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000000  No.12086446

Women increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties, study shows

>Right-wing populists are often depicted as angry white men. A new study, however, has found that women are increasingly supporting right-wing populist parties, and they are often more radical than their male peers.

>Aggressive far-right protesters took to the streets of Chemnitz this week demanding authorities take a tougher stance on migrants in Germany. Most of those in attendance were male, but a few women could occasionally be spotted in the crowd.

>Indeed, most people tend to picture the prototypical supporter of Germany's far-right PEGIDA movement and right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party as angry white men. But that's not entirely accurate, according a new study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), which is affiliated with Germany's center-left Social Democratic Party. The report, which examines right-wing populist voters in Germany, France, Greece, Poland, Sweden and Hungary, found that women are increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties.


How can men even compete? Say hi to the ladies, boys. They're here to stay and they will have a say.

7d6f54  No.12086475


>They're here to stay and they will have a say.

Of course they have a say. I don't expect chicken salad every day. Egg and ham sandwiches spice up the menu.

acf2b1  No.12086517

They obviously think it’s a popularity contest or beauty pageant. That is good mass politics but very bad nationalism.

7f5ff4  No.12086528


Hi boys.

We don't need nationalism if we have an ETHNO-GLOBE.

acf2b1  No.12086535


Silly girl, we need a nation not politics.

200ccd  No.12086561

If this is true it's a good indicator of success. Women are drawn to power, not to ideology.

7f5ff4  No.12086563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We need a GLOBE, not a nation. OUR spaceship Earth…no one else!

acf2b1  No.12086576


World versus 80 Million, part 2.

7f5ff4  No.12086585


>Women are drawn to power, not to ideology.

I always struggle to remind myself that you are talking about 'average' women. It is so difficult not to launch into you when you say things like this because it is so condescending. I have to remind myself that it is better to be underestimated, rather than overestimated…there is more freedom of movement.


You guys are such fucking pussies. I swear to god. We can EASILY accomplish this. WE LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. They are going to genocide us ANYWAY…god I wish I could find a man with balls the same size as mine.

200ccd  No.12086607


lel tits or gtfo

d07766  No.12086619

All this thread is going to do is cause reeeing from faggots who literally fucking hate women and want everyone to be fucking pillows.

This board has become something to be ashamed of.

cebfc7  No.12086653


I'll admit, it would do a lot for the movement if more women would stand alongside the men that are actively trying to restore decency on the planet and give women back their dignity.

The fact that any woman could back the party of feminism, porn, premarital sex, devaluing female worth… it's beyond me how any woman could be dumb enough to back this. It strips them of their identity and serves nothing but to devalue their vagina to the point they are giving it out to niggers for shekels on camera.

There is an even mix of balls and brains needed to effectively take the movement forward. Shunning any ally, in the beginning, is a bad idea. It makes sense that American NatSoc's would team with American Muslims/blacks to purge the country of jews, then move toward ethno-nationalism. There is literally nothing to fear in a world of mongrels when whites are living communally for a common goal.

cebfc7  No.12086656


Its the same board it always have for me. I use the filter option often.

bfc25f  No.12086661

File: c6ac45186cacecf⋯.jpg (134.97 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Celebrate Diversity.jpg)


>and they are often more radical than their male peers

What's more "radical" in clown world than wanting a full purge of all non-whites and degenerates? Do the ladies want to torture them all first?

920c43  No.12086666


>women are increasingly supporting right-wing populist parties, and they are often more radical than their male peers.

*raises hand*

Lefty artist here, just started unironically using 'nigger' in verbal conversations with husband

3359e7  No.12086674

This is simply a matter of them hedging their bets. They know that if they put up enough of a tradwife facade, the white knight faggots of the populist right (they exist everywhere) will ignore/not even notice the fact that they are tradthots, and will refuse to do the necessary act of removing womens' rights - which will of course lead us back to where we currently are when given enough time.

cebfc7  No.12086688



The National Socialist parties core tenants are tied to nature. The ideal is that the individual may not be individually great, but as a link in the chain of National Socialism, their existence takes on unfathomable importance.

63499f  No.12086691

The only reason we're drawing women in is because this movement is comprised of primarily men, and men who don't give a shit what anyone says, especially women. The moment we start caring what baby factories have to say about anything is the moment we lose everything we've gained, including the women.

c3e36c  No.12086699



Threadly reminder: There are no girls on the internet.

Tits or gtfo

c499c5  No.12086701

File: fa3990f295d8495⋯.png (156.02 KB, 425x481, 425:481, ClipboardImage.png)



Niggers ARE disgusting to be around.

6bee02  No.12086709

File: e941d5455ddad65⋯.jpeg (86.24 KB, 600x939, 200:313, CRKH6GRVAAAgaX1.jpeg)


>What's more "radical" in clown world than wanting a full purge of all non-whites and degenerates? Do the ladies want to torture them all first?

It's because women have no filter and drop their emotional spaghetti way more easily when they are into something.

8759ee  No.12086729

File: 03ae8ea23b21eac⋯.png (248.19 KB, 691x722, 691:722, 217837da56fc2bad9019e360ce….png)


varying eye, skin, hair color doesnt make diversity. not REAL diversity. you need a bunch of niggers for true diversity.

7f852c  No.12086733

File: c11ddfd2b79fd46⋯.jpg (101.76 KB, 932x808, 233:202, 30082018222041.jpg)

c1104c  No.12086739

File: 4eabd3e0999aeea⋯.jpg (68.93 KB, 571x750, 571:750, __date_masamune_nobunaga_n….jpg)

>>12086666 (check'd)

Probably because some of our male peers are beta soyfaggots. Though believe it or not, anons, there are more women who actually have /pol/'s values, than the screeching whores you see being featured as 'lefty voices'. So don't be disheartened. I'm actually happy to see more women getting their heads out of their asses though. As much as I hate saying it, some of them needed the wake-up call. It isn't entirely their fault since they've been bombarded with propaganda from childhood. But seeing so many shaking off the delusion and finally opening their eyes to the world is a lovely thing indeed. They just needed time.

ec5d24  No.12086749


>You guys are such fucking pussies.

>We can EASILY accomplish this.


You mean men honestly. Most women won't do anything but bitch; like what your doing.



Will you be joining us men on the battlefield on the day of the rope?

>god I wish I could find a man with balls the same size as mine.

First of all; your a woman and women do not have balls. Second; your not going to do shit on day of the rope.

Tits or GTFO!

405cf5  No.12086769

File: 47db227f1c37a48⋯.gif (479.84 KB, 241x233, 241:233, 456820eae5b621eaa7a6ebc654….gif)


>kool story

post bobs

32d922  No.12086772

>women don't like being raped

>women don't like being assaulted

>women don't like being murdered

>women don't like their friend raped, assaulted, or murdered

>women don't like their family members raped, assaulted, or murdered

>women as are most people are by far most attracted to the opposite sex of the white race

>even women aren't stupid enough to continue putting up with this kike shit

Water is wet.

32d922  No.12086776


Not sure what you're implying but are you implying that whites would lose if they were outnumbered 100:1?

Because if that's what you're implying then you're wrong.

32d922  No.12086781

Also the thing that changes a woman's mind. The thing that a woman follows is strength and controlled intensity.

0% of the "men" on the left has that. Are there even men on the left? So the women aren't going back.

e7eaea  No.12086791


Forget about your balls. I want to know how many white children you've borne. That is your contribution, not your opinion.

Nothing personnel, but if we start appreciating all the baste-women's opinions, when the going gets rough and you all bail on us it will be a more psychologically crippling blow. By ignoring your thoughts from day one, we immunize ourselves against such treachery.

I know you think you're "not like other women," but that's what every woman thinks, and you're all really easy to manipulate into the preferred mindset based on whether or not you think the other women will shun you or call you a whore behind your back.

If you insist on sharing your thoughts, share them with girls and young women who might bear white children of their own. Just get some friends and surround the other, less-WN females, and talk matter-of-factly about the urgent need to liquidate the Jews. Simple peer pressure works 90% of the time on you, we might as well weaponize it.

In the meantime, you know the rules.

671901  No.12086792

fdaa47  No.12086798


> I want to know how many white children you've borne. That is your contribution, not your opinion.

Hopefully Women wake up to this - we have Men to speak for the movement, we have Women to ensure it's continuity. Only Women can birth the next generation - only they can perform that role.

e7eaea  No.12086801

File: b516720627f9b46⋯.jpg (26.89 KB, 550x400, 11:8, Women_are_Fucking_Stupid.jpg)


>>even women aren't stupid enough to continue putting up with this kike shit

Pic related.

d2c5b5  No.12086806

fdaa47  No.12086811


Jesus those quads

e7eaea  No.12086821


>All this thread is going to do is cause reeeing from faggots who literally fucking hate women and want everyone to be fucking pillows.

>This board has become something to be ashamed of.

You're free to go, lady for now

e8af02  No.12086822

File: 96118573017b34e⋯.jpg (428.21 KB, 1215x832, 1215:832, 1442013874705.jpg)


>women don't like being raped

You're aware the most common sex fantasies among women are pretty much all rape related right?

e7eaea  No.12086832

File: 8a57abfef797552⋯.jpg (47.42 KB, 376x560, 47:70, Nazi_Tenants.jpg)


"Tenets," not "tenants," you fucking nigger. How's it going to look when you're on another platform trying to argue for the existence of our people and a future for white children, and some Rachel Maddow-type puts you in your place and derails the whole argument because you're stupid?

You are an ambassador of the white race and of our community. Take it seriously or learn to bear children like the women.

cebfc7  No.12086838

32d922  No.12086842


I don't know what that is so I can't understand the stupidity.


Yes. I paused for a moment before posting just due to that one.

I'm not sure I believe it isn't a pre-selected sample group to achieve that specific outcome.

f3e7f7  No.12086848

>So, what is it that makes these parties so appealing to women? Elisa Gutsche, who edited the FES study, argued that many right-wing populist parties examined in the report seek to garner female votes by promising to strengthen the welfare system. "Parties say they will raise child benefit payments and make related allowances to promote families," she said.

>Poland's PiS, for instance, has launched the Family 500+ initiative, which guarantees families with two children a monthly payment of approximately €120 ($140) per child until they reach the age of 18.

Read more: Germany's far-right AfD increasingly radicalized by its grassroots, experts warn

>Germany's AfD, in turn, champions a "welcome culture for children" — in contrast to the country's much lauded "welcome culture" towards foreign refugees. Indeed, a sizable number of female voters have opted to support the party due to anxiety over what the future might hold and fears Germany's pension system may collapse. Social issues, therefore, often motivate many women to back right-wing populists.

tl;dr, babies > refugees, your family > refugee family

>In Germany, for example, the AfD's 92-seat-strong parliamentary group includes just 10 women. Many right-wing populist parties do, however, have prominent female figures among their leadership,

>.These women are there to give these parties a more open, modern guise and to appeal to female voters," explained Gutsche. "These are not progressive parties; there is no real gender equality."

>The report also highlights how women are actually more inclined to subscribe to strong xenophobic and Islamophobic beliefs than men.

>"I think women sense they are at the lower rungs of society and find themselves having to compete against refugees and migrants,"

women > immigrants + muslims

e7eaea  No.12086849

>>they are often more radical than their male peers.

Anybody want to guess why? First, it's because nobody who matters listens to women, so they can say what they want.

Second, women in white countries are used to the princess treatment. If I start making full-throated Nazi noises, somebody calls the cops. When Evalion did it, it was adorable. Until she fucked that nigger communist, that is. Based extremist.


It's a mask the Jews sold women to vibrate their faces to fight wrinkles. It cost a lot, it numbed their faces, it actually accelerated the formation of wrinkles, they looked like special-needs serial killers, and it sold like crazy. Women will do whatever the TV says to do if they think the other women are doing it too.


Reported for being a nigger.

28114f  No.12086858


>dat pic

Must be melanin blocking their IQ

7641e4  No.12086859



For women to love rape is the same as for a man to love being raped. Its against dignity, if lesbianism is gay but has no penetration without shitty dildo that doesn't even produce sperm, then being raped by strong man that cums into you forcefully counts for a woman as being half-gay.

e7eaea  No.12086862


>>So, what is it that makes these parties so appealing to women? Elisa Gutsche, who edited the FES study, argued that many right-wing populist parties examined in the report seek to garner female votes by promising to strengthen the welfare system. "Parties say they will raise child benefit payments and make related allowances to promote families," she said.

This is all it takes. Imagine if there were lots of Jews with access to large sums of money to pay white women for every mulatto child they give birth to. I guess it's good Jewish women are all insufferable ball-breakers, or the Jews would have thought of doing this a long time ago. Turns out even "nationalist" women are doing it for gibs.

I am mighty fucking sick of minorities (women included) picking pockets and asking what's in it for them. How about you just read a fucking book and become persuaded of your duty, instead of asking if Hitler had a decent daycare subsidy?

0de498  No.12086913


>Lefty Artist


Checks out

000000  No.12086916


It's an evolutionary thing. Rape creates children, so genes for raping and accepting rape (instead of fighting to the point of injury) are selected for.

cebfc7  No.12086924


>many right-wing populist parties examined in the report seek to garner female votes by promising to strengthen the welfare system

Where are they getting this shit? Do they hire fiction novelists as journalists nowadays?

e33efe  No.12086931


Marry me.

000000  No.12086948


Good post actually. I'm gonna start spreading this to the (very few) women I speak to.

a53357  No.12086951


somewhere, an otherwise bored XYZ employee just got a boner

419f88  No.12086964


Melanin is directly related to the levels of adrenaline in the body, so you're correct. Niggers are wild and violent because of this biological fact. Look up the russian foxes for more detailed information.

0f54ca  No.12086972

/pol/ delusion: strongy empowyrd white wymyn fighting for le race xD

Reality: skanks realise that muslims wont let them indulge in their hedonistic pleasure

07c0e2  No.12086990

File: 510326c6b63f65a⋯.jpeg (100.8 KB, 526x667, 526:667, 67901590-84C4-4BD7-AE7B-B….jpeg)


>Voted to legalize killing white babies and let in Rapefugees

>Voted to normalize and legalize trannies and fags

>Demonized masculinity too the point most western men are soy-boys

>Ruined comic books, video games and soon anime

>Help is masculine men! We vote right wing too!

All women are are whores and traitors

women can all go to Hell!

32d922  No.12086995

>>12086990 >(1)

Oh (((you))).

234778  No.12086998

I'm a racist woman but I don't really think I align with /pol/ tbh. I'm a graduate student in computer science and I can't imagine being happy if I were forced to be a housewife for some idiot and pop out his children. I guess I am dysgenics in action tbh, I scored close to a perfect score on the SATs and have a high IQ but wont have many children

1da199  No.12087006


>women are one person

63499f  No.12087016


>Hey /pol/, I'm a woman and refuse to make myself of any use to white well being!

Drop dead, cunt.

8fca7c  No.12087021


Unless they're not because children are inferior or abandoned to die. Semites carry more rape loving women than whites.

8fca7c  No.12087028


There's absolutely nothing you can do more important than raising a ton of brilliant white kids.

234778  No.12087029


Being a computer scientist is of use to the west though? I agree that it is bad that smarts have less kids, but the problem applies to men too.

63499f  No.12087037


What are you doing that's so useful? Explain.

922add  No.12087040


How many will take this bait?

3fcc77  No.12087042

Womyn are the hand of the merchant. Womyn are almost solely responsible for the meteoric rise of progressivism. Jews would have no real impact without womyn and white knight cucks falling for their agenda.

234778  No.12087043


Technology is key to economics, military stuff, and so on. Computer science, especially the quantitative stuff, is extremely important. There is a big arms race for autonomous weapons right now, and that ignores all of the Silicon Valley consumer stuff. I'll probably work in the valley after I finish school

63499f  No.12087071


>I'll probably work in vague area of technological relevance after I'm done with (((school)))

Wonderful contribution, I don't know what we'd do without you.

2cc6dc  No.12087072

White women are the best women.


>I'm a racist woman

This could only get hotter if you insert "white" in there.

234778  No.12087079


Well obviously I can't tell you where I will work when I graduate now, but your point is stupid. Silicon Valley is one of the most economically productive places on Earth and the importance of technology will only rise as time goes on. If you want to know what areas I focus on they are newer forms of AI research like machine learning.

f17a48  No.12087080

File: 86aff096c03bd03⋯.jpeg (10.2 KB, 200x200, 1:1, E2831111-3779-4618-BFAA-7….jpeg)

File: 6923453f8caf359⋯.jpeg (8.59 KB, 200x200, 1:1, E698C515-C50C-4086-B8D7-E….jpeg)

File: 9d486ef8aea020d⋯.jpeg (14.79 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 06EA915A-0494-43D2-852B-8….jpeg)

File: 017f3325ce2aed2⋯.jpeg (10.21 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 39F8A51A-BBA2-4BA1-A45A-6….jpeg)


Actually that only applies to a certain extent, low IQ has a high birth rate and generally speaking higher IQ leads to a lower birth rate but an extremely high IQ leads back to a high birth rate. Basically if you’re smart enough to realize and acknowledge the need to continue your successful bloodline you will do so. This is regardless of the amount of time necessary to make scientific breakthroughs because you know your numerous children will have more than enough time to continue research whether on your behalf or someone else’s. Why do you think IQ rates increase over time?

234778  No.12087083


They do not. IQ is normed to have an average of 100, but the West has been losing g factor intelligence for generation. The Flynn Effect (the rise in IQ scores) is largely due to cultural factors like testing throughout life rather than general intelligence. Flynn himself has said this

63499f  No.12087087


>Silicon Valley is one of the most economically productive places on Earth

Then it's sure a good thing a woman who doesn't want a family and is going to displace a probably better qualified man (because all hiring has a female bias now) is gonna work there. You're such a wonderful help.

f17a48  No.12087090

File: f117406ef8ba7ef⋯.png (580 KB, 1372x767, 1372:767, 2589CFE9-C143-4220-B364-E2….png)


I’m not talking about the Flynn effect but you’re just going to believe the chart you saw on kikepedia regardless of what I say so have fun with that

234778  No.12087104


It's not that I don't want a family at all I just don't want to be a housewife. I'll probably have one kid at some point

63499f  No.12087119


>I'll probably have one kid at some point

You're such a good goyl.

dcf15d  No.12087136

File: 7dc15f23b4e2c08⋯.gif (834.72 KB, 350x200, 7:4, Delicious.gif)

She wants that big white alpha cock.

32d922  No.12087142


>it actually accelerated the formation of wrinkles

No shit. Overuse of collagen wear it's elasticity out. I dunno, like overuse of rubber-bands makes them into rubber strings.

60fb3e  No.12087147

Women shouldnt bother with politics, but with these current events it only works in our favor unless its only about them getting attention

32d922  No.12087148


>white male

>drinking milk


661ca8  No.12087186


> I scored close to a perfect score on the SATs and have a high IQ but wont have many children

You probably have some kind of medical condition that would prevent you from having children or something you're afraid to pass on to a child.

This is an anonymous board, you're only lying to yourself if that's the case. To us, it's just a story among so many others.

I think the merits of traditionalism are better revealed in a world that isn't upside down and inside out. I find myself wondering if honesty accommodates that world?

3aed4d  No.12087209


The woman's element is water: never predictable, but always influential.

5a7fba  No.12087219

File: 18870957bee019f⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 324x291, 108:97, 1532983706572.jpg)

>posts a soundtrack to one of the most notorious dyke propaganda tv series

de1094  No.12087279


>god I wish I could find a man with balls the same size as mine.

Glad to know Ann Coulter finally started posting here.

a24720  No.12087379


You are either a waste of a woman or a like shill. Fuck off and die

857258  No.12087386


I am continually discouraged from venturing to seek a husband because it seems that men who are worth a damn and also on the same page politically will inevitably believe I'm more akin to livestock than a human partner. I just want a family to pour all my life and love into. I don't want to be in charge or take over; that's your sphere. But I don't want to be looked upon like an animal, either. The jews already do that.

Is my mind really completely worthless to you in every capacity, so I might as well be non-sentient? Even if my IQ is aberrantly high, and I'm already mentally unshackled enough to find myself here, thinking thoughts that defy everything I was pressured into believing? Can wisdom never be found in mothers and wives? Are they really nothing more than faceless wombs to you?

Is there really no middle ground between worshiping women and treating them like beasts?

a9d4c5  No.12087394

Let's lynch a nigger tonight, white men!

df3f59  No.12087416


Fuck off shill.

Literally no one thinks this except the edgiest retards.

dcf15d  No.12087418

File: 6eccefb5588057d⋯.gif (203.87 KB, 500x219, 500:219, Bingo.gif)

5a7fba  No.12087440

File: 2d3769e21c825cf⋯.jpg (100.69 KB, 640x426, 320:213, Buddha-with-Frog.jpg)


The trick is to get em' while they are young and shape them along with yourself. Provided you are a smart woman and not one of those that instinctively destroys a man if he doesn't treat her just as all those series and sitcoms told her a man should treat her. Shape your own reality.

>Is my mind really completely worthless to you in every capacity

You've got some self inflicted gaslighting going there luv. Stop watching television. It's a trap that many women I know have fallen into and don't have mental strength to pull out.

>Is there really no middle ground between worshiping women and treating them like beasts?

Judging by your black and white outlook you don't seem to have respect for men either. If you have a broken heart just remember to endure and it will pass. Remember happiness that was before and try to approach that feeling.

Men are equally repulsed by your contempt and you will only push them away.

Brighten up, stop worrying, go out and do what you love most and you'll catch one that will share a common interest. Just don't expect an easy road and a prince charming. Both have to work tremendously.

And I recommend a conservative one. Maybe bible study.

43841a  No.12087446

File: 17b852ecbb4b0e9⋯.png (146.13 KB, 1440x1864, 180:233, 53728e7f5f740.png)


Tits or GTFO.

No exceptions whore.

63499f  No.12087451


You shouldn't be getting your view of men from here. The reason the philosophy on women around here is so harsh is because it needs to be in order to break through a natural urge to coddle, and adore women. Most men just want to worship women, but the fact is we can't. It doesn't pay off. As a matter of impenetrable fact, giving women too much emotional content turns them off.

Of course women will only ever complain about "emotional unavailability" with the men they actually date, but the emotionally available men repulse them entirely (and other men, because nobody likes a fag except other fags). You need not worry about a man valuing you, but we have to be the leaders, because that's what nature demands. Women are designed to want leaders, so men have to suck it up or be betrayed.

>Can wisdom never be found in mothers and wives?

It can. Unlikely in young women though. And rarely is a woman's wisdom competitive with a man's because men start out worthless and work for their success. Women start out priceless and gradually lose their value to anyone but family. Of course if they have no family…

abdde5  No.12087459


So what you are saying. We need to put mirrors in the streets and nigs will bash their heads in thinking it's another ape ?

43841a  No.12087463


GTFO whore.

dbb402  No.12087471



Still, I agree there should be a "middle ground". Even Martin Luther, who was not exactly a bleeding heart liberal, complained about the Muslim treatment of women. Western patriarchy treated women well, unlike in the orient where women were little more than chattel.

be6979  No.12087478

File: 952813e6542d129⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 628x314, 2:1, 952.jpg)


There is nothing you could do as a computer scientist that a man couldn't do more efficiently.f you have a high IQ, you have a duty to reproduce and to do it a lot. If you genuinely choose this path, you are no more valuable than a borderline retarded crack whore and thinking you have any more value than that, is delusion. Actually stick with this one. Pull up images or footage (there might be something on live leak) of a crack whore, and give whatever you find a good look while reminding yourself of one thing, repeat it like a mantra: This is how valuable I am right now.

> B-but I'm a computer scientist, I have a job, doesn't that mean something?

All you're really doing is hogging a job that someone as bright as you but with a more hard-working ethos could be having and using to provide for a woman more willing to reproduce than you. That said I take a previous statement back, you're not as valuable as an unemployed crack whore. An unemployed crack whore is worthless, but at least she's unemployed. She's not hogging a job that someone else could be holding. You're making yourself a lump of dead weight that is blocking the career path of a more ambitious man. You're worse than a crack whore, you're not worthless, you're a net negative. As long as you keep this as your planned course for your life, your fellow western citizen is actually worse off, just because you exist. Your outlook is selfish and short-sighted and you should feel bad for having it. Being a woman and not being worthless is so fucking easy, it's as easy as picking any fucking man with a job, putting a ring on him, sleeping with him regularly and raising the resulting offspring. Men have to do so much more on top of all that, and here you are, making excuses for not even being able to do that. Shame yourself and spend 24 hours off the internet to re-evaluate your fucking life.

000000  No.12087504

/pol/ is now a MGTOW dominated board

roasties not welcome

6ca5c2  No.12087512


Well said

63499f  No.12087516


Don't forget that if at any point she changes her mind after having taken the path she's on, then she's going to have wasted her entire life up to that point. If she's lucky (and if we're lucky) she'll have changed her mind soon enough to still be attractive to a man, but probably not to a very good man. I know if a girl told me she spent ungodly amounts of money on a computer science degree from some jewish institution, and then decided not to follow through I'd think very little of decision-making abilities, and I'd probably pass her on for a better woman.



>don't want to commit suicide alone, please join me

Fuck off.

be6979  No.12087530

File: 0919e58d4b82967⋯.jpg (102.1 KB, 460x768, 115:192, standard script.jpg)


> proxy threats of withholding

> she doesn't know how transparent she is

Shoo. Get going with those 24 hours of introspection.

1d89e5  No.12087537


It never ceases to be lulzy, does it? Women think they deserve a fucking medal for doing the same thing men do, only with a vagina.

be6979  No.12087544


I am disappointed. You advertised a high IQ, but your infantile decisionmaking indicates a stunted mental development. Maybe your IQ isn't nearly as high as you think it is.

63499f  No.12087548


>its teachings will save your life.

For what? So you can watch porn and enjoy resources you'll never use for anything worth a damn. Fuck off, bugman faggot.

be6979  No.12087563


Oh wow, you sure are the greatest tech wiz I've ever seen. How in the world did you do that?

000000  No.12087566


sell your eggs then, selfish whore

43841a  No.12087567

File: a029990ae23c2cf⋯.png (127.23 KB, 500x672, 125:168, r4qkns36xb111.png)


>Fuck off, bugman faggot.

You are not welcome here, whore.

Turn around and join your cats.

Jesus! Don't you have to attend the children?

be6979  No.12087568


For christ's sake how fucking

382e35  No.12087575

Women don't have the natural instinct of protecting the territory, so necessary for nationalistic politics. For this they can't be allowed in politics (including voting) or the military.

Other than that they can be allowed to work, but motherhood and the housewife lifestyle should be heavily encouraged.

I probably think this way because being raised on a farm everyone had to work, including my mother and sisters, to get shit done.

MGTOW are always porn and prostitution consuming degenerates, cancer of any nationalistic ethnostate.

be6979  No.12087576


new or tech-illiterate are you?


MGTOW is barely any better than being an unemployed hole tbh. I mean I get where you're coming from, but MGTOW is merely the act of seeing a problem and refusing to look for it's cause, or solving it. It's basically suicide, except that someone that actually commits suicide at least has the balls to do it.

43841a  No.12087578

File: 4fbb027edab8353⋯.jpg (169.58 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, tits-or-gtfo.jpg)


Anon are not to amuse you.

GTFO disgusting whore.

You are a disgrace and poster child of how degenerate women are.

4dab3b  No.12087582


>shills desperately flood in to run their D&C routines

>wow this board has gone to shit

You know the very first thing they did after their golem destroyed Europe was divide white men and women with feminism.

000000  No.12087585


>faceless wombs

now that's a useful contribution you could make in silicon valley, except they won't be faceless, they will be embedded in 10/10 sex bots.

building your own replacement would be a poetically just legacy tbh

43841a  No.12087591

File: 8b420f603422c39⋯.mp4 (11.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, YL Doll 165cm.mp4)


>wow this board has gone to shit

From the very moment we have so many anons pandering these whores, you realize that we have been flooded by newfags without proper chan culture.

Cucks and simps deserve the rope.

b9e5b2  No.12087593


Are you so stupid to not figure out how filtering works?

43841a  No.12087599


Please die.

43841a  No.12087607


Looking for more attention disgusting woman?


b9e5b2  No.12087608


You've shown yourself to be a (typically) retarded woman. Go away now, nobody cares about your stupid e-drama.

f3e7f7  No.12087610

File: d82b791063cef90⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 1508330188534.png)

i want an episode on this

43841a  No.12087615



b9e5b2  No.12087618


Nobody cares you trollop. You don't need to announce your departure you attention whore.

4dab3b  No.12087621

File: 7be50406948a4c4⋯.jpg (111 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, stupid as goblins.jpg)




>people are actually responding to this shitposter

Anons, please contain your stupidity.

000000  No.12087624


>look what you guise missed out on

fuck off by to tinder, whore

4ea430  No.12087633

File: 2b02340ca31ccf1⋯.jpg (48.77 KB, 722x315, 722:315, 1439222042413.jpg)


>Your loss

>implying we'd ever meet and build a relationship and a family by posting here

9d4060  No.12087643


>Women increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties, study shows

>bitches follow men to get attention with less female competitors

Wherever there is a group of men a woman can feed her attention-crack addiction from she'll be there.

9d4060  No.12087646


>I am leaving for now. Your loss.


>You don't need to announce your departure you attention whore

I was right even before posting/finish reading the thread..


>Wherever there is a group of men a woman can feed her attention-crack addiction from she'll be there.

9d4060  No.12087656


>So anyone has suggestions for which women to look for on the Internet?

>I really love Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy also Lana Lokteff is a great source of inspiration for me.

This is woman speak for "Who do I have to copy to get the most beta orbiters and attention from you guys?"


Be yourself, you're not an e-celeb clone. No guy is interested in looking at an e-celeb then looking you and thinking he settled for a 2nd rate copy.

376cf5  No.12087664


Women don't belong on the battlefield. But who do you think keeps hearthfires burning? Who sews your wounds closed?

Women should be partners, once restored to their rightful place.

Honestly can't believe how many fall for this kike tactic of "Hate your mother's, wives, and sisters, goyim!"

376cf5  No.12087674


"Proper chan culture" is death to WN. Anything realistic, sincere, earnest is mocked and derided into the ground.

9d4060  No.12087685


>infers fragility

>continues to make fragility post

If men had no interest in nationalism neither would women, because women seek attention. You know what "seek attention" means, right? It's the very fucking reason you needlessly posted a pouting female photo in your reply.

Where "needlessly" is defined as "makes no fucking difference to the text you were writing".

Men can take women from anywhere, don't overvalue yourself. Besides, spending time on here while your eggs rot isn't helping nationalism.

9d4060  No.12087690


>>he doesn't know about Joan of Arc

She believed a meme rather than history.

Let's assume for a moment this is true and the whining tomboy wasn't roasted at the stake like a marshmellow - What was the ration of Joan of Arcs to men in the trenches of the Somme, or storming the beaches of Normandy?

6567da  No.12087695

I don’t know many women who agree with my beliefs other than those online, but this is why I’m drawn to the radical far right.

- I hate the anti white agenda

- I can’t stand groups like lgtbq, blm, third wave feminism, transgender stuff

- I view the men as more attractive, alpha, family oriented, against degeneracy

- I’m against race mixing

- I believe in gender roles

- i need structure and men will give me that

- I’m submissive, far right men seem dominant

- I want lots of babies

- patriarchy is beneficial to everyone

- I’m overly emotional a lot of the time and needs men logic to keep me in line

- I want men to lead and the far right is ensuring that

- I admire Adolf Hitler and everything he stood for

- oh and I hate kikes ☺️

- I wish for an ethostate of only whites completely segregated from niggers etc.

9d4060  No.12087697


3DPD isn't called that for nothing.

The fact that men see dolls as a better option than most Western women should mean you sort your shit out, rather than bitch about why they would choose them.

9d4060  No.12087701


>300lb basement dwelling nigger waifu larper projects insecurities

9d4060  No.12087702

File: 1f31b8602068769⋯.png (3.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, missedthepoint.png)


>avoids answering the question

imagine my shock no, not really it was too fucking predictable

2cc6dc  No.12087704


Ok! Hottest thing I've ever read in my life. Tell the young men here how they would catch the eye of someone like you and where would they go to meet that someone?

9d4060  No.12087705


>- I want lots of babies

well don't waste time on a Mongolian fingerpainting forum while your eggs are rotting

6567da  No.12087707


You shouldn’t need to look for far right women on how you should act. It should come natural. You should’ve already researched it. You obviously just want attention. You give women like me and others a bad name.

9d4060  No.12087712

File: 9c9c52f6ae7e652⋯.jpg (404.17 KB, 1920x1073, 1920:1073, last_incel_supper.jpg)

File: 30355dd4d5716a2⋯.png (691.97 KB, 1550x757, 1550:757, incels-are-not-terrorists.png)


> mysoginist incel

You're sucking on the kike's cock dictionary hard there lassie. You're only larping as a nationalist.

bd7df8  No.12087714

Wow, the anti-white shills are out in full force, I see. Triggered by the perspective of many white babies much?

4dab3b  No.12087715

File: 113ef1294af9d58⋯.jpg (34.9 KB, 503x595, 503:595, baited.jpg)





I don't know if you guys are retarded, or a shill team playing along with "her" to derail the thread.

9d4060  No.12087718

File: 930da09fcb99962⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 665x429, 665:429, ukstaringdangerously.jpg)

File: 89e529469bb0039⋯.png (215.9 KB, 500x517, 500:517, ukstaringdangerously2.png)


>men go to jail for even looking at women in modern era

>b-but muh women are oppressed in modern era anon!

>womens' logic

well you've proven you're a woman by posting illogical tripe.

6567da  No.12087719


Are u a woman?

9d4060  No.12087720


>derail the thread

>slides can be derailed

nigger, this would be a slide even on 4cuck

4dab3b  No.12087721


>white pill threads are slide

9d4060  No.12087724


I'd rather be a nigger than a woman. and I hate niggers

6567da  No.12087725


Omg your transparency is laughable. You are such a thirsty thot. “Gorgeous and fit”? Lol stop drawing attention to yourself like this, it’s trashy

6567da  No.12087727


I hate niggers too. I hate aspects of women and I’m a woman, but u can’t hate us 100%

9d4060  No.12087733

File: 1373db19e175514⋯.png (4.9 MB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, ClipboardImage.png)


>Women and people in general were more free during the Middle Ages

>More job security, less taxes

>it is a fact

…and she goes full retard.

Thanks for the laughs. What white men have built into the 20th century was the most advanced society.


>but u can’t hate us 100%

not without a reason to. Men have a lot of reasons to.

d4297b  No.12087739

File: fac30af6464fe16⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 279x219, 93:73, assburger.gif)

>Women Drawn to Far-Right in Record Numbers To Get Attention


Remember that Brittany Venti skank and her red pill phase?

Remember any other "suddenly traditional" woman?

63499f  No.12087743


>Tell the young men here how they would catch the eye of someone like you

Jesus fuck, dude, she just told you. You'll never it. Better cut your balls off now.

6567da  No.12087750


It’s true, I fantasize about being gang raped by Waffen-SS soldiers

6567da  No.12087754


I don’t t want u to hate me bc I’d live for u. I’ll always submit.

0e5e44  No.12087761


You’re not a woman, you silly trap.

9d4060  No.12087762

File: 33b51f62bdae1f0⋯.jpg (380.71 KB, 859x2000, 859:2000, iron-sky-poster03.jpg)

File: 036af8de0d0f79b⋯.png (946.99 KB, 736x1108, 184:277, ClipboardImage.png)


>I fantasize about being gang raped by Waffen-SS soldiers

>>>/oven/ get in degenerate


>I don’t t want u to hate me bc I’d live for u

I hope you find who you seek, but I'm marked as monk for this life.

63499f  No.12087777


>who I will feel safe

You're worried about your safety? Is a man safe having kids with you? You've got the entire government behind you ready to rape that man for everything he's got and hand it to you at your whim, and then if he can't meet your requirements then the government will take from other men as well. The concern isn't whether you can have kids. All the resources are already at your fingertips. How 'bout you concern yourself with pickng a man that will help you raise children into righteous adults instead of just being a typical "I want x" cunt?

63499f  No.12087785


Oh, I picked that post without seeing your other bait. Good job troll.

96790b  No.12087810


>>Women Drawn to Far-Right

They had better start having White Children right quick.

5a7fba  No.12087823

File: 448323a4b3f7d7b⋯.jpg (103.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ainsley.jpg)


>women are attracted to men with purpose and solid moral foundations

Who would have known.

96790b  No.12087833

File: f3cf791baf0ecfb⋯.png (1.06 MB, 576x768, 3:4, 1207150344.png)


The ability for White Men and White Women to sacrifice for our race's continuation, defines their worth in it. "The children reproduce the strength of the parents." - Tacitus, Germania

d8f373  No.12087861


> her sexual fantasy is getting raped by nazis

Oh God, that means she's Jewish. And nothing of value was lost. And because I know that question will come with this influx of holes who can't lurk

> why does that make you think I'm Jewish

Google "stalag porn"

99dda3  No.12088010


pol is extreme but that's why you're here. Take what you want out of this board and ignore the shit that isn't relevant to you.

90709e  No.12088022

File: c133413c0eca873⋯.jpg (79.75 KB, 370x572, 185:286, 370px-Lightning-Cosplay-Va….jpg)

>ethnonationalism will be lead by valkyrie warrior women fighting cuck soy boys and their nigger bulls

661ca8  No.12088026

File: 95f007d4b158c88⋯.jpg (118.19 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, nigger_bull_riders.jpg)


Like this?

90709e  No.12088029


If you are getting your info a belifs from here you are completely wrong. Most of the talented and successful left years ago and are doing shit in real life all the men left here are manlet basement dwellers who couldnt speak to a girl in real life. Go outside and meet some nationalists most the irl groups forming are nice people.

3e2f09  No.12088030


Get out of the city to find a man that isn't a faggot or soyboy then get pregnant. Otherwise jump off a balcony you useless cunt.

67914a  No.12088042


>women are in the greatest danger of being violently enriched with undesirable genes

>wonder why they would be the one's most radically to protest against enrichment and emasculation of men with desirable genes

Also the demonized "angry White men" image the (((media))) try to propagate works in our favour. Bitches dig big strong bad boys.

67914a  No.12088045


>because it is so condescending

Welcome to Female Psyche 1.0. Now tits or GTFO.

67914a  No.12088047








661ca8  No.12088048

File: 39358e45270e53d⋯.webm (1.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TitsOrGTFO.webm)

21c992  No.12088060


>We need a GLOBE

You freaking round-earthers are hilarious

The Earth is flat, just admit it.

67914a  No.12088063


>.f you have a high IQ, you have a duty to reproduce and to do it a lot

IQ from 105 to 120 is breeding ground for liberalism. Better a volk of stupid rednecks with their survival instincts intact than a shapeless horde of mediocrities undermining their very genetic legacy through hedonism, unwarranted sense of entitlement and pseudo-individualism.

41f402  No.12088065


>Women increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties, study shows

Let's say the entire world was female and you're the only male left.

Would you suddenly do something you wouldn't want to do?

Let's say you aren't feeling like fucking them all, today, at all. Your dick is sore and raw and you really want to get something else done.

Would an entire womanly rest of the world change any of your plans?


Oh, I guess we have the solution to your fake problem there, OP.

Women are only a problem if you let them influence you away from something you want to do.

67914a  No.12088074


> will inevitably believe I'm more akin to livestock than a human partner

Then act your fucking part?

67914a  No.12088081


>Is my mind really completely worthless to you in every capacity,

No, procreation aside your main role in the relationship is supposed to provide emotional support, and though showing tits is a good start, that usually needs a sentience worst case scenario men can do without though, thankfully throughout history women's main contribution to humanity, other than kevlar and radium, was through the image males projected on them, that's why "waifus" existed since at least pre-Classical Greece.

6c6b70  No.12088087

File: af001ebb00db199⋯.png (419.5 KB, 1887x2545, 1887:2545, roasty identifyer.png)


>all the men left here are manlet basement dwellers who couldnt speak to a girl in real life

>Go outside

>most the irl groups forming are nice people

enjoy all those controled oposition honey pots where (((the man))) will get your name, adress, and face all loaded up in a nice database for when (((they))) open the (((re-education))) gulags

67914a  No.12088089


>Most of the talented and successful left years ago and are doing shit in real life all the men left here are manlet basement dwellers who couldnt speak to a girl in real life.


>Go outside and meet some nationalists


>most the irl groups forming are nice people

Maybe, but that doesn't mean they will value you for more than you offer, just like we 400lbs neckbeards don't.

67914a  No.12088091


Beat me to it.

1d89e5  No.12088093

ew. a whore.

67914a  No.12088095



67914a  No.12088116


Maybe but that does not make albino niggers any smarter, that takesat least tens of thousands of years of natural selection in environments were foresight and pattern recognition is essential for survival of your genetic legacy than spitting quick-running lionbait out of your vagina until the lions get stuffed.

67914a  No.12088121


> I can't imagine being happy if I were forced to be a housewife for some idiot and pop out his children

Then be a housewife for some genius and pop out his children.

67914a  No.12088127


>how is dem debil boxes useful?

Are you literally a nigger?

9976ae  No.12088134


hey, just because you got a graduate in computer science, doesn't mean you're smart; it just means that you worked hard for it

a guy who spends all day fixing people's roofs could be smarter than you when it doesn't come to your area of expertise

even a having a doctoral degree doesn't automatically mean you're smart unless its in a STEM field, and in some cases, probably not even then; it just means that you worked REALLY hard to get itunless its a lolchinese degree

661ca8  No.12088138



You guys are so fucking transparent, I swear to THE ONLY GOD!

You realize there is no difference between a jew response and a woman? Fueled by emotion and cynicism, pushing toward an agenda, no sense of worth or respect of oneself, derives its value from the support of it's chattering pack, no ability to reason on a logical basis and an underlying sense of crisis in your written tone.

I can tell the difference, but the similarities are striking when you know what to look for. I know you have some she-creatures over there in the desert but I know you're just faggot, small-finger male-like creatures because of your use of term "roasty" (which is spelled incorrectly).

It will be just as easy for me to smell you out when you're hiding in the floorboards.

41f402  No.12088164


You are this way not because your mother, but because of your weak, possibly absent father.

6c6b70  No.12088168


there can be no equality in relationships

there is only one throne in the family and if you want a strong male it'll be a male who'll want to sit on that throne and everyone else in the family should ben the knee to him

one of the partyes must be the submissive one, biologically, it should be the female

if the 2 are equals there will eventually be a power struggle wich will lead to a break up

at least that's what i've learned from watching my sister and all her relations

she majored in engineering and while she somehow submits to the men she's been in a relationship with, none of them can be considered higher in the social totem than her (none of them had a usefull degree that lets them get high paying jobs) so even if she is submissive the men in a relationship with her cannot rise above them wich leaves them on an equal ground wich is often the root of all fighting

i'm redpilled on how relationships should go to be effective, but i honestly don't know how, or even if a should redpill my sister on this

i mean she IS my sister and i don't want her submitting to no one, but the alternative is her being the dominatrix of some weak soyboy who will inevitably lead her into leftard territory (cus all women will submit to a man in some way or another)

and, as you say, chads are redpilled about women and are often more hedonistic and promiscuous as the roastys who champion abortion cus unprotected vaginal contraptions feel good

if a chad wants to bag a wife, he's likelly to go for someone who is her lesser in every way, age, experience, intelligence, etc

you been here and agreeing politically with a lot of the stuff talked about here tells me you are smart enough to by pass you biological disposition to make decitions based on feels instead of facts, and any man worth a damn will see that high IQ as a treath to his dominance

my best advice would be for you to hide your power level and bait a chad by acting like a submissive waifu, try to be subtle in your manipulations so that he doesn't realize he is dealing with someone who matches him in intelligence

67914a  No.12088169


Thanks for sharing your introspection with us, Rachel. Now shaggy tits and into the oven.

087c07  No.12088175


<Is there really no middle ground between worshiping women and treating them like beasts?

Just like Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same shekel, worshiping women and treating them like beast are also two sides of the same shekel.

661ca8  No.12088176


Guess what fucker, I'm not the one that is hiding online behind some false cloak of anonymity. I've openly invited others on this board to meet IRL, I've posted links to my real information, I've posted pictures of myself, I don't have any fucking fear of some mystery jewish roundup squad and I don't try to put fear in others for throwing caution to the wind in our hour of trepidation.

We have NO REASON to stay hidden at this point. We're quite literally on the cusp of genocide and you fucks want us to fear, what? A fucking jew hit squad? Lol


6c6b70  No.12088182


>your use of term "roasty" (which is spelled incorrectly)

sorry babe i'm a filthy spic nigger, english ain't my language

but you are right kikes are very feminine, it may be hard to spot the diferece

087c07  No.12088187


>there is no difference between a jew response and a woman

Comparing women to filthy jews? lel, you sound like an absolute fag.

f78417  No.12088189

Stop fantasizing men. The feminazis would rather be taken by blacks and Muslims forcefully and treat the rest of us cucks as #metoo punching bags than listen to reason and common sense. That’s why Muslim “rape” jihad is consensual.

087c07  No.12088193



<feminists are Nazis

Where do you think you are?

3e2f09  No.12088202


>t.hysterical CIAnigger

67914a  No.12088218


>I've posted pictures of myself,

So what prevents you from posting your tits?

661ca8  No.12088219


I wonder how many of you understand that cynicism and self-loathing aren't Aryan traits. Concernfagging isn't an Aryan trait.

You're exactly where the jew wants you to be.

661ca8  No.12088222

File: da0207d7245d962⋯.jpg (95.69 KB, 641x855, 641:855, Me-7.jpg)


Nothing. I'm not a fat fuck LARPr.

Your turn fatty

3e2f09  No.12088233

File: 8a4e94f7b4b98da⋯.png (313.86 KB, 556x511, 556:511, THOT.png)


Taking sensible precaution is indeed why I am still here. Get the fuck out and find a husband. However anyone that actually found you through a fingolian icesculpting forum is probably a shitskin or a total retard.

Unless you are just acting based on some fucking rape fantasy you fucking imbecile in that case, get the fuck out even quicker and find a man outside of the big cities.

661ca8  No.12088237


you've been living in upside down world a bit too long if you think I'm a woman

3e2f09  No.12088246


You write like a faggot, so no.

67914a  No.12088249

File: acdab8b4c100f64⋯.jpg (50 KB, 583x700, 583:700, how do you do fellow 3D ge….jpg)


>showing us you fapfolder

Two can play this game. Now shoe on head and timestamp with your shaggy tits or gtfo.

049698  No.12088257


Tits or GTFO

000000  No.12088262

ITT fat neckbeards larping as femanons and thirsty simps begging for tits

049698  No.12088263


>muh reported

21d57c  No.12088264


I wish I could find a white woman who doesn't think white genocide is fine. I see women like you comment online from time to time and it gives me hope. Here where I live however, I have literally had cute brainwashed white college girls say shit like "well everyone else has been genocided, maybe its time for white south Africans to be". I really hope it's true that white women are starting to worry about the future of the white race. I really hope it's true that white people in general are starting to be concerned. Outside of family however, even in the most conservative state in America, I've yet to meet anyone in real life that cares, Male or female. I'd say it will be a miracle if we survive this, mostly due to pathological self sacrificial empathy for the enemy. All alone in clown world, all one can do is work on themselves, strive for a perfect self, and pray for the age of kali yuga to come to an end. The end of the world would be a much better end result, than the extinction of the white race.

21d57c  No.12088273

File: 4eb8e9b96e59238⋯.jpg (73.2 KB, 436x600, 109:150, 4eb8e9b96e59238e548b56aaf5….jpg)


Probably very true. Our movement has the ultimate bad boy image. After all, white nationalism is the ultimate form of evil right? That's what is hammered into everyone's head from the age of 5 on. So long as women don't subvert the agenda, and the end goal is still a global Aryan empire, it won't be a problem though.

5ad523  No.12088280


Yes, we do. Just as lady justice would have us do, it would be an eye for an eye. Niggers must be lined up, bent over in stockades and raped with barbed wire covered batons. Then, they must be beaten to death by hordes of people who lost their loved ones to niggers.

The same treatment for pedophiles. Fags of all kinds should be chemically castrated and lesbian women should be forced to get hysterectomies. If they aren’t going to use their reproductive parts properly they shouldn’t have them.


Being raped by a random stranger they don’t know is not. Them causing a man they know and pine after to lose all sense of control because he can’t resist her is. He can’t help himself even if she says no. It’s all about being irrisistable to the right man, not having some creepy faggot corner them in a dark alley and knock them up or give them STDs.


Nothing will make them wake up more than forcing them to work in a convience store in an all nigger town.


>Hehe, nothing personal kid.




You’re a failure to your race and whatever kids you have in the future. It’s a mother’s job to raise children in a suitable environment. Clean, loving, smart, and stable. You are the very poison that rots society and has been rotting it away for years. Baring at least three children to help with displacement is what all white women should strive for. If you desire a career, it can begin as soon as your youngest child no longer needs you.


I found my husband on /b/, so I would say anything is possible.


Jesus this is obnoxious.




087c07  No.12088293


<I found my husband on /b/, so I would say anything is possible.

>admits he's a faggot


b80177  No.12088310

Almost as if raising a family is enough bullshit to put up with. The nesting instinct of females is something special.

7deb04  No.12088328


> We will never be best Friends and raise our Children in a lovely Neighborhood.

My Childhood Friend recently became a Coalburner and I fear for her life.

1c0e07  No.12088337

I wasn't going to post in this thread, but any woman who "doesn't want to be a housewife" is garbage. Nobody wants to see you in the workplace, you aren't doing anything worthwhile. Your skills are mediocre at best. Living a simple life and raising a family is the most rewarding thing you could ever do. You don't need a big house, several cars, fancy phones - you don't need two incomes if you are good at budgeting. If you want a passive income then sell shit on ebay or start a mommy blog, it gives you ad revenue. You should be homeschooling your kids anyways, so when would you work? You would shove your kids in a daycare to be accosted by pedo caretakers? You would shove then in a prison all day to be assaulted by shitskins? sage for rageposting

5ad523  No.12088342


It’s my dream to be a housewife. I’m hoping that in two years my husband will get a few raises at the company he’s started working for so that I can be a proper stay at home mom. I already have a job I can do at home if I ever need extra money. The problem is, I feel it’s unfair to my husband to put that weight on his shoulders.

Anon, do you have a wife and children to support yet?

d8c1da  No.12088343

File: 1f17753083c527d⋯.jpg (34.72 KB, 360x648, 5:9, 5bffc3ab43d52fe37c9c10614b….jpg)

>Tits or GTFO: The thread

21d57c  No.12088353


Why? If she is a coal burner it is better if she is dead..

1c0e07  No.12088358


I have a husband and two children (more on the way :) )

I wouldn't worry so much about him providing all the money as long as you are raising kids and caring for the home. Especially if you cook from scratch and handwash laundry (it is much cheaper). When I mean live simply I really mean cutting out as much machinery as possible because it eats up a lot of expenses.Good luck finding a man, and I mean that.

7481c0  No.12088369


You are forgetting the rules. Lurk

cb99ea  No.12088372


Dude.. Stop white knighting. You don't even understand how women operate.

I'm an old fag now and I've fucked and dated and even ltr'd my fair share of women in my lifetime.

The one constant all women share is that they can only LOVE a man they can submit to. If they can't submit, they can't love him. They can like him, fuck him, use, etc; but if they can't feel comfortable SUBMITTING to him, they cannot love him.

So when you see some stupid whore, proudly proclaiming her female-ness on an anonymous image board (as if that fact brings with it some kind of value independent of her intelligence or her capabilities as a human), you're being tested.

>Tits or GTFO is a rejection of that test.

It is a confirmation that we don't care about her fucking hole, we care about her ideas, her thoughts and her beliefs. If she can't express those things without qualifying them via her womanhood, then she deserves to be ignored and dismissed without a second glance.

Women can post here all fucking day, share their ideas and give their two cents, as equals, and will be treated as such due to the anonymous nature of the site, so why the fuck is it necessary for the whore to mention that she's a woman and has a cunt? Because she wants that female exceptionalism she enjoys in every day life. She doesn't want to think or argue or discuss with intellectual honesty, she wants to qualify her shit tier opinions with her hole and have thirsty men lap it up.

That's why TITS OR GTFO is so effective, it calls them out on the game they're playing by telling them to put up or shut up, if they want that female exceptionalism on an anonymous image board, they need to fucking earn it.

Seriously, some of you guys are cooking your own goose with women here. You want to protect and grow the white race? Stop licking women's fucking feet, stand up and expect them to submit (as they want to).

da7b5e  No.12088376


The middle ground is in cultivation, like a garden.

Men who say they want faceless wombs need to fuck drunk college sluts, if spreading their seed is all they care about.

Make your self appealing and find a good man to seed your soil with. Enjoy a good home life. Do hobbies. Support your husband in his.

Actions speak louder than words.

7481c0  No.12088379


If your husband feels like he needs to shift his work onto your to a certain existent then he is a weak. Worry about your tasks and hopefully he will worry about his.

21d57c  No.12088381


Idk alot of the top IQ people I can think of didn't have children or if they did we don't know about them. Hitler, Tesla, Leonardo Davinci. Bach being the exception I, think bach had around 17 kids.

7deb04  No.12088383


I've known her since she was 2 years old and I know that she would have made a great Mother,but I guess her choice of Men was a little retarded.

A huge Waste if you ask me but race traitors get what they deserve.

000000  No.12088386


>her ideas, her thoughts and her beliefs

who cares?

only the ideas, thoughts and beliefs of men matter.

if a woman has independent thoughts, she's not worth having as a wife

af6e6f  No.12088393

Women are excellent at following the trend, after the trails have been blazed, of course. This is good news that the pendulum is swinging back in our favor.

af6e6f  No.12088395


Goebbels had like 7 kids…

1c0e07  No.12088396


I misread, you are already married. Well then no worries about money just have babies before it is too late!

21d57c  No.12088398


Yeah, one of my cousins my age ended up becoming a coal burner. It is sad to see white women who could have had better lives go to waste, but once you burn the coal you can never really take that back. It's a fucked up pozzed world. Hopefully someday it can be changed for the better.

21d57c  No.12088399


Did any of them survive? :/

cb99ea  No.12088411


I get your point, and such a "radical" position isn't wrong given how far men and women have fallen from their natural roles. However, nothing is better for a man, than a strong minded woman who has submitted to him.

My current girlfriend is this kind of woman. She is smart and capable and courageous, and yet she has submitted to me, she shares her thoughts and ideas, but she always has me lead, and I know that if I ever chose not to lead, she'd lose all respect for me.

I take her trust and her desire to have me be the "captain of our ship" very seriously and I'll do everything I can to ensure that I don't fail her in this way.

It's funny, her expectations of me are far more demanding in many ways than most of the previous girls I've been with, but I'm happy to oblige her because she has submitted to me and I take that act to heart, where the other women throughout my life never did that and I therefore never tried even half as hard, and saw their expectations as nothing worth respecting.

Interestingly, I had to be a man whore and an asshole and be uncompromising for a very long time to unlearn all the bullshit I had been taught as a boy by the kikes and my cunt divorced mother. That's why I agree with your position on principle. It's better to just find a submissive woman, but women of intellect and ability are necessary if we want to maintain our IQ levels and grow as a race.

cb99ea  No.12088413


Indeed. This is how I read it as well.

ffc9a7  No.12088415

File: 6c015a5d8a8a4e5⋯.jpg (853.48 KB, 800x800, 1:1, d8f074bea7f6ac68161c9911c4….jpg)




Sick doubles m8


The silence is deafening

7a12a9  No.12088416


grade A comment have a You

000000  No.12088428


>her expectations

>her demands

>i'm happy to oblige

>she has submitted to me

no, she's topping you from the bottom, cuck

she's cheating on you

b04cc2  No.12088429

File: 96af1f015841ee9⋯.jpg (64.97 KB, 423x683, 423:683, ae4d77f9284a6d14b8c6652300….jpg)


> and they are often more radical than their male peers.

Yup, because they have to fear for the future of their offspring. Men do too, but men have their entire lives to fight for the establishment of a like-minded community and can then produce children. But women have a very limited time frame for healthy procreation. This will make them far more radical, and irrational. Luckily for us where the pussy goes the dick will follow.

3d31d2  No.12088433






go back to /b/ you demoralizing robots

The two women I've met irl who are natsoc were intelligent neets and know a lot more about history than I do; it's the libertarians who end up being retarded or e-celeb shills. Also dont expect a 10/10 girl to be 'into politics' and not be an attention hoe

b04cc2  No.12088439

File: 6c39058be8b33f3⋯.png (430.59 KB, 1039x988, 1039:988, 6c39058be8b33f3e5a62d6db80….png)



> They are going to genocide us ANYWAY…god I wish I could find a man with balls the same size as mine.

Where (((she))) admits to being a trap.

4ea430  No.12088443

File: 1e2323f45590c6b⋯.webm (7.03 MB, 853x480, 853:480, niggers-arent-self-aware4.webm)

b04cc2  No.12088447

File: acdc7e3556be798⋯.jpg (182.53 KB, 500x682, 250:341, 09a1318dc927800c88a44f3147….jpg)


>It makes sense that American NatSoc's would team with American Muslims/blacks to purge the country of jews, then move toward ethno-nationalism. There is literally nothing to fear in a world of mongrels when whites are living communally for a common goal.

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, I'll just kill him later. Or set them on each other while I stay out of it. Once one of them is destroyed I'll slaughter the other one while it is still weak. Go for the fucking throat, you pussy-ass bitch.

>pic related, what I hope to see this world become before I die.

cb99ea  No.12088458


Kek. Nice try faggot. You can construe what I said as anything other than what I meant, but it doesn't change the fact that she has SUBMITTED to me. She does whatever the fuck I want to do. She cums harder during sex as I pull her hair and pin her down, she obeys and shuts up when I tell her "no" and then she gives me a back rub to show me she isn't mad. And I've never once had to raise my voice or my hand.

If that doesn't inspire a man to stay a strong a worthy leader for a woman that is devoted in her submission to him, then I don't want to know that man.

Righteousness is the virtue you need, not anger. Understanding women and their nature will help you realize that it's not female nature that you hate, but the fact that they're not living up to the lies you've been told about them.

Knowing what women are, their predilection for hypergamy, their solopsism, their desire to submit and be dominated; if you learn this and understand this, women won't disappoint you anymore; then you can handle them as they are, and they'll love you for it.

They're like kids (yes even the strong willed, intelligent girls), they want order and a leader. Some kids are more trouble than others, but they ALL WANT TO SUBMIT TO A STRONG AUTHORITY FIGURE. Same goes for women.

b04cc2  No.12088463

File: 51248f940896eb6⋯.jpg (31.91 KB, 480x321, 160:107, 7cbd395c6068518437aed725b8….jpg)


>Do the ladies want to torture them all first?

YES. Women can be some of the most vicious torturers, if she has the fire of retribution burning within her.


>The same treatment for pedophiles. Fags of all kinds should be chemically castrated and lesbian women should be forced to get hysterectomies. If they aren’t going to use their reproductive parts properly they shouldn’t have them.

You would leave them alive, you dumb cunt? Their are ways, other than physical, to destroy the innocence of children, you know that right. That's why every piece of filth must be purged.

b2760f  No.12088508


> but the problem applies to men too.

Because of women's partner choices.

b04cc2  No.12088509

File: 50567bcb6a8ce62⋯.jpg (90.59 KB, 540x738, 30:41, a3a45290fc685e13764653f7a1….jpg)


>Is there really no middle ground between worshiping women and treating them like beasts?

There is no reason for you to expect any man other than your husband to cherish you. The men that worship women just want to get laid, and those that treat women like beasts have gotten laid but only after having to shed any decency they had so as to appeal to women's need to be fucked by the bad boy. Once women start behaving/ being ladies, then maybe men will show them a modicum of respect. But until that day, you will have to live your life going against the main-stream whoreishness that everyone else is indulging in. It is a difficult thing, and you'll still get called a whore, even when you've abstained, by those who don't truly know you. You must find the strength of self-confidence by doing what you know is right, no matter the cost. If you achieve that, then you will have your hard-work acknowledged by the one man that secures you for his own.

>tl;dr, don't be a whore and you won't be treated like a whore. But remember you only matter to your family and your husband, no one else owes you a damn thing.

60b2c5  No.12088539


Lack of competition (in case one race, one ethnic group were to entirely purge all others) would naturally result in a similar outcome to race mixing. It is the variety of outside threats that continue to force relatively technologically and culturally advanced societies to push onward instead of stagnate.

Jews are an anomaly (cancer of mankind) that through their manipulative, parasitic nature disturbed the natural balance of distinct ethnic groups continuously engaging one another as rivals and enemies.

And whether we like it or not as long as we're bound to these high maintenance mortal bodies that require natural resources we will continue to compete for those resources. Peace is always just temporary, it takes just one group to grow its population too quickly for it to affect everyone else. Besides life would be incredibly pointless if it was the idyllic garden of eden where the only challenge would be how to not get bored. Life naturally grows, naturally expands and always finds new challenges, challenging itself prepares it for even greater challenges in the rest of the universe. In a sense kikes are just another challenge.

5ad523  No.12088540


I’m so glad to hear about you and your family! It’s such a blessing! I already cook from scratch, and hand washing doesn’t seem to be terrible in my own opinion. You can really focus on stains and as well as maintaining the quality of the clothes you’re washing. Plus, I love air dried clothes too, it’s always so fresh feeling to me, softer and just so much better. I wished I could live somewhere where this is possible, but unfortunately the factory where he works is in a city.


He doesn’t. He supports my dreams, and wants to make them happen. It’s less about us and more about our children. We both grew up in poor home enviorments and just want the best for our own kids. I can hand make toys and home school them, but what happens if we aren’t financially stable enough and they need an expensive surgery to live. It’s just worries like that, that really get to me.


You’re right. I do agree with that. Though you could’ve made that point without the dumb cunt bit, you’re disrespectful, and no woman will want to stay with you if you emotionally abuse them.


You’re really twisted. Your beliefs will never solidify any community. If you treat your friends wives like trash, you’ll ostrecize yourself from them, as they do have to care for their own wives and daughters and would never respect you for disrespecting them. Women are a support role and that’s true, men are the front runners of the family, that is true, but a community requires people to not treat each other like niggers. But, you sound like a nigger so maybe we’re expecting too much.

974bc9  No.12088541


>these are not progressive parties there is no gender equality

I like how they say this like it isn't the entire point.

000000  No.12088543


What a confused post. Xena is a lesbian icon.

b04cc2  No.12088574

File: c9296c98eeb8e1e⋯.jpg (49.14 KB, 552x519, 184:173, c9296c98eeb8e1e78f8dd84fa4….jpg)


>no woman will want to stay with you if you emotionally abuse them.

I don't care about your feelings, you dumb cunt. And no one likes emotional/physical/mental abuse, you sexist.

b04cc2  No.12088581

File: 422157b46eff54c⋯.png (627.48 KB, 847x767, 847:767, 422157b46eff54c91e0111df9d….png)


>If you treat your friends wives like trash,

Then she probably deserves it. And most likely her husband knows that. Do you even know how real men interact with each other? Civility is one thing, but when community breaks trust by making you an outcast in your own country, then FUCK being civil.

b80177  No.12088585


Most of it stems from media idolatry. All it takes is not being a faggot and going about your day to meet cute practically by accident. All these mall ninja type snowflakes won't even make it to wizardry.

b04cc2  No.12088599

File: 5ed6237444cf8ff⋯.jpg (147.7 KB, 646x800, 323:400, 5ed6237444cf8ff82e1b9668dc….jpg)


>Lack of competition (in case one race, one ethnic group were to entirely purge all others) would naturally result in a similar outcome to race mixing.

Fuck off, yid. White men left to resolve world problems, without having to subsidize shitskins, or worry about their women/families well-being, will create not a utopia, but a fantastic future of clean energy, no pollution, no starvation, no homelessness, space travel, and resurgence of nature, just by allowing their now untethered imagination, skills, and resourses to be poured forth for the betterment of their kind.

b04cc2  No.12088600

File: e9251065c2daf0b⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 86662ce4277da79f6350260713….jpg)

File: 7d8728c1cdcb6e6⋯.jpg (18.21 KB, 324x395, 324:395, 7d8728c1cdcb6e635eaa9b64f7….jpg)


>In a sense kikes are just another challenge.

No they are just another pest to be exterminated.

6e55a2  No.12088608


if you genuinely align with /pol/ or any of its tenets even somewhat, working in tech is going to be a wake-up call for you. it is the most shitlib infested industry in existence.

in any case, go and have a career, finish your degree, etc. but don't feel that it should be what deprives you of the joy of motherhood. the best thing you could do is pass on such industrious/academic driven values to your kids.

d0e61b  No.12088628



Stop making excuses.

I can answer your question directly: yes, good women who know their place have value beyond walking wombs. Any man worth his salt will carefully consider the opinion of his wife, provided she is reasonably intelligent, before making his decisions. They're also excellent caregivers, nurturers, etc. Older women with grown children fill lots of important social roles as well. Fun fact: it was common in the 19th century for women to go into medicine after raising their kids. Only possible if you start popping them out young, though.

But what you probably want is a seat at the men's table. Affairs of state, politics, philosophy, and so forth. In so doing you incur the wrath of Nature and the disdain of men. No matter how "correct" your views, you are a woman. You cannot transcend your nature. Even a hysterectomy, a mastectomy, and hormone treatments cannot change the physical structure of your brain. You will always think like a woman, and there is nothing you can do about that.

If you have failed to do so before now, I cordially encourage you to read up on:

-Neurological differences between men and women, 'in depth. In particular, the differences in IQ (when disregarding the changes made to the testing system to equalize the sexes), differences in distribution of white and grey matter, differences in mirroring neurons and regulating neurons, and other matters of interest.

-Physiological differences between men and women in depth. If you can't write a 25 page article about why women are unsuited for combat, why men are unsuited for the care of newborns, and so forth - you haven't done enough reading.

-Statistical differences in decision making models between the sexes and their probable basis

-Statistical differences in emotional motivation structures between the sexes and their probable basis

-Differences in social interaction models between the sexes

-Differences in voting patterns and social optimization models between the sexes

Once you have completed your homework, you will understand that the roles of the sexes has little to do with individual distinction or merit. You will also understand why /pol/ has a low opinion of average women. If you can't sympathize with that view, then you yourself are average, full stop.

At any rate, it does not matter if you are the most brilliant human alive, or have the best political beliefs, because:

-If you are, then you must set an example to your lesser, feminine peers

-Even if you're "as good as any man" in terms of your cognitive, decision making, and emotional regulation abilities, you still need to set an example to other women. Other women aren't bright. They'll copy you without realizing what is different between you and them.

-If you more like other women than you might wish to admit, then you are not fit for a seat at the table.

Cease your pretense of equality. You may have value, you might have worth, but you are not a man and you must not try to play at being one.

14e937  No.12088643


>play dumb so you get an inferior mate

The better answer is to try harder and not settle for egotistical dickheads that are unlikely to have the proper manly characteristics where it counts, i.e. not being a coward.

Men are designed to vary wildly in intelligence and capability, it's nature's way of experimenting. We are moee likely to be geniuses but we are also more likely to be extremely stupid. Women are "supposed" to be the stable bedrock for the human species because if you have too many insane or ambitious women they won't have children and we will die out. Even though the stereotype is that women are crazy, the unfortunate truth is that men are more likely to be crazy, at least in a dangerous way.

The toughest part of being a woman is that if you face the truth, you realize you are bound by this duty of having children and raising them properly, and if you don't then you are partially responsible for the degeneration and death of society.

But there is an upswing to this. After all, with this duty and responsibility comes power. Savvy women throughout history have embraced this and learned to turn it into their advantage. The easiest example is the wife of a noble who takes control of the rearing of children, ultimately controlling the future of the whole family. Even in relatively recent times, women would literally be masters (or mistresses if you prefer) of the house, which meant that the man would listen to her orders when he got home. This isn't weakness on the man's part, because the woman has managed the house as her defacto full time job, and therefore if you want to live in an orderly home you should listen to her. It's a practical and effective way to run a family.

This is the thing that women without hope and directionless tramps should realize: they control our future. They just need to learn that being responsible is worth it.

5ad523  No.12088646


Well, then fight the cause of it. It’s one thing to hate women who are going around acting like whores, defending niggers and Jews and degenerates, it’s a whole other thing to just act like a dick to all women and then getting kicked out of a community because you’re an asshole to people’s wives or daughters, even when they follow the same belief system and act appropriately.


I never implied they didn’t. Women should respect their husbands and support their ambitions and support them by keeping the home on top shape. However, showing that amount of distaste and hatefulness to someone who supports your cause, and didn’t just kick it up a notch in the murder category at the time, is a great way to drive off people who don’t have thicker skin, but could show great loyalty if you showed some amount of respect.


This is very true. Men and women are not equal.

60b2c5  No.12088650


Nice dubs. Question then is can you tell apart the people that have evolved past the point of relying on a lot of in-group, out-group behavior. Kikes themselves can pass for whites a lot of the time which is why they can infiltrate white ethnic groups.

The majority of the world in spite of how much race mixing is being promoted are still at the stage where they're very much hostile towards outsiders even if subconsciously but not openly. A lot of white ethnicities developed past that stage being very individualistic which works in a homogeneous society but is very vulnerable to immigrants that still behave in some ways like a pack of animals, sometimes literally in the case of niggers. In the case of jews you get a group of parasites that are likely to conspire against the naive whites and worm their ways into positions of power.

If indeed an all white Earth can achieve what you believe it can then you probably cannot fathom just how much of the worlds population has to die to ensure that kike like behavior is no longer a threat. You would need nazi UFO superweapons straight out of /x/ to face those kinds of odds.

More realistically a simple final solution implementation to the kike problem would set mankind back on the right track and while it's possible that in the end whites would eventually take over all of Earth slowly eliminating all other ethnicities, it would take a very, very long time.

04d7f4  No.12088652

Reading the comment, kekking very hard, woman aren't joining us because they love power or think they have to infiltrate now, or lose the men, no, they join, because they too are deeply concerned about the future of our nations and because the right is finally developing enough momentum to go mainstream. That's it.

Just enjoy all the pussy when it moves your way, I know I will….

67914a  No.12088791

02c280  No.12088795

I love watching this shit unfold because I've been telling everyone this would happen since Ferguson and everyone called me stupid or crazy. Then they said I was stupid and crazy when I said Donald Trump would win in a landslide back in 2015. It's amazing how blind everyone is.

67914a  No.12088804


Your sister sounds non-virgin. She's spoiled goods at this point, so no reason to worry about it, just make sure she doesn't bring more niggers in this world.

402e60  No.12088808


>thinks the struggle between white ethnic groups will ever end

Nope. Once the existential threats to our nations are solved, we will go back to hating each other once again.

f328bf  No.12088811




This is called "trying to sprint before you can walk"

We can't even form and maintain a White Student Union. Why are there people suggesting that we can declare war on the entire rest of the world with probably just a few hundred thousand redpilled people and zero organization?

67914a  No.12088818


>and no woman will want to stay with you if you emotionally abuse them

You'd be surprised.

67914a  No.12088828


It's funny cuz I can totally picture all /pol/ posters actually being little girls telling anons to man up and self-improve so that they can secure a steady supply of future husbandos.

cb99ea  No.12088846


High IQ women are harder for men to handle, because they're more capable of justifying their bullshit to themselves and to others. You're doing it now. You're making excuses for yourself, claiming you'd be treated like a beast if you submit. But that's not the reality of things.

If you find a just and honorable man, your submission will be met with the reward of him respecting that submission and him working harder to deserve that submission.

As I said elsewhere in this thread, my current gf has, through her submission to me, demanded more from me than any woman before her. But because she has submitted entirely to me, I respect that and want to earn it and never let her down.

I firmly believe, through my lived experiences, that a woman cannot love a man to whom she is unwilling to submit. Similarly, a man doesn't care about your thoughts, a man cannot love a woman for her mind, no matter what they say.

Have pride and hold yourself to a higher standard when it comes to the kind of man you wish to be with, but once you find him, submit, let go of your ego, allow him to lead you. You'll see him work to earn your submission.

And stop falling for the kike terms like "beast". It's preventing you from opening your mind to the very thing that can make you, as a woman, HAPPY.

a0a2ba  No.12088848


>but wont have many children

Not very smart there are you???

b8a0da  No.12088856


Exactly this

413e4d  No.12088890

Women are antennas. They glom onto whatever is most popular. The only useful girl is one who posts anon and does irl operations. Our girls are just soldiers in the modern SS. No info/guerrilla war means no contribution.

3 healthy youngins are a given: shouldn't even be a debate topic.

000000  No.12088891

>kike news says something that makes my balls tingle

>l…let's believe it uncritically


>y…you kike.

67914a  No.12088892



a0055b  No.12088894

I actually liked Hercules and Xena. Both were fucking legit growing up.

000000  No.12088897


>b…but I saw a photo

Yes, because cops and synagogues also contain women.

000000  No.12088906


>I actually liked <kike brainwashing show> growing up.

You like the literal tranny that kike OP used to mock anyone who supports this thread.

000000  No.12088942



It doesn't matter who "wins" because there's no winning when the game of life is tilted and rigged to make you lose, no matter what.

Take the black pill and save yourselves a lot of useless trouble.

402e60  No.12088953


>just breed with niggers goyim

ab6c65  No.12088967

This is why we have seen all that incel shilling against white women in the last few years.

(((They))) know their sway over white women is getting weaker with the increasingly obvious third-worldization.


Nationalism is better off with butthurt incels, sure.

60b2c5  No.12088968


That's what I was thinking, I just like to extend my understanding of what makes someone always strive for being better to a global scale. Rivalry among similar nations like among brothers.

For the foreseeable future there will be numerous white nationalities that as in the past can ally for a common cause but rivalries and conflicts among the nations of Europe are to be expected.

As for non whites, global communications and trade are unavoidable and I don't see whites getting rid of billions of Indians and Chinese anytime soon. Also I don't see the harm in having similar rivalries globally as long as it serves to promote further progress for whites.

I think Americans have the most trouble understanding how there isn't just one homogeneous white race globally, which is why even on /pol/ it's common to see rubbish about moving to this or that European nation to get away from the kiked and niggerized united states.


Fuck you. There is nothing wrong with having international disputes and honorable warfare when it comes to it. Kikes hijacked war for their own benefits just as everything else, dying as a soldier now is almost always going to be pointless whereas dying fighting truly for the benefit of your own people and nation is honorable and a risk worth taking.

f78417  No.12088979


They are starting to sound like Chinese women who love to cuck their men. With women like that, proud to be Volcel. Let’s face it: racism is primarily exhibited and propagated by women. And anyone can be racist against their own race. Hate is an emotion and therefore not logical.

402e60  No.12088985


>trade are unavoidable

Why? We can get almost everything we need (that we cant produce ourselves) from our racial bretheren in Europe and Australia.(and possibly the southern cone of S.america, if they kick out most of the mestizos)

All America needs to do is stop trading with them, and their populations will shrink back to a manageable size. Also, if you don't think the Chinese wont eventually try to take Europe and or Australia, Genghis Khan style, you are mistaken.

f78417  No.12088991


India is the biggest threat to America. We have offshored all our technology and software research and development there, thanks to CEOs like Sundar Patchai and Satya Nadella. We have handed over core technology to a country with the second largest Muslim population (180 million and rising). Soon they will modernize their military and support their brothers in Pakistan (Pakistan was carved out of India by Indian Muslims so they could rule themselves.

60b2c5  No.12089005


It's not about whether a well managed nation can exist without trade, of course it can. We as people don't want to exist without that trade, if nothing else different cultures can produce a lot of weird and interesting stuff that we end up wanting to trade for.

Trade for natural resources or cheap labor rather than securing them by force is a different matter. It may be a smart tactical move depending on circumstances but of course it is more desirable to control natural resources yourself and to keep your own population employed and use automation wherever simple manual tasks are needed.

402e60  No.12089020


So you are saying that, for certain luxury/exotic items we can trade with them? I'm fine with that, but it needs to be closely watched, because that could easily snowball into what we have today, where we are utterly dependent on nonwhite countries for manufacturing. A new /revised US constitution should say that moving manufacturing offshore is a harshly punishable offence.

000000  No.12089031

The fuck did I read? You white shitheads can have your fucking countries. Fuck ya all. I am from a third world country, we have a thing called humility and many people (whites) have it, I'm sure. Oh BTW could you stop poaching talent from my country for minimum wages? Thanks <3

402e60  No.12089036


>having to post his shilling from TOR


e7eaea  No.12089046

File: 9b0f7577b434ecc⋯.jpg (888.23 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, Poverty-Stricken-Arab-Yeme….jpg)


>I am from a third world country,

Stopped reading there. Eat a rat for dinner, Achmed.

43841a  No.12089053

File: c5ec0aaf1b4d86b⋯.png (56.82 KB, 1271x311, 1271:311, Tits or GTFO.png)

000000  No.12089056

why use TOR? It's a brilliant piece of technology made in the USA, just like the Internet. Except I have the humility to say that.

43841a  No.12089062

File: 83d979f77aba2e2⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, A wise man will walk away.jpg)


>However, nothing is better for a man, than a strong minded woman who has submitted to him.

Kill yourself degenerate cunt.

We are not playing your stupid games.

Tits or GTFO.

013529  No.12089065

File: 6427828962878b0⋯.jpg (16.06 KB, 424x389, 424:389, fd2.jpg)

File: f6f2999d8feea80⋯.png (198.97 KB, 587x532, 587:532, Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at ….png)


1. Kill yourself, torpedo.

2. Kill yourself, torpedo.

3. Kill. yourself. for using. a jewish honeypot. torpedo.

b53853  No.12089077


Consider this:

Was the female vote anything other than an attempt to transition from 'one vote per family' to 'one vote per individual', allowing jew owned political parties to enter the home as invisible intruders and tear it apart?

If you are a good loyal woman, and intelligent, the man you are with will listen if you are respectful of his rightful place and can back up what you are saying. If you scream at him you'll simply remind him of the zeitgeist authoritarians he has come to hate.

60b2c5  No.12089083


I have enough humility to perceive the potential for other races to become a threat or in some cases an ally. However I will always believe that all people of the Earth have to earn their right to live and it doesn't matter if most of them are piss poor shitskins who don't stand a chance against technologically advanced nations.

d26321  No.12089097


what a surprise, a roastie attempting to use shame to control men

you are all the same, always trying to manipulate

if you weren't required to make more white people you too would go in the oven

661ca8  No.12089105


Ghandi was a good man. Be more like Ghandi, sand nigger

35158c  No.12089109


She's never going to fuck you, cuckknight anon.

d26321  No.12089124


>I am from a third world country


>You white shitheads can have your fucking countries.

>Oh BTW could you stop poaching talent from my country for minimum wages? Thanks

So we could have our country if your "talent" fucking stayed at home to improve your 3rd world country instead.

You don't want them to leave and we don't them here, so in a sense we want the same thing.

You should devote your life to improving your country by making people see that going abroad to whore your skills in white man's land is a bad idea for all concerned,

Meanwhile, we will do our very best to make sure all foreigners feel as unwelcome as possible so they go home where they belong and bless their own countries with their talents and skills.

6a73b8  No.12089141


How inconvenient for your (((narrative))).

ac6ca8  No.12089142


It's a shill, he's been spouting out his bullshit for a while now.

3186f9  No.12089144


Fuck off white knight. All women are in it for the attention. They do not think like men. Their brains are physically unable to be logical and pragmatic. They only jave their emotions to fall back on when they make important decisions. Due to this, they will constantly display irrational behavior. They are a danger to others and themselves.

6a73b8  No.12089162



Old news. This was true even in Der Fuhrer's glorious Third Reich.

2e7eba  No.12089167


>all the men left here are manlet basement dwellers who couldnt speak to a girl in real life.

fake news, yid


>we 400lbs neckbeards

speak for yourself :^)

2e7eba  No.12089177

File: 8653f3fbcb1e923⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 540x410, 54:41, 85ba1d50e2db080b3246cc0de4….jpg)


>Men who say they want faceless wombs need to fuck drunk college sluts, if spreading their seed is all they care about.

>need to fuck drunk college sluts

>muh ficki ficki

begone, r-selected vermin

263e40  No.12089182


>I found my husband on /b/, so I would say anything is possible

Annika, is that you?!

6a73b8  No.12089183



>post shoahed

George Orwell laughing.png

Who are these cowards?

fe0acf  No.12089184


We'll come out of this smelling like daisies, because all white women will be far right, while kikes and niggers will still be infected with the brain disease that is leftism.

2e7eba  No.12089190


>Just enjoy all the pussy when it moves your way, I know I will….


begone, r-selected vermin

522dce  No.12089201


>Even if you don't agree with MGTOW philosophy, its teachings will save your life.

Save my life to do what, exactly? Play video games and watch porn all day? Chug beer and blow farts and spend all my excess income on pleasure until the day I die?

"I can save you from your duties and obligations so you can live a worthless and unproductive life of excess and die alone with your only legacy being a gamerscore and a collection of plastic anime figures," says the Jew.

>Women are wicked and segregation is wise.

Promoting sexual segregation is literally advocating for white genocide. Filtered and reported. MGTOWfags are cancer and shit like this is why.

6a73b8  No.12089203


Why women hate prostitutes, the pic.

41f402  No.12089214

File: a5ca43a917df9d6⋯.jpg (37.91 KB, 347x478, 347:478, a5ca43a917df9d6750f8f27952….jpg)

File: d0ae5b008a84496⋯.jpg (87.23 KB, 500x750, 2:3, d0ae5b008a844968d4134eabd5….jpg)

File: 7241dc32da6b409⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 434x604, 217:302, 7241dc32da6b40967d3c314b3b….jpg)

There is not a single white male in this thread that is arguing against women wholesale.

A strategy that makes no sense.

All who wholesale deride white women are either golemized white women or nonwhite women.

Only women fight other women at this level of intensity.

I can only laugh at all the jewesses and nigresses in this thread gnashing their teeth.

6a73b8  No.12089219


Kike-collaborator spotted!

Delete your post to save your honor.

c1104c  No.12089222

File: 480cab3a023d552⋯.png (6.49 KB, 390x470, 39:47, 1398611499294.png)



You're a tool. You think being single is somehow empowering, yet I bet you spend most nights wishing a man with an actual spine would approach you and fuck your brains out. Won't happen so long as you still cling to the idea that you're superior because of that degree. You aren't. You contribute nothing but to the AA quota while any potential skills you possess will be over-looked in favor of the 'muh vagina diversity and inclusivity' shtick. When you reach your mid-thirties, you'll start feeling the pangs of need for a child in your life because your body is telling you it's time is running out. When you hit 40, you'll be a lonely cat-lady wondering where all the good ones went because you sacrificed a potential loving marriage for a career because you believed the 'I should be treated like a princess just because of muh vagina success'. You won't.

Let me guess: You put out on those first dates with guys, only to never have them call you back?

Protip: It's because you put out and told them silently that your only intrinsic value to them is in getting them off. You offer nothing of value to society, and will be a footnote to whatever company you decide to work for.



mgtow detected

Of course you faggots show up. Still sour over that one girl? Well here's a tip: Get over it! You're a genetic dead end whose only purpose is to shill kike propaganda for making whites discontinue breeding. Off yourself, or get your head out of your ass and stop crying.

You fags love to chant 'not all men'. Guess what? Not all women ride the cock carousel!


Are you me? Only difference is I actually am married and my husband actually appreciates my intelligence.


Back to /b/ nigger.


This is very true. I never worked in a convenience store, but had to live around niggers for four years due to financial circumstances. I was already weary thanks to a mother who hated niggers, but having to live in a ghetto was what really cemented it in to never drop my guard.

838d53  No.12089224


Fine examples of European women.

d0e61b  No.12089237

>>12089222 (checked)

So what's your definition of "appreciates my intelligence"?

838d53  No.12089238


My own family started to disown me because I took a stand for European people.

So much so, that the cults came after me.

6a73b8  No.12089242


>Kike-collaborator spotted!

>Delete your post to save your honor.

meant for


2e7eba  No.12089256


>I can't imagine being happy if I were forced to be a housewife for some idiot and pop out his children. I guess I am dysgenics in action

refusing to birth idiot children is an example of eugenics.

have you considered birthing white smart children instead?

e5a120  No.12089267

File: 6b05c3c9c3a0fe0⋯.jpg (123.74 KB, 850x450, 17:9, LARP.jpg)


>All women are in it for the attention.

c1104c  No.12089285


He appreciates it in the sense that I only use it to help and support him. Like a wife is supposed to. If he needs a sounding board, I'm there to listen and offer ideas if he gets stuck. Things like that. I'm not some mindless hole he can't converse with in any meaningful manner. A wife is there to provide a good environment for her husband, and help him if he needs it.

838d53  No.12089291


Well, if you’re really a women, and you have the degree you say you do, it’s easy to work from home.

Meaning any man that would tolerate your attitude and put up with you thinking he’s an idiot for wanting you as a wife and the mother of his children, which btw is actually a rather strong sign that he considers you to be a valuable part of his life, you should be happy. Most men would hear what you just said and walk away, because life is difficult enough, we don’t want to put up with that shit.

I mean it, the last thing I want is a woman that complains insessently, shit tests me all the time and gives me dirty looks. The next worst thing is a wife that fucks around. Then finally a wife that once you get married she changes her mind about having children.

I am a kind man, but even I walked away from that cunt. I simply don’t care enough to put up with a woman like that. I can walk into anywhere and hit on a woman. I could fuck her literal 9 cousin every week while she’s at work and I still wouldn’t want to put up with that bitch.

4b135f  No.12089304

File: 6ac475ee4348b31⋯.png (99.92 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1519132598021.png)


>I always struggle to remind myself that you are talking about 'average' women.

Any intelligent woman should be well aware of the nature of women in general. Despite the fact you consider yourself "not like the other girls", you should be able to use your above average cognition to become self-aware of your own female tendencies/neurobiological patterns.

>I wish I could find a man with balls the same size as mine

Men with balls don't put up with whiny harpies who see themselves as competitors with men. Your sole duty as a White woman (assuming you are one) is to create as many White children as possible, and care for and nurture your family so that your children will be strong and successful. LARPing as revolutionary stronk wimminz is jewish feminist nonsense.

Tits then GTFO and find a suitable husband and create children.

d0e61b  No.12089330

92adf8  No.12089337

>women with political opinions

this is how you lose fights

000000  No.12089338


>(guaranteed replies)

Here's your (You), I guess.

d0e61b  No.12089372


Oh, shut up.

Women are allowed political opinions - it's when they presume to effect those opinions directly without going through the proper channels read: their husbands that it becomes a problem.

000000  No.12089377


>women like you


Anon, we haven't seen the tits yet. Assume a tranny or a larper until then.

3bdb4b  No.12089403

File: 2cc6c6986e0a58d⋯.jpg (94.99 KB, 600x1686, 100:281, 1987638976137.jpg)


Fucking this. Like these niggers would scream in a womans face who was attending a nationalist rally to go back to the fucking kitchen or something. It's such a great fracture point for shills and losers with low sexual market value to exploit.

e5a120  No.12089424


Intelligent people understand the usefulness of women in nationalist struggles. Women inspire men when they ask men to act like men and defend them.

There is a reason why paintings of women waving flags in support of nationalist causes are so popular in history.

I would be ecstatic if this woman depicted here would read the text she represents. That would be excellent video material.

e5a120  No.12089426

File: e7660b75ed3c2f3⋯.jpg (66.53 KB, 806x478, 403:239, white-genocide.jpg)

3bdb4b  No.12089449


Retards are so quick to forget the 14 that comes after the first 14 words.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth. Without those women willingly and loyally at our sides our whole race is doomed.

000000  No.12089459


>your a woman and women do not have balls

On the internet? In the $CURRENT_YEAR? On imageboards? at least this isn't /b/

000000  No.12089470


>Save my life to do what, exactly? Play video games and watch porn all day? Chug beer and blow farts and spend all my excess income on pleasure until the day I die?


000000  No.12089490

Hitler got voted in because of the woman vote, never forget that. They're your only hope.

000000  No.12089495


>Poland's PiS


I'll give them they're populist

6a73b8  No.12089498

File: 3a2ed8fe712454a⋯.jpg (134.22 KB, 692x1944, 173:486, Louxor_obelisk_Paris_dsc00….jpg)


>Women are queens

Like Bees, so they'll fuck you once and then emasculate you? I agree!

000000  No.12089511

/pol/ is an inversion of White guilt

>Sacrifice your happiness, your independence, your pursuit of personal fulfillment and pleasure for her and her children, White man.

>Think about 'muh legacy' while you toil for decades on the pussy plantation while your harpie taskmaster 'inspires you' to work even harder with her 'helpful advice' on how to be an even 'better man'

Fuck off. You will soon be replaced by technology. This is your reward for selling out your protectors during the Golden Age of M'lady when you should have been grateful for what you had, and squandered away with your selfishness, deceitfulness and ingratitude.

a76550  No.12089512

Another woman here

>tits or gtfo

Nope, my tits are for feeding my children and for my husband. No one else.

Why women are becoming attracted the right is simple. While mentally ill leftists might want to get raped by shitskins, the vast majority of women don't. The left is creating an environment that is unsafe for women and their children. As a mother, what is happening frightens me because this isn't the world I want for my children. The right gives women hope that it doesn't have to be like this.

On /pol/ there seems to be an effort by (((someone))) to portray all women as the worst their sex has to offer. Screaming feminists that will die alone or coal burning whores that open their legs for anything that moves. Get out in reality and see what women are really like. We're nothing to be frightened of and have the same hopes and fears as you do. I have no doubt that some women pretend to be right wing for attention, it's usually obvious. Look behind them and see the silent women in the background.

I'm married to a man I love. We have a daughter and I'm pregnant with his second child. Raising my children and taking care of my husband has made me feel happier than I've ever been. I don't want this to disappear, I want my daughter to have opportunity of the same. If the left gets what it wants, my generation will be the last that gets to enjoy traditional family life.


This. Like it or not, you need women and women need men. It makes more sense to work together for a shared belief. Alienating women isn't going to work because without them, there is no future.

e5a120  No.12089517


Women enforce social norms. In the past, women shamed race mixing. If a man wanted to have relationships with respectable women, he would not stick his dick in an animal.

Colonies without White women tended to devolve into mulatto hellholes because there were no White women to shame having sex with the blacks. Take Angola or Mosambique as examples. Portugal did not create good colonies.

The problem today is that women are now enforcing destructive social "norms." My own brother decided that he was a girl and his facebook page is nothing but women he doesn't know praising his looks because that's what they believe is expected of them. It is no different from those facebook posts about a retard child born with crippling mental and physical defects getting hundreds of women who say "Oh he is so beautiful!"

Women believe that they are expected to do these things and so they do. And this reinforces destructive behavior in men.

Breaking this destructive cycle would be wonderful. The day that attractive women start shaming anti-Whites and praising men who defend their race and their posterity is the day that the entire jewish rackett collapses.

01ef58  No.12089522

File: 7577bf96140e5a9⋯.jpg (26.78 KB, 685x456, 685:456, not_amused_hross.jpg)


globalism by any other name would smell so jewish..

e12804  No.12089529

File: af519cb7a4d38dc⋯.jpg (150.72 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, af519cb7a4d38dccf5e631bad7….jpg)

The blobby tumblr pinkos, debauchery, soyboys and trannies made women flee from the left for the next couple of generations. Regular women hate degenerates and niggers more than men behind closed doors, they're also seeing the results of single motherhood and whoredom livestreamed.

Women, generally act the way they believe world wants her to be by her very nature, as they are supporters and followers rather than leaders; this is why media monopolies are so powerful, it fiddles around what women think normal or good is– as it's a women nature to be conservative. If they believe the world is a bunch of race mixing commies, and that it is good, they will try to conserve that.

402e60  No.12089531


>sucking up to a torshill


589898  No.12089536


That's cute, where's it from?

ffef8e  No.12089539


Ethno-Globe anon is a girl? wew lads, I never thought women could become radicalized. How did you get redpilled? It's a different process for women, surely?

9976ae  No.12089540


then tell me, how do you find women that aren't sluts, never-ending naggers, or gold diggers

and, more important, how do you find female virgins above the age of 17 who aren't aspiring nuns?

it may be that like >80% of men AND women around the ages of 20-30including even white ones are either slag, womanizers, or would-be-womanizers, but what about the people who can actually see value in virginity and in themselves practicing fidelity?

f78417  No.12089543


Exactly. The term feminazis came into being for a reason.

000000  No.12089547


They're counting Europe's RINO-equivalent socialist cuck parties as "right-wing".

e12804  No.12089550


drawfag thread

854542  No.12089554

File: 4130de23f85bd4e⋯.png (378.42 KB, 1043x691, 1043:691, 4130de23f85bd4e5224c4de3d3….png)


"feminazis" is a civnat term used by juden peterstein fans and the like.

Just like "MUH NAZI COMMUNISTS" the word itself is an oxymoron and is usually a reliable indicator of the average dumb fuck who doesn't like feminism but can't see the root cause of this societal decay.

09a35e  No.12089561


>Women Drawn to Far-Right in Record Numbers To E-Whore And Suck Valuable Energy Away from the Struggle

Fixed it for you. Females belong in cages, not in politics.

7ee5be  No.12089562


mirrers b racis daug

000000  No.12089563


>an environment that is unsafe for women and their children

You just admitted your true motives for "allegiance" to the movement: i.e. self-preservation (yourself and your offspring) and self-interest (your possessions)

It has nothing to do with race, nation or honor. Those are abstract concepts that only a male brain can comprehend.

You're just looking for a white knight culture to praise you and protect you, and you've come to the one board which selects for that kind of cancerous behavior and are seeking validation from anonymous males.

In other words, your behavior is typical attention seeking, and is self interested, craving the ego validation from beta orbiters.

Their numbers are dwindling on this board as you can tell from all the hostile responses on here.

MGTOW Master Race is rising and you not find the validation and support you seek here anymore.

ffef8e  No.12089566


Also, tell me how to find a virgin qt 3.14, thx.

d0e61b  No.12089570

File: 536ea039cb02bfb⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 600x1082, 300:541, it's not racist if there's….jpg)

589898  No.12089576


>another artist

What do you draw/paint/sculpt like, any pics of your work?

e12804  No.12089586


All unicorns are guarded by druids, as unicorns bind with you for life. Your best bet is finding communities that are agaist fornication, which are located through networking within churches in the West.

589898  No.12089592


How long ago was that thread? Did it get shit up?



>using ellipses for stutters instead of dashes

854542  No.12089623


>asking a woman how to find a virgin qt3.14

That's like asking a jew for advice on how not to get jewed.

282b3f  No.12089717


No, it's called trying to walk with the goal of eventually sprinting. Meanwhile, you sit there denying you want to ever sprint at all, or that it should even be a goal, and that we should simply be happy with walking.

000000  No.12089765


>MGTOW Master Race

whatever you say, Shlomo

000000  No.12089805


Not really. Jews are usually pretty adept at resisting jewing even if they never call it that and some are actually willing to share some tips if you ask the right way. Roasties however are blissfully unaware of their own nature and incapable of helping even if they wanted.

000000  No.12089823


Do you realise how desperate you sound, faggot?

91d5f7  No.12089855


MGTOW are reactionaries to feminism, and its natural consequences in the modern era, you can think of them the same way as atheists were in the early 00's. The popularity of attacking Christians has fallen out of vogue in recent years (it was everywhere back then) and the same thing will happen as MGTOW grow up. MGTOW are militant, angry, and are at a stage where they want to tear everything down, and in general, immature. I am not saying "immature" as an insult, but I mean it in the most literal sense. Immaturity for men is usually destructive, aggressive, and degenerative, whereas mature masculinity is always protective and generative. A lot of redpilled people, especially freshly redpilled, are in the same stage - they lust for destruction of others instead of restoration and generation of their own.

As Evola says, the first age of decline, The Silver Age, is when unrestrained lunar-femininity takes over; the second age of decline, The Bronze Age, is when the "titans" emerge, which is symbolically referring to unrestrained degenerate masculinity, or the warrior rampaging and destroying everything. Evola also said Prometheus (the one who stole the fire of the gods) was similar to The Bronze Age symbolism. The Bronze Age warriors have potential to become The Golden Age heroes, but they can't try to steal the fire before they are ready. Or what I am trying to say, is that MGTOW, and honestly, most the "redpilled" are still in a reactionary stage, and are not quite ready to reform The Golden Age, but give it time, and it will come.

e43095  No.12089882


In everyday life. I met my husband at the gym for example. Not living in a city also helps. As soon as we were married we moved out of the city we were living in and bought a run down house in the country. People here are a lot more conservative, including the women.

If you find a woman, keep at it. It took me a long time to accept that he was interested in me and that I was interested in him. Looking back I think it was due to a lot of abuse I took from other women for not going along with their drinking, drug use and casual sex. They would tell me that there was something wrong with me and I used to believe it. I became withdrawn and avoided socialising. I rejected my future husband the first few times he approached me because I didn't have the confidence in myself to understand why he would want me. If it wasn't for him putting that initial effort into out relationship, we probably wouldn't be married now.



>self-preservation (yourself and your offspring) and self-interest (your possessions)

As a white women what else am I supposed to want? It's in the 14 words "a future for white children". As a mother it's natural that my priority is my own children. That doesn't mean that I don't care about other white families. A safe and secure future is living in white community.

>You're just looking for a white knight culture to praise you and protect you,

Spoken like a true incel. You obviously have no idea how a marriage works. Yes I rely on my husband to protect me and our daughter. That doesn't mean that I don't do anything for him in return. As a wife it is my duty to maintain a comfortable home, cook his meals, take care of him when he is sick or injured and provide for him sexually. Denigration of a women's work in the home is some of the most harmful jewish shit I read on the internet and in the media.

>In other words, your behavior is typical attention seeking, and is self interested, craving the ego validation from beta orbiters.

I don't care about validation from other men, because I already have it from the only man that matters in my life. The reason I revealed my sex was because it's relevant.

c08350  No.12089890

File: 1c39c583901b72b⋯.gif (2.86 MB, 320x240, 4:3, laugh_door.gif)


>Says he cares about race

>"MGTOW Master Race"

285134  No.12089891


>A person with high iq and zero

experience still cant cook

>reproduceable or subjective

Given a desired outcome one adept at abstract reasoning will tend to comprehend the process and implement it more quickly and more efficiently than another who is not so gifted. This will tend to be true regardless of training.

You can teach almost anyone to play chess but this won't make them a master. That those taught some skill may best a naive contestant possessed of a higher IQ doesn't negate the existence of an innate difference in capability. You could measure it as a the difference in temporal investment and that difference transcends discipline. Whether you train a chef or a player the end is the same. Some people learn not only faster but achieve a much greater depth of understanding. Your questions aren't without merit but your conclusion is invalid. You may teach a skill and proceed to measure it subjectively. You cannot teach an ability and yet it can still be measured, objectively.

000000  No.12089899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>as MGTOW grow up

Fun fact: Most MGTOW, especially leaders in the movement, are middle aged White guys who've already been married, divorce raped and have raised children (as much as the feminist courts have allowed them access to their own kids). Most of the 1488 LARPers on this board don't even have a wife, much less children, but they think that if they virtue signal to some roasties, then they'll magically find pure Aryan waifus they fantasize about.

MGTOW isn't based on anger or tearing things down. It's about educating males on the real dangers that womyn and a feminized society presents to them. It's also about giving men a choice in life, whether they choose to be volcel, pimps and players or - ::gasp:: - red pilled, devoted married men. MGTOW is about choosing your own path, not the path others lay out for you.

You just need to tear down MGTOW because of the very real fear you feel, because you know that MGTOW influence is growing. That should be obvious since the messages of MGTOW resonate with the real life experiences most males have already had or will have in dealing with the issues MGTOW brings to the fore.

91d5f7  No.12089918

File: 1618d01ae9d5810⋯.jpg (159.92 KB, 990x660, 3:2, Hitler on Women smaller.jpg)





IQ is a Jewish-reductionist lie. Men and women are both different in mental affinities, and complementary. Is this reply meant for me?


I am semi-MGTOW myself, mate. Maturity has nothing to do with age, it is about outlook, I outlined what I meant shortly after the part that you quoted. I have no problem with MGTOW, as it is necessary to expose a problem, and that problem is the lunar-feminized society. MGTOW is a proper response but it is a short-term and short-sighted response that is important for the present, but will have a short lifespan.

000000  No.12089939


>for some idiot

Here's your problem. Don't marry idiots.

c08350  No.12089947

File: 8cb71693d99e68d⋯.jpg (89.64 KB, 500x667, 500:667, far_right.jpg)


They either married a slut or allowed her to become one.

There is no woman-free "path" to choose from. If you can reproduce normally (no diseases etc) in a stable family environment and choose not to, unless you're advancing humanity in any relevant way, you're a fucking parasite. MGTOW is not the answer, National Socialism is the answer.

000000  No.12089955


Hilter had numerous affairs with women and girls, including his own niece, and only married Eva Braun hours before he blew his brains out.

91d5f7  No.12089966


>believing Jewish lies

Neck yourself, kike

000000  No.12089977


>womyn did nothing wrong

>it's always the man's fault

Cry harder, simp.

Also, it's guaranteed that MGTOW will outbreed 1488 LARPers through surrogates and other means. Your children, if you ever manage to have any, which I highly doubt, will be following orders from our children.


I forgot to add that Hitler died without having, or wanting, any kids and he rejected marriage until he had nothing left to lose but his life.

Hitler was a hypocrite who didn't live up to the values he preached.

c08350  No.12089985

File: 720830b4eb797e0⋯.png (274.13 KB, 540x405, 4:3, MerchantExposed.png)


>A single man dates a few women throughout his lifetime, finally settling down with Eva in his last years

>He had numerous affairs goy!

The niece story is just Anne Frank tier.

c08350  No.12089993


MFTOW's children, if any, will be raised by single mothers. They will be the ones following orders, in prison.

000000  No.12090002


He kept Eva hidden from the public like a dirty, shameful secret. According to her own diaries, he was a shitty, neglectful boyfriend and she attempted suicide numerous times out of despair and loneliness. Sorry to burst your little bubble, LARPer.


>raised by single mothers

LOL, the irony. Exactly the opposite, friendo.

91d5f7  No.12090011

File: e32f5966c068fe5⋯.jpg (14.06 KB, 285x214, 285:214, 1469318864498.jpg)



It has nearly been 100 years since Hitler's revolution and still all that kikes can do is slander his name. How impotent!

8cc9a8  No.12090028

File: a01d2cd0345b4a9⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 425x319, 425:319, aa52293962b4e49de37e1bbf84….jpg)


>tor poster filling in false narratives of histoy while hiding his own identity

000000  No.12090039

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




000000  No.12090045



91eaf8  No.12090048

File: c0071b7f1eb9d88⋯.png (16.24 KB, 620x581, 620:581, 1533705836148.png)


>Shitty youtube videos made for middle schoolers.


000000  No.12090052

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>criticizes others' sources

>doesn't provide a single source that Hitler lead by example in marriage and procreation. because there is none

6a6ced  No.12090072

Alex Jones gets banned and every board starts thot-posting.

>they're putting chemicals in the Internet turning the frickin anons into women

9d0342  No.12090082


Reeeeenslave duh womans..

e12804  No.12090087


Thank God for White babies

ed1e25  No.12090118


That’s all we need them to be. Sorry ladies many of you are very smart but we want good wives and mothers. I honestly wouldn’t want to have kids with iron Ann Coulter myself…The youth will need proud moms while their dads go out to hunt jews.

c1104c  No.12090131

File: 23cade5af9c763a⋯.png (84.41 KB, 240x300, 4:5, 23cade5af9c763a307125e461c….png)


>Not the jews

>Not the jews

>Not the jews

>Not the jews

<You know who's to blame? Women!

You couldn't be more obvious if you tried kike. Fuck off!

c1104c  No.12090172

File: 1a16f489e61d59d⋯.png (726.15 KB, 846x644, 423:322, Sceptical.png)


You realize you will need a wife with some intelligence as your wife serves as the first teacher for your children, right? If all she does is feed and change, then how the hell do you expect your children to learn anything while you're out of the house?

I'm honestly curious as to what anons propose to this because I keep seeing this same argument in every thread regarding women and children. We, as mothers, are the first to bond with our newborn upon birth. As was tradition, women would be responsible for not only ensuring the nurture and growth of their children, but the early education f said children while the father would be out gathering resources; taking over the education of the son once the time came that the boy could actually understand what was being taught to him. While the mother maintained the structure of the home, and would teach her daughter the skills necessary to become a wife herself one day. But yet I keep seeing anons going full retard over this matter and insinuating that they'll be akin to an omnipotent god who will be everywhere at all times.

000000  No.12090183


>not the womyn



29a54d  No.12090185


>implying Japan hasn't been forced multiple times to stop being so racist against niggers, gooks, chinks, sand niggers and in some cases curry niggers

Lurk more before posting, there's a reason the meme "The Jew Fears the Samurai" gets repeated over and over again.

eeb491  No.12090191


get off 8chan. This is literally an internet hate machine. Go have a night out with some friends or go to a bible study or something.

Not all of life is politics. You will meet a strong, courageous man someday that you are proud of and can raise kids with. Just hang in there!

c1104c  No.12090192

File: 7db4c44ec7013de⋯.png (323.78 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, kekekekek.png)


>not the jews

Can't even read your own link faggot.

000000  No.12090196


<You know who's to blame? (((not))) Women!

project much?

29a54d  No.12090214

File: 727da4290fcb1b0⋯.jpg (13.89 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1445852528937.jpg)


Ultimately it was white knighting cucks listening to kike propaganda made by big banks who decided to emancipate women that got us in today's mess. The problem is the white knighting cuckolds in the gene pool, which judging by modern day breeding patterns may finally be flushed out of the gene pool due to degeneracy.

bcf65e  No.12090219


>how can the more intelligent and majority of "far-right" movements compete

How is it a competition? Already seeing flaws with your psyche and motives behind this.

>they will have a say

No you won't, leading is for men, you be a good cheer leader and make snicker doodle swastikas for us OK babe?

000000  No.12090230

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

kike womyn may have created feminism, but western shiksas eagerly grabbed onto it with both hands and feet and adopted it as their own.

we're not going to let western womyn of any race hide behind their kike masters and try to shift blame for the mess they created and still largely support.

cbb29d  No.12090232

File: f2a472e68a91c85⋯.png (9.74 MB, 2505x1707, 835:569, 12.PNG)

been to a few


these get togethers

have turned out to be

f@got conventions

where the wife

is a mud shark

and the white men

just share her

with nigger lords

a0055b  No.12090233


They were good shows. Kevin Sorbo is a great guy along with a few others from the cast. Im sorry you think everything is kike this and kike that. It would be simpler. I bet you check under the bed for kikes.

235f2f  No.12090314


That woman is a poointheloo. The interviewer is dark skinned as well.

18da19  No.12090317

The only redpilled, non-cucked men I’ve met IRL are either younger than I am, or years away from providing for a family. I still have plenty of time to have many children, but I’ll be anxious if it has to be put off for multiple years first. I end up redpilling them, I don’t want to be in the lead, I want to submit. I would love for my partner to be much smarter than I. Not sure what to do next, I don’t see tinder as I good avenue. Guess I’ll just wait?

0cfa42  No.12090338

This is 4chan ladies, the origin, the fucking singularity of angry 20 year old misogynist males. That's just the spirit of the place.

Regardless, welcome. Gott mit uns.

e5a120  No.12090347


In 100 years the Japanese will still be around.

In 100 years the Koreans will still be around.

In 100 years the Thai will still be around.

In 100 years Black Africans will still be around.

In 100 years, all of these peoples will be absolute majorities in their racial homelands.

Yet in All White nations and ONLY in White nations, White people will be a reviled and persecuted minority. In 100 years, ONLY one race will be extinct and that is the White race.

Fuck off, you disgusting newfaggot.

6d9c24  No.12090348

File: 7b6eec78b55b6d1⋯.png (372.93 KB, 540x793, 540:793, 7b6eec78b55b6d1ef256ab1c28….png)

I've been browsing /new//pol/ since I was 15… then 4chon, now here. I've already converted 2 other women more or less. Some of my posts are capped and are in the redpill threads. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one. Guess I'm not. Hope other women stay anon, too.

335ac5  No.12090380

File: 3924afa6bcabcb1⋯.webm (10.5 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 3924afa6bcabcb128e61b8fbb….webm)

File: ab8892eaa6b3023⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 258x604, 129:302, nbgbn1mAOh1tp930ho1_500.jpg)


I think Frau Goebbels said something to the effect of 'It'd be cruel to let the kids grow up in a world without national socialism.'

29a54d  No.12090386


>In 100 years the Japanese will still be around.

Their fertility rate is plummeting closer to the 1.0 levels just like in Europe. All while the WHO, UN and other organizations keep on pushing for more feminist programme and lesser restrictions for immigration. Moreover Jewish owned and affiliated companies keep on pushing for race mixing and multiculturalism if anyone's a newfaggot it's you. Lurk more, a minimum of 2 years before you open your homosexual mouth.





29a54d  No.12090406





Honestly I could go on and on, it's not just Whites who are under attack right now, any race or culture worth a damn is under attack right now. They want the whole world to be low IQ, without racial or cultural solidarity, plus emasculated, the good ol' divide conquer.

4ea430  No.12090408

File: 92d125eb6ef40bf⋯.png (37.02 KB, 890x710, 89:71, 92d125eb6ef40bf104a0f7864f….png)


>This is 4chan ladies

43841a  No.12090410

File: a9dd02285208754⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, original.jpg)


>Fuck off. You will soon be replaced by technology. This is your reward for selling out your protectors during the Golden Age of M'lady when you should have been grateful for what you had, and squandered away with your selfishness, deceitfulness and ingratitude.

We are the vessels of Lord's will, whores will be punished.

e5a120  No.12090412


Once again, fuck off you obvious newfaggot. If you don't know what the Mantra is, you clearly belong on reddit, not 8/pol/.

As for your bullshit, Japan doesn't need to pump out 100 children a year to do well, you neo-con kike.

Every day, courageous Japanese nationalists fight to keep neo-con kikes like you from destroying their country through mass immigration. White people should do the same thing.

Now get off of this board you filthy subhuman scum.

1680c5  No.12090413

How I was redpilled.

>Grade 1: Learn about Eskimos and dog sleds in Northwest Territories

>Grade 3: Learn that Eskimo is a bad word and am told to call them Inuit. All textbooks must be updated.

>Grade 5: Read Indian in the Cupboard

>Grade 8: Move to the US. Find out Indian is a bad word. Am told to use the term Native American.

>Grade 10: Find out Nunavut is a new territory primarily inhabited by Inuit. All textbooks must be updated again.

>Grade 12: Find out Indian in the Cupboard is a banned book.

>Graduate: Return to Cucknada where I find out Native Canadian is a bad word, am told to call them Indigenous Peoples. All textbooks have been updated to reflect new good word.

>Present day: Am told I must apologize for all bad things Canadians done to Eskimo/Inuit/Indian/Native American-Canadian/Indigenous because I'm white.

I'm calling them all Eskimo-Indians. And by the way, my grandparents immigrated after being in the HJ. So my ancestors didn't do anything to the Eskimo-Indians.

Force leftists to use ridiculous terminology that keeps changing and they'll come around eventually. Or at least you'll have a good laugh.

29a54d  No.12090420

File: 7ef157058cd0a86⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 252x244, 63:61, fag enabler.jpg)


>more insults

>more polarizing insults without evidence

>more dividing and conquer

Pretty cool story bro

e5a120  No.12090426

File: a485b48237b5a3d⋯.png (330.69 KB, 480x333, 160:111, watermellon.png)


>>more dividing and conquer

>Not understanding what D&C is.

How the fuck are you this new, you neo-con worshiping kike?

I'm not Japanese. Almost no one here is Japanese.

You don't belong here. Get out you fucking nigger.

43841a  No.12090427

File: d883b1ff3efb799⋯.mp4 (381.21 KB, 250x444, 125:222, Avoid.mp4)


>Like it or not, you need women and women need men. It makes more sense to work together for a shared belief.

You are a dirty whore.

You have no right to be here neither to address to us.

Your insolence and shameless attitude make you a disgrace as a woman.

Die know, repulsive cunt.

29a54d  No.12090428


Whenever one of those cuckolds tells me "don't call them indians" I just tell them if they really gave a fuck she/he'd memorize all the tribe names. Usually they either stop talking to me all together, or gain an interest to my "perspective" on life. If they gain an interest I then drop small redpills, such as that one Poo in the Loo who pretended to be a nigger to get into medical school due to Affirmative Action bullshit in the education system.

aa8131  No.12090429

I didn’t do anything

29a54d  No.12090432

File: 19267afdaa88bd2⋯.webm (1.44 MB, 448x536, 56:67, kikeytoons.webm)

File: aaf400e8b87b378⋯.jpg (334.51 KB, 1638x2047, 1638:2047, third gender kike judge.jpg)


>more insults

>no evidence

>more knuckle dragging statements that are inciting blind hatred to a nation who was wronged by kikes and allied powers

Smells like Matzo balls

e5a120  No.12090448


>No argument

>Not knowing what the Mantra is

>didn't lurk

>Believes in Neo-con lies.

>Began conversation screaming like a petulant child and shouting insults. Now is complaining that you receive what you dished out

All of this is classic kike behavior.

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you. Maybe you're a fucking kike or maybe you're just 12 and you're upset because your mommy grounded you.

Fuck off.


29a54d  No.12090463

File: 1588114fb07ce98⋯.png (11.3 KB, 447x378, 149:126, see.png)


>if I regurgitate references to 1488 surely people won't oust me as a kike

Super cool story brah, I'll stop replying to you, since Shariah Blue 2.0 does get payed by the responses they illicit just like Shariah Blue 1.0 did after all.

9885e6  No.12090465


>you need a bunch of niggers for true diversity.

False. Not just a bunch. TRUE diversity means every single person is a nigger.

1680c5  No.12090470


Also me

>From birth: Told I'm German and how my ancestors were tortured in POW camps.

>Grade 1: Find out Berlin wall fell and told how evil Germans are (by teachers).

>Grade 4: Spend half the year studying how great Canada was during war of 1812.

>Grade 8: Move to US. War of 1812 is not even three sentences in the history of US textbook. Spend half the year being taught 1776.

>Grade 9: Read Anne Frank and told how terrible holocaust was.

>Grade 11: Study ancestry and find out some ancestors were SS.

>Present day: Research holohoax and study WW2 from German perspective.

Learning to understand my opponents perspective has been my greatest tool.

c3e36c  No.12090474


>Nope, my tits are for feeding my children and for my husband. No one else.

Then your only option is gtfo. Bye.

1680c5  No.12090484


I'm sure /girltalk/ will take you.

9885e6  No.12090497


This is almost certainly a man pretending to be a woman.

29a54d  No.12090499


Weird, my history books actually did teach me about the war of 1812 and how American pirates were getting BTFO by the Brits shortly after the Revolutionary war. Then again I'm close to my thirties now, so maybe you younglin's are getting history taught in a much worse way than my generation ever did. Amusingly enough when I was being taught about the Holohoax I was forced to read Maus instead of "Muh Anne Frank", which unintentionally made me question the facts so to speak.

The reason why it inserted doubts into mind is how the author of Maus constantly depicts his own people via his father's statements. He describes the kikes as tricksters willing to sell their own people and with contempt more than once. From there I decided to research about how kikes sold their own people out, or fabricated lies about the Holohoax. I remember the first bullshit story I stumbled into, it was that of the masturbation death machines, from there it was soap made out of humans, and skin lamp shades, and it just started tumbling down. From there I started connecting the dots and stumbled harder into /n/ around 2008, and I haven't been the same since then.

One last comment I'll jot out for you and this thread, point out the fact that a modern incineration oven takes an entire hour to incinerate a human body. Then just drop the question, that you just wonder what type of secret nazi tech was used to cremate 6 gorillion bodies. This leads to a lot of funny responses as well as intrigue.

f4a36b  No.12090502

File: f809b3c0c639776⋯.jpg (105.44 KB, 680x869, 680:869, f809b3c0c63977619b044c64d9….jpg)


Staying anon is all anyone can do

f78417  No.12090515


Are you kidding me? Hitler was a pedophile. Why else would the Hitler youth be composed of good looking blond blue eyed boys in tight uniforms?

9be782  No.12090521





>within 30 minutes there's four one sentence posts replying to the same poster.

It's like the office in Tel Aviv just opened. Notice that the shill doesn't know that the BO of /girltalk/ is a tranny.

f78417  No.12090532


True diversity alt-left style means everyone is either black, brown, female, First Nations, gay, Muslim, bisexual or transgender. Straight white and yellow men not welcome.

1680c5  No.12090540


>close to my thirties

>You younglins

Berlin wall fell when I was in Grade 1. I'll wait.

Funny how textbooks can contain so many changes over the years. I suppose they decided instead of sweeping it under the rug in my day, they decided to change it to 'pirates' in yours.

0cfa42  No.12090555


M y bad. Had my tabs mixed up.

29a54d  No.12090557


Well it did say privateers, however the way the privateers were portrayed in the books was as mercs/pirates so to speak. Another term used was also buccaneers, rarely would I see the mentioning of maritime militia. If militia was mentioned it was only for troops doing fighting on the ground.

I just assumed you were younger since some of the youngsters I talk to don't even know about the French and Indian war, or the Spanish conquest of Florida.

1680c5  No.12090559


I notice that within 10 minutes of a TOGTFO post there's a post denouncing such GTFO, and it's the first post that ID has made on the thread all night. Stop apologizing for your earlier post pretending to be someone else.

6567da  No.12090566



No Jew blood. I even did the ancestry DNA kit and not a drop of kike DNA. It’s just a fantasy. I was just saying the rape thing is true for me anyway. SS soldiers are like the ultimate alphas so I dunno…….

4fae5d  No.12090568


DNA ala eugenics.

6ee331  No.12090572


>Woman knows more about history than me

That says more about you than it does her, read a fucking book.

4fae5d  No.12090601

File: 02e07091926a293⋯.jpg (50.52 KB, 537x599, 537:599, Meme_106159109.jpg)

9be782  No.12090609

File: 4925a594036dd01⋯.png (747.59 KB, 1027x1200, 1027:1200, glowing-jew.png)

4f54ec  No.12090639

dude, women are awesome

8a45d8  No.12090711


Tradthots are NOT our allies.

35b816  No.12090732

we got a lot of shills trying to drive women away from the movement. don't let them.

43841a  No.12090780


Women belong to the kitchen when have an owner, and to the cage without one.

Now GTFO degenerate.

0a4bc5  No.12090858


>get triggered by statement on women's nature

>cant control emotions

>muh girl ballz

This is a textbook example of typical female behavior. She cannot and is not capable of self-reflection or self-awareness. This is not an insult. This is a biological fact and she should not be condemned for her nature, just as a dog should not be condemned for acting like a dog. Remember anons, women have 20% less brain folds and 20% less muscle mass than a man. She is biologically incapable of masculine mental and physical feats. She is clay and only follows the strong horse. Right now, the jew dominates, albeit through lies, and this femanon parrots the jewish stronk female meme. She larps as a man but does not realize it. Even if she talked shit irl and was struck in response, she would not and understand why it happened. She needs to be protected not only from outsiders, but from herself. She does not belong in the man's place in the outside world of politics, battle, the field of ideas, /pol/, or even the Internet where she amplifies her mental fallacies. She should not measured by men's standards even when she pretends to be one. She does not and cannot tool herself over time to become her best for her family and volk. That's a man's job. Her job is to make and raise children in the nest provided for her man. She doesn't realize a healthy hetero relationship requires one masculine and one feminine partner and by acting coarse, she destroys her chance to attract the man she longs for instead of emitting soft, fluid, and caring traits that embody femininity because her father and brothers failed to guide her properly.


>cant into women destroying themselves

They're clay, anon. Who shapes the clay determines what they become.


>women awakening

No, they're attracted to male dominance, that is all. There is no mental faculty to cause self-reflection. It's purely biological. This isn't bad, it just is. It's good that White man are awakening and acting masculine to divert the female river back to them.


>women just are

>wet water



>women cant into dominated

She's clay, anon. She *wants* to be shaped.


>women bad

You misunderstand women, so you conclude wrongly. Retool yourself.


>high IQ womyn

>don't want children

You are infected with jewish horseshit. It's not your fault. Your men failed you. The womyn stronk meme is fake, supported by productive White males. Once he leaves, it collapses like niggerfied Detroit. The masculine man you want is not interested in your SAT score. He wants you bear his offspring as only a female can. One child collapses civilization. You need at least 2 to maintain, and more to grow.


>are women more than jew beasts

Only if they're White and your White husband understands female nature. There's plenty of males who don't get it yet, but that tide is changing. Be the best female you can be and you'll have an endless supply of potential suitors. You probably don't have a father or brothers to help you sort them out, so seek a trustworthy male to help you.


>the trick

>woman's destructive instinct

You sound like you get it, but to clarify, woman are inherently destructive because they have no capacity for construction, just as an untrained dog inherently destroys its habitat because it lacks awareness. Both require a strong male to guide and protect them from themselves for their entire lives.

>bible study

Great idea, anon.


>womyn can work

Their presence negatively distorts male behavior in the workplace by replacing productivity with biological mating rivalry behavior. Bad idea.


>thinking you're a man by hating women

Just as dogs aren't hated for being dogs, there is no reason to hate women for being women. Both requires a strong man to guide them into a productive role. Retool yourself.


>be genocided

>openly oppose jewish golem clown world

>can't into survival

>can't into guerrilla tactics

>can't into war of attrition

>can't fight to live another day

There's a reason you're not a leader.


>thinking womyn actually think

>cant into woman parroting dominant ideas

>cant into clay

Be the sculptor, anon.

Sage for polvol2 slide thread.

b75cbf  No.12090867


So what you are saying is that women belong in the kitchen or the bedroom, should be barefoot and pregnant, that we should lower the age of consent, and engage in a little domestic discipline when required?

That we should vote for far right christian fringe groups that have no chance of winning, so that the mainstream parties (conservative / republicans) politicians will start to represent the above values and people like you? (moving the needle)

6567da  No.12090897

We are, or I am at least attracted to male dominance. Men in far right groups do seem very dominant. Although I do feel unappreciated by them. Why do white men want to push white women away? White women risk a lot showing their support for the far right but then I get called a tradthot, whore, cunt, bitch, virtue signaller, that I need white sharia, etc. Like it’s no wonder why we’re failing 😥 I’ll probably get made fun of for this too…..

6567da  No.12090903

I don’t feel like supporting u guys anymore bc I feel like a joke. I’m other words I’m going my own way…………

c499c5  No.12090906


I don't know where you live right now, but that wouldn't happen where I am in Tennessee, ma'am.

000000  No.12090909


>Why do men seem to hate us?

Ask your 2nd wave feminist grandmothers who raised the useless Gen X mothers who raised the even more useless Millennial snowflakes and soyboys.

The problem is feminism. Remove that obstacle and the JQ becomes a trivial matter.

6567da  No.12090917


Well my grandmother died when I was 16 so I can’t. I know what feminism has done but maybe u shouldn’t punish women that stand by men and want to support them and honour them 🤷🏻‍♀️

b22c99  No.12090924


Go up to the top of the page and read the article on forum spies.

000000  No.12090930


I hear what you're saying, but women can't push the pendulum so far in one direction and not expect it to violently swing back in the opposite direction and knock you upside the head.

There's a real global cultural war going on right now and you can't step onto the battlefield and not expect to get bloody. No one is going to coddle you. If you don't have what it takes to receive some group blame, then go back underground in anonymous mode, then listen and learn from the wiser men who occasionally post here.

43841a  No.12090939

File: 92400b3c3bdc655⋯.png (43.37 KB, 1237x228, 1237:228, Anon wiseness and poetry.png)


Thanks anon.


e7f515  No.12090940

File: 0e9add6329f2c54⋯.png (174.82 KB, 1680x2006, 840:1003, banks and finance and ww2 ….png)

File: 0e9add6329f2c54⋯.png (174.82 KB, 1680x2006, 840:1003, banks and finance and ww2 ….png)

File: 89110a51fac984a⋯.jpg (423.43 KB, 1212x1445, 1212:1445, truth about hitler's histo….jpg)


>No counterargument


No one is believing your lies kike/cuckchanner.

e7f515  No.12090946

File: aaec8b2865a58af⋯.jpg (183.51 KB, 794x767, 794:767, 4chan old guys reveals tru….jpg)


>B but hitler never lead to marriage and procreation

>What is selective breeding?

e1c2a4  No.12090950


Can't argue with that logic.

e7f515  No.12090952


>Hitler fucked his niece he trained dogs to rape hthe jews, has a throne of skeleton jews with soap and lampshades, has one ballsack, was walking into a corps of kikes, hitler was also gay, hitler hates jews he supports them, hitler said he hated jews 24/7 hitler started world war 2

>Thinks showing a youtube vid makes us believe this horse shit.

f48c80  No.12090964


Look at this weak, stupid cunt.

d52d25  No.12090965


>tfw Waffen SS soldiers avoid you like the plague because they'd get shot for raping you.

6567da  No.12091119

cd0fd9  No.12091327

I don't believe, and even if it were true I'd never trust a woman to be loyal. I only trust another white man to be loyal.

e7eaea  No.12091353


You are a fat communist faggot who is playing at being a woman on /pol/. Drop the fuck dead, nigger.

9d943b  No.12091357

I don’t trust anyone.

b2f006  No.12091474

Lurk moar. Your emojis and contentless egotistical posts are attention seeking garbage. Go back to being anon or fuck off.

0a4bc5  No.12091784


>be into dominant men

>be into their fascist groups

>be into attention from men

>not appreciated

>not understanding these are men's groups

That is your problem. Feminine women do not belong in the outside world. Her world is inside, at the nest. Her role is to support her husband that mends from battle with the outside world. This is an allegory. but will also be literal when the race war commences He wants a comfy home from his cheery wife to heal his metaphorical wounds with her soft demeanor and sex on demand because what man wouldn't love his feminine wife? and see the smiling faces of his children she is raising.

Protip #1: males past 12 years old are passed on to the father for man training, so her role as trainer is even easier.

Protip #2: learn history so you can teach your children to cherish their White ancestor's achievements. It will give them a solid foundation to build their identity, something which is sorely lacking today, and steel their resolve to protect and build upon civilization for future volk.

976be5  No.12092066

File: 80f7154ca2def73⋯.webm (4.19 MB, 360x360, 1:1, Circassians stolen bride.webm)


They had better start having children soon or we'll be forced to bring back some ancient caucasian rituals. Like the wife kidnapping, it not only proves the daring and strength of the man but also the fitness of the woman to be carried and her desirability. Its mostly consentual.

5850a5  No.12092069

File: 628767611f6ec98⋯.webm (984.96 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1524099967024.webm)



the only way to get anywhere in this war is to become so ruthless, the enemy has no choice but to literally exterminate us with tanks, guns and bombs. they want to anyway, but stick to 'activism' and censorship because they dont have the stones to actually let some blood out. once both sides simplify the matter to one of survival (which is humanity being honest with itself) we will be swift victors because our enemies are weak cowards.

e5a120  No.12092275


>the only way to get anywhere in this war is to become so ruthless, the enemy has no choice but to literally exterminate us with tanks, guns and bombs.

That would be nice. Compelling the enemy to drop his mask and treat us as they treat the Palestinians would be a very enlightening lesson for Joe Six-pack and Sally Soccer-mom.

The trouble is that most people are mindless lemmings and they're easy to control with propaganda. Lemmings aren't really ruthless by any stretch of the word. Though, they can be brutal. A mob can be far more brutal than we can imagine.

So the idea of all White people becomming ruthless, self conscious, National Socialists or White nationalists or Identitarians or whatever wordism you want to call being pro-White is not likely to occur in the real world.

The best thing that we could do is compel the kikes into overreaching and treating White people, in general, as they treat the Palestinians. This would cause a harsh, mob-like reaction and would be the death of them… maybe. Liberals, especially liberals in Germany, Sweden, and Britain would rationalize that they deserve it. But elsewhere it would cause people to flock to "us."

The problem is that the kikes in control probably aren't that stupid. They know that the war is an information war, not a shooting war.

5aaa13  No.12092373


I think she is trying to figure out how to meet a man in the first place, but good advice you give.

bcf65e  No.12092622



You ruined my favorite hobbies and an industry I wanted to be a part of before it destroyed my naive outlook. Sincerely, fuck you.


>that pic

Ruined by an otherwise degenerate portion on the bottom.


>attacking our culture

No better than a jew. Especially after we've done so much for our people and getting the disillusioned back on track.


It was derailed from the start when the cunt who made the thread did something unfeminine and cunty. She posted what is essentially "lol dumb boys can't handle wamen learn to accept the say of newcommers boys!" which is like kicking a hornets nest. Dumb bitch got stung. Fyi for actual White women lurking this thread, none of us want to date a women like this, please don't be a cunt. The rest of you go back to /girltalk/ and stay there.

3d31d2  No.12092689

File: 645a904663dbbe0⋯.png (131.49 KB, 489x619, 489:619, dfgfgsdfgd.PNG)


you sound like CIA porn bot

bcf65e  No.12092983


I can hate you for typing like a nigger and having nigger-tier fetishes.


>that distortion on his left side

Hahahahahaha faggot!


>torpedo shills nihilistic propaganda of the disillusioned and blue pilled

Never get tired of saying clockwork.



>anti hitler torpedo one again shows how jewish he is

This is why I filter Tor, nothing of value is ever said by Torpedos. You say Hitler did not lead by example but he made Germany lead by example by increasing the abysmal birth rate. He never married because he though women would support him much more strongly if he didn't, but he and Eva were extremely close. You are like the shills who attack Kennedy, who actually had an affair, and try to claim he wasn't very close to Jackie. Especially before he died.


Ffs, Japan's birthrate should be low right now because it's a subset of Islands crammed to the brim with people. This is good for them right now because it'll mean prosperity in the future. The only reason to have a massively high birthrate there now is if there were actively colonizing other parts of the world and they aren't. They aren't susceptible to the same kinds of propaganda we are, stop applying White mindsets to foreigners, they don't think or act like us in any way. Regardless of whatever anecdotal tripe you throw at me after this post.


>Weird, my history books actually did teach me about the war of 1812 and how American pirates were getting BTFO by the Brits shortly after the Revolutionary war.

Hahaha, this is what Bongs and Canucks actually believe? "We weren't forcing your sailors to fight against Napoleon, you were the bad guys!" I hope we are the ones to personally liberate those shitholes so we can scrub this filth away.

d97d86  No.12093008

Oh no, not the women! It's not like we would want women with traditional convictions to sleep with us, especially if they want to have a family! The HORROR!

2d0c09  No.12093169


That's not how epigenetics work. One offspring doesn't suddenly change its whole inner workings.

2d0c09  No.12093200


No. This is where Eugenics or an astreine Rassenethik comes into play.

8da06d  No.12093341

>women's subconscious voice

>well it seems in the near future i'm going to be deriving potentially less benefit from supporting all these brown people and faggots; maybe it's time to go back to helping my own people, hehe

c460f7  No.12093343

File: 27e44429dae0e9f⋯.jpeg (83.33 KB, 984x443, 984:443, f7a86cb5c2ecbe3fd54b31641….jpeg)


>found that women are increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties.


I shall illustrate with a picture (mspaint)

c460f7  No.12093368

File: ff3c1a1fba7b875⋯.jpg (83.4 KB, 984x443, 984:443, f7a86cb5c2ecbe3fd54b316418….jpg)





You don't just speak, you act these ideals.

You know of the meme where a guy meets a girl he knew in HS/early 20s and she denied him for "experiencing variety" and he found a superior more feminine wife, had multiple kids, and she is a used up and stretched out wrinkly sock in their late 20s/30s?

c460f7  No.12093372


Women have a subconscious desire to be told what to do.

Effeminate men go worng when they see a few temper tantrums thrown by a woman and instead of doubling down on masculinity and leading they compromise and let her make all choices for their relationship. This permeates their entire existence and results in very obvious tragedy.

c460f7  No.12093380


>defeatism spam #403243857171

4c5abb  No.12093391



Go read some rape survivors accounts. Something like 7/10 women orgasm during rape.

Any grown man will tell you that women love to be dominated. I literally haven't had a partner that didn't like forced submission. Don't go degenerate BDSM, but do let her know that she is about to be bred.

8911f1  No.12093401


The responses in this thread just go to show how disgustingly weak the average man has become. Woman hating, porn and video game addicted, filth. If I don't see you in S. Africa this winter I'll consider you for a case of lead poisoning when we win and all go home to our native lands.

You're no better than niggers.

4c5abb  No.12093406

File: 09f9fe1222a5944⋯.jpg (86.11 KB, 634x996, 317:498, couture.jpg)


It's more likely going to be a subhuman slave who hasn't washed his dick in 6 months. About 12 of them will be on top of you for hours. Their breath is rotten rye bread, vodka and gingivitis.

If you had some class however, he might take you on a date and treat you like a lady. Your dreams of marrying this manner crushed by ZOG and Anglo-Bolshevik collusion.

b4155c  No.12093410


Not a contradiction. Intelligent women with sound minds and (most importantly) motherly instincts are top-tier. Most female twenty-somethings who waste their fertility in some Marxist indoctrination camp are "educated"but not intelligent. But they are the majority. That is why men are mostly allergic to independent stronk women.

The harsh tone here is needed because society is completely feminised

612dee  No.12093444

File: 47396daf5d5ec45⋯.jpg (58.66 KB, 650x577, 650:577, dat gril.jpg)


>white knighting this hard

thank god this post was trolling, otherwise I would have been upset.

5b0d73  No.12094152


>Sick doubles m8


You don't check doubles unless they include the final (ones column) digit. A hundreds/tens double is shared by 10 consecutive posts and capable of being aimed for. It is not impressive enough.

5b0d73  No.12094193


>They either married a slut or allowed her to become one.

>There is no woman-free "path" to choose from

You're arguing a straw-man here. MGTOW does not require a "woman-free" lifestyle, and that is certainly a choice.

>If you can reproduce normally (no diseases etc) in a stable family environment and choose not to, unless you're advancing humanity in any relevant way, you're a fucking parasite.

All humans begin as parasites. It is also possible to remain a parasite while being fed on by other parasites (see welfare niggers for best example).

What evolves you from a parasite into a symbiote is whether or not you give back to what supports your life.

6567da  No.12094490


You’re right though. I can’t expect to be in male spaces and then complain about hurt feelings etc. I just hope to go back to something simpler, like when we “lived off the land” or whatever and family was valued and men and women could fulfill their natural roles. I hope u guys succeed, the world is falling apart. But I value u.

c3e36c  No.12094525


Tits or gtfo is chan culture. Only a shill would try to deny that. Thus, you must be a shill. Filtered and reported.

6567da  No.12094529


I’m Canadian as well. A native woman from I think Alberta went insane on me just bc I said I thought it was wrong to rename a painting from the 1920s, called Indian Church. She said I could never understand her struggles bc I’m a white woman and the term Indian was used to dehumanize natives 🙄

9be782  No.12094721


>chan culture

Reddit speak. The correct term is image board culture.

Tits or GTFO is /b/ culture from around 2006. It has never had a major presence on other boards. Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time on IBs will know that the general sex split between most boards is 60% male to 40% female. There have always been women on image boards. Some of the original posters that followed moot from SA to 4chan were women. Image boards for women also exist. The largest even has direct crossover with boards on both 8chan and 4chan. If you weren't such a newfag, you would know what these boards are.

The idea behind tits or GTFO was not to drive women out of /b/ but discourage attention whores from outside from making shit threads. It was a troll. Any attempt by an attention whore to start a thread was derailed by posting tits or GTFO. If OP was dumb enough to fall for it, the thread got free titties. This tactic was never successful and eventually moot was forced to create /soc/ to contain all the camwhores.

Mindlessly parroting shit from old/b/ is a fundamental misunderstanding of anonymous culture. You have no idea who is posting and that's the point. It's intentionally different from forums where a poster's reputation and post history give weight to their opinions over other users. On an image board, a post is judged for what it says not for who posted it.

2d44b0  No.12095383


>Hitler was a hypocrite who didn't live up to the values he preached.

He was almost a god, supreme leader of the single most powerful country in his time. A filthy, incel subhuman like you will never amount to Hitler's toe fingernails, you fuck.

2d44b0  No.12095387


>He kept Eva hidden from the public like a dirty, shameful secret


Oh wait, they were officially lover. Adi was just smart enough not to take a whore in as the love of his life.

Unlike the orange kike of the united state of mutts and subhumans, a billionaire who somehow has to marry a used up typical slavic whore.

2d44b0  No.12095390


>Hitler fucked his niece

Ok, full stop, folks. We all know now what this TOR kike is all about.

000000  No.12096226

i guess the women are tired of being raped beaten and murdered by shitskins but it sure took them long to come around

de13bb  No.12096268

de13bb  No.12096278

File: 7cb762f0e881a52⋯.jpg (103.74 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, scolds_bridle.jpg)


>How can men even compete? Say hi to the ladies, boys. They're here to stay and they will have a say.

GTFO wench. You are a reminder that nationalist wenches are just racist feminists.

471330  No.12096396


>All women are in it for the attention. They do not think like men. Their brains are physically unable to be logical and pragmatic.

100% do not reproduce because it's men that share your belief that produce the mentioned attention whore girls who's brains are indeed physically unable to be logical and pragmatic.

e3f59a  No.12096439



Shut the fuck up, you stupid whore. Men are talking.

4e291e  No.12096491


>it would do a lot for the movement if more women would stand alongside the men that are actively trying to restore decency on the planet and give women back their dignity.

Start point:

A) Stay a virgin until married. Any sex outside marriage is, by definition, sleeping with the enemy.

B) Having accomplished that, and having the intact hymen to prove it, you obtain a smidgeon of credibility. Build on that by marrying and producing White children.

C) Everything else is optional.

c2eada  No.12096507

File: 52efcd161631ba3⋯.jpg (7.61 KB, 276x183, 92:61, 1.jpg)


Maybe the tide is turning. And a few thots, below the age of 50. Are realizing that they are on a disastrous path, one on which they will never find even a speck of happiness. But before you involve yourself with some based right wing trad-wife-material anon, that you've been chatting with online. Please read the following. This is not them being 'found out'. This is them bragging online about their glow-in-the-dark-nigger plus KGB honey pot methods.


In case you wonder. Last I heard, the poor incel neet in this quiet happening, is still being sheltered and shielded on a Nordfront survivalist farm somewhere. But if that is still the case, I doubt he's ready to walk with his head held high any time soon.

Beware the honey traps (and any other traps in general)

bcf65e  No.12096524


>it has never had a major presence on other boards

>I know this because I read know your meme pages

Fuck off newfag, filtered for not lurking for three years. Lurk for 2 thousand years you worthless wasteful cunt.

bcf65e  No.12096531

File: cfbb646fb42b1d1⋯.jpeg (79.47 KB, 770x578, 385:289, 2B690685-6AB6-4FD4-90D4-9….jpeg)

File: fee8c684039c21f⋯.png (777.08 KB, 1000x768, 125:96, 0e20efe73bb4e8c2491b80bdfa….png)

Boy sure are a lot of saging (1)s and (2)s in this thread.

4e291e  No.12096552


Nah, shill, not a female.

A shill TRYING to sound female.

Oh, AND trying to sound like English is its first language.

Bye, Filtered King.

43841a  No.12096676


>How impotent!


Women's language.

43841a  No.12096697

File: 116354623b9650b⋯.png (333.4 KB, 912x572, 228:143, zzzz.png)


Women's gaslighting is getting tiresome.

GTFO cunt.

000000  No.12096729


And… they are magically undrawn after reading this thread.

0f9e06  No.12096783


8chan, incels, etc that say how nowadays women are entitled, overconfident, "too independent" and all that bullshit or how for women is easier to have sex, dating, etc do not think that is male behaviour that dictates how many gender dynamics are in society. See tinder for example, if men stop being desperate horny animals in it and stop trying to match with 90% of the women that appear on the app maybe things would get a little more balanced. If you're a woman swiping right means matching, of course it will be harder for men in general to date on tinder than for women. Gender dynamics have traditionally and even right now with less extent, been dictated by men's behavior (patriarchy). I truly think that if the average man stopped being so sex centric and grow some standards with who they wanna be with gender dynamics would be much healthier.

bcf65e  No.12096789


>modern day breeding patterns are majority of women going towards minority of men

>but it's the mens fault

>not the jews!

Nah you're just a stupid cunt.


And a transparent shill.

fdb175  No.12096814


I think she's right when she says that men should have some standards. Even mean feminist orcs have a legion of white knights licking their boots.

bcf65e  No.12096822


I agree with that, but you shouldn't promote a fallacy at the same time.

0f9e06  No.12096852


>women mate with a minority of men

How does this contradict what I stated? If men create a constant high demand of sex

it seems pretty logical to me that then women will act as gatekeepers of sex/romance in consequence and gatekeepers don't let everyone in.

ab6c65  No.12096905


"and they are often more radical than their male peers."

Good, good. Most "white nationalists" aren't that far removed from Le Donald. "Filthy 1488ers making us look bad!"





What, more "incel" shill relationship advise? Of course, when common sense is restored, 56% genetic defects such as yourselves get the woodchipper. -)

9a8eb1  No.12096928


And that is why women who have ALWAYS been drawn to superior men despite the insinuation of the OP that its new are unable to find them. Truly superior men have expectations for their women that include respect for the womans role in supporting them and their children. Look at yourself and wonder why again women are fucked these days and that youre single with no offspring. Idiot.

bcf65e  No.12097101

File: a630d4072bba093⋯.png (214.52 KB, 632x494, 316:247, Das_Kek.png)



>Look at the comments on this very thread, they are only capable of parroting the same buzzwords in loop, kek!

>incel incels incels incels

>kek fellow anons!

Oh look another jewess projecting her personal flaws onto the gentiles again.

>Myself am able to see that I have serious antisocial tendencies and that it is frustrating for otehrs to deal with.

At least you are somewhat honest among this pile of disingenuous dreck. Hasbara Jewess are more retarded than their male counterparts to seems.

ab6c65  No.12097115


>women mate with a minority of men

That is how you know the poster is an incel.

> it seems pretty logical

There is no logic with incels, tho. They are exactly what they accuse "women" of being. Look at the comments on this very thread, all they do is parroting the same buzzwords over and over!


It is all pretty self-evident but incels are not "average", they are inferior. They are the lower 10-20% and not just appearance-wise. Just like those fat, ugly thirder feminists making the case for also being stupid. Both deserves the T4 program for the good of the White race. https://soundcloud.com/user-565630105/11-lets-kill-the-retards


The woodchipper. -D

335ac5  No.12097150

File: 5f3399e93933a3f⋯.png (98.3 KB, 619x626, 619:626, c07466bfce24887a87dc7be074….png)


Women have a handful of social policing tactics that, once identified, can be used to sniff out feminine behavior anywhere, even on the internet.

ab6c65  No.12097192


< It's only women that foolishly believes I am an antisocial retard.

Imagine being this delusional.


< If you disagree with me, you are female!

< You are the real shill here, goy!

Prooving my point. Always the same talking points.

c1104c  No.12097193

File: 38f494ed6da1268⋯.jpg (16.62 KB, 320x205, 64:41, shootmenow.jpg)


No, you insufferable nigger. YOU need to fucking lurk moar! >>12094721 is actually correct on what the origin of the Tits or GTFO meme was. /b/ was infamous for the camwhores who came on there demanding they be worshiped. And since 4chan doesn't auto-strip exif data, never has, those same camwhores were doxxed with their nudes being sent to their families so as to shame them.

Fuck me, the cancer of your faggotry is absolutely infuriating!

0913ae  No.12097207


Are you an alcoholic baby?

bcf65e  No.12097249

File: a10b64363a5ccdb⋯.jpg (135.24 KB, 850x446, 425:223, arguing_with_a_jew.jpg)

File: af0648b5d139a3b⋯.png (23.34 KB, 1657x265, 1657:265, jewess admits she has anti….png)




>reddit spacing

>pink text in lieu of greentext

Oh fuck off you salty jewess, you are one of the nastiest beasts on Earth, 2nd only to fat black women.

>deleting post to correct admission of anti social tendencies with x are the real feminists liberalists-tier argument

>can't even fucking proofread her posts

Hasbara kikess shoo shoo.


I never disputed that you mental midget. Show me where I disputed that. Just because a shill knows where a fucking meme came from doesn't mean anyone used it incorrectly in this thread. In fact there are loads of dumb cunts who don't understand why it's being used and why their "girl advantage" doesn't work on anonymous Mongolian basket weaving forums.

Oh and, just because you can use Know Your Meme doesn't mean you're an oldfag.

fdb175  No.12097293

File: 023906f340868fc⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1064x2976, 133:372, S.png)


"Pay attention to me or your life is worthless!"

Incel is the new "virgin" or "basement dweller".

cd151c  No.12098441


>If you find a woman, keep at it. It took me a long time to accept that he was interested in me and that I was interested in him. Looking back I think it was due to a lot of abuse I took from other women for not going along with their drinking, drug use and casual sex. They would tell me that there was something wrong with me and I used to believe it. I became withdrawn and avoided socialising. I rejected my future husband the first few times he approached me because I didn't have the confidence in myself to understand why he would want me. If it wasn't for him putting that initial effort into out relationship, we probably wouldn't be married now.

Thanks for this. This raw unadulterated insight is very enlightening.

80863b  No.12098680


In "The Manipulated Man," Esther Vilar reflects on the extent of typical feminine engagement with political matters.

>Henrik Ibsen, who suffered from the same misapprehensions as other men, meant his 'Doll's House' to be a kind of manifesto for the freedom of women. The premiere in 1880 certainly shocked *men*, and they determined to fight harder to improve women's position.

>For women themselves, however, the struggle for emancipation as usual took shape in a change of style: for a while they delighted in their often-laughed-at masquerade as suffragettes.

>Later on, the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre made a similarly profound impression on women. As proof that they understood it completely, they let their hair grow down to their waists and wore black pullovers and trousers.

>Even the teachings of the Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong were a success– the Mao look lasted for a whole season.

I hope that there are politically-minded women who are getting involved in right wing politics for the right reasons. I look forward to the possibility that women will intelligently join us in discussing strategy and the news. For too many women though, I fear this is just a fashion statement.

000000  No.12102997

I see a lot more women at the Far-Right rallies that is for sure.

I wonder what made them change their minds?

8d87b8  No.12103024

Holy fucking shit I cringe every time I see one of you sub 90 iq fucktards separate complex debates into Fisher Price toddler discussions where people are either team left or team right. Just admit that anyone identifying as left or right either just wants to be part of something or they want to brute Force their agenda into existence by latching onto one of the giant blobs of retardation. The democrat and Republican party are the same fucking people. They are rich people colluding to divide and conquer. I understand most of it is just bots and sweaty loser interns , but for fucks sake can any of you moron fucks who haven't realized that the majority of the us congressmen are pedos blackmailed or just straight up evil sociopaths just shut the fuck up? I got enough of a mess to clean up with just the government throwing shit everywhere 247, then I have to deal with autistic retards throwing shit too. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are fucking friends you fucking retard fucks. Ivanka and Chelsea are best friends. Ivanka and Jared Kushner are Democrats who don't hang out with redneck Christian's. Donald Trump was a democrat and switched sides because people are fucking retarded. How the fuck do you come to pol and not understand how the playing both sides game works? Since you people can only think in binary terms since you are incapable of independent and especially critical thought , think of it this way, either stay and retard and die after your shit life, or evolve to a world with infinite freedom and creation. Every second you waste fueling the egos and fucked up games of evil politicians who don't give a fuck about you is a second you could have spent pushing humanity towards a cure for your inevitable death from ass cancer. Dumb fucks.

1d1e77  No.12103044

parties aren't going to change anything and women only do this for attention. they don't care about morals or ideologies or races or anything other than if Chad thinks she's pretty

the goal needs to be for all non-whites in Europe to be deported, sterilized, or exterminated

1d1e77  No.12103062

File: 2d98b7e6058e0e3⋯.webm (6.96 MB, 264x480, 11:20, DACA.webm)

File: 4443eccbe460b08⋯.png (68 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.png)




43841a  No.12103101

File: 4e8197f1c0e0937⋯.png (111.58 KB, 500x390, 50:39, who-would-win.png)





Let us pray to the Lord.

2a7d67  No.12103138



I personally believe MGTOW is a short term strategy whose employment can severely damage the existing economic power structure. MGTOW is hated because certain anons see it as a competitor to their "breed and everything will be fine strategy". The problem with this strategy is that it:

1) Places faith in mass politics (most natalists are also against direct action)

2) Is a version of generation white flight not unlike what the boomers did (our children and grandchildren will pay/fight for us)

3) Assumes that we have time to build numbers (>10 years before TX becomes blue/mixed, essentially knocking out electoral politics and increasing the possibility of hostile gun legislation)

By going MGTOW, it becomes substantially easier for a man to build himself and his group/cadre up, as the financial burden of providing for a woman and child are erased. A man can make $40k and still have enough to spend on equipment, training, and establishing himself in his community. A group of these men working towards a common goal multiply their money and influence.

>Bronze Age warriors

The closest modern term would be "warlords".

43841a  No.12103232

File: 21d66a59d2ea4b0⋯.gif (234.38 KB, 500x213, 500:213, TG.gif)


And a MGTOW has very little to loose and a lot of delayed payback.

I believe is a good recruit for Rahowa, DOTR, and similar.

2a7d67  No.12103272


Well, it would be quite a waste if that all that time and money spent on training and weapons went to waste.

43841a  No.12103344

File: 47e0a49a366e38c⋯.gif (1009.69 KB, 500x248, 125:62, ffff.gif)


Making the statistic of posters and policing the language in /pol/ is top retarded stuff.

GTFO commie whore.

085ae8  No.12103577


Why are beaners allowed to exist?

085ae8  No.12103583


It doesn't mean it's /b/ exclusive, you retard. There are very good utilitarian reasons for it since female mentality is pretty much consistent throughout ALL boards.

085ae8  No.12103593


>if the average man stopped being so sex centric

Why should we? Sex is not only good but also the only way to achieve 1488.

>and grow some standards

We can stick our dick in a hole without inhibiting our reproductive capabilities for 9 months. Try to learn to cope with "men being pigs" like billions of women did before you since, unlike the cock-carouselfest, it's a constant of primate nature.

085ae8  No.12103597


>That is how you know the poster is an incel.

Roast beef detected.

bcf65e  No.12104538





Jews playing both sides again it seems.

>just sleep with lots of women goyim!

4f8278  No.12104840


>youtube avatarfaggots and their takes on contemporary state of affairs

fed182  No.12104906


take your huge balls and make white babies…oh no that would be too much eh, that would detract from wearing hugo boss and calling nancy a degenerate slut for milking your chad when you were on vacay huh…

309047  No.12104983


>You guys are such fucking pussies.

Says the supposed trad-thot, declaring war on the rest of the world's population, who also wouldn't be taking part in any of the fighting.

29da41  No.12106763


Smart women like Seana Fenner go around redpilling other women. When the birthrate gets fixed, a lot of the credit is going to a handful of ladies who did this. Interesting thread, virginposts aside.

a048a9  No.12110912


We are all going to fight, every man woman and child. You do understand the demographics threat of our enemies don't you? The kikes will throw every last living subhuman at us until they are completely ended.

2e65e9  No.12111168

File: 1bf08c3893a4549⋯.jpg (103.5 KB, 584x587, 584:587, notmyequal2.jpg)

File: 554726bfbf67b99⋯.png (363.07 KB, 610x860, 61:86, notmyequal1.png)

I will not be lectured to by a fucking worthless female about how I need to do more for her and save her from her bad decisions. you have equality now, don't you?

46e70d  No.12117924


>If I say x is an icon for me it's an icon for me

That's not how it works dipshit

d6262c  No.12117939

File: f5f6fbdf5fec4a8⋯.png (56.16 KB, 656x517, 656:517, 1529849110661.png)

women increasingly drawn to the far right? wow it's almost as if those bigots don't want to be raped and murdered by hoards of disgusting brown people or something and they know leftist soyboys won't do anything to protect them

4bef0e  No.12117993

3b0b5b  No.12117995


Nationalism =/= patriotism.

Nationalism is idea that a state is defined as one people, ie citizenship = race.

e5a120  No.12118055


Dr. William Pierce used the term interchangeably because

1. Most decent Americans consider themselves patriots. Most decent men in any country under threat from the jews consider themselves patriots. Therefore, it is good to use terms that they understand.

2. Patriotism is loyalty to a country or nation. All countries SHOULD be nations. Nations should serve the people. Therefore, in an ideal world; nationalists would also be patriots.

Also, it can be argued that our race is our nation. Therefore, our nationalism is patriotism to our people.


It is a good thing that women are drawn to "right wing" (read; pro-White) political parties.

305ee9  No.12118099


Having women in the movement is tactically a great move.

Having attractive women in the movement is even better, it will dishearten leftists and left wing women.

Listening to a woman's advice is 99% of the time tactically a bad move.

63544a  No.12150629



4c04ea  No.12150661


> and they are often more radical than their male peers

Of course they are.

It isn't the men getting raped by niggers, spics, and muslims.

33593a  No.12150674


The fuck did I just read?

6287e1  No.12150735

File: 5abc3e5dbab0db4⋯.png (45.67 KB, 134x157, 134:157, firefox_2018-02-20_01-13-0….png)

Hope you niggers have been lifting. The women have arrived, right on cue. As soon as the temperature starts to rise, they will move to side that will is ready to go full wrecking crew on the threats we face as a group.

6287e1  No.12150749



Either a NEET, minor or a coastal Nazi. Ignore with extreme prejudice.

6287e1  No.12150812


Stop spamming.

593f16  No.12150829


>women are increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties

not in burgerland though

ae5c63  No.12150836


We've been inundated with every type of shill for weeks now. All of the insane shit they type goes unchallenged.

6287e1  No.12150842


Do you believe there's a solution to this? They generally maintain their herd mentality no matter where they fall (left or right). Is pushing the Overton Window the only option? I've seen some younger conservative women take to NS and radicalism better than a lot of the men.

It's pretty obvious that Trump is just an accelerationist ZOG nigger. It's all about numbers now.

t. 20 yo undercover Nazi

a48513  No.12150869

awful fucking thread

if you hate half of your fucking race, what are you doing on pol in the first place?

and to the women: you just cant take these jews seriously

filtering out jews and their lies should be as natural as breathing by now, what do you think is the main motivation of all far right men in the first place? YOU, you are

593f16  No.12150882


>Is pushing the Overton Window the only option?

I suppose so

Having a variety of available groups probably helps too

8448a5  No.12150895


Properly raising the next generation in the sphere of the interior world is just as important as men defending the sphere of the exterior world. The two are necessary to maintain a strong family unit, and by extension a strong societal unit.

8448a5  No.12150901


Burgerlard is the heart of ZOG brainwashing, all of the mainstream is completely artificially manufactured from there. Yet there’s still a rising resistance, albeit slower. All our people worldwide need to support each other against the Jews that seek to divide and conquer until we are annihilated.

63544a  No.12151656


>girl follows the herd of feminism and thotness

"Stupid Stacy always getting with Chad. they're basically the niggerkikes of gender. all of them are such hos"

>woman actually agrees with our ideals

"Stupid Stacy, you're just like every other girl. Show tits or get out, niggerkike."

You're surely winning them over, anon.

733533  No.12151687


ex lefty female here, No I wont show tits, Iv produced 4 blue eyed white offspring, i think Iv earnt a place at the table. I have a growing number of ex lefty friends who have recently woken up. It is usually the ones who have a genetic investment in the future to be fair.

96439f  No.12151939


You need to learn to spell correctly before you are taken seriously.

e44ebb  No.12151988

File: c5f2560f8e753fb⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 500x600, 5:6, Rational.jpg)


>If this is true it's a good indicator of success. Women are drawn to power, not to ideology.

Maybe not in this case.

Women and children have been the predominant victims of Mudslime "migrants," by a huge margin, and they might not be as rational as men, but they're not blind.

They can easily see that allowing Muslims to take over their countries and outnumber them will give those Muslims overriding political power…and that means women become second-class citizens, while their children become routine casual victims of assault.

I'm wondering why they haven't jumped into this from the beginning, actually. I can only chalk it up to their overly inherent social nature, that they were duped into thinking they'd be socially shunned if they did not support their own destruction.

Everyone wakes up, eventually.

e44ebb  No.12152040

File: dcafded268049b0⋯.jpg (109.76 KB, 1000x655, 200:131, AAAndIt'sGone.jpg)


> I scored close to a perfect score on the SATs and have a high IQ but wont have many children

When the time comes, and you finally realize what life is all about, and you know that you'll not have another shot at being fulfilled in what is truly important, remember me, and picture me sadly shaking my head, my pain twin to your own.

I'm always saddened by loss, and…like Cassandra…although I'm always right, the curse is that no one will ever believe me.

I have about 20 summers left, then the rest is up to somebody else.

e44ebb  No.12152053


>Why are beaners allowed to exist?

Just imagine the guy is a Jew child-rapist/murderer, and you'll find yourself thinking that what they're doing to him is not enough.

f546e5  No.12152058


She can't be that smart if she lacks foresight, which is why that post if BS

f546e5  No.12152061

399198  No.12152119

e8af02  No.12152500

File: f7881d69234ca6d⋯.jpeg (234.19 KB, 632x1344, 79:168, FXp4CvI.jpeg)


It's probably bait, but I've met a number of women like this. The epitome of dunning-kruger.

They have ~110 IQ, but think they're smarter than everyone else because they're at a school where they're surrounded by 90 IQ soy boys and nerds who have no social skills. Universities don't select for intelligence, they select for conformity. They've lived a life where everyone has been telling them how smart they are and that they'll go far and they are just high enough above average to believe it. Participation trophies are mixed with actual trophies.

The confusion will first hit when she gets into the business world. Her comp-sci degree and vag will get her hired, but she'll have no respect among her peers and guys who never went to college will code circles around here. It may take a few years before it becomes obvious that she's just not as good as the men. Typically in their early to mid 30s these women end up dating a college dropout because he's actually masculine. This is where the cognitive dissonance really hits. This guy will laugh off all of her stupid feminist bullshit and all the little tricks she's been playing on the beta soy boys wont work because he's actually smarter than she is. When he's hanging out with his friends who are mechanics and truck drivers she'll be the dumbest person in the room and in typical female style she'll make a total ass of herself because she wont be able to handle it.

At this point in her life the biological clock will be sounding alarm bells and she has a choice of doubling down on her career and paying off student loans or realizing it was all a lie and pumping out kids. Sadly even if she chooses the correct path it's often too late. It's hard to find someone who wants to breed with you when you're 35 and everything thinks you're a bit of a cunt because you keep embarrassing yourself by trying to prove how smart you are and failing.

I know at least a dozen nice white girls who've wasted their life like this. About half were smart enough to admit their mistake. The other half are bitter cat ladies who often go a year without getting laid.

857258  No.12153730


If anyone is still reading this thread, I want to clarify a few things. I can't bear to reread all the replies I got; the stress would kill me.

I didn't mention much about myself, because I thought it was irrelevant and was afraid I'd be accused of blogposting or fishing for sympathy. Almost all of the assumptions people made about me are incorrect, though I don't blame most of them.

-I never rode the cock carousel. I'm a virgin. The only dicks I've seen irl were in art class, and I don't use porn.

-I am completely redpilled on the differences between men and women, and have been for years. There's a reason women were known as "the fairer sex". I know that men have it really, really rough, in ways I can't ever fully appreciate. I understand the need for men's advocacy. I love men and appreciate everything that they do. Guys are awesome.

-I don't want a seat at the table. I don't think women should be involved in politics, government, or leadership; we're not cut out for it.

-I don't have a career, and I don't want to be a career woman. That doesn't mean I want to laze about like the sterotypical 1950's housewife, though. Women should work hard for their families.

-(can't remember if anyone accused me of this, but I figure it's relevant enough.) I am not, nor have ever been a feminist. The first time I was exposed to feminist ideology, I recoiled in disgust. (I remember it vividly. My sister said "it's ok to bully men, because they're privileged". I couldn't believe anyone could think in such a vile way. I spent the next few months debunking "progressive" bullshit, and then gamergate hit. Thus began my redpilling.)

The sole purpose of my post was to caution against a mentality that I think will harm this movement in the long run. It seems to be generally agreed that having white children is important, but you need white women to do that. Many of them are unsalvageable, but if your heart is full of loathing, you will hinder even those that have potential. Even a woman in her proper place wants the love, admiration, and trust of her husband. I guess I was trying to use my own perspective to illustrate this, but I don't think it worked very well. I just ended up making it overly personal.

Is this just a bunch of emotional whinging? I could put on my sperg hat and get super clinical; I can be quite cold. But I'm a woman, and I see no value in pretending otherwise. Though my views don't spring from emotion, I can't help get emotional about them. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks to those of you who offered me words of encouragement. It's a lot more than I expected. For what it's worth, I think most women are intensely dissatisfied with the course feminism has laid out for them, though it will take some prodding to get them to acknowledge this.

Men and women should love each other. We long for one another. Please don't let the jews keep us apart.

522dce  No.12153749

Just for the record, the correct response to "women being drawn to the far right in record numbers" is to take advantage of this and start some sort of service or club for meeting women with the intent of marrying them and having children. "Women are here, better give them a say" is the last thing in the universe that should be on anyone's minds, and I can promise you, the women who are coming will forget all about whatever vestiges of feminism they wanted to act out if the first thing they're asked at the door is how many children are you interested in having, and to please sign here to meet men who are interested in marrying you.

The biological clock is more powerful than feminist propaganda. We should be using this to pair up and start having more children to build communities with.

21fdff  No.12154423


An ideal is important, especially if it takes a long time. The likes have been conspiring since Babylon.

589898  No.12154570

File: 1857021ad964ce3⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 332x375, 332:375, ;^).jpg)


>You guys are such fucking pussies.

>god I wish I could find a man with balls the same size as mine.

04a276  No.12155770


what a nice reality that would be

93c961  No.12155860


>That doesn't mean I want to laze about like the sterotypical 1950's housewife, though.

1950s housewives didn't "laze about" you retard.

>The sole purpose of my post was to caution against a mentality that I think will harm this movement in the long run

It is a mentality that doesn't exist, and you are here trying to promote it. Your story is of an old lady that is incapable of forming a bond with a mate, and so is worthless. Yeah, sucks to be you. Sucks to be everyone else too, if a woman isn't married by 16 she will never be a wife.

000000  No.12155939


>Many of them are unsalvageable, but if your heart is full of loathing, you will hinder even those that have potential.

You should have told your parents that a lot earlier for the following reason:


>if a woman isn't married by 16 she will never be a wife.

This. Of course the boomers are asswipes, so they swallowed Chris Hansen's bullshit and threatened a ton of decent guys of roughly college age with state violence and vigilante bullshit to stay away from their prime-age teen daughters. And then they have the nerve to wonder why all the decent guys with high standards don't want to marry their daughters now that they're 30. Fucking retards. Boomers are the scum of the earth. But women themselves had a large part in all this shit too.

91fc62  No.12156003


Why is the dolls asshole made so poorly?

They could have / should have done some detail work. Create a sphincter worthy of admiration, instead of just a gaped open hole.

f37281  No.12156057


You're a whore

ee1a32  No.12156928


D&C faggot.

c953eb  No.12157134

File: 2814d95916d0cda⋯.jpeg (55.1 KB, 534x625, 534:625, image.jpeg)

Do you know your blood type? Are you rh- or rh+? Left or right handed? Then tits or gtfo lol. Xoxo

ab6c65  No.12160572





Incels, kill yourselves!


< Real men like me!

You are a genetic defect, yet another 56% omega "male" that should be euthanasied.


< I care about teh White race, fellow Polacks!

< MGTOW forever! Never breed!

< Women are the irrational ones, not me!


Sheeeeit! Checked!


On Pol, JIDF and r9k seeks to pozpill us.


You incels are the ones that believes men exist only to serve their women and children, individualism 2.0, while true Natsocs wants the preservation and improvement of the White race.

Now kill yourself, incel!

261b6f  No.12167894

File: 6cbde8772c0df52⋯.jpg (172.43 KB, 2084x1151, 2084:1151, 1515302586586.jpg)

Gotta rev up them beta bucks after years of nigger dicks and wine addiction.

cec4b6  No.12167932

wow there is going to be alot of used up whores clinging to right leaning men soon. The thirst will prove who is a man and who is a desperate animal.

Remember to never date anyone over 25. And make sure you see their history first before dating these so called tradthots.

c460f7  No.12169673



no hymen no diamond

ecfaf4  No.12169706

File: 6400f9cd3bbc17c⋯.png (512.63 KB, 461x644, 461:644, Kallikak_Family_caricature.png)


they used to teach this in schools

141201  No.12169842


Men…the undoing of the human race.

6aced9  No.12169886


A brilliant piece of technology with almost every single exit node owned and controlled by the feds.

And don't forget that virtually ALL manufactured hard drives have phoned home to the NSA since 2001.

141201  No.12169914


>She should not measured by men's standards even when she pretends to be one

Does not understand that European women aren't the retarded lolcow milkers of his kike family.

<gets triggered by the thought of an independent woman who isn't looking to become a brood mare in his stable

Or she is just a heck of a lot smarter than you are and is trying to accomplish something that you are not prepared or ready to understand. Kek! What do I care if I have to destroy your comfort levels and understanding of the status quo to get what I want.

>Clay and only follows the strong horse…

Now that is funny since you know NOTHING about where I have been, who I am, what I have done or how I have changed the world. ←- and that is not even bragging I have no reason to lie we are anons. I have literally changed the course of history and I am about to do it again whether you are ready for it or not.

BTW, you are wrong on every aspect of your analysis. I am not really interested in 'coloring within your lines' (you should go suck on your Khazarian milker wife tits if you want that) I am interested in RESULTS. In order to get results, I am going to have to smash a few heads, proverbially of course, because obviously I am not a big strong kike mongrel like you are…LOL it has been FUNNY, but don't quit your day job…glownigger.

d2dcb7  No.12171402


cf6c37  No.12171722

File: 57feeedbfa6fedd⋯.png (191.85 KB, 501x445, 501:445, instructions.png)


>quality of progeny independent of the man

>must be the man's fault

e31f98  No.12174277


Might he the crime and rape they voted for but choose not to be accountable for.

43841a  No.12174538

File: b8a52c1c516edf0⋯.mp4 (4.82 MB, 960x960, 1:1, Oh dear..mp4)


We don't need vaginas for optics, they are a drag.

We need fighters to get the stuff done.

e5a120  No.12174576


>We need fighters to get the stuff done.

I didn't realize we lived in the wild west.

Maybe you do, but the rest of us live in a world of practical politics. In the real world, taking a gun and going to fight the cops is a loser's strategy. The real war is a war of propaganda and information. Not of bullets.

Everyone knows this. Even you do. If you didn't, you'd be dead or in prison.

43841a  No.12174654

File: 5db890524816120⋯.jpg (80.02 KB, 500x750, 2:3, tttt.jpg)

File: 5a1952da9cecc83⋯.jpg (63.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, vvv.jpg)


>In the real world, taking a gun and going to fight the cops is a loser's strategy.

/pol/ is a board of peace and so do I.

However the struggle is multi pronged. Propaganda and muscles go together.

Cunts need to be left aside, they have shown that are poison for us and Western civilization.

In many aspects to deal with a woman is like to deal with a kike, better keep them for what God meant for them, to be a incubator with legs.

000000  No.12183592

I see it too. At the far right riots you are at the point you do not only see equal numbers of women but now sometimes majority of it. The problem is history shows women when they do do this generally only realise it and act too late, at the point Civilisation can only be saved through collapse, rebirth, and renewal.

574a6a  No.12183635


>doesn't understand women fetishize their dignity being taken.. dominated


2c2b23  No.12183655


I feel this is misguided.

Even though baby-factories are what women were not too long ago, the kikes have in recent years weaponized them for (((their))) wicked cause. Girls have been trained since they were young to exploit man's natural sympathy to their feminine frailness, and furthermore the kikes have perverted our instinctive masculine protectiveness into a kind of reverence for women among the general unwoken populous. Because women have in the past few years have become– in a sense– "enlightened", and have a perceived equivalency to men in both mind and form, they are no longer docile and tame. Women are active in law and politics now, and have positions of power, and while this can be slowly diminished unto it's natural state, this will be gradual and we will have to operate with them as pseudo political equals until, likely, the fall of the Jewish syndicate.

Speaking like you are now will do nothing but prevent women from integrating into any anti-Zionist movement, and will only push these "enlightened" women deeper into the claw-like clutches of the common Jew. Many men unwoken to our cause are, as I'm sure you're aware, completely cucked and grovel at the feet of women. Many of these men happen to be influential politically and in the media– I use the word "happen" but we know who truly put these men there.

If we wish to defeat the Jew, we will need women on our side and many women would never willingly embrace natsoc if they are constantly reminded that they will be losing much of their political power– you know as much as I do how much women enjoy having power.

In summation, (((they))) use women as weapons, and we must disarm them asap if we wish to make progress, and brethren speaking like the typical perception of an autistic virgin incel is going to do nothing but impede our cause.

I am a man, and I do believe in traditional women's roles, I'm just trying to be realistic and frame the situation in a modern sense and not what my ideals say the world should be like,

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