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File: d8d0efe33d1a487⋯.jpg (170.28 KB, 690x723, 230:241, wiki.jpg)

49d90f  No.12098833

Is there any supporter from 2016 he hasn't stabbed in the back yet?



84a955  No.12098843

Fuck off OP, Trump hasn't jewed anyone, much less (((Assange)))… for newfags here, (((Assange))) is a CGI

04111d  No.12098845

File: 67aae7001abca9a⋯.jpg (207.21 KB, 999x754, 999:754, trump zionism 43.jpg)

426a9b  No.12098851

File: 526dc1f83b4a3f2⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 300x375, 4:5, scared fear terror.jpg)



But its kind of wierd this tweet came out the same time as assanges cyber security expert went "missing"



is wikileaks compromised?

426a9b  No.12098874

File: 94560a700993462⋯.jpg (85.14 KB, 435x580, 3:4, laughing dog.jpg)


a quote from the article:

>Some Wikileaks supporters have suggested the man might have been snatched or even killed in a covert CIA operation. However remote the chances of it being true, the need to even consider such an option has some people worried.

c26e34  No.12098879


Those things plus cutting off Palestinian aide while supporting israel after more and more instances are proven of israel breaking US law and international law make it hard on me too. I dunno though I'm still steady on going in with the understanding Trump isn't even close to the end game. He's just a shift and a re-balancing.

04111d  No.12098884


Trump is their guy. He's a step towards a world police State.

c26e34  No.12098900


Sure. Even if that's true: it works in our favor as the reaction by the MSM and the kike's lemming left show people what they are and have been up against. In that jews and israel are brought up in critical ways even among normies. While it isn't good that Trump may be their guy in that case, it's better than Clinton by leagues.

12cd85  No.12098903


Wikileaks has played their cards horribly; their only salvation is Trump but they keep making overtures to the Democratic party

the Democrats meanwhile think that Wikileaks is responsible for Hillary losing the election, and they are never going to forgive them for it

the Democrats are also in the midst of an unprecedented Russophobia and they can't be reasoned with, but apparently someone at Wikileaks believes that if they just attack Drumpf some then Assange's situation will improve

04111d  No.12098905


>a world-wide Zionist police state works in our favor


49d90f  No.12098907


Don't pretend like Trump was ever going to lift a finger for them. Unless it's to grab a knife and plant it firmly in their backs.

9a8dc4  No.12098917


JA has been dead since November 2016

000000  No.12098922


What part of this do you not understand?

>A twitter screenshot of wikileaks complaining about president with a link to same tweet does not constitute a reason for the thread, UNLESS, you have some other type dissertation on it, even if it is your own. no. rethink and re-post - it has the potential of being a good thread if you handled it correctly.

Now, delete your own thread and re-post it by putting a little more thought and effort into it. Make it a bit more enticing and interesting, but then again, maybe you're not capable of doing that and the thread should be outright deleted again. Fix it. Stop being so lazy.


c26e34  No.12098929


I don't think that's where we're headed and that's assuming normies on the right are such big lemmings that it would actually happen. I disagree with both points. If it were to be tried I do not think it will get there. What I was saying is that a Trump presidency is better than a Clinton presidency.

You'd have the same police state, plus a war, plus you'd have TPP, NAFTA there's one I'm forgetting, as of right now 2 seriously progressive SCOTUS justices etc.

I take, and think the Trump side of that is better.

c26e34  No.12098933


>filename 43

Oh. I see (((who))) I'm responding to. Okay, filtered.

polite double post sage

a7e436  No.12098934


This. Accelerationism is retarded.

426a9b  No.12098938


>implying it was wikileaks that posted this

Wikileaks is supposed to be neutral except in cases of corruption, them being against Donald Trump doesn't make any sense unless Trump has been doing something illegal

Wikileaks has been like this ever since Assange got caught by the CIA

its not like those faggots "Anonymous"

84a955  No.12098944


>is wikileaks compromised?

Idk… Why is Assange GCI ?

a6e86e  No.12098973


The better question is if there are any supporters he hasn't stabbed in the back yet.

04111d  No.12098985


Israel is electing /theirguy/ all over the world under the guise of "far-right" leaders. They're prepping for a police state. What else do think they're up to?

e6afb7  No.12098998

Can we get more than 62.5 miles of wall during the next 28 months?

be50d5  No.12099043

File: 4e4ce44a2790306⋯.png (1019.95 KB, 1346x2211, 1346:2211, Screenshot_2018-08-23T01-0….png)


>Fuck off OP, Trump hasn't jewed anyone

This martyr is not forgotten.

e7c076  No.12099293

Bad goys are jailed or just get a bullet in the head, they arent showed in media.

689d63  No.12099299


What police states?

c7b393  No.12099305

File: 52827660aa63040⋯.png (91.54 KB, 1274x641, 1274:641, 2016-10-21 23-36-53_1.PNG)

File: d5e83f33e5d85ca⋯.png (36.02 KB, 640x319, 640:319, 2016-11-21 16-30-52_1.PNG)

File: d31a02201596d66⋯.jpg (126.95 KB, 600x430, 60:43, 2016-11-27 21-35-54.JPG)

File: 553bbb97cb904b2⋯.jpg (55.93 KB, 480x424, 60:53, 2016-05-11 10-19-14.JPG)

File: 07d74669409e989⋯.jpg (246.04 KB, 1145x1200, 229:240, 2018-02-15 02-23-13.JPG)

there is no denying that Wikileaks dumping Podesta's emails one month before Election Day and threatening to dump something about John Kerry and the UK FCO was the kill-shot that took out Crooked Hillary's campaign, cinching victory for Trump.

tbh i am aghast at how ungrateful and disloyal Drumpf has been towards Assange. wtf man, that it not how you treat your biggest ally.

everytime i see the hundreds of tweets from Cranky Grandpa Drumpf blasting the wealthy baboons in the NFL for kneeling for the flag, or tabloid gossip squabbles with other celebs, but not a single tweet where Trump even says the word "Assange" makes me despise Trump as just another snake tongued bloated ego phony politician who'll say anything and betray anyone just to get elected.

i always understood that Meme Magic meant we were intentionally electing a ridiculous unintelligent pompous windbag cartoon character as President to monkeywrench the whole corrupt Deep State dictatorship, but it's hard to not believe our own trolling and take Drumpf seriously, especially after all of his flowerly rhetoric and enticing optics.

i want to believe, even though i have to keep reminding myself that Drumpf is a means, and not an end.

Drumpf hasn't lifted his pinky finger to help Assange whatsoever, and so i hope Drumpf finds out the sword of Damocles swings both ways and that the same leaks that put him in power can just as easily put him in the prison cell next to Crooked


Assange is neutralized, but that doesn't mean Wikileaks is down for the count. it means the next cycle of leaks will draw blood and cause physical damage in the real world.

000000  No.12099311

>WikiLeaks documents show that Senator McCain's primary legacy is to have pushed a series of calamitious Saud-Netanyahu foreign policy positions, destroying Iraq, Syria & Libya–leading to the refugee crisis & ISIS. The John McCain Istitute received at least $1m from Saudi Arabia.


I always knew they were /ourguys/

13e357  No.12099312

The Trump administration just announced the details of their revised NAFTA deal with Mexico, and it's a disaster for free expression and the open Internet.

Under this deal, corporations would get massive new power to force websites to be taken down. U.S.-style copyright rules would be forced on Canada.1 It's the worst of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), brought back from the dead.

Now Trump is trying to ram these awful provisions down Canada's throat, without even including us in the negotiations.

We say NO WAY — and are launching an emergency campaign to stop Trump's NAFTA giveaway. Will you chip in today?

Before today, the public didn't even know that the intellectual property issues contained in this deal were even being discussed. Now, it's as if the worst parts of TPP have been copied and pasted into NAFTA.

Here are two of the worst elements of Trump's deal:

Internet censorship: The deal would force Canada to adopt a “notice and takedown” regime for the Internet, allowing corporations to force webpages to be taken down over frivolous claims of copyright infringement.

Art and music kept out of the public domain: Under the agreement, copyright power is extended to a minimum of 75 years for works like songs and films. This is a 25-year increase over current law in Canada, and these barriers to information will stagnate culture and hinder people's ability to innovate.

And that's only what they're telling us – who knows what else is in the details? One thing's for sure – there will be many more giveaways to corporations at the expense of the public.

Now, Trump thinks he can ram this down Canada's throat by announcing it as a done deal, and we have to "take it or leave it."

This is exactly what happened in the TPP. And we saw firsthand what a disaster the TPP was for digital rights and our democracies.2 But after 5 years of fighting, we won that battle — because of our pressure, Canada rejected the IP Chapter that contained these dangerous provisions.

b94f3e  No.12099316

This is the 3rd time this shit has spun up, trump and assange arent at odds.

09dd5d  No.12099326

Didn't wikileaks publish a list of names and addresses of ICE agents?

2c1752  No.12099346


Fucking kill yourself faggot.

bb7d3c  No.12099363

File: e02b41f6b06beb7⋯.jpg (41.04 KB, 704x704, 1:1, 10-20-2016.jpg)

File: de11ec2bead08e3⋯.gif (182.61 KB, 518x1200, 259:600, wikileaksconfirmed.gif)

File: 067e45f229515a4⋯.png (131.9 KB, 1876x781, 1876:781, 1482308486242.png)

File: eb1c9a0d6b9a01f⋯.jpg (314.14 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, zxj39rofzuxz.jpg)


Am I in a differnet timeline right now? I sthis even /pol/? Wikileaks has been fucking comped. It's unclear if Assange is even alive.

29d5e8  No.12099400

File: fc8594be5beacf4⋯.png (703.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1437141964701.png)

File: cf6b52698f194c2⋯.png (112.08 KB, 640x360, 16:9, japanese-pop-stars-nazis-h….png)

File: ee039d96edffc78⋯.jpg (370.35 KB, 725x651, 725:651, TruthHitlerRaceMulticultur….jpg)

File: 59dd57c51030d9c⋯.jpg (217.37 KB, 1500x1132, 375:283, 2878911.main_image.jpg)

File: 09afae4af08a121⋯.jpeg (17 KB, 258x195, 86:65, images.jpeg)

Ma dudes,.. fags, kikes, shills , bots! Lend me your ears, /s

Trust wikileaks?

wikileaks is based, The shit about Julian being dead is another boring whiskey bar clown/psy op

Q anon is fake and gay. but WHY? Who benefits?

It's a bit too elaborate and persistent to be dismissed as just a LARP ect.

Cambridge analytica leaks reveals bots created psy op that made the KEY TALKING POINTS FROM THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN, lock her up, build a wall ect. so… logic would reason that theres moar! Moar similar bots at large and why the fuck not A.I bots.

It is reasonable to assume that the details and capabilities of a most advanced A.I bot have not been made public, yet are at large. So…. perhaps there is an element of A.I bots involved with

the Q LARP, like maybe a psychological predictive modeling tool as described by the CA leaker, "weaponised' to iintefere with people's awareness/attention/ views/ voting habits ect.

Q anon seems like the next level of A.I assisted public manipulation (clown op)

Sorry bout the boomer formatting but.. you know socrates . Who the fuck in all hell benefits from this bull shit?

Obvious ops have hidden purposes, or just dumb LARP?


Seems like predicable jewery to me. Mossad is known for its advanced well funded cyber unit/s.

Of note is a small number of perculiar wackadoos on youtube, whom have going on, an abvious LARP regarding "truth leakers" n shit. but its about advanved AI, aliens /god message via CERN collider. time travelling atomic scale decentralized unfathomably advanced AI communicating via cern or some homeless guy with a phone in downtown L.A.

I think some of this garbagola may constitute a "whisky bar psy op' Some based assets assigned to disperse disinfo who regular get drunk , create clown tales and shitpost online on behalf the bigger clowns. It's obviously incredible ie not credible, but I suspect the "ops" involve revealing a fraction of truth presented surrounded by plausible absurdities.

So, most likely seems to be chaos has been hijaked by well armed jew clowns.

Nothing new here I guess, just summarizing.

There is no Trump only Zuel.

c90bed  No.12099411

Just dropped on halfcan. 11GB of leaks apparently.


Haven't personally verified, but perhaps the real Vault 7? It was said to be the largest WL had ever received and apparently there's more of this coming.

5e6fc0  No.12099422


I come from your timeline oldfags

Are you the guy I was arguing about current /pol/? It was on the thread about the recent botched WTC/OKC (or Mexican 911/AMIA) training.

bb7d3c  No.12099425


Nah, wasn't me. I would appreciate the link or the archive though.

5e6fc0  No.12099449


It was one of the "muslim" compound threads, there were so many of them, I can't remember which exactly…

70b519  No.12099458

Wikileaks is right tbqh

9accea  No.12099467


same red text shill in every thread. trying to claim assange is a kike hahahahahahahahahhahahha nice try

bb7d3c  No.12099488


Wikileaks is fucking comped. You retards are a fucking blight to this board.

c1071a  No.12099491

File: 0ba92b46fc69a9c⋯.jpg (157.16 KB, 637x640, 637:640, wikileaks 1.jpg)



OP is a faggot, Wikileaks were weak and were culled from the world, sadly Assange is already fucking dead/in a CIA blacksite hole-in-the-ground and has been since before Trump took office.

7c5f8a  No.12099492


No text, no use of localized memes. (((exploiting pre-existing fractures))). Yep, it's a literal CIA agent.

Man, the CIA is full of LOSERS. Holy fuck you have to be a master of no disguise to be CIA. Like how the fuck do they suck so bad? Their suck is infinite.

7c5f8a  No.12099500


Checked. Yeah, as Assange (Snowden too) kept kissing left-wing ass by fapping to Drumpf shit, and not for some greater good, but only to show what arrogant NPD selfish fucks they were, I wrote him off.

He's not so goddamn good at game theory as he thinks. You fuck over everybody, guess what, dumbass? You have no friends now. That's Assange's situation. Fucks over everybody, so everyone hates him.

d26d58  No.12099507


>Snowden too

Snowden becoming a refugee in Russia should've been a dead giveaway.

>Russian government consists of exemplars of virtue and justice, and they'd never use everything an NSA defector knows to their own benefit

7c5f8a  No.12099516


I would genuinely be astonished if Snowden was capable of telling the rooskies anything they didn't already know. I would, in fact, bet every dime I have that they learned nothing.

32bb6a  No.12099560


Not that Assange is a kike, that Assange was kiked, and has been replaced.

8bcb7c  No.12099570


I got banned for 4 months by the Turkroach for suggesting that Assange was dead.

feb671  No.12099600


dont be an UN-illuminated, the fucking cia got a hold of the website a long time ago

1eb4d8  No.12099638

assange about to be co-op'd

wikileaks is being run by the cia

this is obvious if you have followed them for the last decade

eeb97b  No.12099696


>destabalized palestine

who is next door, and looking like the favorite?

1eb4d8  No.12099703


fuck them both. genetically the same pieces of shit hopefully they glass each other

fbe8d4  No.12099755

Still waiting on proof that Assange is still alive.

1eb4d8  No.12099765


go donate to his mum then you delusional faggot

fd3a71  No.12099795


Don't mind the newfags, I still remember the chaos of Oct/Nov '16. The fucking lizard blink in the Pilger interview still very fresh in my mind.

You guys recall the Wikileaks AMA? Fun times.

fbe8d4  No.12099800

File: 64f1545aaa53e7f⋯.png (140.85 KB, 726x660, 11:10, 04dc51f283e936d166991f60fb….png)


What does his mother have to do with him being alive or not?

2dc05a  No.12099818


>Returning a kraut so that their safety net pays instread of social security

I'd call that saving money while at the same time lulling the kike to sleep.

e9a04d  No.12099825

Then wikileaks should begin leaking the supposed top secret info they have. Otherwise STFU with this larp already.

1eb4d8  No.12099826


my man. after spending 3-4 months on 4 hour sleeps trying to work out wtf and where the fuck that nigger is only to be be reprimanded by ja himself for the effort …that blond fuck can literally get fucked

1eb4d8  No.12099829


nov 16- march 17

1bf3df  No.12099850


I rememba anon, your images forget the extradition plane from london to virginia, forget the model but anon found it on flightradar. Anyone have the image?

202013  No.12099862


>wikileaks is compromised

>assange extradition went without notice

>"wikileaks suddenly backstabs trump"

I'm about as surprised that "wikileaks" would attempt this as I was when paul ryan had been dicking around and attempted sabotage the US general election.

1eb4d8  No.12099869


>net outage

>gas attack

>encrypted releases

>no pgp

>shitting on his grassroots supporters

if your not dead , swallow that cyanide you fake fuck pseudo liberal faggot


a443cf  No.12099915

Assange is already dead and Wikileaks is a complete sock puppet now.

It was a unknowing glownigger tool to begin with. But then they attacked the wrong witch.

All these "leaks" were planned and part of the strategy.

fd3a71  No.12099920


I'm pretty sure he did get fucked.

b7b9db  No.12099945


>"mods are censoring this"

<thread still exists

I don't know why you choose to he retarded OP.

1eb4d8  No.12099946


yeah same, what seems retarded is we tried this same campaign almost 2 years ago now, where was his mum then - completely silent

now shes retweeting irrelevant people who have recently taken up the cause and dont forget the donations <20k to some random bitch spending 18+ hours a day (while neglecting her children) dedicating her life to julian….shits like a well worked fake gofundme tbh

267072  No.12100023


>He's a step towards a world police State.

He's a step toward world wide ZOG.

a7db6c  No.12100029

File: b74c3f7d100091a⋯.jpg (561.38 KB, 1478x976, 739:488, 1535980.jpg)

267072  No.12100053


But the trumpshills told me those who didn't support ZOG were democrats, and now he's working with the demss to kick out whitey?

fd3a71  No.12100069


What you said, couple months of sleep deprivation caused me to stop researching. I remember the Vault 7 leaks being the last I delved into.

His behaviour and attitude since then has made it very clear to me that something has changed for the worse. The digital editing and absence balcony be dangeruz yo make me believe he no longer exists. And Pam fucking Anderson and her vegan sandwiches. And the WL twitter account. Fuck.

All of it.

1eb4d8  No.12100096


>And the WL twitter account

yeah that assisting with the democrat doxing of government ice agents really sealed the deal for me, up till that point wikileaks modus operandi didnt include naming actual people and compromising their families safety

62ce66  No.12100123

The whole thing was an intelligence agency set-up from the very beginning. If you have documents to leak just put them out on the internet. You don't need a fucking "editor" to go verify everything and then send it to the (((mainstream media))).

Who is already in the business of collecting secrets from insiders? Intelligence agencies. What does Wikileaks do? Collect secrets from insiders.

IF JA is the real deal and alive he would have used the keys, released insurance policies that work, etc. IF WL wasn't a honeypot to begin with, it has been for ages now. Now they are getting tired of running the charade and getting ready for a soap opera ending to their character.

fd3a71  No.12100139


Never forget anon.

1eb4d8  No.12100142


yep. at some point (around its inception) wikileaks / ja had good intentions but the reality of the way the world operates doesn't allow these sort of operations to survive unbridled

b82e4b  No.12100191

>>12099400 checked

>Last line

My sides whiskeyanon.


I remember the sas extraction but I didn’t cap anything, thanks.


>Man, the CIA is full of LOSERS.

CIAniggers at least are dumb enough to reply to bots. Lurk moar.


>Returning a kraut so that their safety net pays instread of social security

He’s probably going to prison to die shillkun. Besides he worked worked and paid taxes in the US so probably one of the only boomers who deserve SSI.



>All these "leaks" were planned and part of the strategy.

To give false hope and renewed faith in the election tbh. But why leak the pedo cannibalism shit?



Same but with pizza digging and irl recon.


Seems likely. All the world is a stage after all and giga-kikes are great at the long con. Think about how many of the (((Illuminati))) playing cards from 1994 have come true with identical imagery and framing like >>12099305 pic three. Just one of an infinite number of tells and predictive programming. Autists should be able to predict and prevent (((false flags))) and (((hoaxes))) by now instead of digging after the fact.

>All these "leaks" were planned and part of the strategy.

beb46d  No.12100210


>pretending "palestine" isn't another muslim golem state completely controlled by ZOG

Watch for shills like this fucktard trying to convince you of this "enemy of israel" boomer meme. The kikes are terrified of the one-state solution. Taking away their status as a legitimate nation and the myth of muslims being enemies of kikes is the second step in merging israel with the sand niggers and erasing the jews.

2c1752  No.12100295


You sound make kike.

2c1752  No.12100298


Kill yourself kike. Assange literally won the election for Trump.

d505a4  No.12100337


Fun fact: kill yourself, kikey.

fbd46e  No.12100410


Report all Trump marketers.

fbd46e  No.12100417


>fuck them both

No fuck the jews. Palestinians in their own lands do us no harm, while jews all over the world do us harm all the time.

The oven awaits you hook-nosed filth.

549aac  No.12100425




'Strange disappearance' of WikiLeaks consultant in Norway

>WikiLeaks has raised concern after Arjen Kamphuis, an associate of founder Julian Assange, went missing in Norway. The cybersecurity expert was last seen in northern Norway on August 20.

>The internet transparency entity WikiLeaks tweeted on Sunday about Arjen Kamphuis' "strange disappearance," saying he has been missing since August 20, when he left his hotel in the northern Norwegian town of Bodo.

Coincidentally Drudge features this article.

fbd46e  No.12100435

File: 26ac74ad4c0b779⋯.png (563.06 KB, 704x528, 4:3, 1451593578387.png)


>Now, it's as if the worst parts of TPP have been copied and pasted into NAFTA.

Thanks Trump.

4cc7af  No.12100437


This, anyone has the webm?

4cc7af  No.12100443


>immigrant deported

That's what many people voted for. If you didn't, you should have asked voters if ex-nazis would be spared.

4cc7af  No.12100444


Nice loli

4cc7af  No.12100454


>Palestinians did 9/11, wtc bombing in 93, and killed the kennedys


6c4a63  No.12100463

Don't forget. Assange died for our sins. Every day we know the they and do nothing, our enslavement becomes more concrete

345436  No.12100464


What happened to your last crew? They at least were creative. You guys are just terrible at this shit. It's not even fun, anymore. WTF happened?

924f90  No.12100468


>Trump hasn't jewed anyone

and this right here is how you discover boomers on the internet. remember, boomers are the ones responsible for selling white countries to jews like cheap whores. if anything, they should pay the bullet price.

527d58  No.12100483

File: f03756e6ab9290e⋯.jpg (101.48 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Trump Adelson.jpg)


>Is there any supporter from 2016 he hasn't stabbed in the back yet?

000000  No.12100488


>the fault in our stars

hell no. Someone fucking edit that into a non-shit book if you want that to be a nice loli.

d505a4  No.12100495


I figured it was just some stupid young-teen lit book, which makes it all the more appropriate that she’d be reading it (kids are dumb and easily brainwashed). From a cursory search, I see it’s about some teen girl with cancer, so that’s totally what she’d be into–emotional manipulation of the reader.

000000  No.12100504


About right. If I remember correctly: it's teen girl with cancer, joins support group with other freaks (I think diseases), "love" sprouts between our melodramatic/oh woe is me female mc and a guy who is nearing death (was once chad before he got sick/hurt). I remember there being something fucky about how they have sex since (one of them?) is nearing death, and the mother is a weirdo who doesn't mind facilitating them doing this.

7e174d  No.12100517


oh look, a reasonably argued opinion reiterated, achieving dubs, and in reply two short winded and dimwitted condemnations ( (((d505a4))) and (((04111d))) ),

with no subtlety.






4e08d9  No.12100522


That wikileaks post was made by a salty American liberal soyboy.

da6214  No.12100524


Can't you fuck off with your stupid weebshit elsewhere?

bbc849  No.12100531

"DRUMPF is a KIKE spam #352454!"

"Mods will delete this garbage spam!"

Mods should delete shill spam.

ec40c8  No.12100544


Im in the same group of opinion as you. Nice to see someone else, everyone seems to be believing such individualistic set of things that filtering LARPs is becoming a pain in the ass.

ec40c8  No.12100552



Things are changing… A few months ago wikileaks was like the bible, but Trump bashing seems so fucking kikey. Whats the fucking alternative, the democrats? U serious nigga?

I think the true compromise is yet to come. Kikes are paving the way.

fbd46e  No.12100556


You're 100% right Codreanu.

fbd46e  No.12100557


Fuck off shit marketer.

fbd46e  No.12100559


>but Trump bashing seems so fucking kikey

The ZOGbot is surrounded by kikes and does everything for Israel that he can. Gas yourself.

3d68b6  No.12100560

File: 560a288b37cad5a⋯.png (892.61 KB, 999x562, 999:562, 560a288b37cad5a35827c85864….png)

File: b74f04de265a287⋯.png (1.02 MB, 898x628, 449:314, b74f04de265a2878a6d26bb796….png)



>S-she'll get arrested, j-just you wait! H-Have a little faith!

How many more years do you want to keep this up?

023545  No.12100616


>Still waiting on proof that Assange is still alive.

Trufax. Until he posts his pre-established proof of life signed with his private key, anything supposedly from him is considered compromised. After that issue in 2016 "he" said "not going to do that… because reasons… it's not necessary… nothing to see here, move along."

39da98  No.12100654

File: d9fb09847875782⋯.mp4 (3.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Julian Assange is Dead.mp4)


Is this the one you're talking about?

31951c  No.12100660


>You'd have the same police state, plus a war, plus you'd have TPP, NAFTA there's one I'm forgetting, as of right now 2 seriously progressive SCOTUS justices etc.

This would honestly be better because it would more quickly lead to the end of the American empire.

22ca5b  No.12100663

File: 2993ecab2585b42⋯.jpg (22.41 KB, 807x478, 807:478, question.jpg)

Is there any evidence to suggest Assange is dead?

Rumors are not evidence. The fact that he has disappeared is not unusual given his whistleblower status, indeed he should be hiding for his own safety. I enjoy speculation as much as the next guy, but let's not kid ourselves by muddying the waters between known knowns and known unknowns.

e0fbeb  No.12100690


this is from the morph cut transition in adobe. they cut out coughs and too long of silence

64bb9e  No.12100704


Nazis suck anyways so who the fuck cares. You don't realize that you need the NOGs to vote for him since there are more NOGs than there are anons.

64bb9e  No.12100705


Assange is CIA. He called 9/11 a fake conspiracy theory.

574b2b  No.12100799


Gotta love how that second reply completely destroyed T_D. They got nothing to respond with.

7c5f8a  No.12100846


I used to get banned routinely under him. He's CIA or Mossad.

While we're on conspiracy theories, nobody died at Sandy Hook.

cb4672  No.12103113


Sholom Rubashkin drank molly tibbits blood in a kosher warehouse.

Thanks trump!

cb4672  No.12103120


donaldjtrumpjrWho wants to complete this threesome? Or more importantly how many strokes is Kai going to give @tigerwoods and grandpa @realdonaldtrump ??? It was really funny watching them warmup on the range @trumpgolfpalmbeach when Tiger joked he's an 8 handicap and he's ready to play. 😂 #golf #kidsgolf #trump #christmas #vacation

bethanyreyessFeel bad for the little girl


Fuck yea

7c5f8a  No.12103271

This bot:


7c5f8a  No.12103273

Shekelstan, upgrade thine bots!

4c3dd6  No.12103481

07daca  No.12103556


Make a new thread for this faggot. This is important enough for its own thread.

c465e2  No.12103590


>Drumpf hasn't lifted his pinky finger to help Assange whatsoever

he can't help a dead man

7c5f8a  No.12103653


Yep. We ain't seen SHIT of Assange keek.

2b64a6  No.12104184


Yep. Trump, Pence, Hillary, all Jewish ass lickers.

f1a255  No.12104190


Assange isn't a kike newfag he's a lolbertarian faggot civnat but hes not a kike.

He went after Neocon Bush and crooked hillary.

d16b72  No.12104196


Reminder: It wasnt just DAK that got anons concerned about wikileaks/assange. In the months preceding DAK all of the quality wikileaks contributors started dropping off the face of the earth. By september that year the only wikileaks contributors that were still accounted for that still had any sort of internet presence at all were commie cucks who were all of them ridiculing assange, mocking his isolation in the same manner that podesta et al were.

2b64a6  No.12104233


Go blow the ZOG Emperor somewhere else.

d16b72  No.12104341


Curious how the whole argument over whether trump is doing good work or is just a kike piece of shit has gone full kike dialectic. I havent seen much tangible proof that he is getting very much done, but at the same time we are not worse off than we were 2 years ago. But, then again had hillary gotten elected we probably would be atleast a year and a half into a civil war right now. Which would be nice but at the same time a civil war would provide the kikes with a smokescreen to get even kikier.

c5ce6c  No.12104393

File: 3552291995933b8⋯.png (161.9 KB, 2027x1358, 2027:1358, HIV prevalence.png)

There's something beautiful about America. We are the World's Fair of history. The temporary attraction hurriedly built to entice the slack jawed masses into buying souvenirs of industry. Growing up in the wreckage is poignant in a way the rest of the world will never understand.

dc350b  No.12107455

This is what a Mossad post looks like:


Aggressive? Check.

Content-free? Check.

Demonstrates hatred for white people? Check.

dc350b  No.12107460


Even our Mexicans are on average 73% European.

a624ad  No.12107475


Since when has wikileaks been on anyones side?

d505a4  No.12107478


Since Assange was killed and the kikes took it over.

dc350b  No.12107588


< here, we engage in homosexual acts, and also vote for Hillary Clinton


d505a4  No.12107667



>jewish false dichotomy

>reducto ad absurdum

Reported for admitting to being from reddit and being a paid jewish shill.

dc350b  No.12107717


People who act so fucking surprised Trump is pro-Israel, when he literally said he was pro-Israel, to AIPAC, are inane. Nevertheless, only a fool believes that men who shout for deep brutal poverty for whites are anything but kikes.

90038d  No.12107872


It was expected that anybody trying to subvert the system would have to pretend to support transferring all our wealth to Israel to not get assassinated. He's actually doing it though.

5df405  No.12107942

I want kikes to leave

dc350b  No.12107972

File: d7d92d281ceae6b⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 615x615, 1:1, whore.jpg)

File: b8840ab6f7045dd⋯.png (71.96 KB, 555x555, 1:1, WhyVote.png)


< goyim, you'll be rich under Hillary Clinton communism - and she'll free you from the kikes too.

Stupid Mossad shill.

For the reader curious about this situation, see pic related for a clearer understanding of the options the voter has.

2ad58e  No.12108261

File: b3a5cd09d832115⋯.png (382.32 KB, 959x719, 959:719, ClipboardImage.png)


Is Wiki considered a "creditable source?"

Do Colleges and Universities accept Wiki on papers?

Have Stephen Colbert, Tosh.0, and etc. already changed Wiki for TV show ratings?

Does Wiki have the editorial budget to fend off White Knights, paid Shills, and bots?

Does Wiki Beg for Money?


Is Wiki Good or Bad?

861944  No.12108269


The "people" running Wikipedia in Assange's absence are true believer Sandernistas. Assange kept the Ocasio crowd in check when he was around, but now that he's gone it's little better than any other Refugees Welcome/BLM shitlibbery.

c94113  No.12108348



dc350b  No.12109575


What do you mean by "wiki"?

08c806  No.12122859

File: ecbce0d885e5afa⋯.png (110.19 KB, 331x500, 331:500, love.png)

I never understood the point of wikileaks. People can leak things anonymously all by themselves. What is TOR?

3adbda  No.12122895


Russia is trying to flip Israel to it's side, through a mix of support and threats by becoming the only guarantor for Actual Holocaust: Islamic Untersee edition to happen to Israel.

Trump is trying to prevent it by being bestest of goys because it's the only move left due to how bad Obongo and Hillary fucked up the middle east.

Imagine what happens if all the jewish lobbies now shill the interest of Russia because it's their best interest... It's a total paradigm shift over night.

Which is why the narrative against Russia exist, if you stop to think for a minute, Russia really isn't bothering to do anything to western countries, nor is an actual threat.

They're only a threat because they're going after their masters of said countries directly.

4a8961  No.12122915


The point is having them all easily searchable in one place, and having an organisation with a public face and a perfect record of reliability, obviously.

2b64a6  No.12122939


The delusional MAGApede, everyone.

b78b95  No.12122945

File: 73dba9340d1ddff⋯.jpg (117.28 KB, 1118x1204, 13:14, 1536342168866.jpg)






>thats right goy. trump supports israel and pardoned a jew and sent a nazi to germany!

>now that we've definitively proven that he is a puppet under our complete control please ignore any jewish shilling AGAINST trump

>thats just pretend you see

b78b95  No.12122946


what is your personal opinion on FISA abuse

2b64a6  No.12122948


It should be stopped completely, but you're not going to achieve that by having Jewish ass lickers like Trump or Hillary in power.

7dc507  No.12122974


>Trump hasn't jewed anyone


003727  No.12123005


People on the "right" are so conditioned to love Israel that if you insult Israel or the kikes, even by pointing out facts that are completely accurate, like pointing out how duel Israeli citizens in Congress have the authority to send white Americans to die in war for Israel,which is a massive conflict of interest, the "right" will immediately accuse you of being a "leftist" or being a "Nazi." Your stupid argument that "muh Trump derrr betterrr than muh CLinton derrrrrrr herrrrrrrr" ignores the fact that kikes and pro-itsnotreal lobbyists donate the overwhelming proportion of money both to Clinton AND to Trump (Adelson, Singer, et al). Kike money–mostly from private investment funds and investment banks-= runs the American government very literally and factually and this is verifiable, and kikes ultimately WILL get their police state and world hegemony run out of Tel Aviv and New York.

The right is not only programmed and totally brainwashed but this will NEVER change until ALL kikes are DEAD. NO other solution will work, because the money will always win until the people who hold it are wiped out permanently. A small % of the "right-wing" will have to be responsible to get enough power to do this, because the rest of the right is actually the enemy. Totally zio-brainwashed.

003727  No.12123011


Nope, because they have global financial power. They buy power. They control both the Ds and Rs through money. They can do this equally well from Tel Aviv or New York.

Every kike–every single one–has to be exterminated. The entire species must be wiped out. There is no other solution.

2b64a6  No.12123021


Sadly, you're correct. We actually have it worse this time around, because even German conservative parties like the DNVP during the Weimar years called out the Jews.

003727  No.12123024

Trump is bought and paid for by Sheldon Adelson and Paul SInger and others. Trump does nothing but push for kike interests because he merely the red team kike money puppet. Trump will stab anyone and everyone in the back, including Julian Assange (and maybe he already got rendered and Trump knows about it) as long as he pleases the jews.

2b64a6  No.12123031


I prefer Cryptome. They seem to be run much better.

dd87da  No.12123082

With the why events are unfolding every day. I find it very hard to support Trump. He was a better choice than Hillary, and now it shows just how broken our two party system of government really is. It looks like Trump will be unopposed on the GOP side in 2020, and certainly the Democrats will have a far worse choice civilization-wise.

This Red Heifer bull shit, end of days, 3rd temple shit has really frosted my ass.

Read Numbers 19:


I do not see the rest of the world willing going along with this super natural Abrahamic ritualistic none sense, nor should they, and as a rest, we will have the end of days, and in tot context of Trump. He's a large part of this game now it appears, and I'm not on his side or the jews side in this, so I guess I've made their HIT LIST of sorts.

000000  No.12123088


>is wikileaks compromised?

definitely hobbled, probably compromised

beb46d  No.12123096


Niggers, faggots, cucks, and feminots will go along with anything to get the gibsmedats and social acceptance they crave. Only armed white men with knowledge of the synagogue of satan would lead a resistance to this world-wide talmudism, which is why white men are Enemy #1 and have been for centuries.

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