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File: 703f9bc0d9a33fe⋯.png (632.32 KB, 591x636, 197:212, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 47eb0b180123324⋯.png (145.57 KB, 659x609, 659:609, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3dc55e991d5d160⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1110x660, 37:22, ClipboardImage.png)

86bdaf  No.12093281

Does anyone else here had the wonderful experience living among pahjeet?

As jokes about Pahjeets in social media rise, I still see a lack of people discontent with living among those smelly Dravidian fucks.

>Always haggling, even set prices

>trying to change sticker prices and poorly convince you that it's the original price

>never use deoderant

>always moving their heads like snakes, don't know why they do that

>replace American buisnesses with their shitty punjabi-bros stores that you can smell a mile away

I recently moved out of a shithole city that was pack full of them, but I'm starting to notice more of them apearing in the new place I'm in.

and it turns out the neighboring city is full of them too.

there is no where else but here where I can share my discontent.

I fucking hate pahjeets.

4b6aaf  No.12093296

File: b1b36dcdcf3af39⋯.png (1.49 MB, 962x11868, 481:5934, Screenshot_2018-09-01 Maha….png)


They do smell but that Ghandi guy was an asset.

I'll take a stinky intellectual being over a smelly nigger any day.

However, they need to go back!

3bd53d  No.12093299

I'm a pajeet and I'll tell any newfags on this board this - DO NOT ever confuse lighter skin indians and darker skin indians as the same. My kind is not the same as the Brahmins. Why do you think the caste system was put in place.

cbe967  No.12093306

File: 0f8e8f5d33b9f76⋯.jpg (200.66 KB, 583x1508, 583:1508, 1456441183908.jpg)


he was a literal fucking communist pic related



3bd53d  No.12093309


Thanks. I get sick and tired whenever I see tourists (on youtube) remark how there is one specific race in India. No.

a3f9c8  No.12093314


yeah there are two races in india

hindu and muslim :^)

86bdaf  No.12093317

File: f63b8378c462947⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1061x1061, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 160331bc5de84a0⋯.png (26.59 KB, 299x322, 13:14, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 77a61086749e18d⋯.png (530.77 KB, 374x626, 187:313, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f7506237931015⋯.png (712.52 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fc2c8926fb1e068⋯.png (713 KB, 573x497, 573:497, ClipboardImage.png)




THey need to go back, any intellectual "indian" are just the tainted descendents of the ancient Aryans of north India.

Dravidians are little more than sneaky monkeys who need to be culled to save the environment.


your caste system fucked up because you northern pahjeets still have dravidian tainting.

why haven't you guys done anything to rid of the southern dravidians? with so many languages and subsections of hinduism, I'm surprised Balkanization hasn't happened yet

3bd53d  No.12093324


They're religions, not races. And the muslims either better shut their mouths or they better fucking leave India.


For me, the southern dravidians are OK. The northern ones (the ones you see in Hindi movies) are of course better. The only problem I have with southerners is the sense of cleanliness.

e39231  No.12093325


>those real india pictures

what in the actual fuck is going on here?

3bd53d  No.12093332


Let me explain.

>1st pic

typical indian man who photoshops himself with beautiful woman who doesn't know he exists

>2nd pic

indian man is bored of indian woman so he seeks for white woman

>3rd pic and 4th pic

indians like facebook because they can talk to each other

>5th pic

I give up. i guess in some way indians like some showmanship?

a8a1ac  No.12093335


Anyone have that story about what it might be like if aliens visited earth that turned out to be an analogy about Ghandi at the end?

86bdaf  No.12093337

File: 758b18b18626483⋯.jpg (360.37 KB, 960x720, 4:3, dfdsfds.jpg)

File: dc4342d010bd18f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 720x986, 360:493, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 29a10716f5bfed5⋯.png (594.96 KB, 630x809, 630:809, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d7e7be993ba742d⋯.png (366.01 KB, 630x475, 126:95, ClipboardImage.png)

57a17a  No.12093338

File: 2ac4af83a486a46⋯.jpg (401.08 KB, 720x946, 360:473, fucking streetshitters.jpg)

I'm fucking sick of these plagueniggers if I must be honest

f13af4  No.12093344

File: 7c6515f3d1d130a⋯.jpg (75.62 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 1431829401181.jpg)



>Always haggling, even set prices

>trying to change sticker prices and poorly convince you that it's the original price

>never use deoderant

>always moving their heads like snakes, don't know why they do that

>replace American buisnesses with their shitty punjabi-bros stores that you can smell a mile away

Are you talking about spics or Pahjeets? I have no experience with Pahjeets but you described spics to a tee

86bdaf  No.12093345

File: 2b97daffd1a9cee⋯.png (1.02 MB, 739x742, 739:742, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 241b036786a6075⋯.png (1.51 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4a062bee826044f⋯.png (296.83 KB, 347x423, 347:423, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cb1d38f408adec5⋯.png (757.25 KB, 608x607, 608:607, ClipboardImage.png)


>he southern dravidians are OK.

> The only problem I have with southerners is the sense of cleanliness.

So is haggling for fixed prices, ripping people off, owning 10 defunct credit cards, moving your head like a snake, and finding loopholes where there aren't like a kike is normal in your culture?

a66ae7  No.12093346

File: de493bf563dc793⋯.webm (11.3 MB, 640x284, 160:71, India_In_2030.webm)

File: 3708697e01b94bb⋯.png (72 B, 16x9, 16:9, 6cc4b8cf433c8279f5ceed76c9….png)


Do you know where I can find the rest of this video?

084fe5  No.12093347


>4th picture

is that a SHRINE of a facebook page?

86bdaf  No.12093348


>spics are the pahjeets of America

That makes more sense than it should

e39231  No.12093351


social media has completely polluted this race

>4th picture

no shame whatsoever

3bd53d  No.12093353


No, unfortunately.

7a4680  No.12093356

File: 97ccb6c25f9f158⋯.jpg (43.67 KB, 494x666, 247:333, Have you reported the crim….jpg)

86bdaf  No.12093358

File: 8764fef3ffb42b1⋯.png (1.25 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8d9bb3bc6edaa8c⋯.png (736.07 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a591a04be40fb41⋯.png (986.27 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a69616801e96a40⋯.png (1015.57 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 83100398695a1aa⋯.png (903.68 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

here is a modern saga of Pahjeet's quest for underage bobs and vagene

3bd53d  No.12093361


For the times where I visited India, the shop fixing was close to none. As for the rest, you may be right. As for "moving your head like a snake", I think that genetic for any indian.

7a4680  No.12093363

File: e482bc52bda4880⋯.jpg (118.45 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Think I have a Shit to Giv….jpg)

3bd53d  No.12093364


Don't even bother.

7a4680  No.12093369

File: 2c653528a693e94⋯.jpg (123.28 KB, 480x640, 3:4, Thank you come again.jpg)

fb0611  No.12093370

Working retail made me hate Indians more than niggers. I once had a situation where I was helping a nice White guy get everything he needed, and some Indian kept trying to get me to drop everything so I could help him find some special item on discount. He persisted for 15 minutes until I finally lost it and yelled, "WILL YOU FUCK OFF!?". Then he said, "I tell manager!" and the Indian manager I had wrote me up.

e39231  No.12093378


this shit fascinates me to no end. i cant even comprehend how someone lives like this

dcb476  No.12093382

File: e421e23a4079a85⋯.jpg (26.05 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 25685155.jpg)


>Why do you think the caste system was put in place

Because you're lazy fucks who wanted niggers to do your work for you, just like jews, which makes you just as garbage as them.

7a4680  No.12093385

File: c00888146c2167a⋯.jpg (199.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Have seen bob.jpg)


>shit fascinates me

0e681f  No.12093400


what impressed me more than anything else was the 'feeling fresh' comment. Just a whole other level of wtf no shame.

86bdaf  No.12093402

File: 541488442e55bac⋯.png (664.89 KB, 602x452, 301:226, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b11003982c526ed⋯.png (156.18 KB, 600x320, 15:8, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 465a47ccb6e2958⋯.png (384.25 KB, 500x350, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 208dbd5a0247a3d⋯.png (541.17 KB, 1242x594, 23:11, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce3754e01da012c⋯.png (822.52 KB, 640x744, 80:93, ClipboardImage.png)


I worked as a cart pusher in retail in Pahjeet Central, USA.

the only cart pusher who didn't so his job was this old dravidian fuck (he's from nepal, not that there's a difference) who would never do his work, he expected you to help him push the easiest side of the store when one was working on the busy GM side (this was one of the busiest stores in the city).

despite him being too old and frail to work, sleeping on the job and not even trying to do his damn job, he still had full time job and benefits while evreyone else, was struggling to get by with part time.

at one point, he even took the only working machine when I needed it to fill up GM side, and that's what made me lose my temper and my job

3bd53d  No.12093407


>inventor of water on moon


7a4680  No.12093417


Water was discovered there. But THAT is the only thing you take issue with?

9b3586  No.12093418

File: cfa7c18c34c6621⋯.mp4 (4.84 MB, 360x206, 180:103, 3 indians drown in a puddl….mp4)

Im very fascinated how adults can be unaware you drown if you cant swim.

3bd53d  No.12093423


Well I would say that stumped me the most. Although to be fair wasn't the zero invented by an Aryan guy?

a66ae7  No.12093425

File: 9e77a0ee6a3b304⋯.mp4 (4.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Indians_cant_swim.mp4)


Some of them are aware I always wondered why no one just used one of the oars as either a flotation device or to pull him in

fb0611  No.12093426


In the same job I had, I had an Indian manager who broke his leg while on the job and managed to stay on workers comp for over two years because the GM was Indian and turned a blind eye. Eventually he had to be fired because this idiot uploaded a video of him dancing while drunk while still collecting workers comp nearly two years later.

ad1264  No.12093427


Not all shit float I guess.

871d1f  No.12093429

File: 28517dbd93dcc21⋯.png (533.01 KB, 720x727, 720:727, a591a04be40fb41a5617f0210c….png)


Imagine being so pathetic you get the shit kicked out of you by this man.

7a4680  No.12093432

File: 239e2eb14bbf942⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 243x228, 81:76, Pajeet My Ack.gif)

8d03c3  No.12093434


when you have 80IQ anon, this is it.

7a4680  No.12093438


Needs more Benny Hill.

86bdaf  No.12093440

File: 45770cceb168285⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1062x1062, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c9508075d3984e5⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 93b77ac15faf68e⋯.png (691.35 KB, 601x603, 601:603, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7c23eabf3ebf90e⋯.png (1.24 MB, 716x716, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

a66ae7  No.12093441

File: dc721b9f8ccb808⋯.webm (12.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Indians dip their kids in….webm)


Does that explain this too?

9b3586  No.12093445

File: 46c3a2cdaafb8c4⋯.mp4 (11.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Indian_Camel_lap_dance.mp4)

more mysterious behavior

86bdaf  No.12093449

File: 94e1d83a954b619⋯.png (153.5 KB, 496x508, 124:127, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7b8c113eb1ec7de⋯.png (1.33 MB, 935x960, 187:192, ClipboardImage.png)

File: da2aab53cfdc481⋯.png (409.79 KB, 432x768, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 155980318d86a03⋯.png (422.06 KB, 645x568, 645:568, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 15df803307bdf33⋯.png (1.04 MB, 640x962, 320:481, ClipboardImage.png)

627c93  No.12093453


4th pic looks like a Supreme Gentleman and a Real Human Bean

8d03c3  No.12093459


no wonder there's a fucking caste system, fucking anglos were the ones who got rid of it, isn't it? god damn.

627c93  No.12093461

File: 384ca357e41717c⋯.mp4 (3.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, omar.mp4)

7c005e  No.12093465


Daily reminder that the Indian "caste system" is and was a form of "civic nationalism."

"civic nationalism." Not even once.


Seriously, is there a difference?

Functionally, I mean?

Ugly brown shitholer horde A vs ugly brown shitholer horde B.

Build the wall, deport them ALL.

3bd53d  No.12093473


But on the contrary, they also got rid of some degenerate practices like "sati" where when the husband dies, the wife will be forced to die along with him. And I mean "forced" as in set up a fire and be pushed into it.

86bdaf  No.12093488

File: 40cc7820b6fe78d⋯.png (815.58 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, ClipboardImage.png)

Pahjeets have this strange culture in which they wish everybody on their whatsapp contact list a good morning. They're usually images like pic related

So every morning, every Indian's phone blows the fuck up with just hundreds of these good morning pictures, and the best part is that they take it very seriously?? There are people who will get angry if you don't send one back and some will go as far as to call you to ask if you've already seen it. Modi, India's Prime minister, is known for throwing a hissyfit about his co-workers not responding. No-one is safe.


That's already pretty awful, but it gets worse. I'm not really tech savvy, so excuse my rudimentary explanation. To my understanding, whatsapp saves all the pictures you receive kinda like skype, so one in three Indian smartphone users run out of space on their phones DAILY. It got so bad that Google developed an AI app to automatically delete good morning pictures from Indians' phones. Over ten million downloads.


But we're not even at the best part yet. These good morning images not only affect millions of Indians, but the entire world as well. Because hundred of millions of good morning images are being sent back and forth all at once, it clogs up whatsapp servers and causes the app to freeze entirely.



86bdaf  No.12093492






3bd53d  No.12093496


I used to be a part of a WhatsApp family group. Dear god will they never shut the fuck up. I ended up deleting the group.

627c93  No.12093511

For what it's worth:

Indians value family, traditional values (they think al americans are whores), hard work (at least the ones I've met), and hate blacks.

Their dating game is probably weak due to 10,000 years of arranged marriages

3bd53d  No.12093513


>Indians value family

Most of the time, yes.

>trad values


>hard work

Maybe. Big maybe.

>hate blacks

lol no, go to america and see an indian there.

e39231  No.12093519


>i hate gays

based poo in loo

c2eae7  No.12093522

Show me bobs and vegana. Pls response. Pooinloo?

4e1115  No.12093529


India is way ahead of the curve when it comes to r9k.

86bdaf  No.12093530

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>reddit spacing

yeah no, every minority claims to be all about "traditional values".

from the death worshipping catholic spics, the black "community", the cheating chinks and the smelly, ugly pahjeet.

They all talk about tradition, but they're still smelly savages.

tell me, if Pahjeets are about tradition, why is it that they smell like garbage curry?

627c93  No.12093534


>tell me, if Pahjeets are about tradition, why is it that they smell like garbage curry?

You just answered your own question

3bd53d  No.12093536


I've heard that eating a lot of curry makes indians smelling. Even I used to have this problem too when I was younger. No matter how much I bathe I used to smell like shit. Then I stopped eating curry.

86bdaf  No.12093544


Why are you constantly trying to make yourself seem superior to your pahjeet brothers by sucking up to other posters here.

that's fucking sad and pathetic.

go bathe in some cow urine or some shit.

3bd53d  No.12093547


>pahjeet brothers

they're idiots who choose to wash their bums with band hands rather than toilet paper. if anything, I hate my own kind.

9b3586  No.12093555


sounds reasonable to me

86bdaf  No.12093567


If you hate your kind so much, why don't you kill yourself?

maybe burn down the gangees river while you're at it.

418292  No.12093580

File: 05aa7a39c053296⋯.gif (230.25 KB, 572x431, 572:431, Hitler-shop-India.gif)

7a4680  No.12093586

File: 6007ab7aa99c779⋯.jpg (22.25 KB, 393x253, 393:253, Lakshmi_Tatma[1].jpg)

File: 88ecc8c817f6f12⋯.jpg (123.71 KB, 620x387, 620:387, ganesh.jpg)


They sure do my friend. Please do not be feeding my godchild a peanut.

86bdaf  No.12093611

File: c290eba5db81672⋯.png (704.85 KB, 636x1055, 636:1055, ClipboardImage.png)

7a4680  No.12093616

/pol/ should get an aryan revival compound crowdfunded in India. Make India white again.

a6e82c  No.12093623

File: 804b5a9bc0ef0ca⋯.jpg (1.97 KB, 79x125, 79:125, 1388530794883s.jpg)





I do not understand

7a4680  No.12093630

File: 0f94f006c0335b5⋯.jpg (103.73 KB, 600x841, 600:841, K2H5wx5[1].jpg)

929a5c  No.12093631




of kikery, and a dis-honorary kike

>renounce violence

>It's not violence when we do it

>ebil huwitey anglo keeps us down by bringing civilization

>let's lie down on train tracks because brits are to humane to just run the streetsheeters over


Setting on fire is excessive but grandmother of a friend of mine wore exclusively black as a sign of mourning from the day of her husband's death until her own.


>hard work (at least the ones I've met)

Running phone scams and writing sphagetti code an actual human has to rewrite and reimplement sure sounds like hard work.

7a4680  No.12093636

File: 47666227a68b2d6⋯.jpg (48.59 KB, 550x335, 110:67, Javascript Will Never Die ….jpg)

929a5c  No.12093642


>copy unrelated projects scooped from pastebin and github

>explosive diarrhea of bloated code

>Here you go, your H1B visa, Dog bless

I hope China goes to war with them

7a4680  No.12093646

File: 92348eb9c12cbf3⋯.jpg (85.11 KB, 420x420, 1:1, u jelly.jpg)

a66ae7  No.12093671

File: 32b27f101fd4f9e⋯.pdf (556.44 KB, china india water war.pdf)


They just might

db0b5f  No.12093750


>is that a SHRINE of a facebook page?

Yes, and it looks like one that's made out to be one of the pajeet god's page, the likes are by other gods.

75efa3  No.12093784


>Curry niggers are so inept at building that they forgo tradition they claim to uphold for a fucking facebook print out.

I love this timeline, the shitskins take stupid to a whole new dimension.

96847b  No.12093793

Is India even a real country?

3bd53d  No.12093798


Well what did you expect them to build?

7a4680  No.12093801


You think their nukes are shit filled dirty bombs?

971d57  No.12093862


>Is India even a real country?

Its a conglomerate, like China and the EU, and imagine if Africa united. Its 50+ (?) different ethnicities and languages mixed together in a country.

f8c342  No.12093875

File: f7ac3007a824003⋯.jpeg (58.19 KB, 342x342, 1:1, B1B05661-0C28-49EB-9EDA-0….jpeg)


I’m convinced non-whites have the intellectual capacity of 8 year old children. How is it that these fucks even have a country in the first place, Jesus fucking Christ.

7a7b7b  No.12093877

Never lived around the pahjeets but lots of times I've gotten off planes in major American cities and been surrounded by them, they have that third-world habit of "hey i hep you out you come here this way this way you give money okay i hep you out you good man very good man yes yes" assuming that I need my ego stroked just to get in a cab and get from point A to point B.

797ae2  No.12093881


And an equal number of languages. English is the only thing that holds them together. If you use Hindi to ask someone a question in the south, they’ll answer you in English.

e39231  No.12093883


does it have any natural beauty?

ba3677  No.12093887


infestation here, too. I avoid shops that they own

ba3677  No.12093894


no, but i saw the prequel. Bodies being burnt on pyres next to the Ganges (in Varanassi), people drinking water from the river to keep themselves young, as distended corpses floated by, thrown from the windows of the hospital.

971d57  No.12093902


>does it have any natural beauty?

Not anything that make me want to ever go there.

3526af  No.12093905


Spice monkeys are filthier but much less violent than beaners.

67f4e3  No.12093906

File: 980bd262d258b20⋯.png (63.06 KB, 1066x695, 1066:695, pol - Indian subhumans.png)

File: 4300abf03399d14⋯.png (396.59 KB, 1304x1818, 652:909, how the bongs ruled india.png)

3bd53d  No.12093922


That has to be the dumbest fucking question.

b5687a  No.12093929


Indians love showmanship.

The men also have no sense of shame.

I worked for Indians for 3 years. From Punjab. I dated a first generation Indian girl whose parents were from Hyderbad (the father) and Bengal (the mother). She was gorgeous. She and her family acted wholly different from the Punjabi indians I worked with.

Two of the other Indians at that job were from other parts of the country and carried themselves more like British folk do. I don't recall which state they were from though.

I dated another one from one of the western provinces. She was a muzzie.

I have an unhealthy fetish for desi girls. I married a white girl but that ended in divorce. I'm thinking of going to India on vacation to bleach their women.

65e3cf  No.12093938

File: eff755b243189c1⋯.jpeg (126.32 KB, 699x1024, 699:1024, 0755EC94-A623-433F-955D-7….jpeg)


Gee, boomers sure do like race mixing in 3rd world countries a whole lot. Something about you old faggots just rubs me the wrong way.

b24bb7  No.12093947


Based and redpilled my fellow white supremacist. I too like the company of “woke” minorities.

f125f7  No.12093951


Did indian poster finally got girlfriend?

17e8bc  No.12093962




It's fake you fucking autists.

694457  No.12093965


it is a pretty massive country. surely all that landmass isnt just poverty and human fesces?

b5687a  No.12093966


>Race mixing

I'm not raising them. I'm improving their gene pool.


we all have flaws

e0862a  No.12093969


does pajeet shit on street under camel feet?

I'm more fascinated that the other poo runs up and gets in on the action like he's been invited up on stage with Metallica.

3bd53d  No.12093974



What the fuck is up with whites thinking it's okay to bang and marry non-whites? If you're white, appreciate the fact that YOU are literally white. You literally have the most beautiful women in your race and you choose to fucking marry women out of your race? WHY?

3bd53d  No.12093979


You do have a good point. I guess maybe some Hindu temples would do. I've visited a lot of them and the really big ones are interesting. Whenever there is some special occasion, you can go around the temple as if it's some intricate maze and look around.

f125f7  No.12093981


>we all have flaws

Yeah, sometimes I skip a workout. At least I don't fuck shitskins.

695a17  No.12093995


Powerful story of love, friendship, and rivalry told in 5 pictures.

ce2ca7  No.12093996


Anon that's D&C bait. You took it.

b5687a  No.12094005


I married a white woman.


Not D&C bait. I was just telling a story from my 20s.

b5687a  No.12094012


Not all of us are fortunate enough to be red-pilled our entire lives. It was dating outside my race that started me down the path of race-realism. Seeing how their parents/family reacted to the idea of their daughters dating a white person was pretty eye opening.

0bc6aa  No.12094031


For work I spend a day a week in low social area over run by curry munchers, their shops never have customers but somehow remain in business almost like its a front for some other kind of business, it would be interesting to look at their tax books.

3bd53d  No.12094046


If you're not bait, I spit on you, as a Indian, for daring to end your bloodline.

cc5379  No.12094050


Good read, thanks for posting. Where did you find that article?

a66ae7  No.12094142

File: bbc580276114847⋯.png (117.28 KB, 320x371, 320:371, bbc580276114847770aecf1a11….png)


it's still racemixing

a66ae7  No.12094143


/k/ I think sage for double posting

6bb211  No.12094178

>never use deoderant

the only ones that work are with aluminium and aluminium makes you impotent

b541ec  No.12094180


The hate in my heart is strong right now.

eb17b7  No.12094228

File: d77a0bd3e94db4c⋯.jpg (167.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, old indian woman.jpg)


Your future.

eb17b7  No.12094260


:51, :52 and :53 seconds freeze frame and that is most DEFINITELY A MAN in the pink dress.

7a4680  No.12094261

File: 5259e73e245d9a8⋯.png (83.25 KB, 461x418, 461:418, uni34yxp7wdy[1].png)


>tfw still having job

eb17b7  No.12094262


FOUL. Your line will be exterminated in the great race wars to come.

7a4680  No.12094282

File: 77d832aacb35d3f⋯.jpg (138.13 KB, 791x600, 791:600, drink from sacred fountain….jpg)

000000  No.12094287



>improv their gene pool

Good. That way they'll, at times, behave somewhat human such that your "fellow white people" actually fall for the bait that they are human. tl;dr those are the first steps towards lowering the white mans' defenses. For example, suppose Africans were left as 60 IQ killers with weird body shapes. Now, would most claim they're human? Probably not. It's just because everyone is used to "blacks" (western) who are mixed with whites (look somewhat different, can (barely) talk, and have an 80 IQ).

7a4680  No.12094298

File: 2b99c2fd4f63445⋯.jpg (52.29 KB, 665x497, 95:71, pooliyuga comes.jpg)

13fbd3  No.12094311


They're more buglike than bugmen.

0ade1c  No.12094325

Can someone tell me whats the deal with these people and the dots on their foreheads and the women wearing scarves? is it like islam wear the women gotta be covered up or some shit? why do so many of them own gas stations in america? I was doing work up in arkansas once and out in the middle of nowhere there is a scarfie owned gas station and in the bathroom it says "do not flush toilet paper, throw in trash can"

486b52  No.12094329


Does that look like actual muscle, or injected silicone? I legit can't tell.

9b3586  No.12094344


It look like real muscle with all those "fibers"

469e7a  No.12094355



looks very real, but he's obviously juicing.

af2a3e  No.12094367

Anyone here in IT? How about those indian job recruiters on LinkedIn?

727c80  No.12094370

I've always had a deep hatred for Indians,that overpopulated toilet called India is a bedrock of disease and retardation.

Fucking subhumans.

3bd53d  No.12094392


Indian women mostly wear dots because it's a form of a "third eye". Some religious mumbo jumbo. As for the scarves, idk.

45d464  No.12094397


Which is precisely why millions of them are being flushed into White nations.

486b52  No.12094408

File: 9e51faa4c63bd34⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 430x320, 43:32, 3eae0cef4e32acd84e02d0c783….jpg)



Double dubs response, thanks guys.

69661e  No.12094422


No way do they actually get baptized in poo as children?

2a4f7e  No.12094477

File: e6f3ec97842e563⋯.png (398.5 KB, 864x738, 48:41, 1.png)


>But on the contrary, they also got rid of some degenerate practices like "sati" where when the husband dies, the wife will be forced to die along with him. And I mean "forced" as in set up a fire and be pushed into it.

Traditionally in sati the woman would voluntarily throw herself onto her husbands funeral pyre to follow him into the next world expressing her ultimate and unwavering bond to him. The fact that they'd have to force the women to do this means the society has spiritually and racially degenerated to a point of no return. The practice itself isn't degenerate.

Regarding pajeets: I work retail in Canada and they are the only ones who get hired any more. Most of them are straight from India, no deodorant and all, and the ones that are born here stick to their own culture. The annihilation of this way of life can't come soon enough.

0ade1c  No.12094485

File: 961dd26399ede16⋯.jpg (16.18 KB, 191x245, 191:245, rake.jpg)

9929b3  No.12094638


Shut up faggot, Durgesh would wreck you.

7464c4  No.12094639



I had a currynigger boss (he was fairly civilized but listened to NPR and had absolutely zero original thoughts). Of course he hired a currynigger as my coworker. This currynigger was rather sad state because he knew he was retarded and wanted me to mentor him to become less niggerish. I did what I could do without spending any time outside of work on it. Basically he was hopeless. Curryniggers are better than niggers but they're still children.

3bd53d  No.12094647


lol no, if the woman objects they're fucked.

28f5fd  No.12094794


Everything useful in india was invented by aryans before they get mongrelized.

ca3059  No.12094927

File: f6b20d16c556414⋯.jpg (46.9 KB, 750x706, 375:353, 2da63caf909f1039ad7b624cfe….jpg)


this, india is a cautionary tale against miscegenation. unfortunately it probably represents the fate of much of the world at this point

a23c67  No.12094958

File: 16979fea598b5b1⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 720x794, 360:397, street shitter.jpg)

66bafe  No.12095220


this post is the prime example of the poo-in-loo curse

>i am not like them, my tribe of indians is not like the other uncivilized tribes!

>proceeds to shit in street

>never wash - waste of water

>rape 9yr old, she didnt say no after i bonk her with hammer

>you UNEDUCATED PIG! *bathes in pajeet shit*

you subhumans are too delusional and have an ego too inflated to even realize you are part of the problem and just as much a subhuman as all the other poo in loos. i have yet to see an indian, light or dark skinned, that is not a living human feces storage system.

777b4b  No.12095228

File: 269a60a1795ac4a⋯.png (428.11 KB, 596x447, 4:3, ceca.png)


we've got a million gypsies in Serbia

66bafe  No.12095244


i swear to fucking god these subhumans have to be crossed with camels and some other species at some point. just look at these fucking literal shit-faces

e965cc  No.12095391


yes! i was about to /r/ that series of pic. thank you, sir.

e965cc  No.12095396


what happened?

e965cc  No.12095399



>yes, love the shit! become the shit!

e965cc  No.12095400


now we know where the color comes from.

fd2333  No.12095403

I saw one the other day who I swear looked like an Abbo.

b04504  No.12095526


Sometimes you can't tell them apart.

ed3186  No.12095616


Does little girl have many vagenes?

7e6cf0  No.12095804


IIRC the dot shows that the woman is married and off limits. Indians and mexicans both toss shit paper into the bin because they are used to non-existent or severely underdimensioned sewage systems. Indians also squat sitting on the toilet rim when they shit because thats how its done. If the toilet bowl is not big enough the indians asshole will spray shit on the back lid. Despite such setbacks the indian will not cease his misguided shitting on whiteys sanitary inventions.

66bafe  No.12095987



3bd53d  No.12096005


yeah but the dot is worn by women even before marriage

8e6525  No.12096036


The dot is used as well to when receiving a blessing, but that is a vermilion powder.

If you are married, you can put on a dot yourself every day, not made from powder. I think some of them are stick-on or something.

cf1e7c  No.12096075


My dad works as one of the heads of maintenance for a large corporate building. He recently told me about how a majority of his work is now monitoring the bathrooms for toilet malfunctions because of all the poojeets they've brought over not knowing how to use them.

5a1287  No.12096091


>Why do you think the caste system was put in place.

Because everywhere on this planet the lighter skin the better the people

without exception

* Except for jews, even pale jews are below nigger tier

** but jews are not people so original statement stands

4b04ac  No.12096218


That is one of the most troubling thing about the pahjeet. I lived in the same neighborhood long enough to see a Wendy's I liked go through hundreds of employees. When illegals became bold enough to stand in every street corner, they became something like 3/5 of the Wendy's employees, and that ratio stayed pretty stable for many years. At some point, one 50 something pahjeet was hired, and he was noticably worse than the no English beans. The beans would at least try to make the customer happy however they could lest they be de-beaned. The pahjeet however would take a fuck off attitude with everyone, make constant mistakes with orders, get things wrong in relation to what he thought was the order, argue with customers when they complained about everything being wrong, cut portion sizes, and often served food that was off. A few months later, I stopped seeing him in the take out window. This was not a success, this was a promotion for him. Manager pahjeet. Within weeks, every bean was gone (oh no) but also the college age white kids who seemed to be doing all the work lately. In two weeks the whole staff was replaced with pahjeets. Theres more story about that stores downturn, but it ends in all customers becoming violently I'll one day and the store burning to the ground the next.

Point is, with pajheet in charge, there will only be pahjeets hired and their host business will figuratively burn to the ground. Sometimes literally too.

86bdaf  No.12097018


not in IT, but before retail, I worked at a fast food place near a bunch of call centers in pahjeet central.

we'd always have at least a few customers who were layed off IT and call center workers who were replaced by Pahjeet.

from what I was told,they're forced to train their replacements or else they won't get a benefits package after getting the boot; it's that disheartening.

486b52  No.12097476


>mexicans (…) toss shit paper into the bin because they are used to non-existent or severely underdimensioned sewage systems

Maybe 30 years ago, in rural Mexico. t.better toilets than the Germans

ce924f  No.12097968


>they can't even get their badges straight


Yeah the quality is almost always lower than white, even chinkroaches can do better than them and they're usually shit too. Very few Indian places are of any quality.

7a4680  No.12098031


Denisovan gene bleed-through.

66bafe  No.12098039

the pungent smell of shit induced by watching these plague niggers is something that will forever be a good reason for genocide on its own

66bafe  No.12098064


fucking abominations

3bd53d  No.12098082


So I guess a simple trial to stop acting as a subhuman is "bad" to you?

a5418f  No.12098172

File: 55aee0b9559326b⋯.png (68.31 KB, 851x374, 851:374, 1442588749815.png)

Hey, Portumutt here. We've been having the same issue with Indians/Nepali/Thais settling here and taking over small towns. Indians by far are the worst of the three.

Here are my experiences:

>Be Indian soyboys in my school.

>Always complain about how no Portuguese female wants them and how said females are racist because of it.

>A few months ago they were catcalling a bunch of Chinese-looking women.

>Pajeet was telling friends of his how he was staring at this girl's ass all the time and couldn't lift because of it (judging by his soy physique, I'm going to assume this is a common occurrence).

>Phones. All day long. They're obsessed with them.

>Talks about how Europeans are so much shorter than Indians even though he lives in manlet Portugal. (He's around 5'9 btw)

>They have no volume control, they speak as loudly as possible to each other no matter where they are.

>Really ugly, blonde girl in my school was a contestant in a beauty pageant or something (lost). Pajeet unironically told me she looked like an angel.

I always see 4cucks on r9k defending Indians. I guess it's because they can empathize with a race of incels.

a5418f  No.12098177


You'll always be a pajeet shitskin neck yourself

3bd53d  No.12098178


Well I can't choose who I can be.

a5418f  No.12098196


You can choose to tie a rope around your neck. 10 points extra if you convince your Pajeet friends/family to tag along with you.

a5418f  No.12098220


I don't care if there are thousands of races in India- you're all one big pile of shit.

0fc06f  No.12098329


> not all shitskins are like that

No. You're all mixed with nigger and other branches of the non-White genetic tree. Your last act in this world will be burning in a pile with your bastard kin, stinking up hundreds of miles like a summer forest fire.


> some shitskins are OK

You go on the fire too.


> pooniggers crave attention

All shitskins are like undisciplined children or women, take your pick wanting Daddy's attention. They crave attention from Whites because all they can do is shit up the place due to being descendants of destroyers. Doesn't matter if they're nigger mixed, Dravidian, Arab, Jew, or fuck all, they will always be non-White bastards of creation that resort to their lowest innate behavior.



Somewhere along the line, either an ancient White male cucked and betrayed his race or a White female was raped by a shitskin that resulted in this bastardization of creation. Probably the latter.

098503  No.12098382


Is that you ,pajeet poster?

9b4137  No.12098671


>t.better toilets than the Germans

Strongly doubt that.

486b52  No.12099169


Ever seen a Mexican and a German toilets? The German one has this like, almost "display tray" and very low flush. Mexican toilets are pretty adept, though I don't know them outside the capital and some large cities or tourist spots. Also Germans tell you to pee like a girl and Mexicans have Chad communal pisseries.

9b4137  No.12099192


>Ever seen a Mexican and a German toilets?


>"display tray"


>Also Germans tell you to pee like a girl

That's what happens when the entire nation's feminized.

a5418f  No.12099427


Whites don't look like Indians you dumb fuck

084261  No.12099457


That is an impressive degree of stupidity.

a5418f  No.12099461


You took the easy way out. Non-White females will put White men above the chads in their race. The only reason you did so is because you couldn't compete sexually in your own race, kind of pathetic.

a5418f  No.12099470


If you only hate non whites because they hate you and not because they're subhuman trash, go back to Gab you civic cuck. They only hate you because they know they're subhuman (inferiority conplex).

929a5c  No.12099490

File: 4209b0e7573f056⋯.jpg (34.19 KB, 369x399, 123:133, unnamed.jpg)


>Not using baking soda as a healthy deodorant that lasts 24 hours even with intense physical activity


Same with honor killing showing how degenerate shitskins are. Certain dishonorable acts are irredeemable and as such you should kill yourself immediately, but a mob lynching you defeats the point.


>The only reason you did so is because you couldn't compete sexually in your own race

Sure seems worth the effort to have competed for her attention, but at least he's not racemixing (^:

Then again pajeets should be annihilated.

f125f7  No.12099509


Shut up nigger fucker. You justified fucking shitskins in the present tense. Kill yourself.

b0be23  No.12099579

File: 78f0f688f1688f6⋯.jpg (3.3 MB, 6192x3416, 774:427, 78f0f688f1688f6e480aeed0b2….jpg)

Posting the gold one.

f125f7  No.12099594


>how will india ever recover from this

They never will, but the shitalanche is coming. None of us may survive. India is a warning to the world: white lands can be browned to death.

fd2333  No.12099625


She probably has no ass. None of them do.

a5418f  No.12099830


There's no point with an Indian. Only way a poo can redeem himself is becoming an hero

150887  No.12099947


That's probably why Columbus thought he reached India

aa1ef0  No.12100040


>sexy and autistic

aa1ef0  No.12100050


Sikh gainz, bro.

bf3c35  No.12100133


>baking soda deodorant

Fellow genius confirmed. Two years of deodorant for $3. Easy.

9deb49  No.12100143


>The German one has this like, almost "display tray" and very low flush.

Those are rare these days (not sure how common they even were in the past) and as I understand it, it had the benefit of being able to get a better look at your stool which can be of interest for sick or elderly people.

>Also Germans tell you to pee like a girl and Mexicans have Chad communal pisseries.

You know you can just lift up the toilet seat and piss standing? And pissoirs are in every public men's bathroom.

86bdaf  No.12100336



I want the memer beaner cuck channers to fuck off

7d7881  No.12100388


T. Triggered virgin.

3577d2  No.12105313


this pretty much.

imagine being such a virgin that your race dies just by mixing and can't survive wouthout flushing the toilet paper?

meanwhile we chad MEXICANOS become one with out mixing, bringing our hybrid vigour!

a94ed9  No.12108055


Abbos actually have a few percent of indian DNA from the stone age. The theory is that a ship of pajeets got stuck in australia and were unstoppable with their futuristic stone weapons and +1 SD IQ, so they took all the abbo women.


6d5581  No.12108081


poor serbia what happened?

a4d64c  No.12108113

File: b91993a59598e81⋯.jpg (212.18 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Pamiri of China.jpg)


The Aryan shall retake all lands taken through deceit with force. There are still some Aryans in now what is China and India who have lived through millennia unknown to them their blood worth, /pol/ must show how much power there is in the blood or it'll all be lost.

>>Now the time has come for us to get something. We have been praying, we have been going to temples we have been doing all this, but what are we, why are we doing it? We get so much used to it that if you tell them "Now stop you have done quite a lot now, you now must have your thing." They'll say "No, we'll still do the same thing." It's the matter of habit. - Sdeb Sbyor

86bdaf  No.12133248

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is adorable. it's like a caricature of music videos and lyrics.

the way the guy tries to seem deep or the music directors try to the "go" motion.

37e479  No.12133713

>>12093346 https://youtu.be/xNOILPaTwb4 whole movie.. this clip is at the start of the movie… in the first 10-15 mins or so..

86bdaf  No.12133770

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


thanks anon

86bdaf  No.12133774

File: 509a01633492a17⋯.png (36.33 KB, 883x213, 883:213, ClipboardImage.png)


this is golden.

86bdaf  No.12133808

File: 2bef0e3bc7e0ccd⋯.png (196.43 KB, 530x867, 530:867, ClipboardImage.png)

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