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File: 73247e167fce628⋯.jpg (141.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, welcome2japan.jpg)

a2da57  No.12083952

Degeneration of Japan a go-go:


>There are more foreigners in Japan than ever.

>I am not talking about the tourists enjoying the old-capital ambience of Kyoto, the great outdoors in Hokkaidō, or the bustle of Tokyo’s Roppongi and Akihabara districts. I mean, there are more foreign residents in Japan.

>As of the end of 2017, Japan’s foreign population topped 2.5 million. This is a record high and a year-on-year increase of 180,000. In the Tokyo metropolitan region, 1 in 10 residents in their twenties is from another country.

>There are foreign staff everywhere from drugstores and family restaurants to hamburger shops and gyūdon (beef bowl) chains. It is not unusual to find Tokyo convenience stores without any Japanese employees on the premises. This rapid transformation feels like it has happened over the past two or three years.

>Workers come from many countries, including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. In their use of honorific language and counting words when talking to customers, some of them display more fluent Japanese than my American colleague who works for NHK World.

>From a global perspective, it is not unusual to encounter people from other countries in everyday life. The Japanese government insists, however, that it will not adopt policies encouraging immigration. The country also only accepted 20 refugees last year. So, what exactly is happening here?

>There is a huge gap between the government’s stated policies and reality. It appears to be rooted in Japan’s much-loved culture of tatemae and honne—or what people say and what they really mean.

69a2e9  No.12083958

File: cb5182749f4323e⋯.png (176.49 KB, 657x658, 657:658, ClipboardImage.png)


>totally not a slide thread goy


a2da57  No.12083969


>muh slide

Click any of those links and you'll see the only thing my post and those have in common is the degenerate image, nothing else. This article hasn't been shared yet, which is why I did.

72d829  No.12083974

>lets use a nude edit for the OP that has little to do with the topic apart from the word Japan

Nah cunt

adf9de  No.12084018


>Asians let in other Asians

c3d8c1  No.12084064


>it's a slide thread because this image has been used before on imageboards

Uh, ok.

c29f40  No.12084068


>all asians are created equal

anon you fucking retard

f9737a  No.12084071


>anti-jap blackpill thread

fuck off (((sjweeb)))

adf9de  No.12084085


I know Japs are the better Asian but letting a couple hundred thousand other Asians into your capital city is a whole separate thing than opening your borders for the entire 3rd world.

What the japs are doing is comparable to letting Italians into Germany.

446608  No.12084089

I emigrated to Japan because my country was overrun with mudshits. You all should do the same or stop your bitching.

092288  No.12084093

File: f7fc0ff7114bcc0⋯.png (381.56 KB, 1817x1015, 1817:1015, WhoCouldBeBehindIt.png)


>attempted genocide of based Nippon is le slide

Why are you in every thread?


>not gassing the kikes

Where do you niggers think you are?

9853ef  No.12084094


>What the japs are doing is comparable to letting Italians into Germany.

Not really. It's more like letting Arabs into Germany.

cbdc8c  No.12084100


They have the most fucked up legal shit, yet they have the lowest crime rates for any of that shit. It boggles the mind.

5a0432  No.12084107



>To give one example, there is a species of violent comic book, manga as they’re called in Japan, which is extremely sadistic and erotic, and one of these publications is called Rapeman, rather like Spider-Man or Superman, and it’s aimed at a similar audience. The incidence of rape in Japan is extraordinarily small in comparison to other advanced meritocratic and post-industrial societies like the United States, because the Japanese view is that you exteriorize dangerous fantasies by demarcating their existence rather than repressing them. The idea being that life is so ordered and structured in accordance with the social organicism of Japan based upon Confucian ideals that you have to let off some steam from the pressure-cooker eventually and one of the ways to do this is with material that will be regarded as suggestive, extremist, anti-familial, or highly dangerous in Western terms. So, you have a culture of extreme restraint and the possibility of radical violence co-existing in the same continuum because a lot of Japanese ethics and super-abundant ethics, the meta-ethics of a society are about the holding together of contraries in a dynamic state of force.

Good explaination. Fucking boomer understanding of manga though.

dcda03  No.12084123


Unless you're a jap, who cares.

245b6f  No.12084124


If mass immigration were to happen, the brown rats of whom will be externalizing those Japanese repressions would awake the samurai in a heartbeat.

dcda03  No.12084127


>I emigrated to a mud country to get away from muds

Anime, not even once

165ced  No.12084136

Note that they're not taking just anyone like many European countries are. They are taking workers. And there are a lot of conditions you need to meet to work in Japan. It's a limited-term permit and when it ends you have to go back. You also can't bring along family members, etc.

Still, there is always need to be cautious with these things. But I trust Japan can handle it well. Dislike for foreigners in ingrained in their culture, and the 70+ years of post-WW2 brainwashing have done little to change that.

But yes, this is something we also need to watch out for. Japan is one of the few ethno-national heavens on Earth.

06947b  No.12084141

File: 58cc778b4f06109⋯.png (98.82 KB, 401x503, 401:503, ap,550x550,12x12,1,transpa….png)


An unironically based society. To think that people here love it when they think of the nukes dropping on them, nukes pushed by the Jews, ironic.


Enough with the reddit spacing and make a complete paragraph monogloid.

98b860  No.12084150

I was in Japan March this year and I was surprised at the amount of middle eastern looking staff in some of the convenience stores and the amount of kebab shops as well. Stumbled into a food court in Harajuku that appeared geared for women, with every store selling some sort of sweet product, with the only savoury option being kebab. What does that mean?

I really hope Japan isn't starting to give itself up like the rest of the world. Please stay proud and pure Japan.

06947b  No.12084187

File: 670ea7c6894a589⋯.jpg (425.18 KB, 1600x1024, 25:16, nigeria-section4-divider.jpg)


You should see the ugly smelly Nigerians prancing around in night clubs, they ought to fucking kill them.

c68608  No.12084232

File: eef73b323d18de5⋯.png (318.24 KB, 512x512, 1:1, b06b388e33e051754671477926….png)


Are there really naked lolis on the welcome sign to japan?

a51c18  No.12084239

File: 89b5fea46202b49⋯.jpg (465.31 KB, 1436x1158, 718:579, 8885340189.jpg)

Remember how when crime was so low in Japan that the Japanese National Police were picking up trash on streets that had no trash to pretend like they were doing something tho?

>That's about to change

>And the West as a whole will see no end to the hordes invading, specifically from Africa, any time soon

c68608  No.12084241


If it gets bad in japan, they will start removing the niggers. It will be a template for the west on how to remove their niggers.

c3d8c1  No.12084244


Reading comprehension, not even once. He said he moved to Japan, not some African country.

72d829  No.12084246

File: 79d6ec79afd6c49⋯.jpg (59.98 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 1499920900062.jpg)


Nope, OP is just a faggot

a51c18  No.12084262


It will be interesting to see how they go about it.

>According to one Geopolitical Strategist that worked for the Aussie gov; there is a huge culling/cleansing that must take place affecting some 80%+ of the population failed states

>This push to remove the trash useless eaters from these failing states is nothing more than a) said failed state getting someone else to take out its trash and b) financially bankrupting solidly successful states of their treasures in an effort to make the planet equally poor

>It isn't simply a matter of this push effecting 'The West'; as it is all debt-based nation states where some fucking Jew (or group of Jews) have the entire economic structure under their own personal employ

d86947  No.12084267

I've been to Japan (just Tokyo) earlier this year, and I didn't see a single non-Asian look like they actually live there. Expats don't count.

9769f8  No.12084286


Somebody better JapSlap the fools into back into consciousness. Tokyo can become France if their women have been fully indoctrinated to go full "BBC/Refugees Welcome/How to date a future waifu/Diversity is our scrimpf"

>In Japan it would be the opposite of White nations; wherein the SoiGoi-effect happened after the Femistasi movement became so prevalent in White nations, and in Japan, the women are having a difficult time getting the attention of Japanese men preoccupied with business/long hours, technological advances, a heavy gaming presence and a culture which openly advocates for the old Geisha structure

>We don't have any statistics on the effects of the Japanese Femistasi infection

c68608  No.12084306


Now post the original.

adf9de  No.12084319


>Asians letting other Asians into their country is the same as Europeans letting Semites into their country

Not even comparable faggot.


Of course OP is a faggot posting unreal propaganda.

f8a194  No.12084409


>Not even comparable faggot.

Japs and chinks are as genetically different as Whites and turks.

So are you saying that it's okay for Whites to let in turks.

286cd6  No.12084420


Fuck off moishe.

558b9f  No.12084459

>>The country also only accepted 20 refugees last year.

As a french, I do not know if I should smile or cry about it.

Anyway I doubt apes can just bring their lazy ass in Japan and get everything for free like they do in France and Germany, they will have to work there to earn a living, so in the end they may integrate way better than in Europe.

228310  No.12084463


>so in the end they may integrate way better than in Europe.

dude where do you think you are? /pol/ doesn't support assimilation. /pol/ supports ethnostates for races and that's it.

286cd6  No.12084468



>supports multicultural bullshit under the guide of "they're integrating!!"


316f77  No.12084475


He knows, Anon, he's a kike shill LARPing as a fundamentalist gnadzee who thinks Germans wanted to genocide the whole planet. Just report and hide.

c6c107  No.12084492


shalom, brother. I also stand with liberté, egalité, and fraternité

we are all equal! one race the human race!

9769f8  No.12084546


That isn't what it says in your Talmudic dogmatic edicts regarding everyone who is not you, Ari.

>Get Fukked!

558b9f  No.12084597



No, you did not understand what I meant.

I was only refering to the small amount of refugees in comparison to the millions ones we must unroll the red carpet to every day.

In Europe, apes do not live like europeans at all, they come and they get everything for free, they live gathered together in shitty places were whites are not welcome, and they are untouchable because whatever they do if we fight back we are punished for racism rightaway. Most of them are criminals. But in Japan they will have to work to live, nothing will be free, they will have to work and live like any japanese do, and they won't be untouchable, so they will be way less likely to become a pain in the ass like they are in Europe.

I was not talking about race mixing and shit, if I was for such things I would not call them apes.

513f38  No.12084676


>fake image


098243  No.12084703


The Jews got Japan too. So much for fearing the samurai.

228310  No.12084708

To be fair I think the fact that it's Japan makes /pol/ lose its shit. I mean if lets say India or Singapore were to start implementing immigration, you wouldn't have cared at all.

098243  No.12084709


Sri Lankans are sub human curry niggers, like pajeets but worse.

0faa6b  No.12084714


>Asians let in other Asians

Indonesians are the equivalent of the Arabs in that part of Asia, and like the Arabs, they believe in the cryptokike religion of the sandniggers

e7fd69  No.12084721

Someone has to do the heavy lifting until the mecha are built.

e7fd69  No.12084734

And of course asians have an easier time with fluency with other asian languages. Have the bugs try that shit with russian, german, and italian. You'll find whites more proficient in THOSE. That said.

Ima wa nanji desu ka? Biru no jikan.

03c768  No.12084770


> lets say India or Singapore were to start implementing immigration, you wouldn't have cared at all.

Because india and Singapore are already multicult shitholes

Seriously, does nobody ever remember to mention the different types of Indians in India due to race mixing? With that whole caste system and shit that cemented different types of pajeets varying from disgusting subhuman to an almost Caucasian bone structure?

Japan is just a shining beacon of a country with a high 'indigenous' ethnicity, although some aspects of their culture are shit

Its not like we're asking people to move there

228310  No.12084978




I mean sure it's multicultural but it is one of the cleanest countries out there. It's just that it's a police state.

1710f3  No.12084984

File: ad1fbaaeec90f96⋯.webm (4.41 MB, 512x288, 16:9, Real life Tanya.webm)

File: 40c62cbe1487e80⋯.jpg (187.02 KB, 1199x916, 1199:916, real life Tanya.jpg)

Como on Japan, you know what to do.

051588  No.12084988

culturally enriched (BLACKED) asian cunts in 3….2….1….

1710f3  No.12084995

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's such mystery, isn't it?

Truly unfathomable why.

228310  No.12085000


Also what do you mean by India being multicultural? All I see over there are shitskins.

df6de4  No.12085007


Singapore is definitely a shit hole.

e7fd69  No.12085056

File: f67afd840cfcf88⋯.jpg (514.73 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, baby-poop-colour-guide-1[1….jpg)


They come in different flavors anon.

4476d6  No.12085060


Actually south-east asians are on the same terms as the arabs in terms of comparable IQ and standard of living. You fucking weebs fags will defend anything oriental

1710f3  No.12085069

File: b7d1783d29edd64⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 4:3, The SIRKS laughs at midnig….gif)




e7fd69  No.12085070


I always figured them for the beaners of the asian world.

092288  No.12085082


Here's your template:

<announce removal of niggers and kikes

<kill anyone against it

<remove niggers and kikes

Obviously hypothetically and non-violently because muh fantasy state monopoly on violence. Kill yourself, CIA niggers.

86a788  No.12085096


>white poop

Isn't that a sign of impending death due to pancreatic cancer?

e7fd69  No.12085107


It's more beige, but not necessarily. Babies get those light shits all the time. Usually very foul and very creamy.

f156fb  No.12085112


>I didn’t know that Ichigo Mashimaro had official porn.

It doesn't but I strongly suspect that manga creator Barasui has a sketchbook full of nudes of the characters for his own personal use.

Barasui did draw some art for Weekly Dearest My Brother which was borderline porn.

228310  No.12085118

File: e7e2e39a6a5b596⋯.jpg (39.12 KB, 431x405, 431:405, digithunter.JPG)


I had to check my own digits. Damn you all.

e7fd69  No.12085120


I had to filter a self-checking faggot. Damn you.

c87f3d  No.12085128


One by one, homogeneous nations fall into becoming slave states for the Jew and nobody does anything about it. Good thing Trump will tweet something retarded today for us all to jerk over today, otherwise we'd have to realize how fucked we all are.

ff137d  No.12085140

>There is a huge gap between the government’s stated policies and reality. It appears to be rooted in Japan’s much-loved culture of tatemae and honne—or what people say and what they really mean.

All NATO countries seem to have tatemae and honne.

3bd442  No.12085153


True, it's mostly rich Chinese and white foreigners, but any immigration is bad either way. Japan needs to cut this off before it becomes a problem.

857ed1  No.12085155

Aslong as my niptunrs dont get pozzed

(They already are)

800424  No.12085198


I'd love to read the whole report, if you still have the link.




Careful how you meme, anon…


Pale stool can be an indication of liver disease/failure.

In this case, it means bilirubin isn't being processed out of the body (hence, the lack of color) and is instead accumulating, usually resulting in the yellowing effect seen in jaundice, if it continues unabated.

c938d8  No.12085223


not true, sri lankans are far better than pajeets or pakis

3ca286  No.12085351


Jews are hitting Korea and Japan hard right now. They want to wipe those countries out simultaneously along with Europe.

3ca286  No.12085371



Imagine being in that situation. Having a genuine good time just holding the line from overly ecstatic folk.

aa664b  No.12085464

File: 211332510c42a51⋯.png (103.46 KB, 366x281, 366:281, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….PNG)

File: 689aab4386690e3⋯.jpg (14.43 KB, 210x240, 7:8, 323-4331-24855.JPG)


I hate jewgle

984d10  No.12085480


t. sri lankan

984d10  No.12085486


real tough, big guy.

aa664b  No.12085487


>anime girls


Pick one.

711bb6  No.12085524


I love it when you "lol they must be weebs!!1" faggots miss the point entirely, really makes you glow in the dark.

e0ec75  No.12085625


Chinks made a wall specifically to keep turks out though. Should give you a hint.

e0ec75  No.12085632


>it is one of the cleanest countries out there

Except for the parts where chink skyscrapers block the view.

e0ec75  No.12085652

File: 3ff37701d40ab27⋯.png (144.56 KB, 1237x363, 1237:363, adolph sama.PNG)

File: da409201796bd2c⋯.jpg (51.76 KB, 604x250, 302:125, hitler's prototype anime.jpg)

File: a3771e2743756de⋯.jpg (143.58 KB, 1093x481, 1093:481, imperial japan's ultimate ….jpg)


>not knowing that Hitler invented anime

Why are you here?

3e71cd  No.12085677


Google Bilibili

c938d8  No.12085703


no actually, I just know some

1710f3  No.12085957

File: 9b149432184b897⋯.png (140.69 KB, 828x1368, 23:38, roasties_in_japan.png)


Begone, retard.

316f77  No.12085969

File: 51f0e8ea6b4bb24⋯.jpg (117.49 KB, 1200x1350, 8:9, noosechan.jpg)


Take your own advice, goon.

178aca  No.12086006


Because you're retarded, Tokyo is full of zainichi and Chinese.

178aca  No.12086018

File: 3ee6a62eb19a316⋯.jpg (77.51 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1293759247588.jpg)


Because Singapore and India are multicultural shitholes full of subhumans and aren't one of the few countries who tried to fight against jews.

12436d  No.12086027


>2.5 million

There are more foreigners in most western capital cities than there are in all of Japan.

This thread reeks of goon D&C.

228310  No.12086100


Okay then do you mind telling me which race does Singapore belong to? The Chinese, Malays or Indians?

c2978f  No.12086175

File: 4fbdd74ee9a20c1⋯.jpg (211.06 KB, 956x1280, 239:320, 4fbdd74ee9a20c14cdb7789673….jpg)


I went trough the numbers last night but was too tired to post a reply. Like, 2/3rds are Chinese or Koreans; who are ethnically similar to japs, and have historic ties, get them out, sure, but huge difference between a half korean half japanese "immigrant" and some fucking Somali or something like that. Following that a few shitty asians like thai and filipino, and a bunch of second generation nikken from Brazil and Peru coming home. Though any attack on Japan's homogeneity should be met, I largely agree with your estimation of the thread.

cf8960  No.12086199


I bet for all the self reflection that bitch did she went back home and completely forgot about the experience. Why are there so many pampered white women not realizing how highly valued and sought after they are and then they go around riding miles of dick but never producing children?

I'm 30 years old I have yet to meet a woman who wants to tie the knot. My dating prospects are also shit.

How the fuck do I not end up a full mgtow woman hater? It's difficult not being one.

1710f3  No.12086287

File: 65ca3c65194cca1⋯.jpg (952.03 KB, 1544x1031, 1544:1031, Yokoyama Yui's 1st photobo….jpg)



The whole thing sounded like butthurt whining, not to mention she seems to think she's high value just because of the color of her hair and because she is -gasp- "educated".

Bitch always puts the blame on others, the locals are "scared" of her and the expats are all ugly, fat or whatever and go for "easy" prey instead of her (we should totally take her word on all these things), nowhere is it acknowledged that she might just be an unlikable cunt full of herself and not attractive at all. Let's also not overlook how she takes the opportunity to take a cheap-shot at how "patriarchal" Japanese culture is and apparently doesn't realize that prostitutes and escorts exist "hurr muh candy store".

Fuck her, she's a petty whore that's mad because life isn't being dropped on her plate; shit, look at the tile "No sex in the city…", what does that tell you about her goals and the kind of outlook on life she has?

4f7385  No.12086291

As long as they only let whites in they will be fine.

228310  No.12086298


Yeah but it should be controlled. Heavily.

4f7385  No.12086305


No doubt. But yeah, if they limit it to whites only they will be just fine.

ae120f  No.12086307


Or maybe, just maybe, get this, everyone stays in their own countries?

228310  No.12086312


Personally, I think any race (except nigs maybe) can fit in, but with like what I said earlier. They work and obey and not be like niggers.

d1b791  No.12086326

Fact: Weeaboo shit gets worse and worse the more Koreans get involved. They bring their corner cutting and love of Kikes and NTR with them.

4f7385  No.12086331


I would personally prefer that as well but if it HAS to happen then that is their best route. No exceptions in my eyes. For example if America was able to pick (the people voting for it that is) I would pick Japanese to come and work here as they are respectful, work well, and integrate well. The same can be said in the reverse.

The same cannot be said for any other groups in my eyes. Sure there may be an exception here and there individually but overall, no, the other groups have proven, time and fucking time again, that overall they cause monumentally more harm than good. Whites to Japan to fill work needs, Japanese to white dominant countries. That is the best option in my opinion.

b9137f  No.12086334

File: 52fe305f2fc8107⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1572x3433, 1572:3433, 3e2df7cb8d21cc848aa88ed2fe….jpg)



Slippery slope, lad. As >>12086307 said, it's best if everyone sticks to (and properly maintains) their own countries.

Reminder that the endgame goal - aside from complete global pacification and submission - is to create a world where there is no culture. This is done to ensure that those who have to true home can simply act as parasites toward their host, and easily leave to find another once their first is drained.

1bc0d8  No.12086352


mongolians =! turks you fucktard.

4f7385  No.12086353


It is a slope, I absolutely agree. At the same time though I personally see conflict with China as inevitable at this point and it may be a good idea to begin to consolidate our alliances now rather than at the midnight hour.

China is without a doubt preparing for war so we need to begin to box them in with strong presences in Japan, South Korea and other countries in that region because I personally believe Japan is going to get hit first once China makes their move. They have been upping their "Rape of Nanking" propaganda a shitload over the past two months.

b9137f  No.12086361


Yeah, but what's Japan going to do? They don't even have shit for military. At least South Korea has something.

4f7385  No.12086369


Japan can mangle China's Air Force and Navy in my eyes given the tech advantages they have but, yeah, if China gets a beachhead it will be very bad for Japan. So what can they do at this point? Really drive home a strong alliance with the United States is pretty much their only play. What do you think?

4f7385  No.12086375

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fairly recent video from Japan.

d1b791  No.12086377

>if China gets a beachhead it will be very bad for Japan

Getting a beachhead alone isn't enough. They have to control the Sea of Japan the whole time until the Japanese military fully capitulates. Otherwise they would run out of supplies and get ground up. It would take a sustained missile campaign to try and force the Japanese into surrendering since the Chinese navy isn't sufficient. With American naval assistance that would never happen.

4f7385  No.12086387


Come to think of it China's first move would probably be Taiwan.

034300  No.12087899


>well traveled

So she was railed by men of at least 20 different ethnicities majority of which weren't of caucasian race.

>college educated

Educated is a really strong word, misused too, seems like she was given entitlement, not education.

<Huwite men are disgusting pigs who don't deserve a GODDESS LIKE ME


<Why am I miserable

df881a  No.12088153


>a woman learns what being a man in the west is like

a2f773  No.12088225

File: 354985533e38681⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 247x255, 247:255, dubs_anime.jpg)

>>12087899 (checked)

East Asian women are often high-maintenance and superficial. Yet a lot of Western men consider them easier to deal with than Current Year Western women. The thing that's most laughable about this article is how the bitch goes

>lol look at these ugly nerd boys XDDD who would ever want to date them lmao

then turns right around and goes

>wait, where are you going? Why aren't you paying attention to me? Check your male privilege REEEEEEEE

I didn't see the author's name but I suspect Judaism.

178aca  No.12088260

File: 7e64678fb85717e⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1300x967, 1300:967, ClipboardImage.png)


Malaysia obviously.

Now do you give a shit about which part of Africa belongs to what niggers?


>who are ethnically similar to japs


>and have historic ties

Yeah a history of war, Jews have a history with arabs too and are ethnically similar by your logic.

gooks and chinks are shitty asians you hapa faggot.


Because whites have been so great to Japan in the past?

Reminder that Americans and Brits helped the rothschilds and rockefellers over throw the shogunate, open japans borders and install a central bank that is 20-40% owned by the rothschilds.

>b-but theyre white they must be good!

look who sided with hitler in ww2 and who sided against him

>The same can be said in the reverse.

Americans are one of the worst foreign groups in Japan only behind chinks, gooks and nigerians.

85b178  No.12088265


lol barusui

Also, it's already been degenerating.

30ba87  No.12088305


India got mixed way back during the times of Alexander the Great, they've been fucked for awhile. Same with "Hispanics."

3b73e6  No.12088306

File: 8d051e93a291414⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 634x423, 634:423, AESTHETIC.jpg)


>non-whites mixing with non-whites

It's only a problem when degenerate whites go there to race-mix

d86947  No.12088382


That's why I said Asian, retard.

178aca  No.12088407


and they arent japanese, its like saying america is still white if you dont count hispanics, its cherry picking

4f1668  No.12088471


Fuck. I must hurry to visit Japan before it will be turned into onother multikulti shithole.

e5c97e  No.12088481

File: 43e412a2a78c580⋯.webm (4.73 MB, 800x480, 5:3, rapeman.webm)

a52612  No.12088486


india was BROWNED before Alexander got there

fd16e9  No.12088548

File: fbbf9999e9b11f4⋯.png (138.9 KB, 569x846, 569:846, pretty.gay.flag.if.you.ask….png)


>Jap Nazi Loli Irl.

I have seen it all.

318d33  No.12088575


>Japan Opening Up to Immigration

Prediction: Japan will be Muslim by 2050.

Soon as you open the doors, Muslims flood in like mad.

dead33  No.12088579


>Nigeria is zoo

That protest looks (((suspicious))), why do they all have the same looking cardboard signs? You would assume them to all have different material signs, but it looks as if they just showed up and (((someone))) handed out those signs.

042ede  No.12088598


>Nigeria is zoo


c9d542  No.12088615


This, unironically. It's a sad event, but only japs should care about it and deal with it.

Here's an important takeaway:

If you are white and care about THIS more than you care about the same thing happening in the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Europe, KILL YOURSELF. You are elevating a foreign non-white culture above your own people because those foreigners draw the cartoons you like.

e0ec75  No.12088625


Because Japan is a true ally and admirer of White people, a nation of National Socialists and unlike almost all White countries pretty much undespoiled up to this point, while countries like the UK and Sweden are borderline lost cause, even if its cartoons were not among the last stands of relatively unpozzed entertainment.

e0ec75  No.12088637


>altaics are totally different to other altaics

Yeah. And Croatians are totally not Catholic Serbs.

e0ec75  No.12088647


>Japan can mangle China's Air Force and Navy in my eyes given the tech advantages they have

China is already producing "indigenous" stealth fighters. Japan's attempt to make an F-16 of their own ended in a complete fiasco.

e0ec75  No.12088693

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>implying anything wrong with naked prepubescent children

Get tour mind out of the gutter, guys.

e0ec75  No.12088710


Make the Kuril Islands a grey zone and concentrate all racemixing degenerates there. Japan should only allow White tourists and the minimum amount of Whites required for their business and diplomacy provided they don't go out hunting for pootang.

e0ec75  No.12088714


>The incidence of rape in Japan is extraordinarily small in comparison to other advanced meritocratic and post-industrial societies like the United States, because the Japanese view is that you exteriorize dangerous fantasies by demarcating their existence rather than repressing them

Or because there are not so many shitskins in Japan.

e0ec75  No.12088726


Fully agreed but the claim needs more research.

1e8fba  No.12088731


They aren't people, only savages.

cdc76e  No.12088754

File: 947f6ea6f7147a4⋯.jpg (1020.46 KB, 4000x4000, 1:1, PCA-26-HLHAKYgws_DNA-10_1.jpg)


>Japs and chinks are as genetically different as Whites and turks.


Japanese and Han Chinese are genetically more similar than Russians and Ukrainians.

afa1cf  No.12088763


I was hanging out in a friends discord at one point and one of the faggots we picked up for a game was bitching about how hard it was to immigrate Japan. Me and him laughed our asses off later on about it.

afa1cf  No.12088787


>A woman having to initiate a steady relationship instead of just talking to a guy and getting fucked

>Drops the ball entirely


2e903b  No.12088799

Japan's fucked. This is sad. Niggers will ruin them.

afa1cf  No.12088842

File: 84030d9cfedd88a⋯.webm (9.59 MB, 848x480, 53:30, Friends from the forest.webm)


There is still hope. Japan still has politicians that give a shit about their country. Anything is possible until they replace them with jews.

b0edf9  No.12088852


>being this desperate

Nigger, jap cartoons are full of fetishes and sexualized children. Japan is full of neets and hikkis that make furries blush with shame with their degeneracy. Stop sucking off japan just because they drew that cartoon with the hot lolis you jerk it to.

bf280c  No.12088867


>make furries blush with shame with their degeneracy.

i doubt that.

e0ec75  No.12088921

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>and sexualized children

The only primate that avoids copulation before the age of 15 is White people. Nips are also among the most neotenic people so don't judge them by our ethology and physiology, if it looks above 8 it's fair game to them.

df881a  No.12089028


>white people

*lesbian hags

03495e  No.12089043


>children in bikinis


df88b1  No.12089047


Something fake? On /pol/? Get the fuck outta here.

201fc9  No.12089066


Nothing is lower than furrires, faggot. That is absolute zero on degenerate meters.

03495e  No.12089069


>childfuckers aren’t worse

>race mixers aren’t worse

Your priorities are misaligned.

201fc9  No.12089078


Furries cast a wide shadow in what they revel in. They are notorious for not discriminating and welcoming everyone, pedos included.

6d4c0a  No.12089099

File: 9d55bb51dc4e62a⋯.jpg (67.89 KB, 448x529, 448:529, 1437242993532.jpg)

>There are more foreigners in Japan than ever.

I was in Japan a year and a half ago and noticed just this, pointed it out in a few threads and it triggered the fuck out of the weeb IDF.

023c2f  No.12089106


What did you notice, anon?

6d4c0a  No.12089108


More foreigners than ever.

023c2f  No.12089111


Instances? I just wanted a story, fam…

6d4c0a  No.12089116


Nothing terribly exciting I just noticed a lot more non Asian's out and about especially poojits

711bb6  No.12089130


I have heard that most of the foreign labor is concentrated to Shinjuku. Can anyone provide insight on this?

165ced  No.12089393

File: a12485ee022aa56⋯.webm (3.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Never_give_up.webm)



>I'm 30 years old I have yet to meet a woman who wants to tie the knot. My dating prospects are also shit.


>How the fuck do I not end up a full mgtow woman hater? It's difficult not being one.

Vid related.

000000  No.12089414


Good thing that can't be done undetected by normalfags then. Kikes can't blend in there like they manage in the West.

422240  No.12089416

Burgers did this.

c2978f  No.12089488

File: 1202a99387da713⋯.jpg (49.23 KB, 440x660, 2:3, 1445997681244.jpg)

File: 1b614f5ff00b517⋯.jpg (42.83 KB, 333x500, 333:500, gong-yoo.jpg)


>These two people are not genetically similar at all.

Who are you kidding? I did not say "identical" but that's as close as you can get without being identical. There's a gazillion ethnicites that are not related to the japs, koreans are one deal with it. I'd venture most differences are cultural and not genetically, small amounts of jomon dna aside.

e0ec75  No.12089608


It's a cosmopolitan species.

e0ec75  No.12089667

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>obviously Architeuthis and not Mesonychoteuthis

>largest confirmed specimen has a length from tail to arms of 2.5 meters

367a65  No.12089670


Why should I care about it happening in the (((US))) they can go fuck themselves.

The other countries you mentioned aren't that good, Japan was one of the few countries allied with Germany in WW2 without force.


Look at the DNA map I posted you dumb nigger.

e0ec75  No.12089683


Do you have You Say Run version?

7396d2  No.12089687

File: 945443c6f5db8a9⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 660x716, 165:179, 1534939131420.jpg)

I came to this board because a friend of mine told me of gigantic octopuses and I think also fish. but now there is only chinks here.

why live. why isn't here any fish here only chinks?

c2978f  No.12089704


>Look at the DNA map I posted you dumb nigger.

Which shows Koreans more similar to Japanese than the fucking Ainu? You are obviously looking at this with a microscope, from 10 thousand miles away a korean and a Japanese are ethnically SIMILAR like two related but non-identical European groups would be, evidenced by your fucking chart, smalldick.

Keep Japan Japanese though, don't mistake my autism over semantics with me liking immigration of any kind to Japan.

367a65  No.12089714


Japanese have far more D1B and very little c2a and c1a.

They're less similar than French and Brits.

7396d2  No.12089728



c5afcb  No.12089744


But anon your anime will soon be filled with street shitters. Coming soon to akihabara Street Shitter V poo in the loo edition.

c35dbd  No.12089824



Same thing considering how bastardized Shitaly is.

c35dbd  No.12089844


Yes they can. Hitomi Tanaka has a kike grandparent.

c2978f  No.12089845


>They're less similar than French and Brits.

My point of comparison was japs versus koreans, japs versus any subsaharn african group, japs versus arabs, germanic, jews, slavs, greeks, turks, etc…

I'm guessing most of those don't even have "D1B" and "c2a" or whatever, koreans and japs having them in different ratios only confirms that they are SIMILAR! Why do you guys think similar means identical?

367a65  No.12089851


Your whole argument was hurr durr arr rook same who cares.

Go back to reddit already

c2978f  No.12089868


Korea, 50 km away from Japan, linguists used to propose the "korean-japonic" language family though that's not in vogue anymore, and has been invaded by Japan going back centuries, the place wet rice agriculture and chinese characters entered japan from. A fucking dna chart showing the haplogroups they share to a somewhat large degree.

If you equate someone from there going to japan, to a nigerian or even a thai, you are being willfully obtuse, that's what's reddit here.

t. I hate Koreans really do, but I hate stupidity more and koreans immigrating versus other ethnicities vis á vis Japan is apples to oranges

367a65  No.12089878


Koreans are basically jews, Koreans are a major problem in Japan, they are 30% of the Yakuza, 60% of all tax fraud cases and they often lie about being Japanese when caught committing crime.

e0ec75  No.12090023

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Found it.

25132f  No.12090049


That grotesque monstrosity is hardly Japanese even by her looks, all she gets by on are her khazar milkers which only server to distract everyone away from disgusting face and body.

5ac6e5  No.12090144


This is true. Koreans really are the jews of the Asiatic people (not counting the actual Jews themselves). They overcharge for everything, submit fake invoices regularly. Engage in all sorts of kikery and if you are particularly aware of jewish tricks, then you can easily spot that they are working from the same playbook. Some of them even read books on how to act more like jews! Their food is shit, their women are a bore in bed and so fucked from plastic surgery to try and look white that if you take one look at those money grubbing parasites when they're older you might just vomit. I'm sure some asshole will cherry pick one now in an attempt to disprove what I'm posting, but if you actually go to Korea, you'll see what a shithole it actually is. Don't let the shiny buildings fool you. The place is utter fucking trash because the people from there are utter fucking trash.

7d8ca1  No.12090513


>Not discerning between best Korea that repudiates imperialism,Rothschild banking and usury, and worst capitalist American tax vacuum Korea

Anon please, the norks strive for admirable autarky and have high literacy rates

they also don't use imperial eternal Han chink han'ja, unlike the Brits who still have words and lands derived from the imperial evil normon cunts

Many capitalist and Jew imbued Asian countries could learn from Kim tbh

Polite sage for going slightly off topic

e4cb02  No.12090854


It’s multicultural but made up of mostly Chinese, followed by Malay then Indians, and “others”. It’s like how white Americans aren’t loyal to France/Ireland/England. The Chinese don’t really give a shit about China.

098243  No.12090974

File: 459476b731f75af⋯.png (25.58 KB, 488x776, 61:97, fst japanese vs south chin….png)

File: 4360b8a5c74fb06⋯.png (694.11 KB, 1284x538, 642:269, fst europe vs middle east.png)


Most Europeans are more genetically similar to kikes than Japs are to chinks. Look at the data.

FST between Japanese and Southern Chinese is .0087. FST between Jews and Italians is .004, Jews and Greeks .0042, Jews and Spaniards .0056, Jews and Germans .0072.

Genetic distance between Bedouin Arabs and Italians .0079. Palestinian Arabs and Italians, .0064. Italians are actually more closely related to all sand niggers than Japs are to chinks.

cf8960  No.12090993


>Most Europeans are more genetically similar to kikes than Japs are to chinks. Look at the data.

Almost two centuries of intermarriage will do that.

bea601  No.12091276

I don't fucking care about nipland.

bea601  No.12091281


And none of us are remotely related to these slant-eyed monkeys, so these dumb-fuck threads need to die already. I'm sick of weeaboo faggots fetishizing those fucking slant-eyes.

85988e  No.12091505


>What the japs are doing is comparable to letting Italians into Germany.

Thats exactly what ruined Argentina, seriously and Germany was forced to support those tards against greeks, that and loosing a war against a black african country put italians below spics from a objective point of view. Not sure if you are really bad at examples or you are just ironic.

Nips, before going for brown fucktoys remember that this is how France was finished, if you wanna cum inside those cute things so badly stay outside of Japan, Nipland wouldnt be fucked and brownyland will be fixed.

bea601  No.12091589


>and brownyland will be fixed

Well first off, stop talking as if these slant-eyes are on par with Europeans. Secondly look at Mexico, or South America. Imparting superior genes into an inferior race doesn't "fix them."

afa1cf  No.12091763


In fairness if Italy didn't go ham in WW1 their gene pool wouldn't have suffered to intensely.

>Literally charging past a river, up a mountain, against a fortified position until you obtain a victory

85988e  No.12091767


It isnt that simple and you are missing (on purpose?) points that i already presented, Chile after Pinochet and even right now (Haiti population is moving to Chile) has better crime statistics than Usa, therefore Usa is a shithole compared to Chile. Germans behave a lot better than italians, fun fact, Argentina was a lot better, untill it opened the border to italians and with that it became the shithole we know today and Chile being more "indian" (the proper name is american, not native american, thats retarded, its like saying native european or native asian) is a lot better even with 1/10 of his population being "spics" migrants right now, maybe more.

Mexico is a shithole, you have a point, but saying all "south america is the same compared with Usa" is retarded and the source of a lot of pedagogic problems, "american" classifications has lot of problems and it must be ignored, dude, we are talking about a nation that had 2 systems, fahrenheit for commoners and celcius or kelvin for stem, inches for commoners and metric for stem, the second you start talking from "american" system everything goes to the garbage can, you dont have a serious reason for words like "latin america", its just garbage, hegelian dialect, both left and right use it and people with studies on both sides already know that its garbage, but they keep that system because they are controlled opposition or because they dont want to be ostracized, this is /pol/, there is no need to use that, its like saying that all africa is the same like Liberia, Congo, South Africa (before Mandela) and Rhodesia (RIP) are the same or talking like Switzerland and Turkey are the same because they are all yurops.

Now to the point of asians, we have 4 groups of countries, developed countries, not developed countries, Argentina (nobody knows why is not developed) and Japan (nobody knows why is developed). German genetics fix everything, thats a fact, negro genetics fuck everything, thats a fact and italian genetics, well, check Argentina, it became a shithole once the italians born in Argentina were old enough to vote, we have tiers of whites, tiers of spics and tiers of asians, even tiers of blacks, congoids, pigmey and another class that has less than 200.000 people, everything destroyed by congoids like America, remove them and Usa will be on Canada level.

85988e  No.12091775


Desire of knowing more intensifies.

bea601  No.12091794


> has better crime statistics than Usa

No, none of them have better crime rates than white Americans, the only true Americans. They may have better crime rates than niggers, but that's not saying much. The beaners are their own people. White Americans have one of the lowest crime rates on the planet.

>the proper name is american

No, stupid, the proper name is Amerindian.

>the whole second paragraph

Fucking retarded.

>and Japan (nobody knows why is developed)

Because white countries/empires took a direct hand in developing them. In the case of the US, it was against their will, but they were all the better for it. Their industrial base was created in the same manner the Chinese industrial base was–the exportation of US industry to them, and the demand of the US market.

>German genetics fix everything, thats a fact

Wrong. You can't mix a German within a shit-skin and expect it to "fix" anything. It will only degrade and destroy a European bloodline. You keep saying all this shit about Italians in Argentina, but you're providing absolutely no evidence to back any of it up.

>we have tiers of whites, tiers of spics and tiers of asians

Yeah, and all tiers of whites are above everyone else. Italians led arguably the greatest empire in history. The Greek led one of them as well. As did the British, and the French, and Germans and Russians have plentiful accomplishments and contributions as well. Each has contributed, alone, more than every other race on this planet combined. Maybe save for Russians, but their history is much harsher, and they've had to deal with a lot more hardship.

>remove them and Usa will be on Canada level

What, a far-left marxist shit-hole? Anyway, back to the point. You can't "fix" genetics through miscegenation.

bea601  No.12091866


>all white people in the US are brown shit-skins meme

I wonder who this could be. Post discarded. Filtered.

c3d8c1  No.12091890


>Nigger, jap cartoons are full of fetishes and sexualized children.

Which are detached from reality.

>Japan is full of neets and hikkis that make furries blush with shame with their degeneracy.

There are unemployed and shut-in people in the West.

bea601  No.12091900


(3) posts, 2 of which are defending slant-eyes, one of which demeans white people. Get off /pol/ you shit-skin monkey, this board isn't for you. Filtered.

c3d8c1  No.12091908


Why shouldn't I defend Japan?

It's not demeaning to state the fact that there are unemployed and shut-in people in the West, and you are being a hypocrite by calling a white man a shit-skin monkey. And why do you think that /pol/ isn't for whites?

d0a49f  No.12092003

File: 49cd82654db23fe⋯.jpg (87.41 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Deluded.jpg)


The Japanese have been warned, time after time, by those of us that currently suffer under "multicult" corrosion.

In fact, I have never seen a situation where one race (whites) have tried so hard to warn another country of entirely different people to NOT make the horrific mistake that they did. It is almost curious, how concerned whites have been for the welfare and future of Japan.

But while you can warn them, you cannot force them to take your advice. I'm praying they will listen, before they learn the hard way about how destructive to their society race and culture mixing really is.

And it will affect them much more than it affects us in the U.S., as you can still move to enclaves of your own kind here, due to the size of the country…Japan is an island, there will be few places to get away from the degeneracy and violence that "multicult" will inflict on them.

I pray they take the advice of those that have suffered before them. They need to listen.

85988e  No.12092023


>i am not mad

Kid, seriously, i am ok with a lot of these, then you talk like i never said that and you are saying the same (more or less) like i never said that.

Just for the sake of trolling:

>No, none of them have better crime rates than white Americans, the only true Americans. They may have better crime rates than niggers, but that's not saying much. The beaners are their own people. White Americans have one of the lowest crime rates on the planet.

German Chile then? check mass school shootings, country isnt the same as race, but you are changing that according to your needs, its like arguing with a woman.

>No, stupid, the proper name is Amerindian.

Thanks for the projection, i was talking about geography, this is why i talked about europe-europeans, asian-asians for the sole purpose of noticing that some classification systems arent that good.

>Fucking retarded.

4k projector

>Because white countries/empires took a direct hand in developing them. In the case of the US, it was against their will, but they were all the better for it. Their industrial base was created in the same manner the Chinese industrial base was–the exportation of US industry to them, and the demand of the US market.

Its a joke.

>Wrong. You can't mix a German within a shit-skin and expect it to "fix" anything. It will only degrade and destroy a European bloodline. You keep saying all this shit about Italians in Argentina, but you're providing absolutely no evidence to back any of it up.

Yes, its related to the country, if you put negro in whiteland whites will be fucked, if you put white in niggerland niggers will be "blessed" , ask filipinos and for the argie problem, just ask them about helicopters, more evidence? Hitler wasting resources helping them, how they destroyed Argentina and, shit nigga, loosing a war against a black african country… nigga, thats wrong.

>Yeah, and all tiers of whites are above everyone else. Italians led arguably the greatest empire in history. The Greek led one of them as well. As did the British, and the French, and Germans and Russians have plentiful accomplishments and contributions as well. Each has contributed, alone, more than every other race on this planet combined. Maybe save for Russians, but their history is much harsher, and they've had to deal with a lot more hardship.

Debatable… what we call jews are inbreed whites mixed with a lot of things and genetics arent a eternal thing, they change, maybe ancient egyptians (not the ones that sucked Alexander dick) were an already dead race, both mitochondria and y neanderthal chromosome are dead and negros have dead races (for me negros are different species) and you can notice differences between nordics coming to America Fuck Yeah! and the ones staying in Sweden Yes! its relative to time, food, even radiation (check australians skin cancer rate) this is so fucking deep and the info is so fucking censored that a 100% answer is a irresponsibility, but "modern italians" ruined argentina and Italia, just check their behavior, they are more violent and stupid than the average white, maybe its something not related to genetics like booze inside irish.

d0a49f  No.12092034

File: 3aa97e195986957⋯.jpg (68.79 KB, 600x749, 600:749, Red6.jpg)


>I'm 30 years old I have yet to meet a woman who wants to tie the knot. My dating prospects are also shit.


>How the fuck do I not end up a full mgtow woman hater?

Well, according to that article, just go visit Japan, where there are…apparently…lots of lonely white women.

d0a49f  No.12092058


Oh look…it's one of our little friends from the forest…a Jew…

e0ec75  No.12092077


>turks are European

That was the least sensical part of your posts and that says a lot, Julio.

e0ec75  No.12092094

File: af001ebb00db199⋯.png (419.5 KB, 1887x2545, 1887:2545, roasty identifyer.png)

File: 70bd10e06092e53⋯.gif (674.32 KB, 422x600, 211:300, akari auswitzch.gif)


>this clusterfuck of ad hominems, wild assumptions, appeals to ridicule and appeals to social validation

Not sure if woman, kike or both.

184851  No.12092117


Japan needs to stay Japanese. They are among the greatest peoples on this Earth, and I hope someday our offspring will engage in wicked space-mech battles with them across the universe.

197403  No.12092140


Japanese are better than (((anglos)))


US isn't solely made up of "whites" is it?

>White Americans have one of the lowest crime rates on the planet.

No it doesn't you fucking retard.

>Because white countries/empires took a direct hand in developing them

(((Britain))) and (((America))) literally fucked with Japan for two centuries.

>but they were all the better for it

<overthrowing the government and installing a (((central bank))) is for the better


>Yeah, and all tiers of whites are above everyone else

Yes because the anglos didnt help the jews at all?

4586ae  No.12092147

Weebs please stop embarrassing yourselves. No matter how hard you pray at night, the glorious Nippon fairy isn't going to appear and grant your wish to no longer be baka gaijin roundeye.

c3d8c1  No.12092157


Strawman. And a very outdated one, since weebs have virtually disappeared.

4586ae  No.12092160


Anime Pro I thought you retired this character.

c3d8c1  No.12092172


I have no idea what you're talking about or how it relates to what I said.

4586ae  No.12092179


Sure you don't. Look the anime autist routine had a good run but it's played out.

c3d8c1  No.12092185

4586ae  No.12092187


I guess there are enough newfags on /pol/ that might fall for it. Drop a thread on /tv/ for old times sake some time.

9ed8a9  No.12092191


I thought that was a behelit.

c3d8c1  No.12092192


See >>12092172

What exactly are you doing here?

4586ae  No.12092194


Same thing you are I imagine. You do your thing though, lad.

c3d8c1  No.12092202


See >>12092172

Again, what are you doing here?

4586ae  No.12092204


You have no evidence.

c3d8c1  No.12092205


I didn't ask for any. Are you mentally ill?

e0ec75  No.12092208

File: d8ceb24adc65c1d⋯.jpg (484.77 KB, 2048x1150, 1024:575, legend-of-the-galactic-her….jpg)


>tfw no Aryans vs Nips intergalactic war anime

Feels bad man but at least we had Aryan vs chink intergalactic vendetta.

4586ae  No.12092209


You have no evidence.

c778b9  No.12092210



Can you guys shut up and kiss already

c3d8c1  No.12092212


Misread. But anyway, I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Is this some new tactic of the left?

c3d8c1  No.12092213


Of what?


What makes you think I'm friends with him? Do you have a reading disorder?

4586ae  No.12092214


You have no evidence.

55f30b  No.12092215


German genetics are still pretty strong. Like, even if all Germans mixed with Turks overnight leaving no pure German descendands their country would still be more orderly and developed than the neighboring Poland.

c3d8c1  No.12092216


Of what?

I'd love to report you except as usual we are on a board that has effectively no moderation, so what's the point.

4586ae  No.12092218


You have no evidence.

c3d8c1  No.12092221


What the fuck is wrong with you leftists?

4586ae  No.12092223


You have no evidence.

c3d8c1  No.12092224

I'm at a loss for words. What broke him? Did his buttplug fall off?

e0ec75  No.12092225

File: 52d9a3588a9e604⋯.jpg (37.07 KB, 600x600, 1:1, supreme miscegenation.jpg)


>Japanese are better than (((anglos)))

Objectively true but anglos can be enriched back to their senses by functional White genes; getting too "familiar" with nips would result to natural soyboys with no sense of identity enhanced by neurological -tendency towards schizophrenia.

4586ae  No.12092226


You have no evidence.

184851  No.12092228

File: ab1794ff31d1a89⋯.jpg (474.82 KB, 400x5000, 2:25, LotGH10.jpg)

File: 934109d910c6144⋯.jpg (250.71 KB, 1437x1074, 479:358, LotGH7.jpg)


Best anime.

197403  No.12092231


wow a hapa who is a chink not a nip

e0ec75  No.12092232

File: df5e7b2fa9fc0b6⋯.png (885.15 KB, 1842x1004, 921:502, even more white criminals.png)

File: cef17e67d2f7e91⋯.png (1.17 MB, 950x942, 475:471, more white criminals.png)

File: 8553ebce5f382f0⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1548x3594, 258:599, non-whites as whites in or….jpg)

File: baf7264e86c3765⋯.jpg (114.61 KB, 857x1046, 857:1046, black on white rape.jpg)


>>White Americans have one of the lowest crime rates on the planet.

>No it doesn't you fucking retard.

Appalachia does. I wonder why…

e0ec75  No.12092233

File: 44c3a4ea1cee28b⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 480x360, 4:3, mashengo'd tenderly.gif)


It has it's low points though…

184851  No.12092234

File: f37153a9366f757⋯.jpg (141.79 KB, 590x2400, 59:240, LotGH8.jpg)

e0ec75  No.12092242

File: 099c782b20a1d42⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 7.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, whimsical_adventures_in_th….mp4)

File: 47950ef07581e01⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 314.89 KB, 517x437, 517:437, ferrets.png)


>phenotypically indistinguishable populations of eastern Asians will produce radically different hybrids with Whites

You can't have blonde or redhead hapas by mixing Europeans with pure nips, these are recessive genes. Your waifu does not real she's also trash.

e0ec75  No.12092247

File: f934de19b94ba20⋯.png (2.15 MB, 2563x1099, 2563:1099, before & after LotGH.png)


Based chink for a miscegenating White women stealing bastard that is.

197403  No.12092252


>You can't have blonde or redhead hapas by mixing Europeans with pure nips

so? where the fuck did i state otherwise

afa1cf  No.12092553


Almost nobody in that show is genetically a chink. It's a nipponese show about europeans.

5ed26e  No.12092666

File: dd54399c33a1528⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 437x135, 437:135, why are we still here.JPG)


>i-it's just their culture to be pedo/hebephiles



>t-tentacle rape and every fetish under satan's asshole are in anime b-but are totally better than when furries do it


>pedo isn't pedo when it's drawn

This is exactly what I'm talking about. The absolute fucking state. Japs make cartoons you like, so you go THIS far to justify shit you wouldn't allow in ANY other society. You go THIS far to claim pedophilia isn't pedophilia because some BASED slanteye drew the 8 year old dripping with cum instead of Schlomo Shekelbergstein's private cameraman filming it.


is the term, and it fits kamfpy-era and beyond /pol/ to a T. It's like you're mentally incapable, a mental block was placed in your head to stop you from seeing this. You'll willingly go on to talk about MLPfags and furries and how they're zoophiles for jerking it to animals while thinking yourself perfectly normal and not at all pedophilic or hebephilic when you jerk it to sweet little lolis. Just like how the average normalfag has mental blocks in place to prevent him from seeing that he's been lied to his entire life and that his greatest ally is working on genociding his entire kind. And just like Joe Normalfag elevates Israel above his own people, you elevate Japan above your own people. Joe Normalfag is told stories about the holocaust and how mean people are to those poor kikes. You like cartoons. It's pathetic. This is /pol/. This is meant to be the bastion of anti-degeneracy and adherence to NSDAP ideals, yet you throw that all away the second the topic of cartoons from asia appears. Why is this? What drives you to fall this far? Why can't you understand simple things and see what you yourself are doing?

c3d8c1  No.12092722


Only pedophiles claim that lolicon is pedophilia.

>you elevate Japan above your own people

Not my fault that Western media is bad.

>You like cartoons.

No, I like anime.

>What drives you to fall this far?

What drives you to project your personal failures onto others

7fb484  No.12092733

Mods should ban porncucks

349044  No.12092798


You should have laughed in their faces, cuck. Also:


349044  No.12092815


Avatarfagging is against the rules. If I catch you doing it again, you're banned.

a704dc  No.12093202

File: 086538ca87cd59a⋯.png (152.59 KB, 378x378, 1:1, 086538ca87cd59a2c79ddadbe7….png)


what is that, fucking strawberry marshmallow, theres scarcely anything dodgy about that, just another shitty slice of life tv show about little girls.. completely ridiculous how the faggot implies that's really any kind of welcome sign in japan

e0ec75  No.12093307


>Yang Wen-li


Is it a Finnish name?

f82be7  No.12093329

File: 795b43582c67419⋯.jpg (28.97 KB, 400x277, 400:277, Ichigo-Mashimaro-taxi-Miu-….jpg)

File: 63f53acae4c6a4a⋯.jpg (23.46 KB, 400x265, 80:53, Ichigo-Mashimaro-taxi-Nobu….jpg)

File: dacc3de21a671ef⋯.jpg (55.57 KB, 500x332, 125:83, Ichigo-Mashimaro-taxi-Nobu….jpg)

File: 2a1e88e88932129⋯.jpg (26.52 KB, 400x265, 80:53, Ichigo-Mashimaro-taxi-side….jpg)


Well, I mean, it was a real sign, but it's not at Narita airport or anything, it's in Akihabara where you'd fully expect to see lots of kawaii anime lolis.

Ichigo Mashimaro/Strawberry Marshmallow has been used to promote tourism, but it was only in the city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture (where the manga is set), where a handful of taxis got the Itasha treatment.

e0ec75  No.12093371

File: 0815e0c38b73e6c⋯.jpg (112.24 KB, 1024x658, 512:329, learn from you.jpg)


>comparing lolicons to child rapists and purchasing child porn

Fucking leaf detected. pic related

>>t-tentacle rape and every fetish under satan's asshole are in anime b-but are totally better than when furries do it

>ruminating (((western media))) stereotypes about japanese pornography based on niche fetishes

Vast majority of hentai doujinshi is vanilla romance between virgins within monogamous or less frequently polygynous relationships. The most "pozzed" genre you might frequently encounter is high-school/early adulthood lesbians targeting mainly male audiences without any feminist connotations. Interracial is almost non-existent and whenever you encounter it it's almost always between japs and Whites.

>you elevate Japan above your own people

Sad truth is my own people have dug their own grave, I will struggle for them but it's a borderline lost cause. Having to choose between my own people and Japan, currently among the few people standing as a beacon against internationalist poz, is false dilemma. I am haven't left my country for Japan, I don't identify as Japanese, I don't spend my resources on helping Japan and I am not risking my own life and well-being for pro-Japanese activism, I only devote a part of my time on shitposting on a japanese cartoon imageboard about the importance of preserving Japan's status quo and how that affects our own nationalistic struggles in our homes.

75b014  No.12093387

File: 7649e04ee98ed86⋯.jpg (112.91 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 030444.jpg)


>don't like lolis


4fbd1a  No.12093435

What's the difference between a wheeb and a heeb?

e0ec75  No.12093457

File: 1ddb894c3299ec0⋯.png (62.49 KB, 500x300, 5:3, samurai-are-the-complete-o….png)

a2f773  No.12093694


The corrupt, multicultural "democracy" shitshow that is the Alliance has one Chinese officer, an Arab, and a poo-in-loo, plus women in a government full of slimy politicians who don't hesitate to send millions of troops to their deaths in order to show strength if it means they get reelected. The Empire is all German, down to having a Kaiser and their letters being written in German. Phezzan is run by a greedy scheming kike doing the bidding of bigger kikes hiding in the shadows.

0fd837  No.12093958

File: 8ef134e9a55935e⋯.png (10.44 KB, 208x243, 208:243, le happy chink.png)


Still Wenli was still a chink and, even worse, a relentless defender of his republican ideals even though he knew it was all bullshit deep down and a closet Rudolph the Great admirer in the novels, and he was the sole reason that shitfest called "democracy" lasted as long as it did when his Aryan wouldbe father-in-law could have unfucked the Alliance' territories from its ochlocratic degeneracy without the need to be subjugated to their historical enemies.

d3897d  No.12094043


Even if the Japs have more Korean DNA than Ainu DNA, obviously the Ainu traits are dominant and the Korean traits are submissive. Which is why Japs have become 2nd-best race/nation. Actually 1st place in some respects.

85988e  No.12094074


I am talking about geography, its stopped being always related to "race" once neanderthals figured that wood dont sink and, like Malvinas, isnt called Bizantium.


Use some white/black filter and its like old Miura's drawings.


The last season wasnt that good.


>Appalachia is all white USA


>Only pedophiles claim that lolicon is pedophilia.

What about pedophiles that masturbate to lolicon? i am talking about facts.


In Japan sex with underage is legal, therefore it isnt showed in charts and Britain has an "asian" problem.

be5d14  No.12094079

File: 80d1fd67507ea86⋯.jpg (258.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


What will happen to Mitshubishi, Onii-San!

0fd837  No.12094130


>What about pedophiles that masturbate to lolicon? i am talking about facts.

Correlated but loli-media is neither the root of the issue or the trigger. Being a pedo makes it more likely to fap to loli as a legal aletrnative but fapping to loli does not make one significantly more likely to rape 3D kids, even if it strongly indicated pedophiliac tendencies. As a matter of fact Japan's ultra-low rape rates and world's highest loli-media consumption indicate that loli might actually decrease molestation incidences at least if you disregard the fact that countries with the strictest anti-loli laws like the UK, Canada and Australia have the laxest laws regarding mudslime immigration.

d3897d  No.12094139


>fapping to loli does not make one significantly more likely to rape 3D kids, even if it strongly indicated pedophiliac tendencies

I wouldn't say strongly. When it comes to 2D characters I fap to girls in 30s/20s/teens just as much. If lolis are only 25% of the content it doesn't qualify as an overwhelming disruptive preference, so it does not fulfill the criteria.

0fd837  No.12094141


>In Japan sex with underage is legal

How about you do your fucking research, Chaim?


af2512  No.12094205

an island will float away

85988e  No.12094441


In that small case still sexualize childs and protecting the kids is more important than a guy fapping to drawings.


Maybe one of the hardests topics regarding laws.


Done, my point is right and still you have the point of laws that arent used… its complicated, actually a lot of muslim countries ban child marriage, yet they do it anyways, its like rape laws in UK, they are used against native christian male cis whites, but ignored against black muslims. Japanese society dont care about that and its pretty complicated doing something if there isnt explicit violence and you still have a lot of legal vacuums allowing blowjobs, rubbing and things like that, ask the UN, they have separate wagons and specific drug resistant stds for a reason, also check their abortion numbers, a 40 years old dating a 14 years old isnt a big deal there if the guy is married and have a decent work, actually a 25 neet dating a 17 years is problematic there and i am not talking about the islands, you have a lot of hentai showing what happens there with their special laws and lack of control, just a cheap boat with a couple of childs, enough money for food and gifts and nobody will gave a single fuck.

23c6d9  No.12094463


That's not true at all though,it can be set to the age of 13 in a prefecture,but for social reasons the lowest it is is 16

it's one of those "it's there,but we won't fuck with it for some reason" types of things

0fd837  No.12094539


>In that small case still sexualize childs and protecting the kids is more important than a guy fapping to drawings.

You completely missed the part where reading loli, does NOT cause child-abuse and potentially prevents it. It would make more sense to just bait all remotely potential pedophiles with loli and execute/contain them than actually banning loli-media but that's more of a logistical nightmare than it is unethical.

>and you still have a lot of legal vacuums allowing blowjobs, rubbing and things like that

From the link you are replying to literally all the content in it:

> However, the Children Welfare Act chapter 34 forbids any act of "fornication" (淫行) with children (here defined as anyone under 18 years of age)[48] with prefectures and districts specifying further details in (largely similar) "obscenity ordinances" (淫行条例) like adding exemptions for sex in the context of a sincere romantic relationship (typically determined by parental approval).[49]

>exemptions for sex in the context of a sincere romantic relationship (typically determined by parental approval)

>sincere romantic relationship

>determined by parental approval

That does not sound like something that could be misinterpreted as enabling promiscuous contact or rape, unless Jap parents/guardians are L.A. tier degenerates, which I kinda doubt.

9a3c75  No.12094569

Keep repeatedly saying we need to salt the earth in Japan against this kike invasion influence.

Japan is naturally xenophobic and stubborn, but even the most vigilant people can let their guard down.

We have autists that speak moonspeak all we have to do is raise their awareness with strategic memes, kickstart their immune system to reject the noses.

0fd837  No.12094618




So to summarize why your objection is fully dismissed:

Loli-"art" is positively correlated to pedophilia but it's also negatively correlated as a causing factor because of Japanese statistics.

Your claims about widely accepted and legalized pedophilia in Japan are out of context and demonstrably fallacious.

Even if that wasn't the case it would still be invalid to judge nips by our standards given our radically different physiology, even not taking Eastern Asians' moleculary confirmed admixture with Denisovans and Peking Men (late surviving Homo erectus subspecies), their geographic, temporal, morphological and genetic distance is big enough to be considered a different Homo sapiens subspecies.

Even if all the previous did not stand then I'd still would not give a fuck how many 13 year olds nips fuck as long as they are not White 13 years olds.

85988e  No.12094837


>you are wrong, please see this argument saying that you are right


>You completely missed the part where reading loli, does NOT cause child-abuse and potentially prevents it. It would make more sense to just bait all remotely potential pedophiles with loli and execute/contain them than actually banning loli-media but that's more of a logistical nightmare than it is unethical.

You point will be right if facts werent changing according to "politics", for the last part a lot pedophile boards are controlled by lea agents.

For the other parts, you are right, they are perverse, hentai in their words and again, one thing is the law and other enforcing it, lefty call countries that put laws to work "police states".


I cant gave a serious answer because you are using biased statistics in biased ways and you are saying things that i never said, and i am not all of them, we are different posters with different views.

166032  No.12094848


0fd837  No.12095084


How biased these stats can be? Is it or is it not a fact that Japan's rape rate are bottom low compared to cuntrees with rigorous anti-hentai laws like Cucknuckistan and Australia? Even counting all the muds the later allow to run rampant on their clay AND assuming Malaysian attitudes towards pedophilia for nips, the fissure between their per capita rape rates is abyssal for your argument to hold any solid ground.

Occam's Razor, nigger.

c3d8c1  No.12095316


>What about pedophiles that masturbate to lolicon?

What about school shooters that play Doom?

034300  No.12095484


> ask the UN,

Why would I ever want to ask an organization ran by kikes for the benefit of kikes, where sandniggers are advisors on human rights, and their war crime tribunals don't require evidence for convictions?



ae6965  No.12095509

File: a97c7c1b321aa12⋯.jpg (66.64 KB, 970x450, 97:45, zuck and his wife.jpg)


>Kikes can't blend in there like they manage in the West.


8b2384  No.12095595

>Workers come from many countries, including China, South Korea

This is like a German working in Sweden.

8b4ced  No.12097457


here's the march playing in that video


0fd837  No.12103560




aba6cc  No.12103628

File: eaf23cce6573550⋯.jpg (219.56 KB, 1007x1200, 1007:1200, りゅうおうのおしごと!.jpg)


>What about pedophiles that masturbate to lolicon? i am talking about facts.

we had a pedo board and as far as im aware loli as in 2d wasnt posted, sometimes more realistic shit was but not stuff like pic related


Japans increase in availability in pornography correlates with a decrease in both reported and proven rapes and other sexual offences.


>In Japan sex with underage is legal

its not that black and white, yes technically an 80 year old could fuck a 13 year old legally but its very likely he will be locked for it most of the time, the law isnt black and white in japan


No it's not retard, Chinks and Koreans are subhumans and ruin Japan whenever they can.

2b45ef  No.12103640


They let in pajeets of whatever nationality. The people organizing luggage when you take the bus from the airport to the hotel are often pajeets.

t. was in Japan a month ago

aba6cc  No.12103646


Were you in Tokyo?

My friend is in Niigata and he only sees 99% Japanese with occasional chinks/zainichi

2b45ef  No.12103661


>Were you in Tokyo?


aba6cc  No.12103667

File: 1818a08c91e0e79⋯.png (739.64 KB, 640x483, 640:483, 1449469215258.png)


Tokyo is a leftist multicult shithole


I unironically hope it gets destroyed in a natural disaster

2b45ef  No.12103701


I should also have mentioned the fact that curry restaurants seem fairly common and not just in Tokyo (I spent several days in Tokyo and took the plane from there). And those aren't Japanese curry restaurants as they have Indian or Sri Lankan flags or even call themselves "India something".

c3d8c1  No.12103730


t. leftist shill.

660aa8  No.12103741

File: 8232122534bd63f⋯.jpg (410.92 KB, 1370x1080, 137:108, disciplining a kike rat.jpg)


>hurr durr muh star of david

Fucking retard.


0bc49c  No.12103766

Enrichment Engaged!

5c3d38  No.12105880

File: 09edc5496ec4693⋯.png (91.63 KB, 402x500, 201:250, thinking tits.png)


I'm not a geneticist but isn't that a map of just two variables?

5c3d38  No.12105986

File: 8487ab8cc64a448⋯.jpg (106.3 KB, 1024x658, 512:329, japan un comic.jpg)


<ask the UN

6e2e56  No.12106025

This is a good thing for the economy, who cares about culture and race? They have to make way for the free market.

83a5ef  No.12124037


very sad news

6d3078  No.12124074


That's PCA. Reducing data to lower dimension loses some information, but these are the two variables that best explain the variance.

10e892  No.12124176


>Not worshiping gooks is D & C


If chinks, koreans are subhuman then japanese are subhuman too, they are genetically similar races

46577f  No.12124264

File: 68639638596f5d2⋯.png (946.04 KB, 1400x5552, 175:694, chinks.png)


You clearly don't have any experience dealing with chinks.

232535  No.12124285

File: b2742e3b90ec8f1⋯.jpg (106.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fellow nazis.jpg)


>It's either "worshiping" or "hating".

How is being a brainlet working out for you?

f02709  No.12125108


>they are genetically similar races

<arr rook same!!

fa5713  No.12139666


1e318d  No.12139791

File: 21375d4b69c47ed⋯.png (676.37 KB, 596x799, 596:799, business time.png)


how many are Muslim,Arabic, or isrealic?(isreals are only bad when they hold a position of power. the isrealic citizens are actually quite pleasant) the middle east is the death of wherever they go.

907cd9  No.12140199

File: d0b04d06046c3d8⋯.png (346.01 KB, 593x683, 593:683, invaders in japan.png)

File: 447c4ecc3a07270⋯.webm (7.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, japanese uncontrollable d….webm)

d8b8e2  No.12140226

File: bd6ed2053709047⋯.png (185.58 KB, 584x572, 146:143, 1535803654221.png)


>east asians are not white


8249f9  No.12140359

File: 6852134c8972083⋯.jpeg (159.7 KB, 990x1920, 33:64, received_298802154037994.jpeg)

Too much interference from Americans. You can see here I was just trying to play a Japanese classic but it's obviously been hacked by Mike Pence.

907cd9  No.12141386

File: 9b6fea8c0f2bddd⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 140x140, 1:1, david 'faggot' wong.jpg)



Is that faggot David Wong dead yet?

6d9650  No.12141405

File: 9807bf59e0a3e25⋯.png (28.05 KB, 700x440, 35:22, fuck off.png)


Fuck off kike satan.

d046d4  No.12141574



Well about 50% of your people is kebab, Hans

d046d4  No.12141598


"I'm a furry faggot, and your Taiwanese cartoons are degenerate" the post

93ac9b  No.12141605


Japan YES!

soon enough anyway

6f2af2  No.12142102


Look up principle component analysis

982219  No.12142278

reminder that the typical jap doesn't know cnn is fake news and will take it seriously

7ea190  No.12142334


Rapeman is a comedy

31b992  No.12142436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

As long as Japanese people marry Aryans it will be alright. Good news is Japan will accept a lot of young people from India. I have already applied for it and waiting for approval. I am going to find a qt3.14 Japanese girl and marry her. Here is an awesome video of a marriage between an Aryan man and a Japanese woman.

098243  No.12142440


If kikes are subhuman, than so are Whites. They are genetically similar races.


Germans are more genetically similar to kikes than Japanese are to Southern Chinese.

62a0f4  No.12142461

File: e429ada267c7e88⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, JapLovesBlack.webm)


Nice post OP

I will had this as well :

Japanese youth think diversity will make their country a better place to live : http://www.pewglobal.org/2017/10/17/japanese-more-satisfied-with-economy-but-doubts-about-future-persist/

>One sign that Japanese views may change: 44% of Japanese ages 18 to 29 say diversity makes for a better country, compared with 17% of those ages 50 and older.

Japan will open their border widely in 2018 :

Japan let 200 000 indians workers in their country http://archive.is/3JOrs

Japan let 500 000 low level worker in 2018 : http://news.abs-cbn.com/business/05/30/18/japan-to-welcome-500000-foreign-workers-to-help-plug-labor-shortage

Japan will open up more to foreign influence.

And then, wait for TOKYO 2020.

TOKYO 2020 will be Japan's turning point. Interm of propaganda, pro refugees bullshit, LGBT etc… The propaganda that will occur will be of epic proportion, TOKYO 2020 will be like the trojan horse back in the day.

What you are witnessing, is the end of Japan. It will take decade, but they are basically in the same position we were in the sixties/seventies with immigration and civil rights.

You can thanks ABE SHINZO for that

f116c1  No.12142710

File: 7c6e078d6babd3c⋯.gif (188.17 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1471486319056.gif)


Nice attempt at subversion. I'd give you a… 4.7. A good, honest 4.7 (out of 10).

0beb41  No.12143054


No one here loves to think of nukes dropping on Japan.



von Neumann





etc. …

The Jews actually targeted the two largest Christian populations in Japan in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

(((Allied))) propaganda has no effect here.

We are fighting for the realisation of the Co-Prosperity Sphere!

228310  No.12143070


Oh so you are a believer in ethno-supremacy? Like take over the globe?

3d5c55  No.12143085


And this is how the Olympics really begin.

62a0f4  No.12143111

4ab339  No.12143125

Just pay women to have kids ffs. 100K per kid.

0beb41  No.12143147


>Blaming the Jews for Atom Bombs and other crimes against humanity

>Being Jewish

Confirmed for lack of reading comprehension.

Shills need to step their game up!

03495e  No.12143153


Reported for purposefully strawmanning the post.

We aren’t fighting for nonwhites taking over more land, you cocksucking yid.

0beb41  No.12143167


Whatever he's a believer in, if he thinks that it was somehow WHITE CHRISTIANS who were behind the development of nuclear weapons (and their proliferation in the USSR and Israel, including the "Samson Option") then he is a fool.

Also, in terms of political opinions, Japan >>>>> Germany/US/UK

He'll, the Nips even have a fucking MUSEUM dedicated to WWII revisionist history that is funded by the government, as well as multiple revisionist groups that are officially government-supported.

228310  No.12143176

File: 5fd3da649918cfd⋯.jpg (14.86 KB, 289x332, 289:332, hankhiggghhh.JPG)


>the Nips even have a fucking MUSEUM dedicated to WWII revisionist history that is funded by the government, as well as multiple revisionist groups that are officially government-supported.

0beb41  No.12143191


I never did this, autistic shill.

I take it your fixating on the "Co-Prosperity Sphere" part of my post, which was not that important, anyways.

You must be historically illiterate if you think this has anything at all to do with "non-Whites conquering more land"…

But I'll give you ONE CHANCE at redeeming yourself.





0beb41  No.12143203


I've been there; shit's pretty awesome.

They have a life-sized Zero, and a statue in memorial to Kamikaze pilots.

Probably the best part, though, is the plaque with a quote from Radhabinod Pal, the Indian who gave the lone dissenting opinion at the kangaroo court (((War Crimes))) trials.

0beb41  No.12143230


>Whites only live in one part of the world.

You're an idiot, you know that?

Are you one of those trolls who say that "Assad is a sandnigger and should be assassinated"???

Also, you didn't answer my question, so you have outed yourself as a shill, by default.

If anyone, it's YOU who should be 'reported', but I'm not a whiny cunt and I can actually support my points with evidence, so keep it up; this has been entertaining.

0beb41  No.12143247



5ae948  No.12143316


nice black painted nails and long hair.

0a16d0  No.12144226

File: af5b6f1662314a8⋯.jpg (923.83 KB, 1543x4845, 1543:4845, 1531262923282.jpg)

>Japan’s foreign population topped 2.5 million

>aka 2% of Japan

>Workers come from many countries, including South Korea

The largest influx of foreigners in Japan's history, 2% of the population, and mostly Koreans. The Japanese and the Korean are so nationalistic they barely tolerate each other's culture and rarely learn each others language, despite the fact that they are neighboring nations. You'll never see the same level of madness in Japanese immigration as you see in the west, with negros from Somalia getting free passes to white metropolises.

If japs are butthurt about learning Korean, imagine how tolerant they'll be to a 80 point IQ negro population.

67889a  No.12144250


Hey, I was looking for ste(a)l man

62a0f4  No.12144361

File: 60b97d4da38c044⋯.webm (796.5 KB, 1072x452, 268:113, Transibiria.webm)


You mean like the negro who chimped out recently in Japan by hitting a referee in the school he was ? I yes, he was pardoned by the referee and the school students, and there was a media propaganda trying to justify his chimp out by saying that he was certainly homesick, and instead of deporting him, he was able to stay in said school.

You mean those japs ?

67889a  No.12144725


>he was homesick

Okay, deport him and everyone wins. He isn’t homesick, students don’t have to deal with him, and ref isn’t going to be punched

8522d8  No.12146201


What are you talking about? My friend is dating a Japanese who is working here in India. I just want a Japanese wife for myself. They are so cute.

62a0f4  No.12152404

9621cf  No.12152633

File: 42ac18daf3ac854⋯.png (494.57 KB, 828x477, 92:53, Nice windows.png)




Jews were integral to the decision to nuke Japan, just as they were integral to the American decision to go to war with Germany, just as they were integral to the enticement of Germany to attack Poland, and the British to attack Germany.

Without Jews pushing it, at each step of the way,

1. WW2 wouldn't have happened,

2. Japan wouldn't have been enticed into the war,

3. Japan wouldn't have been targeted with nukes.

Jews did it. This is actual history.

The name of the Jewish game is global domination, and they can't do that with extant Nations of their betters on the globe. They live, therefor they subvert.

b212d2  No.12161428

File: 9c8d07f968923ae⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 685x9778, 685:9778, TableOfElementPeriodic_Cs_….jpg)

Japan is still contaminated with heavy nuclear radiations, Cesium 137, Plutonium, etc…

because of Fukushima Nuclear power plant explosions in March 2011.

So, not personally recommended for long stay in Japan, sorry to say,

including still some sort of heavy contaminated foods.

Recently, one of foreign workers to Japan were forced to work around

Fukushima Nuclear power plant, and workers have noticed it too dangerous

and escaped to the near NPO facility.


The foreign workers told, "If we knew this, we would not come to Japan for a work."

Japanese recent nuclear mafia and gov. might be too guile, so please be careful if possible.

62a0f4  No.12170202


3e3e35  No.12194236


Don't be such an autist, the countless threads opened with the same pepe or wojak aren't called slide threads either. Look at the rest of the posts too. Seeing these replies in every thread are close to being as annoying as real slide threads.

aa2741  No.12194279


>China is without a doubt preparing for war


3d8679  No.12194311


Can anyone find the video of the birdies?

bea601  No.12194367

Why does this dumb-fuck thread still exist? Who gives a fuck? This isn't a Japanese ethno-nationalist board, it's a white/European ethno-nationalist board. I don't give a single fuck about this shit-skin country or it's slant-eye population of monkey people.

bea601  No.12194372


>No it doesn't you fucking retard.

Yes, we factually do, you fucking retard.

>(((Britain))) and (((America))) literally fucked with Japan for two centuries

We literally built modern Japan.

fc853c  No.12194405


Fuck you weeb. You people are racetraitors as low as communists. Go do us all a favor and put a bullet in your head, subhuman

2d2562  No.12195452


> We literally built modern Japan.

yeah and you filled It with liberalism and modernism , Japan xeased to exist in that very momento.

be9d65  No.12195500

anyone who thinks japan isn't already pozzed hasn't been to roppongi and seen the african-dominated open drug/sex market.


tbh i lived there for a year and never felt negative effects of radiation.

living there also showed me the reality of weebism / yellow fever faggots.

to weebs: safe to say that you're the scum of society - any society. would unironically hang out with trannies and niggers than weebs.

to yellow fever faggots: if you can't get laid in america/europe/slavshit land you won't get laid in asia unless you go to thailand and cut your dick off.

be9d65  No.12195506


fucking amerimu*tts got weed and psychedelic mushrooms banned there because you can't handle your substances.

c3d8c1  No.12195558


And how are you defining "weebs"? Because with the way the word is used today, it could just as well refer to Hayao Miyazaki.

>to yellow fever faggots: if you can't get laid in america/europe/slavshit land you won't get laid in asia

That's not what yellow fever means.

711bb6  No.12195576


board is about ethno-nationalism in general dude. why do you think japan was an axis power in WWII?

711bb6  No.12195580


kill yourself

d62bc0  No.12196411


who cares? Japan fucked itself with its birthrate. There won't be any people or industry left in the country if they don't flood their shores with smellys and insert them into the population like they did in America in the late 60's

d62bc0  No.12196417


Japan has only themselves to blame.

d62bc0  No.12196419


maybe if the japs didn't waste their semen in blow up astro boy dolls they would've had a population to enter the work force.

f78ba2  No.12196446




Why do you keep responding to yourself?

d62bc0  No.12196447


to add things

000000  No.12196449


Look retard, sorry to tell you, but the infinite growth model doesn't work. They had an economic boom before the 2000s, as natural, there was a baby boom. After that they are overpopulated and need time to not have as many births.

Unless you're a shill, you know that "import smelly immigrants" shit is just an excuse that would be pushed regardless of their birthrates.

d62bc0  No.12196466


>that ID

The narrative wouldn't work as well if the population and economy was booming. Now that japan is in a sort of crisis, the big corporate tycoons need labor, the housing markets need residents, etc.. I'm just saying that it doesn't matter whether or not the people want their neighborhoods to be infested with foreign rats, its about what the companies want. look at the 50s in america. civil rights activists existed long before that time usually fighting over beaches but nobody listened to them because everything was going perfectly. once the fear sets in people start to be more open to zaney ideas.

e7ba20  No.12196473


What. the. fuck?!

>letting in a couple hundred thousand other Asians is the equivalent of opening borders…

>opening borders…


Only 200 years ago, Japs would have killed fucking foreigners living without the express permission of the Emperor on their soil.

Don't become cuckchan. Bleach yourself.

f78bba  No.12196992


Get the fuck out of here.

0917cb  No.12197740


miyazaki is a creator not a consumer. if you have to ask "well how do you define weeb" you probably are one.

you sound like some kike saying "well how do you define white, filthy goyim"

fuck off with this shit. certain people exhibit creative traits regardless of medium. im sure that people like miyazaki or miura would have created something worth admiring regardless of the medium they chose to express it in. good example of this is the godzilla movie directed by the guy who directed NGE

67e508  No.12197760

File: c5e4c6fbfcd4bc2⋯.gif (8.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 194ecc235e484ee381cbdff79f….gif)

Chink here. mfw qt3.14 nip women will never sit on my face. Why live?

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