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File: 2d1cd99e6e67343⋯.png (66.67 KB, 1234x852, 617:426, planetJig.png)

0a742a  No.12111201

PLANET NIG: 50% of world population to be African by 2100; a ten-fold increase since 1950

Eighty years from now, Lagos, Nigeria will be the largest city in the world. It’s on track to have a population of more than 90 million. The world’s second biggest city will be Kinshasa in the Congo with about 80 million people. Dar es Salaam of Tanzania will be the world’s third biggest city with a population of roughly 75 million people.

Plus, China plans to move several hundred million Chinese in there:

'''…"Well, it’s hard to be certain what’s actually on Mr. Xi’s mind, but I read something a few years ago about how China wanted to move 200 or 300 million of its citizens to Africa. Most people aren’t aware of this. It hasn’t been widely promoted, but this is another trend.

It will be interesting to see what happens when a couple hundred million Chinese are living with a radically expanding native African population."…'''



This sounds like a recipie for insanity. 4 billion nigs in 75-to-90-million-person megacities, with 300 chinks holding th whip.

1f63e6  No.12111210

Some kind of nigger cyberpunk, literal niggercattle lmao

58cbc7  No.12111213

File: 466fe5f9aeb052b⋯.jpg (13.94 KB, 334x274, 167:137, 4zpwqFD.jpg)

ef03e3  No.12111220

"Imagine a world of niggers with jews stomping on your throat, forever."-George Orwell

025454  No.12111223

File: e6a84fe09f4b6ad⋯.png (597.42 KB, 710x445, 142:89, 1442108250855.png)

There wont be enough food locally to support it and the cost will be too high to ship it to them. Either they leave in droves or die en masse. And if Jews are still in control these coming decades the world is doomed.

On the plus side, a massive die off event would leave the continent ripe for recolonization and settlement by whites.

126fb5  No.12111225

File: 39b696754c430d8⋯.jpg (177.92 KB, 806x586, 403:293, nigger_nogger_dystopia.jpg)



How can africa become any more dystopic?

8cd38a  No.12111226

You can literally hear Trump's snipped dick swelling.

92c6bd  No.12111248


Won't happen, and I'll tell you why:

Carrying Capacity.

Africa is already well above carrying capacity. To the point that they can only spawn so many nigglets because we keep feeding them. It's a vicious cycle.

>feed niggers

>niggers spawn nigglets

>feed niggers

>niggers spawn nigglets

>feed niggers

>ad nauseum

<but not ad infinitum

Because eventually, we (western nations) will stop sending them food aid when all they do is shit out more of themselves.

Of course, by then, Europe will likely be drowned in a sea of shit as their socialist economies crumble under the burden of supporting so much dead weight.

Eventually, a choice will quietly come:

Us or Them

And the niggers will starve.

5f1354  No.12111264

File: e6ddb09949d3ae7⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, girl raped to death by mus….jpg)


Actually niggers are least likely to tolerate any of this bullshit. Comparing the two species and their stint of slavery over the last 2,000 years; NIGGERS and EUROPEANS we can clearly see that the Niggers rebelled and murdered their jew/muslim population in revenge and the Europeans haven't done shit to kill their jew/islamic overlords. The chinese might be able to wrangle those niggers but I kind of doubt it, niggers are too stupid to train for anything decent so they become a DANGEROUS net drain on any society. The only epic thing the niggers ever did was slaughter their jew/islamic slavers. Europeans just went along with the whole thing and are still being slaughtered for sport by whatever random semitic dog shit mongrel wants to ass rape them or their children.

563120  No.12111265

File: c85c963a72fa70c⋯.jpg (67.9 KB, 591x600, 197:200, niggers-love-to-steal.jpg)


Im stealing that.

a635ef  No.12111271


>implying cyber will still exist after we reach peak nig

b956ea  No.12111283


>megacities in africa

So a few actually large skyscrapers surrounded by sprawling, tin roofed ghettos jam-packed full of millions of niggers.

2c0d02  No.12111285


>How can africa become any more dystopic?

He could lose the trigger and muzzle discipline

8f2421  No.12111293

Chinese Judge Dredd within our lifetimes?

2c0d02  No.12111295


But who were the Moors?

Kikes fuck anything. Niggers didn't revolt against the jew invaders, they got literally fucked and put out kike babies called the moors then worshipped them as some supreme being while they did all the work for them at the end of a whip. Meanwhile the best of them got sent out for trade.

ca1ed0  No.12111312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You think niggers would ever be able to mount a revolt against robot-soldiers?

4d6e9a  No.12111321


Past performance is not always a direct indication of future trends, especially not in situations where an outside factor is expanding a bubble beyond reasonable bounds.


This anon gets it. Cut off their food supply and rats eat their own.

76582c  No.12111325

File: 424bdd071a03bf5⋯.png (2 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 1413603787256.png)


It's honestly nothing a solid aerial bombing campaign couldn't take care of. We could live in a nigger free world by Christmas if we had the right people in charge of our military. We have the technology.

f41b2b  No.12111327

I've been talking about this shit for the last two years. It blows my mind. The explosion of the nigger population will either directly lead to two outcomes: the collapse of global civilization, or massive famines and genocide/ethnic cleansing (at the hands of non-blacks). Famines and genocide are going to happen the likes of which we've never seen within Africa at the hands of blacks. The question is, how are whites going to respond? Will we lose everything, or will we kill them? Those are the only two options, because they won't be deterred from coming to our countries, and certain groups won't be deterred from allowing them in. Also Sub-Saharan Africa will be barren of natural habitat and many animal species. They'll go through nature like terminates go through your house. They'll eat, and eat, and eat until it all collapses. This century is literally the turning point for humanity. This is the century, thanks to technology (I'm the one always talking about a global race of Europeans), that will pit us against each other and decide the future of our species. Will the sub-groups merge ( or rather, be raped out of existence by monkey-people), will we lose our civilization and die in famines and genocides, only to start over again, or will we finally erase the primitive, inferior sub-groups? I can't fathom jews, lefties, or anyone with access to real power and knowledge, welcomes a future of billions of niggers. I can't fathom it. It is suicide, and you don't get to such a position by being stupid. There has to be a plan. I can't fathom there not being one.

d58664  No.12111329

But do these statistics and guesses take into effect how all these niggers are going to feed themselves? because I don't see western EBT working for much longer. ca right now,

f41b2b  No.12111334


I'd rather preserve nature and quarantine Sub-Saharan Africa and just use biological warfare. We have the means to completely annihilate them while buffering ourselves in numerous ways. Although one way or another hundreds of millions of dead rotting niggers is going to do severe damage to the environment. The best option might be group campaigns where bodies are actively scorched along the way. It would take a long time, but it's probably the best way to preserve nature.

601c65  No.12111336

File: 43e8a0204041ff7⋯.jpg (37.12 KB, 480x854, 240:427, af094b15818b5b180bffe913ba….jpg)

But guys, imagine all the mixtapes

f41b2b  No.12111339


> group campaigns

Ground campaigns*

f41b2b  No.12111361


>Eventually, a choice will quietly come:

>Us or Them

I just hope that decision comes before we lose our civilization, our history, and our genetic makeup. We're great at war, but if we're passively swarmed by hundreds of millions of niggers in a ten year period in 2090, we're done for. This decision needs to be made soon. There is no later. If we don't have a home base, we lose. We're strong due to organization and strategy. If our home base is flooded, we lose organization and we die. We're already in the process of losing our home base. Do or die, I'd say, comes next decade at the latest. If we're not actively finding out way out of this mess by 2030, we probably lost the long game.

f41b2b  No.12111368


>Niggers rebelled and murdered their jew/muslim population in revenge

No they didn't. Niggers are just dumb and violent by nature, and very tribalistic. They naturally slaughter smaller ethnic groups. Whether slavery is involved or not. If you live among blacks, and are a minority (even a black minority), eventually you'll find yourself amidst an ethnic cleansing. It's not about revenge, or slavery, or anything else. It's their nature.

198a63  No.12111370


Rebelled by conquering all the prisons. lol.

198a63  No.12111375

File: 0cea1ed1de99289⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 700x393, 700:393, prison labor.jpg)


33310e  No.12111400


>Chinese Judge Dredd within our lifetimes?

Be the change you want to see, anon

f41b2b  No.12111414


You can tell right off which one in that group takes it up the ass by everyone else in the group.

569d42  No.12111430


Check your spam folder.

BTW, it will be more like something out of shadowrun.

1f63e6  No.12111448


Gigantic Chink workcamps filled with nigger slaves, robot guards, drones and sentrytowers. Every nig will be implanted with a chip ID and their whereabouts are tracked 24/7

1f63e6  No.12111457


They want slaves, completely subservient to their overlords. Maybe even genetically engineered to promote things like subservience and loyalty

569d42  No.12111470


Revelation 13:16-17 King James Version (KJV)

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

246873  No.12111490


Moors weren't niggers. Don't fall for Afrocentrist revisionism.

f41b2b  No.12111499


This doesn't benefit anyone. Anyone with foresight or an IQ above 90 should know the way forward, technologically, is through an intelligent and productive population, not an incredibly stupid, and consequently unproductive, population. There's no way anyone making real decisions doesn't comprehend this. There has to be a bigger picture. The modern form of "slavery" isn't fit for a nigger anyway. Niggers would be fit only in pre-industrial times to work cotton fields and whatnot. We're well beyond that. The modern slave would have to be a post-industrial slave, which would require a much higher intelligence. Basically passive subservience (thinking you're free while working to the benefit of others). This can't be about slavery or control. The diversity agenda and bloating the nigger population has to be about something else, and the only thing that makes sense, to me, is collapsing our civilization and destroying us. Jews and Chinks both have a vested interest. Jews go down with us though. But jews do undoubtedly support diversity. Weird. It makes no sense, and no, slavery can't be the answer because the nigger is intellectually incapable of being a slave in the modern world. It only makes sense in the context of them being a weapon. Although commie-tier leftist filth (mostly jews) do see "class" in the context of race, with whites being the bourgeoisie and blacks being the proletariat. So it could make sense that the enemy empowering and growing this weapon could be right here at home. Or maybe it's a combination of things. I do know for certain there's no small group at the very top controlling everything seeking to use niggers as slaves, because they're genetically unfit to be.

246873  No.12111511

File: 18cbe6c49b7f451⋯.jpg (293.64 KB, 1433x2000, 1433:2000, johan-grenier-sketches0.jpg)


We won't even need need to use biological warfare. Imagine a city with 75, 80, 90 million niggers living it. Imagine what foul plagues would get cooked up in a place like that. Not to mention the megacities in China, India and Pakistan.

The 1918 Spanish flu resulted in the deaths of 50 to 100 million (three to five percent of the world's population). And that was with a world population of less than 2 billion. We're almost at 8 billion now.

f41b2b  No.12111521


I know dark days are ahead. I would find it preferable to control the outbreak, rather than be at the mercy of one. If niggers spawn some uncontrollable plague, which they will, we're fucked too. It'll probably be in Europe by way of their "humanitarian" ships before the deaths even start.

1f63e6  No.12111526


Kikes being hellbent on destroying Europe is not logical in any way, you can't rationalize it. It's just hatred and feelings of superiority in the small group of super elite kikes, we are a competitor for world dominance and in the long run really hard to control.

91a996  No.12111572

why is this thread anchored anyone know? I was planning on making a thread to discuss the population booms in china and india, but now i dont know if thats allowed to talk about here.

48d72d  No.12112129


>Imagine what foul plagues

Why bother imagining if a new strain of ebol-aids breaks out every 50 years lol.

Keep in mind that Western cities are just as susceptible to disease if our electricity goes out.


You're making a mistake here. Us or them preempts what you wrote entirely.


The only rationale the jew needs for destroying Europe is the eternal asshurt he got in 70 AD when the temple got gassed.


The new mods kinda suck at telling what's a slide and what isn't. Make your thread anyway and hope it sticks.

edc79d  No.12113303

File: 7e416850304c87f⋯.jpg (14.57 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)

this is truly terrifying. i unironically hope a global pandemic arises, a super strain of the spanish flu crossed with the bubonic plague or something, it's our only hope. a world full of niggers is not going to be a good world for anyone, holy fuck the global IQ drop could destroy us all

a8f7c3  No.12113527


Everything that the kikes and their "elite" buddies have done post WW2 has been to exterminate White people.

White genocide is their goal.

Their greatest fear is another "Third Reich" type uprising. The last was barely defeated by their armies of useful idiots and cucks.

A killing wave of niggers and spics is one of their core weapons. That combined with "humanitarianism" and "multicult" and "open borders immigration."

It is all SO DAMN OBVIOUS now. They want White countries FLOODED with shitholers and Whites increasingly oppressed and marginalized and, eventually, directly extinguished from the world.


They hate us. They hate White morality and White greatness. We are "in the way" of their hellish future aristocracy composed of kikes and their "elite" allies ruling, with absolute power, over a mass of brown mulatto slaves (they would cull most of blacks and browns after the White genocide ran it's course).

They would eliminate the most violent shitholers and likely genetically engineer a docile and obedient slave race to serve them alongside their planned robot armies and robot factories. Whites would generally object to such behavior due to that "problematic" White morality, so the kikes have turned our morality against us by twisting it into "we have to take care of the crying shitholers" bullshit.

It's all very horrible.

We are living in a nightmare scenario of good versus evil. The nightmare is that the demonic kikes have convinced the masses that "good is evil" and that "evil is good." "Slavery is freedom, war is peace, diversity is strength."

White people need to relearn the FACT good is not always nice and that nice is not always good.

Stopping White genocide, removing ZOG in all its forms, and reestablishing White homelands for Whites only are GOOD, even if they are not "nice."


Even if it didn't spread on its own, you can be SURE that the kikes would spread it on purpose to White countries.


"We must secure the existence of White homelands and a future for White children"

If we fail to do so, then a great deal of the light of human greatness will be extinguished from this world.

Funny how people think praying for Ebola to cleanse Africa is evil. A growing horde of over a billion 75 IQ murderous shitholer niggers is what's evil.

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