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File: 911c9eb6fc2ea7e⋯.jpg (117.18 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 8-31-18-1-682x1024.jpg)

de5776  No.12102567

The Author of Fight Club Hands Us A Memetic Superweapon


Basically Chuck Palanuik the author of Fight Club and self admitted reader of the Daily Stormer (only ironically he swears) wrote a book about DOTR and dividing US into ethnostates complete with snuffing liberal professors, shipping Jews back to Israel, and levitating wakanda space pyramids. Either this guy is /our guy/ or his head so is crammed with our memes hes basically our golem. Publishing kikes are trying to shut it down hard.

2c0480  No.12102635

Eh. I dunno. My spidey sense tells me that the jews are going to gradually integrate bits and pieces of our ideology and worldview into the overarching pop culture in an attempt to demystify it and make it seem less dangerous as part of a deradicalization effort. This book is just another entry in a long entry in the recent deradicalization trend. The upcoming doom game is another example. Outright censorship doesn't work for them anymore, so they're slowly bringing it into the fold as just another quirky subculture that is to be managed, contained, and profited from.

a9d72a  No.12102654

>reading books

8e978b  No.12102689

File: 5644ac40562d0f7⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 900x469, 900:469, who_to_fight_for.jpg)


You should pirate a copy and read it, even if just for research/entertainment. Boomer genocide is an integral plot point. I got a good laugh from that alone.

321b77  No.12102726

File: b9dfb7d11eb50d7⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, dailystormer redpill 2.JPG)

>Daily Stormer

>Jews responsible for white genocide deserve their own State instead of jail cells

>/our guy/


8f66ad  No.12102735


>Either this guy is /our guy/ or his head so is crammed with our memes hes basically our golem.

Be aware that Chuck Palahniuk is a homosexual.

4e54b8  No.12102740

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What is hacking bitcoin?

51177e  No.12102814

File: fec7642dbc9c2bf⋯.jpg (70.74 KB, 311x378, 311:378, Greggy Jimpact.jpg)

File: a94d9455df50a95⋯.png (755.22 KB, 1000x1650, 20:33, Grindr Greg in his own wor….png)


That explains why Greggy and Counter-Currents are shilling for him.

fc810f  No.12102819

File: 0b54870a2fbdd5e⋯.jpg (112.75 KB, 1060x1390, 106:139, donald-duck-illustration-c….jpg)



dbc9ba  No.12102828

It was a pretty fun light read. Over the top sarcasm, not much character development, the ending wasn't particularly satisfying but expect to be amused, there are lulz. Would read for the first time again.

fcd7e0  No.12102829

He is a gay portland hipster who hate white people. Well Oswego not techinically portland but it should give you an idea what kind of faggot he is.

198d5a  No.12102833

File: 7b663e604437e40⋯.png (6.53 KB, 255x213, 85:71, dark.png)



Speaking of that, remember the Simpsons? Before I got redpilled I used to laugh at the jokes that had Homer as the butt of the jokes. But as I slowly got closer to the JQ, laughs became chuckles and then, no more.

It's still better than anything put out past Season 10

4888ca  No.12102841


>Jews gets deported in the book



>Counter-Currents shilling

They are shtting on the book's "kangz angle"


There are better alternatives, but still

e16fad  No.12102842

File: 973e0891ce33ad7⋯.png (4.46 KB, 220x98, 110:49, Ian_Dox.png)

Sounds like quite a book. I think I'll buy it and encourage all my racist friends to buy a copy too. Excellent new cultural signifier – may replace The Matrix and redpills, tbh. Let's spend some money, /Paul/!

Never come back, you fucking cunt.

5b3c48  No.12102847



23e481  No.12102851

You would be surprised how many people steal inspiration from the chans, newsgroups, bar gossip, etc.

e16fad  No.12102856

File: ba8748442407186⋯.jpg (301.92 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Gotta_Jew_Fast.jpg)


It's funny. The authentic /pol/ack is almost impossible to make a buck off of, since spending the Jews' IOUs is seen as an immoral act. No matter how much money we have for modern sporting rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammunition, we'll pirate a Bazooka Joe cartoon off the floor of a men's room if it denies the kikes a shekel.

I'm morbidly curious to see how the Madison Avenue heebs are going to Just Do Itify a mindset that came into existence explicitly to kill them all dead.

I don't put anything past them when it comes to monetizing souls.

c1e662  No.12102876

File: 7b16159df0daf88⋯.jpg (176.12 KB, 700x471, 700:471, 1434779163529.jpg)


>2,000 rounds of ammunition

sounds like you're almost out and need to restock

000000  No.12102879

I think I got it:


EPUB version, PDF is for faggots.

dbc9ba  No.12102883


Sure, but he illustrates the absurdity of the magical negro mythology vividly. He essentially calls bs on a number of sacred cows, including some concerning gays. I liked it. It's not great literature but like I said, lulz.

e16fad  No.12102893

File: 9ddcc0cabed55e6⋯.jpg (45 KB, 1014x523, 1014:523, BFR.jpg)


Budget's tight this quarter. And I just made the big jump into big bore.

342037  No.12102902


>2,000 rounds of ammunition

I stockpile components and handload, it's the only way anon.

dbc9ba  No.12102936


It seemed to me 300 pages of 'Hiter did nothing wrong' tier memes, but maybe that's only because I know Hitler really did nothing wrong. I'm not sure how it will be perceived by others tbh.

9c690c  No.12102954


9295a8  No.12102960


> a boy who gets his colon sucked out ... It’s actually beautifully written

Being this jewish.

Nice image name; we broke that.

Meet Mr Filter.

c1e662  No.12102964


planning on hunting bears with that?

9c690c  No.12102967

review from (((wikipedia)))


>In a near-future United States, a corrupt Senator plans to reinstate the draft to send young men to die in a planned nuclear attack of mutually agreed-upon destruction in the Middle East to prevent an uprising of those same young men. Meanwhile, mysterious actor Talbott Reynolds circulates a small blue and black book throughout the country full of his own manifesto and wisdom on how life should be lived, and a Web site called "The List" allows users to submit and vote on public figures they think deserve to be killed. Before the vote can be made to reinstate the draft, readers of Reynolds's manifesto rise up, kill the targets on The List, and use severed ears taken from those killings to prove their power and become the new leaders of a new United States, split into the regions of Blacktopia, Gaysia, and Caucasia.


>Adjustment Day has received mixed reviews. Jason Sheehan, reviewing the novel for NPR, called most of the book a "quick, horrifying descent into madness", but that Palahniuk "just can't stick the landing" and that "it ends with a whimper rather than a bang".

929c61  No.12102972

File: c908afd9da4bd02⋯.jpg (58.73 KB, 323x501, 323:501, 1536026918410.jpg)

<99% shill posts.

That's a good sign so far. Will read, and Fight Club is /pol/ 101… Will also see this movie. Chew on that

>Making its world premiere in Venice, Dragged Across Concrete’s premise is as follows: a pair of detectives, Brett Ridgeman (Mel Gibson) and Anthony Lurasetti (Vince Vaughn) are caught on tape applying excessive force to a Hispanic prisoner in handcuffs, in the form of Ridgeman grinding his boot into the man’s neck until it emits a cracking sound. (During the bust, Ridgeman and Lurasetti also mock a scared, naked Latina suspect, claiming they can’t understand what she’s saying due to her accent. Both scenes are played for laughs.) With the tape destined to go viral, Ridgeman and Lurasetti are suspended for six weeks without pay, though the chief of police (Don Johnson) is sympathetic to their plight, delivering a rambling sermon about how being branded a “racist” today is akin to getting labeled a “communist” in the 1950s—or, to quote the president, this is a WITCH HUNT! and these two violent cops are the real victims.

>Though a six-week suspension seems like a mild punishment, especially considering this is the third time Ridgeman’s been busted for using excessive force, he is in desperate need of cash. You see, his wife Melanie (Laurie Holden) has MS and his daughter is bullied by black kids on her four-block trek to school. Worried that those same black kids will rape their daughter once she matures, they vow to move to a better neighborhood (presumably one with less black people). “I never thought I was a racist until living in this area,” Melanie says, her husband nodding in agreement. So Ridgeman cooks up a plan to rob an out-of-town crook, and ropes in Lurasetti with a Forgotten Man spiel: “I don’t politick and I don’t change with the times,” he explains, lamenting how that matters more in today’s world than “good, honest work.”

a118e5  No.12102975

why the fuck is this kike thread back? fucking mods are kikes i swear and so is (((palahniuk)))

this jew mother fucker deserves a fucking bullet and his family deserves the knife

a118e5  No.12102978



switching ids doesn’t make you seem legitimate kike. nice try

000000  No.12102983


read rant

a118e5  No.12102987


this. 1st post was clearly kike free

000000  No.12102992


Watch Brawl in Cell Block 99 and Triple 9, most redpilled movies in the last 10 years

929c61  No.12102995

File: ea1c5c55da0af59⋯.gif (146.15 KB, 408x333, 136:111, anigif.gif)


>calling me someone else

Stop cheating on me, anon.


cool thanks

be275d  No.12102999


Yill Kourself

1d53e1  No.12103069


I would bet that the Fight Club movie was a major influence on the views of a lot of /pol/acks.

3a877c  No.12103086


it was one of babbeh's first pinkpills for me to be sure

199b2c  No.12103097


>jail cells instead of wood chippers.

33f2c0  No.12103121


it influenced me and all the /pol/acks i know.

d7bc8e  No.12103143


Absolutely. Fight Club anticipated /pol/ in a major way. It's almost unreal. I was watching the film not too long ago, and there's a bit where he's flying around city to city looking for Tyler, and he says that he can feel there's a fight club nearby whenever he lands in a new city. This is how it's going to be— a silent army, always waiting, everywhere.

e16fad  No.12103148


>planning on hunting bears with that?

Sure am. Bears wear 3a body armor, right?

e16fad  No.12103189

File: 28cc468642050c9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.63 KB, 870x606, 145:101, Only_in_America_4.jpg)

File: 844eac253f77e8d⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 927.34 KB, 488x396, 122:99, Gaysia.gif)

File: b779891479952eb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.46 KB, 564x235, 12:5, Caucasia.jpg)


>the regions of Blacktopia, Gaysia, and Caucasia

Pics related.

c9c51f  No.12103194


>language beautifully to short circuit your brain.

Sounds like a jew.

5fe0e4  No.12103472

I still have a big enough soft spot for my first pinkpill sneakwatching Fight Club with my friends back in 99 that I've bought the new book. Don't let me down based gaynigger.

4e08b4  No.12103519

You don't write Fight Club without being /ourguy/ - whether he realises and wants to admit it or not.

9ea850  No.12103536


>Either this guy is /our guy/ or his head so is crammed with our memes hes basically our golem.

Definitely the latter. He's a literal faggot.

a9cf76  No.12103543


While the money probably ultimately ends up in a kike's pocket, there's something to be said for getting movies like these to climb the charts. Seeing other people are thinking the same thing is a good motivator for normies who have inadvertently taken babby's first redpill but are scared to go further down the path.

Redpills are something that grow exponentially, everybody who takes one should be encouraged to distribute them to at least two others.

6a56d1  No.12103547

File: d4c2c4eefdec0e3⋯.jpg (23.77 KB, 392x270, 196:135, weev-the-jew.jpg)

Daily Stormer is a psyop ran by the Jew Weev

Andrew Auernheimer has curly hair, beady brown eyes and looks exactly like the most famous Auernheimer of history, journalist and author Raoul Aurnherimer.

3e2354  No.12103551


Hi Joan

2eed33  No.12103555


>everyone and everything is jew

bb6381  No.12103557


when's this coming out? I haven't seen a new movie in years and can't think of a single bad Mel Gibson movie - both as actor and director.

3e2354  No.12103558



I love how shills getting tripps and id dubs makes them stand out even more.


b7f2ec  No.12103559


And Mike Enoch is a jew too.

6a56d1  No.12103565


Yes, he looks Jewish.

2a24c3  No.12103569


he must be a kike then

2a24c3  No.12103571


In fact i now suspect OP of trying viral marketing for his shit book written by a gay kike

fuck off fag kike

fe852a  No.12103581


>Basically Chuck Palanuik the author of Fight Club and self admitted reader of the Daily Stormer

Heh.hehe.hah.hahahahahahah. That is funny. Why? Because no one knows how many libshits, sjws, fags, commies, marxists and kikes wank to near death on how much fight club is for them, and how it would kill them to realize their media was made by "an ebil nazi".

8fc77e  No.12103727

File: 0f3ce29607d7f41⋯.jpg (121.87 KB, 866x1300, 433:650, agonizing_discomfort.jpg)


>You should download it and upload it to see if you get the same file name

d47863  No.12103821


>Budget's tight this quarter. And I just made the big jump into big bore.

that gun looks like it can shoot through schools.

t; johnny dangerously

d47863  No.12103823


>I know you won’t believe me, but I’m not Joan.

yes, yes you are and everyone now knows you own a mirrorless camera.

a04ebe  No.12103883

On a different thread numbskull >>12103727

a04ebe  No.12103884

If I were that fat, I’d kill myself >>12103823

b40fe3  No.12103919


>posts the faggy persian who live with mom

13c066  No.12103923


if this is true they are digging their own grave

i remeber being a teenager and getting into subcultures like satanic metal and edgy goth stuff cus it triggered soccer moms and self apointed christian moral guardians,

self reason i began to ironically post "hitla did nuffin rong" when christcucks became the butt of the joke that everybody laughed at and the new self apointed moral guardians were leftards

it was funny to trigger them, but even funnier to than triggering christians, as in "HOLY SHIT THAT'S TRUE!" kinda funny,

christianity's fuckups are very well known but they are also old, leftard fuckups' were fresh and still smoking

it didn't take me long to go from ironically triggering leftards with political incorrectnes to the realization that not gasing the kikes was the only mistake Hitler ever made

8e4c79  No.12103962

The book was trash. Civ-nat garbage. The South goes to negroes, California is made into a fag reserve, and Adjustment Day itself takes up like 5 pages. Also the idea was written down by a porn addicted beta male. And the negroes discover flying pyramid technology hidden bah da whyte mane.

There's a scene early on where two gangbanger negroes execute a liberal college professor and flip the inverted American flag in his office the right way once he's dead. Based!

6a34c2  No.12103966


It's at least a step in the right direction for the addled and subdued normalcunts. The fact that kikes are kvetching so much about it is a pretty good sign.

eafbd8  No.12104021


NEVER CEDE TERRITORY. This wouldn't even be an issue if we implemented ETHNO-GLOBE.

e4a4d9  No.12104038


I forgot to add, the only good parts of the book where the auto mechanic turned Duke turns his assigned land into a set of Circassian villages, complete with period correct outfits and agrarian lifestyle, and the country-wide 100 year ban on STEM advancements so White men can get back to farming and fucking.

9d4ce3  No.12104060


If you really can't see the value of ideas like 'a balkanizing total racewar in america between whites vs blacks vs faggot liberals' and 'mass execution of journalists and politicians for being traitorous liars' being shoved into the mainstream even more by a method such as this you're a fucking moron.

f3c9e1  No.12104074

I'm guessing the SUBTLE satire regarding "day of the rope" nonsense has been missed here.

af7a3f  No.12104079


To some degree this is already happening. NatSocs/Nationalists agree on Nationalism for ANY of other cultures (that is; preservation of culture/people under a relatively strict homogeneous arrangement) including (((our BFF's))), but that ends at Zionism which is tantamount to allowing the globalist cancer to continue to spread and rob all cultures of self-determination.

970629  No.12104085


>He also wrote a short story about a boy who gets his colon sucked out of a pool drain

Funny story anon, that actually happened back in the 70s due to floor circulation outlets in pools with high flow rates and stupid kids who sat on them.

120d23  No.12104087

File: 65b83e61e4306ff⋯.mp4 (6.78 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Fox_News_Sunday_With_Chris….mp4)

File: bb0f6360e63c938⋯.jpg (215.67 KB, 1782x1021, 1782:1021, adolf hitler a hero rises.jpg)


They won't do that because Aryan archetypes, and thus ideas, are very powerful. Often, these ideas negate/cancel (((degenerate ideas))) on a psychological and astral level.

See: >>11970419

>Their reasoning was the fascinating bit though - they said this art was taken from the Germans because it was 'too powerful', and that it might motivate them to return to NatSoc ideals.

>Further fascinating, the Army official claimed that the artwork was likewise being withheld from American audiences for the same reason - it was 'too powerful'.

c1e662  No.12104094

File: f41b4d088811c6b⋯.jpg (120.1 KB, 600x448, 75:56, 1462316368042.jpg)


I'm sure some of them are close to it

e4a4d9  No.12104108


It's a poisoned well, silly. Sure you have a day of the rope, but it's organized by a beta male porn addict with oneitis for a Mexican college whore who tortures an old guy in a basement with a razor blade (Jewish ritual murder much?). Not to mention the civ-nat states of based homos and blacks and the paragraphs and paragraphs dedicated to the economics of homosexuals and how the homo state needs to trade straights to the white state for cash remittances or whatever bullshit.

I will say that the one nugget of truth is how society collapses when there's too many surplus males with no war to fight and too few women, but you can get the same conclusion reading Heartiste.

b40fe3  No.12104115


Really dont get satire do you

af7a3f  No.12104117


(((They))) realize that 'Replacement Cultures' work; even hypothetically. thus we see immigration at replacement levels, not to change the cultures through social and cultural engineering as we see today, but getting rid of them entirely as we see in the West.

(((They))) understand that attrition is not quick enough for their liking, so they will surround Whitey with biological enemies, pit them against one another, and stay int heir gated communities protected by Masonic goy LEO's, so nothing bad happens to them.

>Niggers aren't going to "figure it out". They want Whitey gone because of their indoctrination post-LBJ 'Entitlement' era and for "perceived historical wrongs" (the very definition of terrorism). Many of them know that there is a stark difference between whitey and the Jew, but are content with the historical fact that White-looking Jews perpetuate greater than 90% of the slave trade. Read: they don't care beyond their immediate impulses

>Whitey has figured it out but we still don't know what it will take for him to focus all of his energies on Schlomo. Historically, Whitey stops splitting hairs at some point and decides to let God sort out the details


>Some ashkeNAZI asshole in Europe has all of the 'Forbidden NatSoc Art' in his own personal museum, which is occasionally visited by other hand-picked ashkeNAZI's

605231  No.12104153

File: c25b2f51346e748⋯.png (351.91 KB, 804x336, 67:28, Triple 9.PNG)


>Triple 9

Lead villain is a jewess.

000000  No.12104258


>There's a scene early on where two gangbanger negroes execute a liberal college professor and flip the inverted American flag in his office the right way once he's dead. Based!


3ac32d  No.12104287


It's called Guts and exists for the sake of shocking others like those copypasta that people used to share in SS13, grow some thick skin you nofun faggot.

d64781  No.12104344


>He also wrote a short story about a boy who gets his colon sucked out of a pool drain, and apparently when he reads it out loud at talks people faint.

I just saw this story as a copypasta on /b/. Shills must be pushing this author.


3ac32d  No.12104358


Yeah, everything must be shills.

d64781  No.12104360

4d1341  No.12104365


>Either this guy is /our guy/

Palahniuk came out as gay after an interview with Karen Valby, a reporter for Entertainment Weekly. Believing that he would be "outed" by Valby after confidentially referring to his male partner, he openly declared his homosexuality on his website.[48] According to an interview with The Advocate in May 2008, he and his unnamed male partner live in a former church compound outside Vancouver, Washington.[49][50] He and his partner have been together since the 1990s, having met while Palahniuk was working at Freightliner. He told one interviewer, "We both had these very blue-collar lives, and now our lives are completely different."[51][52]

3ac32d  No.12104375


It would have been better if you didn't reply to me altogether.

4d1341  No.12104383


about 2 days ago he wrote about debating whether to get a $170 or $300 laptop. he's a fucking shitbird

7e88c9  No.12104385

Second faggit Chuck thread in a week HMMMMMM wonder who could be behind this

5b3c48  No.12104389


>no pdf

Fuckýng hate this newfags arab board

de5776  No.12104400

All you brainlets arguing about how he's a fag or a kike are missing the point. This book is a mega meme packed to the rafters with our memes and it can catapult our mind virus deep into hipster territory.

6893ca  No.12104404


>upcoming doom game

You what nigger?

d64781  No.12104417


Here's another. Buy yourself a coffee on me. Don't say I didn't do you any favors.


I don't have the .pdf for Adjustment Day. Have the whole version of Guts. It's very obvious that he's a degenerate fag.


Also /r/ing Adjustment Day .pdf, I'm sure it's controlled op like Mel Gibson's new movie, and there's obviously no reason to pay for either of them. However I believe it's important to read and watch both as it provides insight into what the left actually thinks the right believes, and more importantly what the left wants the center to think the right believes.

000000  No.12104630


AKA we're winning.

47faf9  No.12104672


>controlled op like Mel Gibson's new movie

We'll have to see, it makes sense that Mel will be forced to pay some (((penance))) in order to stay alive and employable after damaging the overlords the way he did

23e481  No.12104739


Kill yourself kikefy. Your new stock photo schtick sucks too.

cfb22c  No.12104786


>not checking trips

Kikefy also despised board culture, way to out yourself. Next thing you know you are going to be shitting on book threads and anime tiddies just like the goon you are.

23e481  No.12104791

File: 9e2fd147ca27034⋯.jpg (82.42 KB, 356x600, 89:150, yes yes it was.jpg)

55f3a6  No.12105935


toppest of keks looks like a good read

ddc4a6  No.12106939


Toppest of keks to you fellow internet Nazi! 1! If you faggots are trying to make this to pol you should realize noone here will actually pay for it.

7153f7  No.12106981

File: 42aaba692198c6f⋯.jpg (56.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, meme club.jpg)



Thanks to the book threads here and elsewhere I have a backlog of literally hundreds of historically vital books from pretty much every conceivable point in human history. I am not spending money on your subliminally homoerotic horror fiction. Also the pool story was the apotheosis of jewish scatalogical obsession and you aren't special for coating it with a paint of purple prose. The only reason normalfags even like you is because of Edward Norton's acting and everyone knows he's just another pizzanigger now anyway.

Basically, go fuck yourself, and peddle your fresh off the munson typewriter dogshit somewhere else. At least Wendy's was smart enough to give us shitposts and hentai when they wanted to try and sell us their shitty, shitty hamburgers.



912c14  No.12106991


You're never going to finish that backlog because you can't even finish a book judging from that shit critique.

c0b924  No.12107004


This is a comically large firearm. I envy you.

7153f7  No.12107009

File: 26016211d7eb28c⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 235x215, 47:43, 1436472560990.jpg)


Whoa, shit, you found me out. I am not as experienced in writing snarky bullshit quips about irrelevant fiction as many of your west hollywood sodomite 'journalist' friends. Guilty as charged.

a430ba  No.12107076


>This makes my iron become the big iron

198d5a  No.12107336


Wasn't it already implied that Burns was jewish?

ba82a9  No.12107370



Chuck Palahniuk is Gay and he might be Jewish. With that said, you can't out do Fight Club. It was basically /pol/ before /pol/ and it was pretty much a defining moment in the culture of most 90's kids. EVERYONE said it was their favorite movie.

After watching his interview he seems more like one of the original something rotten kinda internet FAGs (both ironically and unironically). He is in it just for the shocks and lulz.

8e7477  No.12110585



>And the negroes discover flying pyramid technology hidden bah da whyte mane.

>I forgot to add, the only good parts of the book where the auto mechanic turned Duke turns his assigned land into a set of Circassian villages, complete with period correct outfits and agrarian lifestyle, and the country-wide 100 year ban on STEM advancements so White men can get back to farming and fucking.

Sounds good

e5893e  No.12122959





Only one of these posts is a real poster.

I don't have the time and inclination to highlight every post in this thread but, anyone promoting "going to pay at the movie theatres" or "buying a book" is not promoting our interests.

Pol is a hivemind, not a slavemind. We don't do things just because many of us do them. We don't try to fit into anything. Each one of us lets go of delusions and faces facts.

77a56f  No.12122989



d2a899  No.12130343


>Pol is a hivemind, not a slavemind.

A hivemind is a slavemind idiot.

3d73a5  No.12130376


Pull down yer kilt for this dicking. That's a good boy. Ahhhh,

1f6025  No.12158328

File: a4fc85064ebb09e⋯.jpg (3.36 MB, 3508x2552, 877:638, Chuck Palahniuk Adjustment….jpg)

File: b0d1e599b21c8ad⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 3508x2552, 877:638, Chuck Palahniuk Adjustment….jpg)

File: 3b28aa31b2fccde⋯.jpg (3.38 MB, 3508x2552, 877:638, Chuck Palahniuk Adjustment….jpg)

6 pages I've read - reading it now…

interesting ideas

2296a9  No.12158352


>innocent Aztecs

6dfb38  No.12158356


Chuck Palahniuk is a gay leftist, and he wrote Fight Club to basically tell his fellow leftists to man up, and quit being a bunch of hypocritical pussies. (The book is a bit different, and Tyler Durden is actually much more of an Ubermensch in the movie than in the book) However, it was right wingers who actually took the message to heart and ran with it, making it a sort of proto-/pol/ philosophy piece for the post modern right. Palahniuk may be pulling a Ben Garrison and flipping sides in disgust when he realizes he identifies more with his "enemies" than the people he thought were his own side.

73c998  No.12158370

206417  No.12158401


>leftist that wrote Fight Club to basically tell his fellow leftists to man up

Everyone that is of this stripe and white will flip eventually, even the faggots, because anyone with this kind of thinking won't allow themselves to be cast as the archetypal evil oppressor who must incessantly apologize and will instead justly strike back in some form.

6110cb  No.12158419


>Confused, she was all, …

Award winning narrative.

3f9bf3  No.12158555


i absolutely love when you retards put all these quotes that don't actually say shit in a macro and spread it around like it means something. most of those quotes are banal or only interesting if read out of context. btw, hatred of homosexuality is actually jewish in origin

>inb4 u luv grindr greg

he's a pompous ass who is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. and, i can't stand faggots. but none of that changes the fact that you're a retard




3ff8bf  No.12158597



A good article but more importantly a good magazine. Bookmarked.


3f9bf3  No.12158605



weev definitely has jewish ancestry, but that doesn't mean that fag anglin's thai fuck shack is a "psyop" – its pretty clear that its not, considering its the most b& website in history and anglin is hiding out overseas somewhere so the ADL can't serve him with legal papers



enoch definitely has jewish ancestry as well. idk why they deny it rather than just saying "so what one of my ancestors fucked a jew – i still pass the Nuremburg tests kiss my ass"


>anything done ever by pompous ass literally faggot gridr greg has ever been good

so, you're clinically retarded i see

3ff8bf  No.12158607


It was a good movie, one of the few movies worth watching in the last 35 years, but it's still not as good as American Psycho.

3ff8bf  No.12158626


>>12158597 (You)

>anything done ever by pompous ass literally faggot gridr greg has ever been good

>so, you're clinically retarded i see

It's a good online magazine I say,.this is a good article too..


5a816f  No.12158627


This tbh. Furthermore, in the past two years, Palahniuk was scammed out of millions of dollars by his (((accountant))). He's finished with them, and I think he's come over to the bright side. He's disgusted, and his book is on the pulse of something fringe groups are all thinking about.

Regarding the faggot:

Being in Law school, I've come across many literal faggots who are not on the left; they detest the left in all actuality. What they don't know is that I find their sodomy and degenerate tendencies to be repulsive to a degree wholly inexplicable, so the solidarity is hard to authentically appreciate for any considerable length of time.

c9f190  No.12158847


< It's all a psyop!

< (1)

Yep, (((1st post))).


Checked! You are replying to a (1) shillbot.



7b9db6  No.12158886

Ok, I get it, I bought the book. Can you PLEASE prune the thread now?

f6686a  No.12158919

I see no one has actually bothered to read this truly cancerous piece of shit. So, allow me to spare you the disappointment; niggers secretly operate at the highest level of attainment for humanity, and whites just basically want to larp and fuck.

If you agree, this is your kinda book.

Regardless, the writing is complete shit, no character development, and the whole fucking thing reads like he wrote the last half in a single meth induced rage against white nationalists while taking it up the ass by some buck nigger,

Seriously…. niggers, flying pyramids?


Get a fucking refund.

7b9db6  No.12158938


>niggers, flying pyramids

Sounds like some WE WUZ shit to read on a drunk night off.

5bb3c3  No.12158946

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


000000  No.12158975


They have good movie reviews too:


8. I Am Jack’s Implicit Whiteness

Since the film was released in 1999, people have debated the question of whether the film, or at least the organization depicted in it, is “fascist.” Is Fight Club fascist?


Fight Club and Fight Club are both fascist. Meaning: the film and the organization it depicts (later, Project Mayhem) are both implicitly fascist. Now, to repeat: I don’t care what Chuck Palahniuk or anyone connected with the film has said about it. The organization in the film is clearly fascist, and the film, whatever its makers’ intentions might have been, is as convincing and inspiring a cinematic argument for fascism as I have ever seen. (It’s more effective than Triumph of the Will, which merely shows us how happy and smartly dressed everyone will be after fascism is installed – but gives the uninformed no sense as to why its installation is necessary.)

In the most essential terms, fascism is the idea that the Männerbund should rule. Fight Club is the formation of the Männerbund. Project Mayhem is the inescapable conclusion drawn by the men of the Bund once they are awakened: that it is they who should rule. In real-life fascism, those men have been moved by the desire to use their thumos to protect their people, their land, and their culture.

The problem with Fight Club’s fascism is that it’s not at all clear that the Space Monkeys will channel their thumos in this direction. And the reason for my doubt about this has to do with the one major thing that those of our ilk find distasteful about Fight Club, those who otherwise love the film: Fight Club/Project Mayhem is depicted as “racially diverse.” I can’t remember if this is how it is depicted in the novel or not. (Please don’t clobber me on this, guys: I just haven’t had the time to re-read it.)

The fascism of Fight Club is clearly not racialist or National Socialist (though the soap made from human fat seems to be a rather grisly reference to one of the myths about the Nazis). Fight Club’s fascism is essentially Traditionalist and vaguely anarcho-primitivist. Project Mayhem essentially aims to do three things.

The first is to destroy symbols of American capitalism and cultural degeneracy: blowing up corporate art, trashing a franchise coffee bar, feeding laxatives to pigeons to make them crap on a lot full of luxury cars, etc.

Second, they are out to destroy the means by which Americans distract and anesthetize themselves: blowing up computers, erasing videotapes, smashing satellite dishes, etc.

Third, and most important, they are out to destroy the financial structure of the U.S. (of the world, really) by destroying the headquarters of the credit card companies, and similar targets.

There are also, in addition to these, some rather senseless acts of mischief, like “befouling fountains,” and building an “excrement catapult.”

To what end? Well, Tyler gives us a very clear picture of the future he’s hoping to build, in one of Fight Club’s most famous scenes:

In the world I see — you’re stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You will wear leather clothes that last you the rest of your life. You will climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. You will see tiny figures pounding corn and laying-strips of venison on the empty car pool lane of the ruins of a superhighway.

Again, Tyler’s aim is to re-start history: to destroy capitalism, globalism, technology, consumer culture, class divisions based upon wealth, etc. Is he aware that once we’ve returned to the semi-primitive state he dreams of, divisions will again be drawn along racial and ethnic lines and felt more keenly than ever before? Tyler may be aware of this, but Palahniuk and the filmmakers are almost certainly not.

Yes, Fight Club and Project Mayhem are racially mixed. However, one thing that I don’t think viewers recognize is that they actually get whiter as the film goes along. What I am referring to, specifically, is the racial makeup of the Space Monkeys living in the Paper Street house.

Several things annoy me about Fight Club. One is that animated penguin. But the biggest thing is that long-haired, queer-looking Asian in some of the Fight Club basement scenes who’s constantly posturing and trying to act “macho.” I avert my eyes when he’s on screen (just like I avert my eyes in the scene where Jack disfigures poor Angel Face). There are also some blacks in the Fight Club scenes, one of whom has a brief speaking role. When we get to the house, however, it is overwhelmingly white. It’s one thing to meet a racial variety of guys once or twice a week in somebody’s basement. It’s quite another thing to live with them.

000000  No.12158976


We’re all more comfortable with our own kind. And so what we find in the house is almost entirely a bunch of beefy, white, buzz cut Space Monkeys. A black is glimpsed briefly in a couple scenes. He has no lines and if you blink you’ll miss him. Also on screen for a millisecond is what appears to be that Asian, now with hair shorn. (It might be a different Asian – but hell, I can’t tell the difference.) All the key scenes in the house – especially the scene where Bob’s lifeless body is hauled in – are dominated by white actors. It’s as if the filmmakers realized dimly and subconsciously that a true racial mixture in that house would simply not be plausible. The Paper Street Soap Company is implicitly white.

There’s much in the film that seems to speak directly to whites. When Tyler tells Fight Club that they are “an entire generation pumping gas and waiting tables; or they’re slaves with white collars,” I think of white guys.

I think of all those working class guys out there who can’t find decent jobs because the good jobs have been sent overseas and given to non-white wage slaves. Or, worse yet, all those guys who can’t find jobs because right here at home they’re being given to aliens – invaders whose “rights” are being defended by the same people who feel free to crack jokes about guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks. I think about all those middle class, college-educated white guys who’ve lost a job or a promotion to somebody who says “aks.” And I think about all those smart, eighteen-year-old white guys who’ve been denied admission to Harvard or MIT because some other guy’s great great grandparents owned slaves. We are “the middle children of history,” guys and “we’re very, very pissed off.”

But remember: we are also “the quiet young men who listen until it’s time to decide.”

9d2ec4  No.12158999

File: ffc5d53b1f8d4e5⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 500x483, 500:483, du denkst das ist eine spi….jpg)


> jail cells


9d2ec4  No.12159005


>Budget's tight

>buys a tactically useless movie gun

000000  No.12159030

f1cb7a  No.12161236


>shipping Jews back to Palestine

uwotm8? String them up with the rest.

115d1d  No.12163428

Chuck is a literal fag.

2512ef  No.12164713


>niggers secretly operate at the highest level of attainment for humanity

I can't into satire, the retard post #7645.

>imagine what would be the fate of ethnostates

>nigger ethnostate would be the worst possible subhuman failure

>lol, I can't write that, so let's turn it into wakanda, a joke that literally everyone will get

8ebe68  No.12164727


>The fascism of Fight Club is clearly not racialist or National Socialist

Either is fascism you fucking nu/fag.

NatSoc is not Fascism.

beecb3  No.12179799

File: fdcb930a7d3ed89⋯.jpg (268.13 KB, 1280x1154, 640:577, wew.jpg)

Bought it, read it, based on this thread. I don't regret it

14da11  No.12179996

File: b5fc4f019c9ab31⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 300x388, 75:97, bioman.jpg)

File: b95306a9f74272f⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 300x408, 25:34, biocar3.jpg)


Chuck Palanuik should write a fictional book about biological warfare launched from a clandestine bio-lab operated by anons.

Now THAT would REALLY give us a Memetic Superweapon.

14da11  No.12180058

File: 90474db6e4306ab⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 220x310, 22:31, gibson.jpg)

File: d47ace8baff3fca⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 832x480, 26:15, saddamandmel.jpg)


Mel Gibson is a psyop run by the Arab, Saddam Hussein - - or vice versa. Gibson has curly hair, beady brown eyes and his autograph looks just like the signature of the baseball player, Bob Gibson.

5d8b02  No.12180071

>his head so is crammed with our memes

and now he wants his pockets lined with your sheckles. And this is an ad for the book.

Fuck you anon. Buy a banner and support the board faggot.

190e50  No.12180228

File: f5d2435158f107c⋯.png (618.25 KB, 951x812, 951:812, weev.png)



No, but Weev is.

ef4540  No.12180243


Here's the thing, while the jewish banking/media elite totally are guilty of that, Jerry, the guy running the corner kosher deli is probably not part of an international cabal to destroy the white race. In fact high caste jews are perfectly happy pushing their own kind into the slaughter house if it results in more profit or control. You try to kill/lock up all of them, you're just going to kill the *mostly* innocent schmucks like Jerry while the elites had already fled weeks before shit started to go down and once those elites are safe in their new countries, they will start screaming about your horrific genocide, how they just barely survived, about there parents getting turned into lamp shades, and how everyone needs to bomb the fuck out of those bad goys and make them pay the elite jews reparations for the next 100 years. This is literally what happened in WWII. Forcibly relocating them all to their oh so important shit hole homeland in the desert is the safer, and kinder option in the long run… as long as you strip out all the nukes they've stockpiled first.

e22a27  No.12180559

File: ad2d31721047453⋯.png (348.51 KB, 626x461, 626:461, dubsman.png)


You're only saying that because I got dubs

230fed  No.12180716


Wondering this as well. What is the upcoming Doom reference in the first post???

7afd01  No.12180731


The kosher deli jew acts as a shield and meme vector for the cabal jew. Also it's a genetic gene reserve to re-generate the cabal jew. Also it works to weaken the local immune system and make way for more jew colonization. Look at Jewish nest in Palanuik's home of Eugene Oregon. They've totally taken over the University and thereby local politics. They all live in the whitest area of town while promoting browning of the working class areas. Yes, even that Deli Jew acts is a societially destructive manner and must be dealt with. I agree though that deportation is the better way to go.

278e25  No.12180989

File: 43d08997865cd5b⋯.jpg (26.33 KB, 476x362, 238:181, 43d08997865cd5b399d4cd6504….jpg)



Apparently the new Doom game makes fun of libshits a little bit. In other words they're trying to make sure our memes stay memes for edgelords.

So, has anybody scanned a PDF yet?

61ac3b  No.12181036


You could have enjoyed even it more had you simply downloaded it fopr free. We have this bittorrent and it's more effective than gas. Nice dubs.

ac894d  No.12181089


Nobody is saying we need to defend Israel after they're all removed.

73c8e3  No.12187939

Just finished reading the book last night

Spoiler alert

Niggers with advanced technology?

Flying nigger pyramids?

If one reads it all the way through, I believe that the character, Talbott, is actually Palahniuk, and at the end, Talbott goes ape-shit because his book, which was supposed to be titled, A Judgement Day, was misinterpreted by the scribe that was writing everything down, thereby naming the book, Adjustment Day, possibly creating the analogy that Palanhniuk's book, Fight Club, may not have been intended to be taken seriously.

That's just my take on it.


Basically, he makes niggers Kangz, whites breeders, and fags breeding via artificial insemination to get their people from the other factions.

First third of the book is bretty cool DOTR-tier stuff, then it slowly demoralizes. One of the final scenes was that all different people from all the different groups got together at a campfire and had a 'diverse' time being 'happy' and 'smiley' together.

IMO, it was a waste of money, but you can read it for yourself. I ordered it from amazon, just like I did my WLP books. Zero fucks given. Like I said, you can read it yourself, but my take on it is that it is garbage, but you can go ahead and spend money and send Palahniuk shekels.

f37725  No.12189025


How's that? I haven't seen the movie in a really long time, but I remember it being a pretty boring moving.

f37725  No.12189033


>trying to be funny

Stop derailing the thread you fucking nigger. This isn't a board for your immature shit-posting. Stop degrading the overall character of the board with your senseless and stupid posts.

000000  No.12189048


so the ending is disappointing ?

c50527  No.12189148


This is pretty much what I would expect.

He is a literal faggot after all. He only wrote Fight Club because he thought it would be upsetting to the establishment. Probably regretting it a bit now that he is part of the establishment.

57229e  No.12189386



Gameplay trailed for Doom Eternal has the player run around a demon infested Earth while this annoying AI says shit like:

>Earth is the melting pot of the universe

>Demons can be an offensive word - please use the term "mortally challenged"

198d5a  No.12189387


>boring movie

But you got to admit, the opening sequence was one of a kind, considering it was released in 1999.

48bfa5  No.12189410


That's a dangerous game they are playing. Trying to divert a river by digging small channels off to the sides. If the flow of water is more powerful than they imagined it will just cause the destruction to be even wider then what it would have been before.

53a610  No.12189425

077cd1  No.12189439


>Blacktopia, Gaysia, and Caucasia.

Yeah, he's a faggot. Gays are criminals and deserve nothing.

14da11  No.12189502

File: e018846a5f3b285⋯.jpg (123.41 KB, 1000x872, 125:109, JB-BC.jpg)

File: 8e8ad8ce135d3de⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 1000x581, 1000:581, chadchilli-farrell.jpg)


Jason Bateman and Bradley Cooper

Are they secretly the same guy?

or how about?

Chad Smith and Will Farrell

>(How's that hasbara working out for u?)


d9da8d  No.12191761

File: a09f3bd4f927f15⋯.jpg (107.95 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, CIA Unmasked.jpg)


Bingo. During the Cold War the CIA funded far-left, center-left, far-right, and Islamist organizations. These organizations were made up of ideologues. All of them were manipulated using their values. MICE tells them how to do it.

Take a minute to consider who would benefit from your action beyond you. The answer could surprise you.

09cbd5  No.12191799


> split into the regions of Blacktopia, Gaysia, and Caucasia.

How long before the niggers in Blacktopia are pounding at the borders of Caucasia, demanding to be let in, while Christcucks and the easily-duped in Caucasia are saying they should be?

How long before the knob-gobblers born in Caucasia are hiding their nature, so they won't be sent to the land of eternal ass-raping, and their families help hide them?

Blacks must be sent to Africa, and thou shalt not suffer a fag to live.

09cbd5  No.12191825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Caucasia border patrol

09cbd5  No.12191923

File: 4c28495e1c509e9⋯.jpg (31.09 KB, 593x261, 593:261, FuckedUpClown.jpg)


>He also wrote a short story about a boy who gets his colon sucked out of a pool drain,

Hell, he didn't make that up, that actually happened. I remember when it did, years ago. The cover was left off the suction hole of a kiddie-pool, and the kid sat down on it. The suction on those things is powerful, and it started sucking his intestines out. He started crying, so his mother went to see what was wrong, and couldn't move him, due to the suction. they shut off the pump, and when they moved the kid, most of his intestines were in the pipe.

They could not put them back in. He had to subsist on a special diet after that, and I wouldn't doubt he's probably died by now.

Don't leave the safety cover off your pool's cleaning intake.

Bad medicine.

3646fc  No.12191924


Do you just really hate yourself that much? Why would you buy a gun that A) Sucks to shoot, I mean this thing will kick like a mule; B) Is expensive to shoot (good thing you won't want to shoot it because of the recoil); C) Is very difficult to conceal; D) Is a rifle round fired from a comically large pistol.

The only benefits to this are that you will be able to hunt most game at a reasonable distance (out to about 50-75 yards with those sights) and one shot will put your target down. Outside of hunting it is only really useful if you are shooting someone who isn't yet engaging you. Big, heavy, requires a strong stance and both hands, you aren't going to be doing quickdraw with that slab of steel.

898ccd  No.12191948


Get it on pdf ASAP

898ccd  No.12191952


Anglin stole the "define white supremacism" thing from me off Gab. I regularly BTFO leftists asking them to define shit they dont understand but seem to want to speak authoritatively about.

898ccd  No.12191993

File: 490754f6861321d⋯.png (397.39 KB, 841x385, 841:385, grindr-greg-trs-faggotry.png)

>The characters and plot of Chuck Palahniuk’s new novel Adjustment Day are thoroughly grounded in the politics of the New Right.

>New Right

Thats not a real thing. National Socialists are a thing. The balk-right is a thing. The dissident right is a thing. New Right? That doesnt exist.

09cbd5  No.12192004

File: a0270de47d3e371⋯.jpg (78.15 KB, 579x611, 579:611, JewishBigotry.jpg)


This is true, and I've been pointing it out on both chans for years.

Your average kike is just as duped and brainwashed and used as any goy. More so, in fact, because he was hit with Jew lies since the day he could be sat down and told "you're not white, you just look like them."

Yes, they will knee-jerk fall in line against us, they are pre-programmed to do so, and they can't be trusted when it comes to doing what's right vs. doing what the tribe orders them to…they will always be with the tribe.

But I really have no desire to slaughter them, if it's not necessary. They can be banished, to live with their own, and it would fall to us to make sure they never return.

Without the west, their power fades, anyway.

096cc4  No.12192217


>Outright censorship doesn't work for them anymore,

the fuck are you on about, it works fine.

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