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File: 672b6bf970eb040⋯.mp4 (665.16 KB, 848x480, 53:30, VhMsI7daWNGwhxhd.mp4)

fb39e4  No.12113946

Brazilian Presidential Candidate Jair Bolsonaro Stabbed

Rio De Janeiro (AP) – Jair Bolsonaro, a leading candidate in Brazil's presidential election, has been stabbed; son says he's OK.


5d0c5e  No.12113951

Wew lad.

610fed  No.12113952


Quick summary of his political leanings?

I'm guessing right or far right?

5b1eab  No.12113959


He's part of the wave of zionists masquerading as "extreme right".

d32bfc  No.12113962

Holly fuck he will win now


212845  No.12113963

it's Brazil, this is supposed to happen there.

5b1eab  No.12113970


If you spent five minutes looking into Bolsonaro, you'd know he doesn't hide his affinity for zionists.

9e8441  No.12113977

hue hue hue seriously though no here cares about huezillians

9e55cf  No.12113982

File: d153d4219444005⋯.jpg (38.67 KB, 720x694, 360:347, ayylmao cocaine.jpg)


>"I hope you do well on the elections, man!"


>"For good luck!"

610fed  No.12113986


>Holly fuck he will win now

Well, that was easy!

8c992f  No.12113990

File: b7b8817ea4361ec⋯.jpg (133.33 KB, 1000x1662, 500:831, 200px-Arthur_Wellesley,_1s….jpg)




610fed  No.12113994


t. haven't touched cocaine in a decade, still get chills when I realize that's real cocaine and not just a prop.

961c49  No.12114003


They won't even allow a man to be president of Brazil unless he has been stabbed at least once in his life.

cb6e0c  No.12114016


it's just a prop though.

fb39e4  No.12114024

File: 2347186699338a8⋯.png (126.2 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Dmb0v_9W4AYzZbN.png)


This is what happens when you let shitskins who are communists by nature take over your country.

5d0c5e  No.12114052


Translate it you dirty fucking mongrel.

fb39e4  No.12114078


I don't speak Portuguese dummy, just use Google translate or something.

5d0c5e  No.12114091


You're posting porkchops speaking on twitter and transliterating their intent but you don't speak the language?

26b7a4  No.12114095


>This is what happens when you let shitskins who are communists by nature take over your country.

To be fair lad the lefties do the same fucking thing in the USA

481c96  No.12114100


Just go to trumps twitter and look at shitlibs celebrating and wishing trump getting shot in HUE speak

777ec1  No.12114101


Leftists around the world are like this. Doesn't even have to be a single person they'll celebrate the deaths of groups if they're merely associated with being right wing or conservative. Like those faggots celebrating the hurricane that went through Texas.

18f61b  No.12114126

Apparently the stab hit Bolsonaro's liver and he had to be operated. So it's possible that he ends up dead.

83b8fa  No.12114131


I like translating so:

Pedro - Would be 'kool' Bolsonare being assassinated here in jf.

Aryane - Bolsonaro in jf let's everyone each one with a stone in hand

Tomaz - LAUGHS IN MONKEY Bolsonaro in jf, hope he gets a bullet

Lala - I think when Bolsonaro comes to jf someone could kill him

RUSSIANRETARD - Bolsonaro in jf in 6th I will have the chance to have the first stab of my life

Eduarda - Ey people Bolsonaro will come to jf it's a great opportunity for us to kidnap him and do some tortures used in the dictatorship (military regimen commonly mistaken as a dictatorship) and kill him after with a bullet in the forehead, who wants in?


18f61b  No.12114141


That's very much possible. He was pooling poorly on second round against most of his possible adversaries, but this may energize his electoral base even more and conquer him the undecided voters - if he survives, that's it.

Oh, and the stabber is confirmed to be a nigger who campaings for the main Left-wing party, of course. As if anyone had any doubt of that

18f61b  No.12114148


Well, for all their drivel about >muh musoginy, the Left all around the world was simply ecstatic when Margareth Tatcher died.

777ec1  No.12114151


Whats the guys name?

6a986c  No.12114153


>Like those faggots celebrating the hurricane that went through Texas.

Before I got redpilled, I saw some tweets about it and I thought "jfc it's just that they like country music, why do they deserve to die"

Now that I put on the sunglasses like Nada, the leftists are some of the biggest pieces of shit on earth.

18f61b  No.12114156

Uh oh. Happening inbound?


>The four federal agents that followed Jair Bolsonaro cry outside of the operation room.

>"He is going to die", they say.

c5a223  No.12114161


thanks chief

fb39e4  No.12114162


How do we know if this is a trustworthy source?

777ec1  No.12114165

86ef6a  No.12114166


Subhumans gonna subhuman. Not surprising.

cf6ad9  No.12114167


He has 300iq

852cf7  No.12114168


He's going to use the ((IMF)) and align Brazil with China.

fcadc9  No.12114175


What one, if its Silva's one then Jairs got it

fb4e27  No.12114192



hah, it's like a rite of passage

18f61b  No.12114196


This is a news site ran by two guys who started campaigned against Dilma Roussef in 2015 - and they have an above-average ratio of getting really good scoops. But I supposed more information will start to come out of the more traditional media.

fb39e4  No.12114206

File: 6d63a04b916c1b5⋯.png (115.29 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, Dmb8eb8X0AEEPhl.png)

He is in the operating room right now.

833ead  No.12114210

File: b20d4410fcfe0fa⋯.gif (410.62 KB, 1221x850, 1221:850, 1468461268219.gif)

def438  No.12114212

File: 283244e8b0e500e⋯.png (103.28 KB, 175x356, 175:356, boring.png)


Oh yes, here we go.

"Politician X doesnt gas the jews and race war now so he's clearly a kike puppet durr durr durr"

You fucktard shills are so tiresome.

18f61b  No.12114217


Specially because Brazil has hate speech laws.

5b1eab  No.12114219


Like I said earlier, he does not hide his affinity for zionists. Screech all you want, it doesn't make it less true.

706412  No.12114220

The guy who stabbed him is named Olievera which is a jewish portuguese name.

8fd10b  No.12114225



Get the fuck back to reddit.

18f61b  No.12114228


Dude, "Oliveira" is literally the most common name in Brazil, because a lot of the native population was christened using these names. The guy in question is as nigger as a nigger can be outside of Africa.

706412  No.12114237


His last name nigger

90cccc  No.12114238

File: 5b52447dfe59cb1⋯.mp4 (702.45 KB, 848x480, 53:30, 1.mp4)

File: 57bab3f23666da0⋯.mp4 (4.02 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 2.mp4)

File: a1a6e7ab34e73eb⋯.mp4 (772.37 KB, 640x352, 20:11, 3.mp4)

d93608  No.12114246


I see that a blade is still as deadly as always…

18f61b  No.12114248


I know. But it has nothing to do with being a Jewish name in CURRENT YEAR Brazil. Unless you want to tell me that a significant % of the 200 million population is Jewish.

9e55cf  No.12114251

File: 71f0594fa5e02a8⋯.jpeg (73.31 KB, 454x589, 454:589, this is my fedora now.jpeg)

9c7e27  No.12114252



Clicked a bit, found this:


>Stab punctured Liver AND Intestine leading to internal Hemorrage and Hepatic Trauma

My medical knowledge isn't very extensive, but I know enough to tell you guys that liver tissue touching Intestinal tissue means game over. Even if the bleeding stop, the liver will shutdown in a couple hours. There's some treatments for things like this, depends on how much tissue was exposed, but from the size of the knife, I don't think he's gonna make it.

5a0820  No.12114259


Why would an alien snort prop cocaine?

9c7e27  No.12114262


It had to be a fucking shitskin.

9c7e27  No.12114272


You mean Oliveira, the Portuguese word for Olive Tree.

It's a very common surname both in Portugal and in Brazil.

481c96  No.12114281


It's brazil, what fuck where you expecting?

706412  No.12114289


Common for jews

4c0bcf  No.12114290

File: 0e7cd69106112d2⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Jair-Bolsonaro-e1491684178….jpg)

File: 8449dc9d7652b1e⋯.jpg (68.39 KB, 1191x694, 1191:694, DkZ-9j9W4AArokD.jpg)

File: 645b12dda5defde⋯.jpg (38.77 KB, 581x732, 581:732, DkI40eJX4AAjkD6.jpg)

18f61b  No.12114292


Yeah, I've seen other people commenting that as well. His blood pressure also fell to 8 by 4 (the normal is 12 by 9), so I guess he may not escape.

I wonder what will this entail - it could very well lead to a civil war, considering how energized and confident his supporters are up to this point.

9c7e27  No.12114301



I'm not saying you two are wrong. I'm saying that if you post "HE'S A ZIONIST PUPPET" but then present no proof, you sound like the shills themselves posting their baseless crap.

Or worse, you sound like this shit:



What did any of these two posts did? Nothing.

It's the Hitchen's Razor: "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence".

Always back up your posts, leave the baseless generalizations and false equivalences to the left.

Probably my mistake, I should have added to my first post that I don't disagree he's in league with the IMF and other nefarious shit, but posts with no proofs make me suspicious.

4c0bcf  No.12114312

File: c99c49911b5dbd0⋯.png (785.71 KB, 808x602, 404:301, OY VEY.PNG)

File: a53915999c907b7⋯.gif (342.49 KB, 290x200, 29:20, 200.gif)

735179  No.12114314

Representative democracy gonna represent jews.

02f2be  No.12114318



>he is still in the hospital

Schrödingers Candidate

eed9c6  No.12114323

File: 88f5b9cbf6a8193⋯.png (254.63 KB, 674x627, 674:627, SbVcBrzl.png)


Too soon?

9c7e27  No.12114329


Any name can be common to Jews: anything to cover them from the Goim eyes and hide in the darkness.

I just happen to know a lot of "Oliveira's" and none of them are Jews.


Honestly? A crazed tranny off his meds would have surprised me less. The only reason shitskins attacks is if you're carrying drugs or a nice watch. For one to have the drive to attack someone for no personal gain… he probably had his Jewish handler nearby.


Suposedly, he was the leading candidate, or so I hear. If he was indeed a Mossad pawn that just got sacrificed, there's a very real chance the Jews actually want a Civil War. Wouldn't be the first time Jews sacrifice their "friends".



That's a lot better than the retards before. Keep those handy, I have a sneaking suspicion they'll be very relevant in the coming days.

d49e32  No.12114337

According to his son's twitter, Bolsonaro situation is extremely critical, death is imminent.

90cccc  No.12114339

File: ca132eb48786221⋯.jpeg (49.5 KB, 581x1032, 581:1032, knife.jpeg)

File: 611197908f655e2⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 358x525, 358:525, adeildo-facebook.jpg)

>stabber was already arrested for bodily injury in 2013

>was affiliated to PSOL (one of the lefty socialist parties)

>had facebook pictures on rallies against Michel Temer and supporting Lula

>supposedly lives in Monter Claros, 700km away from Juiz de Fora, where the rally happened

90cccc  No.12114344

File: 7ff1b75a0b145d1⋯.jpeg (77.83 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, Carteira-de-trabalho.jpeg)


forgot a picture

789511  No.12114352

File: fa911ae52f06e43⋯.png (59.21 KB, 609x443, 609:443, fbols.PNG)

>Unfortunately it was more serious than initially believed. The stabbing hit part of the liver, lung and intestine. He lost a lot of blood, got to the hospital with 10/3 blood pressure, almost dead… His condition now seems stable. Please pray.

02f2be  No.12114355

File: bc8c76c25e3341c⋯.png (155.15 KB, 478x483, 478:483, -0-.png)


Nice ID and pics. Now, just what has this dirty little mulatto set in motion?

9c7e27  No.12114361

File: 86c1ccfd51c7285⋯.png (724.83 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 28236f85c459a09⋯.png (386.04 KB, 768x512, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 38119123da144b2⋯.png (620.44 KB, 768x768, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Look at that.

>40 years old


With a face like that, no wonder.

Member of PSOL from 2007 to 2014.

That's 7 years of Socialism and Liberalism fucking up his head.

Probably couldn't score some feminist pussy and went crazy.

Not gonna translate his full Facecrap post, but the gist of it is that he dislikes Bolsonaro wanting to open the Brazillian Market worldwide and fears the world will not buy Brazillian goods leading to a market of importations fucking up the country.

How does a men run with 7 years of socialism and suddendly decides he wants nationalistic protectivist market?

18f61b  No.12114362


>Suposedly, he was the leading candidate, or so I hear

Can confirm. He was leading the first round elections in the poolings, now that Lula da Silva was barred from running from his jail cell.

18f61b  No.12114365


This is Bolsonaro's son, by the way (he's also running for a Senate seat).

aab399  No.12114371


>you must respect Israel if you stand in front of their flag/touch their wall/talk to their PM

5b1eab  No.12114374


Economic protectionism is generally a socialist idea. The only place that it really isn't is the post Cold War west where it's all banking, all nigger-mixing, all the time.

9c7e27  No.12114376


>Lula da Silva

That man is absolutely impressive.

He managed to craft this "I'm a poor guy just like you, my People!" persona that a lot of people actually eat up. The hardest part of taking him to jail was going against a large chunk of the population that didn't care if he was robbing them blind for years or not: "He's one of us guys!".

The harder part in keeping them in prison is convicing this mass of retards that letting a suspect reach Prime Minister is handing him the trial in a silver platter for him to pressure/bribe/have killed his way to innocence.


Welp, hope he survives. Never looked much into the rest of the parties BR's have to pick from, but after 15 minutes of research, the Jewish plant is seriously the best option on the table.

What a fucked up country.

02f2be  No.12114378


The retarded shilling aside, even if this faggot was 200% kiked, his death might still spark a civil war.

a7c9a2  No.12114388

He's going to live. Then he's going to win.

aab399  No.12114393

File: 5c1567db85721a8⋯.jpg (177.68 KB, 605x605, 1:1, cast fist.jpg)


I don't really give a shit about Brazil. It's just retarded to think that someone has to agree with and love Israel while playing political theater. Brazil, and pretty much every other country that can't stand up to US bought jew bombs, is going to play nice with Israel

8e943d  No.12114395


I thought Brazil was a model multicultural utopia.

fb39e4  No.12114399


>almost dead

Hm, then I guess the reports of his bodyguards crying outside the hospital (room) were true then.

9c7e27  No.12114404


But the thing about Brazil is that they have this weird fucked up form of protectionism that doesn't actually protect anything.

They have a fiscal code with over 60 different Taxes. If a shopkeeper imports an iPhone to sell there, by the time it reaches a client's hands, half the country had it's share's in taxes (which increases the final price to 3x the original).

There's retarded shit like having to pay to move goods from one place to another, even inside the same company: you got a box filled with 25 kG of tuna in a warehouse, need to move it to your restaurant? You gotta pay for that shit, even if the same company owns the warehouse and the restaurant.

Guys like Bolsonaro or defending his points aren't that rare: everyone in Brazil knows the Tax Code is completely fucking fucked big time mate. What's rare is someone willing to do something about it.

That's why I said the Jewish plant is their best bet. Maybe in 4 years he can abolish/rewrite most of it and the get kicked out next election before selling the country to kikes.

The other candidates have no problem with the current Tax code because all of them have companies that heavily benefit from it since their legal teams of kike-lawyers know enough loop holes that cause giant mega-corps to pay less taxes than a fucking grocery store.

90cccc  No.12114409


Bleeding has been stopped.

Liver wasn't cut, just his lower intestine, small intestine and mesenteric artery.

a7c9a2  No.12114410


Shut the fuck up nigger. No leader on the face of the earth stands in opposition to Israel. That is simply not how it works. Even Orban, who makes Hungary for Hungarians does not oppose Israel. You bring no new info or insight here, You are no better or more radical than the next poster. You are simply static, semantic blockage.

4c0bcf  No.12114414

File: 3b8d5539a40a7f7⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 360x200, 9:5, hitler22.gif)

a shit show is going to happen after this zog puppet dies.

>his liver is bleeding.

aab399  No.12114415


>No leader on the face of the earth stands in opposition to Israel

Except Assad. Even Kim from NK is playing ball now

9c7e27  No.12114419


Also, here's a good read about Brazil's tax system and how fucked it is:


9e55cf  No.12114422

File: dc68093e17b75da⋯.jpg (935.77 KB, 2802x1868, 3:2, saopaolo.jpg)

a7c9a2  No.12114423

File: c29ba998d8728bb⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1019x1835, 1019:1835, 1536014839642.png)


And Assad only lives because Trump allows him to. Never forget that, shitskin.

4d59ef  No.12114427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Take a look on what is the TIER which huemonkey politics currently fits in:

Candidate uses video of herself killing robber to campaign

aab399  No.12114428


>goon image

Sad you're on my side

9c7e27  No.12114430



>those filenames

fuck off Joan

a6f01e  No.12114436


It glows. Fuck off dirty kike

a7c9a2  No.12114437


>giving a fuck about arabs

We never on the same side.

4c0bcf  No.12114439

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


The kikes are trying really hard to push this Brazilian puppet agenda.

9c7e27  No.12114452


Check the filenames. It's that fat cunt again with her tracing shit.


>why should I care about anything outside my border, hurr durr

That's the kind of though that put half of europe asleep while invaders entered our countries.

Your country isn't an isolated system. Liking/disliking arabs has no bearing on the fact that the rise and fall of Syria has a deep impact on the rest of the world. One you should be concerned with.

Specifically, the fall of Syria would provide Israel with the natural resources they craved for years so they wouldn't depend on their "Greatest Ally" anymore. Do you know what happens to "Allies" that the Jews no longer need?

They commit suicide.

40c373  No.12114454

File: c66d3b18d90a252⋯.png (343.91 KB, 442x593, 442:593, oi8n3ndVox1v8m5d4o3_500.png)


>The only reason shitskins attacks

Kill all iggers in Brazil. immediately. No, seriously! There's gotta be a way to get Brazilians to light this fire, and since iggers are as unpredictable as rabid coons, just fucking do gods work Brazil. And may the trend move rapidly to the US

a7c9a2  No.12114457

File: c64c9601a726d4d⋯.png (54.47 KB, 450x430, 45:43, 91862438172346.png)


Yes. Glorify those inbred arabs. This place is basically fucking /islam/ at this point.

9c7e27  No.12114460


No, you fuck tard, you're posting files mined with that fat fuck's tracing shit.

Even your most well constructed argument means jackshit when you infect your posts with that whale data-mining.

Take that shit to halfchan where they eat it up without questioning it.

833ead  No.12114461

File: 5b8fbd2bb66c446⋯.webm (796.76 KB, 640x360, 16:9, afnmfh.webm)


a7c9a2  No.12114463

File: 24caa99ce9a0661⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1535006117191.gif)


Syria will not fall. You have Donald Trump to thank for that.

4c0bcf  No.12114480

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


t. anything that doesn't Glorify the kikes is bad.

614a83  No.12114486


To be fair, what about talks on Commifornia around here?

6b8f86  No.12114488


Obama has really taken a fall, huh?


>Except I’m not,

yeah, you are actually.

a7c9a2  No.12114491

File: 813a6946223b0db⋯.png (149.03 KB, 1332x629, 36:17, 827634813.PNG)


06ed18  No.12114496


Broad-bladed stainless knife, wielded by dark-skinned man wearing long-sleeved black shirt or jacket. From the hair, he seems pretty negroidal to me.

4c0bcf  No.12114503

File: 16b464b58bd904c⋯.png (426.31 KB, 334x596, 167:298, C1.png)


the kikes think people are stupid.

>i have a ashtray for all these kikes shills.

833ead  No.12114519

File: 8316fccb23a2548⋯.gif (3.06 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Patrick_Little.gif)


833ead  No.12114528

File: 2c7f67fe3c8e8e1⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 640x828, 160:207, Pat_Little_Gas_Operator.gif)

5b1eab  No.12114529


Bolsonaro is pushing the same bullshit Reagan pushed in the 80s. The same shit Boris Yeltsin was pushing in the 90s.

a7c9a2  No.12114530


Patrick Little is a fucking retard that doesn't understand how to play to the kikes hubris while he slips in the knife. This type of politikin serves no purpose but political suicide. In the end, you effect no change. It was funny though, had a good laff.

4c0bcf  No.12114533

File: 9693f48ac1d2f2c⋯.png (662.79 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, weevSpidercontrast.png)


go back to weev you fucking shill.

4c0bcf  No.12114542



a95e84  No.12114547

Holy fuck this year has been a total madness

Last election, regardless of Eduardo Campos' airplane supposed accident, it never even got close to this level of madness and insanity

210ec7  No.12114548


no one speaks mexican here.

57f3f1  No.12114553


They stabbed him again!

9e55cf  No.12114555

File: ba734114bc5fedb⋯.jpg (87.87 KB, 670x686, 335:343, any day now you screeching….jpg)


They defend Trump, what did you expect?

3d8479  No.12114564


powdered sugar

real question is the alien real, hmmm?

4c0bcf  No.12114565

File: e7a8083a50c83c8⋯.gif (124.48 KB, 300x150, 2:1, my-sides-are-in-orbit-gif-….gif)


My sides….

40c373  No.12114568


>And Bolsonaro goes out of his way to pander to kikes like Pinochet did. Pic related.

this same concept of leaders going straight ass-to-mouth with/for the kikes has been prevalent for decades; and no knows why.

0d4fca  No.12114569



Thread about controversy over event involving far-right politician.

Multiple posts suggesting far-right politician and multiple far-right personalities are jews or jew-lovers.


c71c7d  No.12114574


Please, do not post cancer like that.

d1bad8  No.12114576




the absolute state of you killing this board with your faggotry, fuck off and die faggot.


You too, fuck off and die, kike.

3d8479  No.12114579


no, I laughed.

0d4fca  No.12114591

File: e70ef0b7724981c⋯.jpg (71.62 KB, 960x882, 160:147, 555comeonnow.jpg)


8df1f9  No.12114598

Get used to images like this, burgers. Think of it as time travel ;')

3d8479  No.12114603


Finally someone has the balls to deal with ZOG and the ALT-KIKES. Why is it always the nigger who takes down the kikes?

60fa9a  No.12114612


Yeah, let the communists take over Brazil so they can help the (((Bolivarians))) export shitskins to white nations! Fucking BASED!

8df1f9  No.12114621


>white nations

Just leave.

0d4fca  No.12114622

File: 8c04c4dac0019e8⋯.jpeg (160.95 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, neck.jpeg)


7f5de9  No.12114625

File: fa88812501984d4⋯.png (123.6 KB, 515x217, 515:217, update.png)

here is a update

they are studying the possibility to leave a part of his intestine out in a bag, he is in observation and seems going well he wont be transferred to another hospital

ab3b27  No.12114627

File: aa911f7081e88b9⋯.png (1.39 MB, 675x1200, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)


don't worry, he's receiving top care

60fa9a  No.12114633

File: 075e1cfdd6f22d5⋯.png (37.76 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 42f5e85e0b07b2a4966b8f6742….png)


>Burgers aren't REAL whites

You're going to get killed before the first rabbi on DOTR, fucking nigger.

1ba2d7  No.12114634

File: e4ac835f42371ba⋯.png (2.41 KB, 44x50, 22:25, e4ac835f42371bace5e22239a3….png)


>Shit is holy

8df1f9  No.12114636


That is their top care, dumbass.

8fd10b  No.12114643


With such extraordinary arguments I can only conclude that the alt-right based niggers spicjews are our saviors and that Zionism is the only path.

8df1f9  No.12114655


Thanks, I was needing more concern troll oc.

ba97ef  No.12114657

File: 463da974e1797d9⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, thatsthejoke.jpg)

8df1f9  No.12114670

File: 7e344187211b2c4⋯.gif (288.98 KB, 360x202, 180:101, giphy.gif)


Third world thread, for cuckchan trash.

3548e1  No.12114671



>Brazilian Presidential Candidate Stabbed

omg who cares

>son says he's OK.

its fucking nothing

282c89  No.12114672




071f4d  No.12114681



554485  No.12114683


Don't know if stupid or kike

Brazil has strict gun control, which was enacted in spite of a referendum being against it, people have been trying to get their right to bear arms back ever since, with some politicians being with the population on this (Bolsonaro is one of them). The candidate is a female officer who was armed at the tme of robery, defended herself, didn't even kill the man. This is what happens when your state disarms you, even against the people's will. Remember to always side with pro-gun advocates, even the ones that might sound like nutjobs that openly say they will shoot state officials who try to take their weapons away. Because the truth is the state doesn't care about your oppinion, and will take your weapons away from you despite what you think about it

cb6e0c  No.12114691

the d&c on this board is absolutely astonishing.

777ec1  No.12114693


Whats wrong with that?

60fa9a  No.12114713


Welcome to nu/pol/, where most of the users are short-sighted and self-destructive.

5ea144  No.12114768


This is also possible, the video angles so far are atrocious and staging this would be too easy. But also


The American intelligence arm of the (likely rothschild-headed) dominant government of the world known as international jewry orchestrated this on direct orders from someone without a foreskin. That is more accurate than "the CIA did this".

3d8479  No.12114793


tis but a flesh wound…

3d8479  No.12114802

File: 242087f29932dda⋯.jpg (44.68 KB, 650x488, 325:244, operating room for subhuma….jpg)


Pretty sure he died on the way to the hospital (which by the look of it in the pictures above) might have been a good thing for him. I am sure his OR would not have been as posh as the one for the ALT-KIKE.

6a986c  No.12114830


Why do you imply "who cares" when the kikery happens worldwide?

555656  No.12114850


Codemonkey effectively killed this board with his libertarian bullshit.

071f4d  No.12114860




You mean /pol/ after shilling efforts got ramped up by 6000%?

49da95  No.12114871



He was born, he lived, he died, it was great, but it's over and there will never be another man like him. Running around screeching about how everyone is a kike and you shouldn't vote for anyone and you should just start burning down synagogues and bombing federal buildings is not fucking helpful. If you want to jerk off to how you're right and everyone's a kike and everyone is dumb except you, go right ahead, but that's the kind of shit that makes this board's users look like a bunch of paranoid idiots. There are actually positions in between Zionist Kike Shill and Ultra-Hitler, and most of the world is in there. People who are beholden to the kikes don't get targeted and stabbed by their commie nigger foot soldiers. I swear, if half of you people had been alive in the 1930s you would have said Hitler himself was a kike who loves kikes even as they were being rounded up and deported.

555656  No.12114882


/pol/ after shilling was enabled and encouraged due to the change of board rules, we went from a turkroach shithole to a hapa run shithole where shitposting is encouraged.

282c89  No.12114887


keep telling yourself that kike

2bee89  No.12114895


because kikey banning people for even question Trump for causing Feinstein to literally squeal with glee next to him was any better?

000000  No.12114898



Incite a wave of killings of leftists all over Brazil.


This will not be solved by (((legal))) means.

Kill leftists.

Kill children of leftists.

Incite everyone to kill leftists on the streets and on their homes.





He is not. He is far Right, and you are a leftist.


Reported for being a leftist.



All fake.


Civil war IS what must be done. It was never a matter of (((voting))) in the first place.

The leftists won't simply wait for election's results nor will they accept any result that is against their agenda.

Brazil must become a country where the people kill leftists simply for existing.

0c0e96  No.12114899


That's awesome

774d80  No.12114935


Support the jews and wind up in catch-22's.

5b1eab  No.12114955


>He is not. He is far Right, and you are a leftist.

Bolsonaro is pro-zionist. There is nothing to debate here. He does not hide it. He is very, very open about it. He is a disciple of Olavo de Carvalho, who peddles the "Golitsyn thesis" angle, where the cultural marxist cancer spreading across the world is still the work of the Russian government which remains secretly communist and jews are at the forefront of combating these evil Russians. It's nonsense.

555656  No.12114962


I never said that, stop putting words in my mouth. Typical kike tricks.

10e4fd  No.12114983




>Obama has really taken a fall, huh?

the mccain death hit him pretty hard.

a24411  No.12114996


Hopefully it was an ordinary person and they keep stabbing left and right until the infiltrators stop running for office. Then they need to start on the media and bankers.

Hues pew pewing jews.

555656  No.12115008


That's just a pipe dream, he is the best chance that Brazil has to shift the overton window. This is literally wait for Hitler mentality.

833ead  No.12115093

File: 9d0c6892aa9a2f2⋯.gif (3.76 MB, 870x350, 87:35, 9d0c6892aa9a2f2a131032148f….gif)

531c7d  No.12115097

>Torah saved from fire which burned imperial relics

>mossad agent repabtized at the jordan river, middle name MESSIAH is stabbed

>the stabber is Bispo de Olivera

>Oliveira is a cryptojew name and Bispo means Bishop

>stabbed by Bishop of the CryptoJew



I don't know what would be worse, if he died on independence day, tomorrow, or were elected.

3d8479  No.12115145

531c7d  No.12115147


>The street he was stabbed was named Batista de Oliveira.

Baptism of the Cryptokike

3d8479  No.12115187


wahhhh? Now that is just freaky

b495ff  No.12115194

File: 8cfa5a0955ef427⋯.jpg (200.41 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 574CB2DD-C7AD-4080-B8AC-80….jpg)


That is from raising and lowering them. It means he is in a high usage emergency room. It is probably in some ghetto shithole with multiple gun shot victims in a day.

>Brazilian slum kids playing

4d59ef  No.12115227


> 574CB2DD-C7AD-4080-B8AC-80…

Jabba wants the fashies.

071f4d  No.12115251


I'm sure its just a cohencidence.

a6e690  No.12115325

Brazilian here.

The armed forces chief of staff are now currently in a emergency meeting.

He was the only one opposed the "commission of truth", (basically holohoax of communists). So he is overwhelmingly popular by the army.

a6e690  No.12115336

Forgot to add:

Chances of the military taking over to prevent a civil war in case he dies are huge.

282c89  No.12115344


>reddit spacing

>guid shill image


7b1820  No.12115351

File: a95b0110e7bbb95⋯.jpg (30.13 KB, 400x495, 80:99, 1413814014304.jpg)



You had better not be fucking around.

db8af1  No.12115358


Nah that's just bags of flour anon , cmon

; )

960da8  No.12115365




I think that's an actual phonefag

It doesn't trigger the GUID detector

8d6855  No.12115373


Elaborate on what is the commission of truth

e20696  No.12115443


Niggers? We have native+moor+nigger mongrels, they are 1000% worse compared to american niggers.

57033f  No.12115458

Holy shit. The kikes in Brazil are taking the political theatrics to another level.

57033f  No.12115469


This, for the most part.

8d6855  No.12115483


Iberians aren't Moors

000000  No.12115514


Leftist butthurt for being exposed as such.


Either a civil war or the military killing all leftists.

Any other option benefits the leftists.


The leftists infiltrated the high command. Don't forget that Vilas Boas is a literal communist.

They will try to prevent The People from killing leftists. Not prevent a civil war. If leftists kill some of the people, the higher ups in the military will do nothing. But if anyone kills a leftist, the military will intervene.

The majority in the military still supports Bolsonaro, and the best option would be a coup d'état by those supporters, to purge the leftists from all offices.

555656  No.12115530


>Oliveira is a cryptojew


57033f  No.12115537


True. Salazar's full name was António de Oliveira Salazar

c40ed4  No.12115543


Holy shit I've seen this before. That's crazy.

d1bad8  No.12115557




>Wait for hitler goyim

>should have voted for hillary

Just fucking kill yourself you pathetic faggot.

57033f  No.12115566


Allende the (((Marxist))) vs. Pinochet the (((CIA))) puppet. It's all kikery all the way down.

aab399  No.12115575


Clinical insanity

960da8  No.12115578


Just like the coincidence detector right kike?

16da94  No.12115591


>aleatory image and post with Israel flag

>it is the uttermost prove of kikery

Kek, you're a dumb nigger if you thing this shittier posting is able to convince anyone without braindamage that he is a kike.

57033f  No.12115592


Trips confirm.

16da94  No.12115595

Jewbart source.

For English speaking.

Things that are on all Brazilian social network and its being omitted on journals.

Leftist terrorist just tried to

kill conservative candidate, the terrorist was member of leftist party for 7 years (PSOL) and currently was an activist for PT and leftist causes, tough not affiliated, appeared in social networks with PT tshirts and Lula livres (leftist politician arrested for corruption).

Federal police now investigates if he actually acted alone (as he says) or if was at command of someone.

Social network and media are at a shitstorm.


16da94  No.12115600

File: eaab8841956167b⋯.jpg (189.69 KB, 621x621, 1:1, 1492868560271.jpg)


Shit, fucked the format, just kill me now.

ed22d4  No.12115602


Don't people who openly oppose Jews(at least for the moment) kinda get trashed anyway? I understand the pressure release thing, but shouldn't we also focus on shifting us closer to the window of acceptability?

I mean, consider: You're under a right wing dictatorship. The country is being moved away from bullshit, degeneracy, and communist economic planning. There's law and order in the streets. There aren't going to be protesters in the streets making a show about what you tweeted last night, those people will be labeled an enemy of the state and removed(nominally). You can then start to say whatever you want about Jews without the social justic police destroying your life.

Unless you guys fear a leftist reaction to that or that the right wing will be subverted to just become zogbot dictatorships that still demographically destroy us. Then I follow your concerns.

57033f  No.12115616



They're both bad.

5ed174  No.12115642


You say that without presenting any evidence and we're supposed to believe you because you evoked jews?

5ed174  No.12115680


What point are you trying to make? We want to exist, they want to oppress and slaughter us. We're in defensive mode, they're in aggression mode. Big difference. Ethno-nationalism is defensive by nature, because it implies an imbalance in the natural state of living. In a normal society we'd be homogeneous, and thus nationalism would reign, but we've been forcibly diversified, and thus ethno-nationalism is corrective. Defensive. Nationalism is centrism. It's nature. It's instinct. They forcibly deviated us from centrism and remade centrism in their image. That endangers and hurts us. They are actively attacking us on a daily basis. You can pretty much sum right-wing up as defensive, and left-wing as aggressive. If someone's right-wing (using nationalism as the true center), it's because they feel threatened. Which is natural, because to be left-wing is to threaten. You can't be left-wing without propagating ideals that threaten the true center.

d1bad8  No.12115687


>Butthurt shitskin antifa PRAISED by the fucking left attacks a trump-esq candidate


way to sound worse then the alternative response, you fucking faggot, you're clearly a shill and should be permabanned.

d40508  No.12115691


We just can't shake off plebbit

57033f  No.12115700

File: d7e67f721c1e38c⋯.jpg (102.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jewzile.jpg)


Standing next to the flag of Israel fellating kikes is not enough proof for you?

57df7a  No.12115710


Some videos of the stabbing.




d1bad8  No.12115712




5ed174  No.12115714


No. I bet I can find images of him next to loads of different flags.

82d6f4  No.12115727


Calm down r/thedonald

57033f  No.12115730

File: 72db386b0627bb5⋯.jpg (128.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Olavo-de-Carvalho.jpg)


>Olavo de Carvalho

Isn't he suspected of being a crypto-Jew?

57033f  No.12115745



Why would I vote for a different Jewish ass licker?

57df7a  No.12115750


Miss Dread

8eedf2  No.12115757

File: 6504821284d2d44⋯.jpg (124.44 KB, 960x960, 1:1, blog-538.jpg)

File: 561edbdd43c299d⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 810x810, 1:1, 13177134_517655968427032_1….jpg)

File: 555b624e8643523⋯.jpg (131.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (5).jpg)

File: 4a1d8242da4c723⋯.jpg (111.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (4).jpg)


>Just vote for Zionists goyim. Trust the plan. Do your part. Jews are your best allies after all. Never think outside the box goyim. It's bad for you.

5ed174  No.12115768


>hopping IPs

Well that certainly turns me away from your position. Filtered.

57df7a  No.12115777







Some of his quotes:

>Pinochet should have killed more people

>Historical Debt towards slavery? I didn't enslave anyone

>The Portuguese didn't enslave blacks, but blacks enslaved themselves

>I wouldn't rape you because you are ugly and you don't deserve it

44bc04  No.12115779


>didn't even kill the man

He died in the hospital.


>The suspect died later the same day in hospital from his injuries

Also, the corrupt justice system forbid her candidate video because it promotes violence against criminals.

e4f381  No.12115781


That's exactly how we got saddled up with another ZOGbot and the board overrun with marketers trying to keep his approval rating up. Typical tricks and business as usual.


>what's a false dichotomy

d1bad8  No.12115784






d1bad8  No.12115796


>Lowest unemployment rate

>No longer has a nigger president

>Scoping israel like its a big part of his fucking image

Oh you poor thing, Look at how bad you're suffering from that improvement, should have casted that vote for hillary am I right.

57033f  No.12115799

>>12115777 (nice trips)

He's less PC than the ZOG Emperor, but he's still a Jewish ass licker at the end of the day.

57033f  No.12115817

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>should have casted that vote for hillary am I right.

Why? She's a Jewish ass licker as well.

d1bad8  No.12115819


Doesn't matter, brazil is already shit, you either choose a comunist or a kike enabler.

Meanwhile you fags had trump, with the lowest number of unemployment, economy is booming, and yet you faglords still complain about "muh shitsrael" nobody fucking cares about that shithole country, candidates kiss their asses because they own the media, and whoever owns the media owns the narrative, stop being a low IQ and get a hint, faggot.

d1bad8  No.12115828


Not voting for trump means it's a vote for Hillary, so in other words, you're a libshit faggot who supports woman being in power, you deserve a bullet to the head.

d0880a  No.12115841


Israel and the kikes are a problem.

You are outing yourself saying otherwise.

5b1eab  No.12115853


I don't know if he is a crypto-jew. I don't think he is. He's just part of this Atlanticist line of thinking, along with old-timers like James Angleton, who got in deep with the kikes and their wagons are hitched together. Probably some intersection of business interests and the old superpower factions in the Arab-Israeli conflicts. Believing the Soviet Union faked its own dissolution to trick the West is the cherry on top, really.

57033f  No.12115857


Debt is still going up (check http://usdebtclock.org/) Infrastructure is still going to shit (pizza chains are filling up potholes) and white genocide is still continuing under Trump. The only positive I can see is that Whites have gained a bit of racial consciousnesses.


"Not voting for my favorite Jewish ass licker means voting for the Jewish ass licker that I hate, therefore, you really are this Jewish ass licker's supporter and you should die because of it." Brilliant logic.

8eedf2  No.12115860

File: 02b8ae1c4a0e9b3⋯.jpg (83.13 KB, 405x720, 9:16, neocon2.jpg)

File: b19b2baf5af139e⋯.jpg (216.38 KB, 961x1200, 961:1200, DV8luiNW0AAWgt7.jpg)

File: 5237522d25aef30⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 530x398, 265:199, 13177763_1713098222265776_….jpg)

File: be7d222d4012650⋯.jpg (42 KB, 635x357, 635:357, JW01-F-jta-Jair-Bolsonaro-….jpg)


>Yes goyim yes. Just wait and vote. Wait and vote. This Zionist we present you is another Hitler. Just like you wanted. Don't question us. Vote for him and remember to support the state of Israel and the Chosen People.

d1bad8  No.12115863




>i'm a retard who doesn't know how politics work.

Get the fuck out of this board.

d0880a  No.12115871


>ignore the kikes

You are an outsider and you need to gtfo


8eedf2  No.12115934

File: 082ca3bc72728ef⋯.jpg (98.99 KB, 819x836, 819:836, 1534725284511.jpg)

File: 016f305c37a4069⋯.jpg (105.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (6).jpg)

File: 509204dc430d151⋯.gif (64.86 KB, 427x231, 61:33, ATOnoticias1.gif)

File: 23106b9549c4b52⋯.jpg (86.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bolsonaro-hebraica.jpg)


>You can only be successful in politics and really help the Whites if you abandon all the teachings of National Socialism and the principles of ethnonationalism and cast your lot with the Jews and become just cuckservative working on behalf of the kikes that are currently trying to genocide your race. That will surely help. Trust the plan. Just wait and vote.

82f99e  No.12115963


exactly what consequences should he face? he quit his job and is american with free speech rights…

8f30c9  No.12115975


because he was in a nigger rap video

3dc093  No.12115987

Politician wants to run major country take responsibility for its security.

Can't even arrange for his own personal security.

7553d1  No.12116028


It was good optics to walk among the people but he did have security tho they weren't professionals they were fans


8d67cd  No.12116029






1dc4e5  No.12116040

File: 84722810587452f⋯.png (63.72 KB, 352x235, 352:235, 1499466950.png)

>I am more right-winged than you, you zionist scum

>no you are the libshit, I am more right-winged than you

This fucking thread holy shit.

8cc4b6  No.12116083

File: 7335530d568e0ef⋯.jpg (641.79 KB, 2500x1500, 5:3, suck it.jpg)



I hope they torture this pos to death and release the video.

2a72d0  No.12116183

File: 205fa4ebf324c96⋯.png (12.13 KB, 737x84, 737:84, ClipboardImage.png)


< vote for Hillary, goyim

< let Hillary get elected, goyim

0e9d09  No.12116207


Isn't he a semite-fellator? Why should we feel empathy for such traitor?

2e8d65  No.12116218

does anyone know if bolsonaro is okay? ive heard both that it was superficial and that he nearly died and needed to be fitted with a colostomy bag. can they repair such injuries or is he a bag shiter for life?

2a72d0  No.12116225


Agreed. Curse Brazil.

0aa87f  No.12116239

From what I have read about this guy, he might be as close to right winged as you can get in Brazil and still get elected and possibly then some. I hope the motherfucker pulls through and wrecks the nogs, spics, and (((communists))).

d8564f  No.12116245


That's proof of nothing. Basically equivalent to trump touching the wall like every other president is basically required to do. What policies or government influence has been physically observed of kikery by this man, name some or get out yid.

084de1  No.12116249

File: 68ad92f19912919⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 573.11 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Drive By.webm)


1dc4e5  No.12116250


According to G1, he is stabilized but he is under watch. He might need a colostomy bag for a few more months.

e2e89b  No.12116254

File: bf93efd470464a8⋯.png (134.89 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

5b1eab  No.12116259


>like every other president is basically required to do.

I don't recall ever seeing Assad do it.

2e8d65  No.12116280


good to hear. it would be very sad if his life was so badly stunted because of some retard leftist.

2e8d65  No.12116284


assad is actually pretty tolerant of syria's jews.

a7c9a2  No.12116310



bba021  No.12116354

File: 918ec9dbe0f91c8⋯.png (6.73 MB, 2960x1850, 8:5, jesus.png)

I'm happy (relieved) that I was able to visit Jesus in May '17 – Rio is such a beautiful city, the finest girls I have ever seen.

d7b07e  No.12116368

File: 1b6af96e8ade392⋯.jpg (387.18 KB, 1073x1100, 1073:1100, Ibethinkinhonkey.jpg)

Damn thats fucking gangster if he continues. He'll win 4 sure

d7b07e  No.12116371


Did he die.??

6a986c  No.12116376

File: 754ac5b518f9606⋯.jpg (17.74 KB, 297x372, 99:124, hhmeany.JPG)


I remember that video being posted years ago. Good SFX trick.

574f63  No.12116426

File: 673619c79d0d3f5⋯.png (59.03 KB, 293x364, 293:364, 1524523438556.png)

>commie stabbing a right-wing frontrunner wearing a 'Brazil is My Party' t-shirt

Holy shit, if this doesnt end up bloody I dont know what will

8eedf2  No.12116448




No wall, even less deportations than King Nigger, increased the number of H1B visas granted mostly to Poo-in-loos and Chinks, avid supporter of Zionism and the state of Israel, married his kids to Yids, fag enabler, can't even adress White people as his core voting base opting instead for cucking for based niggers, spics and kikes, granted clemency to a known Zionist, financial fraud, money launder and a scumbag hiring illigal beaners under the table, made sure American boys stay in Afghanistan, cabinet staffed full of kikes and cuckservatives, signed the Just Act fucking over Poles, Germans and other Europeans plus Hilary Clinton is still not behind bars.


Israel first whenever its possibile from increasing financial aid to the Jewish state to meddling in the Middle East on behalf of the kikes, America still in NATO and still plays the role of the Jewish lapdog all over the globe, biggest aid package to Israel in US history, swamp not drained at all.


30+ million beaners still freely roam the United States, no mass deportations to speak off, once again no wall on the southern border, ICE prevented from hiring additional personel, the spic caravan allowed to enter the US soil completely unopposed, senctuary cities continue to be a thing and the browning of America is still in motion.


Huge arms deal worth over 110 billion US dollars sold to Saudi Arabia, close ties remain with various Gulff Monarchies, generous support for the Mudslime Kurds and even more cancerous Kosovar Albanians, Muslim from many Islamic countries allied with the Uncle Sam still allowed to enter the US, no mass deportation of Muslims already living in the United States.

0% pro-White 100% pro-Jew. Just like Hilary Clinton.

>Vote goyim, vote. Don't ask questions. Trust the plan. Just keep voting for based Jews and their enablers. That's the only way to move forward and save your race. Just remember who's your trusty ally and curb that antisemitism. That's wrong think and besides, only based pro-Israel cuckservatives have a chance to win anyway. You don't want to be like those evil nazis.

000000  No.12116494


Do it yourself then. Trump is doing better for White People than any other politician.

You have a better plan? Then go do it if you are so clever.


Leftists have no power here.

f9842e  No.12116527

File: 6d7ed3660ec88a9⋯.png (379.61 KB, 781x692, 781:692, bix nood.png)


>Obama has really taken a fall, huh?

Nice digits

cd2863  No.12116537

The only thing that the left gained out of it is boosting the popularity of that guy. Literally Hitler being sent to jail tier.

83d498  No.12116571


why should I care about Kike A's puppet getting hurt by Kike B's pet monkey? It didnt happen on my continent. Brazil is a nothing country and the injured politition is a nobody. He didnt even die.

8d67cd  No.12116574


LOL, Jewlsonaro is the Führer

He's controlled opposition. They know how to play the game, goy. They've been doing this since the XVI century.

83d498  No.12116575




cd2863  No.12116578


cd2863  No.12116582


You changed your IP huh?

>nuuuu it’s all controlled don’t fight back you already lost!!!!!

8d67cd  No.12116599

File: 7293dd3e0a1f58e⋯.png (334.28 KB, 530x398, 265:199, ClipboardImage.png)


>The Führer

8eedf2  No.12116606


How is he doing better exactly? Why should we support him when he clearly is a Jewish puppet just like Hilary Clinton? He talks the talk but never walks the walk when it comes to securing White interests. The only campaign promises he kept were those to his hook nosed friends, family members and business partners. Just because he deradicalised Whites and turned the emerging White nationalists movement that Jews and shabbos goys were so afraid of, into good-for-nothing spastics that cuck for Yids and other non-Whites on regular basis doesn't mean Whites are doing any better. White America went back to sleep. Their faith into this dreadful system restored once again. They now trust the (((plan))) and the Jew-loving ZOG Emperor. The browning of America still continues uninterrupted. The demographic shift have not been slowed down, stopped or reversed. Whites in America will still become an insignificant minority with no political power whatsoever by the end of this century. We're back to square one like we were 2 years ago. The GoP has won the elections. Republicans control the Senate, the Congress, the Supreme Court and Trump is the president. We won as much as we could with GoP but we still lost in the process. Nothing has changed really. Nothing has been done to postpone our extinction. Worst of all, we started to comparise on our ideas. Now a guy who openly praises Israel and married his kids to Yids is suddenly our avatar. Truly, how the mighty have fallen.

08c8e4  No.12116614



405cda  No.12116645


>liver tissue touching Intestinal tissue means game over.

people can live without either organs my friend. He would be fucked up and probably have to step away, but then the General guy would win (the plan all along???)

49d255  No.12116702

File: 5ba4d4c255dcdc5⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 358x358, 1:1, 955173172728302ac4b19142a7….jpg)


Uma Delicia!

000000  No.12116741


You are a leftist.


Go be a President then. If you know so much, you should be doing something about it. If not, then Bolsonaro is the best option, as he always was.


Then YOU do it, if you are so clever. Want to run a country controled by your enemies without having many setbacks? Do it yourself, and see how well that will go.

Start mass killing niggers all over the country, if you think that you can do it without being stopped by the corrupt law.

Trump is doing what he can, as the very (((law))) is being modified to try to shut him down.

Nothing has changed? Do it yourself then.

39a0c1  No.12116761


Q predicted you would say this.

026895  No.12116832

>the desperation of a commie

>oy vey, shut it down

Cry more, bitch.

36f2f0  No.12116846

Just heard that this man has just been stabbed. Reminds me of what happened to Pim Fortuyn, the Left are at it again.

36f2f0  No.12116854


Surely, he will only win if he survives?

36f2f0  No.12116890


The Israelis definitely hav a cool flag.

8eedf2  No.12116894


Don't be so emotional. Only women and faggots act like that when their fee-fees get hurt. Trump is not doing what he can. He deliberately does less just to make sure Jewish plans are carried out and Whites are still deep in shit. He didn't have to commute the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, rightfully put behind bars for money fraud, tax evasion, identity theft, food and environmental concerns, child labor, mistreatment of animals and hiring of illegal immigrants. He was dead to rights. That kike was guilty as sin but Trump still granted him clemency just because Rubashkin was a member of the (((tribe))) and the Golden Goy wants to be on the good side with the Jews. He has the right as the president to terminate every cancerous executive order the Nigger put in place and Obama did overused his prerogatives many times to bypass the Congress and fuck over Whites as much as possibile. No matter how much Congress would try to stop him, Trump could cancel all of that nigger shit. Not to mention as the POTUS he can deny the entrence to the US to any group of people for any reason whatsoever if he so desires and thinks they posses a threat to the US security and stability. He could ban all Muslims from coming here with one swing of a pen. He didn't have to surround himself with kikes and recycled Bush-era neocons neither. Deffinately he didn't have to ban all wall prototypes or increase monetary aid to Israel and nigger nations in Apefrica even further. He didn't have to expand the H-1B visa program, cut money to ICE or let that spic caravan through. He done all that to appease the people he really cares about and sees his future with, who are of course the Jews. After all, he threw his lot with the Yids decades ago. He married his kids to Hebrews to secure alliances and to make sure his posterity will stay at the top of the emerging New Jew World Order. Kikes helped him in the past and now Trump simply repays the favor. It's as simple as that.

36f2f0  No.12116921


What a Woman!

41da8e  No.12116932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Brazil have a higher chance of going full national socialist than most of the west

BBC calling Brazilians racist for wanting to stop Venezuelan Rapefugees from entering a good sigh.

bc5f83  No.12116948

File: 4600b9ab3fa4993⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (3).png)



I know I'm tinfoiling here but if you freeze frame at 0:05 on that second tube link you can see there is clearly no blood on the knife after what is supposedly a very serious stabbing, although that might also just be media sensationalism. Also didn't see any blood on the bright yellow shirt at anytime either. I'm no expert but it seems to me there should be some blood on the knife or on the shirt at least.

8d67cd  No.12116954

File: d5acafc8399fa36⋯.mp4 (3.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bolsonaro-stabbed-slow-mo-….mp4)


>I know I'm tinfoiling here but if you freeze frame at 0:05 on that second tube link you can see there is clearly no blood on the knife after what is supposedly a very serious stabbing, although that might also just be media sensationalism. Also didn't see any blood on the bright yellow shirt at anytime either. I'm no expert but it seems to me there should be some blood on the knife or on the shirt at least.

lemme slow that down for ya

a74f70  No.12116963

File: 7ab21abf0495bfa⋯.mp4 (2.95 MB, 360x360, 1:1, jbh.mp4)

bc5f83  No.12116967

File: 683ccc7b7bfe1ee⋯.jpg (32.29 KB, 474x315, 158:105, turtle.jpg)


Fuck me, you're right, there is a little glint of blood on the tip if you slow-mo it. Good catch anon, it was too fast for me.

cf9695  No.12116973


these are not brazillians

t. brazillian

Jabba, seriously, you have to go back

000000  No.12116987



A true dog of zog

8d67cd  No.12116997



With the jews and their allies you can never be too careful. I'd call for an expert to analyze the footage. It would be a hell of a psy-op if it was a fake. But it could be.

0abc86  No.12117017



a74f70  No.12117055


He's talking about the moment he felt the stabbing, thanking medics, family, friends and supporters. "Are human beings this bad? I've never done wrong to anyone…".

758f2c  No.12117061


He is basically saying that he's just a normal guy, that he is most grateful for the support the people are giving to him and that God gave a mission for everyone, and his mission he'll carry on with the mission till the end.

Also, tomorrow (09/07) is the Brazilian independency day, he says he's sorry for nothing being able to be present in the festivities.

Well, he almost died today. Must have seen his life flying

e2e89b  No.12117073

File: c8e2453e9cf7b4a⋯.png (330.03 KB, 583x328, 583:328, ClipboardImage.png)


Yep, no blood.

55520f  No.12117093


jesus all these times I've seen this and I just now realized the speedometer is pointed at 148.8 MPH

084de1  No.12117104

File: 8e8c77683cb22f6⋯.jpg (35.62 KB, 436x437, 436:437, 1433195293150.jpg)



So this video pretty much won him the election, right?

758f2c  No.12117112


He almost died, my friend. It was a deep cut, the knife did tear his guts off and an intestinal artery.




Real life is not a movie/video game. The blood stayed inside him, an internal bleeding.

574f63  No.12117126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the full video


I'd like to thank God, in this moment… We are mortal.

I'd like to thank too, the doctors and nurses that saw me from the start. I was (or wasnt, cant figure) too worried because at first it seemed like just a hit at the stomach… We already got a hit from a ball at football, and the pain was unsufferable, and it seemed like there was something graver happening.

This wonderful team, blessed by God, detected it and avoided something worse from happening.

In their name I'd like to thank the doctors, nurses and all of Brazil… For putting the right persons in this day, on the eve of our 7 of September… Unfortunately I wont be able to show up tomorrow… On Presidente Vargas [street], for our 7 of September parade… But we'll be there in heart and mind, always having Brazil above everything, and God above all.

In particular now, Mario, you're another brother… And its not from today that I noted… We all have a mission here on earth, and this mission will be accomplished by me, by you Mario, or by someone else… So far, God wanted it this way… And we'll keep going, and I'll forward it to everyone… That I prepared for a moment like this, because you risk yourself… But sometimes we doubt it, isnt it? Is the human being so evil? I never did evil to no one, and what happens on my life, since I was born, under a rain of stones [probably ice?], when I was 15 on the vale of Ribeira… And the arrival of wonderful people like you watching us, and at this moment my sons too, the question of the family… There's God, and then there's family, and family, with all the respect to professionals, is very important, because in this moment, its what we first think about… What we can, together, and without guarantees of the moment.

2858d9  No.12117135

File: ff9bbfc12caf4bd⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 552x423, 184:141, VOCÊ.jpg)

758f2c  No.12117142


Yep, pretty much. It's a "auto-win".

Many people were shocked and disgusted by this. The awareness of the "bad left" is increasing, people now will vote for him because of this.

084de1  No.12117144


These slojaks have gotten way out of hand.

9bedd5  No.12117154


Fortunately our Founding Fathers were prescient enough to anticipate abuses of power the likes of which are seen in Europe today, so they came up with these pesky little things called constitutional rights, which tend to get in the way of liberal tyranny.

d4c115  No.12117159


>Allowing press into the operating room

<Third world confirmed, sadly.

02d9c5  No.12117163


It's the Reagan treatment…

02d9c5  No.12117171



you can say what you want in murica….at least now you can…

758f2c  No.12117175


It was not the media. It was a nurse.

d4c115  No.12117178

>>12114422 checked

What's stopping favelans from just throwing shit over the fence?

a13e82  No.12117187



02d9c5  No.12117194


Btw…is she pissed or does she want his cock very much? i can't tell…

d4c115  No.12117198


Thanks to him JEWS RAPE KIDS is now a meme.

758f2c  No.12117201


Nothing, and this is why people like Bolsonaro, because goes against the PC and say what must be said.

The favelas mafias know the fear! If Bolsonaro wins, he will destroy this shitty favela culture.

ff2a7b  No.12117202


Desire of knowing more intensifies.

9e55cf  No.12117209

File: a94e2729b9520dd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.52 KB, 1135x1600, 227:320, 4.jpg)


Police probably patrols up and down the street next to the wall during the day.

Or maybe nothing, who knows.


She's pissed because of how much she wants his cock after witnessing such a bold display.

Her liberal education is conflicting with her feminine instincts.

084de1  No.12117210

File: b9e06889020e4f8⋯.jpg (114.09 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 02-bk-mr-1600x1200.jpg)


>is she pissed or does she want his cock very much?

Horrified now. Will shlick off to him furiously later. Will hate herself for it after. Such is the cycle of libthot daddy issues.

02d9c5  No.12117227


>She's pissed because of how much she wants his cock after witnessing such a bold display.

>Her liberal education is conflicting with her feminine instincts.


>Horrified now. Will shlick off to him furiously later. Will hate herself for it after. Such is the cycle of libthot daddy issues.

Oh dear lord this sounds like the start of a very raunchy sexy and sweaty green text sex story m8s….

531aab  No.12117228

Fucking cuckchan is less cancer than this

9e55cf  No.12117278

File: 00d4ca4836c7584⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.76 KB, 448x601, 448:601, b25a2d52f6ac2c4fb6d6ab45e3….jpg)


Reminds of all the jew-made shoah porn.


No, it's really not.

This place can get bad at times, sure, but even if it's mostly a similar stream of back-and-forth shitflinging, cuckchan has far, far more commies, lefties, lolbergtarians and shitposters prowling around. Oh, and (1)s, buttloads of them.

000000  No.12117284


>Assad only lives because (((Trump))) allows him to

you surely mean Putin, right? Trump wants greater Israel to become a real thing as much as any kike in this world.

056b82  No.12117293

File: fccbff2bc0129f5⋯.png (49.12 KB, 992x560, 62:35, 1488026177277.png)


Your jihadi pets are currently being eviscerated in Idlib Chaim.

d4c115  No.12117311


wtf do you want them to put cozies over them?

084de1  No.12117317

File: c3ad07e96fd3496⋯.jpg (28.19 KB, 425x430, 85:86, my feet hurt - brazil.jpg)


>The screaming in this hospital is too loud

>It's too cold in here

>Everything is filthy

>>My feet don't fit on the table

>I wish I was home making monkey soup

a7c9a2  No.12117320

File: 52c1ec285294ec8⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1552x900, 388:225, 18726783251375.png)


Oh no, I bet that really pissed off ZOGnald Blumph. He's gearing up to strike every empty airfield in Syria as we speak! Assad has gone and done it now!

000000  No.12117337


Isn't this the guy who wants military dictatorship back? Sounds like he's your typical CIA agent that wants Brazil to become a US puppet again pulling off some jewish tricks to get more votes.

9bdfe2  No.12117368


Nigger commies are violent, what a surprise. Note the shithead security. Guy was layered up and still this know nothing monkey got in there. Something to remember in the future when America goes commie.


>> he dislikes Bolsonaro wanting to open the Brazillian Market worldwide and fears the world will not buy Brazillian goods leading to a market of importations fucking up the country.

Does that sound reasonable for that monkey? One, he doesn't produce anything, two, I doubt he's ever been outside of the country. So what you're looking at, is a real live mind control victim. Robonigger1000 stabbing model.

02d9c5  No.12117394

File: ef034129055ebe8⋯.png (1.55 MB, 850x1100, 17:22, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7dd82c8be2e4731⋯.png (683.47 KB, 700x438, 350:219, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6bcf556dfe628b7⋯.png (569.87 KB, 700x783, 700:783, ClipboardImage.png)


>shoah porn.

02f2be  No.12117521


How typical of a nigger trying to do something and it not only failing but backfiring completely.

I thought nigs were good and stabbing.

5ea144  No.12117569


Could easily be a prop knife with a push-in blade. I too think there should have been way more visible blood on the shirt as he was being carried away. Calling Jewish hoax.

79bbb8  No.12117638

File: ff1d7402d882041⋯.png (451.82 KB, 468x831, 156:277, bal1.png)

File: fe283d2c6375081⋯.png (184.12 KB, 500x363, 500:363, bal2.png)


Definitely fake

85c4a0  No.12117681


Thanks anon.

02f2be  No.12117698

File: 882da5212d138c6⋯.jpeg (232.64 KB, 1024x1462, 512:731, 882da5212d138c6611cbac37c….jpeg)


If that really is the knoife, then where is the blood?

074b28  No.12117701


>someone actually was paid to make this image

It would be more embarrassing if it was done for free.

d93608  No.12117711


amerimutts are just mad that none of their political candidate can even be compared to this hue lady.

amerimutts are all commie loving subhumans.

000000  No.12118152


Nothing emotional about it.

Don't like what Trump is doing? Go be a President and do it yourself then.

That is what he did when he was dissatisfied with the former President.


Leftist exposed.

All other candidates are leftists, so Bolsonaro is the only good option.




Which is great to incite people to kill leftists in retaliation, so it is ok to do it.



Leftists have no power here.


No. Military dictatorships are great, when done by Right wing people.

You won't convince anyone to stop supporting Bolsonaro with this "muh zog agent" retardation. When all other candidates are literal communists, the one that is openly against communism is the only good option.


They fear who Brazil will be trading with, when Bolsonaro becomes President. Currently, Brazil's main trade partner is China. And that is why so many communists receive funding. By giving up China and start trading with selected companies that are against communism, Brazil will only fund more and more anti-leftist groups. To the point that armed militias can be raised among the population. That is one of the plans. To take money away from leftists and give it to non-leftists to arm themselves and let them loose to kill leftists. A good start, to fix Brazil's many problems.


This is the typical leftist brazillian trying to make everyone hate and isolate Brazil. Any brazillian that you find that hates America is guaranteed to be a nigger or a communist.

If you see brazillians like this personally, shoot him/her on sight.

c40ed4  No.12118210


You say that as if it's a bad thing

531aab  No.12118213

f09c72  No.12118288


The first time Hitler saw manga. Historic.

f09c72  No.12118293


was meant for


My shame is great.

0c5145  No.12118298


>every image posted from a cell phone magically has a tracking device in it

>I am not autistic, a paid shill, and clinically insane

And reported for spamming every thread in EVERY BOARD on the website.

a2dd30  No.12118344


>phone posting

a7c9a2  No.12118542


Go back to fucking reddit nigger.

000000  No.12118614


Any anons living in Natal/RN that can contribute in finding this piece of shit to have him killed?

He is a (((lawyer))) that is openly pro-communism and always trying to subvert clients and students to become leftists. He is now openly rallying people against Bolsonaro and mocking the assassination attempt.

We should start making compilations of profiles from leftists, and start exposing their personal information, to either harm them in any way, or even have them killed.

His kikebook profile:

https:// www.facebook.com/felipe.demelopinheiro

118ea0  No.12118618

File: ed124542d5c7ecd⋯.jpg (468.24 KB, 1080x793, 1080:793,   .jpg)

1a9f89  No.12118624


And you are going into oven compilation

d7b07e  No.12118990


Thats from filthy frank nigger youtube crap anon

d7b07e  No.12118997

0d4fca  No.12119208


You wouldn’t necessarily see any blood on the blade after a quick in-out.

4d59ef  No.12119311


Reminder the cattle that the very same people celebrating it is the same commie scum that supposedly support "the declaration of the human rights" and oppose violence to criminal niggers unpunished from their murders and rapes.

4d59ef  No.12119888

File: 54a40be96408900⋯.png (184.48 KB, 455x446, 455:446, ClipboardImage.png)

000000  No.12120001


Hahaha the absolute state of commie faggots. No, no, this means the military and police and general populace will start to assassinate YOUR precious politicians and you're fucking scared.

Get fucked commie faggot, you're going to actually die soon.

793891  No.12120016


But Pinochet turned Chile into the richest Latin American country.

57033f  No.12120687


Good God, Brazilian niggers are worse than American niggers.

8d6855  No.12120721


Chilean here. Pinochet sucked

be81be  No.12120744


daaaaaaaaaamn, Pinochet BTFO by such amazing butth…commentary

d48668  No.12120849


>literally the picked wardog for jews

>"Thank him!!1"


000000  No.12121250


Confirmed to be the kike mentioned above.

You lost. They lost.

000000  No.12121930



>If that really is the knoife, then where is the blood?

Internal bleeding.

If one is stabbing you in the belly most of the blood is collecting your belly cavity.

You claim to be British and doesn't know this? Show me your loisence!

397645  No.12126904


Can't you see it's just /leftypol/ doing their thing again? The left is desperate against Bolsonaro and wants one of their 4 leftist candidates, positioned just below Bolsonaro, to win. The problem is /leftypol/ doesn't give a shit about wasting their time samefagging and trying to subvert our culture, while it's tiresome for us to respond. But, to make things worse, some retarded anons were taking the bait and giving them attention and more replies instead of reporting for obvious leftist derailment.

In the other thread, they were attacking Pinochet and praising Liberation Theology and Allende. That couldn't be more obvious.

What annoys me is this thread had a lot of potential, we could be hunting down the criminal's lawyer and NGOs related to him, but the thread was killed by shills because moderation didn't take them seriously. /leftypol/ shills should be banned on spot, if they are not, they do exactly what we are seeing here. Derailment, userbase division and shitting up everywhere while they push their leftist narratives and the overton window towards it.

It's no use giving a logical and informative post for honest /pol/acks or simply ignoring the shills if mods won't help in such extreme case of derailment and shilling.

adffae  No.12127009


For the anons interested in how anatomy works, it was mostly a "lunge" kind of attack (could have been worse) and a knife is relatively slow (compared to a bullet) when entering and leaving the body, so it gives time for the abdomen muscle to contract as a curtain and insulate the blood (that was leaking from an artery) inside the body. Plus, the negative pressure from the chest pulls the blood towards it. Then, while blood is insulated from going outside, it's leaking all over inside. That was the reason people thought it was just a superficial damage at first, but there was a huge blood pressure loss and he almost died. There was obviously a big blood loss. That was 2 liters of blood before getting into the surgery and another 2L used in the surgery itself, so he needed 4L of donated blood to live.

That picture where doctors didn't use gloves and weren't in a clean environment is probably because he was at first rushed to an accessible area of infirmary where they deal with emergency preliminary exams, which pointed, via ultrasound, to blood in the liver and lung areas. Then he was rushed to a clean environment so they would open him and operate him to stop the bleeding, that's when they noticed the damage was limited to that artery and intestines.

Santa Casa de Misericórdia is actually a good network of hospitals, a joint of Catholic charity and private investors. Brazil is not that much of a shithole as meme goes, it's not homogeneously crap.

Oh, and by some other angle, there's blood in the tip of the knife and the stabbing seriousness becomes obvious by watching the videos. People saying that was fake or a false flag are basically leftist scum. Feminists, communists and the like. They are desperate that the attack would guarantee Bolsonaro's victory. That's why they are putting so much effort over this subject when shilling here. They are completely desperate.

4ed8e3  No.12127052


>That picture where doctors didn't use gloves and weren't in a clean environment is probably because he was at first rushed to an accessible area of infirmary where they deal with emergency preliminary exams, which pointed, via ultrasound, to blood in the liver and lung areas. Then he was rushed to a clean environment so they would open him and operate him to stop the bleeding, that's when they noticed the damage was limited to that artery and intestines.


The only thing wrong with that picture was that it existed/was released. It clearly wasn't surgery. Guy wasn't even intubated or draped yet, and controlling the airway doesn't somehow become "optional" simply because it is a trauma.

Interestingly, at my institution we would have done a FAST ultrasound for completeness during the initial assessment, but given the sensitivity & specificity of FAST the guy would get a CT or go straight to the OR (if hemodynamically unstable). Surgeons will often do an ex lap just to be sure, and sometimes it turns out the wound truly is superficial.

000000  No.12127080


As for your suggestion, how do we start getting info on leftists in Brazil and use it to have them jailed and killed? How should we mobilize people (even normalfags) to act in our favor?

397645  No.12127212


Planting our seeds where there are high numbers of angry people, so someone else does the technical work. We could start with the agitation plans and move them to the public so they do the job.

Zanone Oliveira Júnior

Pedro Possa

Marcelo da Costa

Fernando Magalhães

What was their history as lawyers before 09/06?

Who hired them now?

What exactly were their clients in the past?

Any "human" rights activists had hired them before?

What are their addresses?

Who and where are their children?

Where are their offices?

Was a NGO behind the "evangelical church member" who "hired" the lawyers?

They must have their things destroyed, burned, led to insanity, or even be killed, or else they will just gain more fame and be even more hired to protect the worst of the criminals. There must be damage and real fear, so other lawyers and "human" rights activists will get intimidated and think many times before protecting niggers.

I don't take preference for the lynching/killing because our Judiciary will find a way to protect itself even more and we will pay the price for it later. But that's something that could happen and bear good fruits if it becomes a common thing.

397645  No.12127247


>Os advogados disseram que foram contratados por um fiel da igreja Testemunhas de Jeová de Montes Claros, frequentada pela família de Adélio. Em comunicado à imprensa, a igreja Testemunhas de Jeová no Brasil disse que não contratou os advogados e que nem Adélio nem sua família são seguidores da igreja. “Portanto, a declaração do advogado de que foi contratado por Testemunha de Jeová, conforme veiculada pela mídia, não é verídica”, diz a nota.

The lawyer may have lied about the Jehovah's Witnesses Church member paying him. The one paying must be some leftist cancer. I bet that lawyer has a lot of dirty money with him from now and from the past.

54e5a5  No.12127624




Homens do Brasil você está pronto para destruir seu inimigo?

000000  No.12137862


The seed must be planted in people that can enact violence against our enemies too.

They must not just "fear for their lives". They must have some of them killed by our indirect actions, and make sure that the rest know that their allies were killed for their way of thinking.

0b4d62  No.12145158


He's just a cuckservatives, here it's far right tho he's a total retard about economics and don't give a shit about race, only about Jesus.

0b4d62  No.12145166


Ignore that guy, he's a mentally ill Brazilian, pretty sad, even /cow/ tier material.

000000  No.12147741


All the leftists will try to dismiss him.

He is a full Right Wing Death Squad supporter.

He is openly against niggers, but does use them against the leftards ("see? i have niggers supporting me.") , while openly saying that no one in his family would marry a nigger.

He openly supports the arming of the population to kill leftist activists and other criminals.

He is openly against faggot abominations, while also using them to shield himself from leftards.

His only real problem is that he is (for now) blue pilled about the kikes. But as soon as the connection between the kikes and the leftards is made, he will go full "gas the kikes now" on them. He hates the leftards above all things. And that is why we will have him in power.

As for economy, we want a soldier, not a jew puppet (((economist))). That is why you will se many jews and leftards here whining about his lack of (((economic plan))). They know that we are electing him solely to kill leftists and jews first and foremost, without any bureaucracy in his way.

124766  No.12154136


>he's a total retard about economics

t. Cirofag

Nice memes, /leftypol/ cancer, but Bolsonaro was right about economics since 2014 at least. It's hard to be wrong to be honest, there are a lot of things to undo, to reduce regulations and taxes.

He's actually way more competent than Amoedo, since he's got the Army at his side and can be an actual inspiring leader to men, a thing Amoedo can't be, so we can have some technocracy and he can make Northeasterners work and be productive at same time. It sounds simplistic, but optimism and productivity are actually important things. Check Germany under Hitler.

Ciro, Marina and PSDB are all social-democrat shit. They are the cause of our growing debts and mediocre economy. Niggers aside, social-democracy is the cause of most of our troubles since the military regime ended - and if you are going to defend social-democracy, do it like a man, and not like the /leftypol/ subversive faggot you are.

So Bolsonaro is in the correct way, he has a good way of thinking in economics, better than Pinochet, and Guedes is not a cause to it, but rather a consequence. He's got great advisers all around him.

We have Bolsonaro as the best option in the economy by far. By far. Defending any other option is dishonesty.

000000  No.12159531


Alert people that the Northeastern politicians are working together to try to turn the whole region into a "communist isle", separated from the jurisdiction of the whole country, in the same way that some are doing in California.

Especially, Ceará, Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte. Those 3 States have a large number of conservatives in their countryside, but the urbanite politicians are working together and allying with drug dealers and other criminals, to stop any law to be enforced, if said law is against their communist agenda.

The Northeastern region's main problem lies in the concentration of leftist politicians in the main cities.

Something must be done against them, and quickly. Even sending the national guard to do mass arrests (or even mass killings) is better than waiting to deal with those communists via bureaucracy.

0a4724  No.12168308

File: 4937dfa7fa7c2cd⋯.png (554.46 KB, 570x750, 19:25, 6twp3r.png)

File: 1917e859dfadcee⋯.jpg (77.5 KB, 1000x626, 500:313, nx6vio.jpg)

File: 263d1ba8134732f⋯.jpg (359.5 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Ronaldinho061115.jpg)

This piece of lügenpresse whitewashed the witnesses on the cover to make out the image to pass off the idea that only ebul nahtzees support Bolsonaro. Of course, they're the people who think race is skin deep, so they all just look pale.

They even edited out a nigger entirely, because he's actually one of the best soccer players in brazllian history, and the braindead subhumans who watch soccer (think rednecks, but racemixed) would flock and do whatever he tells them to.

5243c6  No.12168480

the stabbing was fake

e192cc  No.12168562

File: 47716f30cd455d2⋯.jpg (178.81 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1537130813907-pol.jpg)


Fake me this

54e52c  No.12168570


uma delicia no more

118ea0  No.12168893

File: 715bba7b6715474⋯.png (438.14 KB, 403x403, 1:1, HUE HUE HUE.png)

000000  No.12170255


If it was, so what? Victory is assured. You leftists will be killed en masse now.

3639ba  No.12172055

File: 3b955f0e488e013⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 720x960, 3:4, New2.jpg)

8b95e5  No.12186853


Welcome back Boss!

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