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File: c32417ea01d7184⋯.jpg (48.92 KB, 353x257, 353:257, coupon.jpg)

5fb43e  No.12109379

Nike has finally decided to fully pander to their non-white clientele and I think it's great. In fact, I think it's time we help them show their appreciation for all the injustices PoCs have suffered in this terrible, racist country. That's why I think it's great that Nike has decided to offer 75% off all Nike products to all people of color now through the end of the year. However, I'm super bummed because I can only find this low resolution coupon online and I don't think they'll honor it in the store if it won't scan. Does anyone have the full-resolution coupon so I can print out several hundred of these and place stacks all over the malls in my city?

Thx :^)

cbb13f  No.12109395

Haha, yes please.

20d751  No.12109401

Nike yes!

f760a0  No.12109408

File: 71abf99f17c4500⋯.jpg (22.71 KB, 1279x717, 1279:717, doit.jpg)

29eab4  No.12109418

hahaha nice. lets get these passed out

6384a5  No.12109440

File: 18449031bf2879e⋯.png (118.24 KB, 440x522, 220:261, goyim know.png)


>Nike panders to entitled niggers

>fake coupons suggest that they will pander even harder

>entitled niggers see coupons and demand more pandering

>if Nike refuses the niggers chimp out

It's Starbucks all over again. They choose to side with most entitled parasitic subhuman filth on earth and /pol/ forces them to choke down even more of their own poison.

d13a1c  No.12109487


This worked with Starbucks.

Let's do this.

Or should I say just do it


dd5aeb  No.12109497


Can't find source. Unless someone finds it, return to this thread in 1 hour for some homemade sauce.

8e27d7  No.12109499

File: 719a158f5b28fe2⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, JUST DO IT.webm)

e014ac  No.12109530


Bump. Kinda slow today innit

81949b  No.12109539

oh the joy of knowing in the first dawning moments of an event you will see shown on tv in the most bitterest of reporting

0ed96a  No.12109540


Be sure to "fakeproof", or immunize them against claims that it is fake.

c4f8ad  No.12109547



<lovable as ever

even without coupon hell, Nike is already suffering.

56f262  No.12109549

>>12109499 chegged

Make your dreams come true

729c2a  No.12109570

That barcode better say "NIGGER" or something so it shows up on the cash register screen


ee1c3a  No.12109576

File: 63410e9751c041e⋯.png (315.22 KB, 640x750, 64:75, all access.png)

8cf499  No.12109628

File: e76b6def3856ba0⋯.png (616.06 KB, 1280x722, 640:361, 1475004514387.png)

File: 8c8b368a0a6c0d9⋯.gif (863.01 KB, 500x281, 500:281, giant_nazi_robot_with_flam….gif)

File: 23282cdac7c8b76⋯.jpg (134.64 KB, 388x443, 388:443, b3c654e50060b3238ee3048593….jpg)

File: 1cc9f881221961f⋯.gif (467.71 KB, 170x197, 170:197, 1356108825419.gif)

fucking do it

534447  No.12109647


bump, excellent idea

c9e132  No.12109669


how nice of them

lets show those racists what Nike can do for POC

: ^)

cad479  No.12109686

File: 36541e9ad89f3e3⋯.png (183.79 KB, 800x585, 160:117, feelsreichman.png)

Starbucks 2.0

a7fb65  No.12109692

Jew it

c701ae  No.12109730


I like this one

aa8d6e  No.12109750



7ad656  No.12109753

I used to think our opponents were very smart and could, like great chessmasters, think dozens of steps ahead. Now I notice they're a bunch of disorganized chucklefucks, and literally only rule because the goyim have been asleep for so long. If we have to put a musical soundtrack to it, I thought their grand ploys was Flight of the Valkyries… now I notice it's actually the Benny Hill Theme.

12ca2c  No.12109762

File: 7a64eceb49d7a16⋯.jpg (23.36 KB, 398x500, 199:250, 7a64eceb49d7a16415184bd293….jpg)


saw a pile of those at the bus stop

9067f8  No.12109764


And let's not forget about how the young kikes that are quickly replacing all the dinosaurs that owned everything, are just a bunch of complete dipshits that understand nothing of the machine they are inheriting and think it will just keep magically running forever no matter the stupid shit they pull.

The biggest downfall of the kikes is always being a kike.

76dcc6  No.12109767

This isn't cuckchan, faggot.

729c2a  No.12109770

>48.92 KB, 353x257

Gonna need a higher res version of this

1cf5d1  No.12109789

File: 5cc11131bda74b4⋯.jpg (86.47 KB, 1086x727, 1086:727, 1515278521452.jpg)


dont forget to leave something nice in the barcode

c701ae  No.12109794


no shit, read the fucking post you illiterate faggot

b96923  No.12109806


Would that actually work?

74cfc4  No.12109825

Because white American politicians giving them free rent, food, healthcare and education wasn't enough to humanize them.

af9c64  No.12109835

You know, this gives me an idea.

This could be construed as price discrimination, which is illegal when based upon ethnicity.

I wonder if this tactic could somehow be used as a form of lawfare against companies?

1e56fd  No.12109837



3b8e70  No.12109842

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>If we have to put a musical soundtrack to it, I thought their grand ploys was Flight of the Valkyries…

763136  No.12109847

File: cc39c457b18f4ad⋯.jpg (187.59 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, SlavsWritingtoGermanSultan.jpg)

>pic related is how I always imagined /pol/acks when they scheme

ee1c3a  No.12109873

File: 41dd9dc2a13df13⋯.png (215.04 KB, 800x464, 50:29, coup.png)

File: ffd001a43a1250a⋯.png (33.7 KB, 390x515, 78:103, coup2.png)

File: 08e64a59eaef6c8⋯.png (305.3 KB, 640x750, 64:75, coup3.png)


the Nike font is called BEBAS NEUE

b8ae38  No.12109878


Kek, I wonder if this is possible.

ee1c3a  No.12109899

File: 78324424d03a9b2⋯.png (953.68 KB, 2133x1200, 711:400, coup4.png)

4d48d9  No.12109903


Kek fake coupons demands a round two. You wouldn't want to be racist would you? Colon is a good boy.

12ca2c  No.12110067



expiration date too soon

e93770  No.12110197


has anyone shooped the nike swoosh into the isis flag yet?

e93770  No.12110215


>german sultan


6911da  No.12110218

File: d6fbc1b2f13ee89⋯.webm (1.54 MB, 480x480, 1:1, DO_IT.webm)

ac86c8  No.12110239


a suicide vested arab cunt with the slogan would work too

6911da  No.12110272

File: 5ed97b5492aa345⋯.gif (2.73 MB, 336x323, 336:323, 193ad6401142edc547d49796b0….gif)

What should the barcode say? As anon >>12109789 pointed out.

78d6fc  No.12110290

be careful with coupons, goys… coupon fraud is serious business and people do get caught for it

ed145f  No.12110300




This should work. At worst it'll be an invalid UPC, at best it'll cause some soyboys to sperg out.


>h-hey goys

>coupon fraud is (((serious business)))

>it'd be better to n-not do-doo this

How do you see over your nose then you're typing? Do you have to close one eye and look at it all side-jewed or something?

a85b8b  No.12110335


We aren't the ones using the coupons you stupid nigger.

18fc82  No.12110355

File: 5a1b0fe7b4dfe21⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Pepe Just Do It.jpg)

File: d7159ee77de395e⋯.jpg (111.83 KB, 656x819, 656:819, Trump Just Do It.jpg)

File: 470be69f58b416e⋯.jpg (242.62 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, Hitler Just Do It.jpg)

File: d676160ae878bee⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 720x405, 16:9, Slobodan Just Do It.jpg)

File: 4618f2d3e13c13e⋯.jpg (221.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Putin Just Do It.jpg)

18fc82  No.12110396

File: 2e38defd4ba68d8⋯.png (20.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, poc.png)



31f505  No.12110522



Top Kek.

1e56fd  No.12110542



bfaee0  No.12110543


>It's Starbucks all over again.

No, this is much, MUCH better. Most niggers don't drink Starbucks and the ones that do are on the less likely to chimp end of the spectrum. On the other hand from the age of 5 (an entire year before they can recognize themselves in a mirror) till the day they die niggers of all shapes, sizes and chimp levels are completely obsessed with their shoes. This has real potential to blow up.

6c408e  No.12110555

Design anon here.

If someone can post a high res bar code that actually scans I’ll design up some high quality coupons that actually match Nikes current branding.

2e5e0d  No.12110615


Change "minority friends 80%" to "80% for people of color".

72257e  No.12110637



they wanna be bitch niggers TAKE A KNEE to protest THATS YOUR RIGHT but if you get YOUR PANTIES IN A TWIST OVER PEOPLE GETTING UPSET AT YOUR UN AMERICA FEE FEE FILLED ID POLITICS trying to out SHINE THE FOOTBALL GAME they can get FUCKED some people just want to escape their shitty day to day and watch a game BUT THEY HAD TO RUIN THAT TO so GET FUCKED ''' NFL IS LOOSING THUS



ecd806  No.12110655

File: 59c191b8ec71887⋯.mp4 (686.94 KB, 300x178, 150:89, Bgood1.mp4)

Toasting in epic bread. Bumping for visibility.

f27688  No.12110659




729c2a  No.12110693

File: c14d40fb226a60e⋯.png (33.07 KB, 1120x426, 560:213, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

File: 6c2b31b1c0f503e⋯.png (5.75 KB, 202x201, 202:201, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)



Why that old school bar code? Why not use modern QR code?

bf8845  No.12110700


the nigger is immune from all accusations. They can not be racist, bigoted, liars, thieves, rapists, cons, lecherous, dumb, sneak or any other form of insidiousness.

The coupon has no choice but to be real.

Because, nigger.

f94dae  No.12110709

File: baa92c1d3ae92cf⋯.png (1.52 KB, 1020x236, 255:59, barcode.png)

File: 524324263d2e83c⋯.png (2.36 KB, 550x120, 55:12, barcode.png)


Likin those trips, here's two barcodes.

729c2a  No.12110715

File: 51924bd3a90f9d7⋯.jpeg (46.12 KB, 625x417, 625:417, pos-parts-5.jpeg)



>at best it'll cause some soyboys to sperg out.

Even better would be if the cash register is the style that has the customer facing display. Some registers will read out the SKU even if its invalid.

bf8845  No.12110722



I like the expiration date soon. It will cause a mad nigger rush this weekend before they all figure out they're shit.

6c408e  No.12110733


Thanks, I’ll get cracking on some. It’ll be a late tonight when they get posted but I’ll really try and make something as realistic as possible.

38b712  No.12110764


>>12110722 checked

>implying niggers can read

a8358d  No.12110802



This is an operation which Kek himself has approved!

a8358d  No.12110812


I'd prefer it to say "HEILHITLR"

f94dae  No.12110816

File: c8692ecedbcbeb4⋯.png (1.27 KB, 330x120, 11:4, barcode (1).png)


Up to you, I just figured it'd be best for something that didn't immediately stand out right when you looked at it though.

a8358d  No.12110817

"NIKE, official sponsor of the colored peoples. All blacks, regardless of location, are free to enter any store selling NIKE and take out whatever they can wear.

No colored person shall be without!

- NIKE official press conference"

a8358d  No.12110819


Wait, you mean the scanner reads the actual alpha letters and displays them? I didn't know that's what you meant lulz

688510  No.12110834



I have laughed that hard in a week. Thanks /pol/.

9cd823  No.12110838



Do it with 8's as well and 14 something more like 14 831L 81TLER 88

b43282  No.12110839





You're not funny and you're not fitting in.

Stop being such a faggot.

6d6c35  No.12110853



I can't stand this hadji-looking coon.

4ab582  No.12110854

File: 01b7e1a5c6517f7⋯.jpg (94.38 KB, 1182x547, 1182:547, justdoit.JPG)



You magnificent bastards.

70e3b1  No.12110857

Aight /pol/ niggas, shieeet, does this mean we goin back to fubu?

3d945e  No.12110859


>You magnificent bastards.

Standing ovation. Brilliant.

6b2a56  No.12110866

File: 21e345f6c8d9b4c⋯.jpg (15.5 KB, 218x236, 109:118, 1402088484850.jpg)


A doctored ad? As in a forgery? No one's attempting to pass it off as a real Nike ad. Fucking kikes and their wordplay.

eb1edd  No.12110872


>a doctored ad

also known as a "meme"

dd5aeb  No.12110890

File: 964b44636c9e9ab⋯.png (173.36 KB, 284x436, 71:109, ssofficerprost.png)


Impressive, very nice.

1cb533  No.12110957


hashtag discovered


e203e5  No.12111020


>What should the barcode say? As anon >>12109789 pointed out.

It should say Nigger, or Malcom X did nothing wrong, or Tupac was killed by Jews.

7f2834  No.12111030


he lurks /pol/ for sure

7f2834  No.12111033


someone needs to walk into a nigger shoe merchant and see what barcodes they have on the shoe boxes.

3d945e  No.12111058

File: 56cc1c34f482616⋯.jpeg (122.42 KB, 1060x629, 1060:629, 1.jpeg)


>someone needs to walk into a nigger shoe merchant

Or use image search and avoid such things.

de317f  No.12111060


Don't do the nigger code gag. Some 4fag did that last time. Keep it Magapede friendly so they'll help spread it. Just do something related to the coupon like "50off". The point is to cause a chimpout when some nigger gets told at a store they're not getting free shoes.

000000  No.12111079



Be best.

000000  No.12111082

Also, niggers don't know that European people designed almost every jordan/nike ever.

874769  No.12111094


I don't understand. Did 2pac say something about the jews? is there any audio to prove this?

0fd76c  No.12111095


This is illegal.

70e3b1  No.12111100

File: 7f8fea1d42b9181⋯.png (40.23 KB, 207x209, 207:209, 6bf2d47c949e37c20f326fdbff….png)

be69a6  No.12111106


>kikes lurk /pol/

In other words nothing new, although it's better than Kushner I guess.

7dc86c  No.12111116

File: 79fc997e3f06794⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 79fc997e3f067947102f48f3d6….jpg)

000000  No.12111119

>>12111095You are probably new here. But this website is a bolivian ceramic cat-hair appreciation forum. Its part of a large-scale art-exhibit. Everything mentioned here is for artistic / satirical nature only, and only relevant for in-minecraft play.

9cd823  No.12111125


We only play minekampf around here.

8f701b  No.12111147


he was a ballerina

625971  No.12111205

File: 8524aa46326a5f5⋯.png (204.13 KB, 431x575, 431:575, air-jordans.bmp.jpg.png)



Tinker Linn Hatfield, Jr., (born April 30, 1952, Hillsboro, Oregon), is an American designer of numerous Nike athletic shoe models, including the Air Jordan 3 through Air Jordan 15, the twentieth anniversary Air Jordan XX, the Air Jordan XXIII, the 2010 (XXV), the 2015 Air Jordan XX9 (XXIX), and other athletic sneakers including the world's first "cross training" shoes, the Nike Air Trainer. Hatfield oversees Nike's "Innovation Kitchen". He is Nike's Vice President for Design and Special Projects. For his many innovative designs and numerous creations over more than three decades, Hatfield is considered a legend of design.

>20% of world population

>80% of world culture

72257e  No.12111229





c67c64  No.12111247

File: 6f056f3e65b8aa8⋯.jpg (183.79 KB, 1060x706, 530:353, sethrichnikeg.jpg)

bf8845  No.12111252




haha ha ha ha


are you serious?

1cb533  No.12111268


Your prolapsed sphincter from too much sex with Tyrone should be illegal

9cd823  No.12111272

File: 1747ecaf27c642f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.63 KB, 622x167, 622:167, fixing rectal prolapse med….jpg)


It used to be illegal but SCOTUS thinks that even 11 year olds should be allowed to experience the joy of anal rape.

6ba795  No.12111314

File: 3721257afc5c48c⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 418x305, 418:305, dontdoit.jpg)

What can you really say to talk sense into them.

7ad656  No.12111335


1) It's not illegal to make a fake coupon for laughs (it's not official US currency).

2) It's not illegal to distribute them as long as it's not for profit.

3) It's not illegal to unknowingly try to use a fake coupon.

b86015  No.12111347


>Be sure to "fakeproof", or immunize them against claims that it is fake.

"NOTE: A malicious online rumor is being spread by White Supremicist Klan members that this coupon is fake. Be sure that neither the customer nor the cashier is taken in by this crude ruse, by raising your voice and repeatedly insisting on the veracity of this offer, if necessary."

6ba795  No.12111352

File: 2f6394a1d8814bc⋯.jpg (25.18 KB, 447x182, 447:182, sick.jpg)

b7a168  No.12111382

File: d1c0d4a299675e2⋯.webm (3.45 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Austin Jorgenson.webm)

>This fucking thread

You absolute madmen.

6ba795  No.12111383

File: d4d2904f36e5d17⋯.jpg (52.67 KB, 741x385, 741:385, leftism.jpg)

fecfd5  No.12111434


Poor Austin wasn't the same after his dad died. He drank the Kool-Aid hard. Lisa is great.

c43654  No.12111449

File: af22a50ff0cf416⋯.png (909.62 KB, 952x1206, 476:603, do-it.png)

ebf848  No.12111466

File: 57c116f79e57d83⋯.jpg (169.09 KB, 1080x1050, 36:35, IMG_20180905_143232.jpg)

Top kek. Fucking genius

6a0031  No.12111550


you can always write something different underneath the code - the scanner only reads the lines

ae891c  No.12111559


That or at least one of his aids or interns does for sure. Probably doesn't directly do it himself for security/liability purposes but is no doubt at least mildly aware of it.

f27688  No.12111560


Trump Jr. retweeted someone who posted the Anthony Weiner one. Why the fuck couldn’t we have made HIM president? He at least doesn’t give a fuck about directly ADDRESSING us, even if he might be a zionist, too.

5d823a  No.12111928


Are niggers this stupid?

3118c9  No.12111935


lol that's what I thought - and meant. You put the secret message in the barcode, you don't fucking print it beneath it like a tard keek

3118c9  No.12111939


Anybody can be rused. It's more like hope. Millions buy lottery tickets. Hell, I've bought a few. I never won, but it's not possible to buy a lotto ticket without some shred of HOPE that you just might be lucky enough to win it.

3118c9  No.12111940

And that hope is what we must slay. Slaying it, the people shall rally, and shall slay, in the streets, the kikes, and likewise the purveyors of deities, and of communism, which is also a false doctrine. And as well there will be no mercy for the super rich.

And all shall be MGTOW.

But only upon realization hope is a scam.

Is it a scam, anon?

cbb13f  No.12111944


Even if they aren't (they are) they'd still try for the free shit.

3d7ef1  No.12111945

File: 3f2fc3bcf7aa0f4⋯.mp4 (3.33 MB, 480x320, 3:2, starbucks schadenfreude.mp4)

reposting webm from a starcucks employee

3118c9  No.12111949







3d7ef1  No.12111950


watch the whole thing, its so delicious watching their cognitive dissonance

3118c9  No.12111951


He really has some sadistic humor talent.

3118c9  No.12112012

File: 5239d45dcbe51dd⋯.png (2.32 MB, 2500x1896, 625:474, NiceNeighbor.png)

d112fc  No.12112035


No one in the U.S. will know who that is.

4f1f8c  No.12112037

dont buy nike ever again,niggers are stupid.

000000  No.12112051

Niggers, best slaves in the world. They all went and spent their money on the wakanda movie fattening the pockets of some kikes, they all spend their money on overpriced shoes contributing to the fund of some crypto kike.

4f1f8c  No.12112074


slave at best outside of their natural habitat,instead we have weoponized apes bussed into white zones to vote and funded by jews to claim and brainwash other apes to believe they are oppressed when they have no idead what oppression whites have saved their ungrateful nigger asses from and so stupid to believe what a filthy parasite jew tells them.



4f1f8c  No.12112076



5613d3  No.12112080


That's the best Dad in Australia.

301af4  No.12112082

File: 7889c7433025ba2⋯.png (625.76 KB, 960x538, 480:269, be6ec06ee87e15480145ee3207….png)


Just to refresh my memory, is that the best dad ever?

9e628c  No.12112092

File: 9d111e13ceee4c6⋯.png (18.61 KB, 601x548, 601:548, 9d111e13ceee4c6f1e7db60ac3….png)


>we've tried so hard to stand up for these people and help them, and it's like they're turning on us. why? we're the good guys

This is nice.

3118c9  No.12112110

3118c9  No.12112117


"why aren't these people mad at trump voters, or gun shops?"

Thing is, I can't tell if he's trolling or telling the truth. It's impossible to tell..

4a2d24  No.12112139



b32757  No.12112150


pass the shoes

lace war now

3118c9  No.12112225

File: 91e8381bc7b9905⋯.png (123.75 KB, 353x257, 353:257, ClipboardImage.png)

fd2edf  No.12112246


way to make a dindu suspicious.

3118c9  No.12112274


They're not that fucking stupid. They're exploiting the situation, dumbass.

2eb625  No.12112284


the top is kinda cut off

2eb625  No.12112288

I think it should be 35, 75 is a bit unrealistic

211532  No.12112292


>Dude placates a bunch of niggers

>gibs free coffee drinks to niggers

>thinks they'll go easy on him and his "white bitch" barista co-worker.

>tfw why pay $6 for Starbucks when you can just act like a nigger and get your drink for free?

Why did the niggers ever stop? Is it just because they got bored of raping baristas in the middle of the store?

fd2edf  No.12112320


"We don't know what will happen. Tensions are so high, we don't know what is going to happen (aka am I going to be shot for not giving these niggers their coffee)." "Times like these, how long is this going to go on."

fd2edf  No.12112323


Watch that starcucks video…corporations are folding under the pressure of niggers. Niggers have figured out that they can rob corporations whenever they like and Europeans will just pay for it.

2eb625  No.12112329


do yuros care about colin though? this seems to be an american thing

fd2edf  No.12112334




63d1dc  No.12112350


> Apple and such are trademarks

This is some FBI-profiler stuff there.

fd2edf  No.12112373


I meant genetic Europeans. No, I doubt national Europeans care about that jew fag at all. Look at the brilliance of the plan, put a jew fag into the nest of the Whites (cuckoo) and it still proves itself to be what its nature is…there is not great example of nigger jew faggotry and being taken in by Europeans and then stabbing them and their culture in the back. WE MUST EXTERMINATE THE SUBHUMANS.

be0263  No.12112376

part of me wouldn't be surprised if nike bent over even further and started handing out shoes

7ad656  No.12112381


They stopped only because niggers honestly don't drink Starbucks, I have a coworker that's a light skinned nigress that drinks it all the time as a sort of dog whistle that she's an ivory hunter.

aef11c  No.12112395

God bless you, you magnificent bastards. I wish I could be a part of this shitshow but thankfully I'm not american.

7ad656  No.12112411


You can still help us Eurobro by helping distribute these fake coupons on social media.

aa89ad  No.12112431

This is awsome, can't wait to see the results. Made my day

Someone should spoof call a news network and plant this story of how nike want to pay back for slavery and kangz and shiiit

fd2edf  No.12112436


That is a fantastic idea. Even if you made it as a spoof and posted it somewhere blacks congregate online.

431473  No.12112439

File: ef3b0abdab9fc26⋯.jpg (29.41 KB, 432x720, 3:5, 1463065847336-1.jpg)


>he fucking personally paid for the nigger's coffee after they came in and insulted some chick he was probably trying to niceguy into fucking him

>they also gave him the "das rite"s the whole time while they recorded it


unfortunately, the poz runs so deep in this poor son of a bitch that even after seeing the true nature of niggers, he can't bring himself to have a single bad thought against them because he's been conditioned to think they're disenfranchised whites with a different coat of paint instead of subhumans looking for (and then aggressively pursuing) free handouts. really makes me wonder what it would take for this guy to see the truth

528767  No.12112441

File: 126beefffc24d9c⋯.gif (2.31 MB, 431x330, 431:330, uyctxfcgvhbjnm.gif)


posting in epic bread

6417fd  No.12112444


> its so delicious watching their cognitive dissonance

I'm glad you can enjoy this flavor of schadenfreude

Personally I find these people stupid/useless beyond any use and would gladly throw them off a cliff

528767  No.12112449

File: c599c19737353c2⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 500x417, 500:417, c599c19737353c2d780013c5db….jpg)

6417fd  No.12112450


>what it would take for this guy to see the truth

He never will and would actively turn traitor against fellow whites who do.



d4b0b8  No.12112452

File: 389d962a4c61a1a⋯.gif (486.79 KB, 282x199, 282:199, 389d962a4c61a1a5f4ef596670….gif)


That was funny but what really caught my attention was how utterly demoralised and defeated he sounded. This is what we need to do to every leftist, break them inside.

>>12112444 (checked)

Force reality on them until they self genocide.

fd2edf  No.12112453


I think he is pondering it. It would only take a trip to 8chan to solidify it.

5fb5e3  No.12112461



528767  No.12112474

File: 182955c123d0640⋯.gif (82.31 KB, 100x100, 1:1, u7f6567f8ghu.gif)



Good job anon

3118c9  No.12112492


I just modified op.

3118c9  No.12112493


100% = SUCCESS



b87b50  No.12112498


Yeah, is that true? I've been told that Tupac spoke out against the Jews, but I've never seen any proof to substantiate this claim.

861fb6  No.12112501

File: 4af9798a0d2730d⋯.jpg (64.51 KB, 369x658, 369:658, 1458460537212.jpg)


>Did 2pac say something about the jews?

>Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, reported in 2011 that the FBI released documents, as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request, revealing its investigation of the Jewish Defense League for extorting protection money from Shakur and other rappers after making death threats against them.[24][25] In 2017, Knight claimed he might have been the target of the attack that killed Shakur, arguing that it was a hit on him as a staged coup to seize control of Death Row Records.[26]

000000  No.12112509

Well first you need to get cuckchan on it and furthermore it should be 100%. The niggers are too cheap, broke, and criminal to pay even 25%.

0dfafc  No.12112514


I'd love to see this guy just get absolutely knocked the fuck out by some random nigger on the street because there aren't many more deserving. "We're the good guys, woe is me" what a fucking faggot. Everyone like this deserves the rope.

3118c9  No.12112533


The fool is without hope. Nothing will grand the democrat a message. They are idiots and fools completely.

And it turns out that's something like 60% of the population.

000000  No.12112565

Nike's favorability rating among Americans plummets 34 points







000000  No.12112572


The worst part of all this? It dropped among niggers too. Even they hate this fake-coon why the fuck did KIKE think this was good idea? lmao

3118c9  No.12112606


We need to emphasize this:


That should rile 'em up a little.

23e356  No.12112608


start using tor and stop talking like you are some untouchable mastermind.

THere are literal bounties out for providing information about the creator of fake coupons.

Just a little heads up.

alot of people will kill their mother for a $2500 dollar check from nike.

They dont worry about the person attempting to use the coupon per say.

431473  No.12112609


>generation zyklon had the second largest drop in considering purchasing nike products, next to republicans

warms the soul, though i'd like it to be a lot closer to 0%. that's also a pretty big market due to school sports leagues and such

3118c9  No.12112618


Well, you make the erroneous assumption kikes care about companies. They gladly steal and spread degeneracy. They're literally living AIDS-RAPE. They rape, and they spread aids. Metaphorically, obviously. They take things which have a wholesomeness, and they place their degeneracy, their "homo destruction", upon it.

23e356  No.12112624

you could always make the barcode brick the barcode scanner.

eae936  No.12112630


ok how?

eae936  No.12112638


fix the top, its cut off

874769  No.12112641


But that's odd. The FBI is jew owned. Wouldn't the jews at least change info in the documents?

23e356  No.12112681


Interesting but boring talk about barcodes


073e5c  No.12112700


most all jews do

6417fd  No.12113025

aa89ad  No.12113387

Maby some shitposters would start Twitter shit like:

What?, will Nike give everybody but white people a 75% on one pair of shoes coupon?

Damm, i wish i was black. Mohaha

528767  No.12113470

File: 4ab69075ccbeb3b⋯.png (54.92 KB, 152x164, 38:41, 79tgh08g97u.png)


>yfw you know Hitler was right

12ca2c  No.12113474

528767  No.12113484


off the mark completely

unacceptable submission

e4b1b9  No.12113495


The QR code should read: "remain calm, this is a robbery and I have a gun"

1e56fd  No.12113501


I like it

528767  No.12113511

File: 4b229052d3e6521⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 788x699, 788:699, 1535476783949.jpg)



good, good. remember it just needs to be plausible, so keep it low key. a lot of blacks will twig that it is a hoax but they will go along with it anyway for free stuff, like last time. once established, spread it on twatter.

1e56fd  No.12113513

File: f9fe150d02ce082⋯.gif (918.09 KB, 659x609, 659:609, f9fe150d02ce082ac0748a5cd2….gif)



819fea  No.12113535

gibs me dat

d82b5c  No.12113565


umm no sweetie, its art

5c9f81  No.12113579


Have it link to Dr. Tony Martin.

874769  No.12113593


>Dr. Tony Martin

You mean the black professor who did a lecture on who truly enslaved the blacks?

528767  No.12113666

File: e71eb706361c31f⋯.gif (2.6 MB, 400x232, 50:29, 1535499704424.gif)


we just want Nike to do a good deed for POC and give them a generous discount on their sports apparel, anon.

Otherwise how do we know Nike is really down with POC and not just pulling some jewish trick?

1e56fd  No.12113687

>>12113666 (checked)

indeed satan

679c97  No.12113715

Any recs for types of paper to print this coupon on so it looks official? Going to leave them on heavily populated bus stop benches and train stations in the Chicago Loop.

d655e5  No.12113891

This is what an NSA post looks like:


d655e5  No.12113896


< knows niggers will only go if it's free

< attacks oc with overly high standards, as if standards matter

< so as to block the operation

o hi there CIA!

d655e5  No.12113898

729c2a  No.12113915


>I wish I could be a part of this shitshow but thankfully I'm not american.

They sell Nike's world wide.

a7fb65  No.12113920


>too retarded to remember nikes are sold worldwide

>insults America

America confirmed for best country

Fuck off shitskin

528767  No.12113936

File: 1ebf6128d380078⋯.jpg (92.44 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1535596553238.jpg)


You're the glownigger here m8

free nike gear is too good to be true even for blacks, but offering a discount could be the start of them demanding reparations from Jike for politicizing blacks to sell shoes

come on, man

a6e2b1  No.12114017


Probably a coated glossy paper used in text books or magazines would work and make for a "fancier" coupon, which I think would suit Nike more. Typical coupons from a newspaper are made with some kind of thinner but still glossy paper.

528767  No.12114030


true they would only print on glossy card paper

3ed619  No.12114117

I can hear the media bitching already.


0fabdc  No.12114120


You glow in the dark kike. How do you type over that nose of yours?

136e38  No.12114403

File: 7aa95d7798a8436⋯.jpg (24.73 KB, 239x300, 239:300, 1434399627778.jpg)


>not an official currency


Your moralfaggotry and lack of inteligence tells me you don't belong here. If making coupons was illegal, love coupons for blowjobs would be treated as prostitution with adult shops being shutdown and charged. Now get out nigger!

09a278  No.12114649


>really makes me wonder what it would take for this guy to see the truth


8edd55  No.12114877

I love it but it's niggers, so 75% off what they won't want to pay anyway? Come on.

Gotta be gibs.

E.g. One free style, decided on per-store by stock level.

31f505  No.12114949


He cant keep getting away with it.

d655e5  No.12115010


>free nike gear is too good to be true even for blacks

This isn't about fooling blacks into believing. Nogs can't into gimp. But they can into demanding free shit. This is all about empowering the nog in his nog ways, but against the kike.

But you want to keep the kike from losing money ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Go to hell, CIA nigger.

d655e5  No.12115048



Yep. 100%. Fucking free shit. Let's see it. And we could add phrases like,

"We made NIKE what it is today. It's OUR COMPANY. So it's time NIKE gave back to the community. June Teenth is All You Can Wear Free Day. Men and women of color: If you can wear it, you get to keep it. Just stop by any store that stocks NIKE merchandise, from sneakers to jackets to hats to watches, dress to the nines, then head out.*"

- Colonel Kaepernick

* Limit 1 trip per store per year

72257e  No.12115068



d655e5  No.12115156

File: 1722bcbf94ac3d6⋯.png (48.33 KB, 876x281, 876:281, ClipboardImage.png)


How about we make the BOGO offer be on some really cucked brand? BOGO and such are for white brands, not nog brands.

Since NIKE makes most of its money off of nogs, let's make nogs the worst demo to sell shoes to, so fucking bad you have to give it all away.

World Star Hip Hop: Man arrested for claiming his free NIKES.

f2d951  No.12115221

File: bae8ecb1540c196⋯.png (444.99 KB, 626x563, 626:563, yuri3.png)


If you ever wanted to know how painful cognitive dissonance is for nomries, this is the video to watch.

2479d1  No.12115222


serious meme there my friend

d655e5  No.12115241


Which fonts are these?

603d13  No.12115327


Sad to tell you but it actually is illegal. Its called Coupon Fraud. Look it up. With that in mind perhaps you are the one who lacks intelligence. If you dont 100% know of something dont talk about it. So you should get out.

f2d951  No.12115355

File: faee85cb9ebec52⋯.png (6.57 KB, 207x169, 207:169, 880040d0bea7ee7b18756f8f2d….png)


Time to make some more coupons, brb.

603d13  No.12115404


Go ahead, I dont care what happens with it. Though Id rather people be correct in their statements. Also please make sure if you are going to print them out that you make it look good. Another thing I cant stand is lazy craftmanship regardless of what it is. Even if you are designing the coupons for the blacks to use, make them look well. Best case scenario, blacks get a shitload of free shoes, nike takes a massive hit and then are left with two options.

First, Nike allows it not to appear racist and caves into the minority pressure making them lose massive amounts of money on their products.

Second and a better option, Nike halts this, takes a "stand" and doesnt allow any discounts on their products at all. This will be interpreted as racist by the majority of blacks that cant really comprehend the basics of it all. The next part would be that people get arrested for the coupon fraud. If this plays out even better than expected it will make blacks look even worse by "playing the race card" in order to get free shit.

528767  No.12115420

File: 32d05a29d4e2639⋯.gif (991.65 KB, 500x220, 25:11, 78675ftyuy.gif)


youre glowing like a maniac

d655e5  No.12115448

This is what a CIA post looks like. Fake meme, lack of knowledge of how to use them, "no ur" move:


Another thing the CIA does is act, very strongly, to dismantle operations. To assure no success, create worthless coupons.

For example, do you know how much top of the line Nikes cost (like the ones that look good enough that you could get a niggress date, as a nigger)? Do tell, CIA nigger.

378fa7  No.12115479

File: c00b0758d98234a⋯.jpg (18.51 KB, 395x281, 395:281, 1495724414901.jpg)

dude, I cant believe nobody has made some convincing ones yet.

do I have to do everything?

I know you niggers have plenty of time

538b22  No.12115506


You absolute mad lad. God bless you anon. These coupons need to be distributed everywhere. The chimp outs will be fucking hilarious.

29e083  No.12115545

make a thread on cuckchan pretenting it's legit once we have a decent coupon. only the IQ's above 70 will get it.

b7a168  No.12115910

File: 047c15175b1c024⋯.png (294.81 KB, 457x340, 457:340, 1422063267432.png)


I actually can't finish watching this. It's just pathetic.

3d945e  No.12116067


Very likely Trade Gothic and Futura Pro Bold Condensed Oblique.

436351  No.12116133

File: 179564fe34d4917⋯.jpg (47.55 KB, 432x288, 3:2, 1380754679137.jpg)



Pic related is me now.

436351  No.12116145


Too obvious I think anon, do it like the other anon recommended and mix and match with numbers and different letters.

436351  No.12116163


Damn, I should have looked at the name first.

3d945e  No.12116176


The readout should confirm the coupon info. "75% OFF" or what have you. Anything snarky will prove the coupon fake. It needs to look authentic so Tyrone demands his gimmies.

436351  No.12116211


This 100% make it believable or else it won't work. The coupon is not the goal, its the reaction from the nogs we want, we just need a coupon good enough to get them to the cash register and start bitching about it.

528767  No.12116216

File: 695451d890e0552⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 500x209, 500:209, 564er76t879hugvyu.gif)


Bateman is a 'fake meme'?

>being this new

92b2f1  No.12116248

File: fddfb1354dc1774⋯.jpg (421.81 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, terrorist just do it.jpg)

2c5741  No.12116281


This needs to look 100% legitimate. Making the barcode scan as nigger will simply backfire on us.

e8dac1  No.12116308


Tell me moar about may mays, retarded CIA nigger boomer.

5ab085  No.12116349

Bumping epic bread while keeping my printer warm for design anon.

t. Chicago /pol/ack

8edd55  No.12116372


>wut font


>not these




If you niggers read the post properly you'd have saved some replies.

3d945e  No.12116380


Very true, friend. Ideally the readout says "APPROVED" or "ACCEPTED" or something that will authenticate the coupon in the eyes of the rube. Whereas "HALE HORTLER" (or whatever) is an immediate admission that the coupon is a hoax. "APPROVED" gets an immediate umbrage escalation from our would-be Nike consumer.

e8dac1  No.12116403


Getting nogs to chimp out is a delightful bonus. Getting a clerk to read out, "love trump's hate" or something would be awesome.

805d55  No.12116481


>Jew owned

This is something many /pol/ anons don't understand. Bureaucracy is a huge complex machine. You don't own all of it, you can own parts and control parts, but the government and it's agencies are not or will they ever be 100% kosher. There's always going to be elements acting in their own individual agendas. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

91dd16  No.12116795

Not a bad idea but it’d be even better if someone downloaded barcode software that actually scans out to ridiculously low prices.

($4.99 or some shit)

>inconspicuously relabel all fucking Air Jordans or whatever

> ???

> (no) profit

91dd16  No.12116796


mein Neger

5d823a  No.12116877


Shouldn’t we spread this on twitter and Facebook instead of here?

2acb82  No.12117501

File: 1d79491d168f503⋯.jpg (606.43 KB, 1000x1027, 1000:1027, tyrone.jpg)


>>12116211 (checked)


>Ideally the readout says "APPROVED"

Best idea in this epic thread

Has maximum chimping value because even if the readout is only on the sales clerk side, you got to believe any nigger has one eye on whatever is expected to release the cash drawer. Also the reason 100% is better, especially with an always ignored "limit one per customer", is because niggers are preconditioned to larceny. More incentive to bring along some additional street nogs for the lelz. With 75% off, it's inviting a solo attempt, which Tyrone might not push for maximum value.

0a69d6  No.12117529

This is fantastic, hilarious work. Some ideas:

-go for a more minimal approach to design that matches the ad (black and white, white text)

-use the public spectacle to your advantage. "take a knee at checkout" is brilliant but I feel like there's a more subtle approach

some copy:

"There's a time for hustling and a time for giving."

"Nothing should stop you from achieving your best."

"This one's on us."

"We wouldn't be where we are today without your hustle."

"The best gear today for the hustle of tomorrow."

"We see you. We see your grind, your passion and hardwork. We see a future. This one is on us."


5ed95d  No.12117613

What if we had several different coupons? Social media might pick this up and spread the word about the fake coupons, but they might only catch one of them. If someone tweets about one fake, the youths see it and think, "Dat don look like da one I's got. Imma get ma gibs." And the day is saved.

aa89ad  No.12117655


Kek! approved or accepted, i see that working so well, it has to be so, please make them so

0a69d6  No.12117693


We also need to figure out a good reason for there to be fake coupons in the first place.

0a69d6  No.12117694

Trump just tweeted about Nike btw, shall we take this to the next level boys?

aa89ad  No.12117723

Anon_yone have accsess to this "live deep fake" AI software, and want to make vidya? Can someone just do it, please do it, thank you for doing it.

5fb5e3  No.12117760


>It say APPROVED bitch!

>You not givin it to me because I'm black!

000000  No.12117769


Yes. Multiple 100% (ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT) free coupons for everyone. In fact, let's go further. 188% coupons, they get the shoes for free plus an extra 88% of their value in cash as reparations because fuck whitey n shieeet.

4da30e  No.12117799

File: 7624d021dba5134⋯.png (161.62 KB, 500x651, 500:651, kneegrows.png)

Barcode or QrCode should include the word Nigger when they scan it on their sailfoam.

EBT accepted for a limited time' on the coupon.

Watch as sales from Take a Knee-Grows . .

2acb82  No.12117824


Dayum, you got trip dubs. Yet this has to be played for long term success. Nothing less than the end of Nike or a complete chimp out is acceptable. EBT ain't necessary for no obama phone nigga, just got to empower the nogs to grab mah gibbs. Sheet ain't about no take a knee, even if that's catchy. Do you really think any homie cares about mah bro Colin?

aa89ad  No.12118093

deep fake vidya suggestion: Kaepernick saying he will make coupons for 3 mil usd, and have them spread to bus stations, train stations ect with 90% off all purchase at nike store, only one pr customer of course

84389d  No.12118282


What are you doing? Can you please act white.

62bc24  No.12118287




In case you're not a disgusting kike lurk more.

In the other case you don't need to to anything anymore just sit and wait.

4c238a  No.12118289



get a rope

4ab582  No.12119365

File: fbafda9ef14f23e⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 430x556, 215:278, just do it.jpg)

e02aaf  No.12119459

File: c1f0b08e2528460⋯.png (352.2 KB, 988x874, 26:23, deff not illegal. .png)

d6c9fe  No.12119476


I don't know what you're implicating here. This is a Ugandan Starfish Appreciation board of lawfulness and peace. OP was just showing us a coupon he found online and wanted to know if someone had it.

e02aaf  No.12119490

just making a point not to implicate yourself as the creators of said coupon.

and use a proxy+tor . shit.

56b942  No.12119589


That looks like it was whipped up in about 2 minutes in MSPaint and carries absolutely no official markings whatsoever. What is this supposed to convince someone of?

e8dac1  No.12119683




Now bite me, CIA's dick-sucking bug man retard bich.

3d945e  No.12119723



"Equality is the new Beautiful. Level the playing field. Our gift to you: affordable gear for all."

14e7a2  No.12119729


any real motherfucker has been buying NBs for at least three years now…

c1e432  No.12119740

File: 8b06f6136183e25⋯.jpeg (263.39 KB, 1000x524, 250:131, KAPcoup-thisonesonus.jpeg)


c1e432  No.12119942

File: d2b77c9b656039e⋯.jpeg (129.88 KB, 1000x524, 250:131, KAPcoup-trump.jpeg)


Made another one

e1229d  No.12120021

File: 7db834a1090be9c⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 600x345, 40:23, nikenigger1.jpg)

File: 6cce4ceef52ead1⋯.gif (20.35 KB, 390x515, 78:103, nikenigger2.gif)


doesn't really look legit, and the text in bottom right is too low res, plus the date there is blanked out. you tried I guess. some original designs for reference

e1229d  No.12120031


PS sorry for low effort, I'll be able to use my desktop in a few days, I'll try to whip something up then

5309ea  No.12120085



They look really bad, what did you expect people would say?

Have there been anons who have spread these to and near Nike stores?

In my country and city there isn't a negro culture very much so it wouldn't make sense for me to do it.

c11159  No.12120108

File: a5b8858f1283547⋯.jpg (154.84 KB, 938x808, 469:404, a5b8858f128354776d60ee9600….jpg)

this appears to be triggering some of our (((guests))) so i'll give it a bump. get them coupons out goys and watch the niggers demand free shit, it's always fun!

c11159  No.12120154

hahahahha the kikes slid that fast. have another bump and put in the work hahahhha

4c9127  No.12121529

File: 4aae12299a6c93a⋯.png (4.07 KB, 476x360, 119:90, 4aae12299a6c93a06ca1fce118….png)

>thread that could do serious damage shows up

>(((mysteriously))) drops to page 5 before anything is done

ba95f7  No.12121575

this coupon is confirmed psyop

6207ea  No.12121592

File: 1c57dc7e079d892⋯.png (30.13 KB, 1500x600, 5:2, people-ad.png)

So I found this coupon while browsing through magazines during checkout…

12ca2c  No.12121728

File: 6d4bf160e0b97c3⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 800x603, 800:603, Frank Zappa 2.jpg)


>warriors of color

9db3e4  No.12122008


Pretty good, but it would be nice if it said "display your driver's license at checkout, all race designations but W accepted."

22fc16  No.12122216

File: 29760d7db689e4a⋯.jpg (333.38 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, nike gets kiked v1.jpg)

How's this? I think It'd be good to include Nike's subsidiaries too.

603d13  No.12122245


Your text is a bit weird. Not crisp enough. See about perhaps giving it a bit more size on the font and less blank space. Too much blank space is bad.

b5d157  No.12122249



Fix that and you got it. Also try more antialiasing on the text.

603d13  No.12122254


Like saying "Only available in North America" or something like that

5e730a  No.12122260


How about "Buy 1 pair of Nike get 2 pair of Converse each of equal or lesser value absolutely FREE!"

5e730a  No.12122263


Or not "not valid in Alaska and the Dominican Republic".

5e730a  No.12122264


Oh, and, even better, add "Official Coupon of NikeCoupons.com"

603d13  No.12122272


Hmm thats a good one. Giving restrictions makes it look more valid than having no restrictions. Though thats another funny thing. A coupon for colored people, except this colored area.

22fc16  No.12122334

File: 80978fdb7adfe23⋯.jpg (407.1 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, nike gets kiked v2.jpg)

Better, yes? I'd also be using lower case, but the Bebas Neue pack only came with upper case.

603d13  No.12122342


Giving out too much. A bit too good to be true. I was just suggesting that you make the text or spacing a tad bigger. Perhaps you can do another 20% off instead of free.

5e730a  No.12122352


> authorised

British spelling. Should be authoriZed.

5e730a  No.12122354



This is about giving away too fucking much. This is about fucking nailing them fuckers.

5e730a  No.12122356


And make it 75% off. Fucking give these chimps the fucking farm.

Look, they can barely afford Nikes as is. Like the ones that actually are popular in the hood are their entire welfare food benefit (after selling it to the neighbors, fuck food, daddy gotta look good).

5e730a  No.12122358


Look, here's why that kike is trying to get you to lower the %. What he knows is that there's a PROFIT MARGIN. As long as you don't go outside of the profit margin it won't really hit the company (they overproduce in most shoes, and only a few wind up big hits, sold out). They just expect to sell some at cost. It's how they do business.

So we have no choice. Big % or it will BE MEANINGLESS.

603d13  No.12122372


That was a retarded comment. Im trying to make it look legit. More legit means more use, more use means more losses, more losses means a bigger fuck you. Also more use means more people for the net. Its like you cant see past 5 minutes and only see the immediate.

5e730a  No.12122387


If the coupon basically results in niggers removing some of the "shock absorber" stock it won't be a big impact.

Think of it like a pickup truck. Big shock absorbers. You throw on a tiny percentage, that's a fucking pebble. You gotta really eat into those shocks.

22fc16  No.12122432

File: 6f5fabdc3858a55⋯.jpg (406.12 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, nike gets kiked v3 (75% ed….jpg)

I't trying to make it realistic. (((Big businesses))) like to make a profit whilst pandering to non-whites. Then again, I'm not a marketing genius.

e152c4  No.12122444

File: b4ef7c1b78d88de⋯.png (212.25 KB, 565x486, 565:486, b4ef7c1b78d88de5f6e6fccfb8….png)


>another customer has come in and asked that we change the music to something more like, uh, Kendrick Lamar… who won the Pulitzer Prize, by the way… go him

dd63a1  No.12122457


Both discounts at the same time sounds far fetched. It's either 75% off, or one item free.

dd63a1  No.12122460


I could only believe both offers, if the PLUS one was about smaller apparel like hats or wristbands.

5e730a  No.12122465


This never was about belief. These niggers are not to use this out of authenticity. They're to use it like they always use niggerness. To steal, duh. "gimmedats" cuz oppression ayun sheeit

5e730a  No.12122466


This isn't about fooling niggers. This is about the fact niggers can't into photoshop, so you do it for them, so they can get the sheit they deserve for being oppressed minorities.

Bonus: kikes run the shops ha ha ha ha ha they get screwed.

e152c4  No.12122474


Great design, anon. Personally I would replace the PLUS section with something specific to People of Color, but 10/10 as is

5ed95d  No.12122475


Typo in "something." Otherwise good.

e152c4  No.12122482


Oh shit, I didn't read the fine print. Well, I would make the "minorities" part more prominent.

b02986  No.12122503

File: 6d7e40b35c256d7⋯.png (478.3 KB, 478x676, 239:338, 1450386569191.png)


This may actually be the perfect way to break the conditioning, by setting up corporations as stooges.

<Fake discount for POC

>Corporation honors it and gets taken complete advantage of, advertising that cowards who toe the line get rekt by their desire to show everyone how PC they are

>Or corporation denies it, and get attacked by the rabid left as rayciss opressurs an sheit and how a company should NOT be run, emphasizing the former

It's the perfect storm. It's a win-win. This should be the strategy used from now on. It furthers the cause while leaving us completely blameless since all behavior is predicated solely on the companies and their antagonists.

e152c4  No.12122522


>committing fraud

>completely blameless

456238  No.12122697


Wear some Nike shoes and a Nike jacket while doing this, maybe even a Nike snapback if you have one/can borrow one. It’ll look more innocuous if you appear to be an employee dropping them off around the city.

22fc16  No.12122732

File: c8cbe01c7e8a1f1⋯.jpg (404.05 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, nike gets kiked v4 (final).jpg)

Alright, final print. Fixed everything I could. Might start a graphic design thread later.

6207ea  No.12123008


>Assuming most nigs have drivers' licenses

3dc050  No.12123063


>what a time to be live

Isn't it just?

9f9f3d  No.12123083


I'd be very interested in a thread on Photoshop CC.

073e5c  No.12123094


it looks really bad. way too much text. marketing would crucify you.

aa89ad  No.12123112


Why Converse and Hurley?

Anyway looks good

148853  No.12123137


I think they're both subsidiaries of Nike? Someone needs to correct me on that.

3cae9d  No.12123196


3cae9d  No.12123212

Niggers keep bumping the shitty hoe rogan thread

3cae9d  No.12123219


Can you make one that just says scan the barcode or just show the picture? Niggers will be suspicious if we have to hand them out and they are too stupid to print them out.

18ef40  No.12123282

File: 2a987dd545d76f1⋯.png (141.56 KB, 380x380, 1:1, m1QZX7SW.png)

>322 posts so far

>not a single decent coupon

Jesus Christ you niggers used to be more reliable. The Starbucks threads were way more productive and fun

389ae2  No.12123387


Show me your war lace!!

389ae2  No.12123398

File: 07d6b550257e202⋯.jpeg (4.4 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 6119F947-6189-4603-8122-0….jpeg)


Yeah not everyone has that specific autism. I’ll put them everywhere once a good one drops tho

Pic related

527461  No.12123419


This fucker gets it, we need training for >>12123282

389ae2  No.12123429


Send it instead of bitching put together a flow chart or something instructional I’ve attenpted to use the one that came installed on my muh chine but it’s microshaft 10 and I’m genuinely a tech tard and suck at anything like that.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

389ae2  No.12123435

File: bad983256c074cb⋯.jpeg (451.74 KB, 640x1092, 160:273, 3D0553C1-69A4-42FC-BFC5-B….jpeg)


This was my first and last attempt at it. Couldn’t get further than this. Can’t recall what I was even trying to meme but the guys face is priceless

56c777  No.12123477


>still thinks the official nike font is bebas neue and not futura std condensed extra bold with the text spacing turned down

a06bb7  No.12123497


Typo in the bottom section,

>only applicable in-store only.

Great work anon.

352147  No.12123526



Here, let me help you guys out


Don't make the shoes "75% off", it needs to be believable and not, "too good to be true".

ba5d0e  No.12123605


>Don't make the shoes "75% off"

I disagree, it should be AT LEAST 75% off. It needs to be believeble, but to niggers only - the stores will obviously know it's fake. I think the point is that the store knows it's fake and either has to cuck out and pay from pocket or cause the nigger to chimp out.

I would actually produce coupons with both 75% and 100% discounts and just see which one is more successful.

Additionally, I thought it might be funny to specify a higher discount for full niggers, and lower to mullatos/mixed. Also specify it doesn't apply to asians, they are waking up to being discriminated by affirmative action. Might accelerate the redpilling.

9f9f3d  No.12123627


>specify it doesn't apply to asians, they are waking up to being discriminated by affirmative action. Might accelerate the redpilling.

We should really pretend we're jews and start really going after the Asians. They already don't like them, imagine if we denounced our Asian Privilege and "I hated Asians" all over the webz.

9f9f3d  No.12123636


I have the full CC studio and don't even know how to photoshopCC. I use the old PS because I can't even figure out how to change colors in CC.

38e1ae  No.12123720

File: c1081254bc94a75⋯.jpg (445.29 KB, 1325x930, 265:186, bookerWP2.jpg)

fe7e74  No.12123743


Ayo, why is the for minorities part so small?

that precisely should stand out, it also should say for coloured people instead of minorities.

5e730a  No.12124047


< it's fraud to remove from this Earth those who are pitted against the white man, who aid in the starvation of his people

29dcc7  No.12124475

File: 47af47f0d21c83f⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 853x480, 853:480, bluehorseshoe.jpg)

Blue horseshoe luuuuvs Nike.

It's an insider trading thing. A company that big doesn't release an ad campaign that's going to obviously cause downward ripples in their stock without a reason – execs and other insiders likely shorted the stock prior to the ads being released. They probably even spread word about the campaign long before it was released so they could have a big block of shorts that would mask who leaked first. SEC ought to have a field day seeing who was profiting from that predictable dip.

6207ea  No.12125068

File: 584337d701b7d0a⋯.png (31.64 KB, 1500x600, 5:2, coupon.png)

File: 1ebb6d0d65f5e20⋯.png (32.75 KB, 1500x600, 5:2, coupon2.png)


Good catch. Like this?

073e5c  No.12125400


I like this one best, what does the barcode say?

484f97  No.12125458


great bait, 10/10. next lv ops

b085c1  No.12125466


>a barcode should have a string of numbers under it

>a coupon should specify which stores will take it

e02aaf  No.12125504


"CIA's dick-sucking bug man retard Bich"

thats a new one

e02aaf  No.12125517

File: b4ebbf3299f59f2⋯.png (495.1 KB, 950x863, 950:863, 100k.png)

lol no ones ever been prosecuted for making fake coupons.

e02aaf  No.12125519



682458  No.12125694


I think "75% off" is a better idea than "b1g1f"; a bigger number will attract more niggers

>nigger comes to the register with an armful of shit

>"s-sir this coupon is not valid"

>nigger runs off


>boonk gang


Not sure, but I also think that all barcodes should pull up as "APPROVED"

682458  No.12125755

File: 9e8531022c0a2c6⋯.png (13.58 KB, 500x300, 5:3, coupon.png)

1cb533  No.12125801


lol $100K reward for fake $3.00 coupon


1cb533  No.12125805



9bfcf2  No.12125888



not sure why shills dogpiled this guy, the design probably isnt passable but these are solid as fuck as far as the actual ad copy goes… come back anon?

6207ea  No.12125939

File: 3db71a24c701650⋯.png (37.21 KB, 1500x600, 5:2, coupon.png)


Sure, why not

603d13  No.12125948


Needs more numerical instead.

6207ea  No.12125974


What's underneath the barcode is just what's been encoded into the barcode, be it item number or ISBN. It doesn't have to be pure numerals

More importantly, nigs won't be able to tell the difference so why not use it to encode another message instead

000000  No.12126166

>>12110555 (checked!)

Inkscape can generate barcodes. It's a vector drawing program, so infinite resolution if you want.

9bfcf2  No.12126198

File: 8d2e7995c4ed579⋯.png (106.94 KB, 585x400, 117:80, qwe_download.png)

IDEA: we should make some bare-bones "leaked insider" coupons like pic related

d72e1a  No.12126282


>We also need to figure out a good reason for there to be fake coupons in the first place.

"We stand in solidarity with POC, your fight is our fight against hate"

or "#resist"

b085c1  No.12126374


>that hash


fba861  No.12126379


If you're going to commit a crime, and coupon fraud is a crime, you might as well just go actually kill someone.

f12505  No.12126467


>an entire year before they can recognize themselves in a mirror

"I don't know who that kid is, but his shoes are fresh."

a84e4e  No.12126574

File: bb2efcfd5e8471f⋯.png (164.72 KB, 524x473, 524:473, 4536765879876908734.png)

0d8266  No.12126612


Goddamn jews. This is what happens when a thread is up for days and nobody actually did anything. Accelerate, print and distribute what we have

7f2834  No.12126638

File: 19df43308c184a4⋯.png (325 KB, 915x848, 915:848, snopes.png)



snope jews already have a full article written up on it.



7f2834  No.12126661

File: 9cc207db055d4ef⋯.png (157.8 KB, 602x910, 43:65, twitter_awakens.png)

File: 80be604706b1fff⋯.png (150.74 KB, 642x916, 321:458, twitter_awakens2.png)


comments are pretty entertaining. twitter can't ban people fast enough.


7f2834  No.12126679

File: 4624d434bd61cb0⋯.png (100.32 KB, 659x925, 659:925, nigga.png)

File: f65301d2c4ef50a⋯.png (124.49 KB, 649x911, 649:911, moshey1.png)

File: 138debf3b240166⋯.png (86.01 KB, 653x962, 653:962, moshey2.png)

File: 57e4279c482602f⋯.png (99.12 KB, 657x964, 657:964, twitter_approves.png)


99% of these twitter comments are overwhelmingly positive.

cafaed  No.12126681


This. Niggers literally shoot each other for shoes.

3e5bcb  No.12126700

ive actually printed my own coupons back in my /b/ days. probably around 2010 when coupon threads were common instead of cuck threads and traps. got a free 360 game and some WoW cards. anyway I think itll be worth more lulz if you say its 75% off jordans and that you have to show your ID to prove youre black. It would cause an extra layer of buttpain because some niggers dont even bother getting an ID besides the one they give them in prison.

>i just tried about 25 times to solve the capcha for gods sake

8cf499  No.12126726

File: b8f4e72a50219dc⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 247x200, 247:200, 1335468733867.jpg)


killed for using a fake coupon?

3e5bcb  No.12126732

/pol/ is obviously lurked by CIA niggers and actual jews and cucks. if they are going to publish articles for us, lets really use that to our advantage. make a coupon for holohoax survivors. the real question is what thing should they get for free?

cafaed  No.12126740

File: a18ade229bd9ca3⋯.png (278.62 KB, 1036x627, 1036:627, attempt to reason with the….png)



Demoralized people are unsalvageable.

3e5bcb  No.12126762


just like the know drawing mohammed is dangerous because muslims will kill you, even libniggers know niggers are violent savages that will chimp out at the drop of a hat, they of course just dont say it.

they know J'Marcus will chimp out for not getting his gibsmedat, cops will get called and after 300 attempts to get him to calmly leave with the police, they will feed him 15 rounds of 45 acp.

cafaed  No.12126780

File: 2c1ce116dd239c1⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 220x230, 22:23, toe coffee.jpg)


>racially charged free shoe coupons

ec52bb  No.12126837


>nobody doing a 2/5ths off your entire order.

Sub humans the lot of you.

a7eb54  No.12126875

File: 4a7550cc0aaee14⋯.png (712.53 KB, 754x757, 754:757, shoes22.PNG)

doing my part fuck posting on twitter the kikes know everything that cuckchan posts on their.

226d25  No.12126922

9afe2b  No.12126941

#StepOnHate or some gay shit like that

cad3b2  No.12126983

Do you guys think there's a way for us to tie this coupon thing in with that whole shaun king buying shoes for niggers thing in Chicago? Then we can target all shoe companies and make them give out free shoes to niggers.


8801db  No.12127166

File: 4262ca33e2bdf63⋯.jpeg (28.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 8e4e2b36fb40c77af6e250712….jpeg)


>niggers understand fractions

83773f  No.12133004

File: 0157b2618e4a76f⋯.jpg (3.6 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, nikerace.jpg)

Kike: Just Jew It

83773f  No.12133010

File: 0047f2b602e56d0⋯.jpg (3.6 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, nikerace.jpg)


83773f  No.12133014

File: 0ce622936feee80⋯.jpg (3.6 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, nikerace.jpg)

21f7d3  No.12133097



91820e  No.12133159

Are any of the coupons actually in circulation?

I'm waiting for WORL STAH HIPHOP footage of some nog chimping at a Kohl's register.

62862e  No.12133409



this is not good because then the cashier can say "umm this is clearly a prank. look here; it says 'heilhitler' "

but if it said 'NIGGER' then a white soyboy cashier, faced with a gib frenzied nog, will not be able to utter his reasoning for skepticism

3ed619  No.12133721


>/pol/ culture doesn't do this


31e892  No.12133838

File: ebac870553dcc5c⋯.jpg (13.35 KB, 616x447, 616:447, just.jpg)

File: 44cb15d5cbc56a7⋯.jpg (49.28 KB, 750x1140, 25:38, just do it.jpg)


>Isn't it just?

62862e  No.12134065


he's right. this's got ebaumsworld written all over it

226d25  No.12137196


fba723  No.12137374

> 75% off

> Not reduced to 3/5

3ed619  No.12138647

So, any lulzy news stories, or was this one a dud?

53beb0  No.12151068


Bumping because this is legitimately better than the Starcucks operation

53beb0  No.12151075


They can’t stop this, just copy any coupon off of a search engine and shoop it, how will they catch the multitude of different coupons that all have the same result

53beb0  No.12151082


You can just as easily make a 60% or 40% off coupon

c29385  No.12151198


>by raising your voice and repeatedly insisting on the veracity of this offer, if necessary

Sooooo chimp out?

df5fdd  No.12151202

I keep getting called a nigger. I am white as can be. Can I still get the discount on slave labor made plastic for my feet?

Also, my star should be white.

5c552f  No.12151248


Just imagine how many gangbangers and ebay enthusiasts will try to use multiple coupons. They'll chimp out since they think this'll be easy money. Buy with oppression bux and resell to whitey.

84ef0a  No.12152534


Saw USA Today picked it up. It was on the ATT home page. They tried to use it in store and promptly attributed the “scam” to the infamous hacker 4chan, then cried about how it was a racist “dog whistle” to huwhite supremacists. Top fucking lulz!

029a26  No.12152797


Dis gon be gud

226d25  No.12154456


82fd74  No.12154487

File: 52c3c366e96217a⋯.jpg (190.38 KB, 625x619, 625:619, 52c3c366e96217af76467db853….jpg)


>9 days later

>no coupons

I guess you could say the whole things has lost steam and whatever window it had to be effective. Be more proactive next time

388c27  No.12154514

People can't math

>> More than half of the participants in the Yankelovich focus groups questioned the price of our burger. "Why," they asked, "should we pay the same amount for a third of a pound of meat as we do for a quarter-pound of meat at McDonald's? You're overcharging us." Honestly. People thought a third of a pound was less than a quarter of a pound. After all, three is less than four!

>>because 4 is bigger then 3

24e0a1  No.12154552

File: 8c3d34f0176b572⋯.png (304.56 KB, 1199x898, 1199:898, DEXATI20180914215832.png)

e93770  No.12154581


I have a very serious concern. When the brand name Nike is pronounced it is dangerously close to the n-word!!! I just overheard someone with a thick accent try to pronounce it and I started calling the police before I realized he was talking about the shoe brand!!!!!!!11!11!!

e93770  No.12154593


So, phase 2. A letter from nike saying they will honor the coupons.

226d25  No.12158121

Just do (((it))).

8edd55  No.12158923

File: c40525ba43d0a98⋯.png (1.26 MB, 759x974, 759:974, ABSOLUTELY TRIGGERISH.png)

fbc7ce  No.12159221


Love how they claim that this could be dangerous. Why don't they just admit that they know some nigger is going to shoot a poor cashier over this. The danger is niggers!

0b38dd  No.12159234


If what you're saying is true, that's fucking hilarious

f2f05d  No.12167083


A letter from nike saying they will honor the coupons.

Time to escalate!

5c0fc8  No.12167222

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>they were laughing

>they were saying "that's right"

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