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File: aaa0d131a0c8bf0⋯.webm (778.15 KB, 320x240, 4:3, antifa fall back.webm)

File: 75320e8ba2c6d88⋯.webm (827.48 KB, 320x240, 4:3, patriot attack.webm)

207655  No.12109542

I've been watching a few videos lately from Oregon and Berkeley and I've noticed the use of horns by antifa, usually 2-4 honks with them.

Are they using them to communicate to their people en masse to attack or fall back?

Here's two videos where I saw it just now.

I know they use these things to harass by just blasting them in people's faces up close over and over, but these aren't the only two I've seen, will post more as I find them.

c184b5  No.12109551

good observation.

f5d850  No.12109732

File: 9d6f894ff29b3d5⋯.jpg (458.05 KB, 1636x900, 409:225, 1388098520937.jpg)

>both videos are antifa retreating


5efb97  No.12109739


2 honks appear to be "charge." 3 retreat?

c1d7be  No.12109742

File: e8a9aeb1ef367bb⋯.jpg (865.97 KB, 840x1156, 210:289, PhotoText201885132024.jpg)

Precious information.

207655  No.12109747


Not sure, I'm out atm but will go over all my videos of antifa doing shit when I get home

4a3035  No.12109757

I just want to post a reminder to people that antifa and leftist videos are often quicker to use when redpilling normalfags. I've had more success with "Leftist Cringe Compilation" videos than anything else. That said I don't stop there. Once the normalfag realizes they want to be as far removed from what leftists/antifa are doing, that's when I choose what to show them next.

Destroy the faux-moral and undeserved benefit of the doubt normalfags extend to leftists and the rest is easy. The mainstream media isn't going to ever show a true leftist on TV. You have to be the one spotlighting them to normalfags.

c1d7be  No.12109759

1 may mean rally or gather.

2 could mean charge.

3 could mean retreat.

53394f  No.12109866


How else would you direct cattle?

ba189a  No.12109938

Could be fun to bring a horn and give false commands to make the chickens run back and forth.

ef4e05  No.12109946

>bring horns to event where antifa are gonna show up

>Cause confusion by dooting different orders

b9285c  No.12109967


This came up in a thread about 2 months ago.

2 seems to be hold/stay and continue 'protesting'

3 is charge

Not sure what retreat is, but, with as loud and chaotic as 3 can get, I suspect retreat is a visual signal of some sort, or, perhaps that's the point of throwing an explosive into the crowd?



Great idea, however, bear in mind you would have to get close, if not inside, their ranks to be convincing, and they probably have enforcers in the crowd to deal with that eventuality.

Remember: these operations are far more coordinated than some slightly-higher-IQ retard out of the group giving commands; they have spotters, lookouts, signalers/coordinators, and observers/damage control (aka: green-hats) as has been discussed already.

207655  No.12110763


I've pre-watched .webm comps from youtube to find ones with constant Trump/Hitler memes which I then show to friends/gf under the pretext that "oh some of these are good some of these are bad, I haven't seen this compilation yet".

And then I laugh more at the Trump/Hitler memes but never suggest my peers should.

207655  No.12110772



Word, I was gonna say that there was no way one of you hadn't found this yet.

I have attempted to be within their ranks before at a low level rally and it wasn't a total failure but definitely wasn't positive.

They definitely meet beforehand or coordinate online to know who every 'black-bloc' person is going to be irl.

We masked up and attached on only to confuse some people, but we also didn't rep any flags or orgs (like Iron Front) and tried to appear like protesters who thought antifa were cool.

556553  No.12110785

File: f0c2af3b016f248⋯.jpg (11.3 KB, 243x349, 243:349, 01abf57221dc5a2c76cca2ddbb….jpg)


>Word, I was gonna say that there was no way one of you hadn't found this yet.


Talk like a white man faggot. Holy shit.

033993  No.12110844

Antifa not only uses air horns, they use bullhorns and radios between leaders and groups.

They are well paid and trained for this(the leaders), and they are somewhat good at what they do.

The mobs don't need training, just to be told how to act




is usually how it goes.

The leaders may not always be present or present from afar and most of the commands come from the coordinators(remember ivette felarca? she is one such coordinator for antifa BAMN)

The leaders will talk to each other with headset radios and give each other updates on whats happening in certain areas where they are protesting, they relay this to the coordinators who use airhorns in this case to tell the mobs what to do.

It's weird seeing them use airhorns, seattle is big on antifa so, IDK wtf happened, my guess is they don't want their leaders to stick out any more than any mob member.

207655  No.12110875



I left pol a long time ago, friend.

I just READ SIEGE now and it doesn't even matter how I talk because I'm ready for IRON GATES NOW.


Is there any material on this?

207655  No.12110878



I know there are youtube videos probably of people examining it, but I mean leaked material, the real shit.


And I just realized

>smug anime pic

Send images like a white man, faggot.

48bb9b  No.12111896

I think the honks are just coincidence, but it worth keeping an eye on this just to see if you right.

48bb9b  No.12111902

I think the honks are just there to annoy.

91cb1d  No.12111904

File: 2bde974e677b5c3⋯.jpg (140.8 KB, 953x953, 1:1, 2bde974e677b5c3e4c68d52f8a….jpg)

>Play total war rome/medieval 2

>Every time you give a move order you hear a trumpet then then units move

Maybe OP?

463f22  No.12111918

These 2 videos are so beautiful.

They look like a meele stage of a medieval battle but with a much more wide use of punches.

Also seeing antifa fall back and the front row getting scared shitless, provoking a rout is beautiful.

207655  No.12112579


You know if they get PTSD from getting fucked by some Chad while they were drunk or getting cat called, that their entire front lines already have PTSD from being scared of Chads with red hats

392889  No.12112658


> I've had more success with "Leftist Cringe Compilation" videos than anything else.

can confirm, the normies here that know or sorta know what I am up too, which frankly is a quite lot of them.

But they always come back to me and have just watched that. Most would be blissfully unaware of what's going on in the us, but they all found that shit extremely funny and went home and watched more, which in turn they showed to other friends.

Heck a couple of them even started to lurk the chans just to find more shit like that to laugh about. Point is

it is very effective

f897a3  No.12112744


I like how antifa has pipes and clubs and other improvised shit, and all they do is retreat and then get their faces beaten by men using nothing but their fists. Like holy shit dude, there's a guy in the second video taking down four of them armed with pipes/batons. Right down to the pavement even, just by charging into them. Fucking twigs.

f897a3  No.12112759


Some Greek guy on youtube does this with Migrants. He structures his videos as jokes and portrays the Migrants as cringey and strange and then rapidly cuts to crime statistics and intercuts of "Diversity is our Strength". They take his shit down a lot but he seems to have steady views.

436063  No.12112785

> honk horns tricking them into charging

> find a way to signal our guys to retreat

> get another to spray hot led into antifaggots

Final solution

2cfb09  No.12112932



antifa spotted.

your days are numbered

f00693  No.12112974


>Could be fun to bring a horn and give false commands

Also bring a loud whistle, like an ice hockey referee's whistle. Use the same signals, 1 for this, 2 for that. Hilarity ensues. Whistles are probably Plan B for signalling anyway in case, y'know, anyone figures out they are using horns.

033993  No.12113324


>Is there any material on this?



No there is actually very little because being a paid for antifa leader is almost like going up the ranks in a secret society.

Think again of ivette felarca or jordan peterson, prime examples, it takes a well educated(brainwashed) mind to fall for the retarded revolutionary politics and ideals of anarcho-communism. There most likely isn't any or much reading material since many practice sessions are behind closed doors in "retreats" or during actual protests out in public.

a22264  No.12113411


I love the video where the commie nigger goes down. It just perfectly exemplifies what frail pieces of shit they are. One punch from an enemy he saw coming a mile away. No defense. Pencil neck. Drops like a sack of potatoes. Absolutely pathetic, but hilarious.

9b6c3b  No.12113412


Lol I’ve always wanted a Berkeley Total War game. Antifa are reskinned peasants and screaming women with incredibly low morale and fighting ability but a plus when ambushing

b5fd56  No.12113972





>buy CB from a truck stop

>find the frequency they're on

>go full Firedrake and jam the fuck out of any of their coms by broadcasting bullshit

I can guarantee their headsets have weak signals and can be jammed very easily

At this point, they might use cell phones, which would make this moot

549dab  No.12114133

File: 1b9de00b16eb9a1⋯.jpg (21.12 KB, 512x550, 256:275, 1529958060636.jpg)


>how do you do my fellow /pol/lacks

6b0a4e  No.12115025


First thought obviously


What about a drone honk? Also, honk enough from across close battle lines and they can't separate the honks to form coherent commands

207655  No.12118034



"Squatting Slav TV"

Good for leafs, too, he does a lot of shit about Canada

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