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File: a14dcf52dbecdb8⋯.jpg (176.46 KB, 718x565, 718:565, 82766f5c-f976-49ce-bfed-75….jpg)

8a02ed  No.12106455

I know /pol/ is pretty divided on the opinion of Daily Stormer but I want to have some genuine discussion about one of Anglin's recent articles.


>Here’s the bottom line: get rid of this revolution nigger shit. You have to stop thinking in these babylike terms of some glorious “day of the rope” overthrow of the government or whatever the shit it is these lunatics are talking about.

Pls no shills

a822c3  No.12106467



62604d  No.12106472


He's right.

1eb033  No.12106476


We all agree with this sentiment, BUT American nationalism is gay and mutts need gassed.

b78df2  No.12106480

e8f755  No.12106483

How does Hymiebach get all the blame for Cwwcville when it was mostly him, TRS, and Spencer?

e8f755  No.12106493



Meaning Apedre.

6d9a1a  No.12106496


Of course neo national socialism had never existed.

1eb033  No.12106506


Read the article. Anglin supported heimbach, he just preferred him not to say anything anti-capitalist. Just salute the flag and die for Israel, anglin gets it.

8a02ed  No.12106508


This. Me and my girl were talking about this the other day. It implies that the old ended at some point and a neo began. If this was the case, when was the start of neo? So retarded.

fd4a12  No.12106510

Anglin isn't wrong here, neo-nazi gangs are fed honeypots used to weed out legitimate opponents of the political system. Any large scale pre-existing group is guaranteed to be compromised; furthermore groups such as neonazis recruiting people are big red flags that the government has every bad goy within a 50 mile radius of you on a watchlist. If some stooge walks up asking tou about white pride and where your guns are, run!

afe6a3  No.12106520


Apedre is a faggot and would be killed on the day of the rope.

He is lying, too. You can go back to any of his old articles from before 2015 and see that he was not just national socialist ironically, as he claims now.

afe6a3  No.12106524


He isn't talking about skinhead gangs. He is talking about anyone who doesn't fall in line with the American Civic nationalist neo-neoconservativism that his site pushes now.

8a02ed  No.12106527


Do you or any of the other posters itt think that maybe playing by (((their))) rules isn't really that effective? I mean won't they just assassinate us like they always do if we start to rock the boat just like Rockwell did?

What are your views on the type of Siege/Evola/Ironmarch paths to our )))freedom(((?

8a02ed  No.12106546


Apedre? Sorry what does that mean?

6ea24f  No.12106547

File: 8416f040242502c⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 861x333, 287:111, sarcuckofmossad.jpg)


He was a scapegoat.

Cville was an excuse for all these groups to switch to civcuckery and inaction.

Notice how "everyone" was calling Anglin et al feds a year ago. Now that they've embraced kosher nationalism and white genocide and spend more time attacking the right instead of the left you don't see it anymore. And if anyone strays too far from the current narrative its full bore "shut it down".


This article is probably a knee jerk reaction to the uncucking in Germany, lots of asshurt from the usual (((suspects))) claiming anyone who fights back is a fed.



8a02ed  No.12106564


Interesting. I have noticed a big shift in him attacking the right, you're correct about that for sure.

d8bb66  No.12106573

File: 64901da9c22e46c⋯.jpg (93.63 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, stormer then and now.jpg)

File: 4b3468c795b40cd⋯.png (352.15 KB, 947x433, 947:433, Total Fascism banner.png)

Oh so he was just pretending after all these years? No shit.

afe6a3  No.12106580


Wonder if he has gotten his black sun tattoo removed yet

07c8f4  No.12106581


Oh really? Cause 70% of all posts are nothing but fuck ZOGnald we must exercise VIOLENCE!

1eb033  No.12106589



Has sarg ever had a real job? He sounds like he is straight out of some autistic 60s sci-fi book.

da835f  No.12106591

I dislike the Stormer, but he's not wrong here. There are a lot of delusional people here who honestly believe that 100 million non Whites will either be expelled or removed from the US, which is just lunacy. Also the same people who say this will happen have no coherent plan on how this will actually go down and how they plan to ever get there. I take these people about as seriously as Black Hebrew Israelites.

afe6a3  No.12106600


The plan is to destroy the USA because it is a Jewish blight on the earth.

042957  No.12106601







>how many times can shills say 'not wrong'?

07c8f4  No.12106603

File: e7accfc0e9e3a8a⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1520727929681.jpg)


>destroy the USA

Bring that shit you NatBol faggot.

8a02ed  No.12106604


He has a sonnenrad tattooed?

d8bb66  No.12106606


The non-whites where brought in based on government policy, they can be removed from the country through the very same government policies.

They can be made to leave by car, boat, airplane or bullets. Take your pick faggot.

8a02ed  No.12106607


Is the Total. Fascism page archived anywhere?

6ea24f  No.12106611


There are 3 main threats to jewry.

>The nation

>The race

>The family

Every prominent ideology seeks to destroy these three components.


Nice dress faggot.

1eb033  No.12106612



>Black Hebrew Israelites

How many Jews have you made cry?

d8bb66  No.12106613


I think so. But I dont have a copy sorry

da835f  No.12106616


Ok cool, now how do you plan on getting your ideas accepted by the people in power?

d8bb66  No.12106620


>Ok cool, now how do you plan on getting your ideas accepted by the people in power?

By becoming the people in power, isn't that hat you want?


found one, here u go:


056275  No.12106630

Anglin isn't intelligent enough to entertain his commentary on any serious matters.


1eb033  No.12106632


Yeah, you against the world. Just ignore the whole nigger army backing you up.

042957  No.12106634


You're only half as kiked as the other posters, since you acknowledged apelin's civcuckery

7dc20a  No.12106638

Yep, that's swell.

07c8f4  No.12106641

File: ef7820f1cc9b2f6⋯.jpg (44.98 KB, 479x435, 479:435, 187298749083754890.jpg)




1eb033  No.12106657


This shit again. Why do you want to live in a country called "America" with non-"Americans"?

07c8f4  No.12106665


Because only jews and niggers want to destroy nations. Nationalists seek to preserve what is their birthright.

da835f  No.12106670


And how do you plan to put yourself in a position of legitimate power?

1eb033  No.12106673


So you were just joking XD? A nation is a people.

cc5516  No.12106677

I view the entirety of "neo-nazis" and other things associated with it as bullshit. The reason I have is that the neo-nazis do things that would make the people they "emulate" vomit from disgust. Nazis didnt sell drugs, they didnt shave their heads and desecrate their skin with shitty tattoos. They werent ghetto trash. They were well dressed well distinguished members of society. They were neat and clean, well groomed and mannered. If anything the things we have now are akin to the nigger gangs. If someone is to call themselves a nazi, they better fucking be one in actuality instead of some retarded drug dealer that uses white identity as a selling point.

d8bb66  No.12106680


By participating in free fair and open elections, the american way!

8a02ed  No.12106682


See >>12106527 and tell me what you think bro

07c8f4  No.12106684


Blood is nothing without soil.

da835f  No.12106691


Right, so you have no plan. Thanks for exposing yourself.

1eb033  No.12106692


So, just to be clear, niggers are Americans?

You live in one of the worst empires in human history.

d8bb66  No.12106693


>Do you or any of the other posters itt think that maybe playing by (((their))) rules isn't really that effective?

No, it's not.

>I mean won't they just assassinate us like they always do if we start to rock the boat just like Rockwell did?

Yes, the jews will kill you.

>What aree your views on the type of Siege/Evola/Ironmarch paths to our )))freedom(((?

You mean… like the american founding fathers did? :^)

07c8f4  No.12106706


Coming from a likely non-white, I take that as a compliment.

c5dc03  No.12106707

We aren't divided, nigger. Everyone knows he is an obvious racemixing shill.

1eb033  No.12106716


Go bleed for that mutt nation. :^)

afe6a3  No.12106721


Again, anglin is not talking about skinhead gangs. He is talking about "wignats," short for wigger nationalists. For those unaware of opticsgate 2017, the term wignat is applied to anyone who:

>openly names the Jews

>does not vote down ticket Republican

>does not support American imperialism

>does not support civic nationalism

>is more loyal to race than to the American state

8a02ed  No.12106724

File: 6c0be7090d0cb7d⋯.png (3.24 MB, 1500x2702, 750:1351, 73e1ea19c4eaec0164d2a8c6e9….png)


I'm starting to think that all of these "paths" so to speak, in our struggle are viable and serve their purpose.

On one side, we have the "let's do it fair and legal (the moralfags, the legalfags, the votefags, etc) and then on another we have the Siege/Ironmarch/AWD who want to take the shit by force and want RWN. We also have the Evola-types who want to lead by example and resist degeneracy and decadence all while knowing that civilization will crumble, we will lose (temporarily) and then the survivors will rebuild from the ashes.

I'm beginning to think that it all has a purpose. All has a part in this game that we're playing.

8a02ed  No.12106734


Wtf are you on about?

8a02ed  No.12106739


And are you saying that I'm blackpilling? How so?

07c8f4  No.12106740


All your houses are burning and you're here pissing into a sea of piss.

7cf19e  No.12106742

File: 95dc8e9298d0ab3⋯.jpg (159.51 KB, 1333x324, 1333:324, 2018-09-05_12-07-23.jpg)


Really makes you think…

6d67b1  No.12106746

File: d55627f0c0bd790⋯.jpg (63.87 KB, 538x482, 269:241, smug vikings.jpg)

File: 245a16423aeb43a⋯.jpg (6.95 MB, 1566x8814, 261:1469, The white recolonization o….jpg)

Realistically, it will be the days of the rope. It's going to happen in asymmetric areas of the globe at different rates due to various local factors. Obviously it's not going to be some magical adventure movie climax where Tay.Ai 2.0 arms every white person on earth with psionic killwords and summons a legion of rope-droids in a single day of legendary global purge.

Also, Daily Stormer is basically stoner humor for brownshirts. "Cracked.com with Neo-Nazis" if you prefer. It's good for a chuckle I guess, but Anglin is hardly a role model, as many others here will put far more eloquently than I will.

8a02ed  No.12106753


Yes I've seen stuff of him being a racemixer but I meant we are divided as in there are a fuck ton of shills here and it looks like they're already showing up in the thread now.

1eb033  No.12106755


I'm pissing everywhere.

07c8f4  No.12106757


Of course you are. Thats what kikes do.

3c139c  No.12106758

File: 1f2afa45dd83800⋯.jpeg (72.74 KB, 720x417, 240:139, anglin_sieg_heil.jpeg)

File: 43b606ccf4a725a⋯.jpg (413.73 KB, 640x853, 640:853, anglin_sieg_heil_2.jpg)

File: cd35f3ecaee0b19⋯.jpeg (907.24 KB, 2041x2288, 157:176, anglin_sieg_heil_1.jpeg)

File: 5280cf0c0eff292⋯.png (44.4 KB, 335x223, 335:223, andrew_anglin_tattoo.png)

File: 64951240abbbdf9⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hitler_were_letting_them_i….jpg)

listen up goy, Andrew Anglin here, and i'm posting from behind 7 proxies which are run by the Ukrainian intelligence services who are funded by NATO, and as your Leader i am posting here to tell you all that i don't want you to be cringy faggy wingnat wigger Nazis, like me.

*sieg heils in selfie*

nevermind my own shameless hypocrisy after all those hundreds of times where i presented myself as a Nazi. since i am your Gabbaim, it is my job to monitor the Synagogue and keep order over you, the Congregants, therefore i am allowed to do and say Nazi things strictly ironically, because how else will i act out to trigger (((reporters))) to puff me up with PR into a Shitlib boogeyman, so that my billionaire sugar daddy in Haifa will keep writing me checks and sending me Bitcoins for helping his D&C cause tension in US politics, as well as fully fund my

expat lifestyle Thai sex-tourist permanent vacay.

*sieg heils in selfie. again*

and don't worry about my Black Sun tattoo you plebiscite. that doesn't make me a Nazi either, because it's ironic, because obviously i am the furthest thing from being a Nazi, which isn't even possible to exist anymore without being an anachronistic clown like a Civil War re-enactor. the meaning of my Nazi tattoo is to trigger you to wonder how could a handsome, intelligent and financially successful white fucking male role model like me be a Nazi? ha, ha, ha, do you get it now?

*sieg heils in selfie. again again.*

sorry about that, i can't help it, it's a medical condition. i injured a ligament in my arm while i was being fisted by 4 Thai lady-boys in a glory hole in Pattaya, and now my arm uncontrollably tenses up and stretches itself into a shape resembling the Nazi salute. i assure you that i am not intentionally doing it, and i am not a Nazi. but if i ever see you make the Nazi salute, i will call you names on my blog and excommunicate you from my cult, which isn't Nazism by the way.

if you want to remain a part of my movement, with me as your leader, then your orders are to do as i say, not as i do.

also, please add canned comments to this thread to keep bumping it, so that it will look like when my name comes up on /pol/, that i am extremely popular and liked by everyone here, since i am your leader of non-National Socialist National Socialism, and you all are my loyal man-servants who are not as handsome and intelligent and financially success as i am, which is why you do what i tell you to do.

8a02ed  No.12106768


Wtf is wrong with being a wignat then?

8a02ed  No.12106771

afe6a3  No.12106784


It allegedly turns away normies and gets in the way of the winning strategy of unquestionably supporting the GOP.

5b3a05  No.12106785

File: 0a2aaf9379ae841⋯.jpg (596.11 KB, 1150x1600, 23:32, e4045139de6122d9d7969f5642….jpg)

He aint wrong you know.

e63827  No.12106792


spoiler your porn, degenerate

887e61  No.12106801

File: 82787ea24edd155⋯.png (24.37 KB, 1207x227, 1207:227, ClipboardImage.png)



>>Here’s the bottom line: get rid of this revolution nigger shit. You have to stop thinking in these babylike terms of some glorious “day of the rope” overthrow of the government or whatever the shit it is these lunatics are talking about.

The same guy who said that said


8a02ed  No.12106805



I think I'm just gonna ignore you now. You seem pretty shilly. But to clarify, you're calling me some fat chick from some weird looking threads?

887e61  No.12106807

File: 793cf807b84e48f⋯.png (21.54 KB, 1215x242, 1215:242, ClipboardImage.png)




6d67b1  No.12106818

File: b52e62548e37f7f⋯.jpg (42.5 KB, 480x620, 24:31, 1470195255349.jpg)



>clitoral piercings

>no spoiler

Everything you like is garbage and you belong in the garbage.

8a02ed  No.12106819



Ya I thought these parts were interesting too. It's almost like some Ben Klassen type David Lane type stuff. Interesting indeed

afe6a3  No.12106822



Neither of those parts are as absurd as his "infiltrate the GOP" strategy. Unless you have an extra hundred million dollars lying around so that you can bypass party donors, then it isn't going to happen except in small irrelevant elections.

8a02ed  No.12106825


Are you a kike or something? Why do you keep accusing me of being some weird bullshit?

887e61  No.12106826

File: 27fa9463d7c5bb7⋯.png (21.78 KB, 1278x207, 142:23, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7194a37cb4b8837⋯.png (51.67 KB, 1230x627, 410:209, ClipboardImage.png)




Basically, Anglin is just kind of a moron and he took the Vaughnpill and now believes American civnat patriotardism and memes are the key to saving White humanity, instead of just not associating with Spielberg Nazis and fat LARPers.

8a02ed  No.12106832


I agree with this.

e8f755  No.12106834


I never liked the aut-kike brand, but that association was 100% by Apedre.

887e61  No.12106837


Checked for fucking truth.

Anyone who tries to ply this 'slow march through the institutions' shit I have to dismiss outright.

We don't have the time for that shit, neverminding the resources.

8a02ed  No.12106841


Can I get your opinion on what you think will save the White Race?

8a02ed  No.12106848


Again bro what is the reference of "Apedre"?

e8f755  No.12106858


Apedre Anglin, the self-proclaimed red-nigger who runs the Thai Fuckshack.

887e61  No.12106859


Killing their enemies is about the only chance they've got left, and they don't have much time.

Things will have to get much worse before that happens though, so, I don't know how this is going to play out.

If it gets to the point of Whites being a minority in the US, the electoral and morale consequences are absolutely brutal in all the simulations Ive run. IOW: If it gets to that point, its over, as the European powers alone on the planet will meet the same fate as NatSoc Germany.

If the US, the only truly powerful and truly White New World power, with more Whites than any other nation on Earth, should fall, I do believe its gonna be time to point the nose down and call it a night.

So, to save the White race, that cannot be allowed to happen; and must find a way in what little time we have left. If not us, there will be no one else.

4e8c16  No.12106871

File: 0ca15053ed75836⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, daily stormer is full of s….jpg)

File: 6d8aa4758e8552d⋯.png (284.82 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, daily stormer meme.png)

File: 89d3903bb484dc1⋯.png (89.47 KB, 328x594, 164:297, daily stormer promotes cvi….png)

File: 325ff2ab373b541⋯.jpeg (54.99 KB, 416x426, 208:213, andrew anglin admits to r….jpeg)

File: 2597e5d81c4684f⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1017x1984, 1017:1984, deradicalization shill and….png)


fuck that nigger. he's a hypocrite that gaslights everyone.

remember when he called for "neo-nazis" to march on whitefish montana, in dickie spencer's mommys honor? remember his dumb ass getting drunk on some nigger podcast saying Whites should be bred out? remember the text with Cantwell where he admitted to knowing w e e v is a jew? notice how his constant argument against people is the very jewish "i dont even know what that means?"

he couldnt be more of a deescalation shill, happy to hide behind dnations just like the TRSodomites. they killed the public movement by whining about optics and sucking ricky vaughns dick. w e e v recently even defend sarah jeong the anti-white gooker and instead redirected his article to attack the NSM for no fucking reason other than , as a jew, he is obsessed with destroying any actual action on the streets. they do nothing but villify the activists and venerate the do nothings.

fuck being an edgy republican, its that system tha is dispossessing us and that has made us all nationalists. its the peak of stockholm syndrome to go back to the hand that beats us.

4e8c16  No.12106873

File: 231e48da84c8a22⋯.png (532.41 KB, 482x782, 241:391, anglin cries out in pain a….png)

File: f88977abfe03b26⋯.jpg (211.9 KB, 662x810, 331:405, anglinadmitsweevisajew.jpg)

File: 2597e5d81c4684f⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1017x1984, 1017:1984, deradicalization shill and….png)

887e61  No.12106875

File: 5ea1519e2e7853a⋯.png (112.34 KB, 1251x1154, 1251:1154, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de3d0faed38b562⋯.png (10.05 KB, 882x183, 294:61, ClipboardImage.png)


Seems Anglin agrees with me, he just hasn't brought himself to admit it yet.

Thats the Vaughnpill for ya.

5621dd  No.12106876

he says this:

"he whole theme of the site was mocking these fantastical Jewish stereotypes of inbred redneck racism, and the likes are so paranoid and delusional that they took a Colbert-like caricature at face value."

and then right after he says this:

I remember the first time some *kike* from Time or Newsweek or one of those *Jew clickbait* sites asked me how I identify and I said “white supremacist and neo-Nazi” and he paused for a good five seconds and said “okay.”

He's a shill

4e8c16  No.12106877

File: f5d2435158f107c⋯.png (618.25 KB, 951x812, 951:812, weev is a jew.png)

File: 176c9bf86528098⋯.png (26.19 KB, 1154x436, 577:218, weev and ricky vaughn deci….png)


weev behaves exactly like a kike

887e61  No.12106881


Dude… Weev IS a kike.

887e61  No.12106886


No, he's just low IQ.

Though he probably is a shill bought and owned by someone.

afe6a3  No.12106887


It isn't bad to try to gain positions of influence, but it isn't a full strategy.

The alt right believes in this strategy because they believe they can mimic the methods of the left, while being uneducated on the history of the left in the 20th century. They genuinely believe that the left was a real grass roots counter-culture of Jews and that these plucky Jews took power from the white conservatives who formerly ran the country by sneakily infiltrating everything, which is not the case at all. We know for a fact that the new left did not ascend to power or "long march" or any of that nonsense, but that they were supported by the American elite. Rich Jews and Boston brahmins in with the national security state were behind the 60s "counter-culture" of the new left, not a grass roots uprising or long march of Jews through white conservative institutions. This is a fantasy that the left tells themselves, just like antifa today tell themselves they are rebels against the system while formally acting as footsoldiers of neoliberalism, and the alt right bought into that fantasy.

0aea5f  No.12106890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

887e61  No.12106897


>It isn't bad to try to gain positions of influence, but it isn't a full strategy.

Quite so.

>The alt right believes in this strategy because they believe they can mimic the methods of the left, while being uneducated on the history of the left in the 20th century.

Quite wrong.

The Alt-Right are just a bnch of fascist identarian LARPers.

They want to become the new Cuckservatives.

aa841b  No.12106898

File: 62f34cfafb027c7⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1017x1984, 1017:1984, deradicalization.png)

>Here’s the bottom line: get rid of this revolution nigger shit

>Anglin's recent articles

Hasn't he been saying roughly this for that past few years?

8a02ed  No.12106902



And your thoughts on Evola?

e8f755  No.12106903


Do you think Pierce would have supported Apedre's "strategy" of becoming young republikikes and voting for the party of Leon Trotsky?

afe6a3  No.12106907


False. The USA is a jewish nation and always has been. It is the enemy of Europe and white people, and always has been. Destroying the USA is a prerequisite to saving the white race.

4e8c16  No.12106908

anyone who spends more time attacking the movement rather than the actual enemy is a shill. anglin, w e e v, sven, ricky vaughn, every e-celeb with a twat, they all do this. honestly, if you are still loyal to those wanks you have zero discernment and should at the least stop talking about anything publicly.

887e61  No.12106910



To clarify, they want to take the Republicans spot. As the GOP wanted, not to win, but to lose gracefully on their principles, the Alt-Right wants, not to win, but to lose while amusing people and making money by entertaining them and giving them a vector to release steam.

These people have no intention of taking any risks, and they keep coming up with ways to avoid having to.

d25c69  No.12106912

File: 70707350a633fa8⋯.png (483.47 KB, 2300x940, 115:47, hitlersgermany.png)


It will take all types to achieve victory and win back the future. Intellectual pursuits to win the logic; emotional, spirit; the strong arm to blaze a path for them both. Everyone has their place in history. Same goals, different methods - all necessary. (((They))) utilize D&C for a reason, do not forget this!

4e8c16  No.12106913


agreed. just pointing out to those still on the fence that only other ones that act hyper-neurotic like him are kikes

afe6a3  No.12106914


Ok I get you

3e84eb  No.12106916

Neo-Nazis are CIA assets. Call yourself a NatSoc if you're asked. Men like Rockwell and Pierce were not faggot ass Neo-Nazis.

887e61  No.12106921


Boring pretentious guy, had a few good ideas, but with his head in the clouds.


The US is a White-populated, Jewish-owned ntion.

There is no way to get around the fact that the US has 200 million non-spic Whites.

If that nation dies, the White race dies with it.

Destroying the Jewish owners of the US, destroying the civic organism, the country, is a prerequisite to saving the White race, as is saving the White nation that populates it and represents the largest White nation on Earth.

887e61  No.12106923


Fair enough.

1d824f  No.12106925


>>Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack

4e8c16  No.12106931

1 last question. why would he suddenly bring this anti wignat shit up again? there hasnt been any wignat shit going on lately. so i must assume that he has neurotic kikes at his back telling him to reiterate the whole "dont go do anything, anyone who does is a goon squad fed" thing. who else would still even be thinking about that? and the way he consistently refers to himself as the founder of the whole movement and talks about what his plan is, is no good. if a leader isnt a servant they can GTFO. hes a shill and he doesnt have a fucking plan, other than hiding in the 3rd world, making shekels, and trying to get you herded back into the left/right paradigm where you can vote powerlessly like a good little goyim.

7cf19e  No.12106933

File: e67726476d87833⋯.jpg (40.2 KB, 592x600, 74:75, e67726476d878332d61354ef37….jpg)


You can really tell this creature is a shill and likely a woman. I think it's it's the noncommittal "or something" she adds on the end and the way she asks "why are you doing this"

afe6a3  No.12106944


>Destroying the Jewish owners of the US, destroying the civic organism, the country, is a prerequisite to saving the White race, as is saving the White nation that populates it and represents the largest White nation on Earth.

Full agreement then

887e61  No.12106946

File: f31c0e7ba63cd2e⋯.png (647.97 KB, 1600x1024, 25:16, Civic Nationalism - Isnt N….png)

File: aaad19b987a756e⋯.jpg (425.4 KB, 2506x1109, 2506:1109, Civic Nationalism - Aberra….JPG)


Good. Checked.

8a02ed  No.12106975

5621dd  No.12106977


maybe there is some merit to this idea that the CIA is being folded into the NSA or like all these shills are going through some auditing process

I tend to believe that these assholes are really so jagged up in the head at this point that anything they're absorbed into will be poisioned by them. All these masronry larper shill retards to me, really come across like they think they're some kind of wizards

8a02ed  No.12106978

File: cacc9463071ef12⋯.jpg (267.79 KB, 977x1280, 977:1280, 3da8647c-ed65-4176-9d43-95….jpg)


Fuck off shlomo. Go back to your kike hole and wait for your gassing.

79d3d6  No.12106984




e8f755  No.12106987


Is that a new Oscar Turner video?

8a02ed  No.12106992

File: 0851f078c36ca6e⋯.jpg (256.07 KB, 896x1280, 7:10, 52d296d5-c3e2-482e-a5c8-07….jpg)


Fuck yes

8a02ed  No.12106999


Seriously, they really are getting high on their own supply

8a02ed  No.12107003


Ya wtf do you make of this shit? So there is this person pretending that me and a bunch of other randos are some fat cunt? I'm confused

60009d  No.12107005

File: bf9ccc688bbacfa⋯.jpg (49.04 KB, 636x358, 318:179, Pepe soldier.jpg)

Anglin's current relief writer, Ron Batty, has been making noises lately about what a relief it will be to get away from swastikas and Sieg Heils - to my dismay.

As the anons above on this thread point out, Anglin lies outright when he claims his previous advocacy for Race-based Nationalism was all just irony and trolling.

I still like the Daily Stormer, and will continue to read it.


Where Anglin and current company are wrong is in thinking that anything other than extremist ideas, truths and symbolism is powering the growing popularity of this phenomena we belong to.

Moderates are feckless cucks. Radicals are sexy. And our ideas are just and good. Nothing less will result in our people's deliverance. Nothing less will do..


8a02ed  No.12107017


This was meant for your post >>12106992

60009d  No.12107025


Thanks bro.

8a02ed  No.12107032

File: fe0fd21477ca4a9⋯.jpg (38.35 KB, 559x695, 559:695, 1d43a4ba-d1af-442b-8fe8-e1….jpg)

This was a pretty comfy thread.

906796  No.12107043

File: 1d7f2b634857eed⋯.jpg (316.93 KB, 700x901, 700:901, 5IgT9eC.jpg)


He's right. Neo-Nazism IS fake. There is NOTHING new about "Nazism" or National Socialism. Spiritually, it is as old as Europe. it is about Folk and Community. Blood and Soil. People and their Land.

The Nation.

And politically, "Nazism" or National Socialism has not really changed in the last 80 years. We're STILL fighting the kikes and we're STILL trying to survive as a race.

It is also gay. Neo-Nazis are faggots.

906796  No.12107077

File: 9826cb810eb6f71⋯.png (786.14 KB, 1259x843, 1259:843, 9826cb810eb6f71cc4f4cca2fe….png)


If by mutts, you mean mixed race mulattos, then yes. By all means go for it.

However, if you mean "50% German, 50% Polish" then what you are promoting is White Genocide.

As for American nationalism. Yes and no. You must understand that ONLY Whites can be American. Blacks HATE America. Arabs HATE America. Kikes HATE America. Asians don't really like it that much either. And Mexicans want to rape, destroy, and burn America to the ground and then rule over the rubble.

Non-Whites had nothing to do with the founding of America so by God, they cannot be American.

ONLY Whites can be American. The more you meme that, the more kikes and libshits will attack America. And the more this happens, the more Americans will begin to see the truth and start resisting our genocide.

7cf19e  No.12107079

File: 945b4d570dfc055⋯.jpg (61.19 KB, 596x332, 149:83, 1.jpg)

File: ecc94e73dda8924⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 569x336, 569:336, 2.jpg)

File: 38db6169617c04a⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 565x330, 113:66, 3.jpg)


It's learning.

But honestly, credit where credit is due, this whale is learning imageboard culture faster and harder than shareblue ever could, it's almost admirable really.

Don't forget,

you're here forever.

8a02ed  No.12107099

File: 0e926dc13b1db44⋯.jpg (243.32 KB, 1080x1377, 40:51, Screenshot_20180617-201644.jpg)


Pay close attention rabbi.

You. Are. Not. Welcome. Here.

000000  No.12107121


I think the article is fairly balanced. Broadly speaking, I agree with him and I feel much the same way. I have the utmost respect for Hitler and what he sought to achieve, but there's no way you'd catch me dead engaging in Nazi cosplay faggotry, playing straight into a stereotype defined for us by the jews. Such behaviour is as juvenile as it is damaging, in my opinion, and only bottom of the barrel retards would have anything to do with it.

Where I disagree with Anglin is on his proposed solution. Anglin advocates focusing on a political solution exclusively, and that this political solution ought be accomplished only by stealth, infiltrating and co-opting the existing GOP. In my opinion this is far too restrictive. It should be considered one possible approach, but certainly not to the exclusion of other available options. I see that there is room for men like Patrick Little, for example, that put themselves up for candidacy on a platform of naming the jew. I also see room for well-disciplined, uniformed rallies the way Nordfront do them; you can absolutely keep the cosplay faggots away if you enforce strict standards for anyone permitted to march with you.

So while I disagree with him on some points, really they're a matter of implementation. If Anglin wants to focus on his GOP approach, then fine; he's welcome to it. Provided he doesn't actively shit on people taking an alternative approach, of course.

7a9c3e  No.12107152

1. He’s saying use and SUBVERT the Republican Party, not change your ideology

2. This is a bait thread

01e22a  No.12107154


I think it's just phone posters and the whole "GET OUT JOAN!" thing is a troll.

Can any phone posters test this hypothesis?

01e22a  No.12107158


Subversion is anti-Aryan. Anglin is acting dishonorably and should pickled in a bog.

8a02ed  No.12107163


Yes all the posts he keeps kvetching over are from my phone

eafcde  No.12107175


What next? We should stop using swastikas? Stop being an opticcuck.

8a02ed  No.12107178


How is it a bait thread? I just wanted some genuine discussion on this.

d8bb66  No.12107181


>muh change the system fro within

You cannot outjew the jew retard. How do you not understand thus?

793d23  No.12107186


I was thinking about this the other day. Individuals on this website, who really care about National Socialism and the White race, should set achievable goals for how they are going to try to bring this about. It sounds gay, but starting out small is how big movements get steam. I think we should each do this individually because larger efforts coordinated over public forums like 8chan will be certainly infiltrated by feds, Jews and leftists. Decentralized resistance, but each with a plan.


1. Get a stable job with enough excess cash that you can start investing in passive income sources, like real estate.

2. Convert close friends and family you trust. This can take years, even decades. The trick is to not lose your cool and not give up.

3. Leverage your slowly growing social and financial power to effect policy and culture in your local community. Push for pro-white policies, become an interest group that an established politician must cater to to gain much-needed swing votes. Invest your growing capitol in other businesses ran by pro-white people.

8a02ed  No.12107188

File: 2e5756abe2c4e2c⋯.jpg (231.22 KB, 750x926, 375:463, 1525926417341.jpg)


If everyone could understand this

01e22a  No.12107212

File: 44a5cf8c1b7fd56⋯.jpg (192.04 KB, 900x700, 9:7, george-lincoln-rockwell.jpg)



>It is part of the Jews to be sneaky and sly. The genius of our people has ever been joyous strength, robust forcefulness, directness, manly courage, and flaming heroism. When the Jews, with their economic terrorism, jails, bullies and hangmen, scare the White man into laying down his cudgel and goad him into trying to out-sneak Jewish tyranny, the Jews have completely emasculated the once-strong White man, and doomed him to dishonor and defeat. The White man can NEVER win by sneaking!

ede53a  No.12107222

File: 6cddb976f1e816a⋯.jpg (24.27 KB, 266x400, 133:200, 417ueEJDthL._AC_SY400_.jpg)

Reminder that Andrew Anglin and that kike We ev don't live in the USA. Don't trust their advice. They would prefer the movement stays as an online only movement.

There are only two ways to do a revolution. Top down or bottom up. Hippie movement was top down, so was the civil rights movement. These were imposed on a majority that didn't want them.

We all thought Trump was going to do it from top down but the deep state is more powerful than he imagined. He's only able to do the best he can but it is clear now that the Presidency isn't the powerful position we thought. He may still be able to do some good but I think only through martial law.

Bottom up revolutions are always violent because tyrants don't give up power peacefully. There was a good podcast about a new book out now that I think Anglin timed this article for. It's called The Coming Civil War. Tom is a white nationalist who believes it'll happen in next 10 years due to demographics and says we cannot allow another Democrat Presidency by any means necessary. Listen here if you're interested:


afe6a3  No.12107228


>He’s saying use and SUBVERT the Republican Party

If you read what he actually writes, he does not say this. He has said to vote for every Republican on the ballot many times. And he opposes and real life political organizing.

afe6a3  No.12107239


>ONLY Whites can be American.

This has never been true.

30e0ca  No.12107243


KKK and Neo-Nazis are both leftwing honeypots, its max gay.

a822c3  No.12107269


It will destroy itself from the inside. The only thing that has done considerable damage to this degenerate republic has been the Civil War. Another largescale internal conflict would help to bring it down.

30e0ca  No.12107275


You don't have to be a non radical to know trying to revive a 100 year old failed movement is bound to fail.

You need to think to the future.

a822c3  No.12107277


Man, what a shitty bloated like a fucking nigger site.

a822c3  No.12107282


They wouldn't call themselves "Nazis," either. They would call themselves "National Socialists," or "NatSocs" for short.

afe6a3  No.12107321


>You don't have to be a non radical to know trying to revive a 100 year old failed movement is bound to fail

So instead advocate a 250 year old failed movement, as Apedre does. Got it.

f0ea71  No.12107327

File: ed90f1f13aea0db⋯.jpeg (617.49 KB, 1119x1448, 1119:1448, 5b6fab2980606.jpeg)

File: 3c554b10375f382⋯.gif (10.65 MB, 414x233, 414:233, 3956601016997539984fca913d….gif)

File: 85d2f652e3df0ab⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 500x734, 250:367, 5b76261f30cbf.gif)

File: 172f6c3ae962c65⋯.jpeg (745.15 KB, 1583x2048, 1583:2048, 5b6a0511ac15c.jpeg)

National Socialist Revolution is the only revolution

b16ff0  No.12107712

Were going to go extinct because everyone who tries to do anything is called a fed or autist. At this rate nothing will ever change because it is impossible to change the government but you retards would rather have epic and cool rallies than stand up and do something.

5621dd  No.12107720


it's not the same really as it used to be, all this shit

the west isn't like other places or like the past. It's not really nazis and jews anymore, it's just deranged jews, and they're just starting to fuck themselves at this point.

They are larping through life and everyone can see it

2fa116  No.12107726

File: 61b32ceaf2f38ae⋯.jpg (119.68 KB, 700x658, 50:47, the-metal-badge-u-s-defens….jpg)


I appreciate your fortitude Andre. Maybe you and JeWeev can get a doubles discount on nazi chest tattoo removal?

beea76  No.12107727

Why are all tendencies within the alt right cucking to civic nationalism now? How long before dickie Spencer and David Duke start to renounce wn? I know the trsodomites starting talking about recently how they want to mend relations with the alt lite, and Cantwell recently started talking about switching to a normie friendly alt lite format too.

This all seems very engineered. Probably related to weev the jew and Ricky Vaughn. Charlottesville wasn't even all that big of a deal anyway, seems like everyone involved just couldn't take the heat.

bac015  No.12107749

A more sedated message would attract more people. Bigger crowds mean larger payments from Soros. How unexpected. Where. are. the damn. nukes. China.

18270c  No.12107755


I cant think of what I can literally do to change anything. If I had any idea at all I would do it, the problem isnt that people arent doing anything the problem is a large majority dont have any realistic potentiality to accomplish what exactly would be needed to be done to do something like "overthrow the government". Which I cant even see happening in hollywood terms, no ones going to storm the white house and be accepted by 323 million people most of which like the circus thats currently running. How can you say nothing will ever change because nobody will stand up? What exactly is the rulebook to play by for success in 2018 culture wars?

67e60b  No.12107768


It's just the latest schizo shitposting.

b16ff0  No.12107781


We need people with nothing to lose that can use guerilla tactics. What everyone needs to understand is we are occupied and live in a country that works against white interests by every means. Once people realize the government is the enemy they can go against it, unironically SIEGE discusses this at every point. Plenty of guide books exists on how to do guerilla warfare, but not many give reasons why they would do that. Either we need a white revolution, a race war, or some collapse (economic or natural) that can stir up the change we need.

7167c5  No.12107787



This. Maybe 100-200 years from now, the sentiment might be for reconquering all of the Americas, but you're not going to win over the masses with that goal at the get-go.

422459  No.12107796

> Andrew Anglin shilling against white people defending themselves

Well I guess there is a reason they call it


b16ff0  No.12107800


I have, its generally used when people post nonsense in every thread like its a major scandal.

6ea24f  No.12107814


Some bullshit about using filenames to track people even though 8chan has its own naming conventions and it doesn't work as a result.

He's just a hysterical retard buying into disinfo or is some well poisoning shill.

7167c5  No.12107851


Comes up a lot to brand faggots that sperg out against everything and just call people shills, instead of using their reasoning to explain why another poster could be wrong.


Situation you're talking about could spark within the next 10 years if the left continues to go so crazy. And then Europe is a whole other story. I see revolution much more likely there.

0090dc  No.12107855


The "trackers" are super-4d-shills.

Furthermore, I consider that SIEGEKIKES and IRONGAYS must get the rope.

2e9369  No.12107863


It's the Trump effect. Overton window was shifted further left and now even the so-called far right wants to be nothing more than a bunch of edgy cuckservative just to fit in.

ea3a49  No.12107865


He's talking about the self-defeating, own goal scoring retards that constitute neo-Nazism. Heimbach, Spencer, the TRS guys and all these other morons who think marching around evoking the imagery and slogans of the KKK and Nazi Party is a good idea.

This site is infested with these tards. Anglin is advocating a do-able way forward, you tards are advocating that we wait for a civil war.


muh day of the rope, srsly guiz it's coming any day now just wait

ea3a49  No.12107882


This is stupid. This is not how movements have become successful historically and this will take too long to be worth it anyways since whites will be a minority by the time this bears fruit. Whites will be a minority in America in 25 years. Children under 5 are already a minority.

The #1 goal for any serious person should be to engage with GOP politics to try to move the GOP to the right on immigration, diversity issues, globalism and other issues relevant to our cause as well as do the various things that can be done to convince the white population that diversity, multiculturalism, immigration etc. are bad things and bad for them.

bac015  No.12107885


The civil war will happen after Israel gets Iran and China. Once the jew turns off the ebt, the low prices and just love crowds will see just how large the sea of shit they created is.

2e9369  No.12107895

File: 416c6e7e2325e4e⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 1024x475, 1024:475, PeopleofKekistan-1024x475.jpg)

File: bc0326f875df20c⋯.jpg (95.06 KB, 960x540, 16:9, nrm.ab94b306.jpg)


You are right in thinking that distancing ourselves from obvious shills and the usual spergs like the TRS and Pretty Boy Spencer is a good move. However, we can't win by playing Jewish games. You just can't outsneak the sneaks. The Republican party is equally as bad as the Democrats. Trump is the president. GoP controls both the Congress and the Senate and the Supreme Courts is theirs but they did nothing with it. All they managed to accomplish so far in those 2 years is increase the financial aid to Israel, stall for time and import even more non-Whites into the country. We won as much as we could with Trump and GoP but situation is still exactly the same as it was 2 years ago. What we need is people like the Nordic Resistance Movement, well dressed, groomed, and projecting an aura of masculinity and strength that others can get behind it. We don't need spergs flying kekistani flags and cucking for based niggers, jews and tradthots.

1cc978  No.12107905

>I love Hitler, and do not believe he did anything wrong.

He is still ok

6ea24f  No.12107961


Maybe if the GOP gets steamrolled in the midterms they'll drop the civcuckery and votefagging. This is all a very odd turn, the roach tried to stop us from saying nigger as well not too long ago. This has to be engineered and coordinated.


Yep, hyperinflation in the next few years.

Count on it.

39ed96  No.12107968


nice get and nice pic, i saved it

39ed96  No.12107990


>What we need is different cucks

trying to legally get people to illegal things is so strange

genocide is illegal

yet it is what is required to not be genocided

what do you expect the nordic resistance to do? even if they are supposedly not control opposition now, what guarentees that they wont be comprimised once in power?

anyways, usa is a two party system, a system that leads to both parties being the same really, that is just how the system was set up

f3961c  No.12107992

Kikes cut off his support funds?

ba2546  No.12108067


Look at


0fda6e  No.12108075


Fuck off faggot, it's not promoting violence to be against Trump

We're just calling for alternate measures Seriously don't get how the "Sam Hyde for Democrat President Nominee Idea" hasn't caught on

0fda6e  No.12108076


>Goblino Americans


0fda6e  No.12108092


>The Republican party is equally as bad as the Democrats.

Oh of course anon and with the current situation comes an opputunity

The Democrats have been opening themselves up and wide to all sorts without much defence in this current kike charades

Best to play their own card against them

A bit too late to get an /ourguy/ dem senator but there is 2020 coming up and as far as I can tell Sam Hyde has the best chance to pull it off

dc463a  No.12108098

delete this thread. he's an attention whore.

a40c9f  No.12108100

File: 67786e3d042f3ff⋯.jpg (13.05 KB, 600x394, 300:197, Dont-Worry-Be-Happy-IRA-Cr….jpg)


Here’s the bottom line: get rid of this revolution nigger shit. You have to stop thinking in these babylike terms of some glorious “day of the rope” overthrow of the government or whatever the shit it is these lunatics are talking about.

This is what a fed sounds like. Were fighting a genocide and hes saying give up, just for with niggers for the GOP. Anyone who cant see this is useless, whites future is in armed struggle, successful or fail, its the only honorable option left. Its also obvious Anglins goal is to pollute the waters as a fed agent, writings about how HE is a "neon-nazi" like the guy from saved by the bell, and then HE claims you cant be a neo-nazi or be for anything except peaceful voting with niggers. Hes obviously a shill, anyone who still respects him has lost 100% of my respect. Hes a nobody, stop posting his articles here, no one cares what he has to say, all his former supporters except the most braindead muleheaded lemmings have stopped caring about him and wonder why he sold out.

a40c9f  No.12108105

File: 2bd23daec66f2cc⋯.jpeg (60.84 KB, 573x249, 191:83, Anglin-Indian.jpeg)

File: 95b32282dfea139⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 501x134, 501:134, Anglin-Race-Traitor.JPG)

File: 1298051f57c3ce9⋯.png (90.15 KB, 629x291, 629:291, anglin-on-women.PNG)

File: 80c111568cf817d⋯.jpeg (39.25 KB, 416x426, 208:213, anglin-race-traitor2.jpeg)

File: bec2a75f8e02c57⋯.jpeg (51.99 KB, 599x290, 599:290, Andrew-Anglin-Race-Traito….jpeg)


Pacifism in the face of genocide is race treason. Its very simple, either shut the fuck up or get in line. Were not voting on our racial survival, especially when its NOT ON THE PLATFORM. No one is even talking about closing the borders, people who advocate pacifism advocate the current status quo, you advocate white genocide, you are the enemy, you are antifa. Anglin is antifa, hes also a racemixing anti-white who said he hopes whites go extinct.

a40c9f  No.12108118


Delete Anglin.

a40c9f  No.12108162

File: b59641d6ceb2e55⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pierce-On-Rockwell.jpg)


Yea, the same people who gassed Pierce in cartoons love to post that one singular out of context video, while never having listened to anything else he said or knowing anything about him. He was director of communications and at another point an ideological officer in Rockwells ANP, so he was a National Socialist, which means youre retarded and obviously astroturfing anti-white trash again on behalf of people who hate /pol/ and hate that we are a bigger force than they are.

cf4fdc  No.12108176


The faggot racemixer is right. I'm not a neo-nazi, and never will be. I subscribe to the ideals of actual National Socialism.

a1d913  No.12108177

File: 86b309a4a0ad27b⋯.jpg (173.99 KB, 1124x1080, 281:270, ac28b6bb328175002143b07f3e….jpg)


except siege specifically says open revolution is a dead end, anyone claiming otherwise is spreading lies. it's about withdrawing similar to the beautiful ones and not feeding the system by playing along with it. living a simpler life and having many children is more productive than any of these "paths", including shit posting here

a40c9f  No.12108181


You misunderstand. Hes an antifascist and neo-nazi is the same thing as national socialist and white supremacist to him. Its your standard Antifa lexicon.

cf4fdc  No.12108182


There is nothing more productive than starting a family and building a homogeneous community of like minded folk, and nothing the jews fear more. My dream is to see communities sprout up everywhere, segregated from the ZOG, with their own farms, their own schools, their own universities, their own laboratories, their own factories, industry and militia. The protections of segregation granted to Mormons, Amish and Orthodox jews could easily be granted to a renaissance of the Volkisch movement. Until jews in the congress and senate try to say we can't have those protections, which would fly in the face of the constitution. Force them to start the civil war on your own terms, rather on theirs. America was founded on self determination, it's time to self determine ourselves.

a1d913  No.12108185

File: 09bbc499c3f14e7⋯.jpg (13.45 KB, 300x194, 150:97, indian11.jpg)




if we want to pretend anyone has a right to be here, you're forgetting the Oklahoma volk

6dce79  No.12108188


You're clinically insane

a40c9f  No.12108189


Siege advocates attacking the system, says to spread a little revolution wherever you are (thats almost a quote if its not) and to hit a big system pig/pimp if you do hit someone. Its more vague and open ended in its instructions, people are largely left to figure out what it means on their own. The main purpose of reading siege is the first parts commentary on armed struggle, some people apparently latch onto the Manson family part more but you will never cause the system to collapse by getting 5000 people to start forming small family groups in the desert, it will go on without them, Jews have plenty of fairy dust to sprinkle here and there to make it keep going if they want. It would require a lot of effort by whites to take the system down early, not just like kicking in the door and the whole rotten structure falling apart.

a1d913  No.12108195


the EU already tried to ban home gardens a while back, so if enough whites start doing the smart thing they might just try and put them down for living naturally. what a hellish world where the next 1776 is over our right to develop our own land

a1d913  No.12108198


let's say those 5000 people are 50/50 men and women and they don't settle in the desert, instead going somewhere livable and green in the boonies. let's say for instance each couple has five kids who then have five kids, giving us over 60000 in three generations. of this keeps happening it doesn't matter what the system does, your population is secure for whatever fun the future holds. is that not the biggest form of little revolution you could hope to contribute to?

a1d913  No.12108202


30000 in three generations, got a little carried away in the fantasy of exploding Aryan population, sorry

a40c9f  No.12108203


The war is lost in 3 generations, we cant allow white minority and thats coming in our lifetime in most white countries.

a1d913  No.12108206


whites are already a minority, at least in burgerland. the system will run out of oil (or rare metals, im hoping for both) before they manage to holocaust you. secure your family, acquire useful skills while you have the internet, and prepare for the great happening that separates wheat from chaff. we've survived worse

cf4fdc  No.12108208



It's the only solution. Previous movements in America failed, because they did not unplug the addiction to consumerism from their own members. We are awash in culture wrecking propaganda, poisonous diets and unhealthy lifestyles. We are in a desert when it comes to finding healthy spouses who aren't indoctrinated by the enemy. How can any movement exist, if it does not have children to carry on its will. >>12108203

A white minority is less impactful if we have segregated self sustaining white communities rebuilding our nation, our culture, our industry and our armed forces.

a1d913  No.12108226

File: 145f2ecf6e9cc51⋯.gif (3.2 MB, 420x300, 7:5, 1528208503824.gif)

a40c9f  No.12108237


Thats a pile of horseshit, only in a couple states. 2022 the dems have reparations also known as Zimbabwe on their platform. The white population under 5 was the minority in 2014, that means 9 today, and it means 18 in 9 years. Boomers are dying off at more and more of a rapid pace, very soon after that whites are a voting minority. If the race war is initiated when whites are the minority we will lose almost surely. The cards will all be stacked against us at that point. If whites are to survive, the system will be undermined early. Anything else is cowardice and passing the buck to people who wont be able to shoulder the burden.

0329d5  No.12108244


>He's talking about the self-defeating, own goal scoring retards that constitute neo-Nazism. Heimbach, Spencer, the TRS guys and all these other morons who think marching around evoking the imagery and slogans of the KKK and Nazi Party is a good idea.

No, he is talking about anyone who doesn't support the Republican party and americanism.

>Anglin is advocating a do-able way forward

No, he isn't. Because a

Anglin doesn't understand how power works. "Infiltrating the GOP" is one of the least do-able ways forward.

f48f80  No.12108246

File: 17d8c9089234846⋯.jpg (59.06 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Future.jpg)




Go read a history book, nigger.

0329d5  No.12108248


>Whites will be a minority in America in 25 years.

More like 10-15 years. Whites will be the minority by about 2030, and that is a charitable estimate.

a1d913  No.12108253


so what you're telling me is we are already in effect a minority (im going to ignore that you think voting is relevant) and your answer to this is not to strike out on your own and have a large family that could help change the trend? who is our enemy in this "race war"? if there is a war it'll be zogbots vs fools conned into it, so whites being a minority doesn't matter much when most of our kind doesn't have the sense to know whose side they should be on. except most would side with zogbots because we're by default evil Nazis. the cards have always been stacked against us. the only winning move is to withdraw, have many children, and let it fall on its own. there is nothing stopping you from this purely positive route

0329d5  No.12108254


Jews have always been citizens in the USA, which disproves the claim. America is a commerical empire, not a nation.

a1d913  No.12108260


also move to evrope. America will likely be overrun by mongrels unless you favor the north

a40c9f  No.12108264


Voting is relevant when niggers will vote for reparations the first chance they get, which equals racewar. Im not saying voting solves whites problems, but it will be a trigger for racewar in a white minority environment. Whites are not the voting minority, they can not do South Africa right now.

961cbd  No.12108268

File: f8783a9d169c0b9⋯.gif (165.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, F7E3C3F2-75CF-49B7-B583-69….gif)


>not the jews

>we can't remove non whites. they are fellow americans now, goy !

>i don't take black hebrew israelites seriously. on the other hand, regular hebrew israelites, you know, they aren't all bad!

>government brought millions of shitskins. BUT, government cannot remove millions of shitskins goy!

>you know, i dislike ds but he's not wrong

>sometimes i read ds

>i have a ds subscription

a40c9f  No.12108274

File: dcf17344f574bf3⋯.png (148.47 KB, 299x300, 299:300, civnat-amnat-antifa.png)

File: e0b845d1cec1ae1⋯.png (65.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, american-nationalist-antif….png)

f48f80  No.12108283

File: 218cb2c49e61ff8⋯.jpg (165.38 KB, 650x900, 13:18, WhitGuysFightingFor.jpg)


>Oh really? Cause 70% of all posts are nothing but fuck ZOGnald we must exercise VIOLENCE!

Learn to tell the difference between shills and real people.

Shills will post all kinds of things that shock normies, because they want to create the impression in normie minds that this is a "radical" website. They certainly don't want the normies to see the real message here, that being:

1) Whites are being displaced

2) Jewish groups are always involved in this

3) Whites deserve countries of their own, where they remain the majority

4) Whites are not responsible for all the world's ills

5) White people should look out for the interests of other white people

6) Multiculturalism creates dissent, a higher crime rate, and has never led to anything but further balkanization

7) White people inevitably assimilate into any white culture, while non-whites come to resent that culture, and attempt to supplant it

8) Jews have come to control worldwide banking, electronic and print media, the courts, and have done this through the same ethnic nepotism they decry as "bigotry" if any whites should attempt it

9) The "holocaust" did not, in fact, happen. It is a huge and very successful psyop, that the facts of the matter disprove.

10) The results of our "victory" pretty much proves we fought on the wrong side in WW1 and WW2.

I will also add, we support the nationalization of all central banks across the world, to lance the carbuncle that is the world banking cartel, and place the creation of money back into the hands of each individual country. This kills the Zionist Jew, and all their golems.

There, did I leave anything out?

a40c9f  No.12108289

File: 294694ec679aea9⋯.png (34.06 KB, 607x531, 607:531, Azzmador-BTFO.PNG)

Please condemn the beer hall putsch as terrorist violence, and the march on rome, thanks goyim. Dont forget to dissent against the group and spread lots of controversial counter-signals, thats totally not antifascist.

961cbd  No.12108295

File: e3cdc0f741fe167⋯.jpeg (21.07 KB, 255x251, 255:251, F7C61ABA-ACE8-4595-82D6-2….jpeg)

File: ecb6ce17e58dd1a⋯.jpeg (81.76 KB, 766x960, 383:480, 12B20BB7-8906-409D-968C-7….jpeg)

00ffe7  No.12108299


let's assume this scenario takes place and niggers organize to kill whitey for gibs. they won't make it out of the cities where they congregate, and if some stragglers do they'll be met by armed to

the teeth rural folk. living in the system is a death sentence as you'd be right in the thick of the most violent period of a collapse. go into the wild and have many children, white man

f48f80  No.12108304

File: 9357f2fa6709a5e⋯.jpg (130.23 KB, 750x730, 75:73, NeedsDiv.jpg)


>Jews have always been citizens in the USA, which disproves the claim.

At the time, Jews were considered to be of European ancestry, and they were up until relatively recently, when they, themselves, rejected this, in an attempt to avoid the very slander they were perpetrating on the whites.

And I'll point out that some of the founding fathers DID warn against including Jews in the new country, if they had managed to swing it, the small number of Jews that had already shown up (mostly to sell African slaves) would have been shipped out.

Ben Franklin was one of these.

89317e  No.12108305

File: 5ec57e24a13eed6⋯.jpg (62.67 KB, 599x409, 599:409, BolshevikCuntNowCIAkikeCar….jpg)

Anglin was always a CIA-kike fraud

He was openly a commie bolshevik antifa just a few weeks before turning completely Legit NatSoc, goy then proceeded to mock and ridicule the notion of national socialist sentiment playing the cartoon nazi role as prescripted by the ADL.

Culminating in the great Trumpstein swindle which somehow merged all the supposed jew wise red pilled into an amalgamation of pretend jew-wise redpillers and Breibart jew editors calling themselves the aut-right which is essentially turning everyone into a retarded NeoCon cheerleader devoid of reason or ability to discuss a single topic without hurling mindless abuse, slurs and repeating the word "cuck" a lot.

If it makes any of you Trump believing fashy based neoCon jew supporting spastics any better, Anglin's been laughing at all his followers every day since he became the CIAs number one hoax on the goy

f48f80  No.12108312

File: a9ef8ec9435413e⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 640x346, 320:173, WoodsRain.gif)



Stay out of the woods, unless you're white.

a40c9f  No.12108314


Youre getting off into silly larp territory, sorry to use that term but it just seems ridiculous once you take that step. Niggers will vote for whites things, they will show up - likely in a more organized way than in Zimbabwe - with the support of the kike and nigger run local police. Obama already had a plan where he settled niggers in every only white area of the country, thats just the beginning. You cant just run and hide, thats not a solution.. and what, youd be content living as a minority in formerly white countries, with a non-white government passing every law it can to squeeze your assets and labor out of your for niggers. Whites are already slaves, if a nigger has a wife and 4 kids you pay him over 2 million in your lifetime as an individual white taxpayer. A million kids were raped in britain and youre still advocating anything except vigilante resistance? We have a right to fight back, just like we have a right to bear arms - it doesnt stop leftist kikes from kvetching and trying to deny it. There can be no condemnation of white resistance no matter the form it takes.. and it better take a more radical form than white families in the desert, or in the bush, or wherever.

This is what white minority looks like, the stories described by Pierce in this video. Muh armed to the teeth white people, Orania is going to be wiped out soon, its on the EFF target list and they said they want to hurt them. You are not a member of Greys Scouts, and as Pierce explains even if you were, and you took a few of them with you while bandaging your shattered leg after being hit and manage to fight for hours, you will die. And our race will die with you. Thats not an option, thats not the solution, hiding on a farm like a fucking lolberg. Thats no different than your typical dont tread on me libertarian cuck. Thats not National Socialism. We will unite collectively as whites, not break away.


(its already embedded somewhere apparently)

00ffe7  No.12108323

File: e83790fcd1f85e5⋯.gif (485.01 KB, 322x196, 23:14, tenor.gif)

pol is redpilled again…

but can pol swallow the vargpill?

a40c9f  No.12108327


Varg supported leftists in a video like 6 months ago and can never recover.

cf4fdc  No.12108329


Varg is trying to be a philosopher while still being a welfare leech. When he manages to found a Volkisch village, I'll be more impressed with his charlatan ways.

a40c9f  No.12108338

File: ec4050c1ad0fe51⋯.png (424.29 KB, 587x600, 587:600, siege2.png)

File: ddca7c1162c8096⋯.jpg (201.64 KB, 550x400, 11:8, read-siege3.jpg)

Btw to sum up siege since theres some confusion, it doesnt say just break away and make a family like Manson, it says you cant achieve National Socialism by voting in a mixed race country and the political system is worthless, so then it makes the step to say you can only achieve National Socialism by governmental overthrow, and then it points out the failure of white resistance in the past and the control of the security forces, and their infiltrating agents. So then it discusses how white people could easily take back control if only they werent controlled themselves, by decadence. So then it advocates attacking that which provides a decadent lifestyle and forcing whites into struggle, by causing system collapse early. It says only after collapse will mass organization occur, also having pointed out the failures of rallies and such in the past. Thats Siege. Breaking away from the system is only part of that overall strategy of collapsing the system, and then instituting a National Socialist government.

Siege, because the system wont collapse itself.

00ffe7  No.12108339

File: 3a196dffd305ada⋯.jpg (773.22 KB, 2475x1872, 275:208, wwii0267.jpg)


a race war taking place at all is more of a silly larp than trying to dissemble your strange take on our future. only in America do we stand a chance of being south africa'd, and it is for this reason I recommend you go to Europe. regardless, if they thought they could get away with that shit here they'd have done it. the government moving browns around for artificial diversity is nothing new, and where do these niggers go? surprise, the cities. sicking their dogs on us would lead to an actual revolution which they are eager to avoid. why? because you can't suck the blood from a corpse. the death they have planned is slow micegenation, and they do not have the time for that before their house of cards comes tumbling down (oil and rare metals running out). you should be preparing for the fall, not for another attempt at WW2. natsoc tried it's best but it will never come back unless the entire world becomes natsoc. their grip is that strong. do you want another ravaging of germany? another dose of the last seventy years? luckily for you, me, and all of our kind they don't have the resources for it. learn to live independently, before you are forced to improvise with freezing fingers and no skills for it

a40c9f  No.12108341

File: 2a4151d76a9d9c9⋯.png (477.22 KB, 1434x1318, 717:659, On-Guerilla-Warfare1.png)


>a race war taking place at all is more of a silly larp

Stopped right there, you apparently still live in fantasy land and dont read much history. Put the cultural marxist propaganda down, wars is not only likely, its inevitable. What was it, 50 or 70% who thought civil war was going to happen within the next 10 years in the US? Everyone sees it coming. There is no peaceful solution, there can be no mutual understanding between sides and de-escalation. The only way forward is conflict, a victory and a loser. We must win and you dont have the winning spirit.

f48f80  No.12108342

File: 78ce57062f1aa5c⋯.gif (491.62 KB, 500x202, 250:101, Woods2.gif)


>Youre getting off into silly larp territory

Hardly. And this is a natural occurrence, anyway, as it has already been happening since the 70's.

Non-whites tend to stick around the cities, as it's easier to get gibs there for blacks and Mestizos, and the Asians and Jews tend to milk the gibs-takers for their gibsbucks. It is also easier to make ton's of shekels in a city, due to the high population density, so if you see shekel-numbers as a measure of success, you are more likely to dwell in a city, whereas if you see family, quality of environment, and decent people to associate with as a measure of success, you tend not to worry so much about shekel-numbers and will work harder to create a life where shekels are not so easy to get, but the environment is much, much better.

Whites live in the suburbs and rural regions, if they possibly can, and non-whites stick to the cities. As the cities become worse and worse, this tends to be more and more true.

And the one thing people learn very easily when they move here is that everyone owns guns. You hunt with them, you keep them for protection and the natural need for self-reliance, when you do not have cops just a phone-call away. The more rural you are, the more true this becomes.

The mountains, forests, and plains of this nation are white territory.

00ffe7  No.12108343


>caring about the left/right dichotomy


>selling your rpg and collecting burzum royalties is welfare

and how many children do you have if i may ask? if it's less than seven he's got you beat.

i guess pol just isn't ready for the true revolution…

a40c9f  No.12108346

File: d12ce16c1c18d31⋯.png (10.8 KB, 1160x109, 1160:109, Dugin-Kiked.PNG)

File: eaa702c943f035e⋯.png (335.48 KB, 558x400, 279:200, traitors-before-enemies2.png)


>supporting bolsheviks is totally fine goy

4af63e  No.12108349

Controlled op wouldn't have nearly as much power if we just ignored them like the left does with antifa. Focus on the jews and ignore the concern trolls and snake oil salesman.

00ffe7  No.12108350

File: 7d970333d36fc7b⋯.jpg (6.97 KB, 216x176, 27:22, a603bea8852ace9debeee9a9e7….jpg)


>the majority believes this

stopped reading right there. the majority think voting makes an impact and the holocaust happened. there will be no race war but a massive die off of the unfit. europeans will not be excluded. modernity has weakened us but we're not niggers. we'll rise again. will you rise with us, or throw your life away preparing for what will never be?

a40c9f  No.12108351


The majority expect civil war in America within the next 10 years, and 30% believe its in the next 5 years.

00ffe7  No.12108352


please show me where he has supported bolshevism.

cf4fdc  No.12108354

File: c366fba7aebea26⋯.png (108.33 KB, 400x381, 400:381, 31723.png)


So he's off the welfare then?

728fad  No.12108357


Man, Akkad has really become the most massive faggot on Youtube.

a40c9f  No.12108358


He implied they were anti-capitalist and anti-israel so its totally fine, ignoring that they arent anti-Jew but are just anti-nationalist and oppose Israel due to it being a country, not because its a Jewish country.

00ffe7  No.12108360


he does not need it, especially now that he and his wife have sold so many books ontop of the other revenue. id be fine with him and every one of you taking welfare anyway, why respect a broken jewish system? contribute nothing, take everything

826157  No.12108361

File: 1e0ba5810393f7a⋯.jpg (447.32 KB, 2000x764, 500:191, Andrew Anglin C.I.A. S.O.C….jpg)

f48f80  No.12108362

File: 841182c994daf72⋯.gif (889.92 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Wolves.gif)


>The majority expect civil war in America within the next 10 years, and 30% believe its in the next 5 years.

I heard this 20 years ago.

00ffe7  No.12108366


he's gotten convicted for anti semitism before. have you not considered he is just avoiding the obvious nose in the conversation, or did you only watch the one video? guy has no love for yids

a40c9f  No.12108367

File: 2ed4536575c9a37⋯.png (1.37 MB, 985x1052, 985:1052, Salon-Anti-White.PNG)


>implying the situation we exist in is anywhere close to 20 years ago

00ffe7  No.12108370


>implying it isn't a good thing

twenty years ago you would have had to wait even longer for the collapse. rejoice and prepare, every day brings us closer

f48f80  No.12108373

File: e9214fb5e98caf3⋯.jpg (10.2 KB, 255x255, 1:1, FellowTemp.jpg)



Jesus Christ, really?

People that read Salon are duped beyond hope or reclamation in the first place.

You could show them an undeniable truth, and if it did not fit the world they are so emotionally invested in, they would not be capable of seeing it.

They are completely irredeemable.

be452a  No.12108374



>Heimbach, Spencer, the TRS guys


fuck off nigger

d0dbf3  No.12108381


Kill yourself kikeshill.

356d1f  No.12108383

File: fedd45cd7884a82⋯.jpg (429.28 KB, 1260x954, 70:53, fedd45cd7884a822ebc969d00a….jpg)


>defending alt kikes

hey buddy i think you got the wrong /pol/

the 4pol is two blocks down

356d1f  No.12108384


kind of like the poster. his blood burns for war, so he'll ignore anything not in favor of it. i hope he realizes what's really going on before it's too late

be452a  No.12108397


>calling out obvious bullshit



906796  No.12108403


>Believes that non-Whites can be Americans

Wrong. Non-Whites hate America. Non-Whites had nothing to do with the creation of America.

Non-Whites can be American in the same way that Turks can be German.

End of story.

356d1f  No.12108407


original Americans are not white? did you hit your head and forget?

356d1f  No.12108414

File: 0aeee130ac98d4d⋯.jpg (106.24 KB, 560x675, 112:135, bow-hunter-560x675.jpg)

this guy here, he loved america when it was just americans. now his descendants get drunk all the time because they got forced from their forest. supporting this is like supporting israel, but at least the kikes have a 2000 year old grudge

f2fa5d  No.12108415

the eternal Anglin strikes again

6ea24f  No.12108424


>We just got rid of one faggy eceleb to replace it with another one.

Varg is a kike.

Fuck off.

356d1f  No.12108429


kikes often have 97% scandinavian ancestry and seven Aryan kids

thanks for waking me up man, he almost got me

f0ea71  No.12108434

File: d9899cd8796aa18⋯.jpeg (68.68 KB, 680x803, 680:803, 5b8f130f6fa0a.jpeg)

We ev is Jewish and Andrew Anglin published 5 articles glorifying race mixing nigger Kanye West, who woth his degenerate wife is party of #MarchForOurLives gun control

f7f1d4  No.12108436

File: 9122f1ae923e920⋯.jpg (108.66 KB, 960x768, 5:4, Putin jews anglin shabbos ….jpg)


I am not one of the type of people Anglin refers to but I also don't consider any word that worm says.

a8a14c  No.12108437

File: a16f3cd63e4045a⋯.png (12.88 KB, 562x222, 281:111, uncomfortable truth.png)

Reminder (at least in the United States) that nobody is going to racewar as long as the lights stay on. (You can interpret that fact however you want, but it is a fact.)

9f2181  No.12108441


Good article, Angloid

c2e426  No.12108445


Most Aryans are not involved in brutal knife murders.

906796  No.12108451

File: 7e17cce0c40ff01⋯.jpg (114.64 KB, 1200x680, 30:17, Native Americans.jpg)


This is a picture of the original Americans.

These White Americans invented America. They fought for America. They sacrificed blood and treasure to create America.

This >>12108414 is a picture of a Siberian interloper who had no clue what America was until we told him about it. He didn't even know what a steel tomahawk was until we gave him the metal to create one. He never knew what a horse was or a law or an alphabet was until we gave him these things. (or in the case of the horse, until one wandered out of our camps and into his)

Siberians had NOTHING to do with America until we brought it to them. Name ONE Siberian interloper who wrote a single American founding document or name a Siberian who came up with the word "America" or "The United States"

Those are Latin and English words. Not Cherokee or Siox words.

Why do you peddle jewish memes, anon?

6ea24f  No.12108452


>Follow my eceleb!

>Just run away and shit out kids!

>He gets payments from ZOG! SO BASED

>Not rotting in jail even though he murdered someone and burned down several buildings.

>But he's so BASED!

Not arguing with another eceleb cultist.

Fuck off.

ef132d  No.12108456


No he didn't. He said that there's people on the left who have more in common with us than lots of people on the right. It is a shorter leap to take an environmentalist that has fallen for multiculturalism and teach him to love his race than it is to take a neocohen that only cares about his own material wealth and teach him to love his race.


>muh welfare shilling

Why is that the best thing you kikes can come up with? He's clearly making money for real, he doesn't qualify for welfare, and the government is up his ass all the time. Do you think if he was actually committing welfare fraud they wouldn't have arrested him a long time ago? They kick down his doors and threaten to shoot his kids every few months if he slips up and says the word "jew" instead of "you know who". But please explain how white families raising white children taking money from the government is bad. You just really desperately want that money to only go to non-whites?


>white people should never do anything violent

How do you avoid tripping over your nose?

a8a14c  No.12108458


>in the case of the horse, until one wandered out of our camps and into his

It's actually worse than that.

Native Americans killed off all the native horses from the continent. Entire species of horse fucking wiped out and eaten. Prairie niggers used fucking dogs to pull their loads instead. (which, to be fair, is better than Africans, who never domesticated any animal).

6ea24f  No.12108459


Just wait for the end of the current "business cycle", Iran, Turkey, and Argentina's economy are already taking hits. It will come to the US eventually.

f74cc0  No.12108468

File: e1215617ea12c38⋯.jpg (56.29 KB, 632x402, 316:201, savage.jpg)

906796  No.12108478


Very true. I always slap down libshits this way if they begin to wax poetic about the idea that Siberian Americans were Disney princesses.

For fuck sake, they wiped out almost all of the megafauna of America.

And if a marxist faggot begins to drone about them being communists, I slap him down by telling him all the gory details of Indian empire building, social hierarchy, and the wars of extermination they waged upon each other.

faac45  No.12108490

File: 18b9989c9c542a3⋯.jpg (70.86 KB, 500x358, 250:179, the two platforms.jpg)


Do you think that quote doesn't apply to those who support the jewish right just as much as those who support the left? Sorry Andre, but neither of the jew-parties are on our side.

0819f5  No.12108508


What's the point arguing with leftists? They'll reject everything that doesn't reinforce their warped worldview i.e. whites = evil opressors, "minorities" = paragons of virtue who never did nothing wrong.

f48f80  No.12108548

File: 679df8a6fbd3f1f⋯.gif (920.51 KB, 247x180, 247:180, Burning.gif)


>this guy here, he loved america when it was just americans.

No, he's Iroquois. He loved the Iroquois nation when it held sway over the Mohicans, Senecas, Oneidas, etc.

He couldn't hold any power over the Europa tribe when it showed up on his shores, so he fought with them, ran from then, eventually got cornered by them & sent to live on reservations.

And the whole world has a legitimate grudge against the infesting kikes.

c2e426  No.12108561


>deliberately misconstrued what I said

Sure you're not the Jew? There is nothing honorable about being a violent anarchist.

350654  No.12108567

File: 01533f6ae632a89⋯.jpg (6.37 KB, 277x182, 277:182, gtfowiththisshit.jpg)

906796  No.12108600


>What's the point arguing with leftists?

When I have an audience.

Actually, if you learn to spot the lemmings and understand a little psychology, you can not only have real conversations with the non-lemmings, but you can get the intelligent ones to understand and even adopt correct views.

All you need to do is understand where they're coming from and what THEY hold sacred. The problem with most people is that they argue from their own morality and assume that only crazy people would not think the way they do.

For instance, I was in Asia with a liberal Czech friend of mine. Over several hours we chatted politics over weird meal after weird meal. He hated Trump because his media told him that Trump was evil and he never heard an alternative. I'm pro-White, not pro-Trump but since Trump is an excellent talking point, I use him

We began our long conversation over Trump and his "racist border policies"

Anyway, it took only 5 minutes to get him to understand and support them. I simply asked him to imagine that he lived in a country with a large, hostile Russian minority in the south that wanted to secede and join Russia like in Ukraine (it was 2014). I told him about La Raza and Mexican loyaltees to Mexico and asked him how he'd feel towards Russians doing that to his country.

Obviously he quickly agreed with me and admitted that Trump was right.

I have a socialist cousin. However he is also intelligent and perceptive. Rare traits among limousine liberals.

So I decided to try an experiment. I openly told him of my pro-White views and he opposed them. Then I explained how open borders destroys working class bargaining abilities and how little his fellow bourgeois socialists know about or care about working people. I asked him to talk about his ideal society and then asked him to contemplate how that would work with a disunited population with conflicting values and cultures. I asked him to imagine anyone wanting to contribute to his socialist society when the state was flooding White working class communities with hostile foreigners.

He agrees with me now. And we rarely talk too.

The point is that non-lemmings can be reasoned with. You just have to understand where they're coming from.

With lemmings though, I agree. don't waste your breath. You can give them true information every single day and EVERY TIME, they will come back and repeat every lie their media corporation told them. Even when you disprove it. Even when they AGREE with you that you disproved it.

The next day it's as if nothing happened. Which is quite similar to what Hitler wrote about the jews. Interesting.

I will argue with lemmings when I have an audience because lemmings are so stupid and so easy to manipulate that they make excellent tools for converting silent witnesses. Just smash them with the Mantra and laugh at them. Do it over and over and over and laugh at them. Smile in their face and laugh.

Onlookers who are silent will absorb what the lemming cannot.

I worked with a liberal lemming mechanic. He once thought that it would be a good idea to call me a racist to get me to shut up. I came back with the Mantra. Always in the back of my mind, ready to smash anyone foolish enough to try using the (((R word.)))

He was shocked into silence and never tried that ever again. His brother then began asking questions and eventually we progressed far enough to talk about the jews. A topic which he became very interested in.

ef132d  No.12108605


Then explain yourself. Unless you actually believe killing is never justified, then what are you upset about? A degenerate plans to kill you, you kill him first, and this makes you not Aryan?


>I don't care so much that I came to post tumblr memes about it

db8723  No.12108622

File: fba9834f5330c55⋯.jpg (4.22 KB, 301x168, 43:24, images.jpg)

ITT: lots of people who lack reading comprehension beyond a second grade level.

He's not saying stop being a Nazi if that's your thing. What he's saying is A) hide your power level and clean yourself upb then B) run for office.

Why is he saying these things?

1. The Left read: jews controls the entirety of the nation's social infrastructure. The only way to counter this is to get /ourguys/ into office and into positions of authority.

2. Nobody is going to vote for or otherwise elect some moron who had video of him doing the Roman salute and choose stepping down Main Street in Jerkwater, USA ranting about jews and whatever else. To get elected to office - even dog catcher - you have to at least have an image of respectability. Normies don't respect skinheads. Even actual Nazis don't respect skinheads.

That's all this article says.

Anybody who says the message is something other than that is a no good damn dirty liar.

Anybody who says nobody do anything just wait for Hitler and/or DOTR is a larp/armchair general/faggot/lazy slob.

1eb9db  No.12108624


Spoiler that shit dood

325c39  No.12108641




Trump did more for white nationalism than white nationalists ever did. Spreading the truth doesn't work, acting with the knowledge of the truth does.

b94fd3  No.12108644


He’s a jew loving paid shill e-celebrity that no one here gives a fuck about. We’re not hiding anything. Shut the fuck up, coward.

c2e426  No.12108648


I do not agree with Varg Vikernes being used as a NatSoc symbol. The guy is suspicious, definitely a liar and possible in cahoots with Norwegian Intel. One year before his murder sentence was fully served he decided to escape, hijack a womans car with children in it at gunpoint (far as she knew), managed to fill this car with automatic weapons before being apprehended on his way to Sweden (though heading West for some reason). For this he received a mere 6 months extra sentence and a recommendation from the Norwegian Security Services that he was "harmless". Now he's out promoting hippie style Nationalism, telling everybody to just get in touch with nature and it will all be fine.

He burned down Churches and that's good, but that is also where I think it ends. A degenerate, possibly an agent.

Nothing wrong with killing, but it needs reason behind it. A goal that can be achieved. He would perhaps had reason to kill that guy in America, but doing so in Norway is just mindblowingly stupid.

db8723  No.12108649


>i speak for /pol/

I don't remember electing you Chancellor, Chaim.

b94fd3  No.12108658


Reported for not lurking before posting, for supporting jewish narratives, and for outright retardation. Tell your boss to fire you.

ef132d  No.12108659


You basically just dodged the question completely and blathered about irrelevant shit. He did have a reason behind it, the degenerate fuckstain was planning to kill him. Why would that be a reason to kill him in the US, but not in Norway? WTF kind of idiocy is that?

db8723  No.12108674


>getting jews and women out of government is a jewish narrative

Might as well report yourself while you're at it, Hymie. Be sure to announce that, too, just like a big boy.

f48f80  No.12108681

File: c8c953a55509b3d⋯.jpg (58.48 KB, 606x432, 101:72, Levitts.jpg)


The fact that he was pushing the "boomer" D&C meme was enough for me to unsub him.

Anyone that tries to divide whites based on artificial "generation" grouping is either a mole or too stupid to see through kike tricks.

If there's one thing whites need right now, it's unity, and anyone of any generation can be red-pilled, and many of ALL generations desperately need it.

I choose my allies based on their ideas and opinions, not their age.

faac45  No.12108726

File: 505770ba1de9c1e⋯.png (139.31 KB, 395x572, 395:572, qoomer.png)


I used to agree with that, but the Q LARP is the redpill on the boomer problem. Anyone who believes it is hopeless.

8a02ed  No.12108737


Ya that's what I figured.


Why do you think they should get the rope?







Best replies itt

ef132d  No.12108753


You are just trying to find a reason to be offended. You are the same as any leftist faggot with your "not all boomers" bullshit. Nobody suggested that literally every boomer is irredeemable. But as a group, they are terrible. The existence of a tiny number of individuals that don't worship kikes doesn't mean the general statement that boomers destroyed the world any less true.

>If there's one thing whites need right now, it's unity

And this applies to kike worshipping, white-hating, nature destroying boomer cucks, but not "people who read Salon"? You can't sit there preaching about white unity while rejecting a bunch of white people. You already have accepted the fact that most whites are beyond saving, you just refuse to accept that boomers are in that category too.

8a02ed  No.12108754



If you guys don't mind me asking, what sort of sites or videos do you recommend for further learning on the lines of thinking you've had in your replies?

b94fd3  No.12108771


>you can't reject people who openly fight against you and want to see you dead

Reported for horseshoe theory spam.

acd71b  No.12108773


It's almost like people's ideas mature and grow as they mature and grow. How strange.

d8bb66  No.12108879


lmao you are so transparent, you where going to say "you have no plan" no matter what I said.

You obviously do not belong here.

db8723  No.12108880


>literally replied to exactly what was written


Break your programming, did I, kike?

60009d  No.12108886

File: d1aa5eb3b8e7b8b⋯.jpg (21.42 KB, 300x408, 25:34, chaufeur.jpg)


Go help your rabbi blow a chauffeur. (sp?)

b94fd3  No.12108903


>no argument

>can't refute what was said

>literally sucks jewish cock and openly supports nonwhites

Reported. You don't belong here.

6577e1  No.12108915



Saved! People are not equal, it is simply foolish to believe there is one shoe size for all when it comes to this.


Pure cohen-cidence!


(((1st post)))


Controled opposition it is, then.


The faces of white sharia...




More simple than that, the Alt-right are losely associated lolcows. Not serious people, whatever their ideology might be.

ef132d  No.12108922


Are you illiterate or just retarded?

0329d5  No.12108949


>Trump did more for white nationalism than white nationalists ever did

Trump has done severe damage to white nationalism and his presidency will derail any potential progress whites could have made for at least a decade. Same as Reagan did.

0329d5  No.12108955


>At the time, Jews were considered to be of European ancestry

No, they weren't.

59255e  No.12108988


>thinks the refugee flow into Europe will ever stop.

The nations that took in refugees are going to be doing family reunifications in the next 5 years.That is millions more on the way to Europe.

There is nowhere to run.

nice ip switch btw

65cfb7  No.12108989


>one of the worst empires in human history

What you know about history could fit in the head of pin with room left over.

0329d5  No.12109002


Even Pat Buchanan and Mike Scheuer believe we are potentially heading for civil war.


This strategy cannot work because the deception hits friend and enemy equally. There is no way for a voter to distinguish between a cuck and a crypto-nazi. So, Anglin's strategy then boils down to "always vote for every Republican because they could maybe be /ourguy/." And if the crypto-nazis are not in any way distinguishable from the real cucks, then the person with the most insider connections who has proved his loyalty to the system (i.e. the real cuck) will win 99% of the time. So, in practice, Anglin's strategy becomes "vote for cucks because it's the best we can do." It is not a well thought out plan.

0329d5  No.12109005


America is hands down the worst empire in human history.

67ca3a  No.12109008

File: c558582e82e7c36⋯.jpg (463.36 KB, 2000x807, 2000:807, Chelsey Anglin C.I.A. S.O.….jpg)

59255e  No.12109011


I never heard that one before. Got sauce?


In England,aka where America's social structure came from, they pretty much were.


English empire, USSR, etc were just peaches and cream

Since your posts are all "just give up and die amerimutts, this is my don't expect another response


Proofs anytime, moarpheous. Putting someones head next to a seal and spear isn't proof.

d7c674  No.12109013


>(((Native Americans)))

You mean barbaric Asian nomads

59255e  No.12109019


I really shouldn't multitask, fucked up real good on that one

a8a14c  No.12109028



67ca3a  No.12109035


>Proofs anytime

You don't know the first thing about identifying deep cover CIA operatives, so spoon feeding you the evidence would be completely and utterly pointless.

The neo-Nazi cult is a CIA / US Military PSYOP, and always has been, dating all the way back to the late 1940's. Actually, it's much bigger than the CIA and US Military, because it's a NATO level PSYOP involving the Five Eyes nations and all other NATO members.


59255e  No.12109038


Literally no one cares, moarpheous. You come here with no proof, and then when you are called out, you say


Like a fucking retard.

a8a14c  No.12109039


>it's obvious, I don't need to provide evidence


67ca3a  No.12109049



Good luck with your NATO military mind fuck.

0329d5  No.12109051


Chelsey Anglin commented on Apedre's original Total Fascism website. The comment was something like "very proud of you Andrew." I have forgotten which article it was posted under, but you could probably find it if you were autistic enough to go through all of the old archived articles on that site. It stuck in my memory because it seemed out of place for his sister, who from all appearances was some liberal normie, to be commenting on her brother's fascist website telling him how proud she was of him. Unless she was secretly a white nationalist herself, but then later I found she worked for these sorts of leftist/globalist organizations.

07978d  No.12109052


nonwhite detected

no, you wont be welcome

go back to where your forefathers came from

59255e  No.12109055

File: 7360386a43dbe5c⋯.jpg (17.45 KB, 250x317, 250:317, george-lincoln-rockwell.jpg)


All righty then.

690667  No.12109060


Norway has shit defense laws. All you will achieve is prison, and if you have a cause, bad publicity.

6577e1  No.12109095


*Sound of a commune of 5 people being obliterated by hellfire missiles*

3491ae  No.12109109

File: 3aead88cb8bc3d0⋯.png (12.62 KB, 600x800, 3:4, syefk.png)


Anglin is a flawed individual but on this he's not wrong. "Neo-nazism" is a kike owned boogeyman. Just another way of scaring the goyim out of standing up for themselves.

I'm an American National Socialist. Other pro-Whites are my brethren, be they European National Socialists of various stripes, or some variety of fascist, it really doesn't matter. As long as they are pro-White, pro-Natural Law, pro-self improvement, and working towards the 14 Words they have a place by my side in the fight against the semitic parasite.

The whole ebil skinhead neo-nazi meme is pure garbage pushed only by the juden.

ef132d  No.12109117


So? Defending your life is not justified or unjustified based on the consequences that jews will inflict on you for doing so. "Let degenerates murder you because if you don't you'll be put in a resort for 10 years" is pathetic.


>I'm an American National Socialist.

Then you are the evil neo-nazi strawman he is crying about, that's the point. He is directly and clearly stating that nationalism is bad and we should all be cuckservatives and join the GOP.

d8bb66  No.12109118


>except siege specifically says open revolution is a dead end

There is literally a chapter in SIEGE where it tells you where military keeps guns and scopes are kept in depots for you to take from them

0329d5  No.12109158

File: 0cf8afd2f7d2e90⋯.png (379.42 KB, 800x458, 400:229, paul-nehlen-800x458.png)


Read the article. He is not talking about skinheads. For example, in the article he refers to Paul Nehlen as a neo-nazi.

d0bdf3  No.12109184

File: fa99889c973eae1⋯.jpeg (24.4 KB, 320x278, 160:139, Ziopunk.jpeg)

File: 216e40a60a9f761⋯.jpeg (5.34 KB, 184x176, 23:22, weseeall.jpeg)

59255e  No.12109192

>moarpheous thinks he's sly by switching ips


60009d  No.12109255

File: 2f3530df076fc37⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 800x600, 4:3, switchling.jpg)

Do we have 'proof of life' for Anglin?

He has been in Parts Unknown for a long time now. I presume he communicates with \/\/eev and staff by email some of the time, but does anyone see him or even talk on the phone with him lately?

When was the last interview of Andrew Anglin? He used to go on talk-broadcast media such as David Duke's podcast and/or Red Ice… how long has it been since anybody has verified his continued existence?

faac45  No.12109280


He was on a TRSodomite podcast in April. They're the only podcasts he supports anymore, he split with Duke over Patrick Little.

59255e  No.12109285


I still cant belive people listen to Mike Peinowitz.

6577e1  No.12109303




Shill talking points.

- Hide in the woods, fellow Polacks, just hide in the wood while ZOG take over your country! Just hide in the woods instead of redpilling anyone!

- Don't vote! Don't even try to be politically active at all! Hillary would have been the exact same as Trumpshekelstein!

- Anglin, Weev and TRS are right! Stop larping! There will never be any awakening or civil war, we are at the exact same point as in 1998!

- Just kill your mailman! Let's go to the woods naked and cut each other up!





ef132d  No.12109310


>everyone who has any opinion is a shill!

>look at me I believe in nothing I am so smart!

6577e1  No.12109316


>he split with Duke over Patrick Little.













"There is no shilling here!"

ef132d  No.12109330


That's not a response. You call contradictory opinions all shills and say everyone should do nothing. If you don't like raising a white family then that's up to you, but that doesn't mean people doing it are shills. You say there will be a civil war, but also say don't prepare for it.

59255e  No.12109336


Hey, you don't want to be a ebil Nazi larper, do you anon? Become an amnat like us, and you can hang out with the based blacks!

6dce79  No.12109339


Please, fuck off with the (1) forced meme. Some people lurk the thread and only reply once. Some people just want to troll and only reply once. Just because someone only has one reply does not make them a shill.

I now eagerly await you to quote me as a (1) as well

60009d  No.12109341


The pic related that says "SWITCH" and features a dead ringer for the Happy Merchant is from an advertisement for a Ghost Writing company.

15454e  No.12109345

File: 150b96470f4c525⋯.jpg (160.26 KB, 710x473, 710:473, decisions.jpg)

File: 18a62557c23b4eb⋯.png (956.81 KB, 1000x1744, 125:218, nationaltranshumanism.png)

File: 81e0806e752b02e⋯.png (509.99 KB, 679x925, 679:925, brainspoliticalspectrum.png)


Anglin needs to take the National Transhumanism red pill.

59255e  No.12109376

ef132d  No.12109390


You need to learn what national socialism is. Your second tardpic calls national socialism fascism, and then strawmans it and pretends it doesn't value individual freedom. You children need to read Mein Kampf before posting.

60009d  No.12109397

File: 819e85c0e15b85c⋯.jpg (19.59 KB, 618x411, 206:137, grimster.jpg)


So Anglin hasn't been (physically, aurally) heard from in more than four months - more than enough time for somebody to put a bullet in him.

Sometime ago the DS featured a pic of Anglin from the perspective of say, Skype - a pic taken from a laptop's camera. Standing behind him was a woman that I guess was an Eastern European.

That photo of her, plus a simple image search online, may have led to Anglin's demise.

Understand that I'm not insisting that he's dead, just saying that unless or until some proof to the contrary comes along, it remains a viable hypothesis.

Since April, you say… hmmmn

d00b00  No.12109404

File: 1213df55e3624cd⋯.png (579.33 KB, 1214x682, 607:341, Andrew Anglin Standards Qu….png)


>I know /pol/ is pretty divided on the opinion of Daily Stormer

No it's not. These alt-kike clowns can't get the oven soon enough.

b16ff0  No.12109409


It says mass revolution is dead because not enough people give a shit, if you can bring about conditions where people will care through individual action then that is good enough.

b16ff0  No.12109416


Transhumanism is kiked to all hell

d00b00  No.12109455


This ultra edgy horror/glorification of violence crap has nothing to do with National Socialism.

15454e  No.12109469

File: 7c04a06611c8c07⋯.jpg (138.5 KB, 555x414, 185:138, Theodore_Kaczynski.jpg)



140. We hope we have convinced the reader that the system cannot be reformed in such a way as to reconcile freedom with technology. The only way out is to dispense with the industrial-technological system altogether. This implies revolution, not necessarily an armed uprising, but certainly a radical and fundamental change in the nature of society.

141. People tend to assume that because a revolution involves a much greater change than reform does, it is more difficult to bring about than reform is. Actually, under certain circumstances revolution is much easier than reform. The reason is that a revolutionary movement can inspire an intensity of commitment that a reform movement cannot inspire. A reform movement merely offers to solve a particular social problem. A revolutionary movement offers to solve all problems at one stroke and create a whole new world; it provides the kind of ideal for which people will take great risks and make great sacrifices. For this reasons it would be much easier to overthrow the whole technological system than to put effective, permanent restraints on the development or application of any one segment of technology, such as genetic engineering, for example. Not many people will devote themselves with single-minded passion to imposing and maintaining restraints on genetic engineering, but under suitable conditions large numbers of people may devote themselves passionately to a revolution against the industrial-technological system. As we noted in paragraph 132, reformers seeking to limit certain aspects of technology would be working to avoid a negative outcome. But revolutionaries work to gain a powerful reward—fulfillment of their revolutionary vision—and therefore work harder and more persistently than reformers do.

142. Reform is always restrained by the fear of painful consequences if changes go too far. But once a revolutionary fever has taken hold of a society, people are willing to undergo unlimited hardships for the sake of their revolution. This was clearly shown in the French and Russian Revolutions. It may be that in such cases only a minority of the population is really committed to the revolution, but this minority is sufficiently large and active so that it becomes the dominant force in society. We will have more to say about revolution in paragraphs 180-205.

15454e  No.12109480

File: d9ed1f13570bca7⋯.jpg (190.7 KB, 599x585, 599:585, transhumanismisevilgoyim.jpg)


>That's right goy, transhumanist technology is only for the Chosen Race. (((Primitivists))) totally aren't controlled opposition designed to weaken the White Race while Jews get to use transhumanism to become superhumans.

59255e  No.12109484



>thinks kaczynski supports transhumanism


887e61  No.12109490


We're talking about humans, not feathernigger animal sasquatches.

887e61  No.12109496


20 years ago the US was a different country.

35ec00  No.12109507

File: 7980cadd4aaa42d⋯.png (208.75 KB, 480x258, 80:43, transhumanism_5.png)

887e61  No.12109509


We've been over this already.


ef132d  No.12109516



>quotes uncle ted

>then complains about "(((primitivists)))"

You kikes sure do hate nature. Everyone dies. No matter how hard you try to kike, you will die too. The only difference is whites have something to live for.

6577e1  No.12109517

File: ca2ffbbb7808076⋯.png (219.45 KB, 1400x655, 280:131, Virgin primitivist vs Chad….png)


- Litteraly dozens of (1)s.

What is causing that, then? Notice anything odd about those "opinions"? Every. Single. Time.

"Start a White family!"

That the System will kill if it wins, unless it can be stopped. There won't be any woods to hide in if it wins either, shitskins will simply log all the forests for gibs.

Why the shills would push people here to move to the wilderness, for Americans to move to the least populated, most isolated states etc? Far less to no action against the System and its hold over Whites.

"You say there will be a civil war, but also say don't prepare for it."

Good observation but preparing for it is pretty self-evident. Advice like how to make toilet paper or repaire electronics less so. This is not the thread for it, tho.

Topic: This is not the first time Anglin is pulling something like. He is either compromised opposition or simply suffering from mental illness. He is associated with (((Weev))).


Mmmh based blacks! It's not homosexuality, just a way for real men like me to emotionally bond!



Typical shill meme.


Exactly that, minus the proper burials. Kikes want Whites to remain baseline humans while they make race-specific bioweapons.



Neither trannyhumanism nor trad-primitivist faggotry, only the Übermensch. How is this not a shill meme, tho? It explains the deal.

887e61  No.12109520

File: dbd6b3818bdce7d⋯.png (975.39 KB, 1354x1606, 677:803, Jewish Transhumanism.png)

File: 7ee62c8bed01b34⋯.jpg (76.59 KB, 612x264, 51:22, Illustration_for_Eclipse_P….jpg)



ef132d  No.12109528


Ignoring what I said isn't a response. You are advocating that whites can't do anything and will be killed by "the system". And then complaining about people being defeatest. Your own idiocy is self-contradictory, and you call everyone who disagrees with any part of it a shill. You are braindead.

>Why the shills would push people here to move to the wilderness, for Americans to move to the least populated, most isolated states etc?

So that whites will survive the collapse you fucking retard. "The system" requires whites to exist. As soon as you stop giving kikes money, it is over.

35ec00  No.12109535


Except your transhumanist shit will all be kike controlled and then all it will take to neutralize you is a killswitch. You understand that, right?

b94fd3  No.12109543


Reported for transhumanist spam.

f1ecaf  No.12109546


>He is either compromised opposition

Hes always been that. These statements are nothing more than a signal to the (((rest))) thats hes willing to get paid to trash whites publicly.

413e75  No.12109585


Thank God someone said it. Also checked.

0329d5  No.12109587


>This is not the first time Anglin is pulling something like.

He has written this same exact article about six times already.

59255e  No.12109592


>pr cuckery

6577e1  No.12109620


"Stay baseline humans while we become super-jews, so we can destroy you!"


I made my points clear enough, you are just too stupid to understand them. -D

1) Whites wresting, taking power from (((them))) is the only viable solution.

2) Hiding in the woods, whever you sacrifice animals to satan or have a white family, goes against 1). Not everyone who believes it are shills but (1) shills are definitively pushing that.

3) The aftermath of the collapse is not to make a happy family but make 1) happen.

"But hiding in the wood is about surving the collapse!"

Uh no, look at those "vargpill" posts. Clearly pimped as THE solution, hippies 2.0, not to survive and then carry on the struggle.

"Why u against defeatism?"

Same reason why all factions serious about winning in WW1 and WW2 did not allow that shit.

15454e  No.12109674

File: b3a796987607510⋯.png (116.91 KB, 1200x1400, 6:7, immortalitygraph.png)


>Everyone dies. No matter how hard you try to kike, you will die too.

It's actually mathematically possible to live forever if λ→0 as t→∞

ef132d  No.12109675


>Whites wresting, taking power from (((them))) is the only viable solution.

And people explained very patiently to you why that is incorrect.

>Hiding in the woods, whever you sacrifice animals to satan or have a white family, goes against 1

No it does not.

>The aftermath of the collapse is not to make a happy family but make 1) happen

You still can't manage to be coherent. In the aftermath of the collapse, the only people left will be those whites who survived. Idiots living in cities like niggers and thinking they can "fight the power" like commie twinks are simply going to die.

>"Why u against defeatism?"

I didn't ask that. I told you that you are saying you are against it while also promoting it. You are just spouting all kinds of contradictory nonsense like a fucking tard.

15454e  No.12109700

File: 666c5aa7c6fca55⋯.png (202.11 KB, 2082x1024, 1041:512, chadposthuman.png)


>Neither trannyhumanism nor trad-primitivist faggotry, only the Übermensch. How is this not a shill meme, tho? It explains the deal.

Cybernetics, superintelligent AI, etc could create far superior posthumans than you could create using eugenics or gene editing alone.

15c99f  No.12109714


Fuck off leftypol

59255e  No.12109716


Yeah, it is two faggots from leftypol pushing that shit.

6577e1  No.12109717


"Le eej! Le eeeeej"


Also, (((1))). Take note down what (((1))) posters writes, what they promote.


Notice how the "transhumanism is kiked" shills never explains how Whites would survive jewish skynet or even just race-specific bioweapons.

Even in the Oblivion movie for example, the surviving humans have some sort of stealth armor. A fucking Hollywood movie put more efforts in explaining things.

faac45  No.12109720

File: 9d20e3a2a0a7782⋯.jpg (475.31 KB, 709x913, 709:913, Ricky jew watch.jpg)

File: ddaf9379c47c851⋯.png (264.64 KB, 984x739, 984:739, Ricky.png)


Sperglin blacklisted David Duke because he interviewed Patrick Little. Even now, that Ziowood has a movie out attacking Duke, DS and the TRSodomites are silent, because he interviewed somebody who approved of somebody else who doxed Ricky Bobby.

c2e57d  No.12109733


>I think the article is fairly balanced. Broadly speaking, I agree with him and I feel much the same way. I have the utmost respect for Hitler and what he sought to achieve, but there's no way you'd catch me dead engaging in Nazi cosplay faggotry, playing straight into a stereotype defined for us by the jews. Such behaviour is as juvenile as it is damaging, in my opinion, and only bottom of the barrel retards would have anything to do with it.

This. Can you imagine the Jews getting taken seriously if they paraded around helicoptering their circumsized penises, shrieking Oy VEY! while rubbing their hands together over piles of money, and raping effigies of white blonde children?

It makes me laugh to think of it. The "neo-nazis" are a caricature invented by some faggot somewhere for some faggot reason that has done next to nothing for stopping whites from being systematically seduced to their own destruction.

bd1364  No.12109765


>gassed pierce when they thought he was one of the skinheads he's literally referring to as the "Losers we don't need and don't want."

You can't be a National Socialist while supporting retards who adopt the kike's stereotype and make National Socialism look like the worst possible solution to anything. Taking in the 'losers' and making them worthy of leading a revolution is quite a bit different than looking at an idiot covered in tattoos who can't even explain why he hates subhuman filth and saying "Yeah, these are the men we need!"

Him being a National Socialist is why he didn't want those fuckers anywhere near the National Alliance. Who but the jew benefits from replacing legitimate NatSocs like GLR with degenerates who only follow the Hitler of kike propaganda?

aa841b  No.12109793


I honestly think the only reason didn't kick him off is Mcnab is so boarding and Sven is so contemptuous, I don't know why anyone still listens to the shoah

6577e1  No.12109828


< People explained why it won't happen.

They believes Hillary would have been the same as Trump and that average peoples mindset haven't changed since 1998. That Trump was more harmfull to White nationalism than ZOG in decades and the economic collapse won´t happen soon (ask Brazil, Turkey or Argentina). -D

Shutting down the System isn't the same as exterminating all jews or all non-whites to establish a global Empire or something like that.

< No it does not.

1) Oppose the enemy's hold on society by whatever means available.

2) Let that power be and run away.

Temporary retreat before SHTF is 1), tho.

< (((It))) will all just collapse on its own.

(((It))) won't die from an economic collapse, only be weakened enough to be destroyed bit by bit until nothing remain.

< You are not coherent!

Nope, your IQ is too low.


< Muh American history X style natzie skinheads!

(((1))) backing (((1))) again, imagine my shock!


Was thinking more along the lines of a certain Emperor, become the universe.


Thanks! I appreciate that the pic have an archive link. Evidences must be gathered. Every single incriminating Anglin article must be archived.

835932  No.12109829





you all seem to think that recognizing who was really here first is somehow putting that group on a pedestal. sure natives weren't Aryan (their failure to defend their land is damning in itself) but just because european companies named this place and developed it doesn't make it our homeland. evrope is where you are meant to be, and a two hundred year old piece of paper doesn't change that

also thanks for enlightening sauce horse man

835932  No.12109846

a lot of people here seem to be in favor of not raising white birth rates personally and instead want to throw their lives away in a war lost seventy years ago. there will be no waking up for the majority until it is too late, the guillotine will already be falling. lift your heads and return to the wild, undomesticate yourselves and reject the game they want you to play. there's nothing stopping you, yet

faac45  No.12109861


>not raising white birth rates

Like Sperglin who says White women are the #1 enemy?

835932  No.12109869

File: d4b33d63952816e⋯.jpg (99.86 KB, 898x449, 2:1, BRfcH0E.jpg)


wimmen have been hit really hard, but so have we all. anglin is a like though, anything he touts should be immediately forgotten if read at all

835932  No.12109875

kike i mean. phones don't like bad goy vocabulary

57dff5  No.12109877

>fake and gay

He's doing that jew thing where they label their opponents with their own flaws.

ef132d  No.12109879


>They believes Hillary would have been the same as Trump

No they don't. And you yourself said voting doesn't help anything. You've been nothing but contradictions.

>(((It))) won't die from an economic collapse

Yes it will. No phosphate = no food = no system. It isn't rocket science you dumbass shitstain. Enjoy dying with your precious niggers in a city with no food. Just don't expect those of us who are self-sufficient to remember you in the white world that remains.

59371c  No.12109887


these boys are stuck in their political solution mindset. self determination is too much to expect, they don't see outside (((movements)))

887e61  No.12109889

File: dbd6b3818bdce7d⋯.png (975.39 KB, 1354x1606, 677:803, Jewish Transhumanism.png)

File: 2983e3a8f7468cc⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1191x737, 1191:737, 1379262790665.png)


>"Sacrifice your humanity goyim. Truly become the machines that serve us."


59371c  No.12109902


tfw even with futuristic modifications a Stone age man would kill him with his bare hands

5daa0c  No.12109907


Bullshit. Anglin’s right on the mark.

He is certainly critical of women, but this is proportional to the subversion of women by kikes.

He’s no longer spouting mysogynism like he used to, and is much more focussed in his critiques.

906796  No.12109918


> it doesn't make it our homeland. evrope is where you are meant to be

What is your point, anon? Do you think that I should uproot my life and move to Europe? Should we just hand America over to the non-White horde?

What about South Africa, Australia, and Argentina? What about Russia? Should we hand all their eastern land over to Siberians because "It's not our home?"

I say that America is part of the Greater-White homeland.

59371c  No.12109924


i don't have the screen cap but the guy bragged about muh dikking non-whites and white women alike. there is merit in that modern women are rarely worthwhile, but to alienate the part of your race that enables it's continuance just because they've fallen prey to indoctrination is stupid. it's a needlessly alienating perspective to those few that might be on the cusp of rejecting the poison

59255e  No.12109929


So, how many times have you switched ip Vargfag?

59371c  No.12109933


only time will tell what race will live to inherit america, especially factoring in a massive die off. if you're established to the point you think your family will survive, good, but for most evrope is the better choice of living. it is the soil for your blood, your ancestors are waiting

59371c  No.12109936


>muh IDs

not my fault the board doesn't work. excellent sleuthing though, i didn't think i'd be found out…

906796  No.12109939


I am of far more use here. What use would it be to move to a land where I have no connections? Especially when unemployment in Europe is so high?

This is my home and I will fight to the death to defend it.

59371c  No.12109947


>no connections

>the land your ancestors roamed for hundreds of thousands of years

im sorry that you think job prospects are somehow relevant. a Walmart job.could get you land in two years if you're buying the really out-there property, far from (((luxuries))). if comfort is so appealing, then stay in the red man's land

59255e  No.12109953


>da whyte mane only belongs in muh evropa

Seriously, go fuck yourself.

I'm sure europe will just love being overrun by what they call "hwite mutts".

59371c  No.12109956


is that the real reason? you don't want to come home because they'll laugh you out? i guess it would be more comfortable to be nearer to your goblin progenitors

59255e  No.12109959


>ip switcher says white americans arent white

>just abandon your countries

Time for another ip switch bud.

59371c  No.12109963


i called you nonwhite. what other reason is there to cling to this place you'd otherwise harbor no connection to?

59255e  No.12109968


Why should we give up the land? You never answered the other anons question about the white south africans, australians etc. Do you honestly think europeans, who are extremly uptight about ethnic purity, are going to welcome millions of ethnically mixed white americans into europe?

3ed0f6  No.12109970

This is an interesting combination of what should be common sense/old news and wishful thinking. The whole "don't dress up like an extra from American History X" thing should go without saying, but I suppose not. Even I was surprised when Heimbach started pulling that shit after saying he wanted to create a serious party/group for Whites. However, while the aforementioned advice is sound, I don't understand the whole "become as jews" bit where we are meant to infiltrate the GOP and slowly weed out the neocons, jews, faggots, non-Whites, boomers, and zoomers. Anglin wants to talk about us not having grandkids because of goosestepping down main street, nigger, we won't have kids by playing that weak ass political game. "We need to become a generation of politicians?" Are you shitting me in the ass?

Sure, we need party professionalization. We need a voice and banner and clear objective for Whites. Something to rally behind and something to work towards that isn't total bullshit, but learning legalese and trying to overcome 80+ years of jewish meddling and a steadily rising non-White population (in America for sure) isn't going to do us any good. We're already living on borrowed time.

tl;dr don't larp, good advice. Try to peacefully and "legally" remove the people that hate us and have enacted and maintained a century long plan to kill us, dumb as fuck

ef132d  No.12109972


Why are you acting like women are capable of upholding and defending nations? That is our job. Of course women are subverted more than men. So are children. Do you say "children are fucking stupid we should stop caring about them"? There is a natural order. Man > woman > child. Learn it. Live it. Stop being a feminist soyboy cuck and blaming women and children for not being men. Blame yourself for not being a man.

59371c  No.12109978


must've missed those, but what is there to address? nothing we can do about south africa except learn what we knew, niggers will nig. as for australians, they've got a higher rate of skin cancer. why? because they aren't adapted to live there. your concern for mutts leads me to believe you must be one, so stay in america bud. obviously you favor the 44%

59371c  No.12109985


it sounds like you're on the edge of realizing political solutions will not work. maybe a few more helpings of disillusionment will push you to the right line of thinking. withdraw from the system, live independent of it, and let it fall

59255e  No.12109986


>wanting to retain land for white people makes me a mutt defender

>doesnt answer my point about ethnic nationalist europe probably not wanting ethnically mixed white americans in their countries

New ip time.

59371c  No.12109991


where is ethnonationalist europe? why do you care about mutts? are you talking about euro mutts, or goblinos? we're obviously on two different pages bud

906796  No.12109993


>stay in the red man's land

It's not their land. It is mine and I intend to keep it.

f48f80  No.12109994


>The existence of a tiny number of individuals that don't worship kikes doesn't mean the general statement that boomers destroyed the world any less true.

Boomers didn't help genocide the Germans, their fathers did.

906796  No.12109997


>hwite mutts

That is such a dumb meme.

America is a mutt nation in the same way France is. America is simply younger.

3ed0f6  No.12110004


I like to believe that I fully accepted that 6 months into Trump's presidency and didn't see dick getting done. Regardless of this though, there is, in some small way, something that Whites ought to be doing that is somewhat political, and that is moving together and forming close-knit communities. I'm not talking enclaves or forts or compounds, but I am saying we need to have neighborhoods consisting of racially aware Whites that have an understanding of what's going on around them, and have the skills necessary to keep themselves afloat and help each other out. speaking strictly from an American view We'll need this when the state turns hostile a la Rhodesia/South Africa and for when we have the strength to make a break. In turn this is also why I push for Whites moving together and forming conglomerates. We'll need every person willing and able to put some steel in their spines and hands and use it

b75237  No.12110009




The 3 Jooges

Right here

Divide and Conquer at its finest.

59255e  No.12110010


Euromutts, you faggot.

Do you really think england, for example, is going to want a 1/3 anglo, 1/3 dutch and 1/3 german guy in their country? Or germany will want a 1/4 german 1/4 french 1/4 english 1/4 irish person in their country.They are extremly anal about ethnic identity and purity. And abandoning land is never a good thing. This is my last response to you, so enjoy it.

6577e1  No.12110023


< Just raise the White birthrate!

< Majority of Whites will simply die…. But fighting is pointless, dude!

< There won't be any need of fighting in that post-apocalyptic world! Just live in the wild, dude!

< Muh freedumbs!

So how do avoid drones that can incinerate people with lasers or simply spray deadly diseases to a large area? How do you avoid IR all the time? How can you shoot back when the enemy has night vision cameras and you don't? Cuz ZOG will survive. You can run but you will only die tired, brrrt!

< There is no awakening now so it will never happen!

The awakening has already begun. It just needs to be intensified.

The Siegelarpers knows better than you, the survivors in Iron Gates are weird as fuck cultists but have vehicules, armor, rifles etc. Outbreed the enemy? Just kill it.


White women are the devil! Now excuse me while I and my based kike buddy do some degeneracy with non-whites…


< Modern wimmenz can't make mah sammich! They would be happier in the kitchen!

Is that really Varg Vikerns or one of his faggoty fans?


"No. they don't."

Uh, you haven't even read their comments on this very thread. Jesus!

"And you yourself said voting doesn't help anything."

I mocked the "don't vote" shills, Elthibar. -D

"No phosphate"

If that was really a problem, the System would already have established stockpils of it at least in some places. They literally have had trillions to play with for decades, already in 1983-1984 the US gov had plans for the post-nuke world. Remaining ZOG anywhere on the planet will remain a threat until put out of action.

"It is just niggers! The niggers will just starve to death!"

Waco, Texas, 1993. Ring any bells?

"in the white world that remains."

What, a commune of 5 people that discovers all their crops and supplies have been raided by the feds, that knew the locations for years thanks to drones? Small groups with just a few rifles would simply be enslaved or killed by whoever is better organized. Even the Sieglarpers are better at this post-apocalyptic stuff than vargfags.

59255e  No.12110026


Also, there are over 150 million non hispanic white Americans. Europe doesn't have the space to even take in one tenth of that.

f48f80  No.12110027

File: 75fd4cd8f7361a4⋯.jpg (12.46 KB, 251x255, 251:255, Ben.jpg)


>You already have accepted the fact that most whites are beyond saving, you just refuse to accept that boomers are in that category too.

You've fallen for the most-used kike propaganda of all. (((They))) tell you MOST of the boomers are hippies, love Jews, and are globalist…they show you pretty pictures of some of them doing this, and YOU think the Jew is telling the truth. They do the same with all the generations after the boomers, they tell you MOST of them love niggers, want globalism, support Antifa.

But they have to pay for and truck in "Antifa" members, so they put masks on them to hide that they're at ALL the rallies. And both 4Chan and 8Chan are full of nationalists, who hate what the Jews have done, and MOST of any of these generations are NOT what the Jew portrays them as.

They simply don't show you the majority, that thinks like you do & has been saying the same things you are for many decades, now.

Whenever you believe the Jew, you're believing a lie.

40c40b  No.12110030

File: 174c8eeca07b2bb⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 426x320, 213:160, All the Universe or Nothi….webm)


>stay in the red man's land

Not only is America the white man's land, all of the Earth and the stars beyond belong to the white man.

906796  No.12110032

File: 9e0aeb4a79b8a37⋯.jpg (173.73 KB, 627x331, 627:331, germany-refugees-welcome-3….jpg)



>They are extremly anal about ethnic identity and purity.

Wait, are you still talking about Germany?

I love Germany and would come to the aid of my German brothers if they rose up against the enemy. And I agree with you.

But come on. Let's be realistic about IRL Germany. Not Germany back in 1933.

b75237  No.12110033


They seem to enjoy the Turks fucking their women.

59371c  No.12110034


forming villages is a good idea of course. high birth rates would stave off that potential scenario, though i find it unlikely. as time goes on their opportunity to pull something like that dwindles. this civilization is hurtling towards it's end

59255e  No.12110042


They complain about all the Slavs there all the time. And if you don't think a resurgent, nationalist Germany won't put an empahisis on ethnic nationalism, you are retarded.

3ed0f6  No.12110043


Certainly so, which is why I advocate for this whenever I can. I've all but given up on the idea of having an ethnostate, ready and waiting for the perfect time to arise and viciously kick out every baby-shit brown foreigner who beleaguers us. However, I do intend to have something of a sort for Whites to run to. I get that people are dumb as all Hell, and the vast majority won't move unless they see a carrot dangled in front of their slack fucking jaws, so we need to provide that carrot. We need Class A individuals who are willing to do some heavy lifting so that we stand a chance of seeing the next century

906796  No.12110056


That really is disgusting. There are millions of Turks, Africans, and Arabs running around raping Germans and they only have the courage to attack other White people.

It would be one thing if Germany defended her borders and heritage. But it is hypocritical to complain about Slavs while allowing hostile orcs to rape and pillage Germany.

Anyway, I agree with you that Americans should stay in America and Poles should stay in Poland and Germans should stay in Germany. That would be the ideal world.

59371c  No.12110068


class A individuals as you put it will be all that survive. you've got your head in a better place than i first thought, unfortunately the slack jawed ones are for the most part unsalvageable. they will see the carrot and decide the system is easier, it "makes more sense", or it's "not my lifestyle". modern living has done a number on us, and if you try to snap them out of it they'll just call you racist. all you can save is yourself, anons, and your family

4ab459  No.12110069


Yes this is what I believe, kick out the 3rd worlders and make sure they stay on their own turfs.

4ab459  No.12110077


>red man's land

m8 it was the land of the Whites. Wasn't there proof that the original Amerindians were White?

3ed0f6  No.12110101


I'm aware, and once more, I want this area that we hypothetically congregate to, to be the salvation of those who can be saved. My disgust and disdain for the normie-tier Whites, those who don't even deserve to be called White, is indescribable. I hate them for what they are, I mourn for what they could have been, and I love them because they're family, despite being wastes. Maybe this is me being too idealistic, but I don't like the idea of laboring and eventually dying without having done everything I could to live out the 14 words, and to try to save as many worthwhile people as I could. Those that choose to high road themselves into a mass grave, so be it. I can only hope they find something better in the next life. This one needs to be ours

906796  No.12110102


The vast majority of White men are lemmings. Unfortunately, in order for society to function we will need a significant number to align with us.

And this is not actually as impossible as you think. Simply break their faith in the System and offer them a noble cause. Tens of millions of White men have perished in hopeless causes because they were inspired.

f48f80  No.12110110

File: 884783a9371e100⋯.jpg (82.83 KB, 800x570, 80:57, WhiteFuture.jpg)


>but for most evrope is the better choice of living. it is the soil for your blood, your ancestors are waiting

Whitekind needs to spread, and inherit the Earth.

The Earth cannot realize a utopian future of high technology, nor reach for the stars, until the word "Earthling" is synonymous with "European."

We believe we are saving our race, but we are really trying to save the Earth's development and future.

59371c  No.12110116


euromutts are all european. i think you'll be fine on your homestead regardless of what these supposed ethnically concious euros think.


listen pal there isn't going to be a war like you're thinking. you were born in the wrong generation, so roll up your sleeves and strike out on your own. your stockpile of ammunition will only get you so far when shit hits the fan. with only a gun and no skills you'll end up as one of the aspiring pillagers who will provide the violence you mistakenly think will be missing. are you so in denial of any other possibilty except civil war that you think a collapse will be a peaceful time?

b75237  No.12110117


the person you are replying to

is an enemy divide and conquer


Its probably a Woman to begin with.

59255e  No.12110136

>fag is still trying to rationalize giving up land


59371c  No.12110138


technology has made us weak. aspiring to conquer the world just for utopian comfort is disgusting. the white man was made strong by struggle, and struggle we'll have when our technology fails. have fun dreaming about some futuristic sci fi fantasy when there is no oil

59371c  No.12110143


how much of america do whites own you think? we're disconnected from our roots, and all you have to defend it is muh conquest nigga

59255e  No.12110160

<why don't you want to give up land?

<let's all gather in one place so we can be attacked easier

<ethnic nationalism? What's that?

<European will love bringing in tens of millions of euromutts

906796  No.12110171

File: 684e80495bfb438⋯.png (768.44 KB, 630x502, 315:251, Heritage 2.png)


Who the fuck needs oil? White people just invent new and better technology to create energy out of sunlight itself or atoms or sand.

You seem strangely eager to get White people to surrender homes we have settled for hundreds of years. Would you like us to abandon anything else?

I actually love Europe. I think that America needs more of folk dresses, festivals with pagan roots, sacred mountains and rivers, and ancient legends that stretch back for over three thousand years.

I envy Europeans who have stronger roots than I do but moving there will not magically make me a German even though I am mostly German by heritage.

59371c  No.12110172


a family, a big one, situated close to other big white families is all you need. those that can't save themselves were meant to die, natural selection is coming back. unfortunately for those with much empathy, many are to be selected


maybe for this society to function we need those lemmings, but the new will be comprised of families and from them tribes. they wont even know the depth of their error before they are dead

75019e  No.12110188


Anglin is entirely wrong. Anyone who disagrees with him on le 56 percent Nationalism and dying for Israel is who he is referring to here.

Stop being an Anglin cuck and get your head out of Bruce Jenner's Mangina.

75019e  No.12110195


White Women aren't the devil. Jews and the feminists that corrupt them are.

Seriously, Satanists like you need to be banned. From life.

59255e  No.12110198


isn't he riding spic Fuentes' dick now?

Iirc, he said he was the future of the alt right

75019e  No.12110211


He's in some mutual dick sucking ourobouros with Spic Fuentes and Weev.

59371c  No.12110212


>trust science duuuuude it'll solve it!

so you believe they'll magic up a new substance that can produce all of the goods that crude oil does, and also replace it as a fuel, all before society collapses and everyone reverts to survival as number one priority? ok

and no, im not eager to surrender our home. our home being europe. we will need all of our best in our homeland for a speedy recovery. keeping america white would be a secondary goal and a lofty one at that. you don't have to larp as a german pagan, because all of the myths are the same across europe.

come home white man

75019e  No.12110217


Don't know what you're implying, but European Nationalism is basically 20 years ahead of American Nationalism in response to a problem that is only a fraction as bad as the American one.

59255e  No.12110226

<please abandon north america,Australia, and all other white settlements thnx

59371c  No.12110227


oh and our traditions go far further than three thousand years. i think the earliest finding of a pagan burial is from 170000 bc, but it has been a long time.

75019e  No.12110228


Take back both Europe and America. And genocide the southern half of Africa too and make that Whitopia where endangered species are no longer endangered.

59371c  No.12110238



fuck africa, why the hell would you want to live there?

4ab459  No.12110246


>genocide the southern half of Africa

Wait aren't there like Afrikaners there?

6577e1  No.12110255


But muh masculinity! Wimmenz should go back to the kitchen and make me sammich! God, I hate how jewish brainwashing means they never fall for Nice Guys like me!


"Humanity makes you strong!"

Can you outrun a drone assault helicopter? Can eating horse manure deflect hundreds of bullets?


Stone age man just gets obliterated Predator-style or end up like that dog in The Thing.


"that you think a collapse will be a peaceful time?"

Wait, did I wrote the collapse would be peacefull? -D It's the vargtards that believes they'll just be able to live as peasants and left alone after one and that is why I mock them.

My point is that the situation would be more like the end of Doctor Strangelove. SHTF but that is just the beginning, not the end. That such a collapse would have way worst than plenty of looters, that some ZOG forces will survive and will resume White genocide if not stopped.

59255e  No.12110260

>59371c doesn't even know how temperate southern Africa is


Yep, for over five hundred years.

4ab459  No.12110264


>Earth's development and future.

I don't think genociding other races is a good idea but population control is what I strive for.

4ab459  No.12110282


>500 years

That's a long time. But if they want to extend the time, they have to reason with ANC's aggression with aggression.

59371c  No.12110286


women should go back to the kitchen, pop out a baby, then cook for the family. sandwiches are a lot of effort for nothing but presentation. you must not understand nothing you are talking about exists, but Stone age man did and he would doubtlessly crush your head and the fantasies therein. the zog will have no power in a collapse, their remaining lackeys would mutiny to take their supplies or just desert. transhumanism is retarded, technology will not erase your weakness. prepare now, or die

906796  No.12110296

File: d1af46245f3fa52⋯.jpg (90.62 KB, 524x720, 131:180, Polish Women Wearing Tradi….jpg)


>the new will be comprised of families and from them tribes

Oh god, don't tell me you're one of those anarcho primitivists.

Nations are the future. We can never go back to living in small tribal societies.

And by the way, tribal societies are also comprised of mostly lemmings. Lemmings are actually as vital to tribal societies as they are to modern ones. Lemmings maintain traditions and stability. Every Aristotle that our race produced required 1000 lemmings to keep everything running smoothly. In healthy nations, lemmings are patriotic, ethnocentric, and fiercely traditional.


> you believe they'll magic up a new substance that can produce all of the goods that crude oil does

I'm sure what we do seems like magic to you. But White people take our skills for granted.

Yes. Yes we will. And we'll make it look like magic. Just like no one ever imagined that we'd take oil, which was useless to all other races, and use it to invent the modern world. No one imagined that we'd make electricity out of useless uranium or turn sand into silica microchips. We are the magic race. We are like elves.


I chose an arbitrary number to serve as a mean, not the maximum extent of our stories. Linguists have determined that many of our nursery rhyme stories like those contained in the Brothers Grimm tales are over 6,000 years old. And our oldest written story, the Illyad is very interesting indeed because historians examining the descriptions of weapons and matching them to archeological finds have theorized that several of the events in the Illyad are from much, much more ancient stories, long before the tragic war between the Achaeans and the Trojans.

I really do envy my brothers back on the Fatherland. The wellspring of European beauty and myth.

428bd5  No.12110310


>sargon of akkad


>literally a semite kingdom

>not expecting him to be anti-white

ef132d  No.12110409


Yes, the self-proclaimed "greatest generation" were certainly shitty too. But that doesn't make boomers any good.


>Uh, you haven't even read their comments on this very thread.

I have. Just because you want to strawman them doesn't mean I will play along for you.

>If that was really a problem, the System would already have established stockpils of it at least in some places.

You are actually braindead aren't you? They do have stockpiles. That isn't going to save the system, it will just save the elites. You will still starve. There isn't enough phosphate rock to make the fertilizer to feed the population we have. It doesn't matter how much is stockpiled, it is already stockpiled in nature. We're using it up. It is a finite resource.

>What, a commune of 5 people that discovers all their crops and supplies have been raided by the feds, that knew the locations for years thanks to drones?

What feds? Do you really think the jews are going to hang around while the world burns?

>(((They))) tell you MOST of the boomers are hippies, love Jews, and are globalist

No, the boomers show me that. They are all around me, and they all vote left, all destroy the environment, all love foreigners, all think I am an evil racist, and tell me "how dare you bring a child into this world, don't you care about global warming?!!". You're the one peddling bullshit.

ef132d  No.12110424


Oops, that last bit was for this dumb faggot:


13849f  No.12110450

File: 026eee8b5a03d4d⋯.jpg (35.34 KB, 640x404, 160:101, 026eee8b5a03d4d371eadd9ade….jpg)


So I guess when I wrote


>What he's saying is A) hide your power level and clean yourself upb then B) run for office.

what it really meant is to vote for women and jews.

You're fucking retarded. You call me a shill, but you run some circular argument bullshit whining




like an eight year old girl tattling on her brother. You're either not old enough to be here, or you're some kind of kike or shareblue hybrid foreskin muncher.

And now everyone sees you for what you are.

887e61  No.12110472


>Can you outrun a drone assault helicopter?

<You must become a drone assault helicopter or else all is lost goy! You'll be much easier to pilot!

>Can eating horse manure deflect hundreds of bullets?

<I watched the terminator movie and now I want to become a good goy robot!

You're a fucking imbecile.

0329d5  No.12110512


>They are extremly anal about ethnic identity and purity.

This has never been true. National mixing has been common all through European history.

d78a19  No.12110513


fuck off kike rat

fighting the US while you're being invaded is stupid.

anyone advocating for white on white wars is the enemy. do you dumb motherfuckers think your just going to shoot around the 70% whites here or we will stand idly by while you destroy everything we built just because the jews weaseled their way into power while we were asleep?

They are losing power day by day. The only one to gain from the US going down right now are the kikes you rule you, and i guess the hadjis.

Your niggernotion is exactly the same one that the king kike bibi holds. He is terrified of a current strength US coming back under euro control and turning on those rats.

a40c9f  No.12110516

File: 1d0e7bcf5bdc85e⋯.png (194.22 KB, 651x842, 651:842, Mike-Enoch-Jew-Optics-Cuck….PNG)

acd71b  No.12110519

Larping as a defeated foreign regime is fake and gay. Drawing inspiration from a noble defeated regime to create an organic movement rooted in the character of your own people is not.

acd71b  No.12110524


Between Europeans only though. Race mixing was always fringe and generally tabboo.

a40c9f  No.12110526


Do you think the communists are larping too? Youre antifa, kill yourself before pro-whites do.

0329d5  No.12110529


>jews weaseled their way into power while we were asleep?

Jews have always been in power in the USA.

acd71b  No.12110557


The Tet prophecy made it clear we inherit the Stars.

0329d5  No.12110569


For the most part, yes. There are some rare exceptions, like Peter the great adopting a niglet who went on to marry a Greek woman and then a Russian one. But even then, the Greek woman was forced to marry him through an arranged marriage, but was disgusted by him and cucked him so she could have white children.

480db7  No.12110577


You shouldn't even be reading that trashy site. We all know Anglin is an opportunist troll, as is his butt-buddy weev.

309452  No.12110619


>guys you cant be funny if yo wanna be real neo nazis!

>jokes about gassing the jews?


>gov overthrow and revolution?

>dont you know theyll call you lunatics!?!?!

>we gotta play muh pr and be super serious!

People never learn from past events, do they?

945826  No.12110746


This is false.

The Founding Fathers were White Nationalist heroes. They were NOT in any way jewish.

>>But muh freemasons!!!!

The freemasons of 250 years ago were apparently a significantly different organization than they are today.

The whole "America has always been jewish!!!!" shilling is yet another form of anti-White D&C bullshit.

From the 45 declared goals of communist (aka part of ZOG) takeover of America recovered in a raid on jewish subversives:

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."

31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the "big picture." Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.


On the topic of OP: yet another clear case of e-celebs being cancer.

The only way forward is to embrace Volkish Nationalism and reestablish White homelands for Whites only and no jews. We will ALWAYS be called "nazis" and "Hitler." Being afraid of and responding to dog whistles about "racism" and "neo naziism" will guarantee failure. To hell with them. To hell with their words. To hell with their fake morality. To hell with their sanctimonious bullshit. Opposing the ongoing genocide of White people is not only NOT WRONG, it is MORALLY IMPERATIVE.

Also, Hitler was a hero and he did nothing wrong. Indeed, the "allies" are the ones who committed unspeakable atrocities such as the firebombing of Dresden (despite it having zero military value), the death camps of Eisenhower where about two million German prisoners were exterminated AFTER the war, the soviet mass killings and mass rapes of Germans in former East Germany AFTER the war that claimed many millions of lives (including women and children). Among others.

The Germans, on the other hand, merely put some jews in internment camps since the jews had declared war on Germany in 1933. There was no "holocaust" of jews and the VAST majority of them survived the war. There were about 300,000 jewish deaths due mostly to typhus or natural causes, NOT "6 million."

Stop White genocide

Remove ZOG

Reestablish White homelands

We must secure the existence of White homelands and a future for White children.

872e06  No.12110753


Holy fuck, look at the W-face on that kike broad

d5d98f  No.12110778


That soy face..

8a02ed  No.12110781


Where can I read these 45 points of their commie takeover?

945826  No.12110806


Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963


1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev's promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to "eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms."

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art."

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state."

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."

945826  No.12110811


31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the "big picture." Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use ["]united force["] to solve economic, political or social problems.

43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

Just search online. Also, commie leadership is and always has been kikes.

23b012  No.12110852

File: 67b34b974665cb3⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 3264x1840, 204:115, 20170501_193245.jpg)


Anglin is right about how playing dress-up

is pretty gay. But he disavowed all

activism which I disagree with.

/pol/ has always been against activism

and "larping" so anyone who kvetches

about that aspect of his statement is shill.

"If you want to do something, get involved in GOP politics. Period. Don’t do anything other than that – unless you are talented enough to add something meaningful in terms of far-right media."

The reason he shills against activism

is not because he is a jew shill. The reason

is a matter of comfort plane and simple.

Andrew once could sit around all day

shit-posting and watching anime

all while collecting crypto donations.

then UTR1 changed that and his site got shoahed.

He just wants to protect his source of comfort

07c8f4  No.12110856


It's in the fucking language. American defaults to white. The you have the other, afro-american, asian-Amrican, etc etc. Only whites can be true American.

8a02ed  No.12110883

360e40  No.12110930

File: 3c41d43155a4086⋯.mp4 (1.76 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 24282731_360099211128358_1….mp4)


Agreed, Salon blows hard and anyone who takes them seriously should finish their lobotomy. And here's the video of screenshot related.

0329d5  No.12110940


>The Founding Fathers were White Nationalist

False. White nationalists do not classify jews as White. The founding fathers classified jews as White. Therefore, the founding fathers were not white nationalists. Simple syllogism.



>They were NOT in any way jewish

They were funded by Jews and in debt to Jews and reliant upon Jewish trade. Therefore, Jews had power in the USA.

>The freemasons of 250 years ago were apparently a significantly different organization than they are today.

Not really. They were liberal philosemitic anti-European cultists, same as today.

>29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate

It is inadequate. That is why the USA is <56% White today. Because the American Constitution and system of government are flawed and inadequate.

>Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."

I do not criticize them on these grounds. I criticize them on the grounds that they were not sufficiently aristocratic, and for being merchants and liberal scum.

>Belittle all forms of American culture

There is not an American culture apart from Jewish culture. America has always been "multicultural" (try telling a southerner they have the same "American culture" as a northerner or vice versa), but the overruling dominant culture everywhere is Jewish culture.

6d9a1a  No.12110966


>we cannot allow another democrat

How is that even possible?

945826  No.12110985


>>they classified jews as white

Mistakes were made. They were not perfect. No heroes are ever perfect.

>>The rest.

Generally bullshit that seeks to cleave White Americans from their history of greatness. And, yes, White America was great. Also, before 1890 or so there were very few jews in the USA. There were some, but ALL European countries had jews, and most had FAR more jews than pre 1890 or so USA.

Monarchism and "aristocracy" did NOTHING to stop the kikes in Europe. Indeed, they are and have been COMPLICIT.

I repeat, the Founders were White Nationalist heroes. The 1791 naturalization law that was written while the Founders were still VERY MUCH in power stated that only "free Whites of good character" could become citizens of the USA.

You and your kind will NEVER convince me that the Founders were villains or puppets. Ever.

Your talmudic attacks on White history are all too transparent.

60009d  No.12111124


Where? copy paste of " Paul Nehlen "

into the 'find' on page form field turns up no match.

480db7  No.12111149


>/pol/ has always been against activism

>/pol/ is one person

Nope. I support the actions of numerous activists, both past and present. My favorite current activis is Patrick Little.

faac45  No.12111158


He won't even type his name because he doxed Ricky Bobby.

718244  No.12111175






>Greetings fellow white people!

1f59bd  No.12111176


just a reminder that currently there is an article on the thai fuck shack™ where anglin praises the canadian soldiers of odin. once again they praise everyone's hardcore activists except the ones in america. when it happens in america its "goon squad larpers like wow i cant even"

fuck that nigger, he is a shill

a40c9f  No.12111195


The Canadian sons of odin last I heard was run by a civic nationalist who ruined it.

0329d5  No.12111216


Talking about the doxing of Rickey Vaughn, aka Douglass Mackey, which was done by Paul Nehlen.

a40c9f  No.12111219


Neo-Nazis arent National Socialists, unless youre an anti-white shill. Skinheads arent National Socialists, never heard of the 25 points, never read MK most of them, never bothered to listen to the propaganda minister explain it. Anglin comparing skinheads to neo-national socialists alone is race treason, in his position, and thats just one of numerous transgressions.

a40c9f  No.12111231

File: 912467ad24e7f6b⋯.jpg (222.36 KB, 614x874, 307:437, ricky-bobby-anti-white.jpg)


Self described anti-racism activist, reminder people who get angry about antifas being doxxed are antifa themselves by default, as they oppose actual manifestations of fascism.

Reminder you dont have to wave an anarcho-communist flag and be a hipster faggot to go against fascists and be an anti-fascist. Simply not falling in line and countersignalling fascists is antifascism, obviously. Anyone who actually understands Fascism, or National Socialism must understand that expressing hostile individuality is antifascism.

a65d25  No.12111246


We'll build vats of acid the size of football fields and begin dumping non-whites into them by the trainload, Holocoaster style.

They'll be remembered forever as

The Great American Melting Pots

0329d5  No.12111251


>White America was great.

False. It had not produced even a single great person.

>Also, before 1890 or so there were very few jews in the USA


>There were some, but ALL European countries had jews, and most had FAR more jews than pre 1890 or so USA

Confined to ghettoes in all the countries that hadn't yet fallen to the leftist revolutions. Leftist revolutions that were carried out by the leftist Jewish/masonic colleagues of the leftist American founders. America served as a base of operations and propaganda machine for these revolutions that destroyed Europe.

0d71a9  No.12111262


i'm surprised you got a few serious responses to your incoherent subhuman ramblings, kike

faac45  No.12111266


It wasn't that long ago when he was praising jew-ISIS.


Don't they work with the JDL?

99d183  No.12111515


> divided on the opinion of Daily Stormer

No, we're really not, kike.

And no, he's not wrong, kike.

Skinheads are untermensch, but we can clean them up and make them respectable after we kill you and your tribe.

> get rid of this revolution nigger shit. You have to stop thinking in these babylike terms of some glorious “day of the rope”

The kikes are scared.

They're openly pushing for a return to the non-physical calls so they can continue their quiet genocide.

They know when the killing starts they'll be descended upon.

d503df  No.12111561


I don't understand your fixation with failed movements.

b5ff26  No.12111650


I disagree with both your point and your image. Richard Spencer consistently argues for pan-european white identity, and essentially white supremacist imperium, does that make him less of a shill than Ricky Vaughn? There's a legitimate debate to be had about whether Poles and Germans can or should coexist in the same political state. Either side taking it as a reason to disavow the other as kike shills is stupid and a result of the internet. To your black and white analysis of fascism, I'll point out that Oswald Spengler was consistently critical of the NSDAP while they were in power, was not censored, and now that the full measure of his life can be accounted for, he was on our side until the day he died.

e16007  No.12111688

Who cares what that fag Anglin has to say? Last time I heard him speak he was talking about an ethnostate, and when pressed by his adversary as to what would happen to non-whites that refused to be expatriated he refused to say that force would be used. It was some internet bloodsports debate and Anglin completely cucked out for no reason.

0399ed  No.12111756

File: f47153abca6eba9⋯.webm (5.04 MB, 640x320, 2:1, Too Much Information.webm)

Gee, it's almost as if you should form a secret society and undermine society like the rest of them do by hiding your true political beliefs by having a public opinion and a private opinion. Gee whizzz, we sure showed them natsees how their opinion is wrong. Now let's deport these 60.000 mongoloids back to africa shall we.

000000  No.12111819

/pol isn't divided on the wigger. The replies you'll get are from neets that never go outdoors unless their mom can't get them more hot pockets and mountain dew. Autistes who imagine they know something from watching jewtube videos and the 'history' channel… Just trash. No real world experience in ANYTHING. It's a combination of imagination and projection.


This tard is the poster boy for such faggotry.

>>neo-nazi gangs are fed honeypots used to weed out legitimate opponents of the political system.

Just imagine your head being so fucked, that you think 'neo-nazi' gangs are a threat to the Republicans and Democrats.

>>Any large scale pre-existing group is guaranteed to be compromised;

Guaranteed… because cuck boy says so.

>>furthermore groups such as neonazis recruiting people are big red flags that the government has every bad goy within a 50 mile radius of you on a watchlist.

Oooooh spooky, blackpill faggotry.

>>If some stooge walks up asking tou about white pride and where your guns are, run!

Really nigger? Well I'll make sure to remember that.


>>There are a lot of delusional people here who honestly believe that 100 million non Whites will either be expelled or removed from the US, which is just lunacy.

A lot are there? Because in 20 years, I've never heard anyone suggest that. 10-20m illegals, sure, but not shitskin who're citizens. As to how it will be done, look to wwii.


>>The reason I have is that the neo-nazis do things that would make the people they "emulate" vomit from disgust. Nazis didnt sell drugs

They didn't have to. They printed Deutschmarks, took money from America and robbed their neighbours. They used drugs, specifically meth.

>>They werent ghetto trash

No, but after wwi and after wwii they did live in ghettos. No one had tattoos like today. You're another fag who thinks he knows something from a couple of videos.

Too much bullshit in this thread. Just know that the wigger comes from trash and is nothing but a crappy website.

8de629  No.12111890

File: 26883a9f42b693a⋯.jpg (380.48 KB, 1252x626, 2:1, Oliver Cromwell.jpg)


This 100%

Andrew is an Anglosphere pushing heretic. Once you understand that historic and geopolitical dynamic, everything at the Daily Shill makes sense. The British allied with the Jews for 361 years. It's a fact they hate to admit and almost never do. Large branches went off to claim direct lineage to the Pharisees of old. In other words, Anglos believe they're the true Jews. Andrew Anglin isn't that far down the road, he just gets paid by these Anglo Jews to spew out his shit and subvert American Populism BACK under the fold of the British control mechanism. They're all about railroading any type of revolutionary uprising.

The easiest way to out that entire DS/TRS/AltRight operational loyalty is to troll them with the 'Irish' angle. I did that for 8+ months while watching them sperg the fuck out like the fucking anglokike faggots they are. None of those douchebags have any connections to mainland European groups. It is all about saving muh (((England))) and muh (((Sweden))). Two of Europe's biggest Jewish outpost for centuries.

Andrew Anglin is basically a watered down Oliver Cromwell 2.0 …

13849f  No.12111903


>lalalalala i can't hear you i can't hear you


d94c65  No.12111963

File: 367b54a2d8f36fa⋯.jpg (29.79 KB, 618x413, 618:413, 2018-03-06T020913Z_2_LYNXM….jpg)

if you actually read the article, he's right. fuck these people like in pic related

29f945  No.12112019

File: 8ff69c78eeb22e6⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 289x292, 289:292, Mein Neger.jpg)


Weeve is a shitposter from way back.

We used to chat on the 2600 forums, back in the day. He died laughing when I sent him a meme of Hitler saying Mein Neger, when we were talking about Russian hackers. He's correct on the nazi Larping bullshit though.

5b9923  No.12112039

File: f0eac7f13ac0d42⋯.jpg (126.87 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1.jpg)

File: 597fb6480220d95⋯.jpg (359.42 KB, 1920x1078, 960:539, 3.jpg)

File: 73c0e6f71836146⋯.jpg (133.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 4.jpg)

File: 4a02090b38df8fe⋯.png (454.4 KB, 634x357, 634:357, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ea827e27bc4b5a1⋯.png (389.23 KB, 534x401, 534:401, ClipboardImage.png)


Obviously theres a difference in aesthetic between a group like NA and AR, even old AWD, and the fat boomers of NSM and TWP -- but that doesnt explain dailystormers radical about turn, which seemed to happen after a closer association with (((TRS)))

03bd74  No.12112055

File: 83ca99d7e9b3009⋯.jpg (6.88 KB, 300x180, 5:3, jew nose large.jpg)


back in the oven kike

94fd84  No.12112057


>which seemed to happen after a closer association with (((TRS)))

It probably actually has more to do with weev's relationship with the goons of my posting career and Rickey Vaughn.

Honestly, TRS is probably less cucked than DS is these days.

028d01  No.12112060

File: 87f7aa1909a4926⋯.png (163.91 KB, 739x364, 739:364, 1.PNG)

File: 77fcde7e62af7f2⋯.png (92.28 KB, 594x712, 297:356, 2.PNG)

03bd74  No.12112064

File: bbeb9f2d1cfb073⋯.png (975.09 KB, 1354x1606, 677:803, jew transhumanism.png)

File: 7787fb4c7f6b4f4⋯.jpg (172.19 KB, 510x501, 170:167, kurzweil transhumanism.jpg)

File: 9d84cccc0b8664c⋯.jpg (13.59 KB, 200x214, 100:107, transhumanism is literally….jpg)


transhumanism is jewish. "just upload ya consciousness into the cloud goy, you dont need that body"

03bd74  No.12112073

File: ab1544b2c30c30c⋯.jpg (501.05 KB, 1599x1160, 1599:1160, Georges Blind, a member of….jpg)


he's also a filthy kike by his own admission so and your kosher buttbuddy will get the wall

94fd84  No.12112077


>Woodward book

This book is obvious fake news. But the trumpcuck MO is to selectively believe fake news when it makes Trump look good in their eyes.

f6d5a3  No.12112085

slide thread as if Natsoc care one single fuck what anglin says as the lines have already been drawn by the whore itself


and we are still NatSoc Strong divisive alt kike nigger/fuck-off/folder/gassed/eternally/

5fe013  No.12112090



Dude, Mike Enoch and Eric Striker, arguably the two most popular hosts on the site are open national socialists. Even James Mason admits in Siege that unwarranted Jew-suspicion is the biggest weakness of our movement. Like the last guy who responded to you said, TRS is less cucked than DS these days and it probably has more to do with Weev.

94fd84  No.12112098


It looks like striker has stopped writing for DS too. He hasn't published an article there for a long time now. Not sure if that was his choice or if he was removed by Anglin/weev.

b678aa  No.12112099

File: 18618360a70780e⋯.jpg (75.02 KB, 436x600, 109:150, 18618360a70780e3f40ca40536….jpg)


There's nothing wrong with a little tinkering with nature Anon. "The Aryan is master of nature" after all. However this mastery doesn't mean "above" or "exempt from." Rather, the Aryan is like a fish that can traverse multiple currents and harness their inertia to circumnavigate the oceans. But that fish shall always function within the ocean and rarely stray from a current for long.

Mastery over nature comes as a result of fully understanding our own place within the natural order, and thus being able to make changes within that framework. We do indeed overcome obstacles of nature with every medicine and remedy we invent, but the Aryan only draws closer to natural law as he does so. Someday we will transcend this planet, but we shall be singing the song of nature as we do so. The story we featured in shall become our own. Because as our rockets take to the heavens, our space colonies will follow the rules of organic lifeforms that spread. At first like a bacteria, then a mycelial network, then in increasing "multicellular" collectives of societies.

The Jew seeks to escape nature through transhumanism. The Aryan seeks to sing the ballad of nature and spread that beautiful melody to higher and higher levels of existence.

6ea24f  No.12112102

File: 06d09b233f351e7⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 658x277, 658:277, kek.JPG)

File: 4c30eb97494347c⋯.jpg (223.37 KB, 1125x750, 3:2, f4617f6b1ab64d5131ddfd61c5….jpg)

f6d5a3  No.12112107



beautiful truth

902efa  No.12112112


Thats not much of a change from being a jew run attack dog group to beat niggers and other jews into place.

bfe395  No.12112115


this is true

its practically LARPing

neo-nazi's are gay

read a book and become a true national socialist

d42b01  No.12112137


>Not sure what happened in 2017

Trump happened and pretty much deradicalised the Whites. Now it's good 'ol kosher cuckservatism and GoP worship.

1ab475  No.12112155


>/pol/ is divided

>it's not just buttblasted TRS shills and (((Irony Bros)

>Andre Wang Lin

TRSodomites, optics cucks, and in general, jew-enabling fags of any kind were never welcome here.

If anything, Wang Lin is the most cowardly bigger of them all, fleeing the country to enjoy underage Asian prostitutes.

/pol/ is a Fascist board.

We will not accept anything short of a global Nationalist revolution.


000000  No.12112163



Holy shit hes a literal subhuman! LOL! People actually listened to this creatura? Look at that misshapen slav noggen. Pale skin isn't enough to be ubermensch.

94fd84  No.12112169


There are enough people. The problem is always enemy interference. That has been the problem for decades. Shutting down finances, cutting communications, infiltrators, deradicalization shills like anglin, etc.

5b9923  No.12112199


Piss of Anglin you fag

5b9923  No.12112212


> there are not enough white people , that want day of the rope to happen , that are willing to participate and that are organized to make it happen.

It's like you've never spoken to normalfags before. these people are low information, primal NPCs. you tell them a bunch of child raping politicians are intentionally importing millions of shitskins specifically to rape their women and kids and they're pissed off. They would happily hang every single traitor in government and they wouldn't need anyone to tell them to do it.

ed1cf6  No.12112215



1dd4ae  No.12112234


What other people have mentioned ITT is correct. Every way is the right way. Fuck Andre.

The left has been successful because they can push wildly unpopular measures and cover themselves with legal support, direct action, sympathetic media, and their politicians turning a blind eye to obvious wrongdoing. They're pretty good at manufacturing consensus precisely because they project an image of popular support while doing some seriously shady business.

Repubs constantly caving on issues and disavowing anyone that tells the inconvenient truth while the left does not creates a value statement. People latch on to authority, calling out hypocrisy was useful (what if a WHITE MAN said this about a BLACK) but doesn't go quite far enough because the standards aren't hypocritical: they hate us and want us gone.

Let's do that but do right while they do wrong. Meet them on a more even field. The truth is a powerful ally. Having some kind of "doctrine" is dumb, just do what works and ignore fag anglin.

d42b01  No.12112245


How exactly did voting for GoP help us? Beaners continue to roam free, the border is still undefended, Israel is getting even more money then bofore and the US keeps playing the role of the world police wasting time and money serving Jewish interests. Are you one of those Israel first civic nationalists that don't care about race and just want to preserve American values and help the Chosen People as much as possible?

cb89da  No.12112256


In a sense, I agree with him.

Wang Lin is the most notorious "neo-Nazi" out there, and he's DEFINITELY both FAKE and probably GAY too, judging by his taste for underage flat-chested Asian hookers who look like little boys.

However, if he's referring to the movement that Rockwell started and Patrick Little's going to finish then he's sadly mistaken.

be155f  No.12112261


No one likes Jews anymore. Not nigs, not spics, not slants. NO ONE except a few cucked Whites who aren't woke to the JQ yet.

Your time is coming, Shlomo.

The Goyim Know


30 years ago, in 1988, no one expected the USSR to collapse, either.

8a02ed  No.12112263


What do you mean 'Irish' angle? I'm 50% Irish so this caught my attention.

be155f  No.12112365


Most Irish-Americans supported Charles Lindbergh's America First Committee and opposed the Allies in WWII.

English have oppressed and enslaved the Irish for centuries and their 'Empire' has sold out to the Jews time and again (Sassoons in China is just one of many examples).

I can't say that modern-day Ireland with its gay marriage, abortion, and poo-in-the-loo leader has much to admire about it, though.

8a02ed  No.12112401

1ab475  No.12112416


Don't think that we won't torture your family in front of your eyes, shill.

Far-right movements are rising up all over the world, from Asia to South America.

Get on board, or get out of the way!

9a4ccb  No.12112488



I'm surprised the kiked mods haven't banned you people yet

a27da5  No.12112497

File: 9f689b19f0e922a⋯.jpg (397.15 KB, 2130x680, 213:68, Gregory Anglin C.I.A. S.O.….jpg)



Don't worry, Greg, you fucking psychopath. I didn't forget about you and your shitty toupee.

a27da5  No.12112513

File: de05f1ad5089c1d⋯.jpg (382.63 KB, 1970x630, 197:63, Lee Rogers - Gabriel Chapu….jpg)




And I didn't forget about the rest of The Daily Stormer psych warfare spooks either.

59255e  No.12112520


>who was Thomas Edison?

>who was henry ford?

>who was neil Armstrong?

At least you didn't use le ebin mutt meme. 7/10 shilling.

a40c9f  No.12112523


Azzmador is almost certainly a fed deradicalization shill. They switched tactics, they are afraid of open racewar breaking out and encouraging people to assassinate is no longer seen as the best way to keep rebellious crime down, so they are using their movement figureheads to condemn anyone who goes off the reservation. Its the same way the Canadian government controls the hells angels, they co-opt them and then just kill the ones who dont follow their puppet leaders orders.

9a4ccb  No.12112529

Anglin is a kike shill if there ever was one


>That's right goyim, you can't fight a revolution, don't even try!

Blackpilling faggotry from a deradicalization shill. deradicalization niggers are the real niggers

If white nationalists were serious revolutionaries, even dumb fuck conservatives would join your cause. Instead you're dumb shit nerds posting repackaged blackpilling articles

a40c9f  No.12112532

File: d12ce16c1c18d31⋯.png (10.8 KB, 1160x109, 1160:109, Dugin-Kiked.PNG)


>Richard Spencer consistently argues for anti-nationalism and Duginist bolshevism, which is essentially race treason.

Fixd. Pic related, it includes Jews and they are to be respected. You love Jews.

a27da5  No.12112536


>Azzmador is almost certainly a fed deradicalization shill.

I disagree. The Daily Stormer is obviously a CIA/US Military stochastic terrorist psychological warfare operation, as all white nationalist websites are, including /pol/.

59255e  No.12112538


Proofs anytime, moarpheous.


>posting on a site you think is a honeypot


a40c9f  No.12112539

File: 294694ec679aea9⋯.png (34.06 KB, 607x531, 607:531, Azzmador-BTFO.PNG)

File: 6b532085ae7d8b1⋯.png (12.43 KB, 569x145, 569:145, Azzmador-And-Anglin-CIA-pu….PNG)


The whole clique of them advocate pacifism, THAT is the psyop, the psyop is civic nationalism, patriots have no skin color type bullshit. Thats Anglin and Azzmador now.

bbfb3e  No.12112542


Isn't that the basis of his whole persona though?

a27da5  No.12112553


They do both. It's called "gaslighting." Alex Jones does the exact same thing.

They agitate, provoke, and incite their readers 24 hours a day 7 days a week on their websites and podcasts, while simultaneously proclaiming to be opposed to physical violence. That's one of the oldest gaslighting tricks in the book, and it's always a tell tale sign of an intelligence operative.

a40c9f  No.12112576

File: c1fdedf693470ca⋯.mp4 (2.61 MB, 854x480, 427:240, self defense situation.mp4)


Reminder that if you actually listen to Pierce, he never said that despite couching his words with rhetoric about not being a violent man or prone to that type of action but still advocating defensive action given we are in a defensive situation. I cant recall off the top of my head but could probably find it, theres one where he says exactly that, theres another where he says its time for an armed rebellion when government does X, and it was doing X at the time. Theres all sorts of examples. Im pretty sure you like to bad jacket him, is why I pointed it out.

59255e  No.12112584


Also, gib proofs that there were more then 750,000 jews in the US before the 1880s.( most of which were in NYC). I'll wait.

7a4fca  No.12112588


Have to agree that most of these sites/characters are anglo-jew centric + anti-celt/south/east/central European, and then throw in the usual religio d&c and it makes you wonder.

Ironically, Mike Enoch is by far the best speaker in a diplomatic sense, and no longer comes across as a shill.

a27da5  No.12112613


William "CIA" Pierce is another perfect example of this type of gaslighting phenomenon. He wrote two full length novels designed to agitate, incite, and provoke his audience into committing random acts of violence, while simultaneously proclaiming himself to be a non-violent person.

If you can't see the parallels here, then you have no pattern recognition skills.

a40c9f  No.12112614

File: 9d0e68082f6b932⋯.png (238.4 KB, 570x543, 190:181, Enoch-Ranch.png)


Jews are good at agitation and subversion, news at 11. Enoch is a tumor, stop astroturfing this board if youre from TRS.

94fd84  No.12112616


There are only a few million jews in the USA today, yet they have the power. The number of jews is not an indication of how much power they hold.

a27da5  No.12112622


Jewish power doesn't depend on numbers and never has. Jews had enormous commercial and political influence during the American Colonial period. The American Revolutionary War was fought largely using funds brokered by a Sephardic Jewish immigrant banker from Poland (Haym Salomon).

Jews absolutely dominate Russia despite comprising less than 1% of the Russian population.


59255e  No.12112628


Proofs, morpheous?


They didn't really gain their foothold here until the early 1900s, (ie after the mass jewish migrations from eastern Europe)

59255e  No.12112631



a40c9f  No.12112642


Those arent mutually exclusive. Its called revolutionary rhetoric, generic type stuff. Were defending, you left us no alternative, etc. Same shit they used everywhere else. Were the good guys, remember. The books are instruction manuals if you read between the lines, not "go blow up a building" but things like "make a dual winged group with an underground element and an above ground auxiliary element" and "here are a lot of the things you wouldnt have considered that you will need after youre an outlaw"

a27da5  No.12112651


>Dailystormer supported neon-nazis for years and years

>These assholes spent year upon year supporting "neon-nazis" from Iron March - Atomwaffen, Antipodean Resistance, National Action, praising all of the organizations for their IRL shitposting. Not sure what happened in 2017, but Anglin is completely full of shit. This stinks of TRS deradicalization shilling.

It's gaslighting 101.

a40c9f  No.12112677



Gaslighting isnt the appropriate phrase, well poisoning is what they are doing. As far as Anglin shilling against Natsoc, thats hypocrisy and flipflopping, its treason, its not really quite gaslighting because hes not convincing anyone that he was never for the things hes now standing against. Hes poisoning the well with detrimental rhetoric, putting out childish silly propaganda designed to make National Socialism look like a meme or something stupid "niggers" do - using his reputation built up to support his rhetoric that would normally - and still is - be discarded as antifascist trash.

a27da5  No.12112693


The problem here is that everything you write about this subject is based on the premise that these men are all authentic and genuine and are generally what they purport to be.

Whereas everything I write about this subject is based on the premise that these men are all part of a sinister NATO/Five Eyes military psychological warfare operation dating back to the late 1940's, for which premise I have an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence.

94fd84  No.12112696

File: 1f3790a6582e511⋯.jpeg (155.08 KB, 921x453, 307:151, 5b7f71656697c.jpeg)

File: 1652b60c20ff6fe⋯.jpg (49.5 KB, 454x619, 454:619, 1652b60c20ff6feb5fd0da73b5….jpg)


Very fun pretending to win while Trump replaces you with beaners.

>But at least we're owning the libs, right guys?

a27da5  No.12112699


See my last post:


a27da5  No.12112707


That chart proves that Democrats are the real racists, which is what you would expect from the party that opposed abolition and supported the KKK.

94fd84  No.12112710


>Then it should be inevitable

It is inevitable.

a40c9f  No.12112714


Yea, this is why no one is going to take you seriously. You didnt refute my argument and the intent of their work is evident from the outcome. People like Rockwell and Pierce are the few and only leaders white people truly had since WW2 and they are really the only voices that gave support to the opposition to white genocide and concepts like anti-racism. You kvetch about David Duke, he has some record like one of the top 100 quoted authors, hes turned tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of lemmings into pro-whites. Just be aware that what you are doing is a dangerous game, like slandering the dead of the beer hall putsch, or spreading Jewish unsubstantiated lies about Hitler etc

94fd84  No.12112721


>They didn't really gain their foothold here until the early 1900s

False. They controlled the majority of Atlantic trade to North america before the USA was even founded. They controlled finance too.

d42b01  No.12112723


Are you serious now or just taking a piss? Sometimes it's hard to tell on new Trump /pol/

a27da5  No.12112733


>False. They controlled the majority of Atlantic trade to North america before the USA was even founded. They controlled finance too.

Yep. It's funny that you have to explain basic Jewish history to a supposed neo-Nazi discussion board.

be155f  No.12112753




So much this…

And this is highly ironic, coming from the likes of Anglin and (((Weev))), who have some of the WORST optics ever!

Anglin has been banging 3rd-world Filipinos and trashy Thai ladyboys while promoting the most literally 'hateful' rhetoric possible as the "Number 1 site on the Alt-Right (tm)"…

Remember what got him kicked off of the internet in the first place?

CELEBRATING Heather Heyer's death.

Oh, and Weev is not only almost certainly at least part Yid, but he also promoted 'genociding Jewish children' when on Chris Cantwell's show (who he later disavowed for being 'bad optics') bunch of hypocrite scumbags, the lot of them.

At this point, the line in the sand has been drawn, and the clear 'good guys' are:

Paul Nehlen

Patrick Little

Arthur Jones

Chris Cantwell

Hunter Wallace

David Duke

Rick Tyler

Kevin MacDonald, etc. …

Brave men who have their name and face out there, won't cuck over 'optics', and won't back down from speaking truth to power, no matter the consequences.

a91463  No.12112755


>Jews are good at agitation and subversion, news at 11.

They really aren't. The advantage for kikes is owning the fed.

9a4ccb  No.12112774


the only people who use the term neonazi are christshills, anti fascists, and anti-white catholics


No you're schizophrenic, william pierce wrote an entire book promoting violent revolution read turner diaries


Anglin is a stupid nigger, he dropped out of highschool in the 9th grade

4ab459  No.12112780


> william pierce wrote an entire book promoting violent revolution read turner diaries

yeah but that goes against the ideals of /pol/ doesn't it?

9a4ccb  No.12112786


Okay, Anglin was kicked off the internet for harassing women. Nothing to do with his political views.

Besides that he's an ignorant piece of shit, doesn't do any research, all he does is write articles all day - that are wrong 80% of the time.

a27da5  No.12112866

File: 1764c9d6d733304⋯.jpg (118.58 KB, 960x686, 480:343, Chelsey Anglin 4 xx.jpg)


>Chelsey Anglin commented on Apedre's original Total Fascism website. The comment was something like "very proud of you Andrew." I have forgotten which article it was posted under, but you could probably find it if you were autistic enough to go through all of the old archived articles on that site. It stuck in my memory because it seemed out of place for his sister, who from all appearances was some liberal normie, to be commenting on her brother's fascist website telling him how proud she was of him. Unless she was secretly a white nationalist herself, but then later I found she worked for these sorts of leftist/globalist organizations.

Yes, I remember this incident very well. I knew immediately that something was off. I didn't know what it was at the time, but I do now.

No, she's not a "secret white nationalist." She's a CIA operative peripherally involved in her brother's psychological warfare operations. Her biography is stereotypical CIA trash, and so is his.

bcf361  No.12112890


>Chris Cantwell

Maybe when he starts treating his autism and gives up on AnCapism.

a27da5  No.12112939


>but then later I found she worked for these sorts of leftist/globalist organizations.

Do you happen to know exactly which NGO Chelsey Anglin was working for during her "missionary" work in Guatemala and Mexico? I would very much like to know.

I would also very much like to know which NGO Andre Anglin was working for when he was living in the Philippines and China.

So far I haven't been able to ascertain which NGO either one of them were working for during their time abroad. They've both had very good OPSEC in regard to this subject. I'm impressed. Even The Atlantic's long form article on Andre Anglin from November 2017 didn't mention which NGO he was working for, despite the CIA agent author of the article Luke O'Brien obviously having knowledge of it.

bcf361  No.12112954


>I would also very much like to know which NGO Andre Anglin was working for when he was living in the Philippines and China.

Try asking Iconocunt.

2831c0  No.12112983

File: 400b38c761e5cae⋯.png (26.88 KB, 1050x931, 150:133, 400b38c761e5caeefb6f88a218….png)


fake and gay is retard language so i'll refrain from commenting on that part but what is certainly true, is that neo-nazism has been free of any sort of success.

a27da5  No.12112988


>Try asking Iconocunt.

That mulatto spook is in hiding. But you're right though, I think he and his white Muslim friend Lewka Peel probably know the name of the NGO.

a27da5  No.12113061


Lewka Peel did let slip one time on a podcast with Paul Ebanks that Andre Anglin told him that his father Greg Anglin was going to set Andre up with some sort of job through one of his (Greg's) diplomatic contacts at the United Nations.

0d1b35  No.12113154


Anglin, weev, Vaughn, TRS, Fuentes, etc. are all the same types who think vague dogwhistling will get people to somehow understand you. In reality these dogwhistles are all inside jokes for those already redpilled, and a lack of explicit points leave empty space in a person's mind for whatever opportunist comes along first to fill it with whatever he wants, which steers people away from truth. They also use terms like "WN 1.0" to imply that the beliefs people have are outdated and past their usefulness, much like how leftists describe everything as old and needing to be replaced for their new world.


>All has a part in this game that we're playing.

Ideally, but noone stays in their lane except for the stoic Evola types you mentioned. The PRcucks have all been trying to usurp already existing infrastructure, attack people on the right, and try to actively steer those away from truth instead of being a separate point of attack.

d4c62a  No.12113168

File: 76fa4730d83a056⋯.jpg (32.48 KB, 398x375, 398:375, 1529811105374.jpg)

where's the lie?

8a02ed  No.12113183


Very interesting to say the least. I also noticed that Zeiger had previously posted extensively on Daily Stormer which I found odd. What is everyone's take on that? It's almost as if Anglin shifted hard for him to now be renouncing it all. Really weird mind gymnastics he's been doing. Maybe he really is a fucking CIAnigger

0fe33b  No.12113193

File: 8f63d8898be21af⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 260x145, 52:29, no more chicks.gif)


"fake and gay" seems kikes push this association, like everything happy should be fake, "never think you can make us jealous again by uniting honesty with success, goyim!"

528122  No.12113203


>what are rhodesia wars.

506c3d  No.12113212

The problem with this way of thinking is that it turns people into phonies.

Look at 4chan's /pol/. A bunch of effeminate race mixing little twinks that couldn't be real men if western society depended on it.

They constantly sabotage any attempt at white unity, masculine dominance and spiritual cleansing of the west.

They do it because they've been force fed a lie that they need to 'compromise', that 'we can never go back', and so forth, so they willingly become spineless slaves and pretend they are these red pilled badass they are not.

I know I'm a little too late to the thread, but Anglin is simply riding on a wave of weak-willed defeatism that has plagued our ilk for a long time.

I miss the guys on stormfront and youtube that red pilled me a decade ago, I really do.

0d1b35  No.12113218



Another point I forgot to add in my post is the proof is in the pudding. The current sloth and lack of paradigm pushing in "the movement" is the result of the PRcucks taking control. Now all we do is lift and get girlfriends at least some of us While that is not a bad thing, no paradigms are being pushed into our favor.

d4c62a  No.12113220


you have a point, but there are only ~200 rhodesians left in zimbabwe, so he has a point too. we really need to fight sooner than later

9a4ccb  No.12113240


I'm not surprised by Zeiger associating with the daily stormer, that guy was always a flaky cunt and the very first podcast he did on the daily stormer he said something along the lines that "women are the victims of feminism." He's a racist neo-conservative addicted to christianity

This is what happens when you have two contradicting worldviews

e55699  No.12113294


>Oh wow I sure do hate the feds I hate them so much I'm going to accuse people of breaking the law when they have done nothing wrong.

You retards are as delusional as the idiots who whine about the deepstate and then expect the feds to do anything about their pedo rings.


Oh you're just a faggot kike shill, tell your masters at the SPLC their rent boy is too stupid to shill properly.

a40c9f  No.12113359

File: cf97d0b00ea3627⋯.jpeg (459.35 KB, 1456x1152, 91:72, churchill-jews-rockwell.jpeg)


You know Rockwell wrote a book called white power and thats where the term comes from, right?

371dc8  No.12113369



(((neo-nazis))) are literally unironically controlled opposition created to prevent any real NatSoc movement from gaining traction in the US. they are mindless golems just like niggers

a40c9f  No.12113372


>I strongly suspect that you're just another US Military intelligence or special operations contractor.

For supporting Pierce and Rockwell intellectually. Youre the shill, mods should either ban this shill or the board falling apart is self explanatory, serious posters arent going to hang around to argue with bullshit like this over and over and over for years.

395773  No.12113381

File: 7856bbfa056a946⋯.jpg (60.35 KB, 417x640, 417:640, luckystar.jpg)


In my experience living in Los Angeles, the only people who can outjew the jew are the filthy scandalous Armenians. The Armenian will outjew the jew by just pulling some fraud stuff leaving the jew high and dry.

Los Angeles Right Wing Death Squad

a40c9f  No.12113383

File: a82fe74294e7ce5⋯.jpg (356.19 KB, 1600x2812, 400:703, feminismisjewish.jpg)


A Jewish war on women, thats not controversial rhetoric. Women are victims of feminism, we all are.

1b4725  No.12113393


I was promised a Day of the Rope and I'm holding everyone to that.

5b9923  No.12113489


Nice britpol meme you utter faggot

Please return to your containment board of faggotory and talk about muh based local votes are gonna stop white genocide >>>/brit/

5b9923  No.12113508


> putting out childish silly propaganda designed to make National Socialism look like a meme or something stupid "niggers" do

Checked, but no, the memetic propaganda is actually what he's doing well, it's the subversive things like "white sharia put women in cages" and this "vote your way out of white genocide, don't revolt against ZOG, just become ZOG" that is the subversion - and all of that started after years and years of supporting genuine national socialists (such as the iron march groups mentioned in this post >>12112034 )

d4c62a  No.12113555

File: c0ea2f6fc31f63e⋯.png (18.52 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1517623089024.png)


exactly. the (((neo-nazi))) caricature is just that, it's a hollyjew cartoon stereotype used to discredit a legitimate philosophy and ideology. only a complete nigger-tier moron would actually adopt that look and style running around with shaved heads and tattoos like a movie villain. gas chambers for them

a27da5  No.12113556


>It's almost as if Anglin shifted hard for him to now be renouncing it all. Really weird mind gymnastics he's been doing. Maybe he really is a fucking CIAnigger


8a02ed  No.12113562

File: d228f3761b7d1a4⋯.jpg (115.26 KB, 495x496, 495:496, Screenshot_20180823-180719.jpg)


Same here brother

4ab459  No.12113575


The (((neo-nazis))) want extermination of non-whites in their own homelands while true National Socialists want people (based on race) to live in their own homelands.

60009d  No.12113577

File: c885728718e6eae⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 553x586, 553:586, grimster2.jpg)

One of two things is happening with Andrew Anglin.

1) He's dead. The jews who killed him got his passwords with his phone & laptop and have replaced him with a kike ghost writer. The aim is to gradually move Anglin's audience and supporters over to a Civic Nationalist Kike inclusive point of view. Or, that failing with some hard core audience members, to disappoint and disillusion them about Anglin.


2) He's under legal pressure (and perhaps personal pressure too (from say, his family or such like) and he has therefore affected a new strategy of taking cover behind a Republican political facade. Perhaps he thinks Trump or Trump's friends in the legal system will save his ass.

The crap the author of that article has written is what's fake.

For example, whoever wrote the article bemoans the fact that the news media used cartoon characters - such as Trailer Park boy Matt Heimbach or the shill carrying the Thrid Reich swastika flag - to characterize Charlotesville. True dat, but who among us didn't anticipate hostile coverage and the usual cliche presentations from the mainstream jews media? We all knew what was coming from the MSM before it happened, including and perhaps especially Andrew Anglin.

The article writer tells you to get involved with the Republican Party. Yeah, sure, man… Has anybody noticed how weak, cucked and overcome by jewing the Republicans have been for - Oh, say - the last century of time or so?

I think it's a ringer who is doing the writing and directing the Daily Stormer from afar. I think Anglin's dead.

The level of wit expressed in articles on the Stormer took a nose dive several months ago. I noticed it at the time.

And Anglin hasn't appeared live either on Skype or on a simple audio podcast in several months.

Let's see him. Or let's hear his voice.

Otherwise, I think the smart presumption is that the jews killed Andrew Anglin.

a27da5  No.12113580

File: f3ce3a37e2cf480⋯.png (343.17 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, Frank Collin White Power.png)


>You know Rockwell wrote a book called white power and thats where the term comes from, right?

d4c62a  No.12113597

File: af2909e6011bc54⋯.gif (16.8 KB, 313x339, 313:339, 1529787595226.gif)


a home for every race. this is the main argument i always get when i'm close enough and comfortable enough with someone to come clean about my position. at first it's always shock and horror "what? you want to genocide everybody like LiTeRaLLy HiTLeR?

i explain that multiculturalism isn't a lie. different cultures occupying the same land do not coexist, they compete for dominance as that's the natural order. we are tribalistic by way of evolution and we were all happier and better off when different people, different cultures were separated by their respective homelands and borders. a home for every race. i ask them to imagine the world when everywhere is exactly the same, is everywhere being exactly the same 'diverse'? or is a globe of different unique culture and peoples true diversity?

it's hard to argue with that. takes them a while to stomach it though, we're dealing with decades of propaganda and brainwashing here.

c2f66b  No.12113600

File: a013ceb7c8d6cf7⋯.jpg (86.42 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, neckbeard 2.jpg)


>/pol/ has always been against activism

if no one goes out to do anything there won't be any memes for you fucking nerds to push. not to mention you are going to have to leave the basement to seize power whether by the ballet or the bullet.

d4c62a  No.12113604

File: 68dcfc6f3daa2b8⋯.png (71.27 KB, 1152x793, 1152:793, 1512620672001.png)


is a lie* having a brainlet day today, long day at uni

c2f66b  No.12113628


spotted the kike. Hunter Wallace, Art Jones and Rick Tyler are good men.

a27da5  No.12113698

File: f1c777c97d49a89⋯.png (681.23 KB, 1260x500, 63:25, Gabriel Sohier-Chaput ('Ch….png)


>He's a racist neo-conservative addicted to christianity

No, he's an operative of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch (CFIB).

a27da5  No.12113712

File: 5ac586c7b403903⋯.jpg (199.29 KB, 1000x981, 1000:981, U.S.A.I.C. 2 xx.jpg)


Nice US Army Intelligence lightning flashes.

Always out front. Right?

a40c9f  No.12113721

File: e360344de973ce8⋯.png (270.3 KB, 660x660, 1:1, merchant ruseman.png)


>some jew took a picture in front of a poster saying white power, ha, checkmate goy! Rockwells a kike!

906796  No.12113740


Very true. It's pretty easy for someone to dismiss the Ethno-globe guy. Almost all White people have an innate sense of morality and fairness that is unique to our race. And because of this, it is almost impossible for a White person to not see the hypocrisy in Diversity for White countries and ONLY White countries

It's almost impossible to argue against someone who says "every people deserve a home, including White children."

Essentially, the ONLY argument that anti-Whites have against that is accusing us of wanting to kill everyone else.

Which is actually a foolish position for them to take because they open themselves up to being accused of exactly what they're doing and that is committing genocide.

If they think that exterminating Africans is wrong and exterminating Japanese is wrong, then if they are not anti-White genocidal freaks, they must admit that exterminating White people is also wrong.

925148  No.12113773


It's funny because zeiger is the guy who edited and updated the formatting of the most widely spread SIEGE pdf. He probably played the biggest part in siege becoming popular, but now the DS crew tells everyone to avoid reading the book like it's going to give them cancer.

5b9923  No.12113787


>The (((neo-nazis))) want extermination of non-whites in their own homelands while true National Socialists want people (based on race) to live in their own homelands.

You're insane if you think the shitskins are just going to peacefully leave our countries. They're literally fighting to make our people extinct and you're here moralfagging like a christcuck. the NSDAP failed for one reason only: they talked about total war but did not embrace it. They showed their enemies mercy when they were shown none.


>/pol/ has always been against activism

How to out yourself as a retarded new fag in six words

59255e  No.12113826


We still had a wasp ruling class until the early 1900s. We still had some control over our country, see the 1924 immigration act that stopped jewish immigration.

Also, I know you are


On a different Ip. What is your problem with white americans?


trade=/= complete control

59255e  No.12113853


Are you that pooinloo from the lit thread that was crying about pierce?


Armenians are from the same racial stock as jews.

"a Armenian is just a jew that chased a shekel into a church"


>doesn't know that that faggot came along 10+ years after GLR died

Cmon Moarpheous, you can do better then that.


bbut anon, why don't you want to give the proud Arabic nationalists parts of Europe, and the proud Mexican nationalists half of America? Sounds like you might be the jews' caricature of NS. ;^)

925148  No.12113876


>We still had a wasp ruling class until the early 1900s

Who were interbred with Jews.

>What is your problem with white americans?

I don't have a problem with White Americans. I have a problem with the American state that has been in bed with Jews and fucking White Americans for hundreds of years.

d4c62a  No.12113887

File: 68793525edeca78⋯.png (14.54 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 1387494688682.png)


deporting != giving them your land. wtf? nobody is saying we want them to stay. obviously they all need to go home, but that doesn't mean we have to be genocidey about it. we can offer a repatriation fund and help them rebuild their own homelands. of course the ones who refuse to leave will be forcibly deported, any that start violence well then that's on them we're entitled to put them down, in that scenario it would be self-defence.

literally the only people who want us to go around saying we're going to kill everyone is (((your kind)))

59255e  No.12113908


>Who were interbred with Jews

Yes, i'm sure some of them were. Doesn't change the fact that the country didn't start going downhill until the early 1900s (the federal reserve act of 1913 is the date I always like to mention.)

>I don't have a problem with White Americans

Yeah you do. I have seen you in many threads like this, saying all kinds of anti white American shit. Remember the colonial America thread a week or so ago?


>thinks they will ever leave, even for money

They think they have the right to be amongst whites. Your type will be saying "AS LONG AS THEY ARE BASED AND DONT MAKE TROUBLE, THEYRE FINE"

d4c62a  No.12113922

File: 16a9dad288ced16⋯.jpg (62.15 KB, 763x960, 763:960, 40773087_10205345502714872….jpg)


unless they're white they're not based, and in that scenario of course they'd be physically removed. but at that point that's on them isn't it. they don't belong here, they have to go back. but autistically screaming for all out genocide isn't exactly going to get us anywhere or win us fans over, even though i do it myself online. i'm just talking about irl of course, a realistic response to those kind of assumptions about national socialism

925148  No.12113926


>saying all kinds of anti white American shit.

My comments have always been against the American state and American culture, and towards the necessary destruction of both. Racially, White Americans are fine, but many will ultimately need to be killed off for racial treason because they are too far corrupted by Jewish/American culture.

6577e1  No.12113933


*Opens Turner Diaries*

"Read, nigga, reaaad!"

"Naaaaaarh! Varg, save me!"


Le Laaarp! Le eeej! Le eeeeej!

59255e  No.12113943


> Racially, White Americans are fine

Well, in that colonial america thread, you said that that most of the inhabitants of the original thirteen colonies was mongrelized, and that the one drop rule didn't exist.


>(((transhumanist))) is losing his mind

Took too many of Kurzweil's vitamins, huh?

59255e  No.12113944


*were mongrelized

d4c62a  No.12113961

File: 01a330159dad545⋯.jpeg (248 KB, 1008x760, 126:95, democracy_doesnt_work_unl….jpeg)


he's right though anon. highly fragmented societies due to ethnic and cultural tensions always collapse into civil unrest, mass violence and then finally war. you only have to look at history to see this is true. america, the uk, much of europe is going to go the same way. i agree with this anon >>12108341 it is inevitable.

the reason it's inevitable is because for an ethnically mixed society to exist with any kind of even mild cohesion oppressive and often brutal laws have to be brought in to 'force' the population to get along, which only serves to breed even more resentment as the rights of the indigenous people have to be removed to cater for the newcomers. the newcomers become empowered by this and see it as a conquering. if you're not lifting weights, learning survival skills, hand to hand combat you're in for a nasty surprise in a couple of decades. race war isn't just a meme, though i would agree some larp about it too enthusiastically. it's not going to be nice, or glorious. it's going to be horrific and very messy, but also necessary.

925148  No.12113965


>you said that that most of the inhabitants of the original thirteen colonies was mongrelized,

No, I said that mongrels were often accepted as White, which is a fact. I never said most were mixed or even that mixing was common.

>and that the one drop rule didn't exist.

I said it wasn't strongly enforced and that the American definition of White was not purely biological, which is also a fact.

aaf986  No.12113999

File: 067f5599a21c7b9⋯.jpg (60.24 KB, 600x458, 300:229, d7c.jpg)

>Brianna Wu gets 10x more votes in a primary than Patrick Little and 2x Paul Nehlen

I can tell you who's going to win an upcoming revolution, it's not the anime-watching NEETsocs.

We need people, we need the white working class. They're disenfranchised and fucking PISSED. Nazi imagery is not the way to win them over. National socialism was German. We need an American solution to the globohomo problem. People will never stop seeing Hitler as the enemy. It's been so ingrained into their minds that it's basically a reflex.

Anglin wants to win. I want to win. You can pretend that Siege and Turner Diaries are anything more than pic related, or you can get serious and come up with a method to organize and mobilize the white working class.

4ab459  No.12114012


Simple, if they think >>12113853

>Are you that pooinloo from the lit thread that was crying about pierce?

No, and I don't mind Pierce's idea of White countries for White people. I thought that >>12112780 was painting Pierce as a negative person who wanted whites to kill off everyone else, when I'm pretty sure he just wanted non-whites to fuck off of White lands.

59255e  No.12114019


>No, I said that mongrels were often accepted as White

No, they really weren't. The mongrels were almost always kept out of the white genepool. Which is why American Indians and American blacks have significant European heritage, but white americans have almost none. The mongrels were melded back into the Amerind and/or Black population.

>I said it wasn't strongly enforced

There was a major social stigma attached to being with someone deemed "impure". It was enforced pretty well socially.

>American definition of White was not purely biological

See above.

arguing with your ass is futile, this is for the lurkers. I assume you are some sort of buttblasted euro or shill with an agenda ie "you are already mongrelized, and America is shit, so quit resisting



>pander to nonwhites

>pander to based Zionist jews

>GOP is the way forward

4ab459  No.12114021


Messed up that post. What I meant for the first part was if they think they have the right to be in America which is by right a White man's land, they should either be forced to be deported or be shot.

59255e  No.12114023


*white americans have almost no Amerind or black heritage

925148  No.12114027


>Which is why American Indians and American blacks have significant European heritage, but white americans have almost none.

More often, but mongrels were still accepted as White in many cases. The context of this argument was whether the USA could be classified as ever having been White nationalist, so I was providing counterexamples to debunk the claim that USA was founded as a White nationalist state.

d4c62a  No.12114033

File: 49fa170567a991d⋯.png (101.26 KB, 1295x927, 1295:927, 49f.png)


this. white americans are still european. most people stick to their own, it's basic tribal instinct ingrained in us. we evolved to be biologically attracted to our own kind.


anyone who says otherwise is a divide & conquer kike shill

925148  No.12114045


>It was enforced pretty well socially.

Yes, socially. In other words, not at the state level. Because the USA was never a White nationalist state. No laws even used the one drop rule until the 20th century.

All of my arguments have been that the American state has never been White nationalist and that it has always been Jewish.

4ab459  No.12114049


Yeah but before the 1965 Hart-Celler Act, wasn't the country majority White? So it USED to be a White country. It just needs to be reclaimed to that standard.

6577e1  No.12114050


All IRL activism is larping! Posting on Pol or moving to the wilderness is what will save the White race!



"Every single one are kikes!"

"Feds! Feds! Feds!"

T. (((Concerned anon)))



Links would be nice. Don't forget Anglin and Weev have tons of "white sharia" white knights. Maximum amount of evidences is needed.




"Rockwell and Pierce are feds, fellow Polacks!"

"Look at this list of Alt-Right killers, this prooves my argument!"

"You are a Fed if you disagree with me!"


"The founding fathers were Feds too!"


(((You))) can't harasse the dead.


"Political correctness? It was communeeesm!"

It was the CIA that backed this, not the KGB while the Frankfurt school moved to the US of Roosevelt.

59255e  No.12114065



>but mongrels were still accepted as White in many cases

Any examples?

>The context of this argument was whether the USA could be classified as ever having been White nationalist

There are arguments for both sides on this. The bottom line is that America's immigration policy from the colonial days to the early 1900s was almost entirely European (almost entirely western European as well.) It was a defacto white nationalist state.


Seems like a pretty pilpullish argument.

6577e1  No.12114119


(1) again…

"or you can get serious and come up with a method to organize and mobilize the white working class."

Faglin and Weev didn't stop that when they played the "nazie" card. It is not the "1488ers" "american nationalism" isn't working. Sons of Q, reeeee!


- Mocking vargtards.

- Mocking civnats that believes no civil conflict will happen.

- "You are losing your mind?"

You primitivist shills really have NO arguments. -D



9a4ccb  No.12114121


Anglin got kicked off the internet for harassing a woman in whitefish Montana, he's being sued for criminal harassment


You're probably a woman or the biggest wimpy faggot to have ever lived

59255e  No.12114130


>not wanting control chips in my brain makes me a vargtard

Come on. I have no problem with technology, but when it starts to get to the point where it will be changing what makes us US, then yes, I don't like it. Same with extreme genetic engineering.

37702a  No.12114150


>/ourguy/ for the dems

>not mentioning Patrick Little

f626fe  No.12114181

Oh yes yes, goys, don't fight back!! Only fed honeypots fight back!!! /s

Why would any white man listen to a little race-mixing beta is beyond me.

4ab459  No.12114185


Of course the shitskins are not going to leave peacefully. But they can be deported with force.

372a27  No.12114193


This quote speaks volumes, but many of the idiots on here won't take the time to actually read it. It's one of my favourites though, and shows how Pierce eventually realised that ROCKWELL WAS RIGHT and that the 'hardcore cadre' of radical and dedicated supporters was the way forward.

3c870d  No.12114195


>Anglin wants to win.

If voting for Republikikes was the path to victory, we would have won long ago.

925148  No.12114213


>Any examples?

Every Jew in American history.


Sally Hemings's children are an early example. They identified as White and were accepted in White society, despite being born into slavery.

372a27  No.12114214



I'm down with the Armenians, tbh.

Little-known fact, but it was actually the JEWS who were the 'Young Turks' behind the 'Armenian genocide', and Armenians are one of the few non-Semite groups that still have a foothold in the holy lands (their Jerusalem quarter).

Also, their folk hero Garegin Nzdeh fought with the Axis in WWII and is the founder of a neo-Fascist Christian religious sect.


5494a2  No.12114227

stand alone complex is our only salvation

372a27  No.12114229


I feel your pain, but you have to remember, it's a slow process.

I try to call into his show (although I haven't done so very recently) and my experience has been that he's quickly coming around to realise exactly why (((Libertarianism))) is such a Jewish ideology–Mises, Rand, Friedman, and Rothbard are just a few of the main Jewish practitioners!

At the very least Cantwell is brave, principled, and is definitely on the pro-Fascist side of things, so he's worthy of my support for now.

He's suffered for our cause and deserves our respect for at least that much.

Also, he has done a very good job rooting out the optics cucks like Ricky Vaughn and weev.

372a27  No.12114240


>21 posts by this ID

>no evidence

>everyone who fights for the White race and against the Jews is "CIA"

If they're "CIA", then I'd say the "CIA" is doing a mighty fine job of naming and shaming the Jews...


4ab459  No.12114247


Just be a little open-minded anon. If the jews control EVERY aspect of the USA, how is Pat Little able to LEGALLY make his own campaign with his own platform. He might have had to do SOME bidding.

372a27  No.12114265

By the way, just because most of us on here realise that Anglin is a fucking idiot for supporting optics cucks like weev and Ricky Vaughn, it does NOT mean that we will not ALSO hunt down Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooarpheus and line him and his family up against a wall on the day of reckoning!!!

Just wanted to clear that up.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

372a27  No.12114273

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What made you think that I *LITERALLY* think that Jews control *EVERYTHING*?

Jews probably don't control Steve King (IA).

They CERTAINLY didn't control Jim Traficant (OH), RIP.

Check out this hot take from the Phil Donahue show held in Jim's hometown of Youngstown back in 1990:

(Timestamp 694s)


59255e  No.12114279


I was kind of expecting sources as well.

>every jew in American history

I'll concede this one for the most part. But like I said in the previous thread, how much anti-Semitism do you expect from a society founded by the british empire? See also South Africa, Australia, NZ, and Canada. There haven't been any pogroms or expulsions in any of these countries.


They have always been considered their own people.

>sally hemmings children

Well, the descendants that are alive today are black, so they did what I mentioned in an earlier post; melded back into the black genepool.


He sucks. Crybaby cantwell is a joke.

372a27  No.12114287


You're mostly correct.

For example, very few thought the Soviet Union was about to collapse in 1988, just 30 years ago.

What if America is going to collapse in 2022?

6577e1  No.12114303


< A woman

1) These things are not human. Never unironically call them women, men or children.

2) It was harassing Spencer's mother.

3) Mocking the fat cow is what made them go after Anglin.


"You are a fucking feder… fucking White female!"

As weak and low energy as ever! -D Your heroes of white sharia are enemies of the White race and national-socialism in addition to being hilariously hypocritical (or simply mentaly ill) lolcows.


How do you survive jewish skynet destroying the Earth biosphere with viruses? Go on. -D That's right.


Every single group and individuals IRL are feds! Hitler was a fed! The founding fathers were feds! But Anglin, Weev and TRS are based and right, silly neetsocs!


Notice the opposite is what is being shilled on this thread. It still holds true decades later.


The Soviet-Union never collapsed, it was abolished by the bureaucrats and politicians so they could enrich themselves and their cronies. Gorbatchev himself was a raging liberal that never gets accused of incompetence by the mainstream narrative. Yugoslavia would be a better example.

925148  No.12114304


According to moarpheus, we should be thanking the CIA for redpilling millions of White people.

59255e  No.12114320


>How do you survive jewish skynet destroying the Earth biosphere with viruses?

I would rather we die out then become soulless androids or some other abomination



7a3a75  No.12114325

File: a289dcbcb6fa0fc⋯.jpg (538.41 KB, 2736x2052, 4:3, fucking asshole.jpg)


That gif is so sad

372a27  No.12114345

File: db870239b695aba⋯.jpg (943.95 KB, 1280x4192, 40:131, MikeEnochDadFacebook.jpg)




Enoch =/= Striker.

Enoch has a lot of baggage.

Pic related is an archive of his dad's FB page, which is very (((suspicious))), to say the least. How many "Norwegians" have (((THE JEWISH STANDARD))) and (((Chuck Schumer))) on their favorites, as well as a lot of other Jewish-sounding friends and interests???

I'm not a fan, especially after he threw Patrick Little under the bus and only covered him the day before his campaign because he was virtually FORCED to by his audience.

He's had some okay debates, though, and says some okay stuff at times, but 90% of his "(((content)))" is garbage.<