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File: 1686cf5bc1669c3⋯.jpg (120.49 KB, 634x845, 634:845, 4FC0D1E300000578-6136563-i….jpg)

File: e56da54d6ab3497⋯.jpg (58.42 KB, 590x350, 59:35, donald-trump-906004.jpg)

File: b58a146a6390041⋯.png (811.79 KB, 853x495, 853:495, barron-trump-time-travelle….png)

File: 1b0b10c0581eba1⋯.jpeg (72.2 KB, 720x420, 12:7, e8903309309.jpeg)

d3f1af  No.12111053

Tesla tech? time travelers? ayys?

"Four UFOs were spotted flying over US President Donald Trump's golf course in Scotland.

A golf fan shared a picture of the mysterious objects, seen in the sky above a Scottish flag at Trump's Turnberry club in Ayshire.

Alongside the snap on the UFO Stalker website, he revealed his niece had taken the picture from the balcony of the room at the luxury resort at around 8pm on August 16."



95892f  No.12111090

If any alien race with the technology for long distance space travel visited the Earth, it would be only to completely delete it or to steal every last resource in here

000000  No.12111110

The craft may not contain extra terrestrials, still interesting nonetheless.

>That infinity side burn on Trump

c1967f  No.12111120

5b429d  No.12111137


Looks like the reflections of lights in the room where they took the picture, which was taken through the glass.

4f60b2  No.12111148


That would require being inside, which the witness says he wasn't (although it seems likely).

a3f087  No.12111165



Definitely Ayyyys

c832df  No.12111169

81d83d  No.12111186

Pretty sure they are actually just Weather Balloons™

cc7507  No.12111199

So Tesla tech confirmed?

d9ae1b  No.12111230



941935  No.12111445

File: 755a6cedaf8fd8a⋯.jpg (30.72 KB, 400x300, 4:3, chinesedark.jpg)

be9cd4  No.12111697

amazing how a garbage thread like this is still up but all day threads i actually want to look at are 404

2b02c5  No.12111755


this is a shit argument considering there are much easier resources gathered with out the burden of a gravity well.

d3f1af  No.12112831

mods are fake and gay

9b7958  No.12113208


Its Hitlers UFO that Serrano was telling us about the whole time!

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