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File: 8ef80ad98880c3d⋯.jpg (82.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

File: 25efd7b69d09a57⋯.png (836.23 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot_2018-08-30_17-4….png)

60b7c8  No.12083739

Because they always lie and use merchant tricks to garner sheckles. (Inb4 muh e-celebs.)

JF Gariepy, the self-proclaimed white nationalist who fucks Asian women, has a Jewish girlfriend. He proves to us yet again that the (((Alt-Right))) is leftwing and not true nationalist. Anyone using the Alt-Right label should be treated as a suspicious person at a minimum and at most, they should be put inside a pre-heated oven.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Tsof9azGo. (The vid that was supposed to be the Alt Hype debate.)

Timestamp: 1:51:47

60b7c8  No.12083750

/e-celeb exposed general.

88b8de  No.12083753

did he dump his retard gf? or is the jew gf the retard gf?

60b7c8  No.12083754

/e-celeb exposed general.>>12083753

>did he dump his retard gf? or is the jew gf the retard gf?

A few days ago he mentioned he had found a new GF through the internet. This is the new GF.

b3cf2e  No.12083757

>Caring about a Quebacian manlet that can't keep his cock out of retards

620283  No.12083758

That's a shame, cause some of his stuff was good. But yeah, I've never given any of these e-celebs my shekels, I just take the good info that they have and that's it. I suggest everyone else do the same.

f40a56  No.12083770

What are the chances that someone can find his dating profile?

004bb7  No.12083771

File: 6f6dc080c3a542b⋯.jpg (22.38 KB, 474x266, 237:133, trulyshocking.jpg)


> claims to be alpha chad who's fucked over 1000 girls

> this can only mean he has no standards

> gf is a 2/10 jew

895571  No.12083772

File: be9624c7c79ea07⋯.png (23.78 KB, 766x564, 383:282, 4chan Shit.png)


8c18f4  No.12083787

She looks French, to be fair.

9c69a3  No.12083798

File: 5b349262e03ccc3⋯.jpg (397.91 KB, 1106x1354, 553:677, 1535598340254.jpg)


kek, he tried saying she (((broke her nose))). Halfchan was full of shills saying "she's French, all French women look like that" and mods were deleting threads about JF (Jew Fucker) Gariepe's jewish gf (and threads making fun of Spencer's moustache).


>/e-celeb exposed general.

This, pls no bully mods.

9c69a3  No.12083805

File: 511dab8edac3fb9⋯.jpg (526.7 KB, 1107x846, 123:94, 1535590739749.jpg)


>brown eyes

>curly jew hair

>kikess bird face

>extreme shekel sniffer beak

Nice try.

8c18f4  No.12083806


Nah. She's French. There's something unmistakably smug in the expression. She even kind of looks like JF.

60b7c8  No.12083808


I've met lots of French women. And while many had med' pheontypes, none of them looked like Kikes.

8c18f4  No.12083811


>yank thinks he knows what French people look like

They got Vikings down there, right?

60b7c8  No.12083814

File: cf74fb9a6439147⋯.jpg (126.2 KB, 1107x846, 123:94, OYVEY.jpg)

9c69a3  No.12083818

File: a28fb907a104993⋯.png (594.15 KB, 600x602, 300:301, french_canadian_girl.png)


>Nah. She's French.

No, she's not.


>I've met lots of French women. And while many had med' pheontypes, none of them looked like Kikes.

Same, pic related is a French Canadian girl.

a692ca  No.12083820


>French Jew

About as French as she is at best. We are not cuckchan kike and don’t fall for your shit narrative.

8c18f4  No.12083822


>posts a heavily made up girl, who still has a similar complexion, and facial shape.

That nose looks a bit black though.

60b7c8  No.12083832

File: 304d4782a8e668a⋯.png (561.14 KB, 1280x861, 1280:861, screen-shot-2018-01-12-at-….png)

File: 18395bd730bd693⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 600x400, 3:2, images_cms-image-000039375.jpg)

File: be38b8475eddab9⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 550x422, 275:211, 1406057894695.jpg)

File: f51de46b78debeb⋯.jpg (417.51 KB, 2400x1350, 16:9, 40760be3-c9ff-423b-962f-c5….jpg)

File: fccfaec1c079f6f⋯.jpg (133.09 KB, 880x580, 44:29, molly-tolsky.jpg)


3 french phenotypes vs 3 jewess phenotypes.

60b7c8  No.12083834

File: bb0c1f5f346e3a4⋯.jpg (67.09 KB, 615x625, 123:125, Faigy-Mayer.jpg)

8c18f4  No.12083835


She looks a lot like number 2.

60b7c8  No.12083836


Except she has Jew features.

8c18f4  No.12083837


Maybe she's just ugly.

60b7c8  No.12083838


No, she has distinct Jew feature: the lips, the nose, the eyes, the forehead. She looks like the fourth woman I posted but more mechant looking.

9c69a3  No.12083839

File: a589a6dc599f6f0⋯.jpg (271.47 KB, 1790x841, 1790:841, jew_fucker_gariepy.jpg)


Nice try kike, I used to live in Cornwall Ontario, which is right near the Quebec border.


>that White woman looks jewish and black goy! this proves JF is not dating a kikess

You realize that your damage control shilling just confirms our suspicions, right? I watched you and your shilling team try desperately to shill the "she's French" narrative on halfchan, only for the mods to go full shut it down and delete every single thread about JF's kike gf because no one was buying your desperate nonsense.

8c18f4  No.12083841


>I've been near French Canada

Ever been to France?

9c69a3  No.12083842


>the lips

I forgot about that, look at the thin upper lip.

9c69a3  No.12083843



Montreal is only a 1.5 hour drive from Cornwall, retard.

Why are you so obsessed with trying to convince us she's not jewish? What's your motivation?

1a14a1  No.12083844





She's so obviously not French, that much I can tell you, not to mention how fucking ugly she is compared to the French average.

t. lived in Germany close to the French border, had a French GF, hit on a couple more of them over the years

3007f6  No.12083845


Maybe you are meeting with the germanic french, because the celt and med admixture french does look quite jewish.

1a14a1  No.12083846


Also sleepy eyes.

8c18f4  No.12083847


Bored, tbh. Canada isn't France, Amerifat.

60b7c8  No.12083850

File: 4c21d7429417c3c⋯.jpg (115.32 KB, 1107x846, 123:94, thenoseknows.jpg)


Nose is not broken.

9c69a3  No.12083851


JF is in Quebec you fucking retard.


You're a glow in the dark kike shill. Thanks for basically confirming that JF is a paid alt-kike asset.


<another shill appears


Yes that too.

0d6d97  No.12083853


Not saying that's not a jew or that JF is great, but what is /pol/ to do if you just ignore e-celebs? Like it or not, we need a new elite and that takes putting your face out there. /pol/ will just stay stuck on this niche part of the web that you can't even find on google anymore.

3007f6  No.12083854


I really don't like frenchie so beats me.

2bd5cf  No.12083856


>oy vey goy, we killed your and intermixed with your last elite, so now you need a new elite! and who better than us jews!

000000  No.12083857

60b7c8  No.12083858


New elite will rise organically in real life like we see in Italy and Paprika land, for example. The new elite of white men will not come from the internet, most likely.

9c69a3  No.12083859

File: 81ac096ced7567a⋯.png (298.54 KB, 499x641, 499:641, 1517869313569.png)


>you need our controlled opposition ecelebs goy

>p-pls stop bullying them

>they're you're only hope goyim

204a1d  No.12083861


If the Jews are hiring new elites, I'm certainly available. What does being a Deep State controlled-op shill pay these days? And do I have to actually take it in the ass like Milo Yiannopolous and Ryan Faulk, or can I get by with a secret marriage to Ben Shapiro's sister?

0d6d97  No.12083862



These kind of responses are so niggerish.


Maybe, but I think e-celebs spreading these ideas are much much better than the only jew-wise sites around being 4chan and 8chan. The information is too condensed and hidden if it's only here.

000000  No.12083863


Perhaps funnier is that this obvious jewess is so distracting that it completely overshadowed ridicule of dicky's new mustache.

60b7c8  No.12083864


>Maybe, but I think e-celebs spreading these ideas are much much better than the only jew-wise sites around being 4chan and 8chan. The information is too condensed and hidden if it's only here.

It helps, definitely. They help spread the red pill but they aren't to be trusted and their info is second rate, mostly.

204a1d  No.12083865

File: ca140a99d680977⋯.jpeg (160.55 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, juif-de-france.jpeg)


How can you say she isn't French, goy? She speaks French, no?

b5337f  No.12083866


People seem to forget how italians look.

a8c778  No.12083868


God damn that is one ugly kike bitch.

0d6d97  No.12083872


Fair enough. Only e-celebs I like are Eric Striker and Ryan Dawson.

60b7c8  No.12083877


Some Italians have Arab DNA. Fact. Thus, they have Semitic features. The non-Arab ones have your typical long, straight nose. Her nose is very Semitic. And she has all the Kike features. Kike DNA causes Kike phenotypes. She isn't hard to type.

60b7c8  No.12083883

File: 5bf2524c6f7197d⋯.jpg (127.73 KB, 1107x846, 123:94, 511dab8edac3fb9af7dfc179f4….jpg)


Her is her compared to a rather typical Italian.

a86c31  No.12083886


JF has always been a frognigger trying to muh dik anything with a pulse.

36ffc6  No.12083892

>He proves to us yet again that the (((Alt-Right))) is leftwing and not true nationalist

There are fags who claim to be National Socialists. There furries that claim to be National Socialists. There are kikes who have claimed to be National Socialists. Does that mean National Socialism is all kiked and complete bullshit you fucking moron?

Kikes are able to play many of you niggers like a fiddle to carry out their own D&C bullshit for them.

If going "full right" and full uber kang Nazi is the path to victory, then take that shit to the public and liberate our nations instead of continuously running your fucking mouths like a pack of shit talking niggers.

7b8c1d  No.12083895


Kill yourself JF.

4d3f53  No.12083898


>be the biologist by training JF

>study HBD as a professional and as a hobbyist

>actually make videos about European and other phenotypes

<hahaha she's not Jewish, why would you say that

He can't be that blind.

60b7c8  No.12083904



>There are fags who claim to be National Socialists. There furries that claim to be National Socialists.

They contradict the principles etc. of natsoc so no. But fags etc. don't contradict the principles etc. of the alt-right. Reminder that one of its biggest figures, rich spencer, is leftwing and believes gay is an implicit part of euro culture. Reminder that mike enoch on of its other biggest proponents is a jew lolberg. Altright is for degenerates and leftists and kikes.


His co-host frame games and halsey are both jews, It really isn't that surprising.

dac94d  No.12083913

>oy vey, only your top secret imageboard is allowed to express pro-white sentiments

>take down all of ou-your enemies because they're not necessarily natsoc

Careful not to fall for it

459bd8  No.12083951


Doesn't have brown eyes, they don't all have brown eyes, far from it. That's David Duke defending Ames Friedman tier. This is definitely a jew though.



The mistake you are making is forgetting that jews have infiltrated every country, and presented themselves as your countrymen and women so frequently that you accept them as your own even when it's blatantly obvious that they are jewish.

Dirty dancing was a long time ago now, non jew girls have stopped trying to make their hair look like the jewess in that film.

cd6904  No.12083953

if they have any kind of regular show and it's on youtube in my opinion they will end up stabbing you in the back at some point you just have to wait

they're all managed from some outside source. This guy actually seems to be one of the least offensive guys with a regular show on youtube, it seems like you can put him on and he won't start bitching about trolls and crying and blaming everyone over them or turn around and do a softball interview with someone from Infowars but yeah, you can't really trust that he will remain credible forever, only a matter of time until it's (((fagatron masonry))) time.

36ffc6  No.12084036


I have no idea who this guy is dipshit. Unlike yourself, I am more focused on the 14 words than e-celeb faggots.


>B-but spencer and enoch

Because of a small handful of people you are willing to discard and shit talk thousands of actual White men. People like you are easily manipulated. Quit being so fucking simple minded.

If you shitards actually want to do something to benefit the White race rather than pollute /pol/ with e-celeb shit talking, then go to their videos and red pill/ enlighten their viewers. All this empty headed shit talking comes across as a bunch of weak ass bitches trying to feel good about themselves by larping that they are better than someone else.

Do something worthwhile, don't just try to superficially feel good about yourself to compensate for being an empty bitch.

60b7c8  No.12084048


>Because of a small handful of people you are willing to discard and shit talk thousands of actual White men. People like you are easily manipulated.

You don't understand, the Alt-Right doesn't have any serious foundational philosophy. Its principles and ideas come from the people who are influential at the time, like Spencer, Enoch, and all the others guys.

>If you shitards actually want to do something to benefit the White race rather than pollute /pol/ with e-celeb shit talking, then go to their videos and red pill/ enlighten their viewers. All this empty headed shit talking comes across as a bunch of weak ass bitches trying to feel good about themselves by larping that they are better than someone else.

>Do something worthwhile, don't just try to superficially feel good about yourself to compensate for being an empty bitch.

No one here is trying to do that. Keep sniping, gamma.

I work with Richard Lynn and Charles Murray.

36ffc6  No.12084080


You don't understand. We have lost a hell of a lot of ground. White people are barely maintaining a presence in many parts of our nations. Plain and simple, if we are going to be successful, everything, so long as it does not compromise our integrity, needs to be used to our advantage.

If you want to think of National Socialism as being the top rung of a ladder, you don't get the rest of our race their by breaking and discarding all the previous rungs. You facilitate their movement upwards genius.

>No one here is trying to do that.

You think everyone posting on an anonymous board is all homogenous in thought and intention? Is this your first day here? That is beyond retarded.

60b7c8  No.12084133


> Plain and simple, if we are going to be successful, everything, so long as it does not compromise our integrity, needs to be used to our advantage.

Do race-mixers and gays and Jews and supporters of gay culture compromise the integrity of our movement?

>If you want to think of National Socialism as being the top rung of a ladder, you don't get the rest of our race their by breaking and discarding all the previous rungs. You facilitate their movement upwards genius.

I'm not a natsoc.




>You think everyone posting on an anonymous board is all homogenous in thought and intention? Is this your first day here? That is beyond retarded.

I meant in this thread, retard, but you wouldn't know that because you're basically illiterate.

dd6dea  No.12084138


>or is the jew gf SOME OTHER retard gf?

Just wanted to make sure your question was formatted correctly, anon

dd6dea  No.12084142


JF is a French.

Fat Jewess has no soil and belongs in a ditch.

Italian women are the furthest extent of exotic any self-respecting white man should be attracted to.

dd6dea  No.12084146


Oyyyy Veyyyyy! Don't talk about a frauding jew on full chan, anons! It's not good for your, i mean our board culture!

5dd3b8  No.12084201

File: c3576614d4d2b1d⋯.jpg (53.24 KB, 550x412, 275:206, dirty floor public bathroo….jpg)


>he has fucked over 1000 women

No one but a jew would take him, anon (they have no standards so riding that disease train is NBD to them). Can you imagine letting that diseased cock anywhere near you? Revolting! Why don't you just go rub your cock all over the floor of a public bathroom and then ask a European woman if she like that inside her? Basically that is what he has done.

f3d61d  No.12084211


I'll say you grabbed my sides and boy howdy you flung them into space

dd6dea  No.12084231

File: a8051122d04ad4d⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 300x248, 75:62, OnlyOneWayToMakeSure.jpg)

5dd3b8  No.12084242


What is wrong with genetic testing coupled with behavioral testing for parasitic behaviors? Between those two things it should be completely conclusive and easy to weed out ZOG wherever we find them.

946ff9  No.12084263


If you still think you can trust anyone, you haven't been paying attention. If you're seeking to trust someone, you're going to have your heart broken by an e-celeb who doesn't live up to your ideals.


>Why don't you just go rub your cock all over the floor of a public bathroom and then ask a European woman if she like that inside her?

Anon, European women do that all the time to be fashionable. Haven't you heard? Getting BBC'd is what all the trendy liberal college educated women are doing.

60b7c8  No.12084287


>Getting BBC'd is what all the trendy liberal college educated women are doing.

<It was real in my (((mind)))

5dd3b8  No.12084289


Ok MGTOW (no wonder you are alone).

You keep thinking like a kike. European women are the most loyal of all the races to their own people. European men are the problem for Europe when it comes to race mixing. This is why KIKES hate European women and bash them whenever they can.

13cbce  No.12084294

File: fdf1c037fcb7653⋯.png (387.07 KB, 586x648, 293:324, 9179984963789f142e1e36ae3a….png)


I think he said that preemptively

7705eb  No.12084298


She's just part Arab because French are race-mixed mongrels. European+Arab=Jew basically

5dd3b8  No.12084300



so part nigger…

7705eb  No.12084301


Men can never be a problem for race mixing, retard. Sexual reproduction doesn't work that way.

7705eb  No.12084304


Yeah, somewhat. North African, arab, and nigger. A lot of French look like that because they have been race mixing for hundreds of years.

5dd3b8  No.12084312


Keep telling yourself that. But disgusting mongrels are a problem in our society because they compromise the emotional allegiance to our own people and they allow mongrel shit tier people to intermix with our people over time lowering the quality and purity of our stock. Half breed mongrels have been a problem for our people from time immemorial. Also, I am not a fucking 'multicultural whore' so whatever you are peddling isn't really working for me.

dd6dea  No.12084325


>they compromise the emotional allegiance to our own people and they allow mongrel shit tier people to intermix with our people over time lowering the quality and purity of our stock.

This along with jew-level identity schizophrenia. Some mongrels can commit to one culture or another but many are just left confused and torn between two opposing ideals. The only white women that go mongrel are the ones juden has poisoned with opiates and social justice.

A mans lust should concede to the benefit of his people.

946ff9  No.12084327


Not a MGTOW and not alone. European women are the most loyal when in a relationship. However,

>This is why KIKES hate European women and bash them whenever they can.

You do realize that European women are used as a weapon against European men by way of (((feminism)))

I should know, my wife was once a feminist and she left the political orthodoxy because the organization she was a part of spent its time attacking men.

Women tend to support anti-White political parties precisely because of intense jewish propaganda targeting women and filling them with hate, resentment, and fear. And because women are so fashion conscious, they will actually have sex with animals because daddy (((professor))) and the media (((corporations))) told her to do so.

I am not anti-woman. Not by a long shot. But you see these three whores? Spiritually, these three sluts are sucking the cocks of men who dragged their dicks around in that hypothetical bathroom stall. Spiritually, they are worse than whores and sluts. They are worse than animals because even animals don't seek to cause their own kind to go extinct.

13cbce  No.12084328


The issue is they get them really young and naive, and those girls can't come back

946ff9  No.12084332

File: e29371d45418f25⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 898x701, 898:701, Girls-standing-with-sign-w….jpg)



Forgot pic

These three whores are destroying their own race.

5dd3b8  No.12084338

File: b20b49b947eb22a⋯.jpg (336.11 KB, 735x817, 735:817, When you are white there i….jpg)


>And because women are so fashion conscious, they will actually have sex with animals because daddy (((professor))) and the media (((corporations))) told her to do so.


Don't you understand that I love my people and don't want any of them whoring with subhumans and mongrel filth…this is not a 'he said, she said' finger pointing exercise for me…I care nothing for that. I care ONLY about ensuring our racial integrity and that requires a COMMITMENT AND STANDARDS from BOTH SEXES…not just one. Anything less is KIKE THINK.

dd6dea  No.12084347


(far left) Schwarzenegger strikes again!

7705eb  No.12084348


>Some mongrels can commit to one culture or another but many are just left confused

Why do you think anyone here would give a shit about this? Nobody cares about the feelings of race mixed bastards.

dd6dea  No.12084351


>Nobody cares about the feelings of race mixed bastards.

I hadn't considered the feelings of the bastards, I was exemplifying the detriment of race mixing.

946ff9  No.12084362

File: d8c5dc46ba6f44b⋯.jpg (86.62 KB, 876x493, 876:493, Race traitors.jpg)

File: 7a119665ff96470⋯.jpg (101.16 KB, 411x768, 137:256, Feminist freaks.jpg)


> I love my people and don't want any of them whoring with subhumans and mongrel filth

Anon, you're preaching to the choir.

You appear to want to blame White men for the failings of White civilization and that's fair. White men had a moral responsibility to protect our women and our children from foreign exploitation and yet our ancestors were so cowardly and so self absorbed that they allowed a hostile enemy to bully them into submission with nothing but mean names and publish shaming techniques.

I understand that anon. But don't try to shush me when I disparage and shame women who betray their race and their children by welcoming in a disease ridden horde of rapists and child molesters. Don't try to shush me when I attack trendy, race mixing, liberal, empty headed twits who have sex with niggers and then wonder why they're left alone with a mongrel infant to raise. Don't try to shush me when some dead eyed piece of filth adopts four African infants because she thinks that's what Jesus would want her to do.

Women serve as the best moral police for a society. And when they fail and begin welcoming deviants, defectives, and animals into their bedrooms for sex, society begins sliding back into the swamp.

8f14f8  No.12084376

File: 58f492f6133b002⋯.png (640.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2018-08-10-00-1….png)

File: 815c8fb477e9065⋯.png (192.57 KB, 540x401, 540:401, f1c6c7b193d40a0e849f079189….png)





defending slimey kikes and trying to blend in….. I wonder who would do that?

5dd3b8  No.12084377


Holy shit…shame on dude…just not here. There aren't any race mixing European women here…it is completely pointless exercise without any upside at all that only encourages bitterness in European men for something that are partially responsible for and European women don't want in the first place. If you want to shame people who deserve it, try your local college campus or Oprah's comment section or something like that. We are nationalist here, there isn't any reason for you to crusade here unless you are a D&C kike that is trying to drive a wedge between European males and females.

665761  No.12084393


She definitely looks french in the eyes. I knew a more aryan looking french woman who had the exact same eyes and eyebrows.

Same smile/expression too. Also, I knew a french man with the same nose.

Also, the Jews in Canada tend to be anglos, not french.

5dd3b8  No.12084430

File: 25e905f13ebe65a⋯.jpg (550.12 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, jews for dreamers.jpg)

File: 100261509f34ad7⋯.png (537.41 KB, 843x694, 843:694, magistrate jews supreme co….png)


>kike mongrel

>looks 'french' in the eyes.

Really anon? Who gives a fuck, she is not one of us, even 1% kike is an abomination on Earth…and that girl is a lot more than 1%. There bloodline is parasitic and they are missing a soul because they are part nigger animals and not human. Extermination of the abomination mongrel part breeds are the only solution.

946ff9  No.12084436


It is perfectly okay to be politically incorrect on 8chan and it is also perfectly okay to make a sick joke, as you did, in talking about what liberal women are into.

You made a joke about dragging one's dick through sewage in reference to his fake alfa male mentality of fucking every female that walks past (or so he claims). I made a joke about the trendy airheads in college who race mix who are essentially doing the same thing.

Recall, I never said that all White women do this. I merely stated the fact that White "college educated" liberals are race mixing and this is a disgusting behavior.

5dd3b8  No.12084444


Ok so you know who to target with shaming. College campus is the venue rather than /pol/. Godspeed. ;)

I know you won't do it but GODDAMN ANON I wish that you really would. You could do a world of good if you bitch slapped the shit (metaphorically) out the whores.

dd6dea  No.12084453


the 4 4's talk of whores

check em

dd6dea  No.12084460

File: 21c50cf7a9409dc⋯.jpg (528.71 KB, 1600x2788, 400:697, Feminism_a_jewish_movement.jpg)






no exceptions

1b53a4  No.12084474

5b6ae9  No.12084482

File: 55587e341f3779a⋯.jpg (919.26 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 25e905f13ebe65a43855de88a7….jpg)


roll for your fate

5b6ae9  No.12084483


aww yeah, nigger AND jew

315a98  No.12084484


4 and 7 don't look jewish to me. Especially 4.

315a98  No.12084488


>Some of us are ready for total war and we’re going to kill all niggers, spics, chinky bugs and kikes.

>chinky bugs

I remember those words. You might be the ethno-supremacist aren't ya?

665761  No.12084496


>accuse others of being glow in the darks

>state that you plan on committing murder and terrorist actions and are arming yourself for that purpose

Really gets the prefrontal cortex stimulated.

946ff9  No.12084514

File: b26f1564b5caa50⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Everyone is a CIA agent ex….jpg)


5dd3b8  No.12084525


Europeans are the only people in the world who do not plan for global domination (even though global domination happens naturally by our mere presence). Now, we are planning for it and JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE we have ever wanted to achieve:


dd6dea  No.12084528


One would assume a group took time from work to gather for photo opp.

then upon closer inspection of the name tags, jew confirms no work missed that day

792462  No.12084529


>Americans are so used to seeing muds they have forgotten what White people look like


5dd3b8  No.12084548


They aren't well traveled (this doesn't make as much difference now that every European nation is swarming with subhuman filth). Also, they are brainwashed not to see the kike subhuman among them. What do you expect when so much crime is passed off as (((White))) crime by the kike filth whenever it occurs, I would bet you a dollar that there are Europeans who thing that shill kike parasite Madoff is European. Or Blankfein.

2f69c4  No.12084549

It's well known that jewish women are the biggest whores in history, and will do and say just about anything to latch into a white man who's intelligent or successful. Why do you think many jews look similar to us? Centuries of jewish whores chasing white dick. Jewish women are a fucking disease.

946ff9  No.12084562

File: 03200a9e86036ad⋯.jpg (76.61 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, wallpaper-amelie-719713_10….jpg)

File: ed5d6f8148db0f2⋯.jpg (16.49 KB, 400x590, 40:59, averagefrenchfemale.jpg)


Most Americans get their knowledge from movies. Not sure if most Americans have seen this movie, but this is the first image that came to mind regarding the American perception of French women (besides cartoons)

Obviously the image on the right is the average French woman.

5dd3b8  No.12084569


It is a reproductive strategy for overthrowing the European race on their part that dilutes European blood and increases allegiance away from our own people to their mongrel filth tribe. A father will look out for his mongrel nigger jew kids rather than our Tribal interest any longer. It amazes me that so many European males fall for it…but in this case it is different, that guy Gariepy has something pathological wrong with his brain if he has had sex with 1,000 women…I mean it is just disgustingly vile and so over the top unnecessary that it is just a fucking AIDS vector among all the other resistant strains of STD's out there now…its is fucking creepy and unnatural really.

5dd3b8  No.12084585


Actually it is a very 'jew' thing to value quantity over quality. Just fucking vile. He is displaying the character traits of a kike parasite even if he is 'European', which I doubt he is, due to his nature. In the end it is always the BEHAVIOR that gives away even the most carefully (generations of inbreeding to disguise themselves as European even though they are sayanim only loyal to the 'tribe') ZOG kike.

bab21f  No.12084649


The curious question is how come the jewish kike DNA doesn't disappear after jew woman + white man generational breeding? The kike nature remains as dominating behaviour.

a6f03e  No.12084661

File: 0221c7c30c35d78⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 396x594, 2:3, Goebbels1.jpg)

File: 9af31df306825ff⋯.png (484.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, James_Bond_(You_Only_Live_….png)


>muh brown eyes

nigger are you blind? Her eyes are clearly green. I really wish you idiots would stop with this ultra jewish "brown eyes automatically=mutt or kike" meme, it's one of the oldest D&C talking points in the book and reminds me of elementary school when retards would say "Hitler wanted to gas every german with brown eyes".

Eye color isn't really a good indicator of much of anything, plenty of white people with brown eyes and plenty of kikes with blue/green eyes.

904992  No.12084664


Yes, but brown eyes on an already suspicious package seals the deal.

8ba43a  No.12084668

File: a60e0580f070a4a⋯.png (211.42 KB, 331x352, 331:352, toystorydog.png)


>never trust anyone that gets popular

Gotcha. Left wing e-celebs are fine though, but let's forget about those!

c3f0d3  No.12084672


>if you aren't ok with people who compromise themselves by race-mixing with jew, y-you must be leftist!

8ba43a  No.12084679


Yes, that's definitely what I'm implying. What I'm really implying is that these posts are quick to attack the popular right wing "personalities" of whom are often gateways to much more deeper right wing thought for an average citizen, rather than left-wing propaganda spreaders. It's almost as if that these posts are trying hard to play on biases without any substantial evidence besides "it looks like it", but bravo, it works with these fools.

a9203f  No.12084686

File: d0eccc933ee7a55⋯.png (68 KB, 407x491, 407:491, goebbels1.PNG)


>Men can never be a problem for race mixing, retard. Sexual reproduction doesn't work that way

Creating higher IQ enemies of the White race via banging non-White women is traitorous behavior you utter fucking moron. On top of that, it's disgusting untermensch behavior. Non-White women are inferior and revolting animals. Kill yourself posthaste, you nigger tier waste of resources.

c3f0d3  No.12084695

File: e24cdebabb7ea4a⋯.jpg (77.51 KB, 1000x907, 1000:907, GLR - To Hell with the Alt….jpg)


>without any substantial evidence besides "it looks like it"

Nigger, she's clearly a kikess. It's so bad that she almost looks like a caricature. It's Mike's wife-tier.

>b-but muh right-wing!

This isn't about left and right, and never has been. We're in a racial struggle against the jew.

a5f93b  No.12084707


So tell me, when exactly did he say that?

0ae331  No.12084716

If OP has to inb4 it's because he knows he's a faggot with no argument and in the wrong.

9fa42f  No.12084724


Soul comes from the mother. Kikes are soulless (that is why their language had no vowels or asperates until they got a beat down by the arabs). Breeding a kike whore leaves the child without a soul. This is why they are loyal to their kike tribe instead of HUMAN beings, because there is no way to recover from breeding with a part nigger animal which has no soul. They are animal rather than human. Any offspring of niggers are the same, no soul, so no connection to the Earth at all…that is why we call them demons, because they are animate but have no soul because they can't inherit one from their mothers. This is why they enjoy polluting our people, both males and females so much, because the product of any union with them is destined to Hell since it has no soul. They lay waste to European bloodlines forever via sexually enticing HUMANS into a union with them.

c3f0d3  No.12084725

File: c669a7fa8e1ad6a⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 594x519, 198:173, DFvOfwlUwAAt8pv.jpg large.jpg)

File: 921cb0c9f9fd959⋯.png (252.84 KB, 683x865, 683:865, 7Z3U5M9.png)

File: d296c3dc22c3534⋯.png (1.13 MB, 932x2169, 932:2169, 9SBTXVk.png)

File: 231c2150336da04⋯.png (649.1 KB, 871x1540, 871:1540, GN5JDxP.png)

File: c7ba5d31035a950⋯.png (598.02 KB, 786x1019, 786:1019, Rockwell - The US Right Wi….png)


It's somebody's edit of the first picture, obviously, but Rockwell spoke out against the "aut-righters" of his era.

9561f0  No.12084726

>oh wow this looks interesting

>is it real? let's go check it out

>video removed

surprise suprise

7b96a3  No.12084737

Another e-celeb alt-right cancer. Water is wet anons. A good thread died for this.

2f69c4  No.12084743


I blame Judaism. A white kid raised in a ghetto will, for the most part, act like a nigger. Maybe with a bit more self-control and intelligence, but they will act like a nigger (especially white women, they become literal bleached niggers). Remove jews from their network and I believe, for the most part, the jewishness will die off. I guarantee there's loads of people with the same amount of jewish DNA as many self-identified jews who don't even remotely identify as jewish, who are just normal, niggerball watching retards. Not all "jews" have a "jewish nature," many are just a part of the big kike network practicing and/or benefiting from nepotism and bending to peer pressure (because they're jew in name only, their genetics are almost entirely European, or a mix of non-jew). This is why I think we shouldn't write off many of these European bloodlines. These kike whores chase the most prominent and most successful white men, and their children (look at Trump, or most other prominent white male CEOs and businessmen). Those are good genes. We shouldn't be relegated to a race of niggers because kikes want to breed with out most intelligent and most successful. If we kill judaism, and cut jews off from the roots, jews will all but die. "Jewish nature" is only alive and well in a small few jews. Most of them just follow those jews who exhibit that nature, because they're the ones most compelled to get into positions of influence within the jewish community. We need to kill judaism. You can't kill "the jew" so long as it exists, because a person could be .05% ashkenazi jewish and exhibit that "jewish nature" by consequence of judaism indoctrinating them or simply appealing to their sense of self-preservation and tribalism. Basically just throw their own tactics back at them. They want to destroy our sense of identity, our culture, our in-group preference etc. We need to do that do them. Unlike us though, they're not unified by genes. We actually have a genetic identity. They don't. They're a mongrel race, most of whom are only a single digit percentage jewish. Most of us are pure European.

9fa42f  No.12084744


Hey who do you think is on /pol/? People who are 'on the fence' or people committed to European nationalism? Your point, while valid IRL doesn't actually mean anything here because we are discussing it so that we make sure that no ALT-KIKES are in positions of power over us…we grind them into dust here so that we don't end up with the jew world order, like the kikes are salivating over. Besides EVERY FUCKING PERSON on this planet that we have doubts over and those we don't is going to get DNA tested to WEED OUT the last of the hidden oven dodgers in our societies. NOT A FUCKING ONE OF THESE SOULESS KIKES IS GOING FORWARD INTO THE NEW AGE. Not even a 1%ers because it isn't about 'race' as much as it is about soul. And we all know that kikes have no soul and that they infect every generation of their offspring from here forwards with the animal soulessness of their nigger ancestors. To let one live is to bring complete disaster upon the whole earth once again, even the 1%ers need to be exterminated so that the Earth will only be populated by people with souls.

315a98  No.12084747


Switching ip ethnoglobe anon?

9fa42f  No.12084751



Very well put, anon.

144849  No.12084754


What video are you talking about?

811acb  No.12084763


This. France has been a racial disaster since the Revolution and you know it's fucking bad when Hitler in Mein Kampf had to write about it near the end with grave predictions that it'll be a mongrelized nation if nothing serious is done in the next 150 years. If not for the Third Reich stunting things it would be National Geographic 2050 America bad.

a5f93b  No.12084900


Well, the original is better and still valid. The change is dumb and unnecessary.

0680bf  No.12084915


>Her eyes are clearly green.




c3f0d3  No.12084918


The original was already posted and I didn't want to have to go through the trouble of posting multiple images.

946ff9  No.12084949


I object to the second image.

First of all, fix the spelling error. I make the same error so I understand. But it still looks bad.

Second of all, while I agree with GLR that denying that one is a "racist" is a silly idea. Denying one is a racist is like denying that one is a heretic when arguing with the Inquisition. Or it is like getting into an argument with a Christian who accuses you of hating God and then repeatedly denying that you do. Or it is like being accused of being a jew on /pol/ and saying "no! I'm not a jew."

It's a foolish thing to do.

However, it is equally foolish to accept a jewish label that is designed to demean, dehumanize, and disparage. It is a foolish thing indeed to accept the enemy's narrative.

If you lived in the USSR and you were accused of being a counter-revolutionary class traitor, you wouldn't just accept it and say "YES! I am a counter-revolutionary class traitor and I'M PROUD OF IT! I am a proud class traitor!"

If you lived in Salem and you were accused of being a witch in consort with the devil, you would be a fool to respond, "YES! I am a witch and I am in consort with the devil! HAIL SATAN!"

And if you are accused of being a jew on /pol/, only a fool responds, "YES! I am a jew and I'm proud of being a jew. I want to suck the blood out of penises and murder White children!"

The same is true with the word "racist"

That jewish word is designed to delegitimize everything you say and they have spent billions of dollars to make it so. You cannot rehabilitate a word that is owned outright by the enemy. You cannot convince a Soviet citizen to agree with you by defining YOURSELF as a class traitor. You cannot convince a Puritan to not kill you by openly labeling YOURSELF a heretic in consort with the devil. And you cannot convince a man under the influence of the jews to fight for his race by labeling yourself the equivalent of "Satanist" "godless heretic" and "class traitor"

So you cannot deny an accusation, nor can you affirm it. What can you do?

You can go on the offensive, you can take control of the conversation, you can take control of their own words and use their own hate-slurs against them, and then you can utterly destroy every single argument they make that is predicated upon racism being bad.

<You're a racist!

In your opinion I'm racist. You're only saying that because I'm White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

the anti-White is now forced to defend their hate-slurs.

<NO! Because you said/think X and X is racist!

Now you simply point out the obvious

No one is flooding Black countries with non-Africans because of X Y & Z and hounding African children for saying X

No one is flooding Japan with non-Asians because of X Y & Z and hounding Japanese children for saying X

No one is flooding Thailand with non-Thais because of X Y & Z and hounding Thai children for saying X

Only White nations are affected by this. Only White media is pushing this. Only White children are attacked for this. This is genocide.

YOU are supporting genocide.

Now they are the ones on the defensive. They must now prove that they're not genocidal maniacs AND they need to prove that X is racist

<No because genocide is killing people

Wrong again, anti-White. Genocide is ethnically replacing a population BY ANY MEANS. No one is flooding African countries with non-Blacks…


You should ALWAYS structure your conversations with anti-Whites this way because it instantly places you on a debilitating offensive. It places you in absolute command of the conversation. You want to talk about South Africa? You can easily bring the conversation to South Africa. Want to talk about IsraHell? You can easily talk about what the kikes are doing and how they're doing it. Want to talk about how wonderful it is in ethnically homogeneous Japan? Easy. Want to talk about anti-White hate in the media? The conversation is yours.

You don't need to buy into the false dichotomy of "you either need to call yourself a racist Nazi or deny that you're a racist Nazi"

There's a third position

That position is to destroy the enemy and his hate-slurs, take control of the conversation, and annihilate the opposition.

81030e  No.12085145

He's fucking French Canadian. What did you expect? He's clearly a mental patient and perversion is a big part of it. Can this degenerate piece of shit. Easy on the jew pics man. Those mugs are stomach turning.

7ac093  No.12085154

File: 972878c5f6a4bcc⋯.jpg (40.11 KB, 626x644, 313:322, Dh_fouwXUAAktRY.jpg)


le roll

dd6dea  No.12085174

File: d922747464a1812⋯.jpg (105.53 KB, 440x640, 11:16, french_woman.jpg)


I'm aging myself, huh?

dd6dea  No.12085179

File: e523843664fc5bd⋯.jpg (404.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, frenchwoman.jpg)


and, how could i forget.

9c69a3  No.12085192

File: 33df8a1cc9bf2d1⋯.jpg (62.28 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 33df8a1cc9bf2d18fd1bf9c396….jpg)

Halfchan is now issuing bans for posting about JF's jewish girlfriend. Any thread about it gets deleted instantly, and you are banned. This indicates 4chan mod complicity in trying to sweep this under the rug.


004bb7  No.12085213

File: aab7acfa9000002⋯.jpg (68.12 KB, 743x545, 743:545, averagefrenchwomen.jpg)


Uh anon, this isn't 1918.

a8c778  No.12085225


I refuse.

646631  No.12085240


Looks Maltese. Maybe Greek.

946ff9  No.12085244


None of those women are French.

Only one ethnic group on earth can be French and that is the French. Everyone else is just an EU citizen.

66f2d3  No.12085311


>Muh brown eyes are just fine anon

Brown eyes are a sign of miscegenation. Never be proud of brown eyes. They are not Germanic nor are they Nordic. If you have many good genetic traits and seek to have children, removing brown eyes from your gene pool should be high up on the list of genetic defects. Too bad in order to so you have to breed with someone who doesn't have brown eyes, thus weakening their own bloodline.

Many genestealing jews have blue and green eyes, which is a terrifying thing. Many Germans and heroes of the Third Reich have brown eyes. But they could all agree, breeding within your station yields the best possible outcome. Hitler did not have children, instead he chose to help those he saw as having the best genetic traits, breed with those of equal genetic standing, to produce the best generation of Germans he could manage. Hitler tried to rekindle the ancient practice of selective breeding. He became a godfather of an entire generation of Germans.

Do you think brown eyes were among the traits they sought to replicate within the Hitler youth?

That's right. They weren't. Faggot. Breed within your station, brown eyed mongrel.

dd6dea  No.12085400



Brown eyes are not a birth defect and actually work better in bright sunlit environments. Take a moment to look around at people on the freeway sometime. Notice very few Mexicans wearing sunglasses and tons of whites wearing sunglasses.

I have pale blue eyes and I won't even drive to the store down the block without sunglasses, however I have no problem driving on a mountain road at night whereas my friend who has brown eyes doesn't need sunglasses on the brightest day but has trouble driving on surfaces streets at night.

Whites are tall, short, fat, slim, muscular, scrawny… the one thing that is passed on from white to white is intelligence. Intelligence makes societal living possible. No group of sub 80IQ mongrels comes together in cohesion. We have all the features needed within our group, but don't think that different features among us is detrimental. It is by design to ensure we can act in the highest possible capacity across all fields.

5dd3b8  No.12085420


I support you brown eyes as an Ethnic European, anon. We will need that genetic diversity when the Earth has Ethnic Europeans only. Brown, green and heterochromia eyes are all going to be as welcome as grey, violet, gold, green, blue and hazel.

12c5ea  No.12085495


I don't think JF is controlled op. I think he's just an autistic insecure manlet shielding himself with a load of false bravado.

12c5ea  No.12085522


/cow/ exists for a reason

f4534e  No.12085526

JF isn't really alt-right, he's a normie who is sympathetic to alt-right views. This makes him a Nazi in the eyes of antifa and the far left. That's about it.

959f47  No.12085575

>her girlfriend looks semitic so I should discard all the content he provides including his David Duke interviews.


Even he was jewish himself and his girlfriend you would throw all of his production to the trash?

Are you sure you're not the one that's glowing in the dark?

66f2d3  No.12085583


If you come from Germanic or Nordic bloodlines, and have brown eyes, it is a defect. If you disagree, perhaps you should fuck off.

7bd567  No.12085590


agree. if you have brown eyes and live in Scandinavia or Germany. please gtfo. you're a blight and don't belong.

4b73a1  No.12085601


Give me 1, baby.

4b73a1  No.12085604


Fuck yeah, I got the best Jewess.

dd6dea  No.12085611


and if you're trying to divide the spaniards and italians from the movement, you're a fat greasy jew and you will eat a curb

66f2d3  No.12085634


Projecting again, little jew?

Why would I ever want a Spaniard or Italian to fuck a Scandinavian or German? For that is the only dividing I seek. All forms of folkish miscegenation are biological catastrophes.

Through segregation is found harmony.

144849  No.12085648

What is it about all these jew woke, red pilled, pro white or white nationalists who marry non-white or jew women, while supposedly banging on the drums about demographic replacement and white racial decline?

144849  No.12085656

dd6dea  No.12085696


We're all on a ship and diseased rats are infesting the quarters, making the men sick and die off at an alarming rate.

By all means, send the exterminator back because he's not white enough.

You're not fooling anyone and you're not dividing us. You're the glue that mends us, jew. Millions of whites have died due to your degeneracy and corruption. I have every intention of evening the odds.

Keep applying the glue. It fuels the fire inside me.

32e6bb  No.12085712



7689bf  No.12085716

959f47  No.12085718

I don't care about the guy's private life what matters is the quality of the content he provides if you're up in arms because he's dating an ugly chick and discard everything he has produced based on that sole element you're being subversive.

959f47  No.12085720

0ff1b8  No.12085724



dd6dea  No.12085730


I can't take anyone seriously that associates with jews, much less procreates with jewess's. I question everything JF has put out, not because of some misconception or bias, but because of 1000's of years of history telling me to beware.

If a man was branded with an HIV+ logo, I would proceed with less caution in a venture of syringe sharing than I take when dealing with jews and their acquaintances. They are the hand of the devil and everything they touch is tainted.

Everyone that has ever know a jew has eventually come the the same conclusion. They are poison.

d451cd  No.12085765

I knew something was wrong with him when I first saw some anon shill him on here. Besides, he's French and they've only been able to recognize European nationalism but not properly conform to it for the last few hundred years. Guy's just doing it to look cool to his non-white pets and make shekels off gullible anons. Don't be suckered by this guy. All wheebs should be electrocuted, banned from white nations, and treated worse than niggers. Telltale sign they are the worst race traitor of all and listen to wheebs who are about to type some witty reply but press the backspace now because I hate them. Take your shekel elsewhere, wheebs. Wheebs like this have an advanced mental disease and deficiency that must be treated swiftly. Lowlife wheebs selling out the suckered anons like this who are so confused they want to gullibly romance to their Jewish superior thinking of only one thing (the potential shekels) are the ones.

32e6bb  No.12085779

File: 069b79c13c51953⋯.jpg (222.04 KB, 900x636, 75:53, 8d066d2585def6866c5a53774e….jpg)



d12233  No.12085877



>Also makes me lose respect for him, not just for dicking a yid, but for allowing himself to be controlled by his libido.

66f2d3  No.12085913

File: 6412780fcc8197e⋯.jpg (34.49 KB, 428x368, 107:92, 34234234234.jpg)

File: 958d0431a19992e⋯.png (3.78 KB, 207x142, 207:142, faggot.png)


>miscegenation is okay

1d7cba  No.12085917


returned the favor yuri

60b7c8  No.12086061


>Guy's just doing it to look cool to his non-white pets and make shekels off gullible anons.


cf685e  No.12086071

>Do race-mixers and gays and Jews and supporters of gay culture compromise the integrity of our movement


cf685e  No.12086073

>not a natsoc

Gtfo cuckchanner.

895571  No.12086095

File: 2865e2b73d196a5⋯.png (123.31 KB, 720x400, 9:5, 1474107524380.png)


Why do any Youtubers matter?

60b7c8  No.12086118



Okay, so then you agree that the Alt-Right compromises the integrity of our movement.

>Gtfo cuckchanner.


895571  No.12086143


The Alt-Right had a shitty movement that collapsed after Charlottesville in any political sense. 8chan has no movement, but some ideological purity. I don't think anyone has something to be proud of.

cf685e  No.12086296


>do you agree the alt right

Also yes they are controlled opposition.

57182a  No.12086448


I remember when /pol/ didn't want to follow e-celeb drama. Same news, same conclusion.

068195  No.12086976



I have hazel eyes, and if I go outside on a sunny day without sunglasses I'll probably sneeze at least twice before I get to my car. My father, a brit, has brown eyes and my mother, a german, has green eyes. The only eye colour I would associate exclusively with nonwhites is black, like asians or africans or arabs, and possibly dark brown for jews. European brown is different, it's lighter and in sunlight can look yellowish or amber in warm lighting or a greyish or olive greenish colour in cold lighting. Plus, pale skin and dark hair/eyes is pretty common in britain, at least southern britain.

I'm still sad that I didn't get my mum's green eyes though

Don't forget, Europeans have the most diverse actually diverse range of colouration, and that includes both darker and fairer complexions and pigmentation. A mediterranean and a scandinavian are both white, but will likely have different hair and eye colour from each other. Curly hair, especially curly like the jewess, is very uncommon aside from gingers, and (((she))) is most certainly not white. Not to mention her very fleshy nose, while Europeans can have large noses they're generally rather thin and made of cartilage, while a jew's nose is rather fleshy along its length


Number 2 has reddish brown hair, a narrow nose with a narrow bridge and softer brown eyes. In contrast, number 4 has a nose that is wide through its length, and her eyes are more reptilian, number 5 has a broad nose, and number 6 has the black eyes and wide nose.


being a jew doesn't mean someone can't be ugly, quite the opposite lel


yeah, look at the broad fleshy nose, the downturned eyes, the kinky hair, the very thin lips, the overbite, etc. She also has a high hairline, which some Europeans have as well, but while some Europeans exhibit traits that jews do as well, it's extremely uncommon for more than like two of those traits to appear in someone who is not jewish.


4 is the least worst, 1 is probably a tranny but still looks better than all the others save for 4, and 2-3 is nigger

9c69a3  No.12086979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

kek, someone overlayed the chat with the video. JF goes white in the face when he starts reading the chat that is calling out his juden wench.

5dd3b8  No.12087013


That is going to be hard to recover from.


3a75a2  No.12087022


JF is a thirsty loser who will put pussy and money before principles. He cucks constantly and his choice of Lauren Rose was purely based on "pretty fertile young dumb bitch with no political value that I want to cock in her le private spayse"

Eric Striker is the only one I can stand, but the last few heelturn shows I've heard him cucking too with his "pragmatic approach to get all the other non-whites with us in America because America was never a white country but a tri-racial country."

Cool, have fun with that Eric. You're two steps from a Fox News 3AM slot on "The Five" with some other based non-whites. I won't fight for some civ nat fuckery.

No, I'd rather the West just be further dragged I to the mud to the point where it collapses and there is anarchy in the streets. Accelerationism to destruction, Ride the Tiger, is the only way.

E-celebs are desperate to have power, even if it means working with "muh based hotep nignog."

5dd3b8  No.12087082


I used to listen to the Third Rail podcast just to hear Lauritz Von Guildhausen speak. Of all the 'ALT-KIKES' he was definitely my favorite and the most thoughtful of all of them. I used to worry that he was a kike with a name like 'Gildhausen' but I've never heard anything one way or another about him. Just enjoyed his concise take on everything.

c8f2e9  No.12087194



>she had an accident when she was young and that's why she has a Jewish phenotype.

Desperate damage control.

3a75a2  No.12087332


That woman was as fucking Jewish as it gets. JF is desperate as hell if he's fucking that.

3a75a2  No.12087334


JF = Jew Fucker

7f40a5  No.12087382


>JF is a thirsty loser who will put pussy and money before principles.

This is every eceleb Ive been exposed to. Most of them are also complete degenerate hypocrites in their private lives. Milo, Lauren Southern, Gavin, Sam Hyde, Anthony Cumia, etc. All kikey trash trying to cash in on the right.

85f250  No.12087401


It takes a very righteous person to resist the decadence of fame. But all of those people are openly degenerate, not just privately.

415475  No.12087847


Right when implicit dick is shilling his fucking faggoty zionism again

that stream was a god damn shitshow, how anyone could watch that and not think spencer is a shill is beyond me – he repeatedly shilled everything /pol/ said hes been shilling for years as clear as day - alt kike "its out of context" faggots btfo

bb4633  No.12087963


Spencer is unironically a jew. I thought this was common knowledge?

85f250  No.12087975

Don't forget, (((Halsey))) donates $100 to every stream. JF is literally kike-financed.If no one else donated he could still live comfortable.

75a484  No.12088027


It is; but one of their tactics is to just come back the next day repeating the same lies as if the previous defeat had never happened, indeed if questioned their memory will be that they won, proved to all that they weren't all jews themselves, pretending to be fighting against their own control system.

bb4633  No.12088031


Do you have that picture of his brother? The one that looks like Big Dick but without the nose job?

415475  No.12088062


There's a photo of him from his 20s in which he has basically the same nose. I don't think he's a kike, probably just a KGB agent zionist.

5dd3b8  No.12088075


Lots of subhumans I knew in high school had plastic surgery. Especially nose jobs.

bb4633  No.12088084


If you saw his brother, you wouldn't question the jew in him. I think I have the picture, but have no idea what I would have saved it under. It's at a political gathering with senators and shit and his brother is in the background with a belly looking like the stereotypical lazy slob jew.

bb4633  No.12088097

File: 4f3249a7b3fc6e7⋯.jpg (73.43 KB, 923x923, 1:1, whothis.jpg)



YES! Found it!

top right

bb4633  No.12088102


Actually that's more center stage. above brown hair CLE girls head

1032de  No.12088160


Is there anything more significant than that Moarpheus faggot (who claims jewishness is a social construct) tracing his ancestry back to somebody named Dickenhorst, who might have been a kike, making him <1, tops%? And I ask this as someone who hates Spencer and is unironically in favor of the extermination of the jews.

bb4633  No.12088166


I'm not sure I even know what you just said

1032de  No.12088180


Sorry, just woke up. Is there any proof that Spencer is a heeb more solid than him having an ancestor back multiple generations with a surname that is sometimes jewish?

5dd3b8  No.12088186


Have you guys considered that maybe JF is so clueless that he doesn't know she is a jew? I don't think you all should be following someone who can't tell that this woman is jewish.

bb4633  No.12088230


not that I have. I only know his brother is beyond suspect and he finds himself immerse in DC, which is (in my mind) 100% compromised. I don't think there is a single politician left on capital hill that isn't compromised.

ffdbe8  No.12088295

File: 0fff1bd79fd9c2b⋯.webm (9.44 MB, 480x270, 16:9, french election jews.webm)

She looks even more jewish than actual french jews.

7bd567  No.12088452


>Europeans have the most diverse actually diverse range of colouration,

Not really. south and central have a diverse color range that goes back to their ancient origins, but nordics are supposed to be homogeneous. If people with brown eyes, or dark hair are claiming to be nordic, then they're talking shit.

f86390  No.12088462

File: 354eaaa97f9a2b7⋯.jpg (94.62 KB, 501x810, 167:270, 1534956598886.jpg)


>most Americans get their knowledge from movies

This is so painfully true.

f0ddbf  No.12088465




>eceleb = anybody I don't like on youtube

5dd3b8  No.12088467


That chick looks disabled. Like there is something wrong with her spine.

068195  No.12088468


yes, I was just confused then I guess. Nordics, pure nordics, do have light hair and eyes. If someone is claiming to be pure nordic and has dark hair or eyes then that's suspect, but it's also possible to be part nordic and have darker hair and eyes due to recessive vs dominant genetics. Not to mention, the nordic vikings spreading their genetics through Europe does make it likely than any given white person has a small bit of nordic heritage the same way any given asian probably has a small bit of mongolian heritage

I was thinking more of Europeans/Whites in general than nords specifically, bc I didn't think this kikess would have the audacity to claim that she is a nord.

ec4513  No.12088470


Just never trust any entertainer, they're either a kike or were groomed for kikery. Easy as that. Trust your own stranger danger and life goes on.

f0ddbf  No.12088473


I think Striker just wants to focus foremost on expelling jews from power at the moment. Everything will follow from that.

5dd3b8  No.12088475


> Trust your own [stranger = danger] and life goes on.

I wish more European Americans could follow this reasoning. If we only understood that all these 'personalities' they wave in front of us were hand selected/CIA/ZOGBOTS we would be a lot better off.

ec4513  No.12088476


I don't care who this streaker guy is, all I know it they will inevitably turn on you. I warned you about the stairs, bro. Take it to bullying /tv/ at least.

1032de  No.12088478


While he's co-hosting a podcast with one.

f0ddbf  No.12088479


Mike Enoch? lol, no

068195  No.12088488


>denying the jimpact

kys schlomo, peinovich is a kike

ec4513  No.12088494


Same goes for most false flag (((domestic terrorism))) trash. The last time I saw something bordering on natural was CNN Headline News at 4 AM 20-something years ago. A lot of the problem is media turning individuals into recluses, thinking they are so special and fervently so that they allow nothing but media to enter their lives.

f0ddbf  No.12088500


I would unironically trust Enoch over the average anonymous poster on /pol/, mainly because there is a such large incentive to discredit one of the most vocal and popular proponents of WN.

5dd3b8  No.12088503


<average anonymous

>check'd, 'ANON'

<TRUST Enoch

>back to sleepppp….

0bf037  No.12088504

only fucking retards and boomers (equally retarded and going in oven anyway) care about ecelebs. you can see in their face they're kikes and cucks. also (((white nationalism))), i've been warning about the term since its appearance. it's a slang term for (((kosher shabbos goyim)))

1032de  No.12088521

File: 9f832418ec9de13⋯.mp4 (13.2 MB, 384x288, 4:3, Enoch jew admission in con….mp4)

File: 32bd2e1a06baca0⋯.jpg (71.38 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 32bd2e1a06baca07b64a24aeff….jpg)

File: c6340967c01fbef⋯.png (253.53 KB, 456x560, 57:70, c6340967c01fbef64718c09484….png)


He clearly is.

ec4513  No.12088532

File: 989e3559030ca6e⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1058x1058, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


You mean MDE? May be an exception to the rule, like "I have a really nice black friend." tier. Still groomed for service but he breaks apart the farce of entertainment. Sort of pic related.

f0ddbf  No.12088533


The "purist stance" was in reference to his wife.

ec4513  No.12088536


Already deleted, ain't that some shit.

315a98  No.12088537


I deleted that comment because I meant Jim as in Mr Metokur.

1032de  No.12088545


He says the purist stance about racial jews (not people who are married to them) would mean he has to go. And that's just one of the many damning statements in that exchange.

Striker also contends that weev, who was openly jewish a few short years ago, is a gentile. He's a kike-enabling fraud.

315a98  No.12088547


>weev, who was openly jewish a few short years ago, is a gentile

wtf? didn't weev's mom (in an interview) admit that weev was jewish?

ec4513  No.12088549

File: febd5d95841c4d8⋯.png (160.03 KB, 300x470, 30:47, ClipboardImage.png)


<What about Sam?

Talk about rent free.

877ebe  No.12088551

>final boss of the internet

>detective skills consist of nose examination and seeing what hair color

Literal nigger tier investigative prowess

f0ddbf  No.12088554


I think he got mixed up. The entire show was right after he got doxxed and he was on to kind of plea his case, because at this point they had no yet gotten divorced.

I don't know, I've listened to several hours of Striker on S&M as well as Heel Turn and he seems like the real deal to me. I think people are just quick to sperg out about all kinds of shit. No one wants to make any strides, they just want to argue about who's the bigger jew.

5dd3b8  No.12088555

File: e739c812984a85a⋯.jpg (197.83 KB, 845x1077, 845:1077, weev jewish male vs indo e….jpg)


There is also a magazine article that openly states he is a jew

ec4513  No.12088562

File: c8333e42b242603⋯.png (747.93 KB, 720x720, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


This is the regression from schizoposting faggot. Sure, it will definitely work this time. Very natural and organic. Imagine being this poor bastard, directed to do this even beyond their own will. Ending up is said position to begin with. I would almost feel something but I only have a sense of altruism toward direct family at this point.

ec4513  No.12088570

That is, they only have so many plans written up and the rest is MADlibs elementary trash. I take the bait because they are noodly fishermen.

1032de  No.12088580

File: 98b281578aa1b99⋯.png (783.99 KB, 951x812, 951:812, weev jew.png)

File: 88f97089a7ba785⋯.jpg (227.73 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, bagel nazis.jpg)


There's no way he just got "mixed up" and admitted/implied that he was jewish himself multiple times. Re-listen to the segment in >>12088521 , with full context.

>he seems like the real deal to me

Then why does he lie about weev being a jew? I heard a clip where he claimed it was something "made up by Newsweek", when it all came from him. Pic related.

f0ddbf  No.12088597


I have no idea. Weev probably is a jew. I don't know how well he knows Weev, maybe it was just something he said offhand because he assumed there are probably a lot of publications trying to slander Weev, regardless of whether Striker knows his true ethnicity or not.

I don't know, it's just not something I would split hairs over. Kind of hard to form a fasces when there is so much infighting and jew accusations.

5dd3b8  No.12088602


No offense there guy but you are batshit crazy if you want to form a fasces with jews in it. The entire point of having our own nation/globe is that there are NO JEWS in it.

They are a bloodthirsty degenerate cancer on the entire planet. You treat this weed out process as though it is a 'light' or unimportant matter. I want them ALL HUNTED DOWN AND EXTERMINATED. NOW. This is what it means to SECURE THE FUTURE of our own children. To secure the future of our children the jew must be UTTERLY EXTERMINATED PLANET WIDE.

0ae1c8  No.12088609


Calm down there, FBI. This is a board of peace.

5dd3b8  No.12088618


Board of death more like if you think it is something to be taken lightly knowing the jews murderous history. Nice to see you kikes are very interested in the future of white children still.

0ae1c8  No.12088621



315a98  No.12088622



Just ID block him anon, it's not worth it.

f0ddbf  No.12088627


It's not about letting in jews, just curbing the paranoid attitude and D&C mentality. You want to start somewhere, start with actual Zionist jews that hold financial power.

b68853  No.12088634

Real commies wouldn’t own firearms. Property is threat in communism.

b68853  No.12088636


1032de  No.12088640


Rejecting known jews and their enablers isn't paranoia or D&C. It's the only way forward.

0ae1c8  No.12088645


This is not about pointing him out for my personal benefit, but for newfags thinking this line of thinking is common around here.

5dd3b8  No.12088649


Right because all the other jews are totally harmless. I see where this is going.

5dd3b8  No.12088654


This is the only future of the European race…YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT NOT TO DIE AT SOME POINT YOU INSUFFERABLE FAGGOT. If people aren't capable of discerning this, at this point they are probably ZOG or kike supporters.

315a98  No.12088662


>for newfags thinking this line of thinking is common around here.

I tried telling him that several times before I just dismissed him as some dedicated shitposter or a sperg. ID block him, there's nothing you can do to convince him.

5dd3b8  No.12088684


Yeah block me, kike; any European who is willing to fight for their life, needs to be blocked by you kikes in your pathetic attempt at social 'ostracization'. Wow, that seems like a real winner you have going on there to try to demoralize people who are going to fight for the future of European children. Great strategy on a EUROPEAN NATIONALIST BOARD.

I see the jew 84 jew IQ is always displaying its reasoning skills.

883f3e  No.12088690

France is just Germany that never got purged of Weimar

Jews and French are essentially the same thing at this point, except French also includes Muzzies

0ae1c8  No.12088698


Germany never had a revolution led by their own peasants against their nobility. The French are regicides and deserve no pity.

5dd3b8  No.12088702


None of the 'nobility' left in Europe is European any longer they are all ZOG jews. The European nobility has all been murdered or purged long ago. This is why they are all proZOG; because they ARE ZOG.

0ae1c8  No.12088704


>nobility is kiked

>it was kiked in 18th century

Gas yourself, (((frenchie))). ZOG would never have a basis for communism and socialism hadn't the aberration called French Revolution never happened.

5dd3b8  No.12088729



>nobility kiked in the the 18th century?

No degenerate jew, ZOG invaded long before then. They supplanted any nobility they could over the last 2,000 years of kike/semitic overthrow of Europe via their 'church'. Every single bloodline was corrupted and those who would not yield power to ZOG were exterminated.

This is your line that you say to HUMANITY (Europeans) over and over…there is only CONQUEST and the UTTER DESTRUCTION of the European people. Europeans will have to decide if it is by consent or conquest.



bb4633  No.12088743



With plenty of help, til my last dying breath.

387023  No.12088765

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Storm-weenies are bad with women

<hmm what came first? The chicken or the egg?

>hey goy, you haven't had your balls emptied properly until you lay with a proper jewess.

another goy gets honey-dick by our superior women. Jewess #1 ally

c8fb74  No.12088767

My mother has Canadian-French ancestry and my Father has Canadian-Scottish ancestry. I have dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Am i white enough to be in the ethnostate?

946ff9  No.12088770


>The blame game

Yeah and the French revolution wouldn't have happened if not for the French monarchy exhausting itself fighting for American independence. And the French revolution was in large part inspired by the American revolution. And the American revolution wouldn't have happened were it not for Great Britain starting the 7 Years War and of course, it was inspired by British philosophers of the Enlightenment.

And if we want to go further and keep blaming people, we could blame the Italians for starting the Renaissance and the Turks for cutting off trade with India which helped trigger the Renaissance. And we can blame the French and Italians again for taking part in the sacking of Constantinople that weakened the empire and allowed the Turks to take control of the region. And we might as well blame the Venetians too because they built the ships for the Crusade and the entire reason for sacking Constantinople was to get money to pay back the Venetians. Or we could blame the Pope for calling the Crusade in the first place. So we might as well also blame the Romans for setting up the Catholic church in the first place. And then we could blame the Etruscans for inventing Rome. And I'm sure we could go even further back in time to blame someone else if you're still not satisfied.

387023  No.12088775

File: 652fd8776d35784⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 229.52 KB, 590x639, 590:639, Untitled2.png)


Yes. WN is about not being exclusive. All shades/colors and people can be white nationalist. It's more of a spiritual thing. Lmao, can you imagine some retards actually think nordic phenotype will work in 2018 WN enthnostate? They're like 0.000001% of world population.

0b4df3  No.12088782

File: 0279ad6c6b38dba⋯.jpg (131 KB, 1493x1600, 1493:1600, 0279ad6c6b38dbad40018ae6b9….jpg)


>BloodSports Bitching

Go to >>>/cow/

84d0a9  No.12088785


JF has styled himself after Pepe LePew. He'll fuck anything with a vag. I can't stand the asshole.

5dd3b8  No.12088820

File: 1da1a9b5b7331aa⋯.jpg (67.91 KB, 336x194, 168:97, justice ginsburg troll cop….jpg)


Superior women? I think you meant troll. Jews are not human therefor kikesses can't be 'women'. Honestly, I can't tell the difference visually between your males and females. So it is like you are bragging that some fool, stuck his dick in your asshole.

a48bed  No.12089029


Doesn't look like implicit dick to me


>That chick looks disabled. Like there is something wrong with her spine.

whores will do anything to hate their lazy pie gut and make their ass look bigger. they all do the broke spine pose

a48bed  No.12089044


>Striker also contends that weev, who was openly jewish a few short years ago, is a gentile. He's a kike-enabling fraud.

I would be absolutely astounded if Striker was a CIAnigger given his knowledge of the NSDAP and fascist Italy, as well as the fact that he started TWP which was openly National Socialist. He's probably the only genuine guy in a crowd of retarded yidstained lolbergs trying to do what he can to use their platform to spread third positionism.

a114cc  No.12089216


>Why do you think anyone here would give a shit about this? Nobody cares about the feelings of race mixed bastards.

Enough examples like that help some anons change behaviour. This is no different from any other redpill, it has to build up over time.

b4f4bf  No.12089220

Silly Bohemians

bb4633  No.12089269


I assure you that's his brother

Spencer is there as well. Check out the haircut. It actually does look him.

5dd3b8  No.12089341


Still looks 'off' to me, and weirdly contorted and sort of repulsive, the girl next to her is much more attractive.

a114cc  No.12089355


A friend of mine has the same light eyes that I do, and is blind as a bat at night. I am the same as you, so I'm pretty sure eye colour has nothing to do with light levels and driving.


> I go outside on a sunny day without sunglasses I'll probably sneeze at least twice


356665  No.12089504


so, dark eyes + pale skin = screwed, burn in the sun, can't see at night.

fe14f3  No.12089541

File: 63c65a4e1bf68a2⋯.jpg (356.15 KB, 1180x1664, 295:416, 007magazine_29b.jpg)


Nuke them! We have a bunch in one spot!

God, just looking at them causes me anger

7f40a5  No.12089551

File: cee204c9efa010a⋯.jpeg (31.84 KB, 889x128, 889:128, 1526731807100.jpeg)


MDE is not related to that pic at all. Sam's literally goal is to make money and profit. He's no better than any other shit tier right-wing eceleb.

6ad78c  No.12089579


He admitted himself that he is Jewish, and identified as jewish for years.

315a98  No.12089603

File: f795a71b82cdabb⋯.png (14.79 KB, 622x129, 622:129, ClipboardImage.png)


In Sam's defense, he says stuff that have several layers of irony to it to the point where whatever he says is never true. Pic related is a quote from a Forbes interview with Sam.

48397f  No.12089626


>white nationalist

JF has said basically that he isn't completely white.

cf10a3  No.12091006



068195  No.12091242

File: b66338099fe7cb6⋯.jpg (104.03 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, sneez.jpg)


is that not common? everyone in my family is fairly photosensitive, I asked my optometrist about it she said people with light eyes apparently hazel counts as a light eye colour in this matter tend to be more sensitive to bright lights and in some people it can trigger a sneeze reflex. Also apparently, out of the people who are affected by this reaction, 94% of them are white.



have you looked at him

cf10a3  No.12091361


Looks white to me. I'm 100% white, English and Dutch, and I have darker hair and eyes. If those traits are your metric, then a blue eyed Jew must be whiter than both me and JF.

426535  No.12092011


>blind as a bat at night

Tell him to take some fucking retinol. It's the animal form of Vitamin A. Many Europeans need the animal form so as to avoid deficiencies. Beta Carotine is insufficient. Night blindness is not normal, it's pathogenic.

a4775a  No.12092826


>>>12083739 (OP)

>This, pls no bully mods.

This isn't 4cucks mods aren't going to ban you fam

aed397  No.12099234

e70f29  No.12118011


isnt she the one who had mental problems ?

52c1de  No.12118052


What the fuck yankee, this thing doesn't even looks remotely french. I know what I'm talking about as a frog, even our ugly women aren't like that

5aef71  No.12118294

If you had had a father growing up, you wouldn't need to constantly search for an e-celeb to latch onto. 🤷‍♂️

cacac1  No.12118407


>This guy actually seems to be one of the least offensive guys with a regular show on youtube, it seems like you can put him on and he won't start bitching about trolls and crying and blaming everyone over them or turn around and do a softball interview with someone from Infowars but yeah, you can't really trust that he will remain credible forever,

Some here worked fucking hard for years to expose Dickie the phalanxing nazbol and pretty much succeeded in making him yesterday's news until JF came along and decided to feature him weekly. And how many time has Duke been on his show? Stopped counting a while back tbh. JF is either controlled op or the dumbest smart guy ever.

315a98  No.12118411

what's with the necrobumping recently?

cacac1  No.12118436


go do your homework summerfag

be98d0  No.12122812

Jew Frame games probably set him up with her :p

4d896d  No.12122831

I bet he supports (((whales))) too, the son of a bitch

3f962c  No.12122877


Patrick Little >>>>> Nick Fuentes, in a nutshell

356665  No.12122917

File: b0fb116cc813340⋯.jpg (64.05 KB, 500x516, 125:129, Nikita-Besson-Parillaud-c.jpg)


That's not French, and not Nikita.

38fd82  No.12123004

315a98  No.12123009


Is Jew Frame Games any good or is he what he is, a jew?

23c441  No.12123484


>/eceleb advertising general




>eceleb thread


also, JF has never claimed to be a white nationalist nor "alt-right"

48397f  No.12123899


Don't remember which live stream it was as it was earlier this year, but he claimed that all Quebecois were some admixture of aborigine.


JF has said he was "alt-right" before, although he might have communicated poorly, and he did later backpedal.

f0c4c9  No.12123960



ac4992  No.12130944

I wouldn't mind a jewish gf tbh

ac4992  No.12130962


he's a liberal law jew who is against institutional jewry

60b7c8  No.12135743


So, the same as JF.

8374bb  No.12135985


Nice meme the Donald

58614a  No.12136373

File: 83e9b44f5480452⋯.jpg (89.82 KB, 1024x513, 1024:513, a classic jew trick.jpg)




Pic related. Same IP posting, doesn't understand the European genome and wants to separate just through eye color ,based not on all the others thousand of factors that make you European stock. Mixed race kids can also have light eyes and be less White genetically then average. Kike confirmed kill yourself mutt.

Getting rid of the White people most likely to be your front line warriors and the most numerous, because brown eyed Whites have been shown to do better on physical athletic test and have more aggression.

Also White people are the only one who have various brown eye colorings that go as light as amber to black. Brown Eyes are better for seeing during the day and light eyes are still uncommon and recessive even among Whites.

Again though kill yourself you disgusting genetic trash because you are not even of European stock , dipshit jew boy.

8018e3  No.12136418

File: 0ae075ae0c0c664⋯.jpeg (39.26 KB, 448x600, 56:75, 1337081983_01.jpeg)


It's so nice to meet you Anon! Some compromise is good. You should learn to respect a Jew if you want to love our world. ;)

c8180e  No.12152284

He's a snake.


e900ad  No.12152336

File: 23cf29afd9986e3⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 194x228, 97:114, 1520122079668.gif)


JF isn't a white nationalist.

He isn't part of a political organization.

He doesn't promote an ideology.

He doesn't call himself Alt-Right.

All he does is debunk race deniers, and interview random people on his channel, including pro-white activists.

I don't know what you were expecting, OP. Are you with that jew Andy Warski? Or one of those other butthurt anti-racists he trolls?

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