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File: 78811870f0be14c⋯.jpg (408.01 KB, 900x929, 900:929, e2bf3b11df0b872112757f1c2f….jpg)

File: 7194e52ae5c068e⋯.pdf (462.54 KB, manifesto-for-abolition-en….pdf)

30f607  No.12089983

>>11995349 This thread was 404d for absolutely no reason.

I'm re-creating this thread because it was the most informational and relevant thread posted in months. It clearly struck a nerve with (((someone))).





>Money Lenders



>Napoleonic Wars

>Banking Globalism vs. Military Industrial Complex







If you haven't watched this yet then you have no right to even post ITT.

Money as Debt


Money as Debt II


The Money Masters


And OP is right. This should be at the core of everything, your No.1 demand should be that this be fixed. It's also a really easy way to find out if your President is a ZOGboi. Hussein and Ghaddafi both tried to get out of it, both were killed. JFK tried to get out of it; killed. Old Hickory managed to get out of it; attempt on his life. Lincoln got out of it; killed.

Let's do a test and see how many nu/pol/ users (since 4cuck is 99% Leftists now) actually understand how important this idea is. Then ask yourself why it's not at the CORE of all your arguments?

This is an Uncle/pol/ fitness test. Are you a media millennial soy cunt, just choosing sides, or are you a real redpilled warrior? Anchors = fear of usury exposure.



>Other than that, we just sort of like them.

It was a progression of thought in regards to trading. Grain was easy to trade, it was small, you could measure the quality of the bunch, you could weight and divide it and also transport it. Grains were used to measure water, medicine, gunpowder, metals, etc. So it wasn't a large jump to use something similar that didn't perish, i.e. coins. So in the beginning they even connected them, like 1 Troy ounce = 480 grains and so on. It was also quite easy to hoard wealth, so you could leave something to your children.

>A lot of things you're saying about silver apply to iron or aluminum.

Yes, but today, from a strategic standpoint, Silver can be used to break the financial system.

>labor-based BS

>Fuck off, kike.

Explain to me what is so special with this whole BS? It's talked about like it's the Holy Grail. Wtf. Of course you need to put into circulation only as much currency as there is work done or you devalue everything. What is so revolutionary about it? Do you have drones flying around and searching for work being completed so your printing press can print some paper money? Go to ebay and search for Third Reich Silver Reichmark. What are you even talking about? Hitler raised the purity of the 2 and 5 Silver Reichsmark in '33 or '34, and thereby establishing the standard measurement for value in exchange of goods. All notes, all bonds, all base metal change coinage denominations were convertible by law to this standard. Do you even read the Reichsgesetzblatt, the official publication of law in the Third Reich?

30f607  No.12089999


30f607  No.12090007

I would love to see more input like we saw in the last thread. I, and I would assume most other anons, have known about the fraudulent banking cartels for some time now. However, this was the first that I'd seen it expanded on in such depth.

What can an individual anon do (right now) to start fighting the system. Any of you old lurking anons out there, now's the time to speak. Help save your children's futures.

What do we do?

30f607  No.12090013

File: 0db78d37673d96f⋯.jpg (145.96 KB, 879x1024, 879:1024, 1515826028491.jpg)

File: 08ca1a16e04db28⋯.jpg (303.43 KB, 720x722, 360:361, 1520180958511.jpg)

File: 4a5f0f3ad2a2505⋯.png (114.18 KB, 640x300, 32:15, 1521917905621.png)

File: baad8f5c9121038⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1271x1279, 1271:1279, 1522512991545.png)

Another post that was near the 404. It seems as though the correlation between the abolition of usury and the nazi movement sparks something in (((YKW)))

addressing usury was one of the central tenets of national socialism, even more so than one dimensional antisemitism. jews really, really dont want you talking about the global federal reserve system.

the opposition doesnt even have a buzzword they can throw at you. what will people think when they see a person getting called a "hateful antisemite bigot" for simply pointing out and detailing a blatant scam?

watch out for kikes trying to derail the thread and distract from this topic by initiating a tired circlejerk about killing jews while posting irrelevant eye-catching images


ok, so tell people about usury and get them mad. their anger will be directed towards jews. if somebody asks you "why do you hate jews", do you sperg out or act like a normal human?


it will be done manually you fucking kike. you're just asking for another thing that jews can corrupt

>Something that takes a year to present itself, so it can spread across the globe

we already have something called "white men". use that instead; it's better than your faggy kike idea.

>the only other option is to leave the world in the hands of Jews and shitskins


30f607  No.12090022

File: 52196d5f3127ba0⋯.jpg (74.02 KB, 800x532, 200:133, soros.jpg)

File: f53a2bca6b6c81a⋯.jpg (162.92 KB, 565x502, 565:502, what_happened.jpg)

File: 40314ff591ec445⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 444x296, 3:2, you_gentiles_quote.jpg)

File: eb51ca343d10d8a⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1070x1443, 1070:1443, youre_looking_at_them_assh….png)

another anon on 4ch made a thread about this a little while ago as well


ac1a84  No.12090026

Only islam gave a comprehensive economic system

1-paper money is absolutely banned, only gold,silver and copper must be used (currency which have intrinsic value)

2-taxes are absolutely banned under normal circumstances, only 2.5% of the money you have kept for a year is demanded (encouraging money to be circulated )

3-loans are absolutely interst free

In a world with sharia there would be no slavery for the jews and their federal reserve system, that's a fact

bbc07b  No.12090036


Saved and ready to repost in case of another accidental 404

9b7aac  No.12090065


I've been fighting this fight with skin in the game for 10+ years. Your faith is your shield.

Paraclete Edward Jay Robin on YT for how the remedy for debt slavery is in the King James Bible.

Also the following link for day to day transactions, because if you're using someone else's toy (money) you have to play by their rules.


Long thread, lots to dig into.

fdd20b  No.12090068

Told you I was smarter than you.

8013ca  No.12090075


Yes anon we'd just have to put up with you raping our children. No thanks. Those of us who are going to Live in the Next Age, (which belongs to us alone, because we Europeans created our ability to achieve it) are going to try for an ETHNO-GLOBE where we never have to think about subhumans again and we have everything in your post without having our children raped.

532e61  No.12090088


One problem I see with the OP already is that you’ve already dismissed “leftists” from having ideas or recommendations about the problem of usury. So you’ve taken an important subject and societal issue capable of uniting everyone and then alienated half or more of your audience by adding that someone favoring a certain ideology, regardless of what values this entails, what other values they might hold as individuals, what kind or era of “leftist” they even are, etc, because your political leanings determine your attitude toward usury how? You are preeching to a choir, and this thread will die in the echochamber, sane as the rest.

9b7aac  No.12090099

File: fd8549c311ca51b⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_8207.JPG)

You are not a person. You are a living man.

Your name is not yours, it is owned by the pope, when you answer to your name to an officer of the finance system, you voluntarily submit.

If you don't know what to say, STAY SILENT. it's been held in front of you and drilled into your head thousands of times, "you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you." STAY SILENT WHEN ASKED YOUR NAME UNTIL YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Money doesn't exist. You give it value, you are the security. If you haven't said no, you've just said yes. In my early days of fighting this leviathan I had only my deep gut feeling to go on, Yehua gave me inspiration when I wrote my first letters and claimed to be a "sovereign man created by God, and as such I do not recognize the authority of mans laws over me." I was very close to the core of the issue even then. This system will collapse with 30% non participation. This is possible, and with renewed hope because of Cyrus Trump. May we come out of Babylon.

d00769  No.12090101

File: efc073f8e274e12⋯.jpg (45.67 KB, 865x452, 865:452, george-soros_a.jpg)


Moar Soros

ac1a84  No.12090187


Rapists get death, if the white man puts the power he puts to support the jew into adopting islam we would've killed the jew a long time ago

30f607  No.12090189


>Also the following link for day to day transactions, because if you're using someone else's toy (money) you have to play by their rules.


Okay, this is what I'm talking about. I'm starting from the beginning of this thread, but can you or anyone here vouch for this??

""What the fuck is this"" Explain now.

deposit for credit on account or exchange for Non-negotiable Federal Reserve Notes of face value

These guys are talking about legally paying no income tax. How the fuck do we do this?

30f607  No.12090241


>Dismissing (((ykw))) is not the same as dismissing leftists. Kikes have no place in the conversations regarding the reconstruction of our nation. They're the reason we're here in the first place. This isn't a debate. This is documented and verifiable. (((They))) must and will be eradicated. Like they have been 1000 times before.

>But maybe you're right. Maybe kikes and the left go hand in hand. I don't mind classic liberalism, but it's the fucking yids that have taken real liberal concepts and twisted them into something un-American.

4ba38f  No.12090287


>JFK tried to get out of it; killed

jfk was killed because he didn't support the zionists and demanded inspections of dimona (israel's nuclear weapons base)

EO11110 was actually a step towards total (((fed))) control of currency

a0e316  No.12090307

tldr slide boomer thread

9b7aac  No.12090627


I vouch.

12 years.

56dc38  No.12090638


We don't want or need ANOTHER 'semitic faith'. If the European man put the energy into ETHNO-GLOBE that he puts into supporting the jew, we don't have to worry about any of you Semites ever again. I'd call that a better deal for the European people than yet another deal with the Devil.

719539  No.12090651

>>11995349 This thread was 404d for absolutely no reason.

Well, fedoras just hide everything that show chrisitnity as a something positive (check your pic) and if the thread get too many replies they just spam reports, actually a lot of them are faggots luring kids on discord.

56dc38  No.12090690

>>11995349 This thread was 404d for absolutely no reason.

Oh anon, you know why it was shoah'd as well as I do. I did my best to share secrets hidden from the foundation of history in that thread. I am sad that they kiked it.

30f607  No.12090706


So what, you request real money in exchange for FRNs? Then you claim you're not required to pay taxes?? Someone explain this.

d0855d  No.12090717

File: 15cd17d1f295357⋯.jpeg (314.75 KB, 1298x682, 59:31, Can't_figure_it_out.jpeg)


Everything was fine until a particular protected group of people showed up tbh.

9b7aac  No.12090804




188da9  No.12090929


You already outed yourself as a woman in the woman thread. No one has any reason to listen to you

30f607  No.12092561


I will. Looks like a lot of this info is nearly 10 years old though. And the original vids from that thread have long since been shoahed.

8f9dc4  No.12092703

The Rotshchilds are the instigators of everything we see today and they are the top banking cartel family and have been for centuries. Ending usury and private central banks are paramount to a nations health. However, too many try and get killed for it. You would need multiple nations, big nations that matter, all abandoning the central banks at the same time to even have a chance of a peaceful solution.

310d2f  No.12092730

File: 6f3086609d8f2ca⋯.jpeg (313.51 KB, 1298x682, 59:31, udated.jpeg)

900f3f  No.12092750


4b2ae0  No.12092910

File: 0b6cf4694308579⋯.gif (3.14 MB, 400x500, 4:5, 1530583132849.gif)


This is fucking retarded as a psi op.

don't get me wrong fagtrons, nothing in op's thread is wrong per say. but the reason we are fucking kiked to begin with is the fact that we outlawed usury in the first place, producing an enormouse power vaccuum filled by the jews.

It's the fucking fishermans dilema. If everyone doesn't jew, everyones happy, but as soon as one person has usury on their side they will destroy the armies of their neighbors. This is about as effective a solution against kikes as gun control is for violence.

we need to whitewash (((banking))) not deny ourselves its power.

899e9c  No.12093313


That's because Islam is political ideology trying to copy humans while retaining the worst aspects of niggerdom, and naturally produces third-world shitholes everywhere inbred fucktards and degenerate perverts take it.

8049d9  No.12093359


Usury doesn't work microdick. You obviously didn't watch the mandatory viewing. This is exactly why i said you don't have a right to even post ITT if you haven't watched first (OP took my post entirely from the previous thread) because now you're just being a humongous retard and polluting this thread with your room temperature IQ.

There's also another thread up with the best and most crisp analysis of the kike scheme i've ever seen in my entire life that explains why their system is always primed to implode and what kikes are doing to desperately try and prevent that from happening, taking ever crazier and crazier measures.

But you didn't bother to read that either. Seriously just fuck off and stick to Q LARP threads, that's more at your level.

df90e4  No.12093484

File: 5d95a3400d59192⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1168x4386, 584:2193, Control of World Wealth; J….png)

915bbb  No.12093788

File: 466461a951152a8⋯.jpeg (15.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 310AF1D3-FB1B-4DB1-9EE4-F….jpeg)


Monocausualist bullshit. You’re a weak minded faggot who blames a (((boogieman))) for his failure in life. Focus on individuals, concrete problems, factual events, not reverberating “it’s the kikes!” as if everyone with an iq over room temp hasn’t known this for over a decade. Opening this and all threads like it is like seeing someone reading off a cue card, and it makes you look like a retard vegemite zombienigger with no agency. Other people define you, you don’t define yourself and aren’t accomplishing anything, aren’t fighting anyone. Journos, “independent scholars,” and psy-ops tell you who you are, what to do with your impotent rage. What a fag.

51a57d  No.12093827


>1-paper money is absolutely banned, only gold,silver and copper must be used (currency which have intrinsic value)

No commodity has "intrinsic" value. Value is completely determined by how much desire the populace has for that commodity. Commodities may have consumption value, however. Money (also a commodity) does not have consumption value.

71109d  No.12093855


if everyone knew it was the kikes, we wouldn't be where we are now, shlomo. I think you need to take the temperature of the actual everyday normies before you go spouting that everyone is suddenly

"jew woke"

k.y.s. jordan peterson

915bbb  No.12093871


Everyone here knows. So where are there still threads? Doing it all for plebbit? I’d never go out of my way to include normies because they’re of no strategic use in war. It reveals your (((votefag))) agenda, however.

915bbb  No.12093876


Prescribe, discuss, share required readings on the history of usury if you like, but these grievance-based bitch sessions are nigger tier and serve no purpose but to spoonfeed drooling retards.

8049d9  No.12093925


As much as i would like to ignore those obvious shills it's still good that you outed him.

But let's stay on-topic. Money as debt and the entire system around it is what really deserves our attention. Don't even rush for solutions, just get everyone to see it and understand it first. Then discuss it. The mandatory viewing in the OP is an absolute must. I dare wager that most of /pol/ hasn't even seen it, so let's start there. First let's get /pol/ up to date and up to speed on this before even moving on to the normalfags.

For everyone's convenience:

Money as Debt (babbies first introduction)


Money as Debt II (toddler level)


The Money Masters (no punches pulled, A to Z)


And that's just the start.

Complete breakdown (way above the level of mandatory viewing) from someone who understands it here:


It's the most comprehensive and crystal clear breakdown i've ever seen, in my entire life. You might want to save it for posterity, i sure did. But it won't do you any good if you don't first watch the mandatory viewing. If anything you'll realize you're only scratching the surface. Just do it, you'll thank me and yourself later. And when we're all in the know, that's when we finally can start to move towards something meaningful.

Like OP said; this should be at the core of all of your concerns. This should be the No. 1 issue that you demand gets fixed by your reps.

e1b8e5  No.12094145



nothing in your gigantic turd of a post did anything to discredit anything I wrote you enormous nigger.

For me to be wrong you have to show with evidence how a country is supposed to defend against a country that uses lending and speculation for the creation of military might.

8049d9  No.12094211


>he thinks such short writing is 'gigantic'

>can only think short term

>actually thinks countries can create a sustainable military might with monopoly money not backed with anything of value, even though such a country is crashing RIGHT NOW

>gets pointed in the right direction so he can understand why the kike system is always primed to implode

>even gets pointed in the right direction that will help him understand why recent events are happening around him

>REFUSES to look into any of it

>doesn't engage in discussion because he can't

>responds with HURRRRRR greentext

>derails a thread that seeks to cast the shells off of Anon's eyes, such as himself

This is why you're a brainlet. Fuck off to some blogpost thread, we already have a Schlomo in here and don't need you piling on top. If you're so worried about military might; even in a de-jewified society we could always go full-retard and spend money from the future to buy your war toys. So fret not and just fuck off already.

8049d9  No.12094226


And oh yeah, for someone so concerned about military might and war you sure are a strategical mongoloid; what's the point of building a mighty force when your monetary system has you rigged to inevitably blow up regardless of how many resources and labour you can plunder.

Watch the mandatory viewing and read this thread >>12018043 you literal nigger. Don't even come back here until you do.

915bbb  No.12094281


You can study yourself to paralysis. Analysis is paralysis.

e1b8e5  No.12094296


>being so retarded you think monopoly money doesn't work when it objectively has produced the mightiest kike driven country ever

>thinking it matters to the kikes if the country falls apart eventually

>thinks the implosion is the topic of discussion and not, what is now the third time reitterating the fact, that the issue is the have nots get demolished by the haves in this scenario, no matter the supposed benefits.

>shits out a bunch of grunting and aping with nothing of substance

fuck off please.


to not get raped by the country that didn't give a shit you absolute retard, this will be the 4th time I've explained it. you talk like I'm the idiot here for not watching your avalanch of words when you can't even look up what the fishermans dilemma is

8049d9  No.12094301


Without study and analysis your downy ass wouldn't even be able to put a projectile on target. Get the fuck out, mingle with your own kind if you can't step up. If you want to help; stop derailing this thread.

1b1886  No.12094308


> jesus whipping a banker

Why didn't jesus whip the jews before their money schemes? People keep boasting that story as some kind of accomplishment but it just shows how ineffectual he is if he even existed.

More importantly, the church is what gave jews dominion over ursury. This is what made jews wealthy in the first place.

e1b8e5  No.12094313


Jesus whiped the kikes because they where selling pagan baubles at a synagogue

8049d9  No.12094393


>still stuck in short-term thinking, literally believing that any nation chained to unescapable debt can ever survive

>focusing on the short-term success like a brainlet, never looking up and ahead at the inevitable result that looms

>thinks the inevitable implosion is not the topic of dicussion, here's some irrevelant shit that doesn't matter, please disregard every financial crisis in the history mankind, please by all means don't look ahead and see what's mathematically inevitable in this kike monetary system

>"Principal + interest vs Principal? What's that?" said the retard

>brings no arguments whatsoever to the table, just accuse the other of 'grunting and aping with no substance', while being completely devoid of any substance himself

You're a confirmed kike. All you're out to is to derail this thread so people here lose track of the discussion about your monetary kike scheme.


>muh fishermans dilemma

More useless kike pilpul. All is futile under the kike monetary system. No future exists for any and all enslaved by it. The final destination is a complete wipeout, everything leading up to it is Anons like me trying to steer away from it, and kikes like you trying to keep it on target.

And here's just to give your hook nose a peanut allergy:


Money as Debt (babbies first introduction)


Money as Debt II (toddler level)


The Money Masters (no punches pulled, A to Z)


Complete breakdown (way above the level of mandatory viewing) from someone who understands it here:


Like OP said; this should be at the core of all of your concerns. This should be the No. 1 issue that you demand gets fixed by your reps.

e1b8e5  No.12094462


>hurrr ur kike

not an arguement

>durr ur really a kike

wow, such arguement, very evidence.

What we have here is a dumb shill who cannot contemplate a dilema more complicated than

"I right u wrong." mainly because that's exactly the false dilemma he wants to sell to the anons in this thread. Note the REPEATED shilling on the topic of the OP's content. the thing I NEVER FUCKING CRITICIZED. He is steering all commers away from the obvious realization that it doesn't matter how flawed the system is if nothing can fucking FIGHT it. And believe me, all I've done is demand he offer some kind of solution, but he hasn't. He goes back to criticizing the banking ponzi scheme. You may as well complain about the bourgeois for all the impact it makes. the problem to be solved isn't how to make the kike system work if you want to destroy the kike system, it's making something that can actually stand up to it militarily.

If you do nothing but whine about muh jews you will be no closer to coming up with a solution. Every nation that didn't have a bank has been ground into the dust by countries that did. If swords are against your morality and religion invent a fucking gun and be done with it, but you don't get to pretend the right thing to do is to go into battle with no swords.

4884b6  No.12118955


023a1d  No.12118964


goddamn cucked kike mods at it again

30f607  No.12126913

What about something similar to what the boys at northwestern front are doing? With a twist.

- we move collectively to an area in the NW ( doesn't necessarily need to be here)

- we start a new city

- we take out loans individually to buy up land and housing

- we install one of our own as SHERIFF

- after a year, we, as a collective of thousands of Patriots, STOP PAYING LOAN NOTES on the loans used to secure the properties we now occupy

- if we all default at once, legal action would be a nightmare.

- sheriff protects us from federal intervention

- we would need a militia

- we protect ourselves from ( insert federal agency here)

- if it's a fight they bring, it'll be on our own turf.

This may be dumb. I'm curious as to what some older smarter anons think would occur in a situation like this. Where is the downside? We successfully create an ethnostate. We are self sustaining. We skull fuck the banking industry into the ground then give them the finger. I'd imagine this would get bloody, but I think we all know that if we're ever to have a real home in the US again, we're going to have to fight for it.

Poke holes in this proposal. Go

30f607  No.12126920


Me again. I think transitioning to some form of crypto currency would be a good idea. A NEW crypto that we create. We just use the eth blockchain to create our own WHITE coin

30f607  No.12126937

File: 0214cabfe444d8c⋯.png (710.49 KB, 900x2793, 300:931, Garden.png)



My idea is that we do what the German National socialists did but on a smaller scale. But before we do it, we use up as much of their capital as we can. To buy property, housing, materials, guns, tools, livestock, etc. We create the very thing that they fear the most using them as a launchpad. Then we live, learn, train, and wait. For them to come. And they will.

30f607  No.12126943

Good cross thread here >>12018043

d192da  No.12126966


>shilling Islam

Gas yourself goat fucker.

I can’t explain how we as a collective can topple usury but I can tell you as individuals it’s very easy. The short answer is you must simply stop taking loans. I think there are some exceptions to the rule but if you live below your means, change your mindset about consumerism and avoid loans you hit the kike where it hurts.

cbbbb6  No.12126998


It should be renamed to "living off the land comfortably"

14b00b  No.12127003




34f47e  No.12127027

>jesus chasing out the money lenders because church is supposed to be a place of worship

>now it's a place where single mothers and women thrown from the cock carousel gather to shit talk christian men for either not being alpha or for being abusive when they want a debt free virgin with no tattoos

30f607  No.12127034


>avoid loans you hit the kike where it hurts.

versus collectively defaulting on thousands of loans simultaneously? I'm sorry, I just can't see the downside here.

If a collective of 15K patriots took out $200K in loans, then defaulted, that's $300MM they lose. Versus us just 'not taking their loans' in the first place. They lose out on the interest we would have paid, but they keep their money.

I want to fucking take their money. Then burn it.

30f607  No.12127042


this must be done as a collective moment for it to work. They don't have the resources to come and reposes a whole city. but this is where things would get interesting. This puts the fed into a tough situation. back the bankers by throwing an entire city in jail. Or standing behind it's citizens.

30f607  No.12127051


This doesn't fuck (((them))) enough. I want to steal as much of (((their))) resources as possible before we make it to the other side of 'living off the land."

9b7aac  No.12127076

Stole this from the financial system thread. I have been doing this for 12 years.

>>12018043 (OP)

The remedy is simple. It is spelled out in the King James Bible that you are not to be a respecter of persons. You are not to add to God's law, nor take away from it. Did God's law (natural law) come before the laws of man? Which set of laws shall supersede the other? Are the public servants in seats of power in your country sworn to uphold the laws of God, and can you call them into the rightful and proper discharging of their duty?

>give unto Caesar what is Caesars

Caesar is bankrupt. Caesar has nothing. The creator of all that we perceive, and all we do not, is the sole possessor of all value in the universe, and you are created in his image. Your free will cannot be violated if you are standing on the feet that were formed in his hand, rooted to the land he gave for your feet to travel.

You who have been redeemed, why would you go back to voluntary servitude? What if you are not your name? What if that, along with great swaths of commonly accepted language, has been co-opted for use by the devil, he who is in the world? Who is greater? He that is in you, or he that is in the world?

This is the spiritual remedy. The one for your body, for your physical being and existence in this place of learning and wide reaching thought. That you may direct your energy for creation, that you may more closely resemble your creator.



The remedy for the use of current(cy), the energy by which we measure our toil and the work of our hands and minds is no more complex.

>my house, my rules

By using the Fiat created for us, using us as collateral, out of thin air in order to harvest a lifetime of vitality, we agree to (((their))) rules. We are playing cards at their table, the dealer is in charge, and the house always wins.

>12 USC 411:

Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank.

>shall be redeemed for lawful money on demand

This is not legal tender. This is lawful money, still valued at $42.22/ounce of gold. You can demand this currency, in the form of US Bank notes, of which there are still $300,000,000 held in reserve by the Fed, or Non-negotiable Bank of Canada notes. All that is required is an endorsement on the back of any check to the effect of:

Redeemed in Lawful Money

Pursuant to Title 12 USC 411

True Name dba LEGAL NAME

This makes the bank unable to fractionally lend against your signature. This is the power you have, that you have forgotten .Your freewill cannot be co-opted or drastic repercussions will befall the perpetrators and (((they))) know it. This thread goes to strike at the root of the evil. All the pedo shit, all the trafficking, the fucking lies, the occult entertainment, the distractions, the poisoning, the harvesting of human energy. All the kikery stems from this vile growth.


There is a way out. For as long as I've felt the great "wrong" in the world, I've known deep down that the "right" had to be simple. Who does the kingdom of heaven belong to? Why are our children under the heaviest attack?

When do you lose the right to cut your neighbor's grass for a compensation of your choosing, and in agreement with you neighbor?


9b7aac  No.12127081


Forgot to add: when you deposit money in this matter, it reduces the national debt as well. It's all in the linked thread.

30f607  No.12127138



I stumbled across the God Like Productions thread a couple of weeks ago and I'm still learning. This shit has changed my life like nothing else I've come across on this board.

This video by David Merrill is GOLD


My question to you or anyone who knows is how do we do this with direct deposit. They've really tried to make this impossible. My employer REFUSES to pay in checks. They will ONLY pay me in direct deposit to a bank or to an ADP pay card. How do we subvert this?

30f607  No.12127164


btw, thank you for your contribution, anon. That thread on GLP really has changed my life. The answer has and always will be God. But fully understanding it is proving to be complicated for me after 30 years of brainwashing.

It seems that all things are connected. Time is an illusion. The Beginning and the End are and are connected by Him. Debt, Death, and Doubt do not exist. Our ancestors understood this and we have lost our way.

Please recommend good books or resources. Our founding fathers and people like John Locke, Kant, Hume, and a few others seem to be good starting points of trying to grasp all of this. Please help us skip over years of learning. Educate us, anon.

000000  No.12127183

Well better hope Christ returns and brings with him a large sturdy whip.

Hes got lots work to do.

9b7aac  No.12127811

File: bd1ce227cf618b1⋯.png (177.88 KB, 1228x1161, 1228:1161, IMG_0640.PNG)


Re. Direct deposits, you can write a letter, get it notarized and mail it registered mail/hand deliver to a teller at your bank to the same effect.

"All deposits into account # xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to be redeemed Lawful Money pursuant to title 12 USC 411"

Signed True Name dba LEGAL NAME

Or something like that. Word it how you want, but create a record of intent regarding the currency you are using.


Human knowledge is valuable, and the insights of others are indispensable to growth. Please don't ever stop studying.

That being said, coming out of Babylon really is as simple as following God's law over the laws of man. The YouTube link to Paraclete Edward Jay Robin is a great place to begin learning about the rights you were given at your creation, rights that only you can relinquish, they cannot be taken from you except at gunpoint.

I'm still in the awakening process, a process I hope will never end. Time is indeed not a straight line, and I often feel the infinite unfolding of parralels in my bones…I am most interested in our connectedness/psychic ability/intuition and our inner ear which resonates with truth and fhe voice of God, so that has been the angle of my approach.

A book called "Power vs Force" by Dr. David R. Hawkins has been my vaulting pole over the overwhelming amount of information that exists, both positive and negative.

Here is the crux:


Our bodies, our spirits, are connected to the infinite. Our bodies react to what is beneficial to us, and that which is detrimental, with either strength or weakness. There are simple, repeatable experiments you can try for yourself, that can show you your connection to the divine knowledge of all there was and ever will be.

We are synapses firing in the very mind of our creator, and new connections can be made, or they can calcify.

"Power vs. Force" lays out simple methods, as well as a numerical scale for easier understanding of what we perceive, from 1000 to 0. 1000 being ineffable pure consciousness of being, and the lowest being shame.

I've attached the scale from the appendix. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it changed my life and how I view it with eyes of empathy for those struggling at the lower levels.

Bless you in your search, anon.

6cd595  No.12127882

Much too abstract for the purpose. “Want to end your slavery? Hurdur, go read Kant and Hume; learn about god consciousness! They cannot take your connection to the divine away from you, goy. Just fill out your forms THIS WAY!” Seriously, fuck off, retard/shill.

9b7aac  No.12127906



No. Simple. The steps are there in plain language, but you didn't bother to read because obfuscation is your mission.


I'm not.

6cd595  No.12127924


>you couldn’t bother to read an 8 year old thread on GLP, glownigger central, about muh freeman movement

>you couldn’t bother to read Enlightenment era philosophers on the metaphysics of the Enlightenment, in order to combat the Federal Reserve

>obfuscation is YOUR mission

It was real in my mind.

9b7aac  No.12127952


>obscure enlightenment

>old thread


12 USC 411:

Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank.


9d0378  No.12127972



All in all you are just talking about Exodus 22:25

>If you lend money to My people, to the poor among you, you are not to act as a creditor to him; you shall not charge him interest

Why would (((something))) happen to your thread? Or did you provided something so radical like getting out of the (((debt)))? I save that paperclip for later read, seemed interesting on the first look.

6cd595  No.12127984


>the laws exist, we just have to enforce them

>the laws are open to interpretation, but we freemen are right and power will bend to the force of consensus

>it’s literally that easy

>being completely out of debt and slave to no one is a concept that has not taken off for a century, let alone in decades or even the last 8 years

I encourage you to keep talking.

9b7aac  No.12128008


Get behind me, Satan.

You know why it hasn't taken off, you know the conditioning that you are reinforcing is where the battle is being fought.

You know you are purposefully twisting the truth.

And I know why you are so persistent in your shilling, so I say again.

Get behind me, Satan.

6cd595  No.12128053


>you’re reinforcing the conditioning by refusing to endorse an antiquated flight of fancy that never produced a result

>the truth is there is a law, a law whose semantics are open to interpretation

>my interpretation of the law is the Truth

>i think a poster on fullchan is literally Satan

No credibility. Back to GLP with you, boomer-era conspiracist.

6cd595  No.12128091


I want to punctuate my response to you by saying that Catherine Austin Fitts has done a better job on this angle than you could ever hope to. Still, the notion hasn’t gained traction for reasons obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature: we are living in a matrix of irrationality where logos, not to mention law, does not apply. If you have something to offer besides a toothlessly quaint moral force from days gone by, I’d love to see it. Otherwise, we’re done here.

9b7aac  No.12128104


Natural law is absolute. Free will cannot be violated. We are done indeed.

9b7aac  No.12128121


You mind posting that paper clip here?

6cd595  No.12128169

Not speaking to the GLP shill, but natsoc and christcuck posters alike hide behind this notion of natural law as being the simple truth. That is very comforting, but often it is being used as a defense for propositions which are, rather than plain statements about nature, species of objective ethics. In other words, such people mistake the idea that might makes right for the belief that human nature/God/a race is returning to set the world ablaze and put right/cleanse the world of all that is unnatural. The first is actual, while the second is more or less probable in connection with whomever/whatever they believe it is coming to save them. In the meantime they overly concern themselves with the news, politics, religion. Do what you want in the latter case, but don’t expect me to take action on your mere objective beliefs, that is, on those that correspond to a community of wishmakers and storytellers who are unwilling to do their own dirtywork (take up the pen, not the sword).

30f607  No.12134931

File: 7194e52ae5c068e⋯.pdf (462.54 KB, manifesto-for-abolition-en….pdf)


i got u dude. it's the one linked in my OP.

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