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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

161056  No.12110064

Professional video that red pills average people on jewish world domination

Female narrated, has 2 million views on jewtube already.

You can share it on Facecuck asking people what they think about it or something along those lines that makes people think you're on the fence and not totally 1488.

161056  No.12110168

End Times Productions make pretty good videos btw.

I used to dismiss Christianity as my mother always dragged me to the cucked catholic church where some butt blaster priest rambled on to grandmas - the only audience but these days the bible is the words of the wise to me.

08f535  No.12110190


Christianity has been subverted and faced countless fabrications, edits and targeted campaign (by kikes). "Real" Christianity probably has many hidden secrets, (((erased from the bible))). Also the invasion of the Church by communists, butt-blasters and ass-ravagers caused much harm to its image. Even the pope is a shitskin kike. Still, I believe the word of God will be understood by the good and eventually brought back at its full form. Christians will be the end of kikes

af0f7d  No.12110494


Good Video … bump.

26c2be  No.12110586

File: 7b75fad2415976f⋯.jpg (90.03 KB, 768x1061, 768:1061, 1488414063304.jpg)

Not intending to derail, but want to share another video that is akin to TGSNT but 3x as effective. THIS is the greatest story never told and is more than just a WW2 sentiment; it shows Jude and their Islamic puppets, et al. A modern version, if you will…

"Europa - The Last Battle" uploaded here to bitchute and isn't monetized or any other Jewry. It's long, but it reveals just about everything. If I had watched this first, then TGSNT, I'd call the latter controlled-op, that's how good this is.


79f2dd  No.12110594

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>End Times Productions make pretty good videos

The clips is pulled from Grace Powers' "Ring of Power" docu. There's good in it, but a lot of bullshit too. Like at one point she says Hitler was a Rotschild. She also believes in lizard people.

26c2be  No.12110620

File: ac830e494eae431⋯.jpg (75.96 KB, 600x722, 300:361, 1500723167345.jpg)


Adding that there's more than 1 part to it, it's semi-professionally done/narrated and if bitchute is being a dick and doesn't want to load, refresh the page.

424234  No.12110723


Europa - TLB is nothing like what you say. It's narrated by a guy who can't even pronounce the words he's speaking, and spouts one-sided, rose-colored bullshit and misinterpretations, just like TGSNT. There's a lot of good stuff in it too, but it's accompanied by garbage that if you repeat will make you look like an idiot to anyone who can check a source (which is fortunately for you almost nobody). It's sloppy, overlong, and normies dismiss it as "pure hate" (my experience in sharing it).

One good example I usually bring up to backup my opinion is the representation of Gandhi as having been in moral alliance with Hitler based on some letters that only an illiterate retard who gets his worldview from chan memes would interpret as approving of Hitler.

57e171  No.12110737


>One good example I usually bring up to backup my opinion is the representation of Gandhi as having been in moral alliance with Hitler based on some letters that only an illiterate retard who gets his worldview from chan memes would interpret as approving of Hitler.

Wasn't he a communist who wanted nuclear weapons?

8d84cd  No.12110739



I remember watching a few of them and at least some of them were well made. However, for a /pol/ack they do not offer much new information.

26c2be  No.12110740

File: 1aa3ac418460873⋯.png (811.59 KB, 1354x834, 677:417, 1514364380475.png)


Absolute horse-shit what you say kike.

shut it down

424234  No.12110766


Would be a better deterrent than "we'll kill ourselves if you don't leave us alone!".


>shut it down

No, just do better, faggot.

2ff34d  No.12111044


>lizard people.

Pretty sure those things have to be put in to prevent libel suits and censorship. If the Al Jazeera The Lobby - US added that in lizard people, it wouldn't have been censored. Alex Jones does it too and when he gets taken to court, he just says he's a comedian.

57e171  No.12111050


Yeah that quote was fucking dumb. I mean you need to be threatening to be left alone.

79f2dd  No.12111084

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, she really believes in it. There's a documentary she made called "Monkey Blood" that gets into it, and another called "The Revolution Trap", where she does a decent expose of Jonestein, but then talks about Icke, and defends his position.

If you really want to go down the rabbi's hole, the reptilian stuff is a knockoff of dual-seedline Christian Identity, that teaches that the jews are Satan's literal spawn, conceived in a union between Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. I'm honestly more bothered by the anti-Hitler stuff, although I think she has repented, and published pro-Hitler material on her website since.

79f2dd  No.12111133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Can't find the full "Revolution Trap" (I have the DVDrip somewhere), but the Jonestein part is still on jewtube.

2bad3e  No.12111145

File: 0f53317f2278424⋯.jpg (14.36 KB, 300x300, 1:1, sadfdf.jpg)


>Professional video that red pills average people on jewish world domination

>'the illuminati are planning'

the title alone is enough to discredit the video you alex jones conspiracy theorist t. your avg normie

won't work.

9b6c4a  No.12111150

File: 72f6d0653bee8e5⋯.png (335.6 KB, 741x555, 247:185, illuminati.png)


what if we trick adl into declaring illuminati to be an anti-semetic conspiracy theory?

6db926  No.12111157

>the illuminati are planning…

The Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt over 200 years ago and it existed for a few decades. At lot of the techniques developed by the Illuminati and the Jesuits are employed today (e.g., in public schools) but the actual Illuminati is long gone.

Anyway, it's not "the Illuminati," it's Jews. Not even "the Jews," but Jews, because their unconscious nature is such that they will organize trouble and rot your country. (Of course a lot of them are conscious about it too, but that's just because of their inherent Jewiness). Anyway, if you let in Jews, you get Jew society. It's the Jews, okay?

248106  No.12111187


It doesn't matter what doctrine our people subscribe to, so long as they collectively ascribe themselves to one.

The jew has bastardized Christianity so much that it's a bit pointless and only opening up an unnecessary fight to try and explain that the bible is a historical document.

100 million Americans call themselves Christians. Most of all are white and most of all own guns.

Whether anyone "likes" Christianity is secondary to it's power.

2ff34d  No.12111191


She says at 5:47 much of what Jones said in his bestselling DVDs is "heart-stoppingly accurate."

79f2dd  No.12111243

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Which was true at the time, back when Jonestein used to mainly just lie by omission and misdirect his followers. Now he just makes up whatever he has to to sell his penis juice – and protect the kikes, of course.

A good example is this clip, that she actually uses excerpts of in her segment about Moore, where Jonestein exposed Michael Moore, and how he existed as controlled opposition, but now Moore's opposition to Trump is proof that he's draining the swamp and saving us and our t-babes from the Communist Chinese.

b879a1  No.12111245


>the bible is the words of the wise to me.

what, that some kike with autism that lived 2000 years ago created the universe and that we should give food to muh godly niggers?


>Christians will be the end of kikes

Europe was christian for over a thousand years and the jews still took over. The only complete and permanent solution to the jewish problem is for every jew on Earth to be hunted down and killed. christianity says "thou shalt not kill" and christians believe that exterminating the jews is a sin, they think we need to "convert" them. In the past, what has happened when you force-convert jews is that they pretend to be a christian publicly, but they still practice judaism in private. And as we on /pol/ understand, the jewish problem is a RACIAL one and even if christianity could somehow magically pacify the jews, we would then assimilate them into our population, contaminating our precious European genome with their filthy, inbred, degenerate kike genes. As I said, the only real solution is to exterminate them. Completely and utterly, down to the last crib


I've always associated the term "illuminati" to david icke reptillian type "conspiracy theorist" shit used to discredit actual opposition to the established order. Creating this perceived association where if somebody rightfully claims that the jews did 9/11 or something like that, then they must be a wackjob that believes in shapeshifting satanic space lizards too.


>100 million Americans call themselves Christians. Most of all are white and most of all own guns.

Lot of those are beaners. I don't know about you, but I live in a suburban area in a blue state and there are barely any unironic christians under 40. Maybe that's different in rural Mississippi or something, but christianity has seriously declined and is considered "uncool" and thus is unmarketable to most ordinary young white normalfags, our target audience.

And if you lurk on the board /christian/, particularly in politics/race-related threads, you will see how many of them have essentially been brainwashed into being anti-white by their interpretation of christianity. Even the ones that are pro-white are very soft, "nationalism for all peoples" types that think niggerabortions are worth crying about. I personally do not think that christianity is a good thing, I see it as an obstacle towards redpilling people about race and the jews and what needs to be done about the situation.

2ff34d  No.12111353

He really destroyed Michael Moore in that one. Jeez. I thought he was only famous for exposing Bilderburg.

4ba592  No.12111367

I don't understand why these videos are always so long and skimpy on sources. This isn't for normies but for NEETs that have no issue burning an hour of their time on something they might not agree with, and is willing and able to ferret out sources for things on their own. It needs to be 10-20 minutes, TOPS!!! with sources underneath everything (because normies automatically believe anything with a source no matter how flimsy the evidence as long as the source has an official sounding name). A couple of hard-hitting redpills, sappy music, end… that's it.

cbdfb2  No.12111379

>while two thirds of the world goes hungry


435d25  No.12111482


>Europe was christian for over a thousand years and the jews still took over.

Anything that isn't explicitly anti-kikes will eventually morph into pro-kike.

The same goes for whiteness.

3c1536  No.12111498



low effort jew

115f38  No.12111542


Challenge accepted

80a21b  No.12111582


weishaupt was a jesuit, jesuits were jews, the bavarian illuminati was funded by rothschilds and they didnt just go away, they went underground

so yeah it is jews but illuminati = jews

a4d0b1  No.12111621


>jesuits were jews

No, they weren't. They're subverted now, with Bergoglio being a prime example, but originally, they were a Catholic religious order that was heavily involved in the Counter-Reformation.

4ba592  No.12111634


Good luck anon, we really need good normie friendly redpilling videos. It's more often than not, most normies now will get "redpilled" by trash like Jordan Peterson, Milos Fagface and Lauren Southern.

64cb8c  No.12111661


>weishaupt was a jesuit

That's one of those things black-popers spout out to say "nyah hah", along with "all roads lead to Rome", but it just isn't true. He almost became one, but he ultimately hated the Jesuits. He was probably a racial jew though, and was certainly in league with them.

3d6c90  No.12112010


>high pitched juden voice from jewess narator

>Bush family financed natzees and Hitler

>jews nowhere to be seen

Just fuck off with that kind of judenhoax propaganda, neanderthal hybrid.

9f8f7e  No.12112028


Bible shouldn't be read in English, and Sola Scriptura is heresy.

1ddf4a  No.12112825


It's from like 2004, when that kind of kikery was inescapable. It's still very good for what it is.

1c00e3  No.12112905

File: df10f24dd52a88b⋯.jpg (73.97 KB, 606x570, 101:95, Oyyy vey.jpg)



4cf79b  No.12113137


>Christianity has been subverted

True, but it has always been poison.





4cf79b  No.12113263


>bible references

>paid jew shill

0/10 Feel free to try to square your "logic"

ca4b16  No.12113431


is o'sullivans law just an indirect reaction to entropy?

57bd3f  No.12116532


>mfw i just found out i can't download/seed from any torrent client

Bitchute is garbage. no wonder no one uses it

f73eb1  No.12117355

File: 570517dc40f17b2⋯.jpg (20.47 KB, 258x245, 258:245, 1517633877515.jpg)


>saving us and our t-babes from the Communist Chinese.

a122ab  No.12123505


>what if we trick adl into declaring illuminati to be an anti-semetic conspiracy theory

i thought "illuminati" is a well-known "anti-semitic canard"… if not, then getting the ADL to declare it so would be a huge redpill. imagine every normalfag realizing that "illuminati" has been a dogwhistle for kikes all along


illuminati still exists, but wasn't originally as bad as christcucks and others say… it just wanted to remove the yoke of the Church of Rome and establish Republican government, aristocracy be damned. most of what we take for granted good and, yes, some bad today was part of the illuminati's original plan

c4491e  No.12123849

File: c91c09065077ed0⋯.jpg (86.44 KB, 811x652, 811:652, 5b630824e553034cfa0ddb6aac….jpg)


This video is can scare normies into 1488, but idk about that Nazi stuff in there, and a lot of it seems really tin foil. Best way to redpill normies is to out the jews as marxist scum and just genetically greedy inferior infiltrators. The best answer is to make the holocaust real and then to harshly punish talmudic bullshit nonkikes try to do after all the jews are wiped out

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