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File: a2605bfb36aeaaa⋯.png (291.39 KB, 890x472, 445:236, ClipboardImage.png)

9d58ce  No.12085551



>Argentina's central bank hikes rates to 60% as the currency collapses

>Argentina is struggling to cope with yet another financial crisis.

>Investors are increasingly concerned Latin America's third-largest economy could soon default as it struggles to repay heavy government borrowing. This comes after Argentina's government unexpectedly asked for the early release of a $50 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday.

>The Argentine peso crashed to record lows on the news. It saw steep losses in the previous session and collapsed another 15 percent to hit 39 pesos against the U.S. dollar on Thursday morning.

>The peso is down more than 45 percent against the greenback this year, exacerbating pre-existing fears over the country's weakening economy while inflation is running at 25.4 percent this year.

>On Thursday, the central bank said it was increasing the amount of reserves that banks have to hold, in a bid to tighten fiscal policy and shore up the currency. It hiked rates by 15 percentage points to 60 percent from 45 percent and promised not to lower them at least until December.

>Argentina's economy 'likely to contract this year'

>The IMF said in a statement Wednesday that it would look to "revise the government's economic plan with a focus on better insulating Argentina from recent shifts in global financial markets."

>The Washington D.C.-based institute also added that its plan included "stronger monetary and fiscal policies and a deepening of efforts to support the most vulnerable in society."

>"It is now unclear if that will be enough to stabilize the government's finances amid (a) persistent reserve drain," Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid said in a research note published Thursday.

>In addition to IMF support, Argentina's government has also raised interest rates to 45 percent in an attempt to curb inflation and slow the peso's dramatic slide.

>But the world's highest interest rate levels as well as backing from the IMF have both failed to significantly improve market sentiment.

>"Real rates are not tight enough to encourage capital inflows (so) the economy is likely to contract this year," Reid said.

>A number of emerging market countries, including Argentina, Turkey and Brazil, are feeling the impact as tighter monetary policy from the U.S. Federal Reserve has boosted the dollar.

>Tumultuous times

>In a televised address on Wednesday, Argentine President Mauricio Macri said: "We have agreed with the IMF to advance all the necessary funds to guarantee compliance with the financial program next year."

>"This decision aims to eliminate any uncertainty … Over the last week we have seen new expressions of lack of confidence in the markets, specifically over our financing capacity in 2019," he added.

>When Argentina's government agreed the terms of the loan with the IMF in May, Macri said he anticipated his country's economy would recover and so they did not plan to use the money.

>Buenos Aires was forced to strike a deal with the IMF after a sharp depreciation in the peso. The three-year standby financing agreement is designed to improve the country's ailing economy and help it fight inflation — which at nearly 30 percent per year is one of the highest rates worldwide.

>Nonetheless, some analysts have criticized the decision to speed up the IMF bailout, saying it smacks of desperation.

>Many people in Argentina blame the IMF for encouraging fiscal policies that escalated the country's worst economic crisis in 2001. At that time, millions of middle-class citizens fell into poverty as the country struggled to recover.

>"I know that these tumultuous situations generate anxiety among many of you … I understand this, and I want you to know I am making all decisions necessary to protect you," Macri said.



3049e3  No.12085555

with jews you lose

bail out of the jewish financial system

78a8bc  No.12085570

File: 22b2eb14e40884a⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 295x314, 295:314, Coinkydink.jpg)

5ac4d7  No.12085699

non whites btfo

3142ee  No.12085851


Kill the Jews

8e21b2  No.12085952

It's kind of depressing to see just how shit Argentina has become. They used to be the number 6 economy in the world.

bf0251  No.12085972

Chorizo here.

We are getting jewed out of the economy. It isnt funny at all.

67e354  No.12085982


Non-whites dying in their own incompetence seems pretty funny to me

20f607  No.12086116

File: fc968df90eca39a⋯.gif (412.11 KB, 240x180, 4:3, Heil-Pepe_02.gif)

File: 8a998e5418dc4c8⋯.gif (330.66 KB, 240x180, 4:3, Heil-Pepe_03.gif)

File: 5334d36673b30c9⋯.gif (171.7 KB, 240x180, 4:3, Heil-Pepe_01.gif)

File: 029718281a5f85e⋯.mp4 (8.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Pepe-and-Las-Pepas-live-st….mp4)

Since Argentina is the home of Pepe, someone should create a Pepe Party and get Pepe elected President.

000000  No.12086132



Pick one. They might as well shift into the stateless moneyless phase so we can say once and for all true communism is garbage and communists all shot on the spot for the danger they represent to all around.

f1fb03  No.12086151



e94707  No.12086256


I was under the impression they were a post-dictator democracy?

2f0a98  No.12086317


The same thing is happening in your country, genius. And its outsider influence

2f0a98  No.12086323


Newsflash for you, calling someone communist means nothing. They are just few fringe idiots

000000  No.12086366

Let's not use this opportunity to learn about our common enemies, let's instead fling shit like the shills we are.

eb0711  No.12086503

whats gone wrong pol?

cbb4e2  No.12086510


Paying interest to the (((IMF))) doesn't actually grow your country no matter how much you cut government spending, you should never borrow money from them in the first place.

cd2f3a  No.12086557


We made a deal with the jew, and we lost

5dce22  No.12086642


I used to play SIMCity years ago and if you ever borrowed money you lost the game. When I didn't borrow money, I won the game. One time I built an empire that was so amazing and self sustainable that it ran for about a week before my system froze up from making too much money. I think the counter in the Sim stopped working at like 18 gorillion or something…it was pretty cool because I didn't even have to do anything, it was totally self sustaining, and everyone was super happy they gave me award after award until they ran out of awards.


I stopped playing it after that.

56c4b8  No.12086732

>Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 17, 1936, Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis on March 13, 2013, when he was named the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

I'm sure its just a coincidence.

5ac4d7  No.12086750


Spain miscegenated

5164ea  No.12086794

File: 2d704841ba328fd⋯.jpg (28.44 KB, 410x416, 205:208, 2d704841ba328fdcb82c41d25a….jpg)

So now is the time to buy argentine estates?

5e16e6  No.12088822

File: 18c8718c2d2fe82⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, remax argentina.png)


I'm sure that the real estate prices should go down soon…if you are buying in USD, that is

2fa77b  No.12088829

File: 185e9c860ebd572⋯.jpg (243.35 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, War_Criminal.jpg)

File: 03a8fd7b4e63fae⋯.jpg (256.86 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Dispensing_Warcrimes.jpg)

File: 3e0f604dd618fd4⋯.webm (3.49 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Reunion_de_la_DAIA.webm)



2fa77b  No.12088832

File: b4f010f119fb8c3⋯.jpg (277.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Salbuchi.jpg)



36e5ce  No.12088857


Shitskins are crashing the economy like the shitskin army they crashed trying to take the Falklands.

9a6383  No.12088923


>>Chorizo here.

Sorry, I'm not hungry.

9e5226  No.12088924


Around 60ish percent is.


Hopefully this will make all the mestizos from Paraguay, peru, and Bolivia fuck off.

596f74  No.12089035

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Meanwhile beaners are all about abusing the public educational system and fleeing to Europe and USA. Like the beaners they are, they'd rather flee and mooch off from someone else rather than stay and endure it.

Or at least if you're going to flee, flee to the country side. Fucking beaners, and they have the audacity of calling themselves "white". Beaner trash

9e5226  No.12089051

File: a278e3fb25b8fbd⋯.png (12.27 KB, 300x255, 20:17, J2WTPZPS.png)


>thinks Argentinians are the ones flooding the US

Learn geography.

596f74  No.12089061


And you learn the fucking roaches you live with do flee to the USA.

You think only beaners from mexico flood the USA? No, EVERYTHING below the USA floods the USA, and behaves like the spic trash that they are in one place in the other

Disgusting beaner trash, swing

9e5226  No.12089271


I'm a white burger, dude. Virtually all of our "latins"/mestizos/whatever the fuck you want to call them, are from Mexico, and upper central America. The mestizos in northern south America all move to argentina, Uruguay, s brazil and chile because they are closer.

3eb109  No.12089347


Spain already was miscegenated. Nordic purity or bust.

92b268  No.12089362


Quads of truth.

587e90  No.12089431


>another capitalist country fails

>"its because commies keep old people alive with pensions!"

20f607  No.12089477

File: d2fbe8c8631bb70⋯.jpg (108.22 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, sofia hz2.JPG)

File: 0841f226c2f4ca5⋯.jpg (56.96 KB, 567x850, 567:850, Sofia-Contratar-a-el-Sapo-….jpg)

File: d45b2fdf033d38c⋯.mp4 (11.75 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Sofia Pill - Aire en mis p….mp4)



Argentina is whiter than the USA.

9e5226  No.12089497


>argentina- 60-65% euro

>USA-60%ish euro

Its a close race.

6ef611  No.12089545


Wait a bit longer for currency to dip and then buy government bonds when they decide to get kiked.

Being kiked means that it will remain parasitic and stable for next 10 years at least, so you are already well beyond invested money.

8fc74c  No.12089585


They're not dying in their own incompetence, they're getting jewed. I would remind you of the US and a certain financial crisis that had people comitting suicide, all thanks to jews, but then again you're a filthy yid and the only time and effort worth spending on you is stomping you into the oven.

8fc74c  No.12089587


>t. 3*90 retail trader

d55620  No.12089593


That's a Jew, not White

62cdcf  No.12089601



>keeping people alive

d55620  No.12089614


USA is 56% White. Probably more like 54% now, since that was from a few years ago.

8fc74c  No.12089615




>after 2014

Imagine having such a room temperature IQ.

8fc74c  No.12089628




Says the commiefaggot after walking away from a domino collapse of socialist and communist failures straight up into current year.

20f607  No.12089881

File: b1d4d6ce49299d9⋯.mp4 (1.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sofia-Pill-God-Only-Knows-….mp4)

File: c3a52eb9e30dced⋯.mp4 (1.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sofia-Pill-NGSUN-clip.mp4)


The majority of Argentinians are (or are decended from) European immigrants from the 1850s onwards. It's a lot higher than 60-65% white if you count people with only a tiny amount (like 5-10%) of indigenous DNA in them. The recent studies are counting those people as "not really White" just to shit on Whites. I'm sure they'll do the same to the USA soon as there are lot of White Americans who have a few drops of indigenous DNA in them.


Sofia isn't a jew. Or at least I can find no evidence of her being jewish. Her mother is Analia Garcia, whose full name is Analia Garcia Escariz. Judging by the following, she's probably descended from somebody who was Portugese. Possibly from Arouca:


>From local toponomy, the permanence of Germanic tribes is evident; names such as Sá, Saril, Alvarenga, Burgo, Escariz, Friães and Melareses, are examples of this influence

1806ac  No.12089936

File: 79863e21f989441⋯.png (308.55 KB, 871x1591, 871:1591, Europeans_in_Argentina_(19….png)

1236a4  No.12089958

Look who was paying this fat bag of shit…

This is a rather long article about the Council on Foreign Relations and how I believe that it is a "front organization" for international bankers. If you would rather download the artcle to read at a later date, here is a link to it: http://www.nycampaignforliberty.com/JohnWallace-Article-CouncilOnForeignRelations.PDF

When I was growing up in the Inwood section of upper Manhattan, I remember when I was about 12 or 13 years old I had my first contact with discovering what a “front” was for another business. It was called Tack’s Tackle Shop. When it first opened, it looked like just another business. The guy in the store, Tack, was selling fishing rods, live bait and an array of fishing equipment. It didn’t take long before the kids in the neighborhood figured out that perhaps there was something else going on. The live bait in the window wasn’t alive anymore and local hoods and gangster type people seemed to be going in and out, particularly in the evenings and none of them looked like fishermen. It wasn’t long before the place was raided by the NYCPD and my friends and I all watched from across the street on Sherman Avenue as “Tack” came out in handcuffs along with a bunch of other men. We were later told that Tack’s Tackle Shop had actually been a front for an illegal gambling operation.

A “front group” can be any entity that is set up to appear to be a legitimate independent organization, like Tack’s Tackle Shop, when it is actually controlled from behind the scenes by another organization or group of individuals. These front groups are often legitimate businesses, social or political organizations, professional groups, advocacy groups, research organizations, etc. Organized crime has used legitimate front organizations for many decades to launder their income from various illegal activities. Pharmaceutical companies have used front organizations to advocate for the drugs they manufacture. International terrorist organizations have their front groups here in the United States and as the evidence clearly shows, so do the international bankers.

After researching the formation and activities of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) it appears that it may be a very sophisticated version of “Tack’s Tackle Shop.” The CFR was specifically set up to carry out the goals and objectives of international bankers so that the public positions taken by the CFR would appear to be independent positions that could not be directly connected to the international bankers who personally control and fund the CFR.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded in 1921 by a very select group of international bankers, Wall Street lawyers and wealthy “old money” families sometimes called the Establishment or the Elites. Among the CFR’s founders were JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, “Colonel” Edward House (Marxist. globalist and close advisor to President Wilson), Paul Warburg (international banker), Otto Kahn and Jacob Schiff (both international investment bankers). The CFR’s stated purpose at that time was to improve the understanding of US foreign policy and international affairs through the exchange of ideas. The select membership has been gradually expanded over the years, now totaling around 3,800 and includes various professionals, corporate CEO’s, college presidents, media owners and reporters, high-ranking government officials and even high ranking US military officers.

bf3d54  No.12089962


>t. "I do what everyone else is doing and get worse results than putting it in the bank"

Face it, you don't have the money or the resources to just invest by the game rules that everyone else is playing by and expect any good results.

Investments of the future will be done either by "insider knowledge" or basic logic of politics and business. Why did Martin Shkreli webt into buying & selling pharma companies and IPs instead of just staying in stocks? Because stocks are fucking speculative. When you can look into scientific research of newly developed drug by unknown cheap company and make a prediction if that drug will have some kind of impact on the market then you can go into whether or not you will invest in it, which most investors don't even have fortitute and mental capacity to look into.

Future of buying and selling governmental bonds will be based on political and with it economic projections of that country.

Would you buy governmental bonds of country that will probably go bankrupt in next 5 years due to their socialist policies or would you invest in country with low taxes and low beurocracy that mames investors and businessmen? Basic logic based on politics. And what will be future of Argentina when they go into massive debt with IMF?

1236a4  No.12089964

Congressman John Rarick, a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart in World War II and a Democrat from Louisiana who once argued with his party over its increasing liberalism, said, "The CFR, dedicated to one-world government, financed by a number of the largest tax-exempt foundations, and wielding such power and influence over our lives in the areas of finance, business, labor, military, education, and mass communication-media, should be familiar to every American concerned with good government, and with preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution and our free-enterprise system. Yet, the nation’s right-to-know machinery, the news media, usually so aggressive in exposures to inform our people, remain conspicuously silent when it comes to the CFR, its members and their activities.”

1236a4  No.12089965

By using the CFR as a front organization to push their globalist agenda for America and the world, the “Establishment Elites and International Bankers” have managed to gain significant influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of our government. They can not only advocate their new world order ideas from within the government by using their CFR members in high government positions, but they can also use individual CFR members and research groups financed by their non-profit foundations to bring pressure from another direction. The international bankers use this process to implement the step by step decisions that will gradually convert the US from a sovereign nation to a subservient position in the new world order run by appointed bureaucrats selected by the international bankers. The CFR is being used much in the same manner as “Tack’s Tackle Shop” was used by an organized criminal group. The international bankers behind the CFR want to give the public the outward appearance of legitimacy in order that they can slowly accomplish their illegal objectives to usurp the US Constitution and the sovereignty of this country.

Many of the most influential international bankers, Wall Street CEOs, politicians, academics and media owners and TV personalities are members of the CFR. They join the CFR for the same reasons that other people join similar business organizations: to make political or business contacts, to enjoy the prestige of being in the organization or to simply use their connections to make more money. The CFR in turn, uses the broad influence of these people and their organizations to slowly infiltrate their globalist ‘New World Order’ plans into American life. CFR members and their ghost writers author scholarly articles that are designed to specifically affect public opinion and future government decision making. These authors and researchers are oftentimes funded directly by one or more of the international bankers’ non-profit foundations. The CFR’s well paid academics expound on the wisdom of a united world and the CFR media members disseminate the message.

1236a4  No.12089969

The CFR's strategy is to use their members in the media to promote the need for world government in order to fight international threats like global warming. Both Obama and McCain made the environment a major issue in the campaign, but avoided mentioning the immigration issue. The CFR has long identified the worldwide environmental movement as a means to advance its agenda and has even suggested a global tax on all developed nations, payable to the United Nations of course. Most of the major media companies are now controlled by individuals or organizations that are members of the CFR, including the international bankers. One of the techniques used by the CFR and its membership has been to manipulate the news in such as way as to push their internationalist views on the rest of us.

As the big media corporations keep merging into larger and more powerful companies, they will be able to control public opinion as never before. With their friends in congress and in key government agencies, all the international bankers and their CFR members need to do is advocate bringing back the “Fairness Doctrine” and regulating the internet and their control of the media will be complete.

The average American might find the CFR’s powerful influence over America's government very difficult to understand or believe, but never forget that the CFR was founded by international bankers for the express purpose of bringing about socialism and world government. It is the deliberate plan of these international bankers, who hide in the shadows and pull the strings of their marionettes, to gradually increase their influence and domination over America’s domestic and foreign affairs. CFR members have been in control of our government since the 1940’s. If CFR members are supposedly to be the nation’s best and brightest in running the federal government and overseeing foreign affairs, why is the country in such a mess under their eighty year watch? The answer is: That’s the plan.

The international bankers behind the Federal Reserve and the CFR are deliberately trying to usurp the US Constitution and gradually destroy our freedoms, liberties and sovereignty in the process. They are using the Federal Reserve System to bankrupt the country so we will be at their mercy. The deeper in debt our country goes, the richer and more powerful these international bankers become. If action is not taken to take back control of our nation’s currency from the criminals in the private international banking cartel and if the CFR’s influence over the highest levels of our federal government isn't soon broken, America will be reduced to a third world nation controlled by a socialistic world government where our freedoms and liberties would have disappeared and our national sovereignty is but a fond memory.

1236a4  No.12089971

I close this article with a quote from David Rockefeller, the former Chairman and the current Honorary Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relation and ask you to consider the implications of what he has said:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years… It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

- David Rockefeller, Bilderberg Meeting, June 1991 Baden, Germany

928c89  No.12089981

Argentina is still pretty damn White (at least Whiter than the US), but it's time that fucking Argies do like Italy and elect a fascist.

9a6383  No.12090012

>>12085555 (checked)

Even if we all leaved jews along they'd follow us to setup shop in whatever shithole we could find some peace in. Whites need to become purely isolationist and end "human rights" because whatever Whites in this world do to keep to themselves the UN human rights watch will be used against them to have Super Powers come in and exterminate them.

87bb55  No.12090033

Argetinians should have invested in bitcoin.

20f607  No.12090119


>Complete delusion.

Your pic proves the opposite. It shows that by 1914 a huge amount of (most?) Argentinians were immigrants who were born in Europe. And it's not like European immigration to Argentina ended in 1914.

1806ac  No.12090389


>It shows that by 1914 a huge amount of (most?) Argentinians were immigrants who were born in Europe.

low IQ

>And it's not like European immigration to Argentina ended in 1914.

It was the peak (percentage wise at least)

1806ac  No.12090397


There's no way Argentina is whiter than the US >>12089936


2d026a  No.12090430

Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina all collapsing. Deutsche bank is on brink of failing. Japan bond market is blowing up. China on brink of collapse, too - credit debt is insane. No other country has survived with that much of a cred debt ratio to gdp in such a short period (less 5 years) and China started insanely high to begin with. cpp is struggling to collect and consoldate the shadow loands and are taking huge risks with their currency. pla members are rioting in the streets regularly in various provinces. some have gone to beijing and did a sit down. unions are striking consistently (food service, truckers, crane, etc). first sign of economic trouble and elites and maos immortals in beijing die.

they are setting up the economic collapse with these moves. trump will likely take control of the fed to handle monetary policy (they are hiking interest rates for no reason, driving inflation and weakening tariffs to support china and eu). This will be when the collapse happens. It will be blamed on rightwing populists/nationalists. BIS will use this to implement one world currency and militarize the united nations to enforce it and 'help' struggling countries adapt. The pogroms will begin with global media control.

4cdbd8  No.12090467

File: f8f00aa5e96ccf2⋯.jpg (67.18 KB, 327x347, 327:347, 1403613065061.jpg)


>elect a fascist


fa6ffd  No.12090482


open a book you fucking brainlet

half this board is teenagers and the other half is redneck trash. ever heard of peronism you fucking dumb redneck white trash? open a damn book and stop making this country look so fucking stupid. you belong in a death camp you fucking idiot

20f607  No.12090487


>low IQ

So what do you think the pic shows? Also it's a bit vague having the top amount just say "over 40%". That's a 60% range.

928c89  No.12090501


Compare 65% White with 56% White. Sorry Burger, this isn't the 60s anymore.

3b6ddd  No.12090506




>In 1914, before World War I caused many European immigrants to return to their homeland in order to join the respective armies, the overall rate of foreign-born population reached its peak, almost 30%.

fucking LOL

928c89  No.12090511


Peron was a really soft fascist though, he was an economic leftist (more like a Strasserist) that introduced sindicalism and limited nationalism. He started being woke to the JQ but buddied up with the kikes after they got him out of jail in the Martin Garcia island.

3b6ddd  No.12090516


>65% White

fucking IDIOT

the study says the average argentinian is 65% euro, and below is a plot showing the distribution of ancestry, and it can be seen less than a third are over 90% euro

meanwhile 56% of americans are roughly 100% euro

928c89  No.12090522


Foreign born doesn't exclude the decedents of White Spaniards though.

928c89  No.12090539


A lot of White Americans have a little injun in them though.

7d59ba  No.12090544

>Having the most numerous jewish community of South America.

>Being ruled by kikes 15 years (((Kirchner))),(((Machir))).

>At the brink of economic colapse again.

Nah it´s just a COHENcidence.

3b6ddd  No.12090548


you mean the criollo elite?

because they were the elite, they were a very small percentage, plus a criollo could be up to 1/8 amerindian

also why even care about the elite

20f607  No.12090560


30% of of the population being foreign-born is a huge amount. So take those people's descendents, new European immigrants and the descendents of the Spanish and Portuguese already there and you've got a country full of White people.

1ac1d7  No.12090564

Curse all of Europe, for they were not our brothers, the brothers of white men.

20f607  No.12090570


Would you call Rick and his son from Pawn Stars White?

3b6ddd  No.12090585


You're implying they didn't racemix. For starters, the majority of them were men.

Also I already spoke about the "pure" spaniards (criollos) left, and dropped this link


I'm out, this place has dropped its IQ too much

1ac1d7  No.12090593


>place has dropped its IQ too much

There were always retards.

928c89  No.12090594


Argies killed all the injuns and mestizo scum:


20f607  No.12090611


>You're implying they didn't racemix.

And you're implying they did. Some did but, unlink you, many people aren't into miscegenation.

4cdbd8  No.12090700

File: 1fc5064e5515c40⋯.jpg (73.7 KB, 625x416, 625:416, 1531530205643.jpg)


>hurr durr open a book

>peronism was fascism

we got a feministx over here

7ab709  No.12090703


They did, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMIA_bombing

Argentina was ruined the hour they allowed a italian rush inside their borders, from a semi-european country to this in just 20 years (the time the first argie-italian generation was old enough to care about politics) and right now they behave like they are supermen even if they are starving, they are delusional to the core, i know them and they are lunatics, they live mostly in shitholes without food (try going to Argentina, not places for gringos with money, if you got to hotels even Haiti is fine) but according to them they are the best people in the planet, deceivers that believe their own delusions of grandeur, argies are just prepotent faggots with serious megalomania issues and every ten years a chilean earning the minimum wage can have a true harem weekend with poor retards that see the guy giving them food as a poor retard…

The moral is that italians are garbage, just check the south of Chile, a few germans crafted it while italians ruined a rich nation and now they are even worse thanks to all bolivians, peruvians, paraguayans and chileans (the last are like gringos going for cheap medicine to Mexico) stealing there.

7ab709  No.12090709


But then they allowed italians and Argentina was fucked.

4cdbd8  No.12090727



its easy guys, its called socialism. and yes, we are kind of assholes, but the truth is that we have no nation, no culture, no tradition, no god. and we are infiltrated by marxists jews.

i dont know about italians but with our borders…

7ab709  No.12090749


Irony mixed with facts, Peron started once the argentina born italians were old enough to stay in politics, before that Argentina was fated to be better than some european countries and its pretty obvious that sending the worst of Italy was part of plan Axxxxxa, just check what that fucking and overrated bald and fat midget called winston churchil said. Once England told Chile to destroy Perú and Bolivia and spare Argentina your people were fated to be the europeans of America, but your people ruined everything, Chile was forced to gave apologies to Usa because the chilean army was too late to destroy the american navy.

928c89  No.12090750


They allowed the wrong kind of Italian to come.

7ab709  No.12090752



a01597  No.12090818

File: 0fa10e044f8043b⋯.png (659.81 KB, 992x992, 1:1, 0fa10e044f8043b300e35c56ba….png)

Quick rundown from a local

>End up with a dynasty of Kirchners for several terms

>Corruption and incompetence up the ass, short-term improvement but the writing on the wall spelled that it was only for votes and long-term it's suicide

>End up with our own local Trump in terms of how much the media and establishment kvetch at this guy getting elected, earlier Kirchner dynasty with the redheaded plastic surgery queen's face nearly melting over how badly her blood boiled

>Said corrupt fucks had been hoarding the country's finances for themselves

>In order to fuck up the economy during the current guy's term to boast "Look at how much the economy is fucked with this guy elect us back pls" they try to crash the economy

>With said stolen finances they start dicking about with the dollar, purchasing en masse

>Basic supply and demand economics dictate that the sudden massive increase in demand for dollars leads to a skyrocketing price for the dollar

>Chain of events leads to economy tanking as imagined

TL;DR imagine if Hillary's wranglers decided to sink the ship

ac683f  No.12090842


>1914 census

cool story bro

6a03e7  No.12091190

File: a264de74c959f59⋯.png (733.6 KB, 1293x1407, 431:469, IM_A_MERCHANT_MORTY.png)


Is there some way I can get rich quick from this? Are they issuing junk bonds?

b18a0d  No.12091420

Oy vey goyim, now you only will have to accept to carpet abort your 14 week babies and stop reproducing, or the IMF will raise the interest rates much more crashing the Argentine Peso with no survivors.

7ab709  No.12091466


The plan is simple, all anti cultural marxism parties are forced to crush the country in the short term, but it can be fixed, the cultural marxism party (cretina is already talking like a retarded feminist) will get all the support so the country will be fucked in the long term, but with a negro filed land there is no escape.

c9ff94  No.12091553


This is interesting, seems like a fair amount of non-western countries are facing some trying times.

I'm sure it's moving toward the west.

e1d9f5  No.12091641


But Brazil is not collapsing. Actually, it's a resilient country, since we have been at worse situations many times in the past. Our taxes are enormous, laws and regulations completely bloated, currency (temporarily) devalued, interest rates artificially high (but not that much) and with a political chaos, soon to be fixed. And we are fine. We are used to worse things. We survived in the past a few events of hyperinflation and there's barely any inflation atm, even after our trucker's riot, things are "fine" (aren't getting any worse).

Our currency is just at a low point due to our elections and MSM sensationalism, the Real will recover as soon as our elections end. Maybe the international MSM pro-social-democracy will give the World a bad image to us if Bolsonaro wins, but he's actually the best one to the economy. So, in the worst scenario, we recover by the end of October, in the best scenario, we recover and grow spectacularly by the second semester of next year.

While the MSM tries to give a pessimistic image of our future politics, in reality, there's a lot of optimism, since the current politics is terrible enough and the changes will be good anyway.

4ce62f  No.12092076


Sixty percent? How is anyone supposed to pay back a loan at 60% interest?

a4a73c  No.12092178

File: 1bcf15f4e8858b8⋯.png (189.86 KB, 713x584, 713:584, happy_kike_speaks.png)


goy we never issued a loan at 40% interest! that was the previous government of evil nazis who issued 25% loans! we only guarantee these loans at 12%. but i see you boycott, divest, and sanction israel our greatest ally. shame on you antisemite! this means these loans are only guaranteed at 1.5%. should've read the fine print goy!

711835  No.12092199

So is this essentially a repeat of what happened in Argentina in 2001? What benefits are the kikes receiving from this?

0fade8  No.12092222

B-b-but /int/ told me Argentina was h'white.

ad8990  No.12092250

File: 841569e1c240449⋯.jpg (111.63 KB, 800x450, 16:9, digits.jpg)

ad8990  No.12092259


And I wonder if it's a good time to buy land there..

1cc037  No.12092274

Just remember 1982, filthy gauchos.


7b86e8  No.12092316


>there are newfags in this thread who don't know national socialists reject marxism and capitalism

Lurk for 2 years or go back to your lolberg boards.


Like, just in the 80s there was a dictator who didn't tolerate jewish banker shit who was tricked into war with the British so they could throw extra poz at Argentina.


Filtered like the other cunts for D&C.

711835  No.12092807


>Like, just in the 80s there was a dictator who didn't tolerate jewish banker shit who was tricked into war with the British so they could throw extra poz at Argentina.

Are you talking about Jorge Rafael Videla? He was out by then. There was a rotation of different generals serving as president when the Falklands War broke out.

And Argentina's military government was a CIA operation, just like Pinochet in Chile. Granted, they killed communist scum, but were Jewish ass lickers at the end of the day.

596f74  No.12092840


>its another paganigger that thinks meds didn't exist


7b86e8  No.12092985


Really? Mind if I ask for a citation on that? Because economically they didn't get fucked like post-military rule in Argentina was. I've also never seen proof of Pinochet being a "CIA operation" either, especially when he hosted Germans and was ousted by the UN.

596f74  No.12093036

Sorry fuckers but I'm not going to consider white a country that abuses their public education system only to flee to europe and the USA.

You only want to hear what you want, and only think that the USA exists. There are other white, succesful parts of the world right? But no, you devolve into trying hard to fit in with racial shit and not look down that you live in a cuckholded land with cuckholded citizens, that can only think of fleeing to whatever white men's tit is available.

You fuckers make me sick, you make me hate this shithole so much. It's a pussywhipped, spic land filled with niggers that will keep blasting their shit, while in the internet you behave in the same manner, and I know because every single spic from here in cuckchan back then was still kicking the ground about fleeing like the spics they are.

<I'm gonna finish uni and flee to australia

<to me is new zealand

Not standing for the ground you're planted on is pretty much cuckholdry, and then you create melting pots just like these. Where spics will shat out 7 nigglets and the "white" can only one. And a country that normalizes throwing dead animals everywhere you consider it to be white? It is a fucking african cesspool, it is not fucking white deluded spic.

And the jews in the electric kabbalah, of course we cannot forget that you will never not have communists jews in the eternal niggervision. And even in the internet, you behave like complete chimps. The only thing you have in your mind is muh dik. Like the fucking subsaharan africans you are.

But yeah, let's say this shithole that betrayed everything, is white. Just to fit in with the americans and europeans. And yeah, in the attempt of trying to fit in, lets project the disgusting miscegenation of wetbackmerica and niggertina on the usa, because of course if we're not white them nobody is.

You make me sick, sick of this bullshit and all the bullshit on the fucking scorched earth that's this nigger shithole.

711835  No.12093056


Have you never heard of Operation Condor? The CIA was supporting right-wing dictators to keep the commies from attaining power in South America who in turn were being supported by the KGB. The entire Cold War was a Jewish shitshow, same with when these same countries went (((democratic))).

>Because economically they didn't get fucked like post-military rule in Argentina was.

That I always found interesting. Chile still today largely uses the same system that Pinochet set up, Argentina, on the other hand seems to get kiked up every twenty years or so.

>I've also never seen proof of Pinochet being a "CIA operation" either, especially when he hosted Germans and was ousted by the UN.

The Mossad has used former (more like turncoat) National Socialists in their operations, so it's not all that far-fetched. Also, Pinochet wasn't "ousted by the UN", he held a plebiscite asking Chileans if they wanted to go democratic, most voted yes, and he stepped down.

7b86e8  No.12093080


Ah my bad I'm thinking of when the Bongs arrested him in 98. Looks like I have some more reading to do over Labor day weekend.

3778a1  No.12093093



Buy property in Venezuela.

You can get a good house or an appartment (less likely to get broken into) in a "good" neighborhood for less than 20K.

143cbd  No.12093135


Most "Portuguese" and "Spanish" in South America were sephardic Jews.

4bf3b1  No.12093141


Why? Let argentina solve their own problem.

abd5b6  No.12093156


horrible legs, no muscle skinny fat. nasty.

0911f2  No.12093158


fucking checked

Digits don't lie

always remember the German Miracle was by making the jew usury banks fuck off then they thrived beyond kikes wildest dreams and if let to continue would have completely btfo all kikes like red sheilds forever .

20f607  No.12093177


The Conquistadors were jewish?

7b86e8  No.12093203


Filter and move on, don't reply to obvious kikes.

7ab709  No.12094452


Another lefty chilean kid, you always ignore the part were Pin8 was dumped because he didnt support cultural marxism, of course there is a difference, a big one, Pin8 banned "spic cultura", no abortions, no drugs, no crime, no promiscuity, cant remember that they used the laws named after Kennedy against Pin8? go back to le frente amplio you communist scum.

7ab709  No.12094454


>Filtered like the other cunts for D&C.

>oh no! facts! lets ignore him and focuss in the new meme, frogs arent popular anymore

e12b6b  No.12107164

File: 64b51339db8d017⋯.jpg (200.46 KB, 668x972, 167:243, Arg1.jpg)

File: 9e85520f2c4e7f5⋯.jpg (168.21 KB, 940x1004, 235:251, Arg2.jpg)

File: 9a461f63294459e⋯.jpg (174.28 KB, 670x960, 67:96, Arg3.jpg)

>"Do you hear that 'whooshing'-sound? That's the planes leaving Florida filled with jew vultures en route to Argentina, to buy up everything the Chinese aren't buying up, so they can sell it for a profit to the China man before the economic hit men from the IMF come into take possession of all resources, human or otherwise."

This is one of the many times having White Altruism is bad

48f519  No.12107356

File: 80775b37ee6cec3⋯.jpg (76.64 KB, 720x900, 4:5, 80775b37ee6cec3548c5199d38….jpg)

It's a good time to buy gold?

62cdcf  No.12107369


Guns, bullets and silver

8c25fb  No.12111024


Sure, if jew is 'white' now?

2b2f33  No.12117456


all economic policies work properly when you remove the jew, including left and right.

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