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File: 742e9c00644e5c9⋯.jpg (275.85 KB, 1600x894, 800:447, 742e9c00644e5c9c41cbc186ed….jpg)

File: 14264fe05ec6ad7⋯.png (710.88 KB, 1041x665, 1041:665, 14264fe05ec6ad725400f5866d….png)

b30c7f  No.12082661

ITT: We fuck with porn kikes for great justice

CAUTION: A massive shill wave has been detected in response to a magnitude 6.oyvey kvetchquake generated by the content of this operation.

You have been warned.

From the first thread:

>(((Mods))) on cuckchan are deleting threads about this.

Quick rundown from cuckchan thread

>A literal retard girl who has been hooked on drugs show she could be raped by niggers on camera, then had to be hospitalized for her ptsd after a shoot, because she was denied by those same niggers to bring her comfort animal which helps her with her ptsd

>Hannah Hays has actual brain damage from a a car accident, and is being manipulated and taken advantage of by her agent, manager, and producers. It's one thing if a mentally sound person gets into porn, but to take advantage of someone with brain damage is next level evil.

Here is a video of her saying they wouldn't let her have her comfort animal with her at a shoot and she had to be hospitalized because of an anxiety attack.




Video with her being on drugs


Thread 1


Thread 2


Thread 3


Thread 4


Thread 5:


Thread 6:


Thread 7:


Thread 8:


Thread 9:


Thread 10:


b30c7f  No.12082682

File: b061680f934b895⋯.png (4.06 MB, 2491x1455, 2491:1455, b061680f934b895d671df3bd08….png)

44131c  No.12082688

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b30c7f  No.12082706


I don't get it :^/

000000  No.12082720


Ok, so this is the 'official' MK11 thread.

I deleted the other 11. I didn't think it was by accident. There were complaints on that thread being a duplicated thread. It was already slid, so I deleted it.


589cbc  No.12082729

File: be5eadd572351d6⋯.jpg (10.3 MB, 4800x12000, 2:5, lansky comp3.jpg)

b30c7f  No.12082731


Why would a /pol/ volunteer use Tor, before identifying himself in a thread?

c40485  No.12082742

File: ea0717627eaadc4⋯.png (123.41 KB, 750x576, 125:96, retarded whore.png)


German or britbong maybe

53cc07  No.12082743


Why are you posting over Tor?

53cc07  No.12082748


Why am I asking a question I already know the answer to?

So, were you wondering who was mass-shilling these threads all week?

Here's your answer.




000000  No.12082750



so "polvol6" doesn't pop up.

I will ID myself though.

next million dollar question…

53cc07  No.12082755

File: 99788a4e23771d1⋯.png (29.96 KB, 1459x218, 1459:218, ClipboardImage.png)


I thought you had limitless IPs bro?

Ah, doesn't matter. You can't get banned on Tor. I'm glad you were paying attention to that talk we had previously.


<pic related is how Thread #10 ended

Sound familiar?


And of course here you are on a brand spankin new IP to push the same line you've been pushing across multiple IPs for a week now.

Wew lads.

b30c7f  No.12082756


I agree, we should send her a stern email letting her know that she will no longer be ruining her own life, but the lives of others if she continues down that path.

c40485  No.12082767

Is there any agencies that would just give this dumb coalburning cunt an IQ test so Lansky could get thrown in jail? If they're all too kiked to do so it doesn't seem like there's much room for progress on this.

53cc07  No.12082775




Nah, no way you're going to get a clear IQ test outta any agency in the state of California that concludes with her being labeled as unfit to be fucked by niggers for Jewish moneygrubbing operations.

b30c7f  No.12082779


Hire her for a "porn shoot". The plot is some slut needs to take an IQ tset to get the job.

Film her taking it. Actually verify that she is retarded.

Contact the authorities.

fbd435  No.12082780

File: bbfd2b76c7395a2⋯.png (263.68 KB, 408x410, 204:205, DlfLGD0X0AAJ6H6.png)

i am still trying to figure out how dead porn producers and financiers would be able to continue making the smut

c40485  No.12082796


Good idea but I'm on the wrong side of the country for that and I'm not flying out to California just for this. If anyone's local they should actually do it.

cd37ef  No.12082814

File: c0ecf1c8934c332⋯.jpg (76.49 KB, 800x623, 800:623, freikorps-munich.jpg)

She has a pretty face, I give her that. Her body on the other hand is pretty gross, flat ass/chested, blown out brown roastie pussy. Also, bunions. She is like the opposite of a butterface… butterbody.

remember what the say about burning the coal

she must pay the toll

e7d16c  No.12082828

File: cf381d21f8e1016⋯.png (154.88 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2147.PNG)

File: 6387009883875a9⋯.jpg (53.23 KB, 768x576, 4:3, IMG_2148.JPG)

File: 9d89b65aaf0a131⋯.png (29.75 KB, 723x641, 723:641, IMG_2152.PNG)

File: 08c2eef46c85c84⋯.jpg (93.93 KB, 878x628, 439:314, IMG_2153.JPG)

b30c7f  No.12082839


Really the pussy and coal burning are the only major issues I have with her body.

He retard level IQ makes her non-reproduction worthy regardless of her porn career however.

e7d16c  No.12082842

File: a366e26a4f2194c⋯.png (567.72 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2126.PNG)

File: 814bbad5c6a906e⋯.png (112.01 KB, 1193x567, 1193:567, IMG_2133.PNG)

File: cbed7c5adf6c627⋯.png (93.95 KB, 1183x534, 1183:534, IMG_2134.PNG)

File: 546428b64143a26⋯.jpg (7.14 MB, 3600x5400, 2:3, IMG_2137.JPG)

Mark Schecter is Hannah's agent and was the agent of Cameron Bay in 2013 when she and her bf Rod Daily came out as HIV+. New cases as a few days ago might be tied to him as well.

c40485  No.12082851


>she graduated high school with a 4.0

I bet you believe her tits are real too

e7d16c  No.12082860


note: Christina was killed 5 days ago after these threads started. Mindgeek, one of the big online porn players that own nearly all of the streaming sites on the internet today are in partnership with Playboy. More digging needed but this is a huge red flag.

000000  No.12082910

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


53cc07  No.12082930

File: f21fbb0f09c81ba⋯.png (18.18 KB, 922x211, 922:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 842ea23a8453c97⋯.png (13.38 KB, 784x146, 392:73, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e5ef8a24bc9bd3e⋯.png (26.39 KB, 1491x267, 497:89, ClipboardImage.png)

53cc07  No.12082954

File: 4bd0469fe1b1218⋯.png (15.58 KB, 1048x192, 131:24, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0c09e3f48b924ce⋯.png (11.6 KB, 799x154, 799:154, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3315b4e8dedfeea⋯.png (12.87 KB, 804x153, 268:51, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0776db319af5906⋯.png (40.96 KB, 1511x332, 1511:332, ClipboardImage.png)

c36d95  No.12083053


she says the agent who contacted her on pof is called Matt, did we know that already?

53cc07  No.12083061

File: f9b70f6c980b3f3⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 4112x2696, 514:337, nupol13 - masks upon masks….jpg)

File: af694e6cc7b2429⋯.jpg (166.74 KB, 900x900, 1:1, I Wake Up Fresh.jpg)



New to my eyes Anon.

8f6ee4  No.12083074

She needs to die for her degeneracy.

53cc07  No.12083084


Perhaps, but the Jews getting most of the money from it should be the real targets.


I'd like to know more about this.

5ee52b  No.12083256


>New to my eyes Anon.

She's had too agents. The first agent 'Matt', was from 360agents. They're obviously the feeder tier agents hunting girls on POF.

5ee52b  No.12083261


*two Alicia grammar

b30c7f  No.12083297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b0abdb  No.12083306


Prove that Matt is a jew or continue to suffer, /tinyjew/

b30c7f  No.12083307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b0abdb  No.12083314


Hahahaaa! I think /tinyjew/ might have gotten that visit from DHS and the IRS! Now they're trying to turn us on anyone but him! lol

I think it's time to really go at him. I'm going to have to get serious tomorrow when I have some time and opsec.

b30c7f  No.12083316


>Bonus: Quote from wikipedia "Archeological records have proven the existence of a Jewish population in Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia prior to the infamous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79. Most of the records are of Jewish inscriptions that hint of Jewish life in the area."

4a853a  No.12083319

File: 883037ba6dcd5e4⋯.jpg (20.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, corey36732_1484547790674_1….jpg)


Ignoring your idiocy, I wasn't able to find much about Matt. There seems to be two agents there nowadays (360modelagency.com). Fred and Corey, and Corey is full or part nigger.

b30c7f  No.12083327

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b0abdb  No.12083331


Yes, mongrels do the bidding of jews worldwide. They're simple-minded nature makes them submissive to shiny objects and cars with large wheels. I'm sure Matt is a nigger, but it's jew I want!

Tomorrow, I go offline. So far I haven't even needed to venture out, tomorrrow /tinyjews/ world comes crashing down!

4a853a  No.12083335


I'm going to keep digging. It seems Matt left, I'm establish when. There was also an Isiah there at some point, also confirmed nigger.

4a853a  No.12083350

Wayback machine has Matt show up at the agency between May 11th 2017, and Jun 29, 2017. It's not listed here, but he used the Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/matt360models


Cell: (818)381-7963

Twitter: @Corey360Models


Cell: (323)503-3873

Twitter: @Isiahpromotions


Cell: (323)810-1379

Twitter: @Fred360Models


Cell: (818)200-6336


Cell: (818)399-7378

Jay Spade Cell: (305)910-9579

Office Line: (818) 999-3600

b0abdb  No.12083378


> Isiah

Can you get me the name in full?

I can tie /tinyjew/ to an open case if it's Klein or similar. I just have a meta string that I pulled, but that name is tied to Lansky and I need to close the loop. Could be BIG.

4a853a  No.12083380

File: 4a4b3421ec7912d⋯.png (18.32 KB, 164x386, 82:193, 360.png)

File: 490afc2b70ede93⋯.png (30.76 KB, 195x406, 195:406, atmla.png)

Interestingly, Alicia didn't explicitly list doing interracial at 360, that appeared when she went to (((atmla))). Other girls at 360 do list interracial, so it is something they did classify.

4a853a  No.12083391


Isiah Maxwell



He's a pornstar too.

4a853a  No.12083396

File: b546698df72d6af⋯.png (628.1 KB, 811x598, 811:598, abuse.png)


What a suprise… It didn't take long to find that he's worked with /ourliztard/

b0abdb  No.12083408


Damn, not the right one. Oh well, we'll leave that mystery for DHS to solve.

This girl really is disgust, but at least she brought the lulz.

4a853a  No.12083421


Very disgusting, there's even a tweet of hers saying she doesn't even keep track of how many she's fucked. Also this Isiah guy seems to have fucked half the pornstars out there, can you imagine the diseases that spread around? They freak out about HIV, but each of them probably have 20 other STDs.

b0abdb  No.12083470

File: 69377d861a2ca76⋯.jpg (168.07 KB, 683x743, 683:743, Koko-vs-niggers.jpg)


Literally beastiality

40bfc0  No.12083492

What is the aim of this thread or goal?

Is it to disrupt the pornographic jew?

bc5726  No.12083496

b30c7f  No.12083501









0cffe0  No.12083502


Yes. And we do that by digging into how they operate, sometimes chasing dead ends.

e14bfc  No.12083509

File: 3cdd99050a872e3⋯.jpg (291.44 KB, 970x545, 194:109, disdainforplebs.jpg)



0cffe0  No.12083513

File: 2411395502fcf1d⋯.jpeg (547.16 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Dl0rqHXVAAEbfOO.jpg-large.jpeg)

I'm done for the night, but I'll leave the crowd with some words of wisdom. I don't even need to tell you the author.

e14bfc  No.12083521


>dosent even know how to screen cap


a10765  No.12083531

What about drawn porn where no living actors are involved?

1bcafb  No.12083539


That doesn't deserve to be made illegal but should definitely be shamed and made somewhat societally unacceptable


>jewgle docs

>bad spelling

956556  No.12084346


Should be banned IRL, allowed online.

b0abdb  No.12084356


When I was a kid I would draw women and toss one to my drawings. At the time I felt shame, but now that I look back on it, maybe I was lusting for my own mind? Tis a beautiful mind.

956556  No.12084415


No, you were simply already redpilled on the female question and realized 2D waifus were the answer.

fa800e  No.12084489

File: 4f70c11b4cea197⋯.png (44.62 KB, 537x278, 537:278, 1a8d463ab7098a580fbc1023db….png)

In the 'mk 10' thread there were some very good ideas to gather intel. I believe it is a good idea to repost them here to make more anons aware. I hope that you've seen that already but… Hannah posted a recruitment for other girls from her home town of Valdosta on her PRIVATE (sic!) Jewbook, GA to enter porn industry and recommended herself to be their guide. She urged them to text here for more details. I believe this is a great opportunity for /pol/acks to create fake FB accounts of 18 years old girls from Valdosta wanting to follow Hannah footsteps and text her to gather what I believe will be ,incredible, intel. It could even allow us to get credentials of her agent which could prove to be of great use for our cause (that is fucking with the pornjew). If you are interested please keep in mind that such impersonation must be very well done or she might be warned and alerted for further attempts. I am unable to proceed with that due to jewbook algorithms preventing creating anonymous accounts with VPN/TOR. I cannot use my real IP for that due to too big number of fake accounts already created. Thanks for your involvement, anons. Now it is up to you to keep digging deeper.

12345c  No.12084555

The POZ must flow

>The Production Hold is now Lifted. We thank everyone for complying with the hold, and for respecting the performer's privacy. We are proud to operate @FSCPASS and thank you for your commitment to the health and safety of our industry.

Hahhah said she would stop porn when God decided a different path for her. Days later, a porn production hold went into effect. Oh well God, at least you tried. We should see if we can figure out who got HIV though.

956556  No.12084623

File: bdab6a48f788a82⋯.mp4 (4.13 MB, 1280x690, 128:69, JustGiveMeASign.mp4)

a73038  No.12084671

people like hannah hays are why I only watch hentai

23bbc3  No.12084718


Really, any masturbation at all is unhealthy. As is sex that does not lead to procreation.

Every time you cum, you take a year off your life.

a73038  No.12084723


I could have been an immortal

23bbc3  No.12084829


Only if you are an incel beta. If you are alpha, you need to reproduce.

dfea9d  No.12084923


lol thats bullshit or i have buffer underflowed my way to immortality

a73038  No.12085015


yes I agree. We must kill every single person involved in porn so that more people start producing quality hentai

d3f162  No.12085052


Do you think Patrick Little would J walk in the area where they shoot BLACKED? It would be funny to see how the jews would react to that. But as far as destroying the porn industry. We need to get more confessions from these pornstars talking about the abuse, drugs, ect. What would be interesting is to have a project veritas style operation and have someone go in as an undercover and get video evidence of what really goes on in this sick industry

8933fe  No.12085372

File: 3f2475946777566⋯.png (198.73 KB, 1222x828, 611:414, free.png)


>We need to get more confessions from these pornstars talking about the abuse, drugs, ect.

There was one in MSM talking about that yesterday.

>Jenny Blighe’s first professional porn film will be her last. What was supposed to be her “big break” in the adult film industry turned into a nightmare for Blighe, who says she was pressured to perform hardcore sex acts, choked until she was nearly unconscious and groped by a director during a shoot in February — all of which was caught on video. “I tried to stop the scene but [the director] told me I was ruining the flow and to just put my head back in the frame,” Blighe told The Post. “I felt helpless. All my nightmares about filming a pro boy/girl scene were coming true.”



Don't you ever talk about Hannah that way again shill. I'll have you know she's no whore... just look at her latest tweet. Hannah for now, and forever. We're going to rescue you soon babe

377542  No.12085403


funny how she values the date at $1500 which is the going rate for interracial scenes

c44b4b  No.12085411


She's trying to tell us she's been enslaved you moron.

>my pussy will never be free

She means free as in freedom. Learn to read between the lines.

c44b4b  No.12085415


How do you know the going rate for interracial scenes anon?

b0abdb  No.12085429


She's cracking.

The plan /operationLizTardAnHero/ is going splendid, I see!

8933fe  No.12085439


Kek. Just like the encoded messages in her words of wisdom yesterday. Us true /liztards/ know this.

8933fe  No.12085468


The only case I want to see her anhero is if she's wearing a C4 vest at the Blacked HQ. Otherwise, it's just another ritualistic murder for the tribe that they'll experiences no consequences for. Hell they'll probably even profit from it by releasing a "Hannah Hay's Extreme Ways" commemorative blueray disc set. The degenerate porn fans will snap it up and say: "Ahh too bad she died, but she was getting a bit old anyways. Who's the next young thing?"

579d9e  No.12085609

All posts not related to the operation have been removed. Refresh your page.

A further reminder that any posts not related to the operation will be deleted.

Do not reply to these people. Any replies to derailers are in themselves derailing, and will be deleted.

c36d95  No.12085685



>There was one in MSM talking about that yesterday.


>>Jenny Blighe’s first professional porn film will be her last. What was supposed to be her “big break” in the adult film industry turned into a nightmare for Blighe, who says she was pressured to perform hardcore sex acts, choked until she was nearly unconscious and groped by a director during a shoot in February — all of which was caught on video. “I tried to stop the scene but [the director] told me I was ruining the flow and to just put my head back in the frame,” Blighe told The Post. “I felt helpless. All my nightmares about filming a pro boy/girl scene were coming true.”



that adds credulity to some of the claims made against james deen


c41cb3  No.12085692


I read that article too. That is an understated point. There are plenty of actresses who could easily tell their stories and do further damage to the industry. A few threads ago there were people on porn message boards talking about how screwed up this whole situation is. Make enough dents, and eventually you will collapse the whole damned thing.

c36d95  No.12085721


>There are plenty of actresses who could easily tell their stories and do further damage to the industry.

I'm watching right nowan interview with Jessie Rogers talking about how shitty the porn industry has been to her, haven't watched the whole thing yet. In the first video the interviewer mentions that recruiting 17yr olds to do porn when they turn 18 could be prosecuted under "corrupting the morals of a minor", was Hannah recruited when she was 17, could we use this?


also someone mentioned Lana Rhodes doing under aged porn in an earlier thread, can anyone confirm this?

24717c  No.12085723

File: f972fbaad3ebebb⋯.jpeg (468.53 KB, 750x1064, 375:532, 94714427-ED99-4274-A9EA-A….jpeg)


I agree. This have to be related, read her last tweets which are pure damage control. Keep it up, let push further.

Porn doesn’t empower women, let’s kill feminism with this. See how careful are her words to avoid touching this matter and excusing herself in whoreshaming.

Also, #metoo is getting out of control.What used to be the “black taint” to execute those who went rouges by giving them to the public; have turned against the porn industry.

Their golems are turning against them; push it harder and relate them.

c41cb3  No.12085758


>"Corrupting Morals of a Minor" is very real, not sure of the statute of limitations though, it probably varies state to state. However, you raise a great point. Traci Lords was doing porn in the 80's when she was 15. When word of that got out, they had to remove everything, it was now contraband. I find it hard to believe all of the girls who do this were totally legal when they started. This is worth following up on, this is the attention (((they))) do not want or need right now.


>Also correct. The interview that she did, pure damage control. Why on Earth would a porn company ever let one of their actresses do anything like that when normally such a thing would be ignored? The public at large could care less about some porn actress, yet they saw fit to address it? The feminist perspective on porn varies from it is awful to let women do what they want, either way, some of those beasts could do some damage if they screech loud enough. The golems indeed are turning against them, the very weapon they created to damage their enemies is consuming them as well. We must exploit this.

c36d95  No.12085777


later in the interview she talks about how all of the stars are using drugs and alchohol during scenes, something the porn industry likes to claim just doesn't happen anymore

c41cb3  No.12085785


>Checking those trips. Porn and drugs go hand in hand. Dig a little bit and see how many in the business who OD'd. Drugs were also the way that over the past year several actresses died of "Suicide." Either way, there is nothing good or healthy going on here, and no doubt there is a lot of illegal shit going on. We just need to find the smoking gun, better yet a smoking gun and links to the people who fund this. There has to be money from this business going to people who can keep the eyes of the law off of them.

e3f93d  No.12086597

Digging resource. This site might have some useful information on the porn industry. Posting the Hannah page as a starting point.


1518f6  No.12086610

Could we open these threads to broadly cover pornstars who are suspected to be abused by their handlers? It might shut down some of the common criticism. (I dont have any its just a thought)

e3f93d  No.12086632


Absolutely. It's not all about Hannah.

d7a2fa  No.12086771

It'd be good if porn actresses who got out help lead the public disclosure. Like Jenna Presley. Roped in at 18, lots of hard drugs, became very popular. Her story is pretty common: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZPtSIB75cc

Also, XXX Church (reason why Jenna left the industry and became a Christian) needs to know about Hannah. Fight The New Drug (anti-porn, non-religious non-profit) can also help. They're behind the whole 'Porn Kills Love' campaign. It was started by Mormons though so some people are annoyed about that. But, their website has a lot of great information about how porn is literally human trafficking/rape sometimes, its indirect connections to sex trafficking, stories about actors/actresses, and general stuff about porn's effect on your brain/society/relationships.

cb77b5  No.12086889


Daily reminder that all pornography causes brain damage.

Also this is a defeatism thread, every moment you spend thinking of something is a moment you reinforce an idea or memory.

ITT you are thinking about black men penetrating a white girl.

Do you want to spend more time thinking about that, visualizing it?

Good luck anons, this is a defeatism psyop thread.

f0ae1d  No.12086899


>ITT you are thinking about black men penetrating a white girl.

Actually, that was you.

And now you're back again in this thread, reading this message.

bd33fc  No.12086904


yes, they are already about that. search up lana rhoades, cameron bay, and kasey chase in the previous threads

1518f6  No.12086932


Im glad I didnt have to be the one to point out that all pornstars are exploited, Im not very smart. Maybe it should be included in the OP then so that less people think that its all about this one girl rather than the industry in general.

c36d95  No.12087125


can anyone fill me in on what happened to lana rhoades? also I think we found that Holly Wellin did a scene when she was 17.

1518f6  No.12087169


Actually while we are on that subject, Traci Lords started doing porn when she was like 15. This was common in the 80s and it is probably still common today.

e21702  No.12087182

The site ManyVids.com seems to be where these girls make extra cash selling their own videos. Hannah has a few which look to be her room, where she's fucking a nigger. That's actually another level of degenerate, instead of fucking one of (((Lansky's))) pets for cash, she invited a nigger buck into her house to make a custom sex tape.

e21702  No.12087187


If I recall, the kikes used to produce a lot of the old porn in Denmark to take advantage of the low age of consent laws (I think it's 15).

e21702  No.12087201



>Color Climax was the first to produce commercial child pornography films.[4] From 1969 to 1979, Color Climax was responsible for the relatively large-scale distribution of child pornography.[6] Between 1971 and 1979 the company produced 36 or more 10-minute films for its Lolita series.[4][7][8] These films featured young girls, mainly with men, but sometimes with women or other children.[4][7][8] The participating girls were mainly between the ages of 7 and 11 years; however, some were younger.[4][7][8] Titles included Incest Family, Pre-Teen Sex, Sucking Daddy, and Child Love.[7]

7fb3a6  No.12087224


>Jenny Blighe

damn she was hot before the breast implants. always bothers me when these girls do hardcore porn and cuck their husbands/ boyfriends instead of just continuing it as an amateur thing.

8ac612  No.12087242

I haven't watched a second of porn since the first thread was posted and I never plan to again.

e21702  No.12087254


Good stuff anon, hopefully these threads have had that effect for a few more. Reading about the amount of STDs they all have is another good antidote to the porn habit.

579d9e  No.12087291

File: 767579bb88add3c⋯.png (480.01 KB, 1057x767, 1057:767, 767579bb88add3c0f25a93e82d….png)


>That's actually another level of degenerate

I was not aware that higher levels of degeneracy were at play here.

What's next? Hannah fucking a female nigger infant in the ass with a strapon?

This roastie isn't useful for propaganda purposes anymore. We should just fuck with her mentally and induce suicide. Send a message to the other porn whores that this isn't tolerable any more.

0c7169  No.12087321


>fuck with her mentally and induce suicide

You think like a kike. She needs to see the errors in her ways, and find a way to contribute back to her society (not by procreating). It will not send a message to other girls, there are thousands of dead pornstars, and that hasn't put even a dent in the industry.

bd33fc  No.12087336


she needs to suicide bomb greg lansky and friends and we can call it even stevens

0c7169  No.12087342


Now that would be an honorable death to please the Gods.

7211d9  No.12087359

File: 3bc5c61353d6bc5⋯.jpg (75.7 KB, 680x562, 340:281, 1535677118671.jpg)


If you like medieval stuff, here's a better picture OP.

9f633d  No.12087369

File: 0e94204d67d1e6d⋯.jpg (149.5 KB, 1115x1092, 1115:1092, saint george and the drago….jpg)


That's a judenhut.

1518f6  No.12087380


I know from 'A Serbian Film' that the highest level of degeneracy is newborn porn, but I do not need this extreme for effective propaganda. All I need to do is show someone I know her 'magic lizard' interview and the empathy switches on. It is in a past thread so I cant repost it here, so what you need to do is read every post in every past thread to find it.

03ea5e  No.12087479


>you think like a kike

>contribute back to her society

pick one…

1f40fd  No.12087500


The second. Welcome to the National Socialist board, first day here? Enjoy your stay and pickup a copy of the NSDAP platform at the information kiosk.

081a0e  No.12087609

File: 5587239ffc4fb86⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 644x407, 644:407, nige-and-nige.jpg)


>you should not fear perfection because you will never rich it

This had better not be a suicide note.

2171a7  No.12087658

File: a284419440f77ea⋯.jpg (64.29 KB, 400x332, 100:83, family.jpg)

Hannah's family remind me of this old meme.

56e09b  No.12088012


>1995: the pic

Except for the niglet.

Most normies stopped short of that until the 2000's.

2aac1d  No.12088033


>listening to an interview from her own mouth

>definitely not retarded

This poster is a jewish spider

2aac1d  No.12088050


some people need an expert to tell them the sky is blue. Everyone else looks up.

32adac  No.12088077




>"I'm very happy with my work"

>"I do not have any brain trauma"

Nigger, it's a classical trope that the insane always say that they're not, for a reason.

6c8c38  No.12088122


>she needs to suicide bomb greg lansky and friends and we can call it even stevens

3eb53b  No.12088221

File: cc27dad75634801⋯.mp4 (10.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback (1).mp4)


>Fucking niggers for cash for a living

>Fucking niggers voluntarily

>Recruiting southern white girls into porn through her private jewbook

>screaming muh girl power

>Being in porn voluntarily

Give me one reason why should I care whether she offs herself or not.

c36d95  No.12088546

File: 2b29ed30adf21d2⋯.jpg (76 KB, 340x432, 85:108, [cat drawing intensifies].jpg)


>this company still exists

924849  No.12088623


That (((Yeshua))) nose, this must trigger christcucks pretty damn hard.

a30b7c  No.12088724


> learning disability

> fucks niggers

> incoherent speech

> cries for no reason

> not retarded

One of these things doesn't belong anon.

e05cd2  No.12088788


>ghostpost from Hitler dub ID


c36d95  No.12089019



I think it would be good to put together a top ten most wanted list of degenerates to dig into, it will keep us focused. Number one spot goes to lansky gets the number one spot, other names, james deen, mike adriano and the people who own mindgeek

bd33fc  No.12089334


David Tassilo

Ben Kohn (CEO of Playboy) [also a jew]

Mike Mosny/Mike Moz (possible deep state)

Steve Matthyssen

Mark Schechter (Hannah's agent/poz arranger)

7cb535  No.12089351


>Mark Schechter

I saw on a youtube comment that he had a nigger wife, and 5 niglet jew kids. Wasn't able to confirm though.

bd33fc  No.12089382


for next thread

Thread 9:


Thread 10:


13c297  No.12089828

File: c54206962923550⋯.mp4 (6.58 MB, 420x264, 35:22, truth.mp4)


The only honest porn video I've ever scene.

Don't worry, no nudity in it.

6a427b  No.12089921


Fucking retard deserved it for burning the coal

6d77a6  No.12089931

File: 8451d9f860a99ee⋯.png (187.3 KB, 628x642, 314:321, innit.png)


>Erica Campbell telling it like it is

Comfy af.

dab654  No.12090004


kek, people pay for this shit.

b89d76  No.12093187

did you guys see this thread? new person of interest: Mia Queen. Who is she? girl on pornhub that has done porn underage and her videos have gotten millions of views. someone should report pornhub for their hosting of CP, and otherwise loose standards for cam modeling.


b89d76  No.12093196

File: 0274f3d4fdfc764⋯.png (58.92 KB, 750x280, 75:28, IMG_2155.PNG)


also from the other thread, can anyone confirm?

b89d76  No.12093221


the OP pic is fucking gay, but these threads should be about digging dirt on the kikes in the kike porn industry

128ac4  No.12093236


because you watch to much kike p0rn you fucking degenerate fuck.

c36d95  No.12093256


thread got (((spammed))) to shit and then deleted, target acquired

b89d76  No.12093272


full fucking shut it down mode

b89d76  No.12093277

File: 7d26802b4a8154e⋯.jpg (14.1 KB, 209x241, 209:241, IMG_2156.JPG)

File: 6706462dcd08332⋯.jpg (22.98 KB, 310x395, 62:79, IMG_2157.JPG)


who owns pornhub?

CEO Feras Antoon and

COO David Tassilo

notice anything disgusting about them?

b89d76  No.12093278


CEO and COO of MindGeek**

c36d95  No.12093279

File: 1d1207e5217fc1c⋯.png (821.99 KB, 1024x9576, 128:1197, fuckingkikes.png)

image of deleted thread

b89d76  No.12093282


from what else I remember reading: born in 1999, started doing cam shows in 2015z pornhub can get seriously fucked for hosting CP. hopefully all of mindgeek does

b89d76  No.12093286


gw anon

4cf427  No.12093448

File: 064a546f3ebdb44⋯.jpg (49.16 KB, 934x1280, 467:640, creepy_grin.jpg)


The 2003 book entitled Overcoming Violence Against Women and Girls: The International Campaign to Eradicate a Worldwide Problem written by authors Rahel Nardos; Mary K. Radpour; William S. Hatcher and Michael L. Penn, declared: The largest source of commercial child pornography is Denmark. Denmark became the world's leading producer of child pornography when, in 1969, it removed all restrictions on the production and sale of any type of pornographic material. "The result," notes Tim Tate, "was a short-lived explosion in adult pornography, and the birth of commercial child pornography. In his work, Tate links the global spread of child pornography to two men: Willy Strauss, founder of Bambina Sex, the world's first child-pornography magazine, founded in 1971; and Peter Theander, founder of Colour Climax Corporation and the producer of a short, professionally made pornographic film series entitled Lolita. Lolita depicts the sexual abuse of prepubescent boys and girls. Although Danish law at the time rendered the work of Strauss and Theander legal, by 1979 when Denmark finally banned the production and sale of child pornography it had already become such a financial success on the international market that it has proven to be nearly impossible to bring its spread under control.

Suzanne Ost, in her 2009 book Child Pornography and Sexual Grooming: Legal and Societal Responses published by Cambridge University Press, wrote about the child pornography created by Denmark/Holland during this period: Taylor and Quayle note that the material produced during this period still constitutes the largest part of child pornography that is currently available, having been transferred into digital format and uploaded onto the internet.

c36d95  No.12093510


wtf happened in denmark in the 70's did everyone suddenly lose their fucking minds?

b89d76  No.12093559


that's scarier than most other things I've read

291697  No.12093594


After the germans lost the war the jews wasted no time in picking up right back where they left off.

4d786c  No.12093618

File: 67859655378bfbc⋯.jpg (8.35 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)


> by 1979 when Denmark finally banned the production and sale of child pornography

> it had already become such a financial success on the international market that it has proven to be nearly impossible to bring its spread under control.

so the demand always existed? the problem (I think) with banning is it creates a "black market" (unregulated) Prohibition never works (at least not without serious enforcement, like a death penalty) the production of (real) CP creates victims, i'm surprised pedo's haven't invested/moved on to in CGI and sex doll technology that way they could at lest have the craving satiated without harming any actual real life children. or am I naive and the sex/porn part is just a formality because harming children was the point all along? (Because Jews)

c36d95  No.12093637


>i'm surprised pedo's haven't invested/moved on to in CGI and sex doll technology that way they could at lest have the craving satiated without harming any actual real life children.

they are sadists, they get off on it hurting people

4d786c  No.12093659

File: 8b6c21219f3a8ae⋯.jpg (163.65 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a3603987480_10.jpg)


>they are sadists, they get off on it hurting people

right, thats jew/homo 101, but that can't be true for all of them… right? from what I understand the vast majority of pedophiles don't commit violent crime, unlike the usual nog/rapist. wouldn't we see a higher correlation with violence/murder in pedophilia cases? (if the majority if them were indeed sadists).

4d786c  No.12093676

File: 499ed65f754b145⋯.png (93.31 KB, 637x579, 637:579, Untitled85.png)


>I think it would be good to put together a top ten most wanted list of degenerates

the fucker in-charge of most top porn sites is the same jew (MindGeek) but of the Jews behind most porn streaming sites hide behind false identities and pseudonyms (we can only guess (((why))) )

f0668c  No.12093892


Awaken Vril.

Furor Teutonicus.

f0668c  No.12093904


>sage and delete all porn threads

Typical jewish tricks. Every pedo thread I've seen since before /new/ has had some jew or degenerate shilling for it to be deleted or removed.

a2f6d3  No.12093909

File: 257e961b6868ace⋯.jpg (120.01 KB, 728x491, 728:491, BUMP.jpg)


8aba8e  No.12094052


I think most of the anons here have realized that the initial impetus to investigate, that Hannah was mentally retarded, is actually not true. Certainly, she's making very poor life choices, and won't be joining MENSA, she is taking these actions on account of her own free will. She is no more or less explointed than the other girls in the industry.

Removing all mentions of Hannah from these threads and focusing on the industry as a whole may garner a fresh response.

c87615  No.12094085


In yurrup they call the people from their major degenerate period "68'ers" and variations thereof because that 1968 and later period was when you saw the huge movements for pedoshit and leftism and decriminalization of all kinds of fucked up shit.

7aa1f4  No.12094218


you are correct, but she is very low IQ

1ef1f0  No.12094472

File: 872bef1c833b928⋯.png (1021.31 KB, 1180x792, 295:198, home.png)

File: 23eba68a16cbf8c⋯.png (80.93 KB, 1180x320, 59:16, brain damage.png)


Just to put bookends on the Hannah case, she's on her way home now to see her family. She isn't quitting (((porn))) yet, but it looks like the seed is planted. I am now done talking about Hannah Hays.

c36d95  No.12094731


if she gets out she might spill some beans on the industry, it could be productive to try and get shelly luben in contact with her

1d6641  No.12094751

File: 0c4d1acc81e8728⋯.jpg (64.98 KB, 484x444, 121:111, nervous.jpg)


It's like she knows everything about me…

c36d95  No.12094798


> http://www.culturewars.org.uk/2008-05/1968.htm

very interesting, lots of echoing names

13de01  No.12094809


>>not even porn

Would be funny to get some NatSoc philosophy recitations the same way.

377542  No.12094893


>you are correct, but she is very low IQ

the correct term is "stable genius" anon

d8e9f6  No.12096483

da98fe  No.12096842


Just a little heads up: Pornwikileaks is operated by Donnie Long, a notorious lolcow with an axe to grind himself. Take everything there with a pinch of salt.


Over the last few years the porn industry really has ramped up the "clean porn" PR. In reality substance abuse is rife and many of the producers and studio owners are less than reputable sorts (e.g. the guy who did the Backroom Casting Couch vids went to the slammer for child porn).


This isn't even half of it.

After most countries passed child porn laws and mandated that people appearing in porn must be majors (which in Denmark meant 16 and the Netherlands 17 then) these studios moved their CP operations to countries like Indonesia or Thailand where they continued shooting until the late 80s/early 90s and the situation was so bad the "legitimate" porn studios tried lobbying government to shut them down because they feared a massive backlash.

Hell, from what I've heard you could buy CP under the table in many porn shops no problem up until the 90s.

62269c  No.12097757

Slightly offtopic:

if you've been following these threads, you have been following the recent shillwave on /pol/. we are now seeing shills using these tactics in other threads. recent tactics are:

i) calling a poster schizo or mentally ill

ii) (1) and done bots with posts of little relevancy and terrible syntax/grammar

iii) "we shouldn't be focusing on this guys, it's a waste of effort, we should be doing x"

feel free to add to this list when you guys notice a pattern.

b49153  No.12097982



Unironically makes you think.

ba32af  No.12098106

File: f4cd81c8dd33974⋯.png (262.63 KB, 414x459, 46:51, 1b2.png)

Great work, anons. Shills BTFO

b0c281  No.12098415


The Jews just want us talking in dailystormer rhetoric 24/7, instead of doing anything useful. "Le letz gaz six million joooz" speech not only confirms the "Neo Natzey" stereotype, it stands in the way of us organizing and discussing deeper ideas. There's good work to be done in this topic, but I think the focus must shift from Hannah.

ba32af  No.12098462



It just seems like the closer we get to the truth, the harder the shills are working to stop us from getting there. They say you know you're over the target when you're getting flak. Keep digging!!!

a05605  No.12098488


>hould be doing x"

"reddit spacing"

also, they say "leddit spacing"

They use dog whistles to draw down the wrath of the (((mods)))

Don't believe me? Start a thread giving details on how to find businesses that hire beaners and hand a complete portfolio, oh, DOSSIER of photos, names, addresses, license plates, etc. to the boys in ICE, using relatively inepensive long-lens (28-400mm) zoom lens on an inexpensive DSLR to keep yourself well away from the criminals, preferably in the back of a blacked-out SUV, or operating camera via your cellular phone, which Nikon offers.

Start a thread on it. See how long it lasts before they shoah it and give you a bullshit reason.

1a2b1e  No.12098490


I found that video insulting. I've never paid for porn.

a05605  No.12098500

Oh, and if submitting photos, scrub the background so no one can tell where you were when you took them, so you can reuse the spot.

Reference points also give an exact distance from the spot.

Example: if someone is 100 yards from you, and you photograph them in front of a chain link fence that is 200 yards behind them, (if your depth of field actually has it sharp at that disparity) they can calculate how far in front of the fence the subject was by comparing it to his face without an intervening distance.

So, scrubbed backgrounds can help you stay safe and anonymous, just like shooting someone through the head is harder to find direction of bullet origin than through the chest, because no one exactly knows which way subject was facing his head or tilting it.

Stay safe, report and deport.

e3f93d  No.12098605


What's the video? And yeah, it looks like the link has a built in expiry. It's best to just use youtube-dl.

ba32af  No.12098979

File: 8e172a94bac2847⋯.png (19.25 KB, 589x183, 589:183, imposters.PNG)

Looks like there's some Hannah imposters have been deployed by her captors to throw us off the scent. I can't say for sure it's them, but it makes you wonder. Anyways, I'll keep digging.

Great thread so far, keep it up gang.

f7ab65  No.12100360

File: 87d6ec6186f12bb⋯.jpg (77.31 KB, 618x415, 618:415, Interracial-Dating_thumb2.jpg)


Absolutely disgusting.

This girl looks completely braindead, no way she's aware of WTF she is doing.

8ac612  No.12100434


>it let's us discuss deeper ideas than gassing every last jew

Your nose is showing.

e7d16c  No.12101033


good info anon

62269c  No.12101035


it should make you think, don't ever stop

d59208  No.12101244


Hitler didn't rebuild Germany by gassing Jews, he didn't even gas a single one. Hitler instituted great social programs and restored national pride to the beleaguered nation.

8824e0  No.12103636

Who is the broken and lonely autistic faggot who keeps spamming this coal burner all over both /pol/s? Fuck off already she isn't going to fuck you. Jesus fucking christ.

e7d16c  No.12105585


look into kasey chase and how she did shows underage. these kikes are hiding something very big

baafe4  No.12107291

File: d2204dc8f58bf05⋯.png (109.09 KB, 500x487, 500:487, when the pope doesn't call….png)


Well, one of you >tfw no gf white knights could go take that offer.


>i am still trying to figure out how dead porn producers and financiers would be able to continue making the smut

This is an interesting theory, and can be done in a local manner. who am I kidding, porn kikes are all near hollywood

ad14db  No.12108242

File: b3414e5b973c3dd⋯.jpeg (4.2 KB, 208x206, 104:103, images.jpeg)



1178c7  No.12108271



f11056  No.12108302

File: c79ccf44412180a⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 360x270, 4:3, 8b50f25364d37bcc563ebe08d1….gif)


>shit catalog

>caring about whats visible

aecfb3  No.12108422

File: dcc1ea7c7b99cec⋯.jpg (354.48 KB, 600x899, 600:899, badcostume.jpg)



Based medieval era

6f813a  No.12108498

File: f998e8d6f39486e⋯.png (162.27 KB, 400x800, 1:2, terryadavis.png)

It would be big lulz if we could ruin the porn kikes. Terry would be proud.


0826df  No.12109471


That leatherette lederhosen though anon…it is beauty. I mean I could totally see you all white knighting in lederhosen.

3ea939  No.12109871

File: 6bb8c37af4a8b5d⋯.jpg (51.63 KB, 248x248, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.jpg)


checked. heiled.






6d690c  No.12110035


God I hate Redditors so fucking much.

832c39  No.12111989

File: f28f0dc57693e9e⋯.jpg (93.42 KB, 640x515, 128:103, whydonttheyloveme.jpg)


nu/pol/ reached peak degeneracy and tried to play captain save a hoe by starting a “campaign” to “raise awareness” that she was being “exploited”.

This place honestly is not even a shell of its former self, it is an entirely different entity compared to even just 2 or 3 years ago.

690a16  No.12111992

Looks like lansky is playing dead. Reposting just old photosets and most of his pisstagram accounts are idle.

ba32af  No.12112527

Looks like Alicia stopped making porn. Did we win?

900426  No.12112742


>oy vey, attacking us is the same as white knighting, goyim!

Your nose is longer than your dick Chaim.

01be06  No.12113158

File: 453022b71285f53⋯.png (61.15 KB, 539x320, 539:320, jewfish.png)

3b4bf5  No.12113207

File: 3a71ec43433f3cc⋯.jpg (19.42 KB, 509x196, 509:196, )))(((.jpg)

ce2548  No.12116639


>using rick and morty memes and calling others cucks

back to reddit friend

d6bff5  No.12117282


holy shit she's a dribbling retard, or is this just how the average american in the south speaks?

ba32af  No.12117328


Is that a yes?

ba32af  No.12117868

Can someone repost the info of her handlers? Those threads are 404'd now.

be27b2  No.12126596


It should be archived at the top of the thread.

1f6d69  No.12127611


post necrolewds

9003fe  No.12130656

File: 3d192d2d25b0cb3⋯.png (726.89 KB, 1000x698, 500:349, Hannah Hays Holocaust 64.png)

She's coming for revenge.

ba32af  No.12131558

0404ec  No.12131947

We're all sick of this thread, but I decided to check Hannah's twitter to see if she'd corrected her wicked ways. No. Two things stuck out though:

<She died her hair red.

Women make drastic changes to their hair after emotional trauma. You'll recall Megyn Kelly cutting her hair after Trump eviscerated her. Now Hannah's hair matches the pills we've stuff down her throat.

<She's parted ways with the kike agent!

>A 19 year old that comes in a small package but a lot of fun. I know how to work my body, n how to suck dick. Self Booking at the moment hannahhaysxxx@gmail.com

Ahh, so still an absolutely degenerate whore, but either she gassed the agent or even the filthy kikes don't want her anymore. Too much heat for them to take?

782c1f  No.12131955

You are not here to save this woman from her degenerate decisions. This resurging of the quasi-/pol/ beta cuck faggots is truly pitiful to witness. Enjoy your friendly (((reminder))), courtesy of the faggot OP, to get your nightly serving of IR cuckold porn.

f1583c  No.12131971


Beat it Shlomo, your whole empire will fall. It's too late to counter signal.

782c1f  No.12132119


Really? This call-the-dissenter-a-kike tactic is pitiful and unproductive, and it tangles these threads up.

I do hope that some progress is being made in the efforts to brigade Lansky and his racket of degeneracy, but this whole "Templar Knight saving a black-cock-sucking fuck-slut" pride is really sad and plays into the creation of a cuckold caricature of /pol/. Again, go forward with the assault of the porn industry, but this knight in shining armor routine is fucking pathetic. It's like how a woman will have her fun fucking tens of muscled big-dicked pieces of useless shit only to settle for one of you savior-beta low-t faggots because you will do everything under the sun to please her and rescue the day like the knight (cuckold) you perceive yourself to be.

I really hope you all are not approaching this situation with the complex of a savior or a knight.

73445a  No.12132149


>The psyche that is able to say those things convincingly with a straight face.

I would not be with her.

53cc07  No.12132192

File: fdb913f99677999⋯.jpg (261.31 KB, 910x1375, 182:275, Jews - Porn David Marmorst….JPG)


>only real men get to fuck my ass

<for like $200 a go


That faggot deserves some digging.

53cc07  No.12132199

File: 45829479f00b2f8⋯.mp4 (4.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Expertly-Trained Anti-Anxi….mp4)

53cc07  No.12132215


>agents gone

The Jews are running from this girl now would be my guess. Too much attention, too many prying eyes, they just want this to all go away and for these literally-fucking-National Socialists to stop paying attention to them so much.

I bet those claims that the local skinheads had been alerted to his whereabouts put a shiver up his spine, not to mention the people digging into his personal life with an autistically-wielded fine-toothed comb.

c6d801  No.12134015

File: f18a354b82feeff⋯.png (236.71 KB, 1634x1058, 817:529, why race-mixers need to be….png)


You think like a basic bitch racial communist who believes all whites are equal even if some whites are animal abusers, child abusers, pedophiles and race-mixers, Quit your bullshit mindset and start being a Nazi/Fascist

7ba839  No.12134063


> start being a Nazi/Fascist

We think like NatSocs here. No one is falling for your anti-white D&C tricks kike, begone >>>/oven/.

c6d801  No.12134108

File: 872b6809d729c41⋯.jpg (42.91 KB, 307x475, 307:475, nazi sozi.jpg)

File: 274d41b561deed8⋯.png (143.55 KB, 1200x789, 400:263, nazi.png)


>Joseph Goebbels and George Lincoln Rockwell were kikes

Go suck my dick faggot.

c94ec9  No.12134112


If telegony is real then there are going to be a lot of cucks raising my hybrid spawn. At least they'll be White and perhaps possess my superior intelligence.

7ba839  No.12134138


>Go suck my dick

This is not how a white man conducts himself. Read your shill manuals again.

666fe9  No.12134159



I'm not sure either of you understand what Fascism is. Do you think it's a "bad word" or do you actually know what it means?

e99754  No.12134276


Ignore this 'time sink' poster.

c6d801  No.12134281

File: 4b26eb0603c7939⋯.png (390.15 KB, 1279x720, 1279:720, natsocks.png)


Good job proving my point faggot.


"Like all sound political conceptions, Fascism is action and it is thought; action in which doctrine is immanent, and doctrine arising from a given system of historical forces in which it is inserted, and working on them from within (1). dIt has therefore a form correlated to contingencies of time and space; but it has also an ideal content which makes it an expression of truth in the higher region of the history of thought (2). There is no way of exercising a spiritual influence in the world as a human will dominating the will of others, unless one has a conception both of the transient and the specific reality on which that action is to be exercised, and of the permanent and universal reality in which the transient dwells and has its being. To know men one must know man; and to know man one must be acquainted with reality and its laws. There can be no conception of the State which is not fundamentally a conception of life: philosophy or intuition, system of ideas evolving within the framework of logic or concentrated in a vision or a faith, but always, at least potentially, an organic conception of the world." - The Doctrine of Fascism

ba32af  No.12149025

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I found two related locations. What's the plan, anons?

16543 Sunset Blvd

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

16537 Sunset Blvd

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

d1986d  No.12149411


>Referring to your own advertised ideology by a derogatory term

And Jews claim, on average, that they have a higher IQ. Pathetic.

8ec2d6  No.12149450

I jerked off to porn and cam girls three times last night. I don't mind.

21b5d1  No.12149734

File: 3975a82ebe9e5d8⋯.png (687.31 KB, 1041x578, 1041:578, drink.png)

fucking kikes

c4cf07  No.12149852

File: 3a576ca816927c5⋯.jpg (31.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, big guy swimming.jpg)


I haven't watched (((porn))) in over a week.

Haven't fapped either. Not because of this shameless porn whore.

422680  No.12149883

File: 89c49cadac4e95a⋯.jpg (206.14 KB, 1189x587, 1189:587, 2.jpg)

File: 2fec14556723ba9⋯.jpg (104.04 KB, 1194x498, 199:83, 3.jpg)

I'm the anon from the last thread (maybe it was the one before that) who posted some screenshots from an Empornium (it's a large private porn torrent tracker) thread discussing her. I said I'd come back to post some of the replies once the white knights came out, and sure enough they did. And you (well, not 8chan, but you in spirit) were mentioned!


13de01  No.12149923

File: 957744e9cfd938e⋯.jpg (92.68 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, bog woman.jpg)

File: ddc14cbc6ce7250⋯.jpg (8.04 KB, 226x314, 113:157, Digital_Face_Reconstructio….jpg)


Traitor to her folk throw her into the bog, you cannot reconcile a traitor. This problem is not new but the solution is very old.

f81723  No.12149925


The shills tried to stop us from knowing the truth about hitler and national socialism

We became that way discussed for a good amount of years

Then we decided to take back our nations they seem to try to stop us so tried to get us into the alt right meme.

782c1f  No.12149993


Either your name is Chaim, Herschel, Sheckleburg/stein, Eli, Judas, Anselm, or Malachai, or you are a fucking cuckold retarded faggot. This girl wants black dick in her cunt, throat, and ass. It's fun for her to take black cock and ball cumshots on her face and body, and your pathetic, white-knight attempt to save her (felch the cum from her filthy cunt) is fucking pathetic. If you aren't a scheming coin-scraper, if you are, in fact, white, then you deserve to die, preferably by your own hand so that you show responsibility for your felonious corruption, for this pitiful display of yella-bellied weakness and beta-male consent to degrading cuckoldy.


There is no plan, you naïve faggot. This is a spam thread meant to play into the delicate sensibilities of /pol/ and to pique the human nature of curiosity in an attempt to lure the anon to pornhub to watch videos of her consenting to degenerate corruption and de facto prostitution.

aa137a  No.12151711


I agree with this, she's an irredeemable whore. She was raised a whore by her whore mother and there is nothing you could ever do to counteract that.

Best to report this thread.

ba32af  No.12159419



What's the matter, Schlomo? Afraid we'll find out your secrets? We've only just begun to uncover and destroy your empire.

149947  No.12170472

I found 3 more names connected to Hannah's productions:

>Levi Johnson

>Harry Turner

>Tommy Johnson

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