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000000  No.12108685

The European Union is under threat from some of its own members, including Italy, EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger has warned.

"In my view, the project is in mortal danger," Oettinger told an event in Brussels on Tuesday night, according to Politico.

As well as outside opponents such as Russia and China, he said, "some within Europe want to weaken it or even destroy it – Poland, Hungary, Romania, the government of Italy."

Oettinger, a German, also criticized his own country's government for dragging its heels on the EU's next long-term budget, which he wants to see passed swiftly.

He has come into conflict with Italy before, especially after the new government threatened to cease contributions to the EU's budget over the bloc's rules on migrants arriving by boat across the Med.

Any such move by Rome, which would be the first time a member state had refused to meet its financial commitments, would result in interest charges and "possible further heavy sanctions", Oettinger warned last week.

Even before the Five Star Movement and the League formed their coalition government in June, Oettinger drew the ire of the two eurosceptic parties by telling an interviewer that he hoped the market turmoil that greeted Italy's election result would send "a signal to voters not to hand power to populists on the right and left".

Rome last month threatened to cut off its EU funding – just under €14 billion in 2016 – unless the rest of the bloc agrees to take in more of the people who continue to land on southern Italy's shores in the hope of migrating to Europe, saying that it doesn't want the "mickey taken out of us by the Union's other countries".

Since then EU ministers turned down Italy's request to redirect ships carrying migrants rescued at sea to other Mediterranean countries like France and Spain.

Italy is also heading for a clash with the EU over its national budget, with the coalition promising an end to years of austerity measures and Brussels insisting that Italy make a "significant effort" to control its huge public debt.

Speaking on Wednesday morning, Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said that Italy would seek to stay within the limits imposed by the EU, while adding that "if we need to spend an extra billion to secure the country, we'll spend it".


7d4bc9  No.12109426


>"if we need to spend an extra billion to secure the country, we'll spend it".

Worrying on so many different levels. What a mess.

d5aeac  No.12110125


4a7b19  No.12110167


>some within Europe want to weaken it or even destroy it – Poland, Hungary, Romania, the government of Italy."

Interesting phrasing.

>Poland Romania Hungary are all bad goyim with governments reflecting will of the bad goyim population

<Italian ebil fascist government is oppressing the people who love EU, and nigger dick.

Looking for approval for a coup or some other kike method of eliminating bad goyim?

ed6316  No.12111128


This is an example of satanic inversion.

Something being the opposite of itself.

"Opposing the ongoing genocide of White Europe via shitholer invasion is destroying Europe"

And yes, "satanic inversion" is part of the reason why kikes are pushing transhit all over.

Typical tricks.

000000  No.12111190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



0d6867  No.12111206

Muslim-invaded Europe is already destroyed, you EU faggots.

Italy is just trying to fix and mitigate the collateral damage your failed open border policies have caused.

72275e  No.12111452

Genetic pool is already damaged.

>no neanderthal Y chromosome

>no neanderthal mitochondria

>IQ drop below asians


>no aids, ebola and black plague resistance

>no redheads

>no Rh-

>more IQ drop

Europe is doomed and the only solution is forced sterilization for congoids and mongrels and forced reproduction for leftists, that shit wouldnt gonna happen, the guys doing fixes are always mongrels.

53e877  No.12111472

File: 3faa97cc37f3038⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 685x385, 137:77, new world order.jpg)

I have confidence in Salvini and his no military. The next chit-chat could be the one that saves the world from the niggerpocalypse.

c2ea4a  No.12111556


c2ea4a  No.12111557


Ill do better next time kek.

fc8ad0  No.12111653

File: fca36a733319d98⋯.png (376.77 KB, 491x334, 491:334, abf.png)

>they want to destroy Europe

c73c50  No.12111667

File: 4a02ae0a8019532⋯.png (86.84 KB, 703x270, 703:270, blatant genocide.png)

Salvini should stop resisting. The jews will take good care of Italians once they are all niggers. Keep calm.

c60b39  No.12111691


>forced reproduction for leftists

That's just creating more problems down the line.

9f5ba6  No.12111694


d48c54  No.12111721


And again they conflate 'Europe' and 'EU'. Italy wants to destroy the dictatorial Soviet Union 2.0 that's genociding Europeans aka the EU and i commend them for it.

15f1b1  No.12111741


Wasn't this the same lie they applied to hitler?

bb042b  No.12111888

Fuck sake Italy just establish some offshore detention centre in Tunisia or some other shithole country that niggers want nothing to do with. Take the cost out of EU contributions.

b4fe77  No.12111913


We pay more to the EU than any contribution they give us.

We simply do not fucking want niggers to even attempt to get in our country, chiaro?

Let them die at sea if they must but they must stay as far as humanly possible from our land.

bb042b  No.12111915


You establish a detention facility in some nigger-tier country for all boat arrivals. Niggers stop coming because they'll end up in some nigger facility. We did it in Australia, not hard to implement.

3b811c  No.12113035


> "In my view, the project is in mortal danger,"


interesting choice of words, a project is a temporary endeavor to reach a certain result.

Probably because the EU is only a step in their globalist master plan.

5d7ab5  No.12113444


>Probably because the EU is only a step in their globalist master plan.

No doubt.

Crash all western countries, flood with niggers so they never recover, China buys it all up for pennies on the dollar. Planet comped indefinitely.

5a9997  No.12113466


It's all so tiresome.

41eaf1  No.12115518


>Muslim-invaded Europe is already destroyed, you EU faggots

you'd do well to remember that no european countries (that I know of) have birthright citizenship. migrants really are temporary, assuming these countries will wake up and start deporting them

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