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ebedb0  No.12098188

It is a day of good news. I didn't know this but German Laws don't apply to invaders from other cultures. Feel free to shoot them in the head and feed them to the pigs anytime you like, GermanBros.

8eae82  No.12098202



the nigger aint wrong. The laws don't apply to migrants.

f5c539  No.12098203


>no balls

Follow me down this alley nigger I swear to god I'll leave you there. Every time a nigger has tried me they back down when they realize I'll actually kill them.

b90c81  No.12098209

File: f108567f8fc3d9c⋯.webm (13.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Violent Migrant Reveals T….webm)






ebedb0  No.12098212


Brilliant THANKS!

a50011  No.12098225

he doesn't sound too convincing, as though he and his have now conquered Germany/Europe. He sounds more like someone wondering wtf is going on with the White man. Though he's likely in Europe as a "financial refugee" or "a better life", he sees what's happening, and scratches his head. Whitey, specifically Germanic Whitey, went from the top of the heap globally, to a whining pile of mush unwilling to return fire

4c5350  No.12098227



614006  No.12098238


>Whitey, specifically Germanic Whitey, went was forced by us amerimutts at gunpoint and after destroying and invading their Nation, from the top of the heap globally, to a whining pile of mush unwilling to return fire

7ffe6d  No.12098247

File: a5d7189a8c9e631⋯.gif (1018.09 KB, 500x206, 250:103, tumblr_mvp6zb6tYA1sghktno1….gif)

4c5350  No.12098248


I mean I have never seen such transparency.

8de1f1  No.12098250



well, where's the lie.

Not even sure if this guy is even for real, or if he's a pro-German civnat who made this video to help nationalists redpill German libshits. Either way, good stuff, thanks OP.

4716f6  No.12098253

A last hurrah from a Summer fag. No one cares what some retarded, big lipped nigger has to say. We know they're all delusional subhumans. Tryone the ape has seen <1% of Germany and guess what? He's not a lawyer even in booga, booga land. I know, big surprise right? These cunts always act big in front of cameras but one on one, you have to call them a nigger to get them to fight. Total pack animals. Utter cowards one on one.

63426f  No.12098256


Kill yourself shlomo at least get history correct the bongs and frogs were ahead of America in trying to defeat Germany. Fact is, we are the master race but we aren't without fault and now finally we can end the brother wars so stop trying to devolve us.

8de1f1  No.12098262


the point of this video is that it can be used to redpill normies, you dumb nigger

000000  No.12098274

Even sissy arse chinks stomp niggers to death. Why can't whites do it?

a50011  No.12098292


that was a problem then as it is today with the "I'll just follow the President' orders"-group. They know what they've been told behind closed doors about "plans" and what to expect/how to respond when any number of scenarios occur on US soil. Veterans have a wealth of info but they're programmed to see their own as enemies/potential enemies. The US soldier "just following orders" will have to make some resolutions within their own minds, just like the Bundespolizei

The indigenous German possesses today, that which put him at the top, and just as anon says, "there shall be no more brothers wars". We have a single, common enemy with which to contend hat takes priority over all others

a50011  No.12098304


Chinks group up. That's why there's a Chinatown in AnyState, US. Whites have had their identities so atomized, that none knows who he can trust, save for those that shared trenches

202c7c  No.12098414


Denazification is a real bitch, under the guise of routing out nazis they destroyed ethnic german culture.

8dec55  No.12098431


>he's a pro-German civnat who made this video to help nationalists redpill German libshits

That was my take. There's no way a fresh invader would be able to pickup German that fast. All they know is "ficki ficki" or whatever they say.

a50011  No.12098432

File: c343d6814310eb2⋯.png (82.52 KB, 1238x652, 619:326, 1535944036557.png)

Despite any perceived differences, We are one; one culture, one people

b04c80  No.12098483


Thanks anon. I needed that. Heil.

ebedb0  No.12098506


Except we need to end them forever this time anon, so that they can't come back to bother us again and we can live in peace. All the other times we did not end them remind me of the time that we 'threw out the jew' time after time after time; always they return to parasite; always we are lenient with them and forgiving; we do not treat them as the threat they really are…we did not do our duty for our own people. Indeed WE ARE THE ONES WHO LET OURSELVES DOWN BY NOT DOING WHAT IS RIGHT AND CORRECT. We put off our duty to our nation and people and showed mercy, care and tenderness when it was not deserved and it has only injured us and those we love. The time for mercy is over. Strike hard and strike them forever. ALL OF THEM.

bca922  No.12098507


I think it's more racial than that, though. Whites have always been too merciful and understanding to their enemies. The catch is that whites consistently commit the most mind-blowingly brutal atrocities when you finally drive them off the edge from exploiting their good nature.

7e1b62  No.12098518

>>12098188 (checked)

Clearly not an actual migrant but some pro-right agitator. The question is, who is he working for/with.

German right? Some foreign country? Russia or US maybe? Could be both at the moment, as Trump doesn't like globalism, and Putin just likes fucking shit up in the west.

4c5350  No.12098521


Oh hi there Ethnoglobe anon.

e3c493  No.12098533

This is an actual baste nigger, he is doing to awaken germans.

Spread it.

a50011  No.12098558

File: cfa1d5e859477ee⋯.jpg (104.06 KB, 706x960, 353:480, hercules cerberus.jpg)


>whites consistently commit the most mind-blowingly brutal atrocities when you finally drive them off the edge from exploiting their good nature

as much as we would like to choose altruism, to avoid the entire insanity of yet another groundswell of earthly imminence; it is a moral imperative also that we do so

>so many non-Whits want us to, but they haven't figured out the ultimate trigger

>and tbqh, there isn't a single-trigger, but they're well on their way to seeing us destroy everything in our paths by gradualism/incrementalism

>it isn't that he doesn't want to fight; it's that he doesn't want to kill, and history shows us that he is a very efficient killer

>it isn't them that he fears; it is him that he fears. Despite the time that has passed, he knows in his mind what was as an eternal fixture in his mind. The time that has passed has caused him to become lazy, lethargic, comfortable, content and he has fallen for the "civilization" ruse as the uncivilized gather in his home all around him

>what simmers below the surface is old and highly dangerous despite the face of the kind man

e3c493  No.12098565

Fucking spread it.

It is fucking gold.

ebedb0  No.12098570


>Putin just likes fucking shit up in the west.

I used to think that was his modus operandi…but that man is almost opaque to me at this point. I have spent years studying him and now believe that 'Putin' the figurehead is simply advanced AI and a figurehead who does that machines bidding. However, as I said elsewhere I was a little surprised to see the genetic similarity between the Russian people and the European people (I am still studying this and lightly the current politics of the Duma…I may have to review some more of the revolutionary Duma stuff I have found online and put it into perspective).


I know, I am closing my eyes and trying to sense which skien this is of the web and who is prowling around in it and where; for what purpose…careful not to become angered and looking at the connections and implications of who this is and what it could really mean. If he is a provocateur he is either luring us into danger or trying to make us misjudge something critical. Despite how much I want to plunge a knife into his aorta and be done with it I have noticed in whispers across the web and innuendo that there is a parallel agenda to ETHNO-GLOBE that is being sponsored in alternative places. I am tracking everything I can with this situation. I hope you anons are doing the same, cool brutal assessment and planning.


Hi anon.

e3c493  No.12098589


This man is an actual baste nigger, you shall not wish him harm for speaking the truth.

ebedb0  No.12098593


No such thing, reversion to the mean.

e3c493  No.12098598


There is such thing, truth shall be protected.

ebedb0  No.12098633


There is perspective, from your perspective that is 'truth' but not from mine. This man's genetic structure is that of our mortal enemy. I do not protect my enemies and those who wish to kill and injure my own people.

e3c493  No.12098647


His truth is true in our perspective (not just you & me), he has betrayed his own genetic brethern to speak of it, and for that he shall be protected.

ebedb0  No.12098692

File: dfea2b116a491f9⋯.jpg (52.69 KB, 968x681, 968:681, Meanwhile in London black ….jpg)

File: 87809d8b4548468⋯.jpg (19.85 KB, 420x266, 30:19, dead black man.jpg)

File: 64fef3ccc56125f⋯.png (368.56 KB, 716x540, 179:135, black man assaulting white….png)

File: 6d49d89cfa05006⋯.jpg (476.3 KB, 1374x805, 1374:805, black-crime-report autumn.jpg)

File: 7c81a32f63068a3⋯.jpg (586.29 KB, 1000x652, 250:163, blacks burned man alive.jpg)


No he shall not! If he was good and 'for us' he would understand what is more important, the ceasing of his parasitic and predatory genetic line in service to Life on this planet. If he is not capable of understanding this, in whole, I have no use for him at because he is evil. If they were anything other than debased evil they would recognize that they should all kill themselves so that Life itself could have a chance at continuing in the hands of its caretakers without their destroyer DNA acting on the planet. But they don't because they are nothing but EVIL. You are failing to understand the nuances of the situation or PROPER JUDGMENT and 'black nighting'. Individuals might act in a way that is beneficial to us for a specific term, BUT THEY ARE NOT BENEFICIAL TO US OR TO LIFE'S CONTINUANCE because the trouble is within them on a root level (genetic) they are destroyers of Life…just like the jews.

e3c493  No.12098710


Him killing himself is self harm and unnatural, a sin, but when he speaks the truth to awaken everyone, that is worth more than a hundred of his death.

You are only seeking destruction and carnage, the short term, your dream has blinded you from the truth, the good.

ebedb0  No.12098783

File: f63ee8e401d411f⋯.jpg (71.83 KB, 752x424, 94:53, niggers shitskins destroyi….jpg)

File: 91184d474966934⋯.jpg (28.47 KB, 564x376, 3:2, niggers shitskins destroy ….jpg)

File: a448adacfeb4ac8⋯.jpg (327.86 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, riots paris niggers shitsk….jpg)

File: 25c154e1caf34bc⋯.jpeg (68.92 KB, 643x360, 643:360, niggers not responsible.jpeg)

File: 6a09c1877c16ac4⋯.jpg (67.22 KB, 1024x427, 1024:427, niggers_are_apes_2.jpg)


You are making the cardinal mistake. It doesn't matter what an individual is, they can be judged by god for any of their behavior on an individual basis (you have ABSOLUTELY no way to verify their intention; only God can do that)…you must judge as a man and with a man's limitations. In this case you have to judge the genetic line in terms of its value or detriment to our people over time. How many FUCKING LIVES is letting this one man (with his destructive DNA) going to REQUIRE later of our flesh and blood?


You think you have the right to judge 'as god' with a survey of intention and you DON'T! You may only judge strategic genetic reversion to the mean and what you know about a nation and their behavior. This NATION and THAT GENETIC LINE IS ONE OF DESTRUCTION for themselves and all life on the planet. Thus, someone WHO HAS PITY will pity their own future offspring, will pity the future of animals on Earth, will pity this destroyed abomination of a people themselves and will pity their existence as an unfulfilled potential that will never be realized in any sense of the worlds standards. YOU ARE BEING SPITEFUL and you don't even recognize your own very bad behavior and hatred of life.

From another thread this morning.

>“What to do when a ship carrying a hundred passengers has suddenly capsized, and only one lifeboat is available for ten people in the water? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to pull more people onto it, thus drowning everyone. Those who love and respect life will instead grab an axe and sever the hands clinging to the gunwales.” - Pentti Linkola on Democracy, Quotes from "Can Life prevail?"

e3c493  No.12098790


As I have said, your dream has blinded you, you are only seeing destruction and carnage.

You howl & roar, but it is hollow, for thr truth has left.

ebedb0  No.12098799


Whatever…what you have is not Truth. You are not capable of it.

e3c493  No.12098807


Deny it as you want, you know the truth, you just cannot accept that it comes from a black mouth.

ebedb0  No.12098819


No, it doesn't because I am not black.

e3c493  No.12098831


Thus you are blinded by your own rage.

ebedb0  No.12098848


I am not raging. I am pragmatic. I am logical. A bit cold, yes, but ultimately my judgment is for the preservation of BILLIONS of years worth of life on the planet and yours is pathetically short sighted and hinges upon something that is maximum 30,000 years old, defective in character and ethics and a detriment to Life. You are not being reasonable and I am done with you. Filtered.

bc6eff  No.12098854

Cockroaches arent the problem in this case, the problem is the guy launching them inside your house.

e3c493  No.12098863


You are raging, your forsake logic the moment you deny the truth, that creates logic.

Filter me as you want, but truth rings true.

e3c493  No.12098869


No, both are problems.

But this cockroach advices humanity, so it is worth commendable.

4c5350  No.12098882


Look man I don't know what you mean here but if you're saying that he's based or whatever, you're fucking dumb.

IF he was based, he would've gone back to his home country and tried his best to make it somewhat better.

ebedb0  No.12098894


Well cockroaches can't cooperate with the trebuchet operator but in this case this is a joint effort between the cockroaches and the trebuchet operator; with the sole agenda being the murder of our own people and the final end of all Life on the planet. The 'cockroaches' are so pathetically retarded that they don't realize what will happen when the caretakers of Life and civilization are dead and gone. It will be Zimbabwe but on a global scale and these destroyers will hunt down every last shred of life trying to survive and parasite off the last sputters of Life, setting the Earth back, like I said, billions of years. There is nothing that they have to offer us that is worth the cost that they would require from Life. THink of it in terms of a cost benefit analysis. NOTHING JUSTIFIES THE COST THAT THEY REQUIRE FOR THEIR CONTINUANCE ON THIS PLANET.

e3c493  No.12098911


Perhaps he is doing that, but his current action is redpilling actual germans.

This is an educated man, do not be mistaken, he gives a shit, and for that he is "based".

Based is a nigger word, which is fitting for him too.

ebedb0  No.12098925

File: 9fe680dcac6fa87⋯.jpg (182.06 KB, 1052x570, 526:285, niggertoon civilization fo….jpg)

ca6588  No.12098939



i knew some of you fags would go soft when the time came

wanna suck his dick too for being a based black man?

1f236e  No.12098952


Bad news, Tyrone, my ethics don't apply to you. My vision of the future doesn't include you nor anyone who looks like you. If it was legal to feed you a lead salad, you'd well stuffed.

64abca  No.12098955

File: 8f882e1a7701e20⋯.jpg (296.22 KB, 1115x1386, 1115:1386, 1506974403291.jpg)


This subhuman can speak fluent German,and you can't

e3c493  No.12098958


No? But commend him, yes.

Remembers that Hitler called Jesse Owens a jungle ape but still shook his hand.

Talent and truth are to be praised.

b34816  No.12099150


Damn Blacked AND blackpilled!


b34816  No.12099156


>Based is a nigger word

Ummm …


b34816  No.12099166

File: 97badfea4fee4a8⋯.jpg (54.53 KB, 589x539, 589:539, 97badfea4fee4a84ae9d993862….jpg)


>unironically in favor of ZOG

>Not being brought to tears of rage thinking about the devastating loss of genes in WWII

>If you are ZOGGed you are a cuck

e3c493  No.12099170


Uhm, that is right though.

8cacc9  No.12099195

File: 2fd3a79634a8a60⋯.jpg (41.75 KB, 540x960, 9:16, muh-military-mistakes.jpg)

154e0d  No.12099324


His honesty is rare among the niggers. We should kill this one quick.

137b4c  No.12099351


his words are pretty much the sweetest music I've heard in a long time. It's the sound of awakening and war. Show this to other people and they will join you. Do what you can to enrage the other niggers so that you've got more fuel. Mix it with some jewish redpills and we've got thousands if not milions people more prepared for what is necesary.

His words are far better then what we hear every single day from that didndu race.

If anything we should help him get a following of niggers in Germany, and a counter movement of whites.

492ce3  No.12099657

So the migrants have no rights. .-. WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD! Bring your children and leave without'em.

9c68e7  No.12099670



He works for AFD as I understand it. That's what german commenters were saying on the bitchute upload anyway.

25770a  No.12099683

File: eb26ab9229be8d0⋯.jpg (136.72 KB, 700x471, 700:471, bulletmagflag.jpg)

>feel free to shoot them

Kek. With what guns?

ea9b0c  No.12099690


wrong. you 40% white at best amerimutt mongrels were the ones who condemned us when you could have just been minding your own fucking business but wait no, you are and always were slaves to the kikes. like, the original kike slaves, way ahead of time. that's what you've always been

f7e2f3  No.12099693

Do something germans

ea9b0c  No.12099695


there is Chinatown in every single place in the world. even in euro countries. they ALWAYS network, group up and support each other — what the white male will never do because he is too individualist and too much of a COWARD !

ea9b0c  No.12099704


why do you even reply to such obvious textbook talmudic pilpul ?

154e0d  No.12099709


Germany, Austria and Finland have the most guns per capita in Europe. Though I reckon Eastern Europe has a huge number of illegal/unregistered firearms.

bd7e11  No.12099713

File: 5bf9c6af9607c92⋯.jpg (246.22 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Serge Menga.jpg)

That video is fucking ancient. Plot twist, that guy is AfD supporter and just showing how most foreigners think.

Fucking retards.

25770a  No.12099714


>in Europe

Whoopty shit.

bd7e11  No.12099726

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, we have guns. We just don't give them to every retard.

0992de  No.12099738

I mean, he isn't wrong.

>be yuuro

>work 40 years, paying like 50% tax to government

>all the money is given to invaders who never work and contribute nothing except the crime rate

>retire, have to collect empty bottles to make end's meet

>rapefugees all have the latest iphone to make it easy to coordinate gang rapes of your daughters

Germans do not have balls, this man may be a nigger but he's correct.


crazy cyclist nigger did nothing wrong, cagenigger tried to kill him.

7964c4  No.12099757


>Give them

Once a spineless commie fucktard, always a worthless gibs-addicted nigger. Believing for a split second that an egotistical eurotrash speck of shit is superior to anyone else. You deserve everything the muslims will do to your frail buttholes, you elitist faggot.

ca6588  No.12099760



moer liek


amiright guis


154e0d  No.12099761


It's for over half the population. You dumb nigger. Who is at fault if nobody in the cities owns them?

ebedb0  No.12099773


He works for Goldman Sachs? Oh well that explains everything. He is probably employed by that Lesbian JEW BITCH Weidel…no wonder that other nigger was pushing to save his life.

bd7e11  No.12099781

File: 2ebfb3dbbe8975f⋯.jpg (251.09 KB, 872x1024, 109:128, 866.jpg)


>t. 56%

Keep crying, scooterboy.

ebedb0  No.12099788


When I reply to people like that I always factor in that I am actually building my argument for everyone who reads the thread. It is a chance for me to sway hearts and minds to what I believe is the correct answer for my people, (I am German genetically so they have my heart and loyalty; MY TRIBE, national boundaries are meaningless since they were drawn up by ZOG and imposed upon the tribes of the Earth). I will respond until I decide that people can learn nothing more from the interaction and then I block them. Arguing with a worthy opponent also helps me to practice arguing or think of points to use against them that I hadn't thought of before.

In this case the opponent was worthy for about 5 responses until they lapsed into 'robot repeat mode' and started to have a breakdown. At that point I blocked him. I thought it went rather well…actually.

ebedb0  No.12099789


Fabulous…photographic evidence that he works for Goldman Sachs…perfect, thanks. :)

e3c493  No.12099792



Jew looks for every evidences to keep the germans down.

ebedb0  No.12099803


I am going to have to look into that photo and figure out how many are juden…course, you don't have to be juden to be a slave to ZOG. ALT-KIKES are everywhere nowadays…looking to utterly destroy the last remnants of our people. At least it is obvious that there is nothing 'organic' about AfD and people should not be surprised any more than they were surprised that the ENTIRE ALT-KIKE movement is a sponsored by jews and jewish interests as well…


e3c493  No.12099815


>paste nigger literally redpilling people


That one nigger is worty a thousand you.

bd7e11  No.12099817


Just, because Alice Weidel used to work for them that doesn't mean that her party, the AfD, isn't the best fucking choice we Germans have. Speaking of Goldman Sachs.


>Steven Terner Mnuchin[2] (/məˈnuːʃɪn/ mə-NOO-shin;[3] born December 21, 1962) is an American former investment banker[4] who is serving as the 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the Cabinet of Donald Trump. Previously, Mnuchin had been a film producer and hedge-fund manager.

>After he graduated from Yale University in 1985, Mnuchin worked for investment bank Goldman Sachs for 17 years, eventually becoming its Chief Information Officer. After he left Goldman Sachs in 2002


You can't win elections if you go full gas the kikes race war now you fucking leftard.

e3c493  No.12099833


Never mind the yid, they fear AfD and hold special grudge against them considering they are actually getting more and more radical.

bc81c9  No.12099835

File: 68c6a07e1d891a7⋯.png (34.42 KB, 656x734, 328:367, 1431997873738.png)


fake, no migrant would ever be brazen enough admit this no matter how true this is, they are all cowards. Ask yourself why would they leave Africa in the first place.

e3c493  No.12099838


Yeah, good job, Sherlock.

e14607  No.12099843



The opposing narrative AfD provides alone is worth having them in the gov. You cant keep the brainwash going while truthful opposing viewpoints exist.

b59e5c  No.12099848



Isn't the this guy who did the parody a few years ago?

He's a legal immigrant who was pissed off at what was happening in 2015 - so he did a video like he had just arrived to show what they the invaders were thinking and wake people up.

e14607  No.12099849


> Ask yourself why would they leave Africa in the first place.

Because there are white govs corrupt enough to pay them to rape white local womenz without any consequences and if the local men pipe up they'll be arrested for life.

b59e5c  No.12099855



yeah, I think this is fake. I saw it a few years ago.

The long time legal immigrant guy was pissed off people were not listening to his warnings that the migrants shouldn't be allowed in, so he made the video pretending to be one of the invaders.

e3c493  No.12099864


People figure this out since >>12098225

This man is a literal paste nigger and jews fear him.

ebedb0  No.12099885


So Goldman Sachs is your 'choice' for your people? Why don't you just come out and say you love ZOG? I swear to god I am so angry at you right now that I can barely type.

e3c493  No.12099896


Indeed you are, I can feel your buttpain over the internet.

bd7e11  No.12099900

File: 7beecc2d1ed221c⋯.mp4 (4.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, volk.mp4)

File: 88383a3f25c75f3⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 352x640, 11:20, kanacken.mp4)

File: 4a354f7d83c99d4⋯.webm (7.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pol goes on vacation.webm)



OP is a shill digging out old shit that has been proven to be critic against Germanys immigration politics, because he can't stand to see that

Germany is finally waking up


121aee  No.12099903

It's just German ZOG enticing gnatzees to attack migrants so they can have an excuse to retaliate.

ce421c  No.12099906


The channel deleted posts that called the holocaust a lie.

Only jews and kosher golems, do that.

e3c493  No.12099911




Jews come, and no, this thread aids the other thread, no confusion in message.

fe117a  No.12099968


We are the people is a nice sentiment to chant. Now all you need to do is purge your elite by hanging and you have your country back.

ebedb0  No.12099971


Who in fuck all would think based on what I have written here that this is the case, ONLY A FUCKING KIKE!



0c3bd2  No.12099978


anstiftung zum terror

polizei now

e3c493  No.12099979


>paste nigger redpilling people

>Red text howl calling control op

Kike everyone, get some ICE, your butt looks sore.

bd7e11  No.12099993

How is this fucking thread still up? It's literally


e3c493  No.12099999

ce421c  No.12100008


>Jews come, and no, this thread aids the other thread, no confusion in message.

you delete holocaust refusal and you automatically become kosher.

e3c493  No.12100032


Fuck off jew and stop making everything about your holohoax.

c88db0  No.12100076

File: 6959cab5365f7b4⋯.gif (9.61 MB, 591x530, 591:530, 6959cab5365f7b4a309031f45f….gif)


>niggers speaks german better than any mudshit coming over the border the past 5 years

Nah, he just sarcasm.

I think when time comes, he will literally sell niggers as slaves back to Africa.

99e8af  No.12100102


Course he will, niggers love slavery. It is their and the kikes favorite thing. Apefrica has slavery in every nation. The kikes run the biggest slave system every invented. There isn't a 'free' person on this entire planet. If he is a sellout nigger now, since he is part of the Goldman Sachs AfD alliance, then he has probably been promised something pretty nice in return for his service subduing and destroying Germany. OR he might be juden spawn, so a halfbreed son of a kike whore. Has anyone checked into his background and found out who he REALLY is?

e3c493  No.12100103


Why is mod randomly deleting posts but leaving this buttpain yid around?

Again unclear moderation.

e3c493  No.12100110


You are doing pretty good to defame any opposition, kike.

This paste nigger scares you, and the fact he is AFD scares you even more.

e3c493  No.12100116


And interesting word, "sellout".

By speaking the truth, he "sellout". I guess he should stay true and rape, rob, kill germans like what you kike yearns for.

da2b59  No.12100135

f03cfe  No.12100152

File: 8e883cfacea5845⋯.webm (4.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 8e883cfacea5845f7706133f8….webm)


>implying they ever stop saying ficki ficki

>implying the ones born there don't say ficki ficki

ce421c  No.12100153


>Fuck off jew and stop making everything about your holohoax.

I will repeat.

Those who delete comments that call the holocaust a lie are kosher.

e3c493  No.12100156


And I will repeat, stop making everything about your Holohoax.

8bee34  No.12100157

File: f543ed9b767b2d0⋯.jpg (532.07 KB, 1478x976, 739:488, b74c3f7d100091a3efddbcb2d8….jpg)

this warning is shared right now

have a nice day

ce421c  No.12100164


>And I will repeat, stop making everything about your Holohoax.

>don't make everything about the literal lynchpin and backbone of guilt culture and "we wuz killed due to xenophobia" in the context of invaders

Sure thing, rabbi.

99e8af  No.12100167


You have inspired me to make an OP that shows all my research on AfD and their Goldman Sachs connections to politics. Thank you! More of 8chan needs to hear about how these two are intimately intertwined and in bed together. I actually have a tremendous amount of research on Weidel, Goldman Sachs and AfD in particular that shows the jewish collusion. I suppose we can't have enough reserach that exposes their collusion can we? Goldman Sachs is also heavily invested in China and the destruction of European manufacturing (specifically GERMANY) in order to retain their stranglehold over production. You are right! This OP is SHIT. Let's make one that really exposes AfD and Goldman Sachs!

e3c493  No.12100180


Yes, do not make everything about banal jewish lie.


Go on, go make it.

You are not fooling anybody here.

9cadb8  No.12100189

No nigger could possibly be this fluent in German, this is either a white in blackface or the whole thing has been redubbed

e3c493  No.12100197


Dumbass, he is a paste nigger from the AFD.

And kikes are already fuming about them.

33759e  No.12100218


>This is what civcucks are shilling for


99e8af  No.12100237


There is nothing to fool anyone with…everyone knows that people like Weidel and Bannon etc, etc are Goldman Sachs kikes. I have proof, basically I thought that everyone on /pol/ understood that AfD was all kikes all the time now…but I was wrong because obviously you don't know that AfD (AfS etc) are kikes. So I guess it should be brought to light.

c220a0  No.12100238


>>no balls

They are so retarded they don't realise that we are law abiding because we like living in nice societies not shitholes like where this cunt came from.

We are not law abiding because we are weak or soft, we are law abiding because it makes life better for everyone, and we care about others as well as ourselves.

These small minded self-centered subhuman shitskins have no thought for anyone or anything but themselves in this moment.

They continue to harass and bait us law abiding whites, the world's most dangerous psychopathic killers once aroused to passion.

We who just want a quiet life until it becomes obvious we can't have one so we kill everything that we perceive as an obstacle to our peace.

They think they have power over us because we are holding back on the bloodshed for as long as possible due to our pathological altruism, we don't want to have to kill anyone.

The hubris of these cunts not even realising they are only shipped here as a biological weapon by the jew with the intention of fomenting communist revolutions in all white societies.

They are jew tools who are not even vaguely aware of the danger they are in.

Race War cannot come soon enough

2f2ab3  No.12100241


This was obviously the kike goal from the Nuremberg sham trials forward.

2f2ab3  No.12100252


OH look, it only took a little bait to make the kike glow…..

25770a  No.12100600

File: c1ac6affc56553a⋯.jpg (50.64 KB, 606x720, 101:120, butthurt report.jpg)

e3c493  No.12101258


Yeah post proof you fucking faggot.

inb4 Liedel used to work for Goldman Sachs therefore the whole organization is Goldman Sachs


Grasping at straws.

e3c493  No.12101262


More balls than you, yid.

3e8496  No.12118361

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


its the attitude stupid!

29d329  No.12118373

File: 6ddb072edc39481⋯.jpg (286.95 KB, 840x840, 1:1, number-of-guns-per-capita1….jpg)


Frogs aren't so bad either, they tend to hunt often

127486  No.12122288


It would have been a beautiful pic, if it wasn't for the lady holding a cig.

61f9fa  No.12122409

File: 9042d9f6a32e8f8⋯.png (401.84 KB, 405x500, 81:100, 9042d9f6a32e8f8395952cec16….png)


>40% white

My parents and grandparents kept extensive family records tracing back something like 8 generations. I'm 50% Polish, 25% German, 25% potato nigger Irish and 100% White American. There is some confusion as to whether or not the 50% pole isnt 25% and 25% Slovakian but whats really the difference genetically? Long story short, go fuck yourself and your D&C you demoralized, disarmed piece of shit. White Americans are a mixed bag, but some of us have genetics that would bring a tear of joy to uncle Adolf's eye. 6'2, 200 odd pounds (and raising), and the best part I own, maintain and practice with multiple firearms

White pill blog post, just couldn't resist. My best friend is a born and bred Norweigan and he is more my bror than my actual, soy cucked brother. There is absolutely no reason for white americans and true/white Europeans to be at odds with each other. Unless of course youre a filthy yid or some other shit skin. That's not to say there arent tons of mutts in the states, but I have somehow managed to live most of my life without associating with a single one, not counting my time in (((school))).

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