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File: 3a80aa15b1ed6d2⋯.png (8.36 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, Globalism.png)

9a208b  No.12106622

Out with the Old pedos, in with ((the new)).

>New York’s archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan finally addressed the sexual abuse and cover-up scandals rocking the Catholic Church on Tuesday — saying even he is”confused, bewildered and frustrated.” “When people say to me you know, we’re angry, >we’re confused, bewildered, frustrated, I think they might expect me to be on the defensive, and I’ll say nice to meet you so am I. We’re all in this together,” Dolan said to Father Dave Dwyer on “The Catholic Show” on Sirius XM. “There’s almost a solidarity in the sorrow,” he added. The controversies that arose over the summer — including the ousting of former DC Archbishop >Theodore McCarrick, the bombshell Pennsylvania grand jury report and the scathing letter against Pope Francis — are not leaving anyone unscathed, Dolan said.

The pedo trout has came for the virgin catfish.

Do you believe the globalists are seeking a complete takeover of the Catholic Church – furthering the progressive refurbishing of the Vatican?

ab3f32  No.12106629


9621db  No.12106653

File: 2d885e2b45cada0⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 259x194, 259:194, camp.gif)

a5691d  No.12106668

If satanists took over the vatican, would you notice?

9a208b  No.12106676

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Catholics know it's just a trout eating the smaller catfish.



24d6ca  No.12106708


>Cucks demand you be a good goy and stick to your fife

imagine my shawk

eaafbd  No.12106751


the jews that are already there

39a85d  No.12106920


>took over

You don't know ? ;) You cannot torture 100 million Europeans for shits and giggles (no reason other than pleasure) and not be satanic

dd8e07  No.12106985


Yes. Or rather, the complete takeover has already occured. Look at the pope. The end goal is rolling in islam, so as to force a "connection" between peoples that otherwise have none, to keep the violence going - because this keeps the goyim occupied and distracted - and basically you'll have to kill the current pope and force back the backbone in catholicism if you want to save the world from ultimate kike-domination.

ff546d  No.12107040

File: f9e9d03d36da863⋯.jpg (205.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, all_will_be_revealed.jpg)


tbh all the abrahamic religions are the result of a several thousand plus maybe even tens of thousands of years old blood feud between three sons who all thought they were top shit

christianity recognizes the kikes, the kikes recognize the sandniggers, the sandniggers recognize both and have ideas that they're the top dog after however long it's been

the kikes want to burn it all down and leave no survivors because then their father's true son will come and save everything but hey guess what they know save everything is code for meggido

the pedo goatfuckers want to preserve what they have because they're materialistic hedonists at heart and do not have any meaningful contribution beyond a rebranding of sumerian numerals and a vague acceptance of religion that reads as "ok you're right but we will kill you anyways insah allah"

the christians are fucked beyond belief and have been deliberately coopted by however many thousands of years these barbaric semetic religions have coexisted - at one point in them they readily believed that all stories and religions were in fact retellings of much older stories but now it's "we is bad, let tyrone, morty, and hasheem take over because they recognize christ!"

the truth is, it's all a retelling of older shit

but the older shit only mentions a land dispute

and the rulers of the three don't believe in their religion they believe in the older shit

they treat billions of people like pawns because their secret knowledge that they cultivated over generations allows them to forget that they're just human like the rest of us

you'll have to do a lot more than kill the nigger pope to get it fixed

unfortunately for them the prophecy they've been sowing doesn't end with the destruction of all the world; just them.

3b140b  No.12107199


Does Satan want basic-bitch rape and torture though? Seems kind of gauche.

b47654  No.12107353


>Do you believe the globalists are seeking a complete takeover of the Catholic Church

No, I think Trump is working with those we call jews to eliminate their competition in every single walk.

How many jews have been arrested? Only 1 that I know of and another pardoned.

All Jews are criminals and yet, we have 1 standing trial and Q in charge herding the 100 million armed Christian Americans away from any real revolt.

My "hope" wears thinner each day. I don't trust anything that comes in contact with jews.

c95fb6  No.12110921

File: 8ccb78d59cc191d⋯.jpg (155.88 KB, 1000x686, 500:343, satandevouringpeople.jpg)


I don't think Satan is concerned with propriety.

5ecf92  No.12113618


I love this, feels like playing a game of Vampires. And it is the closest thing to the truth we could have.

69e042  No.12114146


Only when it suits him and furthers his agenda.

He also tends to adopt the race of a people he wants to manipulate.

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