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ced95f  No.12108462

Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings 2: Electric bogaloo


42d1fb  No.12108471

File: ba2f2a2d6714bb6⋯.gif (104.06 KB, 120x192, 5:8, Raymond Shields clapping.gif)

please let there be even more lefty autism this time

cccd4b  No.12108472

Oh boy. I just hope Grandpa Grassely will enforce the time limit today.

ced95f  No.12108474


There was right as I tuned in. The same harpy as yesterday. Taped herself on the chair.

cccd4b  No.12108484

<But she won the popular vote.

ced95f  No.12108492

The last lines are full of these women. They probably do it on a fixed time.

>death means death

f483e6  No.12108523

Yesterday was absolutely cancerous. 7 straight hours of thought monologues, harpies screeching and kvetching.

cccd4b  No.12108525

>Kikess famous for Assualt weapon ban.


ced95f  No.12108526

File: 9d23d1d96995976⋯.jpg (25.86 KB, 563x393, 563:393, a8a.jpg)


What a coincidence. Feinstein is on.

f483e6  No.12108532


And her typical narrative with "think of the children" on gun grab. is at it again.

cccd4b  No.12108535

>Oy vey I'm losing this argument.

>Let me stop you and focus on these two words.

254417  No.12108537


Her and the white helmets working off the same script. The only difference is that Feinstein isn't freezing kidnapped kids so that they look fresh when they thaw them out for the cameras.

f483e6  No.12108539

File: 618aca530d5a941⋯.jpg (40.17 KB, 600x488, 75:61, 8562589828.jpg)

>let me interrupt you

Never let some kike, who doesn't know how to use weapons, near your guns.

000000  No.12108541

Feinstein isn't in prison yet for selling US secrets to the chinks like a typical jew?

cccd4b  No.12108542

>If a lot of have them are out that's not common.

Just fucking die jew.

cccd4b  No.12108549


e9b426  No.12108555

File: f92ffc7300094ca⋯.jpg (737.21 KB, 2817x3021, 939:1007, 1534891608381.jpg)

Redpill me on Kavanaugh, I've been to busy working to keep up with this shit

a46776  No.12108557

You guys think there will be more paid protestors this time?

cccd4b  No.12108581

>Will let us murder babies?

>Yes or No. Goyim.

ced95f  No.12108587


f483e6  No.12108591

>just look at that big chart about your one sentence

0c1054  No.12108595


he's a big guy

254417  No.12108601


f483e6  No.12108604

File: 86491a640c5bfd4⋯.jpg (71.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 28952867.jpg)


One of the simplest answers.

cccd4b  No.12108608


He's young and pro gun.

At best he's Civ Nat faggot.

At worst he'll be the same as the nigger on the court.

cccd4b  No.12108621

>Spent the last 5 minutes explaining he can't/won't "rule" on hypothetical cases.

Let me ask you a question about a hypothetical case

ced95f  No.12108639

>appeal to emotion

>character assassination

There's nothing else that these clowns are capable of.

254417  No.12108645

File: c74a89cfd747a99⋯.jpg (29.65 KB, 220x210, 22:21, kavbos.JPG)

That fat ugly bitch behind Brett is making this unwatchable, just listening.

ced95f  No.12108660


Too much of the mexiyid from yesterday.

48e211  No.12108663


They could ask him if he thinks the holocaust happened.

08e234  No.12108687

File: 30e541537d3d315⋯.jpg (334.66 KB, 1052x1870, 526:935, 7567673.jpg)

This man is building an empire of salt.

cccd4b  No.12108716

Did you get that thing I sent you?

19798f  No.12108720


>democrats hate him

>marxists hate him

>liberal hate him

>noguns faggots hate him

>democrats are literally paying protestors to hijack hearings to try and avoid a vote for him

Also, checked.

ced95f  No.12108722

>trying to get him on an obscure email from 2002

Now this is desperate.

84d956  No.12108723

Who's this shriveled up kike?

0c1054  No.12108724


>democrats are literally paying protestors to hijack hearings to try and avoid a vote for him

These retards actually believe that if they're annoying and scream enough, the bad man will go away. They like to claim that Trump has the mind of a child, but I think it might just be projection, again.

d2fa66  No.12108725


>not Reichsalz

Missed opportunity. Sounds delicious though.


Kikes are known to play both sides. I'll stay cautiously optimistic.

aa0633  No.12108729


Projection is the basis for all Jewish accusations.

84d956  No.12108730


What the fuck are they even trying to do aside from strain his memory right now?

19798f  No.12108733


They're trying to delay the confirmation vote until after the midterms. Dems are hoping they'll get a majority, and be able to block Kavanaugh indefinitely.

ced95f  No.12108734


Probably confuse him and get him to say that he doesn't remember so they can use it afterwards. Not to mention muh emails.

It's a weasly old kike.

84d956  No.12108736


They'll have to maximize their kike powers to do so wouldn't they?

0c1054  No.12108738


That's actually really pathetic, even for them.

cccd4b  No.12108742


Try and trap him into a lie or something. So they can screech about how he LIED UNDER OATH AND IS 10,000% unqualified.

Even Grassely has had enough of this old kike.

84d956  No.12108743

>"Hold on, that information isn't even confidential you kike"


aa0633  No.12108745


The establishment kike Democrats are being primaried one after another by literal-communist shitskin bitches, they have to prove they're #resisting Gobnald Glurmpf to their retarded voter base if they want to keep their jobs.

cccd4b  No.12108747

>Back in my day I could ask questions whenever I wanted, not just during my designated question asking time.

19798f  No.12108749


They would, and there's a good chance that Turtle man will grow a spine and tell them to fuck off. Remember that Kav, a proper conservative, is going to replace Kennedy, who plays both sides. If Kav gets in, we'll have a solid 5-4 conservative court for a long time to come. If Ginsburg croaks during Trumps term, we could have a 6-3 majority.

Losing SCOTUS in such a way would be the worst thing possible for the marxists. Remember that we have Presidential elections every four years, but SCOTUS seats are for life.

84d956  No.12108750

RIP Brett he lied under oath

84d956  No.12108768

How many times can he catch the jew in a lie only for him to not give a shit 5 seconds later and continue to the next bullshit lie?

f79d12  No.12108769


Elaborate, please?

I don't know much about Burger culture, but isn't that one of the big "No"'s over there? Like waving a white flag to draw enemies closer before shooting them?

ced95f  No.12108779

File: af3c0f3e9977437⋯.jpg (12.83 KB, 278x211, 278:211, 1467053207682.jpg)

>tries to associate him with Bush and warantless wiretaps

>but you were on all of those

>oh yess, move on

aa0633  No.12108784


It is, but remember, we're dealing with Jews here. They're trying to find anything that could even possibly be construed as a "lie." The way the law is written, perjury only applies if you knowingly lie about something. They're not reaching quite that far, just far enough to say "oy vey look goyim he lied! We can't have another White man, er, a liar on da Court!" so they don't look like total dipshits when they all vote in unison to block his confirmation. They did exactly that to one of Reagan's nominees in 1986, the very-conservative Robert Bork, so Reagan had to try again with his backup: Anthony Kennedy.

d2fa66  No.12108785



She'll probably die soon. Leftist media is already propping her up as some kind of venerated political celebrity.

ced95f  No.12108789


They are fishing for soundbites for their propaganda media.

cccd4b  No.12108790


I hope she dies day after midterms.

19798f  No.12108792

>The more I debated with them the more familiar I became with their argumentative tactics.

>At the outset they counted upon the stupidity of their opponents, but when they got so entangled that they could not find a way out they played the trick of acting as innocent simpletons. Should they fail, in spite of their tricks of logic, they acted as if they could not understand the counter arguments and bolted away to another field of discussion.

>They would lay down truisms and platitudes; and, if you accepted these, then they were applied to other problems and matters of an essentially different nature from the original theme. If you faced them with this point they would escape again, and you could not bring them to make any precise statement.

>Whenever one tried to get a firm grip on any of these apostles one’s hand grasped only jelly and slime which slipped through the fingers and combined again into a solid mass a moment afterwards.

>If your adversary felt forced to give in to your argument, on account of the observers present, and if you then thought that at last you had gained ground, a surprise was in store for you on the following day.

>The Jew would be utterly oblivious to what had happened the day before, and he would start once again by repeating his former absurdities, as if nothing had happened. Should you become indignant and remind him of yesterday’s defeat, he pretended astonishment and could not remember anything, except that on the previous day he had proved that his statements were correct.

>Sometimes I was dumbfounded. I do not know what amazed me the more - the abundance of their verbiage or the artful way in which they dressed up their falsehoods. I gradually came to hate them.

This hearing in a nutshell.

84d956  No.12108793

The hope is this entire event turns Kavanaugh into a actual nazi after being forced to deal with jews nonstop for two days straight

cccd4b  No.12108796

>I interact with homeless people when I work in a soup kitchen.

Tell me about how you interact with homeless people.

a167b3  No.12108798



that's ethnic bitch face

98bbee  No.12108799

File: 19e950cb7a55054⋯.jpg (137.39 KB, 600x488, 75:61, fienstien jew gun control ….jpg)

ced95f  No.12108800


Why do they wear the dirty clothes?

f483e6  No.12108803


They have become very desperate on keeping this withered kike on life support. She also made it clear, by showing that she will keep this position until death.

8b4d35  No.12108806


> She also made it clear, by showing that she will keep this position until death.

She she want her husband to get her seat as well?

84d956  No.12108809


Does anyone have the image with this tacked onto it?

aa0633  No.12108814

>muh racism

God damn it

ced95f  No.12108823


They are just denying attack vectors to democrats.

bc707c  No.12108828

What was that angry hippo belching?

aa0633  No.12108829


I figured as much, it's just irritating that it's even something that has to be considered because these people are so slimy.

8e414e  No.12108830


Couldn't hear. Her fat muffled the audio.

556c22  No.12108831



rolling for this

d2fa66  No.12108848


>off by two

Get your shit together.

000000  No.12108863

Holy shit, they're talking about military trials

000000  No.12108864

do you understand what he's inferring???

84d956  No.12108868


556c22  No.12108873


i know anon i am ashamed

31810e  No.12108875

>Roe v Wade is a precedent goy!!!

No you fat cunt. An original case that affirms/dis-affirms lawisn't a precedent, it's a law. Just like it was affirmed, it can be dis-affirmed.

31810e  No.12108883


He's extremely civnat.

He's extremely pro abortion.

He's extremely proisrael.

He's semi-pro-gun. He's stated I can't source this, I didn't save it in the past gun control is good.

I dunno, I don't like him but I'm like you. I'm naive as fuck.

48e211  No.12108895


You have no idea what you're saying.

31810e  No.12108900


You're using an image with a filename that is tracked and it's usage compiled and logged by the fat bitch in that picture.

Now the claim "I dindu nuffin!" make you appear as even more of a kike.

ced95f  No.12108905


I think that the his whole point through these hearing was that he is impartial to pet issues. Yours or anyone's.

Aka as written.

48e211  No.12108908


>you're using

Become literate.

>a filename that is tracked

News flash, faggot; they all are. You have no idea what you're saying. You don't know what you're looking at. Shut up about things you don't understand. Reported for derailing.

403c55  No.12108916


Off topic, but I like how the dems are now trying to appear more moderate, by bringing out Joe "I'd like to poz Trump behind the Y" Biden ahead of the midterms. I saw it on the news yesterday and thought it'd be a prime opportunity for memery.

31810e  No.12108923


Fuck off you retard.


>>you're using

>>>you are using

What's incorrect about that?


>News flash, faggot; they all are.

That specific filname pattern is due to Joan. If I have no idea what I'm talking about then why are you the retard with questions?

c72b7b  No.12108938


So he's part of the supreme court now?

556c22  No.12108944


he will be unless he shouts "niggers" when they reconvene

fbae38  No.12108945


your an retard

48e211  No.12108950


>What's incorrect about that?


>That specific filname pattern is due to Joan.

You're literally fucking retarded. Watch, I'll prove you wrong.

>If I have no idea what I'm talking about then why are you the retard with questions?

I don't know what brain disease makes you think that the aforementioned quote is "logic", but go get treatment for it immediately.

c72b7b  No.12108952

48e211  No.12108954

File: c4cb68694b01902⋯.jpeg (96.36 KB, 1242x1184, 621:592, 025AA462-AB0B-41C4-B5D0-E….jpeg)

File: eb2ba4cba333221⋯.jpeg (172.34 KB, 1476x1764, 41:49, 79D37A27-4C3E-4BB9-AF98-E….jpeg)


Take a look at this filename. It’s the standard file name that shows up when you’re posting from a mobile device. EVERYONE WITH AN IOS DEVICE POSTS IMAGES WITH THESE FILENAMES. YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING. Reported for thread derail.

c3c6c1  No.12108964


Can't the Republicans just force a vote?

fbae38  No.12108967


They have to go through the questioning procedure first.

d2fa66  No.12108968

Why are you clowns letting one screeching sperg ruin a decent salt mining thread? Filter 48e211 and let's back to the banter.

ced95f  No.12108969


Muh documents again. Democrats in the grass.

556c22  No.12108971


the landwhale apparently uses ios or apple devices

31810e  No.12108972


Nope. I never claimed you were. You did however say; post = >>12108908 | ID = 48e211 (you)

>Become literate.

In reply to me saying; post = >>12108900 | ID = 31810e (me)

>You're using

Claiming that the statement was incorrect in some way. Tell me how it is faggot. Then please share with me why you're here and you didn't lurk long enough to know we have IDs.

cccd4b  No.12108975

>Why didn't you release all those documents from when you worked for the white house?

I don't decide that. You do.

<Then ask us to stop. Please stop, we don't want drumpf to win.

c72b7b  No.12108976




How fucking whiny can they get? The irony. When Republicans did anything remotely like this they called Republicans an "insurgency" and now that's exactly what they're doing. Delay Delay Delay.

Do you think Kavanaugh will win?

31810e  No.12108979


>You're literally fucking retarded. Watch, I'll prove you wrong.

>>If I have no idea what I'm talking about then why are you the retard with questions?

You've proved nothing at all. You've made boisterous claims of nonsense while you get triggered over nothing. All while not understanding IDs.

polite doublepost sage

fbae38  No.12108986


As long as no republicans cuck out, he'll win. That's why they're dragging this as long as they can, so they can snag a majority in the senate with (((muh blue wave))) midterms and deny him. Then it'll be stall stall stall until 2020, because "we couldn't nominate someone in the year before an election! Muh Garland!"

ced95f  No.12108990


Stop replying to the shill. He's leading you on purpose to shit up the thread. This argument is irrelevant to the thread.

0721d5  No.12108992


I mean with McCain a corpse and Pence the tiebreaker I really don't see any way he *wouldn't* win.

d2fa66  No.12108993

>it's been (((reported in the paper)))

Oh, that makes it 100% true I guess.

aa0633  No.12108996

I fucking hate Dick Durbin, he's the personification of Chicago corruption.

31810e  No.12108997



sorry anons I took the bait

As for the hearing;

what the fuck is Mr. Durbin kvetching about?

c72b7b  No.12108998


I personally think he'll win, but I'm not arrogant nor blind to the stupidity of the American Democrat or electorate. These snakes are seriously trying everything in their power to keep this from happening. Are the never-trump RINO's finally a dead movement now that their leader is LITERALLY dead?

84d956  No.12109001

>Dragging shit from 2006

>12 years ago

Always a joy dealing with jews, expecting you to keep to your word 100% for decades while they can't keep to their word for more than 30 seconds

84d956  No.12109006

>Takes off his glasses to assert a non point

How many people take this seriously?

ced95f  No.12109007

Protesters are obviously in cahoots with democrat senators. They always disturb right after the democrat states the question to confuse him.


aa0633  No.12109014

<OY VEY YOU LIED IN 2006!!1!1!

>No I didn't



>I wasn't even part of that


Jesus Christ

19798f  No.12109015

File: 65966933bf8fcdb⋯.png (819.33 KB, 1050x767, 1050:767, protestor cash.png)

fbae38  No.12109016


Torture BS from 2006. He doesn't care about the question or the content, he's just trying to get a good "GOTCHA" soundbite for the media to run with ala >>12109001

556c22  No.12109018


sounds about right

809b39  No.12109020


Has there been any hebraic screeching from the peanut gallery today?

aa0633  No.12109024


Multiple ugly childless Marxist women, one of whom was extremely fat

2d1563  No.12109026


I heard one that interrupted Kavanaugh's response to the fact he had nothing to do with waterboarding, something along the lines of 'humans have a right to decide our human rights'

84d956  No.12109029

It's funny as fuck that this kike can't even grasp the concept of impartiality that Brett is trying his best to knock into his thick shabos skull.

84d956  No.12109034

>Oy vey you're wasting my time

Give me a fucking break

d2fa66  No.12109036


Kikes and their kol nidre bullshit have no place holding anyone accountable for anything.

2d1563  No.12109041

Oy vey, the poor immigrants do jobs rich americans won't do.

On the other hand, Twitter is testifying on CSPAN on trolls and us.

ced95f  No.12109043

File: 6692858b8520732⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 257x269, 257:269, asmus-aragorn00.jpg)

>dirtiest job in a slaughterhouse

>not the Congress

809b39  No.12109045


>s-stop waterboarding our assets-I mean terrorists goy

I remember reading the Gina Haspel cables a while ago, aside from the aspiring indie writer style it dove into I had a good laugh at the muds getting the literal shit kicked out of them and waterboarded

84d956  No.12109046

File: 86717cd90e19952⋯.png (559.58 KB, 850x464, 425:232, 86717cd90e1995288147876449….png)

>Oy vey you work construction?

>You know who else works construction? Immigrants!

>Immigrants get treated terribly for some unknown reason!

>Totally can't be because they're here illegally thus having no right to be here

556c22  No.12109047


the only thing they are talking about is russia and trolls and how they're going to fight them aka banning everyone who isn't a marxist

2d1563  No.12109054


But that schnoz on sanderberg….

84d956  No.12109057

>Kike goes on and on demeaning and over the past few days everyone goes over their time

>Constantly interrupts him and complains about him wasting his time when his answer clocks in at 3-4 minutes long

Fucking purge them

cccd4b  No.12109059

>Why did you say illegals don't have this right.

Because they fucking don't. Illegals shouldn't have any fucking rights.

31810e  No.12109063


>Illegals shouldn't have any fucking rights.

They don't.

(((SCOTUS))) rulings are irrelevant as the fucking law - in the constitution - still stands.

556c22  No.12109067

1e6756  No.12109070

File: 50dc49da5717977⋯.jpg (59.95 KB, 395x312, 395:312, mfw.jpg)


>democrats holding weapons


ced95f  No.12109072

File: 679d8295f342070⋯.jpg (41.22 KB, 500x375, 4:3, shev.jpg)


It's gaslighting then.

cb6dcb  No.12109078



>lack of

That finger curl on the trigger tho'.

I'd love to see who she's flagging with the barrel.

aa0633  No.12109079

I can't understand anything these hysterical retards are screeching.

84d956  No.12109081

>More unintelligible gibberish from protestors

Guess they couldn't hire anything more than soy boys for this, huh?

84d956  No.12109084


Don't worry, CNN will tell us exactly what they said tomorrow in great detail for the entirety of the week.

a364b2  No.12109085


I just tested it out and I can back up your assertion. Apple devices do not use these as iOS filenames.

31810e  No.12109093

ROFL those fucking protesters do not believe a fucking line out of their mouths. It was so fucking forced.

I wonder (((who))) is paying them?

fbae38  No.12109102

These protestors must've gotten an ACTIVATE IT or something.

aa0633  No.12109111

File: 50113ac3f225b53⋯.png (8.57 KB, 274x290, 137:145, merchant_shadow.png)


I have no idea what you're talking about, this is entirely organic grassroots activism from The People™

cb6dcb  No.12109115

File: ea80e07691fed58⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1200x877, 1200:877, ClipboardImage.png)


>I wonder (((who))) is paying them?

cccd4b  No.12109116


Well it's not the Democrats. That was what one of the First ones shouted out when they were hauled off.

48e211  No.12109121


You're illiterate. You have no idea what you're saying. You EXPLICITLY claimed I was a different ID. You were proven wrong about all of your claims. YOU CONTINUE TO DERAIL THE THREAD.


>You've proved nothing at all.

Reported for shilling for the fat whore.

f483e6  No.12109124

>How could you have done that?

31810e  No.12109125


Trips confirmed. Grass is toxic to this republic.

d2fa66  No.12109126

>non-citizens have Constitutional rights


48e211  No.12109130


That has been the (((consensus))) for decades, anon. Everyone knows that.

a364b2  No.12109144


Is it me or does that guy look, as they would say in Germany, like a 'southerner'.

31810e  No.12109162

Hey Kavanaugh, what about inalienable rights not given by the state but by our creator? Because no, some shit cannot be modified, repealed etc.

>13, 14, 15 most important


31810e  No.12109169



cccd4b  No.12109175


<Oy Vey he didn't say 19th what a soggy knee

31810e  No.12109176

>Dredd Scott decision


Is he /their_goy/?

0eefcf  No.12109189

He's everything the liberals have ever wanted.

fbae38  No.12109195

f26391  No.12109200

>Oyy vey goy hurry give me my soundbite!

aa0633  No.12109211


This guy's such a piece of shit

fbae38  No.12109213

It's another "let me ask you about a hypothetical case" episode

d40c5a  No.12109235

Imagine having to attend a meeting alone with this fucking snake in his hovel.

cccd4b  No.12109248

>Bush said It was bad.

>And you wrote a speech for someone else who said it was bad.

Why are you doing it if you think it's bad?

Shut up you Lisping faggot

31810e  No.12109249



>imblying leftyshits aren't specifically pro-corporate

Do I need to list them?

ced95f  No.12109253

File: 16662a5c490af98⋯.jpg (12.45 KB, 258x245, 258:245, 1467498423351.jpg)

>you are the Deep State!!! [kvetches in lisp]

f483e6  No.12109254

File: f3292425b526723⋯.png (434.72 KB, 838x471, 838:471, Untitled.png)

>right-wing pro corporate funders

And what about your hippies, faggots, spiks and commies funding?

000000  No.12109258

"Dark Money Funding."

He sure knows all the proper terms.

ced95f  No.12109260


>And what about your hippies, faggots, spiks and commies funding?

That's the red color for.

cccd4b  No.12109261


>Anonymous (14)

Come clean guys are you funding the Federalist Society?

84d956  No.12109267


>Bitching about funders when you're literally giving protestors money in the parking lot out front

ced95f  No.12109271


It's him(14)! >>12109249

19d0dc  No.12109275



31810e  No.12109278


Fuck I've been found out.

31810e  No.12109289

This current line of questioning is making me more and more dubious of Kavanaugh.

Every single question could be answered the exact same way;

>So you think this is a problem right leaning ideological organizations have is the corporate interest?

>What about the trillions of corporate dollars behind the left?

31810e  No.12109292


f483e6  No.12109301

File: 9a75d2832fb1b2e⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1481x554, 1481:554, Untitled.png)

The saggy cunt with the grey shirt will be the next one who will shriek.

fbae38  No.12109323

That male feminist, top kek.

f483e6  No.12109324

File: 19d207d83f3a8b5⋯.png (500.67 KB, 814x464, 407:232, Untitled.png)

File: 1d3c06ae2b95d4b⋯.jpg (6.6 KB, 220x220, 1:1, Collins.jpg)

>muh data point

>Paul M Collins Jr.

31810e  No.12109369

>muh well dressed civilized nigger

I was waiting.

a8f9fa  No.12109402


The woman with the white shirt that has a "WE" printed on the front and the old ,fat, ugly,slumped over one in the white shirt with the words "I am…what…"

Why do allow these subhumans inside in the first place? They are obviously there to start shit just read the leftist shit printed on their shirts!

254417  No.12109415


They should let them in, but put them in a soundproof glass box. As soon as they start getting rude, the gas is turned on and a few minutes later the floor opens up momentarily and then closes, allowing the next batch to come in.

254417  No.12109420


Yes! That's like resting bitch face on steroids.

778795  No.12109452

Any actual salt being mined?

896717  No.12109456


no, but these pbs cunts are insufferable

aa0633  No.12109465


The Public Bolshevik Station, they're not as bad as NPR but it's pretty damn close.

a8f9fa  No.12109470


Bunch of dried up old PTA cat ladies these women should be knitting or something not giving political opinion.

The younger "blonde" talked with an inflection like it was perpetually asking a question….and we are supposed to take these people seriously.

31810e  No.12109478

>The majority of Americans who support Roe

The absolute VAST majority of Americans disagree with Roe.

b944fe  No.12109492

Why did Judge Kavanaugh side with Osama's bodyguard?

a8f9fa  No.12109498

<"If she "….

Bitch thinks hillary won the election.

31810e  No.12109505



She did though!

31810e  No.12109523

>abortion saved my child's life

>my child would not be here

>he is 12 years old


a8f9fa  No.12109529


Screeching whore, cast it into the street & pay it no mind.

31810e  No.12109538



Also if this is a case of it being twins and one had to be aborted for any to live then that isn't prevented if Roe is gotten rid of.

896717  No.12109552

this cunt needs rope

31810e  No.12109555


3e4c09  No.12109569

This smirking Klobaruchstein whore needs to be tied to a post and horsewhipped.

fbae38  No.12109577

Cruz Missile time

3e4c09  No.12109583

kek, glanced up and thought Rato was taking pull on a Budweiser.

a44571  No.12109596



Im sending this photo to everyone i know.

84d956  No.12109606

>Cruz saying the protestors have a valid argument

896717  No.12109640


I'm gonna need a timestamp for that please

74fbf7  No.12109649


Lest we forget.

74fbf7  No.12109652

File: c98bb4d4f90b868⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1885x879, 1885:879, Paid_Opposition_3.png)

File: 57248f3533834ff⋯.png (94.95 KB, 1889x875, 1889:875, Paid_Opposition_2.png)

File: 6586388aa0f35cf⋯.jpg (151.28 KB, 898x647, 898:647, Paid_Opposition.jpg)


Shit, clicked New Reply. Here's the pic.

31810e  No.12109658

Why did the qt pie have to do that to herself =[

a8f9fa  No.12109660

2 in a row

31810e  No.12109661

>look at his ruling against

<… blughblughblugh

fbae38  No.12109666


a8f9fa  No.12109668


3, 4 right after each other

It looks so staged I don' know what they think they win by doing this.

74fbf7  No.12109671

File: 7d738acbb9ea7f9⋯.jpg (75.67 KB, 646x646, 1:1, Trigger_Nigger2.jpg)


I don't see the problem, yo.

556c22  No.12109672

>>12109666 (checked)

satan trips has activated them

896717  No.12109673

File: cf5cf62acf81f44⋯.png (206.81 KB, 357x353, 357:353, ClipboardImage.png)


31810e  No.12109677


good fucking kvetch

896717  No.12109678

File: c57a2c17789eb4d⋯.png (886.58 KB, 909x512, 909:512, ClipboardImage.png)


74fbf7  No.12109687

File: b33c5c7e8abeb90⋯.jpeg (118.94 KB, 800x567, 800:567, Manson_Gals.jpeg)


They don't think they'll win anything. The ground-level agitators are all paid cannon fodder, but their handlers are cultists. What did the Manson Family "gain" when the girls in court stood up on cue and stuck out their butts at the judge? Nothing, but it was a cultish thing to do.

31810e  No.12109691

>represents a jilthy rich kike synagogue of Satan for free

More and more dubious of this good goy.

473672  No.12109701


Anyone got a clip of that? I was busy at work when it happened. Only caught the front end of that like kvetching like a cunt

a8f9fa  No.12109705


I didn't know their women wore the jew hat.



>Kavanaugh " they were grateful"

>jews being grateful ever

fbae38  No.12109707

>a synagogue is the "little guy"


a8f9fa  No.12109723


>>jews being grateful ever

Not 5 mins later faggot reads off a list of jews claiming he should step down. ==HAHAHA==

896717  No.12109748


>I didn't know their women wore the jew hat.

anon… I don't think thats a woman.

84d956  No.12109754


Fuck they're full of themselves.

84d956  No.12109758

Is there a single person in that audience who isn't a plant waiting for their moment?

fbae38  No.12109760


No, congressmen included.

a8f9fa  No.12109766


It had saggy "tits" and a round face I guess it could be a soy fat fuck.


No they are obviously taking cues to chimp out at certain times to make sue there is a screaming cunt all throughout the questioning and at key points.

a8f9fa  No.12109781

Its been too quiet for too long….

84d956  No.12109785

File: c48f130e40258e1⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 3696x2645, 3696:2645, d3089caa18cb11a59a7b561c20….jpg)

Kikes are going to kick and scream throughout the entire process but nothing they do can stop him from getting in and nothing they do in the future can get him removed

070e82  No.12109792


I noticed that they chimp out a little less when a Dem is doing the questioning. Republicans are interrupted 3 -5 times per question.

CBSN just broke from the hearing to report on an anonomously-written fake-news story claiming there's an opposition clique inside the White House that's thwarting all of Trump's work. Then, straight back to the hearings. If that's not the epitome of lugenpresse I don't know what is.

3e4c09  No.12109799

>So Mr. Kavanaugh, how would you go about impeaching President Drumpf?

a8f9fa  No.12109805


Just in time for the mid-terms. Let me guess no names no proofs.

It seems when they chimp-out their get microphones over to the shouting subhuman as quick as they can so you can hear what they say as if its important.

3951e4  No.12109811


Hes a Trump pick.

Hes kosher-approved.

That should be all you need to know.

84d956  No.12109813

>They're giving us fake news in real time

Never ceases to amaze me

fbae38  No.12109834

Ah, here comes the non-scripted protestor concerns.

31810e  No.12109836

Boy Ben Sasse sure is a good goy.

84d956  No.12109839



At least he's switching it up and playing the concern troll instead of the rabid soros attack dog

a8f9fa  No.12109844

Politician tells you what the paid protesters were shouting in case you didn't hear it.


Ginsberg is ancient and she might die or step down soon. Ideally it would be nice if it happens now.

Imagine that salt pile.

3951e4  No.12109848




That won't change that Kavanaugh is kosher approved and this is all political theater.

dd50bc  No.12109852


Lel, the Dems would rather start a civil war than let (((Ginsburg))) be replaced with a sane Justice.

473672  No.12109853


Bless your digits, Anon. Ding dong the kikess will die

3e4c09  No.12109857

File: f9592097e4d5c36⋯.jpg (437.85 KB, 1134x565, 1134:565, Dornald Blumpf.jpg)

3ff648  No.12109881

File: 2301e3a3a4e055c⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1024x748, 256:187, 1536172367388.png)

Busted, who's the pajeet working for Soros?

556c22  No.12109882

File: 7d96b1f934b9250⋯.jpeg (28.59 KB, 353x276, 353:276, ginsburg-blood1.jpeg)



may that demon witch die soon

45da2f  No.12109893

896717  No.12109896


facial recognition api's should be utilized by us more. Start digging I guess.

a8f9fa  No.12109900


Ever notice how they insist you say that jewesses full first,middle, and last name.

Noticed a few other jewesses as well.


I would but it would be detrimental to living.

45da2f  No.12109906


lol not you, the kikess, checked

a8f9fa  No.12109920

File: e011f775f566eed⋯.jpg (71.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mexican_priestholywater su….jpg)




You'll need this.

dd50bc  No.12109926

>Ginsburg and Feinstein are both 85 years old

Fucking vampires, I swear. How much longer can they possibly last?

a8f9fa  No.12109935


I would call their mental state into question. There are mountains of evidence of incompetent laws/rulings.

1ee177  No.12109937

File: 7155b29b18b3cef⋯.png (1.79 MB, 3899x2848, 3899:2848, soy bucks.png)

Get your protest bucks

a8f9fa  No.12109942

Rise above politics….. fucking cucks communists are hostile to the existence of the US.

51d212  No.12109943

File: c66d33182fc5b9a⋯.jpg (75.54 KB, 410x697, 10:17, zina.JPG)

The isolated footage of Zina from

today’s hearing was even more damning :

a8f9fa  No.12109981


Faggot with a lisp pushes open boarders and abortions. Typical.

3ff648  No.12109995


Unfucking real my grandfather was in perfect health all his life, had a stroke and died at 81. These bitches are literally eating fetuses to stay alive.

a8f9fa  No.12110005

>On demand abortions is a code word for the anti-choice community.

The most jewish thing I've heard all day.

fbae38  No.12110006

muh abortion

000000  No.12110038


>who's the pajeet

hmm, that backpack is probably full of cash. I bet Soros's pets have a backpack full of cash at every fucking venue they attend to pay off the stupids

45da2f  No.12110049

File: 94c3db19206cc70⋯.jpg (93.07 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 1520306003126.jpg)



yeah, the REAL issues in the country right now, oppressed wominz not being able to kill children. save me. I really hope people see how absurd it is that these people run our country

93a9c5  No.12110054

>>12108555 (checked)

McCain endorsed him. Tells you all you need to know.

a8f9fa  No.12110059


It would be a shame if some didnu nuffin were to mug this pajeet.



a8f9fa  No.12110073


And I stand corrected

<"gun violence prevention"

fab372  No.12110080

Blumenthal is more slippery than the grease on his sunburnt kike forehead.

31810e  No.12110093

The first five hours of this;


>sure I do, here's how and where and here are exact quote

Right now;


>Because I was a lower court justice.

What is wrong with these kikes?

84d956  No.12110109


They have the backing of the media so they can be pants on head retarded with no drawbacks.

000000  No.12110119

>Sen. (((Blumenthal))) uses the term "gun violence protection laws"

So I guess "common sense gun control" didn't poll well after a few years after all.

31810e  No.12110123


Because normies are finally seeing that the only gun control that works is to prevent non-whites from having guns and to gives whites all the guns.

000000  No.12110126


We need memes about this, stat.

48e211  No.12110151


Reported. Thanks for admitting that he's everything the liberals have ever wanted. You have paid ZERO attention.

31810e  No.12110152


>We need memes about this, stat.

You're really new and/or really young. Aren't you?

000000  No.12110161


Normies have always known this, (((they))) tried to fight it when, under Slick Willy, the media stopped reporting on black crime in local network affiliate newscasts. Let's also see if we can list the sneaky aphorisms and pivots for gun control:

>gun violence protection (or prevention?) laws

>"common sense" gun control

>American Hunting And Shooting Society (remember when Obama was trying to brand himself as pro-gun rights and they literally created a fake gun lobby made of Democrats to promote the "legitimate" uses of guns, ie hunting and target shooting)

>Extreme propaganda related to normal nigger violence to pass initial gun control laws, then expanding them to encroach on non-criminals for the last half century

>school shootings related to psychologist habit of prescribing brain-bending drugs


Not really, I'd do it myself but I can't right now.

31810e  No.12110196


>Not really, I'd do it myself but I can't right now.

That isn't why I asked.

I asked because;

<"gun violence prevention"

IS the meme. The pictures aren't. A meme is an idea. The idea her is the joke that "gun violence prevention" is.

a8f9fa  No.12110294

pound me too shit…….. this woman needs to be removed from office.

fbae38  No.12110346

There hasn't been any protestors for a while, are they all kicked out?

a8f9fa  No.12110352


what do call this hawaiian cunt.

fbae38  No.12110365


Chink infiltrator of the senate

434675  No.12110373

Of course she's an alaskan native. Go fucking drown yourself in booze and then crash a car into a moose you absolute cunt.

a8f9fa  No.12110375


Hostile abrasive and does not allow the guy to answer questions… this farce is allowed.

7c75fc  No.12110421

Alien minors should get their anchor fetus vacuumed right out of them, whether they want an abortion or not.

31810e  No.12110422

>The supreme court has recognized that persons have constitutional rights…


a8f9fa  No.12110425

fbae38  No.12110432


The case chinky is harping on was Texas government preventing an illegal from blending her baby. Just our friendly cuckservatives trying to ensure the continued browning of America to uphold their (((principles))).

31810e  No.12110433


That single line right there from Kavanaugh himself, put me over the edge. I hope he's denied.

fbae38  No.12110439

>30 minutes go by very fast

Maybe if you weren't blathering for 90% of it he'll have a chance to speak

48e211  No.12110448


>implying the rule of law exists

>implying any laws have been followed in the US since 1913

>implying whites have any rights

>implying citizens have any protections

a8f9fa  No.12110452


Its been a disgusting asiatic subhuman attacking this guy for 30 mins without the guy being able to respond.

292227  No.12110461


this is the issue right here.

this is a case of least-bad nominee right now

74fbf7  No.12110466


Good rundown here:


Short version: You're retarded and won't be much use in our fight. Read.

3e4c09  No.12110470


Now, now anon don't be hasty and waste the Treasury's money. Shoving both the beaner and its spawn into a box-car and shipping them to the nearest port might prove more cost effective. Or keep them here and turn them into fertilizer. I dunno, not sure how to scale that shit up without fucking up the environment.

74fbf7  No.12110474

File: 0ca7d75f6c730fc⋯.png (4.37 KB, 253x206, 253:206, Minimalist_Merchant.png)


>That single line right there from Kavanaugh himself, put me over the edge. I hope he's denied.

Of course you do.

48e211  No.12110479



>good rundown


<does the U.S. Constitution apply to undocumented immigrants?

<“Yes, without question,” said Cristina Rodriguez


48e211  No.12110480



31810e  No.12110486


So you want to do a fucking blind sweep and give illegal aliens constitutional citizen's rights at the first step in the border?

Fuck off you no-borders fgt.

31810e  No.12110531

>He supports muh pussy pass

02e092  No.12110541

Are the dysgenic effects of abortion not counterbalanced if not outweighed by the dindu population control effects? It's always come across as a bit of a red herring used to distract Joe Q. Normalfag.

Don't know the solution in a legalized abortion framework, however. I would think it is better to encourage white girls facing unwanted pregnancy to use adoption. Plenty of infertile white couples are out there. But then the baby might wind up with two dads (let alone two moms).

31810e  No.12110544

>He supports muh hurt nigger feelings

a8f9fa  No.12110546


why do the leftist hate him?

fbae38  No.12110576

There's no real point to harp on this diversity bullshit when this is going to be a rote vote right down party lines. Maybe at best it gives cuckservatives a way to mentally damage control their 'yay' vote.

a8f9fa  No.12110600


>Probono work for jews to build temple.

>illegals have rights

>muh pussy pass

>muh minorities

He sounds like a democrat.

556c22  No.12110611

84d956  No.12110612


How honest are you about your political beliefs at a job interview?

31810e  No.12110613


No fucking clue. He supports women over facts, he supports abortion - one tiny case he didn't rule against abortion he just ruled that the state law could indeed take effect, he support (((minorities))) he's the left's wet dream. Oh he supports le ebin (((common sense gun control))).

He's better than anything Clinton would have picked, but fuck he is not even remotely conservative. He's a pure republican.

31810e  No.12110623


100% because they aren't asked. And if they were I'd cry foul and pull up the ruling that made questions like that illegal because some muzzies were angry or something.

a8f9fa  No.12110703

Hasn't been a chimp-put in awhile, protestors stop getting paid at night?

fbae38  No.12110707


They blew their load too early, probably all of 'em have been kicked out. Now we just get our congressional elected protestors.

a8f9fa  No.12110736

Isn't this nigger's state bankrupt, pretty sure he/it was tied up with corruption as well.

fbae38  No.12110807


How often do your interviewers grill you on being a fucking white male for 30 minutes, though?

a8f9fa  No.12110823

>Lets fill the courts with niggers……


a8f9fa  No.12110917

oy vey shut it down

fbae38  No.12110918

>some protestors still inside the audience

what were they sliding

434675  No.12110935


fbae38  No.12110936

File: f01d17265ce100d⋯.png (305.61 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Screenshot 2018-09-05 18.2….png)


a8f9fa  No.12110942


So what?It is almost over because they brought back the protestors.

fbae38  No.12110948

Oh boy, United the Right kvetching.

a8f9fa  No.12110964

Where do they dig up these perpetually angry shitskins?

fbae38  No.12110983

<how will you vote regarding to abortions

>I'm not going to discuss hypothetical cases

<how about if I ask in a different way : )

0d9dc4  No.12110993


How has nobody called the cops and reported him as a crack dealer with a backpack full of his cash earnings?

At least throw some monkey wrenches guys

a8f9fa  No.12111005


cops keep large amounts of cash… I forget what the legal term is for that.

f3aac3  No.12111009


There's other kinds?

a8f9fa  No.12111015


I guess not but That nigress talking right now would signs a an order to bomb and kill white people in an instant.

a6f62c  No.12111016

File: 0237c7a2c4c2eb9⋯.png (771.73 KB, 744x675, 248:225, wat.PNG)

Do they have the power to say the future hearings are no longer open to the public? The butthurt dem kikes can kvetch all they want but they're weak, they don't yell and scream like the moon crickets and cat ladies they pay

bcced9  No.12111017

Kamalla Harris is really grilling him!

0d9dc4  No.12111021


If I could possibly stand outside and scope out the individuals with backpacks of cash, I would love to get that filth arrested..

afc710  No.12111049


Don't know if he's said it's good but in this hearing he has said that AR15's are protected because they are "commonly used" firearms. So that leads me to believe he believes that not "commonly used" firearms could be subject to restriction.

fbae38  No.12111064

"Non-common" firearms rarely get brought up in gun control legislation; usually it's the super scary assault rifle fifteen.

That said, foreign firearms are sometimes legislated against.

dbb273  No.12111249

File: c954a0574e8441f⋯.jpg (52.47 KB, 430x597, 430:597, retarded left.jpg)


>delay a vote for two months via autistic screeching

Yeah, that sounds on par for the Dems of the current year…

6a058f  No.12111303

File: d8091075169d4f2⋯.png (541.38 KB, 806x940, 403:470, 2qvx.png)

8a92f0  No.12111567

oc pls no stael k thx


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