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File: 95fc89a83b57a51⋯.jpg (109.15 KB, 800x795, 160:159, colin kaepernick and his w….jpg)

6b103f  No.12104459

<Take a minute to have a good laugh.

Since announcing their new advertising campaign will be led by Colin Kaepernick, the social media backlash has dominated the virtue-signaling efforts we presume they hoped for.

With images of Nike apparel and footwear being burned and real sacrifice being discussed, it appears investors are growing disillusioned as NFL fans as Nike shares are down over 3% in the pre-market.

Setting half their lawn on fire while burning Nike shoes pic.twitter.com/rDqGGARzj0

— Things White Folks Like (@Things4WhitePpl) September 4, 2018

On a side note, it appears Twitter has decided that snowflakes are just not prepared to see a pair of sneakers on fire and have attached a warning note to the previous tweet…

That is a loss of over $4 billion in market capitalization since the market close on Friday…

Nike may have "just done it" but was it worth it?

If the public backlash against other corporate brand names who have taken a vocal political stance is any indication, Nike faces considerably more pressure: companies from Dick's (which saw a sharp decline in sales after it stopped selling guns), to ESPN, to Papa John's, to Twitter and Facebook, to In-N-Out burger, have all seen an angry customer backlash - from either the left or the right - once these corporations entered the political arena, resulting in a hit to the top line, and ultimately, the shareholders' pocket.

And this could be a problem - #BoycottNike is now the number 1 trending topic on Twitter in the US…


c34e95  No.12104476


This brought a smile to my face, thanks anon!

da8521  No.12104477

He is not even a proper Nigger, he is a partial, he looks like a Arab or something and is very ugly, but he is so desperate to fit in with the Black boys, to be accepted by the big Bad black boys as a kid, he tries to be ultra Black with this kneeling rubbish, but he still a fucking ugly CUNT that looks like a jew. He reminds me of the Shoe Bomber Richard Reid.

843bef  No.12104479

File: 2303d4529b5dddb⋯.jpg (212.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, adidas.jpg)

>Looking at Adidas Logos

This image reminds me of (((someone))) too….

f79361  No.12104487

File: 1f49b7316483623⋯.jpeg (21.61 KB, 474x473, 474:473, th.jpeg)

Meet the new boss.

da5dbc  No.12104501


I haven't heard him talk in a while, but the first time he was on TV as a nobody backup quarterback, he had a really strong rural twang. The kneeling shit and the giant Afro he grew strike me as someone trying to prove their blackness to dark-as-night ghetto niggers who mocked him for being not black enough, whatever the fuck that means.

c34e95  No.12104504

File: d1b9ade09419166⋯.jpg (66.29 KB, 650x400, 13:8, touch my underwear.jpg)


>Shoe Bomber Richard Reid

So this is the reason that DHS keeps wanting to touch my underwear? Nice…

f79361  No.12104512

File: aaef5f3d2041bae⋯.png (115.77 KB, 1230x750, 41:25, muh klan.png)

File: 25f88e7ecc4138a⋯.png (133.56 KB, 1240x568, 155:71, throw a rock at a poc.png)

File: a958df51902d996⋯.png (154.14 KB, 1204x672, 43:24, maxed out 89 IQ nigger.png)

File: b97d6bc788c0969⋯.png (151.32 KB, 1232x828, 308:207, jerome.png)

File: 8c33cfa01c7ec87⋯.png (167.11 KB, 1218x626, 609:313, nigger.png)

The cucks and nogs are getting riled up by the prospect of whites burning their shoes.

acb113  No.12104513

File: 7c6c6d48cf7a9cb⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1038x809, 1038:809, colinniggershit.png)


top kek

c34e95  No.12104516


Hey, does anyone know if a body scanner would show something inserted INSIDE you? My dildo photo has caused me to make this inquiry.

6ad051  No.12104517


Most corporations no longer even need to make profits, since they are kept afloat by CIAnigger controlled (((asset management firms))) pumping their stocks with monopoly money, so they can signal all they want.

84d0c9  No.12104518


6ad051  No.12104520


Jews aren't white

78c96a  No.12104521


Moop da woop muh jordyns muhfugga

8f31e1  No.12104523


what a shame. adidas went from the superior german hitler sports shoe and wear company to yet another pozzed virtue-signaling progressive transexual niggerophile shitskin stained kike money machine

3ca109  No.12104525


Black people are usually very poor. I'm talking about the urban core. But, they're all about appearances. So they buy expensive shoes and jewelery to look like they have their shit together, higher status and all that. There have been cases of black youths blowing their savings to buy $100+ shoes because of this

This is why there is a shitstorm, its discarding and destroying things that are connected to black status. We can make this isnt a racial issue even more than it already is

c34e95  No.12104527


Even if it made a difference in their bottom line we would simply be forced to more 'bail ins' exactly like the banks and automotive industry to support their shit products.

b37bce  No.12104529

Reminder: Kaepernick didn't "sacrifice" his career. He was about to be released from the San Francisco 49ers because he sucked; he had the worst quarterback rating in all of football and was the poorest performing player on the worst team in the league. So he (and his insane commie girlfriend) cooked up this "You are firing me because of my politics, which makes you a racist" scam; a (((sleazy preemptive false accusation))). That is how this bullshit started. And THAT is Nike's idea of a hero.

78c96a  No.12104536

File: 886c1c615467713⋯.png (13.87 KB, 640x321, 640:321, highincome.png)


>Black people are usually very poor

American niggers still live better than most of the world, better than any African nigger, chink or poor slav for sure.

78c96a  No.12104541


You seem to be awfully knowledgeable about niggerball.

c34e95  No.12104549


You pict

If only we were burning crosses. I used to live in a place where they burned the crosses on the lawn of 'black folk' who moved in…it was an ethnic European ONLY paradise. Almost no crime at all and I used to leave my door unlocked. It was a sample of European only ethnostate…totally ideal.

8ac4ce  No.12104551

File: 793cd12eb09600e⋯.png (119.54 KB, 500x522, 250:261, justnigit.png)


These corporate jewish fucktards are famous for being anti-white. Given that 100% of their product lines are churned-out in third-world nigger pits, they have the most to lose if white people wake up and grab their ropes.

b37bce  No.12104559


No, I am knowledgeable about the deliberate destruction that is occurring in my nation and have taken the time to identify what the actual sequence of events was that resulted in nogs kneeling during our anthem. Pro tip: Try studying a situation sometime and you won't look like such a faggot when you shoot your mouth off.

6b103f  No.12104577


we should follow this with asian sweatshop stats. get the nips burning jordans too. maybe a kaepernick meme with some o dem on it. just a thought.

c34e95  No.12104583


Do you ever sit back and wonder if the entire experience on the planet was totally rigged? That the whole thing is a complete setup and scam or some sort of fucking obscene game? The longer I look into things the less 'real' any of it seems to me and the more 'canned', surreal and sort of GroundHog Day like it seems.

acb113  No.12104586


>Jews aren't white

If you can provide tangible evidence that he's actually half-kike I'll update the meme.

c34e95  No.12104593


Try to get them to burn the factory down. Doesn't do much good to burn a single pair.

78c96a  No.12104598


>I wuz just watchin dem footballz for muh research

Sure thing, shlomo.

209a1e  No.12104601


>3rd pic

>since the Reconstruction

What kind of nignog reconstruction are they talking about? What was reconstructed? Nigger churches? Since when was the reconstruction of a nigger church worthy of capitilization?

da5dbc  No.12104603


Niggers lack the ability to empathize. What I mean is that they're unable to perceive of what someone else's experience might be like. They see everything through a racial lens, that's why they think everything Whitey does is RAY-CISS. Whitey's burning old shoes from a shitty cuck company to try to scare blacks? What the fuck kind of logic is that?

326f70  No.12104606

File: 9dd8b24b91320e6⋯.jpeg (209.76 KB, 1659x942, 553:314, nb-made-in-usa.jpeg)


thats it man

post deserved 88 dubs

4275aa  No.12104609


>looking down on people because they enjoy sports

>feeling superior for no reason at all

>being a massive faggot

You’re a pussy who will never contribute anything to our cause

ef2b57  No.12104611

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What I mean is that they're unable to perceive of what someone else's experience might be like.

326f70  No.12104612

File: c53330a8c2e2669⋯.jpeg (16.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, newbalance.jpeg)


>nike is the only shoe company

>nigger logic

da5dbc  No.12104620


The average White normie doesn't give much of a fuck about blacks one way or another and barely ever deals with them. Blacks, on the other hand, are thinking about Whites and their secret rayciss plots all the time. Trust me, I wish Whites were even 1/10 as rayciss as blacks accuse us of being.

6b103f  No.12104625

File: 2f856b84809ddb9⋯.jpg (19.02 KB, 214x266, 107:133, Nike-Sweatshop-04.jpg)

File: ea54fa82df857ff⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 308x476, 11:17, nike 2.jpg)

File: 6466bd1580d7f90⋯.jpg (31.61 KB, 287x327, 287:327, nike kaepernick.jpg)

File: 3a17226b3259793⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 908x632, 227:158, anti nike.jpg)

File: 1cc952b290b0869⋯.gif (18.65 KB, 1129x969, 1129:969, nike is slavery.gif)


let see some memes

6ad051  No.12104628

File: 3fb8117a11fbf15⋯.png (291.61 KB, 691x722, 691:722, 5b8a983ea97a5.png)


Niglets can't even reflect on what their own experience is until they are 6 years old because they aren't even sentient until then. Expecting niggers to understand another living being when they can barely even achieve self awareness is expecting too much.

b37bce  No.12104633


Fuck off. Filtered.

acb113  No.12104636

File: 126602c62be148b⋯.png (505.97 KB, 512x517, 512:517, kike sandals.png)

b82335  No.12104649

File: 07e00478923a202⋯.jpg (51.6 KB, 536x625, 536:625, 1510782058254.jpg)


I remember watching nigger comedians back in the 90s when there was nothing else on TV. Every single joke was about whitey. White and (((white))) comedians would have a variety of topics, relationships, work, family, jobs, to make jokes about. With niggers it was always whitey, whitey, whitey. The level of obsession with their betters is unimaginable to normal people.

4a1991  No.12104653


>Burn all your clan hoods

>3000 klan members in the USA

>WNBA literally averages 7500 fans per game

>WNBA games have 2.5x more people than the KKK

If you asked them how many people go to a WNBA game they'd say not enough to matter.

ed6fe9  No.12104668


>sneaker company loses money by appealing to niggers

who else pay $200 for a pair of machine made shoes?

6b103f  No.12104673

File: 2cd4b0faac847da⋯.jpg (10.67 KB, 335x219, 335:219, nike uses slavery.jpg)

File: a4abfe2fe108f66⋯.jpg (80.53 KB, 640x450, 64:45, nike 4.jpg)

File: a222543976c5eb3⋯.jpg (90.85 KB, 728x546, 4:3, nike-is-bad-4-728.jpg)

File: b6bf41ee9075fba⋯.jpg (3.97 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, nike.jpg)

File: 5f42190ede3b8da⋯.jpg (119.11 KB, 1040x780, 4:3, img_6815.jpg)


we need to point out Kaepernick's hypocrisy here. on one hand he whines about the White man (an allusion to slavery) and then he turns around and sells out to Nike who literally uses modern 3rd world slavery. the great thing is that protesting nike is a leftist/brown person thing so it wont be hard to just get them to carry this torch. start posting these meme like mad.


6b103f  No.12104680

File: 86d2a0250709386⋯.jpg (208.95 KB, 2048x1187, 2048:1187, img_6814-e1501517865348.jpg)

f79361  No.12104692


>What kind of nignog reconstruction are they talking about?

It's just a term for the post-civil war period. The nigger is just rambling nonsense about 'muh slavery'.

1d433f  No.12104694


I actually worked for TSA years ago when the scanners were actually manned by humans watching the screens. Honestly, the image quality was pisspoor, you'd barely be able to tell the difference between men and women most of the time. The super high quality images floating on the web must've been mock-ups or something.

It's all smoke and mirrors anyways.

ed6fe9  No.12104699

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


imagine killing someone for a crappy generic machine made piece of footwear.

As long as there are people like video related then nike will not lose money over this, remember the guy who gave out information on a murder for a trip to kfc?

c34e95  No.12104716


Interesting. Did you participate in the lawsuit over the early body scanners killing all the TSA agents who worked around them?

bb2f05  No.12104722


>white "dad"

>mom is also white

Is that his wife's son?

b8b029  No.12104737



bb2f05  No.12104742


Yes, Anon. They'll find the dildo up your ass.

78c96a  No.12104743


Modern sports are jewish cancer promoting niggers and if you enjoy watching them you don't belong here.



If you can't even handle the bantz then why are you here?

43c499  No.12104747


not the point

6b103f  No.12104748


iirc he was adopted. im just making fun of him when i say "him and his white daddy."

ff7a8c  No.12104754


Those were the "low radiation" ones if I remember, they were only sent to a few test airports, thankfully never to mine. We got the second batch, whoops we fucked up ones, the millimeter wave scanners. I couldn't stand the checkpoints so I made it a point to be promoted as quickly as possible to specialized security duties, so I only visited checkpoints occasionally.

326f70  No.12104756

>>12104722 (checked)

probably but allegedly adopted

6b103f  No.12104762



>Kaepernick is of mixed race. He was born in 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Heidi Russo, a 19-year-old white woman who was single at the time.[9][10] His birth father, an African American man, left Russo before Colin was born.[11][12] Russo placed Colin for adoption with Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, a white couple who had two older children—son Kyle and daughter Devon—and were looking for a boy after losing two other sons to heart defects.[11][13] The German surname Käpernick is derived from Köppernig, the ancestral home of Nicolaus Copernicus (today the Polish village of Koperniki).[14]

29cd34  No.12104766


>real sacrifice being discussed,

Hmm definitely not what I want that to mean though. This nigger should be sacrificed.

6b103f  No.12104767


Russo is Sicilian

c34e95  No.12104784


saged off topic

What do you think of Sheldon Adelson's plan (after the Vegas Ritual Human Sacrifice) to set them up in all public spaces over the next 10 years, grocery stores, casinos, sporting events, etc?

46e70f  No.12104787


I used to play a game with black comedians on TV. I'd watch their sets until they brought up race and the second they did I'd switch it off. From the early 90's up to this day I've never watched more than 1 minute of any black comedian.

34be00  No.12104798

File: 981e7fa34dfa2a9⋯.png (405.57 KB, 2118x1276, 1059:638, 1424755735003.png)

>be Nike

>hire an overpaid, racist dancing monkey to lead a marketing campaign for sports-based apparel

>a move that is clearly politicized in nature

>be praised by media, celebrities, politicians

<lose $4 billion in market capitalization

<Twitter blows up with leftists calling the protesters cross-burning Trumpers

>be Dick's

>stop selling a popular product because some mentally ill government black-ops false flagger shoots up a school

>signal dedication to minimizing gun violence in the most retarded way possible

<see a sharp decline in sales and public support, most notably from people who were rightfully and legally purchasing firearms for hunting and recreation

>blame the racists pushing back because muh 2nd Amendment rights

>be In-n-Out

>donate equally to both sides of the political spectrum

>donate to numerous charities

>be politically neutral


>put out statement declaring your dedication to neutrality and equality, not apologizing for donating to republican causes

>boycott backfires spectacularly

>see large boost in sales and positive PR because whiny crybaby leftists are impotent faggots with no self-control

One of these things is not like the other.

6ad051  No.12104812


Being black or female is comedy on easy mode. Muh wypipo, muh vagina. That's 99% of their material.

43072a  No.12104817


It's because liberals don't actually boycott they just threaten too, same thing happened years ago with Chik-fil-a. Liberals screeched about them being apposed to fag marriage. They gave no fucks and are still making bank.

f490f5  No.12104819

File: 2df589cb3ad90b0⋯.jpg (4.32 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images(13).jpg)

File: 19f0863dfe35082⋯.jpg (71.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault(2).jpg)

File: 6203b2e87fe4535⋯.jpg (44.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


You should start doing the black comedian elongated emphasis stare.

5135f3  No.12104822

Nike has always been overpriced nigger-bait.

1d433f  No.12104832


Obviously ridiculous. Even assuming that these are attackers and not (((attackers)))… the tech is still primitive and it's honestly pointless, whenever there was one of these events it's always because the agencies intentionally ignored the intelligence. Intelligence and old school policework is VERY effective, these "final barrier" security systems are ridiculous.

a738ad  No.12104842


This pesky thought bubbles up for me a lot. I think the best reasonable answer to it is that it's a mental analogy being flipped on its head; it does resemble a game, and you can apply things like game theory to understand a lot of things in this world, particularly in the realm of human interaction almost everything is a 'game' in that sense. It's probably entering the schizo-zone to conceive of the whole earth or cosmos as you describe it. But who knows, maybe it's also right.

f8634a  No.12104850


He looks somewhat Arab because he somehow managed to get a European nose. Very unusual because almost every mulatto I see out there has a mostly negroid structured nose.

aadafd  No.12104852


>years ago

>the image quality was pisspoor

Keyword here is was poor.

aadafd  No.12104855


Do not fall into some delusions. It has been hijacked by jewry. That is it, stay in reality anon.

6176f5  No.12104859


Kill yourself, faggot. You got bested. It happens to all of us.

3305c0  No.12104863

File: a3edfdb541a536b⋯.png (10.38 KB, 238x220, 119:110, 1425299828029.png)

File: 4d6432b5dffa117⋯.jpg (121.01 KB, 900x601, 900:601, air jordan gatorade.jpg)


What? don't you want to buy a $25,000 shoe? It is endorsed by Michael Jordan and your favorite rapper and your favorite sports drink, goy?

326f70  No.12104865


ill check these but the holographic universe is held in place by an electrical matrix almost a lattice like grid that is directly determined by our thoughts and perceptions hence meme magick and kabbalah

78c96a  No.12104866




3f9250  No.12104876


Something about Turkey being located where Khazaria fell. How could they not be jews?

0df06e  No.12104877


I agree that sportsball is a cancer. Same with all forms of passive (((entertainment))).

However, your "banter" is leftypol tier. Understanding a situation, without being directly involved/interested is possible.

Calling him schlmo, when he obviously isn't is cuck chan tier shit dude. It's weak and it makes you come off as a try hard faggot.

The thing is that whether this shit is kiked or not, it's an important driver of (((their))) cultural changes, therefore it's important to stay at least somewhat informed on this stuff. You might not care about sportsball, but a lot of normies do, and the people here who better understand the nuance of that subculture are valuable to have on our side, especially because it means I don't have to corrupt my own mind paying attention to that shit.

46e70f  No.12104884


For a second there I thought that ad was making some sort of cocaine reference.

a738ad  No.12104889


No it's crack, not powder

66e5dc  No.12104896


The negro only has logical fallacies as a 'weapon', or am I understanding them wrong.

000000  No.12104899


That photo doesn't make a good argument for him not being oppressed by white people… After all, he is standing to the side and half a step down.

Marginalized and kept down!

2c147b  No.12104907

File: 7159c7c9ec7bd41⋯.png (745.23 KB, 635x676, 635:676, c27.png)


HOW do they not anticipate Losing money over this stupid shit by now?

Consumers are CLEARLY Sick of this shit yet retards like EA & Nike keep pushing this like nothing will go wrong

It's almost like they're being forced

1d433f  No.12104908


While it's certainly possible that (((they're))) recording it for some sort of database. But the images aren't watched by an agent anymore… hasn't been the case since at least 2012.

15da20  No.12104913


I don’t understand why people have a problem with the NFL protests. Unlike Antifa, they are very civilized as all that happens is players kneeling while the anthem is playing. It’s not like the players are picking fights with counter protesters.

Anyway it’s high time these players and other entertainers pay their fair share of taxes. 15% surtax on their salaries over $200000 and all endorsement revenue. They add no value to national security and very limited economic value at best.

1d433f  No.12104921


Because they don't care about money, that's only useful to help buy more power. But the jew knows he can squander every penny and it'll still be an amazing victory if he still wins the war.

2c147b  No.12104949


How the fuck do kikes force the owners of companies to go along with ideas that will end up costing them millions and alienating a large portion of Customers though?

2c147b  No.12104956

File: c81c4b96b83ae76⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download-5.jpg)

You should all be wearing New Balance if you want to Support the last Uncucked Sports Brand out there.

bf44e5  No.12104963



>sports brand

>on a lost continent of mu lewd woodcarving board

I've never paid more than $30 for any pair of shoes and I sure as shit am not going to start now.

99441b  No.12104978


>>looking down on people because they enjoy sports

Uh, yes.

>feeling superior for no reason at all

>being a massive faggot

>You’re a pussy who will never contribute anything to our cause

Your cause being to get tingly watching sweaty niggers running around? Yes, people are superior to you and your jew nigger ball fetish.

326f70  No.12104989

File: 582e2a99141a99b⋯.png (36.87 KB, 656x306, 328:153, hmm.png)

da5dbc  No.12104997


You're not understanding the black mentality. Everything is race for them. They're not protesting policing methods, they're protesting police and America. Both those things, in the black mind, are Whitey. They don't consider themselves part of America, and they do mental gymnastics to the point of accusing black and Chinese cops of being White supremacists. They're saying "fuck wypipo, muh dik, we wuz kangz, bix nood," when the only reason sports as an industry even exists in the first place is because of Whites spending money as customers of those clubs. You can't tell my whole race to fuck off and then also demand I pay you. I don't owe them shit and neither does anyone else.

9d4e3b  No.12105001


I bet there's a jew or several involved in this "study"

ab3c89  No.12105005


Half black, half jew.

t. classifier

4a1991  No.12105008


Honestly if you've never spent more than $30 on shoes then you must be an invalid because shoes that cheap would fall apart if you walked any distance.

d8f4e4  No.12105011


>needing expensive logos to attract pussy

326f70  No.12105012


yeah I was just poking fun at anon anyway I hope he is saving his money up for something important

1d433f  No.12105019


They're either jews, shabbos goyim or they are in these liberal bubbles so high on the smell of their own farts that they can't comprehend that this isn't what people want. They go from their mansions to their limos to their uber-gentrified urban offices and back… their only connection with the "common man" is Twitter and ESPN. The day the revolution happens they'll honestly be SHOCKED.

ab3c89  No.12105021

File: 5b28b2de4760a29⋯.jpg (647.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


Gee man. Just update.

326f70  No.12105025

>>12105011 (checked)

because we all know women aren't programmed to seek resources right?

2f16ff  No.12105029


>an African American man

Crappernick doesn't know who his dad is just like common street monkeys. Awesome!

b9cec2  No.12105036


New Balance even makes racing shoes. I mean they aren't advertised as such but they work very well and don't cover up the feeling of the pedals.

d8f4e4  No.12105038


How come I know men with BMW M5s who are completely unsuccessful with women, then?

a6312f  No.12105039

File: 34922e2ae4bec12⋯.png (494.97 KB, 592x592, 1:1, 34922e2ae4bec12be12e36e539….png)


One thing that really pisses me off is the arrogant mentality these subhumans have despite being the stupidest fucks on the planet. They're so dumb it fucking hurts, yet they're rewarded and glorified, and highschoolers and college students everywhere want to look and act like them.

326f70  No.12105041



b9cec2  No.12105042


>not caring about shit quality luxury items now makes you low T


Bitches only care about the sticker.

1d433f  No.12105045

File: 002c38061bf1f06⋯.jpg (330.09 KB, 820x433, 820:433, Brooks_adrenaline_gts17_2.jpg)


Brooks is pretty damn good, too.

ab3c89  No.12105046

File: 2a3cccb73b03c74⋯.png (285.92 KB, 600x436, 150:109, proxy.duckduckgo.com.png)


Looks like Moroccan jew. Hamnite. About 20% nigger, not more.

a738ad  No.12105050

File: 03eed3ca2c5a307⋯.png (1.11 MB, 694x694, 1:1, Colin Kaepernick Adoptive ….png)

File: 223ea1aae09d04d⋯.jpg (36.47 KB, 634x383, 634:383, Colin Kaepernick Biologica….jpg)






He was a son of a nigger father and wop/56pc mother (Heidi Russo) who got put up for adoption, and was scooped up by what appears to me to real German parents who are simply race traitor cucks.

A disgusting story, all around.

b9cec2  No.12105051


That's cuz BMWs are for faggots that can't drive.

1d433f  No.12105059


BMWs are expensive but fucking boring.

326f70  No.12105064

File: 1365aaa608afea9⋯.gif (2.68 MB, 400x225, 16:9, implying.gif)

File: 16de7e627f6c81f⋯.png (69 B, 1x1, 1:1, 00000000000000000000000000….png)


>new balance

>shit quality

b9cec2  No.12105070


BMWs are gay ass road yachts with four bangers under the hood and labled as a sports car.

268d3f  No.12105071


Any brand that affiliates itself with the Nigger Felon League deserves to go bankrupt.

b9cec2  No.12105072


I said new balance is good quality….

a738ad  No.12105076





Hey mouthbreathers, women don't seek resources. They seek power. You can have as flashy a car as you like, but if you're an impotent loser, women will not be interested. I know plenty of retards who splurged on a car they couldn't afford, hoping it would look cool, but it got them no pussy. It's because they put the cart before the horse. Women only like men who have nice cars, because powerful men tend to have nice cars. Simply buying a nice car and hoping the rest will come by itself is like those cargo cult niggers in polynesia, building fake airports hoping cargo planes will come

522acb  No.12105077


>that gigantic kike nose

Who is he fooling?

ab3c89  No.12105079

File: 18f4670754a9af9⋯.jpg (247.35 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Moroccan jew.jpg)


Heidi is bleached ashkenazi jewess, not a bit Germanic. Thanks for the pic. That clears it up.

please adjust jewdar

914d14  No.12105080

File: ea587a45f8d47e6⋯.jpg (125.22 KB, 306x306, 1:1, savedpicture-2013111616513….jpg)


>associateing with Liverpool FC


326f70  No.12105083


well anon it seemed that post implied otherwise


maybe it's because they are faggots?

9d4e3b  No.12105089


>get pussy

I hate this PUA nigger tier way of speaking, also I couldn't give a fuck what women want and no man should.

b9cec2  No.12105096


yeah though it wasn't about new balance. They do good work. comfy af

ab3c89  No.12105098

File: 8329e510b9dcffc⋯.jpg (29.65 KB, 360x391, 360:391, ashkenazi jewess Heidi.jpg)


>Heidi Russo

Here Anon. Ahkenazi jewess.

1d433f  No.12105102

1d433f  No.12105104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b9cec2  No.12105106


>Get pussy

ok nigger. You can "get pussy" using any cheap tactics. Holding onto a decent woman is another thing entirely. The bitches that are attracted to stickers and power are not worth our time.

bf281d  No.12105107

>In 2018, Amnesty International awarded Kaepernick with that year's Ambassador of Conscience award.

Amnesty International a jewish zionist front

>Flora Solomon, OBE (28 September 1895 – 1984) was born Flora Benenson in Pinsk, Imperial Russia, in 1895. She was known as an influential Zionist.[1] She was the first woman hired to improve working conditions at Marks & Spencer in London.[2] She was the mother of Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesty International.

What if Colin Kaepernick wasn't "Black"? What if he was a Jew? Do you think big, scary, mean, intimidating Blacks would appreciate Mr. Kaepernick using his Bro-Fro as a means of appropriating Black African-American culture to make a political statement that only benefits the Jew? Nah, me neither.

a738ad  No.12105108

File: 208b390c0c734b3⋯.png (19.25 KB, 543x443, 543:443, brainlet short.png)

File: 260a5df0f496562⋯.png (32.68 KB, 774x435, 258:145, pussy.png)


>the word pussy is nigger tier

It comes from Old Norse you retard, means pouch

b9cec2  No.12105114

File: abbd4126898f2db⋯.png (779.05 KB, 913x766, 913:766, 1516150234577.png)


No one speaks in old norse any more.

8ac4ce  No.12105121

File: 8a6a0fbab67dbcb⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 464x329, 464:329, makessense.jpg)


That one massive hooked nose explains his ugly face, his retarded politics, his love of shekels, and his complete lack of niggersport ability.

c0f46f  No.12105123

>seen all sorts of edits of this ad using other people instead of the nigger

>/pol/ thread doesn't have a single Hitler edit

I'm surprised.

9d4e3b  No.12105131


It's not the word that's nigger, faggot, it's how you used it 'get pussy' referring to picking up some fucking slut for her smelly roast snatch. It's just classless – in fact, your entire post was nigger tier.

d8f4e4  No.12105142




Kek, these guys get it.

e7f2ca  No.12105143


>still trying to damage control

Go take your weak "bantz" back to cuckchan




I just got a good pair of new balances for only $50.

a738ad  No.12105147





While I'm on this etymology train, let's look at the terms 'man' and 'woman'. You can do your own research if you want sources, but you'll find this is true. Back in time, men were called 'werman' and women were called 'wifman'. Man was neutral as we might say human or person today, and each prefix had a specific meaning regarding the assignment of social roles. Werman means a person who hunts, so more or less a provider. Wifman literally means a person with shame, but figuratively means a person with a vagina. In more modern terms, you could call it Huntman and Cuntman.

I don't know why you faggots are crawling out of the woodwork over my semi-ironic use of a fairly common expression, but pussy is THE inherent trait of what defines women; everything else is secondary. My use of the term is called a synecdoche, a fairly common figure of speech, and there's no use white knighting over some notional woman's honor getting offended over the use of the term pussy. It's a part of life, and a major part of womanhood at that; get over it.

National Socialism is life-affirming, cut out this puritanical nonsense. Why do you think our birth rates are so low?

ab3c89  No.12105152

File: 836df61ab7ff4ab⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 4347x3294, 161:122, Moroccan jew 1.jpg)


>Who is he fooling?

Half of America,obviously. If not more.

Ameribros, work on your jewdars, please

3c8661  No.12105156


>No one speaks in old norse any more.

In your house, maybe.

78c96a  No.12105162


I made that post over an hour ago, I'm not "still" doing anything.

e7f2ca  No.12105170



A decent amount of "Italians" in this country are really semites.


Well, you just proved you are lurking the thread ;^)

795428  No.12105179

File: b666ba36b33de75⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1767x1857, 589:619, Non Shill File Name.png)


Guid got me tagged as shill in other thread. So now anything I create on tablet has to have better file names.

a738ad  No.12105185

File: 92519ec74b71666⋯.png (752.16 KB, 743x764, 743:764, Haplogroups Europe Map.png)


>A decent amount of "Italians" in this country are really semites.

What country is that, Italy? :^)

290530  No.12105197


>He is not even a proper Nigger, he is a partial

The entirety of the racial conflict in America could be swayed in our favor by stating calmly that all African-Americans are mulattos. None are really all blacks like in Africa.

But all you subverted idiots can do is to shit on your own credibility with nazi memes.

e7f2ca  No.12105211


Burgerland. Just like how lots of eastern European jews larped as Russians when they came over here, a decent amount of Sephardic jews larped as Italians.


>pr cuckery

c0f46f  No.12105214


Thank you anon. All the Hitler ones I found had horrible mispellings. Almost like (((someone))) wants to make us look incompetent.

8386bc  No.12105231

Buy good hiking shoes.

Shits last forever.

a738ad  No.12105235


I don't really understand your argument. Mulattos, with their quasi-schizophrenic identity issues, are arguably the most dangerous 'race' of all. It's with very good reason that essentially every civilization in the history of man has forbidden miscegenation.

e7f2ca  No.12105244


He thinks they will be on our side if we convince them they are half white.


what is up with all the civnat stuff here lately?

2c147b  No.12105246

File: edb9a819154bb2a⋯.jpg (90.22 KB, 550x550, 1:1, ireland-2018-2019-home-kit….jpg)


Yea New Balance are comfy af.

ab3c89  No.12105260

File: 0eadfd5afd38a9e⋯.jpg (130.24 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, jew nigger.jpg)

File: 56b54267f46fa6e⋯.jpg (79.25 KB, 1300x724, 325:181, hamnite jew.com.jpg)


Low percentage nigger. Hamnites are North African mullata. This guj is Hamnite with jewish ashkenazi. Not even 20% nigger. 15% maybe, possible 10.

Now look at true nigger jewish mix Marley. Well, that is 40% nigger. See the difference?

Jews are fucking with you, Ameribros. They sold you low nigger jew for a nigger, and nobody seems to notice.

1d433f  No.12105271


Yeah, America has a weird relationship with blackness, initially it was effective since it dissuaded people from fucking niggers and avoided the whole caste system in almost every other country in the Americas. (In Haiti: Whites had full rights, mulattos had half rights, and 3/4 had half rights if the mother was White or full rights if the father was White , full niggers and 3/4 niggers had no rights). So (until the 1970s) even if a guy saw a really attractive mulatto girl with European features, he knew he couldn't have kids with her because they'd be considered full nigger, no matter how much cream is in that coffee. It's also why certain spics, can get away with saying the word nigger in rap songs if they look like someone in their family tree may have been black… or considered goosestepping White supremacists like Jorge Zimmerman if the (((media))) decides to use them that way.

795428  No.12105273

File: aa53ee59cbe726f⋯.jpeg (697.33 KB, 1767x1857, 589:619, E6F41A63-0BE6-46AD-AC32-4….jpeg)

File: 3ebbdf65fbb5b36⋯.jpeg (717.89 KB, 1767x1857, 589:619, 5208D4EF-AFF8-4DA9-83A8-4….jpeg)


I tried to center over nose but white was washed out so I stroked lettering, didn’t like it and moved text. You’re welcome to all of them. Incoming shill file names!

e7f2ca  No.12105284


Because the blacks here are generally mongrels to begin with that are 20-40% European, thanks to degenerate slave owners.


Yeah, it was called the one drop rule. The government doesn't use it anymore, but the people still do.

831bdb  No.12105292

File: eca862e6a16b0ac⋯.jpg (222.6 KB, 675x675, 1:1, rw-8099-a.jpg)


>Buy good hiking shoes.

>Shits last forever.

Or wears like iron lasts a long time lots of styles made in america forever and EVERY SINGLE MODEL YOU CAN BUY 2 DIFFERENT SIZES TO FIT YOUR EXACT FOOT SIZE cuz many people have a half shoe size foot difference.

a738ad  No.12105301


Detroit: Become Shoeman

ee36af  No.12105307

File: 1b1b0f5fa714c96⋯.jpg (49.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_1286.JPG)


Red Wings are trash boots. Get Danners.

1d433f  No.12105317

File: 49a4dc0a8fe36b1⋯.png (530.52 KB, 460x620, 23:31, tekahi-6ix9ine-1-151542185….png)


Yeah, never understood how Daniel Hernandez (6ix9ine) gets away with being in a black gang (the Bloods) and can get away with acting like he's black in all his nigger music videos.

a738ad  No.12105321

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Both of those look ridiculous and are not practical.

Buy S2Vs for DOTR

b2cb97  No.12105337


I saw an awesome video surrounding the martha stewart shutdown the sweatshop shit. Basically, the shitlibs went in and got their way.

Well the follow up video, a few months later, had a bunch of dead chinks because their children couldnt go to work and make enough shekel for them to buy food.

Pretty lulzy

e7f2ca  No.12105339


>this guy can get in the bloods


That is almost as bad as a Hispanic skinhead.

ee36af  No.12105345


Different boots for different occasions, anon. I wouldn't wrench on my truck in what you posted and I wouldn't GTKRWN in what I posted. I wouldn't wear >>12105292

unless I was going to my wife's son's gay wedding.

ab3c89  No.12105358

File: 3f061ef013d4595⋯.png (271.35 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Heidi Russel.png)

File: 14aa954f17f6487⋯.jpg (83.38 KB, 569x591, 569:591, some other jewess.jpg)


And not just with niggers. Also with jews.

You believe there are only 8 000 000 jews in America? Well, it is closer to 80 000 000 with all half breeds and other jewish muts.

For me, it is horrible if some Ameribro describes ugly ashkenazi as "German".

If somebody is not convinced yet, here is our Kapernick "German" mother with random ashkenazi jewess.

e49982  No.12105363

I've had good luck with Asics shoes. They're Japanese, so I'll take it on good faith that they're not cucks.

e7f2ca  No.12105373


>80 000 000

Far too high. If you count the mischlings and atheist jews, it probably isn't much more then 10 million.

cff4a9  No.12105375


>high testosterone make alpha males go on shopping sprees like women


a738ad  No.12105376


Is there a reason you changed her name from Russo to Russel in the filename? In an Occam's Razor sense, certain areas of Italy have been inundated with semitic blood for some time, so it might be sufficient to assume she is simply an Italo-Semite

ab3c89  No.12105393


No, just mistake.

Is she Italian? Some Anon wrote about German mother. I am not into that Kapernick stuff, as Eurofag.

e7f2ca  No.12105403



Stepmother is german, biological mom is Italian.

c18876  No.12105406


>Nintendo switch being used as bling


3c6047  No.12105407


Counterfeit adidas is the real white mans uniform.

ab3c89  No.12105419


Bet there are 8 000 000 jews and jewish muts just in New York alone.

What do you think with "atheistic jews"? Jew is a jew. It is biological term.

And I am counting 1/32 jew as a jew.

3305c0  No.12105425

File: 6a0d9d7f46145df⋯.gif (23.13 KB, 155x287, 155:287, 6a0d9d7f46145dfd8ef63ac413….gif)


maybe if you were in Russia or Eastern Europe. Skechers, crocs and FILA is the working white class


e7f2ca  No.12105451


Yes, NYC is their main demographic stronghold. The other one is Los Angeles.

They only thrive in urban enviroments.

Jewish immigration was only allowed for 40ish years 1880 to 1924 (after which there was a law stopping immigration)

Also, 80 million is almost half of the American white population. It is a massive overestimate.


ab3c89  No.12105453

File: 657b64be2e492bf⋯.jpg (74.99 KB, 600x422, 300:211, ashkenazi beauty.jpg)


Italian then.

No, she is not Italo semite. She is ashkenazi on Anglo-Saxon base. "Wiener" face. Close to pic related beauty.

767af2  No.12105463



I love the English language.

831bdb  No.12105467


> I wouldn't wear >>12105292 (You)

>unless I was going to my wife's son's gay wedding.


Style is for girls and niggers and shit strictly subjective, but I have had great luck for 30 years with them so I help my fellow anons who may never have seen them b4.

They can make the choice if they want them or not.

ab3c89  No.12105479


Aha, misunderstanding.

I was talking about America, North and South. We call Burgerland USA.

6f70ca  No.12105490

File: 59e4b686e670773⋯.png (542.38 KB, 992x744, 4:3, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….png)

Fren at 1/2 Chan made please share similar pics!

557a6a  No.12105510


>burning shit is racist

Fuck you, niggers. Let's go back to hanging you from a fucking tree instead of burning some property we actually own.

137155  No.12105511


I believe shills bought their own lies about /pol/ being alt-right so they try to shill from that position

583855  No.12105513

File: 7d56da5728c3ff0⋯.jpg (293.41 KB, 1486x1080, 743:540, 0cb0ecaa165252ddd50b7a82d6….jpg)


That's one of the many major problems with blacks in general. Their entire identity is based on their relationship to whites. Aside from cannibalism and retarded body modifications, niggers don't have anything except for slavery, colonialism, and all the other times they perceive to have been slighted by Europeans. Like the jew, the nigger's cultural identity is reliant on eternal victimhood and materialism.

565e1d  No.12105559


you forgot to add that they're mostly informants informing on informats.

99441b  No.12105560


>Style is for girls and niggers and shit strictly subjective,

Not true.

24f87a  No.12105606


They are being forced: by the alt left alliance of athletes, actors, singers, rappers, dancers, etc…the richest 1%. And look carefully at the demographic of the typical NFL, NBA team…and rappers. Notice the ethnicities there? They look out for their own.

99441b  No.12105644


jews are tossing shekels for the sake of their anti-White agenda is why. They have a mound of shekels already, destroying Whites is their payoff.

e7f2ca  No.12105659


Yeah, I was just talking about the US. Most of latin America (besides Uruguay, s. brazil, and parts of argentina and chile) are genetically messed up. I don't know how many cryptos are down there.

c34e95  No.12105664

File: f64dd40418a706b⋯.png (1.06 MB, 640x739, 640:739, IMG_0571.PNG)


A decent amount of "Anything" in every country is semites. It is going to take standards and DNA testing to weed them out. After we are done with the overt weeding out of disgusting degeneracy we are going to have to covert weeding of disgusting degeneracy by killing every human that displays parasitic tendencies until the Earth is finally purged of the remnant of their disgusting sickness. When that is done, we can eugenically manufacture what is basically gods in flesh with our DNA.

c34e95  No.12105669


A decent amount LARP as hispanic as well (somebody had to bring niggers to the new world and supervise the rape mixing).

24a39f  No.12105685


He looks like an Arab because he's half Jewish. Semite + nigger = Arab.


He's not a mulatto. Mulattos are half white. Kaepernick is half Jew.

791922  No.12105689

File: 36fed87af39465d⋯.jpg (261.25 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, daef5e_5325798.jpg)


>our dna

2c147b  No.12105705


Liverpool is unironically one of the most Fashy Cities in England.

aa05ed  No.12105711


>Jewish immigration was only allowed for 40ish years 1880 to 1924


e7f2ca  No.12105726


Most American jews are descended from post 1880 immigrants

I remember you from the America thread a few weeks ago. Going to throw a spergfit again and not prove any of your claims?

0b74e6  No.12105740


Danner boots are shit if you get steel toed.

They don't dip the toes, and the leather they use is soft.

0b74e6  No.12105744


Forgot to add that you have to coat the toes with a urethane if you want to make them last.

They're fine otherwise.

c0f46f  No.12105754


They make any other good ones? I'm hoping for at least some Rockwell or Kazcynski ones.

e7f2ca  No.12105757


Pierce would be good, that quote sounds like something he would say.

24ec7e  No.12105761

I don't watch sports, and only know about this clown, because he made himself into one. Did he ever get picked up by another sports team? I recall him crying that no one would hire him, what a shock.

c0f46f  No.12105763


And now I'm hearing it in his voice. Thank you anon.

0296d6  No.12105768

Nike has been losing money because Whites stopped largely buying their shit. Boomers buy New Balance, and the younger Whites stick with Vans or Under Armour.

73e448  No.12105790


They could come, if they had enough money. And I guess the 1924 law allowed them a small percentage based on their proportion in the land.

24ec7e  No.12105793


>New Balance

Hey New Balance make good shit if you buy the ones made in the US.

831bdb  No.12105804


>Danner boots are shit if you get steel toed.

Steel toed boots in the north are mini little toe ice boxes in the winter.

If you need toe protection get a synthetic plastic kinda toe shield they are way warmer.

ca8ae1  No.12105835


>wearing sneakers

>not just wearing casual dress shoes or military surplus boots.

ca8ae1  No.12105859





0296d6  No.12105894


That is true.

030542  No.12105904

File: 0e66d68212123ed⋯.jpeg (49.14 KB, 671x675, 671:675, image.jpeg)


6b533c  No.12105913


>Murders someone to steal their shoes

>a spending consumer

Are you this retarded on purpose?

5e32fd  No.12105963

File: 1c65ed2354a8294⋯.jpg (102.82 KB, 489x589, 489:589, mathews-believe.jpg)

4e773f  No.12106002


That is a real tragedy.

4e773f  No.12106038


I buy discontinued LA gears from big 5 4 19.99+ tax & they last a year-18 mos.

add85f  No.12106068


Best thing to do is support Asics(Japanese Shoe company) or New Balance. Addidas and Puma are nigger Starter pack.

4cd364  No.12106082


Study conducted by Schlomo T Shekelburg, Nike stockowner.

56ab16  No.12106093


>vegan shoes

4e773f  No.12106118

File: 3b224cbc2e9a836⋯.jpg (170.82 KB, 808x609, 808:609, 1517440736493.jpg)


It MUST be one OR the other.

More than ONE proposition CANNOT be true at the same time.

c31fbe  No.12106139

File: 09bd076605dc848⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 720x763, 720:763, coolest.jpg)


Well the CEO of EA shows one way. He took a massive bonus and then fucked off only months before major releases total shitfests.

b8e0f4  No.12106149

Cooking up a fake coupon with upc for a "pair of free Nikes" and plastering it around the internet would cause even more butt hurt when they try to redeem them in da mall. Especially if you can say it's supported by the DNC lollol

f9cade  No.12106153



Goyim it's illegal to boycott jewish companies!

f9cade  No.12106156




9e9973  No.12106158


It's a shame that the only ones that don't look like shit are like $120+.

868cce  No.12106161

https://twitter.com/billy_racist found this retard in the comments of the video. Epic Highly Intelligent Communist making fun of da raycisses

1767dc  No.12106166


Invest in your feet, you moron. Doesn't matter how expensive your top is, if your feet hurt like fuck. Buy some good work boots, while you're at it. Redwings.

f9cade  No.12106168

What is the shit with niggers and mayonnaise?

9e9973  No.12106169


Gay reddit boot

59cbee  No.12106174

File: 46f04805df73ced⋯.jpeg (63.35 KB, 556x560, 139:140, image.jpeg)


I was just thinking this as well. What kind of shoes are being burned? I don't know what niggers are into these day but I'm sure burning some limited edition hypebeast sportsball sneaker would provide hilarious results.

1767dc  No.12106182


Are you even trying to be serious?

9e9973  No.12106191


No, I apologize. The boots look nice, I've no idea of the quality. Do you find it to be worth buying used boots if you're a miser like myself? Most boots are built to last and if the used boots are of decent enough quality I might just purchase some, considering they have good longevity reviews.

9e9973  No.12106193


Most goodyear welt boots* are built to last**

1767dc  No.12106208



Just buy milsurp, if money's a problem, though you might already be.

2a87e7  No.12106243

File: fe68c29b05e8bcb⋯.jpg (228.68 KB, 1399x764, 1399:764, laughing2.jpg)


Watch our enemies fall back on (((libertarian))) arguments like "those people wouldn't have jobs if it weren't for nike sweatshops!", effectively defending the status quo more just to oppose us.

0ab24a  No.12106253


96358c  No.12106277

Does #FillThatSackOrFeelTheSack sound slavery enough to help Nike get fucked to pieces?

a7c9a7  No.12106283

File: 62b8ef6d8065714⋯.jpg (40.18 KB, 684x254, 342:127, NIke short selling stock.jpg)

Odds are the J-Left will persuade all kinds of White-haters to make their usual chorus of noise, but who wins the propaganda war on Twitter doesn't count. The one and only thing that counts is that we maintain the boycott.

This is the kind of thing we autistic anons can win, because YUGE numbers of fed-up normies will join in on this boycott.

It's important that a week from now, or a month, or several months, people on social media get reminded that the boycott is still ongoing. Let's bring Nike's board of directors to their knees - or at least force them to upload their resumes to a job search site.

96358c  No.12106285


Their shareholders are bitching, so I wanted something that would associate them with Massa'.

f9cade  No.12106293


Next Jordan release. Camp out before the nogs do. Buy them for $80 and destroy them in front of the nogs.

Make sure you have at least 5 other white men with you. Just to go to that ape show make sure you have a group of white men.

4ef2b5  No.12106295


I bought a pair of redwings boots two years ago that I wear daily for my work as well as all my chores, 100$ for a high-ankle steeltoes with a zipup. they've been falling apart on me lately but I typically walk about 80k steps a week on them and they have lasted me very well.

96358c  No.12106323

File: 39766318f740558⋯.png (513.39 KB, 716x567, 716:567, fill that sack or feel the….png)


Anyone have an idea? That's the best my mspaint ass can do.

b8b029  No.12106331

Do one with John McCain.

557a6a  No.12106397



I wear La Sportiva trail hikers

8f885a  No.12106452



c34e95  No.12106463

File: 2b85653235959ba⋯.jpg (123.54 KB, 381x540, 127:180, mccain just do it.jpg)

128774  No.12106529


I can get behind the Rockys, I wear them for work every day, besides them squeaking on tile they are great boots, good for those like myself with wide feet, insole is extra comfy too.

74feda  No.12106565

Fun Fact: he was adopted by a rich whirw family

c34e95  No.12106574

File: 9a2b3fd65f5c499⋯.jpg (126.77 KB, 381x540, 127:180, mccain just do it nike met….jpg)

47fc42  No.12106659


Be careful around those men

060f95  No.12106674

File: ca2746e8ceca16e⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1360x1355, 272:271, burn2.png)

File: 67717b61b13ae5c⋯.png (408.04 KB, 800x420, 40:21, sacwhite.png)

da5dbc  No.12106712


They obviously don't eat it. They associate mayonnaise with "lol wypipo can't eat spicy food :D :D :D." You don't get the black people seal of approval unless you slather hot sauce on everything. It's the dumbest shit. I'm the only person in my whole family who even likes mayonnaise, and even then, I only use it for sandwiches and fries.

b5907a  No.12106715


Where's that pic of the white chick drinking starbucks on a throne made up of those poor, oppressed PoC? Someone put Kaepernick in there instead of the chick and change every product to a Nike shoes.

20b5ba  No.12106788


While in the short term this is just a fantasy, this is the ultimate goal anon.

I for one also have this vision.

ee4ea9  No.12106823

File: 46c6bd64bdb77e7⋯.jpg (124.43 KB, 720x618, 120:103, starbucks bioterrorism AID….jpg)


nooooo starbucks anon (purge the name from your memory banks)…they employ subhuman niggers. Find yourself a decent family owned local coffee shop to drop a twenty in for a hot beverage.


This…nice digits

74fdea  No.12106850


This actually doesn't surprise me.

Either something like that, or the Jews were straight up bribing him.

7acb47  No.12106853


What? I'm not saying to drink that shit. I'm saying that the picture I'm looking for and can't find is a white chick drinking starbucks on a 'throne' made up of non white people, propped up by them while they're slaving away making shit to make her starbucks. It gets passed around here sometimes. It's supposed to show white privilege but I want to put Kaepernick on it while a bunch of 3rd worlders make his shoes.

I can't seem to find it or I'd do it myself. If anyone has it post it up and I'll work on it.

72049b  No.12106856



0094b0  No.12106940

File: 5cde14c0f8a8d84⋯.jpg (86.03 KB, 500x561, 500:561, Heaven's Gate Believe in s….jpg)


I haven't seen Nike in the news this much since the Heaven's Gate suicides.

7acb47  No.12107014

File: ef4bbbf88360501⋯.png (693.57 KB, 800x708, 200:177, 1.png)

File: f582268bf7190d3⋯.png (437.25 KB, 640x453, 640:453, 2.png)

File: 281cd3927604654⋯.png (789.03 KB, 900x580, 45:29, 3.png)

My contribution, normie friendly for shits and giggles.

fb018a  No.12107056

File: d9fa21d5975ba0b⋯.jpg (129.07 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 1535863864204.jpg)

000000  No.12107061

If this is anything like the Starcucks boycott, expect the CEO shoah soon.

fb018a  No.12107065


Has potential. Rework i ta bit

eacdc0  No.12107070


Yep. Shorting Nike and making a fuck ton of money off this dumb nigger

Thanks dumb nigger

7acb47  No.12107071


Thanks. Had something come up but can work on it in a bit.

ff894b  No.12107080


This would actually make a pretty hilarious # although it would boost their sales.

ff894b  No.12107083


Fucking perfect

000000  No.12107209


This image sums up thankless shitskin mongrels in general. Even though his shitskin side abandoned him and the white cared and raised him he still runs to his subhuman nigger side. All mongrels are like this such as king nigger obongo. All thankless, all subhuman. But the funniest part of all this is, Fagpernick is probably not even half nigger at all. It's most likely arab or jew looking at his younger photos, it was light skinned as fuck too all he shares now are his semitic subhuman features.

aabe5c  No.12107229

File: 76563da61eb5b61⋯.jpg (269.18 KB, 2644x960, 661:240, New Balance.jpg)

It'll all be over soon, when Gordon Hayward signs onto New Balance

562ec2  No.12107263

File: 959dff8ba4a8267⋯.jpg (53.18 KB, 1350x366, 225:61, nike4nignogs.jpg)

nike likes jokes twatter should eat this up

7acb47  No.12107290

File: 8857a4253999000⋯.png (1015.24 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, hypocrisy.png)


I can't find good images to cut and paste and I'm no artist so I stuck with this and just left Kaepernick off.

795428  No.12107303

File: c53f77ec3ea1505⋯.jpeg (123.49 KB, 635x561, 635:561, D54B4835-D28D-479C-AFF2-5….jpeg)

File: 6f9f908c6d6752b⋯.jpeg (319.78 KB, 1600x1092, 400:273, 11CF0D58-D04C-4F28-9463-A….jpeg)


McDonalds has surprisingly good coffee, and no matter how late at night I go they make me a fresh pot. Under 2 bucks.


What do you want to do with the shoes?

d2c808  No.12107308


dont get lost in jewish abstractions. deconstruction is about making you question things you damn well know are true. not to mention, "its all the matrix man" is a defeatist cop-out.

d2c808  No.12107349

File: 862e9e5c766640a⋯.png (387.21 KB, 800x420, 40:21, this is what kaepernick su….png)



9fb365  No.12107362


Thanks. I'm still pissed about that incident. BLM & AntiFa should swing

000000  No.12107384

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you guys really want to fuck with KIKE, spread this documentary around showing the conditions, exploitation, and slavery of the workers who make the shoes. They literally can barely survive and not even libshits can ignore it.

f2e81b  No.12107403

File: abc05bb8987a9d2⋯.png (147.71 KB, 299x350, 299:350, highliner_9716100.png)


Wesco Boots.

c0f46f  No.12107408



Now that is beautiful. Keep them coming anon.

2ef7e6  No.12107615

File: ff251f12dbbcdff⋯.jpg (118.87 KB, 950x932, 475:466, 38.jpg)

5fdada  No.12107643


As a current TSA agent I can tell you there's still humans watching the screens. It never stopped.

5fdada  No.12107659


I knew a jew with the last name Russo. It's not just a pastanigger name.

7f62dc  No.12107711


Thank you for your service.

fff492  No.12107784

File: cbee05138cf5fb7⋯.jpeg (495.76 KB, 1461x1766, 1461:1766, 4B3A4D61-399E-41F9-A44C-D….jpeg)

File: 17df5f88915b8c2⋯.jpeg (280.41 KB, 1743x1267, 249:181, 4D6C0D10-6C87-4AD1-A51C-D….jpeg)

>>12107711 checked


0d9782  No.12107788


you misspelled greasy Italians, Russians and Spics, you're welcome

edcf06  No.12107792

nikes been shit for decades

good let em die

crocs + newbalance master race

0d9782  No.12107798

0d9782  No.12107812


That and those shoes start at $250 a pair, I think… I do know Jordan's aren't $80

022d26  No.12107820

a4353d  No.12107835


That's a great idea, or even just offering 40% off Air Jordan's could cause the mother of all chimpouts.

cccb5d  No.12107877

File: ca3c7eb76b12f92⋯.jpg (45.64 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 1447069616947.jpg)


Spoiler that image on the right next time. It physically makes me feel sick seeing that thing

a738ad  No.12107893



>Stepmother is german, biological mom is Italian

For the sake of precision of terms, his biological father is a nigger, his biological mother is Italian, and his adoptive parents are German. It's not his step-mom.

329269  No.12107964


Poverty is relative. Blacks in America will always be looking up to the whites, eating the table scraps, envious and resentful, no matter how well they do.

>pussy-whipped first attested 1956

>Middle English had cunt-beaten "impotent", mid-15c.

I love new vocabulary.

50ce44  No.12107980

File: 0b506e67a600325⋯.jpg (39.62 KB, 540x338, 270:169, Ruh-Roh - The Wolf Brigade.jpg)


>cunt-beaten is the old english version of pussy-whipped

ain't life grand?

96853b  No.12107998


< American whites aren't poorer than the kikes who have taken over the country

Fucksake, where do these boomers fucking come from?!

c31fbe  No.12108041

File: e92d715401a3a3a⋯.jpg (148.13 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 1518298364158.jpg)


Did you mean this, anon?

7acb47  No.12108070


No but thanks. It was the source for this one. Someone else posted it. I wanted to put Kaepernick on there but I'm not an artfag and couldn't make it look good with the pictures I found. Images here



f8634a  No.12108134


Whether he's half white or kike it's still unusual for a nigger hybrid to have a nose like that.

ed663b  No.12108147


>My use of the term is called a synecdoche

that sounds like something you'd fill with soapy water and aim at a vagene.

5c494f  No.12108160

File: ab1c920035504f5⋯.jpg (87.29 KB, 557x680, 557:680, dmrflyjucaarh7v.jpg)

File: d0b4a6ff6c4f3cc⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 448x680, 56:85, dmrgka9vsaevshg.jpg)

File: e2768027e1f7010⋯.jpg (48.62 KB, 546x680, 273:340, dmrjiugucaahgh4.jpg)

File: c1d05df5c4b27a3⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 552x679, 552:679, dmrmp64uyaacft7.jpg)

File: 081f042cba11861⋯.jpg (84.05 KB, 680x383, 680:383, dmrtlh0vsaaekza.jpg)

be2fac  No.12108184


Needs more psychos and serial killers.

ed663b  No.12108186


>besides them squeaking on tile

had a pair of boots with very poor quality vibram soles, walking on supermarket flooring was just fucking outrageous, as if some bastard was following behind me rubbing polystyrene on wet glass.

I like to get in and out of the supermarket as quickly as possible but having to sidle, shuffle and mince because of the wailing banshees on my feet nearly broke me. once I was halfway across the wet carpark when I looked down, saw what I was wearing and decided I didn't really need milk as badly as I thought.

you didn't hear any of this from me.

c9aeb8  No.12108194


These are several times more moving than any NikeKneeler pics.

ed663b  No.12108209


>Whether he's half white or kike it's still unusual for a nigger hybrid to have a nose like that.

when all the profile pics for the MSM companies were being created I noticed the generation of jews who'd be in their late 30s early 40s now looked far less kikey than those in their 50s and older.

15f689  No.12108315

File: 4dfe47124889c67⋯.png (267.39 KB, 500x394, 250:197, ClipboardImage.png)


Nike has The NFL Contract; "Named Players" Jerseys for the public, Jerseys on field, shoes, gloves, hats, clothing, etc. EVERYTHING, what other contracts does Nike have?

"New deal establishes Nike as league's official uniform provider."


Nike thinks they are so big they cannot fail. NFL immediately White Knights Nike.

"The social justice issues that Colin and other professional athletes have raised deserve our attention and action."

bd4eb2  No.12108335

File: bc5f311819bccad⋯.jpg (10.49 KB, 340x295, 68:59, whites.jpg)


If it ain't White's it ain't right.

I expect you niggers to know better.

23f333  No.12108347

File: f8e9e5463f4edf4⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 400x225, 16:9, newbalance.gif)



39ff04  No.12108368

What would happen to somebody like Nike if trump required all companies to pay their forign workers US minimum wage?

a5e176  No.12108371


The executives would probably kill themselves by closing up the board room, burning some shoes on a charcoal grill, and suffocating on the fumes

053af7  No.12108376


It's not about women, it's about not sounding like a bottom feeding degenerate.

Interesting post though.

9fe0e0  No.12108386

File: df876d0b8f28fa8⋯.jpg (172.52 KB, 992x744, 4:3, df876d0b8f28fa896efb340b2a….jpg)


Koresh did nothing wrong you dumb nigger.

30a1ed  No.12108398

File: 385bd97d553ab2d⋯.png (219.57 KB, 372x372, 1:1, ssplinketss.png)

Good kikees always sucked anyway

bdd9cc  No.12108420


And that's why I wear ASICS.

>ASICS (アシックス Ashikkusu) (stylized as asics) is a Japanese multinational corporation which produces footwear and sports equipment designed for a wide range of sports, generally in the upper price range. The name is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano[2], which translates as "Healthy soul in a healthy body".

068a5c  No.12108527

File: df41adbc70b0494⋯.jpg (31.05 KB, 475x356, 475:356, 1452870237108.jpg)

>kaepernick is such a cancerous pr nightmare that no niggerball team will sign him

>even with how pozzed the nfl is, he is jobless

>nigger fatigue everywhere and blm is basically a thing of the past

>nike makes him the face of a new marketing campaign

>loses billions

this shit isn't going to get any better for them, because the reality is that nobody cares about niggers or their faggot temper tantrums that they can't go around doing whatever they want. couple that with nigger fatigue increasing every time some monkey opens their mouth about white people oppressing them while living for free. i'm expecting multiple news outlets to publish organic and uncoordinated stories about how nike is a force for good in our racists times and such in the coming days

000000  No.12108571


>Wearing tennis shoes

Why do men wear tennis shoes when they're not playing tennis? There are slippers for lounging, boat shoes for boating, work boots for working and shoes made exclusively for walking/hiking. What sick fuck decided that men should wear tennis shoes every day?

Men should be wearing well-made, well-kept leather shoes on a daily basis.

130585  No.12109022


kike detected, or maybe a nigger. hahahah either way, 100% subhuman :) you will never be White

f73e95  No.12109224


They will never be White.

96853b  No.12109580

Anyone else taking paint to their Nike logos today? I'm not burning my shoes, because I can't afford a new pair right now.

b61072  No.12109694

Nike? What kind of indian-name is that?

96853b  No.12109883


Greek, anon.

dc080d  No.12110206

File: 2c2cc4de8dff878⋯.png (25.95 KB, 798x482, 399:241, nike.png)



f40dce  No.12110287

>4 billion


96853b  No.12110407



>tears heet

2eb81e  No.12110469

File: 1142a457755a473⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 365x205, 73:41, thumbs up.gif)



Patrician choice.

99f7b0  No.12110566


nose jobs

99f7b0  No.12110587


>been getting into leatherwork

>want to make my own mufuggin boots

>proper epoxy for making solid sole's is prohibitively expensive


96853b  No.12110683


Buy used, upcycle.

56205c  No.12110755

File: 8781c8c8a06babf⋯.jpg (544.35 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, Self hating mutts steal mi….jpg)

File: b43c657c2c103eb⋯.png (1021.75 KB, 1073x604, 1073:604, whitest black lady ever.PNG)


The most radical anti-white black people are the halfbreeds and the mutts, they are angry that neither race will let them fit in fully so they aggressively chose to become black nationalists. Also their 50% European blood puts them atleast 10 IQ points higher then their full black peers so they accell in school and get radicalized in college

1d433f  No.12111317


Oh well, glad I left that Godforsaken job, either way. Most of my coworkers were niggers or retarded Whites.

72792d  No.12111410


Neither did Kazynski, McVeigh, or the confederates. The target audience won't know that though.

bc433c  No.12111420


I work with a quarter nigger "Brit" from London. He came to Canada a couple of years ago and is the most anti-white person I have ever met. The genetic contamination puts a barrier between them and other whites and they become incredibly resentful of it.

6c45fb  No.12111442

File: c7acc3f08b5fa77⋯.png (23.59 KB, 200x220, 10:11, 346578977765432.png)


I've never really thought about it before, but in the past I have known certain outlier niggers who were friendly to me, could hold a real conversation, etc. But I've never met a mulatto who didn't have a massive fucking stick up their ass. Life's gotta suck when you're an abomination in the literal sense of the word.

b0f074  No.12111925

It would be awesome if someone would start massively and well ripping off 100% of Nike products, in such a way that there were no stopping it.

b4d395  No.12112486


Go home kike

Everyone here has a duty to be knowledgeable about everything of note going on and visit and interact with it all when appropriate. I don't know the term for this shillery but any newfags learn to spot and avoid it

> Visiting x

> Watching x

> Caring about x

Our actions aren't judged by normie standards, you're gonna have to ease into Jewish territory to pull back out whites, that's just reality.

b0f074  No.12112530


Fuck off with the alienation memes.

We have enough problems without making literally all fucking humans hate us.

343664  No.12112771

File: 8f830186b9f9a5c⋯.png (159.02 KB, 550x400, 11:8, ClipboardImage.png)






Irish setter is by far the most durable boot for innawoods

t. former seismic blaster, used to walk ~10miles through the woods every single day for weeks on end. Irish setters (a brand of red wing) were the only ones that lasted more than 4 months.

Now i wear red wings because my current job (oilfield) requires me to have a safety toe.

Protip: if you are going to be hiking through the woods all day, safety toe will obliterate your feet.

5d6216  No.12113144


Can you share some resources on how to craft boots ?

a5e176  No.12113379

File: c3ffc5a695e537a⋯.png (2.56 KB, 513x210, 171:70, make_leather_boots.png)

2669f8  No.12114840


Wow, is that the prequel to S.C.U.M.?


>Protip: if you are going to be hiking through the woods all day, safety toe will obliterate your feet.

(((Citation needed)))

938bf7  No.12114866


dumb city nigger spotted

2669f8  No.12115057


(((not an argument)))

175f68  No.12116644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



A bit like this guy

fc5441  No.12116792

File: 29d4e8d75832b42⋯.jpg (96.68 KB, 553x330, 553:330, breivik nike smile.jpg)

File: 1853ac16b3614cf⋯.png (142.81 KB, 765x359, 765:359, manson just do it.png)

File: 69353b2b31b596a⋯.png (386.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, manson just do it2.png)

File: aa6db1c9bb29489⋯.jpg (132.01 KB, 711x1024, 711:1024, dylann roof just do it nik….jpg)

It's given us an opportunity for some great memes

fc5441  No.12116802

File: 399baed24aa1b65⋯.jpeg (487.49 KB, 1531x2087, 1531:2087, 5b8e0f0720887.jpeg)

File: c5e514120d33e43⋯.jpeg (113.06 KB, 863x863, 1:1, 5b8ee6904f607[1].jpeg)

File: e2e50cd7e9da082⋯.jpeg (75.73 KB, 713x713, 1:1, 5b8dcc59b032b[1].jpeg)

File: c5e514120d33e43⋯.jpg (113.06 KB, 863x863, 1:1, 5f6f3f51d3c3b0e7d06886c41f….jpg)

fc5441  No.12116809

File: 4aa017125fc0561⋯.jpg (122.9 KB, 949x949, 1:1, 48ff843541f5667d7e85b0cf23….jpg)

File: 2bdd08193e7272b⋯.jpg (118.31 KB, 958x958, 1:1, fe8f627b12e4bfaaa59c4d2731….jpg)

last 2

7ffb2b  No.12118015


That would explain his semitic look since arabs had control of Sicily for a while and spread their DNA there.

Malta for example speak a arabic dialect.

7068a6  No.12118763


I just fucking told you what i used to do for a living. I watched greenhorns come in and try to wear steel toes while hiking through the hills of WV and they didnt even last a day. had to get em picked up cuz they were tapping out. no citation required you dumb nigger i know from first hand experience.

23beee  No.12120379


This describes every mulatto. Desperate to fit in, they're the most rabid pro-black activists.

Major redpill for me - finding out EVERY nigger we're expected to fawn over during black history month, even going as far back as Frederick Douglass and WEB Du Bois, were half-white mulattos.

42de32  No.12120597

File: d0ab83b0b5a4845⋯.png (996.6 KB, 603x636, 201:212, dat nose.PNG)


I'm willing to bet he is at least part jew

e8027b  No.12120997


Is Alanis a jewess? Her face is rather long and weiner-faced.

e8027b  No.12121089


Shoo shoo New Balance shill. The only acceptable form of footwear is Doc Martens.

e8027b  No.12121134


Notice how the ear is angled about 45 degrees off the normal axis. Aerodynamics for snatching shekels.

d5e992  No.12121207

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>You're not understanding the black mentality. Everything is race for them. They're not protesting policing methods, they're protesting police and America. Both those things, in the black mind, are Whitey. They don't consider themselves part of America, and they do mental gymnastics to the point of accusing black and Chinese cops of being White supremacists. They're saying "fuck wypipo, muh dik, we wuz kangz, bix nood," when the only reason sports as an industry even exists in the first place is because of Whites spending money as customers of those clubs. You can't tell my whole race to fuck off and then also demand I pay you. I don't owe them shit and neither does anyone else.

Technically, its the nigger overtribe protesting against the whitey tribe and the police tribe, and then they make a lot of noise and then pillage the surrounding city after any of their worthless members is killed even if he was caught balls deep in a headless white female corpse's throat. All it takes is a single Dindu Nuffins and the horde burns and loots the city. So all we need to do is keep provoking that reaction and make it get regular and predictable and drive fence sitters under our watchful gunsights.

1d2145  No.12129096

File: dae5346f2a22729⋯.jpeg (457.86 KB, 1242x1554, 207:259, 7CF3AE33-01AC-4793-B1E4-0….jpeg)

6ee708  No.12129214


its ok to fuck the cutie ones right?

6ee708  No.12129217


to clarify the adult cuite ones

not babies you sickos

6a9584  No.12129407

File: 9ba62148263930e⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1242x1222, 621:611, crip.png)

File: 4ac7187df9b2268⋯.jpg (457.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1458363092134-1.jpg)

Adding fuel to this fire; it's been found why these


are doing this. https://archive.fo/0re0z

TL;DR: Nike, Levis, NFL, CHINA are threatened with profit losses of


because of the new relations between U.S., and BEST Korea.

801670  No.12129433


Is it posible to virtue signal other companies we hate to do the same and watch the stocks plunge? Shouldn't be that hard to convince companies to commit suicide, allowing smaller companies to thrive.

ee3c8b  No.12129504

File: 3a84c2dffbb729b⋯.jpg (83.26 KB, 547x1024, 547:1024, homolatto1.jpg)

File: 59dbfbd50a603e9⋯.jpg (171.63 KB, 542x613, 542:613, homolatto2.jpg)

4a7bc1  No.12129921


Fucking hellfire, I thought that was Megan Fox at first.

17b28a  No.12131005


who the fuck is going to spend 3 hours lacing those boots. Red Wings are $300 but they last. Very comfortable too!!! I got tired of wearing sneakers in any shittly condition, them getting wet and being all stretched out like kanye's asshole. I switched to redwings and in the longrun save money. I will check out danners now. But fuck you and your 400 loopholes.

7acb47  No.12131118


Duck I thought that was John Podesta for a second. You should throw his face on there.

d7957a  No.12131479




63443d  No.12131553


FILA is South Korean owned.


>adidas went from the superior german hitler sports shoe

It was the other Dassler brother, Rudolf, who was more interested in the NSDAP, than Adolf (Adi); even though all three brothers joined.

63443d  No.12131560


I forgot to mention Rudolf founded Puma.

d7957a  No.12131647


You know, Every single pop culture individual that sticks their neck out nowadays for the J-Left has some skeletons in their closet,. It could be faggotry, pedophilia, or sexual degeneracy. But you know that Patton Oswald steps up and speaks out because someone has a photo of him being coked up and participating in gang banging a hooker. Maybe he is sucking a fucking cock too, eyes looking directly into a camera held by a Weinstein. Look at Joe Scaraborough, that guy is 100% a lackey and he is connected to a murder. Remember the fappening? I imagine most Hollywood actors and actresses give up their integrity in a big way. They either suck off their agents or producers, and no matter what it is, it is documented.

The power system makes sure of it. No one can take over Hollywood by simply being THAT good of an actor. There is a power system, and you get "in" by playing ball. And probably suck a cock.

Look at Rotherham. The cops and politicians are all fucking underage girls. They are all in on it and the second that threshhold is crossed they are controlled by the globalists. And at that point. the globalists keep delivering the girls if everyone else plays along. That is how this all works. The public actors we see are blackmailed by a higher authority.

Just look at the Clintons. They were shady as fuck long before they took power. But you can damn well bet that higher ups leveraged their past against them and they are full blown lackeys at this point. You almost wonder who is higher on the power structure. Clinton or Soros. Clintons are blackmailed, soros is a Jew.. Clintons are literally lackeys. The media could have made a literal TRILLION dollars running a story about the father of Chelsea Clinton yet they never do. Why? Becuase the clintons play ball.

We need to work to find a Hollywood insider to come forward and spill the beans about how they control their social icons. We can even forgive the first to step forward, we just need to fucking know. Hollwood needs a Snowden.

We also need to start a movement where EVERY fucking alt-right leader ends their show in a meme to "cut the cord". Similar to how Bob Barker reminded you to spade your fucking animals. We need to meme into reality the complete expulsion of the electric Jew from your household. Buy movies and rent netflix in the winter if you want to binge TV when it is rainy or snowy out. But by and large we need to get this media out of our fucking faces. And one of the greatest powers we have as a people is the right to boycott.

We can literally crash the dollar if whites stayed home en masse for 4 days where no taxable transactions occurred. The government only borrows money based on it's ABILITY to TAX. If we stop paying taxes then the government can not pay it's bills and the race war starts on day 6 because the gibs run dry.

8dc084  No.12131775


>Fucking hellfire, I thought that was Megan Fox at first

Megan Fox being a tranny been rumored for years

5b4b4e  No.12131837

File: 8154ce40986aa5e⋯.jpg (14.45 KB, 250x376, 125:188, Batman_1989_-_Batman_(for_….jpg)

File: 4d0b348cd8c6e4e⋯.jpg (49.55 KB, 570x469, 570:469, nike-air-trainer-iii-air-j….jpg)

They should have gotten this man to promote their product. He wears nikes and isn't really black either.

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