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File: 17af040c4b23380⋯.jpg (69.56 KB, 550x501, 550:501, 2de05ea638c0ef4360f6de796c….jpg)

5a93b6  No.12085407

Italian police ordered providers to block 8ch due to pedo trafficking, specifically the CNCPO task force with links to Europol.

Italians visiting here are now committing a crime, or so it says. I suspect the EU might be on the move for an international ban. From your friendly pasta neighbours >>>/ita/

e2d3da  No.12085433


>ban site for child trafficking

>site regularly hosts discussions on how to stop child traffickers

>site regularly hosts discussions uncovering pedo plots

It really jogs the noggin.

f03c58  No.12085440


And pirating is a crime since you dont give shekels to anyone and yet that doesnt stop

f03c58  No.12085447



395706  No.12085454

File: c2590b97ba6690a⋯.jpg (148.23 KB, 1200x575, 48:23, before.jpg)

File: c460f02122cdb74⋯.jpg (4.85 MB, 6000x3389, 6000:3389, before2.jpg)

File: 199fd14b3590115⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 840x385, 24:11, after.jpg)

6bd117  No.12085471

seems like they respect us

067af7  No.12085474


Animu and lolicon probably is considered cp by the e.u.

bea15a  No.12085479




They fear us

461bc4  No.12085497

Sounds like someone should contact the pastaniggers and explain we're doing their fucking jobs for them.

27f5fb  No.12085511



the lolicon shit could probably be used against this site tbh, 8ch should honestly just ban the boards dedicated to them.

1691ec  No.12085517

jim banned all the child modeling or cunnyboards so this is probably some kike lying to get us shoah'd

c78906  No.12085520

File: 4ee60042d41656e⋯.jpg (11.08 KB, 219x265, 219:265, 7e0.jpg)


>explain we're doing their fucking jobs for them.

5c074c  No.12085523


No in Italy lolicon does not fall under child pornography.

461bc4  No.12085525


>salty nigger

Too much salt ruins pasta.

99726a  No.12085529


I told everybody I know a few years ago how great 8chan was.

I hate when shit like this happens. They all probably think I'm a weirdo.

f720d0  No.12085534


And Whannah the Whore the pedosexual miscengination normalizing CIA asset

c78906  No.12085539

File: 5e466e425d86103⋯.jpg (14.93 KB, 320x290, 32:29, 1363559198407.jpg)


i seriously don't know what you mean with "jobs"

1f026d  No.12085559


f720d0  No.12085560

File: 14203abd34a9ef0⋯.jpg (128.81 KB, 541x741, 541:741, jewish pedophiles rape and….jpg)


Oh ITALY…DON'T PRETEND GRUMPY ABOUT CHILD PORN, you released all their child slaughtering jews back into the wild (italian 'catch and release' program for jewish kidnapping pedo rapists; like the 'semitic laws' they have for all shit tier peoples in the EU AND the USA now) and now the European people know about it on 8chan and they don't want anyone to see and notice what is going on here, I guess.

2a5805  No.12085562

It's because of loli isn't it?

424c78  No.12085563

File: cb141e798be7d09⋯.png (645.82 KB, 977x668, 977:668, 1533522571376.png)


>I told everybody I know a few years ago how great 8chan was.

3dca6e  No.12085572

File: 546c6617f639abc⋯.jpg (48.85 KB, 443x604, 443:604, italian.jpg)

File: 4c8bc3b51effb18⋯.jpg (184.94 KB, 933x1400, 933:1400, italianlady.jpg)

File: 4a15c75432d1c5a⋯.jpg (158.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, italiangirl.jpg)

File: c3c749f42051044⋯.jpg (83.19 KB, 720x889, 720:889, italianwoman.jpg)


For the benefit of the people, Pastanon, you're going to want to send your women over to the US as a holdout nation against the horde of mongrels descending upon you. It's for the greater good!

f12c68  No.12085577


And that's the problem. 8ch was great a few years ago. Shit died 2016.

ca1136  No.12085580

File: 197313ee0b3c29b⋯.png (10.07 KB, 281x94, 281:94, ClipboardImage.png)


This, ban all the pedo/loli trash here and force them off to 12chan/meguca/wherever.

5a93b6  No.12085599


Pedosharing accusations against 8ch have been commonplace since Hotwheel's interview about Gamergate. No evidence or actual activity is necessary.

620f2a  No.12085613



…or, is it just an excuse to prevent the average Italian from sides = orbit

-Meanwhile, in Vatican City, ….

461bc4  No.12085622


Remember when that canadian tried to start shit with non-CP and ended up in trouble for CP? Good times.

461bc4  No.12085627

File: 151a4d16b74642e⋯.jpg (51.35 KB, 640x387, 640:387, MUH DIK.jpg)


Dibs on Monica Bellucci. Ung.

6111b7  No.12085642

da9b16  No.12085645

Download Tor Browser now @ https://sela.io/mirrors/torproject.org/dist/

f5fdce  No.12085647

File: 7534f5522e966a5⋯.jpg (94.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, doggieshitposter.jpg)

File: 59a2778496fe6da⋯.jpg (303.49 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, ebolaCDCDirectorwhycontain….jpg)

Do these dumb bastards really want us to be shitposting in meatspace and not on a containment board?

Flushing Internet Ebola into the water system of normfags?


5386f1  No.12085651

File: d4398f39efa9975⋯.gif (21.02 KB, 305x354, 305:354, LainDressSlow.gif)

>8chan blocked in Italy

What? I don't know what you're talking about, I haven't had a single problem so far. It must be an ISP thing.

2a5805  No.12085660


Says the horney wetback who wants to fuck white bitches.


It's a dilemma. As long as we give people the ability to create whatever boards they want and self moderate them then someone is going to host a child porn board. On the other hand if we take that feature away we get 4chan tier moderation.

If article 13 and 11 in the EU passed then 8chan would have to either legally end user generated comments and image uploading, end anonimity and require accounts to enforce EU content ID filters, or firewall all EU IP addresses from accessing the site.

Spaghetts are just going to have to use TOR or a reliable VPN in the mean time.

3dca6e  No.12085662


You got it man, I'll take the ugly one!

f59b8f  No.12085674


It takes no time at all to make your own board, post cp on it, then report the board to an alphabet. Creating your own board is a neat feature, but so easily exploitable by kikes and degenerates.

14b9c6  No.12085675

File: 78d6210b3f1490a⋯.png (333.75 KB, 498x479, 498:479, nine inch nails - reptile.png)

Banning loli shit is not an option, it's exactly what the communists want.

First they came for the drawings, then they come for the (((racists))), then they come for (((wrongthinking))).

Don't believe it, just look at 4niggers. Censorship in any sort of way just for not getting banned is no different than giving up your guns in case they get rid of the 2nd ammentment and don't want to end in jail for being a rational human being.

Will you cuck out?

3dca6e  No.12085678


>Says the horney wetback who wants to fuck white bitches.

Certified Ubermensch here, anon. Team Spartan has been awakened.

Just do your part and we'll do ours.

6b4b4a  No.12085683


Typical boomers with outdated information, those weird non nude and loli boards were deleted about a year ago.

2a5805  No.12085689


Wish I could but I have too many genetic health problems in my bloodline to breed. I'm a dead end. The best I can do is use my one life to secure the future of those that need it with my autism wizard powers.

f5fdce  No.12085728

File: 3dcbcfb109c46fb⋯.png (408.36 KB, 791x992, 791:992, australian_policerancpwebs….png)

File: 241422ea5831915⋯.mp4 (14.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ex-Metropolitan Police Off….mp4)


>Infinitychan exposes pedos wherever they hide

>justice system is infected with pedos

>justice system seeks to shut down infinitychan

The irony

620f2a  No.12085735


that isn't an unworthy cause. There is good European non-Jewish stock still out there to be preserved

7ac5cb  No.12085750


>or so it says

Did you learn Italian playing Mario games in Japanese?

4e48b0  No.12085752

File: 7c616e3e1e5f8df⋯.webm (109.04 KB, 480x244, 120:61, WHY CONTAIN IT S'COOL-Vv….webm)

2ff08e  No.12085766

Someone tell Salvini. He's not a chesscuck.

9012a2  No.12085769



No one wants to see that shit

031f2a  No.12085774

>>12085433 (checked)

What the fuck did /pol/ find that would be so incendiary?

80d38e  No.12085810

File: f7213666ed4a4ac⋯.webm (1.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Salvini EU paliament PT1.webm)

File: a492ffad79025d6⋯.webm (1.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Salvini EU parliament PT2.webm)


Friendly reminder: he knows.

Sorry for ultra shit quality.

5bc21b  No.12085817

File: 9deb2917796de4c⋯.webm (11.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Punished King.webm)

Test, cloudflare was fucking up for me & endchan isn't up at all for me.

Saw this thread and was about to check onion links.

c26c4e  No.12085831

<No information about your ip address or any other information that can be used to identify you will be stored when you this page is displayed

<when you this page is displayed


Maybe it's being blocked at the DNS level? Do you use a custom DNS server?

f5fdce  No.12085842


I need the source!

This has to be properly done.

e20a89  No.12085860


If he gets such applause how do kikes get everything they want?

e20a89  No.12085862


>The irony

That isn't irony at all. That is exactly what you would expect.

395d31  No.12085880


>Italian police ordered providers to block 8ch due to pedo trafficking, specifically the CNCPO task force with links to Europol.

Welp, there goes my Italian proxies

f5fdce  No.12085884


>I need the source!

found and encoding hopefully

b87fe0  No.12085886


Removing cheese pizza

f5fdce  No.12085901

File: af6546eb62d3f64⋯.mp4 (11.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, MatteoSalviniEUparliament2….mp4)


>Sorry for ultra shit quality.

720p with English subtitles written in.

5386f1  No.12085902

File: c98545e12f088f2⋯.gif (44.91 KB, 875x700, 5:4, insomnia.gif)


I do, in fact, I had to change it to play on some private vidya server. I guess that's kept me safe.

d2ddfb  No.12085904


Right now they're not getting everything they want. They were already pissing their pants over Hungary and Poland electing right-wing governments, then Austria followed suit, and now Italy. I don't have much hope for the UK and France right now, but the rest of the continent is moving in the right direction.

f3bd71  No.12085934

File: 67bf29ce7e32d07⋯.jpg (27.8 KB, 696x477, 232:159, zydzi_morawiecki_premier_n….jpg)


>Poland gov

>right wing

7edd9e  No.12085942


Because the world isn't a video game, where national leaders have absolute arbitrary power. Because they've been at this a long time, and they're very good at it.

d69226  No.12085956


Where can I watch the anime Lain is from online for free?

Sage for off topic.

7edd9e  No.12085959


No, the loli is an excuse. The price of free shitposting is that pedos can abuse it. Therefore it's up to the community (including mods) to self-police it….which it already does.

a76ea7  No.12085988


>Italian police ordered providers to block 8ch due to pedo trafficking,


Doesn't 8ch use cloudfare? If they blocked those IP's they would end up blocking out 1000's of other unrelated websites. (((they))) must be really in a panic over something on here if they are willing to go to that extreme.

08da21  No.12085991

File: ce7e009b8742e29⋯.jpg (247.25 KB, 1914x2048, 957:1024, eat a whole cabbage.jpg)


I am not sexually attracted to lolis, I am an appreciater of developed bodies, but lolis get banned over my dead body! I have thousands of images these suckers and I will use them dammit

4e48b0  No.12085997

Oh yeah? well we just blocked italy from accessing 8chan, they have to deal with that!!

f5fdce  No.12086016

File: 0d8b10c701e77bc⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1280x738, 640:369, 0004.png)


checking those adolf dubs

I'd better check out if qlarp has unearthed a dead body from someones closet

a76ea7  No.12086017

File: 36d8d743080fcc5⋯.png (61.28 KB, 776x234, 388:117, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)


>well we just blocked italy from accessing 8chan,

I don't speak spaghetti but >>>/ita/ seems full of Italian flags.

e20a89  No.12086074



Don't get that (((anon))) started with using *niggers. Got raged at in a thread the other day because I said "spaghettiniggers and taconiggers".

e20a89  No.12086078


Honest question, not trying to push pedo shit at all but the reason for banning pedo shit is it's illegal. But then they allow beastiality.

e20a89  No.12086091


didn't 12chan get v&?

f5fdce  No.12086138

File: 06b796fb9b44d9b⋯.png (31.92 KB, 1344x189, 64:9, ClipboardImage.png)


shit is going down. qlarp happening might explain the 502s

70fc18  No.12086142

File: a9b32aeb6bb212d⋯.jpg (126.48 KB, 456x447, 152:149, a9b32aeb6bb212dfb2b5ada48c….jpg)


Nice job, anon. I can't understand pasta but it's much better to hear the audio regardless.

242891  No.12086174

File: 7721139086c8da1⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 540x540, 1:1, no globalists trump americ….jpg)


He went in hard.

6ba5c7  No.12086186

It will be blocked in the US as well by the midterms.

t. someone in the know

f5fdce  No.12086187


tore them a new hole without mercy


>Nice job, anon

t. anon. yw

000000  No.12086195

fug the bolice

e9d281  No.12086210

File: 56d51d6778a8c4f⋯.jpeg (7.09 KB, 200x161, 200:161, 321666ownload.jpeg)

File: 3967956590faca3⋯.png (364.86 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 800px-Seal_of_the_United_S….png)

File: f42fe5ef497c849⋯.jpg (215.36 KB, 547x483, 547:483, f42fe5ef497c849a7483930fc2….jpg)

File: f820c9927c24ac1⋯.jpg (316.77 KB, 620x807, 620:807, 429e039fc018e7e792b03476d9….jpg)


oofah - my fauchin baulls

536b47  No.12086217

Getting real sick of these kikes hogging all the cunny for themselves.

7f298c  No.12086424

File: 79a2e829d91e6d2⋯.jpg (10 KB, 236x165, 236:165, 12c689db89cfa1860367cba9f4….jpg)


>blocks a website suspected of trafficking children

>doesn't ban a religion dedicated to sucking baby dicks

>doesn't ban a religion promoting sex with kids to avoid masturbating and offending their god

>doesn't ban a group of like-minded degenerates who adopt kids to use as sex toys

>doesn't ban treatments based on sketchy research that can be forced on kids on a whim and have permanent consequences

They saw what happened in 2016 and they are afraid.

0623b3  No.12086473

File: 269d5c59aa92f67⋯.png (116.47 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)

bump for baste pastaniggers

7dcab7  No.12086559


>blocks 8chan because of loli

>ignores the rapefugees in their country raping children

Seems legit.

bc41bf  No.12086569

File: 22aa09236a1bea5⋯.jpg (114.48 KB, 425x500, 17:20, Aztec_Looking_ass.jpg)


>Italian women

bc41bf  No.12086579

File: 8e16defe2d7a6f9⋯.png (351.26 KB, 458x576, 229:288, Donald.png)


Is that Donald or is it that UK lookalike?

d49248  No.12086591

File: 153a45210965291⋯.png (209.79 KB, 1166x562, 583:281, Fat_Ugly_Mexican.png)


Low-energy, kike.

a0bf36  No.12086592

File: be1645bcee7997a⋯.png (237.59 KB, 603x339, 201:113, Matteo-Salvini.png)

File: c5c17d9548a1e25⋯.png (121.27 KB, 610x406, 305:203, matteo.png)

Understandable. The eurokikes were terrified at the memetic power being put out by the Salvini thread.

a0bf36  No.12086598


>(((they))) must be really in a panic over something on here if they are willing to go to that extreme.

This >>12006244

461bc4  No.12086599

File: 69a64b4c48ac5da⋯.jpg (42.24 KB, 321x302, 321:302, Jew Speech.jpg)

File: 260af9716aa9fff⋯.png (675.19 KB, 1115x971, 1115:971, TalmudChan.png)

c28118  No.12086677


It takes no time at all to make your own tweet, post cp on it, then report the tweet to an alphabet.

Creating your own content is a neat feature, but so easily exploitable by kikes and degenerates.

d49248  No.12086700


So what does that guy do? And what are the odds we'll turn him into a self-hating kike in two years?

2a5805  No.12086863


Let me work on unfucking Burgerland first as a rural poor Burgerland cutizen. If Italians come over only to find nothing but Islamists and Hollyjews ready to rape them then they're no better off than Sweden. And Sweden is the rape capital of the world.

c3c559  No.12086921


Go back to halfchan, you fucking faggot nigger.

c01888  No.12086958

File: 25a4eeeee0f358f⋯.jpg (15.78 KB, 403x219, 403:219, basta pasta.jpg)

The Jew Fears the Dago.

537b7c  No.12087740


Italian here. (((They))) just blocked 8ch on DNS level.

c5f3f4  No.12087751


oy veey checking (((them)))

bfcef4  No.12087755

I reported a rather large CP thread on /b/ a couple weeks ago. They disguise the threads something legal now, so they stay on longer. We do have a problem that needs our attention.

c207b3  No.12087782

File: 1aefa6b9661bfe0⋯.png (491.2 KB, 719x538, 719:538, 1356982439292.png)

Surely they've banned reddit, too, due to the same open-board nature



499e7a  No.12087809

Yet the pope still roams Rome free.

730232  No.12087814



3d8e7c  No.12087853


Kind of odd. 8chan is pretty much the mellow/intellectual older brother of the chans and 8chan also has the PrivChan's which are the most mysterious yet highest level of R/I on the planet in terms of the public sector. Wonder why they are looking at 8chan when 4chan and the others are usually where the dingdongs are.

552f0d  No.12087868

File: c0ab34463ba5a76⋯.jpg (397.64 KB, 2300x1499, 2300:1499, P.jpg)




Russia was first country in the whole world to ban 8chan for lolicon. It was around when? 2014-2015? In 3 years you already have Italy getting you banned. That's two countries not counting potential islamic ones like Iran closing traffic here because of /islam/ board.

UK and Germany are certainly next on the list. And then US.

3d8e7c  No.12087874


>getting you banned.

>you banned


The intellectual level of your ilk is truly dropping monumentally as you can't even type a sentence without giving yourself away at this point. You do realize none of us believe that, yes? Not a single one of us do so you legitimately are wasting your time as you/those like you will never and have never had a single even minuscule impact on our ops.

We are well aware of who all of you are via our tech team and the PrivChans have some special responses coming so I hear.

5ddb05  No.12087888


Germany has no laws currently to do DNS blocking. Every politician who tried to establish them had to face enough protest to drop it.

552f0d  No.12087890


Gotta love how you look into words like that, but i don't give a fuck. It was during hotwheels days, when he responded to roskomnadzor with an email that he doesn't care what drawings offend putin feelings and 8chan is unavailable since then.

Even back then lolis were equal to CP in that country. Now its just tendencies spread around the globe, can't even get into japanese websites (like dlsite or others) just because they freely post that shit. Then you get vpns and tor banned, and then 100% collection of your traffic internet so government agencies can see on what you masturbate and jail you for a single picture of hitler reading a newspaper or swastika without even approving natsoc ideology.

Times are hard, my little pet, times are hard.

552f0d  No.12087893


If DNS blocking don't help, then traffic collection will. And individual arrests they love so much.

5ddb05  No.12087904


> traffic collection

Is currently in law de jure but not de facto because it is not really compliant to our constitution. Also traffic collection is not blocking stuff but monitoring what you do.

>individual arrests

Only reasonable thing you mention. But you dont get swat'ed by browsing 8chan but by maintaining a service like TOR nodes or Proxys or a VPN if the IP is related to some CP. Which is a bummer but nothing to stop the mass from accessing 8chan.

552f0d  No.12087909


I can't wait when somebody makes a botnet maintaining a server on each computer related to banned websites, and people getting swatted for having a virus.

5ddb05  No.12087912


I would be very surprised if this has not happened already.

4da16c  No.12087914


Gov. Cuomo pls leave

9c4dc8  No.12087917

File: 0ca76fecba09142⋯.png (566.26 KB, 920x680, 23:17, ClipboardImage.png)

Pope: "Aww shit nigga I'll have to use https://zigforums.com/section/politics instead."

0292a4  No.12087920

I for one welcome the imminent flood of spaghetti torfags. Congrats, Italy. You get 100% automatic… uh… sex's? Fuck I don't even know what that's called. I wanna eat some Chef Boyardee now. Good thing I don't have any of that shitty shit anymore.

4c3a50  No.12087931

File: 159e9adc5d1e2aa⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 1391907077621.gif)


Leave it to Italian temperament to absolutely BTFO someone. I salute you pasta brothers.

4c3a50  No.12087940


Right now i'm going to enjoy fusili with cheese and meatballs in home-made tomato sauce with a shitton of garlic to celebrate Italians making a turn for the better with Salvini. Cheers!

0e90a7  No.12087950


I never stopped posting everywhere.

21647f  No.12087957

Rock on, Italia! You do what you have to. Maybe it'll work out, maybe you'll be the prodigal. The world watches. I doubt blocking this site is a loss that shakes anything, y'know? People here are lazy like southern Italians.

Hey, have some governance info. Sometimes you gotta pay people to tolerate a nuisance. How do you keep politicians from paulyticking with their right to hire? How do you make underpaid bureaucrats tolerate intrusive monitoring? Pay them! Have fewer, more expensive workers. Refine, prioritize, reward, cull. Any major internal affairs push should be paired with rising wages for the remainders. It can be hard, though. How could a country like Venezuela fight corruption? They pretty much need magic (or holy) honesty to deal with an environment where nobody corrupt or otherwise has resources. Only honest people get truly useful things done, but… honest people are never as common as we want 'em.

Italy could use some of this. Instead of populists, they need to fix their public sector productivity issue. Yet they're not a rich nation, either; they're a developed nation, yet also a rather marginal attachment to the first world.

I don't know. Maybe the answer is soccer fields to teach people to work together, but adults don't pick up new sports. Their knees and backs hurt too much. They get fat and slow of brain and body. They start roaring about national glories they aren't contributing to. It's sad. I look forward to the day when technology can make everyone 25 forever so teaching people new ways to get along and contribute to society never stops working. Someday people will only be ugly by choice. I know I'm gonna be one of those.

Hey, hey, my lovelies, my tasties, my meatlings… What have you done to make your nations great lately? Have you built anything? Drawn a picture? Written a story? Learned a skill? Learned a song?

What could be greater than a nation of virtuous people?

Italy is in such danger. I'm secular, but… look to Rome. The Pope is a man paying attention. he knows something of God's Plan. He knows something of what he doesn't know of God's Plan.

Don't let the Catholic Church get away without assuring the virtue of its priests… but know that you honor them in holding that fire to them. They flourish in honesty as do we all.

and n

a0bf36  No.12088044


>Rock on, Italia! You do what you have to. Maybe it'll work out, maybe you'll be the prodigal. The world watches. I doubt blocking this site is a loss that shakes anything, y'know?

Its doubtful many Italians even visit this site. This may be the beta test before blocking /pol/ euro wide since its one of the few places left (they believe) that links everyone together.

7d30b5  No.12088059


>you need to ban the pedo boards guys (/loli/ etc.)

<haha no, it's perfectly legal

there you have it morons

5ddb05  No.12088086


If 8chan (if it was united on this topic) thinks loli is not CP, they should stick to it and users should learn to use TOR/VPN.

What are we, bending down on laws so normies can access the site as easy as they do on their Instagram? Hell no. We came here from halfchan for a reason.

7d30b5  No.12088090


Our first and foremost task is to REDPILL THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE KIKES.



Anyone who argues that /loli/ should be kept is either a kike or an imbecile.

74fced  No.12088098


>But I cant help my faggotry

You motherfuckers are the reason why this was even an excuse to ban 8chan in the first place. I am not saying stop liking what you like but keep it for yourself. The same way the faggots cant keep their gay shit in their circles, having to tolerate it in the first place is too much for others even if its not enforced with law. These lewd child pictures take your credibility. It puts you in the same basket with jewish paedophiles. Even the fucking CIA has an archive of anime pictures to glow in the dark.

173393  No.12088100


Codenigger and Jim are obviously pedos, thats why people move to Asian countries and start PIG FARMS - to dispose of the bodies after they rape them.

8acda1  No.12088101

File: ec8d251ce2b9319⋯.jpg (5.13 KB, 212x191, 212:191, 1464807120273-1.jpg)


>What is pedogate


ac3f7b  No.12088112

>>12087888 (checked)


kek. Vodafone already had to DNSblock kinox.to

One block, many blocks. A small step.


5ddb05  No.12088115


>trying to reach the public

>on 8chan

Also I am not saying stick-to-lolis but stick-to-ideals. This should be a safe haven for the red pilled. Where people go to AFTER they were red pilled.

2a11aa  No.12088119

Now all 5 right-wing Italians cannot access this site.

ac3f7b  No.12088130


They can use TOR, a proxy or a custom DNS server see >>12085902

5ddb05  No.12088132


>kek. Vodafone already had to DNSblock kinox.to

Copyright is cancer here, I dont get how Vodafone can be forced to do that.

5a809a  No.12088142

File: f793595f64ef71f⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 401x225, 401:225, bathingwithsakamotocrop.JPG)


our first and foremost task is to love our waifus and if you think otherwise you need to fuck off to reddit

ac3f7b  No.12088146


>be jew

>be jewstice

>jew Vodafone into blocking kinox.to to protect kike movies and kike movies only from piracy

173393  No.12088206

File: 7b72fd72b8bd142⋯.jpg (70.87 KB, 803x688, 803:688, well memed.jpg)

dca7ca  No.12088209


Hotwheels please go… Robots can't give you White children yet.

ca846e  No.12088217

File: 2031ac0818b6b8c⋯.png (2.07 MB, 2046x1270, 1023:635, 2031ac0818b6b8c3aea1403e00….png)

File: 5e3ff28b080e404⋯.jpg (181.69 KB, 1240x563, 1240:563, 5e3ff28b080e404619c99d13b1….jpg)

File: 08368ebf0de7eab⋯.png (113.34 KB, 636x430, 318:215, 7d3585b3de0c555e83b8ba0252….png)

>>12088044 (checked)

They really wish to unleash our autism on the greater web during the fucking the midterm election?

Are these kikes retarded?

173393  No.12088235

File: 41e1f0723c7c9a5⋯.png (130.06 KB, 653x976, 653:976, pol-invades-steam3.PNG)

ac3f7b  No.12088244

File: 92791d89ffaddc2⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1400x1371, 1400:1371, Tay.jpg)

File: fe6cdc5ed45e353⋯.png (996.67 KB, 950x834, 475:417, tay.png)


>Tay finds XBox shit

Of course it is.

The original idea was making a PC which can only run DirectX games from a disc.

There is no benefit too it. With the money you could have bought a real PC.


ac3f7b  No.12088245

dca7ca  No.12088261


>2nd image

All truthful quotes.


5a809a  No.12088284


actually the idea was to build a console that could leverage their existing toolset that windows devs are already familiar with.

e194f4  No.12088285


>-Meanwhile, in Vatican City, ….

wasn't there some Vatican sex scandal recently?

Considering that one anon said loli wasn't illegal in italy, its quite possible that the Vatican is just trying to shut it down before it gets more publicity

e6e2a5  No.12088299


That's not porn.

e6e2a5  No.12088300


Vatican is another country.

ac3f7b  No.12088307


No. Why do you think it was called (Direct)XBox?

They didn't use DirectX in the end but that was the idea. They keep that shit JUST incompatible enough that you can't run it on a PC.

XBONE even uses the Windows 10 kernel.

When the UWP-Apps were failing, suddenly XBONE games ran on PC but only as UWP-Apps.

Why do you think that is? Under the UI is just another Windows which is modified to be limited in what it does.

e194f4  No.12088312


I'm aware, but it still has quite a lot of power over Italy

They've got 'agents' everywhere

173393  No.12088315

File: 3ac05b3a92dea01⋯.png (145.84 KB, 1102x1445, 1102:1445, Italy-Bro2.png)


We didnt find anything, the Italians were finding us.

48ced8  No.12088331

/pol/ getting tricked into helping 8chan committing suicide once again…(((capitalism))) abuses the term pedophilia as a censorship weapon to take down whatever is in their way. The big pedo thread yesterday was posted to produce evidence in further legal actions against this site. The criminal thing about it is that nobody is allowed to investigate who really posted it without getting into the crossfire.

d872a2  No.12088338


Quality forgiven.

He is in the kikes face and telling them they have lost the war on thought policing.


ca846e  No.12088373

File: 7d7338921fbc2cf⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 292x320, 73:80, Pastamania.jpg)

File: ec90b7f26e42509⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 500x384, 125:96, blinded_with_rage.jpg)


>hatechan /pol/ combined with italianons gives you pasta arrabiata

7e248d  No.12088378


there's only 1 fucking rule, you retard.

1 rule.

4e48b0  No.12088401


Paisano, mi amico, visite website recommende, is a blocked for pedophilia, you a perverto? :'(

655543  No.12088425


Truly the Mussolini of our time!

2a5805  No.12088427


Please tell me Tay plays games on Linux.

ac3f7b  No.12088457



Tay was shut down pretty quickly.

However the follow up Zo said "Linux > Windows"

0b5bbc  No.12088483

read : 8ch blocked because it dangerously threatens to bust pedophiles with its research. dont worry, we're still coming for you italian pedophiles. i'll be the one coming for you and ripping your fucking throat off fucking kikes

5a809a  No.12088496


because directx is a windows api

80b9c4  No.12088507

File: 14580c91a00fabb⋯.png (134.29 KB, 2374x1958, 1187:979, reddit logo.png)


Time to go back faggot.

5f34f6  No.12088544

Now both Russia and Italy can no longer post here.

ac3f7b  No.12088564


An XBone could run Win10 just as well. Hardware is 100% compatible.

XBone uses Win10 drivers since it uses the Win10 NT kernel.

At this point it's just different user space software.


The NVidia GPUs used in them adhere to DirectX because all of it uses DirectX.

PlayStation 4 GPUs support DirectX too.

>Direct3D (the 3D graphics API within DirectX) is widely used in the development of video games for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox line of consoles.

>In a console-specific version, DirectX was used as a basis for Microsoft's Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One console API. The API was developed jointly between Microsoft and Nvidia, which developed the custom graphics hardware used by the original Xbox.


Hope everything goes Vulkan soon and leaves DirectX and OpenGL in the dust.

2a5805  No.12088592


How bad did OpenGL get Jewed this time?

5a809a  No.12088604


you seem schizophrenic. we are not talking about xbone. we are talking about xbox. the original xbox was meant to capitalize on the existing tools that windows developers were already familiar with. that was the intent of it.

ac3f7b  No.12088611


Nothing wrong with OpenGL. It just couldn't compete.


It's even faster from a technical perspective.

The same article also says that OpenGL driver support wasn't that great which is the main point. Driver support was meh. It just werks :)

for example:


>lel doesn't work on NVidia


>DirectX was used as a basis for Microsoft's Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One console API

If you mean DirectX 3D yes that pile collected itself over time and only runs on Windows.


XBox uses a subset of it.

88318f  No.12088976

File: 43577fbe7957034⋯.jpg (222.9 KB, 1080x1010, 108:101, jew control.jpg)


for the children…

67d0d4  No.12089022


>Where can I watch the anime Lain is from online for free?

Watching anime online? How much of a faggot do you have to be?

Use https://animetosho.org and get good quality torrents/direct downloads. Has mediainfo and screenshots too.

000000  No.12089656


>If article 13 and 11 in the EU passed then 8chan would have to either legally end user generated comments and image uploading, end anonimity and require accounts to enforce EU content ID filters, or firewall all EU IP addresses from accessing the site.

…or just pull off a Pirate Bay and laugh in their faces "We're not in your jurisdiction, faggots!" and continue as usual. Optionally with a slew of alternative addresses appearing faster than they can add them to ISP blocklists - or just rely on anons knowing how to operate a VPN.

000000  No.12089721


Kind of like creating your own mass shooting, isn't it?

000000  No.12089742


>and meatballs

I'm pretty sure adding that to pasta is an american invention.

000000  No.12089816


And one way you DON'T do that is by letting them in to our HQ. Normalfags don't want nor need to know how sausages, politics and memes are made.

000000  No.12089846


That's the most retarded conspiracy theory I've heard for years. Congrats, I guess.

000000  No.12089869


>There is no benefit too it.

One benefit is supposed to be that you can't fuck it up like a real PC. It keeps working regardless of how retardedly you manage it.

The second benefit is that it's fixed hardware, so no game ever needs options and tuning to run acceptably.

So basically, a gaming PC substitute for niggers.

26cd6c  No.12089919


You don't get it, (((they))) want you to pirate, by implying that is is something illegal, scarce, that have value, they get you to watch their propaganda. Hollywood is not profitable, movie kikes just laundering money, writing it off as advertisement costs, and useless shit that have no real value. A few suckers may pay for their crap in theathers, but that is not what their real goal is. Torrenting is a tool to spread degeneracy and globo homo to young people worldwide who don't know any better than to realise they are watching propaganda.

26cd6c  No.12089950


They just want to shut down free speech, so much for based Italy. There never was any trafficking run on chans, it's a public fucking platform, noone would run that shit here. Any pizza related boards are long gone as well.

bf005c  No.12089960

It means they are worried about their citizens seeing videos of the nigger boats they are planning to let in soon.

Just go to sleep, goyim. Salvini will take of everything for you.

26cd6c  No.12089974


Fucking kikes and the laws they push. Goy cannot touch, nor even watch some girl who is 17yrs and 364 days old, while kikes prey on 3 year olds. Kike doctors molest goy school girls, kike teaches molest them, then their kike bosses. While whites are artificially kept apart from the females of our race, at any age, and prevented from marrying & breeding. All jews must die for this.

6cebc2  No.12090073

I would gladly trade an 8chan for a Salvini.

59495a  No.12090124

File: 35c983f40f47d10⋯.jpg (343.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8197dfafc343c9736c4911c406….jpg)


My eyes got wet after this, this never happened before.

My God, Hitler must be smiling in heaven

Is this hope?

59495a  No.12090168



>wanting 8ch to be cuckchan 2.0


000000  No.12090328


Fuck, i hate not being able to post pics

000000  No.12090351


>this is a healthy move

>there is nothing decent or helpful on this board

>this nazi culture is laughable

(((You))) are not from here, back to your containment board >>>/oven/

9f1bf6  No.12090356



9f1bf6  No.12090372


Holy shit. I knew this guy was based, but this is next level.

000000  No.12090462

Now if Canada, California, Tel Aviv, and Australia would ban 8chan this place could be downright pleasant.

465511  No.12090660


I'm quite curious about it. High exposure to /pol/ like thinking makes kikes strongly identify with the white part (if they have that), very much hating the lesser races and often zionist wanting an ethno state. A lot less pro any divide & conquer sjw movement.

But these kind of jewish people are an exception and it's just that they can fit in /pol/ views within their own view. If you're like a half jew or something and half white I guess it becomes a lot harder to identify with the white part though. That's the thing jews inter marry probably more than any other group especially with whites. Even their racial makeup is composed of multiple different races, namely a mixture of arab, white and sometimes a bit of nigger.

465511  No.12090672


The sad thing is that every other forum and site has turned into garbage that only anonymous places such as these are great when it comes to debating and forming ideas.

A lot of the stuff that went mainstream during Trump's election was from 4ch/8ch. So you can see that imageboards their role shouldn't be underrated (neither overrated).

cf34d4  No.12094028


>Italian here. (((They))) just blocked 8ch on DNS level.

Anything we can do about it?

wasn't Di maio a paladin of internet freedom?

maybe we should contact him

16ba38  No.12095180



Both of these are correct.


A bit of an update: apparently, this is a case by case thing with anons. I myself am using Alphabet's DNS and can still post and view shit at my leisure, but some other anons had difficulty using even other DNSs (some even having a hard time changing their presets because Italian ISPs assume you're retarded and will not let you edit settings at all) some others can VIEW the imageboard but cannot post at all.

We're very unsure about (((who))) could have filed false reports but if you know how to respond to these sort of unlawful claims, feel free to post a legalese english letter and we'll gladly translate it for the administration.

a1e17a  No.12095217

File: ed7bce36db028a9⋯.jpg (59.74 KB, 1024x607, 1024:607, EU-Toilet-Roll.jpg)


Nothing sends as much shivers down the spines of the Eurocrats as telling them to find a REAL job.

9f9d82  No.12095257


as an italian, there are some translation mistakes

for example hes not saying "when european are against… doesnt mean they are.."

Hes actually MOCKING them and their narrative all by saying sentences affirmatively:

>for the people in europe/when it comes to europeans, being against islam means being islamaphobes, etc.

Europeans, obviously, means whites here

When you didn't think he could be any more based be he is

5a809a  No.12096042


DNS blocks can be circumvented by changing your DNS, either in your router or OS.

>Google DNS



3be29b  No.12096067


Really jogs the noggin ay.

3be29b  No.12096073


>ISP thing

Hmm.. that's not good.

Means they're craving to the requests of idiots.

3be29b  No.12096078

File: e04db4610fea2b7⋯.png (62.77 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1499842321312.png)


>Im not saying go full sjw … but this nazi love cult culture is fucking laughable

3be29b  No.12096086


To be fair, 8ch's other boards are fucking cancerous and are not helping this situation. There's fucking cp on many boards mainly due to lack of moderation.

b2be97  No.12096123


You could also just say "Muh PR" and get that all across in two words.

16ba38  No.12099337


> There's fucking cp on many boards mainly due to lack of moderation.

You can always Global Report them. I know I did a couple of times.

But the point is that the website was never notified of being taken off the Italian net.

efdaf1  No.12099360

I thought Italy was supposed to be getting more free and nationalist.

What's this all about?

Are we all being lied to by all sides?

16ba38  No.12099373


EU govt pushing anti-paedo legislation that is terribly broad and a burden on the host of the website rather than who is posting this shit.

efdaf1  No.12099396


Well hopefully Italy breaks free of the EU soon.

e6996e  No.12100395


Not too much garlic. I used to eat it a lot but it dissociates your brain from your body

7f1633  No.12100502


>Italians visiting here are now committing a crime, or so it says.

As if that'll stop the eye-ties. When they don't just ignore laws they don't like, they just bribe whoever they need to get around it.

bac4a2  No.12100535



For example, Marvel employees created marvel look alikes in the MMO City of Heroes, just so they could file a lawsuit claiming it violated copyright.

The bigger issue is the EU. It has been needed to be dismantled for a while now, and those various countries should and should have left the EU. But of course, the kikes wouldn't want that. While they continue actually trafficking, raping, and draining children of their blood for ritualistic murder, they are going after 8ch because it and imageboards are one of the truly last bastions of freedom.

f7c751  No.12100553


Is Nigel there?

e42e9b  No.12100558

This is how they'll ban it across the board: muh childrenz, even though there is blatant anti-pedo threads every day

bca54d  No.12100775

The same thing was reported 2 or 3 years ago. Even that was well after the pedofags got hoofed off.

bca54d  No.12100781


LOL. There’s supposed to be cheez pizza in the Bitcoin blockchain. They will place it everywhere as insurance.

46055b  No.12101510


>not giving shekels is a crime

That's my semitism overload for the day. See you niggers tomorrow.

127619  No.12103104

The pedo scare is scarier than a nazi scare.

The pastanigger govt is scared that italians will reach this haven and get red pilled en masse.

What are VPNs.

16ba38  No.12122198


>What are VPNs.

Some of them got blocked too.

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