not sure if diet alone can really fix that. but then gain, wasn't there some stuff about kids eating vegetables in school and growing less violent because of it? was that true or just another (((trick)))?

d33aea  No.12111237


>Of course, boomer neocons don't want to get rid of censorship. They want to be the censor, and are merely jealous of the power of the left.

Fascism also wants to censor, it not outright purge, certain kinds of speach. you can justify it if you want, I'll even agree with some of it, but in the end the whole idea behind race realism is that looking after your future at the expense of individual freedom is basically what the whole system is operating on

4cea67  No.12111273


>Talking to yourself, again

You have no friends here. I'll gladly wait for 7c850e to post another message and prove me wrong, but I fucking doubt it. Start popping out white babies or just off yourself already. /SIG/ is not the place for you. Pretending to be apart of this community is truly pathetic.

727a9b  No.12111929


Banning is gay. Be gay, ban, homo.

727a9b  No.12111930

Only cowards ban. The samurai destroys his enemies in honorable battle.

9518bb  No.12112121


>Stockpiling food will not be enough for the coming [crysis]

Indeed, that's a very important thing to understand. Skill is the most important thing you should ever get. A great body and skills can't be stolen. I'm always afraid in SHTF situation of stealing. It's so easy to lose everything; someone could simply point a gun at you without you seeing it, you could be stolen when away from your belongings, you could leave everything and run out etc…

It's far far better to know what you should do with nothing in hand, than being this retard that just stockpile knifes, food etc.. Just look at africa. They have extremly shit knife, just the bare minimum to move water and food, and that's it. Truly, that's all you really need.

Know how to grow food, how to fight, how to resist mentally. That's the real key to freedom. Not a 100$ bucks knife.

Especially food. I mean, I'm always amazed in The Walking Dead, when they start to grow food like it's so easy, like they all know how to do it. That's just pure fiction.


Socialize with immigrants/poors. Work in the construction, and make contacts.

Is there no construction work at all where you are?


That's retarded. Alone, you're feeble. You should always socialize, even if it's not for real, just because it could blow black to you.

The guy in the war in eastern europe was clear: The lone wolf were all killed/stolen from.

You can't survive alone. Expect to have real communities back when SHTF. Don't forget that this very selfish society is possible because it's easy to live in it, only with the help of government that gives you services impersonally.

I mean, just try to build a house alone. Now do the same with 4 peoples helping you.


Saving this. There was a ted talk about this very thing, in relation with addiction.

727a9b  No.12112142


Worse than a nigger.

022180  No.12112165

File: cea954d4e26c6c7⋯.png (733.96 KB, 783x693, 87:77, cea954d4e26c6c70b910d5cbd2….png)


>Do you guys welcome dykes


3d9a45  No.12112180


>please redpill me on dental/mouth hygiene

For the love of all that is holy, do not use toothpaste that contains fluoride. It's poison.

-calcification of the pineal gland

-fluorosis of teeth and bones, which can then cause osteoarthritis and bone cancer

-thyroid damage

-neurological issues, including lower IQ

-arteriosclerosis and arterial calcification

419ee3  No.12112218


>posting The Fridge

uncalled for, bro.

uncalled for.

one spoiler is not enough

727a9b  No.12112235


Fuck off. You don't belong here, CIA nigger.

419ee3  No.12112251


that's harsh, man

I'm not CIA, I'm Dr. Pavel

727a9b  No.12112278


'Sup, CIA nigger?

e2c155  No.12112302

Why not call it the self improvement eternal general? /sieg/

419ee3  No.12112348


somehow you saw through my ruse

but getting caught was all part of my plan

2e2bfd  No.12112357

File: 8533d323a1e968b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8814f60e9b4ea7f3e3a0ae3ee0….jpg)

4cea67  No.12112382


This right here friends is all the motivation one needs to get off their couch and lift some fucking weights. This boy-ish looking ham beast could be the only spouse you get if you don't take action today.

419ee3  No.12112392



>sweet jesus what is that thing


>PTSD from a 2 second glimpse of pure hell

>quickly looking through phone book for a whale exorcist

>none to be found

>goddammit atheism i need that exorcist NOW

>no cleansing divine cure for whatever that horrible creature is

>instead I will gouge out my own eyes like my based hetero samurai forefathers

>fork through eyeballs will cleanse me of the nightmare

>oh god no it didn't work

>also fork is stuck

>oh god no the images are there forever

>they're burrowing in my brain like a satanic botfly larva

>I just came here for the lulz and now I'll never kek again

>writing this from the garage

>garage door is closed, car is running

>feeding my head into a wood chipper for good measure

>goodbye cruel world, you super suck

>grzzztttaaazzzzzzzggzzzztttt aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

f7f6c0  No.12112438


>Stop consuming excessive amounts of carbs and fast food.

There is nothing wrong with "carbs". Fast food is bad because of the unsaturated fats.

>Have a glass of good wine, no cheap shit.

The price of wine is completely irrelevant. Wine snobs can't actually tell the difference in double blind taste tests.

> Eat fish.

Fish are full of toxic unsaturated fats, do not eat fish. This myth comes from lies about various flavors of chink that eat a lot of fish and "are way healthier than us", but they were never actually healthier, it was simply anti-white propaganda.


727a9b  No.12112502

Observe, gentlemen, this is a genuine, certified by Kek, authentic CxIxA post:


Note how there is a limitless arrogance. That arrogance they never learn to hide, not in a million years.

They're incompetent, they're stupid, they're slobs. They think it's the fucking Russians who figure them out jejj. It's their own cockiness which is precisely their primary tell, yet it is also their identity, and they cannot leave hold of it!

7e5d14  No.12112662

File: 30f88f09f0a92bd⋯.png (22.45 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, 1535424942288.png)


>That's retarded. Alone, you're feeble. You should always socialize, even if it's not for real, just because it could blow black to you.


nothing is more important than friends.

nothing has made me feel more isolated as a dyke than the fact that anyone who wants to prepare for this kind of thing wants me dead. If you don't have that handicap and you ignore networking you are a level of idiot there aren't words to describe. I mentioned before that you should be wary of militias and other groups because of (((infiltration))) but you can't just ignore this need and call it a wash. Even if you're criminally undermanned you need at least a hand or two full of people to even subsist.


We're all thinking it, cmon, we don't need it to be spelled right.



I guess I'm fortunate enough to have a shitty internet connection then.


>there's nothing wrong with carbs

carbs are bad because they are empty. They don't add anything. carrots, fruit, vegetables? they might be worth the sugar. bread? much as I love bread, there's nothing actually in it you can't get somewhere else for less of the shit that kills you.

>fish aren't healthy

this is hilarious, where do you want us to get our omega 3's if you don't want us to have unsaturated fats?

>price of wine

the main use of buying more expensive wine is to avoid idiots cutting it with rubbing alcohol. Once you're sure you aren't drinking a spray of pesticides and isopropyl in every glass this is basically true though.


The number of replies about garbage topics, including my identity, shitty memes, and a lack of any focus on productivity by the faggots doing it lead me to believe that is such.

At least that one guy is lifting the fear away

4cea67  No.12113057


You are literally pretending to be multiple people in this thread to fit in. You need to FUCK OFF. I'll keep shitting this thread up calling you a fucking queer who needs to an hero every time. You're not edgy or cool for being here, you're a fucking loser who needs to either have some white babies before your eggs dry up or jump off the nearest cliff.

4cea67  No.12113072


Also, did you report the anon who said he was gonna rape you straight?! Bipolar and a coward.

2b9c12  No.12113117

File: 839565b2a88aa60⋯.jpg (681.75 KB, 1600x2379, 1600:2379, 1458201833698.jpg)

Black pills can GTFO.

One going to one and done this thread because there is nothing to be gained from engaging with bots, shills, or "human" beings who more or less amount to bot-shills. Real human beans will read this and get my testimony.

>body weight exercise


>morning person

>shower daily

>teeth care daily (brush, floss, rinse with alcohol)

>avoiding carbs

>fast food is slow poison

>eating fruit

>eating meat and animal fat

>trad wife homeschooling my boys


>stockpiling resources (food, water, ammo, medical supplies, camping gear, bug out gear)

>no fap

>no crime

>love outside, sunshine

>quit cigs years ago

>quit (((media))) years ago

I'm not 100% there, but lemmie tell ya, fucking feels good, lads. The only thing I have to add to this is follow a spiritual path, read the bible, go to church, engage with God.

5c191f  No.12113521


>There is nothing wrong with "carbs". Fast food is bad because of the unsaturated fats.

Read the post again, it says 'excessive carbs'. The western diet is based on the (((food pyramid))) which grossly over estimates the amount of carbs you should eat. Carbs are not evil, but we eat too much and not enough animal fat. Your ancestors survived for millennia almost entirely on animal fat and protein.

>The price of wine is completely irrelevant. Wine snobs can't actually tell the difference in double blind taste tests.

Its worth paying more for a decent wine that came from non-GMO grapes that aren't sprayed with pesticides.

>Fish are full of toxic unsaturated fats, do not eat fish. This myth comes from lies about various flavors of chink that eat a lot of fish and "are way healthier than us", but they were never actually healthier, it was simply anti-white propaganda.


Your intake of fish should be limited due to heavy metals and mircoplastics, but they are the best source of omega-3.

bed44f  No.12115981

How do I kick my trap addiction? It's all I've been fapping to.

3172a5  No.12116057

File: 15723a67cc02b50⋯.png (672.07 KB, 847x445, 847:445, put a tarp down bro.png)


Delete your porn. Now. Then nofap for a year, no excuses, no compromises.

Or Pic related. Either way works.

bed44f  No.12116303


Nofap is pretty hard to do. Is there a way to distract myself or at the very least fap to vanilla porn l? I haven't lost my attraction to real girls.

4bbf55  No.12116313

What a CIA post looks like:


4bbf55  No.12116316


That's a CIA agent planting "mindfuck" thoughts of suicide in if-then pairs 8^)

It's pretty typical for dudes to fap at least a little bit, so it's an inevitable "unwanted thought" to later reemerge. A kill move. CIA stuff. They kill white people, every chance they get.

f44228  No.12116430

File: dee6d4b64132e5c⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0725.JPG)

Leaving this here as a reminder and a bump! I'm not at my computer but I want to talk about the toxicity of our synthetic fabrics, chemicals in our natural fabrics, and the skin as an organ. I'll touch on the bypassing of the liver which is our greatest filter, and the pathway to the brain. These petroleum based synthetic fibers and chemical treatments are connnected to the oil industry. They produce our toxic plastics too. This is important for health and I hope it can be apart of future OPs. I'll rejoin the thread asap. Heil Hitler.

d285bf  No.12116621


>working this hard to game the system

holy fuck you are the worst person i've ever seen

3172a5  No.12116669

File: cb421a26490169f⋯.png (229.32 KB, 340x482, 170:241, cb421a26490169f17bbda1a90f….png)


>Self improvement is hard

No shit sherlock. Learn to love the suffering.



>That's a CIA agent planting "mindfuck" thoughts of suicide in if-then pairs 8^)

Yeah, you caught me. Dr. Pavel; I'm CIA. Digging in deep with those subliminal psy-op shitposts. Yep. In no way would anyone here ever tell a trap loving faggot to kill himself. Not on /pol/. Kill yourself, you trap loving faggot.

000000  No.12116829



Are you three years old?

He is right, neck yourself.

9ce48b  No.12116869

File: b5dde1a02fae54b⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1696x2544, 2:3, 1460733806579.jpg)

File: 991f8ade5d9a0f5⋯.png (569.42 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1388691083817.png)

File: 996b312c03cbd81⋯.jpg (214.71 KB, 792x732, 66:61, 1388966724779.jpg)

File: a665e7072a9da3d⋯.jpg (38.51 KB, 480x369, 160:123, 1454965066407-0.jpg)


>Socialize with immigrants/poors.

I kind of try, but they shun me because I'm the wrong color and don't share their hobbies. But it's not like I'm invited to their hang out spot ever, I just can stand next to them in gibs lines or gibs spots.


>Work in the construction

I'm gonna pretend for a moment that I know what you mean. I mean I can't use temp hire services because they demand federal citizenship, which as stated above >>12098187 is a problem and otherwise people not only don't hire non-recommended "nobodies" but they especially don't hire strangers without federal credentials.

>and make contacts.

I try but I can't make people irrationally befriend me and I find it absolutly impossible to pretend to be something inauthentic. I may not drop my redpill-spaghetti insulting/offending them but I can't pretend to be interested in their degenerate social activities, and since I don't drink/smoke/sportsball/other degenshit they we can't bond to any way in which would make them care about me or my job (non) status.


>homestead thread

You know I've been to many farm, ranch, and otherwise rural communities over the years and over the many states I've traveled to but thusfar no luck finding one without insufferable people with mental problems and substance addictions.

God help me for I've done all I can to knit one together personally but even gathering the most basic starts of such a thing seems insurmountable. Once upon a time I had 15k worth of silver and a hopeful face looking for land… years later unable to find anything that wouldn't result in obligatory fiefdom to the county or fed without an allodial title to declare proper sovereignty through it would all be for naught without external income to bribe the ZOG military away with lest we get invaded. I've taken to being a vagabond-philosopher.


>working this hard not to feed ZOG

Hows the weather over in the ten mile square?

091cde  No.12117549


>How do I overcome my trap addiction

Purge fapping for good it will make you a man

>muh that's difficult

Well life is a struggle. Self improvement is not easy. If it was everyone would be doing it.

23937e  No.12117697


all really good advice anon. also remember it's not gay to look after your face and skin, use moisturizer. there's nothing worse than seeing guys go into their 20s and 30s with dry skin that wrinkles and makes you older.

try eating organic only, the pesticides, fungicides, herbicides etc are all estrogenic carcinogens. most important is the meat, non-organic meat is fed with soy and frankengraines, not to mention pumped full of antibiotics that you'll be consuming. so organic is important.

same with plastics, avoid as much as you can minimize its use.

learn a martial art, and then another martial art.

weightlifting is good i do it once a week but personally i prefer calisthenics as i feel it's more natural and better for your joints and dexterity, which i do 3 times a week.

avoid sugar, legumes, grains.

even if you're not religious start going to church on a sunday. help out in your community and volunteer for events. not only will you network and meet new people it'll also give you a good name in the community, make you more respectable (and thus your views more respectable, and people to defend you if you're ever doxxed etc)

23937e  No.12117706


i've been in university for two years now and no joke i feel like i've learned more from /pol/ than i have there. some of the arguments i get in with my lecturers, it's like they were all churned out of the same marxist cooker cutter machine. i used to be so degenerate and depressed, i don't know how it happened but /pol/ unironically turned my life around when i was lost, you people were my guiding hand

dbad04  No.12118950

Breadcrumbs of what I know regarding health:

- you should not smoke any amount of anything, that pollutes your lungs forever. Safest amount of drinking is zero but it's much more controllable than smoking


- you should pay attention to your poise, it's the most basic health requirement, both when sitting and standing

- most of humans (short-sleeping people make up an exception) need 8 hours of sleep every day to be healthy, not fulfilling your need has wide variety of health effects. You should sleep in dark room without strong noise

- ventilation quality affects all brain functions and emotions

- you should not be brave about how much cold you can tolerate. Every organism is filled with viruses and bacteria and only your immunity protects you from it. Your immunity depends on temperature - the more the better. There is an illness (name of which I do not remember) which was cured by hyperthermia - infected person was placed into very warm water to get the body temperature up to 42 or so degrees at which point person either died or was cured. Chickens were immune to this disease but only because of their higher body temperature: if chicken is too cold it catches disease as well

- if you want to start jogging

– you should choose the time which you are comfortable with experientally, in my case it certainly was not morning

– there is a technique of running with landing on forefoots, not on hindfoots. I like it very much because you can run on much wider variety of roads even in cheapest footwear, it's much safer for knees in long term, it also feels very inspiring to run that way

- using in-ear headphones causes increased wax secretion and you should consider treating your ears with medical drops if you use them too often

- free-weight strength training is strictly superior to simulator exercises. Using free weights might not give you as pronounced external effect but it's safer, cheaper and gives you much more practical strength as opposed to how much weight you can score at simulator

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavel_Tsatsouline - the author which I recommend

174478  No.12119111

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

masturbation addict here. how do i resist the urge to fap? i havent fapped in a week and i almost succumbed to my urges earlier today. its like these thoughts (thots) pollute my mind like a miasma of death and i cant get them out.

embed not relate but is really good

f8d7e3  No.12119247


Destroy all media, physical and digital, that fuels the addiction. Only use the internet in a public place, like a library. Block internet apps on your NSAPhone.

5d70cb  No.12120144

File: 13dcf58da6ddaa9⋯.jpg (36.99 KB, 600x528, 25:22, 140.jpg)


This should be a laminated wall poster.

ec111f  No.12120234


>finding your wife in a grocery store

How tf do you start talking to a girl in a grocery store romantically lmao??

d285bf  No.12121011


this nigger outright solicited the ACLU, and you're calling me a yid? fuckoff jew

5c191f  No.12123434


Its easy if your not autistic, start up a conversation.

The main take away from that guide is "dont meet your waifu in a club or bar, cause shes probably a hoe"

cd0efb  No.12123545


Do you feel the power, the potential? Yes you do, and you are only at the beginning, and the only thing you need to do to explore it further is to NOT FUCKING RUIN IT.Steel your mind.

827a94  No.12123557


How are these made? Almost seems digits-based but most are too fitting for it to be that.

3172a5  No.12123618

File: f3bb8ccce9bfcd3⋯.mp4 (7.46 MB, 960x720, 4:3, 1451473621660.mp4)

I need some advice from anons with practical financial experience.

I've been a spartan living poorfag for more or less my whole life. After using the money to pay off a few debts and help an immediate family member with a few medical issues I have a couple thousand dollars left over. I realize this is chump change in the grand scheme of things, but I'm not used to having surplus in the first place (at lease in regards to fiat currency), and I want to know the least kiked way I can make this savings grow.

3172a5  No.12123624

File: 517110ba95734f2⋯.png (29.53 KB, 1230x581, 1230:581, Shekel the hedgehog.png)


>I accidentally the sentence with thew context

I came into a small inheritance, was what I meant to open that post with. wew.

cd0efb  No.12123683


Do you have any savings that are not FIAT? Depending on your situation, I would start with that. Economy will crush sooner or later and (((they))) will do it as slow as they can. When economy grows, shares are valuable. when it crashes, metals and now crypto will be valuable, and in between real estate will be valuable. It is a simple pattern after all, and the jews use it.

3172a5  No.12123712

File: c78a490b093ba63⋯.jpg (392.55 KB, 750x617, 750:617, 1454741132699.jpg)


>Do you have any savings that are not FIAT?

Currently, no. I'm pretty much a layman when it comes to financial ideas more complex than converting labor into reichsmarks.

cd9b28  No.12123748


The general idea is to get in the habit of saving via investment that grants return (research the specifics yourself), and investing in larger purchases with greater return. Get in the habit of saving off the top of all income.

If you can stand it, a great investment is to purchase a place to live that you can rent a portion of.

cd0efb  No.12123753


I own some Reichsmark acrually, and they contain silver so they will not lose their wealth. I asked my father to buy it for me when I was a kid in the 90s at a trade fair because I thought it was aesthetic Anyway you have to set goals. I have zero information of what your goals are. Short time investment? Long time investment? You have to know what you want.

b01919  No.12123779


>>12085850 is right, join the military. You need to learn how to fight if you want to survive the Kali Yuga. Ignore >>12086242 and >>12086774, as both dont know what they are talking about. Unless you are a retard and will think of what you are doing, chances of getting your leg blown off goes down drastically. It also depends what coutry you live in, some suck more ZOG cock than others. If you are a burger, join the marines. All other branches fell down into the shitter, but the marines actively tried to hold their level - it still droped, but not as badly as others.

3172a5  No.12123800

File: 6182bd754ac8d4a⋯.jpg (149.71 KB, 523x500, 523:500, pall_adium ingot.jpg)


>I have zero information of what your goals are. Short time investment? Long time investment? You have to know what you want.

Again, I am a simple man when it comes to these issues. The only long term goal I can think of would be the obvious stuff: Land/home ownership, a serviceable stockpile of survival supplies, and a waifu to 1488 with. All the luxuries and hobbies I enjoy are relatively cheap so they are more or less a non-factor.

cd9b28  No.12123806


>Unless you are a retard and will think of what you are doing, chances of getting your leg blown off goes down drastically

The barrier of entry for your brothers in arms.

e0e933  No.12123823

File: 12dfb44bc399c58⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, c22p_foto_01.jpg)


Buy silver rounds,and fill a metal chest that's designed to be picked up with a fork lift,and fill the chest with silver.

My father bought a tool box for his truck. It was designed in such a manner that it was fucking nightmare when he lost the keys to the padlocks. He couldn't fit bolt cutters to cut the locks off.

e0e933  No.12123831


The military is a great idea for advancing careers.

While in high school you could work at a computer repair shop & get certified for computer networks. Then join the military as a computer network technician,and then get out while your peers are still in college & racking up the debt.

b01919  No.12123845

Brothers, I have failed nofap after two weeks, the prolapse came out of nowhere. For those who are new to nofap, beware of women. Even slightly erotic pictures of them will send you to a downward spiral, and once you get there, getting out of it is hundred times harder than preventing it.

For those wanting to know the effects, or so called 'superpowers', they become apparent after 3 days. First off I became more energetic, which meant more activity of everything, physical, social and spiritual. The mind became sharper, taste more pronounced. I have also started to sweat like a pig, side effects of hormones balancing out. Also I have unbottled a lot of emotions out of nowhere, I have cried several times of our Fuehrer and the tragic fate of the Aryan Kingdom, which had to fall. Then came the staring into the abyss, actively looking at the modern society and understanding why it will crash with no survivors. It honestly felt terrible. I have cut my hair to 3mm, helped me with cutting ties with the modern society.

As for reading books, I have started about seven of them, yet only finished one. Currently I like the most Thus Spoke Zarathrusta, it covers a lot about the Overman, the thing we strive to achieve right now. Finished the first book a few days ago. I have also finished the Underground Stereoid Handbook 2. Interesting stuff that might become useful in the future.

For drinking alcohol, I try to be as straight edge as possible. Althrough I had a few drink when my friend came over to celebrate his birthday, I do not like the taste of alcohol. The only thing I like is good, old, dry red wine, and even that I dont drink it. The only thing that bothers me, are psydelics. I want to try them and want to know if the expanding mind meme is really true. Any other anons have experiences with LSD or other simmilar drugs?

I have become a lot more proficient at thaiboxing, I really enjoy it. Weightlifting is also going good, yet I havent been there for 3 days. I need to visit it tomorrow. For meditation, I have only done it twice. It is nice to clear the mind, yet I dont see any improvements as big as semen retention. Maybe I am not getting it, I shall try it more often - every day in the evening and see the results.

d446ba  No.12123912

File: 1c8c539c5b2f89d⋯.jpeg (27.12 KB, 400x388, 100:97, twV-w.jpeg)


>the prolapse came out of nowhere

946065  No.12123937


> under the table work?

work in the back of a restaurant

3172a5  No.12123949

File: a140781119889cc⋯.jpg (55.13 KB, 694x488, 347:244, 1452015467200.jpg)


I like the idea of a good old fashion chest of silver. It satisfies old forgotten fa/tg/uy feels.


>the prolapse came out of nowhere.

Y-you meant relapse… right?

9233dc  No.12123987

File: 9e6b060cfd9fa82⋯.jpg (164.97 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, 1534960145687.jpg)


>the prolapse came out of nowhere>>12123912

66841d  No.12123998

>clean your room, eat healthy, workout, get an education

Easy, did years ago

>read voraciously, learn a language, learn to program

An ongoing process and pretty fun

>get hobbies or something creative, and git gud

A struggle

>decide on a project, follow through and create something

I fail, and it is killing me.

dfeeab  No.12124005



So we want to perpetuate the zog golem by serving in the zog military?

b01919  No.12124006


>Y-you meant relapse… right?

Yeah, mixed up my words. English isnt my native tongue.

18b873  No.12124052

How do I into stoicism? I need to kill the nihilism.

dea7b4  No.12124550


"hey….i um i see you are getting cabbage…i um love cabbages too"

9ab3a9  No.12124753


>Hygiene is important

Instead of using deodorant jew with aluminium salts that make you sterile, just apply baking soda to your armpits, no more than two fingertips of index and middle finger.

7ad718  No.12124862

File: d6fc2712a63119b⋯.jpg (12.9 KB, 200x200, 1:1, DeptofStateFSO.jpg)


>International security

>Federal jobs

Have you thought about working as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO)?






4ac47a  No.12125089


The essence of stoicism is not allowing emotions to compromise objectives.

Figure out some long-term goals and commit yourself to completing the daily tasks required to make those goals the most likely to come to fruition.

If you act like a better person than you are, you'll become a better person.

5c191f  No.12126250


Nice, I never actually knew that. I sweat a lot naturally, so after i stopped using antiperspirant I got moist fast. Ill add it to the SIG template


bd86c9  No.12126548

File: 2ffbb3590ac3693⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 468x487, 468:487, Dedication.jpg)


Your third image is corrupted, reposting a working JPG.

9ab3a9  No.12126554


Baking soda will keep you odorless (but not keep sweat you need to get rid of in your body (like (((anti-PERSPIRANTS))) do) for up to 24 hours

5e8cbd  No.12126555

Went out, got drunk, and fucked around at the bar till 5 in the morning the other day.

Had a full day hangover and now I'm sick and miserable with the flu.

I think I'm committing to one beer a week and a bedtime of 930pm 6 nights a week, 2am 1 night per week.

d93abf  No.12126636

Its been about 3 weeks since i was let go from my retail drone job. Been going mad reapplying to places and trying to relax and finding other ways of income. Had a small amount of cash that i carefully used.

I was at an alcohol counter at a supermarket. Place felt like poison with most coworkers being crotchey white trash thst are degenerate, and a lot of niggers. Thankfully my walk towork was long enough it felt like exercise.

For me finding a waifu might be a challenge but im sticking my neck out there, between the dating pool being mostly dominated by bright haired crazies and mutts, its a real shame to see womyn disrespect themselves and treat themselves like dumb whores. If fighting anarcho communism was a job id be outside everyday fucking up antifas grafitti and members.

1fd24a  No.12127135

File: 26e71f5b9482fdf⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 26e71f5b9482fdf01c27cb43f4….jpg)


>the prolapse came out of nowhere.

5e8cbd  No.12127397

They aren't exactly "mind expanding". They do help you understand a few things about how the human brain works, like how much the way we experience life is influenced by simple things that impact your state of mind like nutrition, sleep, sex, exercise, and so on.

Basic psychedelics you will likely have access too like lsd and psilocybin are certainly an experience, but you aren't going to get much out of them other than maybe shattering every preconceived notion you grew up with and having to reformulate every assumption empirically from the ground up. These psychedelics bring a fair number of anons to pol. A low dose will be like getting drunk or high, but a substantial dose will send you so far out you may not all come back. And it can go on for excrutiating hours. So be careful. The best way to use those substances is to achieve a certain fluidity and connectivity of thought which you can't really describe other than to experience it. Nothing that comes out if this should be taken as real or a revelation, becuase it's just drugs.

The real psychedelics like dmt are really not to be played with. They are real honest to god medicine for your body and mind. They aren't for having fun or for learning, but for fixing physical stress, violently purging toxic crap from your organs, and working through serious issues that are troubling you (which you may be aware of and intentionally wish to fix, or which may be subconscious and only brought to light during the trip). Make sure you have someone with you who knows what they are doing, and I mean someone who has guided people for years, not just some buddy who did it one time.

4cea67  No.12127438


>I think I'm committing to

The language you use already tells me you will not commit to this at all. Either do it or don't. Thinking about or probably will or maybe are the words used by the spineless.


You might be better off going to Church and volunteer groups to meet woman, anon. Online dating is the dumpster fire of a degenerate meat market.

30ac8a  No.12127516

File: 32326791f253d43⋯.png (30.86 KB, 1266x211, 6:1, Tl568.png)


Thanks, good post.

f00a17  No.12128646


Thanks anon, your advice is appreciated.

There was a big part of my childhood growing up that was really dark and depressive, so my brain somehow managed to block off the memories. As a matter of fact, I think I started really living life about 3 years ago.

I am wondering if I will ever be able to get back to those memories and connect the missing link between my early childhood and mid adolescence.

Aso is it even worth for an National Socialist to take drugs like DMT who don't neither have any serious problems, nor they will expect a relevation?

From what I have understood you, LSD is just baby shit and real drugs like DMT should only be used when you really know what you are doing.

4a6483  No.12128718

File: af624dcb300ce39⋯.png (278.87 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, tanned_balls.png)

File: c16e78ae3ba9ce3⋯.jpg (214.57 KB, 720x1016, 90:127, w4.jpg)

File: d80ae702b5dec97⋯.jpg (169.34 KB, 720x1016, 90:127, w5.jpg)

File: e139ad5b5af528b⋯.jpg (181.1 KB, 725x1024, 725:1024, w8.jpg)

Any credence to this new research?

>firing lasers at rat balls increases test production


Should I just mount a grow light under my desk and lightly toast my balls while shitposting?

9cec76  No.12128937

File: cb263e2aeb171af⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 530x444, 265:222, Calcification_humans_2g_1p….jpg)



>Get a tongue scraper too.

>Your tongue should be a nice pink

>. Its not an ancient forgotten secret

No shit fagot it was invented somewhere in the last 10 years, humans have been doing well without it for millenia.

5e8cbd  No.12129950


>Also is it even worth for an National Socialist to take drugs like DMT

If you can work through your issues by other means or grow strong enough to live with your issues, pursue those options first.

And I didn't mean to give the impression that LSD is baby stuff. It is a hell of an experience and its responsible for both many great and wonderful ideas and creations, but also destroying and changing people. Do not take it lightly, and do your research first.

5c191f  No.12132193


Nowhere in the post does it suggest using a fluoride toothpaste you colossal faggot.

>No shit fagot it was invented somewhere in the last 10 years, humans have been doing well without it for millenia

Yeah, and they all had shit teeth that decayed and fell out when they were 30 you dumb cunt

670ab2  No.12132420

I've been using fluoride free toothpaste for the last 4 years now, nonstop, and my teeth are in the same condition they were in beforehand, which is clean and perfect. Never had any issues regarding hygiene or teeth condition during this time, and neither did my dentist notice anything different.

What did change, however, is that this particular toothpaste isn't abrasive like most standard toothpaste brands out there. So I add a little baking soda to it every now and then, otherwise my teeth start to become yellow as the months go on.

Rid yourself of the fluoride jew as much as possible, there's no use for fluoride in the body, and many researches out there point this out.

e06e6d  No.12132656


>Yeah, and they all had shit teeth that decayed and fell out when they were 30 you dumb cunt

That was only after the Industrial Revolution, when traditional diets were abandoned did this happen. Weston A Price went around in the 1930s and found that those societies that were fairly secluded eating the traditional diet had a nice full set of healthy teeth.

fecc07  No.12132784


Eat real food. Nutrition is more than macronutrients. Protein powders are fucking awful for the most part.

Red meat is best. Google "ncbi diabetes nutrient deficiencies" and look at the reports. It's B vitamins, Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and chromium. Red meat has very bioavailable sources of all of the above (maybe not chromium).

Rice and starchy vegetables for carbs. Real fresh bread is fine. Don't eat bread that doesn't go stale in a few days. Don't load yourself with cheap sugars. But most people know and Intuit this.

Besides red meat and starchy plants, there is a wide variety of nutritional needs that are personal. More veggies is not necessarily better if you get plenty of red meat in. Listen to your guts, there is a very thick nerve channel between the gut and brain. You have a primal knowledge of nutritional needs, listen to it.

If you're a white male, your ancestors grew strong killing and eating the ruminants of the forests and plains. Do not be so eager to give that up.

8d8afa  No.12132920


>If fighting anarcho communism was a job id be outside everyday fucking up antifas grafitti and members.


dont let your memes be dreams

be self-employed

000000  No.12132924

Your wife will have social media. I don't think I need to go into any more detail on this.

4f182d  No.12132929


Why would you allow that?

000000  No.12132931


In an age where there is no great struggle; there is no need for anything aside from intellect unfortunately. There is no need for valor or fidelity anymore.

48754e  No.12133830

I just made a Telegram chat for general self-improvement/motivating each other, if anyone is interested:


3172a5  No.12137571

File: f08feba15265dc6⋯.png (212.46 KB, 640x358, 320:179, 657bd12ba1456f5caf5eb1665d….png)

>Page 9


561e5d  No.12137857


Reminder to everyone in this thread to filter TORpedos. This guy has been in several threads now. No one using TOR, a service where the feds control the majority of end points, to access this site has anything worth saying.

Polite sage for off topic

9fed13  No.12138642


Meditations is a decent start point. I like to suggest that because Aurelius wrote purely as a journal for himself and not for publication. Many men should be able to relate to what he writes because he also struggled with the same things.

9fed13  No.12138663


If you sweat a little bit throughout the day just wear an undershirt and stay hydrated to keep cool. I didn’t know about the baking soda thoughmust be aluminum free

8d8afa  No.12138874


> 5

heh fives

be699c  No.12138903



2a972e  No.12138930

cringiest threads on /pol/. why are they even allowed here? i feel like they are made by lefty cuckolds

f7f6c0  No.12140550


>carbs are bad because they are empty

That's a meaningless statement. They provide calories, just like fats.

>much as I love bread, there's nothing actually in it you can't get somewhere else for less of the shit that kills you.

There is nothing that kills you in it unless you are buying soy oil filled crap. Carbs don't kill you, they are fuel to provide your basic cellular energy.

>this is hilarious, where do you want us to get our omega 3's if you don't want us to have unsaturated fats?

You don't need omega 3s. There is absolutely no evidence to support the omega 3 fad. There is in fact no such thing as an essential fatty acid, that lie comes from a single study done in the 1930s, where rats on a no fat diet got sick. The actual problem was that they didn't know vitamin B6 existed yet at that point, and the rats were not given any vitamin B6. Recreating the experiment several times in the 40s and 50s showed the rats were perfectly fine with zero fat once they had vitamin B6.


>Carbs are not evil, but we eat too much and not enough animal fat

No, we don't. Carbs are fine. We eat too much vegetable oil and not enough animal fat. Big difference.

>Its worth paying more for a decent wine that came from non-GMO grapes that aren't sprayed with pesticides.

Except there is no correlation at all, like I told you.

>Your intake of fish should be limited due to heavy metals and mircoplastics, but they are the best source of omega-3.

Omega 3s are not good, they are toxic polyunsaturated fatty acids. They omega 3 fad is purely fabricated to sell a waste product (shitty fish nobody wants to eat can now be ground into paste and processed as an expensive "health supplement"). This is just like how soy and seed oils have been pushed as a health fad despite being bad for you.

3fe145  No.12140654

I thought this nofap bullshit was just a plebbit thing, but its legit hard not to beat it before bed.

3172a5  No.12140858

File: eaf42eb81571d8d⋯.jpeg (25.24 KB, 750x573, 250:191, Pasta la Vista.jpeg)


Funnily enough I'm doing ok with nofap but struggling hard with keto at the moment. I miss italian food more than porn.

e50526  No.12140956

File: 33035d55822b2f9⋯.pdf (205.19 KB, Bas Rutten - Mixed Martial….pdf)

File: ff0935665e3a29d⋯.pdf (2.94 MB, germany_speaks.pdf)

File: 8224b5ba5852a20⋯.pdf (997.57 KB, GET THOGH.pdf)

File: 01670f4fb33bd35⋯.pdf (3.67 MB, How_to_Hide_Anything.pdf)



>this filthy nigger doesn't make his own toothpaste

It's easy as shit you fucking fat ass manlet.

2 tablespoons baking soda, 3 tablespoons coconut oil & 15+ drops of peppermint oil. Stir the coconut oil for a bit so it gets softer, but not liquid. Add the baking soda and peppermint oil. Mix them all together and then put in the fridge to harden up a bit.

b3ec5c  No.12141113

File: a32f0cc41276da8⋯.png (254.1 KB, 454x570, 227:285, coconut head kun.png)


>the prolapse came out of nowhere

One of the more unfortunate typos to have when talking about how you ended your nofap.

4a6483  No.12141157



e8c23f  No.12141238

if you guys want to get into martial arts then come over. >>>/martialart/.


Doesn't fluoride negatively effect sperm production. That's the entire reason I avoid the toothpastes commonly bought at the store. Maybe their is some hippy place that sells no flouride toothpaste.


Egg is really good that is what I have for a majority of my breakfast. Maybe some chicken as well every now and then. Though I agree that jews have infiltrated the food industry and are promoting their toxic products.


Porn on the other hand is mental poison is basically you fucking yourself while you can't resist the urge to fap. Take it from someone who hasn't fapped in a year their is no side effect other than an increased sex drive. If you consider that fapping weakens libido.


Words of wisdom right here. It's surprising how well having the right attitude can affect your way of life.

Would like to address that milk is one of the best things to add to your daily diet it gives you large amounts of calcium and other minerals within it as well. Other dairy products should be on your list as well and Obviously large amounts of meat is a necessity.

6cbe9c  No.12141270


raw milk tho, pasteurized is shit tier

e8c23f  No.12142106


Yeah that's self explainitory. The type of shit they put into the milk is what ruins it.

44a8f0  No.12142911


I don't know myself but I know that it's possible.

Samuel L Jackson used to have a stuttering problem.

So you got it bro!







Avoid fruit.


Start off by having a habit of talking to everyone in your life.

Get to work say hi and good morning to everyone, escalate that to asking about their families, their evenings, their weekends their plans for the night, their plans for the weekends.

Do the same thing to all cashiers, bank tellers, etc.

Once you nailed this, talking to random people will be natural.

Start talking to people in store aisles, lost? need help looking for something?

Don't just focus on QTs focus on everyone, it'll make you a warmer person to be around.







Once you make enough money, buy homes, rent them out to trust worthy people, and have them pay off the mortgage for you, while collecting profit.


Better than paying to learn to be a communist at college.


Thanks bro!


Good leaning forward bro.


see >>12084916 & >>12087435


If it's too hard to take a break from it then you clearly have a problem


Thanks bro.

44a8f0  No.12142917

File: 65f0e04bf77eb93⋯.png (559.53 KB, 720x960, 3:4, JBP.png)

File: 802eec07e2683c4⋯.png (68.52 KB, 629x765, 37:45, Rome.png)

File: 0a2d7c8bcb5ddc4⋯.png (86.4 KB, 686x915, 686:915, Sky.png)

File: 34b95eaa5642ff5⋯.png (75.89 KB, 575x781, 575:781, Sup.png)

File: 79d42e467c743ad⋯.png (858.82 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Wiz.png)

44a8f0  No.12142919

File: c8cc91263ca2f37⋯.png (16.08 KB, 480x346, 240:173, Good Luck.png)

File: 3edc40685e17b64⋯.png (66.33 KB, 720x717, 240:239, LoveYouBitch.png)

File: b75d95e06facbc4⋯.png (41.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Persevere.png)

File: 93e7a8005afb455⋯.png (582.73 KB, 854x960, 427:480, You.png)

44a8f0  No.12142921

File: 4708c31534e87ce⋯.png (519.85 KB, 800x4410, 80:441, Attitude.png)

File: 1a9867a316c911c⋯.png (581.07 KB, 800x4891, 800:4891, Clueless.png)

File: d8ac7df704c916a⋯.png (487.21 KB, 800x4860, 40:243, Early.png)

File: 56df03d9b5e0376⋯.png (467.92 KB, 800x5712, 50:357, Walls.png)

File: a8964a7b7d8afca⋯.png (632.65 KB, 800x6738, 400:3369, Yourself.png)

dd41e3  No.12142933

File: 7eca219a1bcabd3⋯.png (87.22 KB, 947x500, 947:500, amerimutt mods.png)

File: e524f1cf75662ce⋯.png (2.19 MB, 3800x1904, 475:238, amerimutts.png)

Why do niggers wear designer clothes, talk on expensive smart phones, drive luxury automobiles, but live in the ghetto?

Because it's hard to steal a house.

A niglet asks his mammy, "Mammy, what’s a democracy?"

"Well, son," says his mammy, "dats be when white folks works every day so us po’ folks can get all our benefits and sheeit."

"But mammy," says the niglet, "doan da white folk gets all mad bout dat and sheeit?"

"Dey sho do, son. They sho do," says the mammy, "and dats called racism."

What do you call a nigger that eats shit?

A cannibal.

A monkey was swimming in the swamp, when an alligator grabbed him. The alligator said to the

monkey, "today's your lucky day. I'm going to give you a choice. Either I can bite off your tail, or I can bite off your head, which in that case you'll die." The monkey thought for a second, and said, "bite my head off." The alligator said, "maybe you misunderstood me, if I bite your head off, you're going to die." The monkey said, "yea I know, but if you bite off my tail, I'll look like a nigger."

What is the difference between a nigger and used toilet paper?

Used toilet paper did something useful!

How does a nigger momma know when her daughter is on the rag?

Her son’s dick tastes funny.

Why do nigger sows wear high heels?

It keeps their knuckles from dragging across the ground!

e50526  No.12142953

File: 5e0165f8412172a⋯.jpg (205.03 KB, 832x1125, 832:1125, TRAINING.jpg)

File: 78faa919604333b⋯.pdf (3.56 MB, 1430351108733.pdf)

File: f90b02bc7f5cd5a⋯.png (600.67 KB, 764x1332, 191:333, 1423498049682.png)


Hahahah, you tell'em bikecuck.

9d0a33  No.12143196


I think people calling him a cuck was the best thing to ever happen to him, he went full stoicism afterwards, less memey comics too.

dea7b4  No.12143503


My willpower for Keto and no-fap are intertwined. If i fail one i would certainty fail the other in the same day.

f8d7e3  No.12143605








77d93f  No.12143649


It takes a while if your diet is all fucked up which is the most important part.

f8d7e3  No.12143663


>It takes a while if your diet is all fucked up which is the most important part.

Teach me! Diet?

e0e933  No.12143675

Dropped from 227 to 212lbs. Goal is 180lbs.

56a7da  No.12143694

File: 078676ed368e6d6⋯.png (337.04 KB, 604x920, 151:230, Untitled.png)


Are you posting this faggot's shitty comics ironically?

1fcaed  No.12143726


It's clearly ironic.

56a7da  No.12143730


You posted 5 comics without context. How is it clear?

bcca6c  No.12143812


Do you not know how post IDs work?

His comics are actually good.

What this guy >>12143726 was saying is that this picture >>12143694 is clearly ironic, you dumb dumb.

Which it clearly is, SJW stereotypes with a storming background.

e50526  No.12143824

File: 26a76b5a107e633⋯.jpg (400.45 KB, 1126x1001, 1126:1001, fifi.jpg)


7 months, but if you fail once you have to start all over again.

Now can you do it mongrel?

f8d7e3  No.12143839


>Now can you do it mongrel?



>fail once

What constitutes a failure?

56a7da  No.12143847


I saw blue and assumed it was the same guy because I'm retarded

If it's ironic, explain the go-to SJW phrase on his t-shirt. His comics are shit. None of its ironic and everything is the fucking same. Remember his bikecuck comic and how his self-insert was a complete cuck? That's because he's an actual fucking cuck.

f8d7e3  No.12143880


>do it

I just did B, though i did Pushups instead of Pull ups and Seated DB rows, because of lack of gear.

f6185e  No.12143953


I have been taking L-carnitine and apple cider vinegar along with lots of water (Dilute it if it's too much for you that shit burns). I have lost like 20 pounds over the past month or two along with small workouts that I've been adding on to.

21d809  No.12143957


I always try to avoid these threads because I know I will just feel ashamed of myself.

Not today though.

Is it a bitch move to go about it in tiers or does SIG require instant and total compliance to be effective?

I realize what is coming but have not taken the needed steps as I felt I would just take what I want.

I want to change.

77d93f  No.12143982


Eat meat and limit carbs :^)

f6185e  No.12143984


nigger I went from 225 to 310 pounds after taking the black pill now i'm back on the red pill, 20 pounds down back at 290 and i'm still losing weight and gaining muscle.

tiers will lead to success I went from knee pushups to real pushups start easy and it will be hard but when it truly becomes easy add more to your routine but don't over do it. patience is a virtue you have to earn to succeed

if you ever feel down and out know your kin are here lad

5184ae  No.12144024


The most valuable phrase to learn is "You have to learn to walk before you can learn to run.". You not gonna get far trying to lift twice your bodyweight and run 5 miles six times a day to start out. Start slow, then keep gradually increasing.

9ce98c  No.12145359


>explain the go-to SJW phrase on his t-shirt.

It's a generic phrase like his rainbow hair & nose ring

These comics >>12142921 are good, feel free to explain to me otherwise.

He's grown from the bikecuck comic, also he made that with good intentions. He's young, no-one is perfect, we're all following our own paths on this journey

62d464  No.12145480


Maybe i've been successfully programmed, but i was totally expecting a Hitler picture in that locket.

e8c23f  No.12145916


Actually I suggest avoiding peanuts there in the same group as soya. Better safe than sorry.

9ce98c  No.12146035


It'd be a cool edit, but it'd defeat the whole point of the comic…. unlessss you also shop Hitler's face onto Shen's lol

6d8888  No.12146047

I went from 110kg (Sept. 2017) to 84kg (now), for 180cm.

I'm still losing approx 500g per week with keto..

Overall, it is a great improvement but I feel weak.

I think it is time for me to lift now but I don't know where to start.

The only "sport" I'm doing is a daily 20km walk.

Is running beneficial ? How long ? Should I start lifting right now ?

c5b7d9  No.12146072


Fucking trash image. Eat the meat, and make it fatty.

237c51  No.12146199

File: 88c3a04099fbcba⋯.jpg (88.52 KB, 492x508, 123:127, IMG-20180328-WA0002.jpg)


Checked for truth

>wtf have you done to me pol, i want my ignorance back

000000  No.12146214

instagram-tier thread

8d8afa  No.12146234


Wtf 20 km a day?

Thats a lot if you did not know

Thats like marines in afghanistan foot patrols type of distance

Sounds like you are on the right track, if you wanna add to your workout bring a backpack with some weight, up to 20 kilos max i would think

And then you can always start running, doing pushups and pullups, combined with the walks you will be a beast in a year

Dont forget the diet though, bone broths, fermented foods, and organ meats from quality animals are lacking in most people’s diet even though they’re super good for you

Good luck, you are already ahead of most!

881a8f  No.12146257


Disregard this. Running with weight should only be done if you are training to carry weight. Like a fire fighter or a soldier. Generally speaking running with weight puts unnecessary strain on your heart and nothing else.

Try sprinting instead.

5c191f  No.12146680

File: 485d307a64748f2⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 518x3648, 259:1824, 1530513118547.jpg)


>Is it a bitch move to go about it in tiers or does SIG require instant and total compliance to be effective?

If you change everything all at once, you will burn out and fail in a few weeks (or more likely, days).

Pick one thing to change, big or small, and stick with it until it is ingrained as a habit.

I started with being clean. I tidy my room and make my bed every morning. Started doing the laundry more often and started ironing my clothes.

Then I started lifting, then study etc…

Meditation is probably the best starter for discipline newbies because its easy to start, you HAVE to do it everyday, it will naturally build your willpower just by doing it and it gives you so many other benefits.

9ab3a9  No.12146704



Find Aluminium in the following compound NaHCO₃

874532  No.12146766


He grew a pair recently as a consequence of the bikecuck event.

e761af  No.12146973


Good on him. And checked.

ab742a  No.12147561


*cringe* dont be a cuck

5c191f  No.12158986

File: 76a16e3af4c823d⋯.jpg (98.36 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 3356---base_image_4.142427….jpg)

<page 14

bumping with a gym story

>couple nights ago, my gym had the whole squat rack/deadlift platform area roped off

>now this gym has been damn near perfect for me for the last 3 years (despite being a large chain)

>I’ve made all my gains here, there’s always a free rack/bench

>I’m pretty worried as I see workers taking down the racks and removing the platforms

>theres also two brand new treadmills nearby.

>finish my workout and I’m already planning on switching gyms in my head

>I come again the next day and it’s like the gates of fucking heaven

>they installed 6 brand new Olympic platforms and squat racks

>they even connected them all with long bars for pull ups

>theres also brand new colorful bumper plates, kettlebells, and weight clips too

>turns out the new treadmills were for upstairs

feels good man

ab86e0  No.12159066


damn that's good. Any more stuff like this? Particularly stuff about staple foods/meals. Also does anyone know a way to cook rice that doesn't take a shit tone of babying or results in failure 1/3d of the time?


>It's one of the main reasons I see myself taking up arms against the right.

Please explain


Holy shit, that's creative.


Could you explain that picture please? Is there something I'm not getting?

000000  No.12159067


>Could you explain that picture please? Is there something I'm not getting?


018ac2  No.12159137


>Also does anyone know a way to cook rice that doesn't take a shit tone of babying or results in failure 1/3d of the time?

1. Put 2-4 cups of jasmine rice in a large glass or ceramic bowl (preferably one that has a lid).

2. Rinse the rice until the water stops becoming cloudy.

3. Put 2-4 cups of water in the bowl (same amount as the rice).

4. Put the bowl in the microwave with the lid on, but leave a little gap so that the pressure doesn't build up. If the lid doesn't have one of those tabs that opens, then put the lid on slightly askew.

5. Microwave for 5 minutes on 100% power, then 15 minutes on 25-30% power.

>Could you explain that picture please? Is there something I'm not getting?

I don't think there's anything more to it. The humour lies in the absurdity of being teased for having physical possession of the glasses, rather than being teased for needing to wear glasses.

0de8e8  No.12159162


>canola oil

>re branded rapeseed

Aptly named because it rapes your health in many ways.

e761af  No.12159174


If you're going to do it this way, be warned. If you're not careful you'll get a face full of hot steam when you take the lid off.

f29073  No.12159181


that image also recommends splenda, which gives you anal fissures

e761af  No.12159199


Canola, peanut and sesame oils are high in polyunsaturated fat, which causes inflammation and increases the chance of coronary disease. Likewise with peanut and almond butter.

Don't get low fat yoghurt, yoghurt has saturated fats which are required for production of cholesterol and thus testosterone.

You don't need 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. There's no benefit to having any more than 0.8g of protein per pound (1.8g per kilogram).


4018ed  No.12159205

File: df13a58c8b8572f⋯.jpg (44.85 KB, 500x707, 500:707, kaliyuga.jpg)

gais, I have no idea what to self improve now. I joined a local huge event recently, a 10km obstacle course, passed everyone, managed to meet the 7km group, just ran passed them, jumped all the obstacles, splashed water on them to mock them. It was quite great. But basically nearly all things in life are effortless now. I just go by default go into elitism mode. I have to keep finding more rare and obscure groups of people to get that thrill of overcoming them and their standards.

At work I managed to learn a new position well, perform quite great, few if any flaws, try to learn from coworkers and superiors. Been employed for quite some time too normally.

Finances are getting in order too, dont spend recklessly. Got a car, which I may need to tend…but. What the fuck could I be doing else. I am buff, got to 1/2.5/3/3, have zero vices, managed to quit porn completely now, now I only fap to the most obscure things that I see firsthand from real life. Diet is mostly also perfect. I also bully weak people if I can. But also try to keep my own emotions in check (sometimes I think I get into a mania/depression cycle especially if I use phenibutt)

I am not open, not tolerant towards the usual scum of society am open to normal people. Read a nice book of "dangerous personality types" by some liberal faggot, but he highlighted well a few minor deficiencies that we sometimes have, paranoia being one of the greatest problems I have. At least in real life (not everything is jews obviously)

so what now mang

663643  No.12159220


Nigger… A phrase "tits or gtfo" is not to be taken literally. As for your blogpost - asking whether to shove a jew inside of you to "help you focus" answers itself. Fix your life the hard way; shortcuts like these *will* fuck you up in the long run.

cfaeef  No.12159241

File: 318169bf876b30e⋯.jpg (20.74 KB, 130x184, 65:92, 1452787683995.jpg)


>Don't breed with roasties or THOTs, have some respect for yourself. Find a wholesome waifu. Plan a family.

>Thinking that there are any women of our race left that aren't completely degenerated by the current culture

663643  No.12159253


>Being this much of a defeatist

Pathetic. If you can't find one that's perfect immediatelly, influence her and make her perfect with time. Girls are easily moldable if know what you're doing.

f29073  No.12159254


There are - but you won't find them on the internet

4018ed  No.12159255


You know what I hate most about these women is the "I dont have to do any effort, I can just get you by playing tricks on you" kind of attitude. Some of these women, smoke, are overweight, lazy, have little work ethic…completely underdeveloped in many ways…

and then some woman who actually did the self improvement, did the effort, did what many would desire of them…and these shitty women think that there are no levels for them. That they automatically get love and adoration just for "appearing to try"

that is what pisses me off most, that they break the very loose social conventions (which are now less enforced) where they try to get your attention, flirt with you, give you glances or whatever. Even though quite often I just show a "no" body language.

I just wish to tell them "know your place trash"…maybe I should get a shirt of that lol

f29073  No.12159266


>That they automatically get love and adoration just for "appearing to try"

And then nobody gives a shit about them after they are 30-somethings with nothing to show for that love. Sad and an absolute waste. But if you stay out of the major cities it is possible to find a nice girl.

cfaeef  No.12159269


>influence her and make her perfect with time. Girls are easily moldable

They may be, but you are going against huge head wind, in the current year you have poz flowing on women (especially white women) at Niagara Falls rates


Neither in real life, go to any workplace or university campus and you will see nothing but trash in terms of women

fd3b09  No.12159280


You know you could've easily just asked why they're removing the racks and platforms with no assumptions.

Regardless enjoy the new equipment, should be like Christmas morning.

4018ed  No.12159291


Its just so infuriating you know. I have been doing a lot of effort to self improve over many years to be considered a respectable enough human being. I can see similar behaviors of laziness, sloth and decay in these women as I had and I know how much willpower and effort it takes to overcome them. And from data I have seen elsewhere I know that the failure rate is fairly high for those who do try to overcome these things.

So for some reason, some thot who smokes (one of the hardest things to quit for many) thinks that she has a chance with me, and deserves my attention and is in an equal to above tier to me, even when I blatantly said I do not date smokers. She then "quits" for a couple of days (smokes elsewhere where I cannot spot her) and the stares at me as if I am bamboozled by my own logic and now should date her.

This fucking piece of shit nature, behavior…by god it is so infuriating. I have seen other women out there, some middle class, some sporty, some from good upbringings, some from bad who actually managed to do something similar as me. And keep themselves at a high enough level over longer periods of time…YET THESE SHITTY WOMEN DO NOT SEE THESE GOOD WOMEN EXISTING? I just dont get it, just look besides you thot, look at that sporty, funny girl who did the effort, that sometimes passes you by. LOOK AT HER. I WANT HER. NOT YOU. FUCK OFF lol

f29073  No.12159293


>workplace or university campus

Those are not good places to find a woman though, that should be obvious. If you live in a small town (or even a smaller city) try a farmers market, county fair or something like that. My town has events all the time which is how I met my lady.

acda1b  No.12159654


No fap doesn't work.

Find a decent woman and become a man worthy of her, there you will find the strength to start to improve yourself.

Where to find a decent woman? Church.

Not fapping will then be an effect of your improvement. It's the start of a virtuous circle, and the longer you'll stay on the path of vertue the easier it will be and the better it will feel.

Go to church

FInd a woman

Have children

Be a good husband, a good father and a good man, and each day you'll go to sleep with an infinite feeling of satisfaction.

4cea67  No.12159681

File: 462fba8230d18d6⋯.png (217.02 KB, 1204x606, 602:303, 462fba8230d18d6385c1602341….png)


>fap goy, it's good for you

I'm pushing day thirty of no sex and no fapping. My focus and mental clarity is higher than ever, I'm gaining more muscle mass and my T levels sure as shit haven't dropped.

Ask yourself, why do people want you to masturbate so much? What benefit do they get from you blowing your load?

77d93f  No.12159692


>No fap doesn't work.

Prove it. Show us that abstaining from orgasm and ejaculation has the same physiological effect on someone who does every day.

>Where to find a decent woman? Church.

This is a meme.

3172a5  No.12159833

File: 9dee95800ffe993⋯.jpg (81.33 KB, 1200x633, 400:211, 54849caa0278f112c9372f8d5e….jpg)


>An internet faggot learns his lesson instead of doubling down into lolcowhood

Well, don't see that every day, now do you?

d103cf  No.12160077


You don't by any chance own a swastika chair in Hillsboro, do you? Because that would be some serious meme magic if you did, Lel.

f1746d  No.12160228


A good woman is a great source of motivation. Find someone who is worthy of your companionship and you'll make an effort to be a better man. Find someone with old fashioned parents who was raised right people.

f848ae  No.12160275


The burden of proof is on you. You must prove that nofap works.

From what I've seen, it can have benefits if you have some willpower, otherwise you'll just cuck yourself by making yourself dependent on femoids for a release, and become a thirsty beta orbiter.

4cea67  No.12160321




>(1)'s and a torfag

The lesbian is back talking to herself.

57105d  No.12160361


There is some truth in this. If youre at risk of becoming a beta, fap but NEVER to porn. Take away porn and you'll fap like once a week

I think if you do nofap long enough you won't even think about getting a release, but I've never gone that long without finding a way to get sex

16d52c  No.12160441

Here's some help I stumbled upon the other day. If you take the time to master the content of these pdf's you might actually have a fulfilling and meaningful life.

16d52c  No.12160443

File: bd06e269aa6c988⋯.pdf (227.41 KB, shogun-method-fractionatio….pdf)

File: 5f4a04910c305d5⋯.pdf (1.32 MB, shogun-method-rollercoaste….pdf)


1. Fractionation

16d52c  No.12160453

File: f95362922b8e498⋯.pdf (409.58 KB, shogun-method-module-1.pdf)


2. Three Preconditions

16d52c  No.12160460

File: 00f5aa11b6d2c94⋯.pdf (693.39 KB, shogun-method-module-2.pdf)


3. Flaws in the female mind

16d52c  No.12160467

File: 40ed342294ef94b⋯.pdf (369.2 KB, shogun-method-module-3.pdf)


4.The IRAE model

62d464  No.12160468

Is there any pre-packaged beverages safe to drink? Can't drink diet soda because chemicals and aspartame, can't drink normal sodas because carbonated water and high fructose corn poison, can't drink flavored waters because artificial sweetener and other bullshit in them. Is anything safe? I'm down to those Lipton pure-leaf teas. I just need something to grab during break that isn't chlorinated water.

33c6d5  No.12160471


Hey anon,

You have nailed down all of the personal stuff perfectly. I'd suggest you start spreading your message of success to other people.

This might be in the form of writing a book, do some sort of podcast or even start a small side-hustle along your work. Whatever it may be, as long as it something that you have created with your own hands.

16d52c  No.12160473

File: 340c53e03d9e698⋯.pdf (573.08 KB, shogun-method-module-4.pdf)


5. Intrigue

16d52c  No.12160482

File: bbc17c3a740c4e7⋯.pdf (727.84 KB, shogun-method-module-5.pdf)


6. Rapport

16d52c  No.12160489

File: 9a5b77fbb3e9e9e⋯.pdf (724.95 KB, shogun-method-module-6.pdf)


7. Attraction

16d52c  No.12160495

File: eceedbc70b2782a⋯.pdf (518.42 KB, shogun-method-module-7.pdf)


8. Enslavement

16d52c  No.12160507


You will never be lonely ever again, unless you purposely choose to live a life of solitude.

a187a8  No.12160758

File: 8cea76b8af08b17⋯.png (360.36 KB, 500x322, 250:161, Embrace Pain.png)

5c191f  No.12162356


Carbonated water isn't really all that bad, theres nothing in it other than CO2. Make your own soft drinks with it.

>orange juice + sparkling water

>sugar free cordial + sparkling water

shits delicious man

881a8f  No.12162452


Powerlifting has seen a surge in popularity recently. Women like it because they get big asses and men like it because they turn into bears that can eat whatever they want.

5c191f  No.12162597

File: 92d80a6660e19e7⋯.jpg (443.46 KB, 1000x689, 1000:689, Index.jpg)



just realized you might not know what cordial is, its another name for juice squash

5822ba  No.12162656

>>12160443 Hey anon,

In the first chapter he says

>>“The human is hard-wired with the natural instinct to despise

direct commands issued to the

brain. If you want someone to

do your bidding, this

tendency to reject direct

commands must therefore be overcome. As such, you must present

the command subconsciously so that it is accepted without

resistance before the brain has time to process the command and

reject it.”

and then says

>>…that you should never talk about the Shogun Method™

with anyone outside the community that you’re now part of.

lol wot ?

3d3c63  No.12162711



I only need ammo.

Others will give me the gold and silver, if it has any value in the future.

f7f6c0  No.12162890


> can't drink normal sodas because carbonated water and high fructose corn poison,

Perfectly fine. I get that retards have latched onto "omg sugar r poizan u guiz!!111" when they found out saturated fats are actually good, but how stupid do you have to be to think carbonated water is harmful? Sugar is fine, it is unsaturated fats that are the problem. This is why ketard diets work when they are based on meat/dairy and don't work when they are based on nuts/seeds.

8d8afa  No.12163003


jews and their fans, neo-jews that call themselves christians, deprive pleasure from the suffering of others

they want everyone weak of body, mind, and spirit, this makes them easier to enslave but also simple sadism

cc82c6  No.12163241

I remember a passage from "Ecce Homo" where Nietzsche described how he could "smell" decadence. Seems like a good instinct to nurture.

edc118  No.12163517

File: 9b2b1e9d4e46c08⋯.jpg (16.76 KB, 200x379, 200:379, 200px-Rodin_The_bronze_age….jpg)


Hey Bros,

What are you current goals?

Mine are;

>Study hard in college, trying to get a good final year grade.

>Get a girlfriend

>Improve my 2 mile run time

>continuing weightlifting 3 times a week (been doing it a year)

>Lower BF% down to ˜14% BF.

Beyond that, aiming to keep some good pre-existing habits going such as meditating daily and ready for an hour before bed.

One thing I'd add to this discussion, in my personal experience aiming to not fap at all is a bad idea. If you don't fap for too long you'll stop producing sperm and actually lower your T. Try to masturbate once or twice in the same day once a week. Generally, T peak's a week after not fapping (the most frequently you fapped before you stopped, the higher the peak).

Just fap on saturdays, no porn imo.

ba1745  No.12163841


>Samuel L Jackson used to have a stuttering problem

Well, I'm not him kek. This stuttering is really causing me a lot of distress. Anyone else have tips?

edc118  No.12164163

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My suggested to the solution to the stuttering problem is the alexander technique.

The alexander technique is essentially a system of physical discipline which revolves around keeping good posture. It was invented by an australian actor in the 1900s named F.M. Alexander as he kept stuttering and losing his breathe while acting. By studying himself in front of two sets of mirrors for scores of hours he discovered that it was caused by a tensing of his neck.

Hear me out by watching the first 15 minutes of this documentary.

I'm only getting into it recently, but it's markedly improved my energy and Joie de vivre.

If you're interested, get the book "body, breathe, and being".

c486a3  No.12164224

File: f14044ad9b0e03c⋯.jpg (103.79 KB, 800x550, 16:11, Antonio-Carluccio_1.jpg)


>Study hard in University and get good results

>Exercise to improve fitness and gain more muscle


>Read more

>Get a gf

We can do it lads

e59a31  No.12164277

File: e672be012bc0864⋯.png (20.04 KB, 90x100, 9:10, mark bowlcut_small.png)

ba1745  No.12164373


So, if i keep good posture, then my stutter can be taken care of?

273c97  No.12164542



I tried no-fap for a while, had great results, but my best results were when I did it in weekly stages, and the a day or two of a relapse. My libido was so fucking strong after doing that, I was actualy walking up to cute girls i had never met and starting conversations. Shit was so cash.

3172a5  No.12165156

File: b9edb18e7e1449c⋯.png (89.94 KB, 255x255, 1:1, lit.png)


I say it all the time, but never underestimate the value of disposable lighters in a shtf situation. Fire will be right up there w/ ammo, medicine and food for most sought after resources. Pick up some wholesale if you haven't already

818a01  No.12165158


>, no porn imo.

porn causes brain damage and must be entirely avoided

bd49d2  No.12165164

File: cdf3e4bbe6df93b⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 381x381, 1:1, falange .jpg)

Just got done with boxing, now about to shower, and hit the gym to do back day. Going to read my 30 pages when I get home tonight, NOT whack off, then go to sleep for school tomorrow.

What about you, anon?

7f2787  No.12165516





Anon, you da real MVP, been looking for Derek Rake's stuff for a long time, yet torrents nor plebbit seemed to help.

161f7f  No.12166187


can anyone confirm the usefulness or validity of this method?

i dont exactly want to enslave someone but this book makes it seem like its the only way, probably to sell the book

4cda93  No.12166305

File: c822bd2a27d492d⋯.jpg (63.34 KB, 638x359, 638:359, health-benefits-by-using-c….jpg)

File: af34acb98df0323⋯.jpg (104.11 KB, 638x493, 22:17, cow-protection-2-638.jpg)

File: 2ae6b8e664c67e6⋯.jpg (50.95 KB, 536x695, 536:695, d8469c7ace57f28e2ac6df90c4….jpg)

File: bb3a874a4100b48⋯.jpg (118.31 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

File: 6a3ec53e3622538⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 638x479, 638:479, namo-gobhyah-all-glories-t….jpg)


Listen to or read the words of Prabhupad or Christ as a form meditation or chant praises to god. Also if you try to become self sustaining, you'll become fit in the progress.

Sharing some Vedic quotes about Cows because oxen will till your farmland and cows will give you milk, butter and cheese.

Good luck to you all, and remember Rome wasen't built in a day.

4cda93  No.12166310

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5b58f5  No.12166976

File: 0b59dedf579818f⋯.jpg (63.67 KB, 429x593, 429:593, 0afba7212dadc067808a8752d9….jpg)


Become Der Fuhrer.

77d93f  No.12166977


Buy land nigger. Start a trailer park for low income whites, uplift them.

67a987  No.12166984


What I can tell you is that the concepts are very valid when talking about the Enslavement part, Enslavement/Black Rose Method is pretty much a form of hypnosis called synesthesia.

There is evidence of such stuff working, you can just go on /hypno/. Warning, as the stuff there is highly cancerous, but serves as evidence that the concepts are true.

000000  No.12167092

How the fuck can I retain what I read? I seem to forget the words I read 1 minute after I read them…

000000  No.12167096


I recognize some methods from there that work in marketing. But it seems like basic stuff, seduction methods a natural would have.


>as the stuff there is highly cancerous

What do you mean by that?

2f1f19  No.12167240


Controlling primordial urges separates men from animals.

6d880f  No.12167246


Are you stressing youself about not remembering the exact words or are you not even retaining the basic concept of what you read? If you want to remember as much as possible you should maybe summarize every chapter. To fully understand a book you'll probably need to read it more than once. It's sometimes helpful to read other works that are somewhat related (or from the same author), so you'll know more points of view. You might also just improve your retention by just reading more.

8d8afa  No.12167356


you have improved yourself

now it is time to improve the world

7f2787  No.12167514


It's a major reason why sissy men who are cross-dressing exists. Also a significant contributor to self-hatred towards being male.

4cda93  No.12167742

File: 8e9eff3479e3650⋯.png (479.08 KB, 730x580, 73:58, vedicculture.PNG)

File: 1240b8ed0c5c9b1⋯.jpg (195.13 KB, 980x783, 980:783, _Large__Cycle_of_4b7844000….jpg)

File: a7490ad67d3791e⋯.png (253.27 KB, 602x602, 1:1, main-qimg-1b77b2f4da9f82d8….png)

File: 90c66a6b2c682dc⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 737x521, 737:521, 21Srimad_Bhagavadgita_Quot….jpg)

File: 8bcb47f2a60c0e9⋯.jpg (844.34 KB, 1000x1347, 1000:1347, hitler_predicted_prabhupad….jpg)

237c51  No.12168011


>Finished class

>went to gym

>had a shower

>going to eat healthy

>prayer later

>read my studies and 20 min philosophy or new language

>get 8 hrs of sleep

31060d  No.12168037


Yes, or at least there's a decent chance it will.

Deep seated psychological issues may be another root cause.

c1a913  No.12168042


>Any other anons have experiences with LSD or other similar drugs?

I've taken it so many times now I can't count, mostly at lower doses these days, but occasional heavy trips as well.

Although it is mostly used as a recreational drug it is also therapeutic and many users report having intense spiritual experiences on it.

LSD fixed my long standing depression in 1 night, the stuff was used in therapy in the 1950's before it was banned, it is amazing powerful stuff.

Having said all that, it is a good idea to thoroughly research before taking it and understand that there can be negative consequences, especially at higher doses.

The most important thing is making sure you are in a positive frame of mind as you take it and are somewhere safe.

If anyone else is with you, make sure they are someone you trust 100%, not someone who might decide to fuck with your head for amusement.

You could also take 500mg - 1g phenibut a few hours before you trip, it should lower any anxiety and put you in a sunny mood.

<also you can keep vitamin B3 handy as an emergency abort method if things get too much, but this is not always 100% effective.

I have had bad trips, and they can be terrifying, it can feel like you have gone mad in hell, but usually the worst part is over in less than an hour, and then it's back to the good stuff.

When negative thought loops happen, it's often an attempt at a psychological purge, working through unconscious issues that you may have buried in the previous years/ months/ weeks.

For instance an insecurity you have might be amplified to the point that you think you are completely irredeemable but once you have been forced to look at it enough to understand it and accept it and determine to work on it, you can move on.

It is cathartic, when I said I cured depression in a single night, that was not a fun trip for the most part.

It was hours of madness and fear, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and the next day I was reborn without the unconscious baggage that had been weighing me down, I felt completely renewed.

If you start having a bad time or get caught in a negative thought loop just keep reminding yourself that this will pass and you will be stronger when you come out the other side.

Oh, and make sure what you are taking is definitely LSD, there are substances sold as LSD that are in fact highly dangerous at higher doses, be careful.

I hope I have given a fair balance of the downside and the upside, for me it is the greatest drug there is and nobody should go to their grave without experiencing it at least once.

94d54e  No.12168048


>dean of engineering is an abbo

>all the professors are jokes except Tesla and anyone I don't recognize

How was this created?

e9c58b  No.12168053

how can i purge my mind of the pornographic jew? listening to wehrmacht and SS marching songs 24/7?

59c88c  No.12168059

So what do i eat, if im allergic to fruit and vegetables? Im not fucking with you. Any time i consume straight fruit or veggies, my esophagus swells, painfully. Ive not had issues with the few fruit juices i drink. But if all i can eat are meat, grains, and dairy (to an extent), how do i make up for the lack of fruits and vegetables?

5c191f  No.12168083



I dont want to encourage drug use because degeneracy, but my experience with DMT changed my life. Instantly sent from a nihilist to having strong spiritual beliefs, truly an awesome experience.


Keto diet. The animal fat and red meat version, not the veggie nuts and seed version. It works wonders for autoimmune disorders and allergies.

c1a913  No.12168100


best thing is to just have no calories until lunch and no calories after 6 or 8pm

you could still drink black tea or coffee if you needed an energy boost

see how you go with that, and if you are good, try extending the period of no calories as far as possible

you don't need to watch more videos, just try it and see how you go

5b58f5  No.12168163


Do not remain idle. Not having time is the best way to combat bad habits.

5b58f5  No.12168164


Eat meat like humans are supposed to.

c1a913  No.12168166


>Is semen retention necessary if I'm engaged? I like having sex

Learn to come without ejaculating

Daoists have been doing it for millennia

ba1745  No.12168213


Like what?

ba1745  No.12168220


>bully weak people if i can


4018ed  No.12168249

File: 7392f3f1e76f7b8⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 311x311, 1:1, 1528710687865.jpg)


I also made sure to "collect all the steps I have taken to reach this" as I wanted to educate others. I think I can do it now. But beyond that, I have no idea where I should find and entry, and to what.



im split between dedicating my time to money, women or something else. I am also in a bunch of different sport clubs. Doing a weird paleo training thing.


because of the bad choices that they purposely make. And keep on making, if nobody holds them accountable to these choices…well. Why cant I be that person who does?

so in general, I think I can go anywhere and everywhere. Try out local politics perhaps. Try to focus on getting to a higher wage scale. Try to learn more about women and also how to reach, and connect to people better. I have a limited amount of time, and focus as we all have. I can only learn and engage in limited things. Books are great for a more speedier experience tho. NLP, some social dynamics crap (like the game theory), Machiavelli, tsun zu etc. Many such authors. Many perspectives to get advice from. A thousand options offered to me over the years by you guys on the chans, and I have tasted, nibbled and just gorged myself on most of them already lol.

59c88c  No.12168389


Got an infopic or do i need to go sift through 4/fit/?

And i fucking hate fat, and have a problem where with beef (thats not ground) i just keep chewing and it never feels 'ready' to swallow. Aside from not being a little bitch, how do fix that?

7913c0  No.12168529


Three step process:

1) Create a strong aversion to porn: Visualize a disgusting Jewish porn merchant and whores laughing at you for consuming their filth every time you think of watching porn or letting your mind remember porn you've watched. Feel anger and disgust. You don't want to make the porn Jew happy do you? This should be all the aversion you need to break the porn Jew spell.

2) Create clearly defined positive habits for your free time: Set goals for the week in all the important areas of your life. Write them down and break them down into to-do lists. Choose something from the list whenever you have free time.

3) Give yourself a rewarding positive reinforcement with something for choosing self improvement over the porn Jew. Something simple and wholesome and healthy.

So when that pornographic Jew comes calling just go through all three steps in order. Visualize aversion, proceed to doing something towards your weekly goals. the give yourself a simple reward. It will work. I guarantee it.

bd49d2  No.12168572


And make sure to eventually have a large family.

c486a3  No.12168707

File: a8baef18652bf89⋯.jpg (78.98 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-far-better-it-is-to-….jpg)

"The men of the present, to whom my heart once drove me, are strange to me and a mockery; and I have been driven from fatherlands and motherlands.

So now I love only my children's land, the undiscovered land in the sea: I bid my sails seek it and seek it.

I will make amends to my children for being the child of my fathers; and to all the future - for this present.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

161f7f  No.12168746


>can be in a relationship for years and somebody enslaves your gf

is there any escape from this evil?

so i basically have to enslave a girl to get loyalty?

9bded5  No.12168763

>tfw inferiority complex flares up whenever I try to learn anything, particularly german or figure drawing

>moreso in german because i'm only half german on mom's side and I don't want to feel like some ignorant outlander/retard

>frequently zone out of whatever i'm doing to reflect on all the different times I got told off and left to dry after I fucked up and slow down whatever i'm doing

>nothing else pervades me like the feeling of being too shit to fit in which leads me to break down

Any help?

c23422  No.12168939


Go on youtube or read some articles.

There are other sites besides this one.

You can also look into the carnivore diet.

7b7686  No.12168944

File: 705594ef2558c87⋯.jpeg (109.04 KB, 550x806, 275:403, 4C364075-A180-4D03-B9FD-E….jpeg)

Are there any good programs for learning the piano and to read music while I save up for a real piano? I’d like to get to the point where I could compose my own music and use that as a bit of a creative outlet instead of just wasting my free time unproductively. I feel like I’m getting a late start in life trying my hand at this, but it’s still something I’d like to pursue.

ba1745  No.12168946


Define “weak.” What constitutes a weak person to bully in your eyes

c486a3  No.12168998

File: 30b19b4a311cfb1⋯.jpg (112.71 KB, 1200x640, 15:8, Quotation-Marcus-Aurelius-….jpg)

File: 00acd3d7b88d68c⋯.jpg (14.31 KB, 664x267, 664:267, If-thou-art-pained-by-any.jpg)


You have to persist, no matter how hard it may be. If you act as though you were a genius and king of the world, you'll begin to feel better about yourself.

If there's a specific person or thing in your life that you think might be the cause (or partial cause) of your inferiority complex, take a stand. Either confront them, or affirm to yourself persistently that you will no longer allow yourself to feel this way.

In general, start doing things that would normally be outside your comfort zone, imagine all the things you've been holding back from doing and just do them (within reason obviously).

Cultivate a positive mindset based upon success rather than failure. Visualise your end goal - for instance, fluency in German - and work towards it happily with an unquestioning enthusiasm and persistence that this goal will be reached. Disparage negative thoughts of failure, which lead to self sabotage.

I had the same thing to near suicidal levels, it can be overcome, but there's no magic potion you can take - you have to be patient, it's not easy.

>Stop Masturbating

>Stop smoking weed

>Stop spending all your time online

>Start reading seriously

>Go out of your comfort zone in social situations

You can do it, I know you can. No matter how impossible it may seem.

5c191f  No.12170189

File: ee1b1493de57b52⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 800x392, 100:49, low-carb-guide-2-1.jpg)

File: 9172c65d4e694b7⋯.jpg (34.76 KB, 800x386, 400:193, keto-diet-guide-avoid.jpg)

File: 8e3beb2f5ac1ef9⋯.jpg (13.57 KB, 800x251, 800:251, Keto-diet-drinks.jpg)


>Got an infopic or do i need to go sift through 4/fit/?

I haven't been to half chan /fit/ for a long time, and back then it was generally accepted that the board has gone to shit.

>And i fucking hate fat, and have a problem where with beef (thats not ground) i just keep chewing and it never feels 'ready' to swallow. Aside from not being a little bitch, how do fix that?

Cook all your food in lard (tallow), butter or olive oil.

Eat lots of red meat, whole eggs, and double (heavy) cream.

Eat lots of green veggies, no potatoes I'm afraid.

The only dipping sauce you can eat is mayo (high fat content).

An example of my daily meals on keto were:

Breakfast: Keto Coffee (Just a regular home brewed coffee with 30mL of double cream). Add splenda if you like.

Lunch: Ground beef (with some spices, paprika and cumin is good), steamed broccoli/spinach/kale with olive oil & balsamic vinegar drizzled on top.

Snacks: Peanuts/almonds (not cashews), fat bombs (make them out of coconut oil and unsweetened cocoa powder)

Lunch: Any red meat, any green veggie etc…. (You get the idea, there are shitloads of keto recipes online)

A common misconception with keto is that carbs are banned, this is not true. You can eat some carbs, but not a lot. The generally accepted limit is 50g per day.

Make sure your eating lots of salt and drinking lots of water, research keto flu.

All of this information is easily found with a quick google search.

Don't try to weigh macros out perfectly at first. Just concentrate on eating keto, rather than hitting macros. You'll be surprised at how many carbs are in everyday meals and how scarce fats are these days.

16d52c  No.12170386


If you just want to fuck her, you can stop at Attraction, but if you want to have her as your girlfriend or wife, and have a large family with her, Enslavement is the only way to get her loyalty, and maintain it. Women don't know what they want, so it's your job to covertly tell them.

000000  No.12170389


I don't remember the exact words. I remember the concept but can't put it into words, or if I try to explain the concept I will use basic words.

44450f  No.12170417


>lower calorie

>gives you energy

psa: calories = energy

6d880f  No.12170427


> I remember the concept but can't put it into words, or if I try to explain the concept I will use basic words.

Explaining stuff is the best way to learn it, so you should just keep trying, even if you use "basic" words.

6d880f  No.12170485


>dean of engineering is an abbo

They invented the boomerang and therefore they are specialists in aerodynamics.

4018ed  No.12170539


Weak genes (not a deal breaker though), weak willpower, shitty non volkish nature, no ability to resist temptations, helps to propagate evil to others, and to himself. Or just women in general…hehe.

I would rather go with the christian definition of a sinner. The one who is given opportunity to do good, and to sin, and the one who always chooses the sin (or vices in our case). But also obviously the genes, including race are a heavy downside, in my eyes for example the downside of the negro is so large, that he has no way to redeem himself. Though obviously other races, with actual stable upper classes in my eyes, can do so. Even above the level of most lower class, degenerate whites.

So the joy of modern genetics, and the old morality combined into one. To remove all evil, and all negro, this mindset of mine has become!

59c88c  No.12170585


Thanks for the butter and oil tip, but



Very allergic. I can do peanut butter, as far as nits go, but thats it. Thats why i was asking about what kind of diet i could have when all i can safely consume is meats, grains, and dairy.

4a6483  No.12170638

File: c6d02f32d102542⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 1150x863, 1150:863, Nutrients-in-Liver.jpg)


Liver. All the micronutrients the animal gets from vegetables go there. Don't eat carnivore/omnivore liver except in a survival situation. Never eat dog liver. Once a week should cover most of your vitamin needs. Don't overdo it as too many vitamins can be bad for you.

Fry it up. Or dice it up and mix it with mince for meatloaf.

67a987  No.12170649


I'll relate to jewish wizardry here: in order to succeed in anything in life, you have to be either of the 3: be first, be smart, or cheat. Corollary: best men (good guys also) rarely, if ever win. Nature's law states that only the strongest, the fastest and the ones most willing to cheat get the furthest ahead.

In your case, you have to be first to enslave and then reinforce that with time.

5c191f  No.12170929


>Very allergic.

Im no doctor, but how bad is this allergy? Green veggies are so fucking good for you. You are really missing out.

59c88c  No.12171023


See >>12168059

>captcha: so pomf

946065  No.12171107

File: 0b72d4900295c87⋯.jpg (38.12 KB, 500x408, 125:102, 1430811392558.jpg)



How do shift to different octaves on your keyboard? You are better off buying a Walmart-tier kids 50-60 piano keyboard

4018ed  No.12171108


Seems very reasonable, women themselves even use this to a certain extent. Trying to create beta orbiters…all on their natural default! No jews teaching them to do that, they learn, and do this all on their own!

but…about the "Best man" what if we broaden the range of what is "best" to include the skillset to navigate the social garbage. Is being best at promoting yourself, above others, making sure that your "best qualities" shine well, and get attention…not a good skill to have? If you dont literally state what you are good at, and then belittle those who arent good at it…then it wont be stated usually. So isnt it only reasonable to not to consider it "cheating" or "being smart" but just "controlling the status quo, and the narratives of others"? If theirs promotes garbage, then it is your duty to destroy it!

Also its funny the way the jew sees "cheating". As if everything you ever do is done with malice. Social rules cannot cover every happenstance in reality, every outcome and ethic. The moralists and the anti moralists (jews) think that good and evil are split 50/50…when in reality good and evil barely constitute like 3% of what is happening in reality. Most of it is grey stuff that neither effects another person, or affects them both in non-explainable good/bad ways.

b20a24  No.12171643


>all i can safely consume is meats, grains, and dairy.

Grains are for birds and rodents. Try the carnivore diet. Also, try raw dairy. Most people tolerate that better.

bc2e6f  No.12171646



fe7f2d  No.12171881



>Get bigger/stronger/fitter

>Get a decent job that forms into a career

>Get girlfriend pregnant


something like that

4a6483  No.12172135


NLP. Does it work? Kinda, sorta. The end bit looks like guided meditation/hypnosis. The conceit is that this shit only works on women. Salesmen use it. Motivational speakers. Cult leaders. Does it work on everyone? You tell me. The narrator is telling a story. Pulling you into a conspiracy. Leading you along with drama.

Tell you what. If you get yourself a harem of slave girls, post their pics with a timestamp and sharpies in their poopers. I'll be out looking for a redpilled unicorn.

4018ed  No.12172187

rapport building is quite a good concept that I found personally to be useful. At some point I even note to myself "rapport successful" as you can eventually feel this with many people. It is not so much a hostile tactic, but more of a "more efficient way to deal with people"…so I would at least recommend it for that part.

4a6483  No.12172250

File: a771651b991069d⋯.jpg (278.31 KB, 1177x693, 107:63, chad.jpg)

I have no problem with the idea of learning these persuasion techniques. Some people do them instinctively. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. It's a skill. You only have to look at groups like Scientology to see how effective it is. Look at the media. Advertising. Education.

I only started looking into it because I was sick of getting manipulated by people and started looking into self-help stuff. Went down the rabbit hole of NLP. Started noticing some of the methods described, particularly by salesmen. Went further down the rabbit hole. I've never tried to pick up women with it. Might work, might not. If you have talent and the skill to do it, don't let me stop you. When people start deliberately mirroring me, I get really offended. I usually just roll my eyes and ask them if they're taking the piss. If it's someone trying to sell me something I usually just walk off. I'm not immune to manipulation, I just notice trained manipulators more.

4018ed  No.12172280


48 laws of power…written by a kike is a nice next big thing. Though it feels more like CEO level type of stuff.

4a6483  No.12172316

File: c9ec71ee9d58595⋯.pdf (47.26 KB, The_48_Laws_of_Power.pdf)

File: 7ca92eb8c9f6ae3⋯.jpg (92.14 KB, 637x358, 637:358, e-card.jpg)


I prefer rule .303

4018ed  No.12172351


is that a reference to a rifle caliber or something? I dont get it.

4018ed  No.12172387



also, to make the books by that kike a bit more palpable for us: Everyone should watch "joker game" a great anime discussing the boons of spycraft (and in turn subversion), its kinda what opened my heart up to all of this kikery.

4a6483  No.12172407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Watch Kaiji instead.

4018ed  No.12172422


kek, why not watch both instead? There is only one season for joker game. And the intro is quite good to explain why spycraft can trump over direct aggression.

e5ba3d  No.12172437


Or you could get a decent amount of sleep and stop drinking poison.


Those 30 year old boomer memes are not something to aspire to, jackass.

4a6483  No.12172441


If you're going to cheat, I'll flip the fucking table.

4018ed  No.12172463


cheat? How, why? I dont get you mang. Are we whites not allowed to use subversion like the other races are doing? As long as we arent using on our own, who are healthy and volkish, does it matter?

4a6483  No.12172513


I come from an honor culture. You do you. If the game is rigged, I would be a fool to play. If I'm fooled into playing a game with dishonest people, I'll work to end the game. In an environment without rules to exploit, and arbiters to protect dishonest players, I'd prefer to be surrounded by honourable people.

That's just me. You do what works for you.

4018ed  No.12172549


well usually, the way a company works for example is that there is an old stable core, say 30% of the whole company. Around that you got the grey area ones, and the cheaters/exploiters.

But another great point is that…well. The game that they are playing…many of them are quite bad at it. Mediocre even. If you have a great brain, with many IQ points then you learn to beat them at their own game, and inflict mental harm upon them. It would only be fair would it not? Thats more or less the joke isnt it? We hate the kikes and their ways and want to distinguish ourselves from them, we must do so, since dabbling into kikery too much and you lose volkishness.

You become like the kikes who can only cheat, and hold up nothing of value. Since isnt honor, stability and being open with others what makes a long term system work? But the problem with that is that I have found that being 100% honorful will get you fucking exploited. And being a cunty jew is extremely immoral, and makes you the scum of humanity.

So if you can best the jews in their game, and also hold up strong, and stable values…why not do both?

>give chances to cunts for them to not lie ,and not cheat, to self improve

>blatantly try to inflict emotional damage to those who are not good


and you basically have become a person who is not a kike, but also who can defend himself, and enforce the environment to be more productive.

4a6483  No.12172598


I just prefer to avoid kikes and spiritual kikes.

4018ed  No.12172652


someone has to slay these demons you know. If not for bullets, then with their own weapons.

4a6483  No.12172782


I'd quote Nietzsche, but he caught syphilis from a whore and probably didn't even lift.

1fdd8d  No.12172994



To become a kike slayer you must be trained by the kike itself

a5cbe1  No.12173490


You know "turn the other cheek" came from ancient Greece, if you smacked someone the wrong way when you challenged them you declared them to be subhuman. The smart thing in that situation was to turn the other cheek and dare them to smack you again; if they did they were forced to recognize you as an equal, if they backed down they basically put their foot in their mouth without saying a word. Although the saying has been corrupted to mean "just ignore it and it will go away", dealing with your enemies wisely is as true today as it ever was in the past.

Force the Jew to play on your field not the other way around.

4018ed  No.12173869


Just get a collection of mental weapons, piled up for proper usage so you can prosper everywhere. To deprive yourself of artillery, in the age of past napoleon for example would have been disastrous! To deprive yourself of drones in this age would be disastrous too as an army general. Unlike the jew, we can use ALL of the weapons, including the volkish ones. Why not just become a great all rounder?

4a6483  No.12173895


It's not a weapon though. You can't persuade a bullet. It's a tool you use to manipulate people in your social sphere. It won't help you stop a chimping nog in it's tracks. It wont stop chinks acting like yellow jews. It wont stop a kike from being a kike. All of this 'enhanced persuasion' shit will only allow you to get people to act how they would normally act in an emotional/non rational state. You can't use an e-book to hypnotize people into starting a race war. Even the CIA has to go all out in color revolutions, with media, agitator and financial support.

You're proposing the use of con artist and swindler tricks on who exactly? The people who share your language in your immediate social sphere. For what purpose? To get your dick wet? Why do you want power over them?

Do what you want. But you'll have more success if you're framing specific intentions. As it sounds, you're caught up in vagaries and power fantasies. That's sounds great for cult followers. Cult leaders tend not to drink their own cool aid though. You know what happens if they do, right?

4018ed  No.12173922


well perhaps you do not have enough life experience to give you enough non jew examples, to the tune of white salesmen, and women pulling this crap on YOU. The book, 48 laws of power especially gives plentiful examples to show what certain aspects of subversion could be useful like, many of them are just neutral and "self defense" (except for "annihilate your enemy completely") and a bunch of others…

Integrate them together with a man who does /fit/ things, fight sports, cultivates his own body to good peaks…well then…whats the harm then? If those are the only weapons of the slimey jew rat who is a lanklet and lacks any and all volkishness…why not just steal them, appropriate them for our own usage?

I also stole the zen lore from alan Watts, a stole a bunch of concepts and methods to self improvement. Well…LETS STEAL ALL OF THEM. AND USE ALL OF THEM. The jew lore, the foreign lore, our own lore, from the weird internet groups lore, all of them mang.

fbcd41  No.12174004

Thanks /pol/

>Just started nofap (again)

>Set a 90 day timer on my phone

>set a badge on reddit

>time for self improvement

4a6483  No.12174040


You're talking about manipulating others, now subversion. To what ends? To feed your own ego? Seems narcissistic to me. I'd have more respect if your aim was specific and not a vague power fantasy. Like the Pastor with 24 wives and 150 kids I posted earlier. The guy practically had some rural town under his thumb. He gets caught? Oh no, stay at home for 6 months, with your two dozen women.

Feel free to rub it in my face when you actually achieve the things you're musing about.

4018ed  No.12174172

File: bb6a026e0693f5e⋯.png (4.73 MB, 2540x1440, 127:72, serveimage.png)


Thats the thing, its not narcissistic, I think at least. I am just bored and feel the need to see how real life larp can go. Arent we all similar in this regard? Larping one way or another. Perhaps if I got an actual person telling me where to larp, instead of larping all over the place I could actually achieve something lol

32578e  No.12174249

As God created the world, so it is that to honor God we may do anything that functions in this world, whereas to dishonor God we may destroy what functions in this world. The highest honor unto God is that we preserve ourselves within the world we have been given; the lowest dishonor unto god is that we destroy ourselves within the world we have been given. Second to these things be that we give honor unto god by preserving others in this world, and dishonor by destroying others in this world. For God loves every drop of water in the ocean and every grain of sand within a desert, but more still does God love those who share the capacity of love, which is found in every soul. Make wonders of yourselves and each other, and you will please God greatly. Yet have a care when seeking to make wonders of each other, for if you shrive off from one another the capacity for love, you will destroy that which sets you above the grains of sand and drops of water which are beloved also of the Creator.

8d8afa  No.12174306


reddit scum get out

nofap started a a simple challenge for chronic masturbators, a day, three days, a week tops

then you idiots actually turn it into a religion with your SHEWPERPAHWERS

self improvement is masturbation, you lack challenge in life so you make shit up to do

835560  No.12175266

Fucking hell guys. I just wanted to give some help on understanding and picking up women. You know, so there's a chance of more guys being happy in life, and starting families. Instead of being rejected by women and struggling in relationships.

ba1745  No.12175482


You're saying nofap has no benefits?

9bded5  No.12175912


>If you act as though you were a genius and king of the world, you'll begin to feel better about yourself.

Wouldn't that be hubris?

>If there's a specific person or thing in your life that you think might be the cause (or partial cause) of your inferiority complex, take a stand. Either confront them, or affirm to yourself persistently that you will no longer allow yourself to feel this way.

How would I apply that to the fear of being incompetent around other peers with the same capabilities as me?

4a6483  No.12176993


You have to figure out what you want on your own. You don't go to the gym and work out for other people, do you? That's the opposite of self improvement. You're only acting for other people's approval if you do that. To use the old analogy, other people can show you the door. You have to walk through it.

Learn NLP, or whatever. Just figure out why you're doing it first. Make sure the guy you're learning mind control from isn't taking you for a ride. NLP supposed has some benefits with self programming, so if you want to 'brainwash' yourself to lose bad habits or reinforce new ones it's another tool in your arsenal.


So how many in your harem, anon? Did it work for you?

1e9d1b  No.12176999


Basic goals.

Then gas the jews

Gas the jews.

6d880f  No.12177233


I think he is saying that there is a retarded cult around nofap that greatly exaggerates its benefits and the harm of masturbation. Masturbation doesn't necessarily mean watching porn and I think some of the benefits of nofap come from abstaining porn, not masturbation.

fecc07  No.12177411

File: 36b6ee7252f3282⋯.jpg (126.8 KB, 500x587, 500:587, 36b6ee7252f328248160315074….jpg)

Where can I look in order to find a wholesome wife so I can start a stable family?

All the females I talk to are whores who will do whatever they want for material gain or brainwashed retarded (((liberals))) who think children are evil and wrong.

I'm willing to change country and even misceginate with a north asian woman if it means I can continue my line. I'd rather use all the leads around here first, though.

Should I join a church? I was planning on doing that anyway for social connection, so long as I can find one that isn't cucked to hell and back.

I'm in shape. I make decent money. I'm not so socially awkward it makes me a pariah (though I am mildly autistic, therefore not very connected). Most of all I have a good moral foundation and a strong mind. In any other society I would have zero problem starting a family. This culture is dying, fast.

Any reasonable ideas welcome. I'm still young (early 20s), but right now I see no potential opportunities around me and it's worrying.

7b4daf  No.12177416


Why are you so angry?

I have plenty of challenge in my life thank you.

But while I wait for opportunity to deal with those challenges I may as well deal with other problems.

ba1745  No.12177538

Lads, the truth is that I’m fucking lost. I’m blackpilled about my personal life. I’m in my last year of high school (18 years) and I’m kind of in a sea of uncertainty and hopelessness. I have no talents and my marks were and are kinda shaky. My sole “real” interests are all politics-related. After high school, I wanna try a Law and Society program, but I’m still unsure whether they would allow me in. I’m interested in criminal law. I never even had a job, and I don’t wanna work during school. My public speaking skills aren’t the best and I live in a place that requires me to be bilingual (unless I move somewhere else…which costs money). I’m feeling useless and lost. I may sound crazy, but I’m thinking about getting involved in federal politics…but that involves public speaking, which I lack. I’m a bit of a dreamer and it’s crushing me. I still don't know my purpose

4a6483  No.12177545


What about local politics? Go to a city council meeting or something.

cc7f27  No.12177554


Why buy a real piano when you can start with a digital one?

There are actually a lot of quite good ones out there and the sound quality, as well as the keyboard feeling, have become quite good.

At this point the price for a real upright piano, that is significantly better then a upper scale digital piano or stage piano, is many times higher. 12000$ to 15000$ in total.

Get youself a good (2000$ or higher) digital piano and professional monitor loudspeakers as well as a pair of high qualtiy studio headphones.

Let me use this chance to shill for Beyerdynamic headphones, especially DT 990 and Beyerdynamic Custom Studio.

A digital or stage piano also gives you the chance to hock up your piano to your computer for composing and recording music digitally/use midi.

It also is more mobile in case you have to move, that saved me lot of money.

And then there is the issue of having to tune your piano at least once a year ( 2 times is what the professional tuners would want you to do though).

If you have little money you might want to save that.

Just by the fuckig digital one alright!

Also make sure that you do some extensive research first and that you know how to play a little bit so that you can get feel for the feeling of the keyboard and if the sound fits you.

You can get yourself a cheap used digital piano for like 100 bucks for that just to learn 3 or 4 easy songs.

Belive me when i tell you that having at least a very basic feeling for what fits you and what does not goes a verry long when when selecting any instrument.

Though you will only know years down the line and after trying dozens if not houndreds of instruments, what you really like.

Unless you buy super expensive, like the top of the line grand piano from Steinway or Bösendorfer.

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