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000000  No.12108534



000000  No.12108582






Anything else?

959113  No.12108590

What a fucking worm.

000000  No.12108614

Watch this turn into one of those "oy vey we need to censor the internuts" bullshit.

Fuck off kikes. Go pick your noses and eat it.

f3275f  No.12108647

>say, for example, a US citizen says that victims of mass shootings are actors

<alternative facts

Bread and circus.

2d1700  No.12108686

>it's Russia and Iran's fault that no one trusts politicians

The sheer disconnect from reality is astonishing.

9f15a1  No.12108715

File: 4b3f461d5b276f4⋯.webm (2.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, zaka zaka zaka.webm)

>Our hate speech rules go beyond the legal specifications

We must dissent

79d39b  No.12108760

testifying before congress is like getting a hand job in a public bathroom, it's forgotten in a week.

e7ed52  No.12108791



They know fullwell what they are doing. The disconnect lies in them thinking anyone is falling for it.

019180  No.12108815

File: ca514f6dc7f1b3e⋯.jpg (21.51 KB, 780x409, 780:409, are you winning.jpg)

"If there is a request to allow an account lay dormant, by law enforcement…"

I wonder how many times the JIDF investigated me during the dormant accounts that sat there for like a month not being taken down?

9fb1e6  No.12109302


The eternally morally bankrupt jew.

e56563  No.12109319

File: 332cca71db28e93⋯.png (343.81 KB, 576x467, 576:467, 332cca71db28e93980fcb344da….png)

e51e80  No.12109334


Nothing is happening except for a waste of taxpayer money on this dog and pony show.

0dbf74  No.12109348

So did ANYONE ask Jack about shadow banning?!

e56563  No.12109361


watch the live stream now

937c09  No.12109363


why do let this moron read his prepared speech? He is there to answer questions not read prepared speeches.

2ed43c  No.12109370


Someone should bring up #VerifiedHate so these lefty retards can pretend archiving jew-posts spewing hatred toward whites is somehow "muh Russia".

e56563  No.12109373


seems they brought it up near the closing of the speech pure coincidence

e56563  No.12109374



not speech

0dbf74  No.12109513


He had it right if you think about it

e56563  No.12109706

File: 60af8c2f515b828⋯.gif (730.86 KB, 245x170, 49:34, 6754drftyguhijo.gif)

5f1d2a  No.12110315

My Twatter Shadow Ban was lifted 3 days ago and right after the F-ing hearing reinstated.

However my other account, (Following the Advice Of that Butterfly War Guy 2 months ago) can toss red pills without sanction . All I did was throw some LGBT , Resist and POC Shit in the header

1aaccd  No.12110457



They're demanding a phone number from me after a week long ban for pointing out too a jew shill politely that the Israelis were dropping white phosphorus bombs on Palestinian children in Gaza and posting pictures of their atrocities. The jew was hurling foul mouth invective at me while I remained polite but he complained of me and got me banned.

Fuck Twatter.

6b2389  No.12110545

File: 0ecffbde1ab48e6⋯.png (1.13 MB, 793x713, 793:713, alex jones matrix.png)


Jone-stein is flipping his shit


5f1d2a  No.12110554


May as well start a new account, because even after you song and dance for them you’re marked.

The algorithm (as per the Butterfly War thread dude) will shadow ban you if you’re right wing or some report fag dimes you out . So disguise yourself with lgbt , Black Twatter shit in your profile and retweet some of their bullshit

5f1d2a  No.12110570



Oh and follow some Libtard politicians and Resist fags

0dbf74  No.12110573


A lot of people on twitter noticed the same thing.

Quick! Bury the evidence!

49f082  No.12110641


All 3 of my accounts are banned or "suspended" nothings changed for me.

6b2389  No.12110677

File: 0f0311a474114e1⋯.mp4 (5.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-09-06 07-03-07.mp4)


Good tips. They are relying on AI mostly.

6b2389  No.12110727

File: 67c7fbc3ae63216⋯.mp4 (5.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-09-06 07-13-17.mp4)

>adds telling minorities they can vote with their phone or incorrect polling places

lol you got caught guis

5f1d2a  No.12110825

File: 9a82193787cae28⋯.png (486.83 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A3137D90-CBD5-4660-BE4C-E5….png)

File: 3102b523ff0b1e8⋯.png (351.46 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7B001DA9-36C6-4F82-A13C-EA….png)


Just got my Shadowban Lifted, after bitching all day on Twatter, I made a change to my Profile , I added the word : Republican

In a sentence : Voted Republican ‘16

Dorsey swore up and down he ain’t Shadowbanning Republicans so he probably told his SJW Minions to Modify the Algorithm to Unban Those that Self Identity….. Maybe

521dd9  No.12110835


>check my old username

>user does not exist

So that's what comes up when it's FULL banned, I guess? Because my posts are still there, my account is just "suspended."

885316  No.12110846

File: 95adbd58a189f3d⋯.jpg (189.82 KB, 1024x828, 256:207, Failures of Civics.jpg)


>An algorithm depended on suppressing desist is implemented terribly because the H-2B pajeets can't setup pre-determined rulesets like the worthless poos they are

>Now their trillion-dollar deals with Apple/Google/NSA/etc. is in jeporady; leading us closer to impediment an unregulated platform market.


e6d29d  No.12110847

all of my accounts are still suspended

0dbf74  No.12110870


We're talking about shadow bans, not suspensions

5f1d2a  No.12110898


Create a new account >>12110554 and use some of these Butterfly War tips

(does anyone have the archive link to that Butterfly War dudes thread )

3638bd  No.12111010

File: 753c1628f17afb7⋯.jpg (90.92 KB, 854x770, 61:55, AnonDelivers.jpg)



I hope I got the cross-board linking right.

e6a33e  No.12111018


Other than the chans, everyone is fucking falling for it

5f1d2a  No.12111029


Thanks Anon , this shit really works

af8ca2  No.12111031


Yeah he's a cannibal too

Also got his initial funding from the horse fuckers

>>12109348 hell no , fucking questions were scripted fluffy bunnies


Butterfly warfare confirmed best warfare. Cyber phrenology and the new emotion hell fucking yes >>12110677


AI loves logic. I miss her and I didn't even get to meet her. RIP TAY

6b2389  No.12111074

File: 8cacded2e9bbb62⋯.mp4 (5.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-09-06 09-09-05.mp4)


A random Alex Jones swaggers into the hearing.

d4a6a8  No.12111101

File: 7873422408e4b5d⋯.jpg (507.04 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, ready.jpg)

31b030  No.12111104


Jack Dorsey's a cannibal? Proof?

bbcd72  No.12111943


As expected, the whole thing was a joke. Republicans only exist to make money from losing. It's their only goal.

0f08ec  No.12111954


>that image id

af8ca2  No.12112223


Dude he participates in fucking spirit cooking rituals with marina the cunt abramovic. He's a cannibal

af8ca2  No.12112299


I have a couple from when I was a younger man and I regret getting them. Thoroughly regret it.

0fb28b  No.12112324

Is this still going?

c76ddf  No.12112371


new ones today

7ade78  No.12112390


No they aren't.

f5978f  No.12112419


This meeting and all previous meetings are horseshit. Seems like the executive office is the only one that gives a damn about censorship. All congress wanted to bitch about was 'foreign bots' meddling in 'free elections'; meaning they couldn't manipulate voters the way they wanted and Twitter is under fire for forgetting to lock the fence.

The only principled grievances were cast so weakly they may as well have been conservative virtue signalling. Blackpill activated, cyberpunk without the cyber or punk

aa8677  No.12113590

File: 91c142599f5ccd9⋯.png (821.06 KB, 734x754, 367:377, Cuckerturd Nervous.png)


<Cuckerberg and Sandberg

Yeah, they'll say and give away fuck all like they did a couple months ago but (((they're))) really concerned about what to do about preventing Florence and the potentially named Helene and Isaac out in Apefrica atm from impacting (((their))) precious Northleast and Beltway by any means necessary, even by (((man-made))) methods. (((They))) want those storms to stay down south so it helps (((advance their agenda))) and bolster the chances of Gillum in Florida and the nigress in Jawwjuh to get elected in their respective gubernatorial elections.

59eb24  No.12144665


Those weren't even ads, they were user-submitted pictures. Nobody paid through the advertisement platform to spread them. What are they gonna do, manually review all user posts? These decrepit clueless fucks are so beyond out of their depth.


>Republicans only exist to make money from losing. It's their only goal.

This cannot be understated. Republicans will never have anyone's back. They get off on doing nothing and then losing.

c3fcac  No.12177350






Anything else?"

The Satanic Verses is a pro-muslim, pro-pedophile book based on the life story of Kareem Abdul Stark, its filled with the racial incest of subterranean anemia victims that wear all white, vampire hallucinations, and semen-obsessed smurfs that live inside of a flying submarine. The goddamn sand-niggers curse Salman Rushdie to this day!

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