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24731a  No.12107757

Honest discussion thread.

If Global Warming is real (I'm a fence sitter - believe there may be climate change but the impact from humans is low though is a factor in the same way cow farts are a factor) how to deal with it?

Are we in a Holocene or Anthropocene epoch? How do we come up with a solution that does not:

A) Limit freedom of market, whether that be social devices or economic (ie; Global Government, Getting rid of basically all of Civilization, etc)

B) Reduce all advances to naught

C) Is feasible within a short time span

What are /pol/s opinion and are there any decent readings/videos/etc that deal with the anthropocene problem?

What would you do if you had all the power?

Is there anything to worry about etc?

43177a  No.12107762


>Holocene or Anthropocene

I'm intelligent enough to break down the Latin route of words, but many people aren't and considering I don't know what the fuck these mean, you're probably putting a lot of people off this questions right away with those words.

t.too lazy to look up the meaning of those words

24731a  No.12107766




Anthropocene = People influencing the earth and how to deal with it. ie; Chakrabarty and the Kyoto Protocol. Basically "People do X to Earth, what do?"

Holocene = Nature influences earth and how to deal with it.

24731a  No.12107771


Anthropocene is arguable on starting date (some claim we entered it since existing due to everything having an impact), others argue that it was roughly the time of the industrial era and further some argue that it's only late 18th century to early 19th century.

When did we start influencing etc.

Most arguments seem to be this:

We need to stop using technology and find alternatives but provide little more than things that seem more effective. For example:

"Let's use wind power even though to turn the turbine it cost more coal. Let's use electric cars despite the use of channeling that electricity being the same. But let's never ever use Nuclear power because Nukes are bad"

Others are very Rosseuan in their ideas of a noble savagery and return to form.

Others say a world government to unite everyone and that those who have 'caused crime against the earth' to be punished (Companies harmed for things etc)

And so on.

43177a  No.12107777


I've purposely stayed away from weather manipulation research and the like, so maybe a HAARPfag will reply with what we can or may be able to do about controlling the elements.

To me, it's seemed like too big an undertaking, mainly because I've occupied my spare time with understanding the jew (who is no more jew than you and I).

My surface-level perspective is it's more hype because even if we could do something about it, international law and sovereignty of nations would be a major hurdle, possibly insurmountable, which has led me to believe it's a push for a global government more than anything.

43177a  No.12107780


>which has led me to believe it's a push for a global government more than anything.

Quad Sevens confirm, it's a hoax.

d473cc  No.12107783


>If Global Warming is real

It's not. I can't believe we're still talking about this. Are you not aware of all the predictions of disaster that didn't come true? They didn't even get the troposphere temps right.

Because people like you seem to enjoy larping disaster scenarios and keep paying them attention, they keep pushing this commie lie. Now they're even manually changing the temperature record to make it seem like they were right, despite AGW being factually demonstrated to be false.

They're faking the data now.

43177a  No.12107805


Some of us are just hungry for anything resembling an intelligent discussion, anon. Have you seen the threads lately?

571359  No.12107815


Global Warming is a modern kike mono myth. It serves 2 distinct functions within society. It is a justification for White Anti-natalism and Economic fuckery.

How many times have you heard someone say something along the lines of "gays are fine, because the earth is overpopulated anyway" This is the guilt of polution (((Dont have kids goy or else you are contributing to destroying the planet))) you think china, india or africa have that guilt?

The second part is economic fuckery, which is the green laws. "We need a green change" or something to that effect. These laws and regulations never seem to have an impact on the oligarchy, but it prices small businesses out of competition.

The other way the economic fuckery works is with carbon taxes. I cant find the article atm but I remember when they did a dry run of a carbon trading scheme in the EU it managed to "lose" 8Billion euros or so. This happened because countries where selling their carbon credits twice and doing cheeky shit with currency conversions and it was shown to have had 0 effect on carbon emissions. So now Imagine if you gave the kikes another world of debt, another world of inflation and speculation. That is what the carbon tax/carbon trading scheme is. Its another parallel economy for them to trade and speculate on.

24731a  No.12107832


Okay then disprove it. I'm not disagreeing with you, simply I just want an actual discussion about politics. If you are so certain, prove it.

24731a  No.12107864

I'm looking for formal debates on climate change but I can find exactly 0.

People debate over everything but not this? I can find Holocaust debate videos, why is there NO debates on this? Not even amatuer?

bbea83  No.12107867

File: 4432641fbbcae03⋯.png (39.46 KB, 633x973, 633:973, 1446851304186-2.png)


cheap, efficient solar panels.

once they get cheap enough, every man and his dog will be putting panels up all over the place. Simply because it will be the cheapest way to get power. Cheap electricity will increase demand for electric vehicles. so on, so forth

Basically the free market will solve it regardless of what governments do.

i wish climate change was real because it would kill a lot of shitskins while whites excel at surviving in harsh environments.

f823ee  No.12107880

Holocene climate change has been ongoing since Day 1 of planet formation. Anthropocene is a jewish attempt to monetise breathing & other basic human functions.

Human impact on earth is minimal at worst and completely negligible at best.

There is so much oxygen in the atmosphere, even if we cut down all trees and didn't plant more it would take a million years for us to run out.

There are volcano's that have put out more CO2 into the atmosphere in one eruption than humans have since the industrial revolution.

The biggest real estate markets on earth are all on coastlines, like Miami. If 'climate change' was real, the banks would have hired independent consultants to establish this and it would be reflected in loans, mortgages, interest rates of finance capital, etc in these markets.

1f0e02  No.12107891


Restoration of deciduous and coniferous forests are a penultimate goal to restoring that wonderful Taiga and Nordic habitat that Whites love. At least that's how I see it. I want to see an end to fossil fuel and plastics that ruin our oceans by way of a new type or ceramic and greater use of solar panels.

56d785  No.12107892


>reddit spacing

>If 'climate change' was real, the banks would have hired independent consultants to establish this and it would be reflected in loans, mortgages, interest rates of finance capital, etc in these markets.




24731a  No.12107911


I think Anthropocene is viable IF you accept the term merely means "Animals affect the environment" but view it in the sense that it is an inevitability of not living in a vacuum/being present.

Szeman and all that have it backwards in the sense that we will always affect the environment around us. There is no way to extract ourselves without annihilation and even then what do we do with other animals that affect the environment?

24731a  No.12107933


To further this, I think it all comes down to the "problem of entropy"

If there is no point to anything then nothing matters.

If nothing matters then why bother etc etc,

I'm sure you've all heard the argument before.

I think a lot of the arguments really become derailed (such as 'Let's do X or Y' as a temporary measure) when you ask the sustainability of such a measure ('NO MORE OIL' etc), the replacement of such systems (Szeman's 'IT'S CAPITALISM!') and of course the point if it is an inevitability.

For example if X nation does Y, that's great but what about the nation that does not? Is it the same argument for communism where only a world wide revolution would be the only way that a viable system could exist? Thus it seems that the only way to 'combat' this evil is for a united one world government or a 'one think' way of being.

Yeah you might be right that it's just a scam if this is the only inevitable outcome outside of space colonisation and lord knows we are years off that without a tangible threat.

43177a  No.12107939


You ever seen the environmental damage a mining operation does?

On top of what's visible, most separation/extraction methods from the earth they pull up include acid baths.

Not saying solar panels aren't a great alternative because I don't know if they are or not, but the overall impact may not be much less when considering everything involved.

9d893f  No.12107973

>Its "global warming" real?


>its "climate change" real


>its man made?


>its natural?

Yes, still man has some part on it

What is really happening is that elites are replacing humans capable of endure a great change for retards, IE, put a bunch of any non nigs and a bunch of nigs in Alaska separated for 1000 years, all nigs are dead and you have towns, do the same in africa, it already happened, now do the same in all the planet, basically you will have millions of nigs dying and the rest of the world doing extra labor to feed them, now add their crime and a state that ban self defense.

e96237  No.12108071


Anthro-Warm/Cool-ing isn't real. It's an ad. Get over it.

Humans don't even amount to a cow fart.

Cow farts themselves are not significant.

There is the sun (radiative universe) and all of earth is subject to it. There is the movement of charge (electric universe) and all of earth is subject to it. There is nothing else that can meet the energy and mass requirements to cause effect of significant difference.

Is it radiative universe? Is it electric universe? If it is neither, it is an ad. Academic-Complex, News-Complex, all variants of Fed/MoneyPrinting complexes, pushed by over-indebted and over-leveraged lying liars. While some trinkets have come out of these processes over the last 100yrs, most of it just a horrid infinity of consumate consumptive and corruptive civilization destroying gibberish.

Any, who actually care about limiting foot print or polution, would kill all Asiatics and all Africans. Any, who actually research and implement application, reach the same conclusion. A conclusion that has to be "shutitdown" censored to oblivion. This reaction to preserve cannibalism and parasitism is the cause enough to worry, and worry deeply.

a98dbe  No.12108150


We're actually going into a period of cooling.

It's not you, it's not co2, it's the sun.

We just proved the sun has a not insignificant impact on earthquakes and storm intensity due to coronal kp index hole streams that cause magnetic excitation in magma.

Our magnetic field is weak too, and we are currently looking at huge numbers of cosmic rays as we exit a local magnetic bubble in our arm of the local galaxy cluster, in addition to energetic bursts from the sun.

Shit is gonna get at least 1600's up in here starting this winter and probably worse going into 2030.

If you anons aren't prepping you're in for some shit.

Go somewhere where food isn't scarce, it's already starting. We have some of the biggest crop losses on record.

f23b24  No.12108190


It's real.

It's already being dealt with privately and publicly, the success of these schemes are not guaranteed which is why redundancies deep underground/sea exist. The same way nation borders are being eroded and historic races of man are being blended together to form homo-novus, preparation occurs without real public discourse or participation, in a technocracy only the experts make decisions. Did you have a say on the European Union? On the rise of China? On the wars in the Middle East? On the African Union? On the development and spread of the portable computer tracker? Automation and robotics in heavy industry? The space program and global satellite deployment?

Your position in this discussion should begin with assumption based on observation:

>1) I'm entering a story midway, missed the beginning and won't see the end.

>2) Human Limits create a spectrum of opposites along which all human action necessarily occurs

Train yourself to think outside of this spectrum in order to understand what is occurring. Living organisms, including individual human beings are travelling dots creating lines. A people are a series of lines working together across time to create shape. A planet is an egg which cracks from within giving birth to an object, an ideal shape from line from the individe.

Think back carefully on the lines left behind by the people you come from. How many have been erased or become so faint as to be barely there? What of the lines you are making, are they your own, will they be preserved, who will echo you in the centuries to come?

bedad9  No.12108201


This thread is pointless. If it is real and is not human driven, there is nothing we can do to stop it. If it is human driven, it is mostly driven by China and other second and third world countries. In addition, Africa is and will see a huge population boom, and you can bet that they are going to use the dirtiest, cheapest ways of producibg power funded by the Chinese in exchange for mineral rights. This is already well underway. The western world has no influence to stop China from making these investments into Africa.

We can impose involuntary sterilization or stop feeding Africans with surplus US corn, but we know neither of those will ever happen.

e3233d  No.12109755

File: ce232f69d4085b9⋯.png (124.18 KB, 720x795, 48:53, Screenshot_20180905-132341….png)

File: 8ef134e9a55935e⋯.png (10.44 KB, 208x243, 208:243, download.png)


yaaas, buy more of my (((solar panels))) goy, especially the new models which are backdoor to spy on you and transmit your data to Beijing.

b72ab0  No.12109783

Climate change is like Y2K or the Mayan 2012 meme, but with the doomsday punted about 200 years in the future so they can get away with it for longer.

ee2dfe  No.12109814


Penalizing western nations in the name of global warming is making it expensive to have white children as we put a lot of resources into our kids as opposed to shitskins who will keep sliding out grublets even if they don't know where their next meal is coming from. This combined with the MSM assault on white birth rates has had a devastating impact.

Africa and India should be the first places we deal with and then we work out a way to starve China into depopulation.

We should expedite an ice age.

Apparently it's pretty easy as all you need is lots of fresh water dumped into the Gulf Stream and when it slows down it triggers an Ice Age.

Geologists studying the Gulf Stream have shown that an Ice Age can be triggered within a few hundred years but it takes thousands to push a planet out of one.

The Chinese, Africans and Indians will starve en masse as their populations are too large to feed. The equatorial regions dry up during ice ages as the monsoonal weather is pushed down into the southern hemisphere.

White people are uniquely adapted to cold weather so a lot of us will survive.

Australia could be used as a warm weather base for white people from where we can mop up shitskins from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

It's all good except I don't know what would happen when the world's nuclear arsenals freeze solid.

6ac76e  No.12109820

File: df335bdd0f9490f⋯.jpg (16.13 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1435533796936.jpg)


>If Global Warming is real (I'm a fence sitter - believe there may be climate change

Every media outlet other than the weather channel stopped talking about so its safe to say its a dead meme at this point

011f14  No.12109824

File: 2a05423da072afa⋯.png (688.96 KB, 1891x4901, 1891:4901, Climate Changes (Isnt Us).png)

File: 6bcd0a2ef09fce5⋯.jpg (267.06 KB, 1178x1142, 589:571, muh climate change.jpg)


>How to deal with it

Genocide seems the only option.

6ac76e  No.12109826


Do you have a source on that? how are they even transmitting data, this sounds like Alex Jones spy lightbulbs tier

b228b3  No.12109859


>) Limit freedom of market, whether that be social devices or economic (ie; Global Government, Getting rid of basically all of Civilization, etc)

This is what has always made me suspicions of global warming believers, how almost all of their suggestions lead to the suspension of rights and centralization of power in ZOG hands.

b72ab0  No.12109886

File: da68e4facbdac02⋯.png (254.23 KB, 624x1054, 312:527, just a meme.png)


>Alex Jones spy lightbulbs tier

ummm, sweetie…

9ccfe5  No.12109911

Global warning may not be likely, but no honest person can deny the acidification of the oceans and all the terrible consequences of this.

3c8b53  No.12109919



aede8c  No.12110037


Stop drinking semen for a week then look at global warming and you'll see that it's a fraud.

b6f06a  No.12110091

You made this same exact thread a few weeks ago.

7a9184  No.12110574


No doubt this is based on your own personal experience.

97f069  No.12110712

If it were real, the kikes wouldn't leave it at some extra tax to bleed the goyim dry a little faster. Its made up fear mongering to tax and regulate the little people more and more. Its OUR fault that the waste isn't properly disposed of despite the little people paying for the cleaners/removers/recyclers etc. to do that for them. Its YOUR fault that the ice caps are melting because you left your TV on standby! Don't look at China or India for their pollution and consumption. Ignore the two countries doing the most damage. Its the white man's fault as usual.

Is there truth to the Middle Ages being hotter than our time?

18d95d  No.12110720


>China or India for their pollution and consumption

As a streetshitter, is there anything I can do?

97f069  No.12110743


Not unless you're ready to spill plenty of blood. It will sadly get far worse.

18d95d  No.12110751


Yeah that's kind of the reason why I'm ready to accept the fate of the country. Nobody is ever going to listen and so the opposition against them will come.

4d250a  No.12110801

File: 56c6c90dd8eedea⋯.png (140.34 KB, 1320x1020, 22:17, ice.png)

Can someone explain this or are they just straight up lying?

4d250a  No.12110814

File: 2a1c489bb8f0d3d⋯.jpg (181.87 KB, 1592x612, 398:153, global-daily-ice-area-with….jpg)


And the you find shit like this, how is this so inconsistent

4d250a  No.12110821

File: 6b76491a56da441⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 617x307, 617:307, Article.jpg)

And this article


720b5a  No.12110840


>They're faking the data now.

They always have been.

3c8b53  No.12110842


>I'm lying

>wow explain this

Fuck off or do your own research.

Greenland alone has added 1 trillion tons of ice in the last 18 months. That's more than the biomass of all living things, and more than all oil ever drilled.

4d250a  No.12110874


>thread discussing global warming

>post graph from climate alarmists to try and stir up debate


Isn't trying to figure out the truth the entire reason this thread exists?

a33502  No.12110889


Solar is a false god. You cannot generate power with solar on demand. Nuclear power is the one true God.

553522  No.12111665

File: 3bc4920799e7948⋯.jpg (47.44 KB, 1300x768, 325:192, 5d0ec08e693a21a45623e99f82….jpg)

File: 2f67c10a8a18a0d⋯.jpg (236.23 KB, 1078x516, 539:258, nikolatesla.jpg)

File: 04bb82b2ff23e01⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 409x412, 409:412, hourglassgrid.jpg)

File: f32f5ae20d41c83⋯.gif (2.38 MB, 1024x783, 1024:783, toroid animated.gif)

File: 26c18f49dc8e12a⋯.gif (26.36 KB, 412x392, 103:98, vortex_in_vortex_out.gif)


The aether is the one true energy god.

86272b  No.12111674

>Limit freedom of market

thats a retarded stance, we limit freedomd of the market already. There are things that cannont be sold leagally unless with special restrictions. Slavery is illegal. You cannot sell people

so what is this free market shit?

OP this is /pol. You are not going to create anything of use except for a nigger hate thread. Just quit

000000  No.12111828

>>What are /pol/s opinion and are there any decent readings/videos/etc that deal with the anthropocene problem?

No because that's the mainstream. Anyway their solution is a mass, global cull.

58d5ff  No.12111843

File: ef737eca7ae5095⋯.jpeg (5.53 KB, 225x224, 225:224, nigger in chief.jpeg)

It's not a problem for niggers, roaches, termites, etc to worry about.

The Chinese will figure it out if it can be figured out. And the jews might steal it from them.

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