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File: 82c32f47a95857b⋯.png (357.78 KB, 958x719, 958:719, 2.png)

File: 865f8b84d45c93b⋯.png (148.84 KB, 962x717, 962:717, 3.png)

File: aa1a36e0e1e7ed7⋯.jpg (432.34 KB, 1024x697, 1024:697, 4.jpg)

File: 9f300cc39f08dd7⋯.jpg (776.61 KB, 500x687, 500:687, Statewide_Rail_Modernizati….jpg)

ae64df  No.12111544

Thanks to Trump stopping Congress from nuking california's train money, work on CAHSR has proceeded. Right now three important things have occurred:

1. California's gas tax passed due to Sen Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres), who got over $15 billion for ACE expansion between Sacramento, Merced, and San Jose. This basically builds CAHSR part 2 first instead of second, also the area has been studied as a potential HSR corridor before.

2. The California High Speed Rail Authority is now planning on letting the existing San Joaquins use their finished track, riders would be charged a 1-2% surcharge to help fund CAHSR. It's worth nothing that the freight railroads that operate in California have exerted extremely strong amounts of pressure against Jeff Denham in Congress to not fuck with this because they want the SJs gone from their track forever. In the near term this means SJ service gets pumped up to 125 mph.

3. The biggest piece of the northern part, 10 mile long tunnels underneath Pacheco Pass, will likely begin construction in late 2021 and open in 2026ish. The much larger tunnels under Tehachapi Pass would likely begin construction around that time, with full CAHSR service by 2033ish.

If you live in Placerville, Sacramento, San Joaquin County, San Jose, Gilroy, Palmdale, or LA there's going to be a lot more community meetings over the next few years as construction hits it's stride.

ae64df  No.12111558

File: 6e036662248e924⋯.jpg (462.83 KB, 1240x827, 1240:827, ICE-1-im-Mittelgebirge.jpg)

File: d30c48e704b22ff⋯.jpg (64.68 KB, 444x255, 148:85, RBKal1.jpg)


>kills all the nonwhites but leaves the homosexuals and pedophiles

California isn't Germany. Soon it will be, though.


700559  No.12111607

Are these mexican delivery rails?

ae64df  No.12111618

File: 48bbd40b0714516⋯.jpg (523.91 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, 9040631578_44f554000c_b.jpg)

File: 1a187fdf9cace65⋯.jpg (356.89 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 10892371454_22055db2e9_b.jpg)


not until it connects to san diego (san diego has a trolley station adjacent the san yisidro border station), which is in the late 2030s

in DC there's always discussions over whether or not to do Amtrak trains to Mexico, but it always falls through because Mexico's government doesn't want to pay for the extra security such a thing entails, as a practical example see Canada's Maple Leaf service. Also it's doubtful that any Mexicans would ride because northwestern Mexico is shitpoor

b8cc3b  No.12111658



Yes. The trolley stops right by a station near the convention center in San Diego. Once this train is operational, it would also be a nigger/homeless/etc transporter.

Imagine these trains all over the country, spanning the entire country. Those blobs of niggers and mexicans you see on demographic maps wouldn't be contained to the south and cities. They would spread EVERYWHERE. On the other hand, lots would come to CA for the gibs, and that immigantion would probably be the straw that starts the fall of CA.

ae64df  No.12111668

File: 6838c1f5b848ea0⋯.jpeg (103.19 KB, 742x475, 742:475, 1000ac49-743a-46a7-86b3-a….jpeg)


Amtrak already has a train that has three stops within 100' of a border crossing yet things are fine because Mexicans cannot board without photo ID. Richard Stallman bitches about it here:


446252  No.12111675

Bezos will be happy.

ae64df  No.12111676

File: 165c12d6a3c7f46⋯.jpg (708.59 KB, 940x752, 5:4, Fathead-AV-Small (1).jpg)


better map, mexicans can already get to any part of America with two transfers. Or they could take a Greyhound, especially when Greyhound does not ask for ID and does not inspect luggage (this is useful if you want to hide cash, drugs, guns or small children)

50a882  No.12111689

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Richard Stallman - I actually ran across this yesterday

this is top tier Stallman

Listen to him speak spanish

c7ad64  No.12111746


His Spanish is as good as free software QC.

8391eb  No.12111752


If only they could have an unexpected stop for employment on the way, work painting an unfinished chamber of sorts.

There needs to be a wrong train.

ae64df  No.12111775

File: bbde3773ee812a3⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1544x809, 1544:809, Port-Chicago-Concord-CA.png)


It's halfway between Richmond and Martinez, both the Coast Starlight and Capitol Corridor pass it. It's the place ICE was considering putting a new mass detention facility since they could just put Mexicans on trains and ship them wholesale to Tijuana without having to worry about protesters blocking the roads (this is based upon how the local RR police removed all the SJWs when they attempted to shut down Amtrak during the Grant protests).

They decided against it but it made everyone in the area asshurt regardless. And given the way things are going, FEMA trains by 2020 don't seem unrealistic to me.

4d4637  No.12111801

File: 8dcaa5765df55f6⋯.jpg (36.41 KB, 405x600, 27:40, Watelands_revised_face.jpg)

File: 389793461b00400⋯.jpg (49.05 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,5e504c_….jpg)

File: 61c3b4c77cc64cd⋯.jpg (305.67 KB, 1210x907, 1210:907, a8sMeHr.jpg)

what a farce.

let's spend $50 billion to build an underground train over dozens of the most active fault lines on earth.

after The Big One sinks the Capitol City of Faggotry by 30ft, putting SF (Sodom) under water, and after LA (Gommorah) turns into Arizona Bay, and after 10 million spics and niggers are drowned, burned, crushed, and starved not by fabled RWDS and FEMA Camps, but by the Wrath of God's Natural Disaster, it will seem obvious in hindsight that the Commiefornia train was one of the dumbest ideas in history.

when you do the back of the napkin math for how many riders per day times fare, there is no way this train will ever break even much less profit one penny to the state. now i know expecting basic economic reasoning from any Gubbmint zombie in CA is already a fatal move, but come the fuck on, man.

the CA govt isn't just stocked full of incompetant bumbling bureaucrat Bolsheviks, no, this shit reaches beyond that. it can only be malevolence. the Politburo running Faggifornia have a secret death wish and want to die.

on the bright side, one ancillary bonus after the destruction and depopulation of Socal is that Beverly Hills, the city with the 2nd largest population of kikes outside of Zion (Jewtropolis is #1) will cease to physically exist because it is now part of the continental shelf of the Pacific Ocean.

Nature is the most efficient concentration camp that we can only aspire to mimic.

ce0c8a  No.12111865

They can call it the ms-13 express.

5d7972  No.12111884

PROTIP: If rail systems become the primary means of transportation it becomes easier for a willing state to control the movement of beans, as trains have controlled access points that can be screened for non citizens.

ae64df  No.12111961

File: b501faea08c71a3⋯.jpg (244.28 KB, 960x539, 960:539, No-on-Measure-M-For-Front-….jpg)

File: 489c27fabdbfdf1⋯.gif (18.25 KB, 400x154, 200:77, three-demands-fro-climate-….gif)

File: 4c0e6bb8a30a7f9⋯.jpg (206.75 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, cumuluspresser9-1080x675.jpg)

File: 1bf057803615923⋯.jpg (719.53 KB, 1440x2048, 45:64, 415788_10151016025780666_1….jpg)


well duh, this is the exact logic the LA Black Bus Riders Union used to justify coming out against Measures R2 and M. Note that they were successful in killing Measure R2, which failed with 66.5% of the vote (tax increases in CA require a 66.7% margin).

By the way, you'll notice the unusual alliance between white/jew/angloid homeowners in Beverly Hills/Burbank/Venice Beach and LA's remaining blacks. Most soyboy transit activists realized this too and went so far to recognize it and note it in their articles. Not exactly naming (((them))) but it's a step in the right direction. And of course it happened because of idiots going on TV and saying trains are racist.

ae64df  No.12111962

File: 64346c2d5fa0444⋯.jpg (908.46 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, Whos-Side-Are-You-On-ENG.jpg)

File: d1219276d49ed2a⋯.jpg (170.63 KB, 1400x919, 1400:919, RXGLCGRNN5HLLB62YQRXM47MSA.jpg)

File: e7d76eec682b2fe⋯.jpg (723 KB, 1652x1800, 413:450, cat-burgler-for-stop-and-f….jpg)

File: fc87db315ce6c4d⋯.jpg (434.29 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, robbers-adjusted.jpg)


btw these people are huge cunts to deal with in real life, it's bad enough to make the soyest of soyboys reconsider their views

ae64df  No.12111966

File: ba4f9a49dcfd0f2⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 8000x4500, 16:9, letter-of-the-day-Murder.jpg)

File: 1405277ef3fd07e⋯.jpg (74.33 KB, 668x375, 668:375, Garcetti-Trump-2016 (1).jpg)

File: b1e5128eb114fd4⋯.jpg (470.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Measure-M-is-going-to-Loos….jpg)

File: 86d142b73badb70⋯.jpg (863.1 KB, 2402x3073, 2402:3073, La-Opinoin-defeats-Medida-….jpg)


These are all real BRU images by the way, I didn't make these. This is 100% legit. It's also why Villar lost to Newsom, and why Cox is on the gubernational ballot at all since all of LA's blacks and jews voted against their best interest (a stacked two-dem ballot) because they hate that Villar built trains. It';s also why Garcetti has been really quiet about running for President, since all these people would come out of the woodwork and nuke him because they don't like trains.

3b2c03  No.12111973

File: 1c0cf0a60173354⋯.png (428.72 KB, 574x580, 287:290, kikes.png)

Didn't Feinstein gave the rights and ownership of those railway projects to her husband, including allowing him to demand a ridiculous price for building it?

ae64df  No.12112083


No because her husband is busy operating the University of California system. De Leon's campaign is largely based around assmad arabs, muslims, leftists and environmentalists who are extremely upset at Fienstien trying to ban criticism of Israel on UC campuses (which narrowly happened last year if it wasn't for Trump's muslim ban galvanizing support).

By the way, over the next two months watch Fienstien backhand De Leon by claiming he's tolerant of antisemites. She wouldn't be able to play this card with a Republican challenger.

3d6752  No.12112100

File: 24be631e301d64d⋯.png (299.73 KB, 500x384, 125:96, ClipboardImage.png)



The LACSD (Sheriffs) underbid LAPD for Metro Patrol, problem is only Metro ("Land") is covered, if Perp is arrested on non Metro Land by LASD, the perp is turned over to LAPD (or something like that) creating burden on LAPD resources?


The End Game is Free Public Transportation AKA Socialism/Communism in CA lower the standard of living even more.

ae64df  No.12112477

File: 73799727f5fdde8⋯.png (172.35 KB, 683x1049, 683:1049, san-diego-commuter-rail-ma….png)


>free transportation is bad

In case you didn't notice, most highways in CA are free except a handful of HOV lanes and the 7 bay area bridges. People seem ok with this socialism though because it subsidizes the global ((((car)))) and ((((((((((((((oil)))))))))))))))))) industries.

Also I don't see the relevence of the LAPD/LACSD distinction you're making, Metro is run by LA County not the city therefore it's the Sherriff's domain. It has to be given it's reach. Ditto for Metrolink and LAUS, both of which have private security and TSA mixed in (notice how this is border jumper repellent and is why down south Coaster trains don't go to San Yisidro).

3d6752  No.12113539


Auto registration, emissions, licenses, gas taxes and fees, heavy vehicle (f1250/f350, etc.) taxes and fees, auto Insurance, etc. paid by users/drivers pay for "free" roads.

Who is going to pay for free public transportation? Your Taxes, dealt out by the Gov, leaving people that use the "free" public transit Beholden to the Gov (like Obamacare) to Vote to raise your taxes and fees even more..


L.A. county does not automatically give contract to LACSD, there is a bidding war, LACSD came in lowest, "because" L.A county and LACSD knew they would turn over to LAPD, saving money that would not come out of LACSD but instead LAPD budget, thinning LAPD resources even more. This came "after" Metrolink Police (private security) contracts were terminated.

By Design.

5d7972  No.12113612


In the past with electric rails it was generally subsidized by the power companies and operated on ticket fare.

87e0cf  No.12116405


>small children

how do you stop the kid from kicking and whining when they're getting thrown by the greyhound employee into that storage space under the bus?

164d2f  No.12116508


Oil and cars are freedom. Getting rid of liquid fuels means you have to be close to some central power distribution network. You can take your liquids anwhere. see tankers trucks. Getting rid of cars means you have to ride some community transportation solution overseen by govt bureaucrats. Being tied to the power grid and rail lines is socialism.

>inb4 muh portable solar cells charging my pneumatic tesla car linked to tunnel road under my house

87e0cf  No.12116548


>you don't have to be near a gas station in order to operate a vehicle with a combustion engine

>oil/gas distribution isn't centralized

man, the quality of /pol/ sure has tanked in the last couple years

db82e8  No.12117626



Imagine wanting to use a car to get anywhere.

>oil is freedom

Bush agrees.

What we have a problem with is sprawl. A railway at this point isn't going to help; relaxing building code to increase density will. Shilling for cars only furthers the issue. Reminder that the feeling of freedom you get is matched by the stifiling feeling traffic gives me whenever some moron reaches for his enchilada in the passenger seat

ae64df  No.12119520


>L.A. county does not automatically give contract to LACSD, there is a bidding war, LACSD came in lowest, "because" L.A county and LACSD knew they would turn over to LAPD, saving money that would not come out of LACSD but instead LAPD budget, thinning LAPD resources even more. This came "after" Metrolink Police (private security) contracts were terminated.

Metrolink can't terminate their private security contracts, as they are a tenant railroad. Most of Metrolink's stations (except LAUS and Burbank) are on private property so they're subject to the security forces railroads hire, and both railroads turn over beaners directly to ICE. This is written into Metrolink's charter. LAUS itself is technically owned by Amtrak who has TSA there, hence why they're all black. As for Metro, I'm talking about jurisdiction not payment. In either case LA County and LA city are almost the exact same thing anyway, and for most people it's going to be the same functional thing.

ae64df  No.12119543

File: 3dc6ba4aed2e06a⋯.gif (162.5 KB, 2868x2088, 239:174, netanyahu-obama-aipac.gif)

File: 70b8a5c6c48bdd9⋯.jpg (125.4 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, Mideast-Gulf-War-Anal_Horo.jpg)

File: 6ec16a4617cb831⋯.jpg (57.8 KB, 382x497, 382:497, DYwsw6VU0AAcCjT.jpg)

File: 49721de82ef8ade⋯.jpg (14.86 KB, 219x293, 219:293, 220px-Benjamin_Netanyahu_2….jpg)


>Oil and cars are freedom.

fuck off jew

also anti-slide: US ambassador says America will recognize Golan Heights as Israeli


ae64df  No.12119549


tell them they go back if they are caught, this shuts up mexicans real quick

f80963  No.12119576

File: 0e4b38ec935d544⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 13a15176a1842df2f7aaf7d757….jpg)

Elon Musk is also in the middle of constructing his high-speed rail underneath LA. His reasoning was because of the horrid traffic on the 405 Freeway. As a SoCal fag I can feel his pain. I hope he does good with his plans. I might actually be interested in using public transportation again if it goes well.

ae64df  No.12119651


tbh it'll be really interesting to see if Musk's plan works, although his plan to put cars on skids is really stupid and reminiscent of comparable proposals made in the 1960s. Really the most we can hope for is an EV-only toll tunnel, which would probably cause Tesla sales to boom

d8854f  No.12119680


All of California is basically Mexico

d8854f  No.12119693



(((MEMEMS))) (((XD)))

ae64df  No.12120371


witness >>12119543

((((((((oil)))))))))))) ===== jewish

ae64df  No.12128633

given how much people whine about this you'd think this sort of thread would get more replies

d8854f  No.12128645


I'm failing to see a argument? There is plenty of oil in Alaska, only liberals won't let anyone drill for it

ae64df  No.12128763

File: 75dc0c7740a15da⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 310x165, 62:33, enhanced-17159-1423068265-….jpg)


guess who owns all the oil companies

d8854f  No.12134848


The exact same people who own the electric ones?

75201b  No.12134963


> Greyhound does not ask for ID

[citation needed]

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