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File: 68e81dbbe300c70⋯.png (307.34 KB, 612x773, 612:773, dfghdfgh.PNG)

File: 313d01bd9972331⋯.png (428.69 KB, 617x601, 617:601, fghjf.PNG)

File: 1eafcd24d476a0c⋯.png (157.9 KB, 602x491, 602:491, jgkjhgg.PNG)

File: cc9c48fca498640⋯.png (530.87 KB, 595x807, 595:807, jhkgiuyoi.PNG)

File: 1196fcf9657e3c2⋯.png (391.99 KB, 610x816, 305:408, sdfgsdfgsd.PNG)

ddf1c5  No.12111720

(((alex jones))) decided to engage in his typical subversive style again today. This time, he was busy with his character assassination of people that want social media regulated by assuming our position in public through his autistic antics while making us look bad. Thanks to (((alex jones))), anyone that supports social media regulation now looks like a COMPLETE dumbass in the eyes of the normies who would in actuality want the same thing. Seriously, fuck the kike (((alex jones))).

SAUCE: https://infostormer.com/alex-jones-crashes-hearings-on-social-media-censorship/

ARCHIVE: http://archive.is/9b1AN

ddfa5e  No.12111737

File: 3de10d252fa9c68⋯.webm (11.2 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Marco Rubio vs Alex Jones….webm)

he trolls the shit out of rubio pretty well

rubio claims he has no idea who he is while letting him talk all over him during his camera jew time

49c51c  No.12111742


AJ on the attack, Rubio looking like a nervous little wimp…

>Go back to your bathhouse

fucking LOL

221670  No.12111771


OP, This could have been a much better thread if you provided actual green-text from the article in the op.

It's more difficult to open up the images and read those than it is to read green-text because some volk open it up on their phones.

Although this is some good information, you suck at creating threads and should lurk for one more year before posting again.

What in the actual fuck???

The images have absolutely nothing to do with the link provided.

You suck balls.

Kill yourself immediately.











000000  No.12111774

OP is a kike trying to do damage control. Mr. Jones went to Washington and blew those fuckers out. 'go back to your bathhouse'? my fucking sides. Filterman is legend, op sucks mutilated dicks.

770d16  No.12111782



>boomer jones is legend

fuck off Shlomo

23e39a  No.12111784


>Go back to your bathhouse

Is Alex going to try to join him? Now that we know Jonestein is a sodomite, he isn't in any position to comment about anyone's sexuality.

983cb6  No.12111786

How many jonestein threads, yid?

ddfa5e  No.12111792


oyvey don't listen to jones he likes tranny porn remember that thread we made with the photo we posted?

(((pure coincidence)))

a68b54  No.12111795

23e39a  No.12111802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, people shouldn't listen to Jonestein because he's a zionist fraud, but he also really shouldn't be calling out his fellow jew-owned sphincter devotee.

221670  No.12111817


It's like he was calling out his handlers

a17692  No.12111864

Rubio should be arrested for his hate speech.

8068f8  No.12111866


>his character assassination of people that want social media regulated by assuming our position in public through his autistic antics while making us look bad

>people that want social media regulated

Hate to break it to you but, if you support MORE federal control of the internet, you ARE the Jew.

ddfa5e  No.12111868


there needs to be some regulation preventing tech jews from completely silencing someone.

not at the social media level, but they shouldn't be able to prevent them from being able to access the internet to run their own servers.

i would support additional regulation on the ISP monopolies, not twitter and facejew. They have every right to boot someone off the platform, it becomes a problem when someone leaves, and then can't start their own website either (you should not be able to get shoah'd off the DNS system either).

ddfa5e  No.12111876


the search engines are also virtual monopolies, there's only 4, jewgle, bing, yandex(russia), and some chink one nobody goes to. all other search engines pull data from those 4.

again though, the regulation should be in preventing ISPs from preventing people from running their own servers, ie competition, not in regulating the existing search engines.

a17692  No.12111881

File: 4de8452dc033370⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1125x2091, 375:697, baidu.png)


The chink one is the best one.

70bc7b  No.12111901



a17692  No.12111906

>I'll take care of you myself

He thought he could take on Alex Jones. There is no issue Rubio is not delusional on.

7c7b99  No.12111910


>white people born between certain years are bad

>i'm totally not the d&c kike you are

bde190  No.12111922

File: b95f0a549936a36⋯.mp4 (13.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AJMOS.mp4)

No way, not Alex Jones

22f22d  No.12111927

File: 7f6c0e7ae32f488⋯.jpg (11.19 KB, 210x249, 70:83, 6a193f6be60be49de97e4a5b6b….jpg)


>go back to your bathhouse

Alex Jones for senate imo

70bc7b  No.12111948

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3d734f  No.12111953


>it's not the jews u guize, it's theh illuminati freemasons!!!1

Yeah real legend there. Fuck off.

fd7d97  No.12111958


Alex Jones should have been Trump's press secretary.

70bc7b  No.12111959


No Ann Coulter.

78121d  No.12111975

AJ tore CNN Oliver Darcy a new bunch of new assholes it was glorious.

Shills BTFO your smears failed, the man is legend.

a24a0f  No.12111980


Can you post a link or video of that? I'd like to see it.

78121d  No.12111991



28961a  No.12111996


>this tard again

Still waiting for you to name a source that ISN'T a psyop.

you don't count

82954f  No.12112007


>R-R-Rubio t-threatened me physically

What an insufferable faggot. He looks like hell too.

cc0054  No.12112011


The most jewish post i read in a while

Government banning jews to censor the goy = you are the jew

Social media should be regulated as utilities, power companies cant cut your power because the owner dont like you.

0e6bdc  No.12112018


o look it's a Mossad agent op bitching like a pathetic little boomer about Jones being absolutely a hoot.

0e6bdc  No.12112021




Bite me, Mossad.

0e6bdc  No.12112023

The hilarious thing is that Mossad and the CIA believe that if they hold the crown they hold the root, but nobody even cares about the useless head, the stem, the article, whatever's at the top. They scroll down, to see what the debate is all about.

cc0054  No.12112026

File: ad0758d4a479c8b⋯.png (379.63 KB, 801x423, 89:47, xxx.png)


Look at that satanic fuck

crawled straight out of crypt from tel-aviv

0e6bdc  No.12112029


Yes. I have resolved to learn their bug language. I have already largely memorized the meaning of the kike runes. I am taking the most fast-track and successful approach, which I believe shall guide me to success.

And every day I must reignite my hatred of them.

For they oppressed us.

Did you see the article in Le Monde? It's been quashed here, because the kikes control everything:


54c9e3  No.12112052


>I want the government to sodomize my asshole

It's what I read, kike.


70bc7b  No.12112075



Good for you; I have long advocated that real jew haters who really want to have their eyes opened by the outrageous crimes of those rats should not waste their time on Neo Nazi sites but should instead closely follow what the jews themselves are saying. Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Ynet etc is like going into your enemy's home and listening to their family quarrels where they scream at each other like hysterical bitches and spew out all their evil family secrets in their untrammeled vituperation.

This is really where you get to see how abysmally contemptible their crappy pseudo religion is for example, right from the hairy cakeholes of their smelly vicious rabbis.

b8700f  No.12112081



The Virgin Marco Jewbio.

0e6bdc  No.12112128



86ff64  No.12112151

it was pretty bad, I saw the clip of him berating some indian looking guy from CNN

at some point it looked like the guy might snap but he probably wasn't allowed to. It's just getting fucking sad that this shill just gets to roam around in all these controlled environments and look like some kinda badass when he works for CNN already anyway

86ff64  No.12112167

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d6fb9e  No.12112172


colourful, i like it

0e6bdc  No.12112233

86ff64  No.12112270


fuck off anglin you retarded little martian

f5fd4d  No.12112280

Alex was admirable. Gave shit to those that deserved it and heckled the fuck out of CNN rat and rubio. I'd like to see more of this confrontational AJ in the future.

b4d9c8  No.12112296


He would be mildly entertaining during floor debates at least >>12112280

It's pretty funny tbh

I don't really give a fuck who it is calling these (( (rat) )) traitors out in public cause it needs done. It needed done a hundred years ago but here we are. If you're gonna commandeer an airplane at least do a fucking barrel roll in it.

86ff64  No.12112312


yeah but what's he done in the past ?

You suck his dick now

He'll be apologising to this guy next week

Will you learn then ?

No you'll suck his dick anyway again

Fuck all this shit man, the stench of fraud lately is overpowering.

be5509  No.12112364


Yes. Hitler was too animated,he should have just explained his position calmly to the Germans.

0e6bdc  No.12112483


These dubs can't lie.

0e6bdc  No.12112487

Jones was epic, derp state kikes butthurt, post here, yet again, with "worst post is first post"

d85eca  No.12112562


Can you display your fucking newfaggotry any harder faggot?

3ef222  No.12112563


Comparing jones to Hitler is egregiously invalid and you should have your fingernails pulled for that you subversive apologist. Jones avoids the JQ and that alone is why he has no support around here.

>inb4 he is a gateway to the JQ

Yeah no. A gatekeeper and a gaslighter is what he is. Go fuck yourself with an iron cactus.

3ef222  No.12112569


that succinct description anon :') toppest of keks anon

1) add that quote to the image

2) make it 300x100px

3) add to the metathread as a new banner

0e6bdc  No.12112586


I'll check that id.

He's such a coward. He is literally the CIA agent who operated to get Alex deplatformed - and he has nothing to say. How is that even possible?! He believes Alex needs to be deplatformed, but literally has NOTHING to say?! NOTHING? nothing-nothing-nothing?

Proof positive he has no basis, other than serving his agency, the CIA, and their anti-white anti-America pro-kike anti-1A anti-2A agenda.

d85eca  No.12112967


Fuck off you absolute new assfaggot

I mean this with all sincerity shoot yourself with a .22 right in the teeth fucker

770d16  No.12112979

how can anyone follow alex jones when virtually all of his family including himself are USSOCOM and CIA assets ? is there anything else that can scream controlled opposition harder ?!

aef5c5  No.12112985


You realize that Alex Jonestein is a CIA agent and kike puppet, right?

6ef29c  No.12113026


Best timeline.

02f9ba  No.12113119

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I would watch Faux News every single day just to hear her snap at journalists high on their horse.

0ff22f  No.12113124

File: 55e8377ad8e832c⋯.png (1.67 MB, 973x14050, 973:14050, Alex Jones C.I.A. D.O.D. C….png)


Alex Jones works for a secretive clique within the CIA and US Military which has created all of the high profile American mass shooters and serial bombers of the past 50 years.

Alex Jones' public heckling of Marco Rubio might actually be a covert physical threat by this secretive CIA / US Military clique against a sitting United States Senator.

eb54af  No.12113149

File: 4aa17a8855a6411⋯.jpg (588.93 KB, 1023x1018, 1023:1018, 1535258811443.jpg)

0ff22f  No.12113185


>Alex Jones' public heckling of Marco Rubio might actually be a covert physical threat by this secretive CIA / US Military clique against a sitting United States Senator.

Alternatively, it might actually be just more CIA scripted theater ala WWE professional wrestling, which CIA and SOCOM assets engage in on a near constant basis.

It's impossible to know which scenario is correct.

809613  No.12113191

but anon he helps us fight the chinese communists that have taken over our media, hollywood, banks and politics

0ff22f  No.12113209


It's the goddamned fucking ChiComs. It's always the goddamned fucking ChiComs.

83209d  No.12113214


back to your bathhouse, OP

0ff22f  No.12113215


If anything "physical" happens to Marco Rubio in the near future, then we'll know for sure which scenario was the correct one.

809613  No.12113228

File: 1e7454d4a3ac077⋯.jpg (40.61 KB, 501x585, 167:195, ce6.jpg)


i hate how the chinese communists broadcast 24/7 miscegenation propaganda personally, i'm 100% with alex jones we should all rally behind him to defeat this menace

0ff22f  No.12113241


And don't even get me started on the Arabs who own Hollywood. I hate those motherfuckers so much.

0ff22f  No.12113249


>>Go back to your bathhouse

That sounds like a veiled threat by Alex Jones' CIA/Pentagon handlers to release the homosexual blackmail information they possess on Marco Rubio, i.e. his gay dance club "foam parties" during his college years, etc.

56c0cb  No.12113265

File: e43497e10021128⋯.png (111.98 KB, 873x580, 873:580, schizophrenia stats.png)

File: 7d091ee3f8b81c3⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 624x355, 624:355, everything-is-terrible.jpg)




>Infowars is a CIA psyop

>Red Ice is a CIA psyop

>Counter Currents is a CIA psyop

>Zero Hedge is a CIA psyop

>Stormfront is a CIA psyop

>TRS is a CIA psyop

>RT is a CIA psyop

The pickings are getting mighty slim according to the self-appointed purveyors of truth on here.

Guess we should just hang up our spurs guys, no point in trying to learn anything anymore.

0ff22f  No.12113392


>It's just getting fucking sad that this shill just gets to roam around in all these controlled environments and look like some kinda badass…

That's a benefit that comes from being a third generation CIA / US Army Intelligence operative.

eb54af  No.12113427

File: 1b3852f8e8e2c8a⋯.jpg (121.96 KB, 567x851, 567:851, 1b3852f8e8e2c8a35f05485a1a….jpg)


>implying infowars isn't controlled opposition

809613  No.12113437

File: bd65e5d0eb02db7⋯.jpg (103.57 KB, 768x972, 64:81, 294996218f2a7defb7f0c6fe30….jpg)


we all know this but one thing i don't understand is why did the kikes shoah him? and why does faggot pjw and alex jones still shill for israel after being deplatformed by them?

0ff22f  No.12113449


Zero Hedge and RT are GRU psyops.

f834c8  No.12113450

File: e1a9e12a4b7ac55⋯.jpg (75.97 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, wavy knife.jpg)


>everyone is a psyop

or not

If only it were that simple. Instead, different people present different aspects of a larger picture of systemic corruption. Like many people, Alex Jones doesn't like to find blame with all Jews. That may be suspicious, but it doesn't preclude his screeching.

More likely, /pol/ itself is full of psyops. "Jones is CIA, Red Ice is CIA, Zerohedge is CIA, Stormfront is CIA,…" ad nauseum. Whoever writes that shit is really not very imaginative. They must be too busy dreaming of poking children to death.

0ff22f  No.12113460


>Guess we should just hang up our spurs guys, no point in trying to learn anything anymore.

Most of the information in your brain was placed there by various military psychological warfare operations.

0ff22f  No.12113486


>More likely, /pol/ itself is full of psyops.

8chan is owned by a CIA / US Military spook.

f834c8  No.12113490


so am I, so what?

eb54af  No.12113504


>Like many people, Alex Jones doesn't like to find blame with all Jews.

That might have been a semi-accurate description of Jones' message a decade ago, but now he's just a zionist warmonger, calling for the vaporization of Iran, and saying the jewish lobby is on our side. He wen't from "it's sometimes the jews, but they're really Nazis" to "it's never the jews, Israel is our greatest ally".

You'd really have to be mentally retarded to think there's even a slight possibility that he isn't controlled opposition now.

809613  No.12113514

File: d2fa679807f4989⋯.jpg (104.74 KB, 620x414, 310:207, Hmmmmm.jpg)


what's the kikes angle in deplatforming him? i honestly don't understand why he's still shilling for them when they came for him so hard. i was hoping he'd lose his mind and call them out but he shills for them just as hard as ever. what the fuck? he's not a dumb man so i find it hard to believe he doesn't know who's really behind it

eb54af  No.12113528


Probably because they understand the Streisand Effect and want the first "victims" of their major crackdowns to be their assets. Remember when the ADL and jewtube rolled out the video quarantining feature, and the first target was the ADL-connected Jared Taylor? It's the same thing. Then down the line, future shut downs will be old news and get zero attention.

0632df  No.12113536


>his autistic antics while making us look bad

Muh optics!

eb54af  No.12113544

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>he's not a dumb man so i find it hard to believe he doesn't know who's really behind it

There's no question that he knows better. Ted Pike used to be a frequent guest, and he even used to host one of his documentaries about the ADL on prisonplanet.tv, as well as one about Israel. He was always kosher, but never this kosher.

3ed091  No.12113624

>girl in doggy style

Why do I suddenly want to cum?

080acb  No.12113629


because your a filthy kike

f5fd4d  No.12113645


>compliment him based on this showing


chill the fuck out, retard

12a3b4  No.12113663

File: 8482234cb902f17⋯.jpg (55.27 KB, 1024x612, 256:153, 1536090454583m.jpg)


I'm beginning to think that the people making these threads are the controlled opposition, as I have yet to see one that will name what they consider a credible source.

Yet I'm supposed to take their word for it that every right-of-center media in existence is an american MKULTRA operation.

8ffa82  No.12113697

File: c719ef78db54898⋯.jpg (81.38 KB, 468x895, 468:895, da fuk did i just read.jpg)


>Thanks to (((alex jones))), anyone that supports social media regulation now looks like a COMPLETE dumbass in the eyes of the normies

and this is a bad thing?

unrregulated social media is a social media where you can say whatever you want without being banhammered

we WANT normies to scorn anyone who suports social media regulatuion

we WANT normies to think these people are retards

we WANT unrregulated social media

fcd69e  No.12113699


Do you believe Alex Jones to be a credible source? If so, can you back up some of his claims, like the one about how Muslims control the Federal Reserve?

cd1cda  No.12113701

File: dae6133cf2db830⋯.jpg (21.21 KB, 365x273, 365:273, Ichimaru_Gin.jpg)


1. Eye of Horus, 666

2. Phallus of Osiris

3. ISIS, as below

Congrats you are using the symbology of the enemy dumbfuck.

8ea06e  No.12113707







12a3b4  No.12113708


Nice reading comprehension, tard.

Still waiting for a supposedly credible source.


I see you are too autistic to catch the joke.

fcd69e  No.12113719


Your implication is clearly that OP is shilling against sources you deem to be credible, including Alex Jones. Now, if Jones is credible, you should be able to back up his claim that the jewish Federal Reserve is actually Muslim, if not, and you don't think Jones is credible, then you wouldn't be autisticly screeching in this thread.

12a3b4  No.12113731


>asking for clarification is somehow autistic screeching


I never said I thought Infowars was credible, I just want to know what is.

This is the 5th thread of this type that I have asked this question in, and have never gotten an answer.

fcd69e  No.12113734


You wouldn't be kvetching this hard if you weren't a member of Jonestown.

8ffa82  No.12113742


we as in anons on image boards faggots

if you like regulated social media you can go to faceberg, twatter, neofag, redditards or any of the other laces we often send shills to when the oven is full

12a3b4  No.12113746



If you can't name a single trustworthy source of information, then I have to assume you're just a /leftpol/ shitstabber here to sow discord.

Prove me wrong.

It's a simple request.

3ed091  No.12113764


So I shouldn't be naturally inclined to want to have sex with women?

330799  No.12113780


As I'm sure you're well aware, Dershowitz, it's not legal to name the jew in America.

ddd111  No.12113807

the cognitive dissonance being displayed here by jones supporters is hilarious. what is even funnier is these same people will complain about being censored on major platforms and then when there is any legislative effort to correct this problem, they will screem “regulation” like a libertarian Chicken Little. lets complain about a problem but then do nothing to fix it. i wonder how many responses i will get demonizing even the slightest healthy regulation on this subject; i suspect four

f834c8  No.12113808

Just an FYI:


fcd69e  No.12113815


I'll name one as soon as you provide proof that Muslims control the Fed or concede that Jones is controlled opposition.

12a3b4  No.12113833


Maybe they do, maybe he is.

Again, I never said he was credible.

Saying eveything is shit, and then offering no alternative that is better accomplishes nothing.

The onus is not on me to prove credibility, as I have not stated that he is or isn't.

Let's go along with your stated belief, that Infowars is controlled opposition.

So where do you get your reliable info from?

If you're not here to shit up the board with divisive misinfo and ad hominems, you should be more than happy to share so that more people can be better informed.

So let's have it.

330799  No.12113843


>asking for proof on anything about the Federal Reserve

Nobody is more lost than you.

4243fd  No.12113848

File: 5d0094ec7d54acb⋯.jpg (142.89 KB, 800x420, 40:21, MarcoRubioFoamboy.jpg)

File: 21d57045b72bdf7⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 928x575, 928:575, MarcoRubioFoamboy2.jpg)



>>go back to your bathhouse

Marco Foamfag returns

4243fd  No.12113856

File: 1a563435549922c⋯.png (121.02 KB, 1210x351, 1210:351, ClipboardImage.png)



joan_guid_detector script is useful

ddd111  No.12113862


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah is that it?

ddd111  No.12113863


1st response

467533  No.12113885


wat, u wouldn't want a hug from… all THAT?!

ddd111  No.12113897


see is a cole burning bisexual. she tried to pick up my dyke jew boss on the set of a movie.

467533  No.12113917


I'll check that id all day long. But who's "see". I think you mean to say that Ann Coulter is a sexual deviant.

ddd111  No.12113929




indeed i did

d85eca  No.12113980


You're owned by another?


23b211  No.12114241



>Hey Narco Lubio, wanna buy a filter?

9adc2a  No.12114327

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sometimes they destroy controlled oppo for the bigger picture.

>why do they still shill for Israel

Probably because if they don't, Izzy from the mossad will break their legs.


Song related.

2909d1  No.12114335

Doesn't Jonesberg come from a CIA family?

51a575  No.12114338

File: f93ebbe6c7c72b8⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 600x450, 4:3, laughing_cat.jpg)

Were you not entertained?

d27cbc  No.12114527


>can't even be bothered to read anything in the OP


Here's your (You).

84a671  No.12114687

File: b2d2b78f2c35581⋯.png (140.12 KB, 287x483, 41:69, ClipboardImage.png)


nice Jewgle Glasses

467533  No.12114928

File: d3879444a43af15⋯.png (182.38 KB, 580x951, 580:951, ClipboardImage.png)



467533  No.12115192

File: d1a718f4747c7b3⋯.png (358.74 KB, 1013x565, 1013:565, ClipboardImage.png)

Annnnd better.

467533  No.12115233

File: c30308134951760⋯.jpg (199.2 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, human interrupting billion….jpg)

467533  No.12115402

File: f76e12f511a9055⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

b4d9c8  No.12115572


Jacks a fag and jonesteinberg jacks off to tranny porno. Both can hang in the same noose. Yep.

One well placed truck fun could've solved two (( (problems) ))

fcd69e  No.12115957

File: 952de6273ed60ba⋯.gif (31 KB, 532x726, 266:363, Matt Drudge.gif)


Drudge sure is BASED standing up to the kikes like that, just like when he broke the Lewinsky story on behalf of /ourguy/ Bibi.

113c46  No.12116111


< fapping is grounds for the noose

kekked. You're obviously a kike. So, real Adolf Hitler never held such a preposterous position at all.

f4ee19  No.12116204


>t. libertardian

I thought we were fascists?

113c46  No.12116525

File: b58823370fd8cda⋯.png (529.75 KB, 470x601, 470:601, catacombs.png)

File: c864030a6f8c8a8⋯.png (89.55 KB, 1002x663, 334:221, Uncle Sam.png)


We are the everything else.

ff1a7d  No.12117180


Say what you will about Jonestein, but this is hilarious.

25b37d  No.12117193

File: d30ba8374278858⋯.mp4 (6.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Alex hates talking about j….mp4)

File: bda6cc72f435ccd⋯.mp4 (2.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, anti-white alex.mp4)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass2.jpg)







Alex jones is an anti white gatekeeper.

They are making him seem like the teller of truths, so newfags will watch his antics and he can shill for (((them))) even harder than ever.

f907aa  No.12118516

File: 0e2c20318a9b693⋯.jpg (137.58 KB, 880x580, 44:29, Israeli Alt-Right.jpg)


>Drudge sure is BASED standing up to the kikes like that, just like when he broke the Lewinsky story on behalf of /ourguy/ Bibi.

Bib is an alt-right /pol/ guy.

86bfc4  No.12118536


Learn what fascism is, you fucking civnat.

f907aa  No.12119542

Alex Jones is out there fighting the Chinese Globalist takeover while you faggots are in here masturbating to Japanese cartoons.

113c46  No.12119649



He's now a nothing in the system.

And, look, it's so fucking funny. Even the homsexual PJW's rant, today, included a plead for the anti-kike Muslims to be banned, like Farakhan - who lost his blue check because he literally quoted the Bible, "synagogue of Satan" - but the Bible getting people into trouble on Twitter? homo PJW & homo AJ Yes, I know Mossad was the one that took out AJ, in an op have no time for Jesus, no sir.

So it's funny, to me.

But look, nobody will take to the alternatives. People only come HERE because it's pretty easy to get around bans and stuff, so if you want to say something they can't actually censor it (there's always a way around it - you might not get to make a thread about it, but you could totally spam literally every thread with your message, so you'll be heard).

Who the fuck wants to be on RINOnet? Nobody, and any of those will fail, but these RINO still fap for the glory of being the censor. They're out, they'll never take it back, but they want to be the censor, the cultural censor, and they still don't know they're over.

Here's when they'll know they're over:

Fox News is gonna get dropped by their infrastructure, the satellites and so on ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It's just a matter of time before these SJW find out you can shut down Fox, because they rely on certain things they don't own.

58d979  No.12132294




We need 500k signatures for free speech.






Traitors are working for ChiNa

58d979  No.12132299



>t.definitely not a filthy kike projecting, goys

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