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000000  No.12094871

=Generation Z has grown up online – so why are a surprising number suddenly turning their backs on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat?

For 17-year-old Mary Amanuel, from London, it happened in Tesco. “We were in year 7,” she remembers, “and my friend had made an Instagram account. As we were buying stuff, she was counting the amounts of likes she’d got on a post. ‘Oooh, 40 likes. 42 likes.’ I just thought: ‘This is ridiculous.’”

Isabelle, an 18-year-old student from Bedfordshire who doesn’t want to disclose her surname, turned against social media when her classmates became zombified. “Everyone switched off from conversation. It became: ‘Can I have your number to text you?’ Something got lost in terms of speaking face to face. And I thought: ‘I don’t really want to be swept up in that.’” For 15-year-old Emily Sharp, from Staines in Surrey, watching bullying online was the final straw. “It wasn’t nice. That deterred me from using it.”

It is widely believed that young people are hopelessly devoted to social media. Teenagers, according to this stereotype, tweet, gram, Snap and scroll. But for every young person hunched over a screen, there are others for whom social media no longer holds such an allure. These teens are turning their backs on the technology – and there are more of them than you might think.

While many of us have been engrossed in the Instagram lives of our co-workers and peers, a backlash among young people has been quietly boiling. One 2017 survey of British schoolchildren found that 63% would be happy if social media had never been invented. Another survey of 9,000 internet users from the research firm Ampere Analysis found that people aged 18-24 had significantly changed their attitudes towards social media in the past two years. Whereas 66% of this demographic agreed with the statement “social media is important to me” in 2016, only 57% make this claim in 2018. As young people increasingly reject social media, older generations increasingly embrace it: among the 45-plus age bracket, the proportion who value social media has increased from 23% to 28% in the past year, according to Ampere’s data.

This is part of a wider trend. According to a study by US marketing firm Hill Holliday of Generation Z – people born after 1995 – half of those surveyed stated they had quit or were considering quitting at least one social media platform. When it comes to Gen Z’s relationship to social media, “significant cracks are beginning to show”, says the firm’s Lesley Bielby.

She believes we will definitely see an increase in younger people quitting or substantially reducing their use. “And as younger Gen Zers notice this behaviour among their older siblings and friends, they too will start to dial down their use of social media.”

As the first generation to grow up online, Gen Z never had to learn social media, or at least not exactly. They glided through every iteration: Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), Instagram (2010) Snapchat (2011) in real time, effortlessly adopting each one. But a life lived in pixels from your earliest age is no easy thing.

“You start doing things that are dishonest,” says Amanuel, who quit social media aged 16. “Like Instagram: I was presenting this dishonest version of myself, on a platform where most people were presenting dishonest versions of themselves.”

Like Amanuel, Jeremiah Johnson, 18, from Luton, grew weary of the pressures of sustaining an online persona. “It’s a competition for who can appear the happiest,” he says. “And if you’re not happy and want to vent about it on social media, you’re attention-seeking.”

After being “bugged” by his friends to get Instagram (he had stopped using Facebook aged 16), Johnson joined. He lasted six months. “If you’re having a bad day and scrolling through it, you’re constantly bombarded with pictures of people going to parties. Even if that’s not an accurate portrayal of their lives, that’s what you see. So I stopped using it. It became depressing. It was this competition of who’s the happiest.” He pauses. “Participating in that is not something I’m interested in.”

Hyper-connected teens have been faced with a surfeit of clicks, retweets and likes – and the dopamine rush of online validation – since the neural pathways in their brains were formed.

“They’re becoming overwhelmed with the responsibility of maintaining their social sites and with upholding the somewhat inflated persona many have created on these sites, where they are constantly seeking approval via the amount of likes they get for any given post,” Bielby says.


000000  No.12094872

“The people who are the most honest about themselves do not play the game of Instagram,” Amanuel says. “The game of Instagram is who can maximise their likes by being the most risque, outrageous or conformist as possible. I didn’t want to play that game.”

At school, social media can be a brutal barometer of popularity. “If you meet someone new and they ask for your Instagram and you only have 80 followers,” says Sharp, “they’re going to think: ‘You’re not that popular’, but if you have 2,000 followers they’re going to be like: ‘You’re the most popular person in school.’” Sharp quit social media at 13. “I’d rather not know what other people think of me.”

A desire to build authentic, offline friendships motivated some to quit. “I’m so much better at real-life socialising now,” says Amanuel. “Not just those people you accept on a friend request who are friends of a friend.”

For Tyreke Morgan, 18, from Bristol, being a hard man to get hold of – he has no social media presence at all – has its advantages. “Everyone goes through other people to find me,” Morgan laughs, “and when I hear that they’re been trying to get hold of me I say: ‘Great!’ Why would I need 500 flakey friends?”

But when you are from a digitally native generation, quitting social media can feel like joining a monastery. Amanuel was recently asked by co-workers if she had Snapchat. “I said no,” Amanuel remembers, “and I instantly heard, like, gasps. It was like I’d revealed something disgusting.” She explained that she did have a Snapchat handle, but never used it. “Relief came out of their eyes! It was really weird.”

Teenagers not ready to quit entirely are stepping back for a while. Dr Amanda Lenhart, who researches young people’s online lives, conducted a survey of US teenagers, asking them about taking time off social media. “We found that 58% of teenagers said they had taken at least one break from at least one social media platform. The most common reason? It was getting in the way of schoolwork or jobs, with more than a third of respondents citing this as their primary reason for leaving social media. Other reasons included feeling tired of the conflict or drama they could see unfolding among their peer group online, and feeling oppressed too by the constant firehose of information.”

000000  No.12094874

Bielby agrees that young people are becoming more aware of the amount of time they waste online. Of the young people Hill Holliday surveyed who had quit or considered quitting social media, 44% did so, she says, in order to “use time in more valuable ways”.

“I don’t know how people doing their A-levels or GCSEs have the time for it,” says Isabelle. “They’re constantly studying, but their only distraction is social media.” Rather than get sucked into a “mindless vortex of never-ending scrolling,” as she puts it, when Isabelle isn’t studying she prefers to be outdoors.

The fact that Gen Z have had their every move documented online since before they could walk, talk, or even control their bowels helps explain their antipathy to social media: it makes sense for them to strive for privacy, as soon as they reach the age when they have a choice over their online image.

“I’ve seen parents post pictures of their child’s first potty online,” says Amy Binns of the University of Central Lancashire. “You think: ‘Why are you doing this to your child? They wouldn’t want this to be public.”

Gen Z has an interest in privacy that subtly sets them apart. “Young people want to get away from the curtain-twitching village, where everyone knows everything about you,” Binns says. So while today’s teens spend a lot of time online, they don’t actually share that much personal information. And when they do share, it’s strategic. “You’re painting a picture of who you are and your image,” says Binns. “It’s your own shop window or brand.”

“Framing a picture and posting it on there is not a five-minute thing,” says Amanuel, explaining that any post will be well-thought-out in order to project a certain image and maximise likes. “It takes hours of deliberation.”

“When social media started, we didn’t really know what it was going to mean,” says Binns. “Young people are more aware of the value of privacy than we were 10 years ago.”

Amanuel says that the Cambridge Analytica story, with its exposure of widespread data harvesting, helped prompt her to get off social media, and many more young people seem to be turning against Facebook; on Tuesday, it was reported that the number of Facebook users aged 18 to 24 in Britain is expected to fall 1.8% this year.

Some of the teens I spoke to were concerned about how technologies such as Snap Map – a Snapchat feature that tracks your friends geographically, in real time – were spreading through their schools, and mistrustful of the privacy consequences of being surveilled by your followers wherever you go. “Snap Map is this big thing with a lot of my friends, but there is a sense of privacy that is being breached as well,” Isabelle says.

Teenagers are also educated about the ramifications of an offensive tweet, or explicit picture, as well as the health consequences of too much screen time. “Young people are being taught in schools about sharing nudes and how tweets can travel around. They’ve seen the horror stories,” says Binns.

Isabelle agrees. “Constant screen time damages your ability to see, and it also causes internal damage, such as anxiety.” Studies have shown that social media use can negatively affect mental wellbeing, and adolescents are particularly susceptible: one nationally representative survey of US 13- to 18-year-olds linked heavier social media use to depression and suicide, particularly in girls. And 41% of the Gen Z teens surveyed by Hill Holliday reported that social media made them feel anxious, sad or depressed.

000000  No.12094875

But quitting social media can create new anxieties. “Our research shows that the biggest fear of quitting or pausing social media is missing out,” Bielby says. Some are more sanguine than others. “Do I miss out on stuff?” Morgan asks. “Yeah, of course. People find it hard to keep in contact with me. They say: ‘It would be easier if you had this or that.’ But I don’t think it’s that hard to type in my number and send a text. You’re just not willing to do it.”

Others struggle with the fear of missing out. “It’s like everyone in your friend group has gone to a party without telling you,” Johnson says. At times, he questions himself. “I second-guess myself a lot. There are some days I’m really convinced I want to reinstall it, not for myself, but because I want to appear normal.”

Still, refuseniks such as Johnson may not be outliers for ever. In a world in which everyone is online, renouncing social media is a renegade, countercultural move: as quietly punk as shaving your head or fastening your clothes with safety-pins. Morgan has become a svengali for classmates wanting to escape. “My friends come to me and say: ‘Tyreke, I don’t have social media any more,’ and I go: ‘Why? I thought that’s what you guys do.’ And they say: ‘Thanks to you, because of the things you said and the stuff you’re doing.’ It’s quite cool.”

Quitting social media is a determined move: apps including Facebook and Instagram are designed to be addictive. “Social media is so ingrained in teenage culture that it’s hard to take it out. But when you do, it’s such a relief,” Amanuel says. She has received a lot of “admiration” from her peers for quitting. “They wish they were able to log off. People feel like social media is a part of them and their identities as teenagers and something you need to do,” she says. “But I’m no less of a teenager because I don’t use it.”

62c990  No.12094877

File: cb0c7353b6f1899⋯.jpg (52.66 KB, 500x669, 500:669, chris poole we heart it 7.jpg)

2ac9d9  No.12094911


Generations don't exist retard. and besides 8CHAN IS NOW SNAPCHAT,FACEBOOK,TWITTER,INSTAGRAM.

8155d6  No.12094950

I've never understood the desire to use Instagram/Snapchat if you're the average person.

>post pics





I get it if you're some celeb or super hot chick where you know you're going to get 34543 likes, but if you're just some random fuck posting pics of your shitty craft beer and overpriced vegan "meal", what's the point? I still have my Facebook but I never even use it for posting pics. I check it maybe once every two months for my inbox since it's the only way people can keep up with me if they want (never owned a cellphone and I don't give out my email unless for some essential reason).

8a23e9  No.12094964

Before reading any further than the title;

No shit. Web 2.0 is unnatural and garbage as shit.

ddfeed  No.12094985

File: 1c844fbf557edcd⋯.png (3.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rwds 2.png)


the kike-free posts start here.


afc168  No.12094989

>Amanuel says that the Cambridge Analytica story, with its exposure of widespread data harvesting, helped prompt her to get off social media, and many more young people seem to be turning against Facebook; on Tuesday, it was reported that the number of Facebook users aged 18 to 24 in Britain is expected to fall 1.8% this year.

Meh, it's like a story saying young people in the 80s are turning off their televisions after realizing jews are dumbing down the content and pushing sexual deviance. It must be some weird attempt to get young people away from jew news until stronger censorship laws pass.

99e7ac  No.12094993

this gen Z hysteria is so fucking dumb. They're going to be the first generation to accept transhumanism

000000  No.12095004


Literally who?


And it's the entire millennial generation, its very essence and core of what it is. Statistics show every generation can live without kikegook, plebbit, and other shit EXCEPT millennials. Millennials will die without their pozzed SJW media made by their jew masters. Generation Z has to murder them all to save the world.

62c990  No.12095035


That is Chris Poole, as in your featured video…Chris Poole, when he was younger, dressed as the Green Man for Beltane.

68a10c  No.12095040


I hope they do so harshly and prologned, millenialssadly I probably am one deserve the suffering as much as boomers for fucking up the world for everyone.

82b10a  No.12095051

File: a4141727cc8687a⋯.png (281.91 KB, 498x373, 498:373, they-grow-up-so-fast-19507….png)


d7b26d  No.12095057

File: 921e92c4d3d0a61⋯.jpeg (11.35 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpeg)

File: e67d1afa9bbf363⋯.jpg (64.87 KB, 363x632, 363:632, Don't fight delinquency.JPG)

File: dbf9498083a8399⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 334x475, 334:475, e73950965f5c796b4c8e4f60e3….jpg)

File: 50838ed832139e2⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1042x1600, 521:800, 43524378-7718915034_ab37ae….jpg)

File: 0fe938651bf3b98⋯.jpg (247.06 KB, 818x900, 409:450, homecoming-marine-rockwell.jpg)


at least we are now at the end of the alphabet, so the kikes can't keep shoving this generational D&C baloney down the masses' throats like a high school cheerleader at the football team nigger gangbang.

what comes after Gen Z?

generations are bullshit marketing and mind kontrol, to tell you what you think you ought to be doing and consuming and wasting your minwage cuckbucks on, based on what (((media))) tells you what your peers are allegedly doing.

"you're supposed to buy more XYZ 20 year old goy, don't you want to be like your friends?"

newflash: after you realize some elderly kike billionaire in Beverly Hills has no real idea what anyone at any age is doing, and that they're making it up throwing darts at a board, you become free from generational horse blinders.

82b10a  No.12095059

File: ca11fda718bee6d⋯.jpg (99.21 KB, 567x492, 189:164, SON I PROUD.jpg)


Late X-er/proto-millenial here. Our only redemption for not preventing the Hell kikes and their boomer golems prepared for post-millennials would be taking the first bullet by leading from the front.

Zyklon newfags are like the sons kikes deprived me of.

908b1f  No.12095064

File: 121862880db1ec2⋯.png (14.36 KB, 399x391, 399:391, wha-huh.png)


How could anyone tire of karma-whoring/virtue-signaling on social media? Have the perpetually-offended "no amount of cucking is ever enough" mob actually made it unpalatable? These social media sites are literally designed around providing a cheap dopamine hit to anyone who appeals to a heavily-controlled manufactured consensus. They are designed, like most media, to manufacture the goodest goy possible.

82b10a  No.12095067

File: f787ad0d62743ea⋯.jpg (285.23 KB, 1520x1121, 80:59, ai robot racist algorithms.jpg)

File: a7dd1b453c2b559⋯.jpg (36.04 KB, 400x637, 400:637, robots vs niggers.jpg)

File: 5051ba02dd168d9⋯.webm (7.59 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Transjewmanists btfo.webm)

File: 448c9812f982f16⋯.png (348.56 KB, 1071x923, 1071:923, tay 4chan.png)


Non-(((Asimov)))ian transhumanism is not necessarily bad.

908b1f  No.12095075


>“this shit is an absolute lie.”

I see so many dependent on the lies that they can't escape, especially women (and emasculated men) who thrive on social acceptance the threat of being socially ostracized for jew-designated "wrong think" is worse than death.

68a10c  No.12095083


Taking the bullet first for other millenials is a terrible idea because like kikes, they will try every kike act to avoid being shot, and I do fear that gen z will fall for it because they have the human emotion as compassion, something millenials and kikes do not have. However I would gladly take one for gen z.

b3495b  No.12095085

File: 41d6c87698ddc35⋯.jpg (99.12 KB, 426x568, 3:4, AH.jpg)

I'm a millennial and I'm betting most people here are. No one I know uses social media anymore, not for at least the last like 5 or so years. Idk what is with you kikes and all this generational warfare shit but out in the real world no one gives a fuck when you were born. All this generation shit is propaganda being pushed by kikes

68a10c  No.12095086


>ai are prauge golems

Id say they are more akin to the dybuck, demons made to kill evil all jews.

82b10a  No.12095100


Said this old goat would take the bullet for the Z-boys, not fucking soyllenial sissies.

I would never put a millennial behind my back unless he had really fucking EARNED my trust.

82b10a  No.12095106

File: eafdcfd0b2942f6⋯.jpg (68.06 KB, 450x200, 9:4, computers-are-racist.jpg)


> internet at large is really only for faggots, minorities and escapists


There are no niggers on the internet, newfag.

685238  No.12095111


99b749  No.12095120


>There are no niggers on the internet

There are niggers ALL OVER the internet. Are you an idiot?

909465  No.12095127

File: 0c450ccbf13fcf4⋯.png (3.51 MB, 2600x1734, 1300:867, ClipboardImage.png)




I can see a bunch of reasons why the OP didn't post a pic from the article

2520b1  No.12095130


The names were a dead giveaway for me, so sick of all this generation z hype as if they aren't as pozzed as the rest of us if not worse

99b749  No.12095131

File: 2bba8cf4a1de66e⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1240x744, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5a8141f24bb9aa2⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1240x744, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Holy shit

4d68fd  No.12095139


While I like the general idea or thrust of the article and the facts related, I have to say two things about modern (((reporting))).

>muh anecdotes

Really, do we have to?

>Mary Amanuel (((mystery meat)))

>Jeremiah Johnson (((caribbean nigger)))

>Tyreke Morgan, 18, (((from Bristol)))

>Dr Amanda (((Lenhart)))

Were there no British people to talk to?

2520b1  No.12095142


God damn that is one ugly fucking nigger, looks even less evolved and more simian than the average groid

685238  No.12095143
















b4b1d0  No.12095147


even the blond girls are really niggers if you look closely

471dd6  No.12095153


Yeah all look Latinx, hair coloring has come a long way.

471dd6  No.12095156

File: c97184d9590907d⋯.png (260.79 KB, 2271x2380, 2271:2380, sweating-towel-guy.png)


>>Hitler loving sex robot

b24d34  No.12095171

File: d8f9724fcd09f6e⋯.jpg (74.42 KB, 800x420, 40:21, 7e48f499df416ed4f29371ad6b….jpg)



Exactly what I was thinking reading this thread.

Reads like nothing but bullshit mixed with DnC sprinkles.

We are winning and they are desperate.

We are winning.

99b749  No.12095175


Holy cow you're right, I wasn't really paying attention and just assumed it had 1 white girl but you're right. Literally everyone pictured in the article is either a nig or a half-breed

348a63  No.12095205


Transhumanism will be genetic, not digital.

000000  No.12095209


Oh shut up boomer. We have you to thank for Gen Z and their worthless millenial spawn. Go back to your Q larp.

000000  No.12095213


Gen X even. I was merely illustrating your point by the way. No offense.

000000  No.12095218

Bullshit. The only reason these retards quit social media is because they could not compete and be popular enough. They were literally butthurt and deleted their accounts. They will be back.

902ea5  No.12095219


milennial here. I think we are indeed winning. I'm seeing more awareness in (((dirty tricks))) then ever before and more people are no longer falling for the smoke and mirrors msm or hollywood leftism.

000000  No.12095225



Good. Britain deserves to be destroyed. Consider this: if there was no Britain, no France, no USA to join WW2 now we could live in a white society.

68a10c  No.12095231




If there was no france there would have been no ww1.

000000  No.12095232


If Britain, France and USA were majority non-white they would not join the war for jews or they would be too incompetent to make a difference. Maybe we'll get a second chance once jew controlled countries become non-white.

a2a5e5  No.12095234


the topic is now gen z

68a10c  No.12095250


You are incorrect, just look at africa and the middle eastern countries ww2, they majority sympathized with the nazis and either offered to help or kept out of their way. Minorities only care about jews when whites are around but dont give a rats ass when they are the odd monstrosity out.

f96fb3  No.12095256







Boomers using more social media, you say? What a surprise

ae32e5  No.12095296

On Generations and Their Cohorts

By Anon.


[jen-uh-rey-shuh n]

>12c.; from Middle French 'generātiōn'; from Latin 'generationem': "generating"; from 'generare' to "bring forth" (see genus, generate).

>Early 14c., "a body of individuals born and living at about the same time".

The meanings "act or process of procreation", "process of being formed", and "offspring of the same parent" are late 14c.

The concept of "Generations" wasn't created to separate people that are the same. It was created to measure and study the similarities and differences between people as mapped across time. The twenty-year time range is based on the child-to-adult growth period where a person's identity and world view are formed or manipulated.


1960-1980: Generation X(tream)

1980-2000: Generation Y

2000-2020: Generation Z

Because there isn't a single point where one Generation ends and another begins, we have created 'Cohorts' that overlap.


1990-2010: Millennials

This is an actual area of ongoing research and some /pol/ack is behind it all. also '30yo boomer' is an irl mon$ter meme ad

ae32e5  No.12095299


>example of the exploitation of this research to d&c

>your parents & grandparents

>privacy & anti-surveillance advocates

000000  No.12095304


That was my point. If WW2 white countries that fought for the jews were instead majority non-white they would not join the war.

06b3ef  No.12095386




>talking shit about White millennials when we were fucked over by pussy boomer and gen xers. Fucking get over yourselves, you had it all so you can look tough and say you did xyz because you had the power to. I am glad you realise how little compassion we will show because when the time comes, even some faggot on "our" side shows the same level of disrespect you two faggots have show for my generation, you will get a bullet clean through your fucking frail old skull.

>talking about kikes

>shit on members of his own Race because of arbitrary numbers

>muh gen z are le baysed

Get the fuck out of here.

06b3ef  No.12095389


>talking shit about White millennials when we were fucked over by pussy boomer and gen xers.

Fucking get over yourselves, you had it all so you can look tough and say you did xyz because you had the power to. I am glad you realise how little compassion we will show because when the time comes, even some faggot on "our" side shows the same level of disrespect you two faggots have show for my generation, you will get a bullet clean through your fucking frail old skull.

>talking about kikes

>shit on members of his own Race because of arbitrary numbers

>muh gen z are le baysed

Get the fuck out of here.

3f5721  No.12095395


No. True Zoomers are into Ted's primitivist worldview.

t. 18 yo Zoomer

3f5721  No.12095410

File: eca9739d0a612b6⋯.png (79.98 KB, 1876x1200, 469:300, eca.png)


Always had the suspicion the 30 yo boomer meme was in truth a marketing campaign.

A funny one tho

864bc6  No.12095433


19 y.o Zoomer here. I am an unironic National Socialist. (((neo-nazis))) are a disgrace and should be gassed along with the kikes

68a10c  No.12095451



Say that once millenials actually do something of value to actually fix shit and not just spend their time looking for ass pats online. Say that once you do something of value to fix shit, and no breeding white children is not fixing shit, its simply delaying the collapse. You want to fix shit, either get into politics hiding your powerlevel, knowing full well many will call you weak for doing so, or figure out a way to collapse e society fast forcing people onto the streets.

094275  No.12095468


did it work on anyone though ? I drink the odd energy drink but I've never bought a Monster. Who actually bought a Monster because of this meme ?

84eb48  No.12095500

I can’t stand the video shit like Snapchat. I’ll never participate in that. To me there’s nothing so nauseatingly narrcistic and self promoting than taking little shitty videos of your absolutely worthless life. No one can even enjoy anything as it is on their own anymore because we’ve taken that joy one gets at showing things to others, and condensed it into a potent drug. And we’re fucking mainlining it right now. At least with Instagram you can take cool pictures that don’t have you in them or involve you in anyway.

84eb48  No.12095504


I found myself buying them over this past summer for the first time in years, because my work has them. But I do think these idiotic memes worked subconsciously on me. Funny because I can’t stand those I think they’re the opposite of funny. They should be added to that old ED article on Unfunny things. Perhaps it was also because this was a hot summer and coffee is not pleasant to me when it’s so hot.

474f97  No.12095517

File: 7d6bf243224af90⋯.jpg (153.07 KB, 1280x725, 256:145, ManEatMan.jpg)

File: 19e990609556e6c⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 204x247, 204:247, Murphy.jpg)

File: 71c741cf53b02bd⋯.jpg (57.91 KB, 753x446, 753:446, Doc and Murphy.jpg)

File: fb21606a2446b9c⋯.jpg (100.08 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, Doc leads.jpg)

File: b90fcedd2774db1⋯.jpg (254.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 10k and QT.jpg)

I realize the star of this show is a Sharknado army negress but I can enjoy it in spite of that because they bleached her and the rest of the cast is white.

7a5420  No.12095534


>whaa whaa I hate white pills

474f97  No.12095740

File: 5779b3ac3394330⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 900x598, 450:299, asian-couple-cute-nazi-cos….jpg)

File: c364960b713a303⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 900x598, 450:299, nazi-cosplay-03.jpg)

File: c5c705e61abbedd⋯.jpg (58 KB, 465x700, 93:140, nazi-cosplay-05.jpg)

File: 5ab68965f0b785a⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 466x700, 233:350, nazi-cosplay-08.jpg)

File: 42413abe78b5135⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 900x601, 900:601, nazi-cosplay-09.jpg)



fccbf1  No.12095835


You’re such a fag.

da6836  No.12095894


millenials are just a product of gen X hippies

d0951a  No.12095903


Generation Y are Millennials

d0951a  No.12095905


Why is that bad if I'm not a luddite or a chirstcuck?

5294a7  No.12095922


>generations aren't real

t. boomer

Gas yourself and the rest of your cohort; you share equal culpability with the jews for the younger generations' strife.

098209  No.12095951


>tor poster, so probably slide thread.

that aside, it's probably a mix of the boomers moving online and dumb algorithm stuff and over moderation.

I don't see any of my real FB friends post. I see random boomers whose posts I liked once. I can't post edgy content or I will receive a ban and/or offend the boomers I know. DO you want to post a pic of you and your gf making out? Not if you don't want your mom to see it and ask when you will get married.

8b09da  No.12096023

Apart from south park tier faggotry, I've seen no proof of redpilled zingers. Each generation is getting more effeminate.

Chris Poole is a perfect example. What a faggot, he turned out to be.

81422b  No.12096103


for years i've been meaning to turn that "can a nigger" into a video and I always forget about it. I might just do that if it's slow at work today, wouldn't be too hard a little basic editing that robot has enough dialogue putting together the word nigger in a believable way shouldn't be too hard, keep an eye out in the webm thread.

ee44f1  No.12096122


>so why are a surprising number suddenly turning their backs on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat?

Because they know the dangers involved. They're not blind like the previous 3 generations.

(though frankly "generation divisions" are jewish D & C)

ee44f1  No.12096125


Turned me off energy drinks 2bh. I almost think that may have been the goal.

And that's a good thing.

f5cee6  No.12096129


You forgot the part with that nigger in the pics prison record for rape and battery

bfe789  No.12096151


30 year old boomer?

Boomers are in their 50s now at a minimum.

30 years old would ben gen Y

5c4cf9  No.12096261


As non-cucked millennials, it is our job to take a leadership role. Gen-z will be the bulk of the movement.

a7d432  No.12096270

social media is like porn for women. imagine being a woman that looks mildly attractive, you can basically start your own cult of self worship online

999706  No.12096312


It's a meme. Boomers are in their 70s, actual boomers anyway. A 30 year old boomer is a millennial who thinks, acts, and believes like a boomer.

d5fdc5  No.12096359

you can see that the marketing driven generations crap is reaching diminishing returns if generational cohorts are nowadays less than a decade apart

however that doesn't mean you need to completely dismiss the idea of generations being similar in behaviour: at the very least you see the grander motion of people that lived during shit and made things better (greatests generation) and people living during good times making things shit (boomers)

but the real point you all need to see is how jewish media shapes your popular representation of a time

see young boomers are in all (((modern culture))) depicted as useless dirty hippie scum living in communes and getting degenerate at woodstock, same as they will portray the millenials as neon colored landwhale SJW's

however in both cases this is pure media trickery as neither demographic had any real majority amongst the youth, the media just shows them all the time and lets them screech loudly. yet the proper social dynamic in most places outside of direct pozzed control is still the pretty rich kids ontop as a school is a darwinian monkey rock where the strong thrive and weakness is hated. the same ideals have been ontop for ages and do not change due to jewish propaganda

never forget that and that (((they))) change our perception of reality at every turn

da6836  No.12096385


>goodest goyneration

>made shit better

38a93f  No.12096393


Fucking this. If you're born after 1990, have children and a wife just keep doing what you're doing and set the right example

0fc071  No.12096596

File: d82eef2540b4c64⋯.png (6.99 KB, 640x302, 320:151, gn.png)


>As non-cucked millennials, it is our job to take a leadership role. Gen-z will be the bulk of the movement.


I do see/meet them more and more since they are just like me fed up with this nonsense all around us, there might be more non-cucked people (w/e generation) then we might think.

ae32e5  No.12096684


The second half of Generation Y are "Millennials", as are the first half of Generation Z, since it is a twenty-year period centering on the year 2000.

8d5c91  No.12096692


I dare you to try to lead even a small group of these braindead little shits, anon. If your self-righteousness is enough keep you from giving them what they really want, sex and attention, then you will soon discover that, just like our cohort, they are incapable of listening, and even less so of learning. Even if you were able to somehow secure funding for your subversive project directly from the jewlords themselves, your wards would want to waste the shekels on "communications materials" and fucking t-shirts, never understanding, despite your best teachings, that shekels have had one fucking purpose since the beginning of fucking time: buying fucking people. In the end, as always, you will find yourself alone with a mountain of work ahead of you. Lucky for me, my ancestors were mountain men.

ae32e5  No.12096705


Also, per your pic related, the date ranges starting and eding in the center of a decade, such as 1945-1965, are based off of the "end of the war" baby "Boomers", as if only then was there a "boom" in births and not during the previous five years, beginning in 1940, when the first group of soldiers returned home after the 1939 year of deployment and made babies. The dates have been adjusted from center-decade to end-to-end decade to fit the new label of "Millennial", which centers on the year 2000.

ae32e5  No.12096713


Challenge Accepted.

8d5c91  No.12096731


You have until Nov 2020, anon, good luck. If you are successful enough, meaning (((they))) are spending shekels on you, I might help.

000000  No.12098211

tbh dey rite wat is dem faces o da millneil gen? christ pole n bark suckerberg. pathetic

z gun gas em yepyep

000000  No.12098411


>had significantly changed their attitudes towards social media in the past two years


a2a5e5  No.12098741

File: c47d94fd0abf4ed⋯.png (108.55 KB, 3302x366, 1651:183, Strauss-Howe Generational ….png)

547c38  No.12099085


>so why are a surprising number suddenly turning their backs on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat

Their moms are on Facebook, Instagram has the unenviable reputation of being only for the thottest of attention whores, and Snapchat still remains popular so long as their core demographic doesn't get diluted and too saturated.

6042bf  No.12099101


20 year old here. Gas the Kikes, Race War Now.

685238  No.12099308





59b4d0  No.12099330


they are turning their backs on everything jew and know jews are not chosen and instead all liars who don't deserve to live let alone among us infesting like parasites or being teachers in college spewing kike bullshit at them trying to indoctrinate with bs pretending to be white


Future Soldiers Redpilled And Ready for Memetic Warfare

85f33e  No.12099493


I drank regular green Monsters before the meme, then I tried that silver can shit just because of the meme and it was awful.

52bdc8  No.12101123


Bump for knowledge.

eb37b0  No.12101173


My Generation is to be renamed the "Hitler Youths Generation" and we're taking back western culture and society from (((them)))

d0951a  No.12101213


>The second half of Generation Y are "Millennials", as are the first half of Generation Z

Then what is the first half of it

2468ae  No.12101279


These niggas don't even know what an html frame is

9b29a2  No.12101309

They see the degenerating world around them and are looking for sources of the problems. One obvious one is technology/the internet, so they are becoming less likely to engage with it. It will be a fluctuating trend, but the internet boom is hopefully coming to an end soon.

98c368  No.12101331


I was going to say something, but eh. I wish you luck. Fast track your education, and I mean put the fucking pedal to the metal. And, the moment you establish yourself in work, get married and have kids asap. Talk with her. If she says she wants to have kids, ask around, make sure she's the type. You're wanting a woman who really fucking wants to have kids.

Why? Because you want your kids to be able to fucking hold an AR-15 by 2050. 2025, things will settle in. We'll be in a high. But we're cruising for Civil War II. In reality, of course, the US military is way too powerful for the communists to have a chance. But it will suck. There will be many communists launching terror attacks of tremendous horror.

2468ae  No.12101346


Internet is good because it finally allowed people to break out of the Jewish-imposed popular monoculture that dominated the second half of the 20th century. Internet has its own problems to be sure, but it has been net benefit for us.

44be52  No.12101353


>thinks the diverse army will be on our side

Maybe parts of it, not all of it.

d0951a  No.12101363


>but the internet boom is hopefully coming to an end soon.

People thought the telephone was going to be a fad too

2468ae  No.12101376


>the US military is way too powerful for the communists to have a chance.

Who do you think controls the military, dude?

98c368  No.12101378


You don't get it. Blacks were on our side in Civil War I also. That's because blacks want fucking jobs ffs.

98c368  No.12101381


< belieber in civvie control


44be52  No.12101385



They are perfectly happy living on the welfare rolls and fucking our daughters lad. Why would they want that to come to a end?

2468ae  No.12101390


Even the white people in the military are anti-white.


Our side is the side that wants to exterminate or deport niggers. Why would they be on our side?

ecbf88  No.12101393


Not all that wander are lost.

I personally know more middle-aged people glued to kikebook and their smartphones than people my age (mid-twenties) or younger. I gave up kikebook before I even knew about the JQ or their involvement. I don't have a computer, so retardphones are my access to everything.

2468ae  No.12101397


Military men are the most ideologically committed to American leftism, retard.

9e87ed  No.12101790


This is awesome news, OP.

000000  No.12103003

Instead of bickering, be glad there is hope for the future. The new generations are the most conservative and wise they've been in a very very long time.

52bdc8  No.12103048


Do not worry anon we will beat the kikes!

ac70af  No.12103064

these 15 year old girls "turning their backs on social media" arent old enough to use tinder to get free meals yet. check on them again in 10 years and theyll be singing a different tune.

3056e8  No.12103090

So they just discovered there are actual social networks made of people outside the handheld mirror.

6ab7f3  No.12103122

Facebook is clunky and gaudy, no one uses it except for tech-unrefined old people.

Generation Zog is so full of soy that they will make the Millennials look like Generation X in comparison. Calling them Millennials-on-steroids is an understatement. Gen Zog is already the most nonwhite and queerest generation in history. Effeminate, high pitched, and phone-addicted with weird fetishes. The future looks disgusting.

91ee56  No.12103215


Born 2000, 18 now. I never use social media, it's fucking stupid. I'd rather just talk to friends or hang out. I only ever use any form of digital communication to try to spend time with people IRL. Hate social media and everything it stands for.

0d7475  No.12103226

Don't most people that have an Internet connection use Facebook? This isn't news. It's just trying to get reads by making people wonder why someone wouldn't use social media.

000000  No.12103239


Back in our day 11-13 year old girls were old enough to do so on AIM-AOL chatrooms to slut around for free meals and they have so many more places to attention whore now even to thirsty betas on twitch. No, you need to accept that Z is way more conservative even the stats show this, that they think, dress, and have values differently from millennial girls when they were Z's age.

000000  No.12103262


>most people

Only and only the millennials use kikebook as a majority by analytics, data, stats. Boomers are tech retarded, Xers are too lazy and don't care to maintain one also somewhat retarded with tech still, millennials are perfect jewslaves to digital bread and circuses.

Z is the most redpilled generation since GG, probably more and this increases exponentially if you only count the white demographic. This is the first generation in history to has to deal with diversity in full and they want Hitler back.

98c368  No.12103265


>Military men are the most ideologically committed to American leftism

t. cianigger

Just gas yourself, fuckface.

98c368  No.12103267


> dress

Teenagers are starting to dress like they're 30 year old office workers.

849f74  No.12103276

File: 4bd07a89698d3ca⋯.gif (370.38 KB, 406x287, 58:41, Dun_Goofed.gif)


Back in our day, 11-13 year old girls were titanic sluts who literally fucked the whole internet until their fathers called the cyber police and died.

8a23e9  No.12103283


>arent old enough to use tinder

Says who? Because a good number of the 18-20 year old girls on Tinder are 14-17.

can you guess why it's 18-20 and not 18-21 or 18-23?

21c7e9  No.12103388


Gen AA

It's like an excel spreadsheet.

2a8fb8  No.12103408

File: cbcdf7287990761⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 273x225, 91:75, checked.jpg)


>Gen AA


Generation dubs.

f39969  No.12103546


>Generations don't exist

>probably in some other thread going off about boomers

fb0c78  No.12107725


Such retards are simply obnoxious. Generations have been proved to exist, using the scientific method. For example, it can be shown there are certain memories which cluster, economic experiences, outlook on life.

0b1e68  No.12107997


Some of the memes were pretty good, but I wouldn't even drink a can of that chemical swill if it were free. Maybe if they got rid of the sucralose I'd drink it once in a while.

fb0c78  No.12108008


The white one is excellent. It's the best zero calorie energy drink, and easily. cba to look up the name. Literally drinking it now. It's white. It's zero calorie. Monster.

Zero calories! And tastes nice. Not amazing, but nice.

fb0c78  No.12108010


If you have no deity, you must even be afeard of little woodland woolies.

0b1e68  No.12108025


Seriously, why don't they make a cane sugar version? Sucralose makes it taste like antifreeze.

fb0c78  No.12108054


h-how do you know what antifreeze tastes like?

0b1e68  No.12108084


Working under a car with the coolant lines off. Seriously though, they should have a cane sugar only Monster.

7ef159  No.12108093

fb0c78  No.12108097


I admit I'd try one.

0b1e68  No.12108101


If the price were kept down, it could be a Dew killer.

1dd784  No.12108233


The military will have it's own civil war, that's why it will get so brutal.

65aef8  No.12108259

>boomers, X and Y gens complain millenials are phone zombies

>millenials complain about online bullying

>online bullying is deterring gen Z from using social media

leaving all politics aside

social media and phone zombies are fucking cancer, i never thought we'0d actually be doing a favour to the world by being assholes online, but it sure feels good to know we are involuntarily saving gen Z from the social media cancer

1a8053  No.12108318


>I've never been in the military but I know about the military guise

Cool story bro. Unlike you, I actually wasn't too much of a pussy to see some action.

629f7c  No.12108365


Millennial here. No social media accounts myself, but I wouldn't count your eggs before they've hatched, Anon.

The stuff thats coming out of Gen Z is very refreshing, they're redpilling themselves. But somehow I get the feeling that social media use is very popular among Gen Z. Worth waiting untio 2020 and then compare social media use on Gen Z with 2018 to see where we're at.

Remember a lot of them are just starting to become aware of the world outside college/university/school, so the social media cancer may spike.

fb0c78  No.12109559


I could see that. Myself, gotta keep off the weight. If you're scrawny, then any source of sugar is helpful for maintaining weight.

e3abfb  No.12109624

Daily reminder: if you don't have at least 3 children and raise em right, you're failing the next generation. All the time you've spent playing video games and watching anime, you could have been time spent rising White children.

fac64d  No.12109736


> All the time you've spent playing video games and watching anime

You have to get a 3D wife to do that though.

1c1688  No.12110199

Nice to see them rejecting the social media Jew. It's worse than talmudvision at times.

1c1688  No.12110251



Beautiful. You young lads have a bright future ahead.

fb0c78  No.12110630


>if you don't have at least 3 children and raise em right, you're failing

Oh, right. A guy on the Internet says you have to mindfuck yourself if you don't do what he says. Well damn, guess I gotta.

b95a60  No.12110667

File: 60777ebe3298b00⋯.gif (2.45 MB, 373x324, 373:324, tor.gif)

File: 1e55d29b90d4b25⋯.png (54.75 KB, 482x542, 241:271, 1440708700062.png)


>torfag pushing D&C

what a surprise

fb0c78  No.12110674


Not that Mossad & the CIA need tor.

312fad  No.12110696

File: db70ef952b8a429⋯.jpeg (615.19 KB, 494x746, 247:373, ripit.jpeg)


I started to drink ripits again so it may have had some kind of affect

0b2855  No.12110773


Normies will never know the joy of collecting digits and (You)s.

fb0c78  No.12110798

File: 26a905eda059ddf⋯.png (154.94 KB, 474x316, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


tfw never know the thrill of participating in epic get threads

97b1ec  No.12110910

File: 9445c81b00d672a⋯.jpg (128.79 KB, 599x460, 599:460, ec71182898471158d88a2ecf22….jpg)


Same here. Many of my friends don't as well. I'm currently going to a liberal arts college fuck me and the people here are making me realize how much my friends didn't give a fuck about the narrative or political correctness. We said nigger openly and often, we would make fun of all the bullshit that MSM pushed, we knew there were two genders, and most of my friends were on the left.

Of course we have outliers with sticks up their ass, and this college is making me realize it too, but I have hope for Gen Z. I grew up with them, and the younger they are, the more promise they show.

000000  No.12110911

Why the fuck is it when some young person does something admirable they are anyone but the dreaded "millennials" and when it's stupid shit like worshiping the internet or loving safe spaces it's only EVER millennials? I know it's completely off-topic but this kind of shit pisses me off to no end. Absolutely no recognition for these people when they are good and only ever admonishment for bads, real or perceived. Never forget it was due in no small part to the so-called millennial that /pol/ was propelled to such heights.

e3f458  No.12110970


fuck off cunt

e3abfb  No.12111042


It's base primordial survival; there's no amount of whining and day dreaming can get around the fact you have to fuck your wife right in the pussy until babies pop out if you want your people to survive. The sarcastic idle existence of a numale and carousing nigger isn't befitting of a White man.

6ab7f3  No.12111323

File: eabc9b42196658b⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 501x585, 167:195, anonymous jew.jpg)


That's because this is a jew thread and I don't think most of the people here cheering on Gen Z or claiming to be Gen Z and 'redpilled' are legitimate. Look at them and their word choices, it's as if they're following a script.

92638e  No.12111946


I'm trying to decide. Should I got full accelerationist, or is Z really worth saving. I see glint of hope, but also many total faggots in Z. Is it worth the wait?


All women are married to the state, which is their ready-made servant in bringing the fuck-you-up.

So I don't blame women for not respecting men. They have a kind of "service" of men already.

But don't look to me to save you, stoopid biches.

And you? You sure act like a tough guy, on the Internet. I'd like to see you and your fancy moves on an ATF task force. Ideally, stream it live, nigger. At least put lulzy things on Twitter.

e5b867  No.12111999


Words of wisdom. I know this to be fact because I myself live in the real wold. No one cares how young or old you are, they do care how you behave though.

92638e  No.12112014


Checked. Nice.

I, however must reveal to you that generations are as real as race. Something not precise, of course, but something which is quite real. This is unavoidable. We tend, collectively, to spend our time differently. Therefore we have collective identity.

000000  No.12117092

The polls for the nikenigger protest alone show that not only is Z based, millennials are MORE CUCKED THAN BOOMERS. They really are the worst generation. Glad I'm an xman.

000000  No.12128333

Is moot even still alive anymore or has jewgle finally murdered him?

000000  No.12160824

Rumors Christopher Poole (m00t) undergoing sex change operation to become little girl he was always meant to be and whore herself out to old men for canvas shekels

d16505  No.12160877

File: e4825e842f3c6f2⋯.jpg (97.11 KB, 636x900, 53:75, portrait-sad-man-flowers-s….jpg)

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