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File: 9a378f5a18a48ca⋯.png (569.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, LA Times Forced To Admit B….png)

1855ba  No.12101663

That's right commies! You have to clear dead wood! Lumber industry, land managment and human use of water is NOT a bad thing!

Adopting more active forest management policies such as increased thinning of trees and conducting controlled burns will help mitigate damage from future wildfires, the Los Angeles Times editorial board writes.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke began advocating similar policy prescriptions earlier in 2018 after President Donald Trump blamed California’s “bad environmental laws” for creating a wildfire-prone environment.

California forests have grown drier and less healthy from overcrowded trees, infestations of bark beetles and the effects of climate change, the LA Times writes. California’s restrictions on active forest management have contributed to the poor and worsening conditions of the forests, allowing them to grow uninhibited while suppressing fires that would normally naturally control the forests’ growth.

“Fire is not necessarily bad for forests. California used to burn with regularity, and low-intensity fires are vital in some ecosystems to clear excess brush and small trees from the landscape,” the editorial board writes. “But there’s been a change in fire behavior over the last century, as the state and federal government began dousing the blazes. Decades of fire suppression have allowed forests to grow dense with trees.”

“Combined with drought, insect infestations and the stress of a warming climate, those management practices have led to more intense and destructive fires that are more dangerous to people living near the forests and more damaging to air quality,” the op-ed continues.

California’s environmental laws entered the national spotlight in early August when Trump blamed them for the severity of the wildfires that were ravaging the state.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was soon at the front of the administration’s push for California to begin adopting more active land management policies. Zinke traveled to California to see the damage from the fires and meet with local officials and firefighters Aug. 13.

Zinke ramped up calls for greater forest thinning while also dismissing the idea that climate change is playing a significant factor in the wildfires’ intensity.

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown partnered with state lawmakers to introduce changes to the state’s policies. The bill would grant $1 billion toward forest thinning and ease regulations on cutting trees on private property, according to the LA Times.



1855ba  No.12101683

A lot of people, not just Trump, were pointing this out during the first and second fires that spread throughout CA. So it isn't all about 'Trump was right'. Land management is key to avoid massive fires during really hot climates. All it takes is one spark around a bunch of dead wood in a desolated area and poof, you got a fire potentially spinning out of control.

377488  No.12101723


Anyone with rural history with fire breaks knew this for a long time.

Cali banned and fought against any small fires, that let dead material build up which lead to massive uncontrollable fires.

bd2f2a  No.12101735



It doesn't really matter if other people knows about it, Trump utilized his media presence to influence and deprogram Californians, something Californians really needs

9fee09  No.12101969

File: 85defc24faf5d9a⋯.jpg (752.61 KB, 1201x1500, 1201:1500, GG.jpg)

File: d1c199814c1f5ad⋯.jpg (95.94 KB, 469x750, 469:750, tumblr_n8x7qx3nJt1s9i7ymo1….jpg)

Cali also has a huge invasive grass problem that all die during the dry months. They also fenced and blocked off migration routes so animals can't graze on large portions of land because they're obviously the problem about water or someshit.

Once again shitskins and mulattos show how inept they are. They want to turn all of cali into the shithole desert they fled from after ruining that also.

63021c  No.12101977

I remember the replies to this tweet were full of 'le i fucking love science' 95 IQ smug libtards.

3ed129  No.12101978

File: 03c7862f795f7a6⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1657x2119, 1657:2119, australian eucalyptus.png)


Let it burn.

8785df  No.12101985

It would also help to stop running to put out all the little fires that do wonders at keeping the growth from getting to the point where you have no hopes of containing it when it finally does catch.

44e435  No.12102008

"We need to clear-cut the forests so jewish real estate developers can build more mcmansions"

-Donald Jew Trumpstein

66ce1f  No.12102030

File: a0f5d15a4fda32a⋯.jpg (103.5 KB, 900x642, 150:107, a0f5d15a4fda32af237fc4b8e2….jpg)

File: 3c07974cee3244e⋯.png (12.36 KB, 162x255, 54:85, eternal_shitposter_strikes.png)


Strayan shitposting is truly something amazing

04c10c  No.12102046


>babby's first consensus cracking

44e435  No.12102050



back to reddit, trumpnigger

23654c  No.12102052

When you don't let natural burning occur in a dry valley for decades, eventually the buildup leads to a mega fire like there is now. This is just the result of never letting natural burning occur.

People act like natural forest fires never occurred and cleared land. This is the same bull shit as last year when everyone is shocked Houston flooded when it's a floodplain. No matter what eventually there's a disaster too big to control.

304b8f  No.12102059


>Do I fit in yet guise?

protip: you can't

934a6b  No.12102073


Eagle Creek is another example of poor land management.

Had natural burns been allowed to occur for the past 50 years, that fire would have not been as bad.

I know that the USFS specifically prevents forest fires up north to protect the land value so the US government can use it as collateral, but I'm unsure who does the same in California.


Those invasive grasses are grazing lands, which have a higher land value than desert.

Higher value land means more collateral. or taxes for those georgism faggots

What we are seeing in the PNW, and now Cali are the long-term effects of jews shilling financial decisions as environmentalism.

The same goes for the regular brown and blackouts that happen on the East Coast and Cali.

c4265d  No.12102081


there is only one consensus here plebbitnigger.

gas the kikes

b2ff80  No.12102099


this is awesome.

>trump calls out commies bad policies

>commies dig in heels because muh #resist

>state is completely incinerated.

dc298d  No.12102124


While your quoted text is right, Tump's tweet is dumb as hell and based on Republican farmer welfare queens demanding free water so they can flush more nutrients downhill.

California fruit already tastes like fucking cardboard due to their retarded wash-everything-down-and-replace-it-with-low-sulfer-rock-oil farming practices.

Also, preventing water form reaching the ocean has fuck all to do with the water table. You can't use more water than you're allotted regardless where the hell its coming from. The farmers want to dam every fucking rivulet because they don't want to admit they're in a fucking desert and that the good days of tasty near-free fruit are long-ass-fucking-gone

e43650  No.12102183

File: 91624ddf54a4857⋯.gif (265.04 KB, 440x512, 55:64, 91624ddf54a4857b3901a2b001….gif)


Make it so O lord of doubles.


934a6b  No.12102184


>the good days of tasty near-free fruit are long-ass-fucking-gone

They wouldn't be if the state government built a desalination plant every few years since the 80's.

>muh power

Had commiefornia stayed white they would have an excess of bright minds which they could use in designing revolutionary nuclear plants.

>muh nuclear

Another financial decision shilled as environmentalism by the kikes.

<nah i beggum def! dededroyr of wurlds! :DDDDDD

830f07  No.12102553


they can't keep getting away with it

10db6d  No.12102660

File: 6d64d96c12c8ff2⋯.png (2.26 MB, 2048x1356, 512:339, california_police.png)

File: 9399578252d539a⋯.jpg (95.68 KB, 920x613, 920:613, california.jpg)



What a bunch of dumb hippies.

defb7c  No.12102738


ausfag here we get even worse fires.

So you cunts are telling me the cummycuckians didnt even controlled back burn make fire trails or EVEN bother to burn waste decomp? Lol they deserve to burn then dumb fucks

10db6d  No.12102767


Hey hows it going in Strayla'? It should be pretty sunny down right now there since its dark as fuck up here.

733497  No.12102952

File: c68ee79428bd05e⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 876x658, 438:329, you stupid bitch.jpg)


>That's right commies! You have to clear dead wood! Lumber industry, land managment and human use of water is NOT a bad thing!

pff, there is no dead wood left in the Pacific SW. They're burning the fires on purpose. It's a billion $ industryfor the fire dep… = OVERTIME . The trees are almost all baby trees now because they've been burning everything down since the 1970s.

That's a pretty stupid fucking post.

9739ca  No.12103058

File: 408173ef11f7343⋯.jpg (50.4 KB, 600x761, 600:761, uh_jew.jpg)


cee2f6  No.12103073

File: a89cb52484162bf⋯.png (438.25 KB, 656x763, 656:763, trump_migrants.png)

File: a84af6e501ea609⋯.png (239.76 KB, 637x593, 637:593, Trump_Fthat.png)

File: 8c44722a91a3964⋯.png (288.28 KB, 868x610, 434:305, trump_nazideport.png)

File: 80360211f326bea⋯.png (155.58 KB, 668x390, 334:195, trump_Deportations.png)

Are you mouthbreathers still worshipping Donald "Let them In" Trump?

I thought cripplekike got rid of all the kike mods on this board and made it a global board. Why the fuck would you still be sucking this orange dick?

9739ca  No.12103098

File: 36074ac55b1f722⋯.jpg (93.84 KB, 615x928, 615:928, sigmund_freud_face.jpg)


>Why the fuck would you still be sucking this orange dick?

cee2f6  No.12103105


Nice Cigar, (((Freud))). It is written exactly as intended. You got spray tanned cock in your mouth.

9b1df5  No.12103246


The Californians love their Aussie eucalyptus old growth forests to death.

ed3a8f  No.12103373


Tropical rain season cloudy as fuq


Let em burn then

1fdd4a  No.12103387


All of California should be burned to the ground, and the entire state should become a designated lawless zone where White youths are sent to gain military skills killing shitskins

c09eb7  No.12103815

File: 1b29adb58414ee1⋯.png (4.24 MB, 1804x2500, 451:625, ClipboardImage.png)


Since the 1970's


c96dcb  No.12103820

c2b9e8  No.12103827


Thanks Australia.

5ae57b  No.12103831

i'm very suspicious of this shit, the water thing sounds ok, but the back burning shit imho has the potential to turn into a scam where to save a few houses every now and then entire cities are covered in shit smoke for days in a week, and then the next week AGAIN.

Sydney gets fucked over all the time with this shit.

6a2d50  No.12103833


More like apocalyptus trees.

4b6cd4  No.12103850

No, Trump, stop. The seasonal commie infernos are the only good part of the People's Republic of California.

09e33b  No.12103924


>All it takes is one spark around a bunch of dead wood in a desolated area and poof, you got a fire potentially spinning out of control.

I got evacuated out of Custer State Park because it caught on fire when I was a kid. They weren't able to contain it and it was pretty severe. Afterward they said it was so bad because of the "Smokie the Bear" anti-forest-fire propaganda. Apparently it turns out keep ``decades`` worth of unburnt fuel on the forest floor makes for spectacular and uncontrollable fires.

f44475  No.12103930



What is up with all these newfags? Y'all niggas don't even know about ironic shitpostan.

905aac  No.12103947

if you read southern cali history in the fall ranchers would light the forest ablaze and let them burn for months to make way for fresh spring grazing from colton california all the way up into the san bernidino mtns. the ecosystem is specifically designed to burn as part of it's natural life cycle. the only difference today (((in modern times))) is the density of populations, and residential structures.

9bfaf9  No.12103960

File: d046d5e4f8b246f⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1368x1610, 684:805, Ghadaffis Curse never forg….png)


>We take California by force

>Don't just deport illegals. Deport everything that is leaning lefty liberal shit-tier commie

>Use ships outfitted to skim water, desalinate and treat for destruction of all biological/organic life forms (infrared/sodium hypochlorite treated)

>Move ships towards a central port or ports used to provide not only potable water but irrigation water to be piped inland. There is also inrastructure for water which has not been treated heavily to be used in firefighting. A fleet of airships could easily be on standby to scoop and drop onto wildfires (Read: Now we have major infrastructure work to move purified water and firefighting water inland to farms/agricultural lands and to combat wildfires)

>Automate the entire operation

It's exactly what Gaddafi was doing before he got Arkancided

22498e  No.12103963


I thought tree clearing was common sense world wide.

4a2f1e  No.12103968

What else can be expected of a folk bred from Saxon, Dane, and Norman?

They need the oven as much as the kikes, after all, they are like peas in a pod.

4a4981  No.12103976


lmfao gonna fucken remember that!

1e5e2f  No.12103977

File: 09b7513791da236⋯.png (271.27 KB, 555x595, 111:119, 1408285844920.png)

ef4bd6  No.12103988


Amnesty don will sign that shit during his second term. Now its "if you dont vote for me the economy will implode and they'll impeach me!" Good, let these shitlibs destroy this fake economy, that way everything can be blamed on their retarded ideology.

000000  No.12111069


California Corrections gets in on this as well, they have fire crews staffed by convicts cleared for service outside prison. They make BANK! getting over 150 an hour for services per con + equipment from CalFire and they pay less than 5 to the cons, the rest goes to the CDC (Commiefornia Dept of Corrections[to your wallet,not crime]) These guys could be cutting trees instead for far cheaper and let the loggers take it out.

However somehow this isn't a wakeup call to anyone nothing will be. Mean while CARB literally cut down multiple acres of citrus orchards to build a new Southern Headquarters in Riverside.

eb148b  No.12112093


All leftism is like this. It's a complete denial of how things are and work, how they should be and how they can be. It's interesting to see how people can be tied to such a system.

b6a518  No.12113243



The only controlled burning that could have prevented this catastrophe is witch burning.

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