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File: ecc5fa76659717a⋯.png (6.54 KB, 436x448, 109:112, 40566526_1935901560044214_….png)

File: a0e737a35521003⋯.jpg (24.23 KB, 639x384, 213:128, 40600220_1838888532857142_….jpg)

4f362d  No.12098237


>tfw my country's most important history museum is being destroyed by a fire at this exact moment

>centuries of history being vanished due to monkey-tier building maintenance

I'm so sad guys. It's also the former Brazilian Imperial Palace. We had dinosaur fossils

The largest collection of mummies outside Egypt

20 million items

500.000 books

The building itself? 200 years old.

All gone now, like tears in the rain, no human will ever set eyes on these things again

dd73bb  No.12098243


You shouldn't have let niggers and indioes take over your country, then.

601e3c  No.12098255

This hurts to even think about. I dread the day when bongistans great collections get enriched.

88a9f5  No.12098259


I keep looking to find out specifically what cool artifacts are housed there, but all I'm getting are generic results like "it was books, dino bones, and mummies."

What specifically was there that is worth so much to humanity?

4f362d  No.12098269

File: fd83c12b4121c7f⋯.png (898.04 KB, 1200x685, 240:137, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0871ca527f5779e⋯.png (397.9 KB, 453x599, 453:599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e420113d9c94771⋯.png (446.86 KB, 432x576, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eca9521b916c2b3⋯.png (567.38 KB, 783x450, 87:50, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a714ef3360f0fba⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


- Golden Mask - Ptolemaic Period c.305 b.C

- Sha-Amun-em-su Coffin - Dynasty 23, ca. 750 B.C.

- Dinosaur fossils like brontosaurus and prehistoric mammals like megatherium

- Beautiful architecture.

All lost.

99bbe0  No.12098276

File: b6717041548c23b⋯.png (227.41 KB, 596x400, 149:100, there-are-some-things-flex….png)

761ce6  No.12098283

As whites become more and more of a minority this same fate will befall all museums wherever you may find them.

231dd6  No.12098294

File: 1ee7a11b9fd985a⋯.png (86.28 KB, 530x564, 265:282, 599.png)

I wonder who could be responsible

e9718a  No.12098298

Imagine how much further society would be along if mogrels and shitskins did not exist. How many libraries and museums would not have been purposely burned down. Hell even isis dune coons destroy anything they come across like ancient Roman architecture.

6f280c  No.12098301


>What specifically was there that is worth so much to humanity?

The counternarrative.

000000  No.12098309

huehues don't have any culture or history anyway because they are leftist progressive ultra mongrel utopia.

4f362d  No.12098311

File: 4cda162bd738568⋯.png (837.93 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)



Here is something to get your blood boiling.

>Queermuseum, an entity that promotes degenerancy and sexualizes kids got 800.000$ in financing by the Rouanet law

>The National Museum costed 520 thousand and only received 300,000

4f362d  No.12098316

File: 3a31a5b7ccf55f3⋯.png (26.74 KB, 593x177, 593:177, ClipboardImage.png)

Look at what these niggers are saying

"Historic justice delivered by the hands of fate. It now burns the house of the family that for years dominated, killed and exploited the Brazilian people, while also being notoriously passive with the enslaving of american blacks."

601e3c  No.12098318


Yeah I suppose this is no big deal. Half a million books that no one but a few nerds have probably read in the last century. Some old bones of things that died eons ago maybe a few old pots that were probably inferior to those that can be made in modern factories. Brazil can just replace all that old crap with newer better things. No problem.

92e87c  No.12098320



These are nigger tier posts.

601e3c  No.12098333


My blood still hasn’t stopped boiling since my nation help fund Israeli’s proxy army in Syria and let them run rampant and destroy hundreds of world heritage sites. I am beyond ashamed to live in the age where treasures preserved throughout the ages are being destroyed. Being destroyed by savages that could be stopped with ease, yet evil has such a firm grip upon us that we seem incapable. It has to change.


Dude, what's the problem. Its all on wikipedia anyway.

5614c7  No.12098345

Daily reminder the jews are trying to remove ancient history.

4f362d  No.12098346


Remember folks, as long as you have a picture of the Mona Lisa on the internet, you can destroy the painting all you want.

This is how you sound like, you ape. What a waste of trips.

3bf0a6  No.12098347

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why do you think Gobekli Tepe was burried?

The saying, "As it was, so shall it be." is relevant now more than ever.

There are only two types of people in this world. Those who fight to accurately record and preserve history in all its forms, and those who fight to destroy it.

f59a4d  No.12098350

File: b7be2a53d7b5d24⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1437777600780.jpg)

I also know what it's like to lose the history of your people only to dig for scraps after the deed is done. I wish your people the best of luck and hope the damage is minimized as much as possible.

601e3c  No.12098360

File: abc2cd18d6681fe⋯.jpg (20.8 KB, 403x550, 403:550, wjr.jpg)


>He can't detect sarcasm when it literally hits him in the face with a shovel

601e3c  No.12098367


These people are out of control. What remains of their collections needs to unironically be moved out of the country for safe keeping.

e229ea  No.12098372

Probably an insurance scheme

d067be  No.12098378

I was watching the fire burn on Gloomtube while watching that Vincent Price movie they had on there.

>Morgannnnn come ouuuuuut

d067be  No.12098383

That's how the jews want it to end BTW

By burning our museums down

a65de1  No.12098391


>Fuck Whitey ooga booga muh poor niggers

I hate this fucking planet more every single day. I'm sickened that we have to share a planet, let alone countries, with these ungrateful, idiotic less-than-apes.

aed18a  No.12098394

File: aa0befc03d8f5e4⋯.mp4 (15.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Paddock Pumpkins.mp4)


You know this is a robbery, right? Anon, there has never been a building fire in a building with sprinklers in recorded history. Are you telling me that you think that this building didn't have fire sprinklers? Top Kek…no, your nations museum was pillaged and then the remains were set on fire.

12de6f  No.12098396


This. And they'll also probably make a few bucks on the rising value of certain antiquities that just became rarer.

be2855  No.12098400


Honestly thats super retarded considering hpw far pedro 2 went to ending slavery

12de6f  No.12098401


Just imagine how much more sickened you'd feel if you were one of them. You were born white, don't worry yourself with what subhumans think.

29f7d1  No.12098408


If it had sprinklers, it was probably never properly maintained, because the money taht should be given for the spare parts/maintenance team have gone to someone else's pocket instead.

4d2ef7  No.12098418

The Day of the 'Brazilian Reichstag '

29f7d1  No.12098420

The building structure must be completely compromised, I wouldn't be surprised if the building fell down 9/11 style.

aed18a  No.12098421


IDK I doubt there was niggers running and maintaining a museum (we all know they aren't capable in any fashion to such a complex task) and the insurance would have run their own building safety inspections at the time of every new exhibit for insurance purposes, this was a total heist, of epic proportions.

aed18a  No.12098437


You don't though anon…it is time to walk the path of ETHNO-GLOBE…there is no reason to share anymore. They are proven unworthy.

aac8a9  No.12098474


Around Blacks never relax

898903  No.12098581


Existe um futuro para o nosso país? Todo dia parece pior a nossa situação.

000000  No.12098597

This is just a lesson on leaving your valuables around shitskinned subhumans.

4f362d  No.12098752

File: 498b07a805e4631⋯.png (60.59 KB, 255x205, 51:41, No_Humanity.png)


I am sorry anon… I legitimately heard someone else beforehand use this argument without irony. This whole disaster made me very emotional since I am a historian. My apologies.

6eb05d  No.12098916

File: 390eea7d3265af1⋯.png (182.9 KB, 950x500, 19:10, check dem bix nood dubs mu….png)



Checking those numbers of extreme anger at this clown world.

>inb4 ancient aryans were real and we just don't have history of them because it wasn't preserved

ad5338  No.12099005


Right on the feels… we are paying the price of our stupidity.


Recent findings says that Gobekli Tepe was even bigger than we believe and its like a big flood (sediment?) covered everything. They had a really advanced and strong economy for such a task and Nevali Cori wasnt big enough for just a few farms.

826066  No.12099022

Daily reminder we need an ethnovirus to cull the nonwhite.

000000  No.12099030


>All gone now, like tears in the rain, no human will ever set eyes on these things again

That is how civilization will end. Not a big bang, but a wimper. Piece for piece will erode, be broke, discarded and burn.


>"Historic justice delivered by the hands of fate.


>no big deal a few old pots that were probably inferior to those that can be made in modern factories.

Do nigger have electric too?

56c243  No.12099054

File: 1fdea234feb221f⋯.jpg (394.88 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1fdea234feb221fc491b58bd8d….jpg)


It's going to get worse. This isn't an accident. The commies are pissed in Huehue land and are lashing out against those that want a better Brazil. The Right is rising and the Left are salting the earth. Never regret hatred, let it flow., ride it's currents.

29adb5  No.12099090

File: 010ebb3aed1c58b⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 245x569, 245:569, nazi clean poster.jpg)


To not hate your enemy is heresy. To tolerate evil is heresy. To care for inferiors is hersy. To let the enemies of the Emperor live is hersy. Hesitation is heresy.

Let them argue with the barrel of a gun.

cb5b6d  No.12099137

File: a0ed1484328740c⋯.jpg (45.8 KB, 275x244, 275:244, 8a5131a0f9d7c8206085453b94….jpg)


What does it mean for the future that so many people feel safe saying things like this? rhetorical question

56c243  No.12099176

File: 978d284004cb680⋯.webm (6.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, SAOPAOLsfinist.webm)


Fuck all. Those faggots outted themselves as the arsonists the moment they spoke up. All their commie bullshit is going up in smoke, and they got Venezuela shitting up the border towns. It would be obvious to the dimmest nigger that this was Arson.

052ef7  No.12099180

File: 5f4791f455875ae⋯.gif (58.48 KB, 389x331, 389:331, King of Brazil and friends….gif)



Huecaques might be lower primates but their heart is in the right place.

052ef7  No.12099186


This is what you get for releasing apes to intermingle with your people.

a0944e  No.12099217


Nothing. They only had a museum because whites built it. It was filled with monkey junk, and journals of white monks complaining about the savages not converting to christardom. OH LORD, HOW WITH WE EVER RECOVER!?

a19771  No.12099218


>Jew museum

What the fuck are you huffing, nigger?

a0944e  No.12099236


Do you honestly believe that the Mona Lisa is one of the things that you have to experience instead of just see? It shouldn't be destroyed, but come on.

009f06  No.12099245

File: 1afeb78396914c9⋯.jpg (145.16 KB, 890x890, 1:1, 1af.jpg)

File: 884dca98a26f952⋯.jpg (546.84 KB, 2000x1857, 2000:1857, seinfeld-cast.jpg)

File: 32e5ee9797e0b65⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1091x720, 1091:720, sketch-1534035130397.png)

File: 17cba33fceb77a2⋯.jpg (55.46 KB, 700x525, 4:3, e42.jpg)

>Fire burns museam in Brazil

>8Shitpol: It was the Jooz!!!

OooooOoooooYyyyyyy VvvVvveEeeEyyyyyyYyyYYYyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4f362d  No.12099254

File: 32eba1665bb23aa⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 514x571, 514:571, abstractursury.jpg)




You could have been more subtle, Moshe.

652692  No.12099320

I bet that jews did it. They are hell-bent on their plan to erase history.

052ef7  No.12099340



>Golden Mask - Ptolemaic Period c.305 b.C

>The largest collection of mummies outside Egypt

>destroying history

>destroying Greco-Egyptian history in particular

Gee I wonder who might be behind this…

052ef7  No.12099341


Sounds like a motive to me.

052ef7  No.12099348


>merely pretending being a nigger

We are past way Poe's Law. This Clown World.

000000  No.12099353

it s obvious who is behind this because the first to tweet about it (before even a fire) on brasilian social media is a leftist. The leftists are obsessed with destroying history because it shits on them so badly here everyone know sbest period we ever got was the period of the emperor dom pedro imperial almost fascist rule and now the elections near and they are losing they act out again i wish southern brasil was its own country so much fuck these commies and shitskins they ruined everything.

d6c465  No.12099354


>country with large tarantulas and severe multiculturalism

>set ablaze

God is real

ede118  No.12099368


If you never saw it before you would probably pass it up at a garage sale for $5

87e66c  No.12099376


culturally enriched by niggers and mulattos

000000  No.12099383


but leftists tell us that should make your country the greatest on earth yet it is the opposite. hmmmmm

325d7e  No.12099389

Brazil is the best warning against multiculturalism and mixing of races.

If America isn't careful, this will be the Smithsonian in 2030.

Blacks and Jews Don't have any meaningful civilization to preserve.

Their genocidal envy of Europeans and their children is not something to be taken lightly.

I doubt this was a accidental fire.

It is election year and the location is the former seat of the Portuguese King and the Brazilian emperor.

What more potent sign you could send than burning to a crisp the "white fascist man's former center of glory"?.

73f5ae  No.12099402

Welcome to "Brazil is a shithole: The final chapter".

3d1463  No.12099405

File: 3f0890d3ab4d8ad⋯.jpeg (148.7 KB, 750x918, 125:153, a9267a30b0903a84a88da7942….jpeg)


ad5338  No.12099416


The position of that word in that sentence its enough for a /xpol/ thread.

3d1463  No.12099417

File: 037bd7b6fbba357⋯.jpg (28.8 KB, 430x516, 5:6, 9623478163784.jpg)

Oh, imagine that. When firefighters arrived, there was no water in the hydrants closest to the museum.



73f5ae  No.12099420

File: 82aa2569d65580a⋯.gif (248.74 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1485860010001.gif)



And what would the CIA have to gain by destroying that? What would anyone have to gain? The only people who do that shit on purpose are camel fuckers and they do it because "muh allah".

The fire hydrants weren't working. You know why? Not because someone turned them off. Not because of a grand conspiracy. Because the Brazilian government is corrupt as fuck, to the point where even basic maintenance of basic emergency infrastructure has decayed to the point where shit like this happens.

I mean this is like the socialists in Venezuela thinking their country's collapse is due to rich people hoarding all the goods. Or the Haitians who think their country is shit because "da white man still keep us down". No you morons, all your troubles are self-inflicted, and you deserve it. The only tragic thing is that the contents of the museum were irreplaceable pieces of human heritage.

3d1463  No.12099424


You're probably right anon. It's likely a coincidence. I wonder if I can find more.

73f5ae  No.12099430


Find all you want. If the CIA had anything to do with it, they wouldn't have burned it, they would have stolen everything they could. If a large portion of the stuff which was supposed to be in there suddenly shows up on the black market with no damage whatsoever, you'll have a case. Until then, you're just spouting bullshit.

3d1463  No.12099440

There was another musuem fire in 2015, Sao Paulo, Brazil

A major fire gutted one of Latin America’s most popular and respected museums on Monday afternoon and killed a firefighter on duty there. The cause of the blaze at the Museum of the Portuguese Language in São Paulo — or the Museu da Língua Portuguesa — an important landmark and cultural resource for the region, has not been determined. São Paulo’s governor, Geraldo Alckmin, told reporters that the firefighter, Ronaldo Pereira da Cruz, had died at a hospital. The museum is closed on Mondays, a fact that probably averted additional casualties. The museum, in a building in the historic city center that is more than 100 years old, is considered a trove of information on the history and evolution of the Portuguese language. Early signs suggest that the cultural loss may be minimized. “We probably have many things backed up,” Isa Ferraz, a curator at the museum, told the Brazilian television station Globo. Mr. Alckmin, who visited the scene on Monday, pledged his support, saying of the museum, “It will be rebuilt.”


f59ce0  No.12099466

File: 568931e2aed590d⋯.jpg (402.65 KB, 1196x1203, 1196:1203, NorthernOutloookArticle.jpg)

>>12098347 Another film is THE WIZARD & THE COMMODORE about the Moriori holocaust at the hands of Maori tribes in the 1800's on NZ's outlying islands. Now showing in NZ theatres www.wizardcommodore.com apparently NZ's most controversial film of 2017.

f59ce0  No.12099496

File: f7b91e3f078f0dc⋯.jpg (558.84 KB, 1754x2479, 1754:2479, WizCom Flyer P1 1.0ISRAEL.jpg)

File: 6b26624cad49c48⋯.jpg (708.8 KB, 1754x2479, 1754:2479, WizCom Flyer P2 1.0ISRAEL.jpg)

92a0cc  No.12099503


3f35bc  No.12099546

hue hue hue

d75cb1  No.12099556

fuck off subhuman brazil no one gives a fuck. i wish many brazilians including you were locked inside to burn like the plagueniggers they are

5370f4  No.12099584

Fuck Republicans and Masons who ruined the country in 1889.

So many crap to be burned, the leftist university that should maintain it included. Now they are throwing the blame one to the other. There was not any fire-preemptive equipment inside. No alarms. Nothing. Anyone, any commoner, working or visiting that place should have took initiative and changed that. Now they are going to find some generalized invisible institution to blame and pretend they had done everything at their reach.

This year was the building's 200th anniversary. Almost 200 years ago, in that very building, our independence was declared. 7th of September is the day we commemorate it. 4 days to go, and the best of our country's history is gone.

5370f4  No.12099588

We all always wished Brasilia would burn like that. I hope I can see it burning in my lifetime.


You have the soul of a nigger. Probably a nigger outside as well.

000000  No.12099604

our bloodlines are ruined, soiled with dirt and mud.

this was we had left, proof we were once great, all of our pride, gone.

only joy in this is i know unitedstatians will go the same way, they will too be just as subhuman mixed low iq mutts as we are and will go down in worse ways their libraries and historical buildings such as their precious librarby of the congress and smithsonian all burned to the ground becuz they are built funded by racist slave owning white men founders.

we are you just a couple decades into the future, never forget that unitedstatians.

you will pay.

949346  No.12099622


They didn't, jews did what they have done everywhere else, used their ability to print money to seize political power then flood the country with invaders to occupy any indigenous who might oppose them.

949346  No.12099659



That is because the Mona Lisa is an example of a jewish scam that creates false value. The reason that the painting is so famous is that it was "stolen" for a year, and for that year their press did nothing except write about it. Nobody went to see it specifically before that. When it was recovered it was now the most famous picture in the world, everyone who could read knew its name.

801eb0  No.12099681

File: 8d61b035f6c9437⋯.png (68.73 KB, 290x196, 145:98, ClipboardImage.png)



can you explain this kikery?

c50999  No.12099698

File: 618cebf33cd4390⋯.jpg (46.1 KB, 474x632, 3:4, Download.jpg)


>it's niggers


>it's the CIA

c210f6  No.12099715


What poor luck.

e382fb  No.12099737


Tough shit. That's how democracy works. Either the people who established that democratic system of government perish, or the state perishes. Same thing is happening in basically all democratic countries in west.

a35235  No.12099775


some of us already know. walk into a municipal government office's water or fire department at the people managing it. half are on their smartphones, half just looked up for a second. no one is doing anything but collecting paychecks until they stop. and do you think most people in new york really care about what's inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art? they should built a replica and replace it. no one will notice the difference as long as they can take a "selfie" in front of it.

civilization of monkeys with a 3-second attention span. you're optimistic with the "couple of decades." i'm guessing 15, max, before the fires become too frequent for people to continue to pretend it's all going to work out.

d52335  No.12099807


water was rumored to be shut off to the museum over a year ago due to budget cuts.

5556d7  No.12099872


>Are you telling me that you think that this building didn't have fire sprinklers?

No. It did not have a working sprinkler system.

286951  No.12099914

File: 2e30d6aabab5a22⋯.jpg (600.47 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, 180714-mcnearney-lost-mast….jpg)


It's The Library of Alexandria all over again! Just kidding, you suck, nigger Brazil.

286951  No.12099921


Could have been great. Fucking Jews.

286951  No.12099928


> Its all on wikipedia anyway.

The issue is that that which is on the internet can be changed.

ba4e8b  No.12099933


have the books at least been digitized?

286951  No.12099959


Yes, they kept the digitized copies in museum.

849634  No.12099962

File: 5130c48584c634f⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, 1535940368301.jpg)

File: 88e2702af2de8f2⋯.jpg (190.24 KB, 946x1390, 473:695, 1535940447048.jpg)

File: 61faf144605180b⋯.jpg (168.91 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1535946946719.jpg)

File: 83bb6917354f660⋯.jpg (209.03 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1535940577267.jpg)

File: 7be826cf70a19bf⋯.jpg (144.32 KB, 1262x782, 631:391, 1535948259280.jpg)

What has been lost.

f4dfe2  No.12100012


I know it's easy to meme about 'huehuehue monkey' shit but seeing those photos and knowing all that is now gone ruined my fucking day man.

If it's arson I hope you fucking brazilbros massacre the fucking marxist shitskins in your nation en masse.

849634  No.12100154

File: 1ad7d56db7c4b7d⋯.jpg (19.94 KB, 276x183, 92:61, IMG-20180903-WA0017.jpg)

File: 1e4b25c1e4f941d⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 300x168, 25:14, IMG-20180903-WA0039.jpg)

File: dad422af85af8a4⋯.jpg (102.27 KB, 750x987, 250:329, IMG-20180903-WA0035.jpg)

File: aeca281e3c80759⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 750x991, 750:991, IMG-20180903-WA0033.jpg)

File: 9a29e7565e4141f⋯.jpg (91.94 KB, 750x999, 250:333, IMG-20180903-WA0032.jpg)

966c44  No.12100204


They wouldn't put in on the black market anyway. It would have been taken by ship to Tristan de Cunha and from there whatever was valuable would be moved to Antarctica.

966c44  No.12100205


Are you going to tell me that they didn't have sprinklers either?

966c44  No.12100206


The jews are not the (((FUTURE))) anon. We Ethnic Europeans are the only future that the Earth has if Life is going to continue on the planet.

29f7d1  No.12100243

File: ad71598fedcf6f5⋯.jpg (639.78 KB, 1600x1102, 800:551, After.jpg)

File: 27bf0e0387bef4f⋯.jpg (58.34 KB, 748x410, 374:205, Before.jpg)

It's over…

286951  No.12100254

File: 8737cdf5589ec1a⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 1000x655, 200:131, 1000x-1.jpg)

849634  No.12100257



I have posted the former pictures but seeing the corpse of the museum is making my eyes hurt again.

286951  No.12100270


Don't worry about it, scrote. Most of that stuff is lies. If it makes you feel better, there is a library on focus level 27.

849634  No.12100280


The paintings and the statues weren't.

To make it worse, Rio is plagued by (((modern art))) museums and galleries backed by the gov and banks. I had the displeasure of seeing them.

286951  No.12100290

File: b05b60933b734d1⋯.jpg (61.75 KB, 418x400, 209:200, 3983022.jpg)

Makes you wonder what they were trying to cover-up. Any recent lectures, studies, grants, or exhibits going on at that museum?

29f7d1  No.12100292


At least the structure of the building is still standing and according to engineers there is no severe structural damage, judging by the aftermatch pic, I assume they're right, the walls look pretty solid.

286951  No.12100304

File: c2072b89c3664fd⋯.png (142.31 KB, 500x566, 250:283, it-is-not-impermanence-tha….png)


Sorry, anon, I do feel you on this. Attachment to earthly things or ideas is not in your best interest and it's a shame to lose such things for perpetuity. That is which permanent and that which is impermanent. Are you from Brazil? What's the local news saying?

b65842  No.12100309

Since I am not Brazilian, let me get something right here. The whiter Brazilians are angry for their history being destroyed while the darker, shitskin type of Brazilians are celebrating? Right?

286951  No.12100313


IDK. But whatever MSM is spewing.

2bb2d9  No.12100329



More rare anon.


I’m deeply sorry for your loss, and appreciate the teachings of the Gracie family.

If Brazil is so lawless, what’s holding you back from necking kikes and gollums? At least torch Monsanto’s soy fields this summer you cucks. Haitianiggers were at least smart enough to do that.

286951  No.12100342

Does everyone is Brazil get plastic surgery since it's covered by health insurance? What a highly body-oriented culture.

29f7d1  No.12100350

File: 86c876743ecd400⋯.jpg (855.93 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, P_20171223_124552[1].jpg)


>At least torch Monsanto’s soy fields this summer you cucks. Haitianiggers were at least smart enough to do that.

Anon if you're america, I'm sure you have seen the same thing in the midwest corn fields where you can drive for 200 hundred kilometers in a interstate highway and see nothing but corn to the left or right, in Brazil we have the same thing with soy, I went to another state to visit my uncle a few months ago, he lives in a soy producing state and the landscape of the trip was nothing but soy everywhere, it is like being in the desert, but instead of sand you have those bushy plants covering all the horizon as far as the eye can see and beyond.

Pic related

af0fc1  No.12100375

File: 3c388f1b03a85c5⋯.jpg (5.65 KB, 152x225, 152:225, 3c388f1b03a85c53e984016540….jpg)

Why do I have a feeling that they stole something extremely valuable/important and burned down the building to cover the tracks and distract?

d52335  No.12100381

the museum br'ed down because you didn't gibe monies

849634  No.12100382

Local news are in sad mode.

Right wing whites and normalfags are genuinelly angry and sad.

Left wing whites of the useful idiot/inocent type are also sad, problem is that they are being led on to believe that it could have been avoided if the government was more leftist. Don't mind that in the current rule (a shitty neocon one, but still) a bank has ceded money for the revitalization of the museum.



While the news below said that the museum was at risk since the beginning of Lula (leftist party) government.



While the head of the university responsible for the museum is from a socialist party (PSOL)

As for non-whites, some are also lamenting it (after all it did have pieces and information about other races and believe it or not some do appreciate European art), a lot of them don’t care (sedated Brazilians, just going day to day, work-tv) and there are some rabbid niggers celebrating the burning.

b65842  No.12100391


Thanks, this is what I was looking for.

89825b  No.12100393


you bunch of sister fuckers would do well to remember the southern cone was prosper before being jewed

000000  No.12100406



>preserve art, history, and cultural artifacts

lmao. let them just look up the soviets and mao's cultural destruction. their mongrels were cheering at the destruction of our heritage.

89825b  No.12100409


pretty much.

t. southerner

286951  No.12100414

22fbf2  No.12100427

File: 53bcfbdab744b99⋯.jpg (123.27 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1514057132151.jpg)

File: 56d28fd067423f1⋯.jpg (22.22 KB, 300x212, 75:53, 1531411202753.jpg)

File: 0d5035995271690⋯.png (467.08 KB, 432x653, 432:653, despair.png)

File: 899aeedcf700fcb⋯.jpg (143.7 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1513538784333.jpg)


>those statues and paintings


af0fc1  No.12100450

File: f3a10734a9781f0⋯.png (104.35 KB, 541x530, 541:530, 1452803157148.png)


>The largest collection of mummies outside Egypt

List of mummies?

Maybe something hidden in one of the mummies?

A thing like this is straight from a Nic Cage movie.

5f9ea4  No.12100451




>because of the loss and the way history is written fucking brazil is going to be looked back on as a great cultural bastion of art and history that was lost forever just like the library of Alexandria

God is truly a shitposter

849634  No.12100471


Pedro II was a great bastion of art and history and it could have spread to the rest of Brazil.

Too bad he and people like him were the minority! And they were deposed.

And now here I am, living in a gated community, working next a favela (not kidding, drug dealers sometimes walk on the walls of the factory).

5f9ea4  No.12100487


I'm not doubting that at all. It's just silly to me that brazil of all places will go down in history as one of the truly great repositories of artifacts lost to time, when you take into account everything else about brazil.

849634  No.12100500

File: 402f4437d4de329⋯.jpg (224.47 KB, 932x932, 1:1, DmJU0rbXcAAvIEo.jpg large.jpg)


A few great men in a land of huemen made all the good history.


Have some more


89825b  No.12100820


>A few great men in a land of huemen made all the good history.

pretty much this, the white minority carried this country until their backs gave in. And the brazilian white flight started, leaving this nation dumber and hopeless.

000000  No.12100841



That is what our country get for not killing EVERY SINGLE ONE of the leftists, jews and niggers still living here.

Brazil will only be fixed when you, and all the White People, start mass killing ALL others, from all positions in society, for not being White or for being leftists.

Being sad will solve nothing. Voting will solve nothing.

Killing everyone that is not White or that is a leftist will solve everything.

b65842  No.12100973


Were you the toranon from the Brazil elections thread (the one with about 300 replies)?

e2703e  No.12101671

File: 9bd825645141d41⋯.png (496.97 KB, 500x588, 125:147, ClipboardImage.png)

I'll just leave this here. where is Pinochet when we need him

3d1463  No.12101840


Translate it. This is an english primarily site.

55a4ab  No.12101845


Holding on to the past in museums is degenerate.

b65842  No.12101848


Fuck off shill

e2703e  No.12101880


Basically, the whole administration for the university in charge of the museum is composed of people affiliated to communist parties. PSOL is the Socialist Party, PC do B is the Communist Party of Brazil and PCB is the Brazilian Communist party.

55a4ab  No.12101900


Once a civilization begins to look backwards more than forwards, then it has begun to die. All art should be kept around no longer than a century, after which it should be destroyed.

b65842  No.12101910


So you're implying no nation of any race should preserve their memories with history?

ff10ef  No.12101918


This is the most communist thing i've read all day. I guess we'd better not teach people to write or else they'll just study things from the past instead of discovering everything on their own.

55a4ab  No.12101929



The preoccupation with preserving everything forever only began after Western Civilization had hit its peak. Inordinate effort in preserving "history" is just an indication that your society has nothing worthwhile going on presently.

e2703e  No.12101948


What defines a 'peak' in civilization in your logic?

ae9a15  No.12101958

File: 0c8065f5b22cdfa⋯.png (78.92 KB, 1368x396, 38:11, rarer.png)


KYS brainlet.

90b857  No.12102017


It didn't have sprinklers. It was in third world condition with exposed wiring and such. They were told to repair it and bring it up to standard but no one did. It just sat there going to shit, like every other thing in our world.

1a2140  No.12102029


Could you have made any more idiotic, content-less post.

1a2140  No.12102032

Rio's 200-year old National Museum hit by massive fire

BRASILIA (Reuters) - A 200-year-old museum in Rio de Janeiro was hit on Sunday by a massive fire, images from television station Globo showed, threatening its collection of more than 20 million items ranging from archeological findings to historical memorabilia.



>Employees had reportedly previously expressed concern about funding cuts and the dilapidated state of the building.

>The National Museum was the holder of the largest collection of natural history and anthropology in Latin America. There were over 20 million of catalogued items.

>I'm going to put some things that were lost.

>It still has the entire collection of the two libraries that existed there. Original documents of hundreds of years lost. Lost.

Pictures https://twitter.com/leuavila/status/1036405174175186944''


>National Museum, Butantan Institute, Museum of natural science, Museum of the Portuguese Language, among others, are consumed by the flames. Paulista Museum, independence, is closed is five, for risk of collapse, and so will be for at least four more.

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw87KOK-d2I

>This was home to the Portuguese royal family and then became one of the most important natural history museums in South America. Now, fossils, meteorites and other 20 million items are gone



From the Art Thread >>12098251

1a2140  No.12102034

File: 36905e64abf9c09⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 989x852, 989:852, Brazil museum (2).jpg)

File: 6d4f787a9d27a62⋯.jpg (505.29 KB, 882x796, 441:398, Brazil museum (1).jpg)


Wrong. See pictures

1a2140  No.12102036



Its culture and history, idiot.

5c1e46  No.12102040

File: 443acbdac47ea5f⋯.png (38.11 KB, 592x868, 148:217, Capture.PNG)


>wow I found it online, it must make me sound smart when I say it

Just because its socially accepted or added to some jew controlled dictionary site doesn't make it right you fuckin retard gorilla nigger.

ff10ef  No.12102044


Museums and study of the past are a defining feature of the european races. Mudshits were tearing down their own ancestor's monuments for material to build hovels until white people made them stop so they could be studied. Bump so more anons can witness your nigger logic.

0fa5c3  No.12102086


And the fuel rods - we're doomed.

a0944e  No.12102094


>I can't think of a motive for the CIA, so they didn't do it

cfe733  No.12102111

File: 4197a0767146534⋯.png (84.44 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


You have to see through things, kid.

dd73bb  No.12102116




Kill yourself.

55a4ab  No.12102243


"The past is a foreign country."

Culture only has meaning in existence as vital action and reflection of life. Putting it in museums fossilizes it. Museums did not even exist until the modern period, after most vitality had already drained from Western Civilization.

6a49d5  No.12102254


Preseving art of the old has always been a greco-roman tradition.

Quit speaking shit.

f2110c  No.12102278


>you have no good culture or history, goyim

>you have nothing to fight for, goyim

>don't fight, goyim, it's useless

>it's your nature to be a leftist's paradise

fc59b9  No.12102288


That's a shocking admission from the CIA, because if CIA officers are working under deep cover within the United States in positions like that, then they are violating US Federal law.

And I noticed that the Tweet neglected to mention the two most common cover jobs for CIA agents: artists and musicians.

fc59b9  No.12102308


>And what would the CIA have to gain by destroying that? What would anyone have to gain? The only people who do that shit on purpose are camel fuckers and they do it because "muh allah".

Bullshit. US Military Special Ops do things like this all the time. In fact, they train specifically to do things exactly like this. Who do you think started those two fires in Trump Tower, the first one small and harmless but the second one large and deadly? Who do you think started that small harmless fire in one of Hillary Clinton's houses? Those were political messages sent to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from US Special Operations Command.

The motive would be political. It would have something to do with the upcoming Brazilian presidential election.

f2110c  No.12102312


You are right, the maintainers were jewish-tier-non-"white". It was a leftist public university that was "keeping" the place. That university enjoyed a lot of money being thown at them, just like the other public universities in our country: expensive and useless, money wasted with Humanities subversive teachers who waste their time with politics and indoctrination.

I'm sure that was a long term sabotage. One that didn't start this weekend.

Meanwhile LGBTQWERTY crap is being heavily invested in. Universities give all of their attention and deviate tons of public money to it.

fc59b9  No.12102324


>Basically, the whole administration for the university in charge of the museum is composed of people affiliated to communist parties. PSOL is the Socialist Party, PC do B is the Communist Party of Brazil and PCB is the Brazilian Communist party.

And here you go for a possible US Government motive: to discredit Brazil's socialist political parties.

That was easy. Thanks, anon.

6a49d5  No.12102335


Isn't that a good thing?

f2110c  No.12102350


Brazil is not (technically) lawless. By the contrary, it's bloated with stupid laws. If there are so many niggers killing and pillaging the country, and politicians doing the very same unpunished, that because these very laws that protect "human rights".

Our laws serve the criminal, so he won't go to jail, and punishes the good intentioned and working people. That's how our laws are.

What stops us to clean the country are these very laws.

>Monsanto's soyfields

The millions of Brazilian owned soyfields that use Monsanto's seeds for being cheaper? It's our Agriculture who keeps our economy, that would be suicide. The biggest problem with soy is it's a low value commodity, it's the easiest thing to farm, so it doesn't explore the land's potential to its maximum.

You are confusing things here.

f2110c  No.12102353

fc59b9  No.12102404


>What stops us to clean the country are these very laws.

Special Ops Death Squads Now?

What part of the Brazilian military are you in?

f133a5  No.12102434

I doubt if anything of value was actually lost. Museums are notorious for putting copies on display and selling the real artifacts to rich assholes. This is especially true for fossils, which are always fakes made by sculpters.

Just more insurance shekels for burnt paper mache and plaster of paris

55a4ab  No.12102496


True. Brazil is a more advanced form of anarcho-tyranny than the USA. Laws only applied to decent people or people without enough money to bribe police, criminals allowed to run amok, etc.

f2110c  No.12102531


The current rule is not neoconservative at all, it's globalist and the worst of our internal mafia. "Neocon" shouldn't be applied to Brazil's politics shallowly like that, it's retarded. Even more retarded when the president doesn't align at all with neocon agendas, having a mafioso behavior, and our Congress is social-democrat.

Plus, it wasn't just "a bank", but our public bank, with public money, that serves internal corporatism and "progressive" agendas, but not necessarily alien agendas, so that's why it's relevant to point it out.


To these who don't know what PSOL is, it's not only a socialist party, but the most "progressive" and globalist bitches we have in this country. They are pure cancer. And PSOL has always abominated the Monarchy and any mention of returning to such regime. Their current candidate to presidency promotes South-Africa tier building invasions in São Paulo. That fire some months ago, I think some will remember, was a result of their politics. A movement aligned with them rents invaded buildings parts and make it a junkyard and drug dealing place. And to think I voted in Plínio, their candidate, in 2010 just because his debate performances and because the alternatives were terrible and I knew he wouldn't win. So much changed, I didn't know shit would get this bad. I wonder if Plínio would agree with all that terrible but organic degeneration.

>and there are some rabbid niggers celebrating the burning

I won't celebrate it because it's a sad thing what they have done and what they are, but they will burn as well. It's a matter of time. They are gonna pay for this.

f2110c  No.12102556


I meant "us" as in "common population", I don't have the age to join the military anymore. The thing is we got disarmed. We need our guns back and we need to burn our current Constitution, we need to fight back our leftist Judiciary as well.

Common people doing the work would be enough.


That "museum" was the thing we had of most value in our country. The building itself was historic. I'm not in mood of searching Youtube about videos of the museum contents, it would only enrage me more.

61d193  No.12102599


7 museum arsons in a decade, has something like lsis around here?

69036e  No.12102779

I'm sure we can just 3D print it all back. Right guise?

7ad2cb  No.12103119

Smells like a heist.

7ad2cb  No.12103124


>What stops us to clean the country are these very laws

Well, you already have the answer to your problems

7ad2cb  No.12103128


History edit.

e2703e  No.12103757

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


smells like a heist that didn't go very well just like everytime I play

7b3734  No.12104029


>Plus, it wasn't just "a bank", but our public bank, with public money, that serves internal corporatism and "progressive" agendas, but not necessarily alien agendas, so that's why it's relevant to point it out.

Brazil's central bank is run by an Israeli.

Israeli made President of Brazil's Central Bank


Israeli set to Become Head of Brazil's Central Bank


Israeli-Born Economist confirmed Head of Brazil's Central Bank


000000  No.12105183


No. All leftists and jews are what must be killed and completely eliminated from OUR world. Art (TRUE, non-leftist, non-modern art) and history must be preserved for eternity.


And why the hell aren't all people mobilizing to massacre every single teacher and student in all those communist universities?


Discrediting and killing leftists are always good things to do.


Unite and kill them all. Or are you going to wait for (((voting))) to solve the problem?

If the law is against you, discard the law and start killing all who benefit from it.


All banks are enemies of the common folk. All banks are poison.

b4cab3  No.12105189

File: 4c32f059bdee338⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1864x2361, 1864:2361, Purest European genes in t….jpg)

…and nothing of value was lost

383932  No.12106101


Fuck huebros. This is bullshit

c02c8f  No.12106188


This only proves Hitler right once again. Huemonkeys can't create culture, or prosperity, only sustain what their masters left. But this subsistence can't last forever, and when the community is no longer sustainable, it begins to destroy itself. It's tragic, but this is the truth.

b65842  No.12106226

>>12106188 (checked and heiled)

I feel bad for them.I do wish all the best for them.

143d2f  No.12106578

File: e160d7d2b80b288⋯.jpg (72.23 KB, 636x382, 318:191, Minmaj.jpg)


Tears, op. May God cleanse your land of niggers and communists.

d8226c  No.12107372


Just like CIA funded ISIS is up too.

Wouldn't be surprised if it was arson.

Sleep tight history

000000  No.12107398


d8226c  No.12107417


Hue or not, still gotta give an F to pay respects.

Not like here where we are willingly tearing down statues

349f48  No.12107517

Kikes intentionally destroying history?

767b92  No.12107526

File: 4edf3ff38d72bc4⋯.png (475.5 KB, 743x793, 743:793, ClipboardImage.png)


At least the Torah-scroll survived…


349f48  No.12107530

Judging from the outside, the building looked like it was maintained decently.

529723  No.12107554


Fucking jews just have to make everything about them.

954871  No.12107567


It really wasn't, the museum already had a lot of problems even before the fire.

ad5338  No.12107681




BTW, this thread is depressing, another bit of humanity was lost forever.

0a1294  No.12107751


Yes, we must inform


You see, the kikes deal in stolen antiquities. The things you fear stolen are extant, you see. They stole them, then torched the place.

This is the purpose of ISIS as well.

It's a global thing, one of the dimensions of kike theft.

349f48  No.12107802


That's awful. That building is going to get torn down.

403563  No.12107834



ca92a4  No.12107898


Here in the States, this is what we call a 'suspect.'

>wanting things to be permanent when they are not

In other words, their impermanence is what makes us suffer.

t. Someone with a brain

12260c  No.12108152

BR here. This (((accident))) was planned. It was no mere "enrichment".

Whenever The Worker's Party (PT, communist political party) suffers a defeat, this sort of shit happens.

When Dilma got impeached, the Museum of Portuguese Language also caught fire right after. This one was set ablaze right after Lula was denied the right to run for president, as he's imprisoned for his crimes like the subhuman rat he is.

Numerous requests by the Museum staff to keep up maintenance fell on deaf ears, and for a very clear reason. The leftist commies are trying to erase our past in order to build their wretched communist "future". They burned the cradle of our nation.

What you're all witnessing is nothing new to us. In fact, all of sociopolitical bullshit you people have been seeing in Europe and America for the past 8-9 years has plagued Brazil for almost 40 years now. We're being used as guinea pigs for (((their))) schemes. Our country did no create this "monkey" infamy you know it for on own, it was forced upon us.

I urge you all to never let communist kikes win. Leave none alive.

12260c  No.12108159

File: b534639b7cc614d⋯.png (415.31 KB, 1197x1360, 1197:1360, dcc14bafcc591246bde8bcbfe4….png)

fc7b49  No.12108193

Imperial Restoration, it is God's will

000ac6  No.12108231

Paulo (((Lehren))) is the name of the head of the museum.

Remember when pol always says "its the kikes"? Well its the kikes again. Marxist jew let a museum catch fire, the story.

000000  No.12108257


I wish everyone in Latin America learns their lesson with communism and socialists already but sadly many still do not.

I know it's too late to save Brasil but I have hope other countries might see our warnings save yourselves.

54e174  No.12108284

File: 323280b0326b08a⋯.png (281.13 KB, 400x394, 200:197, ssq.png)


b65842  No.12108612


Other countries where non-whites live in?

81f912  No.12108627



It was one of the many museums which has burned in recent years. -> >>12102034

< >>12102034

286951  No.12108870


What?? There's been more? WTF?

c3e61b  No.12109259


The parasites are destroying all global heritage at a record pace. There is an agenda to utterly destroy all the heritage and cultural history worldwide.

61d193  No.12109679

File: 9ad64760a5e2ad2⋯.png (142.55 KB, 450x297, 50:33, ClipboardImage.png)

Take a look on what is the TIER which huemonkey politics currently fits in:

Candidate uses video of herself killing robber to campaign.

a1bc6f  No.12125188


pure, P U R E


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