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File: 528f562ad8acc99⋯.png (100.48 KB, 417x373, 417:373, 528f562ad8acc990b796c644d0….png)

bb7329  No.12108344

Brett Kavanaugh Paid Protesters


No archive because archive.is isn't working.

>Three Texas Doctors: We Saw Protesters Paid In Cash To Disrupt Brett Kavanaugh Hearing On Line To Enter

>Author and commentator Adam W. Schindler interviews three Texas doctors who traveled to Washington D.C. to attend the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

>While waiting on line, they say they witnessed protesters being paid in cash to cause trouble in the hearing and in the public line to get in, Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

>One thing was there were people who had come along… who had a bag of money, and people would hand them a piece of paper, and then they would give them money.

>So we know money was exchanged for some of the people to be here, just to protest.

P.S. Sorry for low energy OP, recovering from surgery and I'm on strong pain meds.

7c3ea9  No.12108375



>no archive

You seem real legit here OP

<Sorry for low energy OP, recovering from surgery and I'm on strong pain meds.

Yeah, nice sob story shill. Kavanaugh is not as conservative as is needed to keep the SCOTUS on our side. Trump fucked up once again and you are defending him by trying to deflect to some histrionic losers screeching all day.


bb7329  No.12108396

File: bc21a6e8f296bd1⋯.jpg (174.27 KB, 1200x877, 1200:877, IMG_20180905_231318.jpg)


First post, every time. More legit than you, kike.

7c3ea9  No.12108399


anyone can use photoshop retard, better post some extraordinary evidence for your extraordinary claim

c43703  No.12108401

the whole town is paid for

3a4d40  No.12108402

File: b0f3e3863e99d6c⋯.jpg (120.63 KB, 498x675, 166:225, b0f3e3863e99d6cb2b69dfb4c7….jpg)

>From article: Author and commentator Adam W. Schindler

Interview was of 2 white doctors, 1 hispanic doctor, and 1 white presstitute. All saying pretty much the same thing. That protesters were being paid to disrupt the hearing, and encouraged to get arrested.

7c3ea9  No.12108410



schizophrenia at work

bb7329  No.12108412


You're really bad at damage control JIDF.

f91dfa  No.12108449


It was typical agitprop. This is intended to invoke mob rule and fire up the hardcore democrats for the midterms.

bb7329  No.12108463


We've seen this before, even reminds me of those Craigslist adds offering to pay for medical and legal fees during the primaries for protesters.

d71912  No.12108470

File: c49461a2950eec6⋯.png (17.28 KB, 251x255, 251:255, 036fda34b5e2bd1200d2a8699c….png)

if it wasn't for dirty tricks the dems wouldn't even be in office

872ce3  No.12108504


This. I mean when you really think about it - they don't even have any ideas, I mean they've proven that by showing how unwilling they are to debate even the bare fundamentals of their worldview. They'll just try and make it so no one can hear their opposition - it's why they're ultimately doomed to fail unless the Powers that Be can come together and cuck our shit up to full on 1984 and let me tell you brother, they're pretty close.

fb52da  No.12108509


Who is this dirty Paki that distributes the cash?

bb7329  No.12108519


No idea, i couldn't find anything on him. Any ideas where to start looking? He could be a direct employee of some shareblue like company or just some poo who saw an online add for cash-in-hand work…

702a13  No.12109417


I am worried about his stance on gun rights. We need someone who understands the constitution if we are going to hold this nation together for a few more years.

7614bc  No.12124321

File: 0d8949ce7d666ab⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 529x398, 529:398, BKPP.jpg)

They think this helps?

ffe3bb  No.12124335


Spoiler that shit, god damn it!

b424ff  No.12124396

File: 0d732c536dc9e53⋯.png (302.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, b98619b841c401bba99cd94252….png)


here's the poo

43bbd3  No.12124401


Is soros ever not behind some shit?

b512fb  No.12124477

So was he confirmed or what? What wound up happening?

84108e  No.12124484


He was banned from being a judge because he called mexican women 'breeders'

f38cf5  No.12124504

f38cf5  No.12124509



No, really what the fuck?

efe787  No.12124514





Why do jews constantly accuse people of schizophrenia.

05eee0  No.12124517


checked he will be confirmed

d5680f  No.12124537


>why do jews claim their opponents are doing what they are doing

Fuck off, idiot.

b424ff  No.12124538



Zhe's just free bleeding, bigot.

61aa69  No.12124545

File: a7f8db9b01912fc⋯.png (540.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, centerforpoointheloo.png)



missing original

7614bc  No.12124554


Wonder if it got a bonus for that.

dc3a1f  No.12124561


you mean they actually paid those fat ass bald catladies?

dc3a1f  No.12124570

File: 75a436dac12be4b⋯.jpg (6.64 KB, 198x255, 66:85, black nigger.jpg)


you mean other than the pictures of the bitch getting paid ans then getting ejected? there are several videos of this event too faggot

dd2079  No.12124575


Get well soon, dude!

05eee0  No.12124581

>>12108344 (checked)

get well anon

64ca45  No.12124602



literallly working for the Jews to undermine and destroy white nations

1141b1  No.12124628

this, I assume, is what is being slid right now

92fffc  No.12124767

File: 6c1b2caea3b90bb⋯.gif (3.79 MB, 356x356, 1:1, A Step in the Right Direct….gif)

92fffc  No.12124770

I just don't get it. With all the money they are paying people to make others miserable, why don't they just pay the people they are making miserable to fuck off directly? They might even save some money.

c3b45c  No.12124839


Masons more than jews actually. It's a red flag that you're being fooled, though.


c3b45c  No.12124846


Who knows, maybe /ourguys/ are going to skid row to hire "Democrat protesters" to make them look bad. Hell, I would.

c3b45c  No.12124852


Soros is headed to GITMO if the Dems lose midterms, so yeah, he actually is.

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