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File: 23fd7a9647d8d8a⋯.png (894.39 KB, 709x543, 709:543, Blastfuckingoff.PNG)

6113d7  No.12108520

I posted this on half chan thinking discussion would get some where, it didn't. Maybe it will here. I really want to find out what happened from 2012 to the end of 2013. Why did no one give a fuck about the 2012 elections? WTF are SJWs at this time, where did they come from? Why did life seem some what peaceful before then? Obamacare is good? I more so want to talk about the changes in society and how it has affected mainly white people. We never had a "struggle" before this. Have we been sitting silent for too long? I think most white people are eating too many carbs and sugars and getting sedentary and giving up.

Please help my mind meld, and give me hope for the whites getting taken over by Jew tricks. The modern white guy is blinded by the Jew. We should be better than this.

73f8d2  No.12108552

File: 2947e301c30360b⋯.png (314.7 KB, 970x755, 194:151, ross_lit.png)


>I posted this on half chan

Welp, this thread is off to a great start.

6113d7  No.12108559


I'm here and there for discussion. Figure out why society is the way it is, from real personal people that are being real with their thoughts. Staying close minded isn't going to help anything. Thanks for the input though.

6113d7  No.12108565


I have a real concern and question that requires multiple people to answer. Why are you so threatened?

3ec4b6  No.12108580

I always said that something DID happened upon 21 December 2012. Something subtle in the background. Protests all over the world… however you have to dig further back because i think all that shit was setup ever since the (((sexual revolution))).

7035cf  No.12108603


You won’t find any discussion there.


Reported for zero effort spam. If you actually believed what you said, you wouldn’t be on cuckchan. No one cared about 2012 because no one cared about 2016 or any of the previous elections. Democrats openly state that they have stolen every election for 60 years. No one will ever do anything about it. Shut up and go away.

6113d7  No.12108629


So by saying this, you are saying President Donald Trump has done nothing with this societal influence. Jesus Christ. You are just as retarded as half chan. I was just hoping for better.

6113d7  No.12108634


What have you done better than he? Have you started fires with the media? Or do you just sit here shitting on people with no actual input? this isnt half chan faggot. put some fucking input

5939e7  No.12108701

You want hopeful LARP or reality?

Hope version: 2012 election was much closer, but no one gave a shit about elitist controlled RNC force fed Romney. Election was rigged, but didn't have to rig it hard. Military intelligence enacts plan to clean RNC and vote fraud for 2016. Trump is tapped, this fixes RNC issue, and begins a vote fraud silent war between Obama/CIA and Military Intelligence/Trump. People die, and they never thought she would lose.

Reality: 2012 Intelligence patriots see Obama's corruption and do fight internally, but not at some secret war levels. Alternative media isn't as prominent as it will be in 2016. Whites are altruistic and believe if they give Obama another chance, they will be absolved from all their slavery guilt, and no one will ever bother them again. The opposite happens and race relations are furiously inflamed by Obama and people get pissed at letting blacks bitch and ruin the country, so they organize and research online media. Still pissed by 2016, and thus they are semi awake, but diverted by Q.

f02317  No.12108731


>Why did no one give a fuck about the 2012 election

If you can't figure this out then you need to stop posting.

b00c36  No.12108931


>Why did no one give a fuck about the 2012 elections?

Because both sides were Jew'd. Not to say that Trump is some sort of closet Natsoc, more that he's a fairly independent player navigating the field who happens to be in a position to further out ends.

bc268f  No.12108940


You're searching for answers (without knowing which question to even ask) in earth-based issues. If you really want to know, your best bet is to look within. There is more to life than life on earth.

5dfc33  No.12108983

I noticed it in 2011 when there just wasn't the same housing development and investment going on like pre-2008. There was no economic recovery. Also because they made gears of war 3 colorful bullshit, included female characters and I just couldn't play vidya anymore.

a5604f  No.12108991

Should have stayed on half.

4eda3a  No.12109012


2011 & 2012 seemed to be my rock bottom and since then it has been upward

don't start a thread with declaring you came from cuckchan op it makes you a fag

72af1a  No.12109191

There was a coordinated effort from the globalists through their front organizations and the Obama Administration to subvert traditional American institutions and push the hard Marxism we're enjoying now. This why GamerGate happened and the media all seemed to collectively lose it at the same time while traditional Bezmenov Useful Idiots began to be pushed as the apex of the society. You can even hear Obama alluding to all this when he's caught on mic talking to the Russian President about how this is going to go down in his second term.

It's all pretty simple when you figure it out.

4d7809  No.12109979

I think it happened because of the fear that Occupy Wallstreet was a bipartisan attack on the ((elite)).

c8f25f  No.12110098


For everyone under thirty 2012-2014 was the wakeup call that the adults had no idea what the hell they were doing and it was all fucked. Even if we didn't kow how (((fucked))) things truly were

7dddbf  No.12110130


It was the end of the Kali Yuga. We now have a hundred years of chaos, under Kek's reign, to usher in the next golden age of our people. This is common knowledge. Lurk moar.

0a8627  No.12110169


>I posted this on half chan

Perhaps you should've stayed there

e7d4be  No.12110179


I will give you my opinion, anon…I don't have any 'proof' because if I did I would probably locked up in Agentia or dead. It was my opinion that they have been experimenting on the general populace for several a while using retroviruses and recombinant DNA. If you look at the history of governments you can see that they have no qualms at all about drug, chemical and viral testing on their own populations.

Anyhoo, I think they have been doing extensive worldwide testing of all of these on the general populace. There have been persistent rumors about a [(red?) or god virus] that is spreading through the populace as well. It may be that they are simply testing who is immune to what and that our own survival was predetermined based on something as innocuous as a viral time bomb all set to go off at the same time.

If you have it you are going to drop dead.

There was some fucking faggot on here who claimed that they had given the pop. mass kuru and could activate it at any time…but I just blew that off because I would have been dead a long time ago if they had it that refined by now.

e7d4be  No.12110200

File: e7091cdc4ea2e39⋯.jpg (107.42 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Cloud-tsunami-hits-Sydney-….jpg)


So they keep saying:

>You have no idea how bad things really are…

I believe this to definately be true but I don't worry about it too much. I simply steel myself to do the best I can ethically and let most of the rest of it go.

5e277b  No.12110201


>Why did no one give a fuck about the 2012 elections?

Because neither candidate was invigorating if you weren't a libshit or a mud.


Thats a weird way to spell 'philosemite'.

f74193  No.12110297


This. Mitt Romney was not someone to really get fired up over.

4ef033  No.12110326

File: ea8120794760dfc⋯.jpg (175.47 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1506744476038.jpg)

I'll try:

>September 15, 2008/T.A.R.P./Too Big To Fail - why should anyone at the goy level give a fuck when King nigger did nothing about Bush-level atrocities. Most of them disappeared, memory-holed after being former middle-class. They ended up homeless crack heads, or just homeless; either way devastated. 12 - 20 or so took they're lives every day; just in the US. But the ripple-effect got Canada and Europe, as well. The sociopaths/psychopaths that run the US economic system didn't get a slap on the wrist, instead they got Billion$ in bonuses.

>There was no "shift" in 2012. It came and went like just another day/week/month/year

>King Nigger gets a round 2. Many thinking it would calm race relations by giving Blacks/non-Whites a seat at the table of a formerly White or ashkeNAZI societal structure. Good ole King Nigger wouldn't have that. He lit a fire under the Black asses of the LBJ entitled and kept the fire stoked throughout his reign, poking fun at the whole system and mocking the Presidential seat as often as possible.

>Congress, true to form, does ZERO about any of the problem-children, plaguing the US/planet. About all they have for "bad actors" are strong words followed by crickets chirping. No one knows what Congress does all day, or which hand they use

>Immigration is a farce. Again, strong words, zero-action; as the indigenous US citizen is simply replaced, if they're lucky; or raped, drained of their blood, and left in a Corn-field with their windpipe' crushed by a Mexinigger in the US illegally for years.

>… butt, you'll never hear me complain about it, anon.

Just impact my shit right the fuck up, Hokai!

0ccf8c  No.12110564

File: 1f16aff6058a326⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1240x1870, 124:187, 6a7c32eda8379093d1a1702b95….png)

I personally believe that we reached peak jew in 2015, and that's why the meme among the left that 2016 was "the worst year"… the jewish media machine that had always been able to control thought in the west started to weaken, I actually believe Brexit was the very first time since WW2 that Whites went against the (((media)))'s narrative. I only believe that jews allowed Trump to become president because they looked at all the finally awake Whites getting really agitated, and believed they could just wash him out during his presidency than risk creating a martyr.

Now, I have to clarify that I don't think Trump is a full on 1488 goosestepper, I think he's just an independent civic nationalist ruthless businessman that was only able to get to power because the jew is losing his grip on the waking goyim. The first guy that's really /our guy/ is probably Salvini… however accelerationism is pure bullshit, America has had over 50 years of mud invasion to get people upset with it compared to less than 20 years in some European countries waking up… the magic term is "shifting the Overton window", Trump is okay but the guy after him is going to make Hitler look like a pussy moderate.

21bf24  No.12110588


You're probably too much of a newfag to remember this, but things have never looked bleaker back in 2011-2013.

a51b7f  No.12110591

File: ae52892ee3a5857⋯.jpg (167.49 KB, 748x1024, 187:256, sjw kikes protect wallstre….jpg)

e7d4be  No.12110605



43897a  No.12110628


>you wont find any discussion there

I went back to using cuckchan since the volume of shills to actual anons here got ridiculous. There is plenty of decent discussion there once you filter out 90% of the catalog. The only real problem with it is that the mods are entirely compromised. But, then again, the vols here have been showing their hand the past couple of days.

43897a  No.12110635


>but things have never looked bleaker back in 2011-2013.

This. During that time frame I was looking out my window every time a fucking crow farted to make sure I wasnt being v&.

0ccf8c  No.12110650


Meh, I was kicked out in 2011, and I NEVER looked back.

20bd4b  No.12110656

File: a0610713172007c⋯.jpg (2.57 MB, 1570x6466, 785:3233, Meta oxytocin.jpg)

In short, social media combined with twitter. No oxytocin production = lack of social cohesion. Big redpill image.

43897a  No.12110661


>America has had over 50 years of mud invasion

Over 50 years of GRADUAL mud invasion. Until 9/11 most suburbs were still very much segregated. It was only after 9/11 happened that the brown scourge started to become a noticeable presence for most Americans living away from major cities. And as that presence grew so too did pushback and here we are.

20bd4b  No.12110680

File: 9037dda0083e341⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1600x800, 2:1, Diversity doesn't work.png)


The more people fight amongst each other, the less they will fight the government as their anger is directed at each other instead of the latter. Whenever the ZOG system starts to be injured by movements like Trump, the Jews crank up the volume so that they aren't named/revealed from being behind the curtain.

a0fffe  No.12110681


legalization of US government owning/publishing its own "independent news".

nice pic choice btw, its my favorite game.

5b87a5  No.12110719


>Why did no one give a fuck about the 2012 elections?

Two parties, same political decisions in every instance which matters. Normalfags didn't care for the same reason normalfags didn't care in Europe: Different parties exist to give the illusion of choice but in reality they are all just one party split into different factions. Events such as the December Agreement in Sweden where 6 of 8 parties decided to sign over their mandates to the socialists prove that this is just an illusion of choice put in place to placate.

>WTF are SJW's at this time,

Same people, less vocal. Sarkeesian, muh noble savages, and other nonsense, has been around for a long time.

>Where did they come from?

Indoctrination throughout the school years, primarily the first 15. This is a result of subversive (((elements))) having control of the school system and other institutions, and media.

>We never had a "struggle" before this.

Europe has been plagued by famines as a direct result of Jewish brewery, usury, and hoarding of grain for said brewery for hundreds of years. Not to mention collaboration with invaders such as in Spain and other European nations with very serious and long lasting consequences. The reality is what's happening today has been brewing for a long time, since at least the 70's. Don't forget that places like the Soviet Union also had a vested interest in destabilizing the west during its existence, and a lot of what you see happening today is the result of self-propagating Soviet propaganda, in addition to the jews. For example, I believe the Soviets sponsored the black panthers among others, whose sentiments can still be seen among the africans.

>Have we been sitting silent for too long?


>I think most white people are eating too many carbs and sugars and getting sedentary and giving up.

Also yes. Although the latter part is mostly due to most people still being too comfortable to get upset about the state of things. Normalfags aren't going to get involved in politics and debate against mass immigration if their everyday life is still fairly comfortable. The concept of blackpilling also plays a part in this, for example when you have people all over the internet telling you that it's over, already lost, pointless, etc, most people are just not going to bother, because as with the media pushing a narrative, they are being exposed to a kind of artificial peer pressure which shapes the way you think and act. This concept of pushing ideas through peer pressure is what the subversive elements have done, primarily through media. And it's why they're so desperate to begin censoring the internet, because it has caused more and more people to break free from the pressure exerted.

Expect more of a crackdown on both internet and liberties across all jew-occupied nations in the coming decade, but also expect the average normalfag to get more and more fed up and expect at least one country in Europe to undergo a radical shift back to what is historically the norm.

e12e09  No.12110738

File: f762253a389aee5⋯.jpg (88.9 KB, 739x518, 739:518, occupy.jpg)


>WTF are SJWs at this time, where did they come from?

SJWs are much older than. Apart from pic related the first time I heard sjw viewpoints was around 2006, I was a leftist back then.

>Why did no one give a fuck about the 2012 elections?

Those into politics did care about it but you cannot compare that political landscape to the current one. Nowadays most western societies are divided along ideological lines. From what I remember, society around 2012 seemed more homogeneous ideologically, the alternative culture had just become mainstream but there was nothing replacing that alternative culture.

>Why did life seem some what peaceful before then?

In part because it was, as in things have been getting worse since then. I also think that social media bubbles and alienation from irl relationships has been slowly turning people into lunatics.

9a72b5  No.12110793


>I personally believe that we reached peak jew in 2015,

an interesting thought, however there is a valid argument (or two) that place 'Peak Jew' much earlier than 2015; depending on who you ask. What is abso-fucking-lutely amazing is that we have such huge swaths of the population in denial of our state of Jewhood. The 9/11 "truther" community gave up when nothing changed after the big 2012 "shift in consciousness", and who could blame them? The SJW/AnCap/Militancy can only see as far as "Capitalism is bad, mkay", and the ChINO's believe that just any millisecond, the magic sky wizard will take a break from decorating milky ways, creating new worlds, and expanding the limits of the Universe to come down to earth and miracle everything to terrific; thus, those "bad jews" will reap his divine justice. So, far now they'll watch Netflix, pound down some marinated Pork chops, and stare at shiny metal objects. WEEEEEE!

>>I actually believe Brexit …

Notice that jewmedia continues to promote the next vote on Brexit until the results match their expectations. At the rate the takeover is going, and as obvious as it is, who could blame the jew for convincing himself that the goy actually want a jew world order

>>I think he's just an independent civic nationalist

agree. the good news is that despite not being sure why exactly, under a Trump admin we're not fighting any wars in the Middle East, at least not like we were. Is it possible to hide the level of our involvement there today?

>>however accelerationism is pure bullshit …

that is a matter of perspective. "When people lose everything, and there's nothing left to lose; they lose it". We do have a shift in the Overton window which "should" translate to those aforementioned groups waking the hell up, and doing something themselves in large, not-so-easy to ignore numbers. Not everything is up to Trump. The ball is squarely in the court of Joe&Jane Goyim


>>It was only after 9/11 …

So much happened after 9/11 that was tantamount to Uncle Sham taking a monster shit on the heads of the US constituency. While many here are touted as "Trump supporters", they're more likely opportunists, hoping that the US gets a few bread crumbs after Israel and the chocolate continent get the lions share. They're more likely "accelerationists" that want to see it all go kinetic, and find out whether Whitey is ready now to be heard around the world.

1bf35a  No.12110958

2012 elections: nobody liked Mitt Romney, plus Newt Gingrich put out a short documentary about how Romney had a long history of buying struggling companies and busting them out, so nobody trusted him at a time when the economy was still struggling. Everybody voted for Obama or didn't vote. It was only after Obama's 2012 win that smug leftists unveiled their identity politics platform, believing that they could force consensus in 4 years through finger-wagging, pearl-clutching, and shrieking. They were quite surprised at the early blowback and had to develop blockbots and eventually corrupt the management of social media in order to get as far as they have. Believing that the silence of the shadow-banned meant they were winning, they were completely unprepared for their 2016 loss. Now, secure in the idea that they are going to win (again), they are turning on their jew masters, throwing out their tried and tested congresspeople in favor of illiterate spics and sheboons, who will promptly be eaten by the Capitol hill machine on their very first week in office (provided that they win; most of them are in historically blue districts so it's possible).

03a971  No.12113820


>nothing kaczynski hasn't already figured out about the left

Little late to the party. Welcome anyways, I suppose.

03a971  No.12113830


>They're more likely "accelerationists" that want to see it all go kinetic

A man with his finger on the pulse of a board.

0ad57d  No.12113857


Holy shit Anon, ditto on 2011-2012 being a rock bottom and the last 6 years have been a rocket ride into the atmosphere. I went from degenerate tattoo artist in one of the worst multicultural shit holes to based homestead farmer in one of the Whitest places in murica. I would have fought someone for being racist pre2012, after that year…well some hard and fast lessons allowed the scales to fall from this anons eyes, and I began getting re-educated on everything from Adolf to Zimbabwe and all the kikery in between. I feel as though the ancestors have subtly steered my consciousness these last 6 years and helped me see things with more clarity then ever before. For instance, I never knew about any of the other "chans" - I somehow stumbled upon 8chan having never been to reddit or 4chan, now isn't that odd? Something regarding the whole fucking comet pingpong led me to 8chan, a link in a YouTube video. (Yeah yeah inb4 "lurk moar" it's almost been two years now)

I hope many Anons can echo this transformation story and have come out of multicultural muck and mire to stand on Blood and Soil once again. Something wonderful is happening, can you feel it?

717f3b  No.12113866


Absolutely true. I was lurking a lot of leftist outlets in 2012, and they were all calling it "the last winnable election." By which they meant the last election before white demographic decline made a permanent nigger-spicocracy that would rule all democratic-like forever. 2012 was supposed to be white America's last chance to elect a president, forever.

They came out of the goddamn woodwork after that, as if their mental and emotional problems just couldn't stay bottled up any longer. Thank God, because it kickstarted a lot of whites. Those whites mostly don't know that they want a white ethnostate, but they do see the alternative to it, and they know in their bones it's fucked up.

24b9c9  No.12113916


What gets me hopeful about 4pol is that the more obvious shills still usually get called out. And I like the flags because all the fucks are meme flags or Israeli flags and it’s fun to shit on them.

68c73c  No.12114299

Obama got his second term and they thought it was in the bag. SJW craziness was supposed to be chink style cultural revolution, it just got exposed too early. Imagine Hillary presidency with yasss queen slay purges :D

ffff34  No.12114703

I kicked heroin and didnt vote for Obama in 2012 as I did in 2008. Leftist tendencies started changing that year for me. I could smell something was wrong in the air but it wasnt until 2015 when I truly woke up. Both those years were huge in my life. 2012 being rock bottom and 2015 being my awakening.

6b459c  No.12134200


What the hell even happened to half chan? I got a 24 hour ban for replying to a shitpost on pol with "saged" at the end of it.

b8e893  No.12134206



>10 years of suppressing the web with software patents since 2002

>after the 90's software patent wars ended with ms vs. apple

>2012 begins weaponizing monopolies set up using software patents




We need 500k signatures for free speech. Even larpniggerloving Q/ueers and child raping leftists can agree on that.






Traitors are working for ChiNa

3386ff  No.12134335

File: 372479368e55de2⋯.jpg (96.3 KB, 640x619, 640:619, 1526339570920.jpg)


Sound like a fucking non-white middle-class homosexual attempting to come across as intellectual and sophisticated in a "I'm larping as a white guy at 8/pol/" type of way. The phrases that you use stick out badly. So much so, that it really sounds like you have zero white friends at all. Probably some Asian filipino SJW faggot who's entire identity for the past 20-30 years came directly from Hollywood production studios inside the music & film industry. I know who you are, I have lived around your kind of fraudulently scum my whole life here on the west coast. You people live in a delusional bubble that Whites popped.

We will continue popping. So get popped on.

3386ff  No.12134384


>I could smell something was wrong in the air but it wasnt until 2015

Congratulations, you helped kill the White race forever. I was a Nazi at age 12. Nobody in my family was. I don't live in a redneck town, or the south. It was natural instinct. Every ethnic group in the area united with themselves. You are severely mentally defective to not have such a basic human wiring.

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