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File: a17f5bc6a042006⋯.jpg (115.56 KB, 640x483, 640:483, fatoldcatladysummoningritu….jpg)

File: 6dc0fcb42d319c4⋯.jpg (115.13 KB, 640x427, 640:427, thisisnormalthisisfun.jpg)

32ba04  No.12095348


Women cheer as Sweden's man-free music festival kicks off

The most unintentionally hilarious pictures I've ever seen.

Archive is down


>"This festival was necessary because of everything that happened during festivals last year," says the 27-year-old student with long pink hair and purple lipstick as her friends nod in agreement.

>Held in Sweden's second-largest city of Gothenburg, the two-day Statement Festival, forbids men but not transgender people. It was announced last year after police received four rape and 23 sexual assault reports at Sweden's largest Bravalla Festival, which was cancelled this year as a result.

>"This place feels like a safe-zone where women can just get together and have fun and celebrate … especially in light of the assaults that have happened at other festivals," said Julia Skonneby, a 34-year-old performer.

>After receiving several complaints, the Equality Ombudsman (DO), a government agency that promotes equal rights and handles discrimination complaints, has asked the festival to specify what it means by "cis men".

>"We want to examine whether the festival is compatible with discrimination laws," the agency's spokesman Clas Lundstedt told AFP, adding it would take a couple of weeks to reach a conclusion.

>According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 4.1 percent of women reported that they had been the victim of a sexual crime compared to 0.6 percent of men in Sweden.

9ff6f8  No.12095361


>those pics

what man would actually want to go in there?

40a0b1  No.12095362

maybe if left to their own devices for long enough they might actually come up with something as cool asa the demoscene…. BWAHAHAHAHHA

788b96  No.12095363






0/10 try harder leftypol

04e390  No.12095366


I would wish muslims would have busted down the door and rape them, but those women are so repugnant I would not even wish them on muslims.

40a0b1  No.12095368

do you like the fika ?

No ?I prefer lesbian music festivals

f31591  No.12095370


you are so full of shit, the reason why this happened was because of sand niggers, and women not mixing with men is exactly what sandniggers want. so in what way shape or form is this good ?

f31591  No.12095385


jag är svensk ditt jävla sär

dc5fdb  No.12095392

inb4 explosion of peace

cb1af3  No.12095397

File: 2135e64f2418d78⋯.png (80.74 KB, 160x235, 32:47, The music is too loud.png)

I wish I was at home fighting the patriarchy

The music is too loud

My feet hurt

I'm hungry

27443e  No.12095398


don't be fucking retarded, the rapefugees fuck goats, they would fuck those things

04e390  No.12095407


The goats are less annoying and more capable of something resembling human love than these, things.

bbb8e5  No.12095408

File: 323bf3cb341e442⋯.jpeg (53.35 KB, 400x267, 400:267, goat.jpeg)

File: 20d6436f49b1985⋯.jpg (10.64 KB, 150x212, 75:106, thing.jpg)


It's a tough choice anon.

1796b1  No.12095412


>The Penguin sneaks into an all Women festival with Lady Death

000000  No.12095443

What a bunch of sexist racists, they should at least let in men PoCs. Let us culturally enrich them.

6e8c9b  No.12095444

File: 0189b4ce315e473⋯.png (137.49 KB, 338x294, 169:147, 0189b4ce315e473b117c53f75f….png)

>forbids men but not transgender people

>inb4 it becomes like the internet in 3 years time

27443e  No.12095452


by god, you're right


10dbaa  No.12095469

No men allowed..

Except the security, and the sound and light technicians, and the musicians, and all the grips and movers, and the EMT's, and the janitors..

09e721  No.12095473

Needs more Diversity.

6e1ca2  No.12095477

File: 2474a46a0b48b2d⋯.jpg (102.83 KB, 600x750, 4:5, women something to put you….jpg)


Unpopular opinion.

Muslims gave all of those lesbian whores a chance at childbirth, via rape. Something no white man would do, because we respect women enough to attempt to try to get to know them, before sex, and thus, our low birthrates, globally. We fell for the ideas of love and romance, that were born on the isle of lesbos, via degenerate women / lesbians and the false narratives it created through the romantic period, have had a ripple effect on us, throughout the centuries, making us weak. Muslim men take what they want and kill what they no longer desire. I hope that these stupid, lesbian and feminist whores enjoy the endless centuries of obfuscation, belittlement, segregation, rape, torture, stonings, mutilations, and beheadings that Muslims will bring upon them and their children. Women were never worthy of the love that they wrote about so elegantly in Lesbos. White men will never be able to see them as what they truly are... a place to pump your seed, and then move along your way, to the next. Even the black man has acknowledged this simple fact, and will impregnate 6 or 7 white women, before settling on one who has a trust fund, so he can live an easy life off the work of her father. If the white race is to ever succeed, we must either rise up, and destroy the other races that pump their seeds in our women, or we must pump our seed, in our women, by whatever means in necessary, no matter how immoral, to increase our birthrates. Love and romance be damned.

1aa9c0  No.12095482

File: 35562ab8b1771eb⋯.png (578.88 KB, 1257x918, 419:306, meme_responsibly_cuckchans….png)

File: 85261391a450b58⋯.png (428.7 KB, 622x831, 622:831, swedenbanflagbutisisflagis….png)

File: 36b6ee7252f3282⋯.jpg (126.8 KB, 500x587, 500:587, swedishfeministministers.jpg)

File: 85261391a450b58⋯.png (428.7 KB, 622x831, 622:831, swedenbanflagbutisisflagis….png)

File: e64b247f01345cf⋯.jpg (54.64 KB, 720x627, 240:209, swedenreligiousschoolbanex….jpg)

Sweden celebrates falling in line with Shariah Law

6e1ca2  No.12095483


Truth be told, it would probably be better, at this point, to fuck the goat, as opposed to dealing with soul crushing mental illness.

Your call though.

7fef04  No.12095496


I really hate Swedes, the Russians would do them a favor by nuking them.

dca273  No.12095502


Why do we have to have an "all women" anything? Fuck women! They suck! Everything that's "all women" always sucks ass! Whether it's that shit Ghostbusters remake or Lilith Fair. There ought to be an "all men" festival just to piss these bitches off.

dca273  No.12095513

File: ca598d338ff70c3⋯.jpg (105.79 KB, 574x360, 287:180, harem-slave-girl.jpg)


This. We need to get rid of women's rights all together. We need to bring back slavery.

a487a7  No.12095516


>those creatures in the front row

Straight outta clown world.

76b89a  No.12095523


Shut up feminist bitch

76b89a  No.12095525


I agree, black people need to start picking cotton again

dca273  No.12095544


No. That's too good for them.

We need to enslave women but niggers are sub-human filth and don't belong on this planet. Enslaving them was a mistake. They're almost as bad as Jews. They lie and deceive whites into having pity for them and when they gain their freedom, the first thing they do is betray us.

Treachery is in their very blood! They are descendants of Noah's son Ham. Ham betrayed Noah and was cursed for it!

fb81d0  No.12095558


>we need to sell our women to arabs and niggers


>we need to make the same mistake we already made

Both of you need to drink a glass of bleach.

9166e3  No.12095563

Here's an anecdote, which may or may not be useful to somebody.

I recently talked with a Swedish guy. Eventually the topic of politics and (((refugees))) came up and I mentioned to him that I had heard about the existence of no-go zones in Sweden.

He acknowledged that they do indeed exist, and that there is one in his city.

What disgusted me, though, is that he didn't appear to give a shit about it. Not one bit. He just wished they would "assimilate into swedish culture" (which, by the way, is probably an (((EXTREME RIGHT WING OPINION))) by Swedish standards).

tl;dr sweden needs intervention

e65249  No.12095603


No they don't. They were replaced over a hundred years ago. They are obsolete. The land needed to grow food to feed nogs to pick cotten would be better spent growing a fuel crop to power mechanical harvesters which could harvest a much larger area. And mechanical harvesters don't end up being given citizenship by bleeding hearts.

2d9a72  No.12095610

single old ugly fat cat lady - the show

2d9a72  No.12095614

>equal rights


2d9a72  No.12095635

838f24  No.12095657


It looks like a faggot convention.

1b6b24  No.12095667


>it's not women's fault u guize!!1

Any guy who still spouts this must be buried alive. Kill all enablers first.

000000  No.12095673

>Go to concert

>Pretend to be tranny



c78cca  No.12095697


Go back to the Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack you stupid mutt.

3d9092  No.12095699




Stick to the goats

e15f6d  No.12095705

Release the gas

df82b9  No.12095706

File: 06d1ba1e8a9e34f⋯.png (729.44 KB, 675x612, 75:68, Screenshot_3.png)


1ca58b  No.12095708


Looks like a double agent in drag snuck in, he's got that look on his face like he just saw peak degeneracy

1b6b24  No.12095711


That's not a tough choice at all. Pic on the right might as well be capital punishment. You're looking at a choice between disgusting degeneracy and debilitating mental scars for life.

It becomes more self-evident when you take the sexual aspect out of it, just ask yourself this question: would you rather spend the rest of your life with cheerleader goat, or with transgender Jay Leno?

b14181  No.12095733

File: 2261ebf71819573⋯.jpg (68.44 KB, 620x882, 310:441, DumbAssDesign5.jpg)


I'm confused.

I only see two halfway decent broads in the entire lot of them. I thought Swedish girls were supposed to be attractive?

Or is it because they're all dykes?

Here in the U.S., almost all dykes are ugly as a pile of shit.

Is this what I'm seeing?

1b6b24  No.12095755


Man haters are as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside. How old are you?

4d3d02  No.12095767

File: fa4b30c39cf1c72⋯.jpg (73.99 KB, 639x250, 639:250, impressive numbers.jpg)


Well, when you put it in that context, its clear that you obviously choose to check them.

1b6b24  No.12095775

File: c046997f462f664⋯.jpg (282.42 KB, 788x526, 394:263, 1460834718794.jpg)

ae6ca6  No.12095776

File: 534bcb417a14f64⋯.png (634.09 KB, 1119x846, 373:282, pewdiecum2.PNG)


This is illegal. Just report them to the ministry of equality and have some fun. Sweden takes equality VERY seriously, you can't just ban people based on sex.

1b6b24  No.12095779


>ministry of equality

Is that actually a real thing in Sweden?

936b81  No.12095782



ae6ca6  No.12095783


Yes and they will shut this the fuck down in a heartbeat if you make a serious complaint.

1b6b24  No.12095786


Ahaha oh wow, you guys are fucking crazy.

018aef  No.12095797


I remember the Lilith Fair.

0da490  No.12095810


>Implying this isn't considered good inequality.

1b6b24  No.12095821


Also why are there not men bombing these women with surströmming to give it that final tinge of authenticity?

b14181  No.12095850


Because the only kind of "woman" that would be at this thing is a "woman" no man would want to be anywhere near.

Let them group together in their hugboxes, it keeps them away from the rest of us.

3b34ff  No.12095862


There's "Ministry of Family and Sex Equality" in Worst Korea, so I'd assume there is one in sweden as well.

4759ad  No.12095927

File: d063229b669ea68⋯.jpg (199.48 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, fishoah.jpg)


Imagine the smell.

e5cb1d  No.12095935

The only good thing that can be said of sweden is that it provides a potent example of the enormous power of state brainwashing.

This is good because it means when our kind is in power, we can brainwash the population correctly in such a way that this insidious jewish virus can never again aflict our people.

Obviously the intelligent men capable of rational thought will not require brainwashing, I am talking mainly about less intelligent men and all women (neither of whom will be allowed to vote even after their brainwash)

4b9648  No.12095946

Tribfest ?

1b6b24  No.12095947


Now multiply that with SJW times feminism.

a487a7  No.12095968


Any cultural enrichment happen yet? The male police are probably behind the scenes protecting them while they larp.

82354e  No.12095970



1b6b24  No.12096004


Fuck off white knight cuck. You're high on the list for helicopter rides you enabling faggot.

82354e  No.12096017


Shut up you fucking kike piece of shit…think you are going to come on /pol/ and advocate for your retarded jew/islamic world order and that no one is going to notice your fucking degenerate kike bullshit. Actually, keep it up. It will help us all identify ZOG on DOTR…you are getting the ROPE YOU PIECE OF SEMITIC SUBHUMAN SHIT!

0af64f  No.12096028


I think the majority of these girls were the less attractive of the bunch and got little attention from men. Couple that with the mass availability of porn and the men they should be coupling with are not at all interested in them, leaving these girls feeling ugly and unwanted. Now they hate men

1b6b24  No.12096033


You will be buried with the rest of the cucks and our treacherous women will get chained down for the future of our race. You dead fucking weight.

823108  No.12096077


Reported for tumblr whore.


Reported for supporting women.

a93671  No.12096096

File: d9b06b0d16f9fde⋯.gif (616.86 KB, 498x498, 1:1, 1518105257713.gif)


So wait, we've gone from:

>free the nipple


>remove men from festivals to reduce rape

Are they completely unself aware at this point in time. They've become the thing they were meant to attack.

Feminists are WORSE that muslims who segregate trains now. Makes ya think.

a93671  No.12096100

File: deadb6c29d30238⋯.png (3.31 KB, 212x191, 212:191, 1529323285575.png)



Oh boy what happened to this thread?

a93671  No.12096104


Barbary slavers already tried that one.

a93671  No.12096116


>this is a left wing opinion now

How is this even left wing anymore? It's totalitarian insecurity on a cultural marxist level. It's like how muslim women are segregated from men in trains.

That's how dumb these people are. Time to burn it all.

3b51c1  No.12096117


kek approves this post

a93671  No.12096127

1b6b24  No.12096132


Fuck off roastie.

f66fd1  No.12096133




western civilization and THEIR SAFETY NETS demPOOR girls and their FREEDOM TO GO OUT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME all on the TAX PAYERS DIME have your cake and eat it to THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR TRUSTING THE JEW

i tried 😃

f40c89  No.12096156

File: ea01f84c9482535⋯.png (273.8 KB, 519x524, 519:524, d.png)

Jesus christ.

85a7ec  No.12096159


Someone on it recognized kike filth and islamic thinking and called out the subhumans. There is a lot of 'pro-Islamic' thinking on /pol/. Anytime you see the faggot haters of women, you know you are looking at kikes. Also, the longer I look at islamics the more homosexual pedophilia there is in it, you know you are dealing with kikes or their semitic brothers when you see this woman hating bullshit on /pol/. They scream NON-EUROPEAN in everything they do, we don't hate women like kikes and semites do. THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN BASIC FAGGOTS.

1b6b24  No.12096165


>faggot haters of women

If you're a supporter of women in current year then only a bullet through your skull can help you. Were Europeans to rise against their governments i guarantee you're gonna get it.

1b6b24  No.12096171


Also nice proxy there, your hysteric writing betrays you. Vapid cunt.

a93671  No.12096188

File: 72cc42b02324cce⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 520x520, 1:1, 1532051258198.jpg)


You want roachcock in your women?

You sound like the roastie anon.


>There is a lot of 'pro-Islamic' thinking on /pol/.

And by the looks of it, in feminism too.

This could work to our advantage. We need feminism to resemble islamic retarded segregation more.

Can we get them to wear hijabs?

I think this trap would be very effective at destroying feminism once and for all.

c3763a  No.12096204



829951  No.12096210

File: 98b96daaa0ba88b⋯.jpg (165.15 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 1521677535581.jpg)


But women, especially women hired under diversity and quotas produce such amazing results.

c3763a  No.12096212


The ministry of equality approved this festival because of course they did and equality never meant equality, it meant all the benefits to women and shitskins and all the costs on native men.

0c926c  No.12096219


And the birds go "tweet."

812cf4  No.12096236


This is the perfect time for a targeted carpet-bombing.

d30e2c  No.12096238


I thought Swedish chicks were supposed to be hot?

a93671  No.12096249


Only ugly chicks are feminists anon. Good looking ones get laid.

8a8eeb  No.12096256


Swedish women in general are attractive, but feminists in general aren't. Picture them as beta women with low intellect, they're the female version of soyboys.

a487a7  No.12096348


>Hee-hee, yes, it was the feminists, not us :^)

Feminists are just the useful idiots that parade around outside to give the impression the majority approve of whats happening to Sweden.

fedc40  No.12096388

File: 97becd93c374619⋯.jpg (32.89 KB, 538x391, 538:391, Youdoneit.jpg)


>man free

>second picture has two men in the front row


d9d343  No.12096479


Therefore there should be no refugee program anywhere, since everywhere is exactly the same as everywhere else.

c00afe  No.12096704


Modern niggers would be completely useless at picking cotton. Niggers are completely useless at everything actually, let's just get rid of them.

ed4057  No.12096712

File: 96821ed9ab9fc75⋯.jpg (58.06 KB, 720x688, 45:43, 96821ed9ab9fc75a09b2565266….jpg)


All the good looking Swedish women have already been raped and murdered.

b1acc2  No.12096820

File: 0a40b15ebbeb779⋯.png (128.51 KB, 724x611, 724:611, 1407119379594.png)


>Or is it because they're all dykes?

Yep. Dykes are almost always ugly. If they were not to begin with they sure as fuck take care of the problem. Consciously and as the result of ugly thoughts leading to ugly people meme.


>Couple that with the mass availability of porn and the men they should be coupling with are not at all interested in them

kek spot the tits or gtfo. Always somehow the fault of men. How will you solve the problem if it is never your fault?

These women have shit personalities along with shit faces. You might be surprised but men also want a woman that would raise his children properly.

Can't do that if a woman is a cunt. Or downright mentally ill >>12096156 .

f8a77a  No.12096826

File: 94bc9281c992fe0⋯.png (531.47 KB, 1152x1152, 1:1, patriarchy TEST 1.png)

File: 092cf17177519f1⋯.jpg (215.02 KB, 1152x1152, 1:1, patriarchy TEST 1.jpg)

77bd0e  No.12096901


Fucking hell, she has a bigger chin that I do, and I have an enormous chin. I thought swedish women were supposed to be hot?

Put me down for the goat, at least the goat is making an effort.


Beat me to it.

250e27  No.12096960


A bunch of ugly, deranged, dangerhaired, problem glasses wearing harpies decide that they want men out of the picture.

…….who has a problem with this, again?

709344  No.12096966

>second picture


We're using that term quite liberally these days. Demons from hell with holes resembling a vagina is more accurate.

169c1f  No.12096967

File: 2df390461e5eb48⋯.jpg (138.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fam tbh.jpg)

Surprised they aren't being snackbarred. jews must not be ready for that move yet.

169c1f  No.12096969


Perpetually triggered.

000000  No.12096974


They should have boycotted the event. If womyn are so "equal" and "empowered" they should have easily been able to handle the entire event by themselves.

000000  No.12097109


>references the (((Bible))) to attack Jews

Christcucks get the rope


>Sweden needs intervention

No, they need to be conquered. Swedish men have willfully allowed their own womyn to subvert the nation. They have revoked their right to that clay.

82354e  No.12097112



496373  No.12097762

File: 4e5268e3d63f99b⋯.jpg (42.57 KB, 352x466, 176:233, christian hitler.jpg)


Pic related. Christianity is the backbone of white civilization.


I'm not for selling our women to Arabs and niggers. I'm just for taking away their rights because they are overly emotional and irrational creatures that don't deserve them. I unironically want them "back in the kitchen/bare-foot and pregnant'.

And as for niggers and Arabs themselves, I want to purge them off the face of the earth. They are beyond redemption. They are impure and all need to die.

fb81d0  No.12097780


That guy had a pic of a white woman being sold by a nigger to an arab, what the fuck do you expect me to reply with? Besides a slave can't be a good mother to your children.

000000  No.12097975

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Christianity is the backbone of white civilization

yeah, no

904193  No.12098027


>table talks aren't real

>hitler in 1922 felt the same thing hitler in 1933 did

>himmler and the SS were working against hitler with Positive Christianity

>not believing in the Machiavellian use of religious imagery and rhetoric to establish popular support

these guys are trying real, real hard to distort history and paint hitler as a christian.

496373  No.12098029


She can if you beat her enough!

ea7a85  No.12098033


Have you seen OP's pictures? Pictured aren't at risk of rape.

9282b3  No.12098041

File: bd7b3da2faa0a6d⋯.png (48.11 KB, 565x528, 565:528, 1343992535757.png)

>It was announced last year after police received four rape and 23 sexual assault reports at Sweden's largest Bravalla Festival, which was cancelled this year as a result.

I wonder why they omitted their racial & national background.

I wonder why.

ceaba1  No.12098050


Table talks were deliberately mistranslated by an anti-Hitler French guy so yeah they're not reliable.

And don't even get me started on the complete fabrication that was "Hitler Speaks" which ended up being the source for most Allied propaganda painting Hitler as a pagan.

87b59f  No.12098052


>Pic related. Christianity is the backbone of white civilization.

Fuck off and die kike, that subversive line christians have been peddling forever is nothing but a veiled antiwhite sentiment desperately trying to take credit for the Europeans superiority, our genealogy is the backbone of civilization, not your cucked religion.

<oh you see my based nigger pets in africa can become human because they were civilized by christianity, we're all gods children!

This is the future the christcuck wants, they don't see race, only "god"

9282b3  No.12098058


Christianity is, in of itself, one of the most successful divide & conquer strategies employed known to man.

8b8528  No.12098066


Those are some of the ugliest most depressed bitches I've ever seen.

496373  No.12098077

File: cdee6261a1ae397⋯.jpg (871.05 KB, 713x982, 713:982, JesusChristHitlersimilarit….jpg)


Europeans wouldn't have taken over the world if it wasn't for Christianity. It was what kept the Arabs from taking over Europe. It was what made us want to spread our influence throughout the world by spreading the gospel. It was what kept the white man on top and kept the blacks and women in their place.

496373  No.12098081


Personally, I think Hitler might have been Jesus reincarnated.

000000  No.12098103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>White people would never have succeeded without the book of Jewish fairytales, goyim!

6e1ca2  No.12098116


You fantastically retarded motherfucker.

My point is that women have been treated like cattle, for centuries, for a fucking reason. Once "empowered" with the ability to make choices in partners, instead of marrying the man chosen by her father / family…once given the ability to choose their style of dress, their political leaders, etc…women always, always make the wrong fucking choice for the longevity of the human race, and their own race. Women are meant to be lead, like children, who's wild emotions overrule any form of formal education they have been imparted with. Women will always make the wrong decision, and the wrong choice, if left to their own devices. Women are born nation wreckers, who will destroy a nation, while holding open the door for every shitskined savage they can, so they can in turn, rape them. My message was NOT pro Mudslime. My message is that women should be treated like mentally damaged property, that should be used only for the sake of procreation. Giving women a voice and power within our society was a fucking mistake.

6e1ca2  No.12098122

File: 733e4ed2b7307ae⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 176x172, 44:43, Nigger in welfare office a….gif)


We should simply deport them back to Africa, and see it as repaying them reparations.

We already have modern farm equipment. We no longer need niggers.

000000  No.12098170

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's why they need to be replaced altogether. There are too many thirsty white knights who will always defend and empower them. Better to simply make them obsolete.

263d2f  No.12098195


The first two cunts in the second pic (from the left) are men.


06e0bd  No.12098200


checked. goth behind man with no taste in blouses is male, too

e46708  No.12098266


In all honesty, you're less likely to catch a disease from the goat.

7d4321  No.12098348


>A European nation has been forced into unwilling gender segregation by savage invaders

>Just shut up and go to work

c45391  No.12098362

File: 64aa7934a6b63ad⋯.jpg (75.93 KB, 852x469, 852:469, 1418786117475.jpg)


>Using a zionist shill backed by a Mossad agency as proof

>neglecting over a thousand years of Christian history and historical counter-semitic actions

Really fires the neurons.

000000  No.12098407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>get back on that plantation, goy

769109  No.12098436


>Jesus christ.

No, quite the opposite.

It's Aids Nero

ed4057  No.12098446

File: 3dcde8afc182ef4⋯.jpg (73.94 KB, 673x415, 673:415, 3dcde8afc182ef47c6b73f6535….jpg)


>nothing to see here, goy

1bcff2  No.12098448

000000  No.12098450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Whites had no religions, no legends, no myths, no folklore, no gods and no morality of their own until we imported the Jewish (((Holy Book))) into our culture to follow their (((Ten Commandments))) and the teachings of the Jewish Rabbi, Yeshua ben Yosef!

769109  No.12098454


>But women, especially women hired under diversity and quotas produce such amazing results.

Build Bridges, Not Walls

dce703  No.12098496

File: 45d327cb4f08ffb⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1692x1791, 188:199, FemEnglas1.png)

File: dffbfe73cefb999⋯.png (591.63 KB, 1707x1503, 569:501, FemEnglas2.png)

File: afb8e6df0725ef2⋯.png (829.94 KB, 1708x1490, 854:745, FemEnglas3.png)

File: 1e0c9a6be8f4124⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1711x2714, 29:46, FemEnglas4.png)

File: f8e1d576a79cb64⋯.png (890.44 KB, 673x994, 673:994, FeminBioWeaponCard.png)






and this is why

>The Oxytocin hormone and it's importance to pair bonding, maternal behavior, in-group preference, pregnancy and other functions


>Biological and psychological differences between liberals and conservatives


>Biological differences among gays, transsexuals, and pedophiles


>Birth control causes frontal lobe brain damage, as well as other things like infertility, cancer and depression


>How Civilizations Fall: On the role of radical feminism in the decline of civilization


>The Fate of Empires (specifically XXIV The Arab Decline)


>References in mythology to the Femin virus


>The Rockefellers' connections to Femin and bioweapon programs


>Gloria Steinem's history with the CIA and use of the Femin virus on American black communities


>The Bronze Age collapse was caused by a Femin outbreak


>Elevated Femin infection rates helped cause the Cambodian Dark Ages


>Texas contractor arrested while possibly investigating Femin virus


>murder, leadership change at CDC over Femin virus


>WHO announces Femin virus as “Disease X”


>List of symptoms Femin hosts display (work in progress)


dce703  No.12098501

File: 6c3b966a0e39bcf⋯.png (595.9 KB, 673x994, 673:994, FeminVirusCard.png)

File: 482ad09da7d753b⋯.png (776.01 KB, 673x994, 673:994, 5GisCancer.png)

File: 8a978730f91eac6⋯.jpg (160.76 KB, 749x745, 749:745, FVNasty.jpg)

File: 72241be9e23bb30⋯.png (884.98 KB, 673x994, 673:994, FLDDCard.png)

File: c9f5108c4242e8c⋯.jpg (257.35 KB, 800x469, 800:469, ViralMarches.jpg)

dce703  No.12098502

File: 806cbe7deb54de0⋯.jpg (141.88 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, WiggleTheseVirusesAroundNs….jpg)

File: b6549ba8d560c88⋯.png (3.5 MB, 2250x1589, 2250:1589, IJustWantAKiss.png)

File: 6d0901860df4af5⋯.png (2.95 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ThisIsWhyItsOn.png)

File: 11f476f1b73e49c⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1739x394, 1739:394, TheTrenchIsCalling.png)

File: 5809aef3ca291d2⋯.png (724.09 KB, 937x562, 937:562, FelixFailed.png)

083592  No.12098546


AI and artificial wombs will secure our existence for eternity.

083592  No.12098620


How about transmission vectors? Sexual, airborne or animal?

dce703  No.12098632

File: 7b9be581b75766a⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 2500x2000, 5:4, ThroughoutHistory.jpg)

File: 7ffdc433f44eda9⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Starcucks.jpg)

File: 632a7368e2e46d9⋯.jpg (84.97 KB, 465x688, 465:688, MutatedVersionsInHistory.jpg)

File: dcb4aab240d5b5c⋯.jpg (490.38 KB, 1600x2262, 800:1131, 1519358419163.jpg)


Sexual, spread like any other STD.

Saliva, Blood, DNA, etc..

There is no cure. it has been around for many cycles throughout history.

dce703  No.12098641

File: 5d07c36bc468d67⋯.jpg (505.63 KB, 2000x1376, 125:86, GlorifiedGloria.jpg)

File: 9c349e185af8817⋯.png (925.93 KB, 673x994, 673:994, ClintoneseCard.png)

File: 5cbf2d4894b7900⋯.jpg (175.69 KB, 800x600, 4:3, WhatTheFuck2.jpg)

File: 2b80b4c14a76546⋯.jpg (231.83 KB, 760x445, 152:89, ViralMarches2.jpg)

File: 021c89a09b49f52⋯.jpg (349.09 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, 1529660272905.jpg)

dce703  No.12098653

File: b3bd5a9417ec3c2⋯.jpg (692.5 KB, 2805x1604, 2805:1604, CriticalInformation.jpg)

File: 169c5a26be11df7⋯.gif (150.71 KB, 960x558, 160:93, STDRateLocations.gif)

File: 80ae79bf5b5132d⋯.jpg (137.32 KB, 480x476, 120:119, WhatDidYouExpect.jpg)


More Prevalent in Larger Cities but it is almost to critical mass.

Once it reaches critical mass they will start to mutate.

The Symbolism is rife throughout history.

Virus = Snakes\Serpents\Demons

Defenders have wings, swords.

083592  No.12098655


So it spreads from women to men and then to women? I wonder if women that identify as feminists have the same growth patterns as other retroviruses. That would be an easy way to get some stronger circumstantial evidence. A virus is an intriguing theory, but it's also a theory that warrants some pretty good evidence.

083592  No.12098672


I think over-socialization is a pretty good explanation for feminism as well, since its a very debilitating mental illness. It completely screws reproductive patterns, pair bonding and behavior. Females become aggressive and nasty, males are reclusive and narcissistic and the population rapidly ages and declines.

dce703  No.12098683

File: a99e65160e1c3f4⋯.jpg (77.08 KB, 618x410, 309:205, DiseaseX-FeminVirus.jpg)


The CDC knows and has been covering it up.

The recent death of the Official is a cover up for the recent exposure.

Virus X is the FeminVirus.


>Rising CDC official seemed to 'evaporate' without a trace


CDC worker who mysteriously disappeared committed suicide, medical examiner says


Body found in Atlanta river identified as missing CDC scientist


‘Disease X’ could be the world’s worst nightmare

> Look at their Image in this link

>attached it here

The government already has plans for when this mutates further.

It has had 60+ years.

dce703  No.12098697

File: 5809aef3ca291d2⋯.png (724.09 KB, 937x562, 937:562, FelixFailed.png)


No, this is an actual BioWeapon.

It may cause extremes in natural Female behaviour, yes.

But this is a BioWeapon.

BPS was going to do a Video on it and then they sent ((Lauren [Infected] Southern)) to pay him a Visit with some Vag… Now he won't do a video anymore because these TradThots have folders of blackmail on all of these E-Celebs.

000000  No.12098707

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They're already starting to backpedal

35773c  No.12098713

File: 0323cf5ff71ccc6⋯.jpg (162.19 KB, 841x1200, 841:1200, February 11, 2017 festival….jpg)

File: 39f2e6458802d45⋯.png (603.69 KB, 650x1039, 650:1039, sweden music festival grop….png)

>racist islamophobic xenophobic segregationist swedish women hold women-only festival

dce703  No.12098720


The ((Ebola)) & ((Zika)) outbreaks are also BioWeapons being tested.

They Infected a majority of Africans in pre-stage attack.

The Point?

Create More BioWeapons to unleash as ((Migrants)) upon the European population.


>Canadian billionaire and wife may have been killed, report says, conflicting with murder-suicide theory

>Barry Sherman, 75 and the CEO of a generic drug company called Apotex, and his philanthropic wife, Honey Sherman, 70, were found dead in their home north of Toronto in December.

>The CEO was allegedly worth nearly $5 billion at the time of his death, according to the Toronto Star.

This CEO worked with the Clintons to create BioWeapons for testing on Africans.

They would send all the children in a town to a school, release the BioWeapon to wipe out the parents, and then take the children for slaves and organ harvesting.

083592  No.12098732


Ebola is a shit bioweapon, it kills hosts too fast and burns out. Zika might be something, since Gates and his kike handlers had their grabby hands on it.

51013c  No.12098735


It wasn't really Ebola

51013c  No.12098737


is me.

Switched VPNs.

d5bf35  No.12098751


Wtf, everyone in that picture is fugly, the only semi-decent one is the first one from the right. Is the beauty of Swedish women just a meme then?

ee0a2b  No.12098761

File: d22b53d7a632291⋯.jpg (161.55 KB, 1355x1125, 271:225, William-Adolphe_Bouguereau….jpg)


The Snakes, being covered in them, symbolize the Virus.

>How to spot the infection.

Wanting to destroy the family and men, hatred of children, wanting(and doing) killing of babies along with abortion, sexual/gender confusion, increase rates of homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia,transgender, various disturbing fetishes, cannibalism, wanting to destroy whites, social castes like social insects in large numbers, SIDS, miscarriages, fertility issues , stillborn's, wanting to attack and fuck the un-infected, obsession with things like snakes, sexual promiscuity(large numbers of partners), etc

As you can see in this painting from 1862, The only uninfected female is being murdered off by the infected ones.

The man is doing as many have done countless times in history, running away and hoping it solves itself while it becomes worse.

breaking down the different spectrum categories:

Immune(People that cannot be infected by the virus)

Non-Infected(People that don't have the virus and can be infected)

Resistant(People that the virus has trouble infecting, but are not immune to being infected)

Hosts(People that have the virus)

Carriers(People that have the virus, but is dormant for long periods of time or even generations without showing any signs of infection. Some types of carriers can spread it)

Transmitters(People that are being used by the virus to spread it, but are not fully/completely infected)

Infected(People infected by the virus)

HiveMind/Colony Castes(Similar to social insects. Queens, Drones, Workers, Soldiers, Majors, Super Majors, Kings, etc)

Mutation(physical changes to all body systems)

Feminism is a Viral BioWeapon

The only Cure is Trenches

ee0a2b  No.12098770

File: b38392f3f7e52e3⋯.jpg (121.28 KB, 633x633, 1:1, Infected.jpg)

File: 69530106b508589⋯.jpg (93.34 KB, 482x474, 241:237, 1529664825376.jpg)

File: 49d16453ff34c10⋯.jpg (72.52 KB, 534x583, 534:583, 1529662627617.jpg)

File: 97df9aa7064884d⋯.jpg (334.81 KB, 640x446, 320:223, 1519530064254.jpg)


The Virus Changes people.

Renders them completely worthless and destroys them.

Swedish Beauty was a real thing.


You should see the Before & After pictures of students being Indoctrinated & Infected in their liberal school systems.

ee0a2b  No.12098775

File: c1abfac65c0bd0a⋯.png (140.39 KB, 703x232, 703:232, BreakThisGlassCeiling.png)

File: 4c95e351a871130⋯.jpg (60.49 KB, 740x293, 740:293, BioHazard.jpg)

File: 6bb6746fddf7293⋯.jpg (261.07 KB, 1875x639, 625:213, 1535852626541.jpg)

File: d4a33b52f2a9d56⋯.jpg (349.67 KB, 1031x1247, 1031:1247, MiloVirus.jpg)

af9227  No.12098786

File: 8dc60e81dc81239⋯.png (546.59 KB, 675x612, 75:68, ClipboardImage.png)

>You should see the Before & After pictures of students being Indoctrinated & Infected in their liberal school systems.

This is not just horrible clothes or bad haircuts or horrible tats though, their facial features are ugly. They could dress in a feminine way and wear decent make-up and they would still be ugly.

ee0a2b  No.12098822

File: 08b06b946134e41⋯.jpg (156.81 KB, 800x735, 160:147, Medusa.jpg)


Yes the FeminVirus causes Biological changes.





>They Get Worse.

>Much Worse

according to the Greeks, Medusa looked like This

a04a62  No.12098825


Welcome to generica the future of the world.

ee0a2b  No.12098829

File: a35fd18fbcac1f2⋯.png (1.27 MB, 726x969, 242:323, DefendYourLife.png)

File: e3830cfa156f0f6⋯.jpg (447.48 KB, 1843x2276, 1843:2276, FightingVirusDNA.jpg)

File: c1940d9a14f6879⋯.jpg (927.18 KB, 916x632, 229:158, Hercules.jpg)

File: 3c731c41b512123⋯.jpg (60.46 KB, 499x301, 499:301, History.jpg)

File: 6b0ccc0e8e592f7⋯.jpg (48.6 KB, 444x349, 444:349, InfectedInstitutionsOfKnow….jpg)

ee0a2b  No.12098832

File: 51ac81cf8e7cf5e⋯.jpg (5.05 KB, 300x168, 25:14, VirusBabies.jpg)

File: 5cbf2d4894b7900⋯.jpg (175.69 KB, 800x600, 4:3, WhatTheFuck2.jpg)

ee0a2b  No.12098890

File: 8709a133d439b4d⋯.jpg (638.22 KB, 828x1412, 207:353, 1535844963356.jpg)


neither are the Brazilians.

They're worse.

They have ((Pride Parades)) where they openly perform genital mutilation in the street.

ee0a2b  No.12098927

>We know what we're going to have.

>We're going to have problems.


3d2e19  No.12098957

File: 11f7bc70dbfd11a⋯.png (4.2 MB, 1278x1768, 639:884, ClipboardImage.png)

3d2e19  No.12098962


I dont even know what the fcuk that first thing is fucks sake man just put it down and call it a day.

083592  No.12098978


Physiognomy doesn't lie. A face is often all you need to accurately guess a persons personality and other things like intelligence.

ee0a2b  No.12098993


The Virus causes gender confusion.

At the decline of every civilization Transgenders start to appear.

>This is a sign of the Virus getting close to critical mass.

807dcb  No.12099013


attractive women realize their power over men, it's their greatest strength and asset, the idea they would go to a place where they are essentially "disarmed' is retarded. Women fucking hate other women, it's a time limited non-aggression pact (that they will instantly break if a man they desire is at stake) when they are friends, total mercenaries. Event's like this are completely pointless.

efcf52  No.12099055

File: 4c1183c47969093⋯.png (13.03 KB, 533x622, 533:622, 4c1183c479690937566d9f2277….png)

File: 615482e8a5f6935⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 350x498, 175:249, 00hitlerY1.jpg)


Keked not checked



efcf52  No.12099071

File: 01bfe80875e7cd8⋯.jpg (1003.56 KB, 3177x5000, 3177:5000, 01bfe80875e7cd8955e82ee147….jpg)


While this is good propaganda, I think if one were overlay a map of atrazine (or really sperg out and provide some data adjusting these maps for population density) one would find that contrary to the point made here:


… that while oversocialization/population density could explain a majority of this, you would find a significant relationship between rural areas in the midwest where atrazine contamination is the highest, and over-socialization is the lowest, which would point to the conclusion that massively estrogenizing our population may be a stronger causal factor.

But what do I know?

1bcff2  No.12099103


You know you're shilling and that it really is a Virus.

ccf23f  No.12099233

So Lilith Fayre then…

7e47b9  No.12099288


>Love and romance be damned.

What a Jewish way of thinking.

62e909  No.12099332

LMAO They actually had to open it for men when askes by swesish anti discrimination GO. Ofcourse they only went official woth this 1 day before it opened and no man in his right mind wants to go there so they got it basically men free anyway.

Listening to shitty female artists with a bunch of smelly jabba the hutts isn't exactly my idea of a good time.

f39b5d  No.12099390


You could just eat the goat and be done with it.

ccf23f  No.12099464

File: 2027063224059f1⋯.jpg (206.35 KB, 640x1024, 5:8, larger.jpg)


Spengler points out in Decline of the West that the fundamental mathesis, the fundamental paradigm of thought that each civilization possesses is imparted to infants by their mothers when they teach their infants to speak and read and interpret the world around them.

Thus the relationship between mother and child is at the very core of our civilization.

A cursory glance at comparative civilizations in the world today will show that the traditional mother child family relationship of western civilization at its best is by far superior to any other out there, definitely superior to the muslim rape culture which is obviously very sick and disfunctional and filled with hate for women.

If our civilization is worth defending in its core principles which are those of the magnficent Renaissance, then it's worth defending in the nursery where women create the great men and dynamic women of tomorrow.

Remember; we beat the shit out of all those maggots.

Nothing wrong with courtly love at all. All it takes is discipline on both parties. Being drunken perverts hungry for the next drug fueled orgy is nothing more than the road to ruin.

10dbaa  No.12099471


Why would a straight woman go to a concert she can't get any male attention at?

ccf23f  No.12099480


I was going to make a flippant remark but really fuck, just have some low flying bombers drop napalm cannisters on that crowd.

d5ad24  No.12099494

File: ab99d6a2942c0fb⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 3008x2000, 188:125, Koppången.jpg)

File: db0f8339ee1bd0f⋯.jpg (3 MB, 2276x1707, 4:3, Dammen.jpg)


<<A lesbian breeding ground.

At least Sweden has many large bogs.

10dbaa  No.12099505


It could be that, or it could just be birth control leading to crazy childless older women, a phenomenon known for thousands of years and easily observable in animals.

ce1c6d  No.12099523

File: 9686acf104d2370⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 300x192, 25:16, vomit.gif)

They're all so fucking ugly.

ce1c6d  No.12099544


>the post that gets /pol/ to positively consider goatfucking

If it's down to me to keep the natsoc board from unanimously voting to fuck a goat, I guess I'll take one for the team.

d5ad24  No.12099562

>>12099544 (checked)

A joke is a joke but its always good to have someone who takes everything seriously.

65af70  No.12099716


That's a kike if I've ever seen one.

1bcff2  No.12100239


It is a Viral BioWeapon created in the 60's.

Stop trying to cop out.

They have a hive mentality because it is a parasite that takes over the host.

Here is a Ukranian insect Queen that was recently disposed of by someone's security services 'She ((Hanged)) herself'


"Femen co-founder Oksana Shachko found dead in Paris flat"

And another FeminQueen planning further U.S. Outposts.


"Radical Femen leader plans US feminist outpost"

>'Shevchenko has announced plans to expand Femen’s footprint from nine countries mostly in Europe to the United States, most likely in New York or Washington, D.C.

>The group’s Ukraine headquarters has been shut down.

>“We are this sort of detonator,” she said. “We go where the problem is.”'

3e9e45  No.12100261


>”man free”

*looks at pics*

Not too sure about that…

9818c2  No.12100363


one could literally cosplay and 'identify' as female for one night to sneak in and spy on the idiots….LMAO do they even have brains

4a4c12  No.12100428

>shoot self in foot


ed37d8  No.12100442

File: 1a189b56dec5d4b⋯.jpg (164.99 KB, 709x768, 709:768, 01-tarnsman_of_gor.jpg)




I have some books you may enjoy. Look up "Gor"

237482  No.12100458


>Aids Nero

My sides

dca273  No.12111363


We need to be focused on exterminating these vermin!

5a162b  No.12111376

File: ef09ddc34d57098⋯.png (121.97 KB, 452x391, 452:391, girugamesh.png)

dca273  No.12111377


I've heard of the Gor novels. I'm more concerned with trying to make those novels a reality.

884306  No.12111380

File: be99272a700ea42⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1489x1200, 1489:1200, sketch-1533403858909.png)


This is the end goal

064ab6  No.12111475


Pretty certain the hot women have better places to be than the female equivalent of a complete and utter sausage fest. Like an actual sausage fest. Or a literal sausage fest with real sausages.

1acaeb  No.12111520


They have bigger problems now.

b267b7  No.12111530


<the endless shilling

<it never ends

e3652b  No.12111669

File: a0876f8d349a960⋯.jpg (131.98 KB, 700x534, 350:267, Knle6ycSI1fh_MDnEkqpmw_r.jpg)

e3652b  No.12111671

File: abd1d865a9c8c4e⋯.jpg (155.46 KB, 700x493, 700:493, W7BUSmIABYn5DuN886XaBw_r.jpg)

d62b18  No.12111748


Because it was memed responsibly:


5589c0  No.12111789



I can't tell if you're a troll or just genuinely retarded. I thought you were a troll but then you doubled down and defend your original statement and used a shit-tier meme like "amerisharts." If you're a troll, then bravo, you're convincing. If you're a retard/leftist, then please consider getting a vasectomy.

b52f95  No.12111829

File: 3b80bfa73b4aae2⋯.jpg (2.13 KB, 125x93, 125:93, 1527049100709s.jpg)

Sweden is already man free

65686e  No.12111841

File: 450caced774e5af⋯.png (372.76 KB, 512x784, 32:49, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6558b5ec1684dd0⋯.png (1.05 MB, 800x1072, 50:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f163bee92095b55⋯.png (165.6 KB, 400x513, 400:513, ClipboardImage.png)


>Pic related. Christianity is the backbone of white civilization.

Unsere Religion heißt Christus, unsere Politik heißt Deutschland!

fa9223  No.12111977

It looks awful.

88439f  No.12111985

Oh Lord, these things are ugly as fuck! As a male I wouldn't want to attend one of those parties.

d3f573  No.12111995

demoralize slide thread come back when sweden no or gtfo

a632f9  No.12112038


This is all part of the journey of all matter in the universe. We may fight it it, accept it, succumb to it, evolve from it, or die off from it.

You did take me down a rather disturbing rabbit hole though.

66b8f1  No.12112385

File: 53aa853c12eb902⋯.jpg (4.72 KB, 250x162, 125:81, 53aa853c12eb9025dd814c2cb6….jpg)


>first pic

Are those ancient Ebola-chan statues?

60edc2  No.12112537


>ban all religious schools

>Jewish schools exempt from ban

Reality has just become a satire of itself at this point

ae6ca6  No.12112556

File: aea86aa401d8de3⋯.png (30.1 KB, 642x698, 321:349, unitarianismbait.png)


>christ divine

766f7e  No.12114064

File: b5bab580c370e18⋯.jpg (189.94 KB, 1062x678, 177:113, PIEchart.jpg)


White people are the backbone of white civilization you dumb goy, not a fucking Jewish religion that takes elements of Stoicism and Zoroastrianism and corrupts them with Jewish history and teachings. We had conquered most of the old world when we were savage pagans, our religion is irrelevant when it comes to our supremacy.

766f7e  No.12114075


i didnt even know that there were swedish girls that looked liked this, everyone of them that I might looked like a doll

I guess this is where the oggress legends come from

77e37b  No.12114094

File: 7fccecb8fc32f55⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 640x620, 32:31, 1529341238217.jpg)


3ce122  No.12114109



0c926c  No.12114139

File: ddabb9ebbb179bc⋯.jpg (262.09 KB, 1062x678, 177:113, Language_Ranks.jpg)



e65249  No.12114179




Jesus the kikes really spread that meme hard. Welsh is Etruscan which is ancient Egyptian. It has no relation to the phony concept of "celtic" or to Gaulish languages like Gaelic.

766f7e  No.12114294


I am interested in languages, and I have noticed many strange parallels between Egypt and certain European nations (Tacitus claims that the Germans worshiped "Isis" in their lands, he claims it was imported from Egypt but admits he has no idea how Egyptian goddess cults ended up in Germany, the fact the Germanic tribes used folding chairs very similar in style and construction to the Egyptians, at a time when such chairs were considered pretty advanced, the association of dogs and especially wolves with being divine guardians of the dead as a kind of reversal of their earthly role as eaters of the dead, which is normally a trait of Indo-Aryan cultures only exhibited in the oldest strains)

BUT I need more proof to believe that Welsh is related to Estrucan, and then Estrucan to Egyptian.

e65249  No.12114306



ed37d8  No.12115399

File: 09532d3da1c7020⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.73 KB, 639x807, 213:269, Gorean Slavegirls 5.jpg)

File: a9e07f3f028340e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.19 KB, 504x644, 18:23, Gorean slavegirl 3.jpg)

>>12111377 (checked)


Well, while I personally have a different ideal White society, I can at least understand your position and appreciate the fact that you are seeking to actually create culture rather than destroy it like the transhumanist freaks wish to do. And I presume that like me, you actually find White women attractive. It appears that the anti-female crowd do not feel the same way.

Also, assuming that every man automatically gets to own his GF or wife, I'm set with a beautiful slavegirl already. ;-)

So such a society wouldn't be too bad for me or the people I care about. And I'm sure that we could create a society just as aesthetically pleasing as the one I have in mind. Just with more scantily clad slave girls.

Anyway, there are still major problems with creating a Gorean world IRL.

Firstly, no White society has ever done that to the level that you envision. I think that those novels had most if not all White women (the only species that matters) as pleasure slaves. The problem for you is that this is simply an alien concept for Europeans. How would you compel such a dramatic shift in cultural priorities?

Secondly, all that kneeling and bowing might scuff up your slavegirl's knees. Especially if they're in the nude all the time. Then again, the Japanese manage somehow. So maybe women just need to learn to be more graceful?

Thirdly, and this is a big problem, since the sex ratio for men and women is about 50/50, and since in your ideal society women may be bought and sold as pleasure slaves, it is likely that the rich may end up with dozens if not hundreds of women thus driving up their price and preventing many men from ever getting a slavegirl.

While one could argue that this is just supply and demand, I think this is very unfair and many men would agree with me. That would create social tension that could fracture your society. How do we prevent this?

Lastly, how would children work? Like, if your slave has a son, is the son a slave? Probably not because he is male. But what if she has a daughter? Is she a slave? How does that work? Wouldn't it be kind of a terrible thing to be able to be selling children as essentially sex slaves? And what happens when your pleasure slave is old? I think in the books they had some sort of technology that made them young forever or something. But we lack that technology. So what happens to old women who are no longer attractive slaves?

There are a few other social problems that you might encounter if you tried to recreate the Gor novels IRL, but I want to keep this concise.

30a07c  No.12115426

Leaving this miserable country full of Marxist, misandrist harpies soon. I'll get great satisfaction in watching from afar how the Swedish women handle lying in the bed that they've made. I remember, during the migrant crisis and since then, how self-righteous they've been about their support for open borders. They truly deserve the Muslims.

t. Swede

dca273  No.12116945

File: 78bcd81aa03a365⋯.jpg (127.4 KB, 736x1085, 736:1085, conan the ladies man.jpg)


>The problem for you is that this is simply an alien concept for Europeans. How would you compel such a dramatic shift in cultural priorities?

>it is likely that the rich may end up with dozens if not hundreds of women thus driving up their price and preventing many men from ever getting a slavegirl.

It's simple really. Just as >>12095477 & >>12098116 said, we need to stop giving a fuck and just take what we want. That's what the niggers and mudslimes are doing. That's all they understand. You can't reason with them. They are incapable of reason. Women are incapable of reason! The only thing anyone in this world truly understands is force! Might is right! That's the way of this world. The strong should fear the weak.

dca273  No.12116950


As for daughters and old women, they will remain enslaved. We will find a use for them.

dca273  No.12116966


They deserve rape.

dca273  No.12116970


I fucked up at the end there. The weak should fear the strong.

784d25  No.12117302

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


so far its been a good year for dykes, I guess. (vid only semi-related)

8559f0  No.12117324


No, cartoon network. I will not give your shit show even one youtube watch. I don't care that it ended, I don't care about whatever song played, I don't care what happened to the main character, I don't care about the dykes, I don't care about the dog. I don't care about any of it.

You should be ashamed of yourself for even trying to shill that garbage here.

ed37d8  No.12118090

File: a415912fdf907be⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.34 KB, 800x786, 400:393, 91218161.jpg)

File: 1d2b9f1e07dba6a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 236.4 KB, 1142x1614, 571:807, i5FL77J28.jpg)


>we need to stop giving a fuck and just take what we want.

That doesn't really solve any of the problems you quoted.

In order for such a society to remain stable, you'd need to somehow get all or most men on board with this idea (women, maybe not so much as they'd be slaves). If only you and the small percentage of people who agree with you just took what you want and tried to enslave the women you kidnapped, you'd simply be arrested and the women would just be freed.

You say that might makes right. Yet if your community does not believe that you have a right to enslave women you come across, then you won't be able to keep them for long.


>As for daughters and old women, they will remain enslaved. We will find a use for them.

That's good for the elderly, but for the underage? Don't you realize that this would enable child predators to rape children?

Do you believe that this is morally okay simply because an adult is stronger than a child?

dca273  No.12121645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, there's the rub. It will take a massive red-pilling of white men for us to finally embrace our inner savage and reclaim our birthright. It probably won't happen in our lifetimes. Civilization will really have to hit the skids for the white race to rise again. It has to get worse before it gets better.

And since females will be property, it's really up to their father/owner what is done with her. If they want to pimp her out, so be it.

ed37d8  No.12122778

File: 765803bf3d56fb4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.35 KB, 800x1208, 100:151, ded3744c621355baf0c9e281d6….jpg)

File: 3100bb4cb74df83⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 261.74 KB, 1300x1800, 13:18, Gorean Slavegirl in chains.jpg)


>reclaim our birthright

Well, it's not exactly reclaiming if we have simply never created a society where all women are slaves. This would be forging a completely new path from scratch.

I just don't see this happening in the real world.

There are simply too many unaddressed questions that such a social order would hinge upon. There is the problem of creating a completely new mode of thinking for White people everywhere. There's creating a consistent moral code of conduct regarding the treatment of slave-women (I mean, it simply wouldn't do if you could just kill them at a whim or do permanent physical damage to them simply because some wacko felt like inflicting pain for the sake of it.) There's the problem of scarcity and demand. And many others.

Your ideas are interesting to say the least. But they're unlikely to happen due to the sheer scale of the societal shift that you would need to put them into action.

>it's really up to their father/owner what is done with her. If they want to pimp her out, so be it.

Fair enough. You at least have a consistent philosophy. Which is a heck of a lot more than most can say.

I can't say I'm entirely comfortable with that concept. I think that there would need to be laws and customs in place to prevent abuse of children and also of slave-women themselves as it would be very asthetically displeasing if there were too many slave-women that had been disfigured by an especially cruel master.

I think that society would fall apart if it didn't feel good and natural.

ed955a  No.12123020


Let them do what they want, at least they will only get raped by lesbian refugee rape gangs this time.

The only reason that isn't a problem is most of the rapefugees are young men and most young women would stay home and cook rice or something for their families. there is probably a few africa bulldykes out there prove an exception to the rule however.

Here is a fun game spot diversity in these pictures of the festival


the token black performing doesn't count.


whiter than pumpkin spice latte


Not even a med or an arab,seriously the girl on the front right corner could be in hitler youth.


Its simple we kill the bat-transman!


not to do with the fesival but all white

They could never do this cultural subversion without white sympathizers and white women.

21283d  No.12123037


This man has taken the final redpill.



ed955a  No.12123049

File: 54f189401dcf342⋯.png (94.71 KB, 184x233, 184:233, screenshotAtUploadCC_15364….png)

File: 47f9e55736bd926⋯.jpg (9.37 KB, 300x168, 25:14, do.jpg)


>she could had a huge super ethnically white family and helped save sweden.

>9 or 10 out of ten european highly fertile pubescent late teenage beauty.

>wears a feminist tshirt and watches three dykes attempt to rap over a bongo bear

aaaargh its not fair! I think I might need a sexual emergency and a nice traditional town in saamiland.

ed955a  No.12123081

File: 6dc0fcb42d319c4⋯.jpg (115.13 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 1535791412_sdltd1ef3ca-nh.jpg)


There are unironically some really attractive women in that crowd once you get past the few 2/10s. its really sad actually.

its only the bottom left two that are unfuckable and the crowd is pretty much smashworthy for most guys the girl in the bottom right corner and the girl behind her are 8-10 out of ten on a conventional caucasian breeding roster for a new reich.

It literally fucking hurts to look at that shit.

2d9a72  No.12123118



>slave of vagina who can't hold any judgement that would turn into a communist if a sufficient attractive woman would give him approval and interest for it

nobody gives a fuck about your analysis and opinion newfag, kill yourself and go back to your fap thread

000000  No.12124379


Fill me in, how was the FIU bridge collapse caused by women?

d2c317  No.12124617

File: 2eea4b2d160bf18⋯.jpg (29.27 KB, 455x652, 455:652, 1535825489066.jpg)


Based and redpilled.

Also: shit thread, saged.

dca273  No.12125149

File: dad0bc6b0d1f481⋯.jpg (280.65 KB, 640x427, 640:427, early man.jpg)


In the days of the caveman, women were kept as property. This is how we created civilization. By treating women like the cattle they are. Women were and are basically a resource like food or water. You needed to have control over that resource for your tribe to prosper. As long as women are free, the white tribe will not prosper.

It wouldn't be that difficult for us to establish this society. We just have to break free from the grip of modern civilization's control. It's made us fat, lazy and weak. We need to rediscover our past. We need to go back to the idea of survival of the fittest. Only the strong shall survive. Nature does not value the weak and feeble.

And like I said, women will go back to being property like they were intended to be. If I buy a car and instead of driving it I want to smash it, I have the right to because it is my property to do with as I so desire. Even if a slave woman gets disfigured, if they can still walk and perform certain tasks, then someone could still have use for them.

dca273  No.12125176

File: 9f1ef591f903a85⋯.jpg (54.37 KB, 319x475, 319:475, might is right.jpg)


If you want a better idea on how this new society can be established and how it would work, read "Might is Right: Survival of the Fittest" by Ragnar Redbeard. It lays out the basic principals of the re-establishment of white rule. It should be the Bible of the new order.

31f0c7  No.12125235


Aren't the Celts related to the Egyptians? This has been confirmed with DNA


This also coincides with other groups of "red headed white people" settling in New Zealand thousands of years ago



>About 6 thousand years ago there was a giant race war where black people curb stomped white people in and around Egypt, this made groups of them flee on boats, notable to Ireland and New Zealand.

>This is proven through DNA research and old legends of the time. See above videos.

ed37d8  No.12125263

File: 444f2f631a37a45⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.15 KB, 250x359, 250:359, Gorean Slave Girl 1.jpg)


I will read the book you mentioned, however I also want to address these points

>In the days of the caveman, women were kept as property.

Yes and no. Women were traded through marriages. But they were certainly not slaves. And they were treated far better than livestock.

At least according to all the evidence that I have seen. Perhaps you have seen different evidence that supports what you say.

In which case, I'd love to see it.

>We just have to break free from the grip of modern civilization's control.

Yeah, but the society you describe didn't exist any time in recorded history. Not even in the heydays of Rome and Greece. Not in the Germanic and Celtic "barbarian" civilizations that rose and fell in the Iron and Bronze Age.

I think that it's fair to say that you believe that we need to have some sort of total collapse of civilization in order to create a Mad Max or kind of scenario. Only then can we rebuild society along more natural lines where women can be bought and sold and used because they're the weaker sex and men learn to rule women again because we're the stronger sex.

Yet in real societal collapse scenarios, this doesn't happen. It is almost certain that if you strip modern civilization away, women return to traditional roles. I agree with you there. Women will cook, clean, and raise children while men conduct the tasks that are required to maintain the civilization. However, it's hard to envision any set of circumstances that would cause men to suddenly decide to enslave their wives and daughters.

Slavery was very common in the past. But it was based mostly around enslaving members of enemy tribes. I cannot think of one instance where women as a group were enslaved within a tribe at peace.

Can you?

Anyway, I will read your book. This is an interesting idea and one that is suppressed even here on 8/pol/.

I hope it is in e-book format.

If this book is to be the Bible of the new age, it will need a strong philosophy behind it.

In order for such a society to function, the majority of men will need to adopt it as the moral basis of our day to day life.

0f4b30  No.12125266

File: 4aaa031f70dea5e⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 399x288, 133:96, 4aaa031f70dea5ee8200cddd5e….jpg)

File: 42b8526b91ee89e⋯.jpg (128.13 KB, 800x804, 200:201, 08e0f4d49b406e15182c0e47ae….jpg)

File: fbab4eccba15384⋯.gif (17.73 KB, 255x190, 51:38, fbab4eccba15384a785d48e18d….gif)


Gas yourself faggot

60345d  No.12125274


Honestly you seem like a fag. Reduce the soy.

dca273  No.12125419


When civilization finally collapses, we will know what caused it (Women's rights, niggers, Jews etc.) and we will take steps to make sure we don't make the same mistake twice.

The fatal flaw of previous empires is that they were too permissive. This new empire needs to be intolerant of ideas that promote such thinking. We need to make sure that our founding documents are explicitly anti-equality and there is no room for interpretation.

"White men are superior. All others are inferior."

324422  No.12125427

File: c697d48d645aa4a⋯.gif (970.77 KB, 500x490, 50:49, c697d48d645aa4a3d7deb369f0….gif)

dca273  No.12125448



dca273  No.12125567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the whole book in audio format.

1200df  No.12127365


Godspeed anon.


ed37d8  No.12131065


Interesting book. I'm 75% through it atm. Obviously there's a lot in the book that resonates with me. However, there are some aspects that are probably not good for any stable European civilization.

Now enslaving women aside and I won't even bother talking about cannibalism, a lot of what Ragnar says seems hopelessly individualistic. He says that he sees nothing good about showing compassion to others and advocates taking advantage of weakness whenever possible to destroy everyone around you. An almost jewish mentality, not that I question his race. It doesn't matter if they are innodent, simply that they have wealth and you can take it.

Thus, there is no room for honour in Ragnar's world. Just violence and greedy exploitation.

I think you understand that no stable society could ever grow in such a world. Community is the basis of civilization. And trust is the basis of community. There was no barbarian tribe in Gaul, Celtiberia, Germany, Dacia, Thrace, or Briton that would agree with such a mentality towards fellow tribesmen. Their societies were built upon tribal loyalty and bonds of community. Any man who behaved in such a manner would probably be killed himself.

Another thing that comes off Ragnar in waves is his romanticism of warfare. He believes that our barbarian, tribal ancestors would scorn us for being so addicted to peace.

Now, I like war. I have joyfully followed modern and ancient warfare since I was six years old. I don't remember when I watched my first footage of modern battle but I can not remember ever being disturbed by horrendous things. Some people, including my own GF are astounded by how callously or jovially I recount horrible scenes of violence both recently and in the past. I have told humorous stories about genocide since I was in middleschool. I learned more about Africa than any liberal shithead in my highschool simply because the horrible, chaotic inter-tribal warfare fascinated me.

So while I'm not bloody minded, I am not squeamish about war by any measure.

So you'd think that I'd agree with Ragnar completely.

Actually, that would be horrible. I wouldn't enjoy that. You wouldn't enjoy that. No one but a psychopath would enjoy that. In the past that Ragnar Idolizes, men met each other in the field of battle and slew or were slain in personal combat. Now, Ragnar clearly hasn't studied ancient warfare in depth because he seems to believe that a man's personal skill with a sword was the main determinant in his survivability.

In real ancient warfare, it was much more a contest of tribal organization than individual bravery and skill. The Romans were probably a lot less brave than the barbarian Celts who they slaughtered over and over again. In fact, whenever Romans and Celts fought on "even" footing, the Celts tended to triumph. But the Romans were better organized and thusly won much more often.

And even those barbarians didn't actually engage in Hollywood style battleswhere each man pairs off with an enemy and fight individual duels in some disgusting chaos. No, they fought in groups of 100 against other groups of 100.

So much for Conan the Barbarian (Which is a great series. It's just not historically accurate)

But all this is irrelevant because modern warfare is so different from ancient warfare that we might as well forget it. Modern warfare is not honourable. Modern warfare is not clean. There are no chances for individuals to fight duels with skillful opponents, only snipers to murder you in the night and you die without even seeing your enemy. Instead of dying in glory fighting for control of a bridge, you simply step on a land mine and die.

A weakling is just as vulnerable as a powerful warrior to snipers, artillary, gas, and IEDs.

And worse than that, modern warfare kills the best and bravest of us. Those men who lead from the front tend to be shot by snipers or step on landmines. And instead of dying in glory, you just lose your legs and go home without a dick, or you become a vegitable and die in a coma 10 years later. Instead of skill, your survivability is down to luck… almost.

Actually, the weak and cowardly tend to survive modern warfare more often than brave men do because they hide in the rear and don't step on land mines.

And don't even get me started on the lie "the military will make a MAN out of you"

That's utter bullshit. Retarded, childish bullshit.

If you ended your military career as a man, your superiors failed. Their job is to turn you into a dog. An obedient slave.

ed37d8  No.12131068


And I have to wonder after reading most of his book; what exactly does Ragnar like about European civilization? I agree with him that Christianity is bad for us. I agree that it makes us weak and renders us dupes. However, he doesn't seem to appreciate anything about our culture and heritage other than killing.

What about the great poets of the Celtic world? What about the great architects who built our sacred Tholos tombs, the majestic dome of the Pantheon, or the ancient stone henges by the hundred in Britain and France? What about our philosophers and historians? Every race has produced warriors. Yet only our race has produced philosophers and historians of any worth. Only the Chinese and Japanese even came close.

Our Faustian Spirit is far more profound than, as Ragnar puts it, men brutalizing each other with clubs.

That said, it's certainly an eloquently written book. Almost poetic. It would make a great alternative religious book. But not a great basis for a European civilization.

Where is the love of art? Where is the esteem for philosophy and poetry? Where is the love of beauty for its own sake?

b4cc45  No.12132011


Competition is almost as bad as rape

5aab9c  No.12132050


What's its Stand name and power?

000000  No.12132099

Good. Now if we can just get women the fuck out of the workplace I might be able to get some work done.

4884fc  No.12132111

File: 9a3ecf7eb70f9e5⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1275x718, 1275:718, PuripuriPrisoner.png)


Absolutely stunning

d90c99  No.12132116


do you want to know how i got these emo scars?

cdecbc  No.12132270


That's not a female in the painting. That is Orestes being harrowed by the Furies for killing his mother, who killed his father.

ed3b96  No.12132432

looks fucking retarded tbh…

78f366  No.12133265

File: 2f98e6a2caea32e⋯.jpg (59.5 KB, 600x750, 4:5, barbarians.jpg)


There will only be honor for those that have earned it. Ragnar's vision for the world is one based entirely on the idea of meritocracy. All things in this life are earned whether it's honor, riches, glory, love, etc. In order for there to be trust, trust be earned first. Nothing should ever be given freely because it breeds weakness!

Life is in and of itself a struggle. You should always have your sword at the ready to strike down any foe that would do the same to you. Man was built for killing. That's why we are on top of the food chain. Because we're so good at killing! The wheels of civilization are fueled by blood and it should be recognized as such.

ed37d8  No.12133877


>order for there to be trust, trust be earned first. Nothing should ever be given freely because it breeds weakness!

Extreme individualism. One of the ways that jews have kept White people suppressed is by creating exactly that mentality among us. If you cannot trust your fellow European, then there is no way that we can overcome them.

You might be the best swordsman on earth. But you would still be their slave because they have out maneuvered you through cooporation.

>You should always have your sword at the ready to strike down any foe that would do the same to you.

Yeah. That kind of advice works in Conan Exiles. But in real life, if you did that, you'd be removed from the gene pool. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

Again, read what I wrote about modern warfare. It is the truth. Modern warfare is not glorious, it is not honourable. Anyone who still believes it is doesn't know what they're talking about.

Modern warfare is going out for a piss in the night and stepping on a landmine and going home in a wheelchair. It's cleaning your gun in a building that is struck by a drone that you didn't even know was there and dying in the rubble. Modern warfare is eating your evening meal behind sight blocking barriers and suddenly having your leg shot off by a random enemy firepower close to a mile away.

Modern warfare is being shelled by your own side because someone read the number 9 as a 4.

Does that sound like a glorious way to die to you? Or be maimed for life.

I am not opposed to violence. I wish all of these horrible things I listed to happen to my enemies. I want these disgusting, psychotic, communist lemmings who hate my race to die in the rubble of apartment complexes. I want to see the arrogant, grinning black rapists to die in agony after an incendiary device explodes in a crowded arms depot.

But above all I want the psychotic, sneering, hook nosed kikes who caused all of this to die choaking on blood after a letter bomb fractures their rib cages and sends small metal shards sheering through their disgusting jewish lungs.

I am NOT saying that I am a passivist. I want these things to happen to my enemies. So don't accuse me of being opposed to war when these freaks of nature are trying to exterminate us. Nor should you accuse me of denying that laws are backed by violence. I am well aware of that.

What I am saying is this; modern warfare is not glorious. It is not like Conan Exiles. It is not like Call of Duty. It is random and inglorious. It kills the brave and spares the weak. It turns courageous men into whimpering, hollow animals.

So any future society must seek to prevent war from afflicting White people.

Also, this idea that we should base everything upon the notion that the strong should kill the weak is insane. Forget women. Children are weak and helpless. Yet without them, there is no future. A progressive society takes care of its children and raises them to be strong, honourable men and caring, courteous women.

There is more to civilization than blood and gore.

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