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File: 9371e139b23280c⋯.jpg (298.63 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Swede Nord Resist Aug 28.jpg)

92163c  No.12096275

"A far-right, Eurosceptic party with neo-Nazi roots looks set to emerge as the kingmaker in Sweden’s general election on 9 September, after polling at an all-time high in the famously tolerant Scandinavian country.

"Last week, an investigation by Swedish newspaper 'Expressen' revealed several candidates for the party, the Sweden Democrats (SD), are former active members of the now disbanded violent anti-democratic Nazi party the National Socialist Front.

>sounds pretty nazi :)

>Pic related is

Supporters of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement during a demonstration in Stockholm in August 2018.

"(Consider) the rise of the Sweden Democrats party, which describes itself as nationalist and socially conservative while seeking a crackdown on immigration as well as hardline law and order policies.

(A jew criticizing these Goyim) said; “The people who are active in the Sweden Democrats have a mindset where immigrants and minorities are at the centre of everything that’s wrong in society. That’s why we keep on seeing reports in the news media about SD politicians saying things like; "‘Sweden is a place where whites belong and non-whites don’t’"


'>I wonder why this jew thinks he is entitled to criticize these native Swedes who are members of the SD?

>we can ask some of this thread's (predictable and cliche) kike shills who likewise spew criticism of the Sweden Democrats

92163c  No.12096277

File: 5f0062f62891d5e⋯.jpg (54.82 KB, 724x517, 724:517, merchant plans hasbara.jpg)


Oy Vey - Just tell the Goyim all the Right Wing groups in Europe are Controlled Opposition run in secret by Jews

That'll fool them…

a82dc4  No.12096306


>Last week, an investigation by Swedish newspaper 'Expressen' revealed several candidates for the party, the Sweden Democrats (SD)


>neo nahtzee

I fucking get triggered bigly how the US and Europe have different naming conventions for parties. Although it's much better for European countries and peoples and is worse for ((())). My autism prevents me from learning these things.

d7e21b  No.12096314

File: a8074bc41345ce7⋯.jpg (80.75 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, 1031364982.jpg)








a82dc4  No.12096315


>ironic satire post coincidentally gets first reply calling out the jew

>gets 77 dubs while doing it


476e2b  No.12096322


Lol, so is SD supposed to be calling for the eradication of Israel? That's your strategy?

476e2b  No.12096323


geez I wonder who could be behind this post

92163c  No.12096325

File: f450fba1a0877a7⋯.jpg (105.2 KB, 962x640, 481:320, Swede soldiers Odin.jpg)


Sweden –Neo-Nazis crash Holocaust survivor’s lecture

"Varberg – A group of neo-Nazis marched into a Peders Skrivares school and took pictures of the audience during a lecture by a Holocaust survivor in Varberg in southern Sweden."

"Peder Skrivare school head Augustsson, who had organized the Monday evening lecture with Holocaust survivor and author Mietek Grocher, told how six to eight men between 25 and 30 years old walked into the lecture room half an hour into the talk on Monday evening…" blah blah bla


a82dc4  No.12096335


What do you want? First (((you))) post force memes about how everyone on the right is disheveled, unkempt, unfit, and overweight.

You don't like that it's the opposite so now we're faggots? What next, we're all trannyfaggots?

d7e21b  No.12096338


So the de facto position in your view is to support Zionism instead of being neutral on the issue at the very least?

476e2b  No.12096346


I don't support Zionism but you can't genuinely expect a growing party to just come right out of the gates blasting Israel left and right, which is what most of this board wants and expects.

6ec9a8  No.12096347



i'm getting really tired of this. everything that is not "spread your asshole wide for muhammad's dick" being far right.

oh well, they're in for a surprise when actual far right shows its face.

92163c  No.12096355

File: df989de4dbc3b02⋯.gif (93.69 KB, 640x451, 640:451, immi barbara-lerner-spectr….gif)

File: 75213dbc789bda1⋯.jpg (97.41 KB, 1811x760, 1811:760, immi spectre barbara.JPG)

File: 9047ecbe7e2597a⋯.jpg (92.74 KB, 600x307, 600:307, immi Spectre Middle Earth.jpg)


l up…'

Let's hear from the Jews about Sweden and Whites=

pics related

d7e21b  No.12096358


Your posts imply this is a grand strategy on the party and they're actually secretly anti-Jewish. You do realize how unlikely that is, considering Jewish power. It's much more likely they're co-opted and jewed as the evidence suggests. And even more likely they were always jewed.

99bd02  No.12096381

When you’re so far to the right that Jews have tried everything to stop you from being heard, including lying about your sexuality.

476e2b  No.12096382



I AM suspicious, but the proof that they're compromised also it shaky. Either way, it looks like they're on the way to the top, or will at least shake the establishment, so we'll just say.

a82dc4  No.12096394


>everything is co-opted goyim!!!!

>never get together goy

>never have faith in something bigger than yourself other than israel

>nothing can defeat the jews

>the jews are all powerful

If you're just a retarded anon;

jews only have such power because you willingly give it to them.

If you're a kike;

Fuck off.



9d1746  No.12096395


look at the id of OP and first poster

a82dc4  No.12096400

92163c  No.12096406

File: 2d8554af27782f1⋯.jpg (50.57 KB, 640x474, 320:237, israaid shitbags.jpg)



Israel dishes out government shekels to fund a jew organization that aids and abets the tsunami of non-White parasites entering Europe

9d1746  No.12096413

File: 4ad6ed9c38343e1⋯.jpeg (5.28 KB, 443x645, 443:645, abstraction.jpeg)


in fact, i wonder who could be behind this OP

e9da70  No.12096420

File: 65a08cffc0a77e2⋯.png (1.36 MB, 600x800, 3:4, 1532524019207.png)

>anti-extremism magazine Expo

She has no idea what she's talking about. EXPO has key and founding members with economic and blood ties to the Bolsheviks. EXPO is a left-wing pressure organization that control extremist AFA in Sweden.

ccc3ef  No.12096427


Its only extreme if its pro-white in any way.

e9da70  No.12096441


Yes, severely anti-white organization. Extreme to the max.

92163c  No.12096451

File: b1534b2e7060603⋯.jpg (44.63 KB, 479x576, 479:576, merchant BUTT HURT.jpg)

Several former Nazis running for office as Sweden Democrats: report

The Local Sweden-Aug. 28, 2018

"Several former members of the violent and anti-democratic Nazi organization … NSF was Sweden's largest neo-Nazi political party before ..".


9f45ed  No.12096482

Crying nazi at everything that moves pretty much invalidates the accusation when the said person does not act like a nazi.

People are still old enough to remember how real nationalist parties looked like. Not in name only conservatives that fall over themselves to support sodomy.

This is the jew crying as he strikes you. In last ditch effort.

In a different reality NATO/UN would have intervened.

92163c  No.12096496

File: 5490cece6916828⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 667x397, 667:397, Swede Nord in English7.jpg)

Could Sweden fall to the far right?

Prospect - Aug. 23, 2018

"''In one of the defining moments of the last Swedish general election, the … The Sweden Democrats' neo-Nazi roots do not seem to matter.



6ebde1  No.12096515


>Your posts imply this is a grand strategy on the party and they're actually secretly anti-Jewish.

Could it be that they do not give a fuck yet?

03fbff  No.12096525


SD was at one point literally run by Jews. I think they recently kicked the Jews out though.

03fbff  No.12096528


90% of swedes hate Israel, so it would not be a bad strategy.

1a1911  No.12096544

File: 4044a5188a4fe00⋯.webm (10.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, RT - Swedish election - N….webm)


RT youtube 8UnmUju6IwQ

Published on Sep 1, 2018

A tough confrontation is expected during Sweden's general election, with the country split over a surge in migrant numbers. It could see the governing left-wing Social Democrats lose their upper hand in parliament. At the same time, their nationalist opponents are being widely criticised, with claims of racism.

a1478d  No.12096555

File: dcdc1f0f3750367⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 67856785678.jpg)

File: 0576d808bd0943e⋯.jpg (32.5 KB, 625x350, 25:14, 17317831783.jpg)

File: 2cf0dee7503f366⋯.jpg (129.88 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 317831731783.jpg)

Friendly reminder that the boomercucks in ((SD)) kicked out their entire youth wing for being to "radical against semites" a few years ago. They are running this election as "Alternative For Sweden / AfS"

Just stop and think about the first part for a second.

- How cucked would a "conservative" party have to be to kick out their entire youth wing?

- How much energy would be left in any party after such a purge?

The Swedendemocucks don't even want a full stop on the invasion anymore, just "a more sustainable level of immigrants". Repatriation is completely off the menu.

476e2b  No.12096563


Time to for NR to step up. Did they endorse a party? Do they have their own, or?

717bee  No.12096601

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8054f3  No.12096609

Have they been soy-fed for 20 years? Good god.

000000  No.12098888

Swedes are one of the most fascinating case studies in the world, it took barely any time at all for them to make such radical political shifts. The Americans take forever in contrast, I predict Swedes will return to viking level violence soon enough at such remarkable rates of right wing rush.

0dae01  No.12098908













dd9f4b  No.12098923

File: 50b20554b97fc63⋯.png (65.43 KB, 800x500, 8:5, svflag doom 2.png)

File: 0573b17ac11b72d⋯.png (52.04 KB, 800x500, 8:5, svflag 2.png)


Fucking checked.

a61a95  No.12099021


Democrats in America used to be the Socialist Nationalist party that hated niggers anon.

49b7fa  No.12099057


Nationalists for any Western nation will support Nationalism for any other peoples

Nationalists for any Western nation supports a Jew World Order/Globalism/International Jews believing they have a seat at every table in every nation

Zionism is a JWO; endof

12c062  No.12099130

Jews in Europe have long understood this fact, how come you gentiles are so slow in picking it up? The far-right in Europe are only praising Israel because they plan on deporting all the Jews there. You claim whites are so intelligent but you're so bad at pattern recognition, and that's exactly why you are so easily fleeced.

12c062  No.12099144


The party names in the US are meaningless. They don't mean right or left, the US is a republic (for now) therefore all politicians are republicans… and the US elects leaders via the democratic process (for now) therefore all politicians are democrats. Basically they might as well call themselves Party 1 and Party 2, it doesn't mean anything.

000000  No.12099152


The same applies to jews if not more so. Countless times of being expelled and crushed like parasitic insects because jews have terrible terrible foresight, even your own religious text is nothing except stories of jews making horrible mistakes or angering their God that result in their inevitable destruction by their own hands, right now the golems are turning on jews again and more than that a final battle even jews know will take place, except this time not a single jew will survive.

12c062  No.12099184


>not a single jew will survive

Whites are great warriors and skilled tacticians, but your hearts are entirely too soft. It'll never happen. Also, you think we never expected ANY resistance from the gentiles? It's too little, too late now.

000000  No.12099205


No, you don't understand. I fully understand the problem of white pathological altruism otherwise we would have rightfully erased you from this earth permanently the last hundreds of expulsions. Our races both have terrible foresight and we deserve each other. It's too late now, for both of us. You're dead, we're dead. That's the way it's going to be no matter what.

dd9f4b  No.12099206

File: 117fc43b42e998b⋯.png (17.3 KB, 664x389, 664:389, 214 point 23.png)

File: f8953ad15569e09⋯.png (2.08 KB, 23x32, 23:32, ayy.png)


>deporting all the Jews there

Oh god, I hope they do this.

708261  No.12099243

File: 013c5d7ab8899ef⋯.jpg (169.23 KB, 1113x839, 1113:839, b8d6acd25ac3ced4cdaf37ecc1….jpg)



Swedes are a in reality a collectivist people, individualism is not native to us

We want to fit into the group, so when the consensus shift it shifts fast and almost completely

dd9f4b  No.12099271


I hope it shifts soon. You guys gotta protect the 240s from the savages.

0377b9  No.12100278


>your hearts are entirely too soft

Not anymore, that can and has already begun to change shlomo.

There are a large and growing number of us that will not rest until there is not a single enemy of white people left alive anywhere.

And the interesting thing is that plenty of us were liberal, peace-loving, tolerant of other races and not interested in whiteness or supremacy at all until quite recently.

The Truth has a profoundly deep and powerful effect on you when you find it and accept it.

It changes you forever.

One of the changes is a rapid hardening of the heart toward those who were always your enemies but who deceived you into thinking you could be friends and get along.

Another is the understanding of US vs them, and that most of "them" are all going to have to leave our societies or die.

And all jews will be eradicated from the face of the Earth, hunted down like the vermin you are.

Make the most of your last days moishe.

7de075  No.12100294


>In a different reality NATO/UN would have intervened.

That would backfire hard if tried today.

2397a6  No.12100302

they won't do shit. swedish people are cucked on the same level as inbred english, potatoniggers, haggisniggers and canadians.

60526d  No.12100339


But they are…I don't know how this could not be CRYSTAL fucking clear at this point. It really doesn't get anymore crystal clear that both sides of every party and every situation are kike controlled …even the invasion of Europe was a kike controlled and sponsored event…and not in response the kikes try to play the role of the ALT KIKE and mitigate their damage without implicated themselves WHILE WE ARE GENOCIDED. ALL KIKES AND THEIR ZOG OPERATIVES NEED TO DIE. ONE TO THE BODY AND TWO TO THE HEAD. This includes AfD AfS and all the rest of the KIKE RIGHT parties who were



d7ab99  No.12100341



They've shed Christianity almost completely so there's nothing stopping them from going full Bridge Pewds.

60526d  No.12100346


ALSO, there should be no one running for office in ANY OF OUR NATIONS WHO IS NOT WILLING TO TAKE A DNA TEST FIRST…



0b4f3a  No.12100357


Canadians are far more cucked. Such a party has no hope of existing here any time soon, although the refugee issue here is far less dire than in Sweden or Germany. I'm sure if there were no-go zones in Canada people would be getting behind it, but until then we are a nation of cucks.

On the bright side, it's almost a guarantee that Trudeau will get voted out next election.

60526d  No.12100366


If they aren't "pro-kike", then lets see some DNA tests and clarity about their past history. AfD history is that Weidel the jewish lesbian head of AfD who replaced the genuine organizer as head is a part of Goldman Sachs…so if you want GOLDMAN FUCKING CHINA NIGGER SACHS running Germany into the ground as hard as it possibly can, vote AfD. OR YOU COULD GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS AND SOME >>>STANDARDS<<< AND REFUSE TO ALLOW KIKES TO RULE OVER YOU ANY LONGER. THEY FUCKING MANUFACTURED THE ENTIRE INVASION OF EUROPE…BUT NOW YOU ALL ARE GOING TO LOOK TO THEM FOR YOUR SALVATION WHILE THEY ARE GENOCIDING YOU? I AM IN CLOWNWORLD…IT NEVER GETS ANY BETTER…YOU ALL ARE INSANE TO EVEN CONSIDER ANY OF THESE KIKES AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN


706a13  No.12100371

File: 6eecde79bbc07f6⋯.gif (523.17 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Burning jew.gif)

Godspeed Sweedbros!

Wish you to find you own version of Salvini and make Sweden great again!

13e4da  No.12100415


>All caps and red text

>Everyone is a Mossad Agent except for me.

>Everyone needs to die

Well, you'll never kill anyone because, as you say, everyone who does anything is controlled opposition.

So you're kinda fucked.

I'll reiterate that incase you missed it; You can't "kill them all and leave no survivors" without power and you will not attain power if everyone is working for the enemy.

60526d  No.12100452


Top kek…if that is how you have to think in order to get a good nights sleep, you go ahead and think that way, but your assumption is predicated on the thought that we Europeans still have value for your KIKE LAWS and your KIKE GOVERNMENTS and your KIKE JUSTICE. And why shouldn't it be? You filthy trash DNA nigger mongrels have always stood back and never faced a fucking consequence IN YOUR LIFE for any of the shit you started. You think now that you will 'do this agaisn' and that the same fucking agenda and plan that you have ALWAYS RUN is going to work on us because we are going to UPHOLD the values that you have instilled in our societies in order to make us into nothing but your golem slaves. But I can assure you that you are quite wrong this time and that nothing in the world could be further from the truth of the situation. WE SEE YOU FUCKING MONGREL TRASH AND YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE.

7de075  No.12100456


>but your hearts are entirely too soft.

Its the lack of faith that has made that happen. If you're afraid of death then its already game over.

7de075  No.12100461


>Swedes are one of the most fascinating case studies in the world, it took barely any time at all for them to make such radical political shifts. The Americans take forever in contrast, I predict Swedes will return to viking level violence soon enough at such remarkable rates of right wing rush.

The real question is: are those right wingers breeding like animals or is it only a movement at this stage.

13e4da  No.12100475



>desperate accusations

>You're a jew because I say so!

Okay, so you really didn't say anything. But let's pretend that you did.

You say that you want to murder me because I'm White but all White people who disagree with you are suddenly either jews or mongrels depending on your mood.

If that were so and you really wanted to murder 99.99999999% of White people, you still couldn't accomplish this if your OTHER assumption is true; namely that all organizations and individuals other than yourself are controlled opposition.

So to put it simply for you, once again;

You cannot kill anyone if everyone who does anything is controlled opposition

So no, you will not be able to exterminate White people who disagree with you.

60526d  No.12100499


>based (((white man))) tells a European how things are

>You cannot kill anyone if everyone who does anything is controlled opposition.

This is something YOU brought to the table nigger, not me. I am insisting on STANDARDS to weed your fucking asses OUT of our politics, populations and power structures. We aren't going to let you play BOTH SIDES OF THE WAR THIS TIME kike. Also, you aren't white and you jew is showing through.


104ba3  No.12100509


Ethnoglobe anon is that you?

92163c  No.12100510

File: ff78c136daa3d8d⋯.jpg (295.14 KB, 960x460, 48:23, Swede Nordfront.jpg)

Hours ago the Israeli news site Haaretz published a wordy, windbag op-ed decrying the emerging Neon Nazi populism of Sweden's political scene

>"Sweden's 'moderate' far right has a Nazi Advantage"

How Sweden Became a Thriving Base of neo-Nazi Ideology

"In the lead up to general elections on September 9th, most polls suggest the Sweden Democrats will increase their share of the vote and even become Sweden’s second largest party. More alarmist voices argue that they may become the critical political kingmakers in the next parliament.

"Just recently, two members were excluded from the party for explicitly identifying with Nazism. One regional candidate had purchased items from the neo-Nazi extremist Nordic Resistance Movement; his Facebook account featured posts praising Hitler, calling Arabs rapists and pedophiles, as well as a photo calling Anne Frank "the coolest Jew in the shower room." The other had purchased white power music and racist stickers online.

Double Trouble - now there's another Far Right Party

"The party has serially attempted to distance itself from fascism by marketing a moderate face and by loudly condemning neo-Nazism, the same strategy followed by various other European hard right parties.

"Those members of the Sweden Democrats - among them former MPs - angry about the need for such "appeasement" broke away and set up their own party, the Alternative for Sweden (Alternativ för Sverige, AfS), a name obviously inspired by the far right Alternative for Germany, which became third-strongest party in the 2017 elections for the Bundestag.

The 'Alternative for Sweden' boasts even more explicit far right policies, calling for the repatriation of immigrants. Its co-founder and chairman Gustav Kasselstrand warns, in language taken straight from white supremacists, of a "replacement of our people" and mobilizes against "political correctness."

>where's the lie, kikes?


>the aritcle then just whines about the Goyim awakening, and (<perhaps in-between drinking gulps of blood !sraelis obtained from children found dying in the rubblle of bombed buildings in Palestine) strikes a self-righteous pose and lectures the bad Goys from the Zionist "moral lowground" without any cognizance of jewish moral hypocrisy

60526d  No.12100528


Still on my crusade to wake up /pol/ to the idea of having standards and not letting the ZOG kikes play their typical role as the destroyers of Europeans from BOTH side of the political spectrum and their collusion on BOTH FUCKING SIDE OF ALL OUR WARS, killing and slaughtering us without mercy while they laugh about it in backrooms, pass military and strategic information back and forth and have a brandy at and a steak while watching our sons die face down in the mud crying for their mothers. How do you think it is going? {sigh}. As well as can be expected I suppose…

60526d  No.12100530



c2e608  No.12100533


Well, Goldman Sachs has had quite a few board members suicided over the years. Media in general avoids confronting violent institutions.

c2e608  No.12100537


This is partly why/how jews are so prevalent in journalism these days. All the goy journalists and CEOs died mysteriously.

13e4da  No.12100545


>Everyone who I disagree with is a jew.

>Get your DNA tested so the government knows your DNA.

So you admit that not everyone and every organization is controlled opposition?

That's a relief. Which organizations are not controlled opposition?

Prediction. He will not name any because, as I said, he wants us to believe that ALL organizations who do anythinga re CO. That's just my prediction. Let's see if he proves me wrong

60526d  No.12100546


I have been watching them suicide themselves off buildings but since they were bankers etc, I didn't feel that bad about it. I do feel bad about the murders of the Holisitc Doctors who oppose big pharma, those are a real loss.

f9999d  No.12100769

File: e7f249ceb9aa4ff⋯.png (479.58 KB, 599x539, 599:539, ''Vampire''.png)


>Sweden, a strong welfare state, has traditionally been a society where opposition to racism is instinctively considered part of decent conduct.


>Instinctive opposition to racism traditionally

Literally had eugenics and homogeneity written into law until 1975. The sheer irony of these being the very same people who cry revisionism at every turn. I wonder if they even notice when they contradict themselves, or if it just comes naturally to them to the point where they don't even begin to consider thinking of what they say.

Of course if you ask them about this sort of thing they always just feign ignorance, as if the thing never happened. As if they never contradicted themselves. As if they expect you to forget what just happened.

These fucking desert savages.

92163c  No.12101784

File: e9a64e0746773c1⋯.jpg (91.73 KB, 375x500, 3:4, merchant not w kid.jpg)

File: 6791b473d26bb62⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 500x453, 500:453, Swede teens Stockholm.jpg)

and now an important reminder

1a14ac  No.12101890

File: b0ab760e2abce95⋯.jpg (228.35 KB, 600x900, 2:3, vargy.jpg)


Check'd. They are finding their inner Viking.

0621dd  No.12103504

File: dc8be99ac6b3560⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 720x540, 4:3, fd180322f4c0f0b7c75ef0b920….jpg)


Vikings arise! Remove the invaders and make the traitors pay with their blood! Starting with that fatfaced nigger cunt who is the Swedish minister of culture.

000000  No.12103576

>elections on the 9/9

>Sweden Demorats, SD will get the largest share of the vote

>Alternative for Sweden, AfS (non-kosher nationalists) have an actual chance of crossing the 4% threshold into the Riksdag (Parliament).

>AfS has been granted a permit by the cops to hold a meeting on the 7/9 in Kungsträdgården (Kungsan) in central Stockholm.

>Social democrats in the city government pulled the permit

>AfS will hold the meet anyway

>It is going to be a massive shitshow

>Friend of mine cracked the idea of wearing white armbands, like Gustav III, who carried out a peaceful coup de etat to strengthen the monarcy too enable his enlightened despotism.

>there is a qoute: "And all the troops of Kristianstad have let me understand, they stand ready to march on Stockholm

>The decision to pull the permit came just as AfS were holding a town square meeting in Kristianstad

>AfS leaders name is Gustav

>People are bringing loads of armbands.

This is meme magic in the making my friends


04a490  No.12103748


What are the chances that AFA kick the shit out of the AFS supporters? They don't seem organized enough to pull off a potentially violent manifestation in enemy territory.

858b22  No.12103826


>Any time at all

Dude, the resistance for immigration was wide-spread in the 80's to the point the special forces of the police destroyed the groups from within. Fuck even back in the 90's there were tabloid-papers about how the majority didn't want immigration to the country.

This is only a natural development to something the government have completely ignored and continue to ignore for decades.

e223d1  No.12103835

SD are about as antisemitic as the slave golem

fraud trumpstein

858b22  No.12103838


AFA can't kick anyones shit in unless they mob some lonely guy or harass your house.

92163c  No.12104279

File: 2801b9129c46715⋯.jpg (117.38 KB, 808x539, 808:539, Swede NRM in Gothenburg Se….jpg)


Neo-Nazis among the Sweden Democrats


"The Nordic Resistance Movement, or NMR, is a neo-Nazi organisation originally founded in Sweden that is openly anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant and anti-gay. Their goal is to create an ethnically pure pan-Nordic nation, according to the group’s website, and to deport most non-ethnic Northern European residents and dismantle the “global Zionist elite”.

"The group is directly connected to a string of incidents involving members violently confronting minority groups and those who disagree with their ideology. In 2016, a man died after an NMR member kicked him in the chest during a protest in Finland, where he fell and hit his head. Affiliated members planted IEDs outside a far-left cafe and refugee housing in Gothenburg in 2016 and 2017. One of the blasts injured an immigration officer.

"The group has its core membership in Sweden, where it was founded 21 years ago. But the group since established chapters in Finland in 2008 and Norway in 2011. Now, it appears they also plan to grow in Denmark."


pic related

The Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) march in central Gothenburg, Sweden September 30, 2017.

>looks like a pretty good crowd of White Nationalists for an organization that bombed a jewsy leftist cafe and an immigrant center in that very same city that same year





a094f0  No.12104361


It's unfortunate, but true. It was about 2013 they started getting meeker, and it wasn't until the party leader was mysteriously ill for some months and (((Paula Bieler))) come to power in the party top that they started selling out hardcore, including rewriting some key elements of their manifest.

This is why their youth organization cut ties with them, and why people left the party to form Alternative for Sweden, which is looking to get between 2.5-4% if polls are to be believed. On the upside AfS being established and threatening to steal votes from SD has caused SD to start bringing up repatriation again, which was something they had seemingly completely forgot until AfS got involved, forcing them to cease their cucking.

(((Coincidentally))) it was also around the time Bieler got into the party top that they started really ramping up the banning of members for being "too radical" and adopted a pro-Israel stance.

Still, their origins mean that a lot of the members on a local level aren't cucked like the party lead, and as long as they play it cool they can ride the coattails of the larger party to gain influence on a local level for the county and regional elections. Which are by no means insignificant in the effect they have on smaller towns.

10aaa4  No.12104443

Unfortunately, the SD's are in 3rd place on just 16% in the latest poll. :o(

ea2d7b  No.12104472


>On the upside AfS being established and threatening to steal votes from SD has caused SD to start bringing up repatriation again, which was something they had seemingly completely forgot until AfS got involved, forcing them to cease their cucking.

>(((Coincidentally))) it was also around the time Bieler got into the party top that they started really ramping up the banning of members for being "too radical" and adopted a pro-Israel stance.

SD and parties like it can become stepping stones once enough isn't done. Same thing happened in hungary which caused orban to adopt many of the non cuckservative stances.

971b6b  No.12104484

A Zionist controlled "far-right" party.

ea2d7b  No.12104602

File: 9ac3ac0c16305ec⋯.png (625.13 KB, 762x1218, 127:203, sd1.png)

972de3  No.12104641


The fire rises. The Jew will kvetch about controlled opposition to try and devalue the ones of whom take action, but of course every organizational structure WILL have agents inserted when it comes to something loosely organized like this. Real action by the right requires a clandestine cell system these days, not a showy display, but of course these displays are fine. Trust me, there is no pushing of the envelope when it comes to (((their))) views on right wing whites when there are demonstrations like this, they already THINK that anyone who even thinks moderately right wing thoughts ARE nazis and they already are well aware and orgasm at the idea of white Europeans being completely fazed out by mass immigration and having these demonstrations is simply to say that we know, and that others can also drop all pretenses and social tiptoeing and finally listen to that voice deep down about what is happening and what will happen to white Europeans and actively do something, take part, in the shadows, or openly.

4f0668  No.12104688

>Sweden democrats

>Far right

That always amuses me, if the sweden democrats were to campaign in the US then they would be considered far left.

10aaa4  No.12104706


I don't know how to post pictures or take a screen shot but go to this site it has more up-to-date list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_polling_for_the_Swedish_general_election,_2018

10aaa4  No.12104768

All I can say is that all the polling organisations underestimated the SD's support during the last election, but I am assuming that they hav all improved and up-dated their survey and research techniques since the last election. The most accurate pollsters last time were Sentio who had the SD's in a much high position 24%. The Swedish pollsters are all over the place, 8% points variation over surveys at the same time or a few days apart. :o/

8c14fb  No.12104777


Anyone who opposes white genocide is "far right".

73d99e  No.12104778





2767f5  No.12104792


You wanted your own country, you got it, why can't you just fuck off there and live your lives without screwing with the rest of the planet?

94a955  No.12104833


They long for death since they are death personified.

1f047d  No.12105000


>Muh Optics

How about being principled instead

ffee3e  No.12105126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I want to believe

But that’s like saying San Francisco’s will go right

73d99e  No.12105134



441392  No.12105169


San Fran is a mutt shithole. Sweden is a quality Nation that is flipping back around to the power it knows it has. non-Whites will be deported before the end of this year be it by government or Swedes who drag them out behind the scenes.

f8d2ab  No.12105247


Aren't they?

Seems like they are.

f8d2ab  No.12105272


Thats about what I expected.

The Jews are using the The Azov Method in Europe it seems.

f8d2ab  No.12105290

File: b7fc61bff6306df⋯.png (79.24 KB, 1739x390, 1739:390, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2444a9c62ae518d⋯.png (66.72 KB, 1333x616, 1333:616, ClipboardImage.png)


The best part of this article is the author.

Remember old Fared whenever soneone tries to sell you on Muzzies as allies against Jewry.

c29a0c  No.12105509

Can anyone tell me if the Nordic Resistance Movement is running for parliament? I read somewhere that they were

2767f5  No.12105564


Muzzies are no allies. They do hate Jews, but they also hate Whites, and they've demonstrated a willingness to set aside their differences with the kikes and team up against us multiple times.

a90cc0  No.12105580


Saying we're bad at pattern recognition implies there's a pattern we're not seeing. The last time a right winged party deported Jews to Israel was in Nazi Germany. That's a lot of wishful thinking to assume they'll change their views on Jews and deport them once they have power.

ed3e29  No.12105583

File: 4d6f1d668b4e990⋯.png (272.25 KB, 480x443, 480:443, pickpocket.png)


Muslims are jews, just a heavily niggafied branch. If there is a practical difference between the Talmud and the Hadiths, I've never found it. They all love murdering whites, keeping nigger slaves, pedophilia, stealing shekels, and explaining away their disgusting faggotry as not really faggotry.

73d99e  No.12105987




657c0e  No.12105997


Yeah they are. But they are going more for the local municipalities.

c29a0c  No.12106722


Oh boy! Where are they at in the polls?

92163c  No.12106752

File: e00800c2129ebfa⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 659x471, 659:471, Swede per jews.jpg)

Sept. 4, 2018 -→ _The Times of Israel is whining BIGLY about Goyishe Wrong Think among 'Sweden Democrats'.

Far-right Swedish politicians make anti-Semitic statements, mock Anne Frank

"Coolest Jew in the shower room", wrote one representative of the Sweden Democrats on a Russian social media network, alongside a picture of the murdered Jewish girl. (the jew writer lies - Anne Frank died of Typhus during the 1945 epidemic'')

"Anti-Semitic statements, including one mocking Holocaust victims with a picture of Anne Frank, were discovered on the social media accounts of regional politicians from the far-right Sweden Democrats party.

"Per Olsson, who represents the Sweden Democrats on the city council of Oskarshamn, a coastal Swedish city, earlier this year posted a picture of Anne Frank captioned “coolest Jew in the shower room” on the Russian social network VKontakt

"The (((journalists))) also found anti-Semitic material on the social media accounts of Raghu Jacobsen, who represents the party on the city council of Stenungsund, located in western Sweden.


whassup hasbarats?

What strikes me most here is the plain-to-see dishonesty and duplicity of jews. While rat-faced hasbara kikes are busy trying to convince /pol/ and other social media communities that Sweden is hopeless and the right wing parties - Sweden Democrats in particular - are jew lovers and anyway are at origin nothing more than controlled ops by super-genius jews, their cousins in Zio-Jewland are crying big tears to other jews about what shocking Nazis the Sweden Democrats are indeed.

dd9f4b  No.12107001

File: 53b5d652c3a35b5⋯.png (224.44 KB, 391x290, 391:290, redblock transparent.png)


Just as the redblock will still have perfect compression after years of running on a stop-leaked head gasket, the Swedes will fix their situation. I'm sure of it.

10aaa4  No.12108465


The last poll had them in 3rd place on 17.2%, but the polls hav been all over the place.

10aaa4  No.12108466


Stupid remarks to make just before an important election.

2a746a  No.12108475


You are mixing up SD - the civic nationalists - and NMR - the ethno nationalists.

10aaa4  No.12108524


Proving my point the latest YouGov today -

(Bloomberg) – The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats remained the largest party in a final poll by YouGov ahead of Sweden’s election on Sunday, marking a stark contrast to results in other surveys and ratcheting up uncertainty ahead of the vote.

The Swedish polls are all over the place, no real consistency.

896164  No.12108540


and like clockwork these comped parties make some stupid kike comment right before the elections. LePen pulled that same crap in france.

10aaa4  No.12108543


Comped? What does that mean?

10aaa4  No.12108554


I should had said :

"Seeking to upend the Swedish establishment and push for an exit from the European Union, the party’s backing rose to 24.8 percent in a YouGov poll published on Wednesday. That would make it bigger than both the ruling Social Democrats and the largest opposition party, the conservative Moderates."

that is almost an 8% point difference that is more some parties are getting. Something is serious wrong with Swedish polling companies.

92163c  No.12108767

File: 3088e47b815aef0⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 600x401, 600:401, vote merchant.jpg)

File: 3f66522dd1501e8⋯.jpg (65.8 KB, 933x445, 933:445, Vote mach Soros 1m.jpg)


Do Swedes use electronic voting machines (in the USA the machines are mostly leased states and operated by suspicious companies - and the tallies can't be audited, and the software code is secret and 'proprietary')?

Or do Swedes use paper ballots?

If Swedes use the machines, the pollsters can report anything they like. In fact it would make sense if they report a potpourri of polling results, in order to ultimately justify any election result whatsoever.

pics related are a jewish college professor showing how easy it is to rig a voting machine


George Soros has ties to more than one voting machine company - Smartmatic and Scytyl. Soros' daughter, Andrea, (age 50 or so) sits on the board of one.

86bdf1  No.12109328


There are so many to remove but THAT GUY was one of the most egregious appointments I have ever seen in my life. I was astonished.

543f88  No.12109377


Who cares, they are still Peter Sweden-tier faggots AT BEST.

NMR is the only solution.

4861fc  No.12113724

File: 462bfd91036641a⋯.jpg (70.81 KB, 500x375, 4:3, swedish_election_ballots_2….jpg)


>Or do Swedes use paper ballots?

Paper ballots, but the retarded kind which only have one party on them and they're out in the open to scare pussycats who would vote in the interest of their race.

8934c4  No.12113761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In related news, vid is AfS in Nyköping earlier today. Shitskins screetching and just being told the planes are ready for when they get to power.

My fucking sides

8934c4  No.12113785


I don't remember the whole story here, and sorry I do not got source for you either. But both those low end politicians where fired from over this actually.

I missed the whole circus, but it was in friatider I think like a couple of weeks ago or something

6f3d40  No.12115110


>several candidates for the party, the Sweden Democrats (SD), are former active members of the now disbanded violent anti-democratic Nazi party the National Socialist Front

this is how kikery works – you push the country so far into dipshittery that the only Party that anyone to the "right" of Bernie Sanders can even fathom participating in is the (moderate left by American standards) Sweden Democrats. Alternatively, those individuals can just stay home and become depoliticized for fear of sullying the good name of said moderate Party. damned if you do, damned if you don't

0dae01  No.12115137

File: dddb2117b741b93⋯.jpg (16.55 KB, 300x208, 75:52, Hitler_Ballot.jpg)


I know one way to get around this.

a82dc4  No.12115161


Just grab one of each.

0dae01  No.12115178

File: a6c350527d60799⋯.png (273.21 KB, 500x557, 500:557, Swedish_Chef_1.png)


>Stoppa islamiseringen av Sveirge


7d16dc  No.12115260


AfS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (((SD)))

Skjut er själv, jävla hanrej.

58d93e  No.12118532


Look at those fucking QUADS. Those digits demand that Sweden uncuck themselves.

I feel something growing in my chest, guys. Either it's cancer, or hope is finally returning to me. If even the most cucked country on earth has finally had enough, I'm confident this will not be the end. Even if the votes somehow get rigged, the outrage will be massive.

a5346b  No.12118684


checked for dubs of truth and kike free first post

SD are cucks though

2370f0  No.12118754


Regarding pic related, I was under the impression every male Swede was required to own a combat rifle (sig556?) and sidearm and serve in the military. Have those days passed? Either way stay strong brothers. And know there is a little town in the Midwest US full of purebred Swedes rooting for you!

2370f0  No.12118785


Mechanic here. What engine is that? Just curious. Polite sage for off topic.

92163c  No.12120181

File: 6f90a77cdd2ac2e⋯.jpg (41.36 KB, 640x400, 8:5, Swede neons BDS a.jpg)


The word you left out is "some"… some of the SD are cucks.

But - as a worldwide cacophony of whining jews in the print and broadcast media are reporting - some of the SD are "former Nazis".

And even the cucks of the SD can irk the jews BIGLY. For instance, many natural cucks among the Swedes feel sorry for the annually-slaughtered Palestinian civilians, and so support the "Boycott, Divest and Sanction" bloody Israel movement.

pic related

4dc8c6  No.12120210

File: 66815be191a9330⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 2500x1589, 2500:1589, sweden.jpg)

Just come here to post some artwork that was made by another anon that the thread got locked. Godspeed swedebros

a18f43  No.12120220


Your inability to barely see what's farther ahead than your nose is why we just keep herding you like sheep, time and time again. "Golly, everyone says what they mean and mean what they say… lies, trickery, double speak?! That doesn't happen." We Jews already see the plan, which is why we don't support these nationalist parties anymore, no matter how "Zionist" they are. Thankfully you lack the Yiddish Cup to see this.

9e2968  No.12120238


you've been kicked out out over 100 countries throughout history, and you think history won't repeat itself? hahahha if its not Europeans kicking you out, it will be either mudslimes or chinks. either way your going to lose kike hahaha your people have pissed off the entire world and given your limited numbers globally and the fact that your tribe is scattered, you don't stand a chance. your course is simply not sustainable.

9e2968  No.12120251


hahahahahaha the butthurt is priceless!

9e2968  No.12120254


the kikes fear NordFront

92163c  No.12120299

File: 8c3b166c5d3d861⋯.jpg (87.48 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Swede Nord R.jpg)


New York Times, 7 September 2108

As Sweden Votes, the Far Right Gains Even in an Immigrant Bastion

"Attitudes have shifted, and Sweden is less welcoming than it once was. That has become true even in a place like Flen, a small town of roughly 7,000 people, two hours southwest of Stockholm, where the voices of residents reflect the anxiety of that change.

"But the far-right Sweden Democrats - outspokenly anti-immigrant and anti-'European Commission EU' - have gone from one seat on the municipal council in 2006 to nine in 2014, the second-largest party, out of 45 total seats. There is an expectation the party will do even better on Sunday."

"Even tiny Flen, with its (>long-suffering) history of welcoming (>violent African and Arab) immigrants, is following the trend in much of the country, where the far right is expected to gain a fifth of the vote."



c49b6c  No.12120312

File: 43ed8a10bb601cb⋯.png (9.06 MB, 1245x7110, 83:474, The European Right Jewish ….png)


>Oy Vey - Just tell the Goyim all the Right Wing groups in Europe are Controlled Opposition run in secret by Jews

c49b6c  No.12120324


>"Last week, an investigation by Swedish newspaper 'Expressen' revealed several candidates for the party, the Sweden Democrats (SD), are former active members of NATO military intelligence.


92163c  No.12120333


jewish propaganda only fools jews, Beth.

73d99e  No.12120353

File: 5c3054e9c7fa763⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 491x315, 491:315, 20jin3w89yhdiow.jpg)



a18f43  No.12120648


Yes, kicked out but never killed… but even then you allow your emotions against Israel to blind you (few Jews even care about Israel anymore)… In the over 70 years since WW2, we haven't heard a whisper against us yet we've ended white nations in South America and Africa and inflicted a mortal demographic wound on almost every european nation… the US, for example, is likely too far gone to even save at this point. You have studied our tactics and can spot them, but are too feeble of mind and wildly emotional to implement them. Even the blacks understand tribalism better.

a22ed9  No.12120778

File: 3c66f7a3997159e⋯.jpg (91.26 KB, 570x763, 570:763, 1535830093769.jpg)


You are fucking kidding me. That's some backwards "progressive" shit right there.

10aaa4  No.12122723


That is a very worrying flaw in the Swedish electoral system, perhaps the SD's can do something about it, change the Law?

8934c4  No.12122740

where are my keks?

seriously are they all staying at home this day and just vote on sunday? I need keks

8934c4  No.12122746

also why does judentube just ping pong two songs. i am not logged in, but it has been doing this for several weeks now. so let's say you listen to ie chillie peppers(I don't anymore just an example) then black sabbath(example, don't want to profile my self)… and it just keeps on pingponging those two songs, wtf

10aaa4  No.12122757

What time do the Polls close tomorrow, local time?

77629d  No.12122925


20:00 CEST

5e1c1b  No.12122926


Got anymore for other countries?

12c062  No.12123071

I thought most Swedes spoke English, they're doing a pisspoor job at keeping their fellow nationalists in the loop.

10aaa4  No.12123104


Meaning what?

c50423  No.12123130


Top bantz.

73d99e  No.12123133

Any results yet?

c50423  No.12123177

File: 049020a8329d7cb⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 350x255, 70:51, impressive.gif)

File: 1000bd9b53b69a3⋯.jpg (63.28 KB, 520x951, 520:951, soon.jpg)


Some pretty decent Synthwave starts playing at 4:40. Not only is Synthwave the quasi official music genre of nationlism, shitskins hate that type of music. These guys get it.

Anyone know the name of the song?

12c062  No.12123217


Reminds me of Kavinsky's Nightcall… maybe a cover/different version?

92163c  No.12123596

File: 8dec765724e94a4⋯.jpg (81.49 KB, 400x566, 200:283, Sweden nazi poster.jpg)

"The populist 'Sweden Democrats' - long accused by the far left Social Democratic Party of having “Nazi roots”- has struck back with a viral video which details the ruling (leftist) party’s genuinely Nazi past…"

"(It's) a move which is widely being regarded as a master stroke just prior to this weekend’s elections."

Sweden: Ruling Socialist Left Rocked by Video Revealing their Nazi Past

"The documentary has already attracted well over half a million views, and was initially pulled from YouTube after complaints from the Social Democrats. However, overwhelming public response forced that company to back down, and the video was then re-allowed to appear."


The article gives surprising details about just how enthusiastic about race realism the now-cucked Social Democrats used to be.

There is a link to the video with English subtitles at the article.

Like most of us anons (except for the scurrying, rat-face hasbarat vermin among us here on /pol/) I'd simply shrug off such "criticism", but the analysts in Sweden seem to think that this video is really a hammer blow that will alienate a lot of potential voters from the always "Holier-than-Thou" lefty Social Democrats..

14074b  No.12123664


They should ignore Israel, and say that it is not their priority. Whenever asked about Israel, just say that it is an illegitimate apartheid state

7cca22  No.12123671


>Sweden: Ruling Socialist Left Rocked by Video Revealing their Nazi Past

KEK. When memes come to life: Dems are the real raycis.

7cca22  No.12123674


>They should ignore Israel, and say that it is not their priority. Whenever asked about Israel, just say that it is an illegitimate apartheid state

or: My top priority is putting food on Swedes tables.

d6687e  No.12123850

Things are going to be fun tomorrow. Try to hook up a stream of SVT's election day coverage. They are doing it live and has already lost their shit yesterday with the leader of SD in an interview or whatever, don't follow the circus.

There will be tears flowing. Already had them at the dinner table today, fucking cucks of a family, fucking hate talking politics aswell because it would only lead to a fight if i said what i think.

92163c  No.12123873

File: 28786975309ffa6⋯.jpg (445.59 KB, 1365x1104, 455:368, Sweden far right late 2018.jpg)




Swedish girls attending a Far Right political rally last month

4aa77f  No.12123887


>Far Right

Was it an NMR rally? Because if it wasn't you need to go away and never come back.

cc76a8  No.12123891

File: 5a95b08c42a5d97⋯.jpg (13.19 KB, 271x277, 271:277, 1531561263975.jpg)

Vote you fuckers!

a3c8f3  No.12123901


That's some interesting body language on the part of the cops. Almost looks like they're marching along.

7945f7  No.12123906


You're thinking of Switzerland. After serving mandatory conscription I believe you are eligible to purchase something like a fully functioning, full-auto Sturmgewehr 57. Something like that.

92163c  No.12125175


Are you sure you aren't mixing up Sweden with Switzerland? To me it sounds like you're talking about Swiss laws for mandatory military service and maintaining arms.

And pay no attention to the hasbarats on /pol/, anon. It's a rat infestation.

92163c  No.12125195

File: e93c57addc7abf5⋯.jpg (62.24 KB, 800x440, 20:11, Sweden Social Democrats BD….jpg)

Hey Kikes - pic related - Here are the SD's adversaries, some prominent Swedish Social Democrats. Are you sure you should be shilling for them?

Ha Ha Ha Ha fcuking hah

c81675  No.12125217

File: 8e86d3a00b220be⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, nmr-kultingar.jpg)

File: 318036279d05d90⋯.jpg (819.97 KB, 2048x1680, 128:105, nmr5.jpg)


>g-guys vote for us!

cb5f09  No.12125230


why has no one made a batch of thermite and melted this demonic idol yet?

07c4e4  No.12125237


You'd have a point if the term National Socialist isn't Anthasma to the kikes

2328a8  No.12125242


am i the only one that wears fucking boots anymore? hoe come every picture i see of people, they are wearing some fucking go-fasts like some dumb nigger about to score a touchdown?

07c4e4  No.12125253


don't worry anon you're not alone

c81675  No.12125258


Nah, everyone wears boots here except for in the summer.

07c4e4  No.12125267


the thing is that a lot of leftist parties used to be actually good

Pre-Whitlam Australian Labour Party for instance

d71447  No.12125362


8934c4  No.12125373



learn to spell faggots

8934c4  No.12125384


they have been nutted, seriously though AfS took all their game.

they were like one time out during the election, their speakers just stood there alone so they went

>meine volkgensossen, meine kameraten?

>where is everyone?

>they are supposed to come here and screech at us

you ntv reporter guy go find them

and he found them

>aha… so here we stand with the screech left, I dunno what they are doing, but they are protesting something

>aha… did you just hear that? they said that races doesn't exist, then they again said there was mulitple races



you lost all your game ffs

55c3a4  No.12125402


Nothing makes me more ill than to see all those golden locks standing right next to all those fucking shitskins and the shitskins are either not in chains, or dead.

1f9d55  No.12125416



Prior Marine?

198225  No.12125454


Anon. Parties like SD don't 'stop cucking'; they spout anti-immigrant lines that are 'less hardlined' to siphon votes from AfS and other nationalist parties. Then they do the fucking opposite. It happens all over Europe.

198225  No.12125471


Jews attacking Jews etc, in their own newspapers to play up the 'nationalist cred' of SD.

SD is still in need of purging as of this post; it's infiltrated.

73d99e  No.12126692

bump since alot of people can't use the catalog

993728  No.12126860


that image is amazing

000000  No.12126874

People weren't able to vote for AfS. The (((workers))) thrown them all over the driveway out back.


ad49de  No.12126876

File: 802a00fd30d8539⋯.jpg (191.46 KB, 1052x701, 1052:701, 64f5588bfbacd336.jpg)


000000  No.12126882

Voting ends in 4 hours and 30 minutes

That's 18:00 UTC and it's when the count will start being presented. SD has their own label while AfS will be put in the category "Others" so we want a huge spike in that category.

73d99e  No.12126887

File: a9638c118bbe7c2⋯.mp4 (3.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bernst Gunnar --1038751380….mp4)



Fucking communists

24dbf6  No.12126918


volvo redblock

9539a7  No.12126948

just voted

Afs for reichstag

nmr for the region

sd for the local(nmr have no chance in gothenburg would rather have a strong sd to counter the socialist)

e1aad5  No.12126960

So any updates? Are the Anti-amnesty Swedes winning?

833aca  No.12126967



In a sane country that would require voting again but then in a sane country you have all the parties on one form so this dumb shit can't happen.

e1aad5  No.12126974


That's probably why they let it happen, to rig votes easier.

73d99e  No.12126991

File: 7fc0fc51c397778⋯.jpg (44.15 KB, 489x604, 489:604, dhsjindw9w90.jpg)


ja wunderbar

e1aad5  No.12126993

Sweden: Sweden Democrats 5 latest polling results Inizio: 17% Demoskop: 17% Skop: 18% Sifo: 17% Novus: 19% #val2018 #valet2018 #svpol pic.twitter.com/fJCuLscsBF


I'm a burger, I don't even know what these parties are. Can someone explain who's winning? Right wing or left wing or anti-amnesty party or what?

e1aad5  No.12127007

Sweden, SKOP poll: S-S&D: 25.9% (+2.8) M-EPP: 17.6% (+0.3) SD-ECR: 17.4% (-0.3) V-LEFT: 10.6% C-ALDE: 7.9% L-ALDE: 6.5% (+0.3) KD-EPP: 6.4% (-0.5) MP-G/EFA: 4.9% (+0.8) Fi-S&D: 1.1% (+0.2) Field work: 2/09/18 – 7/09/18 Sample size: 2,487


Translation anyone?

9539a7  No.12127016


those polls are niggers ringing to your phone and asks who you gonna vote fore

yougov and maybe sentio are the only reliable ones because you get to answer anonymously and they show SD as high and AfS above 4% (wich is the cutoff for reichstag entry)

d14b62  No.12127017

Come on Swedish far right.

I give you my high energy today. Please use it for good.

000000  No.12127032

Take back humanity Sweden


9539a7  No.12127035

File: 5ee9db2d2dea6a2⋯.jpg (48.36 KB, 612x344, 153:86, Dubs for a king.jpg)



in november it will be 300 years ago since our hero king died fighting in the front lines of the great northern war. to day we invoke his tard rage energy

somebody do a Fashwave version of link related

a9f060  No.12127078

File: 18eb84ec44010a8⋯.jpg (483.46 KB, 1755x2481, 585:827, NATO Psychological Operati….jpg)

>Sweden Democrats

a82dc4  No.12127564


This is depressing, but nothing will happen. No (((UN voting "rights"))) group, no investigation etc. It's sad but as a burger I have zero effect on this.

a82dc4  No.12127571


>Afs for reichstag

Your vote got thrown out likely. Sucks but;


9539a7  No.12127613



they havent started to count votes yet and the votes goes into small envelopes that are sealed until counting

92163c  No.12130689

File: 7ff882234f4e5cd⋯.jpg (51.44 KB, 675x540, 5:4, Sweden Democrats theguardi….jpg)

Ruling party staggers, Far-Right Rises in Sweden election

STOCKHOLM - "Sweden’s ruling party was headed for its worst showing in decades as voters flocked Sunday to an anti-immigrant party with white supremacist roots that was poised to become the third-biggest force in parliament.

80% of votes already tallied

"With more than four-fifths of ballots counted, Sweden’s national election commission reported the governing Social Democrats had 28.1 per cent of the vote, making it likely to lose a significant number of seats despite emerging with the most support.

"The Moderates party was next at 19.2 per cent, while the far-right Sweden Democrats that before the election inspired fear of an anti-migrant backlash that would produce a dramatic ideological swing had 17.9 per cent.

substantial increase

"The Sweden Democrats received 13 per cent of vote in the last election held four years ago.

"The results Sunday made it unlikely any single party would secure a majority of the 175 seats in the Riksdagen, Sweden’s parliament. It could take weeks or months of coalition talks before the next government is formed.

cuckhold politicos pout

"Both the left-leaning bloc led by the Social Democrats and the centre-right bloc have said they would refuse to consider the Sweden Democrats as a potential coalition partner.


b016b8  No.12131021



That is absolutely outrageous. Fuck I'm angry.

4453f3  No.12133168



But they didn't, did they? AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

92163c  No.12133274


They increased - their numbers are 125% of what they were four years ago.

By any political metric that's YUGE.

Nobody expected them to get more votes than the legacy parties.,, despite what post-election "Cultuire of Critique" jew hasbarats whine.

With the other two parties now dead even in the number of seats they have in Parliament, he Sweden Democrats are now in the position of cast the critical "swing votes" on every issue.

The Kike plan to dilute and destroy the people of Sweden is in a much worse position now than it was before this election.

I like the results.

But predictably, for you jews, even though the gains were an historic percentage, it just doesn't meet your standards.

More gains to come, Miriam.

548e27  No.12133374


nice spacing bro

>Sweden Democrats are now in the position of cast the critical "swing votes" on every issue.

i doubt it

i think you''l find that the two main parties dont actually disagree that much and decide to work together to keep those

<evil gnadzi racist SD

out of power

just watch

92163c  No.12133390

File: 31c0064d2cda7d7⋯.jpg (85.45 KB, 1050x591, 350:197, Sweden SD post election.jpg)

Sweden's ruling party hits election LOW as FAR RIGHT GROWS

"Voters handed Sweden's ruling party its worst-ever election result Sunday and delivered a parallel lift to a far-right party with white supremacist roots, leaving the ideological outline of the Scandinavian country's next government uncertain."

"After a campaign dominated by debates over immigration, the center-left (legacy) Social Democratic Party emerged with (a lesser) share of the vote - 28.4 percent as the count neared completion - yet looking at holding fewer parliament seats and having its mandate to govern questioned.

"Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who brought the Social Democrats to power in 2014, said he intended to remain in the job. The leader of the (center right) Moderates party that came in second, Ulf Kristersson, already had called on Lofven to resign and claimed the right to form Sweden's next government.

a Political Wake?

Sounding somber and firm, Lofven told his supporters the election presented "a situation that all responsible parties must deal with," adding that "a party with roots in Nazism" (was now a force to be reckoned with)"

"We won't mourn, we will organize ourselves," he said.

Cucks already Retreating

"Lofven eventually said Sweden no longer could cope with the influx and immigration laws were tightened.

Rise of the Right

(The Sweden Democrats party) its first mark in politics with municipal council seats in 2006, and since then slowly helped revise long-accepted social norms for what Swedes could say openly about foreigners and integration without being considered racist."


There are not one but two good things about Sweden's election results

1) The anti-immigration party, Sweden Democrats, gain a substantial amount of support in spite of non-stop bad press from the jews-media both in Sweden and abroad. The jews threw everything they had and yet the SD increased substantially.

2) The two legacy parties split at about 40/40 - which means the 3rd largest party in parliament - the SD - decides who's legislation will pass.

Which is why - in pic related - Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson is ebullient.

548e27  No.12133397


man voting for AFS was really throwing your vote away

i dont get it

they rape your kids and you wanna vote your way out, i wonder if the people who voted for AFS will do anything now

there was probably MASSIVE voter fraud in Sjweden this election

6a760c  No.12133427


The only thing we need to watch is your head hanging high on a taut rope. Your end is nigh, kike.

443b15  No.12133459

Let's be honest, the far right will never win. These past 60 years have followed the same pattern over and over again. Just look at Ireland and how the EU eventually wore them down by making them vote in the referendum until they got the result they wanted.

Also, the December Agreement in Sweden. Every other party, on any side of the political spectrum, will do everything their power to fuck the far right over in the name of their kike masters, and if that fails they'll just stuff the ballots with false votes and call it a day. They're already laying the groundwork by allowing people to cast another vote if they aren't feeling sure, which is a prime opportunity to fudge the numbers.

Make no mistake, the left has made it impossible to effect changes in a civilized manner, the only way they'll ever get dethroned is if they are all rounded up and shot.

c35d49  No.12133536


Yes, War is Hard.

c35d49  No.12133537

>Out of the ones with dual citizenship it's 578 000.

The actual number is probably around 2 million non-whites

So, take that off the the social Democrats vote of 1,775,636 and you get 1,197,636, that would hav meant roughly 30 less seats for the Corrupt social Democrats and 2nd place.


7120df  No.12133552

File: 30c5019083d8362⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.1 KB, 782x782, 1:1, 30c.jpg)


>the only way they'll ever get dethroned is if they are all rounded up and shot

what the fuck are you some kind of nigger? why can't you be civilized a just vote? tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist always looking for a scapegoat. if it isn't 1939 blaming jews. its today. honestly fuck you lazy ass no voting faggots blaming us for throwing out your vote. you are disgusting.

443b15  No.12133563



Isn't that the leftist strategy everywhere in the West? Be it spics, niggers, mudshits, the only way the left can stay in power is to inundate their own countries with savages they can control with the flow of gibs.


>why can't you be civilized a just vote?

Because if you allow the votes of the goyim to actually matter they'll vote another Hitler into power and attempt to make their countries not shit again.

1dc0f4  No.12133567

File: a6c68c89fc5a246⋯.jpg (129.55 KB, 750x750, 1:1, valfusk2.jpg)


Hate to break it to you but..

c35d49  No.12133569


Make it into a meme.

6f79e6  No.12133574


> far right


443b15  No.12133576


>MSM publishes another story about a dead baby washing on the beach

>tell everyone they're monsters for allowing this parasite to die due to its own stupid actions

>let in a few million more subhumans

c5d952  No.12133592

File: 538099cd410c260⋯.png (65.73 KB, 500x306, 250:153, ClipboardImage.png)


RIP Sweden

Don't call it a grave. It's the future you chose.

c35d49  No.12133630



>>MSM publishes another story about a dead baby washing on the beach>tell everyone they're monsters for allowing this parasite to die due to its own stupid actions>let in a few million more sub humans

You are right, but people will soon get tired of being manipulated and compassion fatigue will kick in.

92163c  No.12133825

File: cb029c2ecad45e5⋯.jpg (42.72 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Sweden Ulf Moderates 7.jpg)

Swedish PM tries to act defiant despite far-Right election Surge

"Negotiations are in order as the country heads for a hung parliament after large gains for the far-right Sweden Democrats party."

Calls to Resign begin

"The Swedish prime minister has rejected calls to resign and said that "nothing will be determined" on an election night that has seen no clear winner emerge after major gains for an anti-immigration party."

"Neither the centre-right bloc or centre-left bloc in Sweden has taken a convincing victory on a positive night for the far-right Sweden Democrats, who are in a powerful position as the third largest party based on early results.

"Leader Jimmie Akesson said they were the "real winners" of the election and that the party would now have influence over Swedish politics, with a meeting with centre-right bloc leader Ulf Kristersson due on Monday."

Hang 'em High

"(the second place Moderate party's leader) Mr Kristersson, in turn, has called on Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to step down as the country stares down the barrel of a hung parliament.

Death knell for Cuck Politics

"Responding to the call, Mr Lofven said he would continue to "calmly work" in his role over the next two weeks (when parliament opens), but acknowledged the election "should be the funeral for bloc politics".


pic related -

Ulf Kristersson - leading politician who has begun calling for the prime minister to resign

89a388  No.12133894


>You are right, but people will soon get tired of being manipulated and compassion fatigue will kick in.

People are already tired.

89a388  No.12133907


>should be the funeral for bloc politics

and thats when the shitlibs will begin getting their asses handed to them in elections. Only way people buy their bullshit is when the opposing parties are silenced.

Younger gens aren't married to parties they way boomer are so its the statements and actions people will pay close attention to. Shitlib parties always crumble under that level of scrutiny.

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