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File: 3bd713cd6b8dc91⋯.png (615.9 KB, 699x909, 233:303, breitbart.png)

d868c3  No.12090691

>Vanessa Marquez, an actress, perhaps best known as a featured nurse on the 1990s TV show ER, was shot and killed Thursday by police in Los Angeles after she pointed what turned out to be a BB gun at them during an encounter.

>Police had been called to make a wellness check on the actress, but when they arrived, they found her combative and disheveled. Police called mental health providers to assess her condition, but she became belligerent and seemed to have armed herself, Variety reported.

>Police say that she waved a gun at them causing officers to fire at her. It was later discovered that the gun she pointed at officers was a BB gun.

>The actress claimed she was repeatedly groped on the set of ER and when she complained during those days before the #MeToo movement, she found her career on the skids.

>The actress wrote variously of having immune disorders, including celiac disease. She also said she had a “terminal” disease, suffered from chronic pain, and had become “homebound.”

<when she made the transition from moderately attractive spic to old disgusting spic she switched to being a professional victim.



533381  No.12090695


31 August, 2018

The day the race war starts.

Let it be known in the history books.

1dbf44  No.12090698


I suppose this is one way to get rid of all the illegal parasites in our nation. But really anons, one at a time?

d868c3  No.12090699

the only reason i figured this was worth a thread is because i recognized this particular spic, there was a thread on this when she started making claims during the #metoo popularity.

she blames clooney

>Last October, Marquez accused Clooney of squashing her career saying, “Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up about harassment on ER.’women who don’t play the game lose careers.’ I did.”

825471  No.12090708

>dumb creatura commits suicide by cop and doesn't even use a real gun

Low effort.

d868c3  No.12090718

File: 6fa838cc1791b4b⋯.jpg (91.23 KB, 605x402, 605:402, 18.jpg)

File: dff3df23c024a7e⋯.jpg (508.44 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 25.jpg)

this is the real reason her career took a nosedive.

d868c3  No.12090737

File: e93194e587408e6⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1911x1063, 1911:1063, sadspic.png)

File: 12b546efa5e27e9⋯.mp4 (12.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ‘ER’ Actress Shot and Kill….mp4)


most recent available picture

f46bfb  No.12090751

Sage because I don't care about this

I bet they simply entered and shot her

OP is a faggot (unrelated)

Also the reporter didn't really give an explanation of why the cops were there in the first place, which is another reason I can suspect foul play.

576b29  No.12090755


Hispanic chicks go downhill super fast in the looks department.

d868c3  No.12090758


>Also the reporter didn't really give an explanation of why the cops were there in the first place



<Police had been called to make a wellness check on the actress, but when they arrived, they found her combative and disheveled.

000000  No.12090777

>kike execs sexually abuse actresses

ya dont say

2f6976  No.12090798

I always thought she was cute on ER. Too bad her Latina genetics kicked in turning her into a goblin.

She turned ugly and got infected by the left's victimhood mentality.


000000  No.12091044


>I bet they simply entered and shot her


008894  No.12091105


And it's my birthday today. Kek really does care!

533381  No.12091112



That's feminism, anons. It's a horrible disease.

533381  No.12091114


Happy birthday, faggot!

c50e51  No.12091115

I know it's very echo chamber-esque to laugh when people who disagree with you die, but fuck it, I hope everyone on the left gets shot. There's nothing good on the left. I've come across some attractive white women in or freshly out of college who spout some marxist shit to me. The second I hear it I hope, every single time, that they get raped and killed.

c50e51  No.12091122


No, that's genetics, plus in the first photo, like you see with a lot of women on the net, she had loads of imperfections washed out with bright lighting, as well as makeup and photo editing. It does look like her inner monkey (Amerindian or nigger) came out as she aged though. The first picture looks like she could be a good 50% Euro, the second looks 50% nigger.

f90f5d  No.12091123


>second vid

I hope they present more like that

b8972e  No.12091125


>The second I hear it I hope, every single time, that they get raped and killed.

You planning to outsource the job or something? How do you think commie tank grrrrrrls get gud?

9488c5  No.12091127

America fails another of its citizens.

f90f5d  No.12091131


>America fails another of its citizens.

ha, little laugh

b8972e  No.12091133

File: 12c1ff53169ee42⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.1 KB, 255x191, 255:191, DACA_Beauty.png)

File: 272359c96cd8d26⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.06 KB, 220x300, 11:15, DACA_Fish.jpg)


>I used to jerk off to an invader who's stealing my homeland. Pity she wasn't baste enough to justify my civnat desire to keep whacking despite her ugliness.

Sometimes life isn't fair anon. Here, let me make it right for you. You can have a replacement.

98eb85  No.12091134

Good, what a fucking retard.

Point a gun at a cop and receive predictable results.

Probably suicide.

c50e51  No.12091141


Well I'm not a rapist nor a killer, so I won't be doing it. I just hope a nigger comes along and does it to them. It'd be poetic justice. Also they're not commies, they're "progressives." Basically the modern empowered bimbo-whores who think they should be allowed to do whatever they want without judgment, as well as spouting that oppression and typical anti-white shit. The second I hear that shit they're dehumanized to me. Plus why would a white man rape one of these freaks? It's like going out of your way to force a woman to give you an STD (because they're all whores, you know they have STDs). It's a nigger job for niggers. Plus all these marxist whores live in urban areas, or on campus, around niggers. It's a flip of a coin, really. I just have to hope there's some justice in the universe and that my hope wills it along.

ff0c15  No.12091142

Can we make it a trend to have spics draw weapons on cops?

5fcc4d  No.12091145


I don't see any mention of her being illegal.

c50e51  No.12091146


I jerk off to attractive Colombian women. In Colombian, that is, via cam girl websites (mostly for free).

b8972e  No.12091147

File: ced0059c8c4e33f⋯.jpg (61.2 KB, 900x608, 225:152, Intervention__Vanessa_Marq….jpg)

If only someone had intervened.

Oh, wait, they did. Pic related is the late Goblina on Intervention in 2006.

b8972e  No.12091152

File: c18f14e7d850651⋯.jpg (550.47 KB, 1100x1375, 4:5, DREAMy4.jpg)


Oh, forgive me for doubting you. I didn't realize your fapping was as noble as that. Have a Colombian beauty at no charge, wanker.

7e070d  No.12091154


Today was a good day.

b8972e  No.12091157


>I don't see any mention of her being illegal.

When are the summerfags leaving? They're all illegal, newfag. It's the law that hasn't caught up yet. Lurk.

84d09d  No.12091162

womp womp

b8972e  No.12091163

File: 08c9d6333e552bf⋯.png (80.33 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Jewdar.png)


>I just hope a nigger comes

Stopped reading right there.

c50e51  No.12091164


Thanks for the laugh, but that's not exactly what I'm jerking off to. I may be a White Nationalist, but that doesn't mean I can't jerk off to a brown girl in another country. It just means I want them out of my country and away from my people. Now niggers, I can't even get an erection to a nigger. I honestly tried jerking off to a nigger girl about a month ago, because I was lusting for big butts, but I've conditioned myself to think they're disgusting. Switched to a white girl and I was done in two minutes.

c50e51  No.12091169


>you're a jew for hoping a nigger rapes and kills the marxist whores who defend niggers incessantly as an oppressed and victimized people

>the same marxist whores that fuck niggers daily

No, that's poetic justice when a nigger rapes and kills them. Plus, statistically, they're the ones most likely to do it.

b8972e  No.12091172


>I may be a White Nationalist, but that doesn't mean I can't jerk off to a brown girl in another country.

Yes, it very fucking does. You are not to be trusted until you find foreigners fucking repulsive. Yes, even nips. If you think it's out of your control, or that you're under no obligation to control your degenerate impulses, I can recommend a great site for you, where you will be welcome to share your experiences with the community: www.reddit.com

b8972e  No.12091175

File: c42780d53288e0b⋯.jpg (11.5 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Popper_Nose_1.jpg)


Fucking Jew.

7627aa  No.12091177


All non-white people are ugly

5fcc4d  No.12091179


>Let's just add random facts to stories because we want them to be true.

When are the low IQ larpers going to leave?

9488c5  No.12091183


Kill yourself, nigger.

c50e51  No.12091184


>You are not to be trusted until you find foreigners fucking repulsive.

Why would I bother trying to condition myself to find people I never come into contact with in my actual life repulsive? That's a lot of effort for nothing. It's also unnecessary. All a white guy needs to do is learn to control his empathy and to acknowledge his identity and he's good. I have no empathy for beaners, and I laugh when bad shit happens to them. I know my identity, and my "tribe," and I want what's best for it. Anything beyond that is merely mentally fatiguing. Even with niggers and kikes. I hate them momentarily, but I don't hold onto that 24/7. Why would I? It'd be mentally fatiguing. Then again, my IQ isn't 92, I'm a fairly rational person who takes the most practical approach to any given situation.

8ba69d  No.12091186

File: 1f25dabfab7fd99⋯.jpg (276.41 KB, 1280x863, 1280:863, jobs that we don't.jpg)


>You planning to outsource the job or something?

But anon, they'll do it for free.

b8972e  No.12091187


It's true in our minds. No spic is or should be legal, asswipe. The nation is the race, and its laws are those of nature. Mestizos have Rubik's Cube genetics, and thus they violate the highest law. Ergo, there are no legal spics.

Lurk more.

c50e51  No.12091188


>you're a jew for not wanting to rape and kill marxist white women

Wow, you got me!

5fcc4d  No.12091194


Trying to dumb the board down eh? Is this your attack mode, fat ninja?

b8972e  No.12091196


>Why would I bother trying to condition myself to find people I never come into contact with in my actual life repulsive?

I save a lot of effort and frustration just reading the first sentence of your posts.

Someday, God willing, you will be called on to kill a 7/10 spicy Latinx. You won't do it if you have a boner, and then I'll have to kill you first, then her, then dispose of two bodies. If your mind is weak, your spirit is dirty, and your desires adolescent, your arm will be weak when it counts.

Grow up and marry a white woman. Don't post again until you've impregnated her.

c50e51  No.12091197


>Mestizos have Rubik's Cube genetics, and thus they violate the highest law. Ergo, there are no legal spics.

I have two approaches to this. There's historical precedent to show this nation was set up as a white ethno-state (or whatever you'd call it for a variety of similar European ethnic groups), and as such only we are true citizens. There's also the fact that we never voted for the '65 immigration subversion, and as such, no one who arrived after the fact, as a result of it, is a true citizen of this nation.

432335  No.12091199


Lying and telling tales are not Aryan traits. >>>/oven/ kike.

8ba69d  No.12091202

File: d091facbcfe3f68⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 4001x6033, 4001:6033, 078.jpg)


>Anything beyond that is merely mentally fatiguing. Even with niggers and kikes. I hate them momentarily, but I don't hold onto that 24/7. Why would I? It'd be mentally fatiguing.

I'm really hoping some gets the reference I'm trying to make here with pic related.

Anyway I'm with you on this anon, ignore the shill.

c50e51  No.12091203


Okay, now you're just LARPing. Also if I didn't have any control over my "boner," I wouldn't be jerking off to cam girls, I'd be on tinder, or going to clubs, trying to put my dick in these women instead. I don't do that.

>Grow up and marry a white woman. Don't post again until you've impregnated her.

What's that, like 5% of the userbase here? You want none of us talking? I doubt you've even done both, if either, of these things.

b8972e  No.12091205


100-percent of the posters in this Himalayan pottery barn who advocate – or even joke about – any white woman getting the black dick are the purest kikes in the world. You can't hide the nose long enough to blend in here. No matter how many times we shout it at your earlocks, you still can't control your jittery neurotic fantasies about black ravishers and pale lilys.

Niggers don't touch white women; any white women, even the communists.

The only exception is the menopausal lezzers. They can get it if they insist, but the rest are off limits.

0276b7  No.12091207


nothing was lost unless they riot and wake up even more whites to the bean problem leading to their expulsion and ultimate extermination for being genetically obtuse where no observable value to their existing is present.

c50e51  No.12091209


>Niggers don't touch white women; any white women, even the communists.

I disagree. If a commie whore were raped and killed by a nigger, I'd laugh. How new are you? We have threads about marxist whore being raped and killed by niggers all the time and we all laugh about it.

c50e51  No.12091213


Wrong. They were property, not citizens. This was founded, and for the bulk of its history, was established as an ethno-state.

b8972e  No.12091216


The political entity known as the USA is a secular state. For 190 years, it was a fit vessel for the nation, the white race who built it and preserved it. Post-1965, it's a kike playground with everybody-gets-a-spic promotional days. Break your childish loyalty to it and dehumanise. Maybe we'll go back to using it for our continued life someday, but not today.


>Going to clubs to find women meme//better to waste OPE on cam girls

Get out.

0276b7  No.12091222


shitskin spotted

c50e51  No.12091228


>Break your childish loyalty to it

I don't have any loyalty to the government, but I do to the nation, which as I've said, is the European stock here, and no one else.


>using acronyms and expecting everyone to know what your dumb-ass is talking about

b8972e  No.12091229


>I disagree.

Of course you do. You like the image, and so do your rabbis. What's not to like about it?

>If a commie whore were raped and killed by a nigger, I'd laugh.

That's because her blood means nothing to you, because you are, at best, really new here and have not grokked the true meaning of DotR. Our race is our race, and the niggers are not weapons to use to punish its wayward members.

>How new are you? We have threads about marxist whore being raped and killed by niggers all the time and we all laugh about it.

Stop using "we" to describe anyone but yourself and the others in your synagogue, Avram.

White women do not deserve black dick. None of them. I don't give a fuck if she killed your family with an ice pick – shoot her like a dog if you must, but zero niggers are involved. Niggers ruin everything, and it is an insult to my own blood to contemplate this infamita. Jews think it's delightful, however, so go on and laugh in Hebrew.

c50e51  No.12091230


Nice D&C shill meme. Filtered.

b8972e  No.12091235

File: 33dd05d18415391⋯.gif (12.85 KB, 300x423, 100:141, OPE.gif)


You don't recognize "OPE" in this context because you are an ignorant kid.

c50e51  No.12091237


You tell me I'm new, and yet your spouting nonsense that is the antithesis is typical /pol/ behavior. No, I'm not new here, but you clearly are. WE laugh at this all the time, and WE have loads of memes about it. WE being /pol/ users. Maybe this is your first week here. I don't know. Sit through a couple of those nigger rape threads and watch as everyone finds joy in the fact that a marxist whore met poetic justice. You're not the status quo here. You're a moral-signaling faggot that looks to have only been here for a few days, trying to tell me how I, and /pol/ are supposed to act and think. Get fucked, nigger.

c50e51  No.12091244


Go back to reddit with your dumb-ass acronyms and memes.

b8972e  No.12091250


>Sit through a couple of those nigger rape threads and watch as everyone finds joy in the fact that a marxist whore met poetic justice.

You're new enough that you don't remember a time before 2016, when yet another fucking wave of cuckchan illegals hopped our fence and shit this place up again. There used to be pretty hot arguments about this on "those threads" you're so fond of, but demographics is destiny and your kind swarmed over this space with your BBC bullshit. Now, the level of race-consciousness has slipped back down to where you can contemplate a white woman getting her ass wrecked by a nigger and laugh.

Let me ask you something, Mr. Oldfag – What does the nigger do the next day, after he gets away with raping his betters? Do you suppose he slides back into docility, waiting for his next BASED commission to rape another backsliding white woman? Or does he act up in other ways?

Fucking nigger lovers.


c50e51  No.12091270


Wrong. I've never used 4chan, and I've been here since before 2016. I'm bored of this "you're newer!" "no, you're newer" shit. Filtered.

12ac68  No.12091279


You and I wish, buddy.


This could be a test of a new tactic of sending police to do a "welfare" check but you draw a fake gun they give to you and get shot for having it.

46ee06  No.12091282


well duh

like roaches

they're meant to breed a lot and fast, then wither and die

46ee06  No.12091285


fucking newfag

d868c3  No.12091293


i wonder why she had the bb gun in the first place. she does not look like the type that enjoys shooting bb guns. i think it's likely that she wanted to be able to defend herself but her brainwashing ensured that she would be incapable of purchasing a real weapon, so she purchased this bb gun in the hopes that should the event come she would present it and the attacker would be terrified thinking it was real and run away.

4871c7  No.12091295

File: c5868931ff712c5⋯.jpg (230.48 KB, 1500x1360, 75:68, 81vtT985yFL._SL1500_.jpg)


she was suffering from chronic pain and a really bad auto immune disorder, not to mention rapidly declining mental health. it also probably stung when she saw all the other actresses getting gibs and sympathy for all the #metoo shit. with no man or children to make her life meaningful she decided to end her suffering with a suicide by cop knowing full well the (((media))) would politicize it. sad.

46ee06  No.12091303


nah it was probabaly suicide by cop or orchestrated by a kike

2eb692  No.12091305

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

25b0e4  No.12091319


>suicide by cop

It's called blue suicide

f162da  No.12091330



Suicide by cop. Dumb bitch was too much of a coward to just do it herself, so she had to drag other people into it as well.

b8972e  No.12091341


Please stop quoting that nigger on /pol/.

4d4bad  No.12091350


>suicide by cop

if thats true , thats a pretty boss way to go out, but you should like rob a jack in the box get a good last meal and then take one of the shit cops down with you.

oreo cookie shake in one hand , 10 mm in the other blunt in the mouth with some gansta rap playing in the background

thats the way to go

98f69a  No.12091355


toppest kek. saw this on news feed earlier, can't stop laughing. good riddance. don't even care what happened. i'm happy some roach level breeding do nothing hateful rascist mexican shitbag got bodybagged.

98f69a  No.12091365


that's already a thing, you fool.

8eab87  No.12091418


Never going to happen. America/whites are going to fizzle out like a bitch, not go out with a bang.

d868c3  No.12091450


>get stomped the fuck out

they don't do that anymore. they just shoot you until you die. i saw claims on twitter she was shot 20 times. it was just some random dumb twitter cunt saying fuck the police on some reply to the story tweet, but it wouldn't suprise me if all the cops dumped their magazines.

862670  No.12091658

It was a BB gun.

862670  No.12091668

The IDF training for American police officers is quite problematic. Less than 2% of the population and as always jews are to blame for pretty much everything wrong in the world.

607332  No.12091776


>that before and after

Jesus, the mestizo gene is more than a meme.

a2e984  No.12091801




c50e51  No.12091816


>quite problematic

Go back to /leftypol/, you dumb nigger.

1a0338  No.12091828


>why would you even do that?

Perhaps she was instructed to as part of a "program".

One less mee too, one (or more) less jews in court for sexual abuse.

d868c3  No.12091840


>knowing full well the (((media))) would politicize it.

that's the thing though nobody really cares. nobody is talking about it on twitter. MSM doesn't care because it's a spic that pulled a gun on a cop. she'll be forgotten in less than 24 hours.

8fb453  No.12091844

play stupid games, win stupid prizes

7b3886  No.12091891


I was indifferent because she's a spic, inferior blood

Cops called to her house, why? Probably because she's a spic doing spic stuff.

Points a gun at a cop. L.A. cunt lives in a fantasy world where cops don't kill you if you point a gun at them.

Conclusion: I'm glad she's dead.

85aa5a  No.12091895

You could say they really toasted that tortilla.

7b3886  No.12091898


>It was a BB gun.

I know, what stupid bitch, right? If you're gonna pull a gun on a cop, you're gonna die, you might as well make it count.

957cfa  No.12091902

I don't care about her and she got what was coming if she felt it wise to point a fucking real looking weapon at cops. However, on a sidenote, I don't know how I feel about welfare checks. Gives cops the right to just enter a home? Too much room for problems.

7a4d81  No.12091911

File: 1e9c0d572bd1610⋯.jpg (13.99 KB, 530x530, 1:1, EvilGrin.jpg)


There's the wedge.

Start pushing the idea that Clooney arraigned this execution, and it was a paid-for hit, not accidental.

Interesting, that the weapon pointed at the police can't be traced, and could easily have been planted by the cops…

Clooney did it.

7a4d81  No.12091930

File: 2ca1a57a9f5e8ca⋯.jpg (147.01 KB, 736x880, 46:55, B1.jpg)


I have never found any non-white woman sexually attractive.

I've seen many that were, on an intellectual level, very attractive, and they're always the ones with the whitest features, regardless of skin color, but I never wanted sex with them.

I love white skin, and I get hot over women that have it. I've even noticed that the weeaboos panting over Asians are always posting the ones with the whitest skin.

Call me a racist (who cares), but this is simply what I'm attracted to.

d9898d  No.12091938

>more dead leftists

Good day


7a4d81  No.12091949

File: be65ac536b2d076⋯.jpg (429.66 KB, 1920x1050, 64:35, MoreUsefulIdiots.jpg)


No, it's been under kike control long before that.

The very reason we were dragged into WW1 was kike media control, and the control they had over our president.

Most Americans did NOT want to go to war with Germany, they…rightfully so…saw no American interests there.

The worldwide central banking monopoly is what has been screwing over every citizen of every country for hundreds of years, and it controls who gains the finances to take over media and universities, while it bribes and manipulates governments and laws.

Take down the central banks, and you lance the core of the carbuncle. Central banks, and, as a matter of fact, ALL banks, should be owned by the citizens of each individual country.

In both WW1 and WW2, the Germans were doing just that, and THAT was the reason for both wars, and the reason Germany was so harshly punished after each.

Take down the central banks. Nationalize them all, on a world-wide scale.

1e87f3  No.12092025


Gee, it's almost like racemixing is an abomination or something.


Happy birthday, faggot!


>openly cucking

Report and hide.

576b29  No.12092026


Hey Eurodouche. Reported.

d868c3  No.12093247


after 5 minutes of research it would appear the police do not need a warrant to enter the home if it's a (((welfare check)))



tldr; this happens your going to need a lawyer with the hookest of noses.

I don't like this either. On one hand if someone literally died how long do you want the police to wait to pick up your corpse when your family trips out that you haven't called them in two months.

On the other, this is bullshit. I have a feeling if this happened and you were simply cool with the cops, realize you have no choice, let them in and poke around and realize your not fucking crazy and about to off yourself there would not be problems. Also assuming you aren't running a meth lab have a bunch of illegal guns and drugs laying everywhere etc, but there have been cases apparantly of the cops actually searching a place under the guise of one of these (((welfare checks))) where the shit is not just plain and visible due to retarded people.

If instead they come in to some rambling crazy spicess "¡A la mierda a la policía, cerdos racistas! ¡Espero que todos ardan en el infierno! ¡Fui violada y no hiciste nada! ¡Todos son cerdos! ¡Lo único que quiero es policías muertos follando con putas!" (fuck the police in google translate)

(out comes the gun)

then you get shot.

like anything unless you really feel like making your last stand right then and there, don't argue with the fucking police, argue in court.

2ec50e  No.12093250


Even if it was orange tipped she was justifiably killed.

d868c3  No.12093264


also whatever happened to the idea of "DON'T CALL THE FUCKING POLICE ON FAMILY, EVER". family fights, i remember drunk parties where fist fights occurred between family, nobody ever called the police. you deal with it yourselves. If the family was concerned they should have gone over there themselves, instead, they sent the police.

Considering these are spic's you would think they would know better. Pretty sure niggers rarely call the police on each other.

27ee04  No.12093276

File: 92437ff753cf1ae⋯.gif (499.66 KB, 400x228, 100:57, gfhdsfghsd.gif)

File: f4817943569b758⋯.gif (4.46 MB, 480x270, 16:9, fdgsdfgsdfg.gif)

File: 7d392f803bdc0a6⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 361x300, 361:300, DCKYu.gif)

File: 045268742b84d3f⋯.gif (494.89 KB, 500x281, 500:281, fdgsdfgsdfgfgfgfgfg.gif)

File: 4cdf4da0ea8b6cb⋯.gif (4.83 MB, 480x270, 16:9, trsehgdfgjhngfdgf.gif)




27ee04  No.12093285


happy birthday faggot!

24f908  No.12093354

File: f8f85f230ba1563⋯.jpg (218.15 KB, 625x834, 625:834, 1531680237077.jpg)


They really refried her beans

0e7d0d  No.12093360

Most female illegals will be raped. Such a ton of silence from the feminist.

f954fd  No.12093514

File: 733c627140bf8bc⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1200x1434, 200:239, 1465524262765-0.png)


Incestuous rape is a rite of passage in beaner families, it dey cullchah.

cd9dc1  No.12093583


Man, these Hollywood retards are something to behold. Surely this beaner made a fuckton of shekels before she was thirty but just couldn't accept that her pussy was twenty-five years past expiration.

Could've had a nice, quiet, comfortable lifestyle living on investment income from her 1990's electric jewbucks. Hope to see many more of these degenerates jump off LA/NY skyscrapers - or like this clown ending life with a mag dump by some irritated cops.

15e5b1  No.12094715


>cant into clay womyn

Weakanon, you can become strong if you are a White male. non-whites cannot become strong Become the sculptor, a commander of the female sex. Attractive but wayward womyn are the second best option for White males looking for a mate. The first option is a chaste female raised in a patriarchal family and vetted by her based father, but you know what? Unicorns are rare. You'll have far better luck retooling yourself and dominating the woman of your choice to reshape her in your image. Have a goal, be passionate about it, master a skill, and unabashedly express it. Women are attracted to the confident man that outshines other men. Once the first woman takes notice, other women will follow in droves like an avalanche that you'll have to fend them off and have your pick. This method of attraction is batshit insane from the male perspective, but makes perfect sense from the female's perspective to secure a man who has the fire and will to protect her including from herself and provide her a nest for her offspring. which she will gladly spread her legs for This is how it works, anon. Now, stop being a faggot and get to work on yourself. Your ancestors and kin want you to have White children right fucking now.


>genetics determines godly or gobliny


72ec38  No.12094740

File: 7fe2c105303c8be⋯.jpg (247.65 KB, 575x511, 575:511, honduras p.jpg)

File: a27a44861c3f743⋯.jpg (102.72 KB, 876x493, 876:493, Honduras po.jpg)

File: be70d6a3d71ec91⋯.jpg (488.88 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Honduras pov.jpg)

Her 'terminal disease' may have been HIV AIDS if she has been home lately. It's at a high rate in native Mestizos - 14%

chart related

73a4a7  No.12094795

File: 384f2eae8ed2cc6⋯.png (341.01 KB, 507x549, 169:183, your turn carlos.png)


Your still going back Carlos, even if you are trying to look Australian.

24f908  No.12097286

File: ff592e7db038249⋯.jpg (77.13 KB, 500x592, 125:148, ff5.jpg)


not a beancunt, sware on me mum

f46bfb  No.12097334


(((Wellness check)))

Expect yours soon goy.

f46bfb  No.12097343



I chuckled.

Maybe soon, maybe…

24c828  No.12097367

File: 590a8fd1c7a1b8f⋯.gif (2 MB, 338x237, 338:237, spic hit by car.gif)

Spic ER TV Actress

>gets shot doesn't die in hospital.

224ca7  No.12097390


>I bet they simply entered and shot her


24f908  No.12097412


I'd like to think she died way more over-the-top than this, kek. Officer pulls trigger, actor off-stage throws bullet, hits her in the head and she dies.

000000  No.12124213


>South Pasadena police officers … found Marquez having seizures

>the sheriff's department's homicide bureau told reporters that Marquez was "gravely disabled,"

>authorities attempted to offer Marquez medical care for over an hour and a half.

>"At the time [of the shooting] there was an LA County mental health clinician here with the officers,"

>They began to communicate with her, she became very uncooperative and during that contact she armed herself with a handgun, she pointed it at the officers and an officer-involved shooting occurred."

Sounds to me like they were trying to commit her to a hospital/mental ward involuntarily. She was probably refusing and demanding they leave which they wouldn't.



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