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File: 16b7e9373f44cc1⋯.jpg (29.99 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1.jpg)

4d9c2d  No.12111496

Swedish Election in 3 Days, What are You Doing to Make SD win?

Does /pol/ have a plan?

4c0612  No.12111545


What are YOU going to do if they don't win? Will you wait another 4 years like a good goy while your kin gets splashed with acid, raped, murdered, and replaced?

Also, why not vote for the Nordic Resistance Movement? They have a political platform, right?

03c926  No.12111573

Mod reminder: As an operation thread, all obvious derailing attempts or off-topic posts in this thread will be removed. Highly persistent offenders will be banned. Furthermore, do not reply to derailing attempts or off-topic posts.

Post last edited at

3fb7a7  No.12111575

I hope Alternative for Sweden reaches 4%, That's much more important that SD becomming the largest party.

f65b35  No.12111586


>some small party that will neither effect change or upset the ruling communist party is more important than SD being able to enact change and remove the current ruling communist party from power

I hope they hit 4% too but this statement is fucking retarded.

b3c93c  No.12111589

>in 3 days

Too late for /pol/ to do anything about it. It looks like the Swedes themselves handled the situation the best they could. Look up the Skurt memes for some of what they've done.

f23686  No.12111595

Hate to spoil the harsh truth but a vote for SD is a vote for FI and C. SD are willing to cooperate with them but not with AFS. Learn how to identify controlled opposition when it shows itself.

909fad  No.12111598

already a thead https://8ch.net/pol/res/12096275.html

f65b35  No.12111603


AfS is up shit creek. Yea, they're /pol/s SIEGE pals but they were never ever in a position to influence any change whatsoever.

909fad  No.12111609


Im still writing that book, faggot

909fad  No.12111620


No anon, this is an "op" thread, see the mod edit here >>12111573

eb37fc  No.12111629

File: 155280b5053ce58⋯.png (997.98 KB, 1920x800, 12:5, balrog hmmmph 1.png)


ok. fine then.

f23686  No.12111631


SD are literally on par with S though. They can't even be bothered with populism and empty lies these days. There had many opportunities to speak against things like car burnings rapes etc but never taken it. They've got literal Hasidic Jews on their election night parties. Their members protest at AFS rallies hand in hand together with FI. What's the point of even voting them in? What do you think they're supposed to achieve in alliance with parties like C and M?

69cfb3  No.12111657

I said I hope Hillary wins and civil war breaks out.

Jews send nigs to delete my post.

You creatures are pathetic.

b3c93c  No.12111686

File: 666fab08ab02435⋯.jpg (698.55 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, skurt.jpg)

File: ff96be3ad8c4acd⋯.jpg (105.53 KB, 545x674, 545:674, skurt 2.jpg)

File: 3bb3c2792cc3498⋯.jpg (69.06 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, skurt 3.jpg)

File: b58ddcf1ec31c32⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 360x360, 1:1, skurt 4.jpg)

File: ba7654167a51743⋯.png (30.64 KB, 602x315, 86:45, skurt 5.png)

Examples of Swedish memes featuring Skurt. You'll probably find more in Nord/pol/.

b3c93c  No.12111749

File: 19eb217be03f485⋯.jpg (18.44 KB, 320x180, 16:9, skurt 6.jpg)

File: b72093d6fea7d8f⋯.png (473.37 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, skurt 7.png)

File: d33a79d1e841d8c⋯.jpg (106.5 KB, 630x542, 315:271, skurt 8.jpg)

File: 1ca4d3651879036⋯.jpg (45.8 KB, 480x480, 1:1, skurt 9.jpg)

See what I mean? These guys are good. I'll gladly take Swedish requests, but I'll leave that up to them.

25fb61  No.12111761


huh? what's with the policing?


>See what I mean? These guys are good.

oh yes they have some frogpictures, then surely we will all be convinced that a party that actually will save sweden is allowed to legally form in sweden, of all places

93e8e5  No.12111780

File: 4c95d8f73c7fff1⋯.jpg (64.53 KB, 500x707, 500:707, 1427087970224-0.jpg)

File: bf59ccccbb74679⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 500x707, 500:707, 1427087970224-1.jpg)

File: 74f9d1e69e17052⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1984x1736, 8:7, 2cf6633f49a7bb271620923961….png)

File: 6015701d2c45386⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1435168801390.png)

File: ac0680a163f5dfa⋯.jpg (246.93 KB, 900x1366, 450:683, ac0680a163f5dfa1833f3096c9….jpg)

Good luck swede bros.

d89f3a  No.12111880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ye ride carefully with her.

050eca  No.12111883


The SD's hav had to sanitised themselves beyond criticism but deep down they are still the same, still hold the old views.

050eca  No.12111885



As far as I can see no poll has AfS on 4% or even close.

ea8f9f  No.12111919


AFS needs to reach 14.88% for maximum kek

000000  No.12111921

SD are cucks, I am not kidding. Look at their policies. It's AfS or N that want race war now and we need it more than ever before it's too late.

6902fb  No.12111969

File: 4cf125e7dbba72f⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 48374835.jpg)

File: a6391c9362970d2⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5374573457.jpg)

File: dcdc1f0f3750367⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 67856785678.jpg)

File: 4bda468d9026434⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 3200x2000, 8:5, 48642318.jpg)




get out

6902fb  No.12111981

File: e0e2cd17bf2fc76⋯.jpg (143.8 KB, 423x509, 423:509, 000,0% understanding.jpg)


then SDcucks better divert some votes right now, or 3% could potentially be lost. This should not be a difficult concept to understand

77ec58  No.12111984

File: 63e10311b90a2e1⋯.png (4.52 MB, 4766x3957, 4766:3957, sverige demokraterna judar.png)

SD is controlled op and wont do shit

i mean they have people in kippahs straight from israel running around giving orders, how delusional do you have to be ?

im sorry

8ddecb  No.12113533


>SD is controlled op and wont do shit

>i mean they have people in kippahs straight from israel running around giving orders, how delusional do you have to be ?

Still worth it for the chaos that will follow. Forcing these scumbags to reveal themselves should be the goal.

a5f72d  No.12113588

Good luck sven

c3c4b4  No.12113726


Nothing will happen until the Jew is brought out into the open. A temporary breather is all you will get. While the enemy grows stronger.

800829  No.12113739

File: 0d14cd32801c3fa⋯.png (30.57 KB, 1632x870, 272:145, Paula (((Bieler))).png)

File: d168ef74623ac80⋯.png (18.82 KB, 819x707, 117:101, Jimmie Hanrejsson.png)

File: f0313f4675d3ac2⋯.jpeg (157.07 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, Ljugnäsan.jpeg)

File: 5dad0ca0d3a8fa7⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1903x1200, 1903:1200, Jeff Ahl.jpg)

File: a5c6096b51dc215⋯.png (455.43 KB, 698x2230, 349:1115, Mikael Jansson - Syria.png)



>When AfS exists

Did you just get off the boat, or are you trying to mislead people into supporting a party which is doesn't even recognize the existence of an ethnic Swedish people, while simultaneously fully supporting Israel?

500c06  No.12113745


basically they need to save themselves

a3c80a  No.12113796

File: 3231c11f0648d94⋯.jpg (282.89 KB, 1028x1112, 257:278, 1336842190735.jpg)

>What are You Doing to Make SD win?

Well I voted for them so I guess that's a start.

They are cuckservative shitstains though with zero understanding of basic principles such as "never apologize" and worryingly often cuck for PR, despite Jimmie going on P3 and telling the socjus nutters to their fucking faces he'd cancel the entire channel. It's kinda maddening how these people waffle back and forth between being based motherfuckers and doormats.

Will be joining AFS and will work to become a major figure in future elections. This country needs leadership and if it's got to come in the form of an american meme operative then so be it.

48c7e5  No.12113838

File: f5a51c0e23058aa⋯.jpg (46.66 KB, 627x517, 57:47, Swedish MP quits.jpg)

If /pol/ can do anything to support and encourage the Swedes the best thing to do might be to inform the world about what a stranglehold the jews have on Sweden's mass news media.

"The Bonnier Group owns 96 book publishers, 42 business and trade press newspapers, 105 digital news platforms, 9 film production companies, 176 magazines, 23 major newspapers, 33 TV stations, and 33 “other” media outlets—and quite literally dominates the controlled media in Sweden."

"Swedish Democrat party member of Parliament Anna Hagwall has announced her resignation from all party posts and will not stand for reelection in 2018 after a furor following her exposure of the fact that a single family of Jews control the Swedish media."

The Swedish MP resigned after being portrayed as a villain for even daring to suggest that a single self-serving, alien ethnicity shouldn't control the overwhelming majority of the news Swedes get..

9c48f7  No.12113892


Sweden is lost. 1 in 6 are foreign born. None bother to integrate. Among swedes, women do integrate with men. They do not even love themselves. They have forgotten God.

I am advised that true Swedes should immigrate to Iceland. Apparently, immigration to Iceland is easy and painless, and inferior races will never go there.

d66b1e  No.12113895


>They have forgotten God.

Fuck off christcuck

9c48f7  No.12113924


My ancestors are smiling at me, imperial

48c7e5  No.12113995

File: 372b4ab65513aa9⋯.jpg (51.17 KB, 621x534, 207:178, Swedish ZOG cries fake new….jpg)

Things must be going well for our people in this election cycle.

ZOG now prepares its servile Goy audience all over the world for the mental shock of a win by the Right in Sweden.

This Reuters story is being widely republished by the J-Left media.

They're whining that the points of view that rival the kosher narrative are FAKE NEWS.


Will they blame the Russians next?

f216cf  No.12114009


>inferior races will never go to iceland

they said this about sweden 60 years ago

>They have forgotten God

Yes, they have forgotten Goduan, Lord of the Heavenly Hosts and Destroyer of All Evil Spirits. Unfortunately he was replaced with some faggy kike.

351b3c  No.12114083



Very much these. Remember what happened during the "Its okay to be white" fiasco.

The whole goal wasn't just to get whites to be more confident with themselves. Its to expose how off kilter the left has become.

800829  No.12114186


It should also be mentioned that this media apparatus receives press support from the state.


I always find it hilarious how none of these sites mention mega corporations such as google performing mass removals of videos and search results belonging to nationalist opposition parties. Russia this, Russia that, election manipulation right wing death squads, but no mention of the actual mega corporations directly influencing foreign independent elections.

I also find it hilarious how the only parties unaffected by these mass sweeps of videos and election material being removed are the established 7 parties that all run the exact same EU political line despite being 7 different parties, who are supposedly in competition.

I find it even more hilarious that they're going as far as removing fucking satire videos now. Such as the original upload of "Så att det blir rätt" which doesn't even qualify for hate speech by their own standards.

But what's really an absolute riot is how there's fucking zero mention of the rampant electoral fraud committed by the current parties, or how 6 fucking different parties signed away all their mandates to the socialists when they lost the election, just in case you were under the impression this wasn't a one party state.

No mention of the officials at Stockholm attempting to ban AfS from holding an election rally, despite being approved for it by the police, AND it being a constitutional right to hold rallies. Won't ever hear that mentioned in the media. But god fucking forbid somebody mentions accurate fucking information that exposes their rampant corruption and how Sweden is more or less occupied by the EU at this point.

God fucking forbid media acts like a watchdog for corruption. You know, what the role of media and free information is supposed to be.

04a006  No.12114482

File: 08b5f95021d1039⋯.png (344.46 KB, 551x751, 551:751, sd.png)

7a4ac9  No.12114531



7a4ac9  No.12114550


>Well I voted for them so I guess that's a start.

You can vote AFS on sunday and your postal vote on SD wont count.

4dd076  No.12114685


>Sweden joins the Axis soon


I like this timeline.

77ec58  No.12114721

File: 74fa5d254b30ed6⋯.png (754.82 KB, 839x417, 839:417, xxx.png)

Election riot today :


Now imagine any group behaving like this against the "socialists"

9554c3  No.12114977


Good luck Sweden. Hope you don't become a thing people only learn about from history class.

728224  No.12115237


AfS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (((SD)))

2abe3d  No.12115546



Everyone should be voting SD, .. once they have a solid footing than next go around AfS.

AfS will keep SD's feet to the fire.

53de2d  No.12115652


>what is shifting the Overton window?

I really hope it's JIDF and not fellow nationalist anons that don't comprehend that it's all about pushing and pushing further right to normalize it, SD today, AfS tomorrow, THEN after that we make The Golden One the fuhrer.

f95164  No.12116971

If dubs AfS somehow landslides miraculously.

4c0612  No.12117012


Know your fucking rules, you take care of spam and cp.

a58cea  No.12117076


>the nose

I love how pol is leaking into real life at an accelerating rate. I shit you not I met an open ethnonationalist black at a College Republicans meeting recently. She only half-jokingly suggested bringing Jared Taylor to the campus. I've met several polacks in real life and had drinks with them. Even more nationalist internet friends I play games with. Fucking crazy.

b2a8a1  No.12117095

saged for solving issues by electing jew controlled parties (they all are)

there is a reason why hitler didn't take over by popular vote…

b3c93c  No.12117304

File: 21be243a6a65d25⋯.png (650.19 KB, 461x630, 461:630, css-large thor.png)

File: 5c806f6df34c3a5⋯.png (241.89 KB, 585x296, 585:296, 244 transparent.png)

File: aa2396629452ff3⋯.png (531.41 KB, 1009x496, 1009:496, 940 transparent 2.png)

File: 63ec736917fbbbe⋯.png (62.01 KB, 508x158, 254:79, 900 transparent.png)

File: 110b682ffbc4ded⋯.png (2.18 MB, 995x1036, 995:1036, css-large freya 2.png)

Here's transparent background versions of some Swedish things, if anyone wants.

9f9e56  No.12117862

File: 649a632403c2980⋯.jpeg (143.02 KB, 519x826, 519:826, isis_01.jpeg)

"Islamic State" threatens to behead Jimmie Åkesson's son

DOMESTIC. A death threat issued by ISIS against SD leader Jimmie Åkesson and his son is now being spreadionline. It is still unclear whether the threat is "genuine" or not, Express says .

The threat that is now being spread against Jimmie Åkeson is supposed to contain the logo of the terror group along with arabic texts.

The threats says "We shall decaptite you if you have not withdrawn from the election within the end of the week, if you chose to hide with the tail behind your legs you will see us decapitate Nils", according to (((expressen)))

Nils is Åkesson's four year old son.

The letter also references "Allah" (satan)

But the author of the threat, and if it even originates from (((ISIS))) is still unclear

(((Säpo))), swedish security forces, has chosen to not comment the incident, but Sweden Democrat's press officer Henrik Vinge confirms the threat.

- We currently do not know if this is authentic, if it is actually something from the terror group (((ISIS))). We currently await Säpo's verdict, he says to (((Expressen)))

Who notified the party about the threat he will not reveal.

According to the newspaper the threat also contains text from the (((islamic))) song "Soon the revenge will come", which is used in (((ISIS'))) propaganda movies, where they threatens to "slaughter" non (((islamic))) people.




9f9e56  No.12117880

File: 7280884ebc6c23d⋯.jpeg (359.6 KB, 660x2111, 660:2111, isis_02_se.jpeg)

File: c9424d5ffbf2407⋯.jpg (213.8 KB, 684x1236, 57:103, isis_02_en.jpg)


Articles from (((expressen))) here, translated via (((google))) translate



>google translated


fd3916  No.12118084


>Push further right

>By voting for a party which got in with significantly more radical views 8 years ago

>A party which has only drifted closer to the other mainstream parties since

SD was a nationalist party in 2010 and got in with 5% of the votes. They then got in again in 2014 with 13% of the votes.

In 2018 they no longer recognize the existence of an ethnic Swedish people and call themselves "social conservatives" instead of nationalists. SD being in parliament or not is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is having a nationalist ideology of homogeneity in parliament.

SD no longer represents this ideology, and have only drifted further and further to the other pro EU parties. It wasn't until AfS got on the scene that SD started panicking and inch slowly back to their nationalist roots. You won't push anything "further right" by voting for a party which has spent the past 3 years getting rid of nationalists in their ranks, to the point where their own youth organization broke off from them for no longer being nationalists.

Kill yourself, fellow "nationalist".

f04803  No.12118380


I voted for the Nordic resistance movement. Fuck SD.

187203  No.12118386

File: 3b8b492a5cf4a06⋯.png (140.33 KB, 704x396, 16:9, spirit bomb.png)



62ff2c  No.12118392


(((ISIS))) at it again.

427c10  No.12118408

File: 8b1de29408d6b58⋯.png (434.61 KB, 628x480, 157:120, 501819-oberstein_glare.png)


>As an operation thread


9bea4c  No.12118616


>SD no longer represents this ideology, and have only drifted further and further to the other pro EU parties. It wasn't until AfS got on the scene that SD started panicking and inch slowly back to their nationalist roots. You won't push anything "further right" by voting for a party which has spent the past 3 years getting rid of nationalists in their ranks, to the point where their own youth organization broke off from them for no longer being nationalists.

Excellent point and as things get worse, the nationalist view will be the only logical selection.

9f9e56  No.12118620


Probably one of these "new swedes", not even fucking kidding

9f9e56  No.12118626


hey have they had any cool shit lately? it's been all afs and shit? they are doing this shit tomorrow I hope? I'll check ntv for keks

9f9e56  No.12118635

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I haven't paid attention, tons of shit here!

9f9e56  No.12118656


not to spam, but do you know why they have so much studio stuff? I mean there is only one video here where they are out, that isn't good.

what I mean to ask is it because of some police/law shit that I have missed? I'll watch everything but it's lit hours and hours of studio material

c608de  No.12118661

Why was this thread locked >>12118417

9f9e56  No.12118673


my guess either one of two

1. mod mistook it for some (((antifa)))-ish anti swedish propaganda

2. goldenboy

9f9e56  No.12118701


my guess here it's probably just a mistake really, he just spotted the burning flag and locked it

9f9e56  No.12118840

File: ede31e88515dc2e⋯.png (160.78 KB, 1744x564, 436:141, 4cuck_is_infiltrated_for_s….png)


I'm quite often banned there, but I question this very much. I think they banned scored of us because of the swedish election and no I am not joking, they do this, säpo

82793e  No.12118923


Not happening, won't let my vote go to waste by casting it for a party that has no realistic shot at hitting 4%.

If they'd created the party 9 months before they did and gone balls to the wall with their campaigning then perhaps polling would show them at 4-4.5% but that's not the reality we find ourselves in.

6a1235  No.12119615

File: d27423521f34701⋯.jpg (169.28 KB, 798x1172, 399:586, 1-1.jpg)

Who are we rooting for, what are the realistic parameters of "success" and when are the results?

7a4ac9  No.12120201


They intentionally timed their party introduction late so that they could maximize the amount of exposure during the run up to the election. Seems to have worked, they got a great boost when the SD (((leadership))) condemned them for being "extremist".

7a4ac9  No.12120206


>SD was a nationalist party in 2010 and got in with 5% of the votes.

Idiot, the last vestiges of nationalism was dropped in 2005/6 when the current leadership took control of SD. The media image of SD as some kind of nationalist party is false.

9e1ff2  No.12121803

5c6d14  No.12122011

File: 3a8dfe8d87de248⋯.jpg (4.29 MB, 2500x1589, 2500:1589, 3a8dfe8d87de2489060fff2274….jpg)

>What are You Doing to Make SD win?

I'm not Swedish so since I can't vote i made pic related instead, for wgat it's worth. I hope Sweden says NO this time.

909f86  No.12122040



Nice. Spectre is in there rubbing her hands. But, that LARPing rat faggot 'Golden One' in the front with the shield has to be removed.

b54253  No.12122057

Wishing you the best of luck, because I'm not a fucking Swede

f95164  No.12122063


What's wrong with the Golden One?

905900  No.12122065

File: c3a5fb5004f9e61⋯.png (59.04 KB, 838x944, 419:472, hmm.png)


imagine being this much of a kike

909f86  No.12122081

File: a84f46a09f68551⋯.jpg (71.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, LARP.jpg)


He acts like a fucking meme, a complete faggot. Not to mention being a degenerate munching roids for breakfast. An actual nationalist would laugh and roll their eyes at this guy.

905900  No.12122099

File: 21b76c4bd0fdff7⋯.jpg (185.98 KB, 685x480, 137:96, 21b.jpg)


$0.0001 deposited into your bank account

050eca  No.12122270


Huge bulges every where except one exceptional place. ? :o /

050eca  No.12122283


Blond Men are crap growing abs, they always hav crap abs. even Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger seven times winner of Mr. Olympia had crap abs. :o/

9f9e56  No.12122291


pls stop, he makes me so emberassed

he is such a tool

050eca  No.12122294


I hope these little shits haven't been given the vote?

40e451  No.12122305

Isn't the Swedish government trying to apply "gender equality" courses to the children aged between 1-5 ?

9f9e56  No.12122308


you know some people, when they start to work out, it goes to their heads, because they are not used to it and that's that guy.

if he went working out where I go, he would have had his ass beaten. he was probably like really thin or something at onetime and he started and couldn't handle it like a normal guy

909fad  No.12122907

Bumping for visibility because this shit is today and it's buried under a bunch of bumplocked threads on page 0 and 1.

7710df  No.12123789

File: d7c16a9f21d2d80⋯.jpeg (261.8 KB, 876x1049, 876:1049, 002db9a8.jpeg)


Wow, has masculinity in Sweden become so hated that a man with some muscle is looked down upon even in the "far right"? Maybe Sweden is a lost cause after all.

0ccde6  No.12123822


Wasn't that girl more chinky looking last time I saw this pic?

2617bc  No.12123847


>What are You Doing to Make SD win?

Kill yourself you jew loving cocksucker.

2617bc  No.12123857


>why not vote for the Nordic Resistance Movement

Because OP (assuming he's not a KIKE) is an alt-right faggot just the rest of the complete cucks in this thread who are sucking off the obvious controlled opposition AfS.

25fb61  No.12123863


teh difference between teh two pics is that goldy wont kill and the artist rendition depicts a killer

d973ba  No.12123864


funny, journo kikes were saying the exact same thing you posted about him

2617bc  No.12123871


I'm sure he's a nice guy to hang out with but from a political POV he's a stupid alt-right cuckold like all the rest of them.


> THEN after that we make The Golden One the fuhrer.

Kill yourself.

833024  No.12123879

File: b4b1945ae4dbe03⋯.jpg (110.67 KB, 530x884, 265:442, otto23424.jpg)


nah he's fucking ripped and can probably put more than 1000 pounds on the legpress and push it around like it's a couple plates. However this doesn't make anyone smart, tough, or a good leader. Golden one ain't a killer he just pops his mouth alot.

Pic related this is what a real life killer looks like

Golden one looks like a hollywood fantasy idealized version of a badass

8532d0  No.12124140





>Being this obvious

>Not knowing


>Following it up with (1) as if people can't spot the samefagging from the previous two double posts

You're killing me, Mordechai.

88c616  No.12124233


54bba1  No.12124267

Do Eurofags have any large online bases for dissent like the US where people generate propaganda?

319959  No.12124276


How the motherfuck is this an operation thread ?

54bba1  No.12124294


It's not. It's a thread where someone tries to rally a largely American userbase to do something in favor of Swedes, which won't happen because no one here knows shit about their politics, has a personal investment, nor speaks their language.

4a8832  No.12124297

File: adddd2f017a3db5⋯.png (540.51 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Pic_Ak5.png)

I've cast an early vote for SD. I got mý entire immediate family to vote for them as well, turning them from lifelong liberals into SD voters.

Some methods that I've found especially effective:

☑ Hammer them about the December Agreement. Even most "normal" leftists find it to be repugnant. Describe it as cheating and a denial of the will of the people that allowed a minority to rule as a majority. If they're liberals/moderates, hammer them especially hard over the fact that the lib-con bloc whipped their members of parliament into voting for red/green policies. Describe them as controlled opposition; it's hard to deny this when they force their elected officials to support green politics.

☑ Avoid harsher and more violent rhetoric against any out group, but highlight the violence and intolerance of the out-group. Their firebombings, rapes, and overall chaos and the general permissiveness of the regime towards this. Contrasting people having their lives ruined over mean Facebook posts and rapists walking free is very effective. Again, even leftists hate that kind of injustice unless they're FI/MP-tier. Those people will support, celebrate and protect any rapist and terrorist on the planet, so don't bother with them for the most part.

☑ Swedes like fairness and objectivity. They don't live by this creed, but they believe in it nonetheless. A good example is the recent scandal where the state-run media openly supported the regime and its sister parties against the SD opposition. Everyone probably knows that's the case, but being open about it is unjust. You can easily demoralize cucks or break 'em out of the pro-rape/terror mold by pointing to such blatant hypocrisy and breach of trust and principles.

This has worked well for me. Best of luck to all of you, let's not stumble on the finish line. Even if SD wins a clear victory the regime will probably cheat or form an unreasonable coalition to freeze them out, but even then the amount of political capital that'd cost them would be debilitating and possibly outright suicidal, which honestly would be an even bigger victory through polarization and the damage to the current failing system that it'd cause. Let's hope that the pro-rape/terror bloc actually is this insanely stupid because that'd be a massive boon for the good guys that actually want to save Sweden from their deranged dystopia.

4a8832  No.12124306


Every bit helps honestly. This thread? Not so much probably, but a lot of users on 8chan - lurkers in particular - are Nords, Swedes being the largest contingent. What Americans learn and share usually makes it into the Swedish corners of the Internet too. Kid you not, can't count how many Swedes I've met that have been woken up by the realization that Americans and other Europeans hate and ridicule them for their suicidal "solidarity" with the people that want to rape their daughters and slit their throats.

e840d0  No.12124325


Who are the far-right and far-left candidates?

c6f8b1  No.12124333

File: aa8c309d1b2aca1⋯.jpg (142.8 KB, 600x600, 1:1, best-trump.jpg)


>have been woken up by the realization that Americans and other Europeans hate and ridicule them

>ridicule them

I knew i was being valuable

e31ddd  No.12124362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm going to have to watch this as it seems to contain good historical information about the Swedish Sweden.

Any comments or reviews from Swedes or others who have watched this?

The demonizing description:

"For over 100 years, the Social Democrats have been the biggest and most influential political party in Sweden. For just as long, they have managed to keep their history away from school books and the public debate. Therefore, it is no wonder that so few people are aware of the actual historical foundation of the Social Democrats, even among political representatives within the party.

The Social Democrats have a unique position in Swedish history. No other party has had such power and influence over the Swedish society and its population. No other party has controlled and censored media to the extent that the Social Democrats have done.

No other party has made racial biology a science and divided the population by race and conducted medical experiments on helpless patients. No other Swedish party has systematically and forcefully sterilized its own population. No other Swedish party has, to such an extent, helped Nazi Germany and refused jews a sanctuary. No other Swedish party has, to such a degree, deprived women the possibility to bring children to the world.

This is the story of the Social Democrats, as it’s never been told before."

54bba1  No.12124367


It is funny how far and wide the Swedish cuck memes have spread. Even on a shit-hole like twitch, if someone mentions Sweden everyone spams the Arab-looking emote and says some one-liner.

4a8832  No.12124371


Seriously. Cannot be understated. Most of the Captain Sweden-tier people live exclusively by social validation and the hugs, compliments and headpats they get from corporations for their self destructive behavior. Laughing in their faces and calling them suicidal retards definitely helps. Memes help too. Call them every nasty thing on the planet and shatter their fragile egos. It helps if you can pull off an act of being Swedish or at least not from a "stupid meaniefacepants Hitler country".

Needless to say, not really recommended for Swedes when dealing with friends and family. But online and maybe in person with a complete stranger? It's effective if you know how what buttons to push. It's admittedly more of a long-term grind though, as the idea of the world regarding them with ridicule takes some time to nurture in their minds. If they don't have a hugbox to reaffirm their self-hatred it's even better. Otherwise persistent memeing is needed.

tl;dr if you've called Swedes retarded fags for being retardedly suicidal with their tolerance five years ago odds aren't insignificant that you planted a seed that grew into a NMR supporter.

4a8832  No.12124380

File: 493204e7827367a⋯.jpg (27.68 KB, 300x439, 300:439, kamrat göran.jpg)


Totally. A lot of more cucked Swedes get really defensive and anxious about it too. A lot of them are even afraid to admit that they're Swedish. Again, can't underscore this enough. They basically have no actual ideas, beliefs or thoughts of their own and just want social validation. If all they can is people laughing at them and calling them fags, they'll retreat and doubt themselves. Remember: you're dealing with total betas and glass cannons here. The facade cracks easily.

>tfw the auto updater is at 320 seconds and good replies appear just as you post

8532d0  No.12124515


I don't really see any of the xenophile cuckolds in Sweden being afraid of admitting to being Swedish. Primarily because they're too brainwashed from school and media to actually feel any shame as shame requires having an identity of your own. They are the ones you see who just end up just repeating some retarded mantra they were thought, such as "everybody's equal value" or other nonsense. These are the people you see pulling bullshit stats from media, and come up with bizarre mental gymnastics about "the definition of rape" and other bullshit, in all those comments sections.

The people I consistently see who are actually afraid to admit to being Swedish on the internet are the ones who are leaning towards our side of things, but don't say anything in person because of the very real consequences, and don't say anything online because they've grown tired of just being called "cucks who voted for it" and other similar things.

They've simply given up because no matter what they say the resulting response is the same: They're a cuck who voted for it and deserves genocide. No exceptions, "Swedes are genetically defective" and so on.

The end result of this is usually one of two things for the people who aren't brainwashed. They either:

A) Stop caring, and only discuss matters in Swedish, because they see no reason to discuss any internal affairs with people who will just yell cuck regardless. This is one of the reasons why most people you see discussing Swedish affairs in English are typically from the brainwashed side, rather than the side which realizes the problem.


B) They give up and leave the country. Some of them continue to vote from abroad, others simply continue the blackpilling cycle from abroad, and encourage abandoning the entire homeland. Because as they've been told so many times "it's already lost."

It should also be mentioned that a lot of these memes originated on flashback, and some of them predate even halfchan. Thing is, a lot of these also had additional information to back up the meme. There were stats on immigrant crimes, information on censored news, and more. It was never just "lol give up cucks it's over" which is not really helpful at all. I don't need to explain why blackpilling too hard and getting people to abandon the nation is a bad thing, and probably exactly what (((they))) want. The hard hitting approach might work for the brainwashed people, who crave validation, but the bulk of the population is still made up of reasonable people who just don't speak up because of the very real consequences of doing so. These are the people the focus should be on reaching. By bolstering our numbers with the people who are leaning towards us we can then use the increased mass of support on the brainwashed people who only crave validation.

This is the method the media itself uses, they censor and publish with the specific intent to create a sense of peer pressure. This is what we need to reverse, and the best way of doing so is by providing stats and examples of media and politicians covering things up. Calling them retarded faggots might help for some, but a majority are just going to be demoralized by it at this point. 10 Years ago it would have helped, because the country still had some semblance of order, but right now we're visibly in a total collapse, and telling people they're incompetent faggots at this point is probably not going to help at all.

8f6548  No.12124596


When do you start crying like a bitch about the unenviable Marxist takeover of Sweden.

6f850a  No.12124658

How's the election going, faggots? Did you get anyone who's even remotely fascist? Please tell me you did.

4a8832  No.12124703


Election day is on 9/9. We'll know soon.

b64c8c  No.12124708

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

45b41c  No.12124764

Hurry the fuck up and resurrect Hitler already.

Jesus, how much longer do I have to wait?

Get your shit together Sweden.

7710df  No.12124882



>The people I consistently see who are actually afraid to admit to being Swedish on the internet are the ones who are leaning towards our side of things, but don't say anything in person because of the very real consequences, and don't say anything online because they've grown tired of just being called "cucks who voted for it" and other similar things.

>They've simply given up because no matter what they say the resulting response is the same: They're a cuck who voted for it and deserves genocide. No exceptions, "Swedes are genetically defective" and so on.

No matter what happens tomorrow, that's fucked up. No White country is beyond salvation, even in Africa and South America, where there is even a handful of Whites there is hope. The internet has allowed us to pierce the veil of jewish control for the first time in a 100 years, no brother wars, all nationalists in which European blood courses in their veins is an ally, we're ALL going to charge into victory…

No fucking exceptions, ALL divide and conquer is jewish or shabbos.

ac83d1  No.12125245

Some excerpts from a Bloomberg article that gives a reasonably readable overview. Basically it's ''oh shit, where did all these evil Nazis come from?"

Panic Grips Swedish Establishment Facing an Election Beating

>(Bloomberg) – The birthplace of Ikea flat packs and Volvo cars is starting to look just as vulnerable to the populist movement as Italy, Hungary and the U.S. A bastion of welfare and equality, Sweden faces an election on Sunday that could be its most tumultuous in a century.

>For a country that prides itself on stability and is seen as a model for social democracy across the world, the development is hard to grasp. But voters are now flocking to a party that was born of Sweden’s neo-Nazi, white supremacist movement.

>“I’ve been following politics for 50 years and I have never seen so many disparate and partly panicky plays from parties as in the past week,” said Marja Lemne, a political scientist at Sodertorn University. “Most parties have been struck by panic.”

>So what’s the matter with Sweden? The nationalist groundswell has coincided with a record inflow of migrants and refugees. About 600,000 people flooded into the nation of 10 million over the past five years, straining public coffers and offsetting a broader drop in unemployment.

>Voters are now rebelling against a course set by former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who at the start of the refugee crisis in 2014 called on Swedes to “open their hearts” to newcomers. Sweden has long considered itself a moral superpower, keen on lecturing others on social equality and human rights. That will certainly be harder now, given the ascent of a party that wants to block asylum seekers and turn its back on the EU.


Apparently Bloomberg is blocking archiving

9f9e56  No.12125260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ib4 russian npc

I swear to god, on day, one fucking day we will kill them all! do you see this, that son of a bitch

289b07  No.12125278

File: 467be174cfd349b⋯.png (695.28 KB, 606x539, 606:539, 1516709022800.png)

Surely you will win this.

Support from Finland!!!



9f9e56  No.12125282


it's kinda like this here too I assume, but maybe not to this extent. it's a long movie and I am still watching. However they had race biology too, meaning they would ie sterlize gypsies(taters) and also take away children from the samis to naturlize them. they sent them to oslo. I know one such sami, it's the father of one of my friends and class mates

9f9e56  No.12125286


>naturalize them

btw this also happened on big scale in the soviet union, they were all supposed to became russian goyim slaves. it's the same mentality

289b07  No.12125288

For me from my experience (Slav Buddydas) Swedes are not cucks.

I met a couple Hammarby lads, who honestly you would not want to fuck with. Class A lads

289b07  No.12125297

File: 0a65a86ac4411d4⋯.png (876.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1494545195280.png)

Massive fucking support Sweden!@Sverige


9f9e56  No.12125303


>the swedes are the most pure of all germanic folk

well it's kinda true, vanir, they are more unanimously this way. Frey's decendants, here(norway) we are probably at least three people from what we can say from the gene stuff.

aa15a0  No.12125331

It would be crazy if, after this election, Sweden did a full 180, rejected refugees, and fully embrace their nation and national socialism. Even if it's not instant, they will probably go that route over time, they aren't as cucked as it seems seeing how they are viewing the situation. This is going to be a good election.

b3c93c  No.12125339


From Private Carl to Karl the Skull Smasher.

9f9e56  No.12125341


my damn in 1933 they jailed two journalists for "german hostility", this was aftonbladet today this is maybe the worst kind of paper, cultural marxists. and they also wrote against us during the war, the resistance. this is like upside down

9f9e56  No.12125351

File: 504143b50d000cf⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1513x947, 1513:947, 4b83e17b3e11582a0a615d2f4a….png)

d89f3a  No.12125394

File: 10bf27fbf2c3b5c⋯.jpg (221 KB, 1000x587, 1000:587, _L4C9683.jpg)


Don't forget all the royalty of Sweden has been Freemasons of the (((Swedish Rite))) for more than 300 years.

9f9e56  No.12125417


you are wrong, they hail from Yngve, that is Frey

their king is stupid as fuck though, he has been hanging around criminals and stuff. I think it's kinda misguided, think he has it from our first king after 1905, hanged around with this criminal here becasuse he was a ferious resistance fighter, they call him gulosten, I can't translate I guess switzer chese, because his mother always sent him cheese in prison. regardless he turned out to be a fierce restiance fighter in the end. hardened through prohabition, read for when the germans came. He also killed two germans after the war was over, in pure spite, because the state police had taken his wyfu and tortured and killed her, because they wanted him.

so he showed up drung at a prison of war with germans, and his tommy gun,he said to them. I'm out of booze, give me booze. they were being arrogant still so he just killed them on the spot. one thing you should not be in 1945 if you were german, was being arrogant.

it was so vile so theyh had to trial him over this, but regardless the king let him go

9f9e56  No.12125431



no officer this are packs of asperin powder, you know for head aches?

man, this was way before anyone even knew what cocaine was, it's the fucking 20-30ies.

7710df  No.12125433


Remember the Weimar Republic was the biggest embarrassment in Europe.

9f9e56  No.12125442


indeed, alarmingly enough just as germany today, sooner or later they are going to crack

9f9e56  No.12125449



you know that's what is good about norway, you can say whatever you want here. people will just laught at you. it's not the same in germany and sweden, there they have to let this go so fucking far, they are statist. swedes calls us mountain goats, implying we will never listen to reason because we to stuborn

we will do the oppsite of what they do always, just because

aa15a0  No.12125451


Of course, but the German people still had some spine. Even in Weimar Germany, I don't think a German would justify a brown economic parasite raping them as something they're at fault for. At the very least, they pushed against an all Jewish communist coup attempt.

9f9e56  No.12125456

File: 8aa8db44dfe4a82⋯.jpeg (8.4 KB, 183x275, 183:275, download (6).jpeg)

9f9e56  No.12125463

File: 2eb8d64f6c3c6f3⋯.jpg (333.33 KB, 800x645, 160:129, 345334-10-1369673995156.jpg)

File: b7b543184a78b67⋯.jpg (189.88 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Flora1.jpg)

File: ac760ec26398b89⋯.jpg (40.41 KB, 450x300, 3:2, mountain-goat-rocks-wildli….jpg)

02e72c  No.12125469


9f9e56  No.12125472

File: eac59fe8fe87d0f⋯.jpg (139.54 KB, 625x417, 625:417, B2091E24-1DD8-B71B-0B39299….jpg)


no they can't

9f9e56  No.12125476

File: 1efaab7a25d2633⋯.jpg (216.1 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, f90e9693914a4da9c8c8e6ea20….jpg)


whatever you say, I will say the opsite

but if it about fish though, then we won't horse around, were deadly serious about our fish

d89f3a  No.12125481


I don't even know what the fuck you are talking about, and responding to yourself is even more strange behavior.

aa15a0  No.12125482


Let's hope that this is the election that they grow a pair, and purge Jews and their influence from their country forever.

9f9e56  No.12125487


I am just drunk, it's internal scandinavian stuff only norwegians and swedes get the joke, maybe the danes but I dunno. the danes call us mountain monkeys(fjeldaber)

9f9e56  No.12125513

File: d8252cc10339795⋯.gif (4.89 MB, 202x360, 101:180, giphy.gif)


the pun of the joke is that norwegians never listen to reason, like ever. kinda today too you know, we kinda stick out in the west for not buying all your bullshit, so in this way it is good I assume.

swedes however are statists and they go with the flow and try to be all civilisation and shit. we don't. In many ways I think the world doesn't understand us. I think russia is kinda on to it, but not quite there yet. we have a vert long history together

aa15a0  No.12125518


I gotta ask, as an Amerimutt, is it worth it to emigrate to Norway or even try to assimilate. I know I'm not ethnically nor culturally Norwegian, but I hate living here and constantly seeing all these pajeets and niggers surrounding me in my neighborhood.

Polite sage for off-topic question.

3c7306  No.12125547

File: ecd24732f84ecee⋯.jpg (104.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, WEHAVESUCHSIGHTSTOSHOWYOU.jpg)

Good luck today boys.

9f9e56  No.12125556

File: 006fc691381aad6⋯.jpg (76.65 KB, 790x837, 790:837, 1533161919488.jpg)


meh not much going on here tbqh. you have so much stuff there in the us, here you just your self and nature. this drives some people mad. and you also got this other problem, we're really private here, which means if you move here, you will just go "well where is everyone" your only chance to get to know us is if you go drinking or fishing, all foreigners complain about this, that it is so hard to get to know people here.

fishing breaks the ice though. so it was this polish family living side by side with my sister. her husband had been out fishing with me, and he got a really big trout. he saw that and got all exicted, so now they became frens.

yes really we're this stupid, kinda autists

9f9e56  No.12125560



also it's not just here, it's genetic so it's the same on iceland and the faroe islands too

9f9e56  No.12125577

the polish guy went



I did, I did, but wtf where did you get that one?

before this those polish people was just fishing down at the bridge, it's only shitfish there. so he got kinda cut into the innerloop there, and started to come with us fishing

yes I know we are really stupid

9f9e56  No.12125592

man I grew up at a farm. and then in the late 80ies and early 90ies they sent a lot of polish and other eastern europeans there.

but they had candy, so me and my cousin, would do whatever to get candy. then at one time, we went over to this other farmer who had this artificial fishbound with trouts. those trouts were used to gibs, so they were stupid as fuck. you lit just threw your hook out and those niggers would not only take the bait, but would compete about it

anyways, we caugts so many trout there, then we went back to the farm, and traded it for candy with polacks. in the start they went

>but this fishes meat be red?

they were not used to that in poland then I think.

anyways my uncle caught us, then we had to go say sorry for stealing all the fish

aa15a0  No.12125617



That sounds very peaceful, a nice change of pace from the fast life of New England cities. Even in the pretty rural areas with huge rolling mountains, I get enraged when I drive due to Massachusetts driving mentality. That, and colleges out in the sticks import vile (((Marxist)))-infested whites and tons of nonwhites, especially chinese, out here. I've never really experienced a homogeneous society, it's just not how Americans are. We heavily value individualism above a lot of things.

4dd076  No.12125656


It's starting to feel to me like that happens and those people are inevitably controlled oppo.

They're doing it to make an example out of the idea of that wrong think not being acceptable and to tarnish the party/group their in's name.

9f9e56  No.12125697


marxism is no problem here at all, after all we back then due to our close relations maybe by blood and history with russian, you can't sell that shit here to sum it up

I guess it's kinda like going to alaska, it's going to be cold anon, it's going to be very cold. the summers are nice but the winter is very hard, most crack then, if you are strong you will make it

9f9e56  No.12125713


so… you don't need to say, but you are from minnesota? and you want to go back?

don't reply if you anything. I have tons of family there, they all well on my father's side came visiting us in the 80ies. I was just a toddler then, but I can still remember it though. they spoke broken norse, so I thought this was american. they are too far out now, so I don't know them anymore, that died with my grand parents sadly

8532d0  No.12125717


>Current Swedish royalty

>Yngling line

Current Swedish royalty is French. The king of Sweden had to abdicate in the 1800's, after which one of Napoleon's generals was nominated to the crown. You're thinking of the Frey mythos which describes how Frey founded Uppsala in Sweden, and later royal lines were descended from him.

>Odin makes Njörðr and Freyr priests of sacrifices and they become influential leaders. Odin goes on to conquer the North and settles in Sweden where he rules as king, collects taxes and maintains sacrifices. After Odin's death, Njörðr takes the throne. During his rule there is peace and good harvest and the Swedes come to believe that Njörðr controls these things. Eventually Njörðr falls ill and dies.

>Frey took the kingdom after Njord, and was called drot by the Swedes, and they paid taxes to him. He was, like his father, fortunate in friends and in good seasons. Frey built a great temple at Upsal, made it his chief seat, and gave it all his taxes, his land, and goods. Then began the Upsal domains, which have remained ever since.

>Frey was called by another name, Yngve; and this name Yngve was considered long after in his race as a name of honour, so that his descendants have since been called Ynglinger.

>Freyr had a son named Fjölnir, who succeeds him as king and rules during the continuing period of peace and good seasons. Fjölnir's descendants are enumerated in Ynglingatal which describes the mythological kings of Sweden.

9f9e56  No.12125733


>Current Swedish royalty is French.

we all knew here that something was off, we have never respected them here, seriously check it out.

our concern was right though, he is an impostor, he has no right to even call him self a king. this title comes from Kon Ungr, Kon the young, before this they were called drottin, just as they say drottning today for queen.

I is imposter, I fucking new it, I have hated him all my life, but I didn't even understand why, now I know

aa15a0  No.12125736


Same here, New England, the weather is incredibly unpredictable. It can literally be 22 degrees C one day and -12 C the very next day.


No, I'm from Massachusetts. I'm sure I have some distant ancestors out in states like that, but for the most part, I'm just mostly of Irish decent with some Swedish blood in me, a lot of my family settled out in the part that's very rural. I wanted to live in the rural parts of Massachusetts out west due to the central parts being flooded with tons of Indians, but I know me going out there is pointless as they will eventually go that way too. The opium epidemic is pretty bad out there.

524e02  No.12125741

Nothing. I see no reason as to why I should care what happens to swedes. Let them hang themselves with the rope of democracy.

9f9e56  No.12125748


anyways if you make your self here, I have to warn you, it's going to be pretty boring you know.

so drinking in the weekends at the local pubs and then watch out for the hunting seasons, you want to go there too. if you don't shoot your self you still want to join them, this is the best tips I can give you sorry

also styx is this you? it is isn't it?

9f9e56  No.12125770


it's like with me, I want to go to the faroe islands, because I've had so much trouble here and police are always putting sticks in my wheel. long story but I am so fucking fed up why can't just code in peace, so the faroe islands shows up as an alternative. but me too, if I go there, it's not much to do, even less than here. I think I'll either end up there or on iceland though, more stuff happens at iceland, but not much really. one week and you have seen everything

aa15a0  No.12125771


No it isn't, sorry. I would like that change of pace. I'm a youngfag, so I'm not old enough to drink at a bar legally due to the laws. It sucks when literally everyone not American tells you to hang out at bar, and that law stops you. I've yet to even go hunting in my whole life.

9f9e56  No.12125784


well that fucking sucks, but you should go at other parties then. here the legal limit is 18, but I started to drink at 15. it's actually some kind of heathen stuff that still lives as so many things here, so we all went up to this lake at that age and drank amongst other things. I actually don't know the hisory here and I usually do, but it is some heathen festival for young people turning into adults. Grown people and even 19+ are not allowed it's for the kids

aa15a0  No.12125806


I'm sort of a square, I'm not too keen on drinking a lot. My fear is that, since it runs in m family a little, I may become an alcoholic. Alcohol is substantially more of a taboo subject than Europe. I sort of just want to have a nice wife to settle down with and have some children off in a nice quiet cabin.

aa15a0  No.12125830

Well, I have to go to bed, it was nice talking to you nordbro, I hope I can see you tomorrow.

35fd31  No.12125833

You traditionally have 4 options.

1) Full Ziocuck (SD)

2) Full Globohomo (Socialdemocrats)

3) 50/50 Globo/Zio

4) 100% Nationalist, fuck the kikes

Zionists have endless kompromat and will crush you and everyone around you with it

Globohomo controls the media, finance and the schools and will crush your economy and send mobs of protesters at you.

If you try to balance them, you get nothing done and globohomo and zio both make gains

If you reject them both, they both team up to remove you instantly

If you go full ziocuck, you have a chance to take things for your nation

If you go full globohomo, you will get rich and sell out your nation

If you side with ziocuck, they will use their kompromat against your enemies

If you side with globohomo, they will use their finance and media against your enemies

That is simple reality of what we are dealing with right now. The zionists are weak, but they have kompromat, and they won't tell your kids to chop their dicks off. So if you can overcome the finance and discredit the media you will win. The kikes cannot be trusted though, so you must always keep them on a leash.

9f9e56  No.12125844


it's not a taboo here in norway that is for sure!

I guess I might be drinking too much, it's sunday and I am still drinking beer.

regardless though, that is how you meet us. we don't drink in the weekdays like the russians do, we just drink in the weekend and then we drink really hard and then we start to fight too, seriously we do.

regardless if you don't want to join that deal, go fishing with them instead that we do all week esp during the summer you can just join lit anyone with that. the drinking stuffis frankly very brutal here, we like to fight and our liqour, somethings never changed I guess

9f9e56  No.12125872


if you didn't know the russians, it is normal there, to take a vodka shot in the morning before you go to work or school, they do this stuff all the time.

it's very different here, a norwegian can't just "take one beer" like bongs do, if he starts to drink, his aim is to be drunk as fuck. that is all he knows, so either you are sober or you are drunk as fuck, this is our tradition

9f9e56  No.12125893


same on iceland too, I was there many years ago now, the cab driver wan't know to here, so he went on

>no no no, you don't understand when people drink here they get really drink and violend

I.. know?

>nononoonono all tourists says this, but they don't know what that means. they will beat you up like really bad

ahhhh I am home atlas

turned out it was just like my town here, except lögreglan didn't arrest me though. I bought this 1 gram of insane cocaine from this skræling, I don't usually like cocaine but that shit was pure. they did a raid and I put this long strip of it for thenextman, I was just kicked out. when I got to the next bar, they accused me of being a cocaine smuggler….. I said wtf I am just here on vacation!

9f9e56  No.12125906



innuit, greenlander if you want to be political correct about it

686ce7  No.12125925

Today is the elections day

9f9e56  No.12125934


we will see how this fares, I have hopes for AfS, Odin, God,please make it happen

9f9e56  No.12125946

File: f55041d17d8ba09⋯.png (205.01 KB, 300x439, 300:439, ClipboardImage.png)

okay I have listened to this entire speech and all I have to say is……

9f9e56  No.12125952


you son's of bitches….

next time I will get you! mark my words! Harald Foss will live forever!

686ce7  No.12125960


The most important thing is to stop those socialists, greens and moderates gaining power. These cunts should be castrated into oblivion.

9f9e56  No.12125971


>don't listen to toste earl(of the orkneys) where he eggs on to go to england

jarlen murukåre flydde og med han valthojov(daneish)

195 longships

so some mod here be having keks, but here is the song


it's probably swedes pulling my leg. well screw you säpo we got way more fish than you so just go kys

9f9e56  No.12125983

they are really here, those fuckers are everywhere. then banned half of cuckchan in front of the election, and everyone is too stupid to even realise what just happened.

9f9e56  No.12125994

File: ac6741a81b863e3⋯.jpg (92.3 KB, 508x503, 508:503, 1534710687207.jpg)

File: 8355888d2c47c27⋯.jpg (157.51 KB, 700x1049, 700:1049, 1536099670781.jpg)

I mean, there on 4cuck, they used this random internet guy nobody had even heard off, and tried to start you doxing….

it was a trap by the swedes all along, they had mods there, so they banned everyone for two weeks, that is after the election. son's of bitches, that's how they roll

686ce7  No.12126023

File: a2f2379295bf177⋯.jpg (182.79 KB, 582x610, 291:305, 35735739857.jpg)


>goes to cuckchan

9f9e56  No.12126063


that was säpo though, there is no doubt

794105  No.12126073

File: a28023a1e998421⋯.jpg (39.53 KB, 480x579, 160:193, nrminterju17112501.jpg)

kungälv göteborg are nordic resistance movement stronghold if you vote for any other party in this area you are just wasting your vote.

9f9e56  No.12126080


they kinda lost the entire election though, to afs really. they should have gone out more in their protest stuff but instead they have just been in the studio, that's so wrong, they are losing all their game

e840d0  No.12126091

So who is the Alt-Right candidate and who is the Far-Left?

794105  No.12126095


nordic resistance movement will get some political seats and its only 9:51 AM that game is just starting.

686ce7  No.12126097


Wait, do you fucking claim that saying about those traitors and commies, not to get into power, is some sort of Swedish secret service dialect trap in order to track and arrest "wrong thinkers" who agreed with this?

9f9e56  No.12126100


well I haven't stopped drinking from last ni ght, which I know they say ofc is degenerate.

All I am saying is that they need to get their asses out there because afs is taking all their heat

9f9e56  No.12126106


nice try säpo, this one was simply too cheap. you faggots are everywhere and you don't fool anyone, so go kys. why do you overreach this much?

794105  No.12126107


and the word is NRM have some members acting like AFS and your point is ?

9f9e56  No.12126112


I mean if you got pst on your ass here, then it would be rather well really serious, your guys…. well they are overreaching and they are a bunch of faggots. Ixxxxx even xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx

9f9e56  No.12126115


this makes no sense, I am saying that AfS probably took away most of NRM's userbase, that's all, which happened

794105  No.12126119


people that are loyal to nrm are members of afs no matter what a win for afs is a win for nrm.

9f9e56  No.12126125


this is probably true though, luckily I'm not a fog dam filthy swede like you, but they share a lot of core values. not everything though nrm are national socialists anyways and those other faggots just want the shitskins to fuck off and are… capitalists? I dunno enlighten me

9f9e56  No.12126126


>fog dam


then filthy swedes

686ce7  No.12126128


Due to the level of sheer stupidity and paranoia that you spew. It's so ridiculous as some shill who has no basis to argue but resorts on calling everyone a kike.

That's why I respond to your accusation. If you're that thin skinned, then I'd laugh at your rotten country if it elects those cucks, commies and traitors again. I hope you'll have those pleasant years with the next (((parliament))). Or maybe next time you'll go again "T-this time Sweden will be saved, just t-trust me".

794105  No.12126130

File: 5e575c5770fb936⋯.gif (682.63 KB, 667x500, 667:500, putin-laughing-gif-6.gif)


im not swedeish

9f9e56  No.12126133


this is exactly what a swede would write, always too serious. even in the weekend when people are drunk, just like germans.

I am shit drunk and therefor your points are nulled.

9f9e56  No.12126137

File: f25d378e1ca6513⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 750x529, 750:529, unionsopplosningen-kristia….jpg)


why are you always so serious?

why can you never get a fucking break?

seriously just asking for a fren, you are always so authoritan.

686ce7  No.12126147


Maybe due to some passive drunkard who doesn't care about anything but his life of a mongrel degeneracy and starts spewing some castrated bitch shit at everyone?

9f9e56  No.12126151

ugh it's 10 in the morning here now, and I am still really fucked drunk. I don't think I have slept tonight, I don't have a faroese qt so I dink

794105  No.12126153

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

794105  No.12126156


They have a good piece on sweden.

9f9e56  No.12126158


there is no sound on this here, a sure sign that the (((whales))) are onto it

9f9e56  No.12126169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the sound was removed, I don't get it? what's going on?

794105  No.12126180

File: da3228bf095be6a⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, cfl8l52kgq801.gif)



i can hear it ?

24c8d7  No.12126204

File: 12108a1ba917d86⋯.jpg (13.9 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 136bd5390158b5fd51ee7b8d24….jpg)


have a goon

04ec6e  No.12126285


Well I think it is true that AFS takes some votes from NMR and it can cost some or even all of the seats. I dont think that it really matters as NMR is more of an activist based than political orgazination tho.

AFS is a little like FI for the right wing - too small to matter but still siphoning votes.

t. not a swede either, just observing.

f5f014  No.12126328


nmr didnt even have voting ballots, afs did

317043  No.12126350

File: 038bf9eeeba17a2⋯.jpg (29.16 KB, 460x298, 230:149, IMG_20180909_113106-460x29….jpg)


>nmr didnt even have voting ballots

f5f014  No.12126365


well shit i must either be blind or they didnt have them in my location because i looked

f5f014  No.12126366

9a980f  No.12126380

File: 917038bedf8a0bc⋯.jpg (218.17 KB, 720x753, 240:251, 4574577456.jpg)


That means someone removed them. Report it to police.

c3c4b4  No.12126408

Norwegian here. Talked with a Swede online who refused to read Norwegian, so I just put it into Google translate. Well, turns out "national socialist" translates as "social democrat", and "nationalist" translates as "medborgare" (fellow citizen I guess?). What's going on here lol?

9f9e56  No.12126419

6902fb  No.12126452

File: d3392847d6d2457⋯.jpg (72.46 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Stalin - We would not let ….jpg)


>What's going on here lol?

That's just Common Sense Word Laws anon.

Can't have people running committing ideas all the time, especially near the children, better to restrict access to words a little. It's safer for everyone.


066a57  No.12126515

How is it going, swedebros? Any extrapolation ready yet?

f5f014  No.12126525


nothing yet, still 6 hours until closing

4a8832  No.12126527


No, it doesn't necessarily mean that. IIRC a party needs to have gotten ~1% in the prior election for voting stations to require carrying their ballots. No Sweden Democrat ballots present is a criminal offense reportable to the police, whereas no ballots present for a minor party isn't. This is why AFS had a big push to ship out their own ballots, and why getting them and others above these non-parliamentary thresholds isn't a waste of time like some people say since it frees up the parties resources to campaign rather than distribute ballots.

But sure report it anyway I guess. I don't know what the status is like at the prior anon's voting station so maybe something's fishy there, who knows. Couldn't hurt.

04a23e  No.12126537


>Some excerpts from a Bloomberg article that gives a reasonably readable overview. Basically it's ''oh shit, where did all these evil Nazis come from?"

They also say that in the US when 20 larpers show up to a protest. If even one shows up they freak out.

066a57  No.12126545


Godspeed, anons.

May the overtone window shift hard so the kikes can be exposed for the vermin they're and calamity they brougth upon your people and us all.

Awake the Viking

000000  No.12126895

Voting ends in 4 hours and 20 minutes

That's 18:00 UTC and it's when the count will start being presented. SD has their own label while AfS will be put in the category "Others" so we want a huge spike for that category.

000000  No.12127000



>he turned out to be a fierce restiance fighter in the end. hardened through prohabition, read for when the germans came. He also killed two germans after the war was over, in pure spite,

Based Sweden Norwegians. I hope a gang of HIV Somali apes rapes you to death but don't forget to excuse to your rapist before you die

1f5679  No.12127028

Do they even have a chance here or what?

What's the prediction here?

f5f014  No.12127033


not entirely true, the king is the protector of the swedish freemasons, he is also the protector of a shitload of other orders and organisations like the swedish bible society and the world scout foundation

4a8832  No.12127041


I've always believed that the government will just cheat and effectively annul the results if they don't like them by entering some kind of grand coalition with their unofficial sister parties. Which honestly is the better outcome, because if SD gets only the 20% that some of the bleaker predictions have them at it'd be a politically impossible situation that'd permanently scar the system and would likely fall in months.

So honestly, whether SD gets a decent showing or if it's a total blowout in support for them and the AFS or whatever, it'll still be a victory.


000000  No.12127043


He's also a degenerate that goes to strip clubs using tax payer money

9f9e56  No.12127050

File: beb4fce50a711b1⋯.jpg (30.67 KB, 500x330, 50:33, 19296162754_e53f450119.jpg)

und die arebitslose

ein millionen, zwei million, drei millionen….

0a98dd  No.12127053


Saved,very nice

4a8832  No.12127056


Damn, that's a fine piece of art. Powerful. Gonna spread it around, thanks.

9f9e56  No.12127057

File: 5e3d22262277eee⋯.png (102.39 KB, 300x208, 75:52, vote.png)



bb6c57  No.12127066

Sweden is fucked any way you slice it. You see that ballot shit they pulled? Brazenly destroying the ballots in front of citizens? That would never happen in a country with real men. In America if that shit was pulled, the polling station employee would be chewing on a 9mm pill. Either Swedes stand up today or keep kneeling to invader cock.

9f9e56  No.12127069


what is it with you americans and nigger rape fantasies? if you rape someone here the least you should worry about are the cops, the natives are going to come for blood

I'm from .. maybe a bit harder place than usual and older mate of mine, well I'm really the fren of his little brother, he is a hardened criminal, like really bad. anyways there was this grill back then, I was just a kid still. she said this guy had raped her, so he went 200% his shit. he took him an tortoured him, then finally he took some chains around his feet and started to just drive around and around the old police station until they came and stopped him, he hardly survived.

later though, turns out she lied. she was just jelous of him going away with another chick on a party so she just wanted to hurt him. my fren's brother there had to spend some time in jail over this. I can still remember we obviously were down at the cell he had been at school as he had carved his name there

64cdc9  No.12127072


> In America if that shit was pulled, the polling station employee would be chewing on a 9mm pill.

Maybe 70 years ago but today people would just bitch online about it.

9f9e56  No.12127075


>Brazenly destroying the ballots in front of citizens?

seriously there has been numerous attacks like this, it is lit election fraud, we have been talking about this all week here. russia sent observers there and rightfully so too

64cdc9  No.12127091


>Do they even have a chance here or what?


>So honestly, whether SD gets a decent showing or if it's a total blowout in support for them and the AFS or whatever, it'll still be a victory.

There were rumors about the moderate party (polling around 17%) entertaining the idea of a coalition with SD. Not sure if both parties combined can come up with 50%.

000000  No.12127093


Instead you have millions of literally illegal votes and the illegal people who vote for them in your country without a single shot fired to fix the problem. You mutts are a problem, far worse off than anyone else in the west demographically except sopa de maco huehue mutts telling others how to unfuck their nations. If America never existed, we wouldn't be having a single problem with shitskins. They'd all be dead.

4a8832  No.12127095


Serious fraud did happen in America and was covered by Veritas. I don't remember seeing anyone getting shot over it, and as you may recall Hillary didn't win that election either.

64cdc9  No.12127099

File: 6fc4e07c08378f7⋯.jpg (125.1 KB, 1200x898, 600:449, DmmPpOCXoAE5rOl.jpg)

f74830  No.12127109

File: a3a66dee8df4c38⋯.jpg (483.38 KB, 1755x2481, 585:827, NATO Psychological Operati….jpg)

>Sweden Democrats

9f9e56  No.12127112


>Instead you have millions of literally illegal votes

fucking this too! it's true almost 20% of their voter base are illegals

f74830  No.12127124


>fucking this too! it's true almost 20% of their voter base are illegals

No, it's 50%.

Hey, if you're going to pull random "facts" out of your ass, then you might as well go big.

299dc6  No.12127131


I ordered them from nordfront, so I was prepared incase they were "mysteriously missing", just check your voting location, they are on full swing today filling up new ballots at all time. There's a live update thread at nordfront frontpage about it.


9f9e56  No.12127139


it's not even 20 but close to it, the stats are not from my asshole they are from friatider.se, so slightly better. then tend to exagerate a bit

42c747  No.12127152

Please vote. People are counting on you.

9f9e56  No.12127155

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

in unrelated news, I have this thing for faroic folk music. the story here is that they are still doing what's called kveding, it's the pre christian type of singing.

this however is danish, but it's sheep niggers singing it. so maybe a bad example but it goes

>if you come here scottish man, you are not leaving(alive)

bb6c57  No.12127159


At least we don't have violent riots seemingly every weekend. Our migrants are docile, while your migrants want ficky ficky and blood.


An unpresidential old woman lost. Nothing to see here.

000000  No.12127160



>what is it with you americans and nigger rape fantasies? I'm from .. maybe a bit harder place than usual and older mate of mine,

Norwegian rape survivor 'feels guilty' the man who assaulted him was deported

'He had already served his sentence in prison. Should he now be punished again?

A Norwegian man who was raped by a migrant has said he felt “guilt” after his attacker was deported.

Karsten Nordal Hauken, who describes himself as feminist and anti-racist, was sexually attacked five years ago.

He said that although the incident caused a spiral of depression and substance abuse, he felt bad about the fact the man had been deported to Somalia when he had already served his prison sentence.

Writing for Norwegian broadcaster NRK, Mr Hauken also said he wanted to break the taboo over male rape.


9f9e56  No.12127173


the same pilpul over again, how original.

the guy was a gay activist a lit communist, he went down to oslo central and payed a nigger to come up with him where the "russ"(high school graduates) went to party…… to fucking suck his dick….

lit paid a nigger to suck his dick, then he went to the papers over it. he was called out for this days later, but jews still circulate his story

9f9e56  No.12127187



this was also the end of his political career btw, he is a nobody now

4a8832  No.12127208


An unpresidential old skank with the support of the entire corporate media apparatus, every major corporation in the west, the Pope, the EU, and about a billion other institutions. Similar in Sweden; state-run TV/radio openly supporting the regime, all print media is monopolized by the Jewish Bonnier family, and the entire political establishment's basically a monoparty of globalists, all backing a bunch of vacuous globalist loons that no one likes even among their own ranks.

4af8a9  No.12127246

File: cb168b538691395⋯.webm (7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, DIREKTNA AKCIJA.webm)

9f9e56  No.12127285


>Bonnier family

good news though, they are going bankrupt right now so they have started to sell. I am not so into the details. lit nobody is buying their shit anymore

4bbbba  No.12127300


I wish my country had a third of Serbian nationalist spirit.

>Kosovo je srpsko!

b4a4d8  No.12127308


>Brazenly destroying the ballots in front of citizens

That already happened in France, during the latest election.

And it will happen in America and the rest of Europe as well. Yanks won't do shit about it, because cuckservatives.

9f9e56  No.12127311


stupid karin karimanns, don't even know how to fish. you come here and you see us fishing bait, then you send your son and newphews out to fish with us. we go

>no non nono this is bait

while they have to go back to their uncle, who says

oh well boys you to eat what you caught.

this actually happened then in the 90ies, my god he made them eat this local fish which is poisnous, it's called russkule, it has a spike on it's back so if you step on it it's kinda lika a bee sting. I doubt it's even listed on wikipedia because it's so rare, it's only on some locations in a few lakes it needs rock under it and about 1-2m debt

b4a4d8  No.12127316


>le sweden natzee

Don't be so harsh on the kid. He's just like the rest of german strongmen on this board: cowardly wageslaves with an active imagination.

9f9e56  No.12127336


still though, they didn't know enlish or langauge back then. the fished this small poisonous fish we use for live bait for fishing pike, and they fucking ate it… today they know how this shit works though. today it's polish who don't know how this works, they fish at the most stupid places, but they learn eventually

4a8832  No.12127347


That's good to hear. I knew there were layoffs at several of their print publications but if they're going down the shitter real fast that's great news.

9f9e56  No.12127353


it seems they are finally falling apart, I just hope it all burns

22ec09  No.12127372


Some corp will end up buying these MSM rags and use them to push their agendas even if they operate at complete losses (like CNN, NYTimes and Wash Post).

380aea  No.12127730

2 hours before the final results.

59fd36  No.12127803


preliminary results.

we won't get final results until wednesday i think

380aea  No.12127816


You mean there is over 2 days of waiting for the (((end result)))?

22ec09  No.12127824


>we won't get final results until wednesday i think

Are you serious? Thats a completely comped set up.

77ec58  No.12127836


2,7 million votes vent "missing"

thats 1/3 of total

dd1133  No.12127837

File: 1c2960d01102e1c⋯.jpg (38.02 KB, 300x350, 6:7, 1318186811469.jpg)

Grabbar, finns det någon bra lajvström att lyssna på/se?

a9a333  No.12127846


2.7 million? Are you for real, do you have a source for this?

206273  No.12127849

File: 9b2cd450800e1ff⋯.png (24.52 KB, 622x303, 622:303, sweden democrats exit.PNG)

Exit poll puts Sweden Denocrats THIRD


000000  No.12127854


Ickeironiskt svt.

e37ec1  No.12127855


Then it has to be violence then. I hope you fags got housing together to mount the attack.

000000  No.12127867


I wouldn't. Exit polls always underestimate them because people are very hesitant to tell a pollster they voted for SD. It's the exact same effect we saw during the 2016 American election.

77ec58  No.12127868




59fd36  No.12127876



those numbers are taken from our (((public service))) tv and have already been updated to 19,2% for SD, they also gave SD 8% last election when the final result was around 13%

000000  No.12127880



>le sweden natzee

>He's just like the rest of german strongmen on this board: cowardly wageslaves with an active imagination.

Fellow Norwegians

Somalia's new Prime Minister is Norwegian

Somalia's new President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as Farmajo, announced Hassan Ali Khaire's appointment over Twitter on Thursday, just a day after he was inaugurated.

Khaire, 46, who came to Norway as a refugee in the late 80s, has like most of his compatriots taken advantage of an exemption Norway gives Somalis from its ban on dual citizenship.


Norway’s government on Friday submitted a bill to parliament allowing Norwegians to have dual citizenship

24 August 2018

“As we allow double citizenship, we are ensuring that Norwegian law follows developments in a more globalised world, with more and more connections to more countries," said Jan Tore Sanner, Minister of Knowledge and Integration.


77ec58  No.12127884


2,7 million votes


"delayed" deliveries


f5f014  No.12127887


is this your first election ?? only 3 districts are counted out of 6004, we wont realy know how its roughly gonna go untill 75% of the districts are in

206273  No.12127888

What's the gain for Sweden Democrats from the last election?

Apparently they are now polling second

380aea  No.12127892

File: fef227242d72e49⋯.png (15.63 KB, 583x149, 583:149, Untitled.png)


>highest living standard

206273  No.12127895


Yes it is my first time observing a Swedish election. I'm just deeply suspicious and rightly so given events all over Europe and the US. Also Sweden has had socialism/social democracy deeply entrenched in the national psyche for over 100 years.

77ec58  No.12127900

SD polled 20% in fake regime controlled surveys

There is no way they have below that.

f5f014  No.12127902


3 districts in fucking nowhere totaling 453 votes arent going to tell you anything

206273  No.12127910


Ok. Calm down fren. Normally votes are all in within 24 hours in most European countries. I was just using that as a measuring stick

77ec58  No.12127911


>decent growth

all they do is pump the housing market to get the numbers up

0,5 interest 2% inflation

7900c3  No.12127915


The living standard is so high that most of the population can't afford it :^)

Nigger also obviously has no idea of the 10 month wait times for healthcare.

33adb1  No.12127916

>we can still save swedistan

Fuck off OP. They're fucked. They did this shit to themselves, good fucking riddance.

f5f014  No.12127917


the booths closed 45 min ago …

000000  No.12127922


Relax, SD voters naturally not going to tell some pollster outside city hall who they voted for.

59fd36  No.12127923



those were the early votes that were delayed at least 5-6 hours which is really concerning.

thankfully in this case, our mail delivery service which are in charge of delivering them is infamously shitty so it could just be another fuck up at their end. but 5+ hours is plenty of time to tamper with the votes

fd8e67  No.12127925


>this doesn't get you banned or deleted

>telling Americans to say out of Europe is

Really makes you think

380aea  No.12127928


Compared to their living standard that I've visited over 12 years and over 4 years ago, it has become lower

206273  No.12127933

File: 8bd23a593242f44⋯.png (399.71 KB, 659x479, 659:479, sky swed.PNG)


This is what we see. Like it's a done deal which it obviously isn't

380aea  No.12127935


This will happen almost like the Austrian presidential election with its "technical error"

77ec58  No.12127936


"decent living standards"

most of sweden is soviet tier because the socialist havent spent any money on it for 30 years.

have a peak :


febba3  No.12127937

Good luck Cousins.

\o/ Take my energy.

206273  No.12127941

File: 090f57149c18cc3⋯.png (51.5 KB, 702x367, 702:367, swed radio.PNG)

e37ec1  No.12127943


I fucking hate the (((media))). I am glad they are dead.

1fc423  No.12127944


When does the counting begin?

is there a place to keep track of it online?

59fd36  No.12127945


you don't understand the symbolic victory this could be. sweden is the posterchild of the "progressive" world. if sweden can change then so can the rest of the world

0fe5a3  No.12127951



>I wouldn't. Exit polls always underestimate them because people are very hesitant to tell a pollster they voted for SD

This. I would add another 5-10% to an poll for parties that people are embarrassed/afraid to talk about.

000000  No.12127954


It's currently ongoing. You can follow it on val.se, but the website is difficult to access due to the heavy traffic.

0fe5a3  No.12127959


>you don't understand the symbolic victory this could be. sweden is the posterchild of the "progressive" world. if sweden can change then so can the rest of the world

Even second place would have almost the same effect.

43db64  No.12127963


As long as ya'll are more civilized than the leftists while still maintaining your core beliefs, its all good to be out in public doing whatever. Never cuck yourself, never care about what someone says of you, because if you act in a dignified manner when accused of being bestial, your opponent will merely strengthen you and your fellows in numbers. Their rage causes curiosity, and curiosity sated by the proving of lies will bring sympathy to your cause, wether the curious actually agree with you or not.


Act like a reasonable human being without compromising your beliefs, and when leftists get bent out of shape, it will only make you look better to the curious moderate.

c9fceb  No.12127973


>exitpolls still show 26% support for the Social democrats.

I fucking hope Sweden will move to SD and that this exipoll is wrong.

0fe5a3  No.12127974


>Act like a reasonable human being without compromising your beliefs, and when leftists get bent out of shape, it will only make you look better to the curious moderate.

To a certain point. The turn the other cheek stance only goes so far especially when they bring violence to the table.

43db64  No.12127978


Note that I said "without compromising your beliefs". If a leftist attacks you, you have every right to beat the shit out of them.

ebb38b  No.12127993


The exit polls might be hindered by the fact that SD voters might be scared to admit it like with Trump. Shy voter syndrome. I would estimate between 22-24% but 19% is still one fifth of all Swedes tbh

f5f014  No.12128003



is easier to access but slow af to load

e37ec1  No.12128012

File: 5ab00e667bad95e⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 16562552.gif)


cb939c  No.12128014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Livestream by Red Ice TV

59fd36  No.12128015


don't underestimate the stubbornness of old people. the social democrats have been a major party for a century, there are plenty of old people who will vote for them simply because it's what they have always done even though they are getting increasingly impoverished and they are also the ones suffering the most when our healthcare system is underfunded

1fc423  No.12128021



>Still no way of checking the numbers

They didn't expect the whole internet trying to catch a glimpse.

43db64  No.12128031


This. Old people hate change, don't understand when their old favorite changes/turns against them, and vote in large numbers.

cb939c  No.12128033

File: c6352380549a5da⋯.webm (7.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kulning - An ancient Swed….webm)


Interesting. I just joined, maybe they are still counting or is there some stalling?

f5f014  No.12128035


26% is the lowest they have been, closest is 1911 where they hot 28,5%

1fc423  No.12128042

File: 6fc05814e35b2fd⋯.png (13.81 KB, 575x400, 23:16, swedelections.png)


Finally, it really is slow


Patience, loads of patience.

77ec58  No.12128064

File: 08434d0ef7276b7⋯.jpg (38.27 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 120_-_benis.jpg)


the green commies at 3.3

yeeeees yesssssssss

bye bye scum guess 100% media backing didn't help you

e37ec1  No.12128067

File: e013dce159d7022⋯.jpg (3.59 MB, 2300x1462, 1150:731, 1536337094162.jpg)

c9fceb  No.12128075


so wich ones are the good guys? other than Swedish Democrats. that they might form a coalition with.

d0714d  No.12128076

File: b180da32661928b⋯.jpg (124 KB, 649x701, 649:701, thot.jpg)

11dc75  No.12128093


beat me to it

3ea5d3  No.12128110


So the (((SD))) is in second place. I'm going to be impressed when the NRM reaches 10% most likely never because the good goy party worked perfectly to calm the goyim

206273  No.12128133

File: 082caa0ecc5a335⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, swedpol.png)


>that hair

>these wiggas

493a86  No.12128154


They're voters will just vote for another stronger commie party next time so it would add votes to an opponent.


As far as I take it, second place is not too bad in European elections right? I know the commies are still leading but what do we expect in such a cucked country?

004e91  No.12128157



seeing that makes one hope swedes suffer more

c9fceb  No.12128173

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Peter Potato does live coverage. Anyone has a stream of a decent Swedistani?

1fc423  No.12128184


When you're second in yuroland you can start making agreements with other parties to make a coalition that gets the percentage above 51%

Most of the governments with a coalition of more than two parties are a total shitshow.

cb939c  No.12128185

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ah that who backpedaled

>Peter Sweden Before Selling Out


ab1564  No.12128194

File: 932fb9f0c6f5101⋯.png (342.79 KB, 745x417, 745:417, 1.png)

File: d875ec3a5c02cce⋯.png (37.7 KB, 392x72, 49:9, 2.png)

1000 out of 6000 counted, give or take.

abf822  No.12128204


The true bay goyim are Alternative for Sweden, but Sweden Democrats are still a win because at least they're civic nationalist (even though they're Zionists as well), which is (sadly) a huge step forward.

206273  No.12128211

File: 9f97422d61601c5⋯.png (42.97 KB, 701x614, 701:614, Swedelec.PNG)

206273  No.12128217

>First thousand or two districts that get counted first tend to be extremely small and rural. Better metric is votes counted, which is now at 250k or so.

>The largest districts like Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg get finished last. This means that M, MP and L usually gain in end


Is this right?

7900c3  No.12128220

3ea5d3  No.12128221

Nordfront is reporting live on their website (I don't know swedish though, but so far they are reporting voting fraud on some areas and berating SD t. (((Google Translate))) )


f65b35  No.12128227


You're posting old shit you fucking retard. Moderates just overtook SD. SD is set to become 3rd largest party and lose seats. Get your shit together 8/pol/

>vote SfD man

Fucking meme party.

c9fceb  No.12128235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>26% is the lowest they have been, closest is 1911 where they hot 28,5%

They can still make a coalition and how long does an office last in Sweden? 4 years?

They will just flood the country with shitskins and Pure Swedes might be a minority by then.

Not sure but didn't they take 1million shitskins the past couple of year in their country? and they only have a population of 10 million… maybe 8 of them are pure Swede.

Don't know Anon but seems this election is the last chance of the Pure Swedes.

004e91  No.12128248


>explanation of euro coalition system

>implies details of political theater matter

>implies elections are real

>implies globalist kike finance didn't rig this election and allow a good enough result, but still civcuck and not even #1 result, to placate the bad goyem

>no need to take direct action, goy

ab1564  No.12128257


>Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg get finished last

so they know how many ballotts they need to stuff.

ab1564  No.12128261

File: ff5a31f460c021f⋯.png (409.53 KB, 707x519, 707:519, 5.png)

File: fe1749d80436d21⋯.png (533.53 KB, 708x759, 236:253, 6.png)

Any word on the NRM (Nordic resistance movement) results in Ludvika?

1e25bf  No.12128265



Aren't they kosher?

f65b35  No.12128268


Yea. .0000000000001. Thanks for your meme vote.

206273  No.12128274


>You're posting old shit you fucking retard

Ok. I'll let you make all the posts and keep us up to date, You're the expert and have all the latest info first I take it so GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT CUNT

500c06  No.12128283

anyone have a live results link?

ab1564  No.12128285


>Yea. .0000000000001. Thanks for your meme vote.

I think this was for a local election.

c9fceb  No.12128286


watch peter potato


ab1564  No.12128287

File: 8592c4c0358fca2⋯.png (366.8 KB, 849x475, 849:475, gfht3.png)

8719b1  No.12128289


>High living standard

>Low unemployment rate

What lies are this fucker spreading? Most people i know haven't had a job in their lives, they are all 25+ years old and people are considering working at McDonalds as a career ffs. They hide those statistics in schools, everyone is a fucking student nowadays. Wait 5 years and you will see the statistics surge again.

High living standard is also bullshit. Nobody can afford anything anymore, it's like living in the third world, everyone except a few chosen drives around in cars newer than 10 years. Nobody owns land or their house, all have banking-loan to make ends meet.

4a8832  No.12128290


They're milquetoast civnats but they're miles ahead of the neo-Marxists. Don't let perfection be the enemy of a realistic improvements.

3ea5d3  No.12128292


Yes, but they are a pressure relea- a step in the right direction goy. Now sit down and watch more TV and give us five more years to half assedly defend the atrocities this rapefugees do to your kin.

500c06  No.12128298

206273  No.12128299


Too edgy. No chance of these parties getting any real votes

Same as Casa Pund, the now proscribed National Action/Britain First, the marginalized Front National etc etc

Only chance of getting votes is to at least cuck for Israel

f65b35  No.12128301

File: 3daf40a463a2435⋯.png (216.84 KB, 973x1923, 973:1923, 9812749136497831.png)


Here you go. It's over. Sweden is finished.


f5f014  No.12128306


>they have 2 allied parties V and MP, mp is curently sitting at 4.4 % and V is sitting at 8.1% so no they will most likely not get the goverment unless they ally with their usual main opponent

ab1564  No.12128315


>High living standard is also bullshit. Nobody can afford anything anymore, it's like living in the third world, everyone except a few chosen drives around in cars newer than 10 years. Nobody owns land or their house, all have banking-loan to make ends meet.

They have to keep pushing the notion that muh ebil nazis are only pissed because nogs are around and are privileged faggots just like them.

f5f014  No.12128316


did not mean to make that greentext

1e25bf  No.12128317


>They're milquetoast civnats

<but they're miles ahead of the neo-Marxists.

That has never ever been the case in my experience. That's just what people say, but then when the milquetoast civnats get in power, they do exactly what the neo-Marxists would have done except they don't talk about it openly and try to distract with other non-issues.


>Yes, but they are a pressure relea

Yeah, that's what I figured.


Yeah, looks about right.

I really don't have any sympathy for them at this point, I'm just annoyed that someone doesn't step in to correct the issue and tell these catlady and faggot-ruled morons "No" before they go and destroy the European homelands.

f65b35  No.12128319


All you SfD retards seriously should blow your fucking brains out.

c9fceb  No.12128320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Game over man, what the hell are we gonna do now?

4a8832  No.12128324


>Votes are only counted in counties with 5 people and the major cites

As retarded as basing the final US election tally with only New York and Cali reporting.

1e25bf  No.12128328


If you're Swedish, you're probably going to die in a grenade attack or get raped to death by a pack of wild niggers.

If you're not Swedish, then you're going to watch the above happen and shake your head disdainfully… While something equivalently awful is happening right over your shoulder in your own lands.

5370de  No.12128329

File: 435d929efc0ccb5⋯.webm (772.75 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 03AX1Wc.webm)


Why i eyes ya ?

77ec58  No.12128337


a shitskin visiting his contact person 1 hour a week count as "work"

I walked in the morning in a shitskin area

not a single footstep in the snow from commie blocks with hundreds of apartments

f65b35  No.12128340


I meant AfS. Couldnt remember the name on account of them being a fucking meme.

8719b1  No.12128342

Good. 4 more years of the traitors not doing anything. This will be good, i look forward for the war.

1e25bf  No.12128348


To be fair, as goes the future prospects of the "western world", grenade attacks will probably be included within high living standards.

1e25bf  No.12128356


>>Votes are only counted in counties with 5 people and the major cites

wait what

77ec58  No.12128359


they call them exploding spray cans now

ab1564  No.12128361


>unless they ally with their usual main opponent

Best case scenario is the all out coalition so SD is the only opposition party left.

59fd36  No.12128364


>2386 of 6004 districts counted

000000  No.12128368

Oh look I was right again. Swedes are subhumans and they need to be made an example out of.

f65b35  No.12128374


It over. Follow the link and refresh. SD is in freefall.

0a98dd  No.12128376

File: 4c8eb0249125acb⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 255x164, 255:164, 1535136338144.gif)


Why the fuck half of those heads look like pic related

7900c3  No.12128379


nigger misunderstood the concept of starting with the lowest populated zones and going in that order until you reach the highest.

5370de  No.12128380

File: 44a69efa70390dc⋯.jpg (44.69 KB, 618x393, 206:131, 44a69efa70390dcd8384b5035a….jpg)


It's the city that matter. And foreigner can vote too.

Yes, sweden is fucked, look the score of marxists in Rinkeby, what do you think will happen in severals years of mass immigration ? This election was more or less their last chance to do something. But we truly underestimated swedish cuckery

cb939c  No.12128383

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>all the female politicians and talking heads

c9fceb  No.12128389


KD has a fuckable waifu though.

1e25bf  No.12128401



You know what gets me most, now that I think on it?

>SD: 18% at present

Total votes: 2,144,152

>18% of 2,144,152 =


Let's say you took half of that, to ensure you kept out the men (granted, that's probably mostly men as goes the vote), that'd give you:


Do you know how many troops the Swedish military has?

22,500 Active, with another 34,500 reserve.

Total: 47,000

47,000 < 192,973

Just take over the fucking country for fucks sake.

ebb38b  No.12128404


Where are you from?

77ec58  No.12128407


OSSE election monitor

I have never seen a election with more irregularities

and this guy been to shitholes

ab1564  No.12128408


>Game over man, what the hell are we gonna do now?

What do you think? Voting was never going to fix this shit and everybody knows it.

1e25bf  No.12128410


I didn't misunderstand anything, I just didn't read the whole thread and I don't speak Swedish.

7900c3  No.12128415


I wasn't talking about you.

1e25bf  No.12128416


Oooooh, I getcha.

5370de  No.12128417

File: 6a673dc5773c336⋯.jpg (234.85 KB, 1199x657, 1199:657, DiCI9cBVQAAC6be.jpg)


From some where between Spain and Poland

ebb38b  No.12128422


Pick up your gun and start shooting, lad. You'll be able to take on a modern military with ease!

1e25bf  No.12128432



The 'modern military' is pitifully small in this case, and yeah, if all the SD folks actually did something at once, they could easily take over the country by force.

7c7270  No.12128442

File: b12dd7cd59c3cd1⋯.jpg (407.08 KB, 2560x1698, 1280:849, legal in sweden.jpg)

Can someone confirm this pic is real?

Do swedes not have a secret ballot? Do they literally have color coded fucking cards showing who you're voting for that you drop in a box and polling stations manned by boat people? WHATTTTT

ebb38b  No.12128444


Yeah because Sweden exists in a vaccuum and NATO will just allow ebilnazis to take over. You fucking retard.

5370de  No.12128448

File: 6e635d98537642c⋯.png (40.92 KB, 196x229, 196:229, Opera Instantané_2018-07-1….png)


ab1564  No.12128451


>Do swedes not have a secret ballot? Do they literally have color coded fucking cards showing who you're voting for that you drop in a box and polling stations manned by boat people? WHATTTTT

and they have pics of (((people))) tossing cards out so people couldnt vote for SD or AfS.

1e25bf  No.12128456


what the fuck is that


Who is going to stop them?


US sure as fuck ain't doing it, not with Trump in power, it'd destroy his base of support.

So who?


Yeah, please, do that, with Germans already marching in the streets and calling for Merkel's head.

France? HAH! Yeah, do that, please.

Britain perhaps? See above.

NATO can't do shit these days faggot, this isn't 1994, and everyone involved is in the process of trying to keep themselves from facing a coup.

7900c3  No.12128457


The color codes are for the three levels of election. Local, regional and government.

They're supposed to be hidden though.

1e25bf  No.12128462


>capital city is doubling down on its own destruction

wew lads

ab1564  No.12128463

Sweden, election results (3795/6004 election districts counted):

S-S&D: 28.1%

M-EPP: 19.5%

SD-ECR: 17.8%

C-ALDE: 8.7%

V-LEFT: 8.1%

KD-EPP: 6.4%

L-ALDE: 5.5%

MP-G/EFA: 4.5%

0b9059  No.12128468


Everyone can see you pick the ballots and so tell what party you're voting for. The suggested "fix" for this is that you pick ballots for all the parties but of curse everyone knows that only an evil nazi would ever pick the nationalist countries, and others make a point of not picking their ballots even if they take all others.

f5f014  No.12128469


no the color coding is for "city" "county" and "national" goverment

1e25bf  No.12128472


Think its safe to say at this point that SD got BTFO.

Sweden chooses Islamic Eritrean future.

1e25bf  No.12128475

d973ba  No.12128476


i hate boomers so fucking much

ebb38b  No.12128478


You are supremely naive. You think this is 1911 or something? The military of Sweden on its own could crush an uprising like an ant. Some fat cunt with a semi-automatic won't do shit against the infrastructure of a modern army with its drones, vehicles, high tech computer systems, anti-terror experts, etc. ect.

>muh muh meme

Keep dreaming faggot. It's not like you'll ever actually do anything. I've met faggots like you before. All fantasists who harp on about some race war shit as an excuse to do fuck all. Pathetic.

5370de  No.12128479

File: 97595abaedfd9ba⋯.png (3.27 MB, 1689x2000, 1689:2000, 1520710247992.png)


So much for "SD first swedish party"

1e25bf  No.12128482


That's really fucked up.

acacc8  No.12128485


>They're supposed to be hidden though.

No they're not, there has been complaints here and there but nothing has been done about it. Kikes can easily see who you're gonna vote for and discard it.

f5f014  No.12128487


there are 3 elections in 1, white ballot is for city goverment, blue ballot is for county goverment and yellow ballot is for national goverment

ab1564  No.12128488


>Keep dreaming faggot. It's not like you'll ever actually do anything. I've met faggots like you before. All fantasists who harp on about some race war shit as an excuse to do fuck all. Pathetic

Just convert already.

1e25bf  No.12128491


>The military of Sweden on its own could crush an uprising like an ant.

<less than 50,000 will defeat over 150,000

Seems improbable.

>Some fat cunt with a semi-automatic won't do shit against the infrastructure of a modern army with its drones, vehicles, high tech computer systems, anti-terror experts, etc. ect.

That's pure memes bro.

The modern Swedish military is a brown person and a closeted homosexual in a glorified Apple Store.

>Keep dreaming faggot. It's not like you'll ever actually do anything. I've met faggots like you before. All fantasists who harp on about some race war shit as an excuse to do fuck all. Pathetic.

Hahahaha, holy shit, I've dealt with double-niggers like you before too, and whenever I deal with someone whose argumentation is so obvious Jewish, all I can do is laugh.

A coup in Sweden is basically requisite if the country will continue for any length of time. Cap this post to remember my laughter.

500c06  No.12128494


yes it is real and i don't see the sweden democrats voting card there? see posts related




abf822  No.12128496


What makes things worse is that some European countries, people enjoy going against the grain, in Sweden it's the opposite… people love going all together. Just a person shaking their head in disappointment or a sigh is enough to get MOST people to change their votes out of shame. The good news is that when things get full 1488, everyone will be goosestepping together but until then, expect "the norm" to persist.

77ec58  No.12128498


Thats pretty good considering the capital is about 99% non swedish

I shit you not i spent a day there a few years ago i didnt hear swedish spoken on the street the entire time.

0a98dd  No.12128499


Military is usually right wing, soyboys are to weak for it. Large percentage would join native swedes in their struggle. I'm not sure if swedes got guts for killing tho

f5f014  No.12128500


>You are supremely naive. You think this is 1911 or something? The military of Sweden on its own could crush an uprising like an ant. Some fat cunt with a semi-automatic won't do shit against the infrastructure of a modern army with its drones, vehicles, high tech computer systems, anti-terror experts, etc. ect.

you seem to think the swedish armed forces has the budget to do so

ab1564  No.12128502

Shocked to see this high a result in Sweden (Malmö), election results (106/192 election districts counted):

S-S&D: 29%

M-EPP: 20.3%

SD-ECR: 17.7%

V-LEFT: 10.4%

L-ALDE: 5.8%

C-ALDE: 5.7%

MP-G/EFA: 5.2

KD-EPP: 4.2%

493a86  No.12128505


Did they just FLIP the vote results? Looks like they did!

ab1564  No.12128507


>I'm not sure if swedes got guts for killing tho

Then its already over.

c9fceb  No.12128510

File: 03ea83f706f5c22⋯.png (5.89 KB, 288x175, 288:175, download.png)


>that only an evil nazi would ever pick the nationalist countries

Well… if you have a country of mostly cowards who are scared to take an SD card because people might look angry at them… my hopes for a civil war has decreased exponentially.

1e25bf  No.12128514


This is really the core of the issue.

What's funny is, the dude I was talking to was pouting that "you'll never do anything", while I'm almost-certain he's a Swede and he's basically pouting that he doesn't want to try to do anything because dah miwitawy will just put him down.

Which, I mean, what a pussy, right?

Grow some fucking balls already and save your country from the fate its overweight female leaders would seek for it, bolstered by cuckolded and anxious Europeans… Assuming these 'elections' are just a total fraud to begin with, mind you.

1e25bf  No.12128517


*aren't just a total fraud

ab1564  No.12128527

Sweden, election results (4267/6004 election districts counted):

S-S&D: 28.1%

M-EPP: 19.6%

SD-ECR: 17.7%

C-ALDE: 8.7%

V-LEFT: 8.1%

KD-EPP: 6.4%

L-ALDE: 5.5%

MP-G/EFA: 4.4%

0b9059  No.12128542


The veterans from the Swedish military, veterans who fought to prevent kebab removal in Bosnia, came out a few days before the election to remind everyone that only a horrible racist would vote for SD.

1e25bf  No.12128544


But Anon, those people don't matter.

If they're too scared to pick up an SD card, they're also too scared to meaningfully combat an SD uprising… Or any uprising for that matter.

What matters is that something like 300,000+ people DID pick up an SD card.

And the standing military of the country in question is less than 50,000.

The writing is on the wall: You want to save your country, you're gonna have to do it the old fashioned way, because this litigious bureaucratic bullshit is almost-certainly fixed against you AND is never going to grant you victory, nor even salvation of your nation.

The Swedes, at this point, will fight or they will die, and each day from this day, they become weaker rather than stronger.

1e25bf  No.12128547

0b9059  No.12128551



ab1564  No.12128556

File: 379284a91c3f3b3⋯.jpg (104.92 KB, 640x577, 640:577, Dmq3IWaW0AYoZJ2.jpg)

f5f014  No.12128568


mine were hidden

1e25bf  No.12128571


Damn, wish I knew Swedish better.

I'd like to know what percentage of those names are female.

Also, hilarious how they try to make it look like a bigger list by including the veteran's associations along with each name.

That said:

> A total of 1,050 foreign veterans have signed.

That amounts to about 2% of current active/reserve forces.

ab1564  No.12128572

Sweden, election results (4732/6004 election districts counted):

S-S&D: 28.2%

M-EPP: 19.6%

SD-ECR: 17.8%

C-ALDE: 8.7%

V-LEFT: 8.1%

KD-EPP: 6.4%

L-ALDE: 5.5%

MP-G/EFA: 4.4%

ab1564  No.12128582

Is it like Italy where you can get 40% to take over the gov?

abf822  No.12128586


Modern militaries are really bad at fighting t***orism, guerilla and insurgency tactics. It would almost be a cakewalk next to any major military power… which all you need to do is study the history of the US and Soviets against these tried and true tactics.

abf822  No.12128596


Departugal and Outstria, next?

0a98dd  No.12128601

File: d86852247aa774e⋯.gif (811.49 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 1535930489474.gif)


All you ever need is majority of military support and very little civil support or indifference.

But if swedes can't fight for themselves they can't fight for immigrants either which is a good thing

I just hope Spurdos know better, they deserve better fate than that

000000  No.12128605



>that hair wiggas

Don't worry.

In 10 years she is covered up under a burka or she is dead

ab1564  No.12128606


>Departugal and Outstria, next?

The opposite. The higher the number the more anti the people are.

c9fceb  No.12128607


I'm suprised Germany scores 25procent… so in short every country with 25% or less is as good as finished.

187203  No.12128612

File: ba16102e14843a4⋯.jpg (264.18 KB, 800x694, 400:347, swedish grenades are an ho….jpg)

inb4 truck of peace retaliations against swedes voting for the wrong party

ab1564  No.12128616


Long term it looks like euorpe will shrink to eastern europe while western europe will become one massive shitskin block.

1e25bf  No.12128618


Dude, can you imagine what a shitshow itd be, Swedish female and gay military trying to fight insurgents that outnumber than standing military at LEAST 3 to 1?



abf822  No.12128640


R… right… as in they're leaving the EU.

ab1564  No.12128642

File: 6fb5c543c54984d⋯.jpg (136.46 KB, 1200x560, 15:7, DmrexRsXgAA-Aak.jpg)

SD gained everywhere. Its a success no matter what people say but not what sweden needs.

e7db48  No.12128647

File: fb77b91fde7d21f⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 328x154, 164:77, indexab.jpg)


Good luck Swede anon, I'll pray your people wake up soon.

aa15a0  No.12128653


It's just that, I was hoping there would be more for them to gain.

2c621d  No.12128657

>4 more years of shit

ab1564  No.12128659


>R… right… as in they're leaving the EU.

Breaking the eu up would be huge. Then these forced open borders come to an end. In 10 years some of these future shit holes need to migrate their dna over to the euro countries still standing.

abf822  No.12128681


Eastern AND southern Europe is going to survive. The meds are waking up as well, except for Spain, for some reason…

ab1564  No.12128685


>Dude, can you imagine what a shitshow itd be, Swedish female and gay military trying to fight insurgents that outnumber than standing military at LEAST 3 to 1?

Especially when the US is tied up in higher priority engagements like the ME and africa.

ab1564  No.12128694


>Spain, for some reason

Spain is trying to recreate the reconquista.

dd1133  No.12128708


It's right fucking there above vänsterpartiet.

3ea5d3  No.12128710


To the non-cucked swedes. I hope this results sent a shockwave to your brain and made you realize that a ballot is not going to save your nation. Prepare yourself for the collapse. If you refuse to realize this, then in four or five years, the demographics will have shifted again against you, and so on for every election process until your whole country looks like Rio de Janeiro.

abf822  No.12128711


As long as they pair the Reconquista with the Limpieza de Sangre as well.

ab1564  No.12128712


>When will you cuckchan leftovers learn?

Everyone knows voting is irrelevant but the increase in muh raycis parties/narrative = accelerated disaster. The alternative is a slow march to death.

7c7270  No.12128713


Estrogen destroys lateral-thinking, I have a theory that the fagging-up of Weimar Germany was what made them so lemming-like towards Hitler once NatSoc was the Correct thing.

You'd have to rout the security services and media before a deportocaust becomes the politically correct idea. They had a twitter campaign call jageldar that /pol/ took over (because some swiss (RUSSIAN HACKER) guy had thousands of hacked russian accounts and he ran some sort of script) and put pictures of murdered and raped swedish women, crime statistics and mudslimery at the top and ruined this big twitter thing they had all over the papers. There was literally no acknowledgement or resistance by the swedes they just kept posting the hashtag with generic platitudes, like NPCs but the takeover by /pol/ made them stop talking about the hashtag in the papers and on the TV to stop swedes seeing the pictures.

1e25bf  No.12128714

File: b947f7a1ece16e6⋯.png (106.22 KB, 346x146, 173:73, ClipboardImage.png)


Ready when you are, Peachey.

49994b  No.12128715

File: 17dd67e6a7d037f⋯.png (252.17 KB, 324x563, 324:563, swedistankek.png)


1e25bf  No.12128722



7c7270  No.12128727


it was #jagdelar

dd1133  No.12128730

File: 010899e530eda18⋯.png (283.74 KB, 819x707, 117:101, 12f19e53d09d9c7a358deb505d….png)


It is utterly fucking pathetic that SD pull such low numbers in this election when polling has had them pegged at 20%+ for the past year.

I didn't come here to blackpill but good god what fucking losers

6837ad  No.12128736


Welp, sweds can't call it a grave, its the path they fucking chose, at least the uk tried to vote for brexit considering how fucked everything was.

187203  No.12128745


>hope Spurdos know better

I wouldn't count on it. The people there suffer from an inferiority complex to Sweden (at least before Swedes took the cuck pill for good). Whatever Sweden did, they did better than Finland, or at least so they thought. As a result Finns are playing a constant game of catch-up and taking example from their "superior" neighbour. The rest of the world realizes what a shithole Sweden has become, only the foolhardy Finn doesn't realize that yet, only understanding their mistake after it is too late.

The people themselves are naturally apprehensive of outsiders, only opening up when they get drunk. The men I have faith in, but the women are dangerously loose. I have never seen a Finnish man with a muslim woman, but I sure as fuck have seen Finnish women with burkas and a minimum of 2 kids around them. Finnish leaders and politicians are about as cucked as they come. A small population of 5 million are unwittingly marching to their doom in the name of tolerance.

If we lose Sweden, Finland won't be far behind.

a516a0  No.12128747

Swedes are so fucking retarded. Like, what's their problem? Do they perform lobotomy on every newborn?

SD was 18% 4 years ago IIRC. They gain 2%. Four years of raping assaults. 4 years of no go zones that grow larger and larger. 4 years of taxes going up because of welfare to niggers. 4 years of explosions going on in the streets. 4 years of cops resigning because the government protects balck criminals. And the "far" right gains 2%.

Swedes are doomed. And it might be a good thing. In fact, i doubt niggers can be dumber than them.

7c7270  No.12128751



Here it was, it was Sweden's propaganda push after the Aylan Kurdi bullshit in 2015 that got shut down

1e25bf  No.12128761


Never trust the media polling.

1e25bf  No.12128774



This doesn't make sense.

They gained everywhere, yet their overallcwas lower?

Did Swedens voting population suddenly spike or something?

c9fceb  No.12128793

File: 1ae6544c357cb7e⋯.png (859.66 KB, 815x544, 815:544, ClipboardImage.png)


>Did Swedens voting population suddenly spike or something?


77ec58  No.12128805



This is election fraud

8532d0  No.12128809


SD were 12. something 4 years ago. They also stopped gaining as much as they did in polls as they started cucking out more and more. This election immigrant ghettos also had actual voter turnout unlike every previous year. Add to this the OSSE confirmation that Swedish elections are worse and more undemocratic than Russian elections, and you've got grounds for civil war. http://www.friatider.se/valobservat-ren-aldrig-sett-ett-val-s-odemokratiskt-som-det-svenska


Yes. The entire week leading up to elections the socialist party was sending text messages to people's phones. But only if you had a foreign name. They also ran ads in arabic which were full of made up bullshit about the opposition.

0a98dd  No.12128810

File: 6dee7d8c6b52a5c⋯.png (3.51 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 6q47iOh.png)


why can't I stop the beauty of this world from vanishing

77ec58  No.12128818


They imported 500k Socialist voters since last election, thats quite substantial on 10m population

23cd43  No.12128825


They're largely a garbage party but when literally every single party is one and the same in Sweden its the only option to pry the fucking window open because of the absolute marxist-liberal-jewish control over all facets of the West.

Cuckservatives are more far-right than the SD's are.

1e25bf  No.12128830

File: 2bb8d14be0308fc⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 311x240, 311:240, 1424960886550.gif)



Now you're getting it.

>"The Swedish government is illegitimate. We do not recognize its authority. Any attempt to enter our territory by government forces will result in hostilities commencing. This is the final correspondence. Sweden will be free once more, by the blood of its sons. There is no alternative for us now."

93d028  No.12128831

Falsified fucking results

48915a  No.12128833

File: 80fd74259437831⋯.jpeg (79.96 KB, 582x582, 1:1, 1599C259-99AA-47E7-9683-1….jpeg)

>we get to see Sweden burn now

Nice. How long until rope day?

1e25bf  No.12128835


>Yes. The entire week leading up to elections the socialist party was sending text messages to people's phones. But only if you had a foreign name. They also ran ads in arabic which were full of made up bullshit about the opposition.


48bd57  No.12128842


You can't vote your way out of genocide

Read SIEGE by James Mason

fd8e67  No.12128853


Siege is literary garbage and Atomwaffen are edgy faggots.

"rape the cops", fucking really?

abf822  No.12128858

If dubs Sweden disappoints MUCH more.

08972d  No.12128859

Sweden, election results (5444/6004 election districts counted):

S-S&D: 28.3%

M-EPP: 19.7%

SD-ECR: 17.7%

C-ALDE: 8.6%

V-LEFT: 8%

KD-EPP: 6.4%

L-ALDE: 5.5%

MP-G/EFA: 4.4%

500c06  No.12128866


well my vision must be going

23cd43  No.12128870


You can't Siege if you can't trust anybody to not betray you. That's what individualism brings to the table. I'll go out of my way to assert that in the U.S. alone a decade of FBI/CIA COINTELPRO destroyed any white resistance and unity for a hundred years. Notice how it hasn't stopped non-whites from cohesion whatsoever here or in Europe?

These stupid fucking white liberal pieces of trash fucked their own people over so badly at this point all I want is to see them in a pincer for extermination by their non-white/muslim allies and us. Fuck these people already.

abf822  No.12128872

File: 204626555be13b5⋯.jpg (55.46 KB, 302x400, 151:200, 1453758673584.jpg)


If dubs on this post SD bounces back miraculously.

b3c93c  No.12128878



Rolling for rolls never working.

187203  No.12128881


If dubs, Sweden are uncucking themselves anyway.

77ec58  No.12128882


There will be a hearing about the election fraud in the EU

f56466  No.12128883

Is the SD's vote enough to fuck up the coalitions?

8d478a  No.12128886

Just came it, how are we doing guise?

500c06  No.12128888


so close anon perhaps they will win after all and sweden won't be destroyed may kek bless them

abf822  No.12128892


>what did Kek mean by this?

187203  No.12128896

File: 03e7652cbc7811f⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 640x480, 4:3, hackerapu.gif)

>>12128888 (checked)

Good enough. I'll take it

a875cc  No.12128897

File: 6e18fffbd958730⋯.jpg (198.95 KB, 640x678, 320:339, 1415824413369.jpg)


Quads of truth

386171  No.12128900

File: 85d2f652e3df0ab⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 500x734, 250:367, 5b76261f30cbf.gif)

File: 8a1895cd703306c⋯.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 5b5eeed82148e.jpeg)

File: 319a967129617eb⋯.png (3.59 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 5b69e7f645e96.png)

File: 172f6c3ae962c65⋯.jpeg (745.15 KB, 1583x2048, 1583:2048, 5b6a0511ac15c.jpeg)

Give HATE a chance

08972d  No.12128909

File: 75e2d00f7c52302⋯.png (22.42 KB, 729x134, 729:134, swedenE.png)

Current compared to previous elections (pic)

f65b35  No.12128912


Your jackboot suspender shit doesnt appeal to anyone but the most outcast of edgefags you NatBol retard.

abf822  No.12128918


Bad, AfS did NOTHING and SD made only tiny gains, and is so far in a weak 3rd place. Even the frogs did better…………. the only hope is force at this point.

1e25bf  No.12128920

08972d  No.12128922


>Is the SD's vote enough to fuck up the coalitions?

Yes if they need 50%. The left and right only have 40%ish.

f65b35  No.12128932

1e25bf  No.12128936


Speaks for itself I reckon.


08972d  No.12128943


>These stupid fucking white liberal pieces of trash fucked their own people over so badly at this point all I want is to see them in a pincer for extermination by their non-white/muslim allies and us. Fuck these people already.

Their current role is cannon fodder to give proof to push future gens into nationalism. Shitskins are doing nationalists a favor by removing these vermin.

8719b1  No.12128945


Dude, there's fuckery going on. The largest party was projected to be the third biggest one, heading for a shitty election. Suddenly they are 8% over what was estimated, even though they have no platform and a year of scandals where they fucked up and leaked government secrets to foreign-countries.

I mean, nobody besides old people and shitskins would vote for them.

08972d  No.12128946

Sweden, election results (5656/6004 election districts counted):

S-S&D: 28.3%

M-EPP: 19.8%

SD-ECR: 17.7%

C-ALDE: 8.6%

V-LEFT: 7.9%

KD-EPP: 6.4%

L-ALDE: 5.5%

MP-G/EFA: 4.4%

1e25bf  No.12128950


Its almost like your elections are all fixed.

8719b1  No.12128952


Fuck off kike. As a matter of fact, come to Sweden say that to my fucking face. I will fucking kill you on the spot.

08972d  No.12128954


>Dude, there's fuckery going on. The largest party was projected to be the third biggest one,

No one doubts that.

1e25bf  No.12128960


Kill yourself.

08972d  No.12128963


>Fuck off kike. As a matter of fact, come to Sweden say that to my fucking face. I will fucking kill you on the spot.

Keep sticking up for your fellow commies who brought this disaster to your door step.

f65b35  No.12128967


AfS is a meme, literally the Patrick Littles of Sweden. Good for a laugh but will never effect change.

And it's true. The jackboot suspender edgeshit apeals to the lowest tier white. Fucking Heimbach TWP tier shit.

1e25bf  No.12128971

08972d  No.12128991

Sweden, election results (5596/6004 election districts counted):

Seats based on counted votes:

Red-green #Rödgröna bloc (S-S&D, MP-G/EFA, V-LEFT): 143 (-16)

Centre-right #Alliansen bloc (M-EPP, C-ALDE, L-ALDE, KD-EPP): 143 (+2)

SD-ECR: 63 (+14)

Impressive gain by SD.

b3c93c  No.12129002

f3a899 is a fucking idiot, but he is right about this. Where is the "operation thread" (>>12111573) for US midterms? The last attempt was maliciously destroyed within an hour.

000000  No.12129004

Sweden chose its fate. There are only two parties that could do anything and that's NRM or AfS.


And then we have THIS KIKE.

386171  No.12129012

3fdabe  No.12129013


f65b35  No.12129022

File: 7ab11927d75e5b2⋯.jpg (134.32 KB, 960x600, 8:5, BJNSMcrew-1-960x600.jpg)

File: a3cc3e67e18962e⋯.jpg (36.74 KB, 816x545, 816:545, s3.reutersmedia.net.jpg)

File: ea399b9afc60afe⋯.jpg (170.65 KB, 1200x547, 1200:547, tradyouth.jpg)


8719b1  No.12129023


I'm not, they can all fuck themselves. But don't fucking tell me my people deserve to die by the hands of the invaders, invited and paid for by our traitorous cunts of leaders.

Just shut the fuck up with that kinda talk you fucking retard.

1e25bf  No.12129026

aa15a0  No.12129028

what the fuck is with all these people telling us to read Siege or drop this thread to go to the US midterms thread?

386171  No.12129031

File: a25ea958b80811e⋯.jpg (827.45 KB, 1619x2175, 1619:2175, a3d019a1881699661659ec960d….jpg)

This is a rigged game that you can't win

There are no political solutions

The white race will die off

But the Aryan super predators will rule the Earth

08972d  No.12129034

Sweden, election results (5656/6004 election districts counted):

Cross-bloc coalition (S-S&D, M-EPP, C-ALDE): 201 (-18)

Centre-right/right-wing coalition (M-EPP, KD-EPP, supported by SD-ECR): 156 (+7)



Results for S-S&D in recent elections

1982: 45.6% (record high)

1985: 44.7%

1988: 43.2%

1991: 37.7%

1994: 45.3%

1998: 36.4%

2002: 39.9%

2006: 35.0%

2010: 30.7%

2014: 31.0%

2018: 28.3% (record low)

1e25bf  No.12129035


Two shills.

One is a blackpilled Jew and the other is a Zionist shill.

Mods aint doing shit about it either.


abf822  No.12129040


Jews, these are tactics to dissuade real change and to just fucking LARP, instead.

8719b1  No.12129043


There's a meta-thread anon, use that one.

08972d  No.12129044


>But don't fucking tell me my people deserve to die by the hands of the invaders,

Those vermin are no different than the invaders.

aa15a0  No.12129045



I think they're trying to distract us from the fact that the election was possibly rigged.

77ec58  No.12129046


>Heimbach TWP

plz they dont run around in nazi helmets

Their main campaign was Deport all criminal foreigners -how horrible and extreme

08972d  No.12129049


>Yeah, this isn't important. We have more pressing matters at hand: the USA, and our election, the midterms. We must have it made clear that anyone who opposes our prosperity, the prosperity of the white race, shall be eliminated from existence on this planet.

Midterms are in november you fuckin magakike.

1e25bf  No.12129050



08972d  No.12129053


>Sweden will not be able to vote its way out of ZOG. I would almost recommend the Nordic Resistance Movement, but I’ve spoken to several members and they all glow in the dark with a bright, almost blinding, nuclear green.

Well if you say it then it must be true.

f65b35  No.12129064

File: e9e60a61e2043e8⋯.jpg (161.03 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 867965868-640x640.jpg)

File: 02e49dbbc1891b1⋯.jpg (13.01 KB, 310x163, 310:163, images.jpg)

File: 63cd75a32ef897f⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 790x444, 395:222, 58f77a53c46188070a8b457a.jpg)



8719b1  No.12129066


You're the vermin wishing death upon my people when it has been a plan, done by traitors and kikes.

1e25bf  No.12129067

File: d5c6f3fa827444d⋯.png (10.67 KB, 1104x61, 1104:61, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dd8ed2d5252950d⋯.png (308.13 KB, 1098x617, 1098:617, ClipboardImage.png)

77ec58  No.12129068

The number of disqualified votes went up 10 times and counting this election ..

1e25bf  No.12129070

f005ad  No.12129071

File: 47212b2abd506cb⋯.jpeg (72.92 KB, 700x366, 350:183, 679C7E37-931C-4458-9255-1….jpeg)

Is this where we back the hard right winger and inadvertently help the Champagne Socialist (Limousine Liberal) Win again like in France

1e25bf  No.12129072


Note worthy.

386171  No.12129077

File: 4a080a32cab755b⋯.png (165.77 KB, 1501x1890, 1501:1890, 5b73bcf73020d.png)

Movementarians have no arguments against SIEGE by James Mason. They can only slander it the same way Mamzers slander Mein Kampf and hope you never read it

08972d  No.12129083

File: b704d30e8a50562⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 622x323, 622:323, Dmq84xDW0AEmM5n.jpg)

Neither side has enough and crossing over in a coalition destroys the ideology of any party that does it.

aa15a0  No.12129087



I guarantee it's more than that, the (((powers that be))) destroying Sweden are hiding it.

1e25bf  No.12129090

8532d0  No.12129091


You mean like they did in 2014? They're not afraid of crossing that line. In fact, they've long since given up any pretense of Sweden not being a one party state.

1e25bf  No.12129093




Super subtle.

08972d  No.12129094


>You're the vermin wishing death upon my people when it has been a plan, done by traitors and kikes.

The kikes plan is disgusting but the end goal is victory. These commies have chosen their fate.

f65b35  No.12129102

File: 15b744e408fccd4⋯.jpg (653.77 KB, 1487x906, 1487:906, 1521233286909.jpg)

>muh siege

Pure kiked Satanism.

8719b1  No.12129109


How is it victory if my people are dead and my fellow white brothers cheered on the kikes.

Just fucking kill yourself you disgusting fucking piece of shit.

08972d  No.12129111


>You mean like they did in 2014? They're not afraid of crossing that line. In fact, they've long since given up any pretense of Sweden not being a one party state.

That's disgusting.

1e25bf  No.12129115



386171  No.12129117

File: c56cfb0fbd88f8d⋯.png (14.25 KB, 866x1200, 433:600, cfe6d8204e59b52a3e86b9377e….png)

All attempts to prevent SIEGE culture from spreading have failed. Movementarians can only scream and cry like SJWs because they fear the truth and want to keep collecting shekels for their Livestream and paywalls. Anyone who sells you on voting your way to safety is not telling you the harsh truth

dd1133  No.12129122

File: 90fa66bfcb1dc87⋯.jpg (167.43 KB, 596x411, 596:411, THANKS SWEDEN.jpg)


These worthless fucking cocksuckers have been acting as a single bloc for the past four years and now you suppose they won't be so callous and contemptuous as to do it again?

What fucking world do you live in son?

The only way for this outcome to signal any real change in swedish politics would be for SD to become the largest party, or if nothing else the second largest. They have categorically failed to gain any mandate that would bring about a positive change, instead improving only marginally upon their last result.

08972d  No.12129126


Results for SD-ECR in recent elections

1988: 0.02%

1991: 0.1%

1994: 0.3%

1998: 0.4%

2002: 1.4

2006: 0.3%

2010: 5.7%

2014: 12.9%

2018: 17.7% (5782/6004 election districts counted)

000000  No.12129132


>4 more years of shit

You don't have to wait with your hands in your lap…

08972d  No.12129134


>These worthless fucking cocksuckers have been acting as a single bloc for the past four years and now you suppose they won't be so callous and contemptuous as to do it again?

>What fucking world do you live in son?

First time watch swede elections. Usually only follow the US and italy.

8d478a  No.12129137

What are the element required for a top tier MIDTERMS thread?

c30a74  No.12129140

File: 5e5a6fa13a00046⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 781x1000, 781:1000, 5b6aeeaacb2421bd0cf7555506….jpg)

So is Sweden YESing or NOOOing?

08972d  No.12129141

Sweden, election results (5826/6004 election districts counted):

S-S&D: 28.3%

M-EPP: 19.8%

SD-ECR: 17.6%

C-ALDE: 8.6%

V-LEFT: 7.9%

KD-EPP: 6.4%

L-ALDE: 5.5%

MP-G/EFA: 4.4%

aa15a0  No.12129145


I saw, it seems something very fishy is going on. When thread deletion and shills start popping up,something dangerous to the ZOG is happening.

1e25bf  No.12129151



08972d  No.12129153

In the future they need people watching these polling stations ready to refill the cards and take video of people throwing it them out.

050eca  No.12129154

It is all those imported Voters the SOCIAL Democrats brought in. I would be very interested what the result would hav been if all the immigrants weren't allowed to vote and only Swedes wer allowed to vote?

fd8e67  No.12129159

File: e8d286ba6529919⋯.jpg (78.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dab.jpg)


>Add Filter: ID

1e25bf  No.12129160

1e25bf  No.12129161

aa15a0  No.12129165


But anon, they already have strong PoC watching the polls! Don't say they throw them out, that's racist!

7c7270  No.12129166

File: 298097cc97611f6⋯.png (18.27 KB, 337x372, 337:372, 8689697652959.png)


"In line with ODIHR’s methodology, the EET will not carry out systematic or comprehensive observation of voting, counting, or tabulation on election day. Team members will, however, visit a small number of polling stations across the country to follow election day procedures."



1e25bf  No.12129176


Checked for, in Sweden it is.

050eca  No.12129183

Probably electoral fraud was involved. We had this with UKIP in the UK, they would ahead in By-Elections, neck and neck with Labour UNTIL the Postal Votes wer counted which would giv the Labour Party a clear lead and victory.

08972d  No.12129184



SDcucks or AfS need a better ground game on keeping an eye on things.

1e25bf  No.12129191

8719b1  No.12129194


They had an experienced Dane checking it out. Said it was the worst, most un-democratic shit he has ever seen and he has seen some shit in his days.

77ec58  No.12129197


there was from some EU organization.

The head said it was the worst election he ever had seen (he has monitored turd world shitholes), there will be a EU hearing about it.

aa15a0  No.12129199

Maybe this time, if there's a vote recount, it will actually happen. Then we can see some voter fraud going on. A recount or revote could at least put the SD in a position to gain and achieve some political power.

050eca  No.12129204

Will there be a re-election?

23d13c  No.12129218

File: 8f1df2b1071df9f⋯.jpg (334.23 KB, 905x1200, 181:240, Death Dealer.jpg)


Hard to believe. The arabs in France don't tend to vote as much as whites, and those arabs are ones who have been here for a long while. And you're telling me a legion of fresh off the boat rapefugees who can't even speak the language well are voting instead of doing whatever they want to do which is drugs, drinking, stealing, and raping? 40000 keks, my man!

c561f9  No.12129226



Filtered. Enjoy the gas.

7c7270  No.12129232



Linkage please

If swedes don't follow up on this obvious fix they can go to hell

c561f9  No.12129234


Fuck off amerifat, you faggots aren't the only country on the planet.

33adb1  No.12129235


There are other places that can still be "saved". Swedes are fucked.

3f259b  No.12129236


Got a source on that?

08972d  No.12129243


>Hard to believe. The arabs in France don't tend to vote as much as whites, and those arabs are ones who have been here for a long while. And you're telling me a legion of fresh off the boat rapefugees who can't even speak the language well are voting instead of doing whatever they want to do which is drugs, drinking, stealing, and raping? 40000 keks, my man!

This is why shitlibs in america gave up on niggers and moved onto spics.

c561f9  No.12129252



386171  No.12129253

File: 405bdbc33b3308c⋯.jpg (267.72 KB, 977x1280, 977:1280, cacc9463071ef126e9cc5945c1….jpg)

File: 72136e70ce63db2⋯.jpg (256.01 KB, 896x1280, 7:10, 0851f078c36ca6ef66c70a18a3….jpg)


Don't just rock the boat, sink it

08972d  No.12129262

Impressive showing for here for SD:

Sweden (Norbottens county), election results (93.87% of election districts counted):

S-S&D stronghold

S-S&D: 41.8%

SD-ECR: 15.7%

M-EPP: 12.8%

V-LEFT: 10.5%

C-ALDE: 7.1%

KD-EPP: 4.6%

L-ALDE: 3.3%

MP-G/EFA: 2.8%

Fi-S&D: 0.4%

Getting culturally enriched has its consequences.

abf822  No.12129277


Yes, but softer yes than other years. The cucking will continue for another few more years at least. The only good news is that Sweden has shifted right like every single European nation lately.

c561f9  No.12129284


Can you post that with the coalitions?

be8ceb  No.12129291


source? I can only find articles about OSCE report being sent, but nothing on this supposed Danish observer.

642036  No.12129292

This looks like fukery:

Sweden (Blekinge county), election results (98.92% of election districts counted):

SD (ECR) stronghold

S-S&D: 31.6%

SD-ECR: 25.4%

M-EPP: 17.2%

C-ALDE: 6.7%

L-ALDE: 5.7%

V-LEFT: 5.4%

L-ALDE: 4%

MP-G/EFA: 2.8%

Fi-S&D: 0.3%

500c06  No.12129293



642036  No.12129297


>Can you post that with the coalitions?

Only posting what comes from this feed: https: //twitter.com/EuropeElects

642036  No.12129305



Zognald be gone. Filtered

8532d0  No.12129309




642036  No.12129324

File: 98b521113e5180d⋯.png (256.49 KB, 507x539, 507:539, it1.png)

Some love for pastabro

94502c  No.12129326



500c06  No.12129361


midterm primaries are not the actual midterms anon

500c06  No.12129374



although I will say it is fucking WEIRD that super Tuesday primaries are on 9/11....false flag redux?

a9880d  No.12129376


you havent spoken to anyone. NRM is legit and you are a kike for sage this thread on election day

642036  No.12129384

File: f3f64ddb9d3945b⋯.png (47.12 KB, 720x478, 360:239, swe1.png)



Thanks for the link anon.

be8ceb  No.12129389


Bless you anon, this will come in handy. Also how many anons here are surprised that according to (((Reuters))) right-leaning news such as Fria Tider that are reporting about shady election practices are "fake news?"


Conveniently posted 3 days ago, what a ((coincidence))) that narrative was already being primed. Wondering why (((English news))) aren't even mentioning the Danish OSCE veteran calling the 2018 Swedish election as "the most undemocratic one he has ever seen"? That's fake news created by Putin's troll factories, goy. Now shut up and laugh at the failing SD neo-nazi scum.

a9880d  No.12129398


looks like voter fraud

7c7270  No.12129409

Some cuck swede was telling me there isn't a language barrier blocking a right-wing wave in non-anglophone Europe - there's a complete dearth of english tweets on the swedish election

050eca  No.12129413


When I dioind service outside a polling staion in the 2010 election in Britian all the Somalis wer coming along and bringing their illiterate Parents and showing them who to vote for. Postal Vote is extremely wide-spread amongst Pakistani and Bangali communities, they had to shut down one Borough because the Bengalis run the Borough as an Islamic Bengali fiefdom with money go to Bengali projects and Bengali businesses mostly their friends, electoral fraud was widespread and you saying it can't happen..

500c06  No.12129422


I never said they didn't matter I said


I would report you but I know your heart is in the right place

a9880d  No.12129427


you keep switching ids to push the black pill. your very obvious and we’re not interested

7ab330  No.12129440


Fuck off Moishe, we can follow two elections in three months, you piece of shit.

be8ceb  No.12129447





Voter fraud is more than likely to have happened as the Danish OSCE observer mentioned in the Fria Tider article is planning to make questions about the election in some higher EU court. However given the purpose of the (((EU))) they will likely acquit Sweden and punish the bad goy who wants to do his job.

a9880d  No.12129460


i already filtered that kike. do it and see how fast the board gets cleaned up for you

c561f9  No.12129475


see >>12129460

Just filter the kikes man, it's not worth the effort responding to them.

ca1536  No.12129523


How apt that siegefags talk in jewish idioms. Mamzer means estranged person in yiddish why speak about mein kampf in one sentence then talk in yiddish. Seems siegefags took that "ironic" jewish satanism chapter so seriously you became fucking jewish rats.

6902fb  No.12129532

File: 5c8459dcbafb37f⋯.jpg (628.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 873787383.jpg)

File: dcdc1f0f3750367⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 67856785678.jpg)

File: 4cf125e7dbba72f⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 48374835.jpg)

File: 4bda468d9026434⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 3200x2000, 8:5, 48642318.jpg)

>kikes control almost everything, and they are genociding all aryans

>elections are not tampered with

Plebs and pol have one thing in common, they each believe one statement above is true - and that one is false.

Nu-pol believes both are true.

a9880d  No.12129541


this anon knows whats up. you can tell hes right when he gets two shill ids trying to attack him. its funny how the kikes claim to be superior, yet they have to lie and cheat because they are to weak to win in a fair fight. zog=cowards

8532d0  No.12129561

File: 6b749f9969c558d⋯.png (13 KB, 460x453, 460:453, Your brain on school brain….png)

These people. These people.

642036  No.12129588

File: 12e83d01ef3a7fb⋯.png (47.56 KB, 736x480, 23:15, sd.png)

8d478a  No.12129695


Except socialism is slavery, even when it's national.

fd8e67  No.12129719


t. boomer

8d478a  No.12129739


That "t" stands for truth, schlomo.

abf822  No.12129762


Gtfo you lolberg faggot. Reported for pushing jewish values.

dd0816  No.12129811



Yes, yes, socialism is good, goyn, vote for leftwing, hitler was leftiwing goyn.

23f0d0  No.12130018

File: 8d1c03a5ed92923⋯.png (48.83 KB, 719x477, 719:477, we.png)

c7ba4e  No.12130132


This looks pretty good, if the alliance is the cucked right of Sweden (?) they won't get to be a majority block unless they form a coalition with SD

8c6c17  No.12130153


What's going to happen is that the two parties 'L' and 'C' are going to form a government with the leftist parties to block the Sweden democrats from gaining influence.

1f2fc2  No.12130154


That's nice, torkike.

abf822  No.12130159


You don't know what national socialism is at all, then.

c4c496  No.12130164

File: 922b13c30fc9c43⋯.jpg (82.05 KB, 1050x638, 525:319, stalin.jpg)

If you don't think the elections in every Western nation aren't rigged to favor the radical Left, you are incredibly naive.

000000  No.12130193

I just learned how retarded Sweden's ballots are.

Holy shit you Swedes are fucking ant people how could you let this happen in a civilised democracy?

8c6c17  No.12130201


Yeah, because it's the people who decide how these things are handled.

The (((media))) doesn't make a fuss about it, and the people know nothing different, they think it's normal.

Besides, the parliament decided to change how the ballots are displayed, it's just that the laws happen to go in to effect on the 1st of January 2019.

Go suck on a shotgun barrel torcuck.

c561f9  No.12130203


Kek. Yeah they threw out the ballots for AvS.

8532d0  No.12130205


Same way it happened in every other country. Only instead of there being a direct purge orchestrated by the government, dissenters are named in the jewish Bonnier owned media. The result is the same, you get visited by foreigners at your home, and they throw grenades through your window. Dissenter gone.

8c6c17  No.12130206


>it's just that the laws happen to go in to effect on the 1st of January 2019

This was sarcasm for you autistic people out there.

386171  No.12130210

New James Mason interview with the Luegenpresse


The world is terrified of what SIEGE has inspired on multiple continents

c561f9  No.12130212

File: 2162b0ea91d6b42⋯.mp4 (12.32 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Ballots AfS.mp4)



Found the video.

c561f9  No.12130220

File: ebae8dda061d785⋯.mp4 (3.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ballots AfS 2.mp4)


And the street outside.

500c06  No.12130241

File: ecdb6aacdb63e4d⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 450x250, 9:5, 32978y3h3.gif)

23f0d0  No.12130245


>This looks pretty good, if the alliance is the cucked right of Sweden (?) they won't get to be a majority block unless they form a coalition with SD

Apparently they form coalitions with the other side as well. If they cuckservatives side were legit than they could easily form one with SD. Really wish they would to shock the entire system.

8532d0  No.12130255


It's a one party state masquerading as a parliamentary system. The December Agreement more than demonstrates this, when 6 of 8 parties signed their mandates away to the socialists.

c7ba4e  No.12130266



Damn, I forgot about that option. Though it often happens over here as well where labour and christian democrats form a coalition just to keep sucking EU cock and get comfy job promotions to the EU parliament.

I'll just hope negotiations fall apart and greed/lust for power gets the better of the right block.

c6a6a6  No.12130269


Eric Striker said on a JF interview that he thought the spark to change things would happen in either Germany or Sweden, due to their governments' high cuckery and their less domesticated Germanic genes.


77ec58  No.12130282

File: 945a7883fa4bc2e⋯.jpg (66.25 KB, 750x750, 1:1, valffusk.jpg)

Apparently you can see trough the voting letters

i guess thats why the mail office having delay problems transporting the votes

c561f9  No.12130287


Yeah, we saw this in other elections with the mail votes. You have to fold it.

23f0d0  No.12130289


>when 6 of 8 parties signed their mandates away to the socialists.


>The December Agreement more than demonstrates this, when 6 of 8 parties signed their mandates away to the socialists.

Wait what? Explain.

909fad  No.12130293

How are the elections turning out vote wise? are they getting counted yet?

8c6c17  No.12130300


It's done fam, the (((results))) are here >>12130018

500c06  No.12130302



oh c'mon sweden wtf

8532d0  No.12130306


You have the cuckservative bloc and the Marxcist bloc. In 2014 neither of them had their own majority, and SD was in a position where they could effectively cockblock any decisions, forcing them to work with SD. The result? The cuckservatives signed away every single one of their mandates to the socialists, to make sure SD didn't get any influence. Thus demonstrating that they're all pushing for the same goal.

8c6c17  No.12130307


Yeah, it's almost like the system is rigged, who would have seen that coming?

77ec58  No.12130309


In 2014 the red block lost

the "opposition" handed over power to the red block no favors asked.

909fad  No.12130315


o fug, thank you and well, what can you do? except wait until next elections? :^)

23f0d0  No.12130316

File: b0bca24cbcd568e⋯.png (399.65 KB, 698x511, 698:511, gr.png)

77ec58  No.12130320


yes suckservatives =blåsossar = blue socialists.

23f0d0  No.12130324



Was it the entire cuckservative block or just certain parties. There was talk of the Moderates entertaining the idea of a coalition.

500c06  No.12130328


rigged yes but they don't even use security envelopes? in the USA you get junk mail it comes in a security envelope

23f0d0  No.12130336


>yes suckservatives =blåsossar = blue socialists.

Where on earth do these retards plan on living once sweden become an islamic state?

8c6c17  No.12130348


>but they don't even use security envelopes?

Yeah, I wonder why they wouldn't be doing that fam. :^(

500c06  No.12130353


no i get it just never thought it would be so blatant

78bec7  No.12130373

File: 4f10b51aafb6199⋯.jpg (85.64 KB, 711x800, 711:800, Limits.jpg)



>This is Democracy

77ec58  No.12130379


The entire blue block except SD

Interesting enough the December agreement dont even have a english wikipedia entry, one of the biggest political happenings in sweden.

77ec58  No.12130383


tel aviv

c6a6a6  No.12130391


I do not understand what I'm looking at in this video.

c561f9  No.12130399


Watch the second one as well, you'll figure it out if you're not retarded.

c6a6a6  No.12130403


I have a good feeling about this election.

8c6c17  No.12130412


They placed the ballots of anther party over the ballots for AfS, and in the second video shows AfS ballots having been thrown on the ground outside of the polling station.

4a2ce8  No.12130418


They have a quick vote system where you tick a number and the votes are machine counted.

You can also write the number on an empty paper yourself but ones that count votes will deem the vote illegible and will not count it.

9d580b  No.12130419



c6a6a6  No.12130428


It would seem they are chucking the ballots? But it looks like they actually pick a ballot corresponding to the party they wish to vote for. That can't be right.

8c6c17  No.12130445


>But it looks like they actually pick a ballot corresponding to the party they wish to vote for.

<That can't be right.


8532d0  No.12130446


You get one (((guess))).

c6a6a6  No.12130454


If that's what I'm seeing, then Sweden is more retarded than I could have possibly imagined.

How can magic happen if you can't even do voting correctly?!

I guess Germany is our last hope…

8532d0  No.12130462

File: 67947c8796b950f⋯.png (127.55 KB, 579x523, 579:523, It must be you.png)


My sweet innocent baby boy.

8c6c17  No.12130477

File: d037d677cea9a7f⋯.jpg (25 KB, 600x375, 8:5, come on now.jpg)



<Will end ZOG

672624  No.12130480

File: f18c3d876da556f⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, sweden.png)


480c3c  No.12130483


oh great

fucking kill me


if you fold it it's ineligeble

87f5cf  No.12130510


Reminder anyone posting these images is a federal agent look at the file name

8c6c17  No.12130521


What's suspicious about the file numbers?

500c06  No.12130526

File: 063f31c56b4927f⋯.jpg (64.99 KB, 640x601, 640:601, blarghrrrrr.jpg)

c6a6a6  No.12130566


I'm not Swedish. Just a concerned /pol/ack National Socialist of Norther European stock

9d580b  No.12130572


And I'm German

c561f9  No.12130641


…Wut? Guess we need a different workaround for Sweden than we used last time.

33adb1  No.12130653


>Swedes will fight or die

My money is on die or flee and bring their bullshit elsewhere, like what the Commiefornians are doing on burgerland

33adb1  No.12130655


in burgerland, not on

polite sage for error

99229d  No.12130664

File: 1a0879963997106⋯.jpg (275.78 KB, 478x1594, 239:797, www.friatider.se_valobserv….jpg)





4dd076  No.12130692


Did I miss something or did you miss the ballots being thrown out?

8c6c17  No.12130826



Why do americucks always spout nothing but pure blackpilled anti-white faggotry?

4c1074  No.12130998

File: 1b867e3c2635303⋯.gif (857.88 KB, 240x228, 20:19, 1378487993409.gif)



man, who could've seen that coming

620a90  No.12131012


Reported for meta anti-white D&C, as well as denying objective truth.

59fd36  No.12131168

File: 808a0e4f66b19d0⋯.jpg (281.76 KB, 2200x1100, 2:1, valsedlar.jpg)

File: 4111550ddc53b3e⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 750x402, 125:67, val.jpg)


let me tell you about how fucking awful the swedish voting system is.

first you pick the card for the party you want to vote for out of a box placed out in the open in the middle of the room to make sure it's not anonymous. it's a good way to make sure you don't pick anything unpopular, especially if the room is filled with feral niggers. and yes, there are several reports of people being threatened while voting. then you go behind a green cloth to put the card you picked in an envelope which i guess is supposed to make you anonymous. then you go to the assholes handling the votes and they cross your name off a list and puts your envelope in the box.

when the voting closes the primary count (which is the results we have now) starts. now the assholes that put the envelopes in the box takes them back out, open the envelopes and start counting the voting cards. when they are done counting they put them back and send them away for the second preliminary count on wednesday. you don't sign the cards or anything and the list only specifies if you have voted or not so there's nothing stopping them from replacing cards as they see fit. on wednesday when the second preliminary count is done the cards are sent away to the people that are actually supposed to count the votes for the final count that will be done on friday

45dec4  No.12131215


aren't you supposed to take one of each and only put one in the envelope?

59fd36  No.12131219


i never realised how bad it was until i started looking into it just now. it's time to stir up a shitstorm about this and get a re-election done, there's obvious tampering going on here

59fd36  No.12131224


i guess you could but people don't really do that

04ec6e  No.12131225

If the swedish folk thinks the election was a scam they will turn to un-parlamentary means of activism or nihilism.

f5e9b3  No.12131269

File: 0a41d4d202ef7cc⋯.png (90.71 KB, 848x871, 848:871, 0a41d4d202ef7cc52fb65d693e….png)







I now know what Jordan Peterson meant when he said that totalitarian states have tyranny at every level. The tyranny of the Der Normie, puppeted by the jew.

a9880d  No.12131286


wow, thats fucked. hopefully more swedes start to understand and wake the fuck up to the invasion

59fd36  No.12131292

File: a84ff4a9d405cac⋯.jpg (43.36 KB, 800x562, 400:281, valkuvert.jpg)


>Valsedeln får INTE vikas

translation: The ballot must NOT be folded

fucking christ

736598  No.12131306


Sound like the Soviet Union.

I think they did shit like that, and if you voted the wrong way .. you went to the gulag.

59fd36  No.12131327

time to make a list of this shit.

>you have no anonymity while voting

>ballots being hidden/thrown away

>no registration of your vote beyond yes/no

>several people not supposed to handle your votes are handling your votes

>envelopes are transparent

what else?

8532d0  No.12131353


If you are found to despite this have "voted wrong" your name and address gets "accidentally" leaked to press, who in turn "accidentally" leak it to criminal gangs, who "accidentally" drop a grenade in your house.

Take a wild guess who all those grenade attacks and car burnings you keep hearing about target.

59fd36  No.12131453


i really don't know the rest of the world handels votes but there must be some system for it?

4788a7  No.12131481

File: 38d1ca85f480f1c⋯.png (418.84 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180910-010250.png)

I found this on cuckchan.

76e50d  No.12131613

Apparently heavily immigrant areas voted 78% Social Democrats and 12% Left Party.

The Social Democrats has to Import it Voters.

8532d0  No.12131726


That's been the theory for a long time, but it was only fully put into practice this election. Before this it hadn't been conclusively proven to normalfags. Previous elections the voter turnout for foreigners had been pitifully low, this time it was high. It may have been due to the socialists sending out text messages to "remind" people to vote for them. Strangely enough, nobody with Swedish surnames received these "reminders" and that's not even going into the whole thing they pulled with putting up posters in arabic which outright lied about SD and AfS.

76e50d  No.12131751


It is such a shame that the Green Party vote didn't go below that magical 4% threshold.

909fad  No.12131761


Fuck democracy, why should I do my part to preserve such a rotting system anywhere in the world?

76e50d  No.12131766


the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS TO IMPORT ITS VOTERS should made into a meme and heavily promoted

Also this election has tarnished the image of Sweden a great deal, it seems like a tin-pot dictatorship or a Banana republic.

181ee7  No.12131772


Is this even actually allowed?

No matter, the (((media))) is going to call it a (((fair and democratic))) election as usually.

9feb62  No.12131786


I think it matters much less that they have to import their voters than it does that they can do it with impunity and people like you think pointing it out makes any bit of difference. Will to power in real time.

76e50d  No.12131799

Bitterly disappointing eelction result.

f95164  No.12131816


Wow, I'd never have thought that the American election system is better than any other White nation's.

f95164  No.12131855

I think they tested the idea of voter fraud in Italy but they're just too hotblooded to get away with it. Sweden is just too committed to well organized calm systems, violence is nowhere near an option, yet. However, if we raise enough hell about "untransparent voting", the common Swede may demand an audit because we cannot be seen in the eyes of the world as broken or corrupt. Even the vast majority of moderate leftists would agree.

9feb62  No.12131893


>violence is nowhere near an option, yet.

Rather than not an option yet, I think it's more likely that it is no longer an option.

1adbba  No.12131953

File: ba09da0b707cb8d⋯.png (1014.84 KB, 653x920, 653:920, jewess.png)

File: 5c52ae11c8aa29a⋯.jpg (854.02 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, crypto jewess.jpg)


All four jewish ashkenazis.

Real question here is, how many cryptos and sayanims

are there in Sweeden. We know open jews are 30 000 strong, but those are jews who cant hide because they are too ugly.

Probably some 300 000 cryptos like those on your pic rule over Sweeden, and real Sweedes are even not aware of this fact.

If there is any Anon who cant reckognise jews on this pic, urgent repairment of jewdar is needed. Pic related is good example why.

4788a7  No.12131959


I don't care about democracy, exposing election fraud like this is the first step to planting the idea it doesn't work into lemmings brains. Make them think vote rigging is an integral part of the system and allow that belief to be a springboard for a more authoritarian leader.

8cfb6c  No.12131985

File: 998c37d68a5e743⋯.jpg (22.52 KB, 480x325, 96:65, tmg-article_default_mobile.jpg)


The young one is a similar crypto phenotype to this soy kike from the talmudvision

f95164  No.12132014

File: c57ba04587e28f0⋯.jpg (461.63 KB, 757x1024, 757:1024, 8207097180_d4f0c96eee_b.jpg)


I agree, read Gaddafy's Green Book. He talks about how democracy is literally the number 1 thing that needs to be addressed for a healthy nationalist country.

1f3e22  No.12132033


So they didn't just take out Gadaffi for the oil, but also because he was against (((democracy))).

f95164  No.12132048


Oil? Who gives a shit about oil, there's plenty of it floating around the world, we have enough cheap oil for at LEAST another 100 years, by then we would've discovered much better fuel, anyways. That whole "blood for oil" was a red herring (or B narrative) to throw off those that didn't accept the official A narrative. All these wars are for Israel and greater jewish interests, nothing more.

18282d  No.12132071


I haven't read nor do I own the Green Book. Can you explain what he wrote in part one?

76e50d  No.12132081


It's not.

1adbba  No.12132088

File: b4f26459b6c8a31⋯.png (578.74 KB, 1835x991, 1835:991, semite infestation Europe.png)


Yes. Hallstatt nordid, enriched with ugly semite genome, forewer ruined. Jews knows, what they are doing. They attack our bests.

Also, jews learned lession because periodicaly pogroms. They are not open jewish anymore, except few of them. They intermingled into our societies, gene polls, most of the jews novadays are cryptos and sayanims. People around them hardly and rarely reckognise them, but they know each other, they can smell each other. And that is real danger, not the small percentage open jewish ones.

In every nation they created strong base of crptos/sayanims. Their real nimbers are ten fold higher then number of "real" jews.

We can see that on J1 and J2 map of Europe. Those are cryptos, semitic infiltration.

For trained eye it is so demoralising. You can see them everywhere. All top positions in society. Wherewer you look, there is crypto. Top 5% in every nation. Bet there is 300 000 cryptos in Sweeden right now. They have their own party - Green party.

Sweeden is fucked not so much because outside threats, but because real Sweedes are in fear from inside power - crypto jews on top positions in society.

1adbba  No.12132110


This is pasta from 4chan.

Fuck off Shlomo.

Somebody please report this hybrid, I dont have time.

000000  No.12132122


Spoken like a true hedonist looking for any excuse to absolve himself of responsibility for his wretched existence. Pathetic, really.

83abc9  No.12132123

File: 34b039de3e28cdc⋯.jpg (43.12 KB, 445x395, 89:79, 34b039de3e28cdc54092c7dc0c….jpg)


He wanted to return to the gold standard and was going to return to the gold standard.

Guess who or whom had a problem with it? Everyone.

Gaddafi wanted off the dollar.

He wanted a state-owned central bank, anon.

>Two birds with one stone?

A warning shot to anyone else considering a reversion.

Guess who has a state-owned central banks, anon… Iran & Syria.

000000  No.12132132



>sweet innocent baby boy.

Elections in Sweden look a lot like elections in communist East-Germany

Actually, the “GDR elections” were not half as rigged it was the choice of parties you could vote for



>how fucking awful the swedish voting system is to make sure it's not anonymous.


>Sound like the Soviet Union.

In communist East-Germany they had elections too. They were more “secret” then those in Sweden. They had a single ballot paper with all the parties to choose from and cabins to do it in secret there was just one coalition with all the legal parties to “choose” the “National Front” I kid you not

Practically under communist rule in East-Germany you had just two choices, accept the suggestion of the ruling multi party coalition or choosing abstention. A ballot with no marks was considered affirmative of the “suggestion”. For an abstention it was necessary to mark it as invalid, abstention.

It was expected that the public just take the ballot paper, fold it and put it into the box, use of the cabin was considered as suspicious, marked you as subversive.

So “voting” was also known as “going paper folding”.

8719b1  No.12132137


They don't even have to show up really. Just put a yes-marker and put an envelope of the right choice in the box.

8719b1  No.12132141


Eastern Germany had Democracy in it's name aswell.


Violence is the only option anon. We should've started hanging these traitors in the 90's. We're way behind in this war.

000000  No.12132156


t. slave

5a4dd4  No.12132170


Syria should be praised and supported. Too bad (((western governments))) are so full of (((shit))).

d61a38  No.12132191


They are not they are have been right many years ago but now are behind the scenes partners with their supposed opponenents in tearing down and destroying what previous generations have built.

004e76  No.12132239


Hang yourself beaner

d61a38  No.12132243


yes, apparently there was reorts of ques in some places becouse the voters was told to only pick one card at the time.

000000  No.12132265


I will hang you and your white family

9d4491  No.12132268


> there was just one coalition with all the legal parties to “choose” the “National Front” I kid you not

Same here. There was only the PZPR (Polish United Workers' Party) and voting was mandatory. If you didn't cast your vote you could get in some serious trouble at work as your absence would be noted. Also, the turn out was always around 98% with 99% of people voting for the Party. Police was even going from door to door making sure everyone took part in the elections. In fact after the destalinization in the late 50s the communist party really wanted to pretend they fallow every democratic procedure there is as the official ruling ideology was people's democracy under Marxism–Leninism.

8532d0  No.12132280


There's a reason we've been using the phrase "demokratur" here to describe our system for a while. They'll pretend to be democratic on an international level, but on the national level it's some bizarre kind of oligarchy divided between politicians and media publishers.



>Demokratur, a portmanteau of democracy and dictatorship is an expression which describes a society which is on its surface, that is to say nominally, a democracy, but in reality misses a real and true encompassing freedom of expression.

>One which lacks the ability for dissenting political groups to put their ideas out on equal terms, which lacks a fully secure judicial system (where laws and regulations are applies differently depending on which political side you belong to), where you risk losing your job for for the sake of your opinions, where you as a dissident/dissenting group risk being exposed to political violence by opponents (and the state looks between the fingers on it)

>Further defining for a demokratur is when the laws which exist are not followed by the state itself

>In a demokratur there are general and free elections, freedom of opinion is in effect but the politics and mass media are dominated by an establishment which are of the opinion that only certain opinions should be heard

>The consequence is that the citizenry is under the impression that they are given an objective and thorough representation of reality

>The suppression of dissenters is hidden, the free debate is strangled.

It fits the state of Sweden word for word, and probably a couple of other European countries as well. The key to it is that dictatorships in the past have always failed due to people banding together to overthrow the tyrant, so instead they go about the tyranny in a stealthy way, where the general public remains oblivious through careful indoctrination, media control, and censorship of information.

e07f5e  No.12132303

File: 57d9d0bffe2aed7⋯.jpg (624.38 KB, 1008x867, 336:289, Serge Marshennikov - Pale ….jpg)

AfC is so butthurt, they actually thought they could end (((their))) reign by voting


9d4391  No.12132323


I hope this is a lesson for new bulk of alt-right faggots who fell for the democracy meme.

1e25bf  No.12132351



Wow. A European election was fixed and corrupt.

What a surprise this is.

I am surprised by this.

Very much so.

000000  No.12132402


Lel. No you won't, you impotent faggot.

beb86b  No.12132412



it won't take all of them, 10% of the general pop or even less if it's a mix of milittary, vets and police, you would be surprised how fast boys turn into men when shit goes down

just the threat of revolt will make their government either crack down massively, spurring more to the cause or to give concessions to avoid conflict

I'm not Swedish so I won't pretend to know what their military would do, but I doubt if they would actually open fire on fellow swedes

000000  No.12132416



>There was only the PZPR (Polish United Workers' Party) and voting was mandatory. If you didn't cast your vote you could get in some serious trouble at work as your absence would be noted. Also, the turn out was always around 98% with 99% of people voting for the Party. Police was even going from door to door making sure everyone took part in the elections.

In the GDR the communist did consider voting as kind of an internal pole, a measure of dissidence. Officially they always had 90 percent plus results, for them self they noticed how many of their subject would be so bold not to vote for them.

Of course, those that did not vote, vote abstention were marked as dissidents and treated accordingly. Actually in the later days of the regime not so much different than dissenter are treated today in “free Germany”, lose your job, ruin of school, university career and that of your spouse and children.

In the communist GDR they wouldn’t burn down your car or house, like they do today in Merkel Germany.

76e50d  No.12132421

What percentage of the electorate wer immigrants and non-Swedes?

4ede9e  No.12132433


Out of the ones with dual citizenship it's 578 000.

The actual number is probably around 2 million non-whites