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File: d82091d36db55cb⋯.jpg (276.91 KB, 1130x814, 565:407, czechy.jpg)

2b00a6  No.12105866

Hey, we are doing real life activism in Poland, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, United States etc.

2183d5  No.12105882



lets do it. you have a pdf of that?

21756a  No.12105912

Kike-free second post.

2b00a6  No.12105920

File: 6bc9c1b748a4d2c⋯.pdf (25.09 KB, Deutsch2a.pdf)

File: 71fbbb6a6173a9b⋯.pdf (26.09 KB, English.pdf)

File: 6254767d2c42074⋯.pdf (26.13 KB, English2a.pdf)

File: 4824c3f9a09c21e⋯.pdf (25.81 KB, Polski2a.pdf)


Yes in 3 languages - english version is in 2 sizes

a32f85  No.12105932


shill detected

anyway let's do it

df7610  No.12105934

What does your QR code link to?

21756a  No.12105944


How is making kike-free posts shilling? When the JIDF send in their own, they're not sending their best. Fuck off, Shlomo.

2183d5  No.12105949


People hate reading

we need a good red-pill 5 minute video

2b00a6  No.12105951

File: 6a2bd95a2df31e6⋯.jpg (566.49 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 20180902_060745.jpg)

File: fc29a8451d4cf4f⋯.jpg (651.31 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 20180902_061605.jpg)

File: d5bd9cb3e3740dd⋯.jpg (571.37 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 20180902_060221.jpg)


It was leading to the pdf in English I think.

I made versions without QR code, because those without will stay much longer, because people won't know it is about Jews untill they will google it at home.

This is how my version look like on a wall(I spread them a few days ago

81ab6f  No.12105953


chad right soyboy. go back to your containment leddit.

2183d5  No.12105965


2 buzz words in a 3 word sentence.

2 buzzwords in your seconds sentence.

1 shill confirmed

2b00a6  No.12105970

File: 28609252fa402f6⋯.jpg (56.66 KB, 624x321, 208:107, hwndu.jpg)

File: 23bcdb07e12eb38⋯.jpg (110.22 KB, 991x607, 991:607, Dgb7ZPKXUAAFFFh.jpg)

File: acf805669dca725⋯.jpg (445.59 KB, 1057x594, 1057:594, 1528919386192.jpg)

File: f38116835e37a6c⋯.jpg (105.96 KB, 992x558, 16:9, 35284232_1061693724009490_….jpg)


I love reading, and people which we want on our side(smart whites) love reading + our 1st goal is to make this book mainstream and show academics that we have their back if they will decide to write something controversial

P.S More of our activism

90c8d2  No.12105985


> Smart whites deface public property with spray paint

Had me until that pic

2b00a6  No.12105992


Yeah, let's not destroy property while fighting for our future so once we lose and our daughter will be raped by Jamal the Jews will be able to enjoy property that wasn't defaced.

Good idea.

594f40  No.12105994

File: 64b180efb77a91c⋯.jpg (249.36 KB, 1222x815, 1222:815, TimesSquare-20151006033612….jpg)


its just advertisement except it isnt regulated by jews.

5f3190  No.12105996


Wouldn't it be better to phrase it as a question?

instead of

>Przeczytaj "Kulturę Krytyki" profesora Kevina MacDonalda

>Czy czytałeś "Kulturę Krytyki" profesora Kevina MacDonalda?


Ludzie czytają is better than "read it"

Another good author in Poland is Bogusław Wolniewicz, he went as far as law allows and said that "ebil holocaust deniers" should instead be debated with and allowed to examine evidence, (including and especially resuming exhumation in Jedwabne).

2b00a6  No.12106033

File: 25a6a403139d9f0⋯.jpg (138.09 KB, 937x1171, 937:1171, 17126291_1901651470121953_….jpg)

File: 2a7848dd8d5172b⋯.jpg (681.17 KB, 2988x5312, 9:16, 5wmsp5o096r01.jpg)


>Wouldn't it be better to phrase it as a question?

I spread fliers like that too

>Ludzie czytają is better than "read it"

Yeah, because social proof, but I spread both, because with diverse methods it is easier to succeed

>Another good author in Poland is Bogusław Wolniewicz, he went as far as law allows and said that "ebil holocaust deniers" should instead be debated with and allowed to examine evidence, (including and especially resuming exhumation in Jedwabne).

I know him, he seems cool. We could do special action in Poland about promoting him too. Would you be interested?

Atm I am promoting activism with Kevin's book because I want it to be internationally so we could free all white countries - not only Poland

df7610  No.12106086


>I love reading, and people which we want on our side(smart whites) love reading

That's good, and I think more people on /pol/ could read more, including myself.

Do you have a method of seeing how much interaction you get with these posters? Mainly to see how you can improve your methods of getting people to read the book.

51e1e7  No.12106106


>anime bodypillow

And you lost me, just like that you lost me.

2b00a6  No.12106141


I checked which libraries have that book in cities where we spread "Culture of Critique" posters. Here I know that we succeed, because I spread posters at 5 a.m. in the morning in front of library and 10 hours later the book was borrowed. It can't be a coincidence.

With bookstores we also had a success, because people bought all copies that were available - even the ones in Empik for 78 PLN

With ebook I can only say that a few people asked me for a link to one so I assume they read it as well, but it comes from online activism.

To sum it up it worked with physical copies and probably a few dozens of people downloaded ebook, but that's just my guess


It's from somebody's instagram you oversensitive faggot


df7610  No.12106199


>Here I know that we succeed, because I spread posters at 5 a.m. in the morning in front of library and 10 hours later the book was borrowed.

That's rather clever. In my town there are little boxes with glass doors on them that are called mobile or mini-libraries. Seems like it might be an interesting way to track interaction and distribute literature that I might file away for later use in my town.

Do you have any intentions of doing more poster-wise? Like making redpill pamphlets or recommending other books? Or is the current plan just to stay focused on your current message?

90c8d2  No.12106207


>oversensitive faggot

I'm not oversensitive, I just see this for what it is (illegal) and how it will be spun. "Fascist racists are spraying graffiti all over public property." meanwhile they will continue to ignore niggers "beautifying" neighborhoods with gang "art." This isn't even a "muh optics" chickenshit argument… the problem is that it creates an opening to divert the conversation which will be seized upon whereby subverting the message creating yet another barrier between you and reaching the people you want to reach, that being well educated law abiding decent whites.


df7610  No.12106239


Fortify your point with suggestions on more ways to legally and effectively post the message around his town then. It's an opportunity to let others who want to do something similar how to do it right.

784539  No.12106446


It's so disgusting. How can anyone live there.

84bf26  No.12106461


deface everything

951fa7  No.12106479


>Let's keep playing by the same retarded rules only we play by

It's like you actually WANT to lose.

6a7463  No.12106770

File: 2d3f25af6ed77d8⋯.png (2.05 MB, 3033x2874, 1011:958, toynbeeTileGuide.png)

8c85d4  No.12106821

I think this is great. It’ll surely arouse interest while being general. Great propaganda

62be5b  No.12107468

File: e87e47dda62588d⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 2800x2335, 560:467, new-york-times-square-1900.jpg)

File: f1730ebcc59456b⋯.jpg (621.02 KB, 1566x1008, 87:56, longacresquarepostcard.jpg)

File: cc156b832b797bb⋯.jpg (342.46 KB, 1200x770, 120:77, Longacre Square.jpg)



New York City used to look like a proper city at one time.

0c09a0  No.12107493

File: cff0710ba31484d⋯.jpg (495.94 KB, 1224x1840, 153:230, anne frank flier.jpg)

File: 31df6aa7632d18f⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 360x640, 9:16, call ice flier.jpg)


everyone whining about the law is a faggot. is it your country or not?



0c09a0  No.12107495

File: 59d1aef766e823d⋯.jpg (73.75 KB, 897x593, 897:593, beer sluts.jpg)



442427  No.12107497


> law abiding

i bet you dont even kill kikes, fagoot

1cde1a  No.12107521

File: 44a0fa0c012e925⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 533x477, 533:477, 112343242342.jpg)


>tfw you mentioned me in your tweet to retweet this picture and I did

Right wing twitter is so comfy

442427  No.12107574


i think there are better things to post on poles

heh poles

qr codes and telling normies to read books is a bit, gay and unlikely to work

id give the normies slogans to yell at lefties

and also something like

It's okay to punch communists

you know, give them permission to act like healthy men do, which is to breed and destroy their enemies

e4650e  No.12107693

File: 4ebfd11d6553d4e⋯.jpg (45.7 KB, 1161x205, 1161:205, (((macdonald))).JPG)

Here's Kevin "jews are just smarter than you!" MacDonald on the Jewish podcast Torah Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykRMeCX5SSE

You could be educating white people about their own genocide but instead you're marketing a book. KYS.

bb86ea  No.12107702

File: 6d3aeb0e2319207⋯.jpg (116.71 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, jyhLwwf.jpg)


Got a poster I can download and print?

e136cd  No.12107706


Why don't you link to the actual book?

a4dbfa  No.12107707



>links to a PDF with one page that says to read the book

1/10 activism. I guess you tried. What is the point if you aren't providing them a copy of the book? You're a jackass OP.

2b00a6  No.12107946

File: 71fbbb6a6173a9b⋯.pdf (26.09 KB, English.pdf)

File: 6254767d2c42074⋯.pdf (26.13 KB, English2a.pdf)


>That's rather clever.

Thank you brother :)

>Do you have any intentions of doing more poster-wise? Like making redpill pamphlets or recommending other books? Or is the current plan just to stay focused on your current message?

I plan pushing this book, because I want it to become a part of mainstream discussion and show academic that if they will decide to risk their career we will support them and stand with them, of course another good result is that people will read it and become redpilled.

Yeah, in the future we may start recommending other books(maybe something from Jared Taylor or new academics who will write new books seeing that we support them), but it will be after we will succeed our current goal of making this book and academic JQ a part of mainstream discussion.


I wasn't responding to you and you still got defensive - I think you might be oversensitive xD


Thank you brother :)


Hello :)


Wrong. We are bring academic analysis of the JQ to the mainstream discussion whether you like it or not, faggot.


Yes, uploaded 2 versions in English to this comment. Other languages along with a few tips on how I do activism are here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChadRight/comments/9cfpl9/tutorial_how_to_print_culture_of_critique_posters/e5acyd3/


Because our main goal is to make it a part of the mainstream discussion and show academic that we will support them if they will write something that goes against the mainstream globalist leftist academia


>t. counter-signalling faggot Jew that is afraid of our activism.

We will promote this book to the mainstream whether you like it or not. And because you are butt-hurt I am going to spread new posters now

f73b91  No.12107948

File: 647c917fba4d10d⋯.png (3.34 MB, 864x3256, 108:407, 66etgawwc1k11.png)


then prove that die juden are not smarter…

>took control over large swaths of media companies

>took control over EU and US governments

>every other top 1% of any industry is jewish

>subverted white culture, just look at any one other than an "alt-right nazi"

I can keep going but it's no use to the JIDF since you already know this. Just because someone is high on the spectrum than your inbred dumbass doesn't they're right or smarter.

Also, if you have anything better than Culture of Critique, then go ahead and recommend it, please.

6774b3  No.12107969


Oh boo fucking hoo some old park bench.

What's next? You gonna whine about some graffiti on a crumbling concrete building that was abandoned decades ago?

2ee19c  No.12108219


>Also, if you have anything better than Culture of Critique, then go ahead and recommend it, please.

Exactly, if somebody have better idea then propose it, but they never do, because those shills don't want us to win.

We will act, we will spread our ideas and we will win.


This man is right

2ee19c  No.12108234

Are we doing this?

Because I want to do this

1ba994  No.12108291


Hes just being picky about what he will lose. Principles are nothing but a difficulty-setting on your own life, but they make life and its victories more rewarding.

2b00a6  No.12108356

File: c2485daf4b7c7c7⋯.jpg (151.56 KB, 1751x984, 1751:984, 35146954_1061704657341730_….jpg)

File: e687d1f60e45f10⋯.jpg (25.34 KB, 819x459, 91:51, 35246314_1061696950675834_….jpg)




What victories? We are losing everything year my by year every year since 100 years ago. I would like to see at least one real victory and I will till we get one

81ab6f  No.12108359

File: 7d12142ade2e439⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 800x550, 16:11, raceSATscoresMath83-2013.jpg)

File: f158a8795f958d6⋯.jpg (671.87 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, jewsIQLies.jpg)

File: 9a76031d6f2502e⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 902x2268, 451:1134, jewsIQLies2.jpg)


Italians came over to America and took over many parts of it with the mafia. They were not even considered white at the time (still arent, at least the southern Italians, northern italians are white) and were definitely not considered intelligent or on par with WASPs. Yet they held incredible power and sway for a long time.

Nepotism and in-group preference can go a long way, especially in a society that trusts and believes you are 'just like them'.

And its easy to prove Jews arent significantly smarter (entire standard deviation or more). The "Other" listed - that's Jews for reference.

If that's not reliable enough for you. Let's look at the complete 2010 and 2012 NMS semifinalist lists of the 2000 or so top-scoring California high school seniors for ethnicity, and discover that as few as 4–5 percent of the names seem to be Jewish, a figure not so dramatically different than the state’s 3.3 percent Jewish population.

For comparison, the state’s 13 percent Asians account for over 57 percent of the top performing students.

Hmm, 105 IQ Asians vs 115+ IQ Ashkenazi Jews. Yet Jews are absolutely blown the fuck out.

Funny thing, there are more whites than Jews, too. Cra-cra. Must be white and Asian privilege. I see why Jews must discriminate against all races and be over represented in ivy league schools by several thousand percent now. Oh look, http://archive.is/tFipR - Princeton is anti-semitic because Jews are only 10% of the student population despite the massive campaign by Jewish leaders to go to Jewish schools and recruit Jewish students that are lower scoring than other races. The others, like Harvard and Yale, have well over 25% Jews, so why is Princeton so anti-semitic? We'll never know.

We could look at other achievements, too - art? 0 Jewish artistic accomplishments in human history. Architecture? 0 achievements. No great synagogues, nothing to match cathedrals or bascillas of Catholics. No mosques from antiquity from Islam. Nothing related to Greek or Roman or Germanic, English and other time period or national accomplishments. Nothing.

Maybe they are just book smart. Oh wait, nothing in science from them either. Einstein is a fraud https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/was-einstein-the-first-to-invent-e-mc2/ (you can find more if you look confirming even more bullshit, from his media of Jew friends pumping him up, no cited sources for his work, no experiments proving it and how his "achievement" has crippled physics for 100 years and can all be proven with aether based physics from 19th century).

Freud is a proven fraud and bullshit movement. No one accepts his pseudoscience as reality anymore. Just movies and tv so that it is all people really know about him and his cabal of lackeys taking over the field.

Boasian anthropology destroyed and perverted Darwinism. They use evolution to attack the church and push equality with no scientific work to back up any claims. Just attack any that disagree and drum them out of hte field and academia.

You can look up Nobel prizes - Jews barely factor before the wars and magically only ones that can win after the wars - just got smarter I guess. Oh, Jews took over the Nobel committee with mass lobbying and mail campaigns until they now sit on the panel of judges and decision making and provide the funding for the group. Just smart I guess.

So science is a wash for kikes, too. Even Muslims were doing more 1000s of years ago in science than Jews. Maybe Jews wer ejust hiding their skills and werent actually mostly dirt farmers in the pale of settlement for hundreds of years. Maybe their IQs werent so fuckign low that America refused to accept them back during restrictionist immigration days in the early 20th century. Probably just antisemitism

I know, Jews must be good at economics. They run banks and shit, right? James Buchanan is responsible for the oligarch government push for the past 60 years after establishing his school (almost everyone related to law, politics and judges go through his school, something like 40-60% supreme court jduges study or associated with his school of thought) and Adam Smith defined economics.

Man, this is getting hard. Surely if they cant do science, math, art, architecture, economics, labour intensive work, anything physical, they must just be too smart and the chosen people of god to get where they are.

Or maybe outlawing usury by Charlemagne so that all Christianity is forbidden and Islam also forbids it, so Jews became the default bankers and through nepotism became primary lenders and creators of money for hundreds of years. They then use this money to fund their fellow jews in media, academia, and take government control (kings need gold, jews have it, favours for loans, etc - see Napolean, King Charles I death, etc).

Jews just too smart despite no achievements in anything except evil.

360554  No.12108995

File: 233bbde23d5b8e8⋯.jpg (215.14 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, daim-one.jpg)


Graffiti is European culture.

Public property belongs to everybody and is the only place for graffiti. Be mad when private property gets defaced.

360554  No.12108999

File: f56dd0a241ec353⋯.jpg (249.68 KB, 900x461, 900:461, jews.jpg)


Those "Italians" that came over from Sicily that you said were "mafia", they were actually jews. The Rusko "mafia" is also jews. And, of course, the jew "mafia" is jews. The only "mafia" that isn't jews is Irish.



The "gang" mentality found among these two groups (jews and Irish), and eventually African and Hispano-mayan peoples who emulate Europeans, at least in the US, comes from the "culture of honor" that herding people have.


2b00a6  No.12109132


>Those "Italians" that came over from Sicily that you said were "mafia", they were actually jews. The Rusko "mafia" is also jews. And, of course, the jew "mafia" is jews. The only "mafia" that isn't jews is Irish.


6feaf6  No.12109560


every (((reason))) you stated prooves nothing. next time, try something along the lines of inventing or discovering something. subversion through group mentality while being empowered by other races due to pity is not a sign of intelligence; its a sign that you cannot be trusted and in actuality are no better than niggers. keep patting yourselves on the back for being empowered and stabbing other groups of people in the back that have welcomed you into thier communities with open arms; thats why you have been kicked out of over 100 countries hahaha history has a habit of repeating itself, you and your family will find this out the hard way

df7610  No.12109832


>I plan pushing this book, because I want it to become a part of mainstream discussion and show academic that if they will decide to risk their career we will support them and stand with them

Sounds like a two-part plan then - first to create the discussion in the public so that your field of support is established, and then to influence academics and influential figures to validate having the JQ discussion. It sounds very similar to the Redstick project on 8chan, though more focused on just the JQ and not relying on technology so much.

What sort of context will you be developing to make people interested in the topic in the first place? Not many people who start off even consider Jews as anything but harmless/persecuted 'white people' with a venerable religion, and so they don't realize how the question impacts them.

5610f4  No.12109892


>the only mafia that isn’t Jewish is Irish

What about the Yakuza?

23811c  No.12109914



Or maybe the Triad?

9ee86e  No.12109950

I've considered printing out sheets of QR codes to redpills and then just paste them onto flyers that are already put up at my university.

From my analysis, it seems like it would be a pretty low risk method.

000000  No.12109957

You think normies will stop to scan and read a whole fucking book?

No, they will google and find out it's naahtzee propaganda and walk away. You need to bring their attention with some short efficient posters. Forget QR codes, go for good old fashioned posters

2b00a6  No.12110291


No, retard.

That's not our main goal. Our main goal is to bring this book to mainstream discussion.

Yes, some people will buy and read this book - they already bought all "Culture of Critique" copies in Poland, but our main goals are:

a) make it a part of mainstream discussion

b) show academic that we will stand with them if they decide to write something controversial

2b00a6  No.12110316


We will spread it across the world and people will read the name of the book, some will google it and some will read it.

Basically we want to expose them to new ideas - our ideas - that they wouldn't see via social media, because social medias are echo chambers.


Yeah, if you do this at night with dark glasses on and a baseball hat or hoodie there is no risk getting caught. I spread at least 300 posters in 2 cities, 20-30 graffiti in one city, and fliers in one city. Also I hijacked HWNDU stream to talk about "Culture of Critique" two times.

And if you promote academic works by professors from real american university(f.e. Kevin MacDonald) it looks good optically instead of swastikas and it would be harder to brand it as nazi activism despite it being much more effective in creating "nazis" :)

f84781  No.12110568

Come on. Never ever do anything. You're supposed to just shitpost on 8ch and call each other kikes.

8b6d29  No.12110900

Rather than posting quickly didmissed "nazi propoganda" it might be more effective to list names of #metoo offenders in hollywood or the religious affiliation of 1917 russia and the subsequent genocide of christians

df7610  No.12110989


Sounds like good goals. Keep up the postering and observe what ends up working and what doesn't so you call tell the rest of the people here any tips and tricks you get out of it.

2b00a6  No.12113394


Thank you, do you want to join activism?

P.S. If someone wants to to get more info privately you can text me here: https://www.reddit.com/user/ChadRight/

cc5183  No.12113408

File: 479b8f90433d095⋯.jpg (123.58 KB, 960x910, 96:91, 29594953_2078943198990251_….jpg)


this is great anon, we need more irl activism. we're not going to change anything shitposting on image boards all day

cc5183  No.12113418


this faggot has mildly a good point tho. i got a couple of friends ot finally read culture of critique, but only AFTER they watched:


df7610  No.12113462


>Thank you, do you want to join activism?

I have local plans here to test out various tactics of attention-grabbing. Your campaign is simple enough in message and purpose that I imagine anyone could replicate it and share their results.

Since you want the library to be a vector of people checking the book out, maybe donate a few more copies to it. If they've been getting more readership as you say, they'll need more.

1e34ab  No.12113475

File: 36cdb0118941a8d⋯.png (49.81 KB, 727x558, 727:558, zogposter.png)

File: 2673facf68e1a21⋯.png (191.75 KB, 927x1125, 103:125, antifaposter1.png)


good thread, so I'll share my oc material for flyposting from the last poster thread

cc5183  No.12113491

File: 6c9a71fa30dec5c⋯.jpg (84.51 KB, 478x677, 478:677, 38046242_2182287535337215_….jpg)

File: 97ae9f0915d5482⋯.jpg (164.17 KB, 432x576, 3:4, 1533160977289.jpg)

File: eea7658e9998982⋯.jpg (321.75 KB, 1200x1699, 1200:1699, Is your kid altright if yo….jpg)


ha you read my mind anon. i was actually thinking if printing these out and posting them everywhere would be a good idea or not

1e34ab  No.12113507

File: 335e6cdba412f71⋯.jpg (83.01 KB, 660x884, 165:221, edfd80becbd8c0e6e5e0c23516….jpg)


great minds think alike bro, but all i really did was polish up and repurpose some boomer tier instagram post

eb8567  No.12113510


jak dostat czech gf?

6a020c  No.12113534


Change alt-right to Nazi and its even better propaganda. It's close. We're getting there. Soon all will know that Hitler was right.

6a020c  No.12113541


Scratch that. Alt-right and Nazi are both coined by jews. We need to control the language. We need to be called National Socialists.

6a020c  No.12113553


That property won't even exist if niggers and jewrabs take over completely.

81ab6f  No.12113647

File: 7a70a97576a2028⋯.png (27.27 KB, 1467x188, 1467:188, polishNegros.png)

Who the fuck uses QR codes still? Is poland so shit that they are just getting this level of cell phone tech?

824a8d  No.12113674

Nobody's going to download and read a 500 page pdf because they saw a QR code on a pole. Most people won't read an ebook for any reason, yet alone one like that.

2b00a6  No.12113912



>Since you want the library to be a vector of people checking the book out, maybe donate a few more copies to it.

I can't because people bought all copies of "Culture of Critique" form internet bookstores.

Much better idea is to just write to libraries that you would like them to buy a copy because you want to read it. Many libraries have special links for ordering them to buy books.

I did it with 10 libraries already

Most people just buy books, so now I am going to write to bookstores if they have a copy of "Culture of Critique" left, because I want to buy a copy. Some will order them and they will be available again.

We don't need to donate, we just have to write copy-paste messages to libraries to buy them and maybe to bookstores to get more copies


It's better if we did one the same message so it will be more powerful and maybe even picked up by the media giving "Culture of Critique" free press


I heard that you can get one if you will go and spread posters about "Culture of Critique"

79ecbd  No.12122246

I printed 5 posters and spread them few hours ago

5f3190  No.12122586


Just a fun fact, Czech Republic is an European leader in production of pornography and has highest divorce rates in Europe, so other than MUH DIK-ing it's not really worth it.

Best gun laws in Europe though

1d280d  No.12131038


>Caring about the material when your blood and soil are being destroyed.

They indoctrinated you well.

b12df2  No.12131069

File: d25d012bf862eab⋯.jpg (122.7 KB, 450x589, 450:589, tumblr_lolqbcHlqg1qhybpko1….jpg)

I used to do that same thing in college, except now I've got a lot to lose, and I'm unwilling to lose it.

2b00a6  No.12137327

our subreddit got banned at 5 thousand subscribers

8e483d  No.12137358

Slovak reporting. Give me some materials guys

2b00a6  No.12159367


I don't know Slovakian, can you make a pdf and post it here?

14bc47  No.12159384

Dont do anything in the UK or you will get 5-10

bc09de  No.12159448


here's one: print out flyers with kosher certification logos and hand them out to people entering the grocery stores - ask them to check the products they buy for those logos, and let them know their grocery bill is higher because 2% of the population needs peace of mind

1a627b  No.12159502

1a627b  No.12159504


>fear and do nothing

lol no

14bc47  No.12159644


Its less of a joke and more a political reality. That kid that put a NA sticker on a lamp post got 5 years you will go to jail

6a2486  No.12163177

File: ed94ae161c104dd⋯.jpg (110.55 KB, 564x858, 94:143, 0a6f98fe468bcaf8d341cd9e6f….jpg)


2b3f48  No.12163275

File: 3be9ac0c6c7900f⋯.jpeg (146.28 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, fdgfg.jpeg)

df0069  No.12163278


that image is hilarious

2b3f48  No.12163292

File: 989733f259d2e73⋯.jpg (251.21 KB, 837x1390, 837:1390, a-plane-distributes-propag….jpg)

Btw I was thinking, maybe go on a windy day, with a sport-bag full of small folders, and just let the wind spread the message

2b3f48  No.12163299


From a tall building*

Forgot to mention

42a0cd  No.12163379

File: 49caa9752f5aebb⋯.png (238.54 KB, 1969x3150, 1969:3150, p346363577.png)

Whatever happened to the USB op? Buy cheap USB with cash, fill with easy-to-digest redpills for normies, then spread around. Works just in the same way as flyers.

As for Culture of Critique, it's a bit heavy for a normal person. You can't just say "It's the Jews" right away. They have to discover it themselves for it to have any effect.

Also, flyers could play on the utopian memory. Show pictures of what the country used to be like. Most people will long for it when they see it, even the younger generation.

a3a4cc  No.12163408

Read Culture of Critics by Kevin MacDonald! -D

2b00a6  No.12175897

File: f3ecfe6c48ed2bf⋯.jpg (547.74 KB, 1680x1258, 840:629, yt1.jpg)

File: 27303ffff58414f⋯.jpg (517.15 KB, 1860x1238, 930:619, yt2.jpg)


I also made a compilation of 60 out of 100 youtube comments about "Culture of Critique" that I made

I spread them on 4chan from time to time to inspire people to do activism whether online or offline

65c5aa  No.12177670


In every CoC thread this shows up with 1 post from the id, prett much the exact same post, the exact same image. I wonder (((why))). Next time you see a culture of critique thread look for this post.

5a59d8  No.12177727


"Video is unavailable due to being sensitive to certain audiences"

Wow Moishe is so sensitive.

He had to shut it down :D

2b00a6  No.12178244


I know, I made 5-10 thread about it on 4chan and it happens every time - usually 1st or 2nd response. They might have a special alarm or something for that xD

21446c  No.12178246



Keep spreading the message: never surrender, never tire, never slacken!

2b00a6  No.12179241

File: 70c3c87d7808dad⋯.jpg (119.08 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 35142849_1061734094005453_….jpg)


Of course brother :)

4bc88f  No.12181043


>”I am Gay”

>decides to “become” a woman

>”I am lesbian”, admitting his attraction towards men was just a phase

I know that degenerates have no brain, but their nonsense still floors me

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