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File: d5e9ccb5c377698⋯.jpg (243.65 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 4chan.jpg)

7a21bf  No.12081845

This thread is dedicated to posting dox information about cuckchan's management (janitors, mods, admins)

Reminder that we need to get ALL of cuckchans management because there is no one member that is dedicated to just one board. Damning information about say pedo rings has been scrubbed, deleted and covered up by cuckchan management and threads about controversial subjects suffer the same fate.

If you have dox info on cuckchan's management, post em here

ca31ab  No.12081852

aww, did someone get banned?

d19672  No.12081884

There was a vol that had a weird Tumblr dedicated to Pokémon porn.


Cry more, kike.

b5243d  No.12081923

You know, lately 4cuck hasn't been as shitty as it usually is. It's like 70% of the bots and shills left. Really weird. Anyone else notice this?

ea0df5  No.12081931

File: b9cb70f12cfca49⋯.jpg (45.18 KB, 300x436, 75:109, Goldfish Fanciers.jpg)

Making a thread to dox and not beginning the process in the OP is disrespectful. Fuck you.

7a21bf  No.12082009

File: f500a984330e7b1⋯.png (59.31 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Merchant Radar.png)

4982d2  No.12082017


How do we know you aren't Jared Holdt and this is just part of your master plan to take down 4chan?

b473e5  No.12082026

Drop 'em or leave, fag

f120bb  No.12082040

File: 65d8991ac9dc3d2⋯.png (316.91 KB, 1682x1388, 841:694, rapeape.png)

841dd7  No.12082065


Silly anon, cuckchan closed when moot left to join google.

d19672  No.12082135

fb6a6b  No.12082140


Cuckchan went full botnet almost a little more than a year ago. Only a fucking idiot would still use that place.

307ec1  No.12082385

didn't they make a board here when they were purging old mods with that new id system for new hotpockets?

f120bb  No.12082391


You're thinking of the 4chan mod leaks board.

8af616  No.12082405


If infinite mods see this post, register another domain now under a family members name because when they come to you with a cash offer, you will most likely take it and they will have you sign a non-compete. If the domain is registered before the agreement is signed and not under your name, you will be able to launch the day this place shuts down.

They will tire of spending money eventually. maybe by the time we reach 256chan

234771  No.12083528


This doesn't belong on /pol/. >>>/b/

9365c4  No.12083534

Leave, kikechan.

97f1d8  No.12083954

They will come to shut this place down next.

162f48  No.12084761

only a retard (like OP) thinks 4chan ever existed after moot sold his ass out to the kikes. if you're browsing cuckchan in the first place there's something seriously wrong with you and you should go to reddit, tumblr, kikebook, anywhere but not here. fuck you brainlet cattle

7a21bf  No.12085326


a9eb2d  No.12085340


Moot was a kike. And 4chan was always a shit.

/new/ was shit. I remember people bending over backwards to praise zog champion Romney. /n/ was shit. /int/ was shit. Everything but /fit/ was shit. And even /fit/ was shit most of the time.

A place where criticizing jews gets you banned, is shit.

0a7fd1  No.12085354


not OP, but because the mods give 2 week bans to anybody who even asks about the ruling on jared holt threads because he's attacking the site.

f8a715  No.12086364

File: cc2e19fb224d664⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1735x3390, 347:678, pol 12 tone serialism a….png)

File: 15d84b35222b15e⋯.png (748.92 KB, 1735x3667, 1735:3667, pol which fags keep del….png)

any attempt to address anything relating to politics and art gets scrubbed as irrelevant

politics is downstream from culture

tons of non political spam gets posted all the time there, but if you ask real questions and post a real thread about art and politics….wham gone

68430e  No.12087032

File: d946e0a81d0b19f⋯.gif (213.28 KB, 250x263, 250:263, 1518433393800.gif)


I've been thinking about this for a while. Does anyone have any information on where the mods communicate with one another online? Do they use a discord or IRC server or anything like that? Does anyone have any emails or usernames?

43c1f3  No.12087049


Kike mods… Thinking that will stop us.

f91dfd  No.12087074

I know there was a mod named Guttord? Gats? He hung around on rizon irc for a time but this was about six years ago.

7a21bf  No.12087730


I know they use rizon irc

2bc078  No.12087781


No. It's rife with SJWs.

2bc078  No.12087788


/n/ and /new/ were great, /pol/ can't even compare back to the old days.

You're also lying because Shit ZOGney was his name on both boards.

9921db  No.12088941


maybe you're just a faggot who should go back to 4shills nigger chan, juden

8e6a44  No.12088955


It's still terrible, there are tons of black dick posters on pol, r9k, tv, v, ect at all times. There are still discordfags constantly brigading pol, r9k and v. Mods are cuckolds who will defend blatant discordfag threads designed to disrupt the community while giving you random 3 day no appeal bans for 'low quality content' or inciting flamewars when you tell them to fuck off with their shitty threads.

The number of filters you need to use to make most of the boards on that site even marginally usable is insane, it's hardly even worth it.

9921db  No.12088961


The last time I tried to post there I filled out like 5 google captchas before I realized I was an idiot for even doing that

8e6a44  No.12088969


I still use it for some of the smaller boards that attract less shitposters and don't have an equivalent that gets actual traffic here like lit but actually posting your political opinions and calling people niggers on that site is retarded

0fa65a  No.12088996

they kill cops over at chiru dot no slash pol

bordpolkanon is the handler over there

45d2d7  No.12089018


>Anyone else notice this?


8169f8  No.12089375

File: aae3f64b7fa9f91⋯.jpg (9.85 KB, 241x209, 241:209, 1509688209194.jpg)


The mods use IRC. To spy on 4chan mods /server -m irc.rizon.net -j #4chan

Happy hunting anon. :^)

a7d0db  No.12090469

Didn't all of the mods get shitcanned a couple months before Gamergate and their replacements had to provide their IDs to someone to be considered for mod jobs, so they all had to be dumb enough to dox themselves? I wonder who has all of their IDs.

7a21bf  No.12094154


the shit they toss around is the same

3b6a9e  No.12094328

Fucking finally, after all the shit that is going on 4chan (neofag, the nsa spying and ekansovi) i wonder why there weren't many anon wanting their fuckign heads already

3b6a9e  No.12094337


4chan was taken down long time ago with the corrupt mods

1b3887  No.12094371

File: e355606fca8c524⋯.png (124.1 KB, 1112x257, 1112:257, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at ….png)


it's true. they are banning people right now for posting pedo truth threads. I got banned for posting this thread


picture related is the ban picture.

the usual shills showed up, ,but also if you look on that thread, you'll see some very creepy shills / bots or something that showed up toward the end and kept posting irrelevant images to try to bump the thread to its limit. there's a serious legitimate astroturfing effort happening over there.

I dunno about the doxxing, but there is definitely a serious problem there. one guy made like literally almost 100 replies to bump the thread out.

and I posted another thread earlier in the night about NAMBLA too and it immediately got deleted.

f0a51a  No.12094536


>mods using IRC

>in the year 2018

5ce534  No.12095556

File: f8fef942da77a9f⋯.png (121.96 KB, 930x549, 310:183, mods.png)

fb5049  No.12096767


They need to go back because they're shitting this place up instead

2bc078  No.12096831


After GamerGate they made sure to hire ac SJW crew. I'm guessing these mods informed their SJW butt buddies or something because ever since then 4cuck has a large SJW presence.

9921db  No.12096838


that's what happens when normies make youtube videos, and TV people advertise. i believe the term is "hugged to death"

5c93dc  No.12096860

File: 734389173f7c8f0⋯.jpg (220.06 KB, 1062x606, 177:101, tranny mods.jpg)

The mods don't like it when you call them trannies.

2bc078  No.12096873


I got perma-banned from all boards for asking /a/ if they would a 3DPD.

2bc078  No.12096875

Btw does anyone know of a way to bypass bans on 4cuck? Proxy and VPN don't seem to work anymore.

106ed9  No.12096984

the game has changed.

910864  No.12097019

File: 852cce7d2422385⋯.png (13.52 KB, 178x284, 89:142, head punch.png)

4chan mods are pedos

>doxx them all

fb5049  No.12097022

File: 56784097c1c3342⋯.jpg (14.28 KB, 437x501, 437:501, VvPMyzV_d.jpg)


but the trannies from reddit stay the same

3d950d  No.12097051




Fuck you kike. You have no power here. Go back to spamming cuckchan with random nigger dicks and trap porn slide threads you utter fucking faggot.

e785de  No.12097494


That's not good.

7a21bf  No.12101830


76a68f  No.12101863


It was proven 10 years ago that that's not RapeApe.

76a68f  No.12101868


The 4chan mods moved over to Discord. At least TRY to keep up.


673542  No.12101883


where is the high-res of that pic related?

4f528e  No.12101919


Daily reminder to filter shills on sight.

2adb26  No.12101942


That's fucking retarded. (((Discord))) is obviously a push by the kikes to get everyone off of IRC.

1bbff3  No.12101964


I honestly wouldn't know where to start. Is there an IRC or something?

Chan mods are pozzed up the pozhole and I do know that /v/ is completely pozzed by the fem freq types.

2adb26  No.12101988


There's #4chan on Rizon, I haven't been on there in years, though.

a4418e  No.12101998


/r9k/'s shilling is completely out of control. Constant threads shilling the virtues of black women, and on the other hand used up white sluts constantly shilling against Asian women (why are they this fucking concerned about piss bottle-hoarding NEETs?). Constant threads urging mentally unstable men to start taking hormones. There also used to be a guy who would constantly make thread after thread attacking "wagecucks." Just 24/7 shilling and spam and the same threads every day. The staff is 100% complicit.

120068  No.12102049


Have you noticed how they specifically target the following:

/sig/ threads

Book threads

Art and architecture threads

Whereas at the same time there is a gender dividing and "x isn't white" thread up constantly?

4cuck mods usually ban the threads as "not politics". Here the negative threads were deleted but when kampfy was in command he banned the positive threads too under the pretense that they are distracting us.

What they fear most is us being united, self-improving, in touch with our culture and having fun

cc2a6f  No.12102063

File: d54de1689f6564c⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2432x3016, 304:377, cuck mod.jpg)

File: a09e52fedd947f2⋯.jpg (890.95 KB, 3302x2875, 3302:2875, cuck mod 2.jpg)

Glad I saved these. Apparently this faggot is a mod on 4/pol/. This idiot thought it was a good idea to fill out one of these data mining sheets.

Hopefully this can be of use to nailing down his real identity.

Not sure if he's even still a mod at this point, but here it is anyways.

f6e4d1  No.12102077

4chan sucks dick but it's important not to lose any ground in the information war.

d3717f  No.12102342


The get on Matrix, fag

713400  No.12102719

File: d6e43c18d53e405⋯.jpg (156.5 KB, 640x869, 640:869, soldout.jpg)

File: faeb0f62d161f73⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2960, 18:37, morejewry.jpg)

File: ca494128ad2c8bd⋯.jpg (490.37 KB, 750x973, 750:973, totallynormalgoyim.jpg)

File: 55bbc9e98fa765d⋯.jpg (934.67 KB, 1342x2560, 671:1280, nothingtoseheregoyim.jpg)

The absolute state of 4chan HAHAAHAHAHAH

7d7124  No.12102810

You are the best useful idiots ever, they want this, do you remember that some years ago some anon fucked moot's mom and how he posted pics of him being a faggot? Ask Oscar Wilde, they want attention and the proper thing with media is cutting them from the net, not pushing their own degeneracy even more, bad goys are baned from the internet, you cant hear them, you have to get a way of stopping media, removing them, not giving them more attention.

4badd9  No.12102844


Mods came around once advertising a discord channel for gays. I went in. Turned out they were recruiting mods. One was called gayjew. Can't contact him anymore, since I left the channel.

7d7124  No.12102878


On /b/ (this site) happened the same shits, mods were forced to do a bulletin saying that thwy arent related to discord because it was used to lure kids.

308000  No.12102901

File: 991abd014955345⋯.jpg (163.47 KB, 1128x698, 564:349, 1201683261145.jpg)

80dfd4  No.12102912


>implying those ads aren't here, too

f6e4d1  No.12103037


Do you remember how an entire countrie's thought processes relied on a basket weeving forum?

43c1f3  No.12103091


Heard some of them were actually cp.

7a21bf  No.12105628

can we get a pastebin?



2adb26  No.12105683


That post is from 2006, it might not even be him anymore.

2adb26  No.12105686


They've had ads like that for years. Though, before that, I think I remember them having ads for some weeaboo store.

2adb26  No.12105695



Uh huh. It's better than using the proprietary Jewshit known as (((Discord))).

368d09  No.12105818

File: 89d1533bd65dc41⋯.jpg (157.42 KB, 768x997, 768:997, 53682dc78800fed21ea26e9e51….jpg)

On a tenuously related note, how does one go about doxxing people in the first place? With the left being genuine brainlets I've never understood how sjws actually find a person's name, address, and employer unless there is some mystical deepweb site that connects user names to birth certificates. I realize several of the victims are social media users who post too many compromising photos of themselves, but what about the ones who do not use those platforms and are just names on a screen?

Polite sage for off-topic, and pic unrelated.

bffd56  No.12105897


Instead you get blacked porn and traps

8dd5e3  No.12108240


Not just those

/sig/ threads

Book and archive threads

Kike/Enemy digging threads

Art and architecture threads

Poster and Redstick threads

OpSec and prepping threads

Media/"originals" threads

Other Operations threads

National Generals threads

And these are the threads that they will bump

China/Japan/Korea threads

Antifa and leftists sympathy threads

DIscord recruitment threads

"Alien/Occult conspiracy" threads

Low-effort one-liners/link threads

120068  No.12108288


>search the user name to find similar accounts

>search post history for keywords in order to find info such as where he lives, which university he went to, where he hangs out, etc…

>if you come upon an email address google it and/or run it through pipl

Eventually you will find an account that will lead to his name an address.

Since most sjws are not good enough to do this they will send a tranny/thot to befriend the target and gather all the info they need.

9455ee  No.12108808



You missed some. I can give quick rundown on what gets bump nowadays and some (((memes))) there and might an ama if you want. A little teaser


This shit is getting bumped for 12 fucking hours … The shilling there is beyond, just beyond everything and the excuses or blandishing is disgusting. Don't get me started on race-mixing or a write a book here.

543e8e  No.12109320


The captchas are becoming more frequent here as well, but IDK maybe that has something to do with the prevalence of bots on 8chan now…

120068  No.12110794



(((Their))) agenda can be seen more clearly by analyzing MSM articles, but what's getting banned/bumped shows us what they are afraid of and how they plan to combat it.

>I can give quick rundown on what gets bump nowadays

Please do

9455ee  No.12112653


The most notable the last days were race-mix threads. The worst one started at 5 pm to 6 am. 8 fucking hours. 2 threads were deleted due to me (and hopefully others) reporting the cherrypicked sheboon soft porn. And since yesterday the Treason? tweet got spammed alongside with Trump saying he would have destroyed or bombed Assad over the chemical attack? The JFK airport threads are getting slided I guess, there was only one good, the other were … (((not avialable anymore))). Some shitpost transgender threads alongside with (((anons))) making pro-comments about it resulting in dozens of replies that they want to fuck the underaged boy (who is a trans, a girl).

The christian threads are getting flooded with (((bullshit))) and can't even provide a source or evidences. (((They))) are most afraif of christian threads, they are unironically rare at this point and I witnessed some getting deleted while I was writing replies.

Whatever is getting on in or on Kavanaugh is a almost agenral and the swedish election threads are getting slide along side trashtaking about the AfS

641e3f  No.12113237

File: d7f914d7a955dbf⋯.png (120.99 KB, 975x573, 325:191, banned.png)

File: 104c59b2d8433e9⋯.png (92.85 KB, 885x289, 885:289, bannedfor.png)

which fucking mod banned me over there? i want his name and address nao

4d036b  No.12113271


I've been checking it out a few days now too several times a day. It's only cancer there, obvious shills. And I saw the pence shit yesterday, flooded all over the place. And not to mention posts and """memes"""…. Not organic.

Cuckchan is always cancer, but this was blatant shilling

47e855  No.12113340

File: fbbd0b04dbc77cc⋯.jpg (951.86 KB, 1582x868, 113:62, 4chan-moderators.jpg)

This guys name was something mcintosh or macintosh or whatever, he was supposed to be one of the lead admins Im pretty sure - during the cuckening. Dont know if it changed up much, only have the blurred out copy from cuckchan because they were banning anyone who posted it at the time.

1ba212  No.12113367


I like where this is going Op

Maybe you can have federal charges brought against them for illegally covering up the R9K blackmail/suicide cult stuff, and not reporting it to authorities (because they're directly involved in it)

b618fc  No.12113375


>posting on 4chan after 2014

Do not post here ever again. You deserve this.

2ea2d3  No.12113414


Looks like Hiro.

641e3f  No.12113443

File: 18456fdb34ae1bd⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1301191522002.jpg)


but anon i'm just a homeless refguee now. pliz gibs asylum

9455ee  No.12113775


What the fuck you would let mongrels live? Kill the beasts, the traitors that bred with the beasts and send the mongrels back to africa/asia/arabia or well, america.

9455ee  No.12113791


Is it virtually possible, if one had the money, to buy 4Chan? Or 8Chan, just askin' tho.

641e3f  No.12113989


i wish someone could buy 4ch. for a lot of normies on their first redpill journey 4chan is usually their first stop but if they're banning us all now and just letting kike shills take over.. that's a valuable resource lost

05a6c0  No.12114010


Its this exact reason why /mlpol/ was demanded to have its own board then. Because bullshit like this is allowed.

But of course, their kikehandlers couldn't have discussion.

05a6c0  No.12114057

File: 9ba6eef130330e7⋯.jpg (2.7 MB, 2245x1304, 2245:1304, __agravain_artoria_pendrag….jpg)


If that being the case, its best to ensure that this line doesn't fall. Because those seeking true political discussion will eventually stumble onto this place.

a65b50  No.12114164


Fuck you, faggot.

Harassing the shit out of the Nu-4chan mods is a good thing.

I'd like for people to dox Reddit's administration, too.

a65b50  No.12114173


So dox the Reddit faggots and harass them into the inevitable suicide that trans-faggots all wind up as.

a65b50  No.12114180


Fuck that. If it ain't RapeApe, it's collateral damage.

It's a shit-skin anyway.

05a6c0  No.12114834



Don't forget to call them soyboys. There's a reason why that got auto filtered.

2adb26  No.12114915


CRISPR, PIGD, and advances in genetic science will someday be able to correct the problem.

2adb26  No.12114925


Never heard of this RapeApe guy. He must have been hired in the last five years or so.

ec1ae8  No.12123027












In the end they made a completely separate website instead.

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