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File: ea78b44663c5998⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 182x268, 91:134, they live 2.jpg)

4239a5  No.12112567



>Chris Heavey and I gave random beepers to a stratified random sample of 30 students from a large urban university and interviewed them about the characteristics of their randomly selected pristine experiences. Five main characteristics emerged, each occurring in about a quarter of all samples (many samples had more than one characteristic). Three of those five characteristics may not surprise you: inner speech occurred in about a quarter of all samples; inner seeing occurred in about a quarter of all samples; and feelings occurred in about a quarter of all samples. The other two phenomena occurred just as frequently but are not so well known.

>Consider inner speech. Subject experienced themselves as innerly talking to themselves in 26% of all samples, but there were large individual differences: some subjects never experienced inner speech; other subjects experienced inner speech in as many as 75% of their samples. The median percentage across subjects was 20%.

>inner speech occurred in about a quarter of all samples

This means that the average person only thinks in speech about 25% of the time.

Other related links




4239a5  No.12112571


NPC's are real folks. This is how the Jews manipulate most people. It's because most people are incapable of forming original thoughts.

044097  No.12112577

File: cd024231988262c⋯.jpg (60.45 KB, 536x800, 67:100, doubt.jpg)

4239a5  No.12112580


Nice try NPC.

b41955  No.12112583


Wew lad. Fucking soulless NPCs.

5ff852  No.12112587


How is thay even possible. Except for flashes of thought I always think in words and images. This would explain almost every decision my black coworkers make.

a94b68  No.12112589


>cuckchan is covering up

>literally 10 generals over the last 12 hours

Stop polluting this board. We already know that most people are too stupid to think.

044097  No.12112591

File: 8e4c4feeeffa2c1⋯.gif (410.13 KB, 221x196, 221:196, EXIT.gif)

I would like to hear what public school teachers think about this. They'd be the ones to have a good opinion on this.

I seriously have a lot of trouble believing this. I'm not criticizing any anons as it's a very intriguing theory. But I need more than one seven year old article from a pop psychology coffee table top magazine.

4239a5  No.12112594


Not only that, we're fucking surrounded by them. These """"""people""""" vote and influence daily life.

f19d79  No.12112595


all nonsense that guy is just weird.

however I experienced something really strange, a few years ago I lived abroad for a longer period of time and nobody there spoke my language so I spoke english all the time.

And I kid you not, after a couple of months you….

actually start to think in english

that shit was so fucked up, I was ofc aware of this and just went, wtf is going on here

Moving home again after I was done there, it changed with once again though. But that happened my inner voice became anglo for a period of time

b41955  No.12112597

Does anyone know what the last 2 subjects are?

4239a5  No.12112600


Fuck off NPC. I wouldn't be surprised if you were one of their mods deleting the threads.

044097  No.12112602


Why are you being such an emotionally involved faggot with this?

7044eb  No.12112603


>a large urban university

Hazard a guess as to why.

b41955  No.12112604

NVM found it.



4239a5  No.12112607


Because I don't consider you human.

4239a5  No.12112610


Blacks aren't human. They're soulless automatons. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same with Chinks.

706686  No.12112612

File: 93b6d0dcbf15013⋯.jpg (8.01 KB, 480x360, 4:3, iv.jpg)


>inner speech occurred in about a quarter of all samples


4b3081  No.12112620


Proof positive that at least 75% of people are completely amoral sheep-drones. Inner speech/self-criticism is the basis for morality and scientific progress.

4239a5  No.12112621


It should fucking scare you. Anyone who isn't scared by this news isn't a human.

a5f1bb  No.12112623




a5f1bb  No.12112626

This is extremely frightening.


Jesus fuck. How many goddamn bug people are out there?!

4239a5  No.12112627

File: 2b1e67c47971b4f⋯.png (137.83 KB, 584x652, 146:163, nigger npc.png)


We're living in fucking sims world anon.

4239a5  No.12112629


Too many.

b41955  No.12112632

So I checked out all 5… Anyone who hasn't done all 5 is mentally retarded.

The links for subjects 4/5 are here:


a5f1bb  No.12112633


jejjed @ that image

You have no idea how pissed I was to find out that damn game was snake oil. My fucking sims never managed to learn to fucking wash their hands after shitting. Holy fuck how did they hold down a job?!!!

ab7b4a  No.12112636


lmao those scientists must have fucked something up bigtime to get those results

9ce3c4  No.12112639

File: 42cff1074956bae⋯.png (29.84 KB, 493x402, 493:402, 1434711751333.png)

>Study finds most people don't have an "inner voice"

What is an inner voice? I don't understand. Is that like a narrator voice in your head? If so I do this sometimes when I walk alone, it keeps me from going insane.

b41955  No.12112640


>from a large urban university


Niggers, anon.

4b3081  No.12112643

File: fedbe19c3c43a62⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 367x306, 367:306, 8ca.jpg)


>tfw most /pol/acks exhibit self-criticism and think through things

>tfw we assumed everybody else does so

>tfw most people are bona fide NPCs just like we used to joke about


a5f1bb  No.12112644


Interestingly, it's blocked in Hong Kong.

There's a lot of region lock-out, I have discovered, thanks to uh… my own private supersonic jet.

b41955  No.12112645


It's when you think in spoken words.

4239a5  No.12112646


Not much different from real life. How many times have you seen people do something incredibly stupid and wondered to yourself "what the fuck is wrong with this person? How do they function from day to day?". Well this explains it.

b41955  No.12112647


I'll post archive links so you don't have to change your node, one min.

9f5de1  No.12112650


>stratified random sample of 30 students

statistically insignificant. no conclusions can be drawn from anything they claim. NONE

044097  No.12112652

File: f4f9424b0d2724c⋯.png (125.13 KB, 355x280, 71:56, thefuckiswrongwithyou.png)

91d339  No.12112655


It's means most people can't organize their thoughts using speech and language inside their own minds, the think purely in visual images and corresponding conditioned/innate emotional responses to it.

Even when they do try and express it through language, they're usually just trying to quote or paraphrase something they heard elsewhere that evoked an emotional validation within them.

bd9ab9  No.12112656


A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.

b41955  No.12112657


Here's the links, last 2 are processing now so give it a few minutes.




4239a5  No.12112659


It should fucking bother you that "people" like this even fucking exist, even if it is a small sample size. The fact that you're trying to downplay it tells me you're one of them.

b41955  No.12112664


Processing is finished. Full series is archived. Have at it anons.

a26a15  No.12112665


I almost wish I did not have one.

All it does all fucking day every single fucking day is remind me of all my failures in life, of what a sorry excuse for a human being I am and constantly remind me that suicide is probably my best choice because things are not gonna get any better.

7f8255  No.12112666


An absence of thought doesn't imply Zen. A part of the process of achieving mastery, according to Zen masters, is thought and consideration.

These are people who cannot emerge beyond the muck.

7f8255  No.12112667


It's no prob man. I'm in Finland now, apparently.

0fe61d  No.12112668

Doesn't this mean a lot? Whenever I read I mentally recite the words, plus my dreams have spoken words. Does that simply not happen with those people?

9f5de1  No.12112669


bro all i'm saying is the effect size is unknown, not that this is impossible

4239a5  No.12112670


It does the same to me sometimes but that's called being a human being. At least you're not a soulless bugman.

4dc263  No.12112671


don't missuse Dr. Frasier Crane you kike shill

8bdcbc  No.12112673


The amount of threads they deleted for a legit interesting discussion was disgusting, I'm so fucking sick of their censorship of in that place…

Anyway check out this video on how to deal with npc's


start @ 20:16

4b3081  No.12112674


Fuck off asses and emos. Your opinion is invalid.

b41955  No.12112676


Just fyi you can post a link with a timestamp by pressing and if you click [▶ Show post options & limits] you can embed it.

669e2c  No.12112679


Perfectly normal.

674d68  No.12112683


Most the students are not in the 25%. Which fits I guess, I got classes of 22-28 through the day and theres usually like 5 or 6 kids who are either quiet or really on the ball, and they have the best grades.

Well discounting the ones sitting next to them.

b41955  No.12112684


*by pressing share on the youtube page. Accidentally hit up delete instead of ctrl+left delete

ab7b4a  No.12112685


its not separate from you, it isn't reminding yourself of all your failures in life, but YOU are reminding YOURSELF

0fe61d  No.12112686


Plain links are better in my opinion. It doesn't involve loading Google and Youtube scripts and it's convenient to paste into youtube-dl.

5b20d0  No.12112688


What parameters did they use to define what "people" are?

ab9169  No.12112690


>30 students

>large urban university

Look OP, I do believe that the vast majority of people don't like thinking about things, going so far as to drown out any thoughts with alcohol, music, social interaction, etc. Life's just easier that way. I do it myself when it's too god damn hot and life is just suffering.

But you gotta get a better source for this kinda stuff. This (((study))) is the reason why nobody takes psychology serious these days.

bd9ab9  No.12112691


Well I guess they won't really mind when they get hurled into inconceivable new worlds.

6e3a15  No.12112692


>NPC theory proven real

Wew lad….

b41955  No.12112694


I usually only use it for multi-linking.

4239a5  No.12112695


If they included niggers we know exactly why they lack the ability to effectively think.

bd9ab9  No.12112697

“The internal dialogue is what grounds people in the daily world. The world is such and such or so and so, only because we talk to ourselves about its being such and such and so and so. The passageway into the world of shamans opens up after the warrior has learned to shut off his internal dialogue”

― Carlos Castaneda, The Wheel of Time: The Shamans of Mexico Their Thoughts About Life Death & the Universe

95ed14  No.12112698

We need an IQ correlation now, please.

bd9ab9  No.12112701


> 30 students from a large urban university

b41955  No.12112702


The top comment on the jewtube vid is pretty much spot on.

9f5de1  No.12112703


Identify ONE urban university without substantial nigger population. You can't

050d61  No.12112704

what percent of the students at this "large urban university" were white or asian?

4239a5  No.12112708


We need that. There was also a fairly unscientific poll on cuck/pol/ asking people about their blood types in relation if they had the ability to effectively think. O+ and O- were in the lead from what I remember, although I know a strawpoll isn't exactly scientific.

bd9ab9  No.12112709


> learned to shut off his internal dialogue

Took me years of training and diligence. It can be done.

38f4cf  No.12112712

File: 4aebdf1240ea8f0⋯.jpg (114.59 KB, 412x400, 103:100, 4aebdf1240ea8f0d72437ec678….jpg)

But if they don't think in speech, how do they think?

4239a5  No.12112713


It can be done through meditation. Although the fact that there are people out there who don't need to do ANYTHING to shut it off is frightening. An internal dialogue should come naturally. It should take PRACTICE to completely remove it. It shouldn't be something that you're not born with.

4239a5  No.12112715


Instincts, much like animals.

8bdcbc  No.12112718


yup i experience this any time I'm with a normie friend, they will always bleep on about the same shit and if I try to change the record because I'm getting bored they either talk over me, change to completely unrelated topic than the one I'm trying to talk about or they just act all weird. Well now I know why they are like that, its because they are NPC's.

0dfcc5  No.12112719


Interesting, maybe this is where synesthesia comes from? Is it an evolutionary advantage or some sort of defect?

b41955  No.12112722


Probably a vestigial DNA sequence. Not thinking at higher levels would reduce the strain on the brain, like niggers, unevolved people would use this.

c174f7  No.12112724


I have known this for a long time. I'm only from my whole family who is not NPC.

Unfortunately, these people have no soul or whatsoever. No brain, no soul, no thinking, no heart… robot people just for the consume of this mechanised society.

b41955  No.12112725


The other part is pretty much antifa/sjws, only shouting, getting mad and throwing shitfits.

b768f0  No.12112726

I can see it. The undersized or unused neo-cortex means the more primitive mind dominates thought which isn't really thinking at all. It forms more immediate relations without visual or verbal/symbolic analysis. These people can perform such analysis as is evident by their lives, but without intervention they will not activate their neo-cortex and will live a more primitive existence.

f543ca  No.12112731


We need more than a single paper with a sample size of 30 for this to be believed.

bd9ab9  No.12112732



bd9ab9  No.12112735


"Studies" aka justifying their inflated budget.

a57874  No.12112737


read article, you NPC

d942e4  No.12112738




4239a5  No.12112739


I told some of my family members about this study today and asked them if they were able to think verbally. They all said they could but I don't know if I believe them or not.



b41955  No.12112740


Fuck off nigger they don't mention the other 2 in the first article, I had to dig to find links to the other 2. You need to read the article before telling someone else to. Fucking mongoloid.

f42ca0  No.12112743


it could be they were just niggers though, everyone already knows that they don't have human minds.

b41955  No.12112747


The urban university part pretty much settles that some/most were of the melanated persuasion.

4239a5  No.12112752


True but it's still something we need to be concerned about considering these animals are allowed to vote and are constantly manipulated by the Jews.

I wouldn't be surprised if the only racial groups able to think were Jews and Whites and all of history turned out to be these two racial groups fighting for supremacy with whites fighting for goodness, honor, and strength, while Jews fight simply for evil and fulfilling their own sadistic goals.

7adb30  No.12112761


likely conducted on 75% people of crime

3472ec  No.12112762

File: 2c3c597a6b972b0⋯.jpg (122.06 KB, 1280x1237, 1280:1237, tired reddit frog.jpg)

>You have to think in words or you're not human

How do you think people thought before language was a thing?

6a97ae  No.12112764


Pictographs, cave drawings, and feelings

f543ca  No.12112766


You mean the comment that only you see and which no one else sees because Google’s algorithm explicitly shows right-wing people right wing content and left-wing people left wing content and ONLY exactly what they want to see? That comment, you mean?

4239a5  No.12112767


They weren't people yet you nog. Language was an integral part of human evolutionary development.

b84723  No.12112768

File: f8aa50c83ba248c⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 335x600, 67:120, 1533783691980.jpg)

I really don't see why you get so worked up over this. Is there even a proven link between thinking in speech and cognitive ability?

f543ca  No.12112770


Hi. Kill yourself. This is /pol/. You need actual information here. We wouldn’t accept a 30 person study that says “faggots are normal and healthy.” We’re not going to accept or SPREAD this when it’s 30 fucking people in an ✡urban✡ environment and probably all niggers.

f543ca  No.12112772



Because you’re not one of us.

>proven link

Yes. You’re just subhuman.

bd9ab9  No.12112773

File: 0b68730a8752002⋯.jpg (24.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 6ab.jpg)


Meditation is bullshit. It's equivalent to being in a coma. But if it works for you, then by all means.

a57874  No.12112775


Your inner voice is a traitor to your spirit. Subdue that thing, already!

4239a5  No.12112776


Nice try NPC. Like I said, if you're not concerned by this than you're obviously not human.

b41955  No.12112777

I just thought about this: I remember some philosopher once said that the difference in language causes differences in how different races act and their morals etc. This would become interesting with people who never even think using words. If some people only think with shapes, emotions etc that would mean that art etc has a much greater ability to shape the minds of the masses than previously thought. If someone only thinks in images and the kikes push porno everywhere or if they think in emotions and the plays/movies etc are degenerate then getting through to them with words becomes almost impossible.

bd9ab9  No.12112778


Subdue it? Fucking nuke it from orbit.

4239a5  No.12112781

File: 79e3dca400e4fc3⋯.png (392.48 KB, 374x500, 187:250, oscar fashwave 1.png)


Nice trips. That's why aesthetics are important in moving the masses to our side.

f543ca  No.12112782


>strawman because he can’t answer my questions or address my concerns

>actually openly believes that faggots are normal and healthy

>because jews told him to


Reported. /pol/ is a board of truth. NPCs exist, you are one of them, and you don’t want us to have real sources to combat you.

f7cd3a  No.12112784


>When viewed language and mind as a whole system, it is evident that the functions of language are part of the brain system at the same time as being involved in the workings of the mind. Moreover, information is exchanged between language and each of perception, memory, and consciousness in both directions. Namely, language is involved in both reciprocal and recursive information exchange with each element of the mind. Since language is tightly linked to the mind, it would be more natural to assume that language is a part of the mind than to think it is an entity which exits outside the mind. The study of language is, in essence, to understand a part of the “human” mind. The more we study the language used by humans, the more we will understand the structure of the mind.


bd9ab9  No.12112787

File: 9f4cdf3d22d94dc⋯.jpg (20.86 KB, 300x316, 75:79, 9f4.jpg)

13abb6  No.12112789



How does one think if not in words? Pictures and shit? Like claymation gumby and pokey without the narration?

8bdcbc  No.12112791


I call this doing without thinking, its great for staying focused and getting shit done that needed to be done, but I would always return to the internal dialogue once I'm done doing shit.

4239a5  No.12112792

File: 7b274090359790b⋯.png (7.73 KB, 116x237, 116:237, npc.png)


hahahahahaha what a fucking faggot. Only a soulless NPC would react so emotionally as to report someone for exercising their freedom of speech. It's clear you react out of sheer emotion.

0bb9ab  No.12112794

We need to come up with a way to quickly identify these types of people. im guessing this is more prevalent in non-whites so thats a good way to judge. but there should be a question, or some kind of way to quickly identify these people….

should i just ask them?

4239a5  No.12112796


They probably won't tell you the truth.

f543ca  No.12112797


The mind of the NPC is as unfathomable to the human as vice versa. There’s an unbridgeable gulf of understanding between them that can only be fixed by the introduction of language into the NPC’s mind.


<projecting his own emotions onto others


Reported for calling NPCs normal.

b41955  No.12112798


Just off the top of my head, mixing things might work, like "think of the word blue in red text".

bd9ab9  No.12112801

Automatons masquerading as humans.

f7cd3a  No.12112803


Different parts of the brain operate at different levels for different tasks. When I'm shooting, for example, I'm not usually thinking in language – at least, not about the shooting. When I have some downtime, however, fully versed monologues just sort of pop into my head. Sometimes, I'll think the same passage over three or four times until it "sounds" perfect in my mind, as if it was being delivered to a crowd. Thanks for the inspiration, Hitler!

13abb6  No.12112805


> my inner voice became anglo for a period of time

What are you some kind of nigger?

f543ca  No.12112806

File: 0ac5fc144049627⋯.jpeg (97.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9DB2DE6C-73D8-4FF4-A903-9….jpeg)


You mean the test they give to children?

4239a5  No.12112809


I can play with the report function too nigger but I'm not going to do it because I'm not a soulless automaton like yourself. As I said before you fucking cattle, it's not the sample size that matters. It's the fact that these people even fucking exist that matters.

686e5d  No.12112810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Threadly reminder: Varg is always right

b41955  No.12112811


Perfect. That would trip up NPCs hard.

bd9ab9  No.12112812

f04dbf  No.12112813


I think a test for abstraction ability would be more appropriate. Because it could be that people capable of articulating raw thoughts into inner speech, indicates a higher degree of abstract thinking, maybe. If that's true then the reverse should be also true, that if you think of certain words instead, it should trigger a flood of abstract sensations which reveal insights to your own thought processes (as it would feedback the information by narrating the results).

0bb9ab  No.12112815


but in the study, they basically just asked them in a roundabout way.


you can easily do that without inner speech.

i think in my head constantly. i find it almost unfathomable that others dont.

a57874  No.12112816



Guy spends a lot of time rocking back and forth while he talks.

f543ca  No.12112817



Look at the little NPC trying to justify himself to himself. That’s cute.

<the sample size doesn’t matter goyim

<we surveyed one child rapist and he said he’s normal therefore he’s normal and we should legalize child rape


ee046b  No.12112818


what was that theory? that most "people" are actually just drones just part of the simulation and aren't even real people?

c174f7  No.12112820


This is why (((they))) hate /pol/-people where obviously some people still can think. They have forced and gathered them to same places in the deepest corners of Internet. These are the last places where people still can represent their ideas without censorship and maybe gain some understanding for their ideas, while at the same time some others are studying how these "last people" are thinking and learning.

I think the people who can think are the noble people of "TWICEBORN", who can't be corrupted because their ability to think by their own, that's why people how can think are the last enemy of (((those))) who want to enslave everybody else, but they can't enslave those who can make up their own.

TWICEBORN are the people, who born to body and also born "in mind". Kind of angels, spiritual kind of people.. living and seeing on those layers of existence.

b41955  No.12112822


Chinese whispers in your head might be another one.

514bb4  No.12112823


t. never meditated or will so weak you fell asleep during a time when you're supposed to be full of focused energy.

dbbaaa  No.12112826


Jesus Christ, how horrifying

b41955  No.12112827


Just ignore the anti-meditation shills, they don't want you to master memory palace and shit.

bd9ab9  No.12112828


I've meditated. It's not for me. I like battle.

70ec58  No.12112829


a study with that sample size is laughable. I'm inclined to think that yes, there are a lot of people that do not experience inner-speech. I don't know if the percentage would be that high in a more broad study. This is not new, however. Alexithymia has been around for a long while. And yes, the world has a lot of NPCs in it.

3472ec  No.12112830

File: 25bd284c6b906cd⋯.png (78.67 KB, 612x491, 612:491, ClipboardImage.png)

How the fuck do you think with language? Do you really just go

>Let's go to my car

>I am now gonna pick my key out of my pocket

>I am now going to use my key to unlock my car

>I am now opening the door

>I am now getting on to my seat

>I am now putting on seatbelts

4239a5  No.12112832


Alright fag, you want to report me 3 times because you don't like the fact that people are calling you out for being the NPC scum that you are. Fine, I finally reported you back. Now scurry along and go do your work for the Jews like a good little cattle.

f543ca  No.12112833


You can’t test for NPCs with that. It will give you a false negative with 99% of the whites given the test, whereas some of them would be NPCs. Whites are just genetically predisposed to abstract thought, and it’s not entirely based in the scope of a language. Niggers raised all their lives (five generations now) with English STILL cannot think in the abstract. It’s something fundamentally removed from them.

An NPC test will have to be tailored specifically to NPC qualities.

f543ca  No.12112835


>you work for the jews because you don’t blindly accept what jews tell you

Reported (because it triggers you)

c8cd47  No.12112836

Wow spoopy


f543ca  No.12112838



b41955  No.12112839



4239a5  No.12112840



0bb9ab  No.12112842


most people apparently arent capable of thought. theyre just a combination of actions/responses influenced by knowledge and emotions.


>he thinks about actions he needs to perform, and not the "meta" of his surroundings.

get aload of this NPC.

he cant even imagine what inner thought it like.

f543ca  No.12112843


Your shitpost made me notice I was saging for some reason. Fuck.

b41955  No.12112845


Was wondering about that lol.

3472ec  No.12112847


>and not the "meta" of his surroundings.

What the fuck do you mean? I am just confused

76c253  No.12112848

I find that when I'm thinking really quickly, the inner speech stuff drops away because it gets in the way. You have an awareness of concepts and their relations and you *could* add verbal labels to these things but it would only slow you down, so you keep moving. I don't think the inner speech is strictly required for thinking, perhaps it acts as an error-checking mechanism or an aid to memory and communication. I will use inner speech at the point where I have to slowly check some reasoning absolutely holds up, or I want to make sure I remember it, but when I'm rushing through a bunch of hairy thinking it's more of a hindrance.

4239a5  No.12112851


You're saging because you obviously want to cover this up, automaton.

514bb4  No.12112852


All right, but they're not exclusive.

b41955  No.12112854


If you want to remember something, use inner vision, not inner speech.

a57874  No.12112855


Reading comprehension is not in the cards for you either. I had no problem finding them…NPC

f543ca  No.12112856

File: 6f1144d2d3aa1bb⋯.jpeg (62.16 KB, 331x960, 331:960, 30584742-D7A1-412A-8B4A-D….jpeg)


Reported for spam now. You’re incapable of discussing the topic or presenting any scientific information when asked. You are useless to us and clearly an NPC.

ee046b  No.12112857


that explains alot anon

4239a5  No.12112859


Reported for abusing the report function. Enjoy your ban NPC.

69c29d  No.12112860

I once read Dianetics by Elron Hubbard, Scientology seems to be about turning off the inner voice, the reactive mind, as a form of self improvement.

4239a5  No.12112861


And that's how they turn people into their slaves.

76c253  No.12112862


Different people have different preferences, and it depends on the type of information.

A phone number for example, someone with a good musical memory is likely to remember it better as a bunch of sounds and rhythms, almost like a little melody. Someone with a highly developed visual sense might remember it better as an image.

b41955  No.12112863



>Q: So what are the fourth and fifth most-frequently-occurring features of pristine experience?

>A: You make my point: Psychological science, and probably most readers of this blog, don't know the main features of experience. And it's not that the remaining phenomena are minor, in fourth and fifth place after inner speech, inner seeing, and feeling. All five are in basically a five-way tie for first place. I'll describe features 4 and 5 are in subsequent blogs; in the meantime, I urge you to commit yourself to your speculation: send yourself a text (or jot down) a few words describing what you think are the fourth and fifth main phenomena of inner experience. Don't feel bad if you find that difficult-you're in good company.

Fuck off nigger. He literally says in the article "I'm not telling you, read my other blogs." Filtered.

f543ca  No.12112864


>reporting someone for refusing to answer questions he’s asked is abuse

This isn’t 4chan, faggot.

de09e9  No.12112865

File: c6af24cada3b88d⋯.png (2.87 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 58db80fac75bf8ca909118ed5e….png)

Sweet fucking lord that is terrifying.

I hope we can get a larger sample size, with possible sex and race groupings expressed.

I have trouble shutting up my internal voice, but I need it. That possibly most go without one explains so god damn much about the idiots in my life.

This justifies every structured hierarchical society to exist as better than universal suffrage democracy. I can't possibly trust someone who can't self reflect.

This also explains why it took until the middle ages for reading without speaking the words to catch on.

dbbaaa  No.12112867

>reading a book

>"visualize" the setting, characters

>like a movie playing from memory in your mind

Anyone else? Always made reading max /comfy/ for me.

f543ca  No.12112868


You’re an NPC because you asked for a larger sample size, don’t you know.

13abb6  No.12112869


Nigger detected

b41955  No.12112870


The hippocampus is most closely intwined with images. All memory athletes use the visualization method. Literally all of them. I've looked into the neuroscience a bit and it's universal.

38f4cf  No.12112872

File: 5154bd232204cb0⋯.png (370.89 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 5154bd232204cb07efd04d33f6….png)


Oh so this is how they think? They're only focusing the immediate actions they're preforming. Are they completely incapable of doing something and thinking about something else at the same time?

4239a5  No.12112873


I did answer your questions you fucking retarded bot. I said that the sample size isn't the important question here. What's important is that these people even fucking exist but you're clearly autistic so the point when right over your head. Of course I shouldn't expect anything other than canned reactions out of an NPC such as yourself.

f543ca  No.12112874


My brain-play of a book is always better than any movie made of it, but on subsequent reads I tend to allow the actors’ and actresses’ voices to be my head-characters’ voices, since I always kept them blank prior to that.

c8cd47  No.12112875


Humans have always had language, cunt

686e5d  No.12112877


>your inner voice

Which one?

f42ca0  No.12112878


I thought you people died off in the 00s

8bdcbc  No.12112879


pwahah ha ha ha…

Its Asynchronous thinking in words and not synchronous, in other words if I'm thinking with an internal dialogue, I could be doing physical actions but at the same time thinking about something completely different in the form of a conversation with no one, I can then decide to stop at a random place to buy something to eat on the way to my destination while I'm opening the car door , then change my mind because the inner voice said "nah I best save the money to buy some propper food from the super market" I then decide in words in my head to visit the super market on the way home.

ee7f02  No.12112880


This makes me think of how I always assumed non-sentient animals thoughts worked, just images and if they have it, emotion.

9f5de1  No.12112881



"Human language is unique among all forms of animal communication. It is unlikely that any other species, including our close genetic cousins the Neanderthals, ever had language, and so-called sign ‘language’ in Great Apes is nothing like human language. Language evolution shares many features with biological evolution, and this has made it useful for tracing recent human history and for studying how culture evolves among groups of people with related languages. A case can be made that language has played a more important role in our species’ recent (circa last 200,000 years) evolution than have our genes."



Abstract thinking at what level? Under the influence of LSD you see and feel emotions in terms of colors and at higher doses sounds.

4239a5  No.12112883

16ba70  No.12112884


What about me?

I'm colorblind.

b41955  No.12112886


Well you're fucked then.

f543ca  No.12112888


>I did answer

So you can point to the post where you linked to another study of a larger sample size, then. Feel free to do so.

>sample size isn’t important

Reported for wanting to legalize child rape because a single child rapist said he’s normal.

>what’s important is

No, you fundamentally do not understand what this discussion is about. Because you are an NPC.


You really oughtn’t have more than one.


Sapient, you mean. Humans are sapient, several species are sentient (meaning they recognize themselves as individuals), and the rest are sub-sentient. It’s really bothersome to have to think that some (white) humans (meaning humans, but I digress) are perhaps not even sapient. The concept of BEING an NPC is so foreign to real humans that we experience the same sort of “denial” that we did before knowing that niggers aren’t the same species. “But… they’re so SIMILAR to us!” And most people can get away with thinking that, because the truth hurts their feelings too much to overcome.

ee7f02  No.12112892


Ah yeah that is what I meant, if this study has merit this is honestly disturbing, I've always just assumed everyone else has the inner monologue going all the time.

4239a5  No.12112895


I don't have another study. As I said, that's not the point of this thread. The point of this thread is to point out that these people exist and you should be concerned about it. The fact that you're reporting this thread tells me you're trying to bury it which is more evidence that you're an NPC.

ee046b  No.12112898



I can see anon now







still counts I guess

4239a5  No.12112901


Also reported for trying to bury this thread and continuously submitting false reports.

0bb9ab  No.12112904

File: f4120db2f1ef7e2⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, b081d894646e15d4049eb230c0….png)


i dont know, dont you think about things? while im driving im usually thinking about various things. thinking about memories, things i want to do, things around me i notice, things that should change, etc etc etc.



sorry man, dotr comes; you gotta go.

i hope you understand.

3472ec  No.12112906


Oh you mean it like that. But even then I think visually most of the time, thinking about things I want to do later on.

13abb6  No.12112908


>When I'm shooting, for example, I'm not usually thinking in language – at least, not about the shooting.

I just realized this is why they're so good at sports.

When I'm shooting a basketball, I'm thinking about so many possibilities that I often "get in my own head" and miss an easy shot or at the buzzer, taking a shot I'll think about what happens if I make/miss it.

Niggers don't think, so they just do the movement that they've practiced continuously like a soulless robot. The only external factors coming into play are literally external factors. Their mind never gets in the way.

Holy shit we're sharing the road with these things! They operate on instinct and feeling without being able to think 2 steps ahead. I'm pretty sure my dog, who knows not to jump out of a moving truck, has more inner-dialogue than niggers. I've seen a video where they just step out of a car going 40+ miles an hour without realizing it doesn't work that way.


3472ec  No.12112909


I just misunderstood, sorry.

196d07  No.12112910


most of the users of /pol/ are NPCs too.

f3ef2b  No.12112911

so normies are literally subhuman NPCs?

b41955  No.12112916


I'd say that's probably a bit below half if you filter out the JIDF and sharia blue.

74d007  No.12112917

File: 64d4fc474923a18⋯.jpg (156.88 KB, 501x585, 167:195, Shlomo Shekelstein.jpg)

Soulless golems

0bb9ab  No.12112918


most of the users are the same ((("person"))) on /pol/

ee046b  No.12112919

>>12112911 (checked)

bretty much 9/11 dubs guy

f543ca  No.12112920


>I don’t have another study

So until such time as another study with a larger sample size and broader scope is done, your abject lunacy needs to be put on hold. Thank you for admitting you have been completely incapable of replying to me or anything I’ve said thus far and that you have been SPAMMING THE THREAD.


You’re not on 4chan. We deal in fact here.


Yeah, we’ve been flooded with redditors lately.

df18c2  No.12112923


Fucking NPC.

13abb6  No.12112924


This explains the ridiculously high suicide rate in whites vs nogs when most whites would kill themselves if they had to live as a nog.

This explains so much!

f543ca  No.12112926


Goalless solums.

8bdcbc  No.12112927

File: 4ab53d6b49fdee8⋯.jpg (133.53 KB, 931x486, 931:486, 5345345.jpg)

4239a5  No.12112930


Once again your autism has caused you to miss the point entirely. Have a good day NPC.

13abb6  No.12112933


Come one man, you gotta tell us what ethnicity you are. It's for science!

b41955  No.12112935

c8cd47  No.12112936

Good work boys, the normalfaggot/niggr problem will not get in our way to do what is Reich

6e3a15  No.12112940



As far as I can remember (I'm in my early 30s) I've ALWAYS thought with language. How the fuck do these "people" even function? How can they even "think" without language?


>so normies are literally subhuman NPCs?

Yes. They may look human, but they technically aren't since they aren't sentient beings. It's quite amazing and shocking really.

db0340  No.12112942


Damn 4shit clickbait, but I'll reply anyway. Some people are born npcs, but the jewish media and culture fills the ego with external products: Nintendo switch, star wars, trans otherkin, trotskyist, Aston mini. That's what these people are. Their personality is their things.

This study is as if you took a population and failed to teach them to read, then along comes a study and it shows most of that population can't read. Some will never have the iq to read, but most will be able to read and excel, they were just never taught this. Having a soul and internal substance is a skill, just like reading. You have to practice it.


Think about talking in pidgin. You'd become a 80 iq subhuman. Language is the cultures mind bruv. Lol smh fam.

3472ec  No.12112943


White Mongolian

0bb9ab  No.12112944



>sockpuppet accounts on a site made for suckpuppets

>talking about being sockpuppets

this is not shocking

and the "until now" part is concerning. its just evidence that NPCs can start mimicking real people.

c174f7  No.12112947


>How the fuck do these "people" even function?

They don't "function". They just act within the society and it's enough to "survive" in it. Slave mentality.

a57874  No.12112948


Since your internal dialog is basically your conscious mind, who in the shit would volunteer to turn it off.

This is such a fucking kike psyop it is pathetic.

You guys run this game on Europeans whenever you can. This one and 'ego is bad' so you should get rid of it. FUCK YOU GUYS I FUCKING HATE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO DO…attempting to lobotomized legitimate humans into being dead before their time so that you are the only ones with conscious thoughts. SERIOUSLY FUCK YOU AND KYS.


109b2f  No.12112952


This is legitimately scary. This cunt really had no idea that his friends existed unless they were right in front of him? How the fuck can these devils even function?

b41955  No.12112953


My first thought the moment I achieved consciousness was "I exist" so seeing that story was rather amusing. An NPC evolving.

ee046b  No.12112955


wew lad

2c310e  No.12112957


Anon, if you do talk to yourself you're already insane. You just try to comfort yourself from the reality you already know. I have the same thing, everyone else is just more insane

13abb6  No.12112958


I was in "special ed" until I found out that putting information down in red ink against a white background makes me never forget the information. To this day, I remember everything that I see written in red against a white background. Spoopy, really.

The point to me saying this is I know people that don't do well with visual learning. I would have to change study partners often to find other visual learners like myself. I was paired mostly with Chinese (not Asian, but Chinese specifically) people for study group sessions. I learned to use an abacus by putting a white background behind it.

I know a lot of Chinese people think with internal dialogue. I practically grew up with several of them.

6e3a15  No.12112962


>They just act within the society and it's enough to "survive" in it.

Yeah I get this but since they aren't sentient, how can they know?

For example, imagine an NPC is trying to cross a road, and a car approaches at speed. How does it know when to cross the street given that he has no voice inside telling him? How does it grasp fear and/or danger?

4239a5  No.12112968


They rely on pure instinct in the same way that a bird instinctively flies out of the way right before a car is about to hit it.

f04dbf  No.12112969


Mainly the ability to translate abstract concepts into language. So if a person experiences a small amount of stimuli of seemingly disjointed abstracts without further prompting, their mind should be to construct something cohesive out of it immediately. Because I imagine the same thing is happening with those who have inner voices but with memories. A few abstracts loosely from memories being recalled during stimuli results in their minds sending that data off to language processing, which then constructs a coherent statement from it. In a way the mind is running thoughts by the language center to further scrutinize such thoughts prior to decision making.

3472ec  No.12112971

I think visually all the time and rarely use words, am I an NPC?

4239a5  No.12112972



I also wouldn't be surprised if these people were overwhelmingly sensors as opposed to intuitives on the MBTI.

0bb9ab  No.12112973


do you not identify those things with words on a sub-level of thought?

d42a0d  No.12112975


Yeah I don't know, I find that very hard to believe. Is there such thing as modern day man without a soul. They're just flesh,filler to fill in the world. Jesus does say “Verily I say unto you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh is born of flesh, but spirit is born of the Spirit" So who knows?


That's why it takes me a month to finish a book and my sisters a week. They think its weird to sit back and imagine it all

4239a5  No.12112976


Do you have the ability to think using dialogue? Or can you do both? Because a healthy person should be able to do both.

fa0792  No.12112978

File: 21dd81e5370ef69⋯.jpg (262.93 KB, 934x534, 467:267, hitler quote emotion reaso….jpg)

relevant quote

c8cd47  No.12112981

File: 4c339b1ab41d881⋯.png (1.14 MB, 2160x1440, 3:2, Screenshot (35).png)

theyre on to us

69c29d  No.12112982



>Since your internal dialog is basically your conscious mind, who in the shit would volunteer to turn it off.

A lot of people have a hostile inner voice, think drunks , it's where the expression demon rum comes from.

e0f866  No.12112984


i remember the exact moments i got my inner speech. the first time i was sitting on the floor in my stepmothers kitchen (i was very young in both of these) getting beaten as usual and i remember yelling "FUCK YOU" to her in my mind. the second time and the time that made the speech permanent was we were walking out of my daycare center and she was mad at me for some reason and she was pulling on my hair really hard from behind. i said the exact same thing to her but in my brain hole.

subscribe to my blog

b41955  No.12112987


Pretty short for a blogpost. I'd give it 9/11.

f543ca  No.12112989


>stop thinking

>stop thinking

>stop thinking

>stop thinking


The worst part is that it's working.

4239a5  No.12112990


>stop spending so much time in your head

>stop thinking goy!


6e3a15  No.12112991


>This is legitimately scary.

It absolutely is legitimately scary. I've been here since the first exodus and this is honestly one of the most intense threads I've ever read and God knows the stuff being posted and discussed on /pol/ isn't exactly benign.


>They rely on pure instinct in the same way that a bird instinctively flies out of the way right before a car is about to hit it.

I honestly wonder how that works. Do you know the movie Strange Days? 90s cyberpunk cult movie? I'd love to have one of those little VR things to feel like an NPC for an hour or two. I can't wrap my head around this.

b41955  No.12112996


Someone needs better opsec.



0bb9ab  No.12112999


i love how they equate these 5 things

>does my nigger boyfriend love me? or am i just an accessory

>what if i fair, is this worth the risk?

> :( these are sad things

> my life is over :(

> i suck :(

so stop thinking about any of these things. theyre clearly all voices to be dismissed.



dont confuse this with "you are not your brain"

4239a5  No.12113003

File: 74293960e425f7a⋯.png (175.63 KB, 1329x529, 1329:529, stop thinking goy.png)


I just got the same goddamn thing

f543ca  No.12113004


>I understand the concept that my friends are still "existing" even if they're not in sight


3472ec  No.12113007


Of course I do, how can someone look at a fence without the word "fence" popping up?

b41955  No.12113008


What is this pocket shit and why do you have a tracker in your browser?

b768f0  No.12113009


You obviously missed the plot where they were specifically addressing compulsive thought and feelings. The book is an abomination of corrupted knowledge to control people, but the theory of analytic and reactive mind and that compulsive thought may be manipulated in the reactive mind is pure gold. Though, I suppose people that didn't suffer child abuse won't understand the book or what is true or false about it. It's definitely false that any sort of help or parter is needed, especially from the church of CIA.

b41955  No.12113010


He'd probably fail the mirror test too…

4239a5  No.12113011


Pretty sure it's some bullshit built into with firefox.

13abb6  No.12113012


Do this! Get a soul!


b84723  No.12113015


You realize illiterate people will get perfect score on this, right?

c52bfa  No.12113016

File: 90a2322ea732557⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 320x566, 160:283, th.jpg)

File: 5466d495b217780⋯.jpg (283.23 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 100324_Consciousness_accor….jpg)


Read this for a taste of Aryan psychology. In a word: metaphor. Basically all of consciousness is metaphor that translates abstraction into a space-time microcosm inside your mind. Take the word 'understand' as an example—you are standing under the thing you know. A synonym would be 'grasp', also a metaphor, in which knowledge is in your hand. When you start to pick language apart, you realise that there is nothing that can be 'understood' without reference to this space-time microcosm.

b41955  No.12113017


Ah, okay. I only use heavily modded browsers so I remove all of that shit. My security was actually so high I had to disable one of the filters to even post here because it couldn't tell 8ch that I did indeed pass the captcha.

3472ec  No.12113018


I can do both yes, I just think with visuals more.

a57874  No.12113019


IDK either…I have been close to people my whole life who maintained that they weren't thinking about 'anything' when I asked. And I would politely explain to them that it was IMPOSSIBLE to 'not think about nothing'…that there is no point ever in which my mind is silent or not creating chains of ideas, images, thoughts and dialog. And they said, 'no, they were literally, not thinking of anything.' I simply couldn't imagine that this was truth. I still ask like once a week when I see that 'powered down' look come on…'What are you thinking?' And I get the same answer. 'Nothing.' Only now I believe that they really are thinking about 'nothing'. That there is no inner dialog going on in there…nothing…they are literally thinking of 'nothing'. That is so scary. I asked one time, how do your thoughts start back up if you are thinking about 'nothing' (because mine are chained together, each one leading to the next thought or idea) and they couldn't answer me…they didn't have any idea what prompted them to think again when their thinking was turned off or any ability to self start it anymore.

This might also be why solipsism is so hated by all the Earths religions. It denies NPC have validity by acknowledging that you are the only living/knowing entity, which honestly seems like a perfectly valid response to me and if examine closely the only valid response to any inquiry. It seems like people don't want to admit that they are ALONE trapped in infinity ALONE FOREVER…but there is no point in denying what is true if it is TRUE.

4239a5  No.12113020


You're human then.

0bb9ab  No.12113022


well then…. reread what you wrote and answer your own question

e6f30e  No.12113029

File: 76b74357c7268a3⋯.jpeg (16.74 KB, 495x475, 99:95, received_1871339126291990.jpeg)


That's a demon you retard, not your inner voice. Get rid of that shit ASAP

4239a5  No.12113030


>I have been close to people my whole life who maintained that they weren't thinking about 'anything' when I asked

To be fair, some people lie, when you asked them that question they could have been thinking about pussies and didn't want to come off as a pervert or make the conversation akward. In my case, when I say I'm "not thinking about anything" it's because I'm lying because I'm thinking about something like how much I'd rather live in Nazi Germany or thinking about how much I hate niggers and kikes. Other than that though I agree with your post.

ee046b  No.12113031


you just reminded me of this

"Aphantasia: A life without mental images"

"Close your eyes and imagine walking along a sandy beach and then gazing over the horizon as the Sun rises. How clear is the image that springs to mind?

Most people can readily conjure images inside their head - known as their mind's eye.

But this year scientists have described a condition, aphantasia, in which some people are unable to visualise mental images.

Niel Kenmuir, from Lancaster, has always had a blind mind's eye.

He knew he was different even in childhood. "My stepfather, when I couldn't sleep, told me to count sheep, and he explained what he meant, I tried to do it and I couldn't," he says.

"I couldn't see any sheep jumping over fences, there was nothing to count."

Our memories are often tied up in images, think back to a wedding or first day at school.

As a result, Niel admits, some aspects of his memory are "terrible", but he is very good at remembering facts.

And, like others with aphantasia, he struggles to recognise faces.

Yet he does not see aphantasia as a disability, but simply a different way of experiencing life."


lack of the minds eye or third eye? another sign of soulless automatons?

6e0dd2  No.12113032


>large urban university

So niggers have no inner monologue and don't recognize themselves in a mirror until 6 years old. Why are they even considered human?

3472ec  No.12113037


I can't really answer it, that just doesn't make sense to me doesnt make sense. I associate words with visuals and visuals with words and I'm pretty sure most other people do.

4239a5  No.12113039


Because (((they))) say they're human.

aada80  No.12113040

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Real conscious person (avatar) is conducted by two voices and inbedded unconsciouss moral principles (archetypes).

Louder voice (thought) is local wired autonomous automata (brain) function. Tiny voice from behind of your head is voice of your soul, voice of your player.

Embedded morality principles are what connect us to the source.

There are few people who are avatars. Who have player. Others are simple boots. Scene, nothing more. Like fishes, ants, birds, etcetra.

Boots are regulated localy. They have their local rule set, their simple motions, left right, eat sleep patterns, emotions..

Most people are just not consciouss and dont know what I am talking about. Yes, Simulated reality.

Also. Did you anons really think, nigger is capable to think with words? I am surprised, nobody mention that those 25% are niggers. Nigger is fucking animal. Animals dont think. For thinking neocortex is needed. Pure nigger doesnt have neocortex, just simple mamal brain.

522aa2  No.12113042

File: def1995f246d22f⋯.png (212.86 KB, 851x876, 851:876, def1995f246d22fa3aa14879df….png)


>how does thinking work

Jesus fucking Kek. You don't need to have an inner dialogue to do mundane physical tasks, muscle memory handles that. Inner dialogue is for exploring complex topics that have multiple outcomes.

>I want to do X

>But X costs a lot of money

>I could use that money to do both Y and Z

>Y is good for my fitness goals and Z is something I need to do

>However, X has a 15% probability of having a really good outcome thats more valuable than Y and Z combined

>But which of these is best for mein volk?

>What is most important for the volk in general?

>Why does the need of the volk outweigh my personal preferences?

>Therefore, what's my best course of action between X, Y and Z?

>Or is there another option I've missed?


I never thought I'd have to explain how thinking works. Fucking clown world NPCs. On a tangent, is ending the process of a non-conscious NPC less moral than shutting down a chatbot or killing a chicken? If so, why? Furthermore, knowing that so many people are automatons, how can we use this to our advantage? Or should we?

0bb9ab  No.12113045


i often say nothing. even when my mind is racing. youre better off asking if they think inside their own head using words.


>I can't really answer it

youre either stupid, or you didnt ask. or youre in a thread and have no idea what it's about… which is it?

659d83  No.12113046


>illiterate people

>reading instructions

76c253  No.12113050


That's a very specialized task, though. Memory athletes have developed efficient tricks for storing well-defined data sets, like a sequence of cards or numbers. That doesn't apply to other types of data. Musicians certainly don't remember a long piece of music visually (sometimes the large-scale structure of a piece, yes, but not the smaller-scale chords and melodies). And things that involve fine motor control like tying knots or playing guitar chords aren't stored visually, even though they might use visual cues initially as a teaching aid. Like I said, it depends on the type of information and how well-developed the particular sense is in the individual.

fa0792  No.12113051


>i have discovered yet another reason why negroes are superior to the white man at sports!

have some self respect. you just have poor control over your own mind. try meditation

>inb4 some npc says "mediation turns you into one of us" or some other cope such as "i enjoy foggy clutter and tangled knots".

also unless you're a mormon stop playing basketball wtf is wrong with you

e8c300  No.12113054

File: e719614acabbae4⋯.jpg (36.72 KB, 540x327, 180:109, NPC NIGGERS.jpg)

bro i just got banned from cuckchan /pol/ for…………. racism. wtf?

b41955  No.12113055


You're talking about tasks rather than information. Motor function is different to info.

3472ec  No.12113056

File: 7537c943a693ff5⋯.png (28.42 KB, 656x755, 656:755, ClipboardImage.png)


>youre either stupid

Probably that.

e0f866  No.12113058


proof nao

e8c300  No.12113062


here. what the fuck is going on with the mods there? i'll screengrab my post that got me banned

686e5d  No.12113063


>You really oughtnt have more than one


b41955  No.12113065


Do you really need proof that cuckchan janitors just fling shit around and call it cleaning?

e8c300  No.12113070

File: d7f914d7a955dbf⋯.png (120.99 KB, 975x573, 325:191, banned.png)


oops, forgot the image. brainlet moment

76c253  No.12113073


It is information, though. A musical score is information, and a musician who can replicate a score has inarguably stored that information.

f543ca  No.12113075



Welcome to 4 years ago. Go the fuck away, retard.

3472ec  No.12113076

File: 6f0b364ec965c84⋯.png (16.19 KB, 725x616, 725:616, trust me, im a mod.png)

0bb9ab  No.12113077

File: 06d871d3ad4c510⋯.png (283.05 KB, 603x686, 603:686, 06d871d3ad4c510ad477486b71….png)

File: 624c6fe46ba329b⋯.jpg (50.38 KB, 685x567, 685:567, 1420007945699.jpg)

File: 9b435924e6a110d⋯.png (143.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 36c67cf603670d027a5a2ed3b0….png)


this is the new symbol of white supremacy. because non whites dont even understand what this symbol is depicting.

b41955  No.12113079


A musical score is muscle memory. You can memorize the music visually all you want but at the end of the day you use your body to perform it.

e6f30e  No.12113082


Kek, I remember having this exact experience when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I always assumed it just meant i was "old enough to be sentient" at that point. Anyone else remember something similar?

3472ec  No.12113083


But the first image contains a non-white thinking

74d007  No.12113085


Same with me. I came to 8chan /pol/ today.

a94b68  No.12113086


>267 replies

>44 are yours

kill yourself

e8c47b  No.12113087


>Posted Oct 26, 2011

13abb6  No.12113088


>have some self respect. you just have poor control over your own mind. try meditation

That's another point,, though. When it matters, I have no problem shutting off and slowing time. I can put .308 rounds on top of each other at 400 meters open sight, but playing a game with buddies, I don't necessarily want to turn my inner-dialogue off.

When it matters, it just happens and when things get really hairy, I remember chapter-like narrations that went through my head in a split second. Even being drowned, right as I the world was turning black I was able to think, 'Well, fuck it. If I die at least I died trying." (assault swimmers course military)

659d83  No.12113089

Sometimes I use "we" instead of "I" when I'm referring to myself during inner speech. As a child I found out that it is easier to analyze a situation/subject if you can see it as an argument between viewpoints.

0bb9ab  No.12113090




try thinking.

a57874  No.12113092


I could see this being a measure of an individual's susceptibility to experiencing cognitive dissonance but other than that I am not sure what other value it would bring to the table. >>12112884

Don't worry about color blindness. Humans didn't always see the color that we now see day to day. Just means you are a slightly earlier version of the model (as long as your thinking is ok you are good). We have actually recorded the time periods in human history where they began seeing in color and which colors spread in human vision at what periods of history. They tracked it back through literature and found that blue and red were the same color to all humans during particular periods etc etc. And that in the oldest literature there is no mention of colors at all. We are constantly evolving to more refined experiences (I think this is one of the main reasons why I find the kike offensive to race mix us backwards to animal degeneracy so revolting).

e8c300  No.12113094

File: bd39d479fa2c842⋯.jpg (264.9 KB, 803x1077, 803:1077, 1536239761409.jpg)


what's it like being an NPC?



if niggers are incapable of abstract thought do they.. have 'feelings'? has anyone ever seen a nigger actually be genuinely hurt?

b41955  No.12113095




Looks like I'm not the only one.

4753a7  No.12113097


I think something like 25% of people that graduate high school are illiterate? Do any anons have a source for that? It makes sense. There were a lot of people in high school and even college that still seemed to be just sounding out each letter as they read versus actually just looking at a whole thing and being able to comprehend it.

76c253  No.12113099


It's not muscle memory. I can hear a melody and then play it on a variety of different instruments, and transpose it into different keys that involve different fingerings. That's not muscle memory.

8bdcbc  No.12113101


they started shutting down these threads on 4cuck once anons started discussing ways in which to exploit the npc's. "Its okay to be white" was a fine example of how these brainwashed NPC's can react to the word white wrote on a piece of paper stuck to a wall, we could have much fun with these soul less robots.

13abb6  No.12113102


Mice breed in quantity to offset high casualty rates. Niggers are the same, I suppose.

00435d  No.12113103


Anon, I suggest creating a "success journal".

Every evening or morning you think about the things that went right the previous/current day, your successes and achievements. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant. If you need to debate whether to write it down, go ahead and write it down.

This will create a document which you can reference to yourself, to prove that you are competent and deserve to be confident in your own abilities. Most people forget the things they are good and successful at, which makes it easy to constantly criticize oneself.

Go ahead and try it! It'll only take 10 each morning/evening and will make your live that much better.

0bb9ab  No.12113104


>has anyone ever seen a nigger actually be genuinely hurt?

animals also feel hurt. thats not really a good measure of higher brain function.

f04dbf  No.12113105


Depends on context. For instance if you're fleeing from imminent danger, instinct would prioritize sensory predictions and execution of actions best for any instant. The process would be so fast and mostly subconscious that you wouldn't really be self-aware of it. Same applies to highly repetitive tasks where you don't need to think of the words "light switch" as you switch it on and off. You would think of it in words if you considering an action relating to it though.

f543ca  No.12113106


>you're an NPC because you left cuckchan 4 years ago and never went back

Kill yourself.

> do they.. have 'feelings'

A better question is whether they think of themselves as individuals. We know they don't pass the mirror test for YEARS; perhaps they… don't REALLY pass it ever.

b41955  No.12113107


If you're using multiple instruments to play the same melody here's what's happening in your brain.


C, A, B#, G etc


Press fingers like so.

e8c300  No.12113108

File: ab216c76120b3dc⋯.jpg (68.83 KB, 768x960, 4:5, niggers_are_npcs_explains_….jpg)


i'm not necessarily talking about physical pain, more emotional. if they're robbing a little old lady they clearly don't feel bad about it, do they have actual 'feelings'?

by the way on the scale of sentience i would put animals much higher than niggers in general.

29a049  No.12113109


This isn’t really scary more so interesting. The fact that this is from a urban university implies that non whites and non Asians might not have the mental capability to think in consistency. To me this might be the next chapter in race realism.

4753a7  No.12113110


Usually when I say "nothing" to the "what are you thinking question?" I mean nothing important. I'll be thinking about what i'm going to have for lunch, if I need to buy toilet paper on my way home, muh feelz, that kind of thing.

e8c47b  No.12113114


If you're familiar with Egoraptor this should not surprise you.

91fa53  No.12113116


Confirmation, asian=bug "people."

a0880c  No.12113118


Mine was when I was 2 or 3 years old I think. My family kept talking about how out of control and naughty I was before that, but I still can't remember a goddamn thing about those times.

But before I attended junior Kindergarten, I'd remember waking up from a nightmare, where I fell down a cliff. Literally the first day of my life, as in starting to control myself and forming thoughts with words and instincts.

Crazy shit.

e8c300  No.12113120

File: 2573da288395ed7⋯.jpg (219.18 KB, 768x1244, 192:311, 0b39b77e4f31fec8d8dfb93d4b….jpg)


oh right, i used to post there a lot and stopped for a long time only went back yesterday. surprised people are getting banned for "racism" now. i only made a post asking what we can do about the mongrel pandemic.

>A better question is whether they think of themselves as individuals. We know they don't pass the mirror test for YEARS; perhaps they… don't REALLY pass it ever.

KEK do they not? do you have a sauce? my last post about putting animals above niggers on the sentience scale was right then. even elephants recognize themselves in the mirror! i honestly don't think niggers are self-aware and think they're individuals. i think they just…. exist, the same way a crocodile exists. they run purely on a lizard-like brain instinct.

76c253  No.12113121


I could play it with my nose, which is something I haven't trained to do, so it's not muscle memory.

Or I could input it straight into a music program.

None of this is muscle memory in the traditional sense of learning particular sequences of movements using particular muscle groups - and I'm not "imagining" playing it physically and converting that into an alternate form, so muscle memory isn't being used in that sense. I can reproduce the information in ways that use muscles I've never used for this particular task, and in novel ways. So it's not muscle memory. Information has being stored, and I can manipulate that information before reproducing it. It doesn't have to be a string of numbers or a set of cards.

659d83  No.12113122


Is it even possible to do calculus inside your head without inner speech?

A simple addition of 2 two-digit numbers would do the trick.

76ee71  No.12113125

I talk to other people in sleep while knowing i'm talking to myself while knowing that i'm sleeping

b41955  No.12113126


I can still remember flashes, images of places I saw before I achieved consciousness. That's about it. Those "flashbacks" also evoke emotion.

0bb9ab  No.12113127

File: c868b6582aff9bb⋯.png (324.81 KB, 691x722, 691:722, 217837da56fc2bad9019e360ce….png)


i know a nigger with a doctorate in mathematics. that did stuff like that in his youth.. he was "just a kid" at 25. didnt know what he was doing.

niggers arent people. this isnt new info.

a0880c  No.12113129


I sometimes spell it out for myself too. Just a quite mumbling to tell me to do something.

Wild shit.

3472ec  No.12113130


Weirdly enough, for me it started as me imagining two radio hosts commentating on my life.

056fdd  No.12113131


Why do you think that, whenever caught and confronted for their actions, they just mindlessly drone on about how they dindu nuffin? They literally can't comprehend what is right and wrong.

27e30e  No.12113133


I've thought in written words before. Usually that's just how I do basic math in my head. I visualize the characters and equation.

b41955  No.12113136


I'm not that good at explaining this particular interaction. If anyone else is a bit more versed in the neuroscience they can probably explain it better.

4753a7  No.12113140


Similar, I remember having imaginary friends that were my inner thoughts. One would tell me their scared of the dark and needed me to turn their light on, etc. That kind of thing at like 3 or 4. But even then I understood they were imaginary and it was just my thoughts.

fa0792  No.12113141


yeah this part is pretty crazy. are animals like this as well? when i was little i used to wonder if dogs had a consciousness or whatever since they were not capable of english, so i thought how could they have experience and perception and whatnot if there's no inner dialogue. i guess i eventually figured that it's just how a person would be except minus the imaginary speaking; so just instinctual reactions and maybe some visualizations with brain functions going on in the background of these experiences.

but this fucking person here just stated that she wasnt capable of object permanence. and then there's also the whole thing about negroes not being able to recognize themselves in a mirror. i have to rethink this stuff now. i dont understand how you can be capable of literacy yet not have object permanence.


>Having a soul and internal substance is a skill, just like reading. You have to practice it.

seems like this could easily factor into reincarnation theory (the state that you're in at the time of death is a significant contributer to where you will end up in the next life)

a0880c  No.12113143


That is nice. I would like to remember the wooden cage my parents would put me in when I was out of control. They told me that I would put my hand down my throat to throw up and get them to come and release me.

2-3 years old me going full chimp out with actual self harm on the old man and old lady. Kek. It's still rather easy to get me to puke today, if something disgusting caught me by surprise and jump scare.

But I remember lividly my "awakening" though. So that is nice.

29460b  No.12113148


>that pic

Its just like me at work

b41955  No.12113150


I'm not sure if you mean vividly or lividly considering, lol.

0bb9ab  No.12113151

File: 6892559ae8215bf⋯.png (666.52 KB, 766x597, 766:597, Pale Moon.png)


its like me literally all day tbh….

629c68  No.12113155

File: 2e1b3fb60d591a3⋯.png (324.13 KB, 497x354, 497:354, ClipboardImage.png)

This explains why some people can sleep like babes their whole life meanwhile I toss and turn every night.

b41955  No.12113156


Yeah, one of the NPC theories is that there's too many people for the amount of souls.

f04dbf  No.12113157


My honest answer to that question would be, "I'm analyzing the intent of your question and the consequences on how I answer it." So I just say "nothing" or bullshit them on an answer I think they want to hear, far less complicated.

e8c300  No.12113160

File: 82390b7b11a7c6e⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1460x1929, 1460:1929, 1523465551829.png)


thanks anon, interesting. how does this affect mongrels i wonder? if it averages out at 3 years old or it gets randomized and some at 15 months some at 6 years


true, and his ape family. "he wuzza gud boi" regardless of how heinous the crime committed!

014abe  No.12113161


They have no natural concept of morality because they lack abstract thinking skills.


e8c300  No.12113162

File: 01a580bb8df7c78⋯.png (92.39 KB, 1047x415, 1047:415, niggers_arent_human.png)


thanks anon, interesting. how does this affect mongrels i wonder? if it averages out at 3 years old or it gets randomized and some at 15 months some at 6 years


true, and his ape family. "he wuzza gud boi" regardless of how heinous the crime committed!

if niggers aren't really sentient and alive then what we do to them doesn't really matter, can exterminating them ever really be viewed as a 'crime'? or would it fall under animal rights :bigthink:

13abb6  No.12113164


>) getting beaten as usual

My first recollection of inner-dialogue was when my mom was taking me to preschool on her way to work. I remember shouting to myself, "NO! You can't let her take you there!" and then I started screaming in the car. I was a McMartin kid (look it up if you have to) and we were sent to the county courthouse shortly after to meet with a detective.

I wonder if trauma might have anything to do with bringing it out or possibly it's just age? Maybe it's just that's the first time we remember having inner-dialogue since it was a traumatic moment? We just don't remember the mundane shit before that.

c52bfa  No.12113165

File: 72cd2158af94bea⋯.jpg (23.67 KB, 540x417, 180:139, lolwut?.jpg)


>I understand the concept that my friends are still "existing" even if they're not in site by thinking about their names.

a0880c  No.12113166


Not my first language

vividly, of course


The awakening was so strange yet felt so right. I woke up on the bed of my parents, saliva all over my face, probably did some mischief. Literally thought to myself "what happened" nightmare about falling off a cliff, "what did I do", yet still knowing who is in my family and who the neighbors are.

Shit is dope to talk about!

5417ff  No.12113167

I can't imagine operating on pure impulse, being a complete soulless drone.

b41955  No.12113170


For me it was my birthday and I went "I exist", blew out the cake and my brother said "let's go to anon's house" and I thought to myself "Who is anon? I know who he is. How do I know? Who was in control of my body until now".

7c7722  No.12113171

File: ce48ed6a0819961⋯.gif (30.66 KB, 500x492, 125:123, 1535927482084.gif)


>Go ask guy on side of the street what the weather is giving for later

>"I saw a mudcrab the other day"

Every fucking time.

6bd4d8  No.12113173



i had my very first political debate with a friend the other day. i usually go to bed at midnight but since then i stay up for hours after just laying in bed thinking about how right hitler was

sometimes i wish i never clicked that /pol/ button on cuckchan 2 years ago

f543ca  No.12113174

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> are animals like this as well?

I don't know about animals and object permanence, but there are only a dozen or so species that we've proven are sentient. That means they understand themselves as an individual, separate from others of their own species. Dogs pass the mirror test, occasionally. Cats don't. Crows do almost instantly. They're fucking amazing. Gorillas… don't. Chimps do. Dolphins do. I forget the rest. I think pigeons do, which is extremely strange.

> i guess i eventually figured that it's just how a person would be except minus the imaginary speaking;

This is still anthropomorphization. We have huge amounts of trouble understanding that others aren't like us, so we try to project ourselves onto them.


>do you have a sauce

This article: >>12113127

As well as this video


says the literal soyboy



aada80  No.12113175


You cant?

Go out and look around. Especially niggers.

a0880c  No.12113178

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Of course you can, numbnut!

e8c47b  No.12113179



"What are you thinking about?"

"I'm internally editing and rehearsing cogent arguments for my opinions and evocative descriptions of things that interest me, in case I'm ever in a conversation that veers toward a topic I've thought about like this, because I'm quite slow and awkward at putting words together on the fly."

"I don't understand."

"Okay, then I'm thinking about nothing. Don't worry about it."

a0880c  No.12113181

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ooops, kek

597f19  No.12113182

The Kali Yuga is the age of darkness. Some of the things that happen in this age of darkness is rulers becoming uninterested in protecting their subjects or promoting spirituality. Many people will migrate into different countries for various benefits. There will be a lot of conflict between humans and lust/degeneracy is socially acceptable as sex becomes the most important part of life. People will often turn to drugs while Teachers are not respected and get attacked by their students. Women of course will stop getting married. Traditional "castes" will disappear into one single social caste, everyone is equal. Priests will not be learned or honored. Warriors and rulers will no longer be brave. (((Merchants))) will no longer make just deals.

One of the theories I read about how this age of darkness would end was that one person would rise up and rule the world with an iron fist, killing off around 70% of the population after which the world returns to a golden age. Anyone else see any similarities here?

>inb4 pooinloo

remember that the hindu mythology was only adopted by the indians of today and was created by the Indo-Aryans living in the Northern part of India.

0d5815  No.12113184


I have the exact same problem. It takes me a hour to sleep and I turn over 20 times before brain finally somehow decides to shut up. Sometimes I also get shocked that I even exist. It's weird kind of feeling, "how the fuck is any of this possible", I ask myself, but don't have an answer to that question. I came from nothing? But then I also realized that if I'm conscious now, then it must be repeatable and it will probably happen again after I die.

4ada9e  No.12113187


>My fucking sims never managed to learn to fucking wash their hands after shitting. Holy fuck how did they hold down a job?!!!

Checked. Anon that's so many people IRL it's not even funny. I work in healthcare and every day I see nasty fucks take a piss or shit and not wash their hands and then wonder why they're so sickly and prone to illness. None of this surprises me. Decades ago the Milgram Experiment determined only 1 in 3 humans is even capable of independent thought. The vast majority of "people" out there are soulless, mindless NPC's following their crude programming.

a57874  No.12113188


Or you lack experience.


That is a good question.

There is a possibility that niggers and subhumans are all sociopaths/psychopaths that only imitate what they think real emotions resemble.

This is why they're constantly overblowing their emotional state because they don't have any experience FEELING and are uncertain what measure of expression should be adequate for conveying a feeling.

e85043  No.12113189

File: 57581e62892fd43⋯.jpg (266.54 KB, 1296x1977, 432:659, leftbrain-rightbrain.jpg)



It's easy. The left brain is responsible for language, rationality, logic, the inner dialogue, etc. All useful tools, unless they take over the brain. This is what has happened to leftists and atheists- the rational mind, which is supposed to be a tool of the soul, has become the controller of the being. Which is why they're amoral because you can rationalise anything. The left brain in charge is lucifer.

The right brain is emotion, feelings, intuition, imagination- the soul. That's the half that's supposed to be in control. But you can't 'listen' to it, because it doesn't have the ability to dialogue. This is why the spirit is literally ineffable, and to follow it, you have to quieten the rational mind, and just know what's right. I've achieved this ability by being in an almost constant meditative state; all you have to do is remove distractions and be.

When thinking about a rational or logical problem, I turn on the logical side of my brain, so have an internal dialogue. But most of the rest of the time when I'm going about my day, I'm thinking in images, visions, concepts, and feelings. This gives me a higher functional intelligence because I constantly have ideas appearing in my head from being so open to visions, whilst also being able to think logically when I want to, but without a constant conversation going on in my head driving me insane like >>12112665

6e09a7  No.12113190


More like

(as you go to the car)

>Why the fuck did I take a correspondence course for highschool, that fucked everything up.

>What am I going to be doing today? Right I need to pick up X after work and then fix Y

>Now, in that setting I'm writing I think Z is underdeveloped

>Oh I'm at work now, I need to ask my boss something

a0880c  No.12113192


I have had deja vu so many time it is scary.

Hopefully Hitler gets ressurected and we are in the best timeline

b41955  No.12113196


Try an airport with chinks or niggers. Holy shit they destroy the bathrooms. You'll find them squatting in the corner, just shitting on the floor, out in the open.

8175d1  No.12113199

File: 09781b8e66dc6c9⋯.jpg (27.48 KB, 541x420, 541:420, Find pointing at something….JPG)


Can't remember how old I was when it happened but my first memory was me standing up in my living room (presumably alone). The Couches around me were just as tall as me and I just thought to myself "how did I get here" and some other stuff I forgot.

I'm not too sure if I was actually thinking in language or it I adapted that to my memory later but the memory is certainly real since I've known about it since as long as I know and my ancient memories are roughly remembered and "feel" like this one. Although this one does stick to me more for obvious reasons

27e30e  No.12113200


Might have something to do with the capacity for abstract thought. Though the idea that minds are conditioned to be receptive and reactive instead of active via education might have something to do with it as well.

e8c300  No.12113202


never eat food prepared by a nigger or streetshitter


014abe  No.12113205

File: 4e6e5a37191940f⋯.png (6.19 MB, 1167x12140, 1167:12140, Morality and Abstract Thin….png)



Here I made it into a picture.

ee046b  No.12113210


oh yes anon right now we are exiting the kali yuga entering that 100 years of chaos (kek) phase of transition, this ruler (hitler returned?) will be rising to power very soon.

f543ca  No.12113213

File: 4a6505fefb4e965⋯.pdf (3.76 MB, Morality & Abstract Thinki….pdf)


PDF form.

fa0792  No.12113217


or perhaps a lot of the souls are just very small for whatever reason. so you end up with people who are very npc-like, yet with some practice they can get better, like that redditor did. and then maybe in the next life they will have a material body that is more compatible with their new superior soul

0bb9ab  No.12113219


>whats that a picture of an article?

>hold on while i convert it into a unsecure document format that's less convenient.


f543ca  No.12113222



Fuck off, retard

>less convenient

>despite everyone using it and preferring it to retarded fucking images, never mind having SELECTABLE AND SEARCHABLE TEXT

Literally kill yourself.

753f9e  No.12113224

You know what's really makes you a human being? Empathy. That's right. If you aren't capable to move between different dimensions and think about anything from every perspective then you're a NPC. Abstraction of thinking is what really matters. Rest is just bullshit, you can brainwash anyone to think only in images and instincts and vice versa.

ea2d83  No.12113226



>killing off 70% of the world's population

i cant help but wonder if i will be collateral damage even though i believe in National Socialism to my very core and would gladly die for it if it were required of me (hopefully i dont have to in this event, living and being a warrior is fine too)

b41955  No.12113230


Personally the only reason I'd die for my beliefs is in a checkmate situation, otherwise you're better off living to fight another day.

86e94a  No.12113232


What about him? He has Jew friends and a satanist wife but he himself is white

a57874  No.12113233


We need to kill off a lot more than 70% anon. We, Ethnic Europeans, are only 4-11% of the population on the planet.

b41955  No.12113235



f85bd6  No.12113238

File: c4880e961a18f86⋯.jpg (727.11 KB, 1536x2307, 512:769, o-FARAGE-facebook.jpg)

True patricians speak in numbers.

But seriously, I don't have an "inner voice". I just think, it's much quicker that doing the cartoon dialogue shtick.*

a57874  No.12113244


'White'…well he has shit judgment and is most likely a parasite with the company he keeps. Parasites (jews, niggers, fags etc etc) should all be ovened.

014abe  No.12113245


Thanks, anon. I appreciate the pdf. I only saved it as an image because I constantly have to look around the internet to refind this article over and over.

f85bd6  No.12113247

3472ec  No.12113248


>Sometimes I also get shocked that I even exist. It's weird kind of feeling, "how the fuck is any of this possible"

This is a statement that atheists cannot comprehend.

0bb9ab  No.12113250


insecure? no, i dont think pdf has the mental capacity to be insecure.


and yes, pdf is.

>less convenient


you realize youre on an imageboard, right nigger?

ee046b  No.12113253


I just had an idea, what if it is more like 70% of the world that are drones? and the fact that 30% can actually think is enough for them to survive?

>>12113233 (checked)

it can go a different way anon you can kill off 95% and increase Caucasians to 30% of the original population so 70% would be accurate although that raises another question if they meant actual humans or if they counted the drones in with them it may mean 70% of the 4-11% of Caucasians and the drones are just wiped out entirely?

e2c463  No.12113256

File: 11ef31110b177ac⋯.jpg (37.04 KB, 466x349, 466:349, 11ef31110b177ac8edc49fe53c….jpg)

This is one of the reasons I realized I was surrounded by morons.

Whenever I would think out loud people would act like I was crazy for "talking to myself."

How else do you think through problems? I guess it's true that some people never do.

a57874  No.12113257


'Hitler returned'…great, I can expect the muslim fucking hordes and jews in his cabinet to stab us in the back and betray us and laugh about it while we die, then? The only real solution was an all European world. Nothing else will do.

b84723  No.12113258

File: c12fcd2bbcb04d0⋯.gif (110.86 KB, 244x232, 61:58, c12fcd2bbcb04d060398c08f34….gif)

ITT: image board full of autists upset that neurotypical people don't share their patterns of thought

419a12  No.12113262

File: a57b8e9ae396727⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1004x752, 251:188, Screenshot_177.png)

I went ahead and grabbed the 5 modes of thought for convenience

inner speech, (Inner Dialogue)

inner seeing, (Inner Sight)


sensory awareness : Aware of sensory data such as the individual clacks of a keyboard as you type, the way water rolls down your skin in a shower, etc.

unsymbolized thinking : pure action.

I'd like to say intuition fits into this some how but I am not sure, it could be it's own category (e.g gut feelings) or it could fit into one of the previous aforementioned modes of thought feelings or unsymbolized thinking.



Damn good post.

b41955  No.12113264


All 3 posts are shit. Filtered.

86e94a  No.12113267

File: 1a4bdfa02a6371e⋯.png (483.77 KB, 1020x574, 510:287, jews smash.png)


What would be the difference between an inner voice and thought? When a nog walks by I almost always think "nigger" but when I mess something up I "think" "okay faggot" etc. to myself.

0bb9ab  No.12113269

File: 4483ff884714a5e⋯.mp4 (5.06 MB, 426x426, 1:1, nigger funerals.mp4)


>neurotypical people don't share their patterns of thought


nigger did you even read the article?

86e94a  No.12113270


What is the point of thinking out loud when you don't need to share your thoughts?

b41955  No.12113273


Derp, forgot to post all 5 after I grabbed the 3 blogposts. Cheers.

ee046b  No.12113274


what are you even talking about? I was talking about Hitler returning from his vacation home in antarctica with an army of his ubermensch clones

b0a77b  No.12113276

I googled this out of curiosity:

>Primarily though, most completely deaf people think in sign language. Similar to how an “inner voice” of a hearing person is experienced in one's own voice, a completely deaf person sees or, more aptly, feels themselves signing in their head as they “talk” in their heads.


>that picture

I’m speechless or should I say thoughtless as to how accurate that is.

0bb9ab  No.12113277


>inner voice

>out loud

are you confused?

e2c463  No.12113278


It helps when you're stressed and there's a bunch of shit going on around you. Easier to make out your thoughts through the noise. I work in management.

a57874  No.12113280

File: a00e087dbe6ff9b⋯.jpg (95.92 KB, 628x785, 4:5, 721fe46fbfe6f204a7f68d193e….jpg)


>==ITT: image board full of autists upset that neurotypical people don't think==


8ff344  No.12113281


And here you are in all your glory posting gifs.

b41955  No.12113282


I only really do it as a nervous tick.

495a21  No.12113285



Go play in front of traffic, you fucking autist.

86e94a  No.12113288

File: 6af69f91448727b⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 600x449, 600:449, show_me_your_moves.jpg)


I've never felt the need to do that. It feels redundant, unneccesary.

419a12  No.12113290

File: 560799741ce320d⋯.jpg (70.01 KB, 680x607, 680:607, 13055575_230846070612128_2….jpg)


No worries


pic related

a57874  No.12113291


I don't like Hitler's openness and stance on multiculturalism. I abhor the fact that he like muslims, the assholes of the planet; and that he tolerated jews living at all. I am not a 110 times will be the charm type personality.

e2c463  No.12113293


What is your occupation?

b41955  No.12113298


I got preoccupied replying to some nigger who can't read lol.

e0f866  No.12113299


remember anon, the time of hitler was 80 years ago. if he were alive today im sure he would want everything you want

ee046b  No.12113302


>i don't like hitlers openness

well damn anon

>he like muslims

just like he did russians right? just never made it to that part of the plan

bb9774  No.12113304



it's spooky as fuck if there's any truth to it. It's also an idea you will see pop up from time to time over the last couple thousand years. Always suspected, but no proof. legit motherfucking p-zombies.

13abb6  No.12113305


Just remember, anon.

Never reveal your full intention so long as those who have different intentions could effect the outcome.

Even if we all know DOTR is coming, we are /peaceful/ and only intend to better our race. Nothing more.

7a772d  No.12113306


Are you me? I get frightened of that feeling of "how the fuck can I even be? and where am I?" it goes sometimes so bad that I even get somekind of panic attack.. but luckily it goes away, it's very bad feeling. I can't describe it, but it's like the worst possible feeling. So bad that I fear that.

b4398e  No.12113308

File: dde97e7415d84fd⋯.png (891.95 KB, 794x1245, 794:1245, m'negro.png)


Why do you think they love rap music so much?

>a study conducted by Gary Lupyan at the University of Wisconsin found that self-talk helps boost perceptual processing. Participants in the study were asked to find a specific object in a picture of other random objects — a bit like finding Waldo on a crowded beach — sometimes speaking the target’s name aloud and other times just reading it. According to the study, when searching for a chair in the picture, e.g., “Actually hearing ‘chair’ — compared to simply thinking about a chair — can temporarily make the visual system a better ‘chair detector.’”

>The reasoning behind this is that speaking the target’s name enhances your brain’s processing ability, allowing you to more easily pull up the visual cues of what you’re looking for. So muttering, “Thyme, where is the Goddamn thyme,” to yourself at the grocery store is actually a useful cognitive tool to load a picture of thyme in your mind, and more quickly find the thyme on the bottom shelf.

Niggers can't think in words so they need constant external verbalization of their behaviors. It is also why niggers are shockingly uniform from coast to coast. When they listen to their music and watch their videos, they immediately model themselves after them because that is their external source of thought. Of course, you see the same nigger behavior in the stupid members of all races, including the nigger-tier whites and of course, women.

f505d3  No.12113309



Completely new meaning to out of sight, out of mind

>>12113046Sometimes you need to be smart to come up with ways of how stupid people think

fa0792  No.12113310


odin was a necessary leader in his time according to the oera linda book. leaders are integral. communism/anerchy/whatever wont cut it. humans are not a hivemind


hitler lived in a different time. if you're implying that his stances would be the same were he alive today then you're xXxEliteRetardedxXx


you do need to be able to differentiate between being a nervous wreck and *ubermensche analytical articulated planning ability*. "if you spend too much time thinking about something you can never get it done"

a8a5ba  No.12113314

I believe internal dialogue can be bad if over expressing future, past, and what ifs. If unchecked the ego of dialogue can consume the mind. Think schizophrenics that talk to themselves, or neurotic that over analyze.


>Whenever I read I mentally recite the words

Don't do that. You are limiting the speed you can consume other ideas. But it seens like your own ideas and current actions put into words would crystallize you into useful concreteness.

3155f5  No.12113315


I think in words and video. When i'm doing something physical i often think in words. If I'm not doing anything productive i can daydream in video and sound.

I cant image someone missing either or.

Tbh honest i always thought people who listen to music 24/7 were incapable of mental imaging and only reacted on sound and eyesight based upon the installed morals pop culture gave them.

b41955  No.12113317


They have that problem in africa. The tribal leaders used to enforce the law explicitly but now they live by the white man's system of law(subverted by the kikes ofc) that requires them to internalize the laws, so they commit crimes left right and center.

7b2677  No.12113320


Like NPCs?

e2c463  No.12113322



Deja vu is actual future prediction through your dreams. This is why they say visualization is so important. If you can imagine every detail of your ideal future, you can synthesize it through your dreams (and actions) into reality.

deja vu only happens when you dream. (or daydream.)

3472ec  No.12113325


Do you mean NPC literally or figuritavely?

7b2677  No.12113327


I mean machine learning without actual experience.

e2c463  No.12113332


What is your occupation, faggot?

You need to differentiate between having such a fucking easy life that you don't need to vocalize your thoughts over the nagging bullshit around you and being an ubermensch.

c8d234  No.12113333

In the Buddhist Dharma there are verses on controlling the inner voice. Which means the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent acknowledged an inner voice ages ago.

I am curious if there is a racial marker to this lack of inner voice.

>large urban university

We need to dig deeper.

For that study to have been truly scientific the statistical makeup of that study group needs to be known. Bet the study doesn't mention any race or sex markers.

86e94a  No.12113338



I go to school and sometimes fill shelves at a grocery store

b41955  No.12113342

>>12113333 (Checked)

You mean sutras like "A little spell of silence"? Are there any other good ones?

e0f866  No.12113347


the whole "underage b&" is retarded anyway. we need as many young people here as possible

7b686a  No.12113350


>he thinks public school teachers aren't NPCs

NPC detected.

3155f5  No.12113353


>It can be done through meditation. Although the fact that there are people out there who don't need to do ANYTHING to shut it off is frightening. An internal dialogue should come naturally. It should take PRACTICE to completely remove it. It shouldn't be something that you're not born with.

I have theory in my head that those who are able to fall asleep within a blink of an eye lack human thoughts. Calcining out being sleep deprived, under normal circumstances you should not suddenly blink out asleep.

ee046b  No.12113354

File: 25e4f0dc205e7d4⋯.jpeg (958.62 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, we98ueje.jpeg)

anybody remember this golden quote?

much truer than previously thought kek

e2c463  No.12113356


You are underutilized probably. Everything I do now for a living I know for a fact I could have done at your age. They just don't offer leadership jobs to teenagers.

Take an IQ test, and take it seriously. If you have an IQ above 135, you could probably figure almost anything out with confidence.

For the longest time I thought I was a complete idiot because people didn't share in how I thought. Turns out it's worse than that.

If you have a decent IQ, don't coast. Turn up the difficulty on your life and try to do more shit at once. You can accomplish greatness.

13abb6  No.12113357


Not a sociology guy, but isn't philosophy a large part of that major? I thought sociology was a nog major, no?

b41955  No.12113365


That quote, lol, the first thing I ever thought.

f85bd6  No.12113371

File: f55568b4a48326f⋯.jpg (350.75 KB, 1700x1065, 340:213, gcxngv.jpg)


Imagine the thought in my mind like water flowing in the creek. Water that I can control.

Not the usual storm water that a normie has. The one that overflows randomly and destroys the banks.

Usually calm but can flow like a snake if it has to. Shaping that water into words is time consuming.

ee046b  No.12113373


I always thought of sociology as a mixture of social studies philosophy and psychology but being on par with a gender studies degree tbh I could be completely wrong about sociology

a57874  No.12113377


I am implying that he didn't understand his position or role and that he could have ended this genocide of our people during his time BUT HE WAS TOO FUCKING SOFT! He should have used biologicals to exterminate our enemies when he had the chance. You can think whatever you like about my mental capacity, I don't give a fuck…I am FUCKING SICK TO DEATH of you limp dicked cocksucking faggots who are too soft on the rest of these fucking subhuman parasites.




fa0792  No.12113378


my occupation is one that does not benefit from "paralysis through analysis". that's all i was saying, mr big shot ceo 10k a day

fa0792  No.12113385


didnt read; hitler did nothing wrong.

stay mad, pleb

13abb6  No.12113388


I had the same impression. typical 30-50k a year job that costs ID10Ts 65-100k to get a degree for.

Study of society / social interactions seems reasonable to assume there would be some philosophy in there.

Given this, it's hard to imagine nogs understanding philosophical debate if they can't even reason by way of rational thought.

e2c463  No.12113389

File: bb2997507dd1438⋯.jpg (393.29 KB, 1600x1068, 400:267, d5482f892f0b2ce6fd5a2e95ef….jpg)


No one's job benefits from that, but sometimes if a problem is complex enough you have to sort it out.

Are you that afraid of the jews that you cant list a generic occupation on the internet? They can do whatever they want to me. I don't care.

c52bfa  No.12113395


I spend a lot of time polishing arguments and exercising my rhetoric. It's difficult to think the cadence and rhythm of an argument in your head, whereas the logic is mostly done unconsciously.

e8c300  No.12113396

File: 414a8e2e33f27b2⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 720x516, 60:43, 38133408_1769342206452420_….jpg)


why are you typing in caps like a boomer?

f85bd6  No.12113397

File: 6e5b51201c9202e⋯.jpg (136.78 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 109_JPG.jpg)


Me too until I was asked by a sociology student to answer questions about strong women in cartoons.

ee046b  No.12113398

>>12113388 (checked)

it would be like a blind man being an optometrist kek

a57874  No.12113399


Did nothing wrong? How is the scent of your own SHIT smelling today?

61c9c0  No.12113402


I saw a documentary (maybe it was on Vice) about child trafficking in sub-saharan Africa, and a black guy who was working to rescue and save the kids who are being trafficked crying as he spoke about all of those who he couldn't save.

20ee93  No.12113404


Is this is why I'm still a good cook, but slightly slower than the Mexicans? They're focused on just cooking, while I'm entertaining the idea of getting on one of Mr. Musk's rockets and going to Mars.

29460b  No.12113405



86e94a  No.12113406

File: 6e5b3fa649e97f3⋯.png (845.26 KB, 708x795, 236:265, dog rug.png)


To play the (literal) devil's advocate on this, how would the Madagascar plan have not worked were it implemented?

ee046b  No.12113407


sounds truly nightmarish but given the OP it isn't far fetched that it has fallen so far from what it was meant to be

86e94a  No.12113409


unsage, whoops

419a12  No.12113415


I'm really tryna read the whole thread but am to getting caught in replying to niggers that can't read.

33f56c  No.12113416

so what is a litmus test for quickly determining if someone is an npc?

7060bc  No.12113419


I had a similar situation happen to me once I was around the age of 3, though a tad more abstract.

There was a visualization of floating out of my own body, turning to face the entrance of my family's living room when I suddenly saw myself standing in-front of the Christmas tree. The apparition then rushed to myself and a moment later I'm looking out and wondering how I got here.

I've had that lingering in my mind for decades now. Ever since that moment I've had memories.

4121de  No.12113420


"what is your opinions on National Socialism?"

whoever instantly recoils in horror gets sent to the gas chamber

fa0792  No.12113421

File: 0ab597448acf03b⋯.png (273.26 KB, 698x787, 698:787, fluoride stare.png)


>No one's job benefits from that, but sometimes if a problem is complex enough you have to sort it out.

and now a conclusion that we can both agree on. neat.


what point are you even trying to make? that hitler is a failure because he didnt genocide every single nonwhite? you can say that about every single white person to ever exist; should they all be admonished? are you trying to throw the whole family out with the bath water? settle down


here's a facebook tier one

e8c300  No.12113423

File: 7d189079ff383b4⋯.jpg (142.62 KB, 681x690, 227:230, 1529517172577.jpg)


was he really though or was it just just simulating? maybe he was just imitating how humans (white people) would react in that situation, or maybe even he had a white person telling him how to act before pressing record? i find it hard to imagine niggers having actual emotions or feelings

13abb6  No.12113424


> how would the Madagascar plan have not worked were it implemented?

The bomb may not have detonated once they were all there.

e8c300  No.12113426

File: d808b459f2735d7⋯.jpg (9.86 KB, 190x224, 95:112, 38037016_1854255887965509_….jpg)


hey rabbi watcha doin?


this only unironically

3a72a1  No.12113429


Oh fuck mate I think you are on to something I had the exact same shit oh fuck. THIS IS FUCKING IT.

c8d234  No.12113436


The very first verse of the Dhammapahda:

Mind precedes all mental states. Mind is their chief; they are all mind wrought. If with an impure mind a person speaks or acts suffering follows him like the wheel that follows the foot of the ox.

f04dbf  No.12113439


You could say asking any lightly controversial question would serve as a way to probe how involved a person's thought process is. Unfortunately it's not fool-proof as anyone having a bad day or not in the mood at the time would also react with hostility.

61c9c0  No.12113441


Absolutely, this happened to me a couple of times, where suddenly (for just a couple of seconds) my assumptions and things I take for granted about the world fade away, and I am struck by the fact the world around me exists.

db1896  No.12113445


To be fair lots of animals fail the mirror test because of how their sensory perception works.

It's like cats. They fail the mirror test because they can't smell their reflection and thus can't regard it as anything other than an object.

546c33  No.12113447


i doubt that many people dont talk to themselves in their head. Yeah, I actually dont feel pompous saying 3/4 (at least) people are "mindless" followers, because it seems to be true. People go along with what they think is popular, obviously.

I would like to know more.

Also, if you post on oriental porno boards, you have an inner voice.

61c9c0  No.12113452


Just search on Youtube something about african child trafficking using buses

fa0792  No.12113453

File: 1e22c260007d828⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 1875x2444, 1875:2444, bhagavad gita plate horses….jpg)

pic related

>Bhagavad Gita: The chariot of the body. The five horses represent the five senses (tongue, eyes, ears, nose and skin). The reins, the driving instrument, symbolize the mind, the driver is the intelligence, and the passenger is the spirit soul.


>Hávamál: The unwise man is awake all night, and ponders everything over; when morning comes he is weary in mind, and all is lament as before.

5051f9  No.12113457

Still pushing this slide. Everyone can subvocalize, shitskins just don't listen to other voices, even their own.

000000  No.12113471



>Thus sensory awareness is a phenomenon of experience, not a characteristic of perception.


Perception is a phenomenon of experience.

Phenomenon = Characteristic.

Perception is a characteristing of experience.

4c31be  No.12113476


>black dude jumps out window of a driving car

Really interesting video. He was "going to college" too. If someone has it, post it, it explains npcs of op's article greatly.


I've realized noncurrent dialogue is what should be restricted. You should choose awareness and internal speech on the now. People dwell on past awkward situations, what may happen in the future, when all you need is concentration on the conscious now. Awake your mind to your current existence. You can get a similar detrimental effect by completely silencing the dialogue, but you also silence a portion of your consciousness.

3d2468  No.12113477



b41955  No.12113482

File: 0bf688f4dd330a5⋯.jpg (41.74 KB, 480x428, 120:107, kike_i_must_torfag.jpg)

eddce7  No.12113492

File: 9a686e246b2e48e⋯.jpg (52.87 KB, 645x773, 645:773, zachqwe1o4w01.jpg)

I've lost my inner voice. Now I have nothing. Sometimes I randomly laugh, and then wonder what my old friend found so funny.

5051f9  No.12113499

>literally trying to shill an amazon book

Not enough here are listening to that inner voice.

ca491c  No.12113503

File: c9713d21a0779d4⋯.jpg (23.6 KB, 335x352, 335:352, 718273 fag.jpg)


Inner speech is next to impossible when you're on meds.

7a772d  No.12113505

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You've seen this?

5051f9  No.12113512


By visualizing an outcome. The basis of quantum and meme magic.

000000  No.12113518

>not having a sapient inner voice that's even more of a right wing extremist than you are

Now I understand why there are no niggers with tulpas

ca491c  No.12113520


I visualize and talk to contemplate among myself all of the time. I never thought to realize other people may be incapable of doing this. How harrowing. What a pathetic existence that must be.

0bb9ab  No.12113524


dont confuse this with your brain. and "you are not your brain" mentality.

0bb9ab  No.12113543

is anyone else getting 403 forbidden when trying to access the article?

000000  No.12113559


It's a skill that requires discipline and dedication, much like meditation.

The truth is you need to be able to do both. Have a reasonable inner voice that doesn't spout random nonsense, trivialities or primitive cravings as well as being able to silence all thoughts and shift resources to situation awareness. Subhumans can't do either.

a57874  No.12113561


>that hitler is a failure because he didn't genocide every single nonwhite? you can say that about every single white person to ever exist; should they all be admonished? are you trying to throw the whole family out with the bath water?

YES…I blame all of us, because every single last one of us is to blame. I am not throwing us out with the bathwater…but every fucking generation that did not take responsibility for securing our existence is to blame. All of them, and all of us, have brought us right here to where we are today. If you can't see this you should just tell me RIGHT NOW that you are never going to secure the existence of our people and that you have given up and prefer the life of a beast to responsibilty. Because it takes a complete change of mind and a change of BEING to bring about the results that WILL SECURE the existence of our people. Without this change of mind you are done for and no amount of Hitler worship is going to get you to where you need to be all your actions will be utterly in vain. Because you are WILLING to perpetuate the system that is killing us and draining out our lifeblood.

That is the difference between us. I am not willing to perpetuate war, rape, torture, famine and disease (all the things that are part and parcel of having subhumans occupy the planet) so that I can 'sleep well at night' and pat myself on the back for 'being a good person' to the subhumans.

If I followed Hitler's plans and the plans of every single POS leader that is alive today I would actually be the worst person alive and a flat out traitor to all my people past and present. I would be leading the planet into death and exhaustion. So don't tell me that I don't have the right to hold ALL OF YOU responsible. Every damn day we all make the decision to perpetuate the STUPID FUCKING GAME and every single damn day we do so for our 'amusement' at the rules of the game. There is no other reason to continue with this farce and charade of the abuse and murder of our people unless you agree with it and like it.

eddce7  No.12113563


I wish brains had archive websites.

ed15e3  No.12113564


but why not both?

8c8524  No.12113568


Just sounds like typical perfect pitch. I have it and can pretty much pick up any instrument and play what I hear on it and transpose it instantly and flawlessly. No big brain power or anything going on there. Pretty much everyone I work with have that ability.

t. Professional full-time session musician in NYC who's played on a ton of major label releases

73b3cb  No.12113569


this can't be posible

it's imposible to think without language

i tried doing so by focusing on images or even memories of sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings as in feeling of touch, texture and heat, not emotions), and i just can't do it

i can't just picture a door for example without the word "door" echoing somewhere inside my head

heck even niggers think in words, the very limited vocabulary of native african languages is proof of this as theur limited language devoid of abstract concepts is a reflection of their inteligence

it looks more to me that 75% of the samples did not want to say that they talk to themselves inside their own heads or that they listen to an inner voice over fear of being laveled crazy, while the remaining 25% either didn't care about what people think about them or actually knew that it's imposible to think without language

besides, there is no computarized or mechanical way to figure out exacly what goes on inside a brain other than yours, and if they are testing how the brain works they can't use completly random samples, the level of education of said samples may make a diference in how their brain works

000000  No.12113571


read it

0bb9ab  No.12113574

File: 4a94cb8fc9aa31c⋯.png (883.25 KB, 1263x4419, 421:1473, Not_Everyone_Conducts_Inne….png)

ac7b4a  No.12113582


As a kid I found it odd how the thought bubbles in comic books were made of words and sentences, I guess I thought symbolically. I think more verbally now.

5c30e1  No.12113584



this anon.

exorcise it

ca491c  No.12113589


Did they categorize by race? Probably not. Useless study in that case.

0bb9ab  No.12113596


niggers cant pass the mirror test…. who gives a fuck about them? we're talking "general population"

although i would be interested if this is more prevalent with whites vs niggers… i mean, i know it, but i'd like to have proof of it.

ed15e3  No.12113598

I am beginning to think that those with the inner voice have the same bodies as those that do not, except those that have the inner voice aren't from this time. People with the inner voice are residing inside the bodies of characters and that this is a computer game of the future.

8423fc  No.12113599



That should have been OPs indication that this research wasn't performed on people. OP is another disinformation shill or retarded.

9ee843  No.12113601


Phenomenon means manifestation or appearance. Dunno which ass you pull your definitions from but you are clearly wrong.

7aedd4  No.12113602


That's a good one. I personally don't really identify as NatSoc, but if you randomly approached me and asked me that, I'd pause for a moment and say, "That's an interesting question, let me think about that for a minute…"

I don't do the knee-jerk reaction thing to stuff like that, even SJW stuff, because I'm more analytical than that. SJW stuff I'll almost immediately drop because my mind analytically realizes that the premise is wrong.

e1cbdc  No.12113607

>30 students from a large urban university

Fucking hell. a sample of thirty, all from the same demographic, doesn't tell you a damn thing.

"Our sample of 30 sociology students reveals that every single person in the US is a Marxist."

"This scientific survey of 30 /b/tards reveals that every person in the world is a child-molesting furry."

"We asked 30 /pol/acks and now can confidently state that we're all Nazis now and Hitler did nothing wrong."

This isn't science, this is projection.

eddce7  No.12113610


>pic related

Mantras aren't the same as thinking.

73b3cb  No.12113616


i think in english all the time depiste being born and raise in Argentina

it's an efficient language and it sounds better than spanish most of the time, especially for music. and i was alrready thinking in english waaaaaay before i began reading and watching fan translated animu and manga (the english vertions are always the ones that come out first) or regularly speaking with bongs and mutts on image boards

on that note and seing how language is the basis of intelligence

how do you explain that a languge as complex as Spanish hasn't produced as many intellectuals as a languge as retarded as English?

>inb4 moor rape babies

and don't try to deny the anglo language is retarded:

>the phone "rings", "knock" the door, dogs "bark", cats "meow"

the anglo lanugage is chock full of onomatopeias

a422c2  No.12113617


Is it weird that I always thought to myself that the next step of humanity is near and that a mass purification would need to happen in order for the next step to happen? And that I said all this before I even knew anything about the yuga cycles?

13abb6  No.12113625


the sample was 30 niggers

urban = nigger like racist = white

a422c2  No.12113627


Sociopaths maybe, psychopaths? I highly doubt the possess the intellect to perfectly mimic an empathetic human being.

000000  No.12113631


In most of Europe you can go to jail if you don't condemn NatSoc as the most evil and abhorrend thing ever to exist in the history of the universe within 0.5s of the question asked. No one in their right mind would stop hiding their powerlevel to a randomn stranger on the street.

e8c300  No.12113635

File: a26032e43ed81f2⋯.png (35.02 KB, 500x317, 500:317, NPC wamen.png)


niggers aside, i think even the majority of white women could be NPCs. they never have opinions or ideas of their own, they imitate the latest trend or if they have a human boyfriend they imitate his views and beliefs. i see it with my own girlfriend she was pretty liberal when i first started going out with her then overtime she started imitating my views and language, even though it's obviously she doesn't really have a deeper understanding of anything, she still doesn't really understand facts or statistics she just takes whatever i tell her as gospel without researching it herself.

ee046b  No.12113640


well I guess that is a blessing and a curse anon

a0880c  No.12113644


That is a good woman. Trad thots and loud cunts should be put away.


Only a cuckold would like a woman that doesn't motivate him and only seeks to "debate".

419bbc  No.12113649


History is cyclical and not linear, you are right.

0bb9ab  No.12113651


>he thinks those are mantras

brainlets get out.

1867df  No.12113652



c895c6  No.12113653


I find it strange that such a flimsy study is being "accepted" so unquestioningly, along with the psychopathic idea that other humans aren't human at all. Remember who thinks like that, and ask yourselves if you want to emulate them.

e8c300  No.12113660

File: 82429436e0cfd2b⋯.jpg (327.74 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Fascism.jpg)

File: fde24822b1618f4⋯.jpg (38.82 KB, 543x474, 181:158, 2985c1c6c95394a01ec7d7f6a8….JPG)





is she really though? if they're just NPCs parroting/imitating? anyway i'm not complaining as such. but does make me wonder if most women are just NPC automatons

ee046b  No.12113662


those are nice dubs anon but I never mentioned motivation or debate I merely remarked if all women are soulless drones that is too bad for them

e8c300  No.12113665

File: 8be41cc00a050eb⋯.jpg (42.99 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 1529750514311.jpg)


>implying niggers are human

a0880c  No.12113668


It shouldn't even matter to women. They love you, they take care of you, are smart enough not to burn your money, nice to kids thanks to you

More than that shouldn't even matter.

Unless you want some boipussy


0a11cd  No.12113669


He consistently struggles in games like Portal 2 and Ocarina of Time that require object permanence to solve puzzles and avoid traps. A fan at a con brought it up to him and he apparently had never heard of it.

83e495  No.12113670


>innerly talking to themselves

Like just thinking in your head or actually having a conversation….with yourself

I do have Maladaptive Daydreaming in which if I start thinking too much about a topic scenarios start playing related to what im thinking about which can distract me if im not careful. Dunno if that counts as talking to yourself

a57874  No.12113673


We are not emulating them anon. We are becoming killers to get rid of parasites. This is the only way to be rid of parasites…you can't 'reason' with them because they have no capacity for inner reflection. They aren't even our same species.

7c7a5e  No.12113676


>hard to imagine niggers having emotions

Have you never met a nigger??

I grew up surrounded by them. They are driven by their emotions. I remember one I used to play with who would literally cry tears of rage when he didn't get the Star Wars action figure he wanted from the pile as we took turns picking

a57874  No.12113679


Here come the kike fags to divert the thread now that it is serious.

cb721b  No.12113680

I remember being curious about this, wondering if it was normal to think in words. when i googled it i red that thinking in words is juvenile and most people grow out of it.

I also red that humans have photographic memory but lose it when they learn a language

ee046b  No.12113682


you seem to be incapable of thought and react only on instinct

b7079b  No.12113686


Does that actually mean they don't think though, or that they just don't put an inner monologue to their thoughts because they just think in "meanings" rather than in language?

For example I remember Karl Pilkington arguing with Ricky Gervais on some show about something like this. When thinking, Karl thought in words. He would think about something in his own voice in his head. Meanwhile Ricky insisted that it wasn't normal, and that he just "thinks and it's already contextualized there's no need to put speech to it" which implied that he just thought without putting language to it, because he already knew the meaning, or something bizarre like that. I think what he was trying to say was that he was thinking in feelings or something like that, but I'm not sure.

What I'm getting at here is, do these africans actually not think things through, or do they just not think in language, like what might happen if you were to raise a kid without ever exposing it to speech? This might explain a lot about why africans and other people of non european descent are the way they are. And why (((they))) are pushing racemixing so hard. Assuming this miniscule sample applies to africans in general. Would be interesting to see a similar study done on asians and arabs.

I hope they did more research on this since 2011. It's pretty interesting stuff.

e8c300  No.12113690

File: 4c50f803d5fdb36⋯.png (2.99 KB, 48x48, 1:1, 1f925.png)


if he really was a nigger he'd have just stolen it, shlomo

3d2468  No.12113691


undergrad detected

ee046b  No.12113692


yes kalergi said that getting rid of caucasians

a57874  No.12113694


I just figured his children would be retards like his wife. Serve him right for choosing someone who wouldn't challenge them. He is probably going to get fat and bald, have an affair with his secretary because he is bored of his BLANK SLATE wife, get a divorce and end up an angry bitter MGTOW man or turn to faggotry to finally fulfill his need for anus and conversation over coffee.

a422c2  No.12113695


No they at just biologically wired to be followers. They aren’t meant to be leaders not possess the willpower to say fuck the system like men do. Right now They’re simply followers forced to follow the wrong leaders, some are aware some aren’t. They can put two and two together if that’s what your asking.

ee046b  No.12113696



would create a servile slave class incapable of thought

109b2f  No.12113700


You might be the most autistic poster in this thread but you're absolutely right. Niggers are not humans. They consistently prove that they can't be held up to our standards. The only other option is to get rid of them, be it by kicking them out or other methods. This also applies to other devils as well. Kikes are the absolute worst offenders. If niggers are animals then the kike is a sociopath. He knows that he is evil and has no scruple or shame when acting accordingly. Kikes need to be dealt with using extreme prejudice and endless ruthlessness.

I am now the most autistic poster in this thread

a0880c  No.12113703




>made stupid remark that is neither relevant nor productive

>got written off immediately

>You da robot

Look into a mirror first.

a57874  No.12113710


Kikes are part nigger. Afro-Asian language group. This is why we were forbidden to race mix…because it produces abomination on earth like niggers and kikes (and hapas).

ee046b  No.12113714


I say something is a blessing and a curse and you reply screeching about thots and cuck

and then you slip into reddit spacing like a faggot


843653  No.12113716


>I understand the concept that my friends are still "existing" even if they're not in site by thinking about their names.

I guess before this guy had the revelation, he was thinking like a toddler. To a toddler an object stops existing once it's out of sight. It's a ctually well known that some people don't develop more complex forms of thought. Usually if you don't develop them during childhood/adolescence you're fucked but I guess there are cases like these as well, so there's still hope for these people if others try to 'fix' them.

8423fc  No.12113717


It tells us about the demographic.

8eb081  No.12113727


>NPC's are real

I came here to say just that, but I'm way late to the game. It got me thinking, though - How does one think, if not in an inner dialogue? Without words, all that's left is emotions and basal, animal instincts. That explains niggers, sure, but I wouldn't have figured the the phenomenon would be so widespread.

a0880c  No.12113728


>reddit spacing

>muh filter

Yup. "NPC" alright.

13abb6  No.12113733

File: 27ee5875b34870c⋯.png (792.93 KB, 800x609, 800:609, nogjew.PNG)


phoenicians is what they were known as. jews will literally fuck anything and when they got sent to n africa, they mixed with the local nogs and started trading the humanoids for profit. The nogs liked them so much they revered them as gods for selling their family members off and putting them to work.

ee046b  No.12113735


yes but how many times have you stopped and thought or said "what the hell were they thinking?" the answer is they weren't thinking.

9cf289  No.12113738

File: 43518b3b1f9c125⋯.jpg (1018.31 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 1525059029534.jpg)


Ever saw a bird and thought to itself "how does it think? how does it know what to eat and what to do?"

That is the same way the normalfags "think". Instinct with nothing backing it back emotional impulses.

7c7a5e  No.12113744


>anyone with life experience beyond my own limited bubble of suburban life in mom's basement is a kike shill

97a5e1  No.12113749


Keep reading books until you cram language into your brainmeat.

246fa0  No.12113756


> How many times have you seen people do something incredibly stupid and wondered to yourself "what the fuck is wrong with this person? How do they function from day to day?".

Every. Damn. Day. I wonder how people function who cannot do simple tasks for themselves. Calculate correct change in your head? fucking wizardry to many people. I've had to step cashiers through it. Simple car / household maintenence? OMG where did you learn this magic! Simple logic of how things work, the sort of thing where even if you aren't technical, someone can say A does B,, B does C, and you can infer the rest because thats what brains are fucking for. Dumbfucks around me need it spoonfed over and over, and if they don't like how the universe works, they argue with you. /end personal rant/

e8c300  No.12113758

File: 090dea357073354⋯.png (388.92 KB, 599x413, 599:413, 1531355778802.png)


i didn't know that niggers couldn't recognize themselves in the mirror before the age of 6. i always knew niggers weren't human but this new revelation puts niggers even below most animals. they don't belong in society they belong in zoos.

if we think about it seriously, niggers would be better off and even happier in zoos. not having to work, not having to deal with trying to pretend to be human. they can just laze around their cages eating fried chicken holla'ing at eachother

38f4cf  No.12113760


Anon, have you considered that she may not be interested in politics, facts, statistics and niggers, hence why she doesn't research any of it herself? It doesn't mean that she can't form thoughts, it just means that she may be forming thoughts about different things.

782c12  No.12113763

File: 0dd38622f766cb5⋯.jpg (35.61 KB, 521x544, 521:544, 0dd38622f766cb54fbd1a7a303….jpg)


Isnt that just an Ethernet connection?

b2e18c  No.12113767

File: 6c2156e87076cf9⋯.jpg (211.02 KB, 1034x702, 517:351, nog2.jpg)

We all experience this inner monologue though. Its circumstantial however. If you are introverted or in public around strangers which you don't know; inner monologue is more prevalent. Around people you are comfortable with (family/friends) you say whats on your mind rather than ponder it. Retards lack shame/self awareness and will say what is on their mind regardless of consequence because they are 'comfortable' with everyone.

b24fb8  No.12113769



>focused anything

Now I'm no expert but I was sure the point of meditation was losing focus and seeing the greater picture where you once only saw a few pixels

aaae5b  No.12113770


>most people don't have an "inner voice"

>This means that the average person only thinks in speech about 25% of the time.

No, no, no, you're interpreting the article completely wrong, m8. They gave people beepers and at random times througought a week they activated the beeper, and the person had to write down what they were doing, mentally, at the time the beeper went off. On average, 25% of the times that the beeper went off a given subject was doing "inner talking", though some never were doing "inner talk" when the beeper went off. This does not mean these people do not talk to themselves in their head, it means they weren't talking to themselves at the times the beeper went off. It's possible some people don't inner talk, but that's not what this data is showing. Jesus christ, learn to into reading comprehension.

e1cbdc  No.12113772


>It tells us about the demographic.

Well, to the extent that a sample of 30 can tell you anything at all.

Which it can't.

13abb6  No.12113774


>niggers would be better off and even happier in zoos

I could just imagine showing my cute white daughter the sheboon exhibit. "You see, sweetheart. That's a sheoon! But don't get too close to the glass, they're incredibly aggressive."

246fa0  No.12113776


> they can just laze around their cages eating fried chicken holla'ing at eachother

My inner voice is laughing at my inner vision showing me a movie of a grinning furher trump in leather jacket with americanized-natsoc regalia, taking a photo op tour of such a nigger preserve, throwing one of his self-designed ape crates off the observation platform, watching as feral niggers eek and ook and smash it open, fighting over the contents.

b2e18c  No.12113778


>spoonfeeding retards

This is a slide thread. Don't bother trying to explain.

86c0c1  No.12113779

File: b608786247ea64e⋯.png (583.84 KB, 705x592, 705:592, ClipboardImage.png)



7f8255  No.12113782

> Most people who experience unsymbolized thinking, including those in the "nearly always" category, don't realize that they do so. In fact, many people who engage in unsymbolized thinking nearly all the time believe that unsymbolized thinking is impossible, until the beeper reveals its existence to them.

Bug men.

9cf289  No.12113784

File: 70d43e5552c044e⋯.jpg (240.72 KB, 563x750, 563:750, 1527448140069.jpg)


Nah dude, that's a wifi cable

b93da1  No.12113788


Gee, I wonder what's worse – being trapped in your thoughts when you've got autism and depression, or being an honest-to-god NPC, a sentient animal with no original thoughts of their own. Come to think of it, that might explain soymales like Andrew Dobson.

e1cbdc  No.12113797


>watching as feral niggers eek and ook and smash it open, fighting over the contents.

You could make a ton organizing after-dark tours of the cages by Jewesses and other skanks. And filming the proceedings for sale.

c58311  No.12113798

File: 0639da83b39292d⋯.jpg (99.58 KB, 2592x1936, 162:121, kittyneedshermilknow.jpg)


So… You mean to tell me it's an actual rare phenomena of people who contemplate in internal speech form? I don't know how to feel about this. I feel weird though since I spend countless hours in my head at night.

e476e4  No.12113799


They are literally functioning on a more complex and developed version of animal instinct. That's really just the best way to describe it. They "think" in the same way that a cat, or dolphin, or elephant "thinks". It's all instinct, and problem solving at the most basic possible level that will allow to have the capacity for survival. What you have to remember as well is that most American blacks are actually mullatos with something like 30% white admixture on average. This makes them exponentially more dangerous. Their violent instincts and animalistic hedonism is augmented by the things like basic human level problem solving capabilities. Look at gangs and drug networks for example. Some of them are surprisingly complex. You don't see that in pure Africans. Look at their tribal conflicts. They literally just get a bunch of their tribesmen together, each take a gun, and run out together into the jungle screaming and genociding and raping and nigging. There's no thought or strategy to it. If we hadn't brought them guns and western clothing they would literally still be doing it in grass skirts with sharpened sticks and MAYBE rocks.

83e495  No.12113801


>ask a guy where the bathrooms are

>"Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter"

8eb081  No.12113806


Did you mean to reply to someone else? Doesn't seem at all relevant to what I had written.

But, still, I mean, everybody has image thoughts (for lack of a better term) to an extent, where the smell of chocolate chip cookies conjures up an image of Grandma's kitchen, or whatever. And everybody daydreams. But I'd say a solid 90% of my thoughts are words and sentences and inner conversation.

>Could I do XYZ? Well maybe, but only if….

>I bet I can pass that car just in time.

>What do I feel like having for dinner? This? Nah. That? Meh. I know! The other!

…and so on.

ab7b4a  No.12113812


>they weren't talking to themselves at the times the beeper went off

yes, but to meme to cold reality into existence do (you) think that most people go though their day thinking about solving the mysteries of their existence or just like a robot going with their routine and the only way they hear a voice is when they are responding to other people's speech

because i think latter

7f8255  No.12113814


> image

Review bro?

ee046b  No.12113817


good catch

13abb6  No.12113821


>dolphin, or elephant "thinks

I honestly believe dolphins and elephants have more cognition than subhumans. They don't cannibalize each other. They don't rape their own babies. They don't sleep in their own shit. I'd feel much safer around an African Bull Elephant than an African Bull. At least with the elephant, I know not to threaten his troop, whereas with the nog, he will attack just because nigger.

5ca974  No.12113823


Start to worry when you dream in a foreign language.

5c10f0  No.12113825

>30 students

>large urban university



It's fucking nothing


So that's why niggers mumble gibberish to themselves so fucking much


that's the point, the sign was written by a normalfag that thinks everything involving the internet is "wifi" like every rifle is an ak-47 or ar-15

13230a  No.12113827


As opposed to what?

Not thinking at all, mind being blank and devoid of any attempts at analyzing and interpreting input received through senses?




Kikes don't even understand what a god is for.

Gods of actual humans are depicted as omniscient, omnipotent, eternal, all-seeing and omnipresent.

kikes believe that whatever they worship is closer to a human far away with a CCTV surveilance.

they wear kippas because it's supposed to signal that they need to tone it down with kikery for a bit since their demon is watching

Green light-red light is literally their religion.

talmud is based around gotcha mechanics where you look for loopholes to scam a >god

Look up kosher switch

>kike object of worship says, no labor on 6th day

>they devise a roullette-like device to circumvent it, but it ultimately arrives at the prohibited result

>that somehow doesn't count.

c58311  No.12113839


Apologies for misleading anon. I'm not him though. I just saved the picture when I saw it.

782c12  No.12113845

File: 355cb3265b82804⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 351x241, 351:241, 1441723518824.gif)

File: 86022b1c11900ef⋯.jpg (474 B, 15x14, 15:14, 96222d225efe5d3ac00e5684ce….jpg)


I understand that but I dont want to accept it. I feel as if going to have an existential crisis if I do.

e476e4  No.12113846


Aggression levels really are just something that varies from species to species. It doesn't necessarily depend on cognitive ability. Hornets are more aggressive than bumblebees. Honey badgers are far more aggressive than skunks, despite being relatively very intelligent. I too, would vastly prefer an elephant over a nigger though.

8d8c47  No.12113849

File: cc5dd359eed1918⋯.jpg (42.95 KB, 732x497, 732:497, 1497148821215.jpg)


>Sapient, you mean. Humans are sapient, several species are sentient (meaning they recognize themselves as individuals), and the rest are sub-sentient.

Could this be also broken down to meaning there could be semi/sub-Sapients? Semi-Sapient meaning an individual who thinks abstractly in imagery/emotion rather than through an inner narrative?

because if so, it would explain so much about people I meet.

7aecbb  No.12113850


That's super normal, dork

246fa0  No.12113864


> an individual who thinks abstractly in imagery/emotion

This explains niggers. Little abstract thought, little foresight, just spur-of-the-moment scrambling to grab another chicken leg, whilst eeking and ooking at whitey.

52506c  No.12113865


>i think in english all the time depiste being born and raise in Argentina

Jesus fucking christ anon, are you me?

7f8255  No.12113877


>that's the point, the sign was written by a normalfag that thinks everything involving the internet is "wifi" like every rifle is an ak-47 or ar-15

The bug people.

6a46fc  No.12113879


Normals don't learn anything unless specifically prompted. So these people can function and regurgitate in low quality 4 year lib arts programs but they don't really gain actual wisdom. Wisdom requires the cognitive flexibility that an inner voice provides. Remember what the Buddha said about meditation in that quote from civ 4.

If these people are driven by vicious tiger moms they can even become things like doctors but still be dumb as shit when you try to converse with them about abstract ideas.

6eebe3  No.12113880

There's a theory that there is a low number - finite - of souls and that they are all in use and most people are just that: NPCs who react as one would react to any situation but aren't actually beings.

246fa0  No.12113881


Smart thoughtful people think original thoughts and speak to themselves internally. NPC's follow a routine and only hear internally the voices of the Talmudvision, which they then mimic in words and actions.

4db5a5  No.12113883

I have to say that this sort of study really needs more proof for me to believe it, but it sure would explain some things

most of the people i surround myself with, I swear they literally dont think. that little process where you sit there for a minute and think about stuff in your head? it doesnt happen with them, it literally never does, and its fucking terrifying knowing these people have control over my life

cb721b  No.12113889


6a46fc  No.12113890


I think that is literally what the kikes believe. It is related to the 6 million meme.

ee046b  No.12113901



13230a  No.12113905



Wtf I agree with zionism now?!

Zionist kikes as opposed to marxist ones, believe that earth needs to be depopulated to 100 million or so with goyim left to work as slaves and to have targets for usury

Marxists want to keep the current number, but murder or brown into retardation all whites

13abb6  No.12113906


Years ago I went to a conference for young entrepreneurs and was dumbfounded at how ridiculously stupid many of the people there were. I remember having the thought, "Is there some kind of relation to not over-thinking and being able to start a business?" It occurred to me that if you didn't have the ability to think too hard, you wouldn't be able to foresee all the potential adversities of your actions, thus allowing you to proceed forward without worry of failure.

I think a lot of anons would be shocked by how stupid many CEO's actually are.

I haven't spent enough time around doctors, but you stating that made me remember this.

8c32dd  No.12113910

File: eb8ac2b50f8d89f⋯.jpg (73.44 KB, 460x562, 230:281, 1456608247756.jpg)

I always thought this was true but convinced myself I was being a arrogant faggot egotistically thinking he was above the "sheeple". Reality is always stranger than fiction

4db5a5  No.12113918

File: 60c6d38c1c14d1b⋯.jpeg (100.07 KB, 565x678, 5:6, 1dcb7dd3e405124faf4fd565b….jpeg)


if you arent interested in politics then you literally have no brain and should fuck off back to the human pens to get your stroylent

13abb6  No.12113919


Its funny because their intention on browning out the white really is a fail. Not many people are actually race-mixing. It's blown completely out of proportion. Even today, as much as 96% estimates are offered as European not having any admixture of subhuman DNA

e8c300  No.12113928

File: 64015e36c5bec2a⋯.jpg (227.66 KB, 590x835, 118:167, english_women_least_likely….jpg)


kek even the kike dating sites accidentally proved this. they did a study and found hardly anyone miscegenates despite propaganda. we just think it's happening a lot because of the jewbox and hollyjew broadcasting propaganda all the time.

091afc  No.12113937


Get your kikefrog meme and false dichotomy out of here.

The answer is obvious, their thought processes were severely limited before language.

856db2  No.12113947

File: 19c61f25ac04a2d⋯.png (31.63 KB, 375x360, 25:24, high-5.png)


I'd banana her mex if YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

6eebe3  No.12113949


No. It is PRECISELY THE OPPOSITE of what kikes believe. They believe the goyim are simply curse souls, not soulless, and they are the chosen souls predestined for ascension in the afterlife.

128762  No.12113953


I 100% agree with your observation. Every business engagement I have ever attended, wether it was for senior management, C-level, sales, or technical staff I always come away with the feeling of intense exhaustion from having to stoop my thinking down to the level of a moron the entire time just to get a basic point across. It's truly horrifying how dumb people with "responsible" positions in life are.


I did the same for years myself, at one point I had myself convinced that I was coping with something. Then I learned about this, IQ, race, the whole red pill experience. Now I think this is a first step qualifier for government enforced castration.

6eebe3  No.12113954


More proof that the (((white women love black))) is a fucking lie. Through and through.

819341  No.12113956

File: 32bb78d270a1a1b⋯.webm (6.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ten Percent Of U.S. High ….webm)

de40b1  No.12113969

File: 9d9f7d4ef8be360⋯.png (150.16 KB, 194x450, 97:225, pain fear.png)

>this entire thread

13abb6  No.12113973


It's the most blatant form of propaganda available. Every other commercial is a black guy with a white girl. Everyone that sees this knows it's completely bullshit aside from a few full-blown hypnotized autobots.

e8c300  No.12113979


my ex unironically hated racism, yet wouldn't ever be with a nigger. she said they scare her and also she doesn't find them attractive. I kek'd when she mentioned they seem to smell to her too they a pungent old sock smell. and this is from an anti-racist girl.

my current girlfriend i dunno how she thought of niggers before tbh i never asked i live in a different town now with just white people. she says she hates niggers now but that could just be my influence.

3201ba  No.12113987


> How does one think, if not in an inner dialogue?

You can spit all your thoughts at people. Efficiency of your thought process drops this way but you can get the same result as with inner dialog.

You can write all your thoughts on paper, you drop speed as well but you become able to replay thoughts exactly and organize them spatially, probably in much more complex ways than you can having brain only.

Or you can not think at all - that's what impression I often get when a person fails to fathom simplest argument possible.

de40b1  No.12113992

File: cc6673a1db683f8⋯.webm (40.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, what.webm)

843653  No.12114001

File: 57dcc41b4648891⋯.png (41.36 KB, 947x380, 947:380, FireShot Capture 134 - My ….png)


Another interesting post by this poster. Primitive minds don't seem to have a sense of self. I imagine animals are like that.

13abb6  No.12114011


> i dunno how she thought of niggers before tbh

I don't get past a handshake with a girl without asking, "Have you ever dated a black guy?" Yes = automatic cyalater.jpg / no but I would = same / no, I never would = potential

e476e4  No.12114018


Literal non-sentience. What the fuck

dddf5c  No.12114029

File: 4ef51a1725896b1⋯.png (255.44 KB, 404x294, 202:147, what in the god damn.PNG)

I have no words except that this is the fucking spookiest god damn shit and I now understand several things about my own life better than I ever have before.

a9f1eb  No.12114035


>when you get flushed out of the vat of goo

Sentience and introspection are the the first red-pills.

73b3cb  No.12114037


i think i started doing it to practice the language and it became a havit

any native english speaker here who had a similar experience while learning another language?

6a46fc  No.12114038


I suspect this has something to do with moving from one radically different language environment to another during a critical stage of development.

Don't fucking do this to your kids gooks! You will fuck them up permanently. I can't count how many asians I have seen that have been here since they were young and sound like their brains are being raped with a blowtorch as they try to speak coherent sentences.

55dba3  No.12114044



Not to beat a dead horse, but this is what Orwell wrote in 1984, and to some extent, was tackled in a smaller way in Ernst Junger's Eumeswil, although that had more to do with achieving anarchy under a totaltarian state than language, but his protagonist goes into a length diatribe about it.

Language absolutely affects the way you think and therein, I imagine the genetic clusters that produce said language(various ethnic and racial groups) affect the way that language interplays with your brain(since we know genetics affects your cerebral development and so on). If we fall back on the idea that all organisms are the result of genes at a base level, then we have to wonder what that means for language.

For example, how do you come up with the concept of "liberty" or "order" if there aren't words for either, and vice versa: how do you understand those words if your brain wasn't developed with that language family, and the genetic cluster mentioned before?

3d99c6  No.12114046


This is a fantastic way of classifying them. I agree m8, it does truly explain why some """people""" are the way they are, and it'd help people who are of the fully sapient variety to better understand those who don't have the same thought processes. Well, at least in terms of classification.

eb6063  No.12114048


Only a shill faggot forgets to check them dubs.>



Dubs checked.

a420f5  No.12114053


Its more like this you NPC. This is happening while opening the door, unlocking it, driving etc.

>I wonder who made the first car was it really Carl Benz or was it Henry Ford? MMM I like German cars, what ever made them so focused on quality in the first place. Where they just in the right time and place and Hitler unlocked something in them? *beep beep* ffs can't they just make a car that doesn't remind you to put on a fucking seat belt. I am going to the shops its not even far. . . what did people even do when their weren't shops around, did they literally just make things. I wonder what the first shop was, I wonder what the owner was like. . . probably a Jew. Fucking retards not using flickers. I wonder if there is a correlation between IQ and forgetting to use your flickers it really isn't that hard. Need to find a parking space quickly don't want to be here all they.

a9f1eb  No.12114056


>Operation Mind Fuck

Discordians have been doing it for a long time. Just remember, it is a joke religion that has no power and has never changed the course of human events.

6a46fc  No.12114058


Fuck wrong comment. Meant for:


29a049  No.12114059


You have it the wrong way. Zionists want a funnel system that leads back to them,”alll roads lead back to Israel” they literally don’t care what happens to the world as long as their system isn’t compromised. Marxist Talmudic jews want to rule everyone with an iron fist.

90dd1f  No.12114063


>do (you) think that most people go though their day thinking about solving the mysteries of their existence

No, but I bet they spend a part of the day at least thinking about general stuff going on in their lives.

e8c300  No.12114066

File: b59d75170e27d5f⋯.jpg (47.53 KB, 1607x617, 1607:617, nigger_programming.jpg)



kek and kek

this is how nigger NPC programming works

52506c  No.12114071


In my case I ended up learning it because as a kid all the cool sites were in english. Spent so many days back when runescape was still good. Because of that I ended up with the incentive to learn whatever advanced english terminology there was that I couldn't understand compared to spanish that I just needed to get a point across good enough in day to day life, so I found it more natural to think in english when dealing with complex situations due to knowing the words for so many more concepts than spanish that just amounted to describing it as "that thing where you X".

af3805  No.12114076



you can add me to the list, one night i had this feel especially bad and had a hair tearing mental breakdown, it happened because i couldn't stop thinking about how bad things are and how unlikely it is and how despite that I'm still being forced to endure it.

it is like were all living in a comedy for a sadists enjoyment, with no escape.


I do not think so. I think deja vu is linked with our conciousness' ability to transcend one lifetime, therefore I think that those with especially high fortitude will be more likely to experience it

a422c2  No.12114079


That’s what Marxist Jews believe. Not Zionist’s

d95117  No.12114082

>most people don't have an inner voice

I know for sure that niggers do not.

And most leftists do not.

fa0792  No.12114088

File: 7880e2d42e9be8d⋯.png (16.15 KB, 666x788, 333:394, circle of time hitler.png)

File: 0f31cc71185961e⋯.jpg (118.38 KB, 705x455, 141:91, expanding brain hitler did….jpg)

File: 3e840e28e2a411f⋯.png (152.1 KB, 500x375, 4:3, hitler rugrats.png)

File: 6632056c9dad149⋯.jpg (63.54 KB, 550x671, 50:61, 1a1722519b26df98eba2205760….jpg)


>All of them, and all of us, have brought us right here to where we are today

yeah, and we're currently set to see overwhelming victory. man has survived the brutal struggle for existence for hundreds of thousands of years. settle down and chill out with the self-hatred. you also seem really upset about "hitler worship" that i have yet to see in this thread.

>Because you are WILLING to perpetuate the system that is killing us and draining out our lifeblood.

more implication.

you seem to enjoy bitching to the choir on the internet


it is possible to think without language but it is a very simple type of thinking. i dont want to call it shallow because it varies, but you cannot use that type of thinking to string together complex thoughts and whatnot. i dont understand how these people can into basic math and whatnot, but i have witnessed the illiteracy of the negro in a pretty decent university class (as in, having high difficulty and being barely able to read out loud) - it really is shocking and was hard to immediately comprehend how it all got to this point


yeah but animals and stuff have souls too. it's more than just people. depending on how you act you may end up as a cow in the next life

b5f23c  No.12114097


>english is retarded for having onomatopoeia

what would be preferable for conveying sounds through scripture? a waveform?

8d8c47  No.12114104


It could be broken down further and explain the outliers amongst niggerdom, ie. the Thomas Sowel, etc.

e1c70a  No.12114106


oh, so this is why people love rap and pop music

it literally thinks for them

7ac447  No.12114112


Woah anon, thanks for sharing, that's a real existential mind fuck. It really begs the question what exactly we are, and when we become "it", whether this is viewed as spiritual or not, there is objectively something to what makes us, us. I know that's nothing new, but in this age of science, it makes it seem less like religious bullshit, and more tangible.

6a46fc  No.12114113


This is a different category of thing. Mostly muscle memory.

aa585d  No.12114114


Talking to yourself is a sign of facial asymmetry. It's not the end of the world, but would definitely be viewed as a bad trait to most people.

aead1a  No.12114122


If you're talking about the leftist shills on here, then sure.

13abb6  No.12114125


>>I wonder who made the first car was it really Carl Benz or was it Henry Ford? MMM I like German cars, what ever made them so focused on quality in the first place. Where they just in the right time and place and Hitler unlocked something in them? *beep beep* ffs can't they just make a car that doesn't remind you to put on a fucking seat belt. I am going to the shops its not even far. . . what did people even do when their weren't shops around, did they literally just make things. I wonder what the first shop was, I wonder what the owner was like. . . probably a Jew. Fucking retards not using flickers. I wonder if there is a correlation between IQ and forgetting to use your flickers it really isn't that hard. Need to find a parking space quickly don't want to be here all they.

From this day forth, I shall refer to ye as brother!

That's literally me, anon. To a "t"

73b3cb  No.12114127


>what would be preferable for conveying sounds through scripture

how should i know

spanish does it, or at least i can't think of any word in spanish that sounds like an onomatopeia

04bd22  No.12114134


Terry was right, life is a video game. He wasn't insane, just was actually trying to hack our reality to talk to the developer.

550234  No.12114135


Holy shit, if this is true then it's a completely phenomenal find and will once again help to fundamentally transform the way we look at the Human brain and it's relation amongst the various races.

My "inner voice" as I suppose it's now acceptable to refer to as, is an integral part of me. All my discussion, planning, inner debates, takes place using it and without it I wouldn't be who I am. Not in the slightest. I doubt I'd even be alive. This is something that I consider you be so important to the Human psyche that it is beyond belief to me that there are those that even potentially lack it let alone truly do. Dear Gods what the fuck, what the fuck kind of existence could that even be? That inner voice is what allows one to reason, to contemplate, to plan, to analyze. To process so many countless thoughts and feelings and condense it all into a single thought. It materializes the Human Psyche, as complex and vast as it is, and clearly projects it upon the canvas of reality.

How could this possibly be so?

3f0008  No.12114137


they don't think at all probably

000000  No.12114138

How do they determine if a person is having inner-speech? Did they just ask people out-right? Is there a brain scan that can verify it? I know I do inner monologue almost all the time. Also I thought that inner-speech was one of those evolutionary stepping stones to consciousness that raised mans status from ape critter to proper modern human, implying that almost every human should be experiencing inner-speech…. oh OOOOOOOOOH!

Oh wait… I get it…. Only 25% of people surveyed had European ancestry XDDDDDDDDD

4a6db3  No.12114144

File: 79287367073336a⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 612x612, 1:1, we need to talk.jpg)


>Sometimes I use "we" instead of "I" when I'm referring to myself during inner speech.

I do this quite a lot

e8c300  No.12114149

File: 924d6ccf1303555⋯.png (403 KB, 450x693, 50:77, 28576774_1450531338390931_….png)


have you ever tried to talk to someone only to get that empty glazed over look in their eyes like they're suffering a run-time error? NPC.

73b3cb  No.12114157


dubs confirm

we are becoming a hive mind

dddf5c  No.12114169

a420f5  No.12114171


Cool brother. Put a little bit of money into Monero and Link and forget about it for a little while.

3c8fbd  No.12114202

Expose any nigger to a rhythmic sound, like a car alarm or some menu music. They will start dancing to it, or really just attuning their body movement to the rhythm.

It sounds like saying 'they got music in their blood', but it's actually uncanny to watch. Like looking at a human shaped animal.

1ea75f  No.12114204


I used to be an introvert hands down and watched everything I said. Now I've become overwhelmingly outspoken and dominating in most situations where I don't feel the need to settle the fuck down, like social dinners and client meetings. I often unleash my inner voice upon the plebeian's that find themselves around me randomly with sometimes wanton abandon.

I would argue I am not an retard considering the vast gulf of knowledge and awareness I possess of things in this world. Instead I would argue I simply don't give two shits about the fucking non thinking animals that infest my world anymore. You break down and cry over what I say you deserve it for your weakness and pathetic mind drivel which dominates oneself, you try and ape out and you have revealed an animal worthy of its beat down without need to evoke any measure of empathetic sympathy; you argue an counter point by parroting the idiocy of this fucking joke of a world at me without any understanding beyond it and you draw the fucking eye of sauron looking to drop massive redpills and hate into the peon's mind. Thanks to what I know. I have found peace in not giving a shit. Thanks to what I feel, I don't fear attacking in any fucking way anyone around me that dares to fucking dare me. I am white and male, so why give a fuck about fear of social consequences the vast majority of the time, the world is against me so fuck em all. I am white and male, they will know me.

Fuck em all. I can out ook an fucking nigger now and its glorious. /pol/ taught me to embrace my emotional side rather than corral it and hide.

a420f5  No.12114221


Well its completely different if you have made it. Most people have inhibitions because they can't quite stand on their own two feet. A low IQ hobo ranting is not the same as a high IQ millionaire ranting.

396dad  No.12114231


Hostile inner voices are like the skeleton in your closet, once you see where they take you, you realize they absolutely cannot hurt you.

I have personal experience with this, I spent years trying to fight my inner demon. Only when I stopped clinging to this useless fight, I saw that he was a part of me all along. Running away from him couldn't work, so fuck drugs, and attacking him was attacking myself. Accepting him as a part of me finally gave me peace, and whenever he decides to call me names I ignore him now. It seems he gets bored that way.

Do note that I am talking about the manifestation of depression, not about schizophrenia. For the grand majority of people, their depression stems from clinging to unrealistic expectations and going to war against themselves. Very rare are the cases in which depression is actually a disease, and not a symptom of how people treat themselves, and thus in the grand majority, kike pills like SSRIs are not only useless, but actually dangerous, as they take the metaphysical struggle against oneself to the physical realm.

6eebe3  No.12114233


>yeah but animals and stuff have souls too. it's more than just people. depending on how you act you may end up as a cow in the next life

Nope. That's what divides animals and humans: a soul.

Also get your Buddhist shit out.

fa0792  No.12114255


it's not budhist; it's vedic, which is standard old school aryan. stay pleb

733bd9  No.12114257


Hey dumbass. Humans are animals - and many other animals are more soulful than humans.

419a12  No.12114264

File: 9f24ea543a18e2b⋯.jpg (82.17 KB, 600x656, 75:82, 000000100000 (26).jpg)


I've always figured it was 20% of the world is thinking, and though I think I came to this conclusion independently I did learn of the 80/10/10 theory 10% being bad/good but then as I grew in understanding I've allocated 3% from either 10% to create the 6% representing Jews which can be added to the 7% bad making up a grand total of 80/13/7%

Though I would like to make a caveat that I don't know if all NPCs are evil, look at CUEAnon shit, etc etc to see what I mean.

16277f  No.12114267


That is exactly what I wanted to post ! A must read.

e476e4  No.12114268


It's gay and you should feel bad

733bd9  No.12114270


Well, more soulful than some humans at least.

7d3e3c  No.12114271

This is bizzare. How can people function without an inner voice? I thought every single person on the planet, even the dumbest, had one.

04bd22  No.12114274

File: 1d66af35fada081⋯.webm (3.9 MB, 204x360, 17:30, 80mph.webm)


>Dear Gods what the fuck, what the fuck kind of existence could that even be?

fa0792  No.12114277


you're gay

2e52ef  No.12114280


You must be that bipolar woman from the now anchored artifical womb thread who said that males are fucking pathetic and how the wombs are for "us, women."

733bd9  No.12114283


It's not gay and you should feel good.

Also, nice dubs. Check'd!

f543ca  No.12114285


You’re an NPC because you questioned the sample size. –t paid shill earlier in the thread

396dad  No.12114293

File: 7fe0f1c4d83deb2⋯.png (32.07 KB, 514x352, 257:176, 7fe.png)


That has to be an April's fools joke, right?

13abb6  No.12114298


it's clearly a spoof but scary how close to reality it may actually be

e2d38f  No.12114307


English incorporates any words into itself which fills a definitional gap, firstly. Secondly, it is gender neutral or default masculine in symbolic pronoun association. Which means you don't have to memorize the context specific diction pertinent to a specific idea or articulation.

13abb6  No.12114309


I'm white you stupid piece of nigger shit. I have a soul and think in words. You're unable to see the difference between humans and non-humans because you don't have a soul and don't think in words.

You will never be me.

6834a8  No.12114315


I think my right brain is mostly retarded. Using only your left brain doesn't mean you don't have morals though, take a look at philosophy.

0fe61d  No.12114316



There's an onion icon. Yes, it's satire.

89db4e  No.12114317


>a large urban university

Niggers don't have souls.

You have to have significant White European genes to even be considered bordering on basic intelligence and capable of empathy and foresight.

This is why they are scrubbing wrongthink from all social media platforms. We can break their conditioning and (((they))) are afraid.

a4547e  No.12114319



NPCs. Hollow, soulless freaks.

419a12  No.12114321


Yea it's a struggle learning you are so different


Inner Dialogue has been the go to for years, at least for this goy with a education with more holes in it than a block of swiss cheese..

733bd9  No.12114322


You can not make this assumption about another person without being able to observe how they behave in reality. I'm going by the biological definition of the word "animal" which includes humans.

13abb6  No.12114330


> I'm going by the biological definition of the word "animal" which includes humans.

Funny, if I were a non-human, that's exactly what i would say.

61c9c0  No.12114336


Elevator music

733bd9  No.12114340


You don't understand how classification works, then.

13abb6  No.12114348


Me and phylum are snow-brothers, anon. I know class. I drink champagne when I masturbate.

6eebe3  No.12114351




Fuck off.



9ed985  No.12114360


Horrible creatures.

448d31  No.12114364

Having an inner voice is great, however I also developed an inner ear which I call a jukebox. I remember having an inner voice as far back as kindergarten since my mind goes really fast so I have to say it in my head before I said out loud. However, my inner voice accidentally gets loose and I'll said something obtuse to a certain topic, but when I am reading a book my inner voice puts on the different personas of the characters whereas the inner ear sets up the ambiance in the background it also helps when I try to compose music. Sometimes I see things that are like road maps or networks at random points in time, but it doesn't happen as often now.

At same time, I like to process things step-by-step as a mental planner which helps in mathematics.

I don't know, this topic seems to be really interesting to me since I constantly debate this with myself for years. I always ask myself, why?

733bd9  No.12114370


>Vedism wasn't established by Aryans, goy

Nah. You're retarded.


If you understand cladistic classification, then you'd know that Phylum and Class are both outdated and useless terms, while Species is the more important and useful grouping.

04bd22  No.12114375

File: 5c0f2b99e85191c⋯.gif (9.69 KB, 600x450, 4:3, katiaconsiderthefollowingf….gif)


All this inner voice talk got me thinking, Prequel is based on a true story. Being a player in an NPC world is suffering.

256f78  No.12114377

How can someone can speak and understand a language, but not use it in thought? Shit doesn't make sense.


same exact thing for me

c95940  No.12114394


Can confirm. If it’s a book I’m really into, I actually stop seeing the words on the page. Are you a vivid dreamer? I am, really strange ones too apparently. I’ve always been told my dreams are weirder than average. I dunno, I just figured I have an incredibly active imagination. I visualize things very easily. When someone is speaking I immediately start visualizing everything they say, like a movie.

30b497  No.12114397

This has been on my radar for a long fucking time, The number I heard years ago was 13/87% split for people able to rationally think/respond with opinion only, the right to which is drilled into these lobotomized tards constantly.

The worst part is, is the NPCs are happy. I worked with one, nice as fuck, would give you the shirt off his back, and happy as a pig in shit working so he could drink on the weekend.

The challenge is that I order for a system to fail, the fed for example, 30% non participation is needed. 25% is actually encouraging.

c600d4  No.12114401


Blacks don't even zhave big dicks.

HUNGaryans have the biggest dick. Praise tengri.

Also black people not only have the lowest response rate to each other but they get the lowest response rate from everybody. And who is at the top? Well the white man and woman. Beauty standard for 2000 years. Also, it is funny how most 'incels' are ethnics or niggers living in the western world.

448d31  No.12114441


Some common ground, then. I didn't realize, sorry.

6eb48a  No.12114443

conflating inner speech and conscience is troublesome though. Consider the hypothetical guy who never learned to speak (mure/deaf, raised by wolves, abducted by aliens…).

Does your inner voice actually speak or it's more like an instant of enlightenment? In current year I would not trust voices that speak inside your head, as technology is getting there.

e8c300  No.12114448


dunno about the hungarian claim but you're 100% right about niggers not having big dicks. that's a jewish meme

e8c300  No.12114451

a57874  No.12114456



You are excusing him (this is what I consider worship) for his errors. I believe he would be horrified by your attitude. By saying he did nothing wrong you are refusing to improve upon his mistakes (because you don't think he made any, and he did). I don't care about the justifications for people's actions, I care about results.

As far as I can tell, only a fraction of the people on 8chan are even in the ethno-globe choir and their voices are mostly unnoticed (despite the overwhelming warmth I feel for them when I see someone who is determined TO SURVIVE). They, at least, have the understanding that the predation will never end unless we end it for good.

I will be honest with you, it is absolutely humiliating and really shows how far our people have fallen that I have to be the one saying these things it is not something that inspires me with confidence in the survival of Ethnic Europeans.

In non-clown world, all of this would have already be concretely understood and handled BY MEN…women would never have to speak about such things but because there is something terribly wrong in our society it falls on those who, literally, can no longer be silent to point out what should be completely obvious to everyone. It is only because our situation is SO DESPERATE and that nothing is happening that I am compelled to speak about it and preach to the choir that doesn't really agree with me anyway and would rather die out or turn into an animal through fucking subhumans than stand up for what is right and beautiful (our people).

Also I think maybe that something terrible has happened to men, which I don't really understand)…they are passive now when they should be active. They are leaderless and aimless, when natural qualified leaders should be overwhelmingly abundant within our society. I think that might be eugenically bred, via the kike wars weeding out our protectors, to be slaves and that is a painful and horrifying revelation for me because it means the complete end of our society. IDK man, you just keep typing on the internet and refusing to acknowledge that anything bad happened or that things could have been improved on.

I will keep fighting for our people, day and night, ceaselessly until I am dead…or until one of you mans up and begins to save us. FUCKING ALT-KIKES NEED NOT APPLY.

a57874  No.12114471


Will you at least spoiler that shit. It is disgusting.

230029  No.12114476


except I'd tell you to fuck off because admitting to anything verboten to anyone on the street who you don't deeply trust and associate with is risking your livelyhood and well being.

89db4e  No.12114483


Fuck off jew, having an inner voice does not conflate to schizophrenia but nice attempt trying to sow paranoia.

abf50c  No.12114493


That's the purpose of fiction. And even with an inner voice this is not unusual, I'm pretty sure everyone imagines when they read descriptive paragraphs. Even niggers, if they can read and comprehend.

My question is, what the fuck do people do when they don't have an inner voice? Is it just oogabooga moonrune webm in the brain for every thought? How the hell do you contemplate complex concepts without an inner voice or formulate sentences, or write anything?

ced3c2  No.12114494


Unrelated to OP topic but kinda related to this post.

There is a thing called Aphantasia, where people are unable or are severely limited in their ability to visualize in their mind's eye.

dddf5c  No.12114497


It's not like you are bound by this voice. Why wouldn't you speak to it to determine the best course of action, assumedly based on your own knowledge of whatever situation in which you are enclosed?

c600d4  No.12114509

File: 3d661fbe14a65df⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.79 KB, 1728x1152, 3:2, dick.contest.jpg)

File: bf635dd4a4f22f4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.8 KB, 962x610, 481:305, dick.size.jpg)



Remember all those infographs where the whole of sub saharan africa was 9-12 inches? Look what happens when people actually measure and not just use self reported claims. Not only that, but dick size is also a bell curve. 80% of the world population is in a + - 1 inch range of the median. And even then, when your brain is absolutely fried by jewish porn and how they all have 20 inch dicks, then simply start jelqing.

e9c792  No.12114515


Poor Asia

ced3c2  No.12114516


Sorry for being a lazy NPC


e9c792  No.12114517


Did not read lol

7d8096  No.12114522


Tell me thats shooped.

7b2677  No.12114525


But things do disappear when you're not looking at them. Basic quantum mechanics.

550653  No.12114543


As a fiction author this is how I write, I spend all day doing this and just write it when I get home. I'm not sure how much of this NPC hypothesis I believe but it would certainly explain some things, like how some people can be so ridiculously dumb.

76e1ce  No.12114552


Yes, I shook hands with Obama when I was stationed in Hawaii in 2013. He seemed like an empty shell

c600d4  No.12114554

File: 971dcbde1eeaa4b⋯.jpg (414.47 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 971dcbde1eeaa4b88286cce17d….jpg)


The one that cracks me up is Ethiopia and Portugal

7d8096  No.12114559


That is about it for me,also,esp.when cold, during a shower,totally unstimulated,etc .So fucking what?

1f2acf  No.12114561

don't find this scary or sad having to work with the general public

that's the reality these people have created for themselves

ed15e3  No.12114571


>Caps and read letters

didn't read.

d10ee6  No.12114577


On a quantum level? Yes, but on the macroscopic level, they don't disappear. However, that also does imply that even at the quantum level, there is some kind of information permanence. When an object is no longer observed, the information making up the object persists so that when it is observed again, it is observed in an identical or near-identical state (as far as quantum particles are concerned) as it was when observation was suspended.

7d8096  No.12114587


About the only thing he did right is campaigning for political office,& that is if he was merely a monumentally incompetent micromanager.

Y'all REALLY need to hook your wagon up to a winner.

Our race depends on it ,not that WW2 wasn't the tipping point.

dc2799  No.12114588


>Talking to yourself is a sign of facial asymmetry


2e52ef  No.12114595


>we are /peaceful/ and only intend to better our race. Nothing more.

What about the other races then? I guess we deport or shoot their asses.

c895c6  No.12114611


And they don't think you are human. And the jew doesn't think any of us are human. See the pattern? The real enemy actually is inhuman, and they want us to see each other (and ourselves) as they see us. Animals, npc's, automatons, mindless drones, livestock… blah blah blah.

If you allow yourself to buy into that, congrats, you got snatched up into yet another trap and put back on stage, to play a part in their puppet show. I don't care if it's popular to say or not.

It's true that some people walking on this earth are inhuman, but just because someone is dumb as a rock doesn't make them non-human. There are plenty of whites that are stupid as shit. Are they also inhuman?

05860e  No.12114616

"When confronted with a problem involving the use of the reasoning faculties, individuals of strong intellect keep their poise, and seek to reach a solution by obtaining facts bearing upon the question. Those of immature mentality, on the other hand, when similarly confronted, are overwhelmed. While the former may be qualified to solve the riddle of their own destiny, the latter must be led like a flock of sheep and taught in simple language. They depend almost entirely upon the ministrations of the shepherd. The Apostle Paul said that these little ones must be fed with milk, but that meat is the food of strong men. Thoughtlessness is almost synonymous with childishness, while thoughtfulness is symbolic of maturity. There are, however, but few mature minds in the world; and thus it was that the philosophic-religious doctrines of the pagans were divided to meet the needs of these two fundamental groups of human intellect–one philosophic, the other incapable of appreciating the deeper mysteries of life. To the discerning few were revealed the esoteric, or spiritual, teachings, while the unqualified many received only the literal, or exoteric, interpretations. In order to make simple the great truths of Nature and the abstract principles of natural law, the vital forces of the universe were personified, becoming the gods and goddesses of the ancient mythologies. While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of Priapus and Pan (deities representing the procreative energies), the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions of great abstract truths. In all cities of the ancient”

― Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

7d8096  No.12114618


Tru dat.

Position(s) of the observer(s).

And all that.

75fd7c  No.12114624

File: d489428cd593821⋯.jpg (162.3 KB, 931x486, 931:486, wfIB-JVv36qSlSizZRafNOhfA5….jpg)

Found an example.


af3805  No.12114629



why would you even bother to save and post it?

7d8096  No.12114639

File: 06f7d1cc50ee5e4⋯.jpg (132.68 KB, 1024x776, 128:97, 1518316723518m.jpg)

b93da1  No.12114647

File: 79c6f8ba07b6227⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 244.69 KB, 1160x1299, 1160:1299, Another Maw.png)

File: 85b67c9a527e578⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 514.19 KB, 865x1522, 865:1522, Andrea.png)

File: 9a15e64955df5e3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 745.56 KB, 3312x1778, 1656:889, Notes I gathered.jpg)


>too right wing for art groups that do cutesy shit I like

>too much "tumblr" imprint read: unpopular taste and too "soft" to really be accepted by /pol/

>get the feeling that my friends secretly hate me because I got blocked and shittalked behind my back from friends I cared about

>nonstop defensiveness and eggshell walking that only persists because my desire for friends that share my interests outweigh the fear of being ostracized

>feel like the only aspect that seperates me from a soyboy is my "rebellious" side that sees this self deprecation and fights against it and insists that I deserve better no matter how much of a worthless loser I am

>absolutely hate reiterating myself to where I avoid discussing actual issues entirely yet constantly do so in my writings and text because i'm incapable of being able to articulate my thoughts in a concise and effective manner

>instinctively shy away from any actual attempt at help since nobody helped me up back when I was in a deep pit of shit

>see myself as irredeemable closet-furry autist garbage who'll never be fully accepted by the people who share my interests nor the people who not only share the same ideology, but actually convinced me to their side

Shit, you too? Although I might be more justified, I still wouldn't wish that on anybody. Still, i'm happy to see that /pol/ can be caring at times.


>validates his self hate while not realizing that they don't have the same hallmarks as Zon Kuthon aka Anchors and Eggs

Way to be an absolute nigger, anon. Come back when your IQ is above room temperature.



I think in words, and if vivid enough, small "video clips", mental .webms, or a short flashback which would be images, visions, feelings, i'm shit at describing. I could think in analogies, but i'm hesitant because it might come out disjointed and strange. Also good god is misophonia fucking horrible

When I think "hard to read", brain conjures an image of a crumpled paper ball. If i'm eating something and it tastes like it, brain briefly flashes an image of that food, but rotten. If a particular thought train is utterly distressing and emphasizes how incompetent or 'tistic I am I seize up and heavily slow down whatever i'm doing until it dies down or I quit, and even then the lingering feeling of disgust clouds my brain like a thick veil of fail.


It's like that, but in movie clips because my shit-ass brain doesn't want to go on for much longer - unless if it's that entertaining, like in Fahrenheit 451 where Montag roasts Beatty and knocks his two mindless drone out cold, which in this case I can feel every impact in visceral detail.


How the fuck do you even think at all?

746ebf  No.12114658


>bro i just got banned from cuckchan /pol/ for…………. racism. wtf?

4chan has been compromised since 2014 why the fuck do you 4channer keep coming here acting surprised about this? Were you even around for the first exodus?

dab6a9  No.12114669

File: b484f19656c1071⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 299x475, 299:475, snow-crash[1].jpg)


Book very related.

Nice catch anon.

e9c792  No.12114674


>What about the other races then?

There is no other races. Our cause is for the benefit and advancement of our own race. Nothing more.



363717  No.12114686


Sometimes your brain thinks in "shortcut" mode. I'd liken it to being suddenly in a dream. When you fall asleep and are suddenly in a scenario but you know all the context surrounding it and the events that took place beforehand without experiencing it.


Actually he goes a bit into it in this second article.

241777  No.12114688

File: 857c97c9b85c0a5⋯.png (338.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Press A to doubt reality.png)


What the fuck? They really are just NPCs.

Do they not think then? Are they not sapient?

It would explain a lot.

75fd7c  No.12114694

7d8096  No.12114696

File: 1094d529694388e⋯.jpg (39.58 KB, 399x302, 399:302, 1517441011431.jpg)

fbabae  No.12114704


this. its called role models. sure you all had 1 as a kid. now where did they all go?

c53ec4  No.12114710

I don't understand how they determined this, it's not clear in the article at all. What were the beepers for?

eb0b47  No.12114712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




The news article along with video, according to the article the man was going to his little brother’s graduation as he was the first in the family to graduate high school. You can’t make this stuff up.

7f342c  No.12114723

File: 423c16b21b72698⋯.png (315.53 KB, 1265x604, 1265:604, 95367259863428649845642753.png)

e9c792  No.12114725


Thinking without words is what white people call instinct. Things that just happen instinctively. Like getting out of bed, I don't think, "Ok, gotta roll to my side now. Put my feet on the ground. Two at a time, remember one isn't enough!"

Those are things that happen while we're thinking of other things.

I can think without words but I'm confined to a move or two. For instance, I just pictured my light switch in my room where my shelf anchor is at and visa versa. I tried to go a step further and I was confined to using words as a place holder for my first thought. With words, I can go 6 or 7 steps into a thought, rewind a step or two, swap one out for the other or mix a couple of them up. I'll lose track once I get to step 8-9, usually forgetting half of the previous steps instantly.

eb0b47  No.12114728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not entirely sure if its the correct happening, the guy died in the road if I’m not mistaken.


You absolutely have to watch this one I just found.

e9c792  No.12114736


kek, that's him

that guys literally dumber than my dog.

b93da1  No.12114752



If language could cause such a massive cognitive change like this, could we possibly use it to slow down or speed up time perception?

643a9d  No.12114754

File: 5bbe55c4653ef06⋯.jpg (93.43 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DkF_hysVAAIklcO.jpg)




e8c300  No.12114764

File: cd9bbbda82211d6⋯.png (28.72 KB, 633x758, 633:758, thataryanfeel.png)


tbh i didn't use it until late 14/early 15. i know it's been full of shills forever now but i always kinda enjoyed the banter and shitposting. after a hard day at uni it was fun, i don't watch the jewbox so entertainment right it's the first time i've ever been banned though so yeah i was genuinely surprised. anyway i hereby claim asylum

e9c792  No.12114766

File: c7c42303715ed6c⋯.jpg (29.45 KB, 302x319, 302:319, Alex_Jonestein9.jpg)


Anons, what if we all found each other. All of us humans in a world of NPC's and an evil force (Ie: israel) wants us to disperse because it feeds on our life force?

What if our souls are being taken in satanic rituals and they want a world full of NPC's?

That's what the whole censorship movement is about and that's why they're pushing so hard to shut us down. We're the last of the humans.

2e52ef  No.12114769


Alright, do you intend non-whites to get their asses kicked back to their homelands (with force if necessary)

7d8096  No.12114772

File: d3d34c72d1f612d⋯.jpg (264.46 KB, 600x516, 50:43, 1517700557832.jpg)

a4deaf  No.12114773

File: 04a8f0732b0aabd⋯.jpg (203.9 KB, 853x1137, 853:1137, 8b48961684651ce88c9544bf22….jpg)


"Sapient" the word you're looking for is "sapient."

NPC's are non-sapient entities.

Lot's of things are 'sentient'.

e9c792  No.12114779


>Never reveal your full intention so long as those who have different intentions could effect the outcome.


2e52ef  No.12114782


I'm guessing genocide them all huh?

a1db2d  No.12114784

I'll tell you what I think.

I think this is kike trickery of the highest order. This is a tactic strait out of Nineteen Eighty Four.

>oy vey goyim you want to be one of the cool kids don't you?

>you don't want to be thought of as an NPC do you?

>then only think in language goyim!

The obvious implication is that unless a thought is expressible in language it can't be thought at all.

Who, I ask you, would have a vested interest in shaming people into only thinking in language?

Who has spent the last 6000 years perfecting the art of manipulating language?

Food for thought.

e9c792  No.12114797


You moron, language, for us humans, is a place holder on our thoughts, not our actual thoughts. It accompanies visual thought, doesn't replace it, although we are capable of having internal dialogue only.

It's an addition to non-sentient beings, not a separation of.

05860e  No.12114807

File: a965c30f50b9b44⋯.png (10.84 KB, 230x328, 115:164, 1535742939410.png)


no one's said to only think in language retard

go develop your psychic powers. it's the next step for us big brain thinkingchads

a1db2d  No.12114808


What do you need the placeholder for?

f543ca  No.12114815


>too "soft" to really be accepted by /pol/

You're contextualizing the argument incorrectly. /pol/ represents the acceptance of natural law and objective truth. If you are not "accepted" by us, that's because you believe lies. STOP. BELIEVING. LIES. It's that simple. If truth hurts your feelings, either kill yourself immediately or man the fuck up and get around it, because you have to accept truth one way or another.

6e9809  No.12114819


>This is how the Jews manipulate most people

this is also how/why mememagick works. keep up the good fight, /pol/ battlemage battalion

77d587  No.12114822


How do the thirty voices in their head argue if they don't think in speach?

e9c792  No.12114832


To consider possibilities.

"Mmm, ok if I go left I will be in the alley and there's only one way out but if I go right I can go 2 blocks and then turn right and come back down, or turn left and park immediately and walk down however, if I was to park at the end of the alley to the left, I can catch the trolley in place of walking and maybe that guy with the cart will come that I see at times. Also while I'm down there, I will pass that store that I would be parking in front of if I had gone right and made that left 2 blocks down, so left if definitely the best way to turn right now."

Do you see how hard that would be to just visualize?

dab6a9  No.12114833


Solipsism is wrong because it denies the shared human experience of suffering. Once you believe you alone are suffering, you will do whatever you see as necessary to prevent that. At that point you may as well be a typical organ-harvesting Amalek-spotting heeb.

a1db2d  No.12114843


Why would any of that be hard to visualize?

e9c792  No.12114849


we're so close. I can feel it.

7f8255  No.12114851


>kike dating sites accidentally proved this.

It's way beyond that. They have Big Data. As in, they literally don't use conventional statistics, because they know what everyone in their dataset, which is huge, did. You know P? This is like P infinity.

c79a20  No.12114853


New Conglomerate scum.

Long live the Terran Republic!

e9c792  No.12114856


It's not you plebe. It's just organized with words associated to points of reference and options. JFC!

eade41  No.12114862


get an article from current year

your white women are fucking big black dick right now

a1db2d  No.12114863


>Do you see how hard that would be to just visualize?

>It's not you plebe.

So which is it?

a4deaf  No.12114865

File: b31f6bc0e0223fc⋯.jpg (180.02 KB, 772x826, 386:413, 1534948402160.jpg)

Alright; here's hoping that this post doesn't get buried. About a year ago, I was listening to an NPR (((i know))) story on cognitive development and language. The full discussion was fascinating, and I'll link it, but i'll just go over the highlights for all of you;

Scientists did a study on rats. They show the rat a rectangular box, place a piece of food at one corner of the box, and then disorient the rat by giving it a spin around. The rat will immediately go for the the food, but because the box is a perfect rectangle with the rat in the middle, the two diagonal corners look identical. So it will only dive for the side of the box with the food in it 50% of the time.

Then the researchers painted one side of the box blue. Rats can see color, so it should be able to tell if the food was placed next to the "blue wall," or next to a "white wall". Which means it's percentage accuracy SHOULD increase to 100%. It doesn't. The accuracy remains at 50%.

The researchers decided that it was probably because the rats don't have language. They can't for a sentence 'right side of the blue wall' like we can, so the spatial reasoning part of their brain is disconnected from the color recognition portion of their brain. So the researchers did the experiment on human children.

As it turns out, it isn't until around age 5, that human children begin picking the right corner 100% of the time. Kids can speak before that age, but it isn't until the age of 5 that human children develop a sufficiently complex linguistic network in the brain to connect the disparate portions of their brain.

At the time I heard this, I was thinking of another problem to fiddle with; Sapience

And the NPR article provided a solution. We aren't 'people' just because we have big brains, or just because we can utter words, we are 'people' because the linguistic network allows different regions of the brain to observe and react to one another. that is the origin of human sapience, that's the origin of how we think how we are people in a very fundamental way. A language network in the brain is what turns a person from an animal to a thinking feeling entity.

>First, lets talk about what this means for vocabulary.

Because a persons sapient mind is totally dependent on the linguistic network inside their brain, a person is only as sapient as they have enough words to describe their feelings and intensions. The more well read a person is, the better spoken they are, the larger their vocabulary, the more sapient they are. It takes a built up linguistic network with tens of thousands of different words for a person to truly be human. This also means that people who have very limited language skill, or people who grow up in environments where language is culturally limited have 'less of a soul' so to speak, than the rest of us. Nig nogs can't think about the future, even if they had brains the size of ours, unless they can talk about the future. There's a sort of hard-cap, if you don't have enough words, you can't really 'think' as an independent entity.

>Second, let's talk about what this means for the inner speech article.

These people aren't really people. That's about it, if some one isn't capable of using a linguistic network in order to isolate their thoughts then the disparate regions of their brain can't speak to one another or react to one another. Sapience is a property emergent from language, and if people cannot use language internally, they, quite frankly, aren't people.

e9c792  No.12114878


You're moving through life reacting to what's in front of you. I, a human, have the ability to put myself in each scenario that can present itself several steps ahead and take from each scenario and adapt it to another scenario which I'm contemplating at the same time. Associating words with visual reference allows for more detailed and organized thought.

61c3fd  No.12114883

Meat popsicles

yea there is plenty of them, they are hollow and repeat shit they see and hear like a tape recorder, but there is nothing there.

One of my most scary insights growing up.

7c22b9  No.12114888

Weird. I can see how you can make decisions without language, but how can you critically analyze your own decisions without it?

… I guess most people can't perform self-reflection?

a1db2d  No.12114889


Why do you need words for that?

Are you incapable of imagining a scenario without putting words to it?

e8c300  No.12114894

File: e07ce21687a1f50⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 660x330, 2:1, Scooby-doo-Jew-660x330.jpg)


>implying hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary behaviour will magically change in just 3 years

come on now shekelsbergstein that's low energy propaganda

8eb081  No.12114904

File: 7e33d98f06be19a⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 7e33d98f06be19aeb31448a922….jpg)


>Remember what the Buddha said about meditation in that quote from civ 4.

Define: Irony

241777  No.12114909


You don't belong here bugman.