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File: 4c67f1e5e69ba77⋯.jpeg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, AFEC0322-0D88-451A-9802-9….jpeg)

File: 2603f1c5ee55829⋯.jpeg (2.78 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 5BAAD27D-26BD-42A5-907A-1….jpeg)

ce32f4  No.12086145


Patrick Little exposes the Jews from the sky. He flew a zeppelin (filled with Zyklon B, of course) reading "JEWS RAPE KIDS - yidsrapekids.com"

Little 2020 - Vote Little, Win Big!

d185a1  No.12086184


You’re either with Little or you’re with the Jews.

69ff95  No.12086190

File: 732594d9240887b⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 1425858870841.gif)



He's going to get himself killed before the year ends, isn't he?

edfadb  No.12086191


that's a catchy url

edfadb  No.12086192


you mean suicided

7f71b4  No.12086197

File: afd5cf2bd14ff06⋯.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, patrick little i will not….webm)


Webm related.

765c10  No.12086200

>6 gorillion hours in mspaint

55a1a6  No.12086203


Ok, how do I join the campaign?

000000  No.12086205

He has more balls than any of you unless one of you want to prove him wrong.

b0cea4  No.12086213

that is brilliant! Never mind social media

#YidsRapeKids is a mimetic that can not only be borne here but become mainstream topic. We need a good ole fashioned brawl between the Catholics and the Kikes to see who molests the most, which one is the greatest kiddie-diddler. The Catholic church may not use the term "Goy", butt they put as little value in youth life as the kike for sure

000000  No.12086216


69ff95  No.12086218


>that second pic

They look like they are having a lot of fun. I'm kind of jealous.

000000  No.12086219

de99a7  No.12086221

7f71b4  No.12086224




000000  No.12086225

55a1a6  No.12086228

ca3159  No.12086238

such a lovely couple.

what will emily name their child?

000000  No.12086243

55a1a6  No.12086246



on it. thanks anon

44c49b  No.12086247

File: 51883fa3200b16a⋯.jpeg (1.72 MB, 2548x3000, 637:750, rockwell.jpeg)


I'd get over him if I was you.

000000  No.12086249


984caa  No.12086260


Fuck off shitskin

44c49b  No.12086265


Oh no! people dropping background checks.

7258db  No.12086267


Thx sweetie just donated another BTC to Patrick!

69ff95  No.12086276

File: 3c8d305d9c92fd6⋯.jpg (180.73 KB, 600x600, 1:1, you.jpg)

b0cea4  No.12086278

#YidsRapeKids is a hashtag too risque for even the most outlaw twigger user out there. Blacks are far too cowardly to ever retweet a hashtag like #YidsRapeKids, even though they are the original Hebro Izzrelites suffering from yet another appropriation by the Synagogue of Satan. Never mind that GMSniggers know that Catholic priests are doing some serious ass-raping themselves. Too bad niggers are cowards afraid of ever pissing ff their owners. Sad!

54b12d  No.12086282


moarpheus do you really think hes still a controlled op/ plant at this point?

d2eced  No.12086284

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

765c10  No.12086286


If it isn't a chop, who the fuck printed the blimp?

44c49b  No.12086289


Fuck if I care. The internet is full of suckers willing to fall for a scam.


I'm not moarpheus

5b77e6  No.12086294

File: 31ac683ea880305⋯.png (495.3 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, 6e57d84ebb31f26104fce11f84….png)

File: a6096e092084a03⋯.jpg (110.18 KB, 600x828, 50:69, 6248f470132905ae18579935c6….jpg)

File: 492a4a6d3e0cd7a⋯.png (248.37 KB, 542x666, 271:333, 1528620304438.png)

File: c8cd0cb440cf70b⋯.png (156.83 KB, 618x616, 309:308, 1532492252063.png)

000000  No.12086297


With Jews, you lose.

7258db  No.12086300


Donated another BTC sweetie love watching you squirm

765c10  No.12086301

Also, more pictures should be flowing in. Anyone seen them yet?

5204a8  No.12086304


You know we can check if patrick received 2 BTC right?

765c10  No.12086308


You could be buying funs or doing something more productive for your community than giving that to an asset.

ce32f4  No.12086316


It doesn't look like he's posted anything new yet.

54b12d  No.12086319


I wouldn't be surprised if he painted it on there himself.

bcfcdc  No.12086322

File: b3e684d8173e9cb⋯.png (270.55 KB, 531x756, 59:84, OYVEY.png)

707bb1  No.12086325

File: 82c655c3da710cf⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 147x207, 49:69, Jeffrey_Epstein_at_Harvard….jpg)

File: fec405646c1135e⋯.jpg (79.12 KB, 522x731, 522:731, Roman_Polanski_at_Cannes_i….jpg)

File: 37cc6cf63ef6d50⋯.jpg (29.81 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _98288971_harveyparty_gett….jpg)

File: 6ead7fceccffac8⋯.jpg (123.58 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, yakov-horowitz.jpg)



ce32f4  No.12086344

File: 5b9f1504ef2634a⋯.jpeg (522.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2E77C322-514B-4861-AB0D-3….jpeg)

File: 826953e8beb7220⋯.jpeg (429.94 KB, 1088x1920, 17:30, 73179439-1F6A-4908-ACA0-0….jpeg)

File: 8dbc5fb2549619b⋯.png (890.37 KB, 870x720, 29:24, E5F5E1D4-DE53-4964-8437-9D….png)

File: d2dd46e2665c91f⋯.jpeg (254.4 KB, 1440x1105, 288:221, 65AB6B3D-A14E-4F87-8F54-A….jpeg)

ce32f4  No.12086347

File: 6a62d96f81b3afc⋯.jpeg (2.67 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, E2C0F359-2A4C-44D1-90B1-B….jpeg)

a81d62  No.12086350


ce32f4  No.12086357


I don't think there are any good rhymes for "little." Just "yids rape kids" and "with jews, you lose."

44c49b  No.12086367

File: 561d1fd98006fd8⋯.jpg (912.59 KB, 2430x1401, 810:467, coal.jpg)

d2eced  No.12086371


Belittle, acquittal, spittle, diddle, Kimmel

4ddbe8  No.12086379


seriously little and belittle … are you a retard

ce32f4  No.12086381


Can't shittle my tittles.

d2eced  No.12086386


Yes, a retard helping a dullard. Can you count, no brain niggermonkey?

bfa4c3  No.12086390

absolutely epic

patrick little 2020

the (((big))) fear the little

yids rape kids


bcfcdc  No.12086393


Salty and not even saging. I'm guessing you don't use /pol/ very often?

54b12d  No.12086394

File: fa499c597611a53⋯.jpg (25.91 KB, 451x501, 451:501, 1502321270743.jpg)


yiddle diddle kiddle

ce32f4  No.12086398

File: 5616fc6cdc8fc99⋯.jpeg (64.34 KB, 545x343, 545:343, 1D0051F9-4E77-49E0-BAD9-F….jpeg)

d2eced  No.12086400

Rabbi Spittle or Patrick Little, 2020. Patrick may set us back, but he will never cut us off.

0c4568  No.12086403


fiddle, whittle, brittle

4c7a99  No.12086404

File: beef321f7e8a0df⋯.jpg (195.85 KB, 793x1000, 793:1000, jon-hamm-paley-center-for-….jpg)


Reminds me of a younger Jon Hamm.

ad7f24  No.12086414

In before he shoots himself twice in the back of the head.

d368e3  No.12086419


bUt PaTrIcK LiTtLe iS a FeD sHiLl

Great video clip, anon. This man is a hero.

ce32f4  No.12086421

Vote Little, Win Big

ce32f4  No.12086427

File: a0c6b2b325a5796⋯.jpeg (72.46 KB, 898x628, 449:314, 165E55F9-F461-4912-8962-B….jpeg)

ad7f24  No.12086429


That has a nice ring to it.

d2eced  No.12086437


>Won’t live as a slave to the jews.

>Has never known freedom in his life.

>Plays peaceful protest game.

Vote with me!

c52179  No.12086445

File: f135534e07dde9a⋯.png (16.81 KB, 806x184, 403:92, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1d27f7d39c4b8ff⋯.png (54.8 KB, 787x452, 787:452, ClipboardImage.png)

d368e3  No.12086459


why are your posts ITT so shit tier

d6d045  No.12086461

File: 8b48961684651ce⋯.jpg (212.48 KB, 853x1137, 853:1137, B2528B876.jpg)



holy shit

d2eced  No.12086466


Why do you do nothing but emote which cock you like sucking best?

bcfcdc  No.12086476


Morpheus makes chess cucks look reasonable with his twisted logic.

000000  No.12086487

Jesus Blesses his avenger, St. Patrick Little.

e02e61  No.12086497


That's not a zeppelin, it's a blimp. That aside, lol.

0ba25d  No.12086498

File: e36bf74ccf75da8⋯.png (543.48 KB, 358x862, 179:431, muhdik.png)


need moar sauce

5204a8  No.12086500


But he's not wrong. In europe we have seen similar results to the jews schemes. jews pushed niggers and arabs into europe, a few of them kill olf jew ladies and assault a few of the men, oy vey its getting hot I better go to israel, and there you have it jew migration to israel.

In the united states it's anti-semitism from the part of whites against jews that will opush them to migrate to israel. But in the united states the planes need to be grounded and the boats mothballed so as to not allow the jews to flee.

7ec5bb  No.12086501

its a bretty gud read


archive.fo is gammy

0ba172  No.12086551

File: 10b1e1a0efcde6d⋯.jpg (352.98 KB, 800x600, 4:3, aa.jpg)


>To promote a culture of anti-Semitism which results in Zionism.

May be you have a very good point.

The message is directed to normies who are unable to digest it. They do not have the data to counter the kike's propaganda, which by the way, the believe 100%.

Furthermore they feel disgusted for it, and it triggers a natural response for to do what they feel is right, then they move deeper to support the jews against the "monster nazi bigots".

6f3141  No.12086552



While kiddie diddling is a thing that is done there, it's a faggotry problem.

faggots are pedos, nearly by default.

8b45a1  No.12086562


sauce for what?

Don't tell me you don't know who Emily Youcis is

b0cea4  No.12086565

File: 16a629d0c94a867⋯.jpg (55.15 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 54631bcfcea37dd6f09b200e3e….jpg)


it's no wonder the Aryan and the White Caucasian of Euro descent is their greatest biological enemy. No one can compete with "Whitey". We created everything around them except the elements

>The Aryan created all that they see

>We are their Gods; of course they want to destroy us. They believe they are Gods

>History has spoken. Their fate is sealed. Whether anyone does anything of significance or not, nothing he does outweighs what is coming in the final judgment. The battle between good and (((bad))) has already been won



>Enjoy the ride


a7aca7  No.12086571

wow this is so epic xD

468179  No.12086596

he just seems like a more elaborate versions of this https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/killing-jews-signs-coming-to-new-york-transit/article/2563444

6f3141  No.12086629


>which by the way, the believe 100%.

Not anymore anon.

People have this natural weird feeling to this propaganda. You could tell from the normie outcry of the cheerios commerical promoting miscegenation.

Normies are far less cucked than we give them credit for and what the (((MSM))) would have us believe.

The issue is we only ever see that which the (((MSM))) tells us.

bcfcdc  No.12086630


wtf, are they trying to inspire terrorists? I could see some muslim reading that on the subway, thinking for a few minutes, pulling out a knife and stabbing every jew he sees.

0ba172  No.12086637

File: 2a6fd07d8be99fb⋯.jpg (74.91 KB, 610x432, 305:216, cemetery_00.jpg)

File: d7bcd607c041266⋯.jpg (78.19 KB, 792x792, 1:1, 8815_nsdsgg.jpg)


What Patrick Little is doing, is to feed the eternal victim hood of the kikes.

It is a version of the known method "Watcha doing rabbi".

6f3141  No.12086639


That will push normies to zionism though.

Despite what I said >>12086629 outright suggestions of killing jews isn't normie safe yet.

The hard fight will be teaching normies to understand that judaism and islam are one in the same and are and have been working together for centuries.

6f3141  No.12086641


Eh. I kinda disagree. I think he's just really fucking shitty and fully thinking it through.

His talks on college campuses/in public which name the jew are good. They don't just straight go to "THE JEWS, THE JEWS, THE JEWS!" which is not normie safe yet.

6f3141  No.12086645


>and not fully thinking


bfa4c3  No.12086647


The thing is, though, that the more common our propaganda is, the more open the mind of the normalfag becomes. It is easy to dismiss beliefs held by only a few, but hard to dismiss beliefs held by many.

bcfcdc  No.12086657

File: 6edd305871f2353⋯.gif (469.24 KB, 255x146, 255:146, 1425225557245.gif)


Wrong. Vandelizing Jewish property, painting swastikas poorly drawn ones randomly in places, or on jewish property, calling in bomb threats etc… is hey Rabbi, watcha doin'? tier.

Calling Jews our for their crimes and informing the public about them in entertaining ways is completely different and only a shill or idiot would claim otherwise.

b284c7  No.12086665

File: 390dc5a76e245e7⋯.jpg (60.98 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-those-who-want-to-li….jpg)



Nobody gives a shit about normies, faggot. They will be killed off for eugenics purposes after we take control. Nothing is ever "safe" for normies because they are eternal cowards and worthless sacks of shit. You can see the fate of the eternal normie in South Africa today. Too chickenshit to ever save themselves, always waiting for the "right time." They get what they deserve.

4c27a0  No.12086668

i'll vote for little, but not for president (yet) and not on 2020, fuck you for trying to split votes you faggot.

bcfcdc  No.12086679


He's running as a democrat. Do you really think it will get to the point of Trump vs Little?

0ba172  No.12086680

File: 0f408b226328889⋯.png (27.93 KB, 565x554, 565:554, NFTpop.png)


The Patrick Little method might be called "Shock and Awe", it is similar to the James Mason and Atomwaffen approach.

It is useful to recruit radicals, but not at all for to get the normie's electoral vote.

I believe he already knows this and this fact matches the evidence that he is controlled opposition.


- https://realmoarpheus.wordpress.com/2018/05/26/a-little-investigation/

- https://realmoarpheus.wordpress.com/2018/05/31/a-little-investigation-part-2/

- https://realmoarpheus.wordpress.com/2018/06/17/a-little-investigation-part-3/

6ae6b9  No.12086685

File: 35b65248b362622⋯.jpg (76.97 KB, 620x559, 620:559, fired.jpg)



Reminds me of this image.

bcfcdc  No.12086686


You've already posted this under a different IP >>12086247

and he's nothing like those glow-in-the-dark honey pots.

0ba172  No.12086707


Not me faggot.

Just read the evidence and get your own conclusions.

44c49b  No.12086708


No, he didn't paste it under a different IP you faggot.

b284c7  No.12086711


>muh votes

Kill yourself faggot

bcfcdc  No.12086713



That link is shown to be pants-on-head retarded already by


Reported for spam.

bcfcdc  No.12086717

File: 931aa51462b41c5⋯.jpg (67.53 KB, 606x656, 303:328, 3975702d521985e37c5c439021….jpg)



In fact, now that I think about it, it's strange that you post the link and not an archive, or just post the info here for all to read.

My guess is that Morpheus is harvesting IPs and handing them to some org, like whatever org Joan "the Hut" Donovan is working for.

0ba172  No.12086722


Use Tor.

bcfcdc  No.12086726


Also, I just remembered someone posted this in the other PL thread




It's all starting to come together...

2d276d  No.12086738



d43fb0  No.12086745



This is unsettling, who's jewing who!

Has Pattrick ever answered these questions? Is all this fabricated?

bcfcdc  No.12086746

File: d2f1a7172cefb86⋯.png (119.88 KB, 849x320, 849:320, ce3b1fe021fbdf20208e037e3c….png)

File: d80e74dec24bfe1⋯.png (174.06 KB, 1790x322, 895:161, hmm1.PNG)

File: ebf5f7355855dc6⋯.png (272.5 KB, 1793x641, 1793:641, hmm2.PNG)

b0cea4  No.12086753


dude, lotsa normal chicks become Twinkie-holics. Don't judge, unless she's trading your security for gift cards to Walmart for an all-you-can-buy on Aisle 3 compliments of the United Nations Social & Cultural Engineering department, not there's anything wrong with looking like 400 lbs of Jewish Matza ballz with chocolate chips tho; is that wrong to say?

6f3141  No.12086758

File: 06b7703298f61be⋯.png (699.28 KB, 1677x814, 1677:814, img.PNG)


Is her tracking shit just in the filename?

Who the fuck doesn't rename 100% of their images?

Pic related is just a search for *.png, each is in a directory based on context/topic.

Oh looks like there are a few that are the default 8ch filename. Probably in the "sort" directory.

3162fc  No.12086779


Little does strike be as a pied piper at best and a controlled op limited hangout at worst. I can't believe that so many /pol/acks are so willing to be completely uncritical of a man who is essentially conducting himself as a lolcow parody of nationalism.

ed1018  No.12086793


Ok, we get it; You're edgy and nihilistic. Provide an actual solution or stfu, fgt.

0ba172  No.12086799

File: 6124b8b275469bd⋯.png (237.93 KB, 506x704, 23:32, dsgzg.png)


This guy Little is not doing us a favor at all.

From a normie point of view, he is acting like a deranged ass, and pushing them further away from us.

Take in count that he is doing all his stunts in from of people not ready to understand the truth.

Redpilling is a slow and not always successful process and the pills must be ingested voluntarily the make the proper effect.

622a43  No.12086804

wetboro baptist church tier cringe shit

This guy needs to just fucking stop. Or at least associate with someone who can better direct his admittedly sincere passion towards something that will be productive

8a6878  No.12086818


>Zyklon B

H2S gas is the superior gas in killing rats or really anythig tbh


3162fc  No.12086826


Exactly the kind of reaction I was expected. You know why you're attached to Little? Same exact reason people like and defend Faggot Alex Jones, Impotent Donald Trump, and the entire Alt-kike in general. They all give you a little bit of what you want to hear then heap it on with a layer of excuses and schemes to take your money, your energy, and your time while they give you nothing but the feeling that you're doing something in return. If we are, in any way, shape, or form a threat to the (((powers that be))) you can expect them to do things to manipulate us, put our efforts into dead ends, and steal from us. They will put forward false hopes and promote them to the best of their ability. Organizations will be subverted if they aren't already controlled and politicians will be corrupted. We have to be critical when we try to determine if someone is legitimate or not, otherwise everything we work for will disappear in the wind.

622a43  No.12086831


you're more retarded than Patrick Little. alt-retard.

21bc2a  No.12086873

File: 2873473ebab7ad4⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 717x613, 717:613, 4b7982d0510a3c1d5a236f8eb.jpg)



Not deterministic.

What I got from that page is what I already sensed about Little: No sufficient experience in making and owning business, law, and property management (and/or similarly, lacking sufficient work experience for those who make and own their autocratic means). In addition, he appears to to have experience in automation, robotics, manufacturing, and industrial operations engineering. In short, his success in IT has been working for others who own nothing and answer to no physicals or actuals of memory. This means he will be, by his skill and experience alone, both simultaneously successful in one spot, and highly prone to failure one inch off of that spot (because he hasn't seen that spot before, though it be immediately adjacent). To this, he must have his own vigilance, and develop self-red-flag methods, so as to continuously develop intrinsic instinctual lie detection skills (again, because he does not have the underwriting of experience in excellence and paying for victory himself out of his own means, in those areas also necessary for self reliance; i.e. easily lied to). And to that specific end, he appears to be making progress.

Add that so-far-so-good specific proof, to his willingness to attack the kike group account used for shit/debt-flinging and concomitant wealth-thieving, and I believe Little's actions are in fact in the image of what must happen (and will happen, regardless).

A grant of continue remains with Little.

60ca7b  No.12086882

wew, yidsrapekids.com has some top tier redpilling info.

it's stuff all of us have heard a million times, but he puts it out in a way to redpill normies. everything from jews hate christians, excerpts from the talmud, etc… good shit.

alittle surprised he left out quotes from people like ben franklin, etc, or has a list of countries that have banned kikes, but still pretty good.

ec8099  No.12086890


>false hope

Exactamundo, mi amigo. That's exactly what Little serves as. Little is the goal keeper for the radicals of our far right ideal; capture them in the log and/or prevent them from taking the killing blows that are needed. I find his act entertaining and at some points, absurd derailment. I'd take up the mission of Jew naming if my time wasn't taken up by work and I had a comfy +100K savings like Little to be unemployed. Definitely odd when a guy comes around with no sort of job and can spend his days like this. I could be able to live if I had enough saved up myself but it certainly raises eyebrows. Anyone runs into an unemployed suited guy living his dream and some think he must be part of some sort of criminal enterprise. Little never clarified where the funding is coming from. And he's definitely not inhabiting residence at a couchsurf on a day-by-day basis.

72298f  No.12086892


I can't disagree with you. It is funny to us, but to the normie he might be obnoxious. It reminds me a bit of the typical jew trick of caricature. But I don't think he's a kike nor has the heart in the wrong place.

60ca7b  No.12086908


>trump gets elected president and shifts the overton window. first time it's move to the right in hundreds of years.

but hes not going 1488!

>alex jones turns normalfags into big-picture skeptics

but he doesnt name the jew!

>little names the jew

but he doesnt kill jews!

you sound like a kike.

1f6c11  No.12086912


>If you don't let them win then they win.

this level of desperate shilling

f25146  No.12086920

File: 80ec2b40545b8b0⋯.png (192.45 KB, 776x688, 97:86, 1431396636963.png)

976146  No.12086926


Relax it with the prolix text, good god anon.

acd570  No.12086927


I don't mean to be rude or accuse you, but your response seems like pilpul. In the first half of your statement you agree with this anon that Pat is doing us no favors and actually hurts our message with normfags, but in the last half you say Pat isn't a kike and that his heart is in the right place. You see how your statement begins negative but ends positive? So is Pat just an idiot? Jew or idiot he's no one /pol/ should support. Maybe I mis-read your response.

21bc2a  No.12086930



You misunderstand.

Production must win.

Those entities are continuing production.

Yes, they also have their own expenses, and deviations from lineage of Mankind that they entertain. But so long as they keep their expenses theirs, I cannot, and will not, attack them. Further, since they continue to advance production, their actions are, have, and will continue, to have all surpluses bestowed onto them, specifically to ensure that production wins.

The Asiatics, who have so many names, and the Africans, who likewise consider themselves so 'human' and place themselves first, must go back. Back to the back of the line; if not, then back to their shit holes; if not, then back six feet under. Their exponential welfare is causing all work to disappear into the wind. Yes, more lying liars and rent seekers keep popping up, be they traitors or Asiatics or Africans by any other name. If Little's actions demonstrate that he is one, then credit will be rescinded.

572270  No.12086947

He should be protesting with signs about the USS Liberty.

f25146  No.12086953


Hard to fit that into 3 words.

976146  No.12086974


have you done one fucking thing of significance in your entire life you stupid nigger?

3162fc  No.12086999


<trump gets elected president and shifts the overton window. first time it's move to the right in hundreds of years.

Trump is left of Hillary circa 2006. The Overton Window was never as far left as the media had tricked the public into thinking it was. Trump didn't move the window right at all, he just stopped actively pushing it left and let the media realign its narrative to electoral reality. Reminder that Trump is pro-homosexual, pro-zionist, and publicly claimed he wouldn't have a problem if his own daughter decided to be a coalburner.

<but he doesnt name the jew!

I'd forgive him if that was his only offense. The fact is Alex Jones puts forward conspiracy narratives that are complete nonsense and fall apart with the slightest bit of scrutiny, and reports on actual news involving migrant crime and similarly serious topics, creating an opportunity for the mainstream press to spin these stories too as though they are merely a conspiracy theory.

Jones' ex-wife (beard) is Jewish. Why would a homosexual man have a Jewish ex-wife? She's clearly his handler. Furthermore, Jones worked behind the scenes to obstruct syndication of fellow Patriot movement conspiracy theorist Michael Collins Piper's radio show (MCP wrote books fingering the Mossad as being instrumental in both the King and JFK assassinations as well as other books critical of Israel). Jones is a flat-out shill.

>but he doesnt kill jews!

That was never my criticism, nor would it be. I'm not retarded, I can assess what would be appropriate courses of action at this moment in this situation. I think the way Little conducts himself is intended to shock the majority of the public into disassociating themselves from any white identity movement by confronting them with the kind of cartoon stereotype of an anti-semite sperg that you get from Hollywood drivel like American History X. When I look at Patrick Little I see Frank Collin 2.0.

2e2c71  No.12087020


you arent going to win by sucking normie cocks

f25146  No.12087076

File: 6380ec47dc2ec98⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1137x4995, 379:1665, QuarantiningHateSpeech.png)


Does this mean anti-Patrick Little shilling is being done by Data & Society?




Really gets the central nerve cluster tingling.

21bc2a  No.12087088


Were those that were going to dissociate not already going to do so regardless? Were they not already cowards, or the meek? Not that meek is bad, but if you can't or won't fight, then you best state that and get to which ever corner you think is going to provide your butter for free.

Example construct: Walk down the street. Interact normally and build a commons. Then say that the holocaust is a lie, a giant ad, much like slavery and other gibbs programs. Then people pick sides (close up as "for" or "against") or remain talking (either to gain more accounting of what they took for granted, or to troll, all the same).

Yes, their will be cowards on both sides of a given framework. Shock will happen. But rather, they were already cowards, and already shocked into submission. So all that comes of is the mask, for many. And the opportunity for chain reaction memetics to further unmask.

Where Little goes from there, and how much of the cartoon he tempers to stick to facts (when not advertising), can't occur in a vacuum. The surrounding populations are all wearing cloaks and/or addicting/opioiding away. The objective should be to change both.

0ba172  No.12087100

File: 0a1ee955e458adf⋯.jpg (20.35 KB, 391x391, 1:1, 1.jpg)


>anti-Patrick Little shilling

You are calling it shilling instead of addressing the issues and the evidence showed.

Therefore, who is shilling who?

36e0a1  No.12087127

Bump for pat

0dcae4  No.12087131


>2nd pic.

>That shit eating grin on the guy behind the blimp.

Well at least his minions are having fun. Glad to see him looking happy as well. Keep calling (((them))) out Little.

f25146  No.12087137



That's Emily.

0ba172  No.12087170

File: 8157a0a6560627b⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 518x740, 7:10, 2.jpg)


You may have a point, but reality begs to differ.

Patrick Little is campaigning into enemy territory. The stunts published on internet are only effective with a tiny tiny fringe part of the electorate; for the rest, he is pushing them for a "sane" alternative: the kike's establishment parties.

At the same time he is reinforcing the crazy, bigot and anti-semite nazi stereotype in the normie's minds.

He and his handlers are not stupid and know perfectly well what they are doing.

bb0fff  No.12087213

File: 08e54a994bdf991⋯.jpeg (831.67 KB, 2000x2006, 1000:1003, 1 8uIyP_SdPgESvwn5289X-Q.jpeg)

File: dc9d5871882980d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1744x2400, 109:150, vd7qekk3z5211.png)

Wow, look at these shills in this image. These deranged lunatics thinking they can convince normies that anti-semitism is good using shocking slogans and images. A REAL /pol/ user will denounce this kind of shock and awe tactic as what it is: CIA Jewry.

Right guys? Right?

21bc2a  No.12087249


I don't know what you are trying to hold on to.

Let there be no safety.

No safe ground, no sanctuary, no refuge.

I want each establishment's welfare programs and rolls to flood, fracture, and betray the meek they so claim to support. Programs of narrative, programs of cash, programs of comfort, programs of all group accountings.

Let all, who would so freely give up their due diligence, what little might and able-ness and choice they have, have nothing. Let them all leech and cannibalize each other, in their own codependency treasonous hell.

Because that's what's coming.

Enough with chimera's calling themselves "human;" the word "human" has been cannibalized itself. There is only Mankind, only of Fathers and Sons, and all others must choose their allegiance. No more "human" centipedes will be afforded, nor can be afforded.

3162fc  No.12087250

File: c068d96d7c2012b⋯.jpg (135.51 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, Frank Collin.jpg)


Dressing up like GLR doesn't make you GLR

bb0fff  No.12087266


That's not the point. If your entire argument is that what he is doing is evidence he's a shill then how does that mean anything? We KNOW why Frank Collin was a kike, can you explain why Little is a kike? Don't you get it?

defb53  No.12087280


You think like a Jew.

Just saying something blunt, but with the force of full conviction, sways the weak-minded. "Jews fuck kids" is a short, three-syllable statement of fact that can kickstart a normie onto the red-brick road. Calling out the poisoners of wells forces well poisoners to start the discussion from the unproductive position of proving they don't poison wells. See how it works? Just blast the hinges off and kick in the door. Whatever happens then just happens.

46292e  No.12087287


who cares either way, his trolls are actually funny

0ba172  No.12087297

File: 406afce92b6902c⋯.png (114.85 KB, 494x702, 19:27, Surf the Kali Yuga.png)


Anon, I understand you frustration, and I would love to believe that Little is our guy, however there are many red flags around him.

Also, from our standing, we can redpill just a small part of the population. Entertainment industry and schools are brainwashing the youth at an unstoppable rate. Degeneracy is way beyond anything thought possible and increasing. White nations are disintegrating and it is unlikely that normies ever would approve Rahowa.

Then, it is just about to wait for a chance to overturn the kike's plan for our genocide.

In the end, the solution is not the electoral process.

3162fc  No.12087304


Little appears to be doing suspiciously well for himself, despite having left behind a well-paying job to become essentially a full-time political activist. His background on how he came to be brought to his positions is lifted straight off of the TRSodomite boilerplate. As far as I know, despite living within the People's Republic of Commiefornia he has not been subject to much in the way of harassment by law enforcement or attacks by communist activists. In fact, his Senate campaign might as well have been a fundraiser for Jewish money to be injected to the Democratic party, in a state full of Jewish money that they literally cannot lose. He essentially came from nowhere, he is everywhere now, and he conducts himself in a manner that we should look at with the utmost scrutiny, considering that he is is setting himself up as a leader in a new natsoc inspired movement (and is therefore a public representative of what many of us believe). I'm not saying that he's a fed, a kike. or a shill for sure, he just smells like he could be one and that possibility can't go unexplored.

fc86fd  No.12087307

File: 06d541e6db42bd6⋯.gif (29.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, you deserve a jew for your….gif)


>anti-Semitism belongs on /pol/

0ba172  No.12087308

File: 1de6706a674eacc⋯.jpg (52.23 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Pepe - (323).jpg)


>can you explain why Little is a kike?

Read the thread before you type.

Specially: >>12086680

36e0a1  No.12087312



He would have a better sound set up if he had kike or glow nigger funds.

If there is one criticism I have it's that Pat and his camera man seem boomer tech as fuck. They need a sound guy, and an editor asap. Better quality signs too.

46292e  No.12087315



just stop with the speculation. he's funny either way so it doesn't fucking matter what his intentions are.

what i want in this thread is more ufo >>12086145 sightings, preferably video evidence.

f25146  No.12087317

File: 2a700539177d393⋯.jpg (413.67 KB, 2402x969, 2402:969, CaryElwes.jpg)

21bc2a  No.12087319


>… the solution is not the electoral process

Again, I don't know what you're trying to hold on to.

If you are meek yourself, then stay within your means. Stay within your means, regardless. What means of yours are you concerned with Little impeding? Why do you, who claim worry about {X}, use rahowa unironically – a thing that is dead center in the set of "prior fails" (created by the CIA itself)?

>not the electoral process

I state again, that all must and will choose their allegiance. That absolutely includes the State, and all agents within it and without it. The welfare via make-believe jobs and other failed/decompensatory regulations are at the center of all that the communists have pushed.

b35c42  No.12087320


Easy there Tiger. Normies = Followers. It is going to be difficult to have a civilization if you kill off all of the followers. It would kind of leave a bunch of people that are just out for each others throats, especially if they are the kind of people like yourself who are out to murder 90%+ of all White people.

Hate to shit on your larp here bro, but it is going to be a bit difficult putting yourself into power running on the platform, "I am going to kill 90%+ of all White people when I get into power."

You could be a bit more focused on orienting our people towards embracing Life and purging toxic and corrupting elements from our nations, but I guess the reality of a healthy volk should not be expected from a larping internet faggot such as yourself.


Please stop pointing out reality, you are liable to hurt people's feelings here … and that's just not nice.

27dd95  No.12087322


46292e  No.12087323


>What Patrick Little is doing, is to feed the eternal victim hood of the kikes.

but he doesn't do that, the worst thing he did was put someone in jail for getting physical which was funny and proved a point about these people.

36e0a1  No.12087344

0ba172  No.12087404

File: 19360c902756934⋯.jpg (45.4 KB, 460x562, 230:281, aaa.jpg)



Newfags want to believe that dancing the kike's game of democracy they will reach to dreamed goals.

f25146  No.12087425


The picture is a joke, he just looks similar.

0ba172  No.12087426


But the jew in the middle is for real.

4ddbe8  No.12087430


probably both

>flies kite for 30 secs , makes sheckles in donations

hes a fucking kike damn this threads are completely empty.

Why not someone else. Why little. Sure not jew i understand but just someone better not this retard

9c3fa2  No.12087436


It should be

>Holocaust was fake

Discourse of raping kids goes nowhere. Everyone rapes kids.

>whites rape kids

>men rape kids

>so what?

9c3fa2  No.12087439


Oh, wait. Patrick Little probably believes that holocaust was real, right?

fc86fd  No.12087441


Nope, he's on record saying the opposite.

Oh wait, you probably knew that, right kike?

bb0fff  No.12087443


No, he actually protested at a holocaust memorial and on the back of most of his signs he mentions the holohoax lie.

973ddb  No.12087444

d79c94  No.12087445


Shit your mouth when you’re talking to me. You know nothing.

10451c  No.12087452


>boomer tech

One of the dumbest memes on there. Boomer tech is largely superior to the "muh iPhone is a production crew" mentality of millennials. Boomer tech of the '80s is a golden age I hope we reach again.

t. 30 year old boomer, analog master race.

d2e34f  No.12087453

File: d9d7c40717c3546⋯.png (1 MB, 1527x579, 509:193, yidsrapekids transparent.png)

36e0a1  No.12087456


Whatever you want to call it, he needs a sound guy.

d79c94  No.12087458

Well usually it’s the kids harassing me. That’s how it is when you’re famous.

f25146  No.12087465




10451c  No.12087466


Funny enough, that's called a "boom operator".

9bd6a6  No.12087469

OY VEEEEEY the nerve of this goyim

10451c  No.12087474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Surprised this is still up on youtube, some might say that's suspicious.

901303  No.12087483




If you had read Mein Kampf, you'd know why Adolf makes a point of condemning anything to do with party politics and parliamentarianism

27c3ca  No.12087502


I heard Little's wife is an Asian.

36e0a1  No.12087509


>boom operator


>Yep, believe me kid, that thing gets heavy after awhile.


>have I ever told you about that time I did some coke on the set of a Nicholson flick?

>good times, good times

f25146  No.12087513


Austrian apparently. Although there have been hints in his videos that they are separated because of his stunts causing antifa to stalk their place and leave written death threats on the door etc…

19e9b7  No.12087518


What's with the filename there? Is that you, Joan?


f25146  No.12087524


It's possibly just phone posters. I don't post by phone so I wouldn't be able to test that theory.

27c3ca  No.12087532


Antifa needs to be completely dismantled.

9eb385  No.12087559

File: 83cb53aaaafc693⋯.jpeg (237.14 KB, 750x713, 750:713, D308E126-6B2E-4227-A01D-9….jpeg)


Fuck off mutt.

6e9b9b  No.12087598



Now wait for the faggots at TRS and DS to tell us why we shouldn't do this, and instead why we should be more kosher, republican and just troll shit online instead of actually doing anything IRL. Bonus for saying "goon squads" 5 or more times.

8b584a  No.12087630

File: 4e281f99e2ae586⋯.png (138.35 KB, 500x679, 500:679, ー-in-george-lincoln-rockwe….png)


Fuck off kike shill.

100869  No.12087677

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



In another recent video, Patrick Little announced that he keeps a “binder” of everything that is sent to him by fellow Nazis and white supremacists, so that it can later be used against them in court. Little stated that government agents will then have “fingerprints”, along with everything that they need in order to prosecute the people that donate to, and support his campaign. He was recently denied entry to Canada, after he gladly turned over the files that he kept with him to Canadian government officials.

000000  No.12087687


>It is impossible for any people to peacefully coexist with the Jewish race.

Get fucked with your acceptance pretense and your J*. The jewish people are not a race but an ethnicity that spans all the races because they are race-mixed afro-asiatic mongrels.

>jews are a race and deserve pan-national protection as one

>jews have a right to self determination in isnotreal

This is your platform.

086567  No.12087700

All races will come together to stop the kikes! Whether the kikes want it or not!

I can already imagine JIDF shills panicking X'D

000000  No.12087703


I am still voting for you, though, since I think you are just meming too hard and spilling some of your spaghetti.

>t. bay area voter

035b7b  No.12087711



This helps the jews somehow.

cc1686  No.12087729


You forgot to sage you dumb glowing nigger

114419  No.12087744


they expect one of us in the wreckage brother


Was jewsrapekids.com already taken?

bb0fff  No.12087775


He doesn't say in that video that he is holding information in order to prosecute people that support or donate to him. He's saying that in the event somebody mails him saying, "I am going to be bombing a federal building," that he is going to protect himself and his organization.

He also didn't 'gladly' turn anything over, it was 'found' and confiscated. If you want to perceive a very mundane few sentences as something nefarious you're gonna need to find a clip of him saying something that means anything.

The amount of information you're embellishing and reading into is shocking and I hope everybody actually watches the video and see for themselves whether or not Patrick Little is datamining supporters with the explicit purpose of using it against them in court.

78f462  No.12087779



This fallacy of thinking that if only we dress up our beliefs then suddenly the kike media wont call us nazis and we can win elections

some people can win some elections

but if some other people wanna actually be honest and call out yids raping kids then let them you insufferable faggot

I bet you dont like Rockwell either

100869  No.12087816


>Little never clarified where the funding is coming from.


f9df6d  No.12087818

File: f9b8e1e2790537f⋯.jpg (8.6 KB, 208x215, 208:215, woman in red.jpg)


Anyone else notice this chick shadowing him the whole time?

114419  No.12087830


>Surprised this is still up on youtube, some might say that's suspicious.

If you looked at it you'd realise it was a copy, and reuploaded from some previous version.

114419  No.12087834


>Anyone else notice this chick shadowing him the whole time?

>being this tarded

There are obviously two people with him filming him. One in front and one behind. She looks like the person in the OP's photo.

59d4e8  No.12087881

File: 3975702d521985e⋯.jpeg (630.81 KB, 1714x1070, 857:535, fatsister.jpeg)

File: 00a03faff178287⋯.png (194.86 KB, 531x610, 531:610, sjwjoandonovanlunchwillbes….png)

635081  No.12087884


This is exactly the type of retardation the Jews and every other group controlling the world is counting on.

0ba172  No.12087889

File: 509f30201707f8e⋯.jpg (76.92 KB, 580x345, 116:69, Jewish symbol at the White….jpg)


No faggot.

I am saying that you have to be more intelligent when you talk to normies.

To make them swallow the pill about rape is impossible without a previous preparation. To normies it sounds crazy and slanderous and most likely is going to backfire.

Remember, lemmings don't know and they don't want to know.

A different approach is needed.

be0f89  No.12087896



A fair it o honesty from which Jews scurry back to the shadows.




classic memes, thanks

9eb385  No.12087919






Lol absolute state of amerimutt antisemetism

238bb4  No.12087928


That pic..

Fucking outrageous, we should be able to light crosses on the white house lawn eclipse or not. It's only fair.

07df7a  No.12087932


I read that as "Jew hammer" for a second there I thought it had started.

100869  No.12087937

File: e9dabcd9997cc5b⋯.jpg (667.15 KB, 1263x3239, 1263:3239, Patrick Little U.S. Milita….jpg)

File: 0395215ec2a4c38⋯.jpg (558.77 KB, 2540x880, 127:44, Patrick Little C.I.A. S.O.….jpg)

United States PSYOP units and soldiers of all branches of the military are prohibited by law from targeting U.S. citizens with PSYOP within the borders of the United States (Executive Order S-1233, DOD Directive S-3321.1, and National Security Decision Directive 130).

7d5ffd  No.12087951

Hey Gents

I think it would make Patrick Little come across a little less kooky and make him a little more effective if he was handing out fliers that provided some information and explained his statement "jews rape kids."

If some of you wanted to make them, they could be emailed to him, and perhaps he would do so, more information would be disseminated, therein, we all win.

9993d9  No.12087964


>all branches of the military are prohibited by law

believing this given the obvious psyops carried out all the time, the coverups, and total lack of prosecutions

Here's the rules we play by goy, you must also play by these rules. We will never break these rules. We hate Little, Nehlen, Duke and Trump, booo.

d185a1  No.12087974

>all of these TRS/TDS opticsniggers trying to build false consensus on Pat

Reminder that they're completely buttblasted because Patrick exposed Enoch, weev, Kessler, and all of the other fed faggots trying to run us into the ground. Or do you think these avatarfags in this thread are organic? They just can't help themselves. Here's a video where Pat talks about the "muh optics" controlled opposition.


df08e1  No.12088040

Pat Little endorses the Goyim Defense League and so should you.

5204a8  No.12088056


thats emily youcis or however you spell it

d6037a  No.12088066

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Patrick Little was also guesting on Swedish Nordic Resistance Movement (their English speaking channel, the Nordic Frontier), for anyone interested.

98362a  No.12088067

File: 9dcca0e8536fc17⋯.jpeg (62.09 KB, 1024x500, 256:125, 5430826D-37DF-436D-AB12-8….jpeg)

aa1fae  No.12088073


>Trying to put White people into different groups and pit them against each other.

Sounds a bit kikish.

I will watch that video, but rather than just pushing forward against the kikes, he wants to do just like you are trying to do, D&C.I am getting suspicious of Little.

"jews rape kids" is a very shitty approach to take to normies anyhow. Something like, "jews are working to enslave you." Would make sense and feasibly be productive. "jews rape kids" sounds like it is more TRYING to play into kike propaganda.

e6c7ea  No.12088092

I think its a good thing someone is going out there and showing pussy faggots nothing will happen to you if you openly name the jew in white areas.

766d56  No.12088104

>muh elections!

c31706  No.12088125

File: acac7b354dc896a⋯.jpg (198.15 KB, 358x862, 179:431, rapedbyjews.jpg)

6937fa  No.12088148


It has the same cadence as 'God Hates Fags'. Social status obsessed normies will shut it out. Emily's Molly O'Rourke poster is great though.

8aa1ca  No.12088170

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d2eced  No.12088179


I see an angry little boy who can’t think beyond the parameters set for him by his master, like a dog that never leaves the front yard. Doing something to you obviously means getting into politics, making propaganda, namefagging crass memes. You don’t mind if this system remains utterly intact so long as you and yours are “winning”. Fools.

301468  No.12088272













ba5931  No.12088324

what we have to do is to find a way to name the jew in areas where it is forbidden by law

this will be the most effective

and it should be phrases that wake people up about war history

3c7d36  No.12088352


>assuming we didnt inspire him

Jews eat kids

9a1bb3  No.12088388

File: 0936476963d9d07⋯.webm (6.38 MB, 512x288, 16:9, silly jidf.webm)

File: ee01ffba4407b11⋯.jpg (152.84 KB, 512x512, 1:1, everyone above this line i….jpg)




>all those kvetching alphabet niggers


918d32  No.12088414

File: d34565136cf198c⋯.jpg (26.29 KB, 320x400, 4:5, c5f76bb2dac665b770157eb26a….jpg)


>This helps the jews somehow.

As soon as he starts having rallies, you can bet the kikes will record every face and name they can of the people who show up. Then they will probably have their armies of internet shills trace those fuckers down and ruin their livelihoods, their families, and their friendships.

044ba0  No.12088449


We need more women like her Lauren Rose cucked out ;_;

7f1e25  No.12088451

The Owls will crush you.

82fbfe  No.12088550

File: eb7b177ce8b99b7⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 400x396, 100:99, 1516497256236.jpg)


Lauren Rose is a thot and the last type of person anybody needs.


I don't think he would have rallies unless he coule be reasonably sure they would be Trump sized.

By that point, doxing becomes a futile exorcise since it is already too late.

82fbfe  No.12088561


Is that the actual logo? lol

1c3bb0  No.12088584

File: 27fbfbb3213f7c0⋯.jpeg (40.17 KB, 298x298, 1:1, HALE.jpeg)

918d32  No.12088590



The Little ain't brittle.

e14c72  No.12088593

File: bca75723d35d704⋯.png (607.05 KB, 641x853, 641:853, ukv46zngb47ry1mijpi4uh0q87….png)

File: 30a3fb6068f4882⋯.webm (14.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, take_me_to_the_river2.webm)

ce9bb8  No.12088606


Of course I looked at it. Did you? It's been there Since early August.

03a2a8  No.12088612

e98c71  No.12088616

this low energy, low budget, glow in the dark faggot bought a big 5 raft for his gay stunt? just rent a fucking boat. this dude is such a controlled faggot

03a2a8  No.12088619


then you do better nigger

e98c71  No.12088641


im not the fucking bastion of nupol so that isnt ky responsibility, faggot. if i was i would do better, and if i expected support i would do better. George Lincoln Rockwell did better, as was his responsibility. so stfu and suck my dick bitch.

03a2a8  No.12088668


>i would do better, but i dont feel like it!

>id rather attack people at least trying to make a difference!

actually roll over and die

78f462  No.12088679



imagine being this much of a faggot

b284c7  No.12088733


>but it is going to be a bit difficult putting yourself into power running on the platform, "I am going to kill 90%+ of all White people when I get into power."

Jews are doing that right now and seem to be doing fairly well for themselves. By definition, normies will not resist. That is why you take power. You don't ask them for permission.

e14c72  No.12088749

File: f01479f9e1b8932⋯.jpeg (79.52 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1480384552933.jpeg)


Nambla calls their boy victims "chickens"

This is fucking rage inducing.

This Kike fuck is signaling to his Kike overlords in hollywood to climb the pedo ladder.

>Checked his Twitter feed. Looks like the sneaky fuck might've deleted all his tweets.

Think we should dig a bit on this one.

<Look at the way she breaks the forth wall and looks over to the director as she starts grinding. She's been groomed for this shit

3c83f5  No.12088789

Sitting in class reading this, while my professor tells us that race doesn't exist based on what we know about modern genetics. I don't understand why you have to go to college to become a medical doctor, academia is working with their own mythos now. Thinking about going and becoming a sheep herder or something.

e98c71  No.12088821



do better then, bitch. you are literally doing the exact same thing as me, but pretending that you are doing something because you show your support. good job boomer, do nothing and take credit via support. blow your fucking brains out.

2e5aec  No.12088871

Jesus Christ the shills are winning.

>antisemiyism is Ziomism

Ok so by zionism you mean the kikes all run back to Isreal, so we have them all.in one.place for a much easier attack? And thats bad? These shills arent fooling anyone. Zionism, as used by yids, means taking over the world, not getting sent back to home base.

>normies cant digest this

I call bullshit. Seeing something like that causes shock, but later at night when you camt sleep, its things like that that folks decide to look into, out of curiosity. Which leads them to find out the truth for themselves.


d2d16a  No.12088874


>Hitlerite cult of personality.

He lost. The past is gone.

0782e3  No.12088878

File: 62e061005059592⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 224x273, 32:39, 1500711360050.jpg)

What does this accomplish except demonization of white nationalism and Jewish tribalism?

1e504d  No.12088900



You are walking backwards if you don't step on the gas. We are already 50% of the population - how long do you want to wait? Until the boomers are dead and we are 30%? Say the truth about jews enough until it is accepted. And it will be.

8aa1ca  No.12088915


If only Hitler would have been a Republican who made sure his supporters voted hard enough, then he would have won.

d2d16a  No.12088930


>speaking truth to power, speakin gentile monocausal antisemitism to jewish supremacists and their sexually and criminally compromised shabbos goyim

>seeking political power through cultual critical mass

>not organizing politically at the local level

>trying to convince anyone that urgency is top priority

There just might be a better way than this.

9d06f2  No.12088936


>urgency isn’t top priority

The race war starts in 20 years at the latest. You have no argument.

d2d16a  No.12088948


Are you stupid or something? Urgency is my priority, which is why I’m arguing that the peaceful protest game is for suckers. If you consider what they call hatespeech a violence akin to transitional military dictatorship/coup, then I can see why you think I have no argument. But that would be as absurd as the fact that this is a comments section on steroids and your mentally retarded self can’t be bothered to read before you emote. You have no argument, braindead fuck.

6fbb3e  No.12089003

File: 8afbe05845f7a47⋯.jpg (44.63 KB, 400x580, 20:29, uc3acs7kc8j11.jpg)






etc there's just too many (((You)))s to give out

JEWISH SHILL GANG GANG sweating bullets and working full time on this one. And remember SPED's; Yids Rape Kids.

0ba172  No.12089014

File: 0e3185340466c26⋯.jpg (26.24 KB, 349x350, 349:350, Pony.jpg)


>LITTLE 2020

Another (((System))) delusion as Trump 2016.

Not one of the all the pro Little shills have addressed >>12086680 and >>12086247 , it is telling.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Get a pony for low quality shilling.

6fbb3e  No.12089026

File: 0076702b1d09087⋯.jpg (69.44 KB, 472x603, 472:603, 1507293113718.jpg)

Careful Goys! Don't be antisemitic in public. Keep posting on 8chan and sucking down tendies. Don't take any action that would have a real world impact, especially not inside your own community. Antisemitism is the new zionism you know goyim? See it's right here in this A Wyatt Mann comic that I missed the point of. The normies will never understand you, may as well kill yourself. Shalom!

dc610a  No.12089034


I didn't know that fluent jew was so easy to learn.

6fbb3e  No.12089041

File: 58f6ae84a515349⋯.png (1.42 MB, 718x896, 359:448, rulay2gxp9z01.png)



Shalom, good sir!

Don't engage with shill posters


that's all they have left. they're shaking and scared. this is absolute desperation.

6fbb3e  No.12089045

File: aaf0f58556e30f0⋯.jpg (145.79 KB, 1113x825, 371:275, e51f7f6284e08f6dcc2de5f9c0….jpg)

when they have to trudge atomwaffen from the depths to pull a "whatcha doin there goyim"

they're afraid. they know their time of control and subversion of the west is running short.

d2d16a  No.12089087


>Only language perceived as antisemitic (speech a jew doesn’t like) produces real world impacts

>If you aren’t in the public square reeing that ‘yids rape kids’ you are doing nothing and nay as well kill yourself

Lies by omission. Culture jamming like leftist environmentalists or shutting down corporate infrastructure would have a greater impact. You’re trying to coopt people’s will to resist their masters by stripping them of their imaginations and sorting them into political ideological boxes. And then you will tell them there is no left/right hegelian paradigm, that what they’re doing is special. Uh huh.

facc36  No.12089128



he's a real life pol funnyman who names the jew. he needs to work on his soft opens and reading people more, but he's even pretty good at it.

your entire argument is simply expecting more from him. republicans couldn't contest elections until this year. its california. ever heard of voter fraud? follow many elections on the west coast? the idea anyone would expect him to ever get in a debate with feinstein or get elected is a joke.

human individuals aren't cattle, contrary to your talmudic beliefs, and there's more to it that maximizing the squeeze. He's doing his own thing, and if your only argument is to compare him to an autistically constived avatar of what you think he should have been, you really just don't have one.

facc36  No.12089135


the guy's out in the street naming the Jew and you're on pol contriving talmudic arguments about how that's not good enough.

4ed4a2  No.12089173


Another genius employing full creative license calls me talmudic, big surprise. Not the same old projection at all. “Give Hollywood antisemitism a chance! Nothing wrong with unironic support of an exaggerated caricature! He’s improving in his ability to generate a spectacle!” “Your entire argument is ABOUT HIM! Let’s keep the focus on whether Little deserves out support as a celebrity despite his antics! Hail Paul! He’s so brave, a real warrior! Real power is social media virality!” <Snore> Dime a dozen. Or should I say per post?

234a71  No.12089180


Hello francis. Now get out.

facc36  No.12089181


your entire bleep bloop people are sheep who must be squeezed rationalizations for your posts are straight from the talmud. you can't even see the human element to any of this because you're entirely detached from it. that's why it was easy to tell that you're jewish.

4ed4a2  No.12089191


>straight from the talmud

Show me where. I’ll wait.

facc36  No.12089223


why would a poster who isn't jewish be so invested in showing 8chan that "the goyim are human cattle" isn't a central theme to the talmud?

really gets the noggin joggin. do they still pay you if your shilling is so obvious?

didn't click but i'm sure this has the quotes and references you're looking for


and i'm out because you don't deserve the shekels for keeping me going. your own posts should out you to the reader enough on their own.

100869  No.12089225

File: 471ee06d2ee2733⋯.jpeg (309.08 KB, 1088x1920, 17:30, Patrick Little's Hook Nos….jpeg)

File: 9fe4db7eaab8a3d⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, Patrick Little's Hook Nose….jpg)

Does anyone know the name of the hook nosed Jew in these photographs? He's Patrick Little's PSYOP partner who video records all of Patrick's public performance art.

4ed4a2  No.12089227


I didn’t ask you to speculate about my character or biography in order to establish epistemic authority. I asked you to show me where in the talmud you found my comment, fuckhead.

4ed4a2  No.12089239


Naturally you produced some CIAnigger tripe and scurried off. Die in a fire.

facc36  No.12089240


the central theme to every single one of your comments is the lack of ability to see the human element in what patrick little (the goyim) does.


that's not a very jewish looking nose. looks more niggerized. it has no hook shape and its flared at the base. more likely slavic.

55907a  No.12089244

File: 14abba46fd551af⋯.jpg (118.75 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1531136056322.jpg)


>having fun

They're so cool.

acd570  No.12089245


>dark hair

>dark semitic skin

>nose curves downward

Looks like a Jew to me. I'm also interested in (((his))) name.

facc36  No.12089247



>die in a fire

>etc just read his posts

why does this ID post in goon dialect?

0c6712  No.12089263

Pat is a mossand conop

If he really cared about exposing the JQ to the masses he would treat it with more care and finesse.

Instead of going around screaming "kikes rape kids" he should have signs that call out the atrocities israel has been responsible for, jewish supremacy, 9/11, USS liberty etc.

He was hired to make JQ truthers look like nuts so they can discredit it in the future.

100869  No.12089265


>that's not a very jewish looking nose.

Wrong. He's clearly Jewish, and probably also an ADL or Mossad operative.

100869  No.12089273


>Pat is a mossand conop

Patrick Little is a CIA/SOCOM operative. But his hook nosed Jewish buddy is possibly Mossad or Israeli military intelligence.

bb0fff  No.12089277

facc36  No.12089280


what is armenization

without a better view of the eyes you really can't even really make a good guess, because he's not presenting the kike hair, eyebrows, or anything else.

100869  No.12089282


The proof is Patrick Little's biography, which is stereotypical CIA/Pentagon spook trash.

4ed4a2  No.12089288


>human element

You mean the element specifically targeted by psy-ops? Ever hear of jews running the opposition?

>goon language

“My ad hominems are superior to your ad hominems. Go, Paul!”

facc36  No.12089295


you don't even know how to sound like you're one of us. who says "ad hominem" on pol?

maybe the guy with the Q-Larp going on will capture the audience. you haven't.

acd570  No.12089297


What's his name?

100869  No.12089302


I think this is the Jew who calls himself "Victor Mackington." Obviously that's a pseudonym. We need to know his real name and investigate his background.

4ed4a2  No.12089305



There is no “us,” unless by that you mean “We the JIDF.” Anyone who’s been here more than ten minutes knows that.

facc36  No.12089325


dunno other than the fake names he gives to people on streams.

if you find anything substantial i'm always open to my mind being changed.


you don't sound like someone who's been on here longer than ten minutes. there's monkeycheese goon stale mid 2000s dead meme references subtly littered about posts from your id, because you don't know how to turn the goon off.

4ed4a2  No.12089331


>ad hominem is a meme

>you “sound” this way

>no argument

Paul Little is no better or worse off thanks to you. You’re an insect.

acd570  No.12089336


I doubt Pat will give /pol/ his cameraman's name on the grounds of "privacy." So just by looking at him I have to assume he's not white and likely Jewish. I'm also open to having my mind changed should he have an Armenian name or something.

facc36  No.12089361


armenization is one of the most common subracial mixtures in europeans. you really need to learn more before you start trying to identify people from a single isolated trait that's incredibly common among europeans. if you got a picture of his eyes and they look kikey or something, that's a different story.



considering the guy's been assaulted on camera, and they go to absolute bug den shitholes, privacy is a reasonable concern that shouldn't be put in quotations. occam's razor; the most sensical explanation fits within the duties of the job the guy's doing.

not to say he couldn't also be shlomo'ing, but you do understand that a normal ass white guy filming pat little probably wouldn't use their real name on stream right?

4ed4a2  No.12089366


>human element

You a bot now? You’re not even responding to the right poster.

facc36  No.12089368


more rabbiposting dehumanization of the goyim. weird how it always goes back to that with this id. makes you (((wonder)))

facc36  No.12089370


mobile and 8chan is real shit

84094b  No.12089371



acd570  No.12089379


Sure, but he doesn't really look white. In my experience people who look kinda white but not really are either mutts or Jews.

69a2c1  No.12089380


>CIA/SOCOM operative

>Mossad or Israeli military intelligence

lol is the CIA supposedly sheepdipping Mossad in the US or the other way around, if it were possible? 'Goy, let's tell everyone the truth about how Israel isn't really the greatest ally of the US to help Jews'? Is that the plan? Also, isn't SOCOM combat ops?

facc36  No.12089401


i'll agree with you that he looks like a mutt to a degree. the thing is mutts are incredibly hard to tell apart with certainty and is done through a cumulation of traits.

his nose shape could be of jewish origin, that's definitely within the realm of possibility.

but his hair, jaw, mouth, eyebrows, browbone, hairline, hair texture, and most of what else we can see doesn't look kike.

the problem being that kikes mixed with euros somewhat commonly only physically manifest in the nose and eyes. if you google jewish faces and just look at some for a while you'll never miss the stare. if you got a pic of his eyes you'd know right quick.

also some of them show no outward physical traits so it's not like my counterpoints are ruling anything out either.

just think you need more to go on. that's why i'm not discouraging you from digging for more.

acd570  No.12089411

File: 6384ce952293097⋯.jpg (113.45 KB, 1073x642, 1073:642, patrick little cameraman j….jpg)

File: e3329477c84a36d⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, patrick little cameraman j….jpg)

File: c1c7ac6852c91cc⋯.jpg (960.54 KB, 4032x1960, 72:35, patrick little cameraman j….jpg)



I've looked into his Gab and found these pictures. Not only is he clearly Jewish but he follows Andrew Anglin and Mike Enoch. Seems like another TRSodomite running PSYOPs on /pol/ with Patrick Little.

100869  No.12089418


So he's Mark Reardon? (That's "Illegal Aryan's" real name.)

100869  No.12089430


>lol is the CIA supposedly sheepdipping Mossad in the US or the other way around, if it were possible?

You obviously don't know that the CIA and Mossad have been joined at the hip since the 1950's.

>'Goy, let's tell everyone the truth about how Israel isn't really the greatest ally of the US to help Jews'?

Jewish organizations have been conducting false flag psychological operations like this since the 1940's.

>Also, isn't SOCOM combat ops?

Yes, but it's also psychological operations.

4ed4a2  No.12089440


“Endless posturing and board culture. Smug echochamber attitude is what we should aspire to or be outgrouped by people who think informal logic is “goon language”. You’re new here because you don’t “sound” like “us” and despite the issue this is what I’m focused on, because my purpose is to defend a narrative.” Fine for you, but some of us are going to aspire to something more whether you and your boss likes it or not.

100869  No.12089441



Okay, yeah, this guy is Mark Reardon ("Illegal Aryan"). He has one of these pictures on his Twitter account.


100869  No.12089445


Meant to post this link:


acd570  No.12089447



Not sure that's his real surname. Reardon is listed as Irish/Gaelic and there's no way in Hell he's Irish. Interesting find though.

100869  No.12089453


Yes, he claims that he's 2/3 Irish, in fact. I believe it.

100869  No.12089457

File: 4b7da69606946ca⋯.jpg (98.45 KB, 604x453, 4:3, reardon-tall-1.jpg)


He looks Irish here.

e3d366  No.12089458


Again you AFA cucks are trying to divide and conquer. First it was TRS, then Spencer, then Red Ice, and now this…

Fuck off

100869  No.12089462

File: e1bef39a3611f93⋯.png (184.77 KB, 235x426, 235:426, phillyantifa.orgreardon-in….png)


Looks mega Irish here.

4ed4a2  No.12089465


What matters in this context is Little’s biography, his financial and other progessional relationships. The tactics under employ matter, as well as the boundaries between ideologies and political groups. This is to put to one side what I’m also insisting matters, whether an urgent problem like demographic replacement or genocide can benefit by encouraging the left and right to call anyone who disagrees with usury and sodomy “hateful nazis”. You seem to be arguing that if we call ourselves “nazis” and say we’re proud of it, this will shift the overton window so far to the right that Literally Hitler 2.0 can be democratically elected and this time “whites” (euros AND ashkenazis) can bring back the days of the old testament and strengthen our collective racial stock. I don’t see it that way and can’t be persuaded by shoehorning, namecalling, and the other myriad distortions you purposely engage in to derail, stifle, silence, twist or otherwise pervert discussion. It’s the oldest tactic around here. Literally for years.

10ac4c  No.12089466

I wouldn't bet my shekels on him being Jewish, but it is kind of strange that he got redpilled and was running for senate in a year.

acd570  No.12089478




>2/3 Irish

I'd believe that. But look at the second picture here: >>12089411

There's a mile-wide hook in that nose. I'm more willing to believe he's Irish-Jewish.

acd570  No.12089480


Oh shit I just noticed his (((DailyStormer))) attire.

facc36  No.12089483


that second pic is a lot more questionable. not in terms of identifying him so much as OH BOY THAT'S A NOSE. definitely a honker worthy of investigating.

acd570  No.12089486


For sure. Even here >>12089462 he looks like a Yid.

facc36  No.12089487


saying "die in a fire" may as well be reddit spacing. you were outed, rabbi.

4ed4a2  No.12089489


And that’s all you have in your arsenal. Thoughtless shitposting.

10ac4c  No.12089499



100869  No.12089501



He was doxed over a year ago.

acd570  No.12089507

File: f7aec0b84b3b3fd⋯.jpg (66.14 KB, 673x491, 673:491, patrick little cameraman j….jpg)


Excellent find! It seems he works with the (((Daily Stormer))) just like the Jew who did Patrick's robocall. I hate to be paranoid but this is looking more and more like a Mossad PSYOP.

100869  No.12089508

File: 1b7fb51b1b5dd28⋯.png (41.52 KB, 963x271, 963:271, Illegal-Aryan-stormfront-i….png)

He was trying to use Stormfront as a dating site.

100869  No.12089510


>Excellent find! It seems he works with the (((Daily Stormer))) just like the Jew who did Patrick's robocall.

Scott Rhodes/Platek?

100869  No.12089514


>There's a mile-wide hook in that nose. I'm more willing to believe he's Irish-Jewish.

That would make sense. Irish-Jewish mixtures are very common in the United States.

acd570  No.12089515


Yeah. Someone posted a flier Scott made on cuckchan. Basically a Stormer advertisement. Should have saved it.

4ed4a2  No.12089520

All this evidence pointing in an obvious direction and nothing to counter it but astroturfing.

100869  No.12089524


>he follows Andrew Anglin and Mike Enoch. Seems like another TRSodomite running PSYOPs on /pol/ with Patrick Little.

Yeah, he's part of the TDS/TRS CIA spook complex.

acd570  No.12089534


Disappointing. I was hoping Pat was legitimate at first but like >>12089520 said..

2e0598  No.12089535

File: 75c1bebb202ae3c⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 599x555, 599:555, Bucko is Burning.jpg)


After working on Patrick's Cali campaign for 3 weeks I have to admit there are weird behaviors coming from people close to him. I'd still like to know who the 'Art of War' clown was he had a phone relationship with. That guy (woman?) went full kike mode the second I started floating around "money" ideas to help fund Patrick's campaign. The reactions and also obsession was full on stereo-typically semitic in nature whenever the thought of goys earning coins comes up. This guy / woman (whoever it is) immediately spoke with out-of-touch confused "boomer authority" and did everything he could to shit up as much as possible. Apparently he got Patrick to "denounce" me on some shity podcast? Like I said, really weird behaviors. It was basically one guy and my self that produce 80% of his last-minute campaign material that was worth anything. To me, it seems like Patrick is being "handled" by a group and anyone outside that group is quickly pushed aside. I think this group, whatever it was got scared at some of the good quality memes and campaign materials being produced that was outside of their control. So it was important to "denounce" some of these guys who volunteered on the chans. That type of behavior isn't normal, or organic. It reeks of a government op that demands full control over it's tightly orchestrated program using it's selected players. The chans have talented people… some of them are more talented and experienced than the idiots running these programs…. so, it scares them. When retards get scared they feel they need more control. Imagine being scared of a couple 4chan content producers volunteering in your own campaign believing they will some how steal your limelight because their content is so professional, original and groundbreaking it makes your own content look retarded. Weird behaviors…

100869  No.12089548


> It reeks of a government op that demands full control over it's tightly orchestrated program using it's selected players.

That sounds identical to how TRS and TDS operate.

acd570  No.12089556


Geez that is fucking weird. The whole operation reeks of the Intelligence Communist. It's too bad /pol/locks extend their talents for this guru or that instead of coming together as anons and producing powerful redpills, not for pay or celebrity, but simply to wake up the sleeping masses. /pol/'s potential seems to go from hibernation to full-blown powerhouse, but something or someone always runs interference in the mid-way point redirecting potential towards supporting the kosher.

acd570  No.12089558



100869  No.12089559


>I'd still like to know who the 'Art of War' clown was he had a phone relationship with.

Was it Scott Platek?

835975  No.12089569


someone tell me they have a pic of him in the blood banner shirt at the pikeville "goon squad" rally May 2017. fucking hypocrites

acd570  No.12089574


First I'm really hearing about the cameraman but maybe another anon can deliver. Interested in seeing too.

4ed4a2  No.12089589


This problem of going for a shady character’s cult of personality comes up every time a politician or youtuber pops into the picture. People say “We need leadership! Vote! Send money!” But the virtues of a leaderless movement are constantly ignored, or lost on their social-media-addled brains. It’s like they want a prize for their posts, and that prize is representation in government or infamy in the national press. Ok, then why are these people not doing left-wing entryism and trying to get hold of the politics of both sides? A kind of full leugenpresse/silicon valley content ghetto dominance. Or if they’re true right and not interested in their group participating in identity politics and competing for control of whatever power the US still has, why get duped over and over by this call to political mass movement? There are so many other ways to pursue and obtain power, but let’s stick to these absurd social experiments that mostly benefit whomever owns the servers.

acd570  No.12089606


Completely agree with this post. Even cuckchan anons are learning for themselves what you described; there's a spirit of demoralization because every group and every "leader" supported has turned out to be an enemy. Like yourself, I believe the solution is decentralized efforts. Do you have ideas on how we can encourage anons to mobilize and actively pursue change using this method?

4ed4a2  No.12089647


I wouldn’t say I have original or even good ideas. But we have metaphors all around us to make use of. The general strategy is to remain formless, and a moving target. Like it or not, the left knows a few tricks even if they are corporate/banker/kalergi apologists. Don’t like Intel backdoors? Fuck with Intel. Don’t like being passed over for good jobs? Get a bad one and spend your free time getting creative revenge. Turn daily life into chaos. Make trouble for everyone you don’t like, just do something, anything. Risk jail, steal shit, boycott everyone. Take a risk. Come up with something. Go wild, live on the fringes. Force them to protect themselves, to make hard decisions, which you then exploit. Every choice reveals their weakness, which tells you more about whatever it is they’re hiding. That would be the idea. Let history be something of a guide, but try new things. All this dicksucking of social media darlings and powerful political players is nauseating and monotheistic. Real life is right in front of us. I’m tired of coming here. Grain of salt for everything I’ve ever said.

8bf45c  No.12089657


I agree. You don't even technically have to be anonymous. Just make it about the movement and the people as opposed to yourself. Your identity is worthless. You are a vessel, a mouthpiece, for something far greater.

9afbdb  No.12089677

File: 3a13d0bff3e199b⋯.gif (60.11 KB, 340x340, 1:1, question-mark-confused.gif)


I think you missed the point…

233f62  No.12089679

File: 19bc016a636137e⋯.jpg (107.02 KB, 501x585, 167:195, conniving-dorito-face.jpg)


>It appears that Little shot himself in the back of the head five times, cut himself into small cubes, placed the cubes into a garbage bag, and threw the garbage bag into a river.

<Authorities say the death of the congress-hopeful is probably a suicide.

acd570  No.12089685


I've been given a lot to think about. The methods described in this thread, especially >>12089647 I believe is the way forward. Remaining now is the "how" of the matter: how can we encourage anons to think and live in this way? This is perhaps the most important question, even more so than the mainline "Jewish Question," because the answer to how we can motivate the herd to leave their familiar grasslands will solves the JQ. Thanks for the insight, anons.

4ed4a2  No.12089686

There is little wrong with putting yourself at risk in meatspace using your slave identity, if your purpose is to defend your family, your people, community, nation. But the illegal Mexicans don’t mind a little identity theft and as a matter of success and survival you might not either. However, this kind of resistance need not involve criminal activity. You can build and create and have pet causes the way leftists do. Your thefts can be laundered into nation-supporting enterprises. You can do much evil in order to restore the good. The hope is that a nation can come forward that has economic, artistic, intellectual, military, and other kinds of power because you will need every goddamned bit once you win.

a52800  No.12089694

File: ed0a956c4b2d89b⋯.jpg (108.67 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1526533627505.jpg)

6fc34c  No.12089696

File: 783a89e982d69fd⋯.png (148.87 KB, 784x762, 392:381, bane anon.png)


>As soon as he starts having rallies, you can bet the kikes will record every face and name they can of the people who show up. Then they will probably have their armies of internet shills trace those fuckers down and ruin their livelihoods, their families, and their friendships.

Good. That's exactly what needs to happen for Whites to stand up and fucking fight these goddamn kikes.

As long as our race is anesthetized via jew media and comfy with their high fructose corn syrup and cheap weed they will continue to let themselves be genocided. It's in the White race's best interest to have the kikes running amok ruining lives and really pissing normalfags off. It's the key to starting a mass awakening and eventual extermination of the semitic parasite from the earth. The sooner the fucking better.

a52800  No.12089697


the madman did it again

07a14a  No.12089698


Fat roastie cunt getting blown out. Love it.

a52800  No.12089703

File: b142e9f92a31026⋯.png (70.29 KB, 243x249, 81:83, 1535493267412.png)

4ed4a2  No.12089716


As I said my pov is unoriginal. But things which ought to go without saying seem to need said in this place. This is doubtless a datamining sandbox. The worst tragedy is we could at least be out there making children if nothing else.

>inb4 hello fbi advising criminal behavior

My overall point is that if people really meant this shit we’d ve sharing scientific ideas and finding ways to make connections and do all kinds of things.

a52800  No.12089720

File: dc0b082a21beab4⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 340x360, 17:18, 1535493259260.jpg)



seriously kill yourself kike.

4ed4a2  No.12089729

It’s like you can’t even get across the point that you don’t have to be Hitler to “gas” some “jews”. King Terry does it just by hitting the gas pedal.

a52800  No.12089732

File: 2a84f08fa5bc315⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1112x834, 4:3, 3f8g7f9hgiyfugiu.png)


based af

b318d9  No.12089740

I already had a thread for this you stupid faggots. Nothing but shills in here switching ids and having concern trolling conversations with themselves.

4ed4a2  No.12089741


One last little point: I don’t like board culture and policing of terminology because it undercuts formlessness, makes you a target. You don’t reason or negotiate with an enemy, and you don’t give them a clear target by identifying yourself unless you know you can wreck their shit so bad they can’t come back.

a52800  No.12089751

File: 627fbb7ba418322⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1944x1306, 972:653, y87tgyhuaasdw.png)

what fucking timeline is this

a52800  No.12089754


hey kike

05a45b  No.12089760

File: 7441b3b56966ca0⋯.jpg (53.94 KB, 800x331, 800:331, 1430924523012.jpg)


My belief in your claims is equal in magnitude to the amount of proof you've shown to back them.

a52800  No.12089770

File: 2b4978ff501affd⋯.gif (3.89 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1535587221395.gif)


maximum jewing

10e19e  No.12089782


Concern trolling is cancer.


52201c  No.12089798

File: 947c1a330abeb0d⋯.png (193.2 KB, 542x642, 271:321, 2d00e5add4b41e30b9c97035a8….png)

File: 7dbad6cdb410ea2⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 272x272, 1:1, 7dbad6cdb410ea2b1200e9e330….jpg)


05a45b  No.12089801


That's not a Jew nose at all.


a52800  No.12089803

File: 9cd10509d2b7d7f⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 720x406, 360:203, 1528408030360.jpg)


mods will prune this

not before I check those trips

4ed4a2  No.12089808


Found Alt Right. Please add Alt Right to the list of swear words, please.

a52800  No.12089811

File: 6d7628e07bc8de5⋯.png (468.75 KB, 637x540, 637:540, 1524771880551.png)


the glow is strong in this one

43d818  No.12089976


Those sites refused to acknowledge Pat's existence you goof.

69a2c1  No.12090030


This is unlikely, IMO. What's more likely, is if Reardon is a Jew, he's there to try and sabotage and demoralize, per usual Jew and commie ops. I'll wait and see what pans out, but I don't see this being CIA/Mossad/SOCOM at all.



Dilworth Paxson LLP has been made aware of allegations that a former short-term, part-time employee, Mark Daniel Reardon, attended the recent “alt right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and made a number of offensive social media posts. Reardon does not work for Dilworth. Dilworth terminated his employment as a part-time support staff member in September 2016. Dilworth was not aware of the offensive views attributed to Reardon until after the termination of his employment, when we were alerted by members of the community.

Dilworth prides itself on its long legacy of supporting civil rights and equal justice under the law. Dilworth abhors and denounces any and all discrimination and violence, including membership in or support for any neo-Nazi or white supremacist organization. We are deeply offended by the tweets and other social media comments that have been attributed to Reardon and have demanded that he remove any reference to our law firm from his Facebook page or any other social media account.



9a0ca9  No.12090058

Yeah, maligned political ideologies are considered non-starters for organizations relying on outside funding for their existence, who knew.

f8ddb7  No.12090094


>branches of the military

Military you idiot. IE Army, navy, air force. This does not apply to any other federal agency, you know, like the ones that were formed for doing psyops.

0ba172  No.12090235

File: 4f4163b5d46efd1⋯.png (296.51 KB, 515x881, 515:881, aa.png)



You are just doing jewish dialectic: playing dumb, misdirecting the attention, and falsifying facts.

I never said that the Atomwaffen method is bad, but to use it with plain normies to get the electoral vote is retarded.

869a31  No.12090256


The atomwaffen method is to larp as a bunch of edgy terrorist shells, begging for FBI to come crashing down.

That method is bad, and it is completely different to what Pat is doing.

facc36  No.12090341

File: 1b0efa354e1a136⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 640x701, 640:701, 8TvYOaX_d.jpg)

morph posters in this thread just confirmed this to be a jewish or glow in the dark nigger psyop in the terry davis thread.

do not reply to jewish posters shilling against patrick little

let them bump the thread

ZOG can't compete when the white man's on his feet.

f8ddb7  No.12090345



Really, I see this more as little testing the overton window for us.

facc36  No.12090350

File: d22552491b03e9e⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 245x255, 49:51, d22552491b03e9ef5791ddf93c….jpg)

they're posting about atomwaffen on 8pol. jewish glow in the dark shills. do not engage.

ac1590  No.12090553


wow, you are terrible at your job, 'denounced on a podcast for making quality mmaymays' guy.


883fc1  No.12090733





Using sweeping generalization that are patently untrue wtf.

How about

Lying us into wars.

Control of our elected official via AIPAC. Ownership of the MSM and entertainment.

The stunning hypocrisy and immigration and a million other things that are absolutely true

3ab0db  No.12090846


>Those sites refused to acknowledge Pat's existence you goof.

Completely irrelevant. Staging choreographed conflicts with each other is CIA psyop agents' primary activity.

3ab0db  No.12090866


>This does not apply to any other federal agency, you know, like the ones that were formed for doing psyops.

So in other words, the military and the CIA. It's illegal for CIA personnel to conduct domestic psychological operations too. Did you know that?

You don't seem to understand that all of these psyops are illegal, because they're being waged against American citizens on American soil.

3ab0db  No.12090881


What a beautiful Irish lady. Maybe she's related to Patrick Little and Mark Reardon?

3ab0db  No.12090885

Mark Reardon says that he's 1/3 French. So that would explain the large hook nose, I guess.

acd570  No.12090920


>It's a French nose

Lol no… no..

37549b  No.12090968


Said the torposter.

63e935  No.12091070


Pat is crypto jew. Nehlen was Jewish. PAt's website whois originally returned a Jewish name. I've been following pat for almost a year, I was a twitter friend of his and got him exposure then I noticed some things. Pat's purpose is tp normalize hearing andf seeing these things while also normalizing the reactions of being agINST what pat is saying without even investigating.

Listen, Pat speaks hebrew. Look into it.

951bd2  No.12091254


probably David or Hannah.

3ab0db  No.12091818


>Listen, Pat speaks hebrew. Look into it.

Yes, he did say that he knows some Hebrew. He's also fluent in German. Knowledge of multiple languages is another sign of an intelligence operative, particularly in the case of Americans (because the vast majority of Americans aren't conversant in any other language besides English).

0ba172  No.12091839


>Yes, he did say that he knows some Hebrew.

Did he was deployed in Israel?

d185a1  No.12092124


>pat speaks Hebrew

He learned that before he was redpilled. Fuck off kike shill.

25beb4  No.12092149

File: 02b57500d8fe2fa⋯.png (24.3 KB, 470x316, 235:158, d535c3051d80beca149defd525….png)


>shit in own mouth

There goes Shlomo with his scat fetish again

e2bf52  No.12092238



No, Chiam, he's right. Roman Catholic child rape is almost always pederastry and limited to the clergy molesting unrelated altar boys.

Yids? They fuck their own kids.

facc36  No.12093097

ignore the poster trying to say that camera guy's jewish

this guy knows zilch about what he's talking about (as i demonatrated earlier) and he's a LARPing faggot

he didn't even know what european peasant genetics were. what IS armenization. total pleb.

pat's camera guy doesn't even remotely look jewish. he's got a honker but you can pretty easily tell from the rest of his face that Ashkenazi isn't the origin of it. i analyze hundreds of faces monthly and i am a highly trained SPED autist, not seeing it.

who cares if pat reads hebrew? i read hebrew. know thy enemy.

he also was posting those sketchy traceable images in the terry davis thread to try to spread his stupid anti pat little sperg agenda.

it's not one of us and it's really obvious from their dialect. stop replying to the shill just let him bump the thread and don't give him (you)s

acd570  No.12093166


>I speak Hebrew

Ok, Moshe.

I don't need to speak Hebrew to know Jews did 9/11, Las Vegas, and White Genocide.

4f7d5c  No.12093201


Watch this j-walk of his. Apart from the fact that we have heard all those other point a million times from a million people before, he has very good reasons to use that very slogan.


>patently untrue

Citation needed

facc36  No.12093260


"don't learn from your enemy's mouth goy" nice try mossad

acd570  No.12093269


So before I can understand the Jew and his plot of White Genocide I must first learn Hebrew and Yiddish? Seems legit.

3e05d6  No.12093664

File: b3e82d7c24bc299⋯.png (822.99 KB, 960x636, 80:53, DYanAF-W0AEZhGG.png)


Not to mention that Emily Youcis looks like a Jewish grandma

acd570  No.12093670


>looks like a Jewish grandma

lawl it's true

3e05d6  No.12093672


Kikes age the same way that spics do. You can really tell by the way she looks it'll be more obvious when she's old.

acd570  No.12093678


>when she's old

God willing she won't get that far.

3e05d6  No.12093686


That fucker doesn't look Irish at all, faggot.

>t. potatonigger

ebc8f9  No.12093691


thats a fucking kike

d0ee7e  No.12093693


whats up with all the emily youcis hate?

ebc8f9  No.12093697

File: a2da55fe59d6b72⋯.png (654.24 KB, 688x548, 172:137, hahahaha.PNG)

File: f50b38aba98a690⋯.png (260.85 KB, 415x520, 83:104, shillsBTFO.png)


>He learned that before he was redpilled. Fuck off kike shill.

TOP kek, how many non-kikes learn fucking yid BEFORE they are redpilled?? I'm fucking redpilled and I would pollute my brain with spic spanish before I took the time to learn that KIKE shit. looks like your controlled op, aka (((pat little))) is being found out you fucking kike hahaha the only shill is you, you're losing fucker hahahahhaahahahahaha

/pol/ is always right

639bdc  No.12093709

File: df990599ba2decc⋯.jpg (73.36 KB, 580x387, 580:387, Emily-Youcis.jpg)

File: e3e955839dfbf38⋯.jpg (119.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Asain Youcis.jpg)





Youcis doesn't look Jewish to me (unless she's a major crypto like southern, but I don't see it). she was a huge cigarette smoker (and alcoholic), that ages women pretty bad

acd570  No.12093710


fuck off emily

3e05d6  No.12093714

acd570  No.12093717


>works with (((Pat Little)))

>works with (((Weev)))

>worked with (((Red Ice)))

She's Jewish. Likely a Jewish mutt. But it's clear by her affiliations she's embrace those inbred Semitic genes.

639bdc  No.12093720


>(((Red Ice)))

since when has red ice been Jewish?

acd570  No.12093722

File: 6777f6bf162f704⋯.png (229.26 KB, 1858x521, 1858:521, altright red ice radio.PNG)


Red Ice is MOSSAD

3e05d6  No.12093734

File: da79b653b25bf3a⋯.jpg (48.44 KB, 1152x712, 144:89, CojMNT5WgAIYeZa.jpg)

File: fa0a67992915c96⋯.png (386.15 KB, 581x307, 581:307, tumblr_nbslk0xb0k1t0nf46o4….png)

File: 410f728db9fd8a0⋯.jpg (54.05 KB, 800x445, 160:89, Radical-Agenda-S03E015-Emi….jpg)

File: 6a93e17a6f5bcf9⋯.jpg (16.32 KB, 300x300, 1:1, helen-thomas2.jpg)




639bdc  No.12093738


Need more context, was that an episode of the podcast or an op-ed of some kind they did?

639bdc  No.12093746


he nose doesn't look Jewish though, she looks fat and unhealthy. (something she admitted herself)

facc36  No.12093747














they're afraid of the jew being named in public, so they have alphabet nigger larpers posting on 8chan saying emily youcas is jewish. they're not even trying anymore.

ignore them, don't reply, their posts alone show that was pat's doing has them scared.

acd570  No.12093749

File: 9c73bed9ebe2cbe⋯.png (46.11 KB, 634x470, 317:235, red ice zionism.png)


They're promoting Zionism, anon.

3e05d6  No.12093764

File: 04ed4afb9b28e95⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 393x280, 393:280, jerusalem-israel-march-30-….jpg)


A big ol honker isn't the only indicator of the heeb-y jeebies, anon

facc36  No.12093772

File: a942eb95d86c384⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 498x492, 83:82, im-sorry-i-dont-speak-igge….jpg)

I don't even care about patrick little but the amount of shilling's against him is reason to start on its own.

3e05d6  No.12093774


>Fat Sister

fucking kek

acd570  No.12093776


This is pilpul. Here's the mechanics:

>Statement begins against Pat

"I don't even care about patrick little"

>Statement ends in favor of Pat

"but the amount of shilling's against him is reason to start on its own."

If anon hasn't mastered the Art of Pilpul then anon is at a disadvantage.

facc36  No.12093777


stop trying to LARP like you know anything about physical anthropology faggot

you didn't even know what european peasant genetics were.

LARP faggot shill.

facc36  No.12093779


you shills were posting GUID images in the terry davis thread

it's pretty obvious that your entire campaign is kike-aligned shilling

can't even tell who's jewing who, but you yids ought to work on that verbal IQ :/

639bdc  No.12093781

File: f71e273ec32ce75⋯.jpg (191.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, j.jpg)


while I'm not a fan of Israeli, many /pol/acks have said that if Jews (all of them) would embrace nationalism and fuck off back to the desert and leave Europeans alone they would not have much of a problem with them (as long as they stayed away and did not try to control other nations). her statement seems like it has the same sentiment. we know jews will never ever do that. but in the hypothetical, why would that be a bad thing? (a Jewish exodus from our lands, sounds good to me)

acd570  No.12093786


This post is damage control. Here's the mechanics:

>you shills were posting GUID images in the terry davis thread

This is a strawman. I don't personally give two shits about Terry Davis because he's a /g/ meme and do not post in related threads. Claiming I'm a shill posting in his threads is deflects from the argument and is a simple strawman.

>it's pretty obvious that your entire campaign is kike-aligned shilling

Anon uses a strawman as the foundation for the logic following his next statement, that there is an entire shill campaign against Pat Little. I am anon and not employed to push one opinion over another.

>can't even tell who's jewing who, but you yids ought to work on that verbal IQ :/

finally the damage control is complete by demonizing the opponent and calling him a Jew.

If anons are not well-versed in the art of rhetorical persuasion anon is at a disadvantage.


I understand your perspective but consider this:


639bdc  No.12093787


i'd need to see that boys parents to get a better Idea of what his bloodline is all about. (looks like a fairly common british ginger kid)

facc36  No.12093799


Your post is still online in that thread kike. It's not a strawman. Nor does it matter if you were the exact person in your little shill group. You have a group of autistic faggots, who post like goons, posting the same exact images across multiple threads. At the same time you were shilling in this thread yesterday, these traceable GUID images were being posted across 8chan. (((coincidental)))

You're a glow in the dark low rent faggot who's currently failing at a shitty psyop and you should consider applying rope to your kike dick sucking neck.

3d5cf8  No.12093806


Please don't associate jewish organizations with Little.

facc36  No.12093811

note where he acts like he doesn't know who Terry is in his talmudic little attempt at misdirection.

between that, and "die in a fire" it should be pretty easy for the reader to piece together that this poster isn't an organic poster. they don't even have the slightest familiarity of our board's culture. their posts stick out as kike like a sore thumb.

be6a45  No.12093819


The problem with Hebrew Nationalism (aka Zionism) is that is indeed exceptionalist in the bad way. Their very ethnic identity is based on relentless spite of outsiders and parasitism on them. In order to become an ethnos who's existence isn't by definition harmful to everyone else they'd have to culturally revert to a 2500 years old Solomonic model, with which they'd still be in constant genocidal conflict with their neighbours.

acd570  No.12093825


Again the agent promotes the idea that all opposition to Patrick Little is the effort of an organized group. This accusation serves to distract anons from the original claim and redirect attention to the ones making said claim. Lastly, like before, the damage control ends in demonizing the one making the claim: first that we are Jewish and now that we are agents of the Government.

3e05d6  No.12093833


Shut the fuck up, jewboy. You're one to say I don't know anything about European racial physiology when you keep trying to claim that sadist, semitic Armenoid phenotype is merely "European peasant".

2e0598  No.12093919

File: 55448e6c6b10f20⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 1280x9120, 8:57, British-Israelism.jpg)


It's pathetic how you simps always miss the bigger picture until 10 years after you're supposed too. It's not so much about Red Ice promoting Zionism as it is Sweden the country that program is run in. It is also not about Sweden, as much as it is the (((Anglo-Saxon))) Jewish International Order. See, this is where simps like you morons always cry like babies. Your brain suddenly stops working. It's ok, I will keep repeating historic facts until they become mainstream. It's what I do. It's what I have done and it eventually works… although you idiots take forever to (10 years on average) to finally accept it.

Accept what? (a dumbass will ask)

The Normans and Vikings were Jewish mercenaries paid to harass and attack Celtic Central / Western Europe. These (((Vikings))) went on to become the (((British))) and (((Dutch))) Empire.

In the next five years, this historic fact will become a common mainstream belief inside every circle of ours. You have my personal word on that. Save whatever dumbfuck response you may have, it matters little.

acd570  No.12093960


>jews responsible for white genocide deserve their own State and not jail cells

tell me moar rabbi

3e05d6  No.12093983


Unironically kill yourself.

3d5cf8  No.12094013

File: 1e7a9b04c5c3b63⋯.jpg (78.46 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Algiz.jpg)


>Nords were jews

>Vikings stands for six kings

>Denmark stands for the mark of dan, the jewish tribe

>Hey goys I watched ring of power or read the affiliated literature

Pretty much on par with

>Hitler was a half jew

>Nazis were financed by the Rothschild

What actually happened is that Alfred Rosenberg was executed for writing books.

The Vril, Ahnenerbe & Thule societies were scrubbed from history books through a historical revisionism campaign launched by the Rockerfellers.

Strange how these societies reached drastically different conclusions than the sources that preach your own version of history.

2e0598  No.12094091

File: d19a07104227ebc⋯.gif (17 KB, 418x337, 418:337, Dannish Swedish Snow Jews ….gif)


This guy is so stupid he thinks I'm supporting Zionism. 90 IQ tops


This guy is an emotional sperg reacting to the "tone" of my post, not anything writing in it. In other words a female minded homosexual that instantly kneejerks when coming across confident sounding men. Very common…


This guy actually knows what I'm talking about and comes right out admitting he's a Jewish Viking.

Again, within fives years time, or less, I will personally shift every "far right" circle under a Celtic Renaissance Banner. Enjoy mother fuckers…. there isn't shit you can do to stop it. You have already seen a small taste of it in the past six months. 98% of you usurping Jewish Viking faggots are retarded beyond belief. You really are no match…

Pic related is one of the actions taken by Adolf Hitler against the Jewish Vikings.

acd570  No.12094119


Why should Jews go to Israel and not jail cells?

9ff31f  No.12094125


Hi Joan!

b2f9d3  No.12094153


Hey, I'm a Norseman.

>you're jewish

Hey, our of us two, I'm the one with a foreskin, you know?

2e0598  No.12094161

File: bb9e2eab29931f4⋯.jpg (29.99 KB, 900x500, 9:5, communist_britain_flag_by_….jpg)


>"Strange how these societies reached drastically different conclusions"

>muh call to authority

>doesn't says which different conclusion he's referring too

>doesn't even know

>barely understands what is being discussed

The Vikings were goy mercenaries. They pillaged and plundered Europe at the behest of their paymaster. Viking history is greatly exaggerated by Hollywood. Sweden has always been /theirbestestgoys/

The Vikings were always good goy mercenaries. They pillaged and plundered Europe at the behest of their paymaster. Viking history is greatly exaggerated by Hollywood as something valuable. Sweden has always been /theirbestestgoys/. In the 1700 Great Northern War both Sweden and long time ally England again attacked all of Europe. They got their asses kick. Sweden was forced to hide inside the Ottoman Empire for safety from the Russians. Today, we see the same Swedish and British geopolitical maneuvers reoccurring. Why do people look up to the Swedes and Brits? They've been selling out Europe for a long time.

The Vikings were always good goys.

2e0598  No.12094167

File: 32d5d3d24dedae3⋯.jpg (137.06 KB, 854x936, 427:468, jewish_viking_by_velocirap….jpg)


Some type of weak attempt at Jewish Viking (((sarcasm))) with an additional Jewish Viking pervert analogy tossed in.



Same characteristics.

b2f9d3  No.12094169

File: 8b891a5463197ee⋯.jpg (10.54 KB, 169x255, 169:255, 2abda70b33f685ad53d700c4f4….jpg)


>being this mad at us taking beautiful women and not having to deal with jewish facial abortions that jews call female

I wouldn't pillage you even if you were the last treasurekeepers of the world.

b2f9d3  No.12094174

File: 9619a4b505d7ab3⋯.jpg (103.92 KB, 962x1293, 962:1293, maicatto.jpg)

File: 9619a4b505d7ab3⋯.jpg (103.92 KB, 962x1293, 962:1293, maicatto.jpg)

File: 9619a4b505d7ab3⋯.jpg (103.92 KB, 962x1293, 962:1293, maicatto.jpg)


>you can call him everything

>but call him a circumcised mutilated 30% off dick then he will shrink back

>I have been found out

It won't grow back, bro. It's gone. You will forever be mutilated.

2e0598  No.12094196

File: ad7f3764fd5e390⋯.jpg (55.73 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Norman Viking Hut 500 Year….jpg)


Starting out making sense in a 16 year old kind of way… then went off into retardville. This is why Semites selected you Nordic retards 900 years ago to be their (((viking mercenaries))). You were the outcast niggers of Celtic Europe banned from the mainland and sent into the far reaches of nowhere up north.

The Nords were originally Celts from the mainland. But they were outcast from society for being degenerate homosexual niggers. The middle eastern Semites always use outcast sub-groups like you to be their bitches.

Germany and Austria are Celtic Nations. Adolf Hitler was a Celtic man.

You are nothing but the byproduct of a homosexual cult 900 years ago kicked out of Celtic Europe and banished into the lifeless tundra as a savage.

b2f9d3  No.12094198


>lifeless tundra

Don't worry, my foreskin keeps me warm.

Because I have one.

Unlike you.


2e0598  No.12094207

File: 4071b0e17b6d4de⋯.jpg (103.65 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, denmark.jpg)


Again with the "dick" talk.


>Nordic Vikings

Same characteristics.

b2f9d3  No.12094214

File: 80538bdb1abc079⋯.jpg (747.71 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, 80538bdb1abc0792f4913a5182….jpg)


>using the celtic angle

Two years ago "Celts were actually Hebrews" because some of their words sound like some yiddish (which is a made up language) words now it's the Vikangs.

Chutzpah is a mental illness and all jews will meet the same fate as Leo Frank.


No, not the dick talk, the foreskin talk.

The thing you don't have.

2e0598  No.12094217

File: 91c1b2a35ff98e2⋯.jpg (259.92 KB, 608x936, 76:117, Keltic Hitler - The untold….jpg)

Scandinavians are an offshoot of Celtic Peoples. They were an outcast cult that split away and lived like hermits way up north. The nation of Germany is a Celtic nation. All of Central Europe is Celtic. The Vikings were Jewish paid mercenaries that went around raiding Europe. Hence the name Raider (Viking). The Norman Invasion wasn't an invasion it was a raid orchestrated by Jewish merchants. To this very day, the descendants of "Vikings" are still employed by Jewish merchants to protect & defend Jewish power brokers across the world.

Sweden, Denmark, England = Jewish Vikings

Nordics are greatly misinterpreted. A great deal of the accomplishments that are mistakenly labeled as Germanic/Nordic are really Keltic in origin. If you believe the Germanic/Nordics get a bad rap inside a Jewish culture, take a look at how anything Kelt related is immediately attacked. The Normans were mercenaries hired by the Jews to go robbing and stealing across Europe. Particularly against the Kelts.


Norman Invasion into Britain - Funded by the Jewish merchant Josce of Gloucester: "Josce, Jew of Gloucester"

Norman Invasion into Ireland - Funded by the Jewish merchant Josce of Gloucester: "Josce, Jew of Gloucester"

Sweden and England still have these old ties with Jewish merchants. The target is always Europe, because this is what the Jews are paying for. Sweden and England are glorified mercenary states.

The truth is Keltic European civilization had a far more impact. A lot of people who think they're Nords are actually Kelt. When was the last time you ever watched a blockbuster entertainment flick about the Kelts of Europe? Never… Jewish Viking Mercenaries are acceptable though, even after WW2 sentiments. The Jews know the Vikings are /theirguys/ going back a long ways.

Did you know Adolf Hitler was a Keltic man from Austria? Try running your own social experiments between Jews and Kelts. Quickly learn how the Jews hate Kelts more than any other people.

c6709c  No.12094236

File: a81db09b506a2d4⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 230x283, 230:283, at_first_i_was.jpg)

File: c27e6178bdfac2a⋯.jpg (101.47 KB, 678x900, 113:150, then_I_was.jpg)

File: eae7ba0673c8865⋯.png (558.23 KB, 750x536, 375:268, and_then_I_was.png)

File: 5f6932cda0c911f⋯.jpg (78.81 KB, 504x379, 504:379, and_then_the_larp_was_over….jpg)


>Two years ago "Celts were actually Hebrews" because some of their words sound like some yiddish words now it's the Vikangs.

I'm still in the process of finding the threads, but they used this site, for example, as an argument for "Celtic Jews"


all jews will hang for their blaspheming against European people.

2e0598  No.12094246

File: 17778d78f3cb35f⋯.jpg (624.17 KB, 1632x976, 102:61, (((Sweden))).jpg)


>Continues his kike pervert behavior.

>It was ingrained into his (((viking people))) for 900 years.

Your ancestors took a paychecks from Jewish merchants, like Josce of Gloucester: "Josce, Jew of Gloucester".

Your viking legacy is none better than a shekel chasing slut. Don't larp around here boy. You HBO watching faggot.

2e0598  No.12094270

File: ccae2ea15438a02⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 1000x6840, 25:171, Kelts of Europe.jpg)



Two identityless retards who have taken to (((Hollywood))) to find a connection to their people and heritage. Funny how these (((muh viking))) larping faggot never have an understanding of history beyond 1,000 AD. Have you noticed that? Yes, all of these (((viking))) retards can't seem to find their history beyond 1,000 AD.

>we lost our viking books

>that's why

>we don't know


These idiots are role playing D&D hollywood movies inside of their heads. Sports team type garbage… look at how hurt they are after briefly hitting them with a small dose of this.

Notice how the same people try to restart world history from 1942-present? As if the world never existed before 1942? Yes, it is very similar (if not identical) to the (((vikings))) 1,000 years ago.

They tell us…

>nobody knows where nords came from

>nobody knows where scandinavians came from

Yes, we do know you filthy jew. They were Celts from Scythia. Later outcasted from the main Celtic society for being degenerate homosexuals and savages.

The Scandinavians were a cult of Celts. Later used by the Jews around 900 years ago to attack mainland Europe. Paid by Jewish merchants like Josce of Gloucester: "Josce, Jew of Gloucester.

None of these idiots have ever heard of this before. These so called "smart nords". Some with (((YouTube))) channels and thousands of fans. Yes, they are so smart and wise that their history can only reach 900 years back!

Again… I will say it again, this history will become common mainstream belief within 5 years or less. No amount of crying, complaining, attacking, whining will stop it.

c6709c  No.12094986

File: 323744c73449d57⋯.gif (200.58 KB, 220x165, 4:3, the_elongated_bluepill_for….gif)

File: 323744c73449d57⋯.gif (200.58 KB, 220x165, 4:3, the_blue_pill_for_the_left.gif)



there is not a single trace of hollywood in the posts you quoted.

they are also the same ID, mine, yet you call them "two identityless retards".

You blindly keep repeating your same little "factlet" in a way that looks pre prepared and copypasted.

I don't have to stop this "history that will become mainstream" because that will never happen.

Chutzpah remains a mentall illness, however, but we will cure that soon enough.

c6709c  No.12094998


Also, it fills me with great joy that Little assblasts the kikes so hard that they have to do their "XYZ is a jew" switcheroo again.

Soon they will dangle from the lampposts. It will be a very good time for all.

c57208  No.12095109


Sure you do moarpheus.

c57208  No.12095114

File: 62fb7ab523ddaea⋯.jpg (36.07 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 62f.jpg)

63e935  No.12095266


I’ve been in the fight longer than you and I’m more knowledgeable than you on the 5000 year history of the yids. From the desert witchcraft to the hofjuden to the Te ples and banks to the tavistock world transmogrification directive. Don’t be so quick to rush headlong into anything buddy. Gather information and think before you assimilate things. Never call me kike again, simp. I’ve done more for the cause than you likely ever will.

63e935  No.12095271


Forgot to say, tikkun olam is more sinister and complicated than you can imagine, fuck you and stay blind.

1c7d7a  No.12095485


I think a "Jews Control the Banks, Government and Media" sign would have been better. People would be quicker to research that than "JEWS RAPE KIDS"

a52800  No.12095921


the jews rape kids meme comes from the fact that most of the people found involved in child trafficking/moloch worshipers are jews pure coincidence

d2eced  No.12096336


any tips on sunscreen?

998a6a  No.12096407


Where's the video of the zepplin?

67f20a  No.12096433


which interview is that clip from?

like who was interviewing him?

6a5362  No.12096455


>oy vey

>idz another TRS

>i am telling you goyz

>err i mean guys


facc36  No.12096461

Reminder that the poster shilling against Patrick Little didn't even know who Terry was or why he's important to this board.

GUID image posting Nigger is literally radiating. He's not an anon, and it's a faggot psyop.

don't engage on their shittt points, it just seeds them info and we don't know what exactly they're on here attempting to gather. don't give them (((you)))s just call him a faggot and move on.

4a06aa  No.12096464


Only kikes would claim someone who was attacked and blackballed by the TRSodomites was secretly one of them.

facc36  No.12096473

you're engaging with a faggot psyop that's just a sad attempt at keeping in fighting going among people who should be unifying on our hatred of kikes and desire to expel them. even the trsodomites were saying they're done with being buttmad with pat because he's doing gods work less than a week ago.

d2eced  No.12096488


>not supporting Little is falling for a psy-op and having your activism neutered

That's not the only possibility.

facc36  No.12096502


yes, but the poster in this thread doing that was posting GUID images and shit so they are engaging in some kind of psyop and are not an anon

you are correct in saying it doesn't make the opposite true. i'm noting recent current events (trsodom softening stance on little) and pointing out that may be playing a role in why there are CIAnigger anons in this thread with a vested interest in lowering our trust with little.

if you believe that on your own, whatever. just don't think those posts are being written by anons.

facc36  No.12096510

i have my own doubts about [anyone and everyone] but i'll call shilling and psyop when i see it

c5eb3c  No.12101877

Video of the attempt.


34dc38  No.12102128



And fun.

69a2c1  No.12103060


That's hilarious. 'If your limbs are tingling, open the windows'. 'that brimp crossed 4 lanes of rush hour traffic'

f3ea5a  No.12104875

File: 9b968b76fdc1106⋯.jpg (31.89 KB, 260x347, 260:347, WestboroBaptist.jpg)

File: 23cc515133eb8bd⋯.jpg (94.26 KB, 695x417, 5:3, WestboroBaptist2.jpg)

File: 8ba6648290b2e2d⋯.jpg (75.1 KB, 454x341, 454:341, WestboroBaptist3.jpg)

unoriginal and ineffective

c666ed  No.12112462

File: 3aec96c6d0b06bb⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 3630x1200, 121:40, Mark Reardon C.I.A. S.O.C.….jpg)

c666ed  No.12112475


The Westboro Baptist Church family are deep cover CIA operatives. They also have suspiciously Jewish appearances.

21bc2a  No.12116273

File: 4628d4d924ca0be⋯.mp4 (938.88 KB, 320x240, 4:3, heil.mp4)

File: 04cf8f9e580fcd4⋯.jpg (500.98 KB, 1600x1164, 400:291, 7.-FlagsRockCtrVincentJBov….jpg)

File: 8fe5bdc3d6ade68⋯.jpg (174.92 KB, 1100x721, 1100:721, dc9b848a118068438043739bca….jpg)

File: 14c9ff19054c024⋯.webm (5.26 MB, 688x512, 43:32, 14c9ff19054c0248993e4db97….webm)



3fdddd  No.12128664

File: 0314e966afb9791⋯.jpg (15.28 KB, 195x600, 13:40, KenazFilan1.jpg)

File: c26beb693a04d7f⋯.jpg (22.44 KB, 323x600, 323:600, KenazFilan2.jpg)

File: 369400a6b686b68⋯.jpg (52.47 KB, 361x479, 361:479, KenazFilan3.jpg)

File: a0f01a0e3b27795⋯.jpg (94.51 KB, 250x298, 125:149, KenazFilan4.jpg)

The guy who made those recent blimp photoshops is an interesting guy…

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