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File: 134e91600d607ac⋯.jpg (62.39 KB, 640x550, 64:55, 3ae52f_compound-searched-c….jpg)

1fc443  No.12081754

Judge dismisses all charges against 3 'extremist Muslim' New Mexico compound suspects


>District Judge Emilio Chavez on Wednesday dismissed charges against three of the five defendants, ruling that authorities violated the state’s “10-day rule.”

>During a separate hearing, Judge Jeff McElroy separately dismissed some of the charges against fellow defendants, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Jany Leveille.

>Health officials confirmed earlier this month that the discovered remains were positively identified as the 3-year-old's.

0f067a  No.12081770

Absolute fucking treason!

Motherfuckers scream and cry about doing something about the guns after every fucking shooting, now we gotta deal with goddamn Hogg 2024, meanwhile, goddamn pedo worshiping mohamedans get to kill toddlers and plan mass shootings with fucking impunity because our legal system is run by traitors for traitors.

3a9933  No.12081805

Looks like this subhuman commie spic has been under scrutiny before.


10a346  No.12081812

Disgusting. And of course a non-white judge, and the other judge makes me want to hang em high.

90aa19  No.12081837


I call Bullshit!

446105  No.12081849

his owners got him off. I wonder if we'll be seeing more of him or if this project is scrapped

017701  No.12081850

What was the name of that first judge bitch who let them roll with 20k bond?

84d9a6  No.12081864

File: 4b07702ffa4058a⋯.png (179.13 KB, 822x362, 411:181, District Judge Emilio Este….png)

Emilio's email:


He's a…special lookin fella, ain't he?

1e8062  No.12081868


5fd6a6  No.12081892

File: f6f9b0ec4ffe22e⋯.png (205.3 KB, 1147x738, 1147:738, Chavez Estevez.png)




Seems this faggot has a history of fuckery

a66479  No.12081896


>studied law in Mexico at the University of Guanajuanto

I hope the trend of appointing foreigners to government jobs is long past. It's outright retarded.

5fd6a6  No.12081898

File: f719e652c5b2407⋯.png (43.71 KB, 1079x378, 1079:378, Archive IS 451 Error using….png)

And uh, can anyone explain this shit? Euroland laws affecting Tokyo based VPN node da fuq?

f4b1ca  No.12081909

File: 6bac4e6b60aaa80⋯.png (205.98 KB, 820x464, 205:116, Screenshot (5388).png)


5fd6a6  No.12081917

His court calender for the month:


f4b1ca  No.12081919

File: f84acad8c0a381e⋯.png (44.24 KB, 759x439, 759:439, Screenshot (5389).png)

How the fuck did this guy get to the bench…

5fd6a6  No.12081924

I heard thenovich talking about this and he said it wasn't all on the judge, that the prosecution dropped the ball.

Does anyone know the specifics on how these court deadline time-lines go, because that sounds a little fishy.

e0240a  No.12081925


Archive it. Paste the urls into archive.is. My archive link is the first link you gave. Always archive in case information about this pepper picker gets shoahed from the internet.

1e8062  No.12081936


thernovich benefits from a kikes judicial system so of course he would be trying to downplay this invader bean nigger fuck.

5fd6a6  No.12081937

File: 1425dd1765e3c99⋯.png (244.7 KB, 1206x258, 201:43, Chavez Sp 2.png)


>Archive it. Paste the urls into archive.is. My archive link is the first link you gave. Always archive in case information about this pepper picker gets shoahed from the internet.

Put them into .IS, wayback machine, and DLed the pages in ZIP, PDF, TXT and HTML formats.

I don't even trust the archive sites at this point.

5fd6a6  No.12081938

File: 5da354ee1fa4834⋯.png (17.97 KB, 871x163, 871:163, Chavez Sp 1.png)

9031e3  No.12081940

This is some super shady shit that /pol/ completely overlooked. It smells of glowshit so bad.


>officials know about compound but don't do anything

>land owner wants them off

>dead remains of supposed boy found

>statements about how it is a school shooting training ground

>leader is the son of NY black muslim tied to WTC '93

>leader is tied to Linda sarsour

Some other damning stuff too. I don't remember.

070b98  No.12081950


All subhuman need extermination.

4e7c32  No.12081953

File: 3bdee739cf8fa7c⋯.jpg (18.18 KB, 534x367, 534:367, 18226841013510.jpg)


Taos District Court Judge Sarah Backus

5fd6a6  No.12081955



>Taos District Court Judge Sarah Backus

Thank you

2981c1  No.12081959

I am confused. Even if they dismissed the child abuse charges because of the technicality, shouldn't therebe a shit ton of other charges? Stuff pertaining to the remains of the dead kid found at the site, or the whole conspiring to create school shooters?

5fd6a6  No.12081965

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and his partner Jany Leveille, Lucas Morton

Wahhaj sisters, Subhannah and Hurjah

These are the 5 towelheads, 3 were released by Backus with ankle bracelet requirements, the other 2, IIRC, were detained by federal order.

2981c1  No.12081972


Ok, that makes something of a bit more sense.

ec1285  No.12081974

Call every talkshow public political radio and spam this shit if you want to spread this shit.

5fd6a6  No.12081976

File: 1f6ba2172127d4f⋯.png (43.27 KB, 867x450, 289:150, Sarah Backus Blumberg.png)

Um, did pol know this bitch's alias was (((blumberg)))???

1e8062  No.12081979


Calling them towelheads feels like downplaying the fact that these are black fucking niggers.

1e8062  No.12081984

The fucking ape's dad was responsible for the 93 WTC bombing too.

4e7c32  No.12081986


(((pure coincidence)))

There was proof in the last thread about Backus showing she was a kike didn't save then, some fag has to have it.

dc2578  No.12081988


Wasn't Mossad linked to those bombings somehow? Ryan Dawson mentioned something about the truck company or something…

16eafd  No.12081996

File: c5c325266896a74⋯.png (68.04 KB, 714x557, 714:557, Sarah C Blumberg.png)

File: 0507270196edef5⋯.png (233.91 KB, 1057x1992, 1057:1992, Sarah C Norbeck MYLIFE.png)

Berry Berry inderesting

16eafd  No.12082000


>Calling them towelheads feels like downplaying the fact that these are black fucking niggers

I'd rather we just call them dead.

318337  No.12082006

>New Mexico’s 10 day rule

>If discovery in the case isn’t in before the 10-day deadline, cases are dismissed.

What the fuck, that’s retarded, apparently hundreds of other criminals have gotten off due to this rule too

df2f69  No.12082028



First it's a kike cunt judge.



Then it's a spic judge.

Feds destroyed their compound as well. Nothing short of a full ethnic purge is going to solve the problems with law and justice in the United States. You can either have rule of law or (((diversity))) both cannot exist at the same time. This fact cannot be stressed enough to the normalfags. Show them that (((diversity))) kills whites and renders justice impossible.

8e5df9  No.12082034

Allowing Mexicans into this country as a mistake.

092db7  No.12082041

File: 965df5b7f4ca948⋯.png (693.92 KB, 896x3560, 112:445, Backus Possibles RADARIS.png)

File: a1cd8e4d356b325⋯.png (88.2 KB, 662x413, 662:413, Sarah C Blumberg GOOGLE IN….png)

File: 93abe60a58663b0⋯.png (78.39 KB, 892x439, 892:439, Sarah C Blumberg GOOGLE.png)

File: 0507270196edef5⋯.png (233.91 KB, 1057x1992, 1057:1992, Sarah C Norbeck MYLIFE.png)

092db7  No.12082048

File: cf31821d773726f⋯.png (215.75 KB, 905x2176, 905:2176, GOLD Backus Info.png)

Possible gold

092db7  No.12082053

File: c02086e79d3b25e⋯.png (22.65 KB, 374x237, 374:237, GOLD Backus Info Phones.png)

Bitch's got phones!

03cd77  No.12082057

Okay let's get out there and protest this! Are there any groups besides this one guy from texas https://www.krqe.com/news/new-mexico/judge-s-decision-draws-texas-sized-protest-to-taos/1393943669 that are going to protest ? I was thinking of going there this weekend.

059729  No.12082099

File: a7d801157119b39⋯.png (101.02 KB, 247x287, 247:287, mugshot.png)

460e35  No.12082104


>Allowing non-Whites into this country was and still is a mistake


41d061  No.12082146


>muh 2016 victory

>muh Trump god emprah

>a fucking commie spic judge can free whatever islamic terrorist he wants

America is a failed state and his white citizens one of the most cowardly nations on earth

cf8e0f  No.12082159


Well, the only good news is this is a death sentence for the sand niggers. They obviously known something that can't come out in court.

052707  No.12082177


in 1860 some guy in south carolina was busy tanning leather as an apprentice without a care in the world; two years later he was bayoneting people in the face in a field and seeing dudes having their legs sawed off. your observation applies only to the present and past; we have no idea what is to come.

f4b1ca  No.12082180


>white citizens one of the most cowardly nations on earth

How many times in the history of mankind do you think these words have been used. How many times were the ones who said it completely mowed over and mauled never to rise again after putting it to the test?

You have absolutely zero chance, none, zip.

2b1587  No.12082188




fac2e2  No.12082229

File: 71e6881156786bb⋯.png (69.75 KB, 500x437, 500:437, chief-judge-jeff-mcelroy-b….png)

Very first search result under his name and title, awwwmemes hahaha

ab8e65  No.12082244

The state can no longer be relied on for justice.

f0dd0e  No.12082261


Happens when the state no longer represents its people, or is even comprised of its own people.

fac2e2  No.12082272

File: 62a04983e355251⋯.png (482.51 KB, 1201x4420, 1201:4420, Chief-Judge-Jeff-Mcelroy F….png)

File: 49dc9be92899b8c⋯.png (183.08 KB, 789x513, 263:171, chief-judge-jeff-mcelroy.png)

1e8062  No.12082275


>Well, the only good news is this is a death sentence for the sand niggers.

How do you figure? vigilante justice?

7d3e98  No.12082276



Leftists dont give a single fuck about it.

2f4f7a  No.12082283




3964a5  No.12082286

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


=These camps were set up by the CIA.==

There will never be a prosecution.

fac2e2  No.12082292


f77328  No.12082295

what did these muslims do exactly? is this the "rape tree" camp thing?

cf8e0f  No.12082298


CIA is going to suicide these dumb niggers. They know something that would come out in court otherwise there would be a court hearing.

This could be used as the catalyst to propel whites into action. This is a direct attack on our nation from within and should be seen as such.

48ebe4  No.12082338


It would have been interesting if it did go to trial and the judge ruled in their favor with some case law which could have set a precedent that WN could've use in the future

1037ad  No.12082393


i'd like to see the livestream of that.

I'm furious atm. blood boiling.

e4a8b3  No.12082415


thats probably part of the reason why it didn't go through tbh

adf6c2  No.12082533


8277bb  No.12082549


8c6d96  No.12082580

File: c2abdc5cb4ad963⋯.jpg (40.18 KB, 600x458, 300:229, dukatweyoun.jpg)


fucking dominion scum

4b73dd  No.12082611

100% connected to alphabet niggers.

9769f6  No.12082819


This is almost as big as the last Vegas shooting. The Muslims were planning on attacking a hospital.

Something fucked up is happening in Arizona, it's becoming the new corruption capital of the US. Why?

This is THE most important event happening right now.

9769f6  No.12082834


I'd believe it, but we need concrete proof, like something written by her or marriage records, not just an info search website.

f4b1ca  No.12082847


>This is THE most important event happening right now.

By far but the only person we could have depended on for answers (Trump) isn't spilling so I have no fucking idea who else can inform the public on anything.

459b7b  No.12083893

File: d327d34666d90c8⋯.jpg (255.63 KB, 700x1151, 700:1151, lynching13.jpg)


Fuck it.

I'll say it.

It's about time to realize that the US government & traditional law enforcement is fucking useless in cases such as this.

The only way to "get justice" is if the people rise up, get their pitchforks and their torches, and do the job, the old fashioned way, and start stringing up sand niggers like our ancestors once strung up lowly niggers who raped our women. The justice system continues to fail the people, because they are all liberals who would rather kiss the asses of these terrorist than enforce the laws.

459b7b  No.12083897

File: 9a1e84fed7bab43⋯.jpg (49.29 KB, 500x539, 500:539, Liberal belief vs reality.jpg)


I am in no way provoking, unprovoked violence. I am simply frustrated that our system of justice, from the police officer on the street, to the highest courts in the land, have been compromised by leftist liberals who don't give a single fuck about the people or their safety anymore. If you guys have a better idea, I'm all ears.

1e8062  No.12083942

Did you hear the new nigger conspiracy theory?

They want other niggers to think that all of their crime is done by white men in black people masks.

Niggers couldnt possibly be doing the things rap music has been telling them to do for decades, it has to be whitey.

We cant coexist with blacks in this country.

b418ae  No.12083965

File: 8b6218678b2a85a⋯.jpg (87.53 KB, 637x480, 637:480, linda-sarsour-imam-siraj-w….jpg)

>gets bailed

>compound buried

>now gets all the charges dismissed

This is insane.

Also, don't forget that the terror compound ringleader is the son of NY imam, who according to Linda Sarsour, is an inspiration and a teacher to her.

fd3f5a  No.12084081


trips. checked. kekd.

e10773  No.12084212


What's even more insane is no one is talking about this. It will be forgotten by tomorrow.

aada78  No.12084261


TIL Will Smith is a muslim and ran a jihadi training camp in New Mexico.

feda49  No.12084316


We’ve known this for a while, but nobody is doing anything. When shit like this happens to the left their powerful backers pay people to riot, we do NOTHING

2ac895  No.12084358

File: 086b54660b10cfd⋯.jpeg (12.95 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 086b54660b10cfda54cef86db….jpeg)


the upcoming onslaught of incurable STDs could wipe out blacks in a generation or two. its amazing how the jews are scrambling to keep antibiotics working for as long as possible.

5e4fbf  No.12084412

>District Judge Emilio Chavez

>Mexicans are judged, let criminals loose

wow what a shock, I thought these people were educated in how to become real americans and were honorary aryan because of their natural conservative values :^)

Nigger and non-white lovers destroyed this civilization. You fucking morons.

4a4079  No.12084450

File: 1a8e0c0e7f7bcd1⋯.gif (674.14 KB, 245x180, 49:36, 1a8e0c0e7f7bcd1847cc0fcccd….gif)

a087da  No.12084456


That's his email address? wtf?

a087da  No.12084473

File: 84dfb4852967188⋯.gif (775.58 KB, 364x192, 91:48, tr4basjpo81y.gif)

a087da  No.12084478


This is why it's important to have invisible, non-ego vigilantes. But we don't have superheros anymore.

5603a7  No.12084519


It just means the government is de facto Mexican. Somehow whites find that acceptable.

5603a7  No.12084522


Natural conservative catholics!

dc830a  No.12084582

http://8th.nmdas.com district attorney that fail to file charges in time. Purposely?

2cde2c  No.12084596

Fox has reported that the charges against the three are going to be re-filed. Somebody screwed up, intentionally or not, but these terrorist niggers aren't off the hook yet.

6828f9  No.12084615



This is nothing. In some Texas cities violent criminals bail out for hundreds of dollars and are on the streets nigging the NEXT FUCKING DAY because of "muh overcrowding" "omg so mean"

6828f9  No.12084624


You bet your ass they made that accident on purpose

e409ee  No.12084833

File: 7c60f81facfbbc4⋯.jpg (28.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, kanna-rape.jpg)




833bcb  No.12085245


The fact that the charges were dismissed pretty much confirms this was glowniggers and probably foreign state level actors.

f4b1ca  No.12086285

Holy shit this subject is getting slid massively.

3c3002  No.12086336

Blame the prosecution. I live in new spicland and the law here requires this if the retarded DA had to file charges within 10 days or they walk. Odds are they will be arrested again unless something big happens.

ab6f0b  No.12086970

File: 3033ea0234d588a⋯.jpg (54.38 KB, 599x405, 599:405, All-Your-School.JPG)

The legal precedent to deny violent Indians (Native Americans) constitutional rights, was on the basis that they were legally declared "savages". Under United States Law, a "savage" has no constitutional rights. I think it's important that we use this word judiciously to describe those whose behaviour is so outside the norm of the founding fathers' time that the Constitution and Bill of Rights does not apply to them. Derogatory terms may be thrown about all you want, but when someone or some group of people is so known for their violent behaviour that it becomes common knowledge that a group are by definition savages, then the hammer of the law may fall down upon them beyond any slick defense attorney's ability to shield them. Saudi Arabia can throw all their gold coins at the violent Muslim's defense lawyers they please, once they are declared savages, Sharia in the United States will be defeated once and for all. First Amendment protection of freedom of religion does not apply. Otherwise, the federal government would be left wide open to demands to giving the Native American tribes all their land back – and that will not be happening.

96b161  No.12087009


What's his nonprofit? What do you want to bet it "helps children?"

e10773  No.12087642


32fa77  No.12087662

Of course, why would a judge go after an FBI "informant".

OP should be thanking God that the next WTC/OKC bombing was delayed by a year. Expect one in a surrounding state when it happens (if they use the same state where they got caught, people might notice).

32fa77  No.12087666



Do you even know what that word means? She's following orders.

Don't worry about the second amendment though. We have BASED Oliver North (the glow in the dark Aryan that was changing guns for drugs) in charge of the keeping our freedumbs intact.

ae3840  No.12087790

File: bb4e6142e8749fa⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Charges Against New Mexic….webm)

File: 8fb78c5c5dd41e4⋯.webm (2.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Prosecutor Mistake Frees ….webm)

File: 67613cd4ec393e8⋯.webm (1.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Three Suspects From New M….webm)

3592b9  No.12087794


>Absolute fucking treason!

District Judge Emilio Chavez

There you go a name.

You know what to do.

f4b1ca  No.12087820

Am I the only one here who sees that the judge who dismissed the case is clearly a fucking illegal alien cartel connected individual? I mean, seriously, the dude went to law school in fucking Mexico!? He ran the drug justice program in NM? Has been connected to four issues before getting put on the bench in regards to drug connected leniency to criminals?

The guy is very clearly an illegal alien. Who the fuck goes to law school in Mexico only to practice in New Mexico, USA? That needs to be spread and looked at and all his old cases do too.

a087da  No.12088360


Those who appear to be elected were actually selected. Pretty sure 8chan knows.

0665a3  No.12088389

Prosecutor here, like, lmao guys chill, this happens to us ALL the time, oops, like we fucked up, haha XD, we just forgot to charge them, adn the FBI just so happened to coincidentally not charge these people with terrorism or terrorism related charges for shit theyd send you to pound-me-on-the-ass-prison without a second thought or a fair trial, like haha woops.

AMA :^)

a9e065  No.12089090


do you guys often bulldoze evidence before trial, or an investigation of any kind?

adf6c2  No.12089746


First sentence: probably

Second: yeah, right

adf6c2  No.12089753


Yes, but usually after electrocuting a patsy like Timothy McVeigh

f4b1ca  No.12089795

Just read five people from that compound were just arrested for federal weapon violations? This issue continues to get odd.

b41d59  No.12090382

File: 4eb4af9db4b7491⋯.png (350.61 KB, 540x775, 108:155, Screenshot_2018-08-31-21-2….png)

There's something fucky going on. I think this is a deepstate faction war like Las Vegas

499b4a  No.12090394


>She's following orders.

Committing treason after being ordered to do so is still committing treason, Satan.

a9e065  No.12090954


Still no mention of the dead kid

2895ca  No.12090978

didn't white men lynch a greasy rat jew who murdered a white woman who worked in his factory in atlanta way back after a fellow jew judge let him off the hook? seems the judge or judges and pos non whites have an already perfect system put in place by whites to deal with them right?

936dba  No.12093523

we are change did an excellent piece on this a day or so ago

000000  No.12093607



Funny you should mention Las Vegas. I was just wondering how you could live train the kids…


000000  No.12093634

Was Vegas a training exercise?

c5eee1  No.12093650

File: fff6d0ef8b62a71⋯.jpg (108.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ADL_Lest_we_Forget.jpg)


Sure did. Quite a story.

cf1202  No.12093666


ADL = Apartheid Defense League

b28583  No.12093701


>Somehow whites find that acceptable

We don't. If this was a White country, none of this would be happening.

6147d1  No.12124592


0438a3  No.12124727


Looks like it was Mossad operation. It's dancing Israelis 2: Electric Jewgaloo

ef179f  No.12126150

File: 7361fc701182fb2⋯.png (1.06 MB, 765x600, 51:40, time to go.png)


((( prosecutors))) missed the 10 day limit

Where's the outrage where's the protest? What is the root of the central problem with the media, the courts, the government?

That's right. There's now way out but through the jew.

cb8c7c  No.12126473

if the State violated the rules, then you should blame the incompetent law enforcement (or other) authorities not the judge who defended americans' rights. plus, better that a 100 guilty men go free than one innocent man end up in prison

6928ea  No.12127638



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