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000000  No.12111760

A Cancer survivor was KILLED less than FOUR HOURS after moving to Chicago to pursue his doctorate

>A cancer survivor was killed by a stray bullet in Chicago over the weekend — just hours after arriving in the city to pursue his Ph.D., according to a new report.

>Shane Colombo got caught in the crossfire during a fight between two people in the Rogers Park neighborhood around 8:25 p.m. Sunday, ABC News reported.

>The 25-year-old’s heartbroken mother, Tonya, told the network that he was running an errand to buy clothes hangers when he was killed.

>“I was very concerned about him coming out here, and he was killed within four hours of being in the city, four hours of stepping off that plane,” she said, moments after identifying her son’s body at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. “I put him on a plane that morning at 10 a.m. [in California] and I kissed him goodbye, and that was the last time I saw him alive.”

>Colombo had just moved to the Windy City to live with his fiancé, Vincent Perez, and was set to attend Northwestern University to pursue his Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

>“He was so passionate about what he was doing,” Tonya said. “He was going to be a doctor. He wanted to do clinical research. He wanted to give people answers.”

>Before Chicago, Colombo lived in New York and worked as a researcher at Columbia University’s Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab, the mom said.

>Colombo, who graduated from San Francisco State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree, was 15 years old when he was diagnosed with lymphoma.

>“He beat cancer and he pushed himself through high school after missing a year,” Tonya said. “He pushed himself through college on his own. And came to Chicago to get his Ph.D. He got a full scholarship to Northwestern. He didn’t depend on me to go to school. He depended on himself.”

>Colombo was one of six people gunned down in Chicago over Labor Day weekend. He was shot once in the abdomen and taken to Saint Francis Hospital, where he died.

>Police are trying to identify the suspects in his shooting. No arrests have been made.





Now how do we get the rest of leftists to end up like this in their ideal diverse utopia?

99dd2c  No.12111765


>Police are trying to identify the suspects

I can identify him. It was a nigger.

fa0f4c  No.12111767

>some faggot goes to chicago and gets niggered

who gives a flying fuck, this cuck probably loved niggers

000000  No.12111773

GOOD, he was a faggot.

>>Shane Colombo

>>Colombo had just moved to the Windy City to live with his fiancé, Vincent Perez

17d914  No.12111776


At this stage of the Kaliyuga shitbags cannot escape their fate. Should never have come to America hombre.

2ce31e  No.12111777

File: 9e1dd0e7cf55e8e⋯.jpg (113.21 KB, 620x775, 4:5, aa2e9b9101f5d9c69697d36c33….jpg)

>Shane Colombo

Just one more thing, I belive nothing of value was lost.

caa51a  No.12111791

File: 83d6e6867f8afd7⋯.jpg (14.44 KB, 320x300, 16:15, topdub.jpg)


Dub trips confirm. Very nice.

000000  No.12111805


>literal faggot

>killed by niggers

Multiculturalism loves taking care of itself. Explain yourselves, liberals.

fb773d  No.12111811

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is the price of (((abraham lincoln))) freeing the niggers. too bad he was assassinated too late

8a454b  No.12111815



>Faggot decides to waste others' time by posting a shitty thread so we can all feel sorry for a cancer survivor that got shot dead because he moved to Chicago.

- - - - -

>Spic Gets Cancer

>Spic Beats Cancer

>Spic Moves to Chicago

>Probably to become an Oncologist

>Spic gets shot by cancer


>Spic dies

Oh the irony…














975858  No.12111820

File: b6dde286e8df669⋯.jpg (281.61 KB, 988x1284, 247:321, gayspic.jpg)

>based chicago jungle niggers kill faggot spic from commiefornia

it's a good thing niggers can't aim

66d3e8  No.12111825

>How do we stop [other side]?

I dunno. Maybe kill the bankers, agent. Lurk more.

975858  No.12111830

File: f0a6818e95c38d0⋯.png (141.53 KB, 801x821, 801:821, jewphoneposter.png)


your a little late on the first post jewish phone poster.

waiting on a tracking image next.

76816c  No.12111831

File: 0bc9d69f1f7a950⋯.jpg (159.3 KB, 1200x980, 60:49, Cr1ind7WYAAcceT.jpg)


>Shane Colombo

Arn't black people just like us?

toll paid

51e7c8  No.12111840

good riddance. you can't cheat death, it will come back for you, and it certainly is smarter than any PhD you can get. this retard was a nigger lover and kike worshipper. fuck his whore mother. they thought they could just walk in chicongo ? that because they voted democrat the niggers wouldn't come at them ? they thought the "racists" were overreacting, exaggerating, that you can't just get killed by a pack of niggers just for walking ? well go rot in hell now race traitors

975858  No.12111844

File: 56c35837b41dcbd⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1335x855, 89:57, bestcity.png)

looking for more pics


(not archiving because there's no reason to go to this link, this is where below comes from)

>CHICAGO – Six people were killed and another 28 wounded in shootings across Chicago this Labor Day weekend.

<6 dead 28 wounded over the weekend.

>The student, identified as 25-year-old Shane Colombo, a native of Sun City, California, was in the 7600 block of North Clark Street

pic related is the 7600 block of North Clark St.

975858  No.12111850

File: a8d8cf58dc4f137⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1157x821, 1157:821, chicagoparks.png)


that's a pretty nice park too

975858  No.12111855

File: 92b4f02c784555e⋯.png (245.43 KB, 548x358, 274:179, niggercentral.png)


looks like he walked into nigger central


76816c  No.12111856


corner or chicago and howard? how does north clark street cross it?

975858  No.12111858


it's the intersection of north clark street and howard.

975858  No.12111861

File: 39ecf406efd8a0d⋯.png (92.17 KB, 310x523, 310:523, map.png)


once you go past howard on north clark it turns into chicago ave

a9b028  No.12111878

>pursue doctorate

>in chimpcago

don't think he would have graduated

327272  No.12112113




Lots of LGBT Black and Latinos;

"The priests, Diego L. Berrio, 39; and Edwin M. Cortes, 30"

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