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File: ad59a6d7205e091⋯.jpg (833.33 KB, 1288x1315, 1288:1315, 3rewg96544.jpg)

85d438  No.12106384

>With their supporters energized in opposition to Donald Trump, Democrats hold their widest advantage in midterm election vote preferences since 2006, when they seized control of both houses of Congress.

>Rebounding from a tighter contest in the spring, Democratic House candidates now lead their Republican opponents nationally by 52-38 percent among registered voters in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll – a lead that holds up across a range of likely voter models.

>Surpassing that Democratic lead in vote choice, 60 percent of registered voters say they’d rather see the next Congress controlled by the Democrats, as a check on Trump, than by the GOP, to support Trump’s agenda. Preference for Democratic control is up 8 points from a year ago.

>The Democrats’ advantage reflects Trump’s broad unpopularity. As reported Friday, 36 percent of Americans approve of his job performance, the lowest approval rating for a president heading into his first midterms in polling dating to 1954. Next closest were Jimmy Carter’s 42 percent in 1978; Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at 46 percent in 2010 and 1994, respectively; and Ronald Reagan’s 48 percent in 1982.

>Most of those are not good omens for the Republicans: The parties in control of the White House lost 63 House seats in Obama’s first midterms, 52 in Clinton’s and 26 in Reagan’s (but fewer, 15, in Carter’s). And in 2006, when the Democrats last held pre-election leads as high theirs now, they gained 31 seats.


Huh. If only he didn't cuck out as soon as became President.

96c55d  No.12106385

Don't believe in (((polls))) sorry

85d438  No.12106386


Luckily we only have to wait less than 2 months to find out.

eb80f3  No.12106389

File: 82ab1cb4a50dff1⋯.jpg (69.79 KB, 750x503, 750:503, 2bfg83.jpg)


636bb6  No.12106390

Eager to give their base confidence the (((media))) have told them there is no need to vote. It's +14 might as well stay home.

5b2791  No.12106391

It's over, goyim! Trump has really fucked up now! Take these little blackpills like good gentiles. . .

Wait, what's this?

>METHODOLOGY – This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and

cellular telephone Aug. 26-29, 2018, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of

1,003 adults. Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.6 points, including the design effect.

Partisan divisions are 33-25-37 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents.

<33% of respondents were Democrats

<25% were Republicans

<"Republicans only have a 1% lead among whites, goyim!"


Reported for being a miserable stupid kike.

524a59  No.12106393


Good. Maybe Democrat congress can prevent Trump from giving amnesty to DACA babies, which he has repeatedly indicated to be one of his goals.

85d438  No.12106400


Don't forget his gun grab.

cd90f8  No.12106403


>pols by liberal institutions are facts

Hold still while I gas you.

5b2791  No.12106404




You should really coordinate these raids more closely. Several actual posters got here before you.

52f737  No.12106407

File: 53f87669fdde388⋯.png (1.06 MB, 891x685, 891:685, The March of Tyranny.png)


>Take these little blackpills like good gentiles. . .

>implying jews want us to lose faith in their system

Remember when everybody understood pic related?

85d438  No.12106409


>Reported for being a miserable stupid kike.

But I'm not Donald Trump…

0a841c  No.12106412

File: 5fefd9da3efc525⋯.jpg (163.12 KB, 1024x646, 512:323, 25475223553.jpg)


>"we'll be right this time"

d7bf19  No.12106414


>Remember when everybody understood pic related?

You're making the assumption that (((they))) are oldfags and not newfags that came here during the election,

6c151e  No.12106419

File: a81ef962e2b24c9⋯.jpg (101.22 KB, 392x379, 392:379, 0c71cc374b5cbbc8f706ac4d8b….jpg)



>mfw Drumph wins again

524a59  No.12106424


Where's the lie? Has Trump not repeatedly indicated his support for DACA amnesty? Has he not supported gun control?

1238c3  No.12106428


>believing that votes are counted

We have already seen so much election fraud go unpunished that it is insane to think that (((they))) will not just elect (((progressives))) across the board this time. All we are seeing now is (((them))) announcing the numbers beforehand. The kikes won't let the (((polls))) be wrong a second time.

5b2791  No.12106430


You're not real, you're a kike infiltrator, but a real newfag might be reading this so I'll take the bait.

Trump is not our husband, he's a tool to make a fire break and buy us breathing space. Everything is still catastrophically bad, especially over the long run, demographic-wise, but it would have been far worse if history had unfolded any different in 2016. This way, there's hope and opportunity. The other way, this shithole would already be streaming from prison servers in Florence ADX, and there'd be no hope but a losing war.

No real person can regard the shift in the discussion over the last three years and wish it had realistically gone any different. You – if there really is a you at all – are the kind of punk who pulls the trigger at the first sound of footsteps.

So shut up and watch as the white race returns to glory, heeb. Trump is a step, not a destination. But then, you already knew that. They train you on the idea in JIDF orientation.

08366a  No.12106434


He has decided against running a 2nd term. He doesn't want to be President anymore

7fce01  No.12106435

Reminder that the Trump fellators are redditors and should be reported on sight. /pol/ stands above hero worship and jewish false dichotomies.

fec209  No.12106437


The two-party, Jew party system is not going to allow for that.

ba3246  No.12106438


Trump is buying time for someone, but it sure isn't us.

85d438  No.12106439



It's called reality, nigger.

f59489  No.12106440


Your not a real /pol/ack for many reasons mate, real ones that want r the zognald here and bullied them out that it is getting more of a bad rep, now even that out of the way you believe these (((polls)))?

a08487  No.12106441


said what source?

7fce01  No.12106442


I honestly would not be surprised. No one’s else up there is doing what he wants them to do, even though both parties are working for the jews. A small part of me wants him to abdicate a second term simply because it will make all Q-LARPers commit suicide. A slightly larger part of me wants him to do it because it means the race war comes THAT MUCH FASTER.

f59489  No.12106447


Proof that jidf is behind this, because there is a lot of evidence that jew that like trump outnumber the kikes that hate him, then there is a few proof of them playing both sides.

aa3986  No.12106451

Let this thread mark the beginning of the midterm voting shills


f59489  No.12106460


A lot of people here is mixed about trump including me anon, I want him out so all the plebbitors will get out or try to get a candidate they like which will enable us to choose a different one and fuck them over and regain 4/pol/ to be natsoc again but the other part of me wants him to stay because there is simply no other politician but him that would've fucked us over as hard, I knew trump would not be like a hitler or anything, but he has done nothing that screams if he is on our side or not.

5b2791  No.12106464

File: 4633f9254d4e104⋯.jpg (52.65 KB, 570x463, 570:463, St_Dunstan_Teaches_a_Jew.jpg)


Learn English, kike.

638f61  No.12106468

File: de6074b39a23796⋯.jpg (14.08 KB, 697x208, 697:208, facts.jpg)


<facts bother me

85d438  No.12106469


>he has done nothing

That's not true. He tweeted that one time.

f59489  No.12106471

File: 2c1955174c7b214⋯.png (283.59 KB, 737x866, 737:866, 1532847441657.png)


>oh god I almost faced a fact, till you made a typo tough luck.

d7bf19  No.12106475

File: f1fb2f7dd924f4f⋯.jpg (6.39 KB, 172x200, 43:50, basedassad.jpg)


>Expecting paid shills who have to result to shitposting and false flagging to argue in good faith.

08366a  No.12106477


Roger Stone


>Rock or Hard Place

>Full Fash or Civil War along racial lines and 'accelerationism'

either way; what has to be done, must be done. It isn't up to Trump or anyone else at this point. the takeaway from Trump, the Queue-LARP, lefties, niggers, spics, the jew of course, … is that it's up to Joe&Jane Goyim. They'll either fight for what their ancestors fought for them to have, or die of asphyxiation choking on two fists full of McDonalds Happy Hour Big Macs

as they crash into the candy bar display at Walshart


f59489  No.12106481


Well is confusing one time he aids niggers that would've been used for something else, then there is the deportations, then he brought attention to south africa and I applaud him, but always sucking israel's dick, clarify anon is he on our side or not?

524a59  No.12106487


>No real person can regard the shift in the discussion over the last three years and wish it had realistically gone any different

A huge number of people have been deradicalized by the Trump presidency. Former white nationalists are going civic and it's all due to this disastrous "shift in the discussion."

5b2791  No.12106494

File: 42640b630983085⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1014x1545, 338:515, Eye_Cancer.jpg)


Learn to meme, kike.

524a59  No.12106499


>then there is the deportations

There are no deportations. Trump has lower deportation numbers than O-nigger

5b2791  No.12106501


Better than "diversity is our strength." I never used to see comments under normalfag articles that named the Jew in the first five entries, but now it's all over the place.

1238c3  No.12106505


My vote for Trump was a vote for pissing off the (((progressives))) and exposing the bullshit across the board. Like an attempt to hopefully wake up some centrists and normies to the disaster that is happening. As we have seen, the (((news))) has overplayed their hand, tech companies have gone balls to the walls with censorship, Antifa and shitskins have assaulted normal people, etc. etc. Trump being elected serves as a glimpse of what is to come from (((them))) for all to see. The frustration and childish behavior of the left has been exposed and hopefully enough people are asking themselves whether this is really worth it anymore. For better or worse Trump has cast the worst elements of what is to come in to the limelight. That is better than it continuing quietly.

3d2645  No.12106511


>not believing polls

>the cancer that is killing /pol/

imagine being this retarded

48c9cc  No.12106513

>Hillary is unstoppable! 99% chance to win according to all the (((polls)))

Yeah no, if anything this just means stay more vigilant because they're going to use this as cover to cheat even more.

They're sniffing their own farts again, Trump's results are better than the manufactured outrage.

012898  No.12106528

File: da8cbd968c1a46a⋯.jpg (153.55 KB, 1024x635, 1024:635, the so-called blue wave.jpg)


And thread, thanks for frying the bots early in anon.

85d438  No.12106537

File: 1652b60c20ff6fe⋯.jpg (49.5 KB, 454x619, 454:619, number-of-deportations-by-….jpg)

7fce01  No.12106538


Trump kept us from rising up.


>I never used to see


Most people on the Internet probably only come in contact with less than a dozen sites. Google, with its Gmail and YouTube, Facebook, perhaps a random community like Tumblr, a couple of image boards, the occasional visit to Amazon, maybe some news websites, and that’s about it. For the vast majority of the population, the Internet is a prepackaged, socially engineered spy grid. It fuels itself on your input and weaponizes the information against you and everyone else. Already the social engineers are dividing us entirely, confusing the tongue, and making it difficult to communicate effectively. On Google and YouTube, comments and videos are filtered such that you only come in contact with certain predetermined material derived by social algorithms. They make it nearly impossible to discover new random channels and points of view. When you click on a video and scroll down, you’re presented with preselected comments that jive with the opinions you tend to agree with and made to jump through hoops of inconvenience to look at all the other discussions taking place.

Since Google is so influential, this sort of strategy is largely finding its way into every facet of the corporate-controlled Internet. This means that when I click on a video, say of the puppet Obama fake crying about Sandy Hook, I will see comments that are critical of his phony bullshit and other comments mocking the counterfeit brainwashing media. Yet when a stereotypical phony “liberal” feminist clicks on the same video, she’ll be presented with comments that agree with her gun-grabbing ideology. In effect, we’re being self-imprisoned on these tiny Internet islands where we can’t reach out to one another. Google can control who and what we interact with and see, and so divide and conquer the mind of the population. It’s a good strategy to quell dissent; when I click on a controversial news video or article, I unwillingly come in contact with opinions that tend to support my own, and so I leave with the sense that there is a consensus on a particular world event like Sandy Hook. This engineering of a false consensus has the effect of pacifying the people, making them content in their beliefs. In being content, they became lazy and stop questioning the world and discussing reality with those around them.

By forcing the ignorant to be separate from the wise, from the stupid, from the trolls, even, this system of division is impeding the social development of humanity at large. The typical person on the Internet is confined within their own little bubble of information–a literal reservation matrix. The vast majority of modern people only interact with the world around them through the lens of the Internet. Everything they know–and much of where their worldview comes from–is directly influenced through what they experience online. By allowing a cabal of government/corporate entities with advanced technologies in their disposal to regulate what an individual interacts with online, they can shape and guide the development of one’s mind.

We are, quite literally, being domesticated through sophisticated weaponized psychology.

Most of human history and its accumulated knowledge is already immersed on the Internet; within our lifetimes all of it will be in the cloud, soon enough the entire population will be hardwired into the Internet, in one way or another. It’s conceivable that our entire species’ recorded collective experience–all of our history and knowledge–can be manipulated and censored by predatory algorithms that can gradually and insidiously edit the data to keep the truths from us. The beast supercomputers can sift through the entire Internet and gradually edit out certain sensitive or undesirable information–even change audio files and manipulate videos. In recent years, everyone’s identity is being lassoed to the Internet, such that there is no longer anonymity and free exchange. Certain people can be effectively silenced. The Internet with which I come into contact might be an entirely different Internet than the one others see. By socially engineering groups and confining certain people within these restricted informational reservations, reality and social/cultural trends can be manufactured. It’s such a passive and insidious strategy. Just as a virus entering a cell coats itself with the host’s own membrane, masquerading as self to elude detection, this beast computer consciousness uses our own information and our own architecture to elude our defenses and gain entrance into our collective mind.

012898  No.12106542

File: 5ae3c901767ed36⋯.png (47.83 KB, 598x1089, 598:1089, 1.png)

File: 094f058ae279924⋯.png (337.3 KB, 598x1312, 299:656, 2.png)

File: 110839beb350fa0⋯.png (54.22 KB, 598x1175, 598:1175, 3.png)

File: 904267f31a7a7a9⋯.png (345.14 KB, 598x811, 598:811, 4.png)

File: d8ad18ec53153e2⋯.png (322.55 KB, 598x1258, 299:629, 5.png)

This thread is full of bots and jidf, may as well post these and enjoy the sodium.

012898  No.12106545

File: 10773c2ef1cec1c⋯.png (358.84 KB, 598x1304, 299:652, 6.png)

File: 288061c102cf204⋯.png (57.29 KB, 598x1032, 299:516, 7.png)

File: 69dddf5102973ad⋯.png (56.41 KB, 598x1054, 299:527, 8.png)

File: d6ca3aa6e472a07⋯.png (109.1 KB, 598x1283, 598:1283, 9.png)

File: c5908369bf51fe9⋯.png (71.04 KB, 598x1292, 299:646, 10.png)

012898  No.12106548

File: 2cc0f21963a87cc⋯.png (416.2 KB, 598x1404, 23:54, 11.png)

File: 2039ba916b2610a⋯.png (70.71 KB, 598x1224, 299:612, 12.png)

File: 879406e01e59b8e⋯.png (329.08 KB, 598x1239, 598:1239, 13.png)

File: 4ba25122820c450⋯.png (78.33 KB, 598x1439, 598:1439, 14.png)

File: 5533ab0c23649f2⋯.png (349.93 KB, 598x1230, 299:615, 15.png)

e8d695  No.12106549

File: 055fc7d73d9718d⋯.png (117.72 KB, 500x331, 500:331, drumpf has no chance.png)



>lying media

We're gonna see a blue wave, of leftist tears when then get cucked once more.

012898  No.12106551

File: 3e79c119fffaa46⋯.png (62.1 KB, 599x1125, 599:1125, 16.png)

File: 2261bc02d66aca7⋯.png (53.58 KB, 598x1027, 46:79, 17.png)

File: 2261bc02d66aca7⋯.png (53.58 KB, 598x1027, 46:79, 18.png)

File: 82c3a065c363cc7⋯.png (458.48 KB, 598x1343, 598:1343, 19.png)

File: 4c5d34f4611d2ec⋯.png (54.62 KB, 598x1339, 46:103, 20.png)

7fce01  No.12106553


Net immigration of ~800,000 nonwhites per year.



012898  No.12106557

File: dfe1e6f0c7da183⋯.png (64.61 KB, 598x1198, 299:599, 21.png)

File: cfa17348c13e3df⋯.png (536.5 KB, 598x1411, 598:1411, 22.png)

File: 00fe3b5b0d962da⋯.png (79.88 KB, 598x1434, 299:717, 23.png)

File: 8695381f79ed0a2⋯.png (65.36 KB, 598x1175, 598:1175, 24.png)

File: c8f57f41e518d95⋯.png (89.55 KB, 598x1558, 299:779, 25.png)

e8d695  No.12106558


No, you mass deport after the wall is complete. Not before.

012898  No.12106560

File: 5838de710cfd408⋯.png (69.39 KB, 598x1245, 598:1245, 26.png)

File: 8a13d628689e33a⋯.png (76.8 KB, 598x1440, 299:720, 27.png)

File: c099632663e93d6⋯.png (380.49 KB, 598x1485, 598:1485, 28.png)

File: ec7dc4f06bbf13a⋯.png (79.12 KB, 598x1461, 598:1461, 29.png)

File: 6eff68dd5596d00⋯.png (58.24 KB, 598x1364, 299:682, 30.png)

012898  No.12106563

File: 847da0af2d30974⋯.png (78.81 KB, 598x1413, 598:1413, 31.png)

File: 9f38fdadf972533⋯.png (62.89 KB, 598x1174, 299:587, 32.png)

File: 0e2454c2b51edb8⋯.png (74.75 KB, 598x1436, 299:718, 33.png)

File: 460b493242e5fd1⋯.png (63.07 KB, 598x1196, 1:2, 34.png)

File: 3d345a50e126411⋯.png (257.94 KB, 598x1227, 598:1227, 35.png)

7fce01  No.12106566


>oy vey goyim keep the shitskins in your country



87facf  No.12106568


>/pol/ stands above hero worship

Except when it comes to Adolf Hitler.

012898  No.12106570

File: f63999e389ee8c2⋯.png (77.61 KB, 598x1461, 598:1461, 36.png)

File: 08f66d40fbb73ab⋯.png (55.9 KB, 598x1029, 598:1029, 37.png)

File: aefe114393311a2⋯.png (67.19 KB, 598x1298, 299:649, 38.png)

46a4f9  No.12106586

File: dbb1290799c1a51⋯.png (83.63 KB, 1664x546, 64:21, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f5bc2129a8466fd⋯.png (140.63 KB, 1618x1211, 1618:1211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e7531a5469b39ca⋯.png (69.21 KB, 1584x662, 792:331, ClipboardImage.png)


>polling is real goyim!

46a4f9  No.12106590

012898  No.12106597


That implies this thread isn't a flaccid blackpill attempt in the first place, and is worth maintaining.

46a4f9  No.12106598

File: d6fdfca6cfbdf14⋯.png (49.42 KB, 1549x416, 1549:416, ClipboardImage.png)


>Look for methodology


>New page

>Look for methodology


>New page

>Look for methodology


>dead link


46a4f9  No.12106608


I think its worth it to maintain it to mock them, and redpill newfags on muh polls.

Spamming intereferes with that, so at least space it out a bit, then you'll be mocking them AND spamming that salt-generation imagery.

85d438  No.12106614



There's that word again.

46a4f9  No.12106615

Case in point


>oy vey, why won't you believe in muh polling!?


>oh right... filthy goyim...

f59489  No.12106624


Because he did nothing wrong, and everything he did was for his people.

7fce01  No.12106626


New here, huh?


He’s a redditor. It’s all he knows how to do.



46a4f9  No.12106627


Righteously so.

If someone is gonna call shitting on Trump for being a kosher faggot 'blackpilling', thats laughable; but claiming its pushing a blackpill to suggest jewmedia polling isn't garbage is right on the mark.

f59489  No.12106636


Hopefully you are right.

7fce01  No.12106637


Hitler did 3 things wrong.

1. Allow the British Army to go free at Dunkirk rather than using them as a bargaining chip to force status quo antebellum in the West.

2. Refuse to allow the ethnicities freed from Soviet rule to form their OWN governments and offer partisan support to the Wehrmacht in their march eastward.

3. You know what this is.

46a4f9  No.12106640


>everyone is reddit because i say so

Granted, Trump IS importing infinite muds.

f59489  No.12106644


Did the meme offend you plebbitor"

a4afb5  No.12106645




012898  No.12106648


Fair points, but that's the last of that particular article as it is. Now to see if the bots are advanced enough to read the images and address individual topics, or if they're only able to pull from pre-written scripts as seen in 7fce01.


Uncle Adolf's greatest mistake was being too soft on Britain.

46a4f9  No.12106649


'Hitler did nothing wrong' is a moral statement, not a historical statement.

000000  No.12106650


>dems oversampled 6 gorillion percent in (((WaPo))) poll

000000  No.12106652

ROTFL. Fuck the Democraps. Bunch of whiny little full of shit bitches. Wah, wah wah since the election. Ridiculous how easily they enslave certain areas. Just like when slavery was legal, until republicans put them in their place. And if you didnt learn anything from polls yet, or how they actually work, you are an idiot. Love watching the democrats implode. The crooked ass bastards.

46a4f9  No.12106656


Yeah, a heavily-weighted phone survey, with ZERO information about sample size.




Ive dealt with them enough to know the tech hasn't been upgraded yet,

f59489  No.12106660


Hitler wasn't known for his aggressiveness like the kikes told us, I did not in any way imply he didn't make mistakes in war, when I say he did nothing wrong, I meant what kikes had told us about hitler was all lies and realize he wasn't really a bad guy.

7fce01  No.12106663



Anon, why.



Fair enough, then. In that context you’re right.

46a4f9  No.12106671


Theres no strawman there Anon, not enough words.

>Fair enough.


012898  No.12106679


Fat lot of good all the amazon servers and funding did then, no wonder kikes are pushing Candid's AI so heavily. Funny how even when it comes to astroturfing the jew will still go as cheap as possible.

1a56e4  No.12106689

File: cdfc764051a5064⋯.jpg (6.75 KB, 272x272, 1:1, cdf.jpg)

46a4f9  No.12106694

File: 042663812275d1e⋯.png (224.05 KB, 1683x1325, 1683:1325, ClipboardImage.png)


Hahaha, turns out the idiots at ABC had just fucked up the hyperlink.


f2f473  No.12106697


>they cant even hyperlink

why am I not shocked

f59489  No.12106699


Other than that hopefully trump is a sign of good things, sure progressives and commies being showed how foolish they are was fun and all, but I want something more, having whites standing up to them selves and say no, and getting america to become the white majority ethnostate it was meant to be and having nuclear family values and homeschooling children and nature…. These jews don't know when to leave us the fuck alone, but due to their nature I want all of them gone, so we can get back to developing and finally going to space. The reason jews want to go to space is to fight god.

85d438  No.12106702

a770b1  No.12106704


You glow, faggot.

6ca69f  No.12106718


Is this meme supposed to be a parody? If so, well done

a770b1  No.12106745


Jesus you're retarded. Civnats are on the rise yes, but there are also more extreme right as well.

This is what is called shifting the Overton window. We're moving the window, among whites, to the right. Yes civnats are cucks, but they're better than commies or brown people. Hell, they're even better than early 2000's Democrats. When civnats are the moderates we've moved it right, when civ acts are the left, then you'll know we're winning. When civnats are the far left, then you'll know we've won everything.

Either way, the fact is that the vast majority of people don't trust the main stream media anymore and the right wing is generally beginning to learn that you never apologize to the media and you ignore what the media says about you.

These are all good things. The right is finally learning to punch back.

46a4f9  No.12106769


>Yes civnats are cucks, but they're better than commies or brown people.

They are exactly the same Anon.

00de5e  No.12106778


It'll totally happen any day now!

46a4f9  No.12106779




>The vast majority of people don't trust the main stream media anymore

Who told you that?

46a4f9  No.12106781


Already started in Florida.

a851aa  No.12106799


That was more due to Florida's governor completely capitulating than anything else but it's still one of the biggest legitimate Criticisms against Trump so far

Second one being the Syrian virtue signaling

ba3246  No.12106806


>That was more due to Florida's governor completely capitulating

No. It has to do with zionist capital fearing an armed public because it is having increasing difficulty controlling the narrative and convincing people what they ought to want out of the economy and public life in the United States.

5e197e  No.12106809

File: 35bf6085dfe6d30⋯.gif (999.48 KB, 500x267, 500:267, 35bf6085dfe6d304203add743d….gif)


>Huh. If only he didn't cuck out as soon as became President.

That sentence alone proofs you are retarded.

It's pretty obvious that Trump is being attacked from all sides. If congress and the senate republicans would work with him; Then obamacare and the wall would already have been build.

a851aa  No.12106814


They're fucking decades too late now; Way too many guns circulating in the US even if they do keep ratching up the restrictions (doesn't help that they never think their laws through so you have tons of loopholes to exploit)

As much as they hate it, the American public is probably the most well-armed in the world and sandy hook wasn't able to get people to give up their guns regardless of the outrage.

012898  No.12106827


Got any infographs for said loop-holes, or even just hearsay? Also it's no joke that the American citizenry is the largest standing army in the world by an incredible lead, so much so that the actual mexican army is outnumbered 15:1.

a851aa  No.12106828


if the Senate wasn't cucked we would have:

>funding for the wall

>multiple immigration bills getting through from the house

>a bill that switches legal immigration to merit based

>national concealed carry

>obamacare repeal

Of course much of Congress are ZOGs who are doing everything they can to keep their status as controlled opposition.

The only thing they have done that has been genuinely useful is getting supreme court nominees put in - that's it.

f14be5  No.12106830


>proofs you are retarded

This is your average trumpnigger.

ba3246  No.12106833


There isn't any need for more funding or more laws. That's all theater to convince the public that Trump is being jammed up, when in reality he has no real interest in doing any of those things and never did.

85d438  No.12106838


dubs of truth

00de5e  No.12106842


>Trump directly controls every state-level lawmaker

a851aa  No.12106844



If that were true he wouldn't have been shitting on McCain for over a year after McCain saved Obamacare

5b2791  No.12106883

File: 45c98ef0d27901c⋯.jpg (52.33 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Shitskins_Complaining_Agai….jpg)


Learn to shitpost, kike.

a298c3  No.12106888




Pick suicide.

fdb307  No.12107068


You really think we still believe your Jew polls, kike? Don't you remember how that worked out for you in 2016?

46a4f9  No.12107124



>The President has no influence over either state-level lawmakers or laws


2efe3b  No.12107141


mfw they cant even afford english speaking shills anymore

e2fbca  No.12107250

''' >>12106477

I knew an illegal immigrant named Joe, although he didn't believe in guns (I think he's now vegetarian). Maybe I should start talking to him again on FB, though every time we do, there is a lag in our responses. It seems we're growing out of our weeaboo days.

BTW, nice dubs; 77 was his favorite number. I've been thinking of going with him next convention. I still have my Akatsuki cosplay.

e2fbca  No.12107255

524a59  No.12107270


>but there are also more extreme right as well.

False. There were more extreme right in 2015 than today because many have backslid into civic nationalism because of Trump. Daily stormer readers are a good example.

770232  No.12107278

File: b9066b746ea996e⋯.png (507.03 KB, 800x903, 800:903, blue-wave.png)

Sounds a lot like" Hillary in a landslide!"

000000  No.12107285

I'm not surprised, even I'm going dem at the rate ZOGnald trump goes for kikery. At least a bunch of dem candidates are proudly and loudly anti-israel.

e2fbca  No.12107293


link (12:40): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcUQBznQq2c

8429fa  No.12107301


If Trump deported all the illegals before the next Presidential election, then there would less reason to vote for him and it would reduce his chances of winning.

Gosh you guys are dumb. Learn to think strategically. This is why you will never be a chess-master like the Don.

b192e0  No.12107314

File: 0d017d6c2c90102⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 384x288, 4:3, dont care.gif)


>facts from polls

>polls are fact

<lets all believe because others say so.

Manufactured bullshit to sell to the people.

>inb4 durrrrrrrr

>abc news

5476d1  No.12107322

File: 1edc7cfea151811⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 384x216, 16:9, d.gif)


> posting a video of niggers talking

What the actual fuck is wrong with you anon?

e2fbca  No.12107329


it has a lot of information regarding (((their))) culture-changing tactics

b192e0  No.12107477



I hate to jump into an argumenthence the sage, but some info is better than none.


>Supremacy Clause

>It provides that state courts are bound by the supreme law; in case of conflict between federal and state law, the federal law must be applied.

>The Federalist Papers


>In Federalist No. 44, James Madison defends the Supremacy Clause as vital to the functioning of the nation. He noted that state legislatures were invested with all powers not specifically defined in the Constitution, but also said that having the federal government subservient to various state constitutions would be an inversion of the principles of government, concluding that if supremacy were not established "it would have seen the authority of the whole society everywhere subordinate to the authority of the parts; it would have seen a monster, in which the head was under the direction of the members".

>He noted that state legislatures were invested with all powers not specifically defined in the Constitution

>said that having the (((federal government))) subservient to various state constitutions would be an inversion of the principles of government

>concluding that if supremacy were not established "it would have been seen the authority of the whole society everywhere subordinate to the authority of the parts; it would have seen a monster, in which the head was under the direction of the members".

Kike speak at its finest.

James Madison on the jews


e876ce  No.12107859


Dont forget they ask for, the "YOUGEST PERSON IN THE HOUSE"… yes, you read that correctly

1ad390  No.12108030

ABC/Washington Post published a 50% to 38% poll of Hillary versus Trump before. It's pure make believe.

05d570  No.12108325


Feels just like during the campaign. These faggots sound just like the run of the mill low quality poll-poster blackpill shills. Utterly pathetic. Dance for us you fucking niggers.

637840  No.12108330

maybe then /pol/ will realize that elections aren't the answer. years are being wasted here all because of Blumpftards that think some dumb boomer scumbag from New York is a secret white nationalist

36201e  No.12108336

Wew lads, looking forward to seeing this depress shitlib turnout and energize maga turnout again. War never changes.

a54f58  No.12108411

File: dd4869ed578a9eb⋯.jpg (52.74 KB, 706x680, 353:340, fdcf4e2808bd210d304fbaae7d….jpg)

>democrats face when believing their own polls

The midterms will be a bloodbath. With Democrats losing it all in contested districts.

5a5fee  No.12108476

File: 249020005f62b8c⋯.png (349.85 KB, 558x441, 62:49, Selfimportantdouchebag.png)


>Reported for having an opinion I don't like!

Can't wait for you Qtards and Trumpsuckers to get BTFO'd in November when all the people who were excited for a wall, deportations, and #lockherup stay home because they realize they were scammed.

000000  No.12108487


>dems rising in power

halfchan's saved the world 14 times this morning, how many times have you guys saved it?

Fucking ZEERO

d36473  No.12109182


> US polls

> same polls that said Hillary was +12 for election

Lurk 2 years before you post

c352cc  No.12109225


I'd want to look at the methodology. The Hillary polls were wrong because of flaw methodology not because of who was conducting the polling.

f1c106  No.12109391

The more they keep saying how dems are ahead, the less likely the dems will feel the need to get out and vote, and the more it will scare Republicans to hit the polls.

So let's keep these articles all over goybook if you got it.

Also I still agree with OP, trump cucked out. Yes the economy is in full swing, but I want my wall, and I want Clinton charged.

Good job on the space force though

ce4fad  No.12109427

File: 1e28fa6b4a77b3e⋯.jpg (13.55 KB, 328x266, 164:133, newfag.jpg)

6ae279  No.12109436

Dems are going to get steamrolled in the midterms. Not that it matters but I'm eagerly awaiting the chimp out.

461c05  No.12109438



>misusing newfag

92adee  No.12109442


solid post

democrats are lazy niggers

i hope they all stay home

92adee  No.12109444



>misusing newfag

f2caa1  No.12109472


>forcing trips

I think we know who the real nigger is.

e1d851  No.12111543

File: 9f1bec4cacc81fa⋯.jpg (292.6 KB, 1035x1300, 207:260, H9TYxR0.jpg)

Must be a real sore spot for the cunts who post on here that aren't kikes to know that Trump needs jew support more than he needs yours. Maybe if you were all billionaires with large spheres of influence he'd be pissing in your pocket instead of (((theirs))).

Nevertheless it is beginning to get pretty boring listening to shills on here whine that Trump isn't doing enough. One minute you cry like bitches about how powerful the kikes are and that they control everything, the next you lament at the fact one guy has to cut deals with some of them in order to get shit done.

It'll be comfy once he gets re-elected and goes full 1488 so you can finally shut the fuck up.

e8bdbe  No.12111614

If Trump gets impeached, maybe the FBI can be redirected from harassing leftist weirdos and directed to protect them instead.

a4db94  No.12111699

I think one Republican already threw a race by calling niggers monkeys. Expect a lot of "What's Aleppo" moments from Republicans to get Soros off their backs. Democrats will get whatever they need for an impeachment.

3af198  No.12111714

File: d2682432cea2c68⋯.jpg (33.35 KB, 384x288, 4:3, YOU'RE AWFULL!.jpg)


Fuck leftism!

b608ff  No.12111723


I didn't believe them in 2016 and I still don't today.

f59489  No.12111740

File: 8d3ac35ba695548⋯.png (60.37 KB, 700x692, 175:173, 1524954687062.png)


Blow it out your ass.

5f5e48  No.12111757

1965ff  No.12111759



22dbfc  No.12111762

If you idiots seriously don't think the Democrats will get their retarded Blue Wave you're wrong. Because the kikes aren't playing around now. They'll do anything to get these midterms now, they'll play dirty and straight up cheat.

Republicans are retardedly resting on their laurels and the Dems will take the House and Senate and move to impeach Trump, sending a message to everyone that being as "radical" as he was is bad, goyim!

5f5e48  No.12111763


>Y-you goyim are totally going to lose!

Lmao ok kike.

5f5e48  No.12111764


What factual basis do you have for believing this?

1965ff  No.12111770


Jews. What more do you need?

6192b0  No.12111787


They’ll probably take this. You’re right. Fuckers are crafty, they learned from 2016 even though they all look like asses whenever they try to opppose trump. They’re cheaters, all of them, illegals gave Hillary the popular vote and they’ll help give dems the midterms. I fucking hate these kikes so much, I wish the republicans ran better candidates. DeSantis seems decent but his monkey remark, while innocuous, might trip him up a bit. Good luck Floridians.

097a08  No.12111987

The room temp IQ of these shills and whoever programmed the bots is fucking hilarious. If this is their standard the next election will be even more comical…

However the eternal cynic in me thinks they may be doing this on purpose to lull anons into a false sense of security. Hmmm. What do.

1e0e85  No.12112000

oh look more nothing and I can watch water boil

097a08  No.12112001

File: efdae1ab9d46cfd⋯.jpg (11.56 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 22e1ab3db55a14261681f1e552….jpg)

> Muh Hillary won the popular vote goy!

Sure she did Shlomo.

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