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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c10de2  No.12110592

Pop Stars Use AI to Make Hit Songs Now

>Using AI as a tool to make music or aid musicians has been in practice for quite some time. In the ‘90s, David Bowie helped develop an app called the Verbasizer, which took literary source material and randomly reordered the words to create new combinations that could be used as lyrics. In 2016, researchers at Sony used software called Flow Machines to create a melody in the style of The Beatles. This material was then turned over to human composer Benoît Carré and developed into a fully produced pop song called “Daddy’s Car.” (Flow Machines was also used to help create an entire album’s worth of music under the name SKYGGE, which is Danish for “shadow.”) On a consumer level, the technology is already integrated with popular music-making programs like Logic, a piece of software that is used by musicians around the world, and it can auto-populate unique drum patterns with the help of AI.

"AI is already integrated with consumer music-making programs like Logic"

>Now, there’s an entire industry built around AI services for creating music, including the aforementioned Flow Machines, IBM Watson Beat, Google Magenta’s NSynth Super, Jukedeck, Melodrive, Spotify’s Creator Technology Research Lab, and Amper Music.

>Most of these systems work by using deep learning networks, a type of AI that’s reliant on analyzing large amounts of data. Basically, you feed the software tons of source material, from dance hits to disco classics, which it then analyzes to find patterns. It picks up on things like chords, tempo, length, and how notes relate to one another, learning from all the input so it can write its own melodies. There are differences between platforms: some deliver MIDI while others deliver audio. Some learn purely by examining data, while others rely on hard-coded rules based on musical theory to guide their output.



16b471  No.12110601

Even Hatsune Miku has more soul than these "musicians".

c10de2  No.12110602

File: 36492a0cb081d91⋯.png (509.49 KB, 581x484, 581:484, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-09….png)

c10de2  No.12110608

File: e631c60bed09291⋯.png (89.23 KB, 304x199, 304:199, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-09….png)

7a082c  No.12110639


Good video. I want to bang her so bad

488987  No.12110647



What are we supposed to be seeing here, cuckchanner?

a3b165  No.12110653


owl in first pic

don't know on 2nd

8d4997  No.12110657

Commercial music has been fake for a long time; another layer of fake is trivial. Anyway… not /pol/


7689ac  No.12110660


Looks like a cat and a butterfly. theres an obvious lapel microphone on the other one though.

c10de2  No.12110666



Owl and black cats, symbols of being a witch.

e0e09e  No.12110687

File: eb2c7e331ee469d⋯.jpg (137.68 KB, 374x1393, 374:1393, 2018 propaganda jew media.jpg)


>another layer of fake is trivial. Anyway… not /pol/



Dumb poser cool guy sage faggot can't sage or see the potential for voice modulation and creation of redpill material.


>Owl and black cats, symbols of being a witch.

Black cats is a fucking cartoon sign or primitive peasants from the 1400s.

Witches aren't real. They're part of a military industrial complex Jewish-designed cult called "magick" or "esotericism" or "New Age" or "Freemasonry" or "gnosticism"… same shit different pagan cultural theft going on.

010599  No.12110692

Considering how repetitive and predictable most modern music is, assuming it's mostly computer generated wouldn't be too far fetched.

2c873b  No.12110701

File: 9c930e94b77ecf1⋯.mp4 (527.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Disappointed_Miku.mp4)


Miku is just a synthetic voice, people usually put effort into making them.This is probably just going to be a way to use celebrity voices after they die or if something were to happen to them.

c10de2  No.12110714


>Black cats is a fucking cartoon sign or primitive peasants from the 1400s.


>Witches aren't real. They're part of a military industrial complex Jewish-designed cult called "magick" or "esotericism" or "New Age" or "Freemasonry" or "gnosticism"… same shit different pagan cultural theft going on.

I don't disagree, but low level "witches" use owls and black cats as symbols. High level witches are just Jews.

a3f81e  No.12110726

>In the ‘90s, David Bowie helped develop an app

an app. In the 90's.

No fuckstain, there were no "apps" in the 90's. There were programs. Fuck you and your Iphone.

010599  No.12110729

Not that AI music is bad, you just can't really call someone a musician if they use AI to produce their music, just like you can't call someone that uses a chess engine to play chess for them, a chess player. The neural nets will hopefully be more creative than the san-fran soy hipsters that currently have a stranglehold on music alongside their kike handlers.

eebf85  No.12110732



it is true

c51763  No.12110959

File: 289130a3983cc2b⋯.webm (13.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, AI_co-produced_Taryn_Sout….webm)



← .webm

6a4645  No.12110972


8d4997  No.12110999


>there were no "apps" in the 90's

The term pre-dates the web. Circa 1981. It was very common in the dotcom era.


d85962  No.12111211


magix software was doing this in the 90s /00's, chuck in a sample disk click a button, and song complete in the genre of your choice.

7bb3bd  No.12111278

It's been going on since 2006 or so iirc. Not new news, it's why pop and country are trash these days.

0f504a  No.12111286

File: 50fc660964de2eb⋯.jpg (31.37 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 5892ab83d662b874df1eae3f8c….jpg)


7bb3bd  No.12111291


Seen similar in Michael's. Not a conspiracy, just tacky cute decor

4cbc79  No.12111302

it doesn't take much of an advanced AI to create songs for the nigger audience.

20429e  No.12111343


The last good man on the left predicted this, in 1948:

>sentimental songs which were composed entirely by mechanical means on a special kind of kaleidoscope known as a versificator.

>one of countless similar songs published for the benefit of the proles by a sub-section of the Music Department. The words of these songs were composed without any human intervention whatever

c10de2  No.12111354


Semi related, but good article here on AI nationalism


c49d6c  No.12111358

Not even remotely surprised. Music theory wise, yes there are certain parameters that govern what people like to hear. There’s books that have been writtten for decades on what makes songs enjoyable to hear for mass audiences. Using AI or more accurately here ”algorithm” programs to create content was only inevitable from a kike standpoint.

30062e  No.12111371


>AI Uses Pop Stars to Make Hit Songs Now

Fixed your title

ab3c10  No.12111388

Orwell predicted this.

bbc9db  No.12111397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ab3c10  No.12111401


Kek, should have read through the whole thread. Apparently my reply was redundant. But it really is no fucking wonder that every modern pop song sounds like 30 minutes of work in Impulse Tracker, except worse.

bbc9db  No.12111405

File: aacd7697e060033⋯.jpg (318.2 KB, 1520x1121, 80:59, racist_AIs.jpg)

c578ab  No.12111419


>symbols of being a witch

Basically this:


>pagan cultural theft

c578ab  No.12111435


>low level "witches"

Low-life leftist rat filth who see witchcraft in the context of cultural rebellion against white heteronormativity, or whatever the fuck they say, so they latch onto something they don't grasp or comprehend and bastardize it to like a teen girl bastardizes and misconstrues the lore of werewolves to fit some fucked up fetish. They're no different from "hipsters." Old European traditions and culture are merely a fashion statement, or talking point, with which they can use to demean how far we've come. They hate our success and they hate us. They have no deep interest in our history because they hate us, but it's our history, and thus they have some inclination to adopt it in their rebellion, as opposed to some dumb nigger shit no one ever heard of. I bet there's a wigger somewhere in Jamaica practicing black magic and shit instead of witchcraft.

86714c  No.12111468


Great, another reason to listen to kosher jingles

>why post this

f22c09  No.12122997

What's next? AI-generated nigger rap shit?

1845b4  No.12123018

Pop stars were always fake musicians tbh

f54b3d  No.12123039


So I guess marketers and political campaigners would weaponize this to generate tailored ambient music to try and improve sales/polling among demographics. That would be the real interest in the technology.

5decb1  No.12123072


>Old European traditions and culture are merely a fashion statement

Depends on where you look. There is also a native European faith revival is going on in the Right.

756fbd  No.12123344


1984 predicted this

0dadbf  No.12123481


>this is the first time AI has ever made music

Yeah, no.

thanks for the webm

3d48cf  No.12124395

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So, kikes are using technology to monopolize control over an industry and shut out/suppress legitimate talent (read: competition) that they don't already own?

Color me surprised.


>This is probably just going to be a way to use celebrity voices after they die or if something were to happen to them.

Watch this sometime; it's about a future where the rights to your likeness can be sold and packaged for mass consumption and humanity exists almost exclusively in a drug-induced, augmented reality (as cartoon animation, no less): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Congress_(2013_film)

Figures that a jew wrote the original story upon which it's based.

(Vid related: a glimpse into life inside the fiction)

Second vid: returning to the world of reality, and what life would probably look like under kike rule:


484b66  No.12124410


Satan trips confirm.

9ecd76  No.12124481

File: 84bb3cb0a74702e⋯.jpg (635.56 KB, 765x1297, 765:1297, 45051887_p0.jpg)


>Owl and black cats, symbols of being a witch.

Are you 12, 89, or just a protestant? Either way this post made my day. The sheer amount of stupidity oozing from these few words is astounding. First, the blindness towards symbols, the inability of the inferior mind to grasp anything that hasn't been filtered down (like piss onto forehead) through poorly researched and ill-written late 19th century US protestant books and that soul killer par excellance - the Jew bible. Then on top of that there's that word "witch" which the poster has no understanding of, no actual knowledge or reference outside those tiny, tiny slits of "research" that some worthless chuckefuck in Utah wrote in the late 1800's, knowing full well that he's spewing shit, but since he's spewing shit "for a good cause" (Christcuckery) he's obviously right and a good person.

And there are people like this poster everywhere nowadays. The same retarded breed of christcuck has emerged once more after being dormant for the last twenty or so years. They have latched on to /pol/, not realizing that they were considered an enemy (and indeed they are) of all strivings of the white race and white spirituality. These imbeciles somehow think they are at home here, not grasping that everything /pol/ was and why it was successful was due to the fact a seizable and noticeable portion of it were and are occultists and magicians, and all of them followed such wildly different paths that it's mindbogglingly amazing.

Why should we allow them to exist among us? Why should they be allowed to think they have ANYTHING to do with what /pol/ has achieved so far? They are literally trying to hijack OUR victory for their reatarded soul-killing bullshit, which I remind you does not work. It is the christcuck that feeds niggers. It is the christcuck that brought them in white countries. It is the christcuck who despises everything european. It is the christcuck who kills the culture, soul and power of a volk.

He is the ideal NPC, a hollowed out, meaningless flesh portal for YHWH.

Fuck them, fuck them hard. I am so disgusted with these retarded clowns that I cannot fathom how you can tolerate them if you've been here since the beginning.

Let me spell it out for you - the white race has outgrown semitic religions. You are not needed or wanted. You are HARMFUL TO US. You are a part of the problem. And I refuse to be thrown back into that Jew cage of yours with all its soul destroying garbage. You are the death of life, of culture, of the soul. You are shit and I hate you very, very much.

d1776a  No.12124489

Normans will eat it up but really we need to EMP all the norbots. The faster they get vital components, the better.

8b9bf8  No.12124579

>none of the professional musicians know how to read sheet music

>they have to write the notes on the keys

What the actual fuck? It'd take them like a weekend to learn it.

be669a  No.12124749

File: 12470347eec16b5⋯.webm (3.94 MB, 198x360, 11:20, Oma hebt das Glass an Hit….webm)



It looks cool, but that is severely jewish. Is it worth giving my money directly to Israel?

3d48cf  No.12124851


>It looks cool

It is

>but that is severely jewish

Unfortunately so.

However, like Stanley Kubrick, it touches on some very inconvenient truths (exploitation of white actresses, kike legal machinations, enslavement and genocide of mankind through pop culture and the media, the absurdity of rampant copyright law), that only a jew would ever have been allowed to direct and/or produce it in order to guarantee its fellow-whitewashing, as it were.

>Is it worth giving my money directly to Israel?

Yeah… nah; never give money to ¢hosenites.

But, it's definitely worth hunting down a copy to borrow.

1f4a28  No.12124885

File: a998cb14a53c918⋯.png (486.28 KB, 469x463, 469:463, dec.png)

888b8f  No.12124891


Fedora memes are D&C.

bf627a  No.12124922

When I watch these things, it feels more like a PR stunt than some genuine interest piece into the use of AI in music creation. I don't think AI will be able to compose relevant music until they have some means a modeling human emotion through bioinformatics, which I suppose is already feasible, except for the access. I'm always reminded of the scenes in Macross where the scientists behind the pop idols were able to measure serotonin/dopamine levels of the crowd throughout the performance.

1f4a28  No.12124975


Edgelurds are D&C, you brilliant nigger

9ecd76  No.12125069


I'm not an atheist, chuckefuck. YHWH is a false god.

888b8f  No.12125079


If Christian shills screech about D&C yet commit D&C by spreading divisive fedora memes, they are no better than the Jews who yell out in pain as they strike you.

1f4a28  No.12125080


Atheists are atheists. You're a fat, friendless fucktard with the IQ of a damp stick who thinks it's kewl as nigger tits to hurr muh durr jesus is ghey hurr hurr AIDS

000000  No.12125335


A+. You are absolutely right! le tip -d8^D

bc61c6  No.12125363


>derailing a thread by posting screenshots proving some lady likes the most popular types of birds and mammals

Go listen to Daddy's Car, it's shit. Why do we care if AI makes music? Of course AI will make music.

57ff05  No.12125390

This looks fun to play with but I haven't found any torrents of software.

9ecd76  No.12125539



At least put some effort into your trolling. I know you cannot refute anything I've said but at least provide some semblance of comedy.

c64a75  No.12128273



It is astoundingly Jewish but I think it might be able to be enjoyed on merit if one can view it through the lens of /pol/. It may have been written and directed by jews based on a story penned by another jew but, like that one poster said, by merely mentioning these topics they expose and give voice to truths they do not want the goyim to know.

The juxtaposition between the supposed "perfection" of the imaginary world and the way in which the white actress decides to portray her character in such a decidedly jewish vision is interesting enough that I'm torrenting the full movie as I type this. The aryan actress (as in, the character) is clearly incomfortable and unsatisfied with the materialist world spring from the jewish imagination to the point that she decides to face the painful truths of reality at great cost to herself. That should speak to the soul of every true /pol/ack.

603820  No.12135362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Pop Stars Use AI to Make Hit Songs Now

>The Big boys have done unofficially this since 1980 give or take,automated stock trading too

Which is the real cause of black monday which all planned you see as they could make all the money and blame it all on the computer systems. but they'd been planning this since th 70s so it should have been accounted for.

Of course secretly it was, because you cannot do anything about it, the small people the insignificant ones, they'd kill you like in the guidestones prophecy anyway.

Im alan watt. (no but my impression of him).

603820  No.12135412


1. please select sample for music "beat"

Pick Any obscure,american 50s rock,soul,blues or funk sample

"you have selected funky onions by the memphis city backwater black boys"

2.) here is a 808,909 and many other keyboards and other simulated sounds create a vaguely musical beat to loop

3.) add parts 1+2 together

4) add a vocal from anyone and pass them through tuneomatic90000 to improve the sound or play with another vocal sample from an obscure source

You have selected "my man don't love me no mo' by the new york jazz girls

4. mix all together and serve

5. The next instant hit amongst dumb teens?!

a63aaf  No.12135466

True story:

I have a relative who is published that researches this.

The japs just so happen to be very excited about this development and are investing a lot of money into it.

156644  No.12136271

File: a2891dfe9c68351⋯.mp4 (15.35 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Kids Incorporated - Modern….mp4)

Kids Incorporated predicted this 30 years ago.

0c86fd  No.12136341

Threadly reminder that if you listen to digitally encoded audio of any sort you are exposing yourself to mind control programming in the form of lilly waves overlaid on top of the original audio. Music listeners are at the highest risk.

c47dd0  No.12136685


Fucking weebs. Every time with your shit.

c768bd  No.12136785


Adobe has a product out that can map a person's voice onto any new material you like

d1d82f  No.12136801

Not like it'd make any difference in quality.

2899bd  No.12136857


"Music producer"

Has to write the names of the notes on the keys

ca1988  No.12136863


They've been doing this since around 2001. Every top chart song from 1998-2018 has utilized AI in one form or another.

480a78  No.12137820


I fear that they'll become far too efficient at manipulating the mind to create a hit pop song. Like fast food and obesity, it will become an addictive disease of the mind. This form of music without context or authenticity will eclipse other forms of music, stagnating our culture.

c276ef  No.12137863


Yeah, the pop artists are lazy that is why when I listen to random music I know it's pure electronic meaning fake, which is not perverse compared to this transhumanism bullshit.

313a46  No.12141506



And yes, that was my immediate thought as well.

8d4997  No.12145636


>Orwell predicted this.

Orwell warned us about this.

21fe6a  No.12145675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Music has been dead for a long time. Never again will true artists produce.


21fe6a  No.12145695

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I agree. Music today already lacks all meaning and semblance of culture. It is no longer personal. It is canned for a surveyed audience to gyrate to with perversion. Classical music was and is the pinnacle of musical creation. Is there an artist alive today that has the passion of Beethoven? The passion and skill that despite severe hearing loss to still be able to play the piano from feeling the vibrations of the cords? Beethoven stuck a stick between his teeth or laid his head on the piano to play. Would any artist have such dedication to their craft today to do the same?

90b01c  No.12149376

File: 6dcf104b901091f⋯.jpg (147.69 KB, 619x753, 619:753, cripples.jpg)


Judging by the quality of current pop songs our AI Overlords must be total retards.

f5384e  No.12149415


You need to listen to buckethead. Start with aunt suzie and hold me forever. Lots of modern guitarists desicate 5+ hrs a day to their craft.

138b58  No.12149451

File: 6c7a8db49ad3bf0⋯.webm (3.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, OP is a faggot.webm)


So sometime in the future, I can can actually make my own Filthy Frank show? It would be great if it weren't (((controlled)))

c8b6fc  No.12149968


In my opinion, no doubt about it. At a certain point, the middleman will be an AI.

Among other things, I might finally see the dream of MLP redone entirely by Lauren Faust

21fe6a  No.12150551


I know about buckethead. I've seen him live. I suggest you do that if you get the chance. Cool guy, but he's got a heart disease that's pretty serious.

2dcedb  No.12150656

>stock trading and pop music

yall retards are behind

they already have tv and infrared cameras, facial recognition software, and mortars as well as machine guns mounted on the fucking drones

think about it, if we apply ourselves, we could have a drone squadron targeting shitskins, if a double digit iq durka durka mudslim retard can knife 10 brits/frenchmen/germans out on the street and get killed by cops, imagine what could a cell of a single triple digit iq racially and intellectually superior polack with an interest in robotics do

a one man holocaust, one man pogrom, from possibility to a necessity, drone powered right wing death squads

0f78cc  No.12152050


fuck off fed

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