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File: a9cb5f716120d58⋯.png (410.73 KB, 1037x661, 1037:661, 2018-09-01 02.53.20.png)

f3bbee  No.12091291

I always sorta liked what varg talked about, (except his paganism shit but whatever), but he finally hit the nail on the fucking head - arabs, middle easterners, you are being tricked, our eternal (((enemy))) wants you to move to europe and cause tensions to rise there, you are not a good fit for their land and their people are not a good fit for you, stay where you are abd protect your own land and work to remove (((western))) influence from it and die trying if you have to - thats what the europeans would do too im sure; listen guys, i know this is a long comment and might fall on deaf ears on pol, but this is how you get through to muslims and middle easterners, not by being hostile against them, unite against your common (((enemy))), atleast temporarily, im not shitting you im a muslim and although up until now hes always been sorta iffy, Varg got through to me today - this is how you must approach it guys, spread his video and his approach to the (((problem))) please, thanks

f3bbee  No.12091302


also sorry i dont know how to post a direct link to the vid

e96b9f  No.12091310

Brit immigrant here, I never thought of it that way. I'm now going to work a full time, hopefully I will be able to afford a plane ticket back to Iraq and… nvm, that country is gone because (((Tony Blair))) decided to (((suicide))) a Nuclear Arms expert from his own country, and (((Nigel Farage))) helped cover up (((7/7))).

92ca26  No.12091312


cucking for the people raping your people

>p-p-pls just go home ok?


or maybe they're scum that all needs to die anyway

In other words, we have to kill them over here so we can then go kill them over there

sage for not knowing how make a proper thread

f3bbee  No.12091324


begone big nosed rat haired tilted skulled (((polster)))

f3bbee  No.12091338


have you ever thought about why the other arab countries wouldnt let you in but england would, you think the english want you there dummy, its not the english who let you in, its the jews, also if youre just a normal immigrant who works a decent job and contributes to society and marries into your own people then thetes less of a problen, otherwise youre part of the problem and making it harder for all of us

a68186  No.12091368

Muslims are currently taking the fight direct to zog while we're just complaining about the kikes behind a keyboard. I say, let them come here, they have earned it.

f3bbee  No.12091386


yes yes i agree with you 100 shekels worth my fellow (((polster)))

e29a84  No.12091422

Send them to North Korea

f3bbee  No.12091439


north koreas not bad, theyre being manipulated same as everybody else, for all we know kim jong redpilled

fd0540  No.12091471


yeah but muslims wont leave your nation if you simply tell them this. ive tried that. muslims are inbred primates and the only solution is physical removal. they wont understand or comply with anything else.

97b589  No.12091480

He is not a muslim, muslims are forced to use some words in some sentences and they dont use that "writing style", also he is talking about varg… a shitposter or a paid shill.


29cf99  No.12091537


>too stupid to know how to embed

>so stupid he thinks we'll fall for his tacquiyya bullshit

You are the tool of your cousin the jew.

ddd785  No.12091540

>how you get through to muslims and middle easterners,

why are we depending on "getting through to them". If deplomacy is required we already lost. The comment seems correct, but I take it more as a warning then any idea of trying to compromise with foreigners.

I dont care what they think , I just want them to stop being a burden. This can happen through them leaving or us kicking them out

a29a34  No.12095247

File: c6f51113beafc59⋯.png (864.46 KB, 1753x544, 1753:544, wehavetogoback.png)


shoo jew

bb980d  No.12095253


Indeed, you have to go back.

bb980d  No.12095258


Iraq is gone? Somebody nuke it?

e9bd28  No.12095265

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Click [▶ Show post options & limits]

>Copy and paste the link in the embed section

And here's the video!

e9bd28  No.12095276

File: 8a4ddc61ce27f73⋯.png (3.17 KB, 940x198, 470:99, refugees_welcome_banner.png)


This but unironically.

bb980d  No.12095282



Lol, if they are here, they ain't fighting shit.

e9bd28  No.12095285

File: 1aef2a4eddeac4e⋯.gif (333.9 KB, 442x360, 221:180, 7af00821c1a5a4bc936166c513….gif)



https://worldisraelnews.com/analysis-jews-are-paying-for-germanys-immigration-policy/ https://www.jihadwatch.org/2018/04/germany-angela-merkel-admits-anti-semitism-is-coming-to-the-country-from-refugees-or-people-of-arab-origin https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/12/21/anti-semitism-germany-jews-discrimination-muslims-right-wing-nationalists/962383001/ https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/04/france-anti-semitism-islamism-political-ideology-imposter/ https://www.ncronline.org/news/world/germany-worried-about-imported-anti-semitism-after-immigrant-protests https://www.algemeiner.com/2018/01/10/muslim-antisemitism-in-germany/

b6fb3c  No.12095295


So anti-semitism is how you fight jew?

That is all the muslims in Europe are capable of, they ain't doing shit.

1e8cee  No.12095310


>fellow muslims

Get the fuck out of here you pathetic non-white/race-traitor.

c4319c  No.12095350


Hi Shlomo

47a1b4  No.12095424

>implying arabs aren't jews

fuck off you semite cunts

000000  No.12095479


>cucking for the people raping your people



>begone big nosed rat haired tilted skulled

Me thinks I smell a rat.

“Based Muslim brothers” didn‘t need the encouraging of their semitic cousins to identify the west as a object of their desire. Their pedoprophet already set them up to conquer Persia and Rome.

There are enough authentic quotes of such jew lovers as Qaddafi, that declare their urgent wish to conquer the west.

So pleading to their conscience and good will is not only futile, but is encouraging them even more. They smell a wounded prey.

To get rid of them you have to remove kebab by force. If they experience resistance, defeat they are going to run fast.

e9bd28  No.12095481


t. 'counter-jihad' Jew

6d138d  No.12095518


His first mistake was assuming that one tribe of desert savages is more honorable than the other tribe of desert savages.

He is correct in that they are being manipulated, but that's hardly news around these parts. We all know one arab less in the middle east is one arab less for the greater Israel project to tackle. It also doesn't make them innocent victims of any kind, as they aren't civilized or innocent people to begin with. What the jews are doing isn't tricking poor and well meaning peasants, it's tricking violent rapist savages who have sacked multiple of our civilizations in the past.

Neither of their tribes belong.

Neither of their tribes are our friends.

Neither of their tribes are our allies.

We're just another group of people caught up in their ancient foreskin harvest game of savagery.

000000  No.12095524


>counter-jihad' Jew

Hello Achmed

484359  No.12095542


Hello mud, people know of your word.

484359  No.12095543


They are not manipulated, they know full well they want and they will get in Europe.

75d63d  No.12095548


Well it's now run by jews so it would be like returning to a western country except hot, and no social care.

It may as well have been nuked as far as most who used to live there under Saddam are concerned.

Their lives will have to get much worse in the west before they go, and in the time that takes we will be flooded with the africans the jews are now displacing/ encouraging to the west.

7682bf  No.12095551

Muslims weren't fooled. This is a mutually beneficial agreement where both parties believe that they will be wealthy and powerful after they steal everything whites own and will be able to dominate the other party.

Muslims believe this because they have the sort of ego only a retarded nigger can have, and jews have been using muslims for centuries.

484359  No.12095553


You are a faggot, stop lying, Iraq has been stabilized ever since they kick out ISIS early this year. Like Syria, it needs its immigrant back to literally rebuild the country.

The immigrants are coward lazy bastards who want free shit so no way they will leave.

07280c  No.12095568

File: 1fb7585a43b9727⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IceQueen.jpg)


A simple cold virus that inserts ebola into the RNA only when it finds the genetic sequence for darker-than-European skin would solve our Jewish white-genocide problems, quite nicely.

It won't eliminate the Ashkenazim, but it would take out most of the darker influences across the world, and wipe out Africa.


People could just stay in their own regions and stop being Jew puppets.

ac9fa2  No.12095570

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Dear Muzzies

484359  No.12095582

People here talk a lot about false choices, but no one stress out that jew/muslim are the same shit.

75d63d  No.12095600


>You are a faggot, stop lying, Iraq has been stabilized

wow you really convinced me

stabilized = jew puppet gov installed

makes it no different to the west

except that it will probably see more violence until like the west both the government and the opposition to the government are jew controlled in some pseudo democratic way.

07280c  No.12095608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Your average Yemeni Jew has never been the problem. It's the Ashkenazim/Khazar Jews that have always been the infestation that corrodes and destroys all nations.

And if the influx Muslims would simply stay in their own regions, we wouldn't hate them, and we'd actually be willing to help them build up their countries, if they were willing to listen to us.

The problem Muslims are the influx Muslims, they invade where the Ashkenazim/Khazar Jew guides them to invade, and they have been duped into thinking it's all some great Muslim Jihad, and their god will love them for it.

But also remember…none of this could be possible without easily-bought white traitors. The problem Jews, backed by the Central Banking Cartel's ability to simply create and distribute money, can elevate the very worst of white people into powerful positions. Only now is their money failing to manipulate voters, and you can thank the internet for that. This is why you're seeing bolder and bolder attempts to literally steal elections by falsifying voting counts, and allowing illegals to vote without severe penalties.

Non-Europeans need to understand that as long as they exist in white countries, they will be ostracized. They are not Europeans, and they never will be. They should return home, and strive to build countries that rival European countries, instead of seeking to be that which they are not, and can never be.

The Jew is manipulating you, using you as a weapon. Many of you will suffer for this, but the Jew does not care. They only care about their evil, vile agenda, and YOU are nothing to them but tools.

bce701  No.12095617


There's a FAQ you newfag: https://8ch.net/faq.html

484359  No.12095624


Yeah, no, faggot, they are literally rebuilding and are having big ties with Iran.

You are just a coward parasite who wants to nuke your homeland.

484359  No.12095626


Shut the fuck up you semite desert rats, I am kind so I just want you to leave but ky brethern will want to glass you.

75d63d  No.12095645


And if you had two braincells to rub together you might be dangerous. You make no sense and clearly derive your understanding of geo politics from some government sanctioned source.

And you reddit space like a complete faggot.

Iran has been a controlled boogieman since about 1967.

000000  No.12095647

Important questions

What is the religious sect behind ISIS?

Who funds it?

By how much a year?

How has their religion changed?

07280c  No.12095651

File: d4d3608a4f89c38⋯.jpg (65.15 KB, 625x469, 625:469, Red9.jpg)


I'm definitely whiter than you, and I'm a German/Celt.

Everything I said was true.

And ALL of you need to watch that video.

484359  No.12095652


Kike detected or a fucking commie.

But as expected from someone who wants to glass their own homeland for fear of being deported.

Coward parasite.

484359  No.12095653


Israel, Saudi Arabia, America under Obama, Turkey.

Just normal Islam.

484359  No.12095655


Stop watching useless bullshit and do some actual shit.

07280c  No.12095658

File: dd474685f909197⋯.jpg (40.33 KB, 720x541, 720:541, Homer.jpg)


Yep, you got it.

Each has their own agendas, but all their agendas require Syria to be overthrown.

Afterward, of course, Israel would start making plans to stab the Arabs in the back, and as for the U.S….it already has a huge Jewish knife sticking out of its back.

07280c  No.12095662


You seem awfully scared of that video, Schlomo.

484359  No.12095663


Isreal will share the territory with turkey, showing how muslims and jews really are the same, even against their fellow muslims.

484359  No.12095665


Prove it, Mordecai?

07280c  No.12095666

File: c44163579292bd4⋯.jpg (123.59 KB, 695x599, 695:599, SixMillionLampshades.jpg)



Watch it.

When you shine the light of truth on the Jew, it scurries away for the shadows, just like the cockroaches they are.

513068  No.12095669


Fuck off you Paedo worshiping, no one wants you here.


Seriously, gtfo. Muslims are 90% goatfuckers acting on the behest of kikes, raping, vandalising and contaminating the gene pool. If you seriously think they are fighting kikes in any productive way you are retarded.

484359  No.12095670


Nope, not gonna watch shit, Satanic kike.

Stop peddling bullshit and go out.

07280c  No.12095672

File: 88745eac42913d0⋯.jpg (25.23 KB, 305x287, 305:287, GreaterIsrael2.jpg)


This is Israel's goal (pic)

Notice the huge chunk taken out of Saudi Arabia?

484359  No.12095674


Saudi Arabia already belongs to them so why the arbitrary cut?

9faf78  No.12095693


>Kike detected or a fucking commie.

way off, you need recalibration

>But as expected from someone who wants to glass their own homeland for fear of being deported.

I live in my homeland, I cannot be deported, your statement makes no sense; your anger, futile and misdirected

>Coward parasite.

Parasitism isn't cowardice, just programming or thoughtlessness. I'm not a parasite and have faced fears in my time. Your discourse might be inferior to that of an amoeba though, so I'll call it a day or I may just lower myself to that level.

07280c  No.12095707

File: 88d38c5669a78a5⋯.jpg (47.95 KB, 614x557, 614:557, Laugh.jpg)


>Stop peddling bullshit and go out.

>go out

You can't even post like a westerner, Schlomo.

How's the weather in Tel-Aviv?


484359  No.12095709


And who are you and your homeland?

>Parasitism isn't cowardice,

It is, humans are not inherent pararistic, yet some choose to be, thus their cowardice.

484359  No.12095713


I dunno, care to look at your window and tell me, Mordecai?

You should go out for a little walk.

f3823b  No.12096143

This whole thread reeks of some chutzpah ala shlomo

e5761c  No.12096184


why would you ever expect a non-white to have any honor?

Honor is a white european trait

908f87  No.12096224

File: 1b8ff65a25f0490⋯.jpg (20.23 KB, 259x370, 7:10, NasserLawSchool.jpg)


Muslims/Arabs work hand-in-glove with the kikes to attack Europeans. I have no problem with based heroic ones like Nasser or those who fight under Assad. But all Muslims in white countries are by definition cowards and traitors who abandoned their people in search of gibs, so they deserve nothing short of extermination.

f3bbee  No.12108110


jealous moisha? there were muslims fighting under hitler to remove the jew back then as well rat

f3bbee  No.12108114


alot of you (((guys))) on 8ch recently huh? you tilted skull rat hair incestbred cucks get triggered by my post?

f3bbee  No.12108117

f3bbee  No.12108121


your (((shilling))) is getting weaker by the post

f3bbee  No.12108123

f3bbee  No.12108126


lol youre braindead or a ovenjockey

c711ef  No.12108130

File: 60b5078745bd2f3⋯.jpg (89.04 KB, 587x610, 587:610, dead roach.jpg)

>the stench of desperation

f3bbee  No.12108132


wtf is happening in this thread? it almost seems like there are 2 jews faking an argument and taking the whole damn thread offtopic with multiple posts? anyone else seeing this?

2b1752  No.12108139

File: 6c42b5d81102905⋯.jpg (192.33 KB, 1223x1600, 1223:1600, ahnenerbe march.jpg)


The hilarious thing about their greater israel plan is they can't accomplish it without armies of Europeans that they want to wipe out. Part of the reason they flood European countries is to muddy the bloodlines of Europe, but to also infuriate the Europeans. They must make us hate muslims, while simultaneously do anything they can to divert the blame of why we hate muslims from themselves.

The simplest answer for Europeans, is to stop seeing muslims and jews as separate peoples. They are one and the the same. mohammad was a jew, his mother was a jew. Islam is based off of judaism, along with other eastern religions. It is an amalgam of stolen content. They are all semites or cousins of semites. Plenty of religious leaders who aren't practicing deception openly admit their allegiance with israel and judaism for the collective goal of wiping out their greatest threat, the european man, the people of the sun.

I'm not suggesting we go to war against all arabs, semites, jews and muslims. I'm telling you to start treating them as though they are at war with us, even Assad. Assad himself has stated he was upset Trump wanted a muslim ban. Even Assad wants muslims to be able to move to Europe and the USA. I support Assad and his fight against Israel, Alawites are certainly the least like their cousins, but lets be honest, he is not my friend.

Recognize all who would threaten your genetic homogeneity.

0cc71d  No.12108145


Friendly reminder that one of the reason for the forced race mixing invasion is to destroy Islam from within. The reason why all the host countries are promoting the idea of religious freedom for immigrants is to have the males go out on the streets to radically promote their fate (which is what they always do), but this time their wives will get indoctrinated by Jewish capitalism 24/7 and their kids will find the same treatment and then some in the schools systems. Over the next decades the females and children will turn against their fathers, cast aside Islam and become atheist slaves to the Jewish system…just as planed. Meanwhile the Christens are on their way out anyway and the Catholics will be destroyed from within by forcing them to except the social media cult of multiculturalism. It will act like cancer, until you have your black, transgender, gay pope preaching about the proper way to sodomite each other while streaming his sermon live on Pornhub.

5cf6a1  No.12108163


I agree, and yet you are the one accusing people of being Jews for being against muslims and for telling people they should stay in their own regions. Why?

I think that you are a bot made to exploit D&C fissures and then muddy the water by claiming others of doing the exact thing you are doing.

Either way, this thread should be nuked from orbit with everyone in it just to be sure. I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

5cf6a1  No.12108169


Possibly, but I think they don't really care what happens to Muslims because they are already the perfect mutt race and are easy to control. They have a low IQ, but it is high enough for them to make money off exploiting their labor. Their obsession with infighting will keep them from ever uniting and becoming a real threat to jews. Just ISIS for example, religiously Jews and Israel should be the main enemy for them, but in interviews Islamic fighters have stated they have no problem with Israel and no plans on attacking them.

00343b  No.12108273

>that little hat


c1c628  No.12110596


This. We need to take out the BILLIONS before they all decide that they want a slice of the European pie.

57cc1c  No.12111478

File: 7ff78bd812be2f2⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1085x2604, 5:12, 7ff78bd812be2f291fa13bee9b….png)

File: 8a257e42677c26e⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1063x2418, 1063:2418, 8a257e42677c26e024de0d56ab….png)

File: 58cb3edfd4a3563⋯.png (603.69 KB, 1364x1540, 31:35, 58cb3edfd4a3563f7f9cf20d1d….png)

File: 77dcbe78c59adae⋯.png (859.14 KB, 1360x1704, 170:213, 77dcbe78c59adae1d084ab4bd3….png)

> (((my fellow muslims)))

Ok, moshe.

462a38  No.12111486


really because last i saw it's muslim subhuman trash targeting non jew civilians. where's the attacks on synagogues or banks? muslim trash should never be considered an ally in any scenario

8cd027  No.12111494

God damned larpagan are almost as deluded as chesscucks.

9155d0  No.12111508

Kill yourself.

abc5d2  No.12111625


Video is alright, but varg claiming trump wants mass migration to europe is just plain wrong, he has said multiple times that the migration has been a disaster for europe and has said they need to seek refuge in neighboring countries or stay were they are rather than migrate halfway across the world.

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