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File: a6a3c50a093431c⋯.jpg (75.74 KB, 900x517, 900:517, moha cartoon.jpg)

d93ca3  No.12108103

Pic related traslation: "Stop!Stop! We dont have more virgins!"

As you probably knows Geert Wilders canceled the contest in Netherlands. Well a nationalist spanish digital newspaper has take the challenge and present it in a funny and an inocent but sarcastic article.

Any "world citizen" can join.


Cartoons must be send to this e-mail:


Soros Boys will probably try to put their site down or "nazi" hate speech and all that bullshit they do.

Sorry for the shity thread presentation :(

f53f2f  No.12108678


>drawing pictures of Muhammad is terrorism

go fuck yourself muslim pig?

have a bump

34637a  No.12108758

We should flood it with cartoons that are both anti-Mohamed and anti-kike, to troll the jews who always run these things.

d55ff1  No.12108781



edece8  No.12108804

>super based bro!! XDD

6a2e9c  No.12108835


Oy we should get all anons in here, brainstorm, take the best idea and ask a drawfag to do this for us. Imagine the outcry when little libcunts find out it was us. (We could also blame 4Chan did this tho, but I never said that)

4e959f  No.12108850

We need a Muhammed coloring book

eefb7d  No.12108865


c382a5  No.12108871

In my country there was a newspaper who used to mock Muhammad. A few years ago crazy terrorists came and killed the cartoonists with guns.

Then millions people through the world marched in support of liberty of speech.

Then we had hate speech laws instead, so now this type of cartoons are just illegal in here…

Terrorists won.

34637a  No.12108932

File: 9bef7ded78a7577⋯.jpg (100.17 KB, 350x314, 175:157, Freedom of Speech.jpg)


And that same paper fired people for antisemitism, so the terrorists had already won long before the shooting.

7cadae  No.12109268


MoBOMBhead…that is strange and slightly funny.

5fff4e  No.12109367


>Drawing pictures is terrorism

The absolute state or Britbongs

eab3b9  No.12109646


>please don't offend the muslims!

fuck off back to /leftypol/ you PC cuck

b5a8ea  No.12110762

File: 45708e9b4db476f⋯.png (360.28 KB, 901x694, 901:694, 1469228000539.png)

File: 38ac72bf90775f5⋯.jpg (149.23 KB, 434x768, 217:384, 1514063570232.jpg)

File: 862e75f2b3a019c⋯.png (451.72 KB, 600x381, 200:127, Jews-Bringing-Kebab.png)

Someone submit/spread these.

8d69f3  No.12110768


Are you referring to the Charlie Hebdo incident that happened about 4 years ago?

000000  No.12110951


>draw picture of muhammad is illegal

>name child muhammad is okay

>reminder all semites descend from two mesopotamian men

What if I draw a picture of a living person named muhammad and title the picture 'A Drawing of Muhammad'?

a3e921  No.12110956

File: a8e97167ab81c1a⋯.png (758.39 KB, 768x1000, 96:125, mahomet.png)


Fake news. Their prophet was white.

38b279  No.12111011

File: 78d391f07b7a656⋯.png (561.69 KB, 1144x719, 1144:719, geertmerchant.png)

File: e7aa8ec6eb66198⋯.jpg (306.67 KB, 1144x719, 1144:719, 1531461301585.jpg)

efae0d  No.12111704


>We ran out of virgins

7c419f  No.12111718

File: a399a2cc112ea8e⋯.png (173.3 KB, 500x360, 25:18, What-Allah-describes-Jesus….png)

I would but I'm a Christian. As we all know, it's controlled by the Muslims. The Muslims invented Jesus. So yeah, Muhammed is pretty based in my book.

fc04fe  No.12111728

Bamp, no fear of sand niggers.

a0abf9  No.12111750

File: 9cfdf11947e8fb5⋯.jpg (2.38 MB, 1336x6290, 668:3145, Anon_is_angry_about_islam_….JPG)

File: f4736900f643243⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1696x6224, 106:389, Anon_is_angry_about_islam_….JPG)

3bfa9c  No.12111924

File: 30973128e760bc9⋯.png (478.17 KB, 1776x2944, 111:184, islam_a_shit3.png)

File: 8003407e84fef7c⋯.png (587.59 KB, 1668x1200, 139:100, It's_always_sunny_with_Muh….png)

7abe1a  No.12111937


Jesus is mentioned in historical texts hundreds of years before Islam was even invented. I get it, you're trying to use D&C tactics to get christians and non christians to turn on each other, but your team could at least try to come up with something logical.

d92e79  No.12113384

File: b380030911559da⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 24324.jpg)



9e2c53  No.12113448


Scams invented by the jew to appropriate what the Muslims invented to control the sheep.

2e430a  No.12113522

muhammed (piss be upon him) is a disgusting shitskin

b546a9  No.12115584

File: dcebfb09a5e08f9⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 283x178, 283:178, 650d55536c46d4d6246975c0a4….jpg)


send them iron pill cartoons from fringe where he tells the semites to fuck off and picks mother evropa to the detriment of the kikes religions

528f27  No.12115752


show me

950027  No.12131871


You plan on adding your signature to the drawings?


>oi, do you have a loicense for that pen?

e42209  No.12131874

File: ebc0a9f8ffeab8d⋯.jpg (69.25 KB, 520x497, 520:497, ebc0a9f8ffeab8dfec766de670….jpg)

633431  No.12131984

File: 428b31ce042c911⋯.jpg (81.96 KB, 519x428, 519:428, 1420843373413.jpg)

File: c9830b5b7c39c09⋯.png (178.42 KB, 800x585, 160:117, Oy_Vey_Too_Old.png)

Draw more stuff featuring him and his nine-year-old wife.

af8810  No.12132705

File: 5d03b29efec7837⋯.jpg (35.53 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 61z BBE0lPL._SY355_.jpg)


<wait a minute, that drum looks familiar!

f45b43  No.12132763


please leave that in /mu/ that place is hipster cancer

c62840  No.12133026


i never said that i liked dead meme hotel in any way

its just the first thing that popped up in my brain after seeing the drum because of all the cuckchan maymays

8fa863  No.12133033

Shit thread.

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