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File: 0aa66011f66d018⋯.jpg (173.72 KB, 736x1189, 736:1189, magus.jpg)

File: 06a2a01fb866b29⋯.jpg (14.59 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Autumns golden gown.jpg)

File: 4cedcccb4063870⋯.jpeg (48.4 KB, 736x588, 184:147, druid woods.jpeg)

File: dd627cfb2133ca4⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1058x1575, 1058:1575, herne.jpg)

630f89  No.12089555


I bid you all welcome in the manner to which we have become accustomed, to our most portentous vicesima tertia thread.

Autumn is almost upon us and our preparations for the most auspicious Autumnal Equinox draws near, signifying the end of summer and transition into Autumn.

Autumn is the season of dying things. The once verdant leaves, lush in their viridian hues begin to wither on the branches. Green life turns to brown death and the Golden Gown of Autumn shall once again shroud the land. This is the Third cycle of the Four (Birth, Life, Death & Rebirth/Resurrection) The Dying necessitates the state of Rebirth and that which is dead nourishes the land so that it may again bear fresh life. We now witness what I have come to term "The Withering"

The Withering is allegorical, not only to the season but also to the plans and machination of the enemy. We are beginning to see the fruits of globalism sour and rot, withering upon the vine. Discontent spreads and even now, our brothers and sisters across the continent, having tasted the rotten fruits borne of the globalist philosophy, begin to turn against their corrupt and soulless overlords. We see this clearly in Chemnitz and (on a smaller scale) in a host of other locations. The fire rises in the hearts of true Europeans.

This is the Withering of which I speak. The cycle enters its third stage as the globo-homo internationalists NWO era reaches its autumnal phase. Withering. Dying. Worse is yet to come for we still have a Winter to endure where the death throes of the enemy shall lash and burn and cut deep like a bitter frost, but take heart my bretheren, for that harsh winter will foreshadow a glorious spring of rebirth and resurrection!

We live in historically significant times. We have the privilege to bear witness to the birth of a new paradigm and the coming of a glorious New Order. EVERYTHING points to this outcome - the cards, scrys, the runes, the bones and the ascertainable patterns of the movement of tameless familiars. All available methods of divination point to this outcome, for it has been foretold and the natural order shall overcome the anti-natural chaotic entropy of those that stand against the spirit of nation, people, blood & soil. Thus continues the struggle…

Be ready to witness the birth pangs of a new era lads and be ready to endure the Winter of all Winters. Its going to get a lot worse before it gets better but as the saying goes:

"It's always darkest before the dawn"


630f89  No.12089560

File: 4e4577095e76de9⋯.jpg (21.31 KB, 400x300, 4:3, withering.jpg)

(2) sorry lads couldnt fit it all in one post - "body was too long. I swear we used to be able to post more characters

On the Lodge front, the lads of the B.O.N.D stand ready to bear witness to The Withering. Summer bought us a great heat, a simmering fire in the hearts of the true sons of the soil.

We have, after a comprehensive addressing of the RQ robert question delivered a decisively fatal blow to false claims levied by the blaggardly, mentally challenged and ever irritating thread shitting-up pest that is the schizoposter and his spurrious and frivolous accusations of "robertry" have been eternally BTFO for all to see. We have, for a time, been mercifully free of its presence. Still we remain vigilant for the schizoposter is akin unto a ravenous bluebottle, drawn inexorably to a freshly laid dog turd all while buzzing incessantly & being a pest.

This threads governing Arcana is that of the I card, the Magician/Magus.

Numbered One – the number of new beginnings and opportunities – and is associated with the planet of Mercury. His stance represents his connection between the ætheric and the material realms. He uses this connection to create and manifest his goals in the physical realm. The Magician’s robe is white, symbolising purity, and his cloak is red, representing worldly experience and knowledge.

In front of him are the four symbols of the Tarot suits – cup, pentacle, sword & wand – each representing one of the four elements – water, earth, air and fire. It is also shows he bears the tools (and elements) he requires to manifest his intentions into being. Above his head is the infinity symbol, and around his waist the Ouroboros, both of which signal that he has access to unlimited potential. The foreground foliage symbolizes the blossoming and fruition of his ideas & intent.

A portentous card indeed. Pay heed lads for we are all the Magus at this time and must act in the according fashion. True to the card this threads governing heavenly body is Mercury - apt as these times are mercurial and ever shifting. In this time, beware of those of mercurial character , particularly in matters of business and of love. The Mercurial current will amplify these tendencies so you lads too must flow like mercury - be apt, adaptable and flexible when the situation necessitates.

''As ever the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation…"

<The fire rises in Germany (good luck krautbros, we are with you 100% btw)


<Firearm Discharged up to Every Six Hours in Gun-Free London


<Police Recorded Crime in England and Wales up 11%


<Deep state alphabet soup fuckery where CIA and Saudi Arabia conspired to keep 9/11 details secret


Thats it for now lads, remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, thank the Based Druids and suffer not the traitor, heretic or xenos.



e9dbb5  No.12089596

File: cfdb057d471410c⋯.jpg (126.94 KB, 465x584, 465:584, this kike.jpg)

You again? The next 700 posts will you be trying to recruit yourself? Of course they will be.

48522d  No.12089605

File: 07649296265f5ac⋯.png (207.6 KB, 324x470, 162:235, 1_HI4kj-TPAQrfQkAdrw2KTA.png)


630f89  No.12089622

File: c2329256aab9a2d⋯.jpg (74.41 KB, 692x960, 173:240, 2955850c77b80b6537c2642a0f….jpg)


A new thread gets made when the old one runs out. If you dont like druid/pol/ then fuck off & dont post in druid/pol/ threads. Accept that some do like it because it been going for over 2 years now.


Like flies to shit. Where does this pedo shit come from you schizo bellend? Point me to one instance where anyone in these threads has made a single positive statement towards

said subject. I'll wait.

008e37  No.12089644

File: 0b5270a9c1ca272⋯.png (584.37 KB, 1400x2700, 14:27, demiurge vs esoteric faggo….png)


>Where does this pedo shit come from you schizo bellend? Point me to one instance where anyone in these threads has made a single positive statement towards

>said subject. I'll wait.

You pushed Crowley and Temple of Thelma plenty of times you lying kike. And you pushed their memes in your occult beta larping.

630f89  No.12089710

File: a4157b941da8203⋯.gif (397.38 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1476657200724.gif)


>tfw have to explain this to you yet again

No one pushes fucking crowley you mong. No one here is a fucking thelemite. However, druid/pol/ does encourage study of modern western esotericism as well as traditional paganism as we are of the view that they are tools to be utilised as required. Its not a requirement - its entirely up to the anon what magickal path he chooses to pursue. I personally like the Tarot and trying divination methods. Others are more innawoods paganism. Each anon is diferent and walks his own path. It is however, difficult to study modern western esotericism without encountering at least a bit of crowley. Doesnt mean you have to like the man or practice the rituals of his various orders (OTO, A∴A∴ etc) but there is information to be gained from reading his works and employing ASPECTS of his systems - NOT joining his faggy sodomite clubs. Its literally reading lad - educating oneself. Fuck sake how hard is this to understand.

I suppose if I read Das Kapital in an effort to understand my adversaries, you would accuse me of being a marxist and if I read an L Ron Hubbard pulp sci fi book once, then im a scientologist. Guilt by association. You are just being an obstinate cunt for the sake of it now. You were adamant that these threads were the doings of robert sephr and you got utterly BTFO on that. You have no integrity. Just a bee in your bonnet.

Shame too because sometimes you have moments of clarity and come out with a good post amidst the spam and spurious accusations. But your hateboner for druid/pol/ and hostility prevents meaningful dialogue. You have had stuff explained to multiple times but you dont take any of it on board, you just shout accusations and abuse. Then when you are proved wrong, instead of conceding, you change tack and start accusing us of something else. Hence the hostility you get in return.

Try being a bit nicer and you might make some friends.

>And you pushed their memes in your occult beta larping

What are you even on about? What memes?

630f89  No.12089809

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CIVIC autists I know but this gave me a chuckle

307f16  No.12089887


The kikes are jealous of the ancient neanderthal DNA all Europeans carry with them. It's a history that reaches back farther than the kikes illusions and lies.

ebc53b  No.12089888


do you know a website with longterm free hosting for a zip

I googled around briefly, and nothing seems to fit my purposes

ab46e1  No.12089894

File: 7510e5fe4aa3650⋯.png (163.29 KB, 400x262, 200:131, faggitborn.png)

ab46e1  No.12089896

File: 69448ddd72c0ba4⋯.gif (1.24 MB, 434x277, 434:277, Thor Am Dissapoint.gif)

4fc513  No.12089901




Leave the natureniggers alone. They don't bother anyone your sperg and their threads are interesting to read.

ebc53b  No.12089909


Hello (((kike)))

ab46e1  No.12089914

File: 12031086fe9286d⋯.jpg (69.98 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Valhalla Is Closed to (You….jpg)

630f89  No.12089922

File: 8054e4a6851ad3b⋯.gif (937.86 KB, 350x200, 7:4, biggu bossu sarute.gif)


Thanks lad. Its appreciated.

ab46e1  No.12089945

File: e28da7dd536b1bd⋯.jpg (42.3 KB, 350x435, 70:87, wodan is the way.jpg)

6a2b6b  No.12090151

File: 781f45f8fde3d70⋯.jpg (212.9 KB, 1024x601, 1024:601, lol this nigga right here.jpg)

>Every thread, like clockwork

Don't be so tsundere, lil' niglet.

6a2b6b  No.12090152

File: c89d5f1f8f3811f⋯.jpeg (11.1 KB, 196x257, 196:257, c89d5f1f8f3811fdc2a5ae932….jpeg)


>I accidentally my quote


Wew lad

ab46e1  No.12090174

File: ac1fda2bc539ca3⋯.jpg (86.21 KB, 500x515, 100:103, y5wd0[1].jpg)

ab46e1  No.12090177

File: 805e0efd50d8c64⋯.png (258.17 KB, 500x737, 500:737, be-humble-and-kind-for-you….png)

515276  No.12090212


Nice OP as usual. I really have been feeling the need to pick up my cards the last few days. It's been quite a while. Gonna have to listen to my gut on this one despite being woefully out of practice.

You know, Rider Waite is still my favorite deck despite owning many more lovely decks. All my best readings have been with them and they feel like an extension of my own arms. I suppose having used the same deck for 20 years might do that.

630f89  No.12090253


Thanks lad.

> Rider Waite is still my favorite deck despite owning many more lovely decks

Same tbh lad. I have Thoth, Marseille and some deck based on the enochian angelic heirarchy but nothing compares to Rider-Waite for familiarity.

d978b1  No.12090302


Nice digits

41811f  No.12090976

File: 56ea1c6f6a04fd1⋯.jpeg (91.15 KB, 499x481, 499:481, 3EE0B19B-1BBD-4021-A439-E….jpeg)

>>12089555 observed

Most portentous numerals for an excellent OP as usual lad. Hyperborean digits of truth for the withering of the poison fruit and the (((sneks))) who offer it.


I didn’t watch your embed lad but “Zulu” was always one of my favorites tbh.

>>12090177 observed

Wodanaz’s sacrifice on the yggdrisal tree is an allegory of a metaphysical initiation you can partake in if you like.


Thanks lad.

I spent the afternoon in the sun planning what wild herbal remedies I’m going to extract before winter. Then I went for a hike up the nearby peak, made some prayers and did some sun gazing. During the course of the trek, to and fro, I startled four separate deer. I wasn’t trying to be stealthy either; I just stumbled upon them each between 3 and 7 meters distant. The last half mile of the hike was in darkness through the woods without a flashlight(torch), though it was familiar trail. A good reminder to use my phone and laptop in moderation to maintain my visual acuity tbh.

Enjoy your Saturday lads.

d9686f  No.12091093

File: 9e83a69ec39d329⋯.png (811.61 KB, 640x567, 640:567, havamal.png)

started off with a bang, eh?

Thanks for another edda of an OP lad.

Might see about reading the Havamal, although it's a shame there doesn't appear to be a Celtic equivalent

630f89  No.12091958

File: 96200bb0f7587d2⋯.jpg (75.06 KB, 540x766, 270:383, 6a7ad9991d77247d539d1b9de7….jpg)

Morning lads how are we today


Why thankyou lad

630f89  No.12091973

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ffcdaa  No.12091980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

only a few weeks until the equinox

it's my chosen date for embracing duality

d9686f  No.12092014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Simon going Qtard-esoteric

42f5aa  No.12092097

File: bc2dee72f188462⋯.jpg (83.19 KB, 670x800, 67:80, 1519095956883.jpg)

Hail crowley fuck jews

d9686f  No.12092106

File: 7d50a65f107fe6c⋯.png (11.49 KB, 553x613, 553:613, really big druid.png)

File: dcea5a02eaab1f2⋯.png (825.03 KB, 607x743, 607:743, kekdruid.png)

lmao lad that's weak




why even bother

4b6b33  No.12092148

fucking pathetic retarded larping english cucks. you niggers have your country submerged by shitskins and pozzed laws that keep you all in cockrings and what the fuck do you do ? you play larp as druids…. you're all fucking inbred abominations that deserve exactly what happens to you. have fun watching your crushes choking on nigger dick and watching your yellow teethed, inbred ugly pale face piss smelling abomination on the mirror. i really am happy that you're the firsts with canadians to get deleted from the gene pool. fuck all of you

ffcdaa  No.12092193


go die for israel "yank"

b12108  No.12092197

Greetings from /brit/

Remember to get a paki gf to save the white race

1be35e  No.12092201

File: 71211d15128f0ef⋯.jpg (30.63 KB, 223x310, 223:310, Thelonite Druid.jpg)


What oddly specific demoralization. Is there some Canadian archdruid you kikes are scared shitless of?


Observed. Carry on lads, these threads are good for morale.

630f89  No.12092283

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What is it with boomers and Q? Still like a bit of Si tho tbh, hes /areboomer/


Good lad.


You know the argies fucked eva peron's corpse after she was dead in the morgue?


Love that BIG druid oc tbh lad


How about no


The assblasted autism in this post….


Thanks lad. Were being shilled to fuckv atm but its good to see that there are lads standing firm.

630f89  No.12092317

File: 1f5abacf5244ee1⋯.jpg (114.85 KB, 1012x698, 506:349, approve.jpg)


Thanks lad, much appreciated.

>Havamal has no Celtic equivalent

Still worth reading though eh. I might have to have a look myself now you mentioned it.

630f89  No.12092535

File: e265658afa4fce8⋯.jpg (88.03 KB, 758x260, 379:130, zulu diorama 1.JPG)


Thanks lad. We shall all bear witness to The Withering together.


Its quite amuzing tbh. Its the Zulu ranked-fire scene interspersed with footage of treason may doing her stupid dance in SA. Culminates with Stanley Baker & Michael Cain firing on her kek.

d9686f  No.12093021

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Scottish bird guy about yet another gaslighting conspiracy

630f89  No.12093075

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ta lad, will watch now. Also Imperium Globosum has a new video out.

ab46e1  No.12093151

File: 54756d9ab926dab⋯.gif (354.17 KB, 600x338, 300:169, R U a Wizard.gif)

630f89  No.12093946

File: bd20f171d1f6a91⋯.jpg (4.96 KB, 260x194, 130:97, ai1.jpg)


Define "wizard"

c8bedc  No.12094058


30yo virgin.

Don't lie.

630f89  No.12094077


I have a fiancee and two kids with her.

630f89  No.12095539

File: 9ef81eeebf8978c⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 200x200, 1:1, kiryu san thumbs up.jpg)

Afternoon lads how are we all?

heavy night last night, I slept in today

b12108  No.12095569


I've been impregnating my paki gf

630f89  No.12095594


What a disgusting thought

630f89  No.12095602

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Morgoth on the Chemnitz protests

d9686f  No.12095622

File: 64c6d554e09902e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1588x872, 397:218, ClipboardImage.png)

finally had a look at caroline emmerich's pagan youtube, I'd been subscribed for a while but hadn't bothered because it looked like yank shite (it was), before unsubbing I looked at her channels and guess who I found?


ta lad

630f89  No.12095637

File: f28d9afe2869ddb⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 312x500, 78:125, megatherion666.jpg)


Topkek, are bobbert makes another appearance.

Cue schizoposter flying into an apoplectic fit of autistic spam

4b6b33  No.12095661

fuck you larping inbred abominations

c6d409  No.12095681

Why isn't there actually a decent brit/pol/ instead of these gay ass larping threads?

630f89  No.12095683

File: 35bb363bdb8b851⋯.png (144.28 KB, 322x215, 322:215, asspain.PNG)

630f89  No.12095701

File: f6d56319b2b4a60⋯.jpg (116.57 KB, 640x902, 320:451, 9c6bc1432861acfdb1e2ff9f00….jpg)


Because they managed to piss off and alienate the rest of the board with bomber harris spam and other divisive nonsense over two years ago hence the split into seperate boards (/brit/, & /newbrit/) And there cuckchan brit/pol/ too (which is fucking awful) Mods banned half of the old brit/pol/ base for being shit stirring overly provocative cretins. The loyalists faction who wished to retain the hearthside position on /pol/ stayed and over time (and due to certain acts of providence) morphed into the druid/pol/ you see today.

If you dont like druid/pol then why do you post here? Goto one of the other /brit/ boards. I GUARANTEE they are all 10x more cancereous than druid/pol/. Hives of shitposting, stale memetic output, tripfaggotry, defeatism and cliquey nonsense.

Knock yourself out lad.

c6d409  No.12095714


/brit/ and /newbrit/ are full of homos flirting with each other. i don't so much dislike druid/pol, i just wish it was more active and cut down on the larping

03eb78  No.12095731


I support you guys. All Europeans should reach to their roots and learn about the religious pasts of their ancestors. I think that any religious hand of the white race is essential for building communities and adding chances to celebrate white culture through holidays and festivals.

It does suck that faggots and tumblrites have desecrated so many aspects of old European religions, so it’s important to have any and all white and religious precense filled with people who keep our values and beliefs.

So keep it up, druid/pol/. Your threads are very interesting.

806851  No.12095763

How do I become a druid? Is it ok if I like sucking cock?

7082ae  No.12095781


Yeah that's what druidry is all about: sucking cock, fucking other men, and getting fucked by other men. In order to become a druid, you must participate in a mandatory gay orgy in Mothercare. We all did it, that much is true, it was amazing; so many people were watching us!

94af0a  No.12095806


No fags or non Europeans allowed.

94af0a  No.12095808


Go away nigger.

630f89  No.12095815

File: 7a224b8f1055ac8⋯.jpg (20.64 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 4.jpg)


Thankyou lad, its nice to know the threads are appreciated by some. We will keep making them and you are always welcome here.


Its not really LARPing though is it. It just has a focus on paganism and occultism. No one here is claiming /fringe/ tier crap that they are some kind of mega-ipsissimus capable of harvesting the loosh of a million posters or cursing people over the internet or whatever. We B.O.N.D lads do a bit of tarot and share ideas for traditional & modern rituals (making certain offerings at appropriate times, trying differing methods of divination etc) all while fostering a sense of fraternity. We also despise the modern wishy washy state of new age paganism (wicca ect) and seek to contribute to its downfall by returning to the Old Ways as best as we can. If its not your thing, fair enough. But I think to accuse us of LARPing is a little unfair tbh.


This tbh.

88658b  No.12095832

File: 032a3f193f5c79e⋯.jpg (109.92 KB, 994x566, 497:283, Glasgow-Cathedral-995.jpg)

Lately I've been noticing a ton of European architecture, like the cathedrals, was ripped straight from ancient Pagan architecture, but is accredited to Christianity. For example, the pointed arches, the rose windows, the gargoyles, the spires. Every time I try to look up pagan architecture I keep finding wood huts, like the shit you see in Skyrim, yet I always see pictures of ancient pagan sites with shit like the pointed arches.

Did anyone ever layout what is and isn't pagan?

25ccc2  No.12095888


Fella an arch is simply the only way of forming a wide doorway ie wider than the stone available or transportable prior to casting concrete. The pointed top is probably an evolution of the keystone at the top needing to be bigger to avoid getting crushed. Show me a pagan structure older than stonehenge, which is obviously the earliest example of lintel and framework known.

88658b  No.12095929


I didn't say arch. I said the pointed arch, which could be cosmetic unless you have something to prove otherwise. I've seen anons on here post pictures of pagan ruins with pointed arches carved into stone.

> Show me a pagan structure older than stonehenge

What does this have to do with anything?

88658b  No.12095933


By cosmetic I mean a cosmetic variation of keystone, or it is less effective than keystone but looks better.

ffcdaa  No.12095940


>No fags


i have some bad news for you

630f89  No.12096068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Time for the Druid/pol/ sunday afternoon matinee…

The Wild Geese


Richard Burton

Richard Harris

Roger Moore

>A British mercenary company undertake a dangerous contract in central africa only to be betrayed….

A great film lads. Its got it all tbh.

86c898  No.12096107


I am very new to this esoteric pagan stuff. To be honest, I really don't know what the fuck is going on. I understand the whole history being cyclical, but besides that i'm lost. Can you give me a quick rundown on how the magician card or tarot cards in general work? Sorry for being ignorant in this topic.

ab93f7  No.12096141

You 'lads' are huge faggots.

630f89  No.12096185

File: 981d88d61f3b0e5⋯.jpg (511.63 KB, 1338x1368, 223:228, Major Arcana.jpg)


The Tarot is a method of divination that operates via the universal esoteric language of symbolism. There are different decks but the most widely used is the Rider Waite which is split into Major & Minor Arcana and consist of 4 different suits.

What exactly are you wanting to know about it? Are you asking about the meaning/significance of the Tarot suits symbolism or are you wanting more of a "user guide/how to do it" answer? Happy to provide info on either if you clarify a bit but its a lot to explain so ill try find some links that could be helpful. Just refine your question a bit for me lad.


>implying any of the lads give a single fuck about your worthless opinion

thanks for the bump though 'lad'

86c898  No.12096234


I am more interested in just understanding the whole symbolism part. First off what is divination? I have no idea where to start to learn all of this. I don't plan on practicing occultism/paganism, but I would like to have a grasp about it. I find this very interesting and edgy. Every time I try to learn more about this kind of stuff, I get lost.

d9686f  No.12096282


Divination is the art of divining prophecy through portentous phenomena. The druids would read the future in the entrails of sacrificed animals, the way sacrificed shields broke, the flight of birds, clouds, how bones fell etcetera. 40k's speciality looks like the new mode of esoteric divination with eg the tarot (shuffle the deck and draw cards randomly to get a prophecy depending on the cards and which way up they are).

86c898  No.12096305


so how can randomly drawing cards with pictures that represent specific things be an accurate depiction of the future? Explain this to me like i'm a retard because I have trouble reading between the lines

630f89  No.12096340

File: 32fae39853a77bb⋯.png (4.92 KB, 216x225, 24:25, realms.png)



> Every time I try to learn more about this kind of stuff, I get lost.

Kek, I know that feeling.

>First off what is divination?

The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

The Tarot is but one method of divination and divination in itself is but one aspect of esotericism overall. Other methods of divination could include:


Scrying (gazing into a reflective surface while in a state of meditative gnosis in an attempt to aquire some kind of vision)

The casting of runes or bones

Numeromancy (ascertaining the patterns of numbers)

Observing the movements of a pendelum

…to name just a few.

Think of it like this - there is the physical world and overlapping that, there is the etheric realms. We cant see the etheric realm but it exists regardless and that realm can essentially be "tapped into" and utilised. Changes effected in the mental realm can manifest in the physical. In regards to the tarot, and how it works, it boils down to ones subconscious connection with the mental/etheric realms and the universal language of symbolism. In readings, the Major Arcana show up for important issues or placements within a spread. They show how the archetypal forces play out within our lives. The Minor Arcana point to everyday issues. The court cards of each suit represent people, or, more often, personality traits within ourselves that are being called out for development.

As a tool for divination, the Tarot draws upon the symbols to stimulate the subconscious mind of the reader. It tends to activate the right brain and call forth intuition.

Worked with daily, the Tarot is also a tool for personal storytelling and growth.

d9686f  No.12096389

File: 2b2e5366538cfc3⋯.png (877.2 KB, 654x757, 654:757, pagang3.png)


this is my most grounded, least esoteric explanation

It's a belief mechanism

if you want to get modern you could probably think of it as something like that rule, "the act of observation changes that which is observed".

To take the archetypal example if some gypsy messes around with cards and tells a thot she'll meet a tall dark stranger and so on then they'll actively be looking for such a person and end up helping to fulfill their own prophecy

For an older example, if some roman augur cuts up a goose and says "the harvest will be good this year" then the farmers will be happier in their work, helping to make that prophecy true - and if it works out, hey, the gods are pleased, keep sacrificing. If it doesn't, someone must have done something wrong and maybe you go looking for the landowner that sold infected wheat and sacrifice him, or build a new dam and consecrate it or whatever and hey, next year the harvest is probably going to be better

86c898  No.12096398


My only concern with tarot is the probability. No matter what cards you draw, it seems easy to identify something in your life that resembles what's on the card, it's hard to understand how it "predicts" the future.

This probably is a stupid question, but how can some cards with pictures on them stimulate the subconscious and tap into other realms?

Is it possible to give me an example of predicting a future an individual using the cards? By the way I appreciate you giving time to answer my questions.

86c898  No.12096404


so in other words, it's just a method of manipulation a person at a subconscious level?

5d6e1e  No.12096410


5d6e1e  No.12096415


That’s not even close to being accurate

5d6e1e  No.12096424

Odin is here, Kek doesn’t exist anymore

d9686f  No.12096435

File: 7fb1e4fc36ad20b⋯.png (492.24 KB, 668x637, 668:637, chinkywalls.png)

fresh irrelevant OC


Have a look at this lad, it's similar and will let you experiment a bit


d9686f  No.12096454

File: a96892e2c749bc0⋯.png (187.64 KB, 863x689, 863:689, ClipboardImage.png)

I Ching is basically a big randomiser that will pick passages from some chinky guru book, then you have to find the meaning for it.

For example, I just asked "what about the decline of the west" and got this, which is very easy to interpret

ffc0c8  No.12096459

Reading these posts and knowing it’s just weirdos working for intel agencies and the mob tracking people as they travel about to lay traps for them is quite interesting and it was never fun to be honest. Perhaps if your jobs are that dull and boring we need cut backs in your sector so you can do real work instead of being the cancerous parasites that you are.

32dbfe  No.12096462


Votive offerings are also very favoured in many cultures, the anceint romans and modern day (rural european/mexican) catholics included.

You pray for something and promise an offering, then if it happens or you managed to achieve your goal you offer as you promised.

That way not as much material wealth was wasted, preemptive offerings seem to have been a thing for the wealthy or most crucial/annual rites of society.

ec1d13  No.12096468


my question was "What changes in my life can I make to better myself for the collapse?"

Answer: This is a time of interchange between a mentor and pupil.

Whether you are the teacher or the student, it is a time of companionship along a mutual path.

This hexagram also emphasizes the eternal, cyclical nature of the mentor/student relationship – a mentor is merely a more seasoned pupil, further along on the journey.

A pupil holds within himself the seed of a future Master.

d9686f  No.12096469

File: ef4340bf1313701⋯.png (42.93 KB, 695x587, 695:587, GCHQT Does it for free.png)


I would dearly love to be paid to shitpost, lad. Unfortunately, only the JIDF gets to do that.

ec1d13  No.12096471


Just fyi my ID changed because im in a different location with different internet.

ffc0c8  No.12096472

The shills get paid.

d9686f  No.12096484


Think how this applies, if the situation analysis doesn't give a clearer view. It could be any type of situation, eg right now on this board or in the workplace etcetera.

I would interpret that as "keep learning and preparing with the rest of us and make sure to share your knowledge"

630f89  No.12096485

File: 6fa34952f43e2ad⋯.jpg (42.98 KB, 640x389, 640:389, astrall.jpg)


His post was pretty much spot imo on but by all mean lets hear you do better then. Easy to levy criticism - much harder to produce something of substance yourself.


Lad, what you are asking me to explain is impossible to do in a single post. It is a deep, complicated and nuanced topic that is impossible to articulate in a paragraph or two. Id refer you to Waites writings on the system.


If you want to learn and to understand you have to be willing to put the time in and engage in a bit of heavy reading. It also crosses into the realms of the kabbalistic and the hermetic so an understanding of those (particularly the nature of duality and inversion too) is pretty much a prerequisite too.





Some (not so) light reading there for you lad but it will give you a much better understanding of the phenomena than I can in a couple of posts.

>Is it possible to give me an example of predicting a future an individual using the cards?

Do subjective personal accounts count? Personally I have had many an instance where a tarot reading has accurately conveyed events that went on to transpire. One must remember though that it works in the abstract. You dont get definitive answers - you get the symbolic building blocks of an answer and its up to you to put the pieces together in the correct order. The skill lies in interpretation and intuition at equal measure.

>By the way I appreciate you giving time to answer my questions.

Always happy to answer them lad. An inquisitive mind is a great thing and should always be encouraged.

630f89  No.12096511

File: 3d657529a28b6a7⋯.jpg (307.14 KB, 928x800, 29:25, Iching trigram.jpg)


I-ching is good stuff lad. Iv nicked a deck off my mum (she goes through fads had has had it since the 90s) and am starting to do some experimentation with it. Think you mentioned it last thread too. Fascinating system and im amazed at the parallels in regard to the western tarot. Lines up with numerology too. Its something im investigating now.

ec1d13  No.12096518


I don't think i'm cut out for this. It's cool that some people are passionate about this and have mastered such, but I think can be more of use to our people in other areas. However, if I meet a like minded friend who is into this stuff I will go to him for some spiritual advice (if that's what the objective of this if for).

747413  No.12096546

File: 3aaa08cbdf7bf3e⋯.png (11.7 KB, 150x211, 150:211, 3ECBEF59-65D0-40CD-A93A-D3….png)

File: e1da6fe5bd68c5f⋯.jpeg (150.54 KB, 618x410, 309:205, DB919B29-882E-41A3-A017-B….jpeg)


The pointed or “gothic” arch was so they could make the ceiling higher without increasing the width of the arch to accommodate the ratio. For temples this lets in more lite and allows sound to resonate better. However, the Roman(semicircle) arch is still stronger. Sound and lite resonance, in addition to snow load are probably the reason the wooden pagan temples you’re thinking of had high pitched roofs with arched doors. As far as what aspects of gothic cathedral architecture was and wasn’t pagan is up for debate, because of all the myths and disinfo on Templars and Free Masons. Since the Christians coopted so many regional pagan beliefs, tails and rituals, it stands to reason that the decor and design of early churches mirrored pagan temples to give converts familiar feels. However, it was after the first crusade that the more esoteric Christians, the Templars and Cathars, used octagons as the foundation for their holy of holy’s. The same can be seen in the temple of Jerusalem/Temple Mount, and many synagogues. I believe this creates a specific resonance for initiations and private rituals. This also may tie in with the 8 Fold Aryan Path(Buddhism) and the 8 trigrams of the IChing. Also look out for the numbers 36 and 108.

Regardless of grudges against Christianity, I do recommend going to classical concerts at harmonically laid out cathedrals if you have the opportunity.

>>12095888 observed

>keystone needing to be bigger

No, Hammurabi’s tomb is a pointed arch of normal sized(4x8) brick holding up tons of dirt and sand.

>>12096511 observed

I’m the lad that utilizes the IChing. It’s important to remember that Taoist say the IChing comes from an older civilization north west of China. LaoZi himself learned what he knew working in an imperial library. Then when government corruption became too bad he rode to the Northwestern boarder and elucidated the TaoTeChing to a guard and continued Northwest(Himalayas). Taoism likely came from the Proto-Indo Aryans tbh.

630f89  No.12096573


Fair enough lad. Its not for everyone. Im curious though, do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever seen a ghost?

ec1d13  No.12096592


No but I have been to a so called "gateway to hell " location in kansas. I went there with a friend and tried to "ghost hunt" but felt nothing. This may be diverging off topic but I have seen a UFO before which was very spooky. But then again, it could be space-x or some kind of government experiment

ec1d13  No.12096597


Sorry I forgot to answer your first question. As of now I don't know what to believe, I am open minded when it comes to spiritual phenomena. I would very much like to believe in the paranormal and have an experience with it.

630f89  No.12096624

File: 43d80bdb203ccc0⋯.jpg (401.92 KB, 779x1024, 779:1024, pier phantom.jpg)



Thanks for relaying that lad. Its the opposite for me - iv seen/experienced (what I believe are) several ghosts but no UFOs - although I personally know people who claim to have seen them (and I believe them and they seem sincere)

>I would very much like to believe in the paranormal and have an experience with it.

Indeed, there is much truth in the old adage "seeing is believing"

It was seeing ghosts and experiencing astral phenomena (sleep paralysis vibrations) as a child (and later as an adult) that really kindled my interest in this whole subject and pushed me to look deeper into it.

630f89  No.12096630

File: b94933d5a0177c9⋯.png (588.61 KB, 954x1291, 954:1291, AYY.png)


Also care to share the UFO experience in more detail? I'd be most interested to hear the account if you are up for sharing it with us.

ec1d13  No.12096648


of course. So about 2 years ago during the summer I was driving my friend home and it was around 12:30am, We were about a half mile away form my house and we both see this glowing "c" or magnet shaped object floating in the air (not very high, I would guess anywhere from 400-600 ft) about a mile and a half away. We both notice it and by the time I say "what the fuck is that?!" it darts straight down towards the ground and suddenly vanishes halfway. During its travel it left a long streak of light behind it that took about a second to disappear.. It really spooked me because of the fact that we will never know or see something like that again.

ec1d13  No.12096657


I tried dicking around with ouija boards, and ghost hunting (the type you see on ghost adventures shit lol) and had nothing happen. Just out of curiosity, where does astral projection, chakra alignments, and opening the 3rd eye through meditation fall in with this druitic occultism?

630f89  No.12096703

File: 0000b250b9bed1f⋯.jpg (23.89 KB, 420x364, 15:13, mirin.jpg)


Thanks for sharing. Its funny because a friend of mine relayed a very similar experience in regard to UFOs, only the "craft" he saw was apparently triangular in shape. He said it made no actual noise but was accompanied by a deep humming like vibration that made the fillings in his teeth sting and the experience shook him up badly. He said the thing passed overhead at fairly slow speed but then shot off like lightning and made a 90° turn without even slowing down before disappearing over a hill.


>Just out of curiosity, where does astral projection, chakra alignments, and opening the 3rd eye through meditation fall in with this druitic occultism?

Im of the opinion that neo-druids (such as ourselves) should be open to learning all forms of esoteric practice and utilising them as tools to be used when necessary. We dont have much to go on where genuine traditional druidry is involved (due to their penchant for oral remembrance of their rites and rituals rather than writing it down) Im also of the opinion that, if the druids had more modern methods and techniques at their disposal, they would have no qualms about utilising them. Im of the opinion we should follow this example - one should take what they find "works" for them from myriad different sources while discarding that which does not, thus creating his own personalised system that suits him and his needs best. Also as >>12096546 alludes to, a lot of these seemingly disparate systems are actually connected and can be traced back, in some form, to the ancient proto-Indo-Aryans. It all ultimately springs forth from the same source.

490127  No.12096716


As Christianity was taking hold the masons and other builders were embedding ancient pagan symbols in the artwork of the churches. Always enjoy druid/pol/ post. Keep posting as it is a means to enlighten anons of the before christcucks of ancient ayran methods and beliefs before, the lies, bribes and cucking took hold.

b240c0  No.12096722


I bet Jews stole their ability to murder good people from Athens!

ec1d13  No.12096730


Did the druids ever use meditation? Everyone always associates meditation with eastern religions. I would think we used it back then as well. What is your opinion on psychedelics?

747413  No.12096758

File: ac5b1389d41408f⋯.jpeg (235.47 KB, 880x599, 880:599, 0D3D7C23-44C8-4A64-B3FE-2….jpeg)


>did the Druids meditate

Pic related is a depiction of Cernunnos from one of the most famous Celtic artifacts. Pic 2 is the “Iron Man” carving of Buddha on a meteorite the Tibetan monks gave to the NSDAP. Also meditation and medication are probably homonyms for a reason tbh.


I endorse their use for ritual and healing purposes, not parties and shit music.

It sounds like you’re about to find the trailhead to your path tbh lad. Keep an open mind and be on the lookout for synchronisties and portents.

747413  No.12096760

File: 7dc936d5fa3d264⋯.jpeg (13.54 KB, 187x269, 187:269, A5A8917A-7A94-432F-B13A-0….jpeg)


Forgot pic 2

630f89  No.12096766


>Did the druids ever use meditation? Everyone always associates meditation with eastern religions.

Pretty sure they did in the form of gnosis & trance states. Trance is simply another form of meditation and is common in shamanistic endeavour.

>What is your opinion on psychedelics?

Im very wary tbh. Can be useful occasionally (in moderation) but imo they tend to lead to pointless introspective naval gazing more than anything else. Some swear by them but iv also met people who have irrevocably fucked their minds by taking too much.

ea01c1  No.12096772

File: 1f9779b4945483f⋯.png (68.8 KB, 1804x184, 451:46, 3t543435534.png)

Talked to this fella today, is he correct?

ea01c1  No.12096775


His original claim was that pagans ate people.

ec1d13  No.12096779


I had a really interesting experience when I took mushrooms for introspection. I spent the entire time alone in the forest and really thought about the fundamentals of life (hard to explain when not on mushrooms). I'm at the point where I mentally left the matrix and I find it very hard to reintegrate back into my uni life and be motivated for corporate slavery. Anyhow, that experience with my exposure to the redpill has pretty much ruined any chance of me having a "normal" life. All I can think about is racial politics, destroying ZOG, and the spiritual death of our people. Not sure if I am making any sense at this point

b240c0  No.12096801


He's not wrong. Human sacrifice was a near Universal, albeit a rare event. Aztecs and jews are probably the most notorious ones in history, going for the numbers.

b240c0  No.12096803


Though I must add that Romans didn't like human sacrifice, and ended it wherever they took hold. Carthage, Gaul and all the Celtic lands.

981e4d  No.12096829

File: 7d29d5af4ada514⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 541x700, 541:700, 1535865118912.jpg)

Have been able to get into what I can genunely call a trance state by meditation on Odiiiiinnnnn as one would Oooohhhmm.

Really drag out the pronounciation and let the low fq vibrations take you there. Comfortably seated, eyes closed, ideally out in nature.

Down in the souther hemisphere its all in reverse. I will do my kayaking to an isolated island used for pine trees in the coming summer, and try and reconnect with the norse gods again.

Its all fucking real lads. Never lose hope.

d9686f  No.12096841

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

mantras tbh

6d215b  No.12096843

>human sacrifice was phased out


The death penalty is a human sacrifice to the (god of ) justice. Appeasing (the god and the ) people.

ec1d13  No.12096868


how exactly do you personally meditate?

ea01c1  No.12096885


Good. Further proof varg is all bullshit

d9686f  No.12097058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fresh CIVIC music video

I think he actually spent money to get his props

630f89  No.12097365

File: 38516deb71f3005⋯.jpg (19.74 KB, 385x450, 77:90, danny boy.jpg)


Kek. Bostick would probably have done well during the 90's "brit pop" phase. He hams it up like that cunt from blur used to. Obnoxiously endearing (at least in bostocks case - blur were just obnoxious) Poor cunt was born a decade too late.

630f89  No.12097493

File: 7582e2116a77f6b⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 526x787, 526:787, nox micronomica.jpg)


Not who you replied to but personally I have several methods & find the "mindblank" method to be easiest - the one that involves clearing the mind of all thoughts - but the trick is, rather than actively trying to keep the mind from thinking, you instead let the thoughts come and go without dwelling on any of them. Let them wash over you like a river. Once this is perfected you can enter a state of gnosis which can then either be used to induce full trance or fill the prerequisites in preparation for performing certain ritual magick practices.

I also have another (differing) method of meditation that is designed specifically to enduce the vibrational state (and thus induce various astral phenomena) but that one is a bit more complex and involves specifically timed sleep deprivation and certain specifics regarding the enviromental surroundings as well as mental exercises & tactile visualisation methods. Im still far from mastering this however.

747413  No.12097739

File: 68aaff052831d30⋯.jpeg (17.75 KB, 333x151, 333:151, 0D2FF825-C30C-40F5-B223-6….jpeg)

>>12096766 observed

>Some swear by them but iv also met people who have irrevocably fucked their minds by taking too much.

Very true, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone unless they were ready or could be supervised. I seen them used effectively to end nicotine and benzo(zanex) addictions tbh. For the benzos, psilocybin was taken in micro-doses daily while tapering off because kicking those too fast can cause deadly seizures.


I know exactly what you mean lad but you’ll still have to pay the bills and start a white family somehow. There is a NS commune forming near you if you can’t reintegrate into clown-world. I already had a construction career and wife when I was redpilled and I was already hiding my greenpill power level from mundanes, so hiding the red is easy for me. Though some fury seeps out from time to time tbh. Every summer a few Esoteric Hitlerists/Kekist oldfags get together to redpill hippies at a nomadic gathering inawoods. I missed the past two years but plan on going to this coming one; if you’re I interested I can point you in the right direction.

>>12095622 observed

That kike has be popping up in my recommendations from time to time. I may have to watch some to see how bad the disinfo is tbh. He lives near (((YouTube))) hq so I wouldn’t be suprised if they and CIAniggers subsidize his work lad.

630f89  No.12099782

File: b5de0672217b14c⋯.jpg (145.35 KB, 393x378, 131:126, 666.jpg)

How are we today lads?

fc93bb  No.12099785


Death penalty has been phased out, because humanism and human worship, or rather, human rights and equality worships took hold.

eb2b88  No.12099957

File: 3522a70801526e3⋯.jpg (118.8 KB, 640x890, 64:89, the-oseberg-viking-ship.jpg)


Though not entirely druidic there is that figure on a bucket found in the Osberg Ship adorned with four swastikas.

43245f  No.12100085

File: 924083c5fa8813c⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.24 KB, 499x661, 499:661, B50E47C0-5A87-4F74-A6A5-9….jpeg)


Thanks lad. I’ve seen the ship but not that artifact.


Good lad. I was just roused by clumsy footsteps in the living room, so I drew my pistol and crept down the hall to find pic related. Two of the neighbors’ goats escaped and I had left our door open at dawn for our doggos. I wrangled them back across the street as best I could, pretty funny tbh. How are you lads today?

ab46e1  No.12100374


Oh you're that asshole.

>35 posts

Checks out.

f84179  No.12100389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is why you shouldn't do drugs

842bee  No.12100501

File: 34524d956e5fc6e⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 309.06 KB, 1296x2048, 81:128, 84CFAF8B-391A-4F16-90C9-0….jpeg)

File: 293738c71bc3dce⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.92 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 18B31848-D418-446B-AD4D-0….jpeg)


Start your own Nord-pagan bread faggot.


>drawing out the enunciation

All I’ve seen of runic yoga has this as the mantras for each rune lad.


Beautiful thanks lad.

>108 times

Standard for the dharmic Vedic religions, Japa maya beads are used to keep count by adherents. 108 is a very important recurring number in other regards as well. Besides one mention by Serrano, I’ve been looking for more references in western esotericism, one could utter the 18 rune mantras 6 times each. 3,6,9,36,108 seem to be some of the most significant numbers in the universe.

Can you lads recommend any good Druidic or Celtic music I can download and listen to offline? Besides Kate Bush of course.

d9686f  No.12100751

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Slightly stale Cary

630f89  No.12100766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Keep seeing stuff about this "spice" shit. Its a synthetic cannabinoid apparently at about x100 the strength of regular weed. Used to be sold legally by head shops but it was outlawed in '17. Its a big problem in jails and with the homeless im told.

Some jail footage of spice head shenanigans here. Ill admit im partial to partake of the herb every now and again but I wouldnt touch that stuff with a ten foot barge pole. Literal zombie drug. Iv seen interviews with homeless where they say spice withdrawl is worse than a smack rattle. Nasty shit. Anyway, check out HMP spice heads for a giggle.

630f89  No.12100784

File: 4230c886a4ebf7c⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1173x1616, 1173:1616, giger tarot.jpg)


Good thanks lad. Them two baphomets were lucky not to taste the fruits of your pistol tbh. Glad you were able to wrangle them back to their abode (grab the fuckers by the horns is what I was told in dealing with goats but i do confess I dont have much exp with them)

Still, better portentous goats entering your abode than hungry-eye'd dindus eh….

630f89  No.12104173


How does the day find you lads?

0616e9  No.12105270

File: f12c01f9c697de0⋯.jpg (3.15 MB, 1879x2699, 1879:2699, Odin_and_Fenris.jpg)

(Norse question)

Were the gods wrong for how they treated Fenrir? He didn't seem to do anything wrong and they betrayed him, without any reason that I could see.

Have I misinterpreted? It just doesn't seem they were justified in what they done. As a result of their actions, Fenrir will kill the Allfather at Ragnarok. Although he is the son of Loki, he didn't really have any ill will to the rest of the gods.

ce5d58  No.12105326


Stop being a faggot. Christcucks turn into kikes when anyone suggests their religion is wrong.

ce5d58  No.12105384

File: 99711d45a0549d1⋯.jpg (393.63 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 1506574469618.jpg)


Nice numbers.

The druidism and tarot shit seems kind of gay and larpy, but looking past that, I've recently found myself understanding, and appreciating, many aspects of paganism.

I'll always be skeptical (and continue to believe it's pretty gay and larpy) with regards to the more mystical stuff (faith just isn't in my nature), but I definitely see the value in mythologies (as an expression of culture) and ancestor "worship".

There is a fundamental logic in having great tales about great men who performed great deeds (fictional or otherwise), and in respecting and appreciating what our ancestors did and where we came from.

The fact that fictional comic book superheroes and stories about great historical figures can inspire millions gives evidence to that fact.

So I say, fuck the trolls and the christcucks, and keep making these threads. They're at least entertaining.

0e77ff  No.12105998



>around demons

the central moral of the story of loki and him continually betraying and fucking things up for the gods is that you never accept an enemy into your own, you never open the gate for someone who only brings mischief. they were avoiding repeating that mistake with fenrir, who after all was of lokis brood, and would eventually grow up to be just as treacherous and demonic as his fathjer

0e77ff  No.12106247

File: 3411b3511f304f7⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 236x357, 236:357, f30ac4c58d849f7c4ccc2a5f13….jpg)


tarot seemed very gay and larpy to me at first because the only people that used it were weird wiccan jewish girls from my high school, but then i picked up a set myself and used it. im pretty sure the cards only speak to certain people, because whereas those kikesses used it like a game and got the sorts of predictions you would expect from a game like those folded up paper pyramids, I used it and got 100 percent accurate results. the fact it uses religious imagery of primordial nature also convinced me; just look at the hanged man, or the 3 of hearts.

if faith isnt your nature then of course magic will never work for you. spells and chants only have power if spoken by 100 percent zealots who have no doubt of the gods, or fear of the devils. the things I have seen have convinced me wholeheartedly of the existence of gods, and that is enough to fuel my magical powers.

if you still have trouble with faith, I would recommend reading "on the nature of the gods" by cicero. he brings up very good arguments made by atheists at the time against the gods, and then just as skillfully destroys them with his theological arguments.

one passage I will paraphrase as an example; why has nature imprinted upon all mankind, every race and nation from the savage nigger tribe up to the great empires of europe, with the idea of "Deity" and "God"? Find me a race of people on earth who does not believe in gods of some kind. If mankind has believed in gods since the dawn of our existence (which we know for a fact, given that neanderthals and cro-magnons were performing burial rituals and religious rites), is it not also possible that animals have some idea of godhood imprinted in their minds? Why would nature conjure up these ideas of deities and creator-beings, if they did not exist? they simply must be real, because of the simple fact that all human beings instinctively feel their presence and existence.

630f89  No.12108245

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh WotW

d9686f  No.12108292

File: a19735c17564b53⋯.png (52.21 KB, 418x408, 209:204, comfpepe4.png)


now that's a spicy one

630f89  No.12108294

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


630f89  No.12108379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I dont think WotW has ever made a bad video tbh. Its good to see some talented fresh blood on the nationalist content creation scene. We pretty much dominate in that field. I cant think of many homegrown grassroots far left channels that are not propped up by big money (TYT etc)

Meanwhile, the haggiswop done his umpteenth AMA the other day. His 35th this year I think. Ffs, i mean how many damn AMAs can one do before it begins to wear thin? Thats all he ever seems to do now. I genuinely cannot remember the last time he made a proper video (and its not like he has a lack of stuff to talk about either- on the contrary, things are heating up at an exponential rate) His content is becoming as stale as the box filled backroom he's making it from. He's stagnated in channel growth and output, churning out lazy AMAs (which are total nofun.jpeg too because he refuses to go "off topic" and gets shirty at anyone who dares criticise him in any way) all while living off patreonbux from (mostly) yanks (which id consider charity at this point as his content output is pretty pathetic now - one proper video a month if we're lucky)

What happened to his promised gazillion part dissection of the rape gang phenomena in "The Rot" series? Never materialized. He's over-promised and under-delivered tbh. And now he is being eclipsed by better content creators who have left him in the dust. Iconoclast (who can actully edit kek) for example has gained more subs in 6months than wews has in his entire tenure on jootube.

I do actually like him too - despite my constant ripping on him - and I enjoy his content when he actually puts some out but I wish he'd pull his finger out of his arse and do what he is paid to do. His take on things can sometimes be interesting and insightful but at present he seems intent on being a lazy scruffy chainsmoking chubby bastard devoid of new and original content output just living off the charity of his fans. His "fanbase" and comment sections have turned into a total circlejerk echo chamber too.


wews rant over

75130d  No.12109910

Good evening my friends I hope you are all well tonight I've been lurking lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about how to go forward and what the right path is.

Tl:dr I've been navel gasing

630f89  No.12109976


And what did you discover while gazing into ones navel old chap?

75130d  No.12110186


That a line must be drawn in the sand a "no further" moment at which those who love this land must choose between action or submission. I find it harder every day to bite my tounge lest I speak the truth but inside I want to shout it at the top of my lungs write it man high on the walls and damn the consequences.

630f89  No.12111942

File: 2301c1b6f42c6c7⋯.png (501.15 KB, 720x890, 72:89, 1527592126816.png)

Morning lads how are we?

Kids gone back to school today so I have a bit of piece and quite. Summer holidays are nice and all but can drag on a bit towards the end. Kids moaning they're bored and shit. Nice to get them back into a routine tbh.

630f89  No.12112756

File: 315e91f31660f42⋯.jpg (321.97 KB, 960x782, 480:391, ap.jpg)


Find your centre of balance brother. Our time will come for our destiny is preordained. The threads of causality , while at the moment disparate and in a fearful tumult, will, in time bind together like a chord and lead us to our desired destination. Work with the mental and causal realms because they all influence the physical/mundane realm in the end.

We cannot stop or reverse the decline but we can be there to rise from the ashes like the phoenix and rebuild our nation.

>"That which was sundered shall soon be made whole again"

We will live to see it. Of that much i am certain. The end of the globo-homo NWO will come sooner than you think. It is already in its autumnal phase. We must endure a harsh winter of discontent but we shall be made good by the glorious spring to follow.

71c4ee  No.12114334


Then instead of just the vultures of today I should prepare for the wolves of tomorrow also?

630f89  No.12114651

File: 7c2f2f0b3434630⋯.jpg (218.38 KB, 500x700, 5:7, austin-osman-spare.jpg)


Indeed. Things will get worse before they get better. Concentrate on yourself, your loved ones and those closest to you - they are priority - then work outwards from there. We have to weather the coming storm like the vietcong in their tunnels or sietch dwelling fremen in "Dune", confident in the knowledge that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We cannot yet face the enemy head on - not until its system has collapsed (or at least crumbled to the point of ineffectuality) Right now we are seeding the metapolitical winds and creating a particular current that (etherically) aligns to our particular goals and desires. This current only grows in strength, drawing sustenance from the millions of disaffected and angry folk. Properly nurtured and channeled, this current shall act as a potent force. All one requires to access it is a certain mindset. When one is aligned to the frequency of said current and is in harmony with its oscillations and vibrations, one may use it & bind to their own Will. One use it is being put to is to consecrate the laylines of the land and align them to this more nationalistic current. Right now it exists in its most potent form via the medium of ætherium electricæ (basically a memetic consciousness in the digital ether) but it can also be used to consecrate physical locations as well as online ones (like the laylines)

Its a complicated and speculative subject but the internet has opened up new ways of essentially undertaking bespoke magickal workings, offering a new tool for the operator that is open to almost boundless possiblities, but this particular Arte is still in its infancy and we have much to learn in regards to its mechanisms (mainly by trial and error as we are pretty much pioneers in this admittedly rather bizarre field) Nevertheless, it undoubtably exists and those anons with an affinity for matters regarding the esoteric and the arcane should seek to utilise this current for it will be a powerful weapon in our arsenal when properly honed and understood.

We need to name the current too. It needs a good catchy name.

630f89  No.12114716

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Huehue retard gommies have stabbed right wing party leader Bolsonaro.

ccf64f  No.12114827

how do i find druids in my area so i can join?

630f89  No.12115109

File: 50d07348cd183cd⋯.png (164.89 KB, 1264x712, 158:89, bond1.png)


What area are you in lad? B.O.N.D bretheren tend to walk a solitary path due to the lodges decentralised nature. Self initiation is a prerequiste and B.O.N.D members should seek to form autonomous "cells" in their respective area with trusted like minded individuals. If that is not possible one should focus on his solitary practice until such time that his path may cross with another of his persuasion, by chance or by fate. Similar to the O9A structure I suppose but with a differing system

Druid/pol/ and >>/Druid/ board serve as central repositories and hubs - a central "grove" if you will, existing the the digital ether.

B.O.N.D does not recommend you become involved with other so called "druidic" orders (AOD etc) as they are all tainted, watered down wishy washy new age perversions and lack the original Druidic spirit of blood, soil and a fierce loyalty to ones kith & kin. Only the B.O.N.D abides by these tenets. All others are pretenders and their existence an insult to the Druidic Spirit of old.

ccf64f  No.12115257


>What area are you in lad


>B.O.N.D bretheren


so /druid/ has materials so I can start my practice on my own and self-initiate?

11c3fd  No.12117380


Thank you I feel my own path may be a different but parallel one.


Druid has materiala in pdf form if there is something else you are interested in ask and if we have it we will share.

630f89  No.12118038

File: 8b723c7a0843f29⋯.jpg (26.81 KB, 245x350, 7:10, 88d1567237f481879d6eefb76e….jpg)


We're getting there lad. The beginnings of a framework. But its up to the adept to choose his own path and the system he wishes to work with.


you are welcome.

>Thank you I feel my own path may be a different but parallel one.

That is well put. No reason why different groups & anons with similarly aligned goals cannot liaise and cooperate. Keep us informed of the path you find best for your choosing lad. B.O.N.D will always form alliances with the like minded. Perhaps we can share information and findings etc.

790417  No.12118577

File: 2cc46b60ad8870f⋯.png (545.86 KB, 900x1080, 5:6, 219C60AA-5E30-4C15-8834-EA….png)


I recommend Mystery of the Holy Grail by Evola from /pdfs/ as well regarding self initiation for you and >>12117380


I live in the shadow of Mount Saint Helens lad. I haven’t looked into local groups because I presume they’re wicca tier larpy, besides which what draws us here are our natural hermetic tendencies. I’m not opposed to meeting with you at some point if you’re genuine. If you’re a CIAnigger and you’re baiting me into the open, I’ll cripple you and feed you to a pack of cayotes.


How’s it going lad? It’s been quite here as of late tbh.

630f89  No.12118678

File: 4fa1fe4e8e3f6b5⋯.png (641.33 KB, 1896x1400, 237:175, ubik in in the garden of e….png)

>>12118577 (observed)

Ok thanks lad. Cant really complain. Its nice that the weather has cooled down a bit - not used to heat we endured over this summer.

>quiet as of late

Yeah iv noticed that too. We seem to go through flux periods of activity interspersed with more sedentary days. The generals been fairly slow as of late. Quiet news cycle on the UK front at present probably contributes sommewhat. Still, we persevere - things will pick up again, they always do.

db49e8  No.12118687


Checkered. Thanks for the graphical laugh.

15239d  No.12118905


>Quiet news cycle on the UK

Just a war being gently simmered in the witches cauldron. Bloody Russians. Good job there's no jewish conspiracy, and jews don't control the media.

9a43e9  No.12119011


Thank you for listening I feel my path leads down the road of my ancestors and from there to what came before.


I've had a shit day tbh haven't been so angry for some time but chicken tikka pizza and cold brews are making this evening a good one.

8f4426  No.12119099

Hullo lads, back from my hike, how's everything been going? What have I missed?

9a43e9  No.12119133


Going alright now thanks how was your hike being in nature can offer powerful insight

8f4426  No.12119545

>>12119133 (observed)

Not too bad thanks lad, it was Wainwrights coast to coast walk so it was really meant to be a mix of fun and challenge so not as spiritual as you'd think. Was a fantastic personal challenge though and it was brilliant exploring different parts of the country, would definitely recommend

895fa0  No.12120100

File: f03b08ed0520cd5⋯.jpeg (39.48 KB, 255x212, 255:212, 86E3BC6E-463E-4D4F-A1AF-7….jpeg)

>>12119011 observed

>I've had a shit day tbh

Sorry to hear that lad. Sounds like it’s mellowing out.

>to what came before.

Good lad; the op has archives of all the previous threads. The beginning of the last one and the end of the thread previous that had most excellent articles showing etymological and mythological links between the Celtic and Vedic cultures that may be of interest.

>>12119099 observed

Nothing too notable since you left. An abnormal, but welcome amount of non-lodge members inquiring about Druidry and metaphysics. A most auspicious sign for the direction /pol/ is headed tbh.

>>12119133 observed

>portentous numerals in 3 sequential posts.

Wew. It’s going to be a good weekend lads.

8f4426  No.12121823

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12120100 (observed)

Excellent news lad, good to hear people are enjoying our threads. Speaking of…

FRESH RAGING CELT (recommended with a pinch of salt)

8f4426  No.12121959

And a cool article linked on the discord

Beware the Elf! A note on the evolving meaning of Alfar


8cb0e2  No.12122398

And here's yet another good article

Reverence for the Gods revisited


94a501  No.12122401


Not a Celt though. Saxon and Dane.

94a501  No.12122405

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

8cb0e2  No.12122423


Celts and Germanics are merely branches of the same Indo-European tree my lad and besides, this is Druid/pol/ so the emphasis is on the Celtic tradition


And who are you?

8f4426  No.12122848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


630f89  No.12122873

File: 8e2c0b94c0ae95d⋯.jpg (63.19 KB, 550x373, 550:373, 110260-004-598C407E.jpg)

How are we today me lads? Might do us a tarot reading later on if you are up for it. Any questions you want to pose, let me know and ill draw a five card spread.


Cheers lad will give it a peruse in a bit after iv been to the shops.


u wot m8?

>>12120100 (observed)

>An abnormal, but welcome amount of non-lodge members inquiring about Druidry and metaphysics. A most auspicious sign for the direction /pol/ is headed tbh

Indeed. A very welcome development. The best kind of mind is and enquiring one and we must encourage that. I think (apart from the esoterica) that is one of the main differentiators between us and other brit/pol/s - we are less insular, less cliquey, lest shitposty, less obnoxious and more welcoming to those seeking knowledge of our thing. The fact druid/pol/ has been going over two years and has yet to spawn a single tripfag is a portentously good omen imo not that we would tolerate that anyway but you get the gist

Also those who have come with enquiring minds seem to appreciate the interaction & the info we provide them with and seem to leave happy which is nice.

630f89  No.12123121

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Europe is Falling

8f4426  No.12126254

Bloody hell lads this seems to be getting worse and worse…

Two in court accused of National Action membership



630f89  No.12126550


NA seems to have scared the shit out of the establishment. Why are they so terrified of them? NA never killed anyone, never committed any acts of terrorism or sabotage. They were literally a street activist movement as far as im aware. I heard something about a plot to kill a labour mp but thats about it and that was an individual rathe than some group action. Was it the fact that some army lads joined that scared them so you think?

Their hypocritical inconsistencies is infuriating. If they ban NA then they should ban antifa too. They have perpertrated more violence than NA ever did.

8f4426  No.12126666


I know lad, the reason I can think of is to discourage right wingers from organising, using NA as a sacrificial lamb, despite the fact it did nothing wrong. Meanwhile all sorts of other supremacy groups are allowed to flourish. Fucking despicable

7cc8f5  No.12127626

>>12126666 observed

>scare off new membership

Seems you’re right lad.

630f89  No.12127927


Meanwhile all they actually accomplish is driving it underground, increasing resentment (due to lack of outlet for the building stress & pressure) and ensure that the backlash will be even more vicious and and vengeful when it finally comes to pass.

630f89  No.12127938

File: f59b7edec3b15c0⋯.jpg (34.41 KB, 237x342, 79:114, absoluteportent.jpg)

>>12126666 (observed)

Portentously said lad

8f4426  No.12127948


Exactly lad, never interrupt and enemy when they're making a mistake. The (((powers that be))) having been doing a fantastic job of killing any trust the public had in them or their institutions, just got to watch ourselves and redpill whenever we can, the current stream of events will do the rest

8f4426  No.12131794

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

FRESH RAGING CELT (serve with a pinch of salt)

d9686f  No.12132267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh boomer

looks like sweden is still leading the charge into destruction

8f4426  No.12132371


Let's hope for the best eh? It would be fantastic news if Sweden began unfucking itself

8f4426  No.12132820

Slightly stale news

Brexit: UK could quit EU without paying a penny, say Lords


TUC issues new EU referendum warning to May


UK set to keep freedom of movement after Brexit, George Osborne predicts


Just 1-in-50 Young Brits Identify with Church of England


Syrian state YouTube channels ‘terminated’ amid fears of looming false-flag chem attack


Peter Hitchens writes a book challenging all we think about WW2


Last Night of the Proms flooded with 20,000 EU flags in Brexit protest


73bf72  No.12133329



> Meanwhile all sorts of other supremacy groups are allowed to flourish. Fucking despicable

Combat 18 wasn't banned and they nail bombed a fuck ton of people, multiple times.

NA was banned because they posted a Pepe meme on twitter, however, the actual reason was that they were rapidly gaining traction and posed a genuine threat to the establishment by pushing the Overton window further, and more effectively, than any nationalist group since the second world war.

The "terror plot" (suicide by cop) levied against them that was planned by Renshaw, who a guy who was removed from NA due to apparent mental instability months before the organization was banned. Not on NA's shoulders.

The attempted murder was committed by a guy called Zack Davies, who was rejected from NA due to apparent mental instabilities. Again, nothing to do with NA.

An outrageous thing about this scenario is that they're using the proscription to destroy the lives of people retroactively, accusing them of being members post group dissolution, which means that anyone who was a member, or even has a vague connection, could be accused of being a "terrorist" (because of a Pepe meme).

Mark and Alice's situation is particularly bad, being held in maximum security prison for months without trial. An illustrator and a waitress who likes gardening and cooking.

Thread here: >>12124328

Update on their situation here: >>12124959

Without a doubt the most outrageous thing about this situation is the manner in which they're all being thrown under the bus by so called "nationalists". Who has came out to defend them? Nobody prominent in the UK. I can recall The Golden One and a couple of the Dailystormer guys. An absolute disgrace.

2d9f84  No.12133332

Quit doing degenerate things to me.

73bf72  No.12133333


I forgot to mention, additionally, they will use this vagueness to ban any nationalist group under pretense that the group is a "NA front organization", regardless of any connection to NA or not - see Scottish Dawn, for example.

8f4426  No.12133455


What the hell are you on about lad?


>>12133333 (observed)

Of course they are, I know it's good to point out the blatant bullshit dished out by the government but let's be honest. Did any of us really think (((they))) are going to play fair? Shit like this is right up their alley and just goes to further prove that we're right. I mean just look at how they dealt with the blackshirts.

>Without a doubt the most outrageous thing about this situation is the manner in which they're all being thrown under the bus by so called "nationalists". Who has came out to defend them? Nobody prominent in the UK. I can recall The Golden One and a couple of the Dailystormer guys. An absolute disgrace.

Pretty fucked up lad, won't lie. Part of it could just be to avoid getting stomped on, cowardly as it seems, as Morgoth suggests, the current situation calls for guerrilla style action, not balls out demonstrations, the fate of NA is just testament to that.

a1291f  No.12133887


I've started meditating while listening to the Ing mantras. I just finished 12 minutes of meditation to Ōs, ne mē Inge, was going for 15 minutes but I was feeling a little irritated. I think because I've not long since eaten. But it was a good session anyway. I try to meditate on aspects of Ingui when I do it. Tonight I felt a strange energy stirring at the base of my spine which was really weird. I tried to raise it but I felt a sudden pull like I was being dragged deeper in my meditative state for a minute, then back up again. I felt it again and tried again to raise it but no luck.

Anyway, I've also started bending the knee in the morning before I set off for work where I say a little prayer to Ingui for help in my day. Not a proper prayer with offerings mind, except for my devotion. I have however promised to sanctify an altar to him which I have every intention of keeping.

Hope all you lads are doing well.

7cfc70  No.12134058

File: 75068f797e1ee71⋯.jpg (24.57 KB, 383x349, 383:349, ca7c7044a0fcf01f956a0846f6….jpg)


Mark and Alice aren't part of the kike eceleb group termed the ALT-KIKE. This is another way to tell who is who in politics it all revolves around what they DON'T say and DON'T do.

Mark and Alice were born with the wrong bloodline so they will be thrown under the bus and trampled a few times as well probably before being permanently discarded. This is a culture war and your trying to hold onto your own culture is a threat to the establishment. I wouldn't expect any mercy (they didn't display any the first time they attempted to wiped out the Druids…since the semites still occupy Europe after 2,000 years, you would be foolish to expect mercy now).

I know, I know…/pol/ is a bored of peace

d9686f  No.12134257

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Theberton

630f89  No.12134270

File: e53137e425049a0⋯.jpg (1 MB, 985x1428, 985:1428, 0513MorpheusEmbed7.jpg)



Apparently the right made some gains but not the sweeping victory everyone was hoping for. Still, this is sweden we are talking about not that we are in a much better state - people in glass houses etc etc Lots of pozzcuckery brainwash has gone on with that particular population. The fact the right did make some gains is still heartening even though it wasnt the sweeping victory we were all hoping for. Give it another 4yrs and the nationalist voter turn out will probably double again.

>Last Night of the Proms flooded with 20,000 EU flags in Brexit protest

Out of touch metropolitan middle class wankers. Thats been co-ordinated too - probably by that soros funded "peoples vote" shitshow. Its certainly not grass roots - just more shallow virtue signalling & an opportunity for the metropolitan elite to (yet again) stick two fingers up at the rest of the country.

>UK set to keep freedom of movement after Brexit, George Osborne predicts

A traitor predicts treachery. IMAHJUN MY SHARK

>Just 1-in-50 Young Brits Identify with Church of England

Strong horse/weak horse something something…


I think C18 was heavily infiltrated by all kinds of MI5/6 operatives in order to tar nationalism with extremism. Dafties tbh. In hindsight that plot to nailbomb sharon davis & her family stunk to high heaven of narrative setting false flaggery. I think the same is true with this alleged "NA" plot involving the Zach Davies character, to kill some labour MP. And all that Skripal shit too. It STINKS of alphabet soup.

And the Mark & Alice situation….fuck me its scary - I didnt even know about that. The CPS has been common-purpose'd up the arse. These political persecutions (be it these kids, Jez Turner, Alison Chabloz and even Tommy….) its a frightening turn of events. Its like the spirit of the cheka has risen from hell and has possessed our legal system. Its gonna take one hell of an "exorcism" to sort this out.

>>12133333 (ascertained)

Ominously portentous lad. We all have to be careful and work with what we have. As…

>>12133455 (observed)

….mentioned, I also like Morgoths "we are akin to the vietcong" analogy and strategy. We have to weather the storm in our tunnels or digital lodges in our case while the actions of the globo-homo traitor regime redpill more and more people. Then, when the people are redpilled and stinging for the bullshit they have to endure, we embrace them into the fold. And they will come willingly - just give it time. A lot of folk will say time is our enemy (and while true to an extent) time is also our greatest friend and asset. The establishment traitors are not winning any friends that much is clear. Their ranks are not swelling - tis why they are having to goto such draconian lengths just to keep their grip on the levers of power. Our strategy must adapt to encompass forms of "guerrilla redpilling". Its very dangerous to stick ones head above the parapit these days due to the levels of state persecution. This is one of the reasons I like to focus on the esoteric/occult side of the coin - its a lot harder for them to do you for that. I can (say, hypothetically) attempt to place cursing sigils on amber rudd or the labour party as a whole without any real fear of legal repurcussions.


Good lad. You are finding your path it seems and treading it well. I am also doing well, thanks for asking.

630f89  No.12134280

File: c00db0fde7a1663⋯.png (165.49 KB, 1264x712, 158:89, B.O.N.D.png)


sorry somehow managed to fuck up linking your post


Ta for the newslinks, gave my take on a couple.

630f89  No.12134885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More fresh Morgoth hate-reading the grauniad

8f4426  No.12136665


Good job lad, glad to see things are coming along nicely




>Still, this is sweden we are talking about not that we are in a much better state - people in glass houses etc etc

Ah but haven't you read the threads lad? Apparently a Danish observer was shocked at how undemocratic this election was and there seems to be a strong case of electoral fraud afoot. Interesting to see how this will play out, either it will be memory holed hard or the whole casket will be blown open

8f4426  No.12136669

Also more news links

Police hope this embarrassing ‘slang dictionary’ will help them engage with young people


Police are ‘very close to losing the streets’, top officer admits


Jamie Oliver chased a burglar down the street before tackling him to the ground after catching the would-be thief trying to break into his £8.9million mansion


Woman in her 20s is airlifted to hospital after being brutally stabbed in the back several times in south east London


630f89  No.12137309

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Apparently a Danish observer was shocked at how undemocratic this election was and there seems to be a strong case of electoral fraud afoot.

Yeah you are totally right lad. I am just watching a Red Ice report on this now. Seems shady as fuck. Im hearing accounts of somalis counting the ballets and they have this system where there is no anonymity regarding ones vote. Vid very related.

630f89  No.12137329

File: ac0be6710f11a9f⋯.jpg (42.64 KB, 400x335, 80:67, 1394367716215.jpg)


>Jamie Oliver chased a burglar down the street before tackling him to the ground after catching the would-be thief trying to break into his £8.9million mansion

Cant stand that cunt. Obnoxious virtue signalling prick whos always taking a pop at the working class. That thick tongue of his - every time he speaks its like hes trying to spit out a pound of liver. Cant stand him. He'll be hailed a hero for this too - meanwhile the pensioner who stabbed that thieving gyppo in self defence was branded a murderer and only released after mass public outcry.

>Police are ‘very close to losing the streets’, top officer admits

Indeed. Especially in london. Admissions like this are good for us and drive more people to our side. Common purpose has rendered the MET completely impotent (just as it was designed to) That kind of shit just draws more people to us. Tax paying folk deserve to feel safe on their own streets.

>Police hope this embarrassing ‘slang dictionary’ will help them engage with young people

Police speakind "pidgin" now. How utterly cringe inducing - once respected arbiters of law and order now reduced to babysitters and social workers to urban feral "yoofs"

When the New Order rises, we wont have police - we will have Provosts and citizen militia hopefully. Citizen militia will probably spring up sooner than we think too the way things are going. Get ready to see some native white "no-go zones"….

>Woman in her 20s is airlifted to hospital after being brutally stabbed in the back several times in south east London

Do we have any info on the ethnicities of the perp and victim? Its usually black on black - some lad was literally disemboweled the other week - onlookers said they saw his guts spill onto the pavement. Absolutely savage.

630f89  No.12138530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nutcase setting fire to banks in hull today. You think he overdosed on (((merchant))) memes?

8f4426  No.12139092

More news

Massive brawl erupts among more than 70 schoolchildren outside Clarks shoe shop with victims 'stamped on the head' and police forced to set up a 'dispersal zone'


Britain from above: From huge factories to quaint villages and rolling hills, stunning aerial photographs capture unique perspectives of the country's most striking landscapes


To solve the housing crisis, reform the green belt


Meat testing: A fifth of samples reveal unspecified animals' DNA


Wanderlust on BBC: Toni Collette pleased to act out 'first' female orgasm on broadcaster


Shirtless English football fans mimic Russian hooligans with savage organised brawl… before suddenly stopping and shaking hands


First ‘red heifer’ born in Israel for 2000 years triggers armageddon fears


bcca47  No.12139100


He needs to learn proper inciderary techniques.

1b873f  No.12139798

Can anything good come out of May being kicked out?

8f4426  No.12141173


Yes and no. May getting kicked out would (hopefully) cause more discord within the party, but on the other hand it is just as likely she would get replaced by another puppet

630f89  No.12141496


This tbh, although I will admit I will gain some small satisfaction from seeing that traitorous bitch kicked to the curb. Also the gestalt psychic force generated by all the visceral hatred for her will have an effect on her psyche and her physical health. Its the same with all these globalist traitor types. However fresh faced they look going into it, they always come out looking worn and haggard. It wears them down.

8f4426  No.12141511


> I will admit I will gain some small satisfaction from seeing that traitorous bitch kicked to the curb

As do we all lad, not only is she a (((puppet))) but she's a weak, ineffectual one at that, though that could have been by design.

> Its the same with all these globalist traitor types. However fresh faced they look going into it, they always come out looking worn and haggard. It wears them down.

Indeed, a small comeuppance for damage they're doing

630f89  No.12141523

File: be5087f9f77e0b1⋯.gif (688.17 KB, 500x400, 5:4, alchemist.gif)

>>12141511 (observed)

Digital portent confirms the truth of it.

How are you today anyway lad? Hope all is well.

977375  No.12141583

I need a vacation

8f4426  No.12141590


Good thanks lad, just work as usual. How about you?


What's up lad?

630f89  No.12141637


Same old same old tbh. Cant complain. Just had my mate and his father in law pop round. Bit of a nutter but a good guy (kind of lad whos good to have around in a pinch tbh, watching your back)

His missus has chucked him out last night. Left all his shit on the pavement in the rain. Feel for him tbh because hes not done what shes accusing him of. Its like an irl episode of jeremy kyle. Anyway done them a cup of tea, a fag ect and let him use my net to find a hotel for the night. Just gone off now. Hope hes alright tbh because (despite being a bit rough round the edges) hes a good lad and hes had my back before on several occasions.

977375  No.12141643


Too many goons where I am at. Leftists trying to turn me into them. The list is long.

977375  No.12141648

Also getting called a woman and being hounded by the homo chambers and not being able to find anywhere where there aren’t raging degenerates gets to after a while. 14 days left.

977375  No.12141651

No more trades

630f89  No.12141654




Two weeks eh lad. Suppose you just gotta try to stick it out. We are here with a sympathetic ear if you need to vent. God knows I do sometimes.

977375  No.12141667

I will not support any group that is homosexual

8f4426  No.12142059


Good thing we're not homosexual then

8f4426  No.12143266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



8f4426  No.12144159




d9686f  No.12144180

File: 8ff1d459070ca6b⋯.png (191.79 KB, 603x690, 201:230, I love to sacrifice.png)


thanks lad, PP is the best resource

3133bb  No.12146073

File: 01cebfeff3efe66⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, smeg.jpg)


8f4426  No.12146078


Morning lad

8f4426  No.12146082


Theresa May set to cut Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge majority to just 500 by ‘backing independent plans to redraw constituency boundaries’


Youth jobless hits record low and vacancies are at an all-time high as record 10million working over-50s fuel boom


‘Your daddy is a totally horrible person – lots of people hate him’: Class 'activists' launch sickening tirade at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s CHILDREN – including his six-year-old son – over how much family’s nanny is paid


Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn’s Close Aide Routinely Working In Parliament Without Required Security Clearance


Islamic State Recruiter Anjem Choudary to Walk Free Next Month


Bosworth Field must be saved for the nation to protect all ancient battlefields, MPs warned


59f49f  No.12146084

When cloudflare kicks this site out and it's unable to operate, where do we go?

3133bb  No.12146085


Don't forget the latest

Tyrannical board owner gasses 6 million posters


59f49f  No.12146091


What's the matter? Can't grow the balls to actually say it and get banned? You know, the censored news. Well, censored… here… but not even censored in the real newspapers.

3133bb  No.12146094


The EU thing?

8f4426  No.12146095


Oh yeah I heard about that, wasn't it due to the rampant, unrelenting gayism?


What are you talking about lad?

59f49f  No.12146096


red blox it

b8ned TSR_PON anon subs.

But we're not allowed to discuss the fact, or the news articles.

59f49f  No.12146099

Sorry to be annoying. They have a zero tolerance policy.

8f4426  No.12146100


Honestly haven't thought about it lad, aren't there other chans we can migrate to?

59f49f  No.12146101


I've been asking myself the same question. Maybe the Internet has been completely slain.

8f4426  No.12146174


If that's the case then it was only a matter of time really, the good news is that there is a significant number of us around and if they shut down our containment chans then we're just going to spread everywhere, even more so than we already have. Besides, we've had a damn good run and we've accomplished much, I don't believe we're dead by a long shot but I won't be sad when we do

a6167b  No.12146187


233 posts

all one obsessive kike outed already

8f4426  No.12146189




Oh fuck I think we've got a bot


Piss off schizo

8f4426  No.12146337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Comfy vid about Roman doggos

e71906  No.12146582


>"Activists" target children…

That's crossing a line, at this rate the norms will cheer when uncle augusto's helicopter tours open for business.

>choudary to be freed

Why isn't he in camp X-ray already?


Bleach, just drink it.

d9686f  No.12146603

File: 4a8b996c2bb3883⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 384x288, 4:3, hitlol was right.webm)


lmao, I thought anjenkem had been kicked out already but I guess even that is too much to hope for in airstrip one

literal terrorist-recruiting, hate-preaching, supremacist terrorist allowed to walk, meanwhile there's a witch hunt for anyone they think even know that NA used to exist

630f89  No.12146621




Do you think this article 15 thing will affect us here? Might end up being a whole lot of nothing - it seems incredibly difficult to enforce.

If it does though and we are scattered to the winds we need to link up covertly on normie sites like youtube and maybe we should make discuss accounts for low key blog sites like morgoths review so we can meet there if worst comes to the worst. We may have to develop code words and shit too so we can operate while flying under the radar.

Scary times. I hate hate fucking EU so much. Maybe brexit will save us from this (although mays cuntservatives seems to love internet censorship so shes probably all down for this anyway) I am getting worried that they will block all chans at the cloudflare level.


Indeed lad, it boils my fucking piss. We are not alone in our anger though and its growing. Feels like they are going all out now, ramping up to the point of lunacy. I dont know if its because they are genuinely scared of populist right ascending or if its all part of some long term elaborately planned social engineering project designed purposefully to stir tensions to boiling point.

e71906  No.12146639


Contingencies are something to discuss on our own board imo.

Music night after 8?

d9686f  No.12146664

File: 89d27830aac69ac⋯.png (3.71 MB, 705x2426, 705:2426, ClipboardImage.png)


one of the things I would like to do is breed dogs to reconstruct the original Brythonic wolfhound, they seem to have been the perfect mix of friendliness and practicality as working and war dogs. Something like the Irish wolfhound this one is a goofy old mutt though.

3133bb  No.12146901


The left can do no wrong lad

4dede8  No.12147018

I miss /newbrit/ :^(

d9686f  No.12147077

File: a77d83385d03119⋯.png (13.63 KB, 604x608, 151:152, pointer8druid.png)


post here if you want but don't bring any of the behaviour that caused anprim to lock the board in the first place

630f89  No.12147125


Im game. It is freeplay thursday after all

d9686f  No.12147131

File: 7a083bc36f78c52⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1123x605, 1123:605, ClipboardImage.png)

final version of The Italian Wars was released last month, it's a great Medieval 2 mod about some really cool history… All the usual Total War hangups though, the cap point mosh pit is particularly brutal here thanks to all the pikemen

c3a8a2  No.12147175


Care to explain? I think we're all well aware of the biased media and the disconnection between the elite and the people


It shall be done.

d9686f  No.12147327

File: d47bc1b6240d934⋯.png (107.89 KB, 967x801, 967:801, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c595adfbed063b⋯.png (116.11 KB, 911x415, 911:415, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a9fe80058639cf7⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1056x2880, 11:30, china.png)

Haha, time for Rhodesia!

Here we see the JIDF out in full force on a John Edmonds video, I weighed in.

4dede8  No.12147349


We talking general autism, or specifically the fetish porn?

630f89  No.12147361

>>12147077 (observed)

This, literally by Druidic decree


No tripfagging, no disparaging the Druids, no bomber harris shit etc & keep the autism to a minimum. Also no homo.bullshit. It must stay where it belongs in the closet. Other than that, you can post pretty much what you like tbh lad. Contributers are always welcome.

c3a8a2  No.12147362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you're going to mention John Edmond at least post some of his music

94ad3f  No.12147368

File: 5f6692e5f9d9911⋯.jpg (415.49 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, cleon-morais-eva-01-fanart….jpg)

Dropping by to say hello lads.

630f89  No.12147372

File: a856be745bae8fc⋯.jpg (44.92 KB, 400x328, 50:41, druiddance.jpg)


Looking forward to it tbh lad. Our thursday night jam.

630f89  No.12147373


Hello lad, welcome to the lodge

94ad3f  No.12147375


How are things with you?

d9686f  No.12147386

File: af8606cf3c071d6⋯.png (325.57 KB, 500x1046, 250:523, iansmith1.png)

File: 9a9d63a14c3d477⋯.png (570.72 KB, 960x548, 240:137, iansmith2.png)


was going to save it for music night in a few hours lad

bet you haven't even put a banana on mandela's statue kek

c3a8a2  No.12147395


A necklace would be more appropriate

630f89  No.12147396


Ok thanks lad. Dodged a proverbial bullet today, which was nice tbh. Mate of mines been chucked out by his missus and he wanted me to put him up for the night because she was threatening to call the old bill on him and shit. I said he can stay (hes a mate after all) but it causes me a headache with my other half (who doesnt like people dossing on the sofa) Anyway, the old bill come but they wont throw him out because his name is on the tenancy and hes not being violent or nothing so hes staying there now. Certainly saved me a headache. How about yourself?

d9686f  No.12147405

File: a342b79918ec176⋯.png (722.44 KB, 675x675, 1:1, bbc.png)


a big ol' tyre

amazing how everyone just forgot once le media decided to canvas for him


it's like reading eastenders lad, I love it

shame about the mate though if we're talking about a broken home

c3a8a2  No.12147411


Aye they're called the traitor class for a reason.

630f89  No.12147421

File: 1f2d607e3a45568⋯.jpg (158.65 KB, 529x798, 529:798, 9.jpg)


>like eastenders

Topjkek they are more like jeremy kyle tbh. Proper dysfunctional pair. Hes a good lad though and hes had my back when iv needed it on several occasions. Hes split up with her before and they always seem to end up back together. Theres always some domestic drama with them. Happy hes stayed there though tbh lad - much as I like him, I also like my peace and quiet at night plus he would have distracted me from freeplay thursday if he was here House is mine when everyones gone to bed. Someone kipping on the sofa disturbs the delicate balance and the ambience I crave.

94ad3f  No.12147429


I'll be honest: Sorry for sounding like I'm a black pilled POS, but I've been brooding all day about the whole Articles 11 and 13 debacle. Managed to squeeze in my chest exercise today though.

630f89  No.12147444


Good job on the exercise lad. Self improvement is one the the primary tenets.

Im fucked off about this EU article 11/13 crap too but im trying not to dwell too much on it. All it will do is piss more people. Its not going to win them any friends thats for damn sure.

94ad3f  No.12147464


Thanks man. I actually do plan on adding another one later on tonight, to work on my back.

630f89  No.12147491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh WotW


Good stuff lad. Always strive for self improvement at the personal level. We have a coming storm to weather so it is imperative that we work on ourselves and those close to us.

We will prevail.

d9686f  No.12147502

File: 64c9bd883cc11fc⋯.png (160.31 KB, 2100x1200, 7:4, 22st Wessexrundown.png)


doing better than me lad, I was supposed to do a 6 mile there and back bike ride today, chasing up a couple of job opportunities and I couldn't even make it all the way out of the village, it's been so long although it's also one of those fancy bicycles with too many different gears and things so I probably fucked up a lot in that regard. Hardly done anything since my legs exploded and I went down the depressive nihilist fuckwit route smdh

630f89  No.12147548

File: d1185cf7dc42be0⋯.jpg (808.73 KB, 2845x2134, 2845:2134, mars ulla.jpg)


Take it slowly lad. Pace yourself. Dont try and overdo it if you are out of practise. One lesson I learned the hard way is dont take on too much at once and dont over-aim. I try to set myself realistic achievable goals these days.

94ad3f  No.12147552

File: 38982264a2d243b⋯.jpg (43.8 KB, 433x650, 433:650, 0c7386141ee22f1ef86005a93d….jpg)




Yeah, it's all we can do at the moment until one bad day sets us all off to the races.

630f89  No.12147580

File: 031c412a2470aac⋯.jpg (56.35 KB, 487x750, 487:750, ptsn1.jpg)


> all we can do at the moment until one bad day sets us all off to the races.

Indeed & its (imo) probably coming sooner than some of us expect too so its imperative that we maintain a constant state of readiness.

94ad3f  No.12147612


Yeah, it's become my primary motivation right now. Well, that and for my waifu, you know.

630f89  No.12147717

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Based Grandma hits the nail on the head here

More and more people are waking up now lads.

d9686f  No.12148206

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

that grandma doesn't really look very trustworthy tbh lad but I haven't watched the video

Fresh Iconoclast on yet another disgusting pig scheme done with taxpayer money

8f4426  No.12148232


>I went down the depressive nihilist fuckwit route smdh

Hope you're pulling through lad, how's everyhing else going otherwise?


This, all I know is that the current system is utterly unsustainable and that something's got to give


Who's your waifu lad? She an irl lass?

d9686f  No.12148325

File: bbcc4b6ae4d0940⋯.png (469.31 KB, 480x454, 240:227, sweaty1.png)


endless parade of shite lad, losing money, no job, live in a pile that has no insulation and no heating even if I could afford it, worsening health issues, somerset housing hasn't sent me their letter and I'm locked out of their account so I can't even begin to hope for getting an affordable single room or something elsewhere, can't even bear thinking about student loans which have probably been sending very angry letters to my previous address

not out of the woods yet on being depressive, still don't know how or what to do with my life or even if I have very long to do it in lmao

8f4426  No.12148418


>Number of shootings and stabbings exploding

>Acid attacks becoming the norm

>Muslim rats stockpiling weapons and operating terrorist training camps in their mosques

>Paki rape gangs still operating in most English towns

>I know! Let's go after those evil white racists!

If this is part of (((their))) scheme to make us hate the police then fucking hell it's working


Bloody hell lad. Well I'm guessing you already have a rough plan so all I'll say is trust in the Gods and keep fighting. People who fight through the rough periods in their life come out stronger and tougher for it so keep going. It aint over till it's over

8f4426  No.12148441

Meanwhile the government' crackdown on NA is getting worse and worse


>A BOY of 17 is among the five people who have been charged with being members of banned neo-Nazi group National Action.

>Garry Jack, 22, and Daniel Ward, 28, both from Birmingham, and a 17-year-old from Nottingham were charged tonight after the investigation by counter terror police.

>Last week a couple were charged with the same offence."

>Mark Jones, 24, and Alice Cutter, 22, both of Wharf Street, Halifax, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday."

>All five have been charged with being members of the group contrary to section 11 of the Terrorism Act.

>National Action was founded in 2013 and described itself as a "National Socialist youth organisation" aimed at the "broken right-wing".

>In December 2016, former Home Secretary Amber Rudd added the group to the list of banned organisations under the Terrorism Act 2000."

210478  No.12148550


I wouldn't be surprised if nothing sticks these been an awful lot of reported arrests and very few reported sentences.

8f4426  No.12148565


It's not so much that as intimidation lad, these lot are probably going to deal with constant harassment from the police and will no doubt struggle to get and hold jobs, they don't have to outright lock you up to fuck with you

210478  No.12148566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It begins.

630f89  No.12148571

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12148566 (Observed)

Indeed it does

210478  No.12148575


I know, policing but consent is a distant memory if it was up to me I'd make them all street sweepers.

The time has come for banging tunes.

210478  No.12148582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


100% legends tonight?

630f89  No.12148611

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gotta be. Good tune lad. Absolute classic. 90's dance/house/electronica seems to be druid/pol/'s leitmotif


Watch the video lad, what she says is spot on. Shes maybe not as far down the rabbit hole as we are but the fact that people of her generation & social status (ex teacher) are starting to "get it" is a heartening sign.

tl/dr if you cant be arsed watching it is she basically says the police now refuse to protect white people

Ill give the one you posted a watch shorly. Iv got an inkling they are about the same thing

210478  No.12148626

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12148611 observed

It's been a part of our threads almost since the evolution from uncucked.

90s is great but it wouldn't be freeplay Thursday without 80s

8f4426  No.12148627

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes it has lad, Yes it has

630f89  No.12148639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh aye, freeplay still stands. Any era, any genre. Only caveat is it has to be banging!

210478  No.12148643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I hope noone's lactose intolerant

630f89  No.12148657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bit of cheese always hit the spot imo.

210478  No.12148670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let's up the pace

630f89  No.12148681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pace. Upped.

maybe we can get mulatto girls back doing vocals for talented syth artists again. Its something they are actually good at

210478  No.12148689

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's safe to say prodigy is populse in these parts. Interestingly the video for this one seems to have been shoad off the jewtube

630f89  No.12148713

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It had a pretty raunchy video from what I can remember. Tits and stuff in it. Puking up pills on the pavement. And the twist was it was a bird all the time. It was quite edgy for the time.

210478  No.12148720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I remember it here's another controversial video.

630f89  No.12148736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kek. I could tolerate frankie's degeneracy because their sound was so fucking good. Still stands the test of time.

I like the video for this nice little 80s number.

210478  No.12148745

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>posts Fleetwood Mac

If you're going to do that go full nostalgia with this one

d9686f  No.12148795

File: d8549a7ac31e811⋯.png (82.6 KB, 1061x393, 1061:393, ClipboardImage.png)


BASED boomer is #OneOfUs lad, what a nice Liberalistist granny

Good video I guess

210478  No.12148833

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's gone a bit quiet

210478  No.12148836

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Let's change it

630f89  No.12148837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This ones pretty apt for the current climate…

630f89  No.12148843

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12148833 (ascertained)

Nice numerals brother. Portentous indeed.


Good stuff lad, takes me back that.

210478  No.12148846

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Keep faith

630f89  No.12148854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Always lad

210478  No.12148855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That one takes me back too posting superior original

210478  No.12148861

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Got me thinking

630f89  No.12148863

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12148855 (witnessed)

Fuck me the portents are coming thick and fast this eve! Looks like out Druidic Spirit Patrons are exceedingly approving of our triubte of mid 90s electronica.

210478  No.12148876

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Old skool class

d9686f  No.12148877

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


came off a bit nasty there tbh, she's not so bad, at least acknowledge the existence of race and how it applies to us

don't find many people like that worth the time now unless they've gone further along. Think the realization that nothing matters so long as all they want is the 20th century boom and excessiveness, was in Morgoth who wrote about that? "Nationalists who are upset that other people are getting more chicken nuggers than them" or whatever

anyway I was going to post John Edmonds and that

630f89  No.12148880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>tfw music to reconquista by….

210478  No.12148887

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12148877 observed

Double dubs demands more from john

Next Clem Tholet

210478  No.12148890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d9686f  No.12148895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

210478  No.12148897

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How about kebab removal?

630f89  No.12148911

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh Gods take me back, to that glorious time…

>>12148877 (fuck me another! Observed)

Liberlistacycstsists will eventuall gravitate to our side as conditions deteriorate even futher. Im of the view to be tolerant of them for now. Their hearts are in the right places. Its the left/globalist/mercant/3rd world coalition that is the real enemy. Give the civnats a bit of time and they will eventually swell our ranks. WotW and Morgs are of the same opinion.

630f89  No.12148915

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



210478  No.12148919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12148911 observed

210478  No.12148936


Patriotic classics?

210478  No.12148938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Let's try that again

630f89  No.12148939

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Love it lad. That particular tune takes me back to snogging a lass at **the sea cadets disco" when I was 14. Good times. One does not fully appreciate ones childhood & adolescence until its passed. Im thankful that our childhood had not yet been fully pozzed and we had some generally decent cultural output to enjoy.

Also girls put out but were femmunism was still fringe so there was no false rape culture or man hating. You could have some fun as a young lad back then with very little to worry about except maybe a burst johnny…

630f89  No.12148942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Its freeplay thursday lad - post whatever takes your fancy. Patriotic classics are always good.

210478  No.12148943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Couldn't resist posting this

210478  No.12148954

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Were you trying to post this?

bb3d5a  No.12148956

Anons. Is there a calander app for a mobile phone that has the solstices and other important dates already tracked?

210478  No.12148960

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8f4426  No.12148961


No lad, it'd be damn handy if there were one though

d9686f  No.12148965

File: b625ced2240d6be⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1456x1163, 1456:1163, stjcalendar.png)

8f4426  No.12148968

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

558435  No.12148971

Soon Kek will be off the grid again

210478  No.12148975


Nice and chilled good choice

8f4426  No.12148976

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8f4426  No.12148978

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



210478  No.12148985

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thank you ill check it out

630f89  No.12148991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Solsbury Hill is my favorite gabriel song but sledgehammer comes in a close second. Seminal video for the time. The amount of effort that went into creating that 4mins….

Heres a pretty good patriotic punk song though. Again relevant to today…

>"We had to meet the enemy a mile away"

>"Theres thunder in the air & the sky turned grey"

>Assmebling the knights and their swords were sharp"

>"There was hope in their English Hearts!"



>"Hoorah yea! Over the hills with the swords of a thousand men"

Ed Tudor pole is pretty based tbh. He said Mick Jagger looked like a "white nigger" and elton john loved cock so much he had his arsehole stitched up on a regular basis. And he did "Crystal Maze". Good bloke imo…

630f89  No.12149003

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My man. You and I are kindred spirits brother. Underworld are a very special band to me. THE band of my teens tbh.

8f4426  No.12149005

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

210478  No.12149007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ed was good but for punk rock…

370b31  No.12149013

>"great" shitain

8f4426  No.12149014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think you were the one who introduced me to them with that track lad, love them

d9686f  No.12149022

File: f5a602c1eda3615⋯.png (79.2 KB, 255x255, 1:1, comfy1.png)


I knew the thread was missing something

210478  No.12149023

Slow it down or speed it up my friends?

630f89  No.12149048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12149007 (B.O.N.D portent)

Goes without saying lad. And it is confirmed by a most portenous numerical sequence. Rotten is defo /areguy/ when it comes to punk - honorary Druid as far as im concerned.

d9686f  No.12149056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

630f89  No.12149059

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Whatever you think best brother.

d9686f  No.12149060

File: ca043b073ce391e⋯.png (115.04 KB, 1000x980, 50:49, devilishly banterous.png)


so lad I heard trainspotting 2 is out

210478  No.12149064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No mercy it is then

8f4426  No.12149074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Every time


Shut it

210478  No.12149075

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

630f89  No.12149076

File: d0b94547cc22cfe⋯.png (128.81 KB, 1241x580, 1241:580, WewsWoes.PNG)

File: fe75480c5b2d22c⋯.png (257.18 KB, 1206x562, 603:281, wewswoes2 pt1.PNG)

File: 8e847e1600e70dd⋯.png (377.15 KB, 1200x603, 400:201, wewswoes2 pt2.PNG)


Aye. Some excerpts here…

8f4426  No.12149080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

630f89  No.12149085

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Choon lad.

210478  No.12149110

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

No brakes.

630f89  No.12149129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


..on this train.

210478  No.12149149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

210478  No.12149161

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm not stopping

d9686f  No.12149168

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

630f89  No.12149172

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bit of PPK sound good lad?

d9686f  No.12149175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

210478  No.12149178

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

630f89  No.12149180

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



210478  No.12149182

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That was everywhere at one point so was this one though

210478  No.12149185

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

630f89  No.12149192

File: f5887b276590afd⋯.jpg (28.53 KB, 318x450, 53:75, cd.jpg)

>Craaaiiiiid David

210478  No.12149197

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That show killed his career deader than disco

630f89  No.12149199

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I had a schoolboy crush on the N-Trance bird tbh

630f89  No.12149210

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know kek. No great loss though.

210478  No.12149222

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>12149199 observed

It's still a tune.

210478  No.12149228

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



210478  No.12149238

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How have we not had this one before?

fbb6e8  No.12149245

Come on over

I am more than capable of handling women

Quit being size queens

630f89  No.12149250

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is that a fact? Well im really happy to have been the one to turn you on to underworld then lad. They were a great band.One of my favorites. I still have their stuff on vinyl. Brings back many memories listening to any of their stuff. They really peaked in the mid-late 90s with the albums "dubnobasswithmyheadman" & "second toughest in the infants" Really nice pastiche of techno/ambient dance with a bit of industrial thrown in for good measure. Im proper chuffed I turned you onto them tbh lad.

>>12149222 (observed)

Portentously said brother. It seems the Druids agree also

210478  No.12149254

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Have you missed your intended thread?

210478  No.12149260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Still listen to this album all the time

8c8535  No.12149269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I had a crush on the bitch from the Alice DeeJay.

630f89  No.12149272

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Classic lad.

210478  No.12149279

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nothing to be ashamed of

d9686f  No.12149293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

there was a brief period when China wasn't a judeo-bolshevik puppet

Vast night, starry night without light

Only the sound of guns

Only the fire is flying everywhere

Feet on the ground, hand on the knife

The heroic brethren marched into the dark wilderness

We look around, we listen in all directions.

Silent, silent, silent

Drilling into the enemy's heart, drilling into the enemy's heart

Just wait for that signal to shine

Just wait for the signal to ring

We will launch a lightning attack

Fighting a fierce victory

d9686f  No.12149304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

630f89  No.12149306

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She was pretty fuckable tbh lad.

d9686f  No.12149312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

just like history tbh

night lads

210478  No.12149315

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can't deny she's a proper MILF these days too speaking of milf…

8c8535  No.12149317


There where so many birds that where fuckable and purely semen demons.

210478  No.12149320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a great night

8c8535  No.12149330

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lene Marlin is still a pretty nice looking girl even when she is 38 years old.

d9686f  No.12149335

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

one last one since it's a kicker

although it might have already been posted

210478  No.12149336

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Always easy on the eye and it turns out actually rather talented

630f89  No.12149339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There were indeed. Plenty of eye candy back then.


Her & Kate have aged exceptionally well. Like a fine wine or cheese. If my missus looks that good in her 50's ill be an exceedingly happy man.


Aye, cant disagree there lad.

210478  No.12149345


A fine contribution I do like my troopie songs

210478  No.12149348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

630f89  No.12149354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Laura Brannigan had both looks and talent too. Shame she died fairly young tbh.

210478  No.12149355


Thats a tune, time for a wind down towards midnight?

8c8535  No.12149373

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I dunno what is wrong with me but I love the tunes of 2000 to 05 there about when it comes to trance and techno.

210478  No.12149379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lena was easy on the eye as well

630f89  No.12149380

>>12149355 (observed)

Yrp. Chill out zone time.

210478  No.12149383


Nothing wrong with a bit of trance

210478  No.12149386

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No problem

8c8535  No.12149412

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


remembering listening to this allot in the teenage years, the really weird thing was that in my school there where only outcasts that listened to party music or this which is Eurodance, some of the same.

For some reason I started to get that pop music where more and more like bad clones of eurodance, trance and somewhat house music.

Like having a lazy melody and beats. That messed me up so good that I'm just listening to Japanese stuff like teddyloid since it kinda reminds me in a way.

210478  No.12149431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I gave up on (((popular))) music just after the millennium went down the metal rabbit hole tbh learned about the classics from when artists had talent from my father tbqh apart from the older stuff all I listen to these days is classical

8c8535  No.12149453

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm listening for the most part to weird stuff from Japan, mainly because it kinda reminds me of the old days but with a twist of being fully electronic and in Japanese, also just trying to be cute with their vocaloid or editing.

210478  No.12149465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For a long time I couldn't stand classical it was my redpillng that made me give it a chance there's still stuff I don't like the discordant usually the work of (((them))) and the depressive but it's a whole new world of music

8c8535  No.12149497


Classic is a new unexplored world but tbqh I think most of it has this child-like wonder that I'm not so big of a fan.

There are some classical stuff or stuff from the Gregorian music or church vocals that gives me a nice chill and get an inspiring awe feeling.

I just need to find some examples.

8c8535  No.12149505

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


here it is, but this is kinda bad audio quality but it has this awe inspiring feel to it.

210478  No.12149507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like a bit of gregorian chant this one iseems to pop up in the deus vultures threads on /k/

8c8535  No.12149525

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's because it's really popular and a good chant. Then you have this one from the same youtube channel.

They are pretty good. I stopped listening to it when me mum said it sounded like church at home.

210478  No.12149537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I've run out of steam it's time to get some sleep it's been a banging freeplay Thursday I leave you with some dire straights because it's not freeplay without that (((knophler)))

630f89  No.12150247

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Night lads. Great freeplay thursday btw.

7a7555  No.12150454

You fuck murder?

I have never murdered anyone

No shit I owe money. I wonder why I live on the streets now. Because you’re retarded and fucked with my ability to pay.

cde03e  No.12150534

File: e23341360d72a70⋯.jpg (10.34 KB, 255x204, 5:4, helphelper.jpg)

can anyone recommend some materials to look into about this belief? It seems very interesting and I would love to learn some more about it.

8f4426  No.12151029


We host most of our material on >>>/druid/ lad, head on over and get stuck in. There's also a discord I can invite you to if you like

630f89  No.12151419

File: 79b0a6158bd5e6e⋯.jpg (368.69 KB, 1754x1276, 877:638, 5com.jpg)

Morning lads how does the day find you?

8f4426  No.12151481


Not too bad lad, how about yourself?

8f4426  No.12151491



>Stens and uzis

Top tier guns, even if the Uzi was developed by kikes

630f89  No.12151529


Ok thanks lad. Nice and sunny here today. Might go for a stroll in a bit - its either that or practise some meditative techniques. I am as yet, undecided.


Uzis were big with mercenaries operating in africa im told - my dad has a big stack of old "Soldier of Fortune" magazines from the 70's/80's where they would extol the virtues of said sub machine gun. And the FAL for the proper battle rifle. Good fun to have a flick thorough tbh lad.

8f4426  No.12151596


Very nice lad, would love to own both weapons someday

be8f5b  No.12151598


Wifeanon is in labor; we’re delivering in room 433. Wew.

8f4426  No.12151607


Excellent lad, best of luck to you

630f89  No.12151628


Good luck lad!

keep us informed of any developments

d9686f  No.12151836

File: 2ecc70cda538c29⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1200x676, 300:169, apufamily.png)


Your first one, yanklad?

Hope all goes well

34420d  No.12151911

FUCKin hell boys

passed out last night and just woke up…. got work in 2 hours as well

pray for me

8cb0e2  No.12151953


Kek, good lad. I take it you had a good night? Just going to have to slog through.

8cb0e2  No.12151956

Kinda on topic but here's a cool article of Celtic drinking habits I'm currently reading


34420d  No.12151968

Ah shit, sorry for posting this in druid/pol/, I thought it was /brit/


I did indeed my good man. got some girls on snapchat and facebook and tried to get on this lasses mum which was funny. this is gonna be a tough day though, but I've had to do worse in the past

8cb0e2  No.12151985


Nice lad, any luck? Kek you'll be alright lad, we've all been there

34420d  No.12151996

I like this article

they sound like fucking bad boys in the feast hall. I always idolised the barbarian feast as a child


not yet but I'm currently 'in talks' with a polish lass I met last night so I'm hoping to get lucky on that front

but yeah I'll be totally fine but I'll probably drop a plate

8cb0e2  No.12152045


I know, I love accounts like this simply due to how you can relate to them. Kekked at the greeks complaining about them fighting and boasting instead of discussing philosophy. Also really like how similar it seemed to feasting in the Illiad, shows how the Greeks and the Celts both came from the same root culture.

>polish lass

Kek, are you going civic on us lad? Not that I can blame you mind, a lot of polish lasses are very easy on the eyes, remember travelling through eastern Europe and noticing how gorgeous some of the girls were too.

34420d  No.12152073

we ended up in this pub after hours as well

the landlord was drinking with the boys well into 5am

I think I might still be quite drunk tbh



Aye, I feel as though the more history I read the more I realise the ancient peoples were very similar to us. This celtic trinkfest sounds like a right laugh tbh


I'm a bit of a dog when it comes to lasses I'm afraid mate. if it's a 6 or above then I'm making my move. but aye they can be right lookers. one of my current favourite lasses is polish - she's got proper black hair and these nice cheek bones. gotta love eastern yuro lasses

d9686f  No.12152082

File: 4c554ccc332ec58⋯.webm (7.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, beersong.webm)

bfee70  No.12152089


Good luck I hope you return with good news

8cb0e2  No.12152106


Good stuff lad, always fun when the landlord is a good sport, me and my mates are good friends with the local landlady and she occasionally joins us once everyone else goes home, doesn't stay for that long kek.

>I realise the ancient peoples were very similar to us

Indeed they do, it's almost comforting to know that we haven't changed as much as we think we have (liberal faggots aside) makes my nationalist zeal burn brighter tbh


No need to be apologetic lad, slavs are still from the same IE tree so there's no shame in chasing them at all


GOOD song

d9686f  No.12152108

File: b24c860fd4b6ed9⋯.png (107.41 KB, 1195x293, 1195:293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 05b5d702269893b⋯.png (3.73 KB, 604x324, 151:81, pointer7.png)

File: a77d83385d03119⋯.png (13.63 KB, 604x608, 151:152, pointer8druid.png)

8cb0e2  No.12152112


It's the same roman source we've all seen before lad, the article even cautions us about this

8cb0e2  No.12152113

Another good article from the same site


630f89  No.12152786

File: 50a46f495169a8e⋯.jpg (151.71 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, birthmachine.jpg)

Hope yanklads missus' labour goes without hitch or complication lads. Iv made an offering of copper and milk to ensure a smooth transition through the birth canal.

>tfw im in suspense

8f4426  No.12152892


Goodlad, who did you make the offering to?

630f89  No.12153021


Cernunnos and Damara. Seemed the most appropriate.

8f4426  No.12153066


Nice one lad, just curious is all and I didn't know about Damara until now, so thanks for that

630f89  No.12153144

>>12153066 (observed)

No worries lad. Lets hope yanklad is back with some good news soon eh.

8f4426  No.12153172

>>12153144 (observed)

Indeed lad

8f42ef  No.12153910





Mother and first borne are perfectly healthy after a 14 hour battle of wills concluding at 2:22PM. The young sorceress is given the name of my maternal grandmother, Edith, old English meaning “Blessed War”. Auspicious for our struggles tbh. Thanks for all the support and the offerings lads.

34420d  No.12154533

It's one of those nights where my brain is going wild again

it's very normal for me to have strange light perceptions but tonight it's uncommonly active.

I can see the air.

The light from my screen started moving like a candle flame.

When paying attention to the patterns in the air a figure formed. it was a massive lanky male figure squirming with hands outstretched into claws. I saw glances of his face and it was one of those sinister smiles. was super freaky actually

I'm not complaining, but I thought you lads might be interested


lovely news old boy. I hope the child grows to be beautiful and strong

bcef30  No.12154995

Reminder, Druidism and Wotanism are related.

To live forever is a curse.

bcef30  No.12155010

Awake enough to speak plainly and see through your deception

df27ea  No.12155072

>>12154533 observed

Thanks lad she will bear the leaders of future revolutionary larps.

>I can see the air.

I can after meditation or eating an exceptionally healthy meal tbh. A translucent shimmer, and everything has a distinct monochromatic halo/aura. At first I was worried I had a brain tumor lad, but I remember it began about 6 months after I got off of (((fluoride))). It’s also when I started painting and enjoying classical music seemingly spontaneously.

dd91d8  No.12155094

Wow you went out of your way to steal my last 5 dollars.

8f4426  No.12155187


Excellent news lad, glad everyhing went well. Congratulations

8f4426  No.12155194

Hate to ruin the good vibes but here's some horrible news

15 year old girl was abducted and held prisoner for 12 years, was repeatedly raped, twice forced into marriage and had EIGHT abortions

>The white English girl was raped by her new husband within minutes of marriage

>Sarah's abuse went on while her distraught family's pleas for help were 'ignored'

>Yet Sarah is not a willing bride. She is being made to marry a member of the gang that effectively forced her into sex slavery after abducting her in a Tesco car park in the English suburbs one autumn afternoon. Her captivity lasted for 12 long years.

>Within minutes of her wedding picture being taken, the white English girl was pushed upstairs into a bedroom and raped by her new husband, a man she had set eyes on for the first time only half an hour earlier.

>Sarah's abuse went on while her distraught family's pleas for help were, they insist, ignored by a police force that refused even to list her as missing.

>The all-pervading culture of political correctness at the time of her abduction meant the gangs, often of Pakistani-British heritage, were ignored by police forces that were terrified of being called racist if they pursued them.


b2a2f9  No.12155242


>Sarah's abuse went on while her distraught family's pleas for help were, they insist, ignored

typical britcucks

8f4426  No.12155317


>Implying your country is any less cucked

Fuck off

2e0c92  No.12155415


I saw the other thread, there is no greater redpill than the truth. Something must be done either the police must be made to do thier job and protect all the people or the cause of the problem must be fixed.

630f89  No.12155608

File: 69bbaf728c18d8e⋯.jpg (41.28 KB, 542x700, 271:350, druuuu.jpg)


Congratulations lad. A girl eh? Good stuff. Every father should have a daughter - its puts honey on their tongue.

This is most auspicious - the first druid/pol/ birth. Blessed be your precious child lad. When shes older you can tell her that some druidic anons in the UK made offerings on the day of her birth. Well happy for you lad. Today I shall celebrate with a cigar and a glass of amaretto.

630f89  No.12155629

File: 46114518b05f66f⋯.png (219.68 KB, 346x450, 173:225, wtf am i scrying.png)

>>12154533 (observed)

Sounds like you entered a state of gnosis and were able to scry the reflective qualities of your monitor. Very interesting lad, thanks for sharing.

You/we need to ascertain the meaning of the sinister figure and its grin.

If you have a gift for night scrying might I suggest you experiment with stuff like a candle flame, a black mirror and a bowl of water. See if you can obtain similar results.

630f89  No.12155640

File: 25e5213f6caa315⋯.jpg (86.74 KB, 432x474, 72:79, 1439087817217.jpg)


Fucking rage inducing lad. I wouldnt want to be a paki in this country when it all finally kicks off. The karmic debt that particular "community" continues to accrue will be fearsome once it manifests good & proper.

1b1466  No.12155670

File: cf9c49b0d1af9d6⋯.png (491.23 KB, 1925x1650, 7:6, 1265486716245.png)


mixtape.moe any file up to 100 mbs.

8cb0e2  No.12155698


Something has to give lad, in the meantime we can do our bit by spreading this far and wide


Oh it does lad, I've been thinking the reason as to why our government seems to love them so much and the key one I can think of is due to Saudi influence, wouldn't be surprised if they've essentially bought our government. The karmic debt for our political 'elite' is far, far higher

d9686f  No.12155710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh Morgoth, from the e-drama title I thought it would be more humorous


congratulations lad

4dede8  No.12155732


On the upside, at least these stories are coming out now.

8cb0e2  No.12155739


It's bittersweet lad, they've been allowed to do this with impunity for decades, with all it entails

630f89  No.12155767

File: df681de511e51e6⋯.jpg (58.35 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 563047_399791716721614_100….jpg)


>The karmic debt for our political 'elite' is far, far higher

Indeed it is lad. The hatred for them is palpable. If I had my way I'd eviscerate them, nail their large intestine to a tree and march them around it until they dropped. Thats the kind of punishment they deserve for their treachery. Medieval style.



I sometimes think that some shadowy power actually WANTS europe to go "full fash" and this kind of shit is allowed to happen then news of it drip-fed to us in order to fuel more & more rage in a pressure cooker type environment. I dunno tbh lads. Maybe the "elites" are really that fucking stupid but If they genuinely wanted to kalergi plan us out of existence then why didnt they import han chinese or something - why choose muslims, the most belligerent, tribal and hostile of all groups? And thick, inbred pakis to boot. There is some kind of metapolitical chess at play here, im sure of it.

4dede8  No.12155784


I've had such thoughts. Did they realise the mistakes they made, and are trying to gradually turn back the culture, or are they trying to make people riot, so they have an excuse to tighten laws? Probably number 2.

d9686f  No.12155799

File: 3d0732caf19c1a9⋯.png (48.03 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bowdenpepe2.png)


it's because jews are lazy and arrogant

>want greater israel

>want whitey dead

>get the goyim to die in wars for them

>get the bribed & blackmailed shabbos goyim to mass import their own enemies under the guise of humanitarianism

>laugh and count shekels, occasionally stir the pot some more, until whitey is dead and the arabs are low enough in number in the middle east to take it all over


it's the globo-homo elite traitors to their own countries that push the police state, all they want is to maximise their own control, power for the sake of power, because they have everything else, so they will do whatever they can to oppress.

66c2d7  No.12155804


Anglos thought that their pact with the Jew will bring them world dominance. It ends up like this.

630f89  No.12155841

File: 166fce0896d34d7⋯.jpg (155.2 KB, 758x487, 758:487, disdain marine.jpg)


>muh anglo bogeyman

Dont conflate the British "elite" with the British people. There is a world of difference.

4dede8  No.12155847


I don't really buy that these people are just stupid though. They have access to the greatest minds on Earth, if they want them.

d9686f  No.12155883


I didn't say stupid, I said lazy and arrogant

If you think abut it;

They (Jews and elites both) are usually slightly above average intelligence (even if it's not true, see le jew IQ meme) and have gotten away with literally anything in their entire ife. Of course they don't care what the goys do beyond swatting them like bugs, of course they don't acknowledge anyone except themselves at the arbiters of humanity.

d9686f  No.12155898

File: cb17b4f51681da2⋯.png (973.54 KB, 662x927, 662:927, itsthejews.png)

Wow, that post was a mess, I think I got the point across though. Complacency, in a nutshell. The goys have taken it for over a century now, what's a little more?

4dede8  No.12155899


But if we can see where they're slipping up, I would bet they can see it. And if they can see it, and they know we can see it, then they want us to see it.

d9686f  No.12155906

630f89  No.12155910

>>12155899 (observed)

This tbh. There is some 8 dimensional metapolitical chess at play here. There is some long term plan that we are not privy to but can only guess at. My guess is most of the so called "elite" are not in on it either - only a select few know whats actually happening.

eb2b88  No.12155916

File: 82f38042b5ed2e3⋯.jpg (124 KB, 914x764, 457:382, be a good work horse goy.jpg)


And Celts thought that complete larping as jews would somehow save them from jewish hatred. Saint Patrick brought the jews into Eire.

8cb0e2  No.12155980


Could just be to humiliate and degrade us tbf, same way they're constantly showing white women with niggers


A bit of both probably


>Pact with the Jew

Weird, I don't remember signing any pact and this forced multiculturalism is happening in every single white country. Get a fucking clue


Daily reminder there are people that sincerly think Gaelic is related to hebrew. Also

>That pic


34420d  No.12156008


>halos and auras

ahhh so you get it too to some degree. I also see colour fade outs and tracers/after images and sometimes things will occasionally appear to be what they ain't.

you say it might have happened as a result of taking anti flouride counter measures? interesting.

If you meditate on it further you can enter a very interesting head space it seems.


I can see that. I've often desired to paint the world as I see it at night



I feel as though that might be improper considering how I acquired the gift imo

family tendency towards schizo mental illness + psychedelic & drug use over time = strange light perceptions

I would be interested to re explore that state though. it certainly did FEEL as though I was in a more "magical" world than the one you wake up to.

>sinister figure

in my mind, when seeing him, I couldn't help but think of the unpleasant entities you mentioned meeting while in astral projection.

>night scrying

I'll give it a shot. what's the deal, do I just focus on these objects for a long period of time?


Aye it seems ever more likely to me at least that nationalism will be the engine that unknowingly drives the world forward into the NWO

8cb0e2  No.12156018


>unknowingly drives the world forward into the NWO

If that's the case what are we meant to do?

4dede8  No.12156023


I was watching a Thomas Baden-Riess stream the other night, and I have seen hardly any of this man's videos, but he has this idea that nationalism will be offered to us as a bargaining chip when they roll out the real NWO. A "join our one world government, and everyone will be returned to their own countries" kind of thing.

34420d  No.12156034


Asses through their actions what the shadowy elite want to do with their NWO

and what they have to gain from it

and then assess what it means for you, and what you might lose as a result of it, and what you might gain from it.

could be that a hwhite nationalist NWO suits the elites and you both, in which case there would be no need to fight it.

If however you didn't like the NWO you'd have to forge a 3rd path. take out the features of nationalism that suits the NWO and espouse that instead.

or just become a monk


sounds like a clever chap. I always find these sorts of theories much more convincing than the idea that a ultra crafty shadowy elite would simply start slipping up so visibly to the public

630f89  No.12156078

File: 5270061f6bc7a91⋯.jpg (268.67 KB, 500x321, 500:321, magic eye.jpg)


>"night scrying….do I just focus on these objects for a long period of time?"

Pretty much yeah. First find the medium that suits you best (for me its a black mirror which is a flat piece of polished obsidian but pretty much any reflective surface will suffice. Same can be done gazing into a candle flame or fire but I find prolonged staring at flame hurts my eyes and gives me floaters like a camera flash has gone off in my face) Then try and get yourself into the state of gnosis (can be achieved in numerous ways - meditation, sleep deprivation, drugs etc THC, benzos and z-drugs (hypnotics) are conducive to this practise and then gaze into the scrying medium and attempt to obtain a vision. When, gazing, the trick is to try and "look though" the medium rather than straight at it (similar to how you view those "magic eye" 3d pictures that were popular in the 90's - pic related)

Scry as long as you feel like but id recommend you take breaks every 20 mins to avoid headaches and eye strain. Keep a pen and paper at hand and record everything that you see, even fleeting impressions. Make a scrying diary so you can collate visuals from earlier scries. This helps with interpretation of the visions which may be extremely abstract and interpersonal.

>couldn't help but think of the unpleasant entities you mentioned meeting while in astral projection.

Does sound very similar tbh. There is the whole "shadow people" phenomena to consider there too, which I think is also connected to lower astral realms where they dwell. These black shadow entities seem to be exclusively negative in nature. They can be drawn to certain people at certain times. Funnily enough iv seen them during scrying sessions, always in the peripheral of my vision. Vaguely humanoid shaped fast moving shadow things that flit and dart about but vanish as soon as ones gaze is focused on them. Personally I think they appear to distract me from my scrying. I think there is a "force" that doesnt want mankind to rediscover and flex his "psychic muscles" and has installed failsafe methods into the etheric fabric in order to try and throw people off.

4dede8  No.12156084


When I stare into a mirror, and my face seems to age, is that a thing? I've done that since I was a kid.

630f89  No.12156099

File: 11c8ee9abd4f011⋯.jpg (62.05 KB, 948x678, 158:113, mirrorage.jpg)


Yeah very common. The eyes seem to hollow out and go black too. Its an interesting phenomena. Staring at the reflection of the face is a specific from of scrying that has been practised since Roman times and is known as Catoxtromancy.

Funny enough there are accounts from elderly people who have tried it who say the reflection gradually beings to look younger too.

000000  No.12156157


Staring into a regular mirror is stupid you upstanding gentleman. Use a non-reflecting mirror.

4dede8  No.12156182


Isn't it not a mirror at that point?

66c2d7  No.12156194


You know how they say, like people - like government.


So this is why "St." Patrick is being promoted as a symbol of Irish people. You never seem to hear about Celitc legends or heroes.


Each one of those countries has made a pact with the Jew at one point, for different reasons. Some to survive, some to be able to exploit others. And they are all paying the price. Including mine.


This is exactly what their controlled-op stooges are promoting. But it would be based on civic nationalism and everyone would be enslaved by Jews regardless of country.

630f89  No.12156215

File: 6c57aa7c88d4d69⋯.png (91.03 KB, 228x258, 38:43, giger pepe.png)


>You know how they say, like people - like government.

Yeah because im sure the bolsheviks were completely representative of the rural peasant class russians and Ceausescu was totally archetypal of all Romanians.

4dede8  No.12156224


What does that say about Americans?

8cb0e2  No.12156276


Well that's true enough, just seemed like you were singling us out

9ea64e  No.12156292


They didn't see it the last 109 times.

d9686f  No.12156338

File: e04e1434f733190⋯.png (6.44 MB, 928x8800, 29:275, expulsions 359.png)


more than that, apparently

8f4426  No.12156377


>Attempting to corrupt romans into religous cults

>Aggressive missionary tactics

Shame they succeeded

630f89  No.12156402


That, like us, they are a divided people, the divisions fostered by traitors & hostile aliens.

0bc758  No.12156491


>Maybe the "elites" are really that fucking stupid but If they genuinely wanted to kalergi plan us out of existence then why didnt they import han chinese or something - why choose muslims, the most belligerent, tribal and hostile of all groups? And thick, inbred pakis to boot. There is some kind of metapolitical chess at play here, im sure of it.

Possible reasons:

1. Han Chinese may want to conquer later, I hear things about their agricultural practices souring the land long-term, but they have little to no taste for fighting formerly-cohesive angry big Caucasians, so they're staying put and quietly buying up Australia for now – but legally, mind, no force of arms.

2. Other groups, let's say Hindu Indians, have no appetite for fast mass migration and aggressive conquest.

They integrate fairly well because a level of non-violence (different to pacifism) is baked into Hinduism at normie-level, and there is nothing in their culture that calls for rapid suppression of other faiths/cultures, jihad via terrorism and rape conquest, nor do they have the old taqiyya to fall back on, and play victim one minute and aggressor the next to serve the big picture.

They, like the Chinese, tend to earn more and use welfare less, which is another difference if you want to actively break a country in a very short period of time, and no entrenched custom of polygamy, so each man is only going to produce, at most, a child every year or so for a few years, in reality they tend to adapt closer to western birth rates.

3. Both groups mentioned have enough high IQ individuals to see through attempts to use them as a biological weapon, and higher IQ means less crime, so there's not the chilling effect of the grooming gangs and terrorism either. (And it’s kind of implied above, but neither have religious fanaticism driving them, and making every action feel justified and holy.)

4. Finally, the lower IQ, reliance upon welfare, and disastrous tendency to inbreeding means this is a self-weakening enemy which can be easily controlled in the early days, and later, if the goal of removing western power and values as we know them is accomplished, the New Europeans can be played against each other with sectarian conflict, and the remainder wiped out, with relative ease.

If you ever tried to put together a project at work or in your neighbourhood you'll have experienced the (usually, depressing) difference between the perfect team you dream of, and the reality of trying to forge ahead and materialise your goals with the people you actually have.

Muslims from Pakistan and ME, and a fair number of African chaps who may not be shoo-ins for university, are available in vast numbers, not easily deterred, and prone to chilling levels of violence.

No other group has these required elements.

630f89  No.12156603


Good answer, thanks for that anon.

92fa53  No.12156632

File: e0cbeedb914ccc0⋯.jpeg (18.94 KB, 272x185, 272:185, 27027F1B-C7AE-4C1D-BC1F-6….jpeg)


>You know how they say, like people - like government.



(((Eats burgers in bed)))

I guess my puppet regime is more like my countrymen than I realized.

>So this is why "St." Patrick is being promoted as a symbol of Irish people.

Yes. St. paddy’s day makes me furious and I tell everyone I meet with Celtic blood the truth and most burgers respond, “lol is just a good reason to drink and have fun.”

<So the destruction of your ancestral religion and culture is a good reason to be a degenerate?

<throat punch.gif

Even when I was a normalfag boozer and womanizer I abstained from that one. Samhain and New Years were “hunting” season tbh.


I’ll tell her lad. I look forward to her training and reporting in when she trounces local wiccan larpers. Whether the trouncing be metaphysical or with Muay Thai is tbd.



Careful lad those are brutal to kick if you get hooked, worse than opiates because done incorrectly the patient can seize to death. My wife had to tapper off for two years to undo the “work” of her (((psychiatrist))) she had when we were normalfags. Micro-dosing with mushrooms helped tremendously tbh.

>I think there is a "force" that doesnt want mankind to rediscover and flex his "psychic muscles" and has installed failsafe methods into the etheric fabric in order to try and throw people off.

If heard from several sources that the astral realm was fraught with peril and that often times undesirable entities will swoop in when people summon their HGA.


>chinks have bad agro

I learned from a greenhouse construction book that they have more sq hectares of greenhouse than every other country on the planet combined. Gives credence to the coming winter-Chan theory imo. Chinks are also trying to buy up most of the west coast of America and Canada, Hongcouver is near lost from what I hear. Seattle is in progress; chinks are going door to door in the suburbs buying rental property with duffel bags of cash according to my parents.

>inb4 GUIDs pic

I’m still iPhonefagging from the hospital. We’re checking out in a few hours. The (((medical system))) isn’t as torturous as it used to be for mother and child. They started loosing money to the old folkish ways and so have hired midwives and water birth is covered by (((insurance))) now. Unless there are complications or (((circumcision))) the child never leaves the parents side. We were also able to deny vaccines and are taking home the placenta. If the wife can’t stomach it, I’ll offer it to Cernunnos and Damara tbh.


>>all other responses re reporting on paki rape gangs

My theory is two or more of the following. Our enemies are subject to the involutive process of Kali Yuga as well and their control is loosing its grip which will result in more chaotic destruction of civilization, rather than the controlled destruction they desire. A second possibility is a bloodline or group on the second tier of the (((pyramid))) is starting a mutiny against Rothschild(not trump imo). Third, as stated before, it could be setting the scene for a future purpose which admittedly (((they))) are good at smh. And lastly, if Rothschild owned media is reporting it then it’s a loosh harvest tbh. The word parasites are thrown around here often, but it is possible and Rofschild admitted it in the GLP ama. I think the same theory could be applied to the pizzagate leaks.

Think about the energy you lads feel when you lay into some cunt irl or a shill online, then multiply that by several billion. Same thing for harvesting positive energy as well from a crowd of concert goers or religious services, like a self charging battery with an electromagnet. Pic related is an “antenna” mudra not “devil horns”. In this case the (((pontiff))) gathers positive loosh from followers and negative loosh from people screeching “satanic”. I’ve learned to do this on a small scale when mundanes wantonly expell positive “vibes” into the aether; a good place to practice is at the pub while an “important” sportsball game is on.

>I think there is a "force" that doesnt want mankind to rediscover and flex his "psychic muscles" and has installed failsafe methods into the etheric fabric in order to try and throw people off.

92fa53  No.12156639

I fucking butchered the proofreading on that eye cancer sorry lads.

b2af01  No.12156830


>Calling any of the pre-Abrahamic Western religions kike.

You're fucking retarded, aren't you?

630f89  No.12156884


>Whether the trouncing be metaphysical or with Muay Thai is tbd.



Double edged sword benzos. They have a number of applicable uses not least that they are nice and take the edge of modernity but they are also moreish, habit forming and very difficult to come off as you mentioned.


>Roflschild admitted it in the GLP ama

He did didn't he. God that thread made me feel sick to read. It had a horrible ring of truth about it. They certainly have some form of loosh farming device at play and he also alluded to them being in possession of something that could determine "future outcomes" - be that actual future scenarios or something more akin to stock market predictions (think the mathmatical code in the movie "Pi") im unsure.

I also recall he says something along the lines of "Islam will only flourish as long as we allow it" which was interesting and ties into the points we are discussing.

>Iv heard from several sources that the astral realm was fraught with peril and that often times undesirable entities will swoop in when people summon their HGA.

Same. Iv also heard a lot about parasitical entities that will attach themselves to unwary/unprepared astral explorers and feed of negative emotions. Scary thing is these entities seem capable of traversing the planes (rather than being consigned to the lower realms as one might expect) and can even attach themselves to an individual who is unconsciously projecting within dream state. Intent is a part of it though I think. Like attracts like and so forth. I think if you are of good intent and fairly pure of heart you have less to worry about. Its still something one should prepare defences against though. Sensible.

>Harvesting energy…

Yeah I agree with you on every point you made there lad. The pub experiments you mention are very interesting. I will try that myself at some point.

As a curiosity on my part, what do you make of Wilhelm Reich's theory of "orgone" and sexual energy? Think there is something to it?

4dede8  No.12156901

Is Europe is Falling a spy, lads?

630f89  No.12156958

File: 22f23743655bd61⋯.png (30.28 KB, 200x200, 1:1, spy.png)


Personally I dont think so lad, just someone who is very obviously inspired by WotW imo. Think his hearts in the right place tbh.

Joe will say hes a spy though no doubt

4dede8  No.12156983


There's a strange feel about him. He shows up out of nowhere with some very slickly produced videos, and he's all over my recommendations. Some of his comments seem quite entry level, like he's new to all of this, and yet he seems to have a lot worked out. I don't know…

630f89  No.12157010


>very slickly produced videos

Dunno about that tbh lad. All the ones iv watched are just a black screen with commentary over the top. Very little editing or flashy graphics. He sounds pretty young too. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt for now unless any major red flags show up. The more voices added to the chorus that is our side, the better imo.

Still, never hurts to be vigilant, especially in the current climate.

9ea64e  No.12157088

File: 890c3883ef5178f⋯.png (575.91 KB, 652x572, 163:143, refugees explained.png)


>If they genuinely wanted to kalergi plan us out of existence then why didnt they import han chinese or something - why choose muslims, the most belligerent, tribal and hostile of all groups?

Chinese aren't in the way of greater israel.

4dede8  No.12157158

File: 90515649875470c⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 669x606, 223:202, 15.jpg)

>come into work environment

>start terraforming it into a home environment

>"now it feels right"

d9686f  No.12157177

File: 6b81e67df908513⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1280x1659, 1280:1659, big think.png)

633a67  No.12157232


God, those teeth…

5d9bdf  No.12157269

File: 14974b00046fc78⋯.png (11.55 KB, 174x290, 3:5, 2018-09-11-20-21-56--17438….png)


Yep 100% kike-owned Iran, Afghanistan, UAE, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia are totally in the way. You can tell by the way they are constantly never attacking israel despite having billions of dollars and completely surrounding it, but somehow always finding time to drive trucks of peace through Christmas markets.

8f4426  No.12157395


>Bring a baby into a commons debate

Why the ever-loving fuck would you do that? Disgusting unprofessional behaviour

630f89  No.12157460


Attention I suppose. Women seek attention in any form they can get it.

630f89  No.12157508

File: 8746a888575e32f⋯.png (182.33 KB, 233x341, 233:341, jurgen prochnow approves.PNG)

Yanklad, I couldnt get any amaretto mate so im currently "wetting the babies head" with a gin & tonic and a nice Hamlet.

Gods bless Edith. May she bear the torch of her ancestors with pride and dignity

Well chuffed for you lad. Today is a good day.

27d7af  No.12157528

File: 24b0d95d6432921⋯.jpeg (187.83 KB, 598x1118, 23:43, d2c46085110061c707372eb58….jpeg)


Don't forget Russia. Always present during talks with Israel, but seemingly absent when Syria fights them.

Double-crossing good-for-nothing Khazars.

1b1466  No.12157567

File: d223fdbe54a65f3⋯.jpg (119.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 5876917915a890adb916d0a86e….jpg)

File: 0059c0303d91746⋯.png (157 B, 19x19, 1:1, bypass.png)


>The karmic debt that particular "community" continues to accrue will be fearsome once it manifests good & proper.

When the Saxon began to hate.

1a9223  No.12157616


>autumn is the season of dying things

ridiculous, fake and gay

things die in winter

your paganism isnt even right

autumn is like the evening

the light is dimming but is still there

630f89  No.12157698

File: 119e7f0de6f86d7⋯.jpg (175.5 KB, 784x1200, 49:75, John_William_Waterhouse_-_….JPG)


Autumn IS the season of dying things. Winter is the deason of DEATH. DEAD THINGS.

Its completely right. Go make your own 2+year long running nationalist-paganism thread if our one offends you so much.

>the light is dimming but is still there

Hence the WITHERING term. A withering fruit is still alive, still attached to the vine & not yet rotten but past its prime and in the process of dying.

Autumn is the glowing ember of the spent coal in the hearth. Winter is the charcoal where there is naught left to burn.

66c2d7  No.12157777


You have 3 types of support, direct support, indirect support (by staying silent/passive) and being against, but only because you wish to be in their stead, doing the same things as they are doing.

Most people suffering under this system are guilty of one of above.

d9686f  No.12158669

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remembered about these guys recently, I wonder how they're doing. Media blackout, naturally.

8f4426  No.12158715


Yeah, but at least Putin has the decency to throw his own people a bone inbetween fucking them over and isn't trying to blend them out of existence. Still never to be trusted though


Love that poem


x1000 this

>>12157777 (observed)

Sadly true, quints confirm

8f4426  No.12158794


Yeah I've noticed things have gone quiet in Sweden. The fact they haven't been completely stomped by the government boot like NA is a sign of hope

8f4426  No.12158845

Fresh News

Joe Robinson: Turkish court convicts former UK soldier

>A former soldier with the British army who fought for Kurdish forces against so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria has been given a prison sentence in Turkey, his mother says.

>Joe Robinson, 25, from Leeds, was arrested while on holiday in 2017 and charged with terrorism offences.

>He was accused of being a member of the Kurdish armed group the YPG, which Turkey views as a terrorist group.


UK weather – Britain to be battered by TWO storms next week with Helene and Joyce set to bring 80mph and showers

>BRITAIN will be battered by two storms next week as Helene and Joyce bring 80mph winds and showers.

>Helene will hit the the nation first on Monday followed by Joyce, according to the Met Office.

>There were fears that both systems could batter Britons at the same time, by meteorologists say this is not the case.


Boris Johnson 'digging own political grave' says Guto Harri

>Boris Johnson is digging his own political grave after comparing Theresa May's Brexit plan to a suicide vest, his former aide has said.

>Ex-foreign secretary Mr Johnson claimed Mrs May had "wrapped a suicide vest" around the British constitution and "handed the detonator" to Brussels.

>He quit his role this summer in protest at Mrs May's Chequers deal on how the UK would leave the EU in March 2019.


8f4426  No.12158998

Good post on the discord I want to share:

>It is interesting that the term Aryan (original, Arya) is to be found in the Irish caste system, preserved in the term aire:

>“The ceile was the producer, the basis of the entire society. Above them came the warriors and nobles, the flaith, often coming under the title of aire (noble), which is cognate with the Sanskrit word arya, freeman. Then came the professional class, originally the Druids.” (The Celts, Peter Berresford Ellis, 1998)

>“For those who for whatever reason wish to resist the idea that the Celtic mythology and religion (as well as culture) is essentially based on Indo-European roots, it might be noted that the first element in the names Ire-land and Ira-n are the same linguistically, and both are related to the Arya-ns of India.” (The Book of Ogham, Edred Thorsson, 1992)

Some of the deities of the Irish and Gallic peoples contain the Er/Ar prefix in their names, eg Eremon and Ariomanus which are both cognate with Aryaman, Airyaman and Irmin, and also Eriu, the Goddess of the Aryans who physically embodies the land and sovereignity of Ireland/Eire.

>Liberal and politically indoctrinated scholars today in the main would deny Indo-Europeans the right to designate themselves as Aryans but the evidence is there for all to see that to see that to say this term was only used by Indo-Aryans and Iranians is a downright lie. J.B. Mallory and D.Q. Adams inThe Oxford Introduction To Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World state that the term Aryan or Arya derives from the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European[PIE] term h4eros orh4eryos which has the general meaning of “member of ones own group” which in itself is almost an admission that it is an ethnic term.

>The Hittite ara- means “member of ones own group, peer, friend”. The Lycian arus means “citizens”, Old Irish aire “freeman”, the Avestan airya and the Sanskrit arya “faithful”. Mallory and Adams state quite clearly “The evidence suggests that the word was, at least initially, one that denoted one who belongs to the community in contrast to an outsider; a derivative of the word is found in the Hittite ara[what is] fitting and natta ara not right.

9ea64e  No.12159033


Not like the commons could sink any lower at this point.

8f4426  No.12159267


>I’ll offer it to Cernunnos and Damara tbh.

I'd be careful about doing that lad, at least do some research into it beforehand. Wouldn't want to accidently offend one of them

d9686f  No.12159290

File: a861681b82dcc6c⋯.png (598.7 KB, 508x1038, 254:519, vedic.png)


Very Indo-European, thanks lad

b159fe  No.12159316


Also, say you need to attack her inability to do her actual job of representing her constituents for some reason.

Now imagine her cradling her infant and wearing a hurt expression, and remember parliament is recorded and broadcast.

Pure theater.

Also taking a child into a place with noise levels that hurt their ears and not expecting them to cry at some point shows irresponsible parenting.

8f4426  No.12159318


Also have this interesting page from an interesting site, it's about the prayers and rituals in Cato the Elders farming manual


630f89  No.12159329

File: b4cc73358f4fbe1⋯.jpg (602.45 KB, 1024x1426, 512:713, modern parents viz.jpg)

File: ce2112afd6a737b⋯.jpg (58.91 KB, 1024x514, 512:257, malcolm-corbyn.jpg)

>>12157777 (observed)

Some truth to what you say but still, dont tar us all with the same brush

>>12159033 (observed)

House of commons political limbo

How low can you go?

Pretty fucking low it seems. They have already sunk to Marianas Trench tier levels. Im sure they will manage to sink even lower in the future though. Probably have a post-op tranny demand everyone stop sp they can "dilate" themselves mid debate or some equally horrible shit. The whole thing is like some nightmarish parody at this point. The country is being run by "The Modern Parents" from Viz….


Spot on lad.

8f4426  No.12159340

>>12159033 (observed)

No but bless their corrupt, traitorous little hearts they're trying



Kek goodlad, that strip is spot on, wonder if they continued publishing it

630f89  No.12159366

File: 9386fc5bbd71b02⋯.jpg (212.04 KB, 1163x466, 1163:466, student grant.jpg)

File: ce959da0e8582b8⋯.png (166.81 KB, 691x972, 691:972, viz gyppos.png)


Viz were always spot on when it came to biting satire tbh.

>still publishing it

I think modern parents is still going aye. Probably only get a couple of strips a year though. I dont buy the monthly comics any more because the price is fucking ridiculous (£3:75 for a fucking beano size comic -smh) My missus buys me the viz annual every Christmas though so ill check see if they are still in when I get it at the end of the year.

Student Grant was another good one that savagely took the piss out of middle class left wing uni twats, and of coursem who could forget The thieving Gypsy Bastards…..

b159fe  No.12159406


Ah Viz, such childhood memories, horrifying how true that one has become.

I always remember a short 3 panel one that used to make me nigh on wet myself with mirth, it was called Fox in a Box.

Small child has box, merrily walking along the road. A random adult engages the child wondering what treasure lies in the box, making him so happy.

"What do you have in the box sweetie?"

"A Fox" <big grin>

"W-what are you going to do with it?"

"Fuck it, then eat it." <skips away joyfully>

Later when I learned about shroedinger it became even more amusing on an esoteric level. One must imagine the fox in all states, both fucked and eaten, just fucked, just eaten, unmolested, or just the imagination of a child fucking with the conditioned brain of an adult.


oh these two are anti-semitic and xenophobic respectively. The hate just oozes off them, the cartoonists family ought to be paying reparations quite honestly.

8f4426  No.12159429

File: f4a2a33a079a0df⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 600x181, 600:181, B6q-uBGIEAA9W2Y.jpg)


Kek, these are great. Oh how far we have fallen…


> Fox in a Box.

Is this the one you mean lad? Don't really get it myself tbf

630f89  No.12159507

File: d86e012e5f7b7a4⋯.png (895.13 KB, 1369x861, 1369:861, major misunderstanding.png)



Personal favorite of mine.

"Many a truth is told in jest"

630f89  No.12159946

File: ddce3b2ae3efe48⋯.png (585.54 KB, 1239x795, 413:265, mm2.png)

Another good one…

15239d  No.12160015


That's it, my memory had embellished it somewhat but it is like 30 years ago. Get it? No it either pulls at that weird something that induces inappropriate mirth or it doesn't.

be169d  No.12160652


I look further into it. They deserve something regardless. We got home late last night so I just made my typical offerings and prayers of gratitude at the house shrine rather than the one inawoods. If nothing else there is a family of vultures which roost nearby that would surely appreciate it.


Kek. Saved


Thanks lad.


A most excellent find lad.

66c2d7  No.12160669


The Tuath(a) Dé Danann (Irish: [tˠuəhə dʲeː dˠanˠənˠ], meaning "the folk of the goddess Danu"), also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé ("tribe of the gods"),[1] are a supernatural race in Irish mythology.

Lugh or Lug ([luɣ]; Modern Irish: Lú [luː]) is an important god of Irish mythology. A member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, Lugh is portrayed as a youthful warrior hero, a king and saviour.[1] He is associated with skill, crafts and the arts,[2] as well as with oaths, truth and the law[1] – and therefore with rightful kingship

Lugh's spear (sleg), according to the text of The Four Jewels of the Tuatha Dé Danann, was said to be impossible to overcome. Lugh's projectile weapon, whether a dart or missile, was envisioned by symbolic of lightning-weapon

We need Lugh's spear to strike the kike

I'm sure that in some remote places in Ireland, we could still find traces of the old culture, I wish I could visit some village like that.


>dont tar us all with the same brush

You shouldn't take it personally.

630f89  No.12160863

File: 823568ff7e58040⋯.jpg (592.68 KB, 804x1141, 804:1141, young shane macgowan.jpg)


I get what you mean lad. I was the same with an old one called "Billy Banana Head" - it was utter nonsense but tickled me non the less because, as you said…

>"it pulls at that weird something that induces inappropriate mirth"

8f4426  No.12162487

Interesting blog post from StJ

Indo-European Archery Contest Myth


630f89  No.12162516

File: ccfdad53ec54600⋯.png (770.78 KB, 705x599, 705:599, bones jig.png)


Cheers lad will have a peruse through it now

Hows you today btw?

I'v got a fucking cold and cough Feel like shite & could do without it tbh. There's a bug going about at the moment.

8cb0e2  No.12162840


Not too bad lad, just a bit stressed atm. Deadline for the diss is coming up and harvest is in full swing. I'm a busy man, make no mistake.


Yeah always seems to happen around this time, just eating loads of spicy food to clear the sinuses (symptom I hate the most) and get loads of sleep, I find that helps more than anything else

8f4426  No.12164169

Good blog here lads


630f89  No.12166816

File: 03d92568ec0501b⋯.jpg (42.67 KB, 599x391, 599:391, Bobert.jpg)

How are we today lads? My cold is still irksome. I feel a bit better (over the worst of the initial 24hrs) but I still dont feel 100% & im coughing up green gozz. Theres a bulletin board thing I pass each day that seems solely devoted to labour party leaflets and the like - they pin the papers up then a big lockable plastic screen protects them from the elements. Whilst passing it today on my rounds, I hocked a particularly viscous lump of phlegm up from my throat and spat it right in the centre of the board. It was wonderful, a nice big splat of green gozz hanging in front of Labour party propaganda Very fitting imo.

Hoep you are all well lads and the cold virus shit doesnt get you like its got me.

8f4426  No.12167179


'We're naive, thick & ignorant?' Nigel Farage EXPLODES after caller brands him 'dangerous'


UKIP leader Gerard Batten criticised by Nigel Farage for endorsing anti-Muslim rally


Four in ten think British culture is undermined by multiculturalism


Brexit: PM says 'it's either my deal or no deal'



Not too bad lad, hectic as usual, got some more homebrewing supplies so I'll be brewing another batch soon

>Bulletin board

Kek goodlad

8f4426  No.12168368

Cool article

Julius Evola: The Swastika


630f89  No.12168440

File: f3263e68c8841fb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 11.56 KB, 300x250, 6:5, capt.png)


Cheers lad, reading now over a plate of hash browns. Hope you are well this eve. Still feel like shit meself, fucking cold virus and an ear infection now

tempted to just dope myself up with some diazepam, a weed and a tincture of alcohol to take the edge off but im trying to be a gud boi so sticking to a bit of comfort food instead

8f4426  No.12168508


Yeah definitely for the best lad, alcohol definitely makes colds worse in my experience, otherwise I'm sorry to hear that lad, hope it blows over

8f4426  No.12168573

Another good article:

Julius Evola: Dionysus & the “Left-Hand Path”


630f89  No.12168630


Thanks lad. My constitution is strong, im sure ill shake it off before too long. Looking for a suitable deity and offering to see if that can help speed up the process

>tfw i found a traditional sore throat remedy that involved holding a frog inside the mouth for 15 seconds

Think i'll give that one a miss for now…

34420d  No.12168795


very good article tbf

3cd8c7  No.12169420

File: 6c81a4c011d447e⋯.jpeg (75.62 KB, 640x405, 128:81, DOGTcWUUMAANuRQ.jpeg)

I'd like some insight and advice if anyone wouldn't mind sparing the effort.

Increasingly I've felt the need to expand on my ascetic practice, and I've come into the issue of being in my own way. I simply have a very clear lack of resolve.

Half the time I eat what I know to be nutrious, the other half I eat whatever comes to mind first; chips, candies, ice cream, etc. The total caloric content isn't excessive but the gluttony is. I'm knowingly indulging in depreciation of myself and I don't know why.

As well, my self-study has become entirely lax. I have a clear enough path to work on, and instead I spend much of my time procrastinating on here and listening to talks on youtube. Again, this is a case where I'm aware enough of making a choice that feels wrong, but some aspect of will is missing, or I'm choosing not to use it. I cannot figure out why. Am I destined to be weak? I watch myself make these choices, I feel the guilt, but somehow I ignore my conscience continuously. It hurts my heart.

My meditation practice has also become excessively lax. I'm not devoting hours to it, a simple 25 minutes a day, that I wilfully skip. I feel cleaner in mind and spirit when I practice, but I just ignore it anyway. Not entirely, but it should be an everyday practice not a once or twice a week when I feel like it practice.

Lastly, and I have a sense this may be related, I feel I need some sort of connection to divinity that is lacking currently. I would like to read any good, perhaps skeptic oriented, literature on connection between my life as an individual and the Divine. I have a strong affinity for Logos, if that helps any recommendations.

Thanks for reading. As I said, any advice or insight welcomed.

9989ee  No.12169444


I'm like you but more pathetic. I haven't meditated in a long time. I know many things play into giving in to vice (the oldest quandary in human history–see garden of Eden). For one thing, porn and masturbation lend themselves to dopamine dysfunction, which completely saps your willpower and resolve. Any over stimulation of your dopamine receptors will do this–e.g., doing drugs, eating tasty foods, video games, etc. The more you keep those things in check, the easier it becomes. Are you doing any shit that's fucking up your motivation/willpower by sapping your dopamine too much?

dfe572  No.12169481

File: bd22b9dc5fcd7ab⋯.jpg (124.62 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 200bfa51c28833f7174a2d1909….jpg)

File: e15f9ba12c160e2⋯.png (801.93 KB, 491x731, 491:731, Screenshot_3409.png)


First time lurking on one of these threads. Sweet I gotta say, not much into magic and shit, but I like your writing, it's inspiring and gives me hope. Heres to the coming cold winter, may all work towards bettering themselves and saving humanity.

3cd8c7  No.12169483


Nothing I hadn't already mentioned. Bad food and succumbing to procrastination are easily the biggest culprits while also being the most difficult to conquer.

Many days I lack the will to overcome the weakness of the self. That is my cause for concern.

8f4426  No.12170106

More news

White people now the biggest ethnic group arrested for terror offences in the UK


>White people arrested for suspected terrorist offences in the UK now outstrips those of Asian ethnicity for the first time in over a decade, according to new figures published by the Home Office.

>Statistics released by the Home Office show that white suspects accounted for 38 percent of terrorist related arrests. Those of an Asian appearance accounted for 37 percent of offences, followed by black suspects way down on 9 percent.

>The report states: “This was the first time, since the year ending June 2005, that the proportion of white people arrested has exceeded the proportion of Asian people arrested,” the report said.

UK Police Trial ‘Modest’ Muslim Uniform to ‘Hide the Female Form’


Telford grooming victim's father tells EDL and Britain First to stop using her picture


Police advice to pubs to look out for "young black males who look as though they are intent on committing disorder" has been branded inflammatory


Party that doesn't exist more popular than Lib Dems


If we manipulate the date then Brexit bigots btfo


SAS Who Dares Wins star's brother, 55, 'stabbed his eight-year-old daughter to death while struggling to deal with his ex-partner having a new lesbian lover'


8f4426  No.12170277




I dunno lads, it seems you know what needs to be done and where you're failing so all I can say is keep trying and don't be so harsh on yourself. Keep in mind that even if you have bad food every now and then it's still an improvement over eating junk food everyday. So take heart in the small victories and keep trying tbh

a09468  No.12170360

>>12170277 observed.

I agree I know it's hard sometimes I have to force myself to get on with it with the knowledge that it's the right thing I don't always succeed it's all to easy to just pick up crap food or search up stuff online. Keep trying friends each small win can be built on towards something bigger I know you can do it.

4d58e1  No.12170411


Do you have a point of meeting in the astral?

This would mean initiation into your group can only be made in the hidden realms. Remote telephaty would also be very useful, and powerful.

Haven't read much on this thread. Just curious about this.

630f89  No.12170420

File: adb065b04f64905⋯.jpg (232.63 KB, 1600x850, 32:17, astral.jpg)


>Telford grooming victim's father tells EDL and Britain First to stop using her picture

Virtue signalling skinflute. Where the fuck was he when pakis were raping his daughter? What kind of father is this man, that lets his daughter get into such a situation in the first place, drinking and knocking about with pakis in her early teens. He failed his own daughter then attacks those who would try to stop the same thing happening to other girls. Scum. Fucking sickening.

>White people now the biggest ethnic group arrested for terror offences in the UK

Probably because they are arresting all those NA afiliates for fucking nothing. I suppose they are doing it to "balance the books" so to speak - no doubt part of some ghastly common purpose doctrine. "Equality" doctrine is fucking insane.

>Party that doesn't exist more popular than Lib Dems



A few of us are experimenting with astral phenomena. I can enter the vibration state pretty much at will providing certain conditions are met but still find it hard to achieve full separation. Iv managed it a couple of times but the experiences were very fragmented - im still not entirely sure if I was projecting or having a lucid dream. The experience showed signs of genuine projection though (hands melting like ice when looked at, a black "dweller on the threashold entity" etc) I also experienced a lot of astral noise phenomena. As for finding a meeting point, I am nowhere near adept enough at the practise yet to be able to achieve this but its a good idea in principle. Im fascinated by Astral Projection (I like Robert Bruce stuff for best practical advice) but i'm a long way from mastering the discipline.

Can you do it lad? Are you able to achieve full separation and traverse the astral planes after leaving real time zone? Would love to hear some accounts and pointers if you can.

4d58e1  No.12170451

File: 35ba2cea5b4b088⋯.pdf (1.34 MB, 2308Ramadams.pdf)


Most Men are depressed.

Most Women are maniacs.

Rampant sexual activity.

Not a lot of strong men.

Not a lot of caring mothers.

Getting property and autonomy is becoming harder and harder.

But getting food is easy for most.

Clearly we are entering a withering of humanity.

Do you by some chance know about the utopia mouse experiment?



I'm not an adept at astral projecting. I rarely have lucid dreams. And i don't practice a lot.

I know people who can do it easily. Or at least could at some point in their lives.

From the ones i know the most Two of them had studied music. The other was a very experienced priestess.

My guess is that for easier astral projecting. You would have to think not in words. But on feelings more often throught the day. Also having stronger control over emotions.

Then it would happen "naturally" so to say.

Having a temple on the astral is on my opinion one of the few ways to get an advantage against the enemies. This is why i plan on to search for one or create it maybe

4d58e1  No.12170459


And also as you probably know. important to keep watch on wether you are in the personal dream realms or the actual astral.

Also not eating certain foods but i'm not sure about this. And sleeping on your back.

630f89  No.12170467

File: c6caf54dddf5bfe⋯.jpg (37.85 KB, 600x600, 1:1, adeptus.jpg)


>Having a temple on the astral is on my opinion one of the few ways to get an advantage against the enemies. This is why i plan on to search for one or create it maybe

Good stuff lad, do keep us informed of your progress.

>"…for easier astral projecting. You would have to think not in words. But on feelings more often throught the day. Also having stronger control over emotions." Then it would happen "naturally" so to say.

I suppose this could be the case with those with a born affinity with the phenomena - those termed "natural projectors". The robert bruce method involves practising visualisation techniques and something he terms "tactile imagining" paired with the raising of ones energy. There are high and low energy projections. If youve not read it already, I'd suggest "Astral Dynamics" as an essential read. Link to the full book here:


Fascinating read and very easy to digest. It reads more like an instructional manual rather than some cryptic convoluted occult treastise.

Highly recommended to anyone looking to get deeper into astral phenomena.

4d58e1  No.12170494

File: d19ba11a94fd353⋯.jpg (211.61 KB, 706x960, 353:480, 30706648_944007665778498_3….jpg)


I remember reading robert bruce methods. Don't remember all of it but they surely work. It's easy to reach the change on vibrations with a little effort.

Biblioteca pleydades. Very nice. Not sure if I've read some on that series. Probably will read it all and more when attempting projection. I've been told supposedly great mage battles occur in the astral. And all of the dangers too… This is no easy stuff but I will post here sometime when I get results.

8cb0e2  No.12170589

Further news on the situation, quelle surprise there's been a massive case of electoral fraud

Mass Voter Fraud Caught In Sweden, Social Democrat Party Used Taxpayer Money To Bribe Migrants To Vote

Electoral irregularities include:

>In Botkyrka, the Moderates party was offered 3,000 votes by local Muslim leaders in exchange for a construction permit to build a mosque. The party waited until two days before the election to reject the offer. Public prosecutors are now probing whether the offer was a criminal offense.

>In Degerfors, a Social Democrat politician allegedly offered to pay voters 500 Swedish krona ($55; €50) in exchange for their votes. In the same town, a Social Democrat politician allegedly followed voters into a polling station, and then accompanied them to the ballot box. The politician, who has not been named, is being investigated for improperly influencing voters.

>In Eda, a Social Democrat politician allegedly helped voters fill in their ballots.

>In Falu, hundreds of ballots were invalidated because they were delivered late by the postal service.

>In Filipstad, the Moderates party filed a complaint with election authorities after men were observed entering the polling station with women, picking the ballot papers for them and then following them to the ballot box to ensure that they voted for the Social Democrats. The Election Committee Chairperson in Filipstad, Helene Larsson Saikoff, herself a Social Democrat, said that she did not see any problem with the practice of family voting: "It is up to the voter if she wants to be accompanied by her husband or some good friend."

>In Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden, some polling stations excluded ballot papers for the Sweden Democrats.

>In Heby, a recount of votes resulted in significant differences between the results on election night. When asked how this could be, the chairman of the electoral committee in Heby, Rickert Olsson blamed the "human factor" which was due to "fatigue."

>In Märsta, poll workers advised voters not to seal their ballot envelopes. Sweden Democrats said that the envelopes could have been tampered with.




>What kind of father is this man

I know, it reminds me of a other father who was fine with his young teenage daughter going out with a twenty something paki before he knocked her up and killed her in a house fire. The whole thing lends credence to the theory that this whole state of affairs is acting as a cull of our population, with only the weakest and hopeless falling foul of the shitskin menace.

>"Equality" doctrine is fucking insane.

Exactly, the whole thing is laughable considering how 'white terrorism' is putting bacon outside a mosque or telling a paki to fuck off.


Indeed there is lad, it's all part of the cycle

8cb0e2  No.12170597


*On the Sweden situation

d9686f  No.12170601

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

oh no no no no


>Simon goes full boomer and is fully taken in by the Q psyop

34420d  No.12170862

first lucid dream in a long time today. The 3rd in total.

I stared into the chasmous abyss underneath my eyes and watched as a black box began to appear, spinning and growing. Eventually I fell into it. It was "on the rails" in the sense I didn't have any real control over what was happening, but I was conscious as it occurred.

I suppose it was a "horror" dream although I wasn't scared. my face was ground against dark cobblestone walls as I fell. I hit the ground hard. I was being followed by an entity I think.

I often find myself wondering if these experiences have any meaning behind them, or if it was simply a result of the cheese I ate the night before.

4d58e1  No.12171092


Didn't point out that most of these "mages" doesn't have a body. Yes, most of them aren't alive on this plane. But "live" only in the astral.


hMMhMHmmhmmh Can you remember an emotion?

8f4426  No.12171169

Reminder to fellow druids that the Autumn solstice is on the 23rd of September. Doesn't seem to be any particular festival connected to it (Mabon is a recent wiccan invention) but it still may be relevant to some of you

24e224  No.12171454


Thanks for the reminder perhaps a ritual or ceremony is called for tbh I know nowt about that side of things

>mabon is a recent wiccan invention


We must reclaim our heritage from the degenerates.

630f89  No.12171584

File: 73c158fa9812792⋯.jpg (21.22 KB, 306x335, 306:335, bel.jpg)


Four days to go then. Ill try and devise a suitable ritual and figure out which deities & their respective offerings would be most appropriate.

34b083  No.12171590

there's magic in the air?


22e77e  No.12171591

File: 0bd50ebf8e53dc0⋯.jpg (11.28 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download (1).jpg)


>a suitable ritual

ooga booga booga,OOGA BOOGA BOOGA

7bc0a8  No.12171598


Black men with black women? What has the world gone to!

8f4426  No.12171615

More News

HMS ENDEAVOUR, the famous ship Captain James Cook used to navigate to Australia, may have been discovered off the US east coast and in what is described as a “hugely significant moment” world maritime history


UK inflation jumps unexpectedly to hit six-month high in August


UK employers condemn 'ignorant, elitist' Brexit immigration report


London House Prices Post Biggest Drop Since 2009 in July


A convicted fraudster responsible for the biggest trading loss in UK banking history has won a last-minute reprieve from his planned deportation


Three hurt as car hits crowd near Islamic Centre in Cricklewood


Fed-up residents create 'drug-dealer only' signs to highlight spiralling crime levels in their neighbourhood


Sadiq Khan points finger at George Osborne for growing crime wave plaguing London


630f89  No.12171621

File: 09b917a5b7b05b0⋯.png (1001.96 KB, 760x700, 38:35, irmishygddt.png)


That kind of ritual might be suitable for a gaggle of jungle pygmies or masai tribesman but its hardly befitting of a British neo-druidic lodge now is it.

94ad3f  No.12171664

>Three hurt as car hits crowd near Islamic Centre in Cricklewood

Baby steps, people!

>Sadiq Khan points finger at George Osborne for growing crime wave plaguing London

I'd point the finger at you for confirming what I've known about London: That it is a 5-star shithole.

>Telford grooming victim's father tells EDL and Britain First to stop using her picture

Only because you don't want people to know that it was YOU that wanted to be friendly with a religion that wants to kill you and it was YOU that allowed your daughter to die, you pussy arse bitch.

8f4426  No.12171676


Indeed we must lad, it's disgraceful how Wicca is considered the mainstream face of paganism


Goodlad, Harvest/Fertility deities are good for obvious reasons. I myself am thinking of making one to Cernunnos as the start of the hunting season is fast approaching, otherwise I may just wait until the end of harvest or Samhain


>Rituals = primitive nigger shit

Educate yourself faggot. Communion is a ritual

56aadd  No.12171701


Wicca? Forgive me, I'm don't quite get the lore of this.

4f8690  No.12171742


In short wicca started as victorian larping gobboldygook created by old men with a fondness for "sky clad" young girls there a tiny bit of the old ways in it. In recent times it's collected hippies "majik" users and other friuty degenerates.

8c8535  No.12171761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

any music that is good for drinking?

I don't care if it's Angry Aryans or whatnot as long it's good.

Also yeah, I'm bored of listening to this song for 30 minutes.

d9686f  No.12171786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is "Drinking Song" in Reconstructed Manchu

*laughs in finnish*

630f89  No.12171788

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>drinking music

Here you go lad

d9686f  No.12171797

File: 60bf27be23845dd⋯.png (405.52 KB, 647x495, 647:495, ClipboardImage.png)


English translation:

The liquor is like flowing water

it's a flickering flame of fire

when good friends come by and you meet them

you fill the liquor cup.

Do you keep me in your thoughts?

Do I keep you in my thoughts?

For the sake of good socializing

let's drink up this cup.

Let's drink, let's drink,

and after we drink, let's sing.

Let's sing, let's sing,

If you can't, then you'll have to drink.

Let's toast the virtues of the friends we meet,

since you've come, you've become my friends.

When dear friends come and you meet them,

you fill the liquor cup.

Do you feel your chest getting warm?

Do you feel your hands getting warm?

For the sake of good times,

let's drunk up this cup.

Let's drink, let's drink,

and after we drink, let's sing.

Let's sing, let's sing,

If you can't, then you'll have to drink.

d9686f  No.12171801

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Something rather more sombre

I don't think wednesday evening is a good time to be boozing tbh

8c8535  No.12171810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


fuck off cunt. I like boozing when I get money, then I'm sober until I get money.

Also I listen to weird stuff when I'm boozing.

630f89  No.12171817

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Old British army song…

630f89  No.12171825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How about this one lad?

d9686f  No.12171830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Sages have always been lonely, only the drinker can leave his name behind."

8c8535  No.12171834


this is good because I'm drinking whiskey.

630f89  No.12171851

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Another whisky themed one then. Btw, are you in a happy-drinking mood or a sad one lad?

d9686f  No.12171855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

quite enjoyed At Worlds End tbh

8c8535  No.12171864


I'm drinking to get the spirit up. So not sad, I treat whiskey or alcohol as it's a shamans drink of feeling euphoria until the darkest of dawn hit you on the head with anxiety.

Then I appreciate life more with it's ups and downs, instead of treating it as a euphoric drug to get high on every week, so I drink once a month or once every 2 month, the last time I drank was 2 months ago.

d9686f  No.12171885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Short Song Style"

The wine, the song, life goes on —

But for how long?

It evaporates, to our dismay,

Like the morning dew, day after day.

Ambition and aspiration sustain me,

But a secret thread of grief worries me.

How can I brush it aside

But by drowning it in wine?

Scholars, scholars, where are you?

Years I have chanted the song of yearning —

But would you ever come over to me?

Deer are calling from the field, grazing

On the tender marsilea.

Let my house be graced with a learned visitor,

I will have music played in his honour.

But he is as bright as the moon,

And how could I make a moon stay?

Here my sorrows surface and swell,

And refuse to go away.

Talented friends, whom I love, I treasure,

For a rendezvous no journey is too long!

Would you mind coming, to our meeting,

To our feast, back to old-days' feeling?

The stars so dim, the moon so bright,

Southbound birds are flying, circling

Round and round over the tree —

On which bough are you alight?

The water can never be too deep,

And the mountain too high.

When an open-minded king calls for talent,

It is him who must stand by.

630f89  No.12171888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A song to lift the spirits then.

22e77e  No.12171894

File: 9f7f32ee315b6fe⋯.jpg (195.93 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 35_0_868e54f9434ad9860e9a3….jpg)


>Rituals = primitive nigger shit


>Communian is a ritual

Worshiping a dead jew in addition in a mindless gesture (I mean a ritual) is even worse than the druid ones.

8c8535  No.12171908


Fuck off, cunt.

When one practice duric or shamanism it's to get more within the subconscious into the conscious.

The reason I drink alcohol is not because of some degenerate feel good, but because I want to feel the anxiety of pure death at the same time when I get sober.

Then I appreciate life allot more.

Also I'm somewhat pagan.


Thanks, fam. This one was pretty good.

630f89  No.12171912


Never underestimate the power and importance of ritual and of age-honed sacred rites. The ignorant dismiss that which they do not (wish to) understand.

630f89  No.12171929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No worries lad. Have another upbeat little number and take a shot for me cant drink tonight im on tablets

22e77e  No.12171940

File: 787ac60d6a61e49⋯.jpg (345.53 KB, 1053x636, 351:212, 1734Hans_Egede_1734_sea_se….jpg)


Never overestimate mindless habits either anon. Those rituals were meant to help communicate with gods that you don't even believe in. Spend that time more meaningfully, our ancestors would prefer it if they saw the insane world that we live in.

8c8535  No.12171946


What medication do you take? Benzodiazpines or antidepressives?

I take benzo on the regular and then some blood pressure medication so I can survive without the kidneys getting into a hardcore failure.

I don't take benzo's when I drink because then it can have a bigger effect on me, and I strangley enjoy the anxiety after alcohol, it makes me feel more alive which in turn make me appreciate life allot more.

I know it sounds strange.

22e77e  No.12171950


Your subconscious is a fucking five-year old child, as is everyone else's. Listen, but with a grain of salt in your ear. Don't ever indulge it like some taig.

630f89  No.12171971

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Antibiotics for an ear infection are whats stopping me drinking this particular.

As benzos go, just diazepam but im careful because it is very habit forming. Also take zopiclone for insomnia

630f89  No.12171981

File: 9be8e95b0231070⋯.jpg (636.65 KB, 1071x1068, 357:356, skel.jpg)


You do your thing and ill do mine then and we wont bother each other. How about that lad?

8c8535  No.12171994


That is the reason you listen to the subconscious because it's the 5 to 10 year old you, when it comes to discover things, that you did not know existed spiritually.

But you come back to reality without harm, so to speak. You will feel anxiety and big panic attacks when you come back to reality after some drugs but that's about it, if you are not strong willed then the marxist shit will get into you.


You are probably already addicted to diazepam but it kinda depends on how bad it is. For me, the clonazepam is quite strong like hurting muscles and so on.

But all that depends on how much hell you want to feel before suicide, for me it was either survival or suicide. So survival was the obvious choice.

I would never get to a doctor with hard kidney failure if I was not on clonazepam, but I'm taking like 1 mg a day, so it's about 20 mg of diazepam, so not much.

22e77e  No.12171996

File: e42257a7fcd9d04⋯.jpg (285.56 KB, 1004x796, 251:199, 0)d_b0caesar_and_the_battl….jpg)


I'm not a liberal anon, all lives are interconnected. If I find you killing goats, or pretending to be a druid I will fuck your shit up and then help you create a new world that we can both live in, without non-whites in it.

22e77e  No.12172016

File: eb3c2016616eff7⋯.jpg (56.31 KB, 534x401, 534:401, Boxer Rebellion.jpg)


>implying there are such things as spirits

Did you forget what happened in the Boxer Rebellion? Magic didn't save the chinks, it won't save you either, because it doesn't fucking exist.

8f4426  No.12172019


Pretty much this >>12171742


And just what part of it is primitive exactly? It's a key part of practise in just about every religion

>Worshiping a dead jew

I only used that example because I assumed you were a Christian


>Those rituals were meant to help communicate with gods

Right, so not mindless at all

>you don't even believe in

Wrong, I'm getting really sick of dumb faggots assuming this

>Spend that time more meaningfully

Spirituality is important, as is worship and veneration of the gods


>killing goats

Are you a vegan?

>pretending to be a druid

More assumptions


>Posts Romans

>Doesn't know they were renowned for their piety and devotion


And now I'm starting to think you're an atheist

8c8535  No.12172032


No, it's spiritual journey. Meaning you search your own soul, so you can do the same thing with alcohol but you need to get into a high point meaning euphoric high then to the down point of anxiety that last as long if not longer.

Then you become a stronger person, if you can control your own feelings.

22e77e  No.12172054

File: 99f386225544aae⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1809x963, 201:107, celts.png)


>And just what part of it is primitive exactly?

The entire thing.

>communicating with gods isn't mindless

It is when you don't need them and they actually get in the way of understanding.


I was hoping that you don't believe them, that you're that stupid.

>Spirituality is important,

There are no such things as spirits.

>And now I'm starting to think you're an atheist

Anyone who isn't an atheist is stupid, anyone who is an atheist and believes in equality is stupid. Most people, atheist or not, are stupid. I'm stupid, we're all stupid. But if you can't see how you're making yourself more stupid then let me explain: the truth behind the veil is more unpleasant than what your puny imagination can think up, it cannot be personified or turned into gods, it is truly unknown but not ever fully unknowable.


There are no souls or spirits. No point in becoming stronger if you're becoming dumber and easier to manipulate.

630f89  No.12172060

File: d538517a75a1e97⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 464x454, 232:227, yakekza.jpg)


>"…magicks not real"

>implies the faggot with no occult knowledge or experience

22e77e  No.12172065


>implying I haven't been initiated

The truly wise know that it's a lie. They perpetuate it for fun and the sake of novelty.

d9686f  No.12172076

File: 1c69d913a25e866⋯.png (137.21 KB, 1320x3098, 660:1549, taiping.png)

>atheism is the way guys, let's continue ignoring that lack of spirituality is a key defining factor in our race's self-destruction

>ignore that "athiesm" is just the pseudoreligion of science and "progress"

>don't believe in anything

absolutely fedora-tipping modernist hedonist lad, sorry


that's a nice picture angry lad

I assume you know that the Romans were prolific pagans and sacrifice was deeply embedded in their society and religious culture, perhaps more so even than the Greeks.


>me jesus christ you forrow me ro ro ro kill folen dewils but wolship hook nosed gweilo death cult = philosophical spirituality


Also, that was the Taiping Rebellion

8c8535  No.12172078


The beauty of psychoactive is that you know what to look for, when it come to manipulation.

So you become stronger in mind, lets kinda be honest the soul is just the mind.

So when you feel terrible anxiety almost as-if the world is going to end, then how are the Jews going to scare you?

Since if you are of pure Nordic and somewhat Slavic stock there is nothing the Jews can trick you with, it's just the weak psyche which you already train yourself with dealing with when you are drunk or high on other substances that don't make you lame. That just take away the anxiety and some pain, so you can get the full on anxiety of death, birth and the world ending.

But then again it's not like 18 beers will do that, but over a liter of whiskey will do that magic.

4f8690  No.12172079

Wtf is going on? I just want to help my people throw off their oppressors chains and build a better society free of injustice and degeneracy.

22e77e  No.12172088

File: 15be91b4ea6ce5e⋯.jpg (245.62 KB, 800x1199, 800:1199, Heroes_of_the_dawn_(1914)_….jpg)


>I assume you know that the Romans were prolific pagans and sacrifice was deeply embedded in their society and religious culture, perhaps more so even than the Greeks.

You assume correctly. I'm just posting images of our past, I love my heritage as much as the next person but believing in spirits and magic is fucking stupid.


>you know what to look for

That's called mental masturbation.

d9686f  No.12172091

File: e99e17fc6ebce7c⋯.png (431.98 KB, 525x434, 75:62, celticboar.png)

File: 7cdee7762a0f9fb⋯.png (65.42 KB, 375x352, 375:352, ClipboardImage.png)


The soul, body and mind are all interlinked aspects tbh

there were some good articles or videos floating about a while ago about this, incl. something about a Roman theologian's summation of collected lore

8f4426  No.12172092


>U believe in sky daddy, u dumb

Ok, so tell me this, if religion is dumb and only serve to render you more stupid then why has every civilisation worth it's salt been not only religious, but devout instead of ebin memesters like yourself?

8c8535  No.12172100


Sure but you still know what to look for when it come to subversion of the mind and morals.


Sure, but to understand the mind more when it come to ups and downs the psychoactive will help allot, it makes you master the immoral at the same time be with the moral.

Since the high is the immoral and the down is the moral.

22e77e  No.12172112

File: 1173614c50009bb⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 613x403, 613:403, 43bdb72e96a74ce0531dad6c33….jpg)

File: a0bac46ce2348b5⋯.jpg (81.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


You forgot to point out that every civilization that has ever gone into decline tends to devolve into religious esoteric bullshit. The dawn of atheism is an extremely recent phenomena that will aid in our rejection of (((Christianity))).


You think you know because you want to.

d9686f  No.12172113

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Definitely not disputing that lad

>tfw no magic mushroom mead

d9686f  No.12172118

File: 0906c4df9814873⋯.png (827.73 KB, 490x750, 49:75, youaremad.png)


But the primacy of atheistic indifference and hedonism through the subversion of moral values once upheld by Christianity is one of the major reasons of our civilisational decline…

630f89  No.12172119


Are you in the UK lad? I know the UK and US have different variations of benzos that drs aew willing to prescribe. Not tried clonazapam myself but iv heard its strong. had moggies, temazzies and vallies - they were big in the 90s I hear xanax is big in the US too.

I have done various personal experiments relating to pharmakeia and their conductivity to achieving various states of gnosis (particularly related to scrying) and i'v had interesting results. Modern chemical shamanism if you will. Those who swear by hallucinogens are misguided imo (although im told microdosing can be very beneficial) Intense states of intense scry-conducive gnosis have been achieved by using benzos, THC, z-drugs and certain synthetic opioids

One must be willing to experiment to achieve results

This method of pharma assisted gnosis (im told) can also be beneficial to goetic and enochian operations but it comes with drawbacks as well as rewards and is not everyones proverbial cup of tea. Each must walk his own path.

d9686f  No.12172122

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh actually stale civic music video featuring a religion we can all agree is complete shite

22e77e  No.12172147

File: 6dc794752fbffed⋯.jpg (192.46 KB, 988x720, 247:180, z12068994_835356646562610_….jpg)


>implying that Christianity is even moral

Indifference and hedonism aren't exclusive to atheists, and you know this. Atheism is a honest answer to the world to come. Read more Nietzsche.

8c8535  No.12172150


You did no specify on what to know of, when it comes to Conspiracies of Jewish magic or magic that is against Europe, then it's all about looking for the signs of what is hurting Europe like race mixing and not keeping to your own.

That comes as natural when you are drunk or heavily drunk with the mind of a 10 year old.

Which I'm experiencing right now, so when I see a chink or a gook I get disgusted the same with other races.


When it comes to clonazepam it's just take my anxiety so I don't get the whole high thing tbqh fam.

It's strong like don't care about anything strong. but it's kinda obvious it's not prescribed to no one without high anxiety. Since those people get super high and do retarded stuff like mixing opioids with those drugs kinda thing.

22e77e  No.12172157


>You did no specify on what to know of

Whatever bullshit you choose to come up with and label as "knowledge".

630f89  No.12172158

File: e912e55eb2bbe76⋯.jpg (20.65 KB, 268x233, 268:233, baron1.jpg)


Initiated into your own rear end by the sounds of it.

8f4426  No.12172159

>>12172088 (observed)

Whatever you say my fedora tipping friend


Don't we all lad, don't we all


>every civilization that has ever gone into decline tends to devolve into religious esoteric bullshit

I'd argue the religious esoteric bullshit being a corruption and degeneration of the original faith and a key cause of said decline, inevitable too, as whatever is born must eventually die, before being reborn again in a different form

>Aid in our rejection of (((Christianity)))

Perhaps, but as>>12172118 says it is merely a symptom of civilisational decline and can therefore be nothing more than a stepping stone.

630f89  No.12172177

File: 35bc3441d02754c⋯.jpg (38.13 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Daniel.jpg)

>>12172122 (observed)

BASED Bostik again? Kek, his hearts in the right place, even though hes wallowing about in the civ-nat kiddy pool.

22e77e  No.12172182

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty much lad.


>the original faith

Christianity is itself a degeneration of Judaism, which is just your typical nationalist imperialist racist self-reinforcing belief system. Universalism leads to cuckery. Equality and god have no place in the 21st-Century.

8c8535  No.12172201


OK, whenever something that is against the whites should stick together, then one can take it further with ethnic groups like no Norwegian should race mix Polish people, that is the truth. It make the blood weak for combat and other subversion.

It's not just Asians, middle eastern then niggers no mix it's more complicated like no slav and Germanic should mix, no brit and scandi should ever mix.

Pure ethnic lines, you can be a faggot and say that one and another is OK but it's a load of fucktard bullshit since every European culture is different enough so that the harm for the next generation to want some darker meat could happen because of that.

d9686f  No.12172202

File: 8b8d06890673c1e⋯.webm (6.6 MB, 640x360, 16:9, eternaltipper.webm)


It worked for Europe for just under a thousand years, pretending that the subverted modern poz vehicle is in any way equivalent is ridiculous. Atheism is literally the most retarded religious standpoint to have, the greatest minds throughout history have been devoutly religious or acknowledged some essence of the divine and espoused agnosticism rather than complete denial and the excising of an entire facet of humanity. Read more Evola and Spengler (particularly him when it comes to Atheistic substitute-worship of modernity and progress) and many others besides, tbh.

With the death of Christianity in the West, Jewish primacy and the Islamic Jihad, the need for a countering spiritual force to give hope and fervour is a requirement for survival.

8f4426  No.12172224


>Christianity is itself a degeneration of Judaism, which is just your typical nationalist imperialist racist self-reinforcing belief system.

Agreed, but I don't just mean Christianity, you can see it in many different civilisations

630f89  No.12172228

File: 218d24ff95ae14e⋯.jpg (58.25 KB, 1080x600, 9:5, ffffffff.jpg)


>the need for a countering spiritual force to give hope and fervour is a requirement for survival.

1000% this, very well put lad.

8f4426  No.12172249



Not even that, but a return and reconnection to our true spirituality and gods

630f89  No.12172259

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.