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File: e1db83b975ffe0c⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1400x788, 350:197, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ec0077d8627b24a⋯.png (173.93 KB, 659x1026, 659:1026, CA approve gun seizure bil….png)

60d500  No.12090281

California lawmakers approve gun-seizure bill in response to Parkland shooting

>In response to a mass shooting six months ago at a Florida high school, California lawmakers on Tuesday sent the governor a bill that would allow teachers, employers and co-workers to ask judges to remove guns from people they see as a danger to the public.

>The state Senate voted to expand the state’s gun-violence restraining order law, which currently allows family members and law enforcement to petition the court to temporarily remove guns from persons seen as a threat to the public.

>Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) said he introduced the bill in response to the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., in which a 19-year-old former student allegedly killed 17 people.

>“As we saw in the February massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, teachers and administrators saw early signs that the suspected gunman, a student, could be a threat,” Ting said. “We want to give schools in California another tool to prevent more campus tragedies.”

>The measure, which allows courts to take firearms away for 21 days, extendable to a year, was opposed by the National Rifle Assn. and other groups advocating for gun owners, as well as the (((American Civil Liberties Union of California))).

>The (((ACLU))) noted the measure allows teachers and employers to seek an order without informing the person who is subject to the proposed restraining order, meaning the person “has no opportunity to contest the allegations.”

>“We support efforts to prevent gun violence, but we must balance that important goal with protection of civil liberties so we do not sacrifice one in an attempt to accomplish the other,” the ACLU said in a letter to lawmakers.

>The Senate vote was 25 to 12 with opposition votes cast by a bloc of Republicans, including Sen. Jim Nielsen of Gerber, who said the bill is the latest in a series of state efforts to “disarm the law-abiding.”

>Nielsen said the bill raises the possibility of people seeking restraining orders based on bias or “irrational fear” of a co-worker.

>“I view this as another attack on our 2nd Amendment rights,” he said.

>Sen. Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) said he agrees with concerns raised by the (((ACLU))).

>“This bill poses a significant threat to our civil liberties,” he said.

>Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) argued the bill includes protections for civil liberties, including the requirement that petitioners go before a judge.

>The original gun-violence restraining order law was adopted in 2016 after a mass shooting in the Isla Vista area of Santa Barbara County, and allows law enforcement to remove firearms or ammunition already in possession of a person subject to a court order.

>In the last two years, 190 gun-violence restraining orders were approved in California, according to state officials.

>The expansion of the law was supported by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which noted that the man who allegedly launched a massacre at a gay night club in Orlando, Fla., in 2016 had been previously reported by co-workers as “dangerous,” “unstable” and “unhinged.” They said he had made credible threats of violence and of committing a mass shooting.


can't archive properly



twitter screenshot (Socialist Rifle Association)



The Turner Diaries……

f773e5  No.12090297



f9de2f  No.12090308

File: 151129e35b2493b⋯.png (278.12 KB, 680x567, 680:567, 151129e35b2493bdcd8afdae4e….png)

>socialist rifle association

>no due-process gun seizure

>gun seizure

>teachers and EMPLOYERS

The supreme jewdiciary court better swipe this down before it spreads.

cfb789  No.12090313

what a fucking abomination of a mongrel, that one

0e50a3  No.12090325

Build the wall around california

cfb789  No.12090327

and then we wonder what the concept of "unalienable rights" is supposed to mean…. why the fuck is there a constitution and amendments if it's not going to mean jack shit (unless you're nonwhite)

895f8b  No.12090359

File: 0c37a2ac398c7e1⋯.jpg (31.75 KB, 403x401, 403:401, 7b77143f4957c9a9b3c208b8e9….jpg)

b67667  No.12090365

These Red Flag laws are spreading like wildfire. SCOTUS is going to have to smack these down, otherwise states have de facto ability to bypass due process and take away a persons Constitutional rights. It's basically pre-crime, because no law has been broken, yet a penalty is instituted.

There's no way these types of laws can be allowed to stand. If the 2A can be taken away without due process, the entire Bill of Rights can be negated via the same laws.

aae9d1  No.12090387

File: de99b41de1cee0b⋯.png (123.55 KB, 753x254, 753:254, explaining pol - its kinda….PNG)


Naw, they want war as much as I do. Cucks can have their shit seized. Easier to take power from the incompetents in charge that way when their only real support can be enslaved by a few hard men.

This is gonna be fun.

a0b758  No.12090443

File: 967801887229a40⋯.mp4 (1.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Wrong neighborhood motherf….mp4)


Molon Labe you fucking straw banning, aids decriminalizing, always-on-fire, no water having, hollyjew pizza party throwing, fault line straddling, smog choked, beaner reconquista'd, backwards assed sons of 56% niggerfaggot Gomorrah whores. Fuck you.

cadb95  No.12090460

File: f90ff90ae53c6db⋯.jpg (157.71 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 1989 MILES OF WALL.jpg)

063c27  No.12090485



https://archive.fo/ZgrWu (Schools Sued For Refusing To Teach Children How To Read)

https://archive.fo/DwCFk (Commiefornia Covers Up Their Polution Levels)

https://archive.fo/sTtxE (No Right To Bear Arms 1)

https://archive.fo/zy6nT (No Right To Bear Arms 2)

https://archive.fo/2emqU (Illegal Alien Felons Protected In Commiefornia, But Not Citizens 1)

https://archive.fo/OaYXe (Illegal Alien Felons Protected In Commiefornia, But Not Citizens 2)

https://archive.fo/Z5d39 (Cannot Manage Land Properly, Nor Deal With Disasters 1)

https://archive.fo/mmjRV (Cannot Manage Land Properly, Nor Deal With Disasters 2)

https://archive.fo/u4pb6 (Commiefornia Leads Nation in Poverty Rate)

https://archive.fo/hW1GM (Despotic Draconian Regulations Galore 1)

https://archive.fo/5X5wn (Despotic Draconian Regulations Galore 2)

https://archive.fo/CchAK (Child Rape Legalized In Commiefornia)

https://archive.fo/TYOsb (Horrific Abusive Healthcare Policies)

https://archive.fo/SJjoq (Human Excrement To Be Dumped Into Tap Water Supply)

https://archive.fo/KFFER (MAYOR: “There’s Literally Human Shit Everywhere!”)

https://archive.fo/EF2u8 (Commiefornia Has Outlawed Poverty, The Poor Are Being Arrested)

https://archive.fo/Yg861 (Victims Flee Commiefornia In Record Numbers Due To High Housing Costs, High Tax Rates)

https://archive.fo/EBnAh (Commiefornia Seeks To Mandate Amazon Third Party Spying In All New Homes)

https://archive.fo/bDMhY (Hellhole Commiefornia Will Now JAIL People Who Do Not Ration Water)

ecb064  No.12090500

Every day we edge closer and closer to the Cohen act.

f3c6d8  No.12090558

>find nigger/spic/leftist at your workplace

<take their guns away

<they'll never know it was you, not even your employer.

9047b1  No.12090826


This is exactly the policy that Trump advocated. "Take the guns first."

ed6274  No.12090878


Thanks to Trumps' tax policies my family was able to afford to flee from california

41654c  No.12091113

File: 2c8aeceaa2ff249⋯.jpg (672.71 KB, 1748x1200, 437:300, b9904ba161c98ebcc453392339….jpg)

Californians are the new carpetbaggers that think they're welcome everywhere, but nobody want to be around them. I've been around and the New Englanders, the Midwesterners (both the quaint rural ones with the Canadian shift accent and the uppity cityfolk) the Southerners, the Coloradans, the Texans…nobody likes California.

Beautiful scenery they got out there tho

8d15db  No.12091120

So basically anyone can make an accusation.

7fed13  No.12091121

What's that sound choking on your blood? Gargling?

b9f6f9  No.12091128

It has to start some time

It has to start some how

What better place than here

What better time than now

1b52dd  No.12091138

File: 385140f76b84d6b⋯.png (178.53 KB, 1240x480, 31:12, guns vs blacks.png)


>a bill that would allow teachers, employers and co-workers to ask judges to remove guns from people they see as a danger to the public

But only if they're white, obviously. There are plenty of genuinely dangerous armed shitskins in commiefornia and most did not obtain their arms legally, but of course this gun grab will absolutely not apply to anyone genuinely dangerous since gun grabs are exclusively about disarming law-abiding whites so that they may then be oppressed and slaughtered by nonwhites.

497f1f  No.12091170


Yes, I'm sure this will be used on the "mentally unstable" and not white men accused of racial or political wrongthink.

It's like they don't want police officers to see their families again.

94fa68  No.12091399


13d19e  No.12091429

File: e6feaea6df3b377⋯.png (3.88 MB, 2140x1739, 2140:1739, B4F94A659B8E41568D70A3784F….png)


>It's like they don't want police officers to see their families again.

I know, think of the bacon!

50099e  No.12091431

Rise of the Planet of the KeKs

f3c6d8  No.12091499

if your white and still living in california and pay any taxes there you are wrong

nothing short of an invasion will remove leftist control there.

6deb64  No.12091507


Europoor here, isnt there some kind of government entity that keeps an eye out for these things ?

What if Commiefornia said that the constitution does not apply there and all guns or mentioning of the word gun is illegal ?

Will they get fucked or will the us government just swallow that and shrug it off?

Also how many Trump tweets will this shit last before they cuck and reverse the entire thing ?

ddfa63  No.12091512


Dont encourage them to move. They just mess up where ever they go. They're worse than the immigrants.

f3c6d8  No.12091522


i'm not encouraging leftists to move and spread their cancer but that isn't the primary userbase here.

ddfa63  No.12091543


Even if they arent "leftists" they still remained there and tried to live in that mess. They might realize how it ends now, but where ever they go they will stand by while that cancer spreads.

2037ec  No.12091617


I think that the supreme court does this.

8df99d  No.12092601

File: 2d4834302e5a101⋯.png (96.36 KB, 293x297, 293:297, face17.png)

Very surprised the ACLU is involved. They have always stayed away from gun rights because their base is urban, liberal, jewish. Also they think NRA does it better than they would.

In this case I think they're upset about the lack of due process. But actually we already have temporary restraining orders without due process. It's called "ex parte" - that means the judge only hears one side of the case. Also the FISA court has no due process.

8df99d  No.12092619


For decades, the supreme court was allowing states and cities to infringe on our second amendment rights a lot. The reason is, the supreme court doesn't really just interpret the law - they are highly influenced by ideas filtering through media and academia. That's changing. The turning point was the Heller decision a few years back, which limits government's ability to infringe on the 2A.

The NRA didn't want to bring Heller because the court wasn't conservative enough and they might lose. But other gun activists forced it, and they won.

So California has lots of gun laws that are probably unconstitutional but it will take time and effort to challenge them.

Trump is building a strong conservative supreme court, which could be very good for 2A rights.

93c5af  No.12092625


>if you didn't cede the state you were born in to foreign invaders and kikes you're cancer and worse than foreign invaders

Fuck off you cowardly piece of shit, you think any of us born in the 1980s and on had any say or vote in any of this shit? We were born stripped of rights and many of us too fucking poor to escape from our commie jew fuck government taking away all of our jobs before we even could talk. I can also guarantee I've lived through worse and am more angry and battle hardened than a pampered piece of shit coward rat like you will ever be.

2cc017  No.12092649

Reminder: someone who liked it happening posted it here in order to make the action's opponents look bad. You've got a lot of uphill to swim against, Paul. You're fighting a very foolish world in its entirety.

e0d8b0  No.12092651


Or…if they try to take your gun, you could simply shoot these 'helpful citizens' first. I really don't see why we need to complicate it more than this.


8cd83a  No.12092657

File: e8370c30f29e7d3⋯.jpg (63.2 KB, 736x618, 368:309, democrat fish.jpg)

File: cf300e570ddce7b⋯.jpg (127.02 KB, 500x887, 500:887, democrat votes.jpg)


more democrats = less freedom

2cc017  No.12092660


Most gun supporters aren't racist, you nitwit. Racist gun owners are sanctimonious infiltrators for the other side, actively working to get gun rights ruined.

3dd6af  No.12092676


DOTR now!

e0d8b0  No.12092681


We are the "mentally unstable" in their mind, anon. They have to murder us to instate their kike world order. I am going to suggest to you that we exterminate them instead…them and all their subhumans. We will never have to think of subhuman trash ever again.


U = kike. Anyone who doesn't understand that subhuman filth is actually subhuman and filth is a kike (subhuman filth) infiltrator trying to force their multicultural agenda once more by inferring the 'worth' and 'value' for low IQ violent trash. We are done with 'multiculturalism', done with 'civic nationalism' and done with kike sponsored globalism. The only globalism worth considering is ETHNO-GLOBALISM or a European ONLY planet.

9047b1  No.12092701


Non-racists don't deserve to have guns

e0d8b0  No.12092731


Why would they need them in the first place…they are a fucking faggot dream of multicultural bliss and circle jerking.

Time to exterminate the enemies and destroyers of European children and their future.

342df9  No.12092796


Wanting a gun by itself will qualify being mentally unstable no matter the political views.

e7078d  No.12092851





a2c04c  No.12094479

File: a890cf21c415fee⋯.png (36.93 KB, 1033x598, 1033:598, 1514052633553.png)

>Concerned (culturally-marxist indoctrinated good-goy) citizen goes before a Judge

>Liberal Judge

>"It's legal, cause another concerned Goyim told us you were a threat."

Sickening. Any demoralized multi-cult faggot can take your guns away if they get the right Judge.

a2c04c  No.12094484

File: 10d8c4018c166c2⋯.png (199.92 KB, 396x408, 33:34, (((postmodernism))).png)


>Very surprised the ACLU is involved.

It's a plausible deniability/p.r. scheme since the (((SPLC))) got it's power removed from the Fed. Tell me, what, other than saying two sentences, are they reallllly doing about it?

1f57f7  No.12094500


The problem is that "right wing Christian parents that are still married and teach respect and discipline to their children" is a (((mental illness)))

I wish I could find it but that's a paraphrased quote of some (((EU))) Organization rule on what a bad parent looks like.

2c22a0  No.12094501


>uses a track system similar to the Pancor Jackhammer to make it semi auto

I like it.

7da043  No.12094504

File: 7194e5518416813⋯.png (650.85 KB, 646x768, 323:384, parenting magazine warns b….png)

1f57f7  No.12094513


yes that

Thank you anon

f58ba8  No.12094625

File: 2adaa8f11902bd6⋯.png (172.36 KB, 378x500, 189:250, 7H5BKQBE.png)

>commie fornia

Who'da thunk tbh

be3626  No.12094658

I hate that state more everyday

cecd91  No.12094661

File: 535aba8b1b1e012⋯.jpg (117.29 KB, 1080x1044, 30:29, Extremist_Signs.jpg)


Here too. Can't wait for the unfortunate boating accident.


b4b2f1  No.12094668


The ancient Aryan philosophy continues, "just stay positive".

39bb63  No.12094670

File: 2f694c6c7612f44⋯.png (85.67 KB, 226x223, 226:223, ClipboardImage.png)

be3626  No.12094676


Gas yourself

a944d3  No.12094683


you're* anon

39bb63  No.12094685


why? i wasn't being sarcastic i agree this is what should be done…

cecd91  No.12094692


That's the plan.

f361ee  No.12094725


>I agree that we should give up even more white land

Yeah, kill yourself.

>i agree that the wall-which isn't being built-is totally being built

ed1a7d  No.12094818


>using racist as a buzzword rather than what it really means

Go back to /leftypol/, you low IQ nigger. "Racist" is a weaponized term coined to undermine white peoples' in-group preference and to induce self-censorship through fear. Basically it's meant to individualize and weaken us. A "racist" white person is a white person who acknowledges they have an identity. Most people on the right realize they have an identity. Identity isn't politics, as Liberalists would prescribe, but rather it's nature and instinct. Most gun owners lean right. Racist goes hand in hand with right-wing, gun owners, Trump supporters etc. for a reason. We're predominantly white, and we acknowledge we have an identity, and we're all a part of a collective, and we're open about it and support it. It's not the '90s anymore. We won't be individualized and weakened by words.

fe8a43  No.12095267


>The expansion of the law was supported by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which noted that the man who allegedly launched a massacre at a gay night club in Orlando, Fla., in 2016 had been previously reported by co-workers as “dangerous,” “unstable” and “unhinged.” They said he had made credible threats of violence and of committing a mass shooting.


The law would not have stopped him at all. And the (((aclu))) playing devils advocate is not fooling anyone, you want the guns gone.

>In the last two years, 190 gun-violence restraining orders were approved in California, according to state officials.

Vs how many denied?

>Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) argued the bill includes protections for civil liberties, including the requirement that petitioners go before a judge.

>go before a liberal judge

You may as well have a kkk member judge all black people who need to see a judge to get their funs, or a nazi judge judging jews. Californian judges are to biased to be able to judge even themselves let alone anyone else. At least until the bikelock proff is behind bars for life.

816836  No.12095278

> (((Oliver North))) becomes head of the (((NRA)))

> (((NRA))) wants courts to take guns for a year

Anyone gonna pick up the phone… because I fucking called it!

cdcccb  No.12095326



Trump is a gun grabber.

69597e  No.12095413

File: 1be073c180e77d9⋯.jpg (104.62 KB, 634x825, 634:825, tess-holliday-cosmopolitan….jpg)


You need to update your pics.

69597e  No.12095418


Ollie North was a dead giveaway. The NRA changed hands and now they attack what they own like some kind of puppetshow.

That over-bullied pissant Hogg had his first taste of deep-state sponsored power and he isn't going to give it up.

c55edb  No.12095428

You commiefornia niggers, don't infect the rest of the country with your horseshit.

I swear half you retards will just fuck off to other states and start the same shit over again

cc9651  No.12095448

File: 90392e53d0c3484⋯.png (113.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Thonkang.png)



>unironically using ComIntern VII invention as something real and bad


Wew, in my country there's comedy radio audition with a panel dedicated to fake news

One of them was about "fascist preschoolers and how to identify them"

>they're cheerful, listen to their teachers and parents

>behave properly and are clean

>wear uniforms

>form orderly pairs and lines with no effort


d74d3e  No.12095454

File: 5252ab257ba5b99⋯.jpg (676.92 KB, 1775x1199, 1775:1199, cosmopolitanthenandnowcult….jpg)



>You need to update your pics.

Don't tell the anon to update it. Do it!

OC update

8f3230  No.12095546

File: dde8ddfd5e0df03⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 600x457, 600:457, LONGwall.jpg)

File: fabd94f31ac9cc7⋯.jpg (102.07 KB, 1300x977, 1300:977, New border.jpg)

File: 490b628a7707b34⋯.png (75.49 KB, 376x199, 376:199, Fence.png)


Wouldn't 386 miles + 1989 miles = 2375 miles total? 3822.192 kilometres? Sounds like they're planning on annexing half the western border or something.

Should be moving in the other direction. Shorter wall, conquer some Mexican land, and move all the anchor babies we can't legally kick out onto that "New New Mexico".

Also I like the strategy proposed in https://cis.org/North/How-About-Wall-Mexico-We-Pay of giving financial aid to Mexico to build their own southern border wall to stop all the migrants from central america.

Illegal immigrants who admit to being from Mexico aren't a huge problem because there is an immediate deportation agreement in place. The problem is those who claim to come from other nations. If we give Mexico its own southern border fence, it would both cut down on non-Mexicans sneaking up through Mexico, as well as make it harder for Mexicans to lie and say they're from non-Mexican nations to avoid immediate deportation.

This might be an even more important thing to prioritize than the actual US border wall. It would give us more time to talk over the specifics. Perhaps Mexico would be so grateful for their free southern border wall that they would cede some land to the U.S. as payment for it.

We could then use that land either for white farmers, or to relocate non-whites to guard our new southern border.

f8b1c2  No.12095601


Mexico does have a southern border fence, and much stricter immigration than the US.

017cc0  No.12095671

File: c30b0b0225c88e3⋯.jpg (29.47 KB, 339x449, 339:449, 19Colonels.jpg)


California is the testing grounds for the leftist socialist dystopia. Everything outrageous and outlandish is happening as part of an on field exercise to see how the populace reacts and adapts, and goes from there.

>ban straws

>jail those that bring in "illegal" straws

>mandatory limited water usage

>a gun-seizure bill on anyone (((they))) see as a danger.

064c8f  No.12095675

[Selection for Societal Sanity intensifies]

e82f00  No.12095698


The new southern American border will eventually be the Panama canal. Everyone whose land we reconquer will be sterilized and put on reservations.

In all its shining whiteness, America regains it's glory in about 80 years.

Jews will be hunted down everywhere in the world they go. They will try to pass themselves off as Muslims, but that won't work very well. Eventually they die out.

So much for the grand Jewish scheme of taking over the world…

75546d  No.12095845


how much do you lack self awareness to be a ham planet with a miss piggy tattoo

958a41  No.12097451


I haven't heard ANYONE talking about this in California. Not even mentioned in news letters I follow.

07ecb1  No.12097473

>yeah this won't be used against minorities

That's a fantastic idea.

Report niggers and spics and when the feds come to take their guns they get dindu'd.

0bc51c  No.12097483


Trump's dreams have come true.

c7ea52  No.12097491


This is 100% correct.

c7ea52  No.12097497


Checked. Yup

c7ea52  No.12097526

c7ea52  No.12097542


This is just another logical step in a statist denunciation culture. What's happening in the US is just repeating early USSR.

454b00  No.12097544


>he's not from Maryland

f3c6d8  No.12097562

File: f6e113f50eb3f28⋯.png (668.97 KB, 844x866, 422:433, hamplanet_tess_holiday.png)


>*The Other Lover

<Why I vetted my wife's affair

>Is Success An Illness?


<Wants the haters to kiss her *500lb* ass

what a wonderful modern age we live in

d105b2  No.12097604

File: 17812d28765036a⋯.jpg (20.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, whynot.jpg)

Easy fix!

>Dont go to school

>Don' get a job

Is this bill trying to support the NEET lifestyle?

Or the welfare nigger lifestyle?

3abe6e  No.12100072

File: c25e459deeed19a⋯.png (29.7 KB, 839x482, 839:482, beaner gpa.png)


>giving financial aid to Mexico to build their own southern border wall to stop all the migrants from central america.

>giving money to beaners for construction that would benefit the US

>Thinking that money wouldn't immediately be stolen or that beaners would ever actually construct anything effective.

278681  No.12100124


I can't read this, give a higher resolution version.

ad3ff3  No.12106382


California already has laws in place for "boating accident". If you don't report it then you are violating the law when it comes time to take your gun.

f864c5  No.12106388


Trump must be proud.

95c2fa  No.12106402

f5ceb3  No.12106410


She would be more successful in getting people to kiss her ass if she lost 400 pounds.

69fd16  No.12106432


Exactly – imagine growing up already surrounded by this scum and being a minority-white first hand. Instead of accepting your brothers and understanding their hardship you reject them because of some perceived bias. Yes, lefty-red scum must die… There are some good decent white people in california cannot get out or improve their situation since this place is a costly prison cell. Unless you've seen your family destroyed by this shit whole you cannot understand the anxiety and disgust that life can provide in masse.

cecd91  No.12106444


>If you don't report it then you are violating the law when it comes time to take your gun.

If they actually do that, I'll be in more trouble for shooting at law enforcement. What's another charge then?

ad3ff3  No.12106450


As long as you know that trying that defense won't work anon. By the time (((they))) are done being white will be a capital offense anyways, so really what is the point in talking?

cecd91  No.12106454


>This feel

I was born just as the shift was picking up speed. The white suburb my boomercuck parents fled to to get away from Oakland is now 65% spic. The other neighborhood I grew up in was a nice, volatile mix of 50% nigger/50% spic.

I'm torn between continuing the flight north and turning to fight. My family helped conquer California in 1848. If I'm run out, I'll be the last to leave.

021107  No.12106466


Their goal is just to become the same thing as the worst cucked places in Europe.

EU style identity politics loaded law is our crystal ball and California is just fast tracking the same shit being implemented in the states.

faf0e5  No.12106478


Or imagine growing up in a 90% White working class town in the late 70's early 80's. When you graduated Hi-Skool your nation was suddenly flooded with millions of illegal beaners and the kikes at MTV promoted behaving like a crack smoking nigger was de jour conduct.

30 years of this shit and I'm fucking sick of it.

000000  No.12106621


>a bill that would allow teachers, employers and co-workers to ask judges to remove guns from people they see as a danger to the public.

I know facts don't matter to them, but cruz was reported to the authorities an absurd amount of times. …FBIniggers, Broward County (((Sherriff's))) Office, and the school district let a bunch of kikelets get slaughtered by an infamous goblino they had tormented for years.

a0b758  No.12106700

File: 63685a2d39ab142⋯.png (88.76 KB, 252x255, 84:85, 1434568196610.png)


Well shit, if that gives them the shivers, then lets just wait and see how much they like it when the blonde people finally stop smiling.

ef17ca  No.12106701


2nd ammendment violation

7ce95f  No.12106738


anon im blonde and i dont wish that day on anyone

i really dont, i got some road rage a few times and nearly killed innocent bystanders in the process

f3680f  No.12106932

I just visited commiefornia to visit my family and they keep telling me to move there. If it wasn't for the shitskins and their shitlib defenders I would go there in a heartbeat though

On a side note, the populace of california is starting to look like those "Here's how Amerikwans will look in 2050" goblins. The women here in the midwest are more attractive because they don't look like 5 foot cave trolls.

02ea18  No.12111680

File: abf385678f7af3f⋯.png (267.01 KB, 643x874, 643:874, 200 percent sexual violenc….png)

>The ACLU noted the measure allows teachers and employers to seek an order without informing the person who is subject to the proposed restraining order, meaning the person “has no opportunity to contest the allegations.”

>“We support efforts to prevent gun violence, but we must balance that important goal with protection of civil liberties so we do not sacrifice one in an attempt to accomplish the other,” the ACLU said in a letter to lawmakers.

lel you know why the ACLU is mad? 99% of the people affected by this law will be niggers and spics. This is literally a law aimed at disarming BLM and MS13 types. The KKK couldn't have written a better law.

02ea18  No.12111681


that's really just complaining about mexicans more than anything else, east texas is the same way and so is new mexico

02ea18  No.12111684


Actually I just realized, all you have to do is claim someone is an illegal immigrant now to get their guns defacto taken away.


f361ee  No.12111690


Just like every single gun law on the books. What’s your point? No one will do anything about it.

0e50a3  No.12111727

File: 70b8125de8f49da⋯.gif (1011.7 KB, 500x281, 500:281, hmmm.gif)





Where the fuck do you faggots come from? Around here we just call them KIKES.

13d19e  No.12111793

File: 2c9307ee51f20fa⋯.png (223.72 KB, 550x768, 275:384, 500ff38a61257c9422f509a438….png)

File: 490725238508885⋯.jpg (126.96 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 1365876077440.jpg)

File: e2328ea43b05cee⋯.jpg (100.98 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1366248891931.jpg)

File: dac8b0c37aaed70⋯.png (668.04 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1366249696176.png)

File: 55f8a853eed6559⋯.jpg (207.77 KB, 1500x1753, 1500:1753, 1366249702913.jpg)

Let us not forget why legislation restricting arms is a very bad idea.

13d19e  No.12111796

File: 3b974d5c7e1f7ae⋯.png (932.45 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1366250032874.png)

File: 82c7724a04a4285⋯.jpg (521.3 KB, 2476x739, 2476:739, 1366250113649.jpg)

File: 9b5275e2d182b02⋯.jpg (76.77 KB, 481x463, 481:463, 1366918887433.jpg)

File: fc32e5e14cd55bc⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 501x577, 501:577, 1366919361586.jpg)

File: 482adc62acd75eb⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 480x462, 80:77, 1366919469297.jpg)

13d19e  No.12111800

File: 054713fb6046430⋯.png (204 KB, 656x1012, 164:253, 1366919507818.png)

File: b15fac60cd89972⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 800x566, 400:283, 1366920274600.jpg)

File: 2d8a2c9ccae3b73⋯.png (740.48 KB, 641x564, 641:564, 1370527207052.png)

File: f7e3b1a8f8f12fa⋯.jpg (54.23 KB, 464x720, 29:45, 1371448853697.jpg)

File: 0e62b36e17deb69⋯.jpg (106.31 KB, 960x524, 240:131, 1383448734919.jpg)

21a508  No.12111807

Shall not be infringed.

Looks like people are going to be shot when they go door to door and be legally allowed to defend their guns.

13d19e  No.12111816

File: cc7e924c5c554bb⋯.jpg (183.63 KB, 585x575, 117:115, 1385739577129.jpg)

File: c632ce96fd59dc9⋯.jpg (245.17 KB, 1024x2612, 256:653, 1386910390180.jpg)

File: 78ccebec9124eed⋯.jpg (650.61 KB, 1600x1561, 1600:1561, 1386910895569.jpg)

File: 3531d9408fa72fb⋯.jpg (50.15 KB, 539x480, 539:480, 1386912228789.jpg)

File: 50fac220f5049c0⋯.jpg (313.22 KB, 1304x1069, 1304:1069, 1386975745897.jpg)

13d19e  No.12111818

File: 56990d53bddcc14⋯.jpg (215.93 KB, 1200x786, 200:131, 1386975933592.jpg)

File: 39bf585db6e9c0c⋯.jpg (65.16 KB, 480x400, 6:5, 1386978127087.jpg)

File: a4f63fb2dac6af3⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 2832x3916, 708:979, 1388196861122.jpg)

File: 0cf1179a512c33a⋯.jpg (60.04 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1388819918427.jpg)

File: 48dc2e767bbad05⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1029x4529, 147:647, 1390286786006.jpg)

13d19e  No.12111821

File: 632ef12f9e1128a⋯.jpg (74.5 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1390288603577.jpg)

File: 55aef5656de8586⋯.jpg (95.46 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 1395861207834.jpg)

File: ae1e0fa337d0647⋯.jpg (25.96 KB, 400x346, 200:173, 1396508466797.jpg)

File: a94c872c48408fd⋯.jpg (108.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1396632588359.jpg)

File: 710dda319bafaca⋯.png (76.41 KB, 600x829, 600:829, 1397405747022.png)

13d19e  No.12111824

File: aa9f8d0b9637ca4⋯.png (87.9 KB, 622x730, 311:365, 1397406100144.png)

File: 11453d1979f2045⋯.jpg (232.67 KB, 1600x1246, 800:623, 1397406466134.jpg)

File: 7fc28dbf479faec⋯.png (110.1 KB, 825x510, 55:34, 1397406853009.png)

File: d5bda32e5ea4793⋯.jpg (133.94 KB, 700x583, 700:583, 1397407684279.jpg)

File: 55dd78e59856da0⋯.jpg (129.05 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 1397407958121.jpg)

13d19e  No.12111827

File: 455d89e9cdacc66⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 3388x2120, 847:530, 1397663843360.jpg)

File: 485a0a2972cfda9⋯.png (198.86 KB, 976x664, 122:83, 1397664157353.png)

File: 34a87e9ac6107a1⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 480x359, 480:359, 1397707269507.jpg)

File: 710dda319bafaca⋯.png (76.41 KB, 600x829, 600:829, 1398826852022.png)

File: ae78d4a494b9fe2⋯.jpg (67.39 KB, 506x530, 253:265, 1398827851748.jpg)

13d19e  No.12111832

File: 4e134c8c5aaf703⋯.jpg (69.46 KB, 512x532, 128:133, 1398828377981.jpg)

File: 72a85891913b266⋯.jpg (86.12 KB, 700x600, 7:6, 1401074290149.jpg)

File: 34fc931631feef2⋯.jpg (149.85 KB, 827x628, 827:628, 1401403277369.jpg)

File: 76190d9b6eb6a38⋯.png (18.65 KB, 915x499, 915:499, 1401405908282.png)

File: bad0506e9091231⋯.jpg (164.13 KB, 1136x744, 142:93, 1401406788433.jpg)

13d19e  No.12111833

File: d065255a80fdd03⋯.png (234.5 KB, 960x373, 960:373, 1401408695260.png)

File: c334ed473d745bd⋯.jpg (69.26 KB, 320x212, 80:53, 1403372870992.jpg)

File: 0abbe851da1eb85⋯.png (280.61 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1419409180978.png)

File: d6e1126657965cf⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 1970x3290, 197:329, 1456939743118-1.jpg)

File: c9e44441c3716bd⋯.jpg (72.74 KB, 426x489, 142:163, 1456963002603.jpg)

13d19e  No.12111835

File: 11fbe03332d968a⋯.jpg (622.29 KB, 3012x1728, 251:144, 1465669307720-3.jpg)

File: c4369f727f52530⋯.jpg (138.36 KB, 750x1050, 5:7, 1465669307721-4.jpg)

File: bd67b98eb7e2f9d⋯.png (18.96 KB, 875x500, 7:4, 1465669450661-1.png)

File: 2d8f3553fe61eae⋯.png (84.79 KB, 1531x841, 1531:841, 1465674421848-4.png)

File: e3b3dc4816322ee⋯.png (406.77 KB, 1168x1444, 292:361, 1465675384381.png)

13d19e  No.12111836

File: 601df2211896a14⋯.jpg (29.35 KB, 775x491, 775:491, 1465676949234-2.jpg)

File: c841b4e5334f564⋯.jpg (418.63 KB, 736x3140, 184:785, 1465678900920-1.jpg)

File: b57e78643a0615f⋯.jpg (225.16 KB, 1347x1152, 449:384, 1465739106220-2.jpg)

File: 9f1bbd481eee154⋯.jpeg (101.35 KB, 600x747, 200:249, 1465739304909-2.jpeg)

File: d56d1a9a98668e7⋯.png (573.13 KB, 1024x3500, 256:875, 1465794937434-0.png)

13d19e  No.12111838

File: a7612ec83964283⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 563x450, 563:450, 1465794937458-2.jpg)

File: 12373ebe1e63d10⋯.jpg (105.51 KB, 800x700, 8:7, 1465794966810-2.jpg)

File: 949741f84f05593⋯.jpg (588.04 KB, 760x4969, 760:4969, 1465795052267-1.jpg)

File: ac2b0e0aa928d60⋯.jpg (122.6 KB, 959x639, 959:639, da24f03aa60db5d564b75b898f….jpg)

File: 11fbe03332d968a⋯.jpg (622.29 KB, 3012x1728, 251:144, e7baeff9b006caaec1e7b4ea6b….jpg)


95c2fa  No.12113401


except guns are special case because they are made for killing people

3e05d7  No.12113432

Nobody's going to do anything about it, ever.

8cc18e  No.12113455

>without due process

It's already unconstitutional. Therefore it is null and void and can be ignored. The dumbasses are guaranteeing a gun confiscation bill gets overruled by the US Supreme Court while sane people flee California.

2f05ee  No.12113468


It's the fake outrage while it happens that counts. It's deliberately dead on arrival.

1f57f7  No.12113488


>>The measure, which allows courts to take firearms away for 21 days, extendable to a year, was opposed by the National Rifle Assn. and other groups advocating for gun owners, as well as the (((American Civil Liberties Union of California))).

If you're going to echo (((ACLU))) may as well do the (((NRA))) too. They unironically support massive gun control when it suits them.

7b99e2  No.12113529


Thats why they want to disarm us, the consent of the governed is only ever valid if there is an equality of power between the government and the governed. As soon as the government has more power than those they govern the peoples considerations are moot. A balance of power must be had so if the governed want to at any point retract their consent they have the power of force to back it up. I believe that is why the founding fathers were against a permanent standing army, as it would tip the balance of power to the governments side.

52f76c  No.12113595


uh, pretty sure even if we all had guns the govt would still out gun us. they have like helicopters and tanks

7b99e2  No.12113684


Of course they would, we would be hard pressed now to reverse the power imbalance that has developed as the federal government has grown through the decades, and certainly the development of more powerful and sophisticated weapon systems has not been conducive towards a balance of power in our favor. But the point is that We should try to become as a people more powerful not less, so that our collective voice has an increasing force of strength behind it.

9d72d5  No.12113984

File: 70eff2c48ec915b⋯.png (941.97 KB, 556x991, 556:991, Slaves-of-the-Jews.PNG)


So youre saying you still pay taxes to nigger rapists and muzzie terrorists and kike pedos.

780412  No.12114000


>uh, pretty sure even if we all had guns the govt would still out gun us. they have like helicopters and tanks

Nope. Every single war games scenario with US Military vs. civilians the military loses. Badly. Someone post the "red team planner" capture from /k/.

9d72d5  No.12114039

File: 5a38f0253cd489b⋯.png (202.78 KB, 1802x905, 1802:905, american-civil-war.png)

File: 22dd6c136aba2c4⋯.png (714.66 KB, 1153x1003, 1153:1003, warlord tom.PNG)


Dont forget about warlord Tom too.

252b82  No.12114061

Remember not to turn in any functional weapons. Make sure they are completely inoperable or they will be used by Soros' militias to kill you.

9d72d5  No.12114070


The best thing is when they do gun buybacks and you can go make 50 guns out of 2.50 cents worth of hardware store parts, turning them in for like 50 or 100 bucks or whatever it is. I forget where I heard about that but people were doing it in some eastern European country I think.

ad3ff3  No.12114250


They do it across the U.S. as well. It renders gun buybacks a complete joke.

Also, as a bonus (for states where private transfer isn't illegal like it is in CA now) you can go to the buybacks and get really good deals on funs. They offer approximately $150 - $300 for funs at buybacks, Susy A. Nofun inherited dad's gun collection and goes to cash them in, you can offer her $400 for funs worth twice that or more.

ad3ff3  No.12114295


Checked and this.

The people that think

>but the militaries have tanks and helicopters!!!11

Can't into tactics.

During any civil war scenario tanks will be a liability. Helis and drones will have uses, sure, but limited. All of these expensive vehicles require fuel, which can be rendered hard to aquire. They require line of sight, which can be broken. Using "muh missiles" turns in to extensive war crimes and unfavorable propaganda quicker than you can say town full of innocent civilian casualties. The biggest weakness to a country's military are said country's civilians.

3be1ed  No.12114328


>co-workers to ask judges to remove guns from people they see as a danger to the public.

<umm, hi yes, this is anon. I wanted to report that two of my co-workers, Jamal Jackson and DeShawn Brown, listen to very violent music, and make intimidating comments to women at work, and I over heard them talking about their guns and I'm very concerned for the public safety. Great, thanks.

9e4974  No.12114346

File: e914511b62eca71⋯.jpeg (66.87 KB, 960x737, 960:737, 1470269414987.jpeg)

I doubt anyone will go through with it. Too risky for the gun owner to take the case to the Supreme Court. It is commiefornia though so we'll see

5b68ef  No.12114382


Probably go along the lines of their other gun confiscation laws. They've been pulling this shit for years.

ad3ff3  No.12114602


>thinking that they will apply this law to anyone other than white men

As soon as you report a name like DeShawn or Jamal they would be more likely to track you down for a hate crime than act upon it.

cecd6d  No.12115078


Isnt that what people always have said. Isnt that type of complacency the reason we are so deep in shit now to begin with? Any law once implemented becomes cemented in the bureaucracy and public psyche. Then it becomes a bitch of an uphill battle to repeal them. Think back on the 1965 immigration act that opened the floodgates for the US to loose its majority white european identity. The people were opposed to it back then but still they let it happen and now that the US has become (((multicultural))) what hope is there of repealing it.

5958a1  No.12115903


Find the one red pilled nigger in CA and have them phone it in.

13d19e  No.12116108

File: 7650caaa6aaa753⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1650x5775, 2:7, 7650caaa6aaa7537a36658f34f….png)

File: 5d26262b4fbf4ec⋯.png (88.45 KB, 1319x342, 1319:342, 1385255486801.png)

File: 1d8cf3be22afa86⋯.png (160.78 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1388196044728.png)

File: 7630dd5fde137ae⋯.png (107.74 KB, 1775x811, 1775:811, 1397186605945.png)

File: 47472496e4188c8⋯.png (204.64 KB, 1425x1258, 1425:1258, 1397693334392.png)

13d19e  No.12116117

File: 23ce89c01e1c414⋯.png (81.24 KB, 1735x873, 1735:873, 1452011513785.png)

File: 38fb96543ad588d⋯.png (30.28 KB, 860x311, 860:311, 1465919244095.png)

File: aa620692731828a⋯.png (141.81 KB, 1176x515, 1176:515, aa620692731828ad08a6b911a0….png)

File: 2f9677ec4a0dfcc⋯.jpg (281.56 KB, 819x1036, 117:148, d6fff055ffe8348289733aa184….jpg)

File: 5714faad06d9e7f⋯.png (144.6 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, ymffcj.png)

0dcae2  No.12116203


>California lawmakers approve gun-seizure bill in response to Parkland shooting

Hilarious. Parkland is nearly as far away from California as it could possibly be and still be in the US.

ad3ff3  No.12117041



Thanks record keeper anon. Informative.

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