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File: 377cd897400c3dc⋯.jpg (135.5 KB, 1287x1716, 3:4, 0-1.jpg)

File: db32a1251c4ef67⋯.jpg (230.43 KB, 1287x1716, 3:4, 0.jpg)

de5a2c  No.12112558

So I got my textbook for Art Edu a week ago and found this shit in there. I'm so fucking sick and tired of my fucking text books force feeding me this stupid garbage.

Are there any other anons with (((informative))) textbooks? Hows you're school year going?

00183c  No.12112573


>Hows you're school year going?

<he doesn't know that 8pol is populated by /NEET/socs

gas yourself

de5a2c  No.12112592


lol ok, well you better get to your shift at Wendy's then, faggot

f1fb48  No.12113142


>The Marxist:

>"Marxism is about race and gender!"


>"Shut the fuck up nigger cunt."

000000  No.12113319




And do not teach children children's books. Teach them the real shit.

663ec1  No.12113358

File: 4d8123f40db46a3⋯.png (248.39 KB, 496x498, 248:249, 1516815561106.png)


>Marxist Theory in an Art book

>Paying heavily for higher-education which is actually a continuation of Marxist indoctrination

Well, we did all vote to have Marxist indoctrination as the ideology guiding our education/indoctrination after all; amirite tho?

6af13a  No.12113390

Post moar shit you find in your school books books OP. Ignore the shills. The more evidence we have of this bullshit the better!

cd0644  No.12113428


What year is the book written?

00183c  No.12113442


I mean I could post parts of my biology course where they have an "bio ethics and gender" course for a whole 4 fucking credits of the 180 I need.

we already know about this subversion and don't need to circlejerk about it

de5a2c  No.12113515

cd0644  No.12113583


You're majoring in Art?

bff34f  No.12113586


trade school or bust

ca5236  No.12113591

File: 2ad8986ce741cb7⋯.png (494.52 KB, 709x381, 709:381, quality-art.png)


They teach actual explicit Marxism to children using art as the vehicle.



Based mostly on the teachings of this guy:


>Antonio Francesco Gramsci was an Italian Marxist philosopher and communist politician. Gramsci is best known for his theory of cultural hegemony, which describes how the state and ruling capitalist class, the bourgeoisie, use cultural institutions to maintain power in capitalist societies. The bourgeoisie, in Gramsci's view, develops a hegemonic culture using ideology rather than violence, economic force, or coercion.

This is the faggot modernizing Marxist teachings to children through art:


>Thomas Hirschhorn was born in 1957 in Bern, Switzerland. Originally trained as a graphic designer, Thomas Hirschhorn shapes public discourse that relates to political discontent, and offers alternative models for thinking and being. Believing that every person has an innate understanding of art, Hirschhorn resists exclusionary and elitist aesthetic criteria for example, quality, in favor of dynamic principles of energy and coexistence.

PBS runs his show called:

>Art 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century

They go to low-income cities and teach non-whites about how equality-of-outcome egalitarianism (Marxism) is good and equality-of-input egalitarianism (Nature) is bad.

ca5236  No.12113594


Good books.

de5a2c  No.12113608


Art education. An art teacher

bbf51a  No.12113611


You know Marx was a fervent anti-semite in his later years, right?

Maybe ask if you can do a report on one of Marx books as an indication that you respect his ideologies, then break out attached (a world without jews).

apparently it's already been posted. Just search it, it's relatively easy to find.

179721  No.12113619


Good on going to school! It's shit but get through it, if you're there there's no point in quitting now.

29a0b7  No.12113626

File: 91446f925f44563⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 478x298, 239:149, commiesquad.jpg)

What did you expect when you took a fucking art class? That's kikefaggot central station. You are currently surrounded by a shitcluster of the dumbest, laziest, most useless fucktards in the history of niggatry.

ae6a5f  No.12113630


>Jew Mordechai antisemite.

gtfo neanderthal hybrid

cd0644  No.12113632


Neat. Good luck to you.

cd0644  No.12113634



de5a2c  No.12113638

File: d9cfda650e9771b⋯.png (583.59 KB, 886x1630, 443:815, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)


He wasnt joking

000000  No.12113639


What's bullshit is Marx isn't even the great writer on equality, Rousseau and Voltaire are, as they wrote on egalitarianism. Sux you can't not teach that. I teach my student's actual art history. We are on the Dutch "Golden Age" and Flemish Baroque periods since I teach 100 years at a time. Wish you luck fellow artbro.

054c34  No.12113643

File: 57c3d9871505256⋯.jpg (3.25 MB, 2600x3704, 325:463, canadaPedoOntarioSchoolSys….jpg)

File: 82f899e7b9e636d⋯.jpg (499.99 KB, 1454x1283, 1454:1283, canadaPedoOntarioSchoolSys….jpg)

Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon - Suggested Grade: Kindergarden

My Princess Boy - Suggested Grade: 1

Girls Hold Up This World - Suggested Grade: 2

I Am Latino: The Beauty in Me - Suggested Grade: 2

Daddy's Roommate - Suggested Grade: 3

The Librarian of Basra: A True Story From Iraq - Suggested Grade: 4

Seven Sacred Teachings: Niizhwaaswi Gagilkwewin - Suggested Grade: 4

The Boy in the Dress - Suggested Grade: 5

The Sissy Duckling - Suggested Grade: 5

Our New Home: Immigrant Children Speak - Suggested Grade: 6

Kids On Strike! - Suggested Grade: 7

These are books required for Canadian education system. A system that was created by a pedophile and teaches anal sex, masturbation, gender theory and so on starting in grade 3.

Ontario school board is FIGHTING to keep using it as Doug Ford tries to scrap it and go back to previous non-degenerate teachings until they can redo a modern version.

de5a2c  No.12113646


yeah I wish I took more pictures of my later books. I took an online class last semester for English Language Learning students (so I already knew it was pretty pozzed) but the book was spouting shit like "by 2024, whites will make up of 1/4th of the united states population" and even some more liberal students kept bringing that up like, what the fuck are you tlking about?

10df2d  No.12113648

>taking art education instead of art history

Art history is generally very eurocentric, focuses on Western artistic achievement because that's really the only historical type of art worth studying in depth. Also, lots of historical nudes for… ahem, academic reasons. Pleasing stuff.

054c34  No.12113650


Capital is still good and required reading.

ae6a5f  No.12113654


He meant - A World Without Jews wouldnt be possible, or right, or good or something…

It is wrong interpretation to think, this mega jew was against jews, Jesus.

de5a2c  No.12113655


Art History is important, and I plan to put it in my lesson plan but Art History is a shit choice if you want to get a career. I mainly want to teach and I feel teaching art the right way as soon as possible is a good approch to stoping this shit out

baf5e7  No.12113657


Read and teach Giorgio Vasari. Classical and neoclassical stuff. Add some futurism.

de5a2c  No.12113658


consider it done.

000000  No.12113659


Not true. 'Fine Arts' programs are much diffferent from 'Applied Arts' or general 'Arts' programs at college. Only in the 'Fine Arts' programs, and only at certain schools++, will you find Marxism. 'Applied Arts' programs such as Industrial Design, Architecture, and so on, are mostly non-marxists and non-sjw groups, since "aplying yourself" isn't something these groups can really do.

bbf51a  No.12113664

File: d3a86545f135c05⋯.png (33.93 KB, 968x155, 968:155, Marx_Jew_Quote.PNG)


>gtfo neanderthal hybrid

I really get tired of you uneducated rats shitting your little turd nuggets all over my board

76c5be  No.12113675


This is why we will ultimately lose the culture war. The left is busy injecting their propaganda at all levels of academia from K up through college. They are raising generations of children to believe that whites and males are the scourge and excrement of the known universe. As years go by, more of them reach voting age. November is going to be rough as it is, let alone 2020 and beyond. We're all fucked in the long run regardless how many small victories we grab here in the next few years.

000000  No.12113677


Yeah I studied Industrial Design and double minored in 'European Art and Architecture' and 'Sustainability'. The only employment for an Art Historian, short of paving your own path as a writer or thinker, or working at a museum, is an art history teacher. Mine was a qt3.14. Hi Tracy.

bbf51a  No.12113683


No, he literally went full-blown 1488 self-hating jew in his later years. He despised his jewish roots and what he had been a part of. the jews like you to think he was just losing his mind, but the reality is he just gained a conscience.


10df2d  No.12113704


>I mainly want to teach and I feel teaching art the right way as soon as possible is a good approch to stoping this shit out

Don't get me wrong, I agree with you there but art history does also have value insofar as it shows people what art really looked like and why it was so important to the West that you couldn't just shit on a canvas and call it art. Art history is the answer to the question: "What is beauty?"

What is beauty? It is the massive cathedral architectures. It is the marriage of skill and imagination, of technique and vision that plays itself out on a painted canvas. It is the skillful rendition of nature as God created it - from the rolling green hills of the German countryside to the well-defined bodies of white men and women.

Beauty is not just "an idea" as Marxism has degraded it into being, it is simply a state of being in harmony with what God has deemed Good. Shitting on a canvas is not harmonious with Good, it is what /pol/ calls degenerate.

000000  No.12113722

A gift for those who do not filter Tor users:


df9db6  No.12113725


>Hows you're school year going?

School is for good goys and goyls.

df9db6  No.12113736


>I'm taking marxist indoctrination classes in order to learn to teach people how to be creative.

You're a fucking idiot.

000000  No.12113743


Beauty is often just symmetry, at least to humans.

And I agree about the importance of art history. In fact, art, artifacts, and architecture is how we best learn about people from the past. The things people create are more than a representation of their ideals, it is proof they existed. Thus, preservation of such things becomes paramount.

bed059  No.12113747


America is goodbye. Sad.

0d4f37  No.12113790


>art edu

lol ok, well you better get to your shift at Wendy's then, faggot

7ae939  No.12113884


Too bad, get used to it Murdoch. They put shit like this in every text-book, even engineering. T.Stemfag.

9c8d8b  No.12113940

File: c42072bffce1cb5⋯.png (109.04 KB, 720x298, 360:149, epic.png)


I took German 1 online and literally all of the pictures in my textbook have this shit

056ae7  No.12113991


>art major telling anyone else they're going to be working in fast food

Starbucks is still fast food champo

46a259  No.12114031

And look what priceless creations they make when they're all grown up.


de5a2c  No.12114123


>art education is the same as an art major

The reason why they call it an art edu is because it's an education degree as well dumbass. something you clearly don't have.

40041c  No.12114253


>What did you expect when you took a fucking art class?

Easy art chicks, for one.

e56733  No.12114656

File: 68981c52a078177⋯.jpg (64.07 KB, 770x1034, 35:47, 1957300-PKGVWCEQ-7.jpg)

File: 3cf7dcf69a838c6⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 656x829, 656:829, De-Sole-Rothko-e1453757310….jpg)


Dear OP good luck in your endeavor.

Please teach the kids that smearing paint on a canvas like pic related is just a BIG ASS FUCKING KIKE SCAM


5eb9df  No.12114706


Your pretending that a jew can grow a conscience.

5eb9df  No.12114720


If you can't say something nice, dont say anything at all. For a jew this is a masterwork of creative expression. IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST THAT THEY CAN DO…the whole scam about them being intelligent is reflected perfectly in their 'creative endeavors' as well.

It's not that we 'don't get it' it is that there is nothing to 'get'; this is average IQ 84 style painting

dc659e  No.12114729

shit on everything your marxist professor tries to tell you

because everything is an intrepretation of those who have power and those who do not; he has power you do not; he is teacher you are student; how absolutely dare he

whenever given a chance to review a work of art of your choosing, pick classic roman sculptures and architecture

for bonus points, apply cultural marxism to baalbek's wonderful sculptures and trigger the shit out of your peers

e56733  No.12114731


>this is average IQ 84 style painting

I believe you are one standard deviation to high on the bell curve.

ee5ac0  No.12114732

Pray tell, why are giving these motherfuckers money? How much was that book, and how much is your, likely worthless, degree costing you? Or the taxpayers?

751009  No.12115001

File: d3879444a43af15⋯.png (182.38 KB, 580x951, 580:951, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5239d45dcbe51dd⋯.png (2.32 MB, 2500x1896, 625:474, NiceNeighbor.png)


< attacking one of the few non-faggots to be teaching kids

wew nog


You gotta stay strong to get through that swill. And you better fucking not say ANYTHING. If they find out that you have "bad ideas" they'll dock you a fucking letter grade, even if it's only by the rumor mill, pic related.

e96688  No.12115034


Gotta study the enemy, anon. It's very important and necessary. I understand most don't have the stomach for it, but don't belittle those that can put aside their personal angst for the betterment of our people.

301d5e  No.12115062



is this a NEET meme or a coincidence that it was posted twice

751009  No.12115077


Also, if we are to have any fucking hope we have to have infiltrators into the (((education establishment))).

05a976  No.12116631

And /leftypol/ pretends like they're rebels. This is why their board is, and will always be dead. They are status quo. Change can only be away from the left, because they are already in positions of power.

debc7f  No.12116797


Imagine paying thousands and thousands of dollar for deepstate-backed propaganda. Oh wait, you are… sorry.

464bd5  No.12117058

File: 307d825f6caf7de⋯.png (772.14 KB, 948x998, 474:499, notanargument.png)


>full-blown 1488 self-hating jew

This is simply not true. I recommend actually reading On the Jewish Question before running your mouth. If you can read German, Bruno Bauer's Judenfrage is also available.

68aaac  No.12119617


< learn German

Yes, learn the language of the greatest homo butts on the planet.

02be4b  No.12119769


Oy vey goyim just let it continue

Sage negated you fuck.

02be4b  No.12119789


No, get mad and get fired up about it. You're the fucking customer buying an education.

ceada8  No.12122455



Well all I have to say is >>>/art/ and >>>/loomis/ then use the skills to aid /pol/ in its goals


Still, more evidence for Redstick and /pdfs/ would be great




Be aware of posturing and false oppositions.


Please elaborate, what here is degenearate, other than the towelhead?


>>>/oven/ for not getting it.

09a707  No.12122580

File: 80e58ebfe2c9a74⋯.png (103.96 KB, 720x298, 360:149, c42072bffce1cb50096220b05d….png)

>>12122455 checked

A father (Vater) is marrying a Mutter. That's my best guess with the photo.

72e2bd  No.12122596


First of all, do not get a worthless degree and get into debt.

However, critical theory should be used against itself.

For example: All humans are of equal worth, so why does it matter if one race kills the rest and rules the world after that. (This is the assumption of normies when they think of natsocs)

e31a72  No.12122615


You retard, youre thinking french. But that's a dead language anyway.

Speaking of dead languages:

Niggernews.com redirects to fucking BBC pidgin

f0e20c  No.12122649


MFW you realize you’re already speaking that language.

043cd7  No.12122658


education is a bigger joke degree than art.

3f286c  No.12122686

File: 20cfd2897198028⋯.png (951.87 KB, 1163x682, 1163:682, social justice books teach….png)

File: 1ea6da8495cdc28⋯.png (810.9 KB, 704x714, 352:357, 'YOUTH SEX EDUCATOR'.png)

File: 746af2090c2c65a⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1625x2813, 1625:2813, Anti-Bias Education for Yo….jpg)

File: 99ec4943e1cda92⋯.png (921.83 KB, 722x3705, 38:195, OpenTheBooks_Oversight_Rep….png)

File: 15d3abc5d3a162a⋯.jpg (34.22 KB, 598x312, 23:12, black presentation 3.jpg)

>The Loony Left (Full Programme)

british progressives in kids education vs parents


dcd34b  No.12122731


>youth sex educator

So this is how it begins.


OP, you take a class on art history (really faggot history) and you are surprised by faggotry? WTF is wrong with you. Get your ass into STEM and you won't have to suffer through this bullshit.

22c8c1  No.12122768

File: 2bcc7273b8910bd⋯.jpg (50.45 KB, 839x1080, 839:1080, 697bee3279f481605fe8696533….jpg)


>many scholars use terms for modes of inquiry developed from Marxist theory – that is, critical theory, ideological criticism, or social theory. For the sake of simplicity, this text will continue to use the term Marxism.

I see nothing wrong here. Naming the Marxist is, if anything, a low-intensity redpill.

8fecec  No.12122797



>surprised about indoctrination


>thinks 8/pol/ is a social board of peace

Fuck is wrong with you? Get the fuck outta here and never come back.

Op is a faggot. Sage for shit thread.

054c34  No.12122818

File: 2d081ebd45e9dbf⋯.pdf (7.37 MB, Canada Budget 2018 GENDER ….pdf)

File: 4c082c45723a2cb⋯.pdf (3.14 MB, Ontario_sex-ed_exam_2018.pdf)


Ontario sex ed exam has some insane questions for children. Absolute madness that it wouldl show up in a school system as test questions.

While not school related, the Canada Budget for 2018 shows the extreme level of infiltration and influence gender theory and SJWs have on the country - the word "gender" appears 359 times in an ECONOMIC BUDGET FOR A COUNTRY.

c6cfc5  No.12122842


Not mine lol

054c34  No.12122844

File: ba03d54635c2eb6⋯.pdf (1.73 MB, Alberta Teachers Associati….pdf)


Alberta Teachers' Association has released a 'toolkit' for the treatment of 'sexual and gender minorities', which is an absolute parade of horrors of regression, opposition to free speech, as well as a guide on how to indoctrinate young students (12-18) into their cult. Apparently it's publicly funded as well (p. 149).

The document talks about people as being 'assigned male/female at birth', as if perception that someone is a gender is an assignation (p.15). It promotes the delusion of 'agender/genderless' and other nonsense as though it were actually legitimate.

>Gender fluid—gender identity that refers to a gender which varies over time. A gender fluid person may at any time identify as male, female, neutrois, or any other nonbinary identity, or some combination of identities. Their gender can also vary at random or vary in response to different circumstances. (p. 16)

Neutrois. Is that a combination of the German word for new and the French word for three? What pronouns are they endorsing? Well…

>Pronoun usage—it is important to be courteous to others about their pronoun choice to avoid misgendering them. In English, the following are considered gender-neutral pronouns: they/them, ey/em, ze/zim, zir, hir, xe/xim. Feminine pronouns are she/her and masculine pronouns are he/him.

No, this isnt a joke from tumblr or a meme - this is teh Alberta Teachers Association demanding teachers follow this guideline and learn these pronouns.

>Some reasons that people choose to use gender-neutral pronouns include…to indicate that gender is not relevant in many contexts, or to make a political statement about gender;…to act in solidarity with a friend or loved one who uses gender neutral pronouns

On page 22, teachers are told not to say "boys and girls" or "ladies and gentlemen", but "folks", "friends" and "students"… because that is… inclusive. Don't say "mom/dad" but instead say "responsible adults. Makes so much sense.

Straight privilege

The document cites 'anti-racist' Peggy McIntosh's odious paper on 'white privilege'. It claims people have straight privilege, and tells them to 'reflect on it.

>Questions for Reflection (for those with Straight Privilege)

>• How does my privilege impact my teaching?

>• Does my privilege influence how I choose support materials in my teaching?

>• How can I make sure that my privilege doesn’t interfere with my allyship?

>• What can I do to learn about how my privilege impacts my life?

How do we create an 'inclusive classroom'?

>Avoid asking kids to line up as boys or girls or separating them by gender.

>Don’t use phrases such as “boys and girls,” “you guys,” “ladies and gentlemen,” and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention. Instead, use words that are not gendered, such as “good morning folks,” “hey everybody,” or “y’all.” Or you can try “calling all readers,” or “hey campers” or “could all of the athletes come here.”

>Provide opportunities for individuals to identify a preferred name or pronoun.

>Have visual images reinforcing gender inclusion: “All Genders Welcome” door hangers or pictures of people who don’t fit gender norms. You could also include signs that “strike out” sayings like “All Boys…” or “All Girls…”

>Be intolerant of openly hostile attitudes or references towards others EVERY TIME you hear or observe them, but also use these as teachable moments

In order to be tolerant, you have to be intolerant of any statement we don't like. EVERY TIME. Thought policing funded by tax payers and taught to children. The report calls on teachers to thought and language police all their students.

>Addressing homophobic and transphobic language are essential parts of creating safer spaces for all students

This includes even statements as innocuous as "that's so gay". Intent doesn't matter. You're guilty because they decided that you're guilty.

>When confronted about their language, particularly with phrases such as “That’s so gay,” many students will respond with some version of “we didn’t mean anything by it” or they were “just joking.” They try to dismiss corrections because they did not intend harm with their words. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss intent versus impact.

054c34  No.12122867

File: fbbabe969bb4ed6⋯.jpg (158.97 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, canada150yearsWhiteSuprema….jpg)

File: d9fd748dfa576e0⋯.jpg (189.18 KB, 1975x1278, 1975:1278, canadaChildhoodVaccinesAdC….jpg)

File: 5223abbf19d99b6⋯.jpg (85.29 KB, 432x768, 9:16, canadaVancouverSouthsiders….jpg)

>>12122844 (cont)


Not even math is safe from social engineers posing as 'teachers' using the minds of young kids as their plaything. The document (p. 97-98) tells teachers to use their math classes to push same-sex relations and transgenderism, as well as individuals who demand to be called by plural pronouns. Should any student be confused or have the temerity to laugh, the diversity thought-policing kicks in.

>Students may be confused about the names found in the lesson plan. They may even find it funny. This is your opportunity to discuss diversity and emphasize your expectations for zero-tolerance for homophobic and transphobic language. See page 58 of this resource for more information on addressing harmful language.

>Phoenix is building a frame for their window. The frame is 88 cm wide and 105 cm tall. Phoenix measures the diagonal of their frame and finds that it is 137 cm. Is the frame a rectangle? Justify your answer

The express aim of the lessons are to "build empathy and acceptance by normalizing content with same-sex and gender neutral names".

The Alberta Teachers Association now demands thought policing over "throws like a girl" statements (p. 105).

>If you have established a rule that there will be no name calling, bullying or harassment in the sports space, discuss all the ways this matters. Include gendered slurs that insinuate weakness and phrases like “throwing like a girl.” Emphasize that trash talk is harmful, especially if includes homophobic and transphobic slurs.

And of course, never divide by… perceived gender…

>In your own practice, look at ways to make changes to ensure that all students feel safe and respected. For example, avoid grouping students by perceived gender (boys vs girls) and consider alternate ways to divide groups in your classes. See more examples of what is out of bounds here: http://www.glsen.org/sports/pe-teachers.

Funny how students never not felt respected by such divisions until five minutes ago. Here are some other things they want to force on students:

>Have students create posters for the sports spaces and around the school to demonstrate their commitment to safe spaces.

>Have students create a series of announcements that address homophobia and transphobia in sports.

Check out more fantastic student initiatives here! http://sports.glsen.org/student-initiatives (2)

The Alberta Teachers Association recommends dedicating "two to five class periods" to (p. 107)…

>Students will investigate the advancement of rights and recognition for SGM communities.

>Research the rainbow flag as a symbol of the SGM community and what the colours that comprise the flag stand for.

>Encourage students to use the creative process—drawing, painting or collage—to reflect upon their own identities, including gender.

Encouraging cross-dressing. (p.118).

>Drama provides a good example of a course in which a discussion relating to sexual and gender identity might naturally arise…In this activity, students put their hair and make-up skills to the test while learning about the art form of drag culture in society and in theatre…Students may also want to organize a drama performance for the school while dress [sic] in drag.

The Alberta Teachers Association recommends that teachers have activities where they pick out music because it was created by "SGM" (p. 119).

>Queer music. Teachers are intentional in their selection of music for their classes and choose music by artists who are sexual or gender minorities (SGM)… The music could also be shared for enjoyment in the music room and not be performed at all. Alternately, music teachers could choose to make a display in their classroom that highlights the contributions of SGM musicians.

One of the last parts of the document is a long list of people who are allegedly gay, as well as being allegedly famous for other things. Although it contains a huge number of dubious claims, it claims to only mention people "whose homosexuality or bisexuality is not debated" (p. 136). Michelangelo was apparently an 'engineer'. What's worse… there is a list of gay "heads of state". This includes prime ministers of countries that have a king (who is the head of state of those countries) like Belgium. There are exactly zero heads of state in that list. The kicker? It also claims that Klaus Wowereit (German politician) is a head of state. He is in fact the president (i.e., chairman) of the Social Democratic Party.

cba6d2  No.12122893

File: 0ecb707651e26f5⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, IMG_20180908_103649617_HDR.jpg)



>tfw Ezra Pound was even according to the textbook the most important figure in the development of modern 20th-century poetry, AND he was only persecuted in ZOG-controlled democracies, but somehow they still try and tell you that he was "wrong" in thinking that art flourishes best under Fascism.


Speak for yourself; although I am a former NEETSoc and sympathise with the lifestyle

7f83d5  No.12123051


maybe he can come back to life and clarify for everyone who ignored this part of his life and burn some kike kids while he' at it. Until then marx is jewshit and will always be jewshit

de5a2c  No.12123709

> >>12122818

>name 4 negative consequences of vaping

>only one mentioning that the 9th grader vapes

How the fuck is anyone supposed to answer that without adding their own negative assumptions?

bb4571  No.12123716


yeah sure, stop projecting and get your shit together

02796d  No.12123727



Throw the publishers of that book out of helicopters. Also, I notice that leftists tend to overuse the em dash when writing their bullshit, but it was only used once in this instance.

02796d  No.12123728


Not a kike-free first post. Pretty terrible.

02796d  No.12123732


• 2018

• Trusting anti-kike kikes

No. Just no.

02796d  No.12123747


Wow. Not as pozzed as I thought it would be. Just photoshop the hijab wearing bitch out.

02796d  No.12123754


Found the kike.

044c09  No.12123798

It will only end once we kill them all

7ce0ef  No.12123815


They will never stand a chance against your amazing intellect.

20f798  No.12123843

File: 39a54fb7ea175da⋯.gif (721.4 KB, 700x395, 140:79, 39a54fb7ea175dae7a3609030d….gif)


>Hows you're school year going?

I'm not in school anymore and I didn't have to deal with this gay shit in engineering courses

0da88b  No.12123896


Bobby Fischer gets a pass, but, yeah… anybody else… no.

7e8822  No.12123907



>circle jerk

>shut it down goyim!

You have to go back.

f4a2f5  No.12123930


I go to a liberal art school so I'm in the same boat as you might transfer tbh, the majority of the school are feminists or faggots. There's only one mens only frat on the entire campus so consider yourself lucky.

614020  No.12123932


That's disgusting, but at least they are open about it. When I say something to this tune with my leftard "friends", they immidiately deny that Marxism is associated with multiculturalism and feminism, and proceed to accuse me of using "right wing language/rethoric".

044c09  No.12123941


That's the funny thing. 140+ IQ. National merit level SAT scores. A+ student in highschool with over 8 AP classes, began junior college at 13, attended top undergraduate college in nation. Hold 3 Bachelor of Science degrees and a Masters from top graduate program. Spent over a decade of my life researching politics and history. (I had read Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire by age 12 so image how far I got by 30). Lost friends, family, marriage, career all because of my relentless pursuit of the truth. Battled through existential depression triggered by facing raw unadulterated truth. And prevailed.

At the end of it. Guess what I learned: None of this will stop until you kill them all. Nature is beautifully simple that way. Kinda funny when you think about it.

044c09  No.12123950


Oh and I should add this has nothing to do with revenge. It's about quarantine. If you had to choose between killing the parents or the kids, kill the kids. Parents can be sterilized.

f9af83  No.12124009




Johannes marries an Arab Aydan, and his sister Ursula marries the jew Viktor. Look at the kinky jewfros on 2 of Ursula and Viktor's children. In one generation, no more Germans, just arabs and jews and it's the jewish family that has 4 kids, while the German grandparents only had 2 German children.


>is this a NEET meme or a coincidence that it was posted twice

>>12112573 criticizes OP for going to school

>>12112592 OP implies someone who doesn't go to school will spend their life working at Wendy's

>>12113790 implies that someone who goes to art school is going to spend their life working at Wendy's.

It isn't funny now that I've explained it.

de5a2c  No.12124016


>Kill the offspring, the parents can't do anything

Wouldn't you want to sterilize the offspring and kill the parents? The parents can just reproduce again. Besides they are old enough to fight back. A better solution is to kill the parents, raise the offspring to do your bidding and lie to them about their parents.

I thought you said you were smart

de5a2c  No.12124024

File: e8f897a9f86ed95⋯.jpg (29.2 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ad490fec179073e2ac8ea5ba73….jpg)


Yeah, you're right lol

044c09  No.12124026


No. Absolutely not. You must anticipate that the ethos of the people will undulate each generation. Live but sterile offspring will be able to worm their way into good graces of the next generation when the zeal slackens. Sterilization is easily undone. Whereas sterile parents will die with the zealous generation still inoculated against their evils. And their crimes will be held against them. This is how you must think.

846dee  No.12124028

Is this HS or college? Can you demand a refund if college?

875e74  No.12124030

File: aba545592f57768⋯.jpg (84.62 KB, 797x563, 797:563, Marx Autism.JPG)

044c09  No.12124032



>implying socialization is stronger than inheritance or that properly socialized kikes can be good pets

You're a retard. This is how their poison has remained with us so long.

bddf13  No.12124083


^ has never learned anything about modern faggot Germany.

9fcba4  No.12124096


>non western cultures are second thoughts in western cultures

>this is bad

how much double think can you cram into one paragraph

9fcba4  No.12124100



genetics creates culture

genes ->how our brains work -> how we think -> how we act -> culture

de5a2c  No.12124141

File: 8fceee032494107⋯.png (221.78 KB, 678x623, 678:623, 8fceee032494107b8ef2708566….png)



Okay, you make a good point, Mr. Smartypants

8b2658  No.12140312



>shift at Wendy's


32bb87  No.12140472


Reminds me of that Jewish article in the Jewish Daily Forward about Charlotesville where the Jew said "Replace you? Where at Wendy's? We already replaced your kind long ago." It was deleted later. "Oy vey material wealth in clown world is a sign of your real worth, not your honor, your soul, your goals, how you treat others."

Guess there really is a ton of JIDF shills browsing the chans.

24214c  No.12140490


Dude, delete this please. Cultural marxism is an anti-semitic conspiracy theory. There's no way that textbook is real.

0c23d5  No.12144245


art and loomis are fucking dead, and they don't have a good curriculum or anything, just a bunch of faggots Reee-ing at each other.

That being said I'd love to be proven wrong.

cd7737  No.12150872


Both Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell were art students.

aa25c8  No.12150876

>in this book you'll learn how to draw

>But first let me tell you about communism and why niggers are better than you

8c2ea4  No.12150890

>art edu


How can someone be so sheltered, so self centered, so delusional, living in the bubble so hard that he does "art edu" in this life? Do you think economy works on hobbies? And rainbows and happy thoughts? Hobbies are when you go to fucking pension, they are for when you EARN them.

You cant reap before you sow. You cant spend before you earn. Just what the fuck are you doing??? I just hope you arent white.

No one needs fucking "art edu" in this life, hell there's already enough art out there you cant even see it all in this lifetime. There are so much more important things in life, you pretty much HAVE to be an idiot to "study" this objectively useless hobby.

Hope you are at least a hedge fund kiddie or something. With the worthless nonskills you will get out of "art edu" you can pretty much only have a worthless nonlife.

faf702  No.12150906


> Cultural Marxism is an antisemitic conspiracy theory

Kike you must be lost.

Wrong neighborhood nose-nigger.

Wrong neighborhood.

85c548  No.12150912


Art Education in such skills as drafting, painting, and sculpting have a practical application. You need concept art, blue prints, and marketing materials (like signs or logos or promotional material) to create and effectively sell a good. Much less the potential of patronage or turning to "fine arts" for cash. Deningrate the state of modern art, its shit, but there is inherent value in learning art as a skill.

8c2ea4  No.12150922


No there arent. You cant convince me marketing even has any effect, commercials are universally despised, as so is all art, fashion and sportsball unless you are a double digit iq.

I'd take a doctor/engineer over an artist any time, any day. Doesnt matter if we are talking economy, military, diplomacy or hell even the fucking society, even mainstream society and marketing bullshit is dominated by faceberg/jewgle aka tech types, certainly not unemployable useless fucking artists.

If you had a chance not to be a service sector loser but became a service sector fast food retard I cant even pity you. Arts degree is a walking lawsuit anywhere, would rather hire a degreeless hillbilly. Not only can he wrestle a fucking cow but he is also less likely to be a marxist.

85c548  No.12150954

File: 9b7f5c2ec33181d⋯.jpg (44.56 KB, 306x423, 34:47, article-2542193-1ACDC64A00….jpg)

File: 589da72d2c6a2a8⋯.jpg (79.23 KB, 400x512, 25:32, Adv3.jpg)

File: bdcef8fdf5c86af⋯.jpg (161.38 KB, 736x1110, 368:555, fbd0097fe9401f752367f0ebe2….jpg)


Interesting how you completely ignored the fact that art is a practical tool in the creation process, and tuned into only the marketing portion of it.

Even the Reich had ads. It is a human impulse to make things look nice, in addition to making it good. Trying to degrade the value of art because of its modern state is akin to calling ALL men, present and past, faggots because of the current state of men.

8c2ea4  No.12150974


Art is still useless in comparison, and categorically inferior to a degree that is 50% or more math, even when it comes to motivating people, the only claim art has going on for itself but without a record of any empirical success at it.

Math is what lets us travel faster than the sound. Math is what lets us design laser guided supersonic artillery munitions. Math is how we design hydro/gas turbines. Math is how you plow the fields as far as the eye can see without breaking a sweat, agricultural mechanization. Robotics, drones, engineering, chemistry, doesnt matter what you do, if it has math in it, it is legit and it empirically works.

Studying art at the university is a waste of time. In order to earn art and other hobbies, first one must be competent at math in the modern economy.

This same math separated Aryans from subhumans too, back in the 19th century when whites were 90% of the global gdp.

Switch to something with math in it if you want to be useful in any way, shape or form to literally anything.

fe390b  No.12150981


Anyone interested in the pursuit of art as a career should look into schools called "ateliers" and go nowhere else.

I want my fucking money back that I wasted in college hoping I'd actually learn to draw good enough to make my own comics or something. I learned nothing but what it's like to waste money and be discriminated against by an actual big red.

85c548  No.12150982


>art is comparitively more useless

Nice walkback. Give me a modern mathematician and ask him to draft up a house, using only freehand and 2 hours. I promise you, the art student will do better. Apples to oranges comparison, incredibly short-sighted. The mathematician needs the artist as much as the artist needs the mathematician.

8c2ea4  No.12150996


You simply cant justify art. Art is typical leftist 'im entitled to easy living' bullshit. Right wingers have a duty to be useful, empirically useful. You can join your artsy fartsy marxism crew over at leftypol, there's no art licence, there's no need for formal education in art, a crayon eating child can practice art on its own in its own free time.

Be useful to your race first, do your hobbies later if at all, cant be an art faggot while the situation is this bad anyway, really dont know what goes through your head.

ba015a  No.12151001

File: 65d87e7c0e86304⋯.jpg (23.86 KB, 800x200, 4:1, paleolithic-swabian-flute.jpg)


>conflating art and marketing

>conflating doctors and engineers

You are a huge nigger faggot monkey.

>marketing is dominated by tech types

>creators are losers


Art and design are the most defining characteristics of humans. We study the past by analyzing their art, artifacts, and architecture. Quality, a representation of truth, is the most European virtue and is next to nonexistent in the African, Asian, and mixed societies.

ba015a  No.12151007


Yeah but that's because a mathmetician doesn't know why he is calculating what he is or how it will be applied.

faf702  No.12151011


> Give me a modern mathematician and ask him to draft up a house, using only freehand and 2 hours

The mathematician is educated, the art student is not.

The art student won't know shit about tensile strength.

The mathematician will know exactly how to use it.

How the fuck you gonna art together a house?

You'd be doing trial and error all the way to a mud hut.

fe390b  No.12151012


Listen, you obviously don't know anything about art. There is nothing easy about it. It requires hundreds of thousands of hours of practice to master.

Actual formal education can be found as I said before, at ateliers. College degrees are useless.

Someone who could paint well could make excellent propaganda for us.

Don't shit on things you have no appreciation for.

ba015a  No.12151013


>art is a useless hobby

What a jew you are.

>really dont know what goes through your head

And you never will because you are not European and cannot comprehend abstract reasoning.

faf702  No.12151016


>Someone who could paint well could make excellent propaganda for us.

This especially, but the other guys is like "I can build a house!" No.

cb8ab2  No.12151017


Read Ride the Tiger, Evola shits on Marx like no tomorrow

85c548  No.12151025


How can you be so dense? I said at the beginning, the state of modern art is not reflective of art in and of itself. Even you can agree that the state of mathematics and stem is quickly degrading. Art, in its most literal sense, means "skilled". To be any good at drafting or designing, you have to dedicate a lot of time and energy, to the point of making it your profession. Artisans of all walks of life provided useful items and services. The painter, the draftsman, and the sculptor had their place next to barbers, mathematicians, and scientists. In fact, they found employ among the mathematicians and scientists, helping them model concepts or record physical details. More often than not, however, artists and scientists/mathematicians often dabbled in the others field. No man can be a specialist exclusively. Leonardo da vinci is an example of where art and mathematics meet, though it should be noted his exceptional skill in all of his disciplines is EXCEPTIONAL. Most men take 2 or 3 jobs, and he had many more. There is still a need for artists to exist, there always will be. Most artists work for engineers or architects, if the engineer or architect had not already practiced extensively as an artist. There still needs to be men who create beautiful things for the enjoyment of his people. To scorn beauty for utility is to damn yourself to death.

8c2ea4  No.12151033


No better propaganda than a sturmghewer. Design and form are governed by function of a thing. Besides, there is no empirical guarantee that art even inspires people.

Man I used to date an art chick back when I was younger, I used to listen to all these art movements and art styles and I had to visit galleries and have a favorite artist of every fucking category just to please her. And I fucking hated it. I feel like I've seen more art than 90% of the general public. And almost none of it inspired me, nearly all of it was utter fucking pretentious garbage.


Found a few inspiring pieces of literature and music tho, but still think that strictly technical people are more useful.


>im not useless, im just different!


1b3ecf  No.12151035


You'd have to just be a plain old idiot to think that the arts are useless or unjustified while being literally physically surrounded by things that are influenced and conceptual by various types of artists. Just because leftists have created degraded, degenerate post-modern "art", doesn't mean that art itself is bad.

1b3ecf  No.12151042


>Someone who could paint well could make excellent propaganda for us.

That's not the the point. Look, if you're ideology is unironically against art, then it's anti-human and leftist by definition. That's exactly why you only ever see leftist spergs saying this shit.

85c548  No.12151044


>an artist doesn't know tensile strength

The picture he wluld create would be far more coherent than the mathematicians. He may not get specific details correct, but a good artist understands weight and perspective. An artist understands how to create an image from nothing in his mind, make it accurate if not precise, and put it to paper and COMMUNICATE his image to others. That is a skill a mathematician does not posess. An artist gains skill from observation, from studying how objects in nature and life innately work. The fact that they have lost sight of these fundaments shows that their is a great problem in the education of young artists. The emphasis has been taken from the fundamentals and placed on the useless abstract. Much like mathematics is quickly becoming.

85c548  No.12151048


A sturmgewher was first drafted, much of its appearance was designed to be pleasing and yet still work like a power house. Engineers are artists and mathematicians in equal measure, but although he may never be as good as either in their respective fields, he is more whole.

ba015a  No.12151049




Most of which is art, architecture, philosophy, music, and modern civilization. What can you contribute, shlomo ?

0bb2e7  No.12151054

i would cry if you shot your professors and the dean or principal, whom ever is in charge…………

fe390b  No.12151056


>Besides, there is no empirical guarantee that art even inspires people.

Are you not impressed with the skill at which a man rendered the human form in the painting I have posted?

>Man I used to date an art chick back when I was younger

OH. Here we go. This makes sense. Women don't have a true appreciation of anything. She was using you as a vessel to tell her why those things were good. She picked the wrong guy. What a shame.

>nearly all of it was utter fucking pretentious garbage

Well what DID you like? And why?

>still think that strictly technical people are more useful.

Not that I don't agree with you, but this statement right here is the reason the jews always take over art first. We need our people in all fields in all walks of life.


I don't know what you are trying to get across to me or what you think I think.

8c2ea4  No.12151058


>muh feelings based bullshit is just as scientific as the scientists!

Then why are you not employed in the strategic sectors of the economy, why were there no artists present when ever someone needs a radio silent submarine when an 'artists' 'observes' the 'nature' as intensely as an empirical scientist does?

Not even to mention that formal education in something empirical such as math has like a 50% dropout rate and demands much more creativity, meanwhile formal education in art is a literal iq test (which you failed if you ever even took it, jesus christ…….)

fe390b  No.12151059

File: 6c78df0ccaee02a⋯.jpg (332.96 KB, 937x700, 937:700, 1434236589980-1.jpg)

File: 32aa81fbe9960b2⋯.jpg (813.4 KB, 2400x1947, 800:649, Bellows_George_Dempsey_and….jpg)


Compare these two paintings. Which one is better? I'm sure we agree, but I know for a fact you couldnt tell me why.

0bb2e7  No.12151063


the first one is better because it captures the raw nature of primal man… the lines and colors are primal and dark, the second picture looks like a faggot drew it

fe390b  No.12151069


That's a very "feelings" based appraisal. There are empirical reasons why the first painting is better.

8c2ea4  No.12151071


Its not that I deny that art can be useful (altho less useful in comparison to the empirical skills), its just that we are under a fucking siege, we have to ration the weapons and the food, and not everyone is entitled to the same ration in a wartime situation.

If both of his arms are blown off, and we lack food and ammo, well we cant just spread food and ammo equally among everyone.

And formal education in art is kinda similar to having both of your arms blown off in the modern economy, compared to someone with a legit technical skill. Everyone and everything being equal and entitled to the same amount of stuff is a stereotypical leftist bullshit, you simply cant dump the same amount of resources in art and engineering while the judea is waging war on us.

fa3d5e  No.12151073


>why are you not employed in the strategic sectors of the economy

Because most people are buffoons like you and think art is only interior design and color theory. Art is the epitomy of transforming thought into physical reality. Artists either don't get "selected" to do those things or they can't stand working with morons who limit their reality.

In the 4th:


fa3d5e  No.12151077


>maths demand much more creativity

No. You are conflating things and do not get it.

All art is political and everything is art.

Math requires the same imagination and ability to visualize as any other form of art.

85c548  No.12151078


Walked your ass back up the mountain. You said to begin with "art is useless" to "art is useless IN THE CURRENT ECONOMY WE ARE IN A WAR"

Multi-front battle, resist to the full extent, your autism betrayed you and made you look like an ass. Artists, if that is their skill, should fight tooth and nail, and we should encourage and support them (so long as they are good). Mathematicians too, resist and fight.

You want a practical approach? Buy a gun, buy a lit of ammo, get fit, train. Your profession is secondary.

fe390b  No.12151081


Your not wrong at all. Getting any sort of degree in this time period is akin to getting your balls chopped off and "SLAVE" tattooed on your chest.

It was not worth the money or effort I put in for a degree in graphic design. Doubly so for an arts history teaching DEGREE.

By all means study the subject, but don't pay these jews for the rest of your life for the privilege of having done so in a specific building.

fa3d5e  No.12151083


They are both shit bc darker-skinned man is beating lighter-skinned man when history proves otherwise.

407a0d  No.12151086


Second one looks inhuman, their faces, I mean.

bff34f  No.12151087

File: 42f5d9dc0e849d6⋯.jpg (73.2 KB, 528x604, 132:151, 06789.jpg)


the second one because of pic related

0bb2e7  No.12151088


the "empirical reason" is that a faggot with no talent drew the second one, making the first one better

fe390b  No.12151097



There is no such thing as talent. There are only skills developed by time expended.

What artist #2 is missing is practically all of the principles of design, along with ZERO understanding of color theory, which is so fucking complicated I don't even blame him.

bff34f  No.12151105

File: b6932709b26747c⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 657x387, 73:43, 3948ytn54ht.jpg)


I also think this is hilarious

fa3d5e  No.12151108


>formal education ≠ legit technical skill

It depends on what you study. Most art educations are in applied arts such as Industrial Design, Architecture, Ceramics, and so on. These are taught at for-profit diploma-mills, community colleges, state universities, and private not-for-priofit universities all the same. However, you are not wholly incorrect. An education in an applied art at Harvard is much less intensive and "skill-inducing" than a technical or trade school since schools like Harvard are also at the center for marxist nonsense about equality of outcome and the associated courses are cancer and can deduct from your educational potential. At a school like Art Center your associated courses are major/minor focused and contextualized to the goal of finding employment or mastering the craft.

fe390b  No.12151114

File: e99f53f2558cb38⋯.jpg (348.72 KB, 1280x1912, 160:239, e99f53f2558cb386f80b0f8406….jpg)



fuck off details fag, im teaching math guy to appreciate things other than numbers and bullets.

fa3d5e  No.12151116


How should higher education systems work, then ?

e7fe2c  No.12151120


Doing non-STEM degrees in college is easy mode if you’re a red pilled natsoc, you simply emulate exactly what they want to hear, become the most zealously fervent and buddy up to your professors. Cruise by with As, recommendations and connections because nepotism and prejudice. Once you’ve attained a position of power is when you attack.

t. future superintendent

bff34f  No.12151125

d99831  No.12151126

File: 717171b19244b99⋯.jpg (146.32 KB, 528x604, 132:151, 42f5d9dc0e849d64ecc95c6ea3….jpg)

fe390b  No.12151127


When did I ever imply I was qualified to tell you that?

Well since you asked, I think this should be taught in schools as soon as kids are able to comprehend it


fa3d5e  No.12151140


>there is no such thing as talent

In some ways there is. A singer who can control their voice without much experience or a mathmetician or artist who can visualize with thoughts alone. These things improve with experience, and most things require experience to become usefull skill, way more than that shit 10k hours claim, but not everything is learned.

>color theory is complicated

No, it is complex but not complicated. Contrast and access to a color wheel is all anyone really needs. Knowledge of how light works is as simple as it gets.

65fc78  No.12151144


The picture reads "Every human is an intellectual" for those that don't speak Spanish.

8c2ea4  No.12151153

File: 800b5e045be5eeb⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 5123x2882, 5123:2882, 1525224827307.jpg)


I am the said mathfags, but what if the numbers and bullets are the only things I find inspiring and beautiful left?

It is no longer fun unless gear teeth fit perfectly, unless nonlinear thermal expansion is accounted for, unless I am testing my own home made optical range finders, synchronizing tv and infrared cameras with the recognition software, recalibrating fuel efficiency….

Once you master math, other stuff just pales in comparison.

d09afc  No.12151154


>wtf is jokes

fe390b  No.12151158


>In some ways there is.

If it's not measurable, I'm not interested. I wasted too many years of my life worrying about whether or not I was talented enough to even bother when I should have just been putting in the work. I think talent and top tier IQ might have some correlation but I haven't done the research. Unless you're top(highest) tier IQ you gotta put in the work. That makes most of us.

>Knowledge of how light works is as simple as it gets.


Yeah yeah, tell me more about that. Tell me how to render different materials or how to render subsurface scattering. You probably paint like the second guy, for all that confidence.

fe390b  No.12151162

File: 6e763697c149b60⋯.png (377.91 KB, 498x410, 249:205, fa0e08b0477a6a9aa3cb24ba0b….png)


Then go create some beauty in the world. Somebodies got to manufacture all those unregistered firearms for when shit hits the fan.

bff34f  No.12151171

ba015a  No.12151172


>a degree in graphic design

Right there. Having gone through it makes you quite qualified.


>the triforce of communication

So long as it is balanced in developing verbal and visual skills, seems like a great idea.

Make sure you snag this:


ba015a  No.12151182


>all i hear is processing

Art is math.

You are an artist. A very autistic one that loves patterns and perfection. Maybe you are European after all.

65fc78  No.12151188


The grandparent looks like a kike, likewise does the uncle. And just look at the curly hair on cousins Claudia and Daniel.

e0798e  No.12151191

My star is the wrong color

fe390b  No.12151195


>How should higher education systems work, then?

>Having gone through it makes you quite qualified.

I don't know how else to say it without writing a book, so I hope my intention gets across.

We can not have higher education in a society that does not value objective truth or morality. It's over dude. It's all over. Untill you see massive bloodshed and our banners waving proudly in the wind, we will never have a useful or real higher education system again.

We are a society ruled by merchants. Until we are again ruled by priests or warriors, we shall suffer. An age ruled by warriors will bring 100 years of prosperity minimum.

fbc523  No.12151203


>Books on how to teach a skill without teaching the skill itself.

Horseshit. Post some of your work or get the fuck outta here. We hardly need more bitter, failed artists pretending to teach skills they don't have. If you're the hot shit and really want to help a beginner git gud take on an apprentice or two.

14b37c  No.12151206





1a7751  No.12151222

File: fc2219ad3308178⋯.jpg (101.08 KB, 774x600, 129:100, The_Taking_of_Christ-Carav….jpg)


Quality is measurable. It usually exists in harmonic patterns.


You sure know a lot for someone larping as a non-artist.

>paint like the second guy

I'm not an impressionist, I'm a realist. Caravaggio is my favorite anime artist, after Miyazaki.

1a7751  No.12151240


>we are a society ruled by merchants

Not ruled but tricked. I agree that without the pursuit of truth and justice there can be no real value in learning much of anything. Most of the "creatives" work for "jew tech co" and have no interest in truth.

1a7751  No.12151247


>all wheel drive

In the 1990s, an ad firm hired by Subaru found the all wheel drive cars were popular among lesbians.

51dd27  No.12151249

File: 3f01163cdea398c⋯.jpg (122.68 KB, 1152x1536, 3:4, Kangz_Bong.jpg)


>I teach my student's actual art history. We are on the Dutch "Golden Age"

So in other words you just review stuffy art that has no culture while ignoring real art that has culture. Image related. This is the art of real Kangz. You wypipo focus art on gay shit like churches and scenes from life. Shieet we kangz making bongs with titties make muh dik grow to 6 gorgillion inches.

fe390b  No.12151255

>Quality is measurable.

We agree

>It usually exists in harmonic patterns

Tell me more

>You sure know a lot for someone larping as a non-artist.

I gave up on art to pursue the simple pleasure of beating the shit out of people. boxing

>Caravaggio is my favorite anime artist, after Miyazaki.

Yeah, but can you paint like him? Post your work.

1a7751  No.12151258

File: 272990940f8d9ff⋯.jpg (478.01 KB, 2500x2500, 1:1, venus-of-willendorf.jpg)


Fake news. Big titties are Europen.

1a7751  No.12151268


>tell me more

Like music or trees and shit. Like when snowflakes form. Like when you find that perfect waifu. The rise of the 4th reich.

>can you paint like him

No, I'm not a painter, and I never found any real pleasure in drawing people.

>dox yourself

I will one day.

9c8d8b  No.12151281

File: ea48906c9859fda⋯.png (175.58 KB, 590x361, 590:361, unknown2.png)


In every class picture they put the blonde girl or red head with the black guy and the little white stefan cuck is in the corner.

e7fe2c  No.12151405


IQ moreso determines how easy it is to pick up a subject. Not necessarily the limit you can achieve, however there is a ceiling at certain points. There’s no 60 IQ chemists.

173410  No.12151493


Look at all that (((education))). Aren't you lucky OP?

173410  No.12151498



Can't wait to see what shit they're putting out in Current Year + 3 Edition.

173410  No.12151512




Holy shit haha.

65fc78  No.12151675

File: 3a53218f4b14365⋯.gif (4.76 MB, 640x352, 20:11, c5d.gif)


In 1949, Pound was awarded the prestigious $10,000 Bollingen Prize for Poetry, triggering a major controversy. Congress ordered the prize’s sponsor, the Library of Congress, to give no more awards.

During the war, Pound had recorded more than 100 shortwave broadcast from Rome, criticizing President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Roosevelt’s family and the Jews. The broadcasts were transcribed by a U.S. Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Service listening station.

Two weeks after Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies, Pound was transferred to the U.S. Army Disciplinary Training Center north of Pisa, Italy, where he was placed in one of the camp’s “death cells” — a series of 6-by-6-foot outdoor steel cages lit at night by floodlights. Engineers reinforced his cage with heavier steel for fear fascists would try to break him out.

Pound spent three weeks in isolation, sleeping on the concrete, denied exercise and communication, except for talks with a chaplain. After 2½ weeks, he began to break down under the strain. Although the experience is believed to have broken his mental health, he nevertheless produced one of his most memorable works, the "Pisan Cantos," while incarcerated there. Ernest Hemingway wrote: “The best of Pound’s writing — and it is in the Cantos — will last as long as there is any literature.”

3c9932  No.12151694


>You simply cant justify art.

It's our culture, you brainlet.

>Art is typical leftist 'im entitled to easy living' bullshit.

According to whom? How did you even reach this conclusion at all?

>Right wingers have a duty to-

Shut the fuck up already. We're not some chink bugpeople, we've been innovating and creating for millennia!



Spelt "Sturmgewehr".

cfd94d  No.12152165


>art major

Found the problem OP.

791b2d  No.12152408

Imagine paying kikes to teach you art of all things. These kikes can't even draw a circle without making it about shit and despondency. Hahahahahahaha

If you don't draw pastoral landscapes and get rejected from art school, you're doing it wrong.

7e4e68  No.12152817

Enjoy that expensive indoctrination, faggot, and keep away with your shitty threads. Everyone here should know that the (((edJEWcation))) system is kiked. Now get the fuck out.

de5a2c  No.12153107


>5th time this shit joke was made

>reads art major but I clearly said art education

>art education major is just short for an art major AND an education major

hahaha good one

000000  No.12187959


>t. jew

f67599  No.12205828


education majors of all disciplines are constantly subjected to marxist nonsense

bumping for your daily reminder!

5c7aeb  No.12205862

File: fc88a1ea628d30c⋯.jpg (103.39 KB, 412x400, 103:100, what in the goddamn.jpg)


>vaccine pic

6dc910  No.12205926

File: 85cb5759a9b2eab⋯.jpeg (55.78 KB, 915x1024, 915:1024, 6F3960D2-5CD2-403A-9A48-E….jpeg)


>that vaccine ad

f9679c  No.12206019


Everyone always talks about going back in time to kill Hitler. How come no one wants to go back in time and kill Marx?

5c7aeb  No.12206029


More like Abraham

f9679c  No.12206057

File: f3f0bef36d61b34⋯.gif (7.7 MB, 500x278, 250:139, bubbles something fucky 2.gif)


>The frame is 88 cm wide and 105 cm tall.

>Is the frame a rectangle?

For fuck's sake.

>Justify your answer

My country was wonderful, once. This sickens the ever loving shit out of me.

000000  No.12206064


AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fuck it all man. Fucking vaccines cant save you from this poz.

9ad320  No.12206093


holy fuck that vaccine ad. We're hitting jude indoctrination levels that shouldn't even be possible; what the fuck is wrong with you, Canada?

000000  No.12206112


Classical sculpture my friend. Those dead European guys that gave us math also made some amazing art. The statue of David that everyone talks about is priceless, not just for it's beauty, but because of the engineering that hides within. Most statues have lots of clothing and drapery, this allows the illusion of a freestanding form with movement, and dynamics, but in actuality what you have is a big stone base that gets narrower as you go up. Very sturdy, very standards and safe. David is just a naked dude freestanding. Two narrow ankles and a tree stump is holding all that marble up. Its crazy. And the only reason the tree stump was left was because the artist just knew that the statue would collapse without it.

61502d  No.12206281


Actually I prefer that second painting. However, I am a sequential art fag who is appreciative of the depth and dynamism of the scene so my opinion is pleb-tier.

000000  No.12207619


>his face literally looks just like rocky

>his legs are spread so wide, no one would ever make that stance in a fight and win. In fact those legs are too long, like a womans legs

>every face is super simple; just smears of paint with no effort at details or capturing the subtle emotions, it turns everyone into caricatures, generic archetypes

If you like that shit then I guess I give up.

000000  No.12211493


>taking a meme class

I hope the SJWs beat the shit out of you.

12c423  No.12211615


>that vaccine ad

>that horrible point of view

>proportions are all gone to hell

>a shitty photoshoop in panel 5 top row because of the inability to properly draw a convincing facial expression of a child in glee after kissing a nigger

You can tell by a glance that a jew drew this.

fe390b  No.12211728

File: 884682bee137257⋯.jpg (274.9 KB, 1600x1055, 320:211, d1d4827390c801dba6d543bf84….jpg)


You're not wrong in that specific regard. It's hard to find a perfect example of shit to place against and perfect example of perfection. The renderfag has better rendering but shit dynamics and scene composition. Why the fuck did he include blue shirt guy? It makes the focal point some fucktard walking through the middle of the scene.


He's an animator. They emphasize different things. A really well rendered stiff moving animation would be complete shit.

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